Cleopatra dresses up as a headless ghost for Halloween (1-2)

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[Halloween Cleopatra dressed as a headless ghost to pray for birthday] (1-2) Author: the most i-horror thriller "Sister Ma"
Author: The most terrifying thriller to be continued

My name is Yuwenjing.. surname Yuwen and first name.. October 31st.. is my birthday..

When I lived in the southern countryside..every birthday..don't think there was anything special..until the summer vacation when I graduated from elementary school..father was transferred to the company to work in T city..the whole family came from the southern countryside.. I moved to the Tamsui River Basin.. After transferring to T city to study in middle school.. I didn't know.. October 31st birthday.. How special.. The guy.. give me a lot of tricks.. birthday greetings.. don't urban people know that.. people are scary.. will they scare people to death..

The long middle school and high school finally finished graduation.. also According to the wishes of my parents, I was admitted to T University.. I went to a second-class boys' high school in high school.. I was the only one in the whole school to be admitted to T University.. When the results were released.. I was also glad.. I was finally able to get rid of.. those boring Guys..

After T University started.. I was lucky enough to draw the dormitory.. Still in the 7-story dormitory near Drunk Moon Lake.. I live in dormitory 719.. On campus.. I Choose to be low-key.. no matter who.. ask me for my birthday.. I always avoid answering.. paper.. after all, can't hold fire.. good people in the dormitory.. still know..

On the birthday of the freshman year.. in the dormitory.. in the department.. good deeds.. still made a bunch of tricks..

The night of my birthday.. I chose to shrink In the dormitory.. don't go there.. the only disadvantage of the dormitory is.. the bath and toilet are in the side room.. the bedroom I live in is in the middle.. far away.. every time I go to the toilet.. I have to walk two or three times. Ten meters..

The first birthday of my freshman year is Tuesday.. the other three roommates.. for some reason.. just happened to be absent.. originally I wanted to go to bed early.. I don’t know why I can’t sleep.. I can't sleep.. I looked at the clock on the wall in the bedroom.. It's 11 o'clock.. Even if I drink less water tonight.. I still want to go to the toilet.. I feel like my bladder.. seems to be bursting..

In desperation.. I can only grab a pair of sports trousers. After putting on the sports trousers.. I turned on the bedroom light.. Only then did I see a long-haired white cloth hanging on the tree outside the window. .Swaying with the wind..

Isn't it..This is trying to scare me..T's standard..It's too bad..

It seems that the dormitory is in this dormitory. ..the good deeds.. do make some tricks.. worship the birthday spicy.. knowing that there is a tiger in the mountain.. in order to release the flood.. can only go to the tiger mountain..

Once the bedroom door is opened.. What caught my eye was a red liquid flowing from seven holes.. a skull..

in the dormitory corridor.. dark green lights..

in the dormitory corridor.. from time to time The gloomy wind blows .. blowing the Buddha ..

There are still ghosts in the distance.. floating..

These tricks.. I have experienced it in high school.. Now it seems.. full of flaws. .

The ghosts are flying.. the propeller is turning..

In the toilet.. the ghosts are crying.. the noise of the tape recorder.. The level of T is scary.. too It's so bad..

I wandered along the corridor of the dormitory.. went to the toilet.. Usually in the dormitories.. the noise is gone.. It seems that the dormitories on the 7th floor.. are all involved. It's a grand event.. it's really speechless..

To go to the side toilet.. have to go up and down the stairs..

I thought to myself.. these idiots ..should also be in the stair area.. do planes..

When I walked to the stairs.. less than a meter..the ceiling light steel frame partition..suddenly fell to the ground. .in the ceiling..a dark object..flying..I just lowered my head and flashed..the left side of the rooftop stairs..the cold and gloomy wind is blowing..

My eyes are meowing ..the shadow corner of the stairs on the rooftop.. there is an electric fan.. and a rectangular object.. it must be ice cubes placed in front of the electric fan.. the yin wind that creates a biting chill..

