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【Ainu Company】(1)

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What a boring afternoon, I put myself in the group The sofa was warm, and I looked at the office area outside the office through the privacy glass, and there was not a single one left.


I angrily pressed the communicator "Du Yan! Du Yan! Get me in!"

Not long after, there was footsteps of high heels outside the office, and the side door was opened , walked in a tall girl with a beautiful face.

"Old... Boss, you call me!"

"Tell me, what is your position?"

The girl held her chest out and said loudly He replied, "Report to the boss, my job is the assistant general assistant! My job is to help the assistant general assistant to help the general assistant well!"

"Then where did Yang Xin go, what should you do? Do you know what to do?"

"Report to the boss! The assistant general assistant led the others to sing K."

"Presumptuous! Bring employees absent from work on weekdays, so you won't be afraid of Lin Xiao being fired. Is she?"

"Report to the boss! The chief assistant also went!"

I frowned, "Oh, Lin Xiao also went, it's really rare. Then why didn't you Go?"

"Report to the boss, the chief assistant asked me to work overtime to watch the company!"

I smiled dumbly, and said to this stupid goose, "Well, where are they playing? , let's go too!"

Du Yan shook her head like a rattle, "Boss, the chief assistant also said, you went to spoil the fun, let me be optimisticYou don't go there. !"

I was furious, punched the table, pointed out the glass, and yelled at Du Yan, "Fuck, look for yourselfThe staff is out to play, vice president. Going out to play, even Lao Tzu's secretary went out to play, only the boss guards the company like a lonely old man, and if there is such a slap in the face of a peaceful world, I will deduct my performance for all!"

When the little girl saw that I was angry, she hurried up to pat me on the chest and beat my back, as if coaxing a child to persuade me to calm down, "Boss, today is Women's Day, the labor law stipulates Women can take half a day off, and when there is Women's and Men's Day, I will definitely give you a whole day, okay?"

I was so amused by her nondescript consolation that I didn't know what to do. What expression.

"Hehe, God damn Women's Day, what am I doing now? Why don't you find me something to do?"

"Then you sweep the company's floor. Right"

I shook my head "I've already swept it, I've wiped your desk, and the trash can is emptied."

"Then I'll accompany you to fight. Let's play"

I shook my head again "I don't want to fight anymore, the shadow of Yanan is too cheap!"

Seeing that Xiao Nizi was in trouble, I lay down on the ground with big characters. Ping wailing on the carpet! For some reason, Du Yanslapped her forehead and said, "I remember, the assistant chief assistant told me that there will be a few more interns coming for interviews today, and I'll let you receive it"

As soon as I heard someone being interviewed, I immediately rolled over and sat up, hurriedly got up "Why didn't you tell me earlier, when did you arrive, what else did Yang Xin say?"

Du Yan looked at Watching, calculating the time, "I guess it's time to arrive, Sister Yang said, last time you blindly recruited someone to bring goods to the door, this time the trick is bright!"

" Don't worry! Saint Seiya won't be knocked down twice by the same move, come with me today, hurry upHurry up!"

I took Du Yan's hand with great interest Going out, I didn't know that the little girl grabbed me and said, "Boss, you're not wearing clothes yet!"

After she had reminded me, I only remembered, except for the one on my neck. Tie, I don't have any clothes on, my fat black dick hangs from my crotch and floats in the wind.

It's really clean with a naked body and white skin! "Haha, I'm so excited. Muggles will be startled if they see me like thisI will wear the clothes myself, you go to the application room to arrange it first, the incense should not be too heavy, otherwise people will be distracted />It's not good for Xun to run away."

Du Yan nodded in understanding, turned around and was about to leave, suddenly remembered something, she was about to fold back, hugged my waist, and stood up on tiptoe With my toes, I gently pushed open my teeth with my fragrant tongue, and licked my tongue gently.

Due to the urgency of time, the tongue kiss lasted only ten seconds before separating.

I touched Du Yan's head and praised, "Well, you know the rules very well!"

