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Let Xue Lei a little It is a little surprising that the appraisal of the test results was not carried out by the administrator.

After all, the commission reward is as high as fifty gold coins, which is enough to hire an experienced team to explore the dangerous swamp and draw a detailed map, so the Adventure Guild is very careful to invite An external helper to appraise Xue Lei's achievements.

In order to make the conclusion as objective and precise as possible, they invited three experts in the city.

One is the best pharmacist in Losar. It is said that he broke through to "expert" at the age of 20. He is currently working hard towards "Master" and is quite prestigious in the city.

One is a professional appraiser of the Chamber of Commerce, who has been in charge of pharmaceutical goods for more than 20 years.

The last one is a blending trainer in the Losar area, who has been teaching blending for longer than most of the people present.

Basically, combining these three judgments, it can already guarantee that the error rate of the result is very small.

Xue Lei has worked in the sales department for many years. He knows how difficult it is to get people to pay, so he doesn't mind it. But Jon kept apologizing very uneasy, and asked him to comfort him in return.

I don't know if it is for the sense of ritual, but a room was specially prepared for the acceptance. The three examiners sat behind the desk, upright and serious.

"Do you need to be like a prisoner?" Xue Lei frowned, and finally felt a little unhappy.

Jon hurriedly whispered by the side: "This is the request of the three examiners. The appearance of the holy pharmacist is a major event. They signed a confidentiality contract and cannot disclose it to the outside world, so the process is required. Be as solemn as possible. Uh... But there may be one of them who is not too friendly, please don't mind."

"It's okay, it's understandable, my colleagues are enemies, not to mention that Big brother does look quite talented."

Of course, the one who was unhappy was the best pharmacist in Lothar.

He is thirty-five this year, and his understanding of the master state is still a fog. The accumulated experience always misses success at the last critical moment.

But he is still the best pharmacist in Lothar, irreplaceable.

So when he heard the wind, he thought he was going to make a fortune from the Adventure Guild, and even emptied the schedule for the past week in advance.

Unexpectedly, a liar suddenly appeared.

In a small place like Lothar, how could there be a saint-level pharmacist who has nothing to do to wander around? High-level professionalsare busy. Jon is still too young to be fooled by this swindler with a high-quality hemostatic ointment that he didn't know where to buy.

It's very easy to expose this kind of liar, and it can be easily solved by arranging exam questions.

The making of Shunbu Potion is the test given by him. As the threshold medicine of the master level, he has failed to reconcile many times in the past two years.

This is not the kind of hemostatic cream that is easily fooled.

Xue Lei scratched his head and moved closer to Jon's cheek. After getting closer, he realized something was wrong. The girl's ear was on the top of his head, so he hurriedly moved to a higher place and whispered, "That The pharmacist has been staring at me, can he give me a good appraisal?"

Jon's ears seemed to be very sensitive, and he couldn't help but tremble with the heat, and replied softly: "Don't worry, this is the reason why I specially invited the other two. Your strength will not be buried by your distorted subjective will,Please believe in the ability of the Adventure Guild."

After the box was placed on the table, the pharmacist sneered and said, "You completed the blending of two bottles of Shunpo in just 40 minutes?"

Xue Lei smiled and nodded, "That's right."

"But I can't even feel how strong your magic is."

Most of the life skills are advanced and require magic power Or fighting qi as an auxiliary, this is also the fundamental reason why advanced skills can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of results.

Xue Lei has no magic power.

What he used was divine power.

Of course, this can't be said explicitly, he smiled and replied calmly: "My focus is on improving the level of refining medicine. As for the magic power, just barely enough is enough, after all I don't plan to become a pharmacist."

"As a liar, I have been able to put on a pretense until now, and my psychological quality is quite good." Mr. Pharmacist snorted disdainfully, "It seems that you I don't know how much a high-level pharmacist needs to pay.Concentration...If it's useful, I would have..."

He cut off the words indignantly, "Forget it. Now, the purpose of my trip is to revealWear you, deal with your affairs, there is an adventure guild in charge.

Then, he opened the box, took out one of the portable bottles, deftly popped out the tip tube at the top, rubbed a drop on his finger, and touched it with the tip of his tongue

Xue Lei was recalling the novels he had read before and how he should be slapped in the face at such a time. Before he made a decision, he heard the pharmacist say in a trembling voice. :"how can that be? "

It's over, the prime time to pretend is missed.

As if he was worried that there was something wrong with his tongue, the pharmacist put another drop on his finger and put it into his mouth to suck Stay.

But the other two have given their judgments without hesitation.