Go to the 6th floor on the right Stairs.. Accidentally didn't make any tricks.. Although I feel surprised.. but I still go to the toilet.. where the ghosts are crying. Caused poor vision.. I stepped into the toilet with full alertness.

Accidental toilet door..No scaring thing..

The toilet.. full of ghosts crying. .

Sit toilet door.. creaking..

in toilet.. ceiling light steel frame.. clanging..

hanging Balls with long and short hair.. flying around..

Due to poor vision.. the more inside.. the more obstacles.. I have no choice.. I have to choose.. pee near the sink bucket.. flood discharge..

Just as I was positioning the urinal.. just took out the glans meat stick to drain the flood..

urinal..suddenly..opened its mouth wide.. To my cock head cock.. Attacked..

Scared me.. Retrieved the cock head cock that was in the flood.. In sweat pants..

Due to holding back urine for a long time.. unable to release the flood in the middle.. emergency stop.. resulting in sports trousers.. a lot of wet urine..

At this time.. in the toilet.. brightly lit.. salute All in unison.. singing the birthday song.. mixed with a bunch of jeers..

Since the night of October 31st of the freshman year.. the men.. call me the diaper brother.. the complaining women.. call me the big eagle..

(Although the glans The meat stick.. was only photographed for a few seconds..

As the saying goes.. if there is a disadvantage, there is a benefit.. after that night.. the girls inside and outside the school.. often take advantage of the situation. .Find me for acupuncture.. lure him.. lure him with seduction..

At the beginning..I didn't know how to choose..intersecting and complaining about mid-November..decided ..It has something to do with the credit test..It has something to do with it..It's a matter of complaining about the mature women..Choose outside the school..There are financial benefits..It's a matter of complaining about the mature women..

Freshman At the end of the semester.. credits and academic performance.. the top five.. also saved several buckets of gold.. hehe..

Because of the name of the diaper brother..reputable..the second year of college At the beginning of the school year.. the good deeds.. gather again.. want to celebrate my birthday.. because this year is my 20th birthday.. seniors, sisters, and juniors decided to.. expand the event..

T University The management.. opened one eye.. closed one eye.. cooperated with the good people.. stipulated Wednesday, October 31.. 18:00 to 24:00.. It is the time for birthday celebration.. Although I have protests.. But.. T The online voting in the university..97% of the votes voted for me..It's such an exaggeration that I'm speechless..

Fortunately, these of the school sisters..hahahaha for a long time..willing to help I brought.. bugs.. recorder.. monitor. After the meeting on the first Friday of October.. I was in the agreed motorway suite on Friday night.. Waiting for the sister to come..

After the sister comes at 8 o'clock.. give me After two flash drives.. just put my arms around me.. I turned on the laptop to test the flash drive.. I asked my sister to take a bath first.. But my sister asked me to help her take a bath..

I replied.. I want to do it on the bed.. I don't want to do it in the shower..

Because.. I am eager to see.. the content of the meeting.. The senior has to pouted.. Dissatisfied to take a bath..

In the seminar..Chen Xiaohan, president of the student union..Cleopatra..Actually also participated in the birthday celebration..

What is..Cleopatra..I Grade cup.. bigger than the head.. used to be called T big.. no milk girl.. because.. big breasts and no brains.. this sentence.. D breasts are rare in T big.. ever since Egypt After she was admitted to T University.. was broken..

Cleopatra's top student in the Department of Electrical Engineering in T University.. Completed four years of credits in three years. Elected student council president for the second term..Unfortunately..Student council president election at the end of this year..Cleopatra will not be elected..

In the addition to the great help from the student union..there are a lot of food too Idle idiots join.. props special effects magic.. Waiting for 18 departments to join.. it's really dumbfounding.. speechless..

