Urban Fragrance Thief

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The introduction is like dew and also like electricity

Thick clouds close the moon, and the sky is pitch black. The lights flickered, reflecting the desperate beast.

Tick, tick...

The young man in gray lowered his head, the blood from the corner of his lips fell on the bluestone slab under his feet.

He felt a dull pain in his chest, as sharp as a knife twisted, presumably, several bones had been broken. The great sad palm of the first seat of the Shaolin Arhat Hall is really impressive.

I knew it was a trap, I really shouldn't take this trick just to be brave and protect the flower.

The figure in front of him flickered, and he looked sideways, the blue shirt with long beard and Taoist robe hunting, it was the current head of Wudang.

Dead Niubi, just to help you comfort the concubine who lives in the side room, do you remember such hatred?


He raised his breath and slapped it with one palm. The strong wind swept the sand and stones, forcing the Taoist back for a while, followed by a long laugh, and said loudly: "I'm going to die. I'll ask a stinky man to take it away."

"Slutty thief! When death is imminent, you still dare to be mad!" come.

The injured young man raised his thick eyebrows, swung his two fingers together, his arms outstretched like a dragon, and a palm was imprinted on the person's chest, and he grabbed at the opportunity, and with a screeching sound, he was already out of the snow-white shirt. He tore half the width up and down, and threw it out with his backhand, dispelling the power of the big monk Yao's split palm.

The sword-wielding woman exclaimed, her lotus feet hurriedly stepped back more than ten feet, a beautiful and refined snow-white face flushed with embarrassment, and she quickly raised her hand to cover half of it. Her smooth and fragrant shoulders, but helplessly, she could no longer cover the light green tube top that was almost unable to restrain the plump and crispy breasts.

When one person retreats, two people will immediately make up for it.

A small and exquisite girl cat swooped down from her waist, stabbed steel Emei and stabbed the young man's knees, and another tall girl showed a long whip in her palm, and Wu Guang took his thick neck.

The monk and Taoist priests all stepped aside, as if to deceive him in pity and cherish jade, not willing to kill the beautiful woman.

The young man sneered and shouted suddenly, like a bell.

The internal strength of the two women was weak, and they were shocked, and their moves were stagnant.

He immediately rushed forward and used the spring breeze to turn the rain into the hands. His true energy was everywhere, and the sound of cracking silk started. He grabbed the long whip with his backhand and slapped it horizontally and wrapped two Emei thorns. Forced, let the two women groan and take a few steps back, the acupuncture points were sealed, and their legs were weak, and they fell in an embarrassed somersault.

Both of them were slashed open by the young man's fingers. After this fall, one baby was small and white, and the other was plump and snowy. Under the shining lights.

A beautiful Taoist nun hurriedly grabbed it, took off her robe, tore it open, and bent over to cover them both.

"Shameless!" The great monk who had just stepped back shouted angrily, and the Great Compassion Palm used his full strength, and threw his arms out.

The young man looked up to the sky and laughed loudly, took a long breath, endured the pain of ten thousand needles twitching, instead of retreating, he advanced, the ice and fire palms3 strokes in a row, stacking the infuriating qi like a raging wave , hit hard.

Hearing a muffled sound like rolling thunder, blood spurted wildly from the mouth of the first seat of the Arhat Hall, and the scarlet color filled the air, and the figure flew out with the large cassock attached, like a kite with a broken string.

All of a sudden, the group of heroes was silent.

The light of the surrounding lanterns illuminated the famous masters who were waiting around, and their faces became cloudy and uncertain.

The young man sneered, thinking that Shaolin thief bald didn't pick up the ready-made cheap, frightened the stupid people who just came to make up the number.

If he made up more, he would have some confidence to take the opportunity to get out of this desperate situation and escape.

It's a pity, looking around, after the lantern, thousands of powerful bows and crossbows have been aimed at him, and before the lantern, there are also decent masters who want to get rid of him soon.

The seven major factions, the heroes from all directions, the Eagle Guards, the masters in the big world, plus the various enemies who have been offended by picking flowers and stealing jade these years, there is really no way to go to heaven and no way to land. Door.

