Spring is infinitely good (第六集)

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[Episode 6] Introduction

Xu Zixing's plan to build a vegetable greenhouse in Chunshui Village has officially started!

Although some returned overseas Chinese businessmen are eyeing this industry, under the guidance of Dongfangyou, he understands that the other party's target is in the foreign market, which also arouses his more ambitious ambitions.

After Zhu Qian inquired about the news that the overseas Chinese businessman, Zhang Tianlin and others were relatives, she hurried to report it, but her words offended Xu Zixing, a farmer, and caused him to be furious!

Using vicious words and abusive sexual desire to vent on Li Yuzi, unexpectedly, Wei Qiang threatened to threaten her!

【Episode 6】Chapter 1: Vegetable Crisis

When Xiao Li said this, although he was leaning against the driver, the volume was so loud that everyone in the car could hear it clearly. When the foreign businessman Fatty Zhang heard this, he immediately grinned, and re-buttoned his suit, posing as "I'm a businessman who came to invest, and I'm your God of Wealth".

The driver was also angry and thought to himself: What about foreign businessmen? A few years ago, you fat man was not the black five? Are rotten eggs, pig manure, and horse urine still for us to splash?

However, after Xiao Li put a big hat "destroying investment promotion" on his head, the driver did not dare to speak. The Chinese have always pursued the belief that more things are worse than less things. The people do not fight against officials, and the poor do not fight against the rich.

The driver pointed to the speedometer. Xiao Li took a look and saw that the top speed was only 60 yards per hour. He knew that the driver's angry words were true.

The passengers were silent, looking at the three fat men with strange eyes.

The overseas Chinese businessman Zhang Fatzi proudly enjoyed the envious eyes of everyone, and his behavior was even more arrogant.

Xiao Li and Xiao Yang, who hold the belief that "I would rather be a dog from a rich family than a poor family," tried their best to flatter Zhang Fatty.

"In a small rural area, it's hard to drive a broken car."

"Mr. Zhang has a lot of money, so you don't need to have the same knowledge as these farmers." When he said the word "peasant", he obviously carried a strong derogatory meaning. .

I have been to the city, and I know that people in the city often refer to each other as "peasant" when scolding people. Those who are called think they have been insulted and return it as "peasant".

Urban people look down on farmers, and their children discriminate against rural children. Many students from rural areas don't even dare to introduce their family members in front of their classmates. In the final analysis, it's just that urban people live better than rural people. Whenever this happens, I secretly remind myself that I must make a name for myself and let the people in the city know that our farmers’ lives are no worse than theirs.

Sometimes I also imagine that when I have money, I will lead the villagers out of poverty and become rich, so that every household will build a small villa. Hehe, invite the people from the city again to see the expressions of the people living in the city who live in a space of more than 100 square meters.

Since I started selling vegetables, I have been very interested in doing business; when I heard that the overseas Chinese businessman was here to invest, I pricked up my ears and listened to the conversation of the three of them.

Xiao Yang took out a pack of premium panda cigarettes from his pocket, handed one to Fatty Zhang, an overseas Chinese businessman, and said, "Mr. Zhang, have a cigarette."

A pack of premium panda cigarettes is going to be sold at the beginning of this year. Twelve yuan, which is half a month's income for ordinary workers. I was stunned secretly, the town had really invested a lot in order to receive this overseas Chinese businessman, and a random pack of cigarettes was the best brand on the market.

I thought that Fatty Zhang would take the cigarette, but he didn't appreciate it at all. He reached out his hand to block it, took out a delicate white metal box from his carry-on suitcase, and said, "Chinese cigarettes are too tasteless to smoke. I'm used to it, but this thing is strong enough."

Fatty Zhang opened the lid of the box and saw ten purple-red sticks lying upright inside the delicate metal box. It looked like smoke, but it was two or three times longer than ordinary smoke, and it was several circles thicker. When the people in the car saw Fatty Zhang taking out such rare items, they looked at them curiously, and I was no exception.