The location of the birthday celebration is selected.. Drunk Moon Lake.. Headless Ghost.. Long Tongue Ghost.. Hanged Ghost.. Flying Head .. ghost fire.. a bunch of ghosts.. sound effects.. environmental special effects.. lighting effects. That kind of ghost time..Cleopatra pretend to be a headless ghost..tits bigger than the head..If you can tits, pussy, and blowjob Cleopatra..must be cool..have to think of a way. .How can I insert Cleopatra in the Drunk Moon Lake..Hehe..

At this time..the senior has already taken a bath..Just wrap a bath towel and walk to the bed..

Senior sister asked..Have a good bath..You can love it..

Senior sister is 150. Weight is only 3X kg..A breast..Slim waist..big butt. . Ordinary appearance.. Simple dress.. I turned off my laptop.. I hugged my sister to bed.

I kissed my sister's little mouth and asked. p>

Senior sister said..Jing Ou's dad..the name is Lin Shufen..

I pulled off the bath towel and kneaded A's milk while replying..Shufen I didn't explain.. What should Dad do.. Love love..

Sister Lin Shufen babbles and screams. .only..with..mouth..tongue..licking..holes..

I asked while licking, sucking and kneading A tits..and then..

Sister Lin Shufen was panting and screaming..Male..Female..licking..I..full..intent..and then..plug..hole..hole..

After the sister finished speaking.. I lay flat on the bed.. I picked up my sister and turned around. Pussy.. snoring.. snoring.. licking the pussy, licking the labia, licking the clitoris.. the sound of sucking and swallowing water continued..

Sister's left arm.. pressing on me On the thigh.. the right hand is grabbing the meat cock.. twitching quickly.. the little mouth of the schoolgirl.. licking and sucking the glans. The sound of twitching meat sticks continued..

The structure of Xuejie's acupoints.. very special.. the clitoris to the acupoint.. less than 3 cm.. the two labia minora are about 2 cm long.. the clitoris has 5cm long..the clitoris and labia minora are so's really feels like undeveloped..the virginal pussy is pink..the anal's also very pink..tonight Let's ejaculate once in all three holes.. hehe..

Licking each other for less than half an sister was licked to orgasm by me..the squirt was squirting..the sister was weakly lying on the side of my penis and panting..

I picked up my sister and turned around..Let her lie down on the bed..I was holding a cock in my left hand..I kept rubbing it with the head of my penis..The clitoris and labia minora. Tweet tweet.. the glans and the meat stick are quickly rubbing.. the clitoris, the labia minora, the pussy slit..

The senior sister shakes her head and screams. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. DAD Jing Ou.. when inserting. 2 inches thick, 2 inches long, penis head.. nearly 2 inches thick and 6 inches long. The voice is long and panting.. The senior orgasm again.. The squirt is blowing and squirting.. I take advantage of the senior's orgasm. p>

Guru slamming .. Guru Guru .. Ah .. It hurts .. Ah .. Slowly insert deep deep and deep pumping acupoints. The cries and the lewd screams continued..gurgling..gurgling..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Pussy .. while seeing the dick thrusting in and out of the pussy .. blood stains on the cock in and out .. flowing onto the bed ..

I thought .. digging the plug .. what era is this already? Spicy.. Senior senior sister.. She is still a virgin.. I wrap my hands around my sister's thighs.. Kneading grandma A's head.. I kiss my sister's small mouth deeply. Pumping the vagina..

Grumbling..Grumbling..Hmmmmmmmm..The sound of slow deep penetration and deep pumping and hitting the flesh continued..accompanied by Senior Sister Lin Shufen The jerky screaming continued.. babble.. squeak.. hum hum hum..

After half an hour of slow thrusting..Sister Lin Shufen stopped crying. .. Instead, he kept urging me.. hurry up.. look at my sister.. I am used to slow thrusting..

I kissed my sister's small mouth and asked.. Shufen Can you insert it into the womb to ejaculate..

Sister Lin Shufen nodded and didn't answer.. I stopped thrusting.. Put the pillow under the sister's butt.. Hook her hands around her thighs. .The palm is pressed on the bed next to the sister's chest..The sound of fast interjection sounds..