At a glance, those familiar faces who were just eager to kill again came into view.

With light words, she chases and kills Fairy Hanmei in seven states like a shadowLu Xueqian; the petite girl Yi Linling who is in the early stage of being a friend and whose talent is not inferior to his; the stunning girl Wei Zhuyu who almost succeeded last time, and I am afraid that she will never have another chance; The pretty Taoist nun who stood on the other side... Well, this Yuqing Sanren, he still passed away under him, but unfortunately, the old love of the husband and wife for a hundred days, the other party didn't read it.

He looked around slowly, feeling unwilling in his heart. There were more than a dozen beautiful women with high martial arts skills in front of him, and most of him had not yet kissed Fang Ze.

It's a shame to die here.

From a distance, an indifferent and beautiful female voice sounded: "With my daddy's elite soldiers to help, is it possible that you still can't take him?"

His heart ached, and he stared at him. .

The daughter of the prime minister who sacrificed her life to lure him to this place, her hair is still uneven, her half pale face is hidden under the umbrella held up by the maid, only a black lacquer remains. Painted eyes stared at him.

He couldn't help thinking, if he promised to enter the prime minister's mansion, stay away from the rivers and lakes, and change his way to the sky, would there not be a killing game at this moment.

"It seems that I am probably the most pompous flower thief in the world." In a desperate situation, he instead smiled, stood with his hands behind his back, and said loudly, "The peony will die under the flower. , being a ghost is also romantic, Fairy Lu, you are the most beautiful here, you can take my life."

Lu Xueqian clutched her shoulders and bare skin, suspiciously.

The head of Wudang said coldly: "Miss Lu, don't be fooled, this person is very tricky, I'm afraid he plans to take you as a hostage."

Great Monk He let out a mouthful of turbid breath, straightened out his chest and abdomen meridians, and said solemnly, "You thief, you have corrupted women's reputations innumerable, and tonight is the time when your evil will be full."

Next to the one The black-faced man said sadly: "After he was executed, if the clues to the hidden dragon treasure house are found, everyone present should have a share, right?"

Yuqing The scattered people raised their eyebrows and said angrily, "Why did you come here?"

At this moment, the electric light fell, and a dull thunder rolled across the sky. The gray-clothed youth laughed and stood against the wall. , said : "I know, just to punish evil and promote good, but I can't invite many of you to come. It turns out that it was one of my lovers who leaked this terrible rumor. In the future, In front of women, I have to be cautious in my words and deeds."

"Bah!" Yi Linling hugged half a robe to cover her petite breasts, and said angrily, "We'll shred your body right now. Wandan, you still have a fart future!"

The head of the Arhat Hall and the head of Wudang stepped onto the ground together. He drew his sword and unsheathed it, with a strong bow and a crossbow, with a flash of cold light.

But the young man in gray is not yet desperate.

His eyes were still bright, pitch-black and shiny, like two dotted pearls.

"The Nine Layers of Mysterious Heaven Art is very good, trapped beasts are still fighting, everyone, be careful." The great monk reminded loudly, lowering his hands to exercise strength, his inner breath drums in the sleeves of his robes, and there is no wind.

"An Qingzi, say hello, I said long ago that you shouldn't use that face-saving style of play." The previous black-faced man took out a flying needle and said with a sneer.

The young man lowered his head, he had already trained the Xuantian Art to the ninth level.

The reason why he didn't break through the tenth level was not because he couldn't, but because the secret book said it was extremely mysterious. At the same time, unpredictable and astonishing changes will occur.

He was determined to taste the beauty of the world, and thought that the ninth level was enough for him to do whatever he wanted without taking risks. But now that he is behind bars, no matter what, he has to make this bet.


Hearing the loud shout from the commander of the Eagle Guard, the young man no longer hesitated, raised his arms, his inner breath was agitated, and went down Out of the spring, breaking through the Baihui, Xuan Tianjue will do it with all his strength!