Xiao Yang obviously didn't know this thing, but Xiao Li, who was smarter, exclaimed: "Cuba Behike limited edition cigars!" I'll give you one today." He gave him a Behike cigar. Xiao Li took it like a treasure, excitedly lit a match, took a deep breath with excitement, and looked intoxicated.

"How does it taste?" Fatty Zhang said with a smile, a trace of contempt flashing in his eyes.

Xiao Li Zheng was intoxicated and sighed, "A cigar for five hundred dollars is really different."

What? This cigar costs five hundred dollars a piece!

The whole car exclaimed. Xiao Yang almost dropped his jaw when he heard that this cigar was equivalent to his annual salary. His eyes glanced at the humidor from time to time, and Fatty Zhang had already sensed his thoughts and rewarded him with one at the right time. Xiao Yang nodded and bowed, and hurriedly nodded.

Seeing these three people pumping in the dark, my heart is touched. It's really maddening to compare people with people. This fat man casually "burned" 1,500 yuan. If this money was put into our countryside, how many poor families would be able to live a good life!

The two sycophants got down to business after a round of flattery.

Xiao Li asked, "Mr. Zhang, when will your vegetable planting base be built? Are there any shortage of manpower? What do you think of me?" Guang, he also has a good way of dealing with people and things, and serving Fatty Zhang is quite satisfactory.

Fatty Zhang nodded and said, "Well, you are a good boy. Well, when my base is built, you can come and be my secretary!"

Xiao Li was overjoyed, thank you again and again; It's hard to imagine that such a wealthy businessman is not developed! As the old saying goes, "It's better to be a rich dog than a poor boy." Although Xiao Li holds the iron job of a civil servant, he has always been extremely ambitious. If a god of wealth falls from the sky, can he not seize the opportunity?

OneThe development of agricultural technology in the country has always been a key project supported by the state. The country invests tens of billions of funds in research and development every year, which ranks first in the world's agricultural science and technology investment funds. The father of hybrid rice, Yuan Longping, Mr. Yuan solved the hunger problem of more than one billion people in the country, brought international reputation to the country, and brought new opportunities for the country's agricultural science and technology research and development.

"The staple food of Westerners is meat. Therefore, their animal husbandry is much more developed than ours in the East. But their dietary demand for vegetables is not as high as ours, so in terms of vegetable planting technology, our country is Leading the world. Boss Zhang, an overseas Chinese businessman in Australia, wants to return to China to invest, and I think he also considers this." It turns out that foreign businessmen came back to invest, and this is the reason!

Dongfang You took a sip of tea, moistened his throat, and continued, "Xiaoxing, how much is a pound of pork now?"

I was puzzled, how can I say that I suddenly asked about the price of meat? A master is a master. A simple little question made me feel unfathomable, so I answered cautiously, "Well, it sells for 80 cents a pound in our town."

Dongfang You asked again. : "So how much is a pound of green vegetables?"

"Five cents a pound."

"Pork is more expensive than green vegetables, right?" Dongfang You asked seriously.

A three-year-old can answer this question of nobility and inferiority.

"Of course."

"Then, in Australia, which one is more expensive, green vegetables or pork?"

If there was no grandfather's previous "take it for granted" theory, I would answer without hesitation: " Of course, pork is more expensive than vegetables in Australia!"

But that's a natural result. Not to mention foreign prices, I don't even know the prices in other provinces, so I can't answer this question by "taking it for granted".

Westerners eat more meat, so they must grow less vegetables. According to the economic theory that I have read these days, it is written that "what is rare is more expensive", so I deduced: "Could it be that in Australia, green vegetables are more expensive than pork?"