Guck. Oh.. The sound of fast deep penetration and deep pumping of the cunt and the flesh continued.. It continued with the incoherent screams of Lin Shufen.. Grumpy .. oh oh ..

Fast thrusting in less than ten minutes.. Sister Lin Shufen's vaginal wall.. Clamping the penis more tightly.. Sister Lin Shufen is already angry.. moaning ..Do not I have to stop..don't stop..fortunately,Sister Lin Shufen..a lot of kinky water..lubricates the vaginal wall..

The sound of intensive and fast thrusting sounds..crack..ahahah .. bang bang .. oh oh oh .. bang bang .. the sound of dense and fast deep penetration and deep pumping of the pussy and the flesh continued.. accompanied by the crazy screaming of Lin Shufen. . . . . . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the limit..

Clappapa..papapa..papapa.. Intensive, fast, deep penetration ..popping..popping..

Intensive and fast thrusting in less than three minutes..I pinched with both hands..Lin Shufen Senior Sister A's grandmother's head..The glans is against the uterine opening. .Several hot and thick semen..ejaculated deep into the uterus..after ejaculation..I pressed on Lin Shufen.. fell asleep...

Introduction: 25 Ministry Creation~The 03rd unfinished work to be continued~51~
Welcome readers~ Come to my ~Wonderful World~ This creation is inspired by~
When taking the MRT~ I met a woman who is about 140 cm tall~ Her chest is quite big~ The cleavage is bottomless~ I forgot to get off the bus~ I delayed my business~ Hey~ I am almost 60 years old~ I am so easily tempted~ My concentration is too poor~
The creation of the foreign ghost festival is just hot~The birthday celebration process has not been finished~Thriller, funny and lustful~ Fusion~It's very difficult to break up~
It is purely boring and random~ Just look at the ID. I know what I like to write~2018-1030-Creating works~
The original is ~imaginative~nonsense~

I hate the original content of others who change my puppets the most
I also hate it The pseudonym of the random change is vertical heart Jingjing This is traditional Chinese characters

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[Halloween Cleopatra pretending to be a headless ghost to pray for her birthday] (2) Author: the most terrifying thriller

Title: "Halloween Cleopatra pretending to be without a ghost" Head Ghost Blessings 2 Everyone Takes What You Need and Goes to a Little Ma Xuejie"
Author: The most horrible thriller to be continued

I fell asleep and fell asleep I don't know how long I have slept..I feel myself It seems to be skiing.. and rowing.. I opened my eyes in a sleepy state.. I saw Sister Lin Shufen.. squinted slightly...opening her mouth slightly.. moaning.. grabbing my hands with both hands and rubbing her A tits.. Sister Lin Shufen squatting on my waist and hip area.. twitching up and down with the penis in her pussy. .

Guru Guru .. Guru Guru .. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Going.. babble.. squeak.. ah ah ah ah..

I remember last night after ejaculation.. the penis is still stuck in the school sister's hole.. I lie down I fell asleep on the senpai.. now it has become a boy and a girl.. the senpai seems to have not noticed it yet.. I have already woken up..

The senpai squinted and enjoyed.. the vagina It's still going on here.. Up and down the penis and the meat stick.. The virgin hole in my impression.. After the first experience.. It takes two or three days to rest. Very haha.. my cock head cock..

I looked at the clock on the wall.. It showed it was almost three in the morning.. I looked back at Sister Lin Shufen.. The expression on her face.. Sister Close your eyes and hands.. let go of my hands.. my sister's palms.. pressing on my chest.. my sister's waist and buttocks.. quickly shove the cock head and cock..

crack ..Guck..Ahh..Guck..Guck..Ooh..The sound of fast thrusting and slamming into the flesh continued..It continued with the incoherent screams of Sister Lin Shufen. .Guck..Guck..Ahh..Guck..Guck..Ooh..