In an instant, the cloudy sky rolled backwards, thunders gathered in all directions, and a bolt of lightning fell into the sky like a golden sword, making a loud noise like a landslide!

The water vapor evaporated and the smoke and dust scattered. When the night wind swept away everyone's eyes, there was only a piece of charred black and a few pieces of scattered gray shirts left in the corner of the wall. p>

Chapter 1 Where did the strange doctor come from

After being woken up by the alarm clock on her mobile phone in the morning, Ye Chunying's eyelids kept twitching.

It is said that one side is jumping for money and the other is jumping for disaster.

Or is the third young master from the Zhang family coming to her again?

She frowned and got up, washed her face with cold water several times, and then she was able to get rid of the tiredness on her face.

When the clinic was about to open, she sat in front of the mirror and looked into it, with her eyebrows and watery eyes, her beautiful nose and lipswith a sigh, she picked up a few simple cosmetics, a little bit to make yourself ugly.

In other words, which girl doesn't love beauty, she is naturally beautiful and looks good on TV, and she can throw off ordinary beauties a few streets without applying grease, naturally It should be carefully managed and displayed to the fullest.

But where she is, her lonely life, comeThe things she has experienced here for more than half a year, both big and small, have made her deeply understand that it is better to be painted as a vulgar and ugly woman than to cause a lot of trouble.

Looking left and right, it was 70% uglier than normal, Ye Chunying was slightly relieved, picked up the lipstick and smeared her lips to a vulgar degree, like a vent. With a sip, he got up and walked out of the cramped bedroom where he needed to sit on the bed to do makeup, and took out the white lab coat from the cupboard.

She hadn't even dressed, and with a bang, a woman's listless cry came from outside.

"Doctor Ye, are you awake? I'm so panicked in my heart."

It's Sister Li, the neighbor not far from the building that her clinic occupies.

Her name is Li Manman, and she is a frequent visitor here.

Ye Chunying opened the door, lamenting in her heart, thinking that this morning, it will be restless again.

A semi-public clinic like her, set up with subsidies from local superiors, is actually equivalent to a community hospital in the tranquility era.It's just that the world has changed dramatically, and it has to be responsible for a wider area. Less manpower is used.


In her clinic, there is only herself, an orphan girl who grew up in a welfare institution and graduated with a bursary, and the nurses and doctors shoulder her shoulders.

There are not too many residents in the neighborhood, and Ye Chunying is usually not too busy.

But what she is afraid of is a patient like Sister Li.

Let's not go to the big hospital, let's say where I feel uncomfortable and can't explain clearly, I can't start with infusion and injection, let's prescribe some oral liquid for health care products, but I'm not willing to pay.

So Ye Chunying once suspected that Sister Li was here to stare at her, lest her husband come to steal her.

Speaking of this, she also felt that Sister Li was pitiful.

At the age of less than 30, although I have already had a child, my body is well maintained. The thin short-sleeved shirt is full of peaks and peaks. Under the light, the fabric is taut. The bra straps of the bra always make people worry that they will be torn off by the pair of breasts, the back of the jeans is even more bulging, walking on the stiletto heels, the buttocks are swaying to the left Swing right.

The upper part is plump and the lower part is upright, and naturally the waist in the middle is as thin as a water snake, but she also likes to wear a small size to fit the body, and the fabric is tightly wrapped around her body, standing up and walking, lying ill The bed can't hide that beautiful curve.

It's no wonder that those male patients who can't take advantage of Ye Chunying's place will settle for the second best. , provoked a coquettish scolding.

But it is such a good figure that is worthy of a bridal chamber every night, but there is a dandy husband who only loves to try early adopters. He doesn't go home once in ten days and a half. When the husband and wife met, the wife said in the clinic that she was dizzy and needed to measure her blood pressure. The husband came in and chatted a few words without noticing who was in the curtain. He approached and touched Ye Chunying's butt.

She still heard the sound of that earth-shaking noise.

"Doctor Ye? It's getting late, you really didn't get up? Hurry up, I'll wait for you later."

Another urging came from outside, Ye Chunying was helpless , only to welcome Sister Li in, lead her to the table and ask a few familiar questions.