Dongfang You kindly said: "You can teach children Also. I have an old classmate who is currently teaching at a university in Australia, and we have been keeping correspondence. He wrote a few days ago that it is not easy to eat green vegetables in Australia. 1.49 Australian dollars per catty, while pork is only sold for 1.1 Australian dollars per catty.” (Note: This is a fiction world, please do not link with reality)

Then Dongfang You told me a shocking news: 1 Australian dollar is 6 .5 RMB, to 30.5 Taiwan dollars.

Oh my God! According to this, a pound of green vegetables can be sold for 63 yuan in Australia. Compared with the five cents per catty in Chunshui Town, it is definitely a world of difference.

Overseas Chinese businessman Zhang Fatzi came to this remote rural area to build a vegetable greenhouse base: to transport domestic vegetables to Australia and earn a huge price difference!

I read the news a few days ago that there is a kimchi crisis in South Korea.

Due to the abnormal weather this year, the price of cabbage, the main raw material for pickling kimchi, has continued to rise. The price is six or seven times that of the past, making kimchi unaffordable for many ordinary families in South Korea.

A cabbage has risen to 60 or 70 RMB in Korea. The prices of other vegetables such as radishes and green onions have also risen.

If I can get a foot in these opportunities, billionaires are no longer a dream, and will become a reality in a short period of time. I was shaken by the thought, not out of fear, but out of excitement.

Dongfang You saw the change in the expression on my face, sighed secretly and shook his head, thinking: This child is still too young.

He poured me another glass of water and said, "Xiao Xing, don't get excited, drink the water first." A large glass of water, until the stomach is swollen, can suppress the eager ambition.

Dongfang You said to himself: "Our country's information is not developed enough, and the domestic and foreign information is even more pitiful. If it weren't for this letter from an old classmate, I don't know that green vegetables can be sold in Australia. The price of gold in China. Haha, a pound of green vegetables can actually be worth a gram of gold. This is green vegetables, I think it is worthy of the name "golden vegetables"! Haha..." (Note: In 1984, the domestic gold price was about RMB 7 per gram per gram)

I also amused him at this, but after laughing, I sighed: "If we also have channels, we will How good it would be to sell the dishes in Australia!"

Dongfang You suddenly did not make a sound, shook his head and nodded by himself, making me puzzled and asked, "Grandpa, what's wrong with you?"

Dongfang You Looking out the window and sighing, the light in his eyes seemed to recall the past, and his face after the vicissitudes of life was full of sadness.

I was concerned and asked, "Grandpa, did I say something wrong?"

Dongfang You shook his head and said, "Oh, when you are old, you always think of the past."

I know grandpa has something to say about this, and it's a past story, so I waited silently for him to speak.

"My old classmate has been in my class since high school, and was guided by the same tutor until we went to college, took postgraduate entrance exams, and even studied for a doctorate. He has a strong sense of justice and loves the country and the people. If not during the Cultural Revolution , was framed by a traitor and beaten as a counter-revolutionary, and he would not take his family and fled to Australia thousands of miles away. Alas, when I think of these things, I miss the days when I was studying." I told a story. Memories are always good, an hour has passed before I know it, but I still have something in my heart, and I have been embarrassed to bring it up to my grandfather.

Dongfang You noticed my strangeness and asked, "Xiao Xing, is there something wrong? Just say it, don't keep it in your heart, it's not good to hold back."

I touched the back of my head and said: "Hey, grandpaLight like a torch, how can I hide from you! It's like this, you see, can you ask your grandfather in Australia to help you contact the pipeline when you write the letter? "

Dongfang You patted me on the forehead, laughed and scolded: "You clever ghost, you will hit a snake with a stick." Then he changed the topic and sighed: "Oh, Xiaoxing, it's not that I don't want to write it." , but can't write!"

Huh? I looked at him suspiciously.

Dongfang You said: "Do you know who caused his family to leave home?"


"A businessman." Dongfang You said lightly.

I am speechless.