Judging from my past experience..Sister Lin Shufen..It seems to be fast The orgasm.. I simply enjoy it easily.. the senpai pump style.. continue to push the cock head and cock..

The senpai quickly thrusts.. less than three minutes.. senpai ah one Loud.. screaming.. lying softly on top of me.. panting.. in my sister's pussy.. while the orgasm fountain.. while clamping the penis cock..

When the orgasm of the senpai is weak.. the hands are wrapped around the senpai's thighs.. the palms are grasping the senpai.. big and round.. meaty. Moving back and forth, left and right.. Guji Guji.. Guji Guji..

Sister Lin Shufen gasped and screamed while asking. .. Wake up ... .. Oh, ah .. Guru ..

I am curious .. Shufen .. Last night, you are the first experience .. I see you red Now.. in your acupuncture point.. it should be very painful.. why don't you rest for a few more days.. gurgling gurgling..

Sister Lin Shufen screamed and returned.. God.. ummm.. just.. ovulation period.. um hum hum .. humming.. only left.. today.. can do it.. ummm.. to seize.. chance. Do it more..a few times..ahhhhhhhh..gujiguji..

I suddenly interrupted and said..Shufen, do you want to swallow..I quickly thrust when I want to ejaculate.. Just let you swallow..

I can't wait Senior Sister Lin Shufen responded..turned over and made her lie on the pillow.. raised her buttocks..I pushed back..grabbed her waist and buttocks with both hands..quickly thrusting..

p>Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo on..the sound of banging the pussy is going on.. accompanied by Lin Shufen, who is incoherent The lewd screams continued.. cluck.. cluck.. ah ah.. cluck.. cluck.. oh oh..

After more than ten minutes ..the senpai screamed.. softly lying on the pillow and panting.. and I took advantage of the senpai's orgasm.. the fountain.. more intensive and fast thrusting..

bang bang bang. . ah ah ah .. ah ah ah .. oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Papapa..ahhhh..papapa..ohhhh..papapa..

Intensive and fast thrusting in less than ten minutes.. The senior orgasm is so cool again I just woke up.. full of energy.. in good spirits.. still continuing to shove intensively and fast..

There are only bang bang bang in the suite.. bang bang .. bang Papa.. Intensive, fast, deep pumping, deep pumping, and the sound of hitting the flesh continued..

I don't know how long it will take.. Senior Sister Lin Shufen wakes up faintly.. Lin Shufen only feels around the acupoint.. numb Perception.. all limbs are weak.. lying softly on the pillow.. letting Yu Wenjing.. continuous intensive.. fast thrusting.. the acupoints where she has no consciousness..

and do not know how to thrust How long has it been.. Suddenly.. Yu Wenjing pulled out the cock on the head of the penis.. Grabbing the pillow on which the sister was lying softly with both hands. Turning the direction. Senior Sister..Slightly opened small mouth..Quickly thrusting..

Sister Lin Shufen's small mouth..being quickly thrusted by the cock head and meat stick..Almost rolled her eyes..a few strands Hot and thick machine gun bullets..shot into Sister Lin Shufen..deep throat.. After Sister Lin Shufen swallowed the sperm..continuously sucking and sucking. >

After five or six minutes.. Yu Wenjing's breath was calm and asked.. Does Shufen still want to insert acupuncture points.. I saw your acupoints.. red and swollen.. Can you still insert acupuncture points..

Senior Lin Shufen twitched her cock with her left hand and insert a hole..all insert..the head of the penis..the can't be hard..until..anyway. .acupoint..inside and out..has been.. inserted by you...numb..unconscious..

I thought to myself..numb and unconscious..anus is very close to the acupoint ..hey-hey..

I looked at the clock on the wall..It showed more than four o'clock..

Yu Wenjing suggested..Shufen..We both smelled like sweat.. Smell..Semen..Let's take a bath first..Then go out..Have a breakfast..Replenish physical strength..After eating and drinking..Come back and have sex..