It's a bit of a surprise. Sister Li is really sick today, with a low-grade fever, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Although eight of the ten sentences are about complaining about the dead ghost husband, the rest of the valid information, Finally, Ye Chunying dared to prescribe the medicine, shoved her into the back of her hand, and hung the infusion bottle.

I thought it would be clean enough to change the dressing, but I didn't expect that the drip flowed for less than three minutes, and Sister Li called her over. On his chest, he asked uncomfortably: "Doctor Ye...I...Why am I getting more and more flustered? This...I'm sweating. It's so uncomfortable..."

Ye Chunying slowed down the speed, but after waiting for a while, it didn't work. She hurriedly touched her wrist and found that Sister Li's heart rate
was terrifyingly fast. Said: "Sister Li, let's go, let's go to the big hospital. I'll take you there. I'll push the bike out."

Sister Li hummed and moved her legs, "I can't, I...my legs are weak."

"This..." Ye Chunying quickly got up and got out of the curtain, wondering if she should measure her blood pressure first. She looked up, but I saw a man who entered the clinic at some point and was looking at her with a pair of bright and sharp eyes.

Ever since she was a child, she has always been a class flower and a school flower. She was seen by men a lot, so Ye Chunying was impatient, and Knowing that Young Master Zhang San's face was there recently, the little gangster wouldn't let it go She was so embarrassed that she couldn't take care of the reception at the moment, she just said, "You sit first, I'll be there in a while."

Unexpectedly, the man took a step forward and used a low Soft and magnetic, the voice even made it itch in the ears: "This girl, the patient just now, may be able to help you."

Ye Chunying was stunned for a moment. , and then carefully looked at the past.

That man looks quite handsome, with particularly good-looking eyes, and his gentleness does not seem like a bad person, but he is dressed in quite a
longHer hair was scattered behind her in a mess, as if she had never been cut, and even though her beard was not long, her head, face, and hands were quite neat, and she still looked like a tramp begging for food.

"Who are you...?"

"Here at Han Yuliang." He clasped his fists with both hands, his accent was a little weird, and his accent was very different from that of the locals.

"Are you a doctor?" Ye Chunying asked as calmly as she could, but her hand was already holding the high-voltage electric shock in the pocket of the white coat.

The world is in chaos.

"Slightly familiar with medical skills."

"What about your license?"

"Well..." Han Yuliang frowned and pondered, "Under the ...It was a terrible disaster, and I lost a lot of memories, I don't know what it was. Isn't it a means to practice medicine?"

Ye Chunying waved her hand helplessly , said softly: "You sit first, don't make trouble, you are here to see amnesia? Have you ever had a head injury? Ah, no matter what it is, you wait first, I'll measure it for Sister Li first. Blood pressure."

She picked up the mercury sphygmomanometer and hurried back into the curtain.

But Han Yuliang came in carelessly and said solemnly, "This lady is not because of her blood vessels, but because of dampness accumulation and poor cervix. I'm crazy, ordinary medicine and stone techniques, I'm afraid it won't help."

Ye Chunying was upset, she looked at Han Yuliang's body with watery eyes from Sister Li, and turned her headNo He said: "If you see a doctor, just wait outside obediently. You need to be quiet to measure your blood pressure, and you need to wait in line to see a doctor. Please be polite."

Han Yuliang ignored it, but walked over to the corner Leaning over, he whispered something in Li Manman's ear.

Li Manman's body shook like an electric shock, and then two red clouds that couldn't be covered by powder flew up from her pretty white face, and complained shyly and angrily: "It's not... my dead ghost husband, who has been away from home for a whole month......"

Han Yuliang smiled and said: "Since it is in the next sentence, why not try it?"

Li Manman hesitated, looked at Han Yuliang's deep and dark eyes, and unknowingly took a bite on her plump and red lower lip, and said softly, "Xiaoye, I think this doctor , maybe it can be cured, you can let him try. YouLook at his immortal style, maybe he is a master of the world."

This is a master of the world. The academy is full of streets.