Obviously, Grandpa's old classmates hated the businessman. According to the practice of Hate House and Wu, if grandpa mentioned such a thing when writing a letter, it might affect the relationship between the two.

It can be seen that although my grandfather is knowledgeable and has extensive contacts, the only real close friend is this old classmate. Grandpa attaches great importance to the friendship between them, and doesn't want to repeat the old things, making the old classmates unhappy.

"Grandpa, Xiaoxing got it."

But I didn't give up on it. After thinking about it, I asked, "Grandpa, where can I learn Australian language?"

Dongfang You stared blankly. I, with a puff, sprayed the tea all over the table.

"Cough, cough..." He coughed violently, so frightened I hurriedly patted his back and asked, "Grandpa, what's the matter? Are you okay?"

After he coughed for a while, he did The gesture told me not to pat, and said, "It's fine, but why don't you even know the language in Australia?"

Then he thought of something and said, "That's right, you grew up in the village, and the information is blocked. I dropped out of school early again, and I’m excusable if I don’t know.”

This time I heard it. Dongfangyou thought this was just a common sense problem, but for someone like me who hadn't studied for a few years, it was indeed a problem.

Grandpa told me that Australia used to be a British colony, so they used English.

"Xiao Xing, grandpa knows that you want to plan ahead, learn English first, and lay the foundation for bigger business in the future, right?"

I nodded.

"Very good! Xiaoxing, you have done a great job. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Many people do not understand the use of learning so much knowledge. In fact, when we are learning knowledge, we may not need it at all. It doesn't mean that you won't have the opportunity to use it in the future. For example, if you learn English now, you may not be able to use it, but if your business expands in the future and you want to sell vegetables abroad, it is always more convenient to speak English. Grandpa I support you in learning English, but grandpa can read and write English, but he can't listen or speak."

"What should I do?" I frowned.

Dongfang You laughed and said: "Xiao Xing! You are really in the midst of happiness and do not know happiness. Don't you have the best teacher by your side?"

"Si Ya?"

"That's right. It's that girl Xiao Song! As far as I know, girl Song has obtained the National English CET-6 Certificate, and her listening and speaking skills are also very strong, which my old man can't keep up with."

"Grandpa, look. You said it. Don't say this to her face, otherwise her little tail will be lifted up."

Next, Dongfangyou talked to me about marketing knowledge, especially instilling in me "segmentation" related concepts such as "market" and "market target".

Before leaving, he pulled out a few marketing books for me from the bookshelf and asked me to go back and have a good look.

"Xiao Xing, if you want to expand production, it's no longer a petty fight. Learning some marketing knowledge will be beneficial and harmless to you." A few thick books and went home.

When school was over, I went to pick up Si Ya. On the way back, I told Siya about this, and Siya proudly straightened the bangs and said, "Hmm, so you want to learn art from a teacher?"

My wife is studying, so what kind of teacher do you have!"

Song Siya raised her chin and said proudly, "That's not possible. If you want me to teach you English, unless you call me Teacher Song." She shook the students in her hands to practice Ben, who looks like a teacher, clearly got the movie of a cheap girl who sells well.

"No, no, no, there is no one who calls his wife "teacher" and calls you old for no reason. Isn't it a big disadvantage for you? "I was determined not to budge, and joked with her.

"No, I want you to call me, or I won't teach you." Song girl said hard and refused to give in an inch.

"Don't! I want to learn a foreign language so hard, so you make things difficult for me?"

"Don't pretend to be pitiful, call the teacher, giggle..."

"Do you really want to call the teacher?"

"If you want to call, you must call, you must call."

"Then... Can I call you "Teacher" in bed? "I laughed.

Uh, Siya was stunned for a moment, her face flushed, and the peach color spread to her neck.

"Xu Zixing, you're such a slut, you're just talking about it in three sentences. Hmph, I have to beat you to death!" Siya chased me with a thick stack of homework books.

I hugged my head and ran away and said, "Oh, my lady, spare my life, I won't dare to be my husband anymore..."