Lin Shufen Learn Sister smiled and returned.. while inserting her acupuncture point.. while taking a bath..

Sister Lin Shufen finished speaking.. holding a cock in her hand.. stuffing it into her vagina.. I.. my sister wants me to be inserted in my hole.. take her to the bathroom.. take a bath..

Yu Wenjing's right hand hugs my sister Lin Shufen's waist.. her buttocks move to the bedside.. her feet Stepping on the ground.. standing up.. Yu Wenjing's left palm is holding it.. The senior is big, round, and has a high buttocks.. Quickly thrusting..

Cuckoo..Grumple. .咕嘰咕嘰啪..啊嗯嗯..中速抽插陰穴撞肉聲持續著..伴隨著林淑芬學姊騷媚的淫聲浪語持續著..咕嘰啪..咕嘰啪.. Gurgling..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Yu Wenjing hugged his senior and stopped pushing.. step into the bathtub..

Yu Wenjing side Turn on the shower head to test the water temperature and help me take a bath first..I'll give you a bath while I push you..

Sister Lin Shufen pouting Mouth kissed my mouth back..You wash your hair and take a bath..I only help you..lick and suck clean the cock head and cock..

Yu Wenjing put down the sister's feet and stepped on the bottom of the bathtub.. pulled out the glans The cock.. the sister kneels at the bottom of the bathtub.. opens her mouth and sucks the penis. ..Gurgling..Boo tut..The sound of licking and sucking the glans and twitching the meat stick continued..

Yu Wenjing first warmed the shower head with hot water.. After spraying the senior and himself.. Yuwen Jingbian Taking a bath.. while watching.. the senior licking and sucking the cock head..

Yu Wenjing thought to himself.. ten hours ago.. the senior was still a virgin.. now she has become a kinky girl.. a sensual girl. .Forget it..No matter what the senior sister thinks..It's just a conditional exchange..Don't care..

After more than ten minutes..Yu Wenjing has washed her hair..After taking a Gurgling.. tsk tsk.. Gurgling.. tsk tsk.. The sound of licking and sucking the glans and twitching the meat stick continues.. Sister Lin Shufen still has no intention of stopping.. licking and sucking the glans and the meat stick..

Yuwen Jing had no choice but to wash her hair. I had to wash one hair from side to side. The hair that kept shaking. Although it was difficult.. But I washed it well.. Sister Lin Shufen was still unable to stop. ..

Three lines on Yu Wenjing's face..Forcibly stop Sister Lin Shufen..Continue licking and sucking the penis and cock..Yu Wenjing put her hands together..Put it on the edge of the bathtub..Let her learn My sister rests her head on her arm.. knees on the bottom of the bathtub.. raises her ass. Quickly shoveling into my slushy pussy.. shoveling..

cuckoo..cuckoo..ahhh..cuckoo..cuckoo..ooooh. .The sound of fast deep penetration and deep pumping of the cunt and the flesh continued..It continued with the incoherent screams of Lin Shufen. Slap..Ooh..

After more than ten minutes of fast thrusting..Senior seems to be about to orgasm..Yu Wenjing picked up the shower head to test the water temperature..When adjusting the water temperature to about 42 degrees ..Yu Wenjing turned the shower head down.. while drenching it with warm water.. Lin Shufen's upper body.. while waiting for the sister to climax and become weak.. and then stuffed the tube that was sprayed with warm water.. into Lin Shufen's school. Sister's anus ..

Papapa .. Ah .. Papapa .. Oh .. Papapa .. Passion and fast deep deep pumping yin acupuncture .. along with Sister Lin Shufen's crazy lewd screams continued.. bang bang . ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. It took less than two minutes for the thrusting..Sister Lin Shufen has already climaxed..When she was panting softly on her stomach..hehe..the opportunity is coming..

Yu Wenjing changed to middle-speed thrusting.. While putting the tube spraying warm water into the anus of Sister Lin Shufen.. When the sister found out.. the warm water has been injected into the anus.. Nearly ten liters of water.. Sister Lin Shufen's abdomen.. like Pregnant in ten months.. getting bigger..