Du Yan enjoyed my compliment very much, and she blinked slyly, After bending down and kissing my cock head again as if to please, a gust of wind ran away.

Fifteen minutes later, I walked into the recruitment room, which is a reception room specially prepared for recruiting employees. Too much is easy to make people feel trance, and the whole room is composed of warm colors, which is easier to relax.

Every decoration in this room is carefully designed by me according to psychology, and all the decorations are exhaustedI have learned all my life, just to make the prey relax its vigilance, thusEasier to lure into my cave.

After Du Yan finished all preparations, she sat down in her seat. She looked a little excited. This was the first time she entered the room as an interviewer. A month ago, she was the one who was interviewed, hehe.

I was sitting in the main seat, Du Yan was sitting next to me, she put the resumes of the three college students in front of me, and handed over to me with the resumes and their medical examinations Report.

I frowned and asked her, "How come there are only two medical reports, why is there no one named Li Na?"

Du Yan also expressed her confusion, "I don't know, or else I'll ask her later."

"Tell them to come in, just call this Li Na first."

The first person who walked in was a beautiful and fashionably dressed young girl. Oval face, big eyes, small mouth and thick lips, dyed maroon wavy hair, the upper body is wearing a navel camisole with a bright orange suede trench coat, and the lower body is a denim wrap hip skirt and black silk tie Pantyhose, black high-heeled leather boots, a real image of a trendsetter, but. . . Is not It Cold? This beauty entered an unfamiliar environment but did not feel cramped at all. She sat in the examination chair generously, threw her medical report in front of me, and began to look at the room .

"Hehe, your room is so strangely decorated, what's on the wall."

I looked back at the paintings on the wall "What did you say? Is that it? This is a Gastro map, this is a Fraser map, a Herring illusion map."

Li Na glanced at it again, and burst out laughing.

"Your wall painting was painted by that wall painter, so you might as well just scratch it."

This girl is really open-mouthed! "Hehe, I drew it. But that's not the point, can you interview now?"

This girl looks so beautiful, but her behavior is really annoying, Du Yan and I Looking at each other,I gently drew a question mark on her thigh, after she understood it, she drew a cross on my thigh.

After hearing her opinion, I have a bottom in my heart.

But the appearance still needs to be done.

I looked through her medical report and found that the infectious disease report was missing, so I frowned and asked her.

"Ms. Li, this report of yours was not issued by our designated clinic."

Li Na's words touched my bad head the moment she arrived. He changed his attitude and answered honestly"I went to the clinic you mentioned, it's a private clinic, and the medical examination fee is very expensive, so I found a hospital to do it myself, you can take a look , the examination is very comprehensive!"

Hehe, now I just want to know if she has a sexually transmitted disease, there is nothing I want in it, what's the use of being comprehensive Woolen cloth? I cleared my throat and said to her, "Ms. Li, I have received your report and resume. Our company will reimburse you in full for your medical examination fee and taxi fee. If you are admitted, our company will reimburse you in full. I'll contact you."

After speaking, I gave Du Yan a look, the girl understood, and took out an envelope from the briefcase, which contained two Thousands of dollars in cash.

The girl in front of her didn't expect that she would be brushed off so happily, and wanted to argue for herself again, but II ignored her, and looked at myself. file, the little girl pouted, snorted, picked up the money, turned around and left.

Seeing her go out, I breathed a sigh of relief, lay lazily on the chair and stretched, I asked Du Yan, "What do you think?"

Du " Hmm...a college, it shows a good brain."

I "dress up fashionably, nails painted fancy, um, flamboyant personality."

Du "talking but brain, shows Self-centred and disregarding the thoughts of others"

I "Yes, this is a child who is doted on by his parents and has never suffered."

Du "Also, a famous brand , but petty gainers, what does this mean?"

I "may be in financial difficulties, and this situation only happened recently."

Du "And she has a Tattoos, descriptions... descriptions"

I "has tattoos doesn't mean anything."