"Don't run away, you big rascal. Today, my lady is going to do justice for the heavens. Castrating you is not a root. Let's see if you dare to molest women of good families in broad daylight."

The two went home, and the sunset witnessed our love.

From this evening, Miss Song Siya, a primary school teacher, is honored to be Mr. Xu Zixing's private teacher. Miss Song Siya taught English for two hours every night, and Xu Zixing paid her: a lifetime meal ticket.

The next day, Li Cheng, the village secretary, led a group of people to come to me, saying that they wanted to discuss the construction of vegetable greenhouses.For the time being, the three villages of Chunjiang Village, Chunfu Village and Chunnao Village adjacent to the town will be used as the first phase base. People are wealthy and aggressive, can we fight against them? "

Uncle Fan should also agree.

I laughed and said, "Godfather, Uncle Fan, don't worry, listen to me..." So I said the content of my chat with Dongfangyou, and the two of them lifted their brows.

"I think that Zhang Fatzi, an overseas Chinese businessman, is doing huge profits - exporting vegetables. Naturally, he will not snatch the mainland market from me. Besides, it will not take a month or two to build his vegetable greenhouse of several thousand acres at once. Okay, when it's built, our vegetables will soon be on the market in large quantities."

Generally, greenhouse vegetables can produce a batch of vegetables in two months. It will take half a year to complete the construction. People who have money will naturally not save money. Naturally, they build vegetable greenhouses with alloy structures. Raw material procurement, greenhouse site selection, structure, which part does not require time?

Even with the support of the town government, the speed cannot be accelerated. After all, the inefficiency of our government's work has amazed the world. Foreign investment cannot improve the efficiency of the government, and I am afraid that a lot of time will have to be spent on the wine table.

I know this very well.

Didn't you just build a shed of more than 100 acres? From the first to the fifteenth day of the first day of the new year, when will the village cadres not come to visit? For lunch and dinner, my house is almost a restaurant. Yufeng also joked that her craftsmanship is now comparable to that of a five-star chef.

This is the reality of our country.

Chinese people place the most importance on interpersonal communication, and the wine table is the best place to connect with each other. Low-level village-level cadres, middle-level town-level cadres, high-level county-level cadres and even upper-level city-level cadres, which aspects do not need to be managed?

I chuckled: "Enough he is busy."

Godfather and Uncle Fan also smiled and said nothing. Insiders like them know it best.

"Hey, why didn't your grandpa Dongfang come to the conference today?"

"Grandpa is a scholar and likes to be quiet. How could I bother him for such a trivial matter."

Godfather told Fan Uncle said, "Old Fan, go to visit an expert after dinner?"

Fan Wei asked me, "Can we disturb his peace?"

"It doesn't matter, we are a family. Godfather It's my father, Uncle Fan is my uncle, and Dongfangyou is my grandfather. Can he see you two "sons"? "

Uncle Fan slapped me on the forehead and scolded with a smile: "Stinky boy, give you some color and you will open the dyeing room. Dare to make fun of me and your godfather."

Suddenly there was a cheerful voice The child's voice: "played well, played well, played croaking."

When everyone turned around, they saw a beautiful little girl of eight or nine years old come into the room and threw her schoolbag on the sofa. Fan Wei said, "Hello, uncle, my name is Xiaoqing. I want to be your friend, okay?"

Fan Wei, who is in his thirties, has never seen such a ghostly child. Said to be friends with him. He was stunned, Siya had already carried Xiaoqing to the stool.

"Xiaoqing, stop making trouble, come and eat." Yufeng took a small bowl and handed it to her.

I smiled and explained to them: "She is the granddaughter of Grandpa Dongfang—Xiaoqing, whose name is Dongfangqing."

After hearing this, Fan Wei solemnly extended his hand to the brightly dressed little girl and said: "Miss Dongfang, I, Fan Wei, are honored to be friends with such a beautiful lady as you."