Yu Wenjing pulled the water pipe out of the sister's anus.. Yu Wenjing put the penis cock.. quickly inserted into the sister's anus.. thrusting..

啪啪啪..啊啊好痛啊啊..啪啪啪..喔喔插錯了喔喔..啪啪啪..密集快速深插深抽肛門撞肉聲持續. .. Along with Lin Shufen's sisters, the screams of crying continued .. Papa .. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh >

Sister Lin Shufen resisted weakly.

Yu Wenjing quickly inserted her anus and said..Shufen..I'm just helping you..just clearing the room. .It's Shufen you're transcribing..numbness and no feeling..I just help you..get back the feeling of thrusting..

Clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap lol oh oh .. bang bang .. the sound of dense and fast deep penetration and deep pumping of the anus continued .. accompanied by Lin Shufen's crazy horny screams . . . . . . . . . . oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh..

Intensive and fast thrusting anal sex nearly half an hour later.. Yu Wenjing looked at Senior Sister Lin Shufen.. Seems to be accustomed to anal sex.. Slow down the thrusting speed.. Change Pushing for medium speed..

GooGrumpy.. Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy Grumpy.. Medium-speed deep penetration and deep pumping and anal banging sound continued.. Accompanied by Lin Shufen's coquettish profanity, the roar continued.. Grumpy ..Grumpy..Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooy..

Sister Lin Shufen said lewdly and weakly.. Jing.. Dad O.. I think. want to..shit..stop..plug..

After Sister Lin Shufen finished speaking..

Yu Wenjing replied.. It takes an hour to insert the anus.聲響起..

啪啪啪..啊啊啊..啪啪啪..喔喔喔..啪啪啪..密集快速深插深抽肛門撞肉聲持續著.. Accompanied by Sister Lin Shufen's disheveled and maddened screams continued.. bang bang ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. less than ten minutes ..I don't even feel like I want to ejaculate..

The cock on the head of the penis is inserted into the pussy of Lin Shufen..The anus is very cool..There are three more meetings in the future..If every time can be like today It's the same night..Three-acupuncture wheel insertion..Cumshot..It's also very good..Hehe..

Although pushing back anal sex saves effort..After all, it's also fast thrusting for an hour.. Leg strength waist The strength of the arm.. is also very tiring.. but.. the penis is still not shooting. Hook her arms around the sister's armpits and hold her up..Let her back against Yu Wenjing. Change her hands around her thighs.

Yu Wenjing stepped out of the bathtub and walked to the toilet. .Put down my sister's feet..Put out my cock head..Let my sister sit on the toilet..Several sounds like a nuclear explosion..Deafening..

Yu Wenjing quickly pressed the flush Water.. the senior student put her head on the toilet tank. She was also woken up by the shock.. Yu Wenjing waited for the toilet tank to fill up. The feces glans stick..

After washing it off.. Yu Wenjing walked back to the senior.. Press the toilet again to flush.. Yu Wenjing put the glans stick.. into the junior's mouth Inside.. shoveling.. gu ji gu ji.. gu ji gu ji.. The cock head meat stick is shoved into the sister's small mouth and continues.

Senior Lin Shufen is pooping.. while licking and sucking weakly Including.. the glans stick..

Three or five minutes later.. Yu Wenjing looked at Senior Sister Lin Shufen.. It seemed that it was almost pulled.. I pressed the toilet water again.. Yu Wenjing pulled out the glans stick.. Pulled up with both hands..the whole body was exhausted and weak.. Yu Wenjing put the cock head meat stick..into the schoolgirl's acupoint.

Yu Wenjing slowly inserts Lin Shufen's acupoint.. Turns around and changes it to push back.. After Qiao locates the position.. Yu Wenjing continues to turn on warm water.. Test the temperature.. When the temperature is adjusted to 42 degrees.. Yu Wenjing is inserting the acupoints of the seniors.. while shoving the warm water pipe into the anus with the round hole..