Du Yan blinked, "To sum up, I have a good family since childhood. Princess, in order to relieve the financial pressure caused by unknown reasons, I applied for the job. I have an open personality, but I am self-centered. I waved my hand, "She looks very much in line with my taste, let's not mention her, and call the next one." He is an introverted type, hesitant to speak, his eyes wandering, his tense eyes dare not look directly at me, he just lowered his head looking at the ground, rubbing his hands on his thighs, if you don't tell me she It was a job application, and I thought she was a thief.

If it wasn't for her beauty, I would have let her go! The funniest thing is, when I was still putting up with her, this little boy in front of meThe beauty couldn't help it, she stood up blushing and said with tears in her eyes.

"Sorry, I wasted your time, I quit!"

After she finished speaking, she covered her face and ran for the door without even taking the money.

Du Yan and I were the only ones left in the room with big eyes and small eyes.

I got angry first.

"Is Yang Xin fascinated by eating too much shit, what are the crooked melons and jujubes! One is worse than the other!"

In fact, Du Yan was recruited by Yang Xin Yes, listen to me scolding Yang Xin and bring her with her. Although he pouted, he comforted me.

"Boss, there is another one. Let's take a look. Don't be angry, dear." I couldn't say it again, and after holding it for a while, I just said, "Call the next one!"

Originally, I gave up hope today, so I thought about finishing it and rushing to Yang Xin's house to explode She's pissed off.

But the last candidate put me off.

The woman in front of her, beautiful, temperament, cuteness and other adjectives can not describe her appearance, Danfengeyes with straight eyebrows, high nose bridge and M lips, she has an oval face, snow-white Her face is dotted with a little blush, and there is a tearful hemorrhoid under the corner of her right eye. A pair of gold round eyes framed on her small face looks extraordinarily delicate, and it is matched with a body Lady's clothing, revealing a kind of um. . . . Expensive! I racked my brains and scraped my intestines, and I can only use one "beautiful but not demonic"

to describe her beauty.

Du Yan was stunned when she first saw her, and then frantically drew a circle on my thigh.

Stop drawing, I know silly girl! I immediately decided to admit this exiled fairy. Although it violated my usual principle of prudence so rashly, how could I control this rushing feeling? I subconsciously sat up straight and lifted the lid of the incense.

I stretched out my hand to motion her to sit down, and I was so excited that I stuttered "Mmmmmmm, we......we...let's go."

Seeing me so nervous, she made the intern laugh. She said, "You don't have to be nervous, I don't eat people."

Seeing me pulling my hips like this, Du Yan couldn't help herself, so she covered her face and looked away, but she couldn't help shaking from laughing.

Alas! I lost my face today.

I rubbed my face, cleared my throat, and started asking "Name?"

"Isn't it on my resume?"

Hey, hey He smiled and said, "I want to listen to you personally. Also, I am the interviewer, and answering my questions is your duty now! Do you know?"

I tried to use it with The oppressive language made her nervous and it helped my plan.

But the lady in front of her seemed extraordinarily calm, she just hesitated for a moment, and then replied, "Okay, my name is, my name is He Zhihuan"

Her The words were not in a hurry, and the tone was extraordinarily calm.

This gave me a hunch that this woman was not easy to deal with, so I decided to change my strategy, and I motioned to Du Yan to pour tea for He Zhi.

I praised her name in a friendly tone "Zhi Huan? This name is really nice, and it takes a lot of thought. Zhi Huan? It's easy to miss the pronunciation just by looking at the words, just listen. The sound is easy to misunderstand the meaning. The name is good, but how many people know the meaning if you don't elaborate?"

When the girl first heard my deconstruction of her name, I felt a little unhappy in my heart, almost sullen, but I pretended not to see it.

"Know, do you know what I'm thinking? A picture appeared in my mind. On a full moon night, parents were waiting for their daughter who was out to come home for dinner. . But the food was cold, and the daughter hadn't come back, so Dad had to ask the full moon, "Yue'er, Yue'er, when will my daughter know to come home?"

She I was stunned, and I continued, "My parents hope that you will remember that there are people in your family who miss you with this name. They must love you very much."

Zhi also met at the beginning. With an angry face, at this moment, I heard me explain the meaning of her name, but her eyes were already red, "If you can give you such a name, your father must be a learned man."