Xiao Qing smiled slightly, stretched out her small jade white hand and let Fan Wei hold her fingertips, and said, "Thank you Mr. Fan for teaching me a lesson. Brother Xu, thank you very much here."

Xiao Qing pretended to be an adult, and everyone smiled.

Fan Wei is also an old urchin who likes to make jokes the most. He asked, "Miss Dongfang, how did Mr. Xu offend you?" The big chicken leg, his mouth full of oil, muttered, "Hmph, Brother Xu is dead, and he hasn't played with others for three days."

Everyone was speechless.

Godfather looked at Xiaoqing and Song Siya, and sighed, "If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe that there are people who are so similar in this world. You are really like a mother and daughter!"

Si Ya patted Xiaoqing's head lovingly and said, "Isn't it? Many people say that we two look like mother and daughter. Xiaoqing, did you hear what Uncle said? You're going to call my mother in the future, do you know?"

Xiaoqing gave her a sideways look, not to mention how cute she looked.

"I'm too lazy to care about you, Sister Song!"

Siya beat her lightly and said, "Ghost girl, I won't take any loss at all."

Xiaoqing said, "I'm a child, who am I afraid of? !"

One sentence made everyone laugh out loud.

Since Xiaoqing came to our country, her face has become better and her personality has become more cheerful. Since Yufeng and Song Siya both spoiled her, they taught her to be a little devil.

Siya said that this is an open education abroad. Foreigners teach their children this way and cultivate their independent personality. So she did not treat Xiaoqing as a child, but communicated with her in the tone of an adult.

With Xiaoqing as a living treasure, I can't eat anymore, and I'm full of laughter.

Xiaoqing has a big belly, and she can eat two large plates of dishes by herself. Hearing that the two uncles were going to visit her grandfather, Xiaoqing quickly swept away a bowl of rice and two dishes, took the lunch box Yufeng prepared for her, and jumped ahead to lead the way.

Dongfangyou didn't cook by himself. In order to let him retire with peace of mind, Yufeng assumed the responsibility of cooking for him. Xiaoqing basically lives in our house, and only goes back to sleep at night. Dongfangyou will come to eat from time to time, but most of the time we bring lunch boxes to him. This lunch box is not a fast food outside. Sometimes I will complain about Yufeng when I see it.Want me to abandon Song Siya and marry Zhu Qian?

This night, I lost sleep completely...

In early spring, in March, the peach blossoms bloom. When the peach blossoms bloom all over the mountains and fields, my vegetables are thriving. The greenhouse is officially operating, and the free time has suddenly increased.

For more than a month, I have habitually found time every morning to wander among the 300 greenhouses for a while.

When I was pulling out the weeds in the greenhouse, I suddenly heard someone calling me. I followed the sound, but saw Wei Sanzi running from a distance.

After I greeted the staff guarding the stove, I got out of the greenhouse and ran into Wei Sanzi head-on.

He panted and said, "Xu... Uncle Xu, there... someone is looking for you..."

He suddenly approached my ear and said softly, "Yes... it's a policeman, or a woman... "

A policewoman? Could it be Zhu Qian?

"Where is she?"

"As soon as you arrived at the entrance of the village, you asked me about you, and I let her go to your house." Wei Sanzi was tall, but he respected me greatly.

At this time, it was almost noon.

I patted him on the shoulder and said, "Third son, let's go and have a drink at my house."

Wei Sanzi smiled and said awkwardly, "Well...today is my wedding anniversary with my son. Day, so...this...that..."

I laughed loudly: "Okay! You kid has learned all the tricks of the city people, Zhang Cuihua's slut is obedient to you now. Right?"

Wei Sanzi said proudly: "Of course, hehe, you don't know how sassy that slut is..."

I know, of course I know. I thought to myself: Zhang Cuihua is a typical prostitute, and it would be uncomfortable not to be fucked.

