Men like to lick cunts, women like to lick dicks, both are happy and win-win


31P 373 click 2020-07-14


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男舔女的屄,女舔男的鸡巴,是两人操屄过程中的重要一环 / Men licking women’s cunts, women licking men’s dicks are an important part of the process 9P 201Clicks
对于一个完满的性交来说,男舔屄女舔鸡巴是不可缺少的 / For a perfect sexual intercourse, it is indispensable for a man to lick a cunt and a woman to lick a dick 18P 188Clicks
男的舌头舔鸡巴操,女的乐的嗷嗷叫 / Men’s tongue licking dick fuck, women’s music wailing 18P 215Clicks
小妹舔鸡巴,舔得你“精尽人亡” / Little girl licking dick, licking you "exhausted" 19P 198Clicks
小妹是舔鸡巴高手 / Little girl is a master of licking dick 16P 297Clicks
这个男舔屄、女吸屌的动作很漂亮,效果非常爽 / This man licks his cunt and the woman sucks his dick is very beautiful and the effect is very cool 11P 181Clicks
女的是舔鸡巴高手,男的是舔屄高手 / Women are licking cock masters, men are licking cock masters 13P 253Clicks
一个洞里面插两根鸡巴,这两男人什么心情? / Two cocks in a hole, what is the mood of these two men? 14P 313Clicks
大鸡吧操嫩屄,两人都爽 / Big chicken, fuck me, both are cool. 20P 224Clicks
女人喜欢舔鸡巴,越大越好。男人喜欢舔屄,越骚越好。 / Women like to lick dick, the bigger the better. Men like to lick cunts, the better they are. 36P 334Clicks

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