"Yes! . . . My mother gave it to me."

"Yes, then she must be a beautiful, generous, intellectual and elegant woman."


Zhi also remembered her mother, and a happy smile appeared on her face. At this moment, Du Yan had already brewed the tea and handed it to Zhi Huan. I whisper in my ear.

"Boss, how did you make her cry and laugh with a few words? Have you hypnotized her?"

"Shh! It's rare."

Zhi was also provoked by me. After taking the tea, he took a sip without thinking. After drinking it, he realized that the tea was fragrant. He frowned and asked.

"The smell of this tea is stinky, I have never drunk it, what kind of tea is this?? "

Seeing her drinking tea and knowing that the plan was successful, I laughed and said, "This is a medicinal tea prepared by me using medicinal herbs, so the taste will be more pungent, and it is used to soothe the nerves." I can't sleep, but drinking too much will cause hallucinations, I call it stun tea."

Zhi also listened to my narration, and was a little surprised, but it seemed like he didn't understand Yes, I frowned and thought for a while, then raised my head and asked, "What do you mean, I don't understand."

But I didn't plan to give her time to react. He took out a test question from the drawer and handed it to her, saying "Let's start the written test, divide it into two test papers, and click the red button in front of you when you finish one!"

Finished speaking A large red washbasin was covered on the table in front of her.

At this moment, Zhihuan's pupils are obviously a little dilated, which means that she can't escape from my forehead.

Du Yan was shocked by my bubbling behavior, and secretly asked me "What's the situation nowAh? Why can't I understand it?"

I laughed, "What's the situation? That's it, she's already in a semi-hypnotic state under the effect of soothing incense and fainting tea!"

Du Yan pointed to the finger basin again, "Then why are you getting a big red basin?"

"I don't have time to explain it to you, you just need to know that this is desensitization, and quickly take out the air oil essence. SmellSmell, I'm going to be smoked stupid!"

Humans evolved from monkeys to have an area in the brain called the amygdala, which is specially designed to control fear. It will encounter Actively alerts humans to emergency avoidance in times of danger.

And there are several things that are most likely to alert the amygdala, snakes, spiders, and red.

Red is the color of blood. It is a warning color universal to all human beings. It is the easiest to alert a person under hypnosis, so I just want to desensitize Zhi to red, so that she is not alert. stand up.

The test paper I just returned to Zhi is the most basic information survey, which is equivalent to asking her to rewrite her resume, but
She did not notice it, indicating that her hypnotic state is very ideal.

After a while, Zhi also prepared the test questions and patted the basin lightly.

Well, very good I gave her a second test paper, the questions above were a little different, all of them were sexual harassment questions, I said, "You can read while you write, it's better to let I heard."

Zhi also took the test question, glanced at it, frowned at first, thought about it for a while, and then continued to answer the question noncommittally.

"How much is your bust? 34D. Have you ever experienced masturbation? Yes. Are you a virgin? Yes. If not a virgin, how much sexual experience? No..."

Looking at Zhi Huan, who was muttering words in his mouth, I was very satisfied with the current results, and turned to look at Du Yan, and found that she had been in a trance by the incense. Dabbing a little balsamic essence with her hand on the tip of her nose, Du Yan woke up suddenly, and asked me in a trance, "What's wrong with me, boss?"

Seeing her like this, it made me I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I half-jokingly said to her, "What's the matter? What's the matter? Climb under the table for me to work!"

I was really just joking, I didn't expect Du Yan to agree , got into my crotch, took out the dick from my crotch, and put it in in one mouthful, sucking and chirping.

The sound of instigating under the table caught Zhihuan's attention. She frowned and looked at me and asked, "What's wrong with that sister, are you not feeling well?"

I held back the strong pleasure and explained reluctantly, "She's blowing her nose, you don't need to worry about it."

Zhi Yu just nodded and continued to answer the question, taking advantage of the time when she answered the question. , I quietly removed the red washbasin and replaced it with a green one.