Ye Chunying's face was full of helplessness, her eyebrows were almost twisted together: "How is this possible..."

Han Yuliang smiled slightly, and cupped his hands: "Then, it's better to be respectful. Obey your fate."

"Little Ye, go ahead first, I'll let him watch, it won't get in the way."

Ye Chunying was willing to leave, staring at Han Yuliang and saying: "No, this person's origin is unknown, what should you do if something happens to you."

Li Manman's eyes have licked back and forth on Han Yuliang's sturdy body several times. Not even bothering to have a low-grade fever, she said tenderly, "Aiya, your sister, I know in my heart, in broad daylight, you're still afraid that he will force...indecentlyindecent me?"

Han Yuliang didn't care, he stretched his feet over the stool and sat down, and pointed a finger on Li Manman's waist.

At the beginning of summer, everyone's clothes were very thin, so the big man came up to touch Sister Li's waist, Ye Chunying's conservative character, she was taken aback and hurriedly said : "What are you doing! How can you treat the disease like this, let go, or I, I will have to call the police." The young master made a phone call, but she habitually chose the path that she was more willing to trust.

Li Manman was also startled at first, but immediately, a warm and wonderful taste came in from the tips of the fingers that were touching the upper edge of her pelvis, which made her heart pound. Itching, she hurriedly shook her head at Ye Chunying, "It's okay, doctor, this must be for the purpose of curing and curing the disease. Mmmm...it's quite...comfortable."

Ye Chunying She's still a virgin, and she's never been in love, so I can hear the reason why Sister Li's tone is gradually changing into a strange sweetness. If the man wants to have any bad thoughts, he will take out the electric shocker and put him down first.

"Madam, please try to relax as much as possible, and don't use any force anywhere." Han Yuliang instructed, moving his fingers slowly, moving inch by inch towards the navel.

Li Manman nodded, and felt that the fingertips seemed to be using some kind of magic, moving it all the way through the clothes, It was more comfortable than licking it like a dog when her husband was newly married. Bei, the lower part of the abdominal muscles was itching for a while, and the strands gathered in the belly button, digging into the hole that was clearly pricked, into the bladder, into the uterus, As she drilled, her lower back tightened and her butt was pinched up.

She didn't dare to move, she just hurriedly pressed her skirt with her hands, sandwiching it between her plump thighs, worrying that if she was so comfortable and wet her panties, don't let the two doctors see.

Ye Chunying felt that something was wrong and wanted to stop her, but she saw Sister Li's face was blushing and her breath was urgent.There was also sweat on his forehead, which seemed to be very useful. It was like being held by a good massage master, so he didn't know whether to open his mouth or not.

"This is the sea of ​​qi, this is the Shimen, both are the key points of the Renmai, and they are needed for treatment, please don't take offense."Han Yuliang explained, while letting the index finger slowly He moved and said softly, "This is Guan Yuan, the following points have a miraculous effect on your lady's symptoms, don't be shy, just let the next diagnosis and treatment be done."

These acupoints are named Ye Chun Ying probably knew and understood that what he said was right, but this line of Renmai acupoints, from the Shenque in the center of the navel, went down one by one, and reached Guanyuan acupoint, the fingers all passed the waist of the skirt, It was close to the edge of the panties.

And he's still going down!

"This is the middle pole, does Madam feel much better?"

Li Manman's breath was so fast that it was already a coquettish panting. She was so beautiful that her cunt opened her mouth, and she couldn't help nodding her head again and again, shaking her with the pair of plump tits.

"This is a bone song..." Han Yuliang explained with a smile, and his hands continued downward.

Ye Chunying saw that the more she moved, the more outrageous it was. The acupuncture point had already reached the top of the pubic symphysis, and what kind of formality was it? Finally, she couldn't help but said in horror: "Wait! You, Are you really treating a disease?"

Unexpectedly, Han Yuliang suddenly added a finger and pressed it tightly on the Guqu acupoint, his eyes widened, and he shouted in a deep : "Tong!"

Li Manman hummed softly, as if he was plucking a straightened string, and the ending trembled.