The professional style of the Chamber of Commerce is more conservative and stable, "There is no doubt that this It is the highest-grade 'Superior'Shunbu Potion, and the additional potion is at least level 3. I can't confirm the specifics, it is beyond my ability. "

"It's an extra bonus of level 5," the trainer showed an intoxicated expression, and every wrinkle showed a red light of excitement "The extra bonus of level 5 is the best." Shunbu Potion, this deserves an exclusive label. Ah...I can still see a bottle of this kind of treasure before this old bone died, and I don't have any regrets if I die immediately. "

Jon clenched his fists excitedly, "I knew you were not a liar." "

"Why? Xue Lei laughed.

"I don't know either. She shook her ears, "Perhaps, I felt the blessing of the goddess on you. "

"This, how is this possible..." The pharmacist still couldn't accept the blow, his expression even looked a little pitiful, and the two next to him, who were his acquaintances, stood up to him. There are soft words to comfort him.

Xue Lei is not interested in joining their circle, so as not to be dragged away by the old man who has been quietly looking at him, "Then, Raya is still waiting for me, I will return first. studio. "

"No no, please wait a moment, the test results still need to be officially announced. "The old man stopped him,He seemed to insist on the process.

"How old are you this year?" The pharmacist stared at Xue Lei with wide eyes, and suddenly asked in a very sharp tone.

Individuals with great strength can maintain a long youth in this world, and it is estimated that the other party regards him as that
Look at this kind of longevity.

Xue Lei thought about it, then smiled and said, "I am with my goddess, we have lived together more than once in our lives, so Age doesn't mean anything to me. What you doubt, just take it as a gift from the goddess of fertility to the messenger. Please remember the name of the goddess Wells, the source of all my abilities.

Although he may not be able to attract believers, he still took this good opportunity to gushing about the propaganda.

Although he did not believe in any religion in his previous life, he did not believe in any religion. Having eaten pork, I have always seen pigs go away. There is no Bible and Holy Spirit. This is a real gift from God, and he can express all his reverence with confidence.

Joe En listened to it with relish and didn't mean to stop it.

So, at the end of this exam, it turned into a lecture on the deeds of the goddess of fertility.

Wait until Xue Lei is surging. After he finished talking, he held up the water glass with a dry mouth, and the pharmacist who had been shocked before suddenly stood up and said loudly in surprise: "But I have never heard what you said. The name of the goddess.

Jon looked at the purple full moon pendant swaying on his chest and said softly, "Mr. Xue Lei, he is a believer of the Moonlight Sect. Your words may have shocked him." . "

[Moonlight Cultists, the fools who follow the false god Miffnamus, actually believe that the moon is the gate to the underworld, trying to accumulate beliefs in exchange for happiness in the next life.]

Xue Lei resolutely chose to ignore the strong subjective tendencies in the words of divine consciousness. He knew that it is very difficult to reverse a person's beliefs. He must be gentle, slow, and step by step, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

"But I know the one you believe in, the goddess of the moon, Miffnamus, who is fortunate enough to be remembered in your hearts for a long time. And Wells, who fought against Chaos with her, was forgotten by everyone. This result is very unfair. I don't expect everyone to choose to follow my goddess. I just hope that everyone will remember from now on that the root of this world is still sleeping with a lonely and lonely person. , the poor goddess forgotten by her blessed people. The production, reproduction, and all the harvests worth celebrating in this world are the blessings of Wells. I only wish you all to be grateful. Well, I'll say goodbye first.

It was getting late, and he was going to go to Laya to pack up and return to Moon's Sleep to rest.

As soon as he stepped out of the exam room, his consciousness echoed in Xue Lei's mind.

[The current belief has reached 21, and you can raise your belief level through sacrifice at any time.]

Wow, did the speech work so well? Then there is a chance to go to more ...Well, this seems to be the job of a missionary.Xue Lei laughed, and before he knew it, he finally entered the role he was supposed to play.

As soon as Laya packed up her things, Jon knocked on the door with a blushing face, took Xue Lei's hand happily, and said : "Congratulations, I have two good news. To say."


"One is about the commission list, we have made an update to match your strength, and the superior gave us Approved the material budget for an additional 10% wastage. After my struggle, as long as you can operate stably in this part,We will no longer ask where to go."

This means making ten bottles If there are no mistakes in the medicine, one of the bottles can be used as an extra reward for him to take away.

However, Xue Lei has already won 50% to 60% of the "rebate" based on his ability. He is not very excited about this. "What about the other one?"