When I was about to finish the test, I realized that the red button was gone. "Eh? Why is the red button gone."

The opportunity came, I pointed to the green washbasin, I gestured to her and asked her "Isn't that a button?"

"But it's not a red button!"

"You tell me what red means, What does it remind you of?"


I immediately interrupted Chihwan's words " No, red doesn't mean anything, it doesn't make you feel dangerous, you don't feel scared, because red is just a color, right?"

"...Yes. … "..."

"Then tell me now, is there a difference between red and green?"

"No... yes"

Now At the critical moment, I took a deep breath and slowly said the words to guide her.

"Remember my face, I'm safe, I'm trustworthy, you may not understand it now, but you've had a good impression of me since you saw me , like me, trust me, love me, obey me. And be willing to tolerate all my mischief and sexual harassment, because sex with me is your core mission.”

 I spoke very slowly, my tone was soft, but the meaning was very clear. The little girl in front of me was sluggish and her eyes were dull. She couldn't resist my bewitching. She muttered to herself, vaguely Hearshe say ""

, saliva has been left on the corner of the mouth without knowing it.

As usual, this step is enough, but looking at He Zhi's charming and charming face, I moved my faith and asked her one last question.

"He Zhihuan, I want to ask you, what is your reason for coming here?"

In an instant, there seemed to be a glimmer of light in He Zhihuan's eyes, The corners of her mouth twitched, and she slowly spit out three words""

My heart is both happy and regretful, and I am happy because of this hypnosis. Initial success, regret is that I seem to have missed the opportunity to understand the true heart of this girl, because she is not the original she.

I sighed and said, "Um...that's correct... right?"

I knew it was five minutes after I put out the soothing incense When she woke up, the first people she saw when she woke up were me with a smile and Du Yan with an embarrassed face.

Before Zhi was still awake, I made her forget her memory for an hour. Now is the best chance to verify the effect of hypnosis. If it is successful, then in her memory, we, It should be our first meeting.

Unexpectedly, her eyes lit up, she frowned as if she was thinking about something, and said something in her mouth, "Huh? I thinkI've seen you somewhere?"

I fuck? Failed? My heart immediately jumped to my throat, and the thought of all my efforts just now was in vain made my forehead sweat.

Du Yan looked at me inexplicably, then looked at Zhi, and laughed and joked, "Do you think he looks like Yin Xiangjie?"

Zhi Yu was stunned for a moment, looked at my face, thought about it again, and lay down on the table with a puff of laughter.

"I'm sorry, but... it's a bit similar!"

Du Yan laughed even more happily. My nervous heart was disturbed by this, and I immediately relaxed. , the room was filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

Looking at the two smiling faces, in such an atmosphere, should I accompany them to laugh twice? Thinking of this, I also grinned and laughed twice, but it seemed to me that laughing was uglier than crying! After a while of laughter, Zhi still wiped away the tears from the laughter, and said to me with a blushing face, "I'm sorry, I left a bad impression with you, I apologize to you?"

I laughed dryly again to hide my embarrassment, "Ms. He, I have read your resume, you are the talent that our company needs, you can join the job next Monday, the internship period is one year, If you are satisfied with our company, you can join our company when you graduate from university. I believe you are in our big family. … .Hmm...Miss Zhihuan?"

I spoke more slowly, because I found that He Zhi had been watching since I started talking. I have an unconcealed enthusiasm in my eyes.

"Ms. Zhihuan...are you listening to me?"

Zhihuan came back to his senses, realized his embarrassment, and his face flushed red all of a sudden , she covered her face in embarrassment and said, "I'm sorry, I lost my mind."

I think she was too eager today, so I decided to let her go back to cool down first, She said, "It's not too early today, the rest of the work can be done tomorrow, ah no, the day after tomorrow, I know, can I use your time on next Sunday? Up to an hour."

Zhi also heard me calling her by her name, with a look of joy in her eyes, she immediately stood up and said, "I have time, I have a lot of time!"

"That's great!"