Then, she heard a small thud from somewhere, her face flushed red, she let out a long sigh, twisted her waist and hurriedly sat up, her hands purposefully pushing her skirt to her panties Pressing it down, water seemed to drip from the corners of his eyes, he held Han Yuliang's hand and said, "Oh, doctor, you are really an expert in the world, this time, I... I The whole body is full of energy. It's transparent, really transparent."

Ye Chunying was dumbfounded, this man who claims to have amnesia from unknown origin is actually a master of medicine?

This body was dripping with sweat, and the low-grade fever naturally subsided. Han Yuliang asked Li Manman to kneel beside the hospital bed. The round buttocks pressed against the heels, he stood up and pressed his hands On Li Manman's shoulders, from top to bottom, knead slowly from neck to waist, massage up and down.

Ye Chunying watched with wide-eyed eyes, she couldn't tell what technique this person was using, obviously it was just a normal massage movement, but Li Manman squinted and frowned. , humming, and the sensual buttocks, like the thorns on the heels, moved for a while, not knowing what they were hiding.

The bystanders are unclear, but the parties are clear.

Although Li Manman was wearing clothes and her hair was not messy at all, from the moment she was massaged by Han Yuliang, it was as if she had been stripped naked. Wherever the palms of her fingers were pressed, it seemed like they were pressing directly. on her skin.

She didn't know how long she hadn't been touched and rubbed by a man so tenderly and powerfully.

Moreover, the man's hands are still very accurate. After walking back and forth, he found the sensitive zones on both sides of her spine under her shoulder blades. When she focused on attacking there, there was a strange The heat penetrated into the pores, and the itching was sour.

So it wasn't that she felt that there were thorns under her buttocks, but she couldn't help but move, pressing her buttocks with her heels, Slowing down the numbness in her heart.

Waiting for this round to end, Li Manman lay on the bed again according to the words, with her legs tightly together, and let Han Yuliang massage on both sides of her armpits.

Ye Chunying saw that his palm was so close to the two heavy and soft breasts, and he had to brush it several times. She was so comfortable humming all the time, how could she interrupt.

After more than half an hour passed, Li Manman leaned on his waist and got out of bed and stepped on his slippers. His spirit was completely different, and his face was so radiant that he even looked a little better than he did. Nursing is still effective.

"Sister Li, are you...are you all right?" Ye Chunying, still holding a blood pressure monitor in her hand, asked in a dazed way.

Li Manman curled up his orchid fingers in a charming manner, and shyly said: "Okay, it couldn't be better. Ah yo, I haven't asked yet, Xiaoye, when are you here? Did you find such a good doctor?"

"I'm here at Han Yuliang, and I'm a newcomer. The little tricks made my wife laugh."

Li Manman giggled and gave him a hand, Flying a wink, "This is not a trick, my diseaseah...you have to treat it. I don't know when it will be difficult to change Dr. Ye. Then, Dr. Han, you br/>Where can I go to high school? The road is not too far, I will make a special trip to find you. With you here, I will not be afraid of headaches in the futureHeartache, chest tightness, shortness of breath.”

She got closer, deliberately not wanting Ye Chunying to hear her, and whispered, "When you pressed that ziggu point, I really felt like I was about to fly. Leave me a business card later. Bai?"

She only thought that Han Yuliang was a doctor elsewhere, and came here to grab business.

Unexpectedly, Han Yuliang smiled slightly, turned his head to look at Ye Chunying, and said with a pleading tone: "Something happened in Xia,I have wandered here, nowhere to go and no home, I dare not ask for anything else, I can only hope that I can be in Doctor Ye's place. In the small medicine halloccasionally I sit for consultation, earn some money, and chat to feed myself."

His eyes are really beautiful, as if he can attract people... Ye Chunying has not seen a good-looking man before, But when he stared at him, his heart trembled, and he forgot what he wanted to say.

Li Manman was happy on the spot, walked out three times, turned back at the door and said, "Xiao Ye, you can relax now, you have a capable doctor. Help. You must keep the person, and I will come back when I come back.I expect Dr. Han to show it to me."

Ye Chunying was full of question marks, and hurriedly saw the guest. After closing the door, when I came back, I asked, "How did you cure her?"

"I won't let anyone know about her unique skills." Han Yuliang laughed, "Doctor Ye, you still need to go down below. Do you have any other skills?"

Only then did she react to the content of the conversation just now, and hurriedly said: "No, no, I'm here... there's no place to take you Besides, I'm a single woman, and I live in this small clinic, how can I...have an extra man, what kind of words."

Han Yuliang's expression was sad, and he was extremely disappointed. : "To tell the truth, I was murdered by a traitor, and I have been living here, with no support, and I can't even remember most of the past. I have been wandering around here for a long time, hungry and full, only However, I managed to save my life. I saw Miss Ye a few days ago and found that you are kind-hearted. Even the stray catsin the streets and alleys are not stingy. For the reward, I just hope to have enough food and a place to stay."

Ye Chunying blushed and said anxiously, "Yes, but I'll just stay here. There is a bedroom! If you really encounter something, you should go to the police."

Han Yuliang immediately showed a bit of sadness, "Doctor Ye, next... I really have unspeakable difficulties. .If you are unwilling to take it in, you will have nowhere to go, then...you will have to die of despair."

"This...this..." Ye Chunying, a kind-hearted person, once Seeing his pitiful appearance, he immediately lost his mind, "I really can't live here, and you don't know where you came from, so I'm staying at home, too... It's too stupid. "..."

"It's enough to have a firewood room downstairs," Han Yuliang said immediately, "Doctor Ye, saving a life is better than building a seven-level pagodaThe benevolent doctor, you will be able to Watching me starve to death on the street? It's really not good to stay strong and not afraid of the cold at night, you give me a blanket, I will take shelter in the fence outside your house, at least, there is a shelter to protect from the wind and rain

I always felt that something was wrong with his remarks, but Ye Chunying's mind was slow to turn, and his heart was soured by his desolate tone. Involuntarily, he said: "Then... well, you live in the storage room. I'll find you a wire bed."

"Thank you, Dr. Ye for saving your life, and great kindness. I can’t repay it, I’m willing to do my best in the future.” Han Yuliangbowed and clasped his fists, his voice was extremely grateful, and there was also a warm expression on his face. Ya smile.

"Why is your way of speaking so awkward?" Ye Chunying glanced at him, went to the back and took out the white coat left by the previous doctor, and an old casual suit. Dress up, "Also, why is your hair so long? Are youa man from ancient times, right?"

Han Yuliang took the clothes, looked at them carefully, walked into the curtain and put them on , slightly smaller, but barely able to wear it.He replied, "I really can't remember it."

If Ye Chunying was inside at this time, he could see his lips Horn's sly smile.

Of course Han Yuliang did not have amnesia.

In fact, he was born with unforgettable memories, remembering everything from childhood to adulthood.

He really doesn't belong to this era, and he is indeed the transmigrator in her mouth, but he is not some kind of boss.

When he was still in the original world, he was a flower thief who was extremely talented and skilled in martial arts.

He chose this small clinic to hide, in addition to being a remote and hidden place, which was convenient for him to further learn to adapt to this unfamiliar environment, the most important reason, of course, was the gentle and beautiful Ye Chunying little doctor.

With Han Yuliang's eyesight for many years in the world, the deliberately vulgar and vulgar powder on her face is just an attempt to hide it.

After he was dressed, Ye Chunying had already sat back at the table, looked up and asked, "You have no impression of the past at all?"

"I don't know anything. Just remember I've got all my skills."

Ye Chunying regretted the soft-hearted impulse just now, frowning slightly and was thinking if she could rent a hotel room and put him in there to get rid of first, the door of the clinic He was pushed away with a bang, and a shirtless man with a big waist and a full face, wearing a large piece of hideous tattoos, walked in with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Doctor Ye, are you busy today? If you don't have any illness, why don't you go to a movie with my brother? The new romance movie, I'm sure to let a girl like you.Wow wow tears. ”

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