Sister Lin Shufen Weakly asked.. still need.. water..

Yuwenjing thief Xixi replied.. do the final cleaning.. after confirming the cleaning.. formal anal sex.. will start..

Sister Lin Shufen looked back blankly and said.. Yu.. Wen.. Jing.. Your.. anal sex.. way.. and.. pornography.. Same..

Yuwenjing said with a wicked smile.. the women who have been anal sexed by me.. all like my anal sex.. enjoy it slowly.. hehe..

One or two minutes after the warm water was injected into the student's anus.. Yu Wenjing removed the hot water tube.. Yu Wenjing pulled out the glans stick in the hole. .

Papapa..hmmm..papapa..mmmmm..poppapa..intensive, fast, deep penetration The gas-like gossamer moaning continued.. smack smack. Stop thrusting again.. pick up my sister and walk to the toilet.. let my sister sit on the toilet.. Lin Shufen only sprays water this time.. It seems that she has no more shit to pull..

Yuwen After Jing cleaned the glans stick.. went to the toilet and pressed the flush.. picked up the senior.. put her back against Yu Wenjing. Insert the anus.. while cleaning the bathtub..

After flushing the bathtub.. After setting the water temperature. ..Yu Wenjing's glans meat stick..sometimes quickly thrusting into the acupoints for five or six minutes..sometimes rapidly thrusting the anus for five or six minutes..

Senior Lin Shufen is completely exhausted..Let Yuwen Jing round inserts..plays with Lin Shufen's acupuncture point and anus..

After the spa starts.. the glans stick is only inserted in the anus. Mmmmmm..papapapa..intensive and fast deep penetration and deep pumping of the anus and the sound of banging meat continued..accompanied by Sister Lin Shufen's weak and weak moan. .. ummm.. bang bang ..

I don't know if it's because of the spa agitation.. or because of the anus thrusting in the water.. fastIt took less than 20 minutes for the anus to be inserted.. the glans trembled frequently.. the semen was loosened.. Yu Wenjing accelerated the intensive anal insertion..

Less than two minutes.. the glans stick was inserted into the senior's anus the deepest Here..a few strands of hot and thick a missile at the speed of light..injected into the rectum of Sister Lin Shufen..

After ejaculation.. Yu Wenjing's penis cock..also inserted in Sister Lin Shufen In the anus.. holding Sister Lin Shufen and turning over.. Lying on her back at the bottom of the bathtub.. Sister Lin Shufen lying on her back on Yu Wenjing.. Resting with eyes closed.. Spa...

Introduction to the work: The 25th creative work~The 03rd unfinished work~52~
Welcome readers~ Come to my ~Wonderful world~This creative work is inspired by~
When I was taking the MRT~ I met a woman who was about 140 cm tall~ Her breasts were quite big~ The cleavage was bottomless~ I forgot to get off the bus~ I delayed my business~ Hey~ I am almost 60 years old~ I am so easily seduced~ Concentration Too bad~
The creation of the foreign ghost festival is just hot~The process of celebrating birthday is not finished~Thriller, funny and lustful~ Fusion~It’s hard to break down~
The whole article is in~ sensuality Pa~ It’s not like~ Oudou’s creative style~
It’s purely a boring and random work~ You should know what Ou likes to write by looking at the ID~2018-1031-1107-Creation~
Original It's just ~ maddenedness ~ nonsense ~

I hate the original text of other people's random change of puppets
I also hate the pseudonym of random change of puppets. This is traditional Chinese characters

................................................ .................................................

~Creating Articles~Just To pass the boring retirement life~I can write whatever comes to my mind~
~I’m not from the literature department~I can’t understand the writing and writing~A typo~a missing word~What’s so strange~
~Jing=Liqing=sitting Young people who are restless~creators~ just want to make readers~restless~Hey hehe~
~Want to see my creative articles~Find them online~

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