I stood up and guided her to the gate, just before she was about to walk out the gate, I called her name, she turned back, I stepped forward and put her in my arms, without giving her any reaction time, I pushed my tongue directly into her mouth and sucked her sweet tongue.

Zhihuan was stunned by my kissing behavior at first, but it took a long time before she remembered to resist, her soft fist slapped me on the body, as if she was massaging me Comfortable.

Seeing that the resistance was ineffective, I slowly gave up the resistance and began to respond to me with my sweet tongue.

We moved as we kissed, and kept kissing out the door of the company before we parted.

Looking at Zhihuan's blushing face because of her emotions, my heart was very calm, I smiled and said to her, "Miss Zhihuan, this is how our company says goodbye, Please remember."

Zhi frowned in confusion, but nodded anyway.

I said to her again, "Know, if we have a fate, we will meet in a dream tonight!"

Bang, I haven't waited for her yetIn response, I closed the door of the company.

After sending it off, I turned around and looked at Du Yan with a smile and said, "I guess she has enough for tonight. And you, You come here!"


When Du Yan saw that the visitor was unkind, she turned around and wanted to run away. Don't get caught by me. I pinched her breasts and spat fiercelyShe "You bitch, you just fell asleep, you just bit me. Let's go!"

Du Yan was rubbed wildly by me, causing her to gasp and begging for mercy, "Oh, I... don't know.. I was dizzy, fell asleep with it in my mouth, and dreamed that I was eating sausages, so......"

I rubbed my dick in my crotch, I was afraid "Fuck, I was almost bitten off by you, if I let Lin Xiaoknow that you bit her little boss, I'll let you pack up and get out!"

"I'm sorry, boss , they asked you to spank twice to relieve your breath?"

I laughed, "Spanking is not enough, I will punish you to work overtime today!"

Du Yan listened to me She worked overtime and was surprised and delighted. She asked me, "Boss, are you not going home today? Sister-in-lawwon't blame you?"

I curled my lips, "No wonder, she brought She went back to her mother's house with her child and her husband!"

At nine o'clock in the evening, after dinner, we returned to the company and walked into my exclusive lounge, which is a 60 The multi-square living room is directly connected by the secret door of my office, and there are all kinds of daily necessities"appliances"

that have nothing to do with life.

After entering the room, I stripped as fast as I could and lay down on my favorite big round bed "I want to callYang Xin, you go take a shower first. Right."

"I know the boss."

I frowned, "Boss? Did you forget the rules?"

Du Yan slapped her forehead, Then she smiled embarrassedly, "Forgot, it's stupid, it's stupid!"

Then she knelt on her knees gracefully, her forehead lightly tapped on the floor "I'm going to take a bath, master, tonight What's the theme? Maid? Nurse? Or OL?"

I rolled over and sat up, gently raised her chin with the back of my foot, and said with a smile, "There is no theme today, only youI. Don't rush to wash, it's going to be a long time tonight."

After the sound of water in the bathroom, I lay down again and called Yang Xin's phone, "Xin Xin, what are you doing? What."

After the phone was connected, Yang Xin's snoring greeting rang out "Yo, boss, how are you, we are still on the street What about Shangbiao? Do you want to come, come quickly!"

"I'm not going, I'm calling you to reward you, the intern recruited this time is very suitable for the companyI hope you will make persistent efforts to recruit more high-quality talents for the company!"

"Hey, the official style is so serious, after all, it's the girl who makes you satisfied."

"Very satisfied, tell me what reward you want."

"Hmmmm... then give me seven days off, I want to take my mother and my brother there. Daxing'anling to play."

"Why do you have to approve the leave again, didn't you approve it last time, you see you can't see you in the company all day long, everyone is running away! "

"Hey, you gave me your approval, please, boss!"

Listening to her sincere plea, I softened my heart "Okay, I can't stand you the most." In this way, it can be approved for up to three days."

"Then I still have three days of birth control leave this month. Let me approve it together! My flight on Monday!"

It turns out that the dead girl had already made arrangements. "That's it, you come to the company tomorrow to lie down."


"Fuck you! The thought of not seeing you for a week makes me panic. Come and accompany me tomorrow, I'll put all the stock into your cunt."