"The narrative you submitted about the goddess Wells, we will give you a three-star reliability rating, I believe it will help you wake up many people's memories of the goddess, and make her less lonely. "

Oh, this is really good news, let the rumors go ahead, even if you don't believe it at the moment, it doesn't matter, When he goes to preach in person, the two sides confirm that the other party's Conflict will be much less.

"Thank you, in order to thank you for your support to the goddess, I will do my best, please believe in my professional ability, I will definitely save the 10% of the loss budget for you." Xue Lei said softly, "When the commission is completed,I hope you can sell me a set of portable blending equipment."

"No problem, no...I will personally send you a set at that time. ." Jon was so excited that his ears stood straight "With your all-out help, our branch's year-end evaluation will definitely get the best, I will definitelyThank you very much. Yours!"

Does the world have performance appraisals? Sure enough, the development of any organization has reached the same goal in the end...

Officially won the job, and the Adventure Guild is also very generous, and immediately paid 10% of the total amount as a deposit.

Seeing that Laya was hurriedly lifting her skirt and pulling her panties to hide it, Xue Lei patted her with a smile and placed it in the place where you need the least anti-theft - Su Lin.

His Linlin is now a good baby with a capacity of 150 pounds, and it is still too early to fill up.

At the entrance of the guild, he declined the invitations to dinner from the three examiners in turn. Xue Lei took Laya to the Sleep of the Moon and walked over, thinking about how to hold a match-level match. Sacrifice, to increase the level of belief.

This time, it should not be possible to do it for Raya alone. Although it is still a miniature sacrifice, it needs at least two participants.

If I knew that I could collect enough so soon, it would be better to let Gusha leave one day later.

Passing by a ready-to-wear shop, and found that Laya's eyes were drifting towards the window, Xue Lei smiled and walked in with her arms around her, "When the medicine is finished, you The massage is very comfortable for me, come, pick some clothes."

Raya blushed and hesitated for a while, but did not refuse.

But unexpectedly, she wandered around for a long time, and finally hummed a brisk song like a little bird, and brought three handsome men's clothes.

"Raya, what are you doing? Aren't you going to dress up as a girl?" Xue Lei froze for a moment, frowning, "I don't like you dressed like this. This is a style."

Raya lowered her head and said a little shyly: "No, master...this...this is bought for you to wear. You should also dress yourself up. He's a little more handsome."

The female clerk who was not at all interested in the reception just heard the word "master" in Laya's mouth, and probably realized that anyone who can afford slaves can't He would be a poor ghost, and finally came over and started selling.

Compared with the shopping guides in the global shopping malls, the sales girls in this world are less capable, and they say that over and over again. The materials are very good and the size is very suitable.

However, this is the first time that a girl has sincerely come to choose clothes for him, and she will look at Raya's star-filled eyes and the corners of her smiling mouth. He is also willing to look at her. Bought all of them.

Of course, mainly because of money.

The silver coins of the Lokala Federation are worthless, and one gold coin can be exchanged for two hundred and thirty.

The three men's outfits that Raya selected add up to less than ten silver coins, and they don't need to move the whole money.

In return, Xue Lei also picked out two cute dresses for Laya that matched her appearance. By the way, a pair of sandals with cloth straps came along, and she picked up a few pieces of jewelry on the opposite side. It's like changing a gold coin into change.

Raya was wearing clothes more expensive than her, so nervous that she couldn't walk, she stuttered a little, "Lord, Master, I can really wear such expensive clothes. ... something?"

"Of course you can." Xue Lei touched her head and kissed her, "otherwise why would I buy it for you.Let's go back and eat it later. After dinner, give me a massage for a while, your craftsmanship is really good."

p> "This is the craft you gave me..." She squinted her eyes with a smile, and hugged his arm tightly, "I will definitely serve you well."

Probably accompanied the high-end female slaves to the service class. After arriving at the sleep of the moon, Raya applied for a few silver coins generously, and went to the counter to buy a lot of props to add to the fun. .

With scented candles, a petal bath tub, and a veil nightdress that the hotel lends for free, lying on the bed in such an atmosphere, it was difficult for Xue Lei to enjoy a massage honestly and obediently. Think otherwise.

However, he doesn't need to take the initiative.

Because it's not just him who can't help it.

When the slippery little hands smeared with essential oils began to repeatedly squeeze and pinch the back of the strong thighs, lingering,He heard Raya's breathing, which became fast and charming.

Soon, his little slave girl put her fragrant body on his back and asked in a low voice, "Master, are you... tired today?

Xue Lei thought of teasing her, turned over with a smile, raised the cock that was already 80% bloodshot under his crotch, yawned deliberately, and said, "Yes A little, are you tired too? Then let's go to the bathroom to rinse and get ready to sleep."