Wei Sanzi was immersed in "sex happiness", and hurried home to drink wedding commemorative wine with Zhang Cuihua...

Thinking of the task my godfather gave me, I had a headache, what happened to this girl Zhu Qian? I haven't seen me for a month, so I came to the door. What's the matter with her?

When I walked to the door, I heard the laughter of the women in the room.

"Xiaoxing is back? Come on, Comrade Zhu has been waiting for you for a long time." Yufeng was picking vegetables in the yard when she saw me and said loudly.

I should reconcile.

The table in the living room was full of various snacks. Song Siya and Zhu Qian, two flower girls of the same age, were sitting at the table chatting and eating melon seeds.

As soon as Siya saw me coming in, she complained: "There are guests at home, why didn't you come back earlier?"

I smiled and said, "I went for a walk in the vegetable field. Alas, I neglected Officer Zhu. No. I'll punish myself three cups later to apologize to Officer Zhu."

Zhu Qian was still wearing a light green police uniform. With her tall figure, she looks more heroic.

Zhu Qian's flowery smile suddenly changed, and she said strangely: "Yo, Xu is now a big boss. Why did you see me as an outsider after not seeing me for a month?" Dare! You don't know, I have to drink with official figures every three days. Mandarin and polite words come when I open my mouth. The flowers are polluted. Oh, not to mention..." I pretended to sigh.

"Bah, stinky! Isn't it just a small vegetable greenhouse? A big boss with a wealth of millions invited me to dinner, but I ignored them! Miss Ben came to you to give you face." Zhu Qian was angry at me, but I winked playfully at Song Siya.

Song Siya understood and gave her a playful wink.

"Miss Zhu, Aunt Zhu, aren't you just late for a while? You have a lot of adults, so please forgive the younger brother." However, the death penalty can be avoided, and the life crime cannot be escaped. Cook a few dishes, and I will punish you to help our two beauties cook some good dishes."

"Okay... Let's go." I yelled and slipped into the kitchen.

Zhu Qian hugged Song Siya's arm and said coquettishly, "Sister, you won't be mad at me if I order your husband like this?" The feelings between women are always confusing to men. When did beauty become so familiar?

Song Siya scratched her little nose lightly, and said, "Stinky girl, he is jealous of me, he is domineering to me. Hmph!" Does he dare to be mean to the police?"

"The police? Forget it. Fighting and killing all day long is not suitable for me. I still like children."

"Oh, it's so depressing. I'm the only girl at the police station, so lonely, so lonely." Zhu Qian returned to her seat and sighed.

"Haha, I'm thinking about spring? Would you like me to introduce your boyfriend to you?"

"Bah, ah, ah... Sister Ya, you are dead. You can say such words." Zhu Qian raised her pink fist. Si Ya a few times.

The two women were fighting for a while, and Siya said sternly: "Xiao Qian, seriously, there are so many handsome boys in town, haven't you liked one?"

Zhu Qian shook her head and said, "What's the use of Jun? Miss Ben just doesn't feel it when she sees them! Oh, yes, how can you, a beautiful and talented student, fall in love with Xu Zixing, a poor bastard?"

"Bah, you are a poor bastard! Humph, in three years, you will see it again. Right." Song Siya said confidently.

Zhu Qian tilted her head and asked, "So confident? Let me tell you, he has a very powerful competitor now, but he is..."

"Australian overseas Chinese businessman, right? I already knew that. People make Australian money, so we're not afraid."

"Huh? How do you know that the fake foreign devil is an exporter?" Zhu Qian asked in surprise.

"Giggle, who told me that my man is amazing?" Song Siya said proudly.

A woman's mouth hasA variety of functions, obviously the most important one of which is chatting. The two women chatted endlessly until they were eating.

It can be seen that Zhu Qian "falls in love at first sight" with Song Siya. The last time I had an accident, Zhu Qian expressed her