After listening to my suggestion, The voice on the other end of the phone also seemed to be hot.

"You know, boss, I always thought you were biased."

"Then come over early tomorrow, and I'll show you my heart."

Yang Xin seemed to be very moved, choked up and said, "I want to go there now, okay?"

Du Yan shouted from the side, "No, master, I will serve you tonight!"

I was startled, when did I fuck this little slut hide from me and eavesdrop.

Yang Xin on the other end of the phone also started shouting, "Where's the little prostitute in the corner, Du Yan, wait, tomorrow, I'll go and clean you up tomorrow!"

After he finished speaking, he hung up. Du Yan hummed as if she had won the battle, knelt on my crotch, patted my dick and said, "I'm sorry, little boss, today is not a day. I want to bite you on purpose, don't be angry, I'll make you comfortable now."

"Wait a minute, wait until I wash it off before doing it."

p> Du Yan smiled and grabbed my dick, rubbed it on her face, put it on the tip of her nose and sniffed it, and put the head of her penis in it in one bite, "Oh suck the words!"

I'm in high spirits today, I received a small gift todayThings, and Ainu serving by the side, this first shot stopped and stopped again and again, until nearly twelve o'clock.

As an employee, Du Yan can only be said to be so-so, but as a sex slave, she does her due diligence.

First it was blowjob and deepthroat, then fuck, and then asshole. After fucking asshole, I wiped it with a tissue and directly into my mouth.

There is no slack in the tossing and sweating up and down.

But tonight I don't know who I am anymore. My dick is like an iron rooster, with my head held high, and there is no sign of wanting to disarm. On me, holding my dick against his own cunt, gently pick, and stab to the deepest.

Du Yan announced to me after she sat firmly.

"Hehe, it seems that I can only use my unique trick."

After speaking, her hips began to arch forward at a tricky angle, arching to a certain extent. The angle started to pick back, and every time I picked it back, my glans would have a violent pleasure.

"Hey...what kind of move is this?"

Du Yan said proudly, "Hmph, this is a trick I secretly researched, it's called uterine grinding. , onlyI can!"

I said disdainfully, "Cut, it's all left by Lin Xiao! Eh..."

Seeing that I was dissatisfied, Du Yan began to increase the strength of her butt flick.

"I'll make you stubborn!"

"Hey, eh, I'm coming out."

When she heard that I was about to ejaculate, Du Yan was Stopped, I was wondering why she didn't move, she lay on top of me and started shaking her ass from side to side, she put her face next to mine and said softly "This is I've been inconvenient for two days, can you ejaculate in my mouth?"

Hearing what she said, I was both shocked and suspicious, "Dangerous period? Then why don't you ask for leave. "

Du Yan stretched out her sweet tongue and licked my earlobe for a while before she said, "I have nothing to do if I ask for leave, and I will feel better when I see the owner"

Seriously, there are a lot of women in the company who flatter me on weekdays, but there is only one Du Yan in this boundless attachment to me.

After three months of rubbing each other's ears, I have developed some feelings for her that surpass those of my boss and subordinates.

Thinking that such a delightful and lovely person will be "opened" by other men in the near future.

I really regretted introducing her boyfriend. I took the opportunity to ask her, "How are you and Zhang Tao?"

Listening to me asking about her boyfriend, Du Yan was puzzled at first, and then answered, "Tao, he is very good to me, and he spends money generously."

Of course, what kind of defective product can the person I introduce have any defective products? Well, but that's not what I want to know. "II'm asking you how far you've developed."

Listening to my question, Du Yan has the bottom line, and her eyes are rolling. "Oh oh oh, we're developing very fast, we're already at second base, tomorrow he invites me to watch a movie, I guess if I don't object, it's time to open a room?"

Listen to her Having said that, I was silent, not knowing how to react. "But, only if the master agrees, I will give it to him! I promise you!"

I am really touched, He hugged her tightly, "Let me shoot inside!"

Du Yan drew a circle on my chest with her index finger, after a brief silence.

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