Raya blushed, put her hands on her chest, and fiddled with the tips of her fingers, " I'm...not too tired."

"Then continue to massage?"

"Yes." Laya lowered her head, took two steps on her knees, and continued to massage for him Massage the muscles of the waist and abdomen.

The key steps of refining medicine often require focusing on maintaining a stable posture, which consumes a lot of muscles in this area.

But after Xue Lei came, the most exercised is the waist, and he will recover early.

He smiled and guided softly: "Raya, if you have any thoughts and needs, you must have the courage to tell me"

"Just talk to me. I don't need anything else by the master's side." She said with a bright smileand said earnestly.

"No no no, if you plan to stay with me for a long time, you must know that I don't have such a delicate mind. Many times I don't understand what girls are thinking. So, Raya, I hope...or rather, I ask you to be honest with me and take the initiative. You must tell me in time what you want to eat, what you want to wear, and what you want."

p> "Slave...is used to meet the needs of the master. You...will make me a bad slave girl."Raja whispered with tears in her eyes, "If a slave becomes bad, there will be no more The master wants it. You... don't do this. I will be afraid..."

"No need. Raya, I can swear," Xue Lei likes her very much, as if leaving him at the moment With the look of the end of the world, I couldn't help saying softly, "Unless you take the initiative to leave, I will never want you. You are my...the first partner in my lonely journey, I I didn't really treat you as a slave."

Raya still couldn't believe it, but her moist eyes already showed a look of ecstasy. Her little hand finally couldn't help touching his crotch, "Master...I...want to use my body...to serve you."

Xue Lei stretched her limbs and said softly, "Then, do what you like."

"Thank you, master!" She immediately went over to his crotch and pulled down the translucent veil. Nightgown, sticking to his cock with her bare little white tits, her slippery palms covering the head of his penis and dexterously rotating and stroking, with a focused, almost religious expression.

It seems that the pleasure brought by him dealing with sexual desire has exceeded her own physical desire.

Xue Lei couldn't help but let his divine sense identify his current attitude.

Love has risen to the point of death, and the modification of lust has turned into a flow of love fluid, and I don't know what level it is. Anyway, it sounds like he is already very hungry for him.

"Master, can I, can I come up?" She sucked until her cock was stained with saliva, then raised her eyes and looked at him with eager eyes.

"Of course, but let me know when you're tired, you've given me a lot of strength." He put his hands behind his head, relaxed, ready to enjoy it at ease.

Raya supported his abdominal muscles, raised her small buttocks, separated the already soaked petals with her fingertips, and slowly lowered her slender waist.

The narrow honey pot was tight and slippery, and she was still pinching it hard and twisting it flexibly, which soon made Xue Lei gasp for comfort.

"Master...I, my inside...is it comfortable?" Her face was pink, and the girl's purity was finally washed away, revealing a charming style.

"Well, it's comfortable."

Just this kind of compliment can make the excited little slave girl twist more actively, every delicate fold, They are all conveying her thoughts.

Don't let the assistant get too tired when work starts tomorrow. Xue Lei felt that she had orgasmed a few times, so he hugged her, changed into a seated hug, and moved gently together until the lust reached a high point, and the supernatural power of theThe semen spurted out.

Although last time I decided to improve Laya's stamina, but this time, among the three random skills, there are also sexual skills.

As expected of a girl used to train as a slave girl, all branches of sexual skills have already had a preliminary grasp.

Among them, the most talented is the mouth.

Then, there is no suspense, even if it is for the convenience of taking sperm when needed, he will give Laya this skill higher.

119 million experience, fully absorbed, 40,000 initial experience, easily pulled her from ordinary 15 to expert 18 in one breath, crossing the threshold of epiphany twice in a row, a qualitative leap.

And the skill of oral sex will add a little agility and endurance every time you realize a grade, which is an interesting bonus.

If you look into the reason, it is probably that when you serve your partner with your mouth, you must not only be dexterous, but also persistent.

The feedback of this skill doesn't seem to be intuitive. Raya didn't feel the change for the first time, until he lifted his little butt to let the thick dick leave the closed meat gap, and fell down for him When she was cleaning with her lips and tongue, she found in confusion that her little mouth seemed to be more powerful.

She didn't contact the goddess with this nasty technique, she just thought that she was good at it, so she happily licked him clean, rinsed her mouth, and listened in his arms. His heart beat, and he slept happily.

After Xue Lei closed his eyes, he glanced at Su Lin first.

In a dark world, she was crying with her legs in her arms, and she didn't know how long she had been crying.

You brought it on yourself, bitch.

He cursed, relaxed, curled his lips and fell asleep.
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