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She knows how to be beautiful. She can accurately distinguish those superficial beauties from the crowd, and she's happy to acknowledge them, too. But she is also, like most people, more willing to appreciate and approach beauty with a standard of beauty that suits her.
She likes the girl named Ercao, because that girl's beauty suits her standards, and it is a very quiet kind of beauty.
She is often involved in inexplicable parties. Among the large groups of people who do not know whether they are friends or classmates or more irrelevant, Ercao's tranquility attracts many eyes.

Nuhe was in a far corner, looking at the laughing crowd, laughing for no reason. Who has forgotten her in such a corner countless times? She laughed again.
Ercao greeted her from a distance on the lit platform, and she also greeted Ercao. In her mind, Hongke, an illusory image on the Internet, they often talk about light topics, and they seem to get along very well. It's just that she doesn't understand that her prank is so effective? She just sent him a photo and never saw him again. Hongke always only returned to the Internet when she did not appear, and each time she would leave her some words. She thought it was a bit ridiculous, why did she scare away people so easily? She remembered the sentence she sent when she decided to disappear from the Internet after receiving the message countless times: I don't want to be a participant in your real life, I'm just a silent bystander. Sometimes, I just need to talk.
"What are you laughing at?"
He looked up and saw that it was Ashu who smiled every day. This boy is always so stupid, she thought so, and softly slipped out a few words: "I'm going back."
"What?" "Nothing, goodbye." She had stood up, and go out. "What's wrong with you?"
You He looked back at him, only he dared to say such a thing to her. When did they become friends? It's like when I heard him say that. She waved at him, "Tell Ercao for me, I'm leaving."


Walking on the street, she The focus of many unfamiliar eyes, this is already accustomed to.
Ercao and Ashu are her only two friends. During the time when she and Ashu became friends, Ercao and Ashu also quickly became a pair of lovers, but she often felt that there was some uncertainty about this quickness.
Although it is winter, there are no fallen leaves on both sides of the road. He suddenly looked up at the tall sycamore tree beside him in a strange way. There were no such sycamore trees on many roads. She pulled her collar, the wind was cold, there was no rustling of leaves, and the bare branches stood still and alone. The road seems to be much wider. At this time last year, she would often go to Ercao's house with Ah Shu stepping on the fallen leaves. That silly, beautiful boy could find various reasons for her to take him there. She always walked on the fallen leaves, listening to the sound of the leaves breaking. It feels colder in winter when the ground is covered with fallen leaves. She likes colder winters.
Ercao told her the news of their love last winter when it was almost over, and He thought they were such a pleasing combination. Ashu still waits on the steps where she and Ercao pass by after class every afternoon. His happiness is palpable. He was infected with this kind of happiness, but that happiness belongs only to them. She gradually ceased to appear on that flight of steps. Ercao would tell her their little stories every day, with a peaceful and sweet smile on her face.
You He is sure that a girl with such a smile can easily get love. It couldn't be more reasonable.
Every weekend, Ashu would come to Youhe, play tennis, eat bread and drink juice, then go to pick up Ercao, a tutor, and go to various parties together, and then Ashu and Ercao would send her back. In fact, she thought the party was boring.
In the spring, Ercao once left Ashu for no reason.
You He doesn't know who to comfort. Ercao didn't tell her anything, but Ashu waited for him downstairs at the Youhe house every morning, irritable and restless, expressing his confusion over and over again, "I don't know why, do you know? Why doesn't she Give me a reason?" "You don't even know, how do I know."
He came every day, making You He a little helpless, but she felt that she couldn't bear Ashu's beast-like emotion. She started to talk to him about some clueless topics, Ashu didn't care if she listened or not, she just wanted him to be quiet. Gradually, Ah Shu began to calm down, he stopped asking questions that she couldn't explain at all, and seldom spoke again.
During the journey from her home to the campus, the air is fresh, the wind is soft, and the sun is warm.
Ercao appeared on the road one morning. You He could clearly see the brilliance in Ashu's eyes, and she felt a little relieved. When Ercao took Ah Shu's hand and left, she gave her a faint smile. Although she felt a certain uncertainty again, she still responded to Ercao with her usual smile.
On the second morning after that day, she saw A Shu's familiar figure again, and she was a little surprised. He told her that they were reconciled, but Ercao still didn't say any reason. You He smiled and was silent. They walked slowly side by side, she felt the air was fresh, the wind was soft,The sun is warm. They walked to their respective teaching buildings separately at the school gate. Only one or two figures are occasionally seen in the quiet campus, and the fragrance of the soil makes people smell the breath of spring. Nuo He walked through the wide playground, the warm sunlight shone on her body, adding a flowing brilliance to her long, light hair.
At the door of the classroom, she saw Ercao, and before she could say hello, Ercao fainted in front of her. She didn't know how she carried Ercao into the health room, but she only knew that her body was heavy and her heart was heavy.
Days are back to normal.


The phone ringing woke her up, Ercao's soft voice came over, "Why did you leave yesterday? I think Ashu will come to you, Can you ignore him?"
"I don't understand what you're talking about. Are you okay?" She felt a headache. The phone disconnected. You He sat up on the bed, unable to understand Ercao's unreasonable words.
Until another weekend, Ashu never showed up again, Ercao said that they really broke up this time. Just like when she heard that they started dating, You He was not surprised and didn't want to know the reason.
"Aren't you asking me why?" Ercao said quietly.
"You are all my friends."
Ercao chuckled, disapproving. This look shouldn't belong to her. It was the first time that You He saw Ercao's disapproving expression. Although it was the first time, she was not surprised. Walking on the small road in front of her house, the air is getting colder and colder, she looks at the hillside in the distance, where there are a few persistent greens hidden.
"I'm just looking for someone to prove myself." Ercao said, her voice as cold as the air.
She raised her eyebrows, "Have you proved it?"
She laughed, remembering the clueless things she told Ashu on this road topic, sky, snow-capped mountains, seasons, bees, cute little flowers...
Ercao looked at her angrily.
She turned her head to face Ercao and said seriously: "He came close to me just because there was a beautiful little flower beside me." A beautiful girl that others seem to see fire or lightning-like light, but do not want to approach.
Ah Shu described her like this.

She saw Ah Shu coming from the other side of the road, with the CD earphones hanging on his head, his face flashing with brilliance. Ercao stopped and stood expressionlessly. Ashu stopped in front of Ercao, "Don't get close to her" in a soft and flat voice.
He turned to look at You He, the brilliance on his face made her feel that the air was moving. "Let's go." He smiled, without giving her room to think, he pulled her away from Ercao gently.
"Ashu!" Ercao's trembling voice made her stop abruptly, and Nuhe pulled away from Ashu's grasp and turned around. Ercao was crying, didn't look at her, just stared straight at Ashu's back, "You said you love me!" intonation.

"What color is better for the sky? What color sky do you like?" He chuckled, "Your sky has no color now." He chuckled again, "I like the color of the sky now, don't be too much. Lan, it doesn't look so kind."
"Er grass is a cute little flower. But don't worry, you are a bee - you can fly, she can't be quieter, you just need to be careful. With that humming sound, she'll surrender." Smiling.
"It's so cold today." He sniffed, "Are you cold?" He couldn't wait for his response. Smiling, "I like warm springs, sweaty summers, dry and cold autumns, and winters with biting cold and heavy snow."
He looked at her.
"What? I just like pure seasons. Don't look at me with such strange eyes."
"I've been to the foot of the snow-capped mountains on the plateau, and the tops are so beautiful that people can't believe it is Really." He raised his eyebrows and looked at him.
He smiled and said, "Are you the one who floated down from the top of the snowy mountain?"
She was stunned.

That day, after she left, she sat on the soft sofa of the grass family.
Ashu said softly: "Ercao, Youhe is back."
"Really? Do you want to go with her?"
"Aren't you worried about her alone? Now It's night."
Ercao smiled softly, "She doesn't seem to need anyone to worry about it."
"Everyone thinks so, no one cares about her. Left, didn't you?" Ercao looked around the happy crowd in the room and smiled even sweeter.
"I, I'm leaving too. Goodbye." Ashu stood up from the sofa.
"You're leaving now, we're done." Ercao shouted in a low voice.
Staring at Ercao quietly, the air froze between the two, "Goodbye." Ashu stood up and walked out the door.
Ercao quickly chased out and stopped him in the corridor, "Are you looking for her?"
Ashu was silent.
"You really want to be with her?" Ercao's thin voice made people feel gloomy.
Ashu remained silent.
"Do you know why I broke up with you last time?" Ercao laughed, "because I know she cares about you very much, I want to see if I will go to her when you leave, you go, she You should be very happy. Do you know why I went to get you back again? Because I want to prove that I am better than her. You love me! Do you think I really love you?!" She said almost in one breath After finishing these words, he burst out laughing.
Ashu breathed a sigh of relief, "Goodbye, I'm leaving."
"If you are together, tomorrow I will let the whole school know that she is a terrible bad girl!"
" Why are you her friend?" Ashu felt very tired, so was his questioning.
"Don't you think being with her can prove me better? She's beautiful, isn't she?" Ercao's voice trembled slightly with excitement.
Ercao watched Ah Shu's figure disappear at the end of the corridor, only his voice came out word for word, "She has always been scary in the eyes of others."
Ercao had no choice. Stop shaking your body.

Ashu didn't turn around, "I thought about it, it's not you that I love!"
"How do you think I can protect myself with such a girl? Burned?" Ercao cried uncontrollably.
All people like to be sure of what they think is reasonable. He sighed, turned and walked towards the hillside. The air was flowing, and only the flowing air was tightly surrounding her, and the surrounding made her burst into tears.


They finally graduated in the summer.
Nu He looked at Ah Shu who was with him. He listened to the portable CD as if he was no one else, humming an out-of-tune tune. "Why are you by my side?"
A Shu turned around, a little surprised, "Are you talking?"
"Yes. Don't say you didn't hear."
A Shu Laughing, "Didn't I tell you?"
She remained calm and didn't look at him again.
Ashu smiled again, "You are very silent, but your expression is very vivid."
Her steps slowed down.
Ashu took off her earphones, "Before that beautiful little flower wanted to smash all the water out to douse you, I, I was already set on fire by you."

She Stop.
A beautiful girl who makes people see fire or lightning-like light, but doesn't want to get close.
Only the flowing air tightly surrounded her.
No, Ashu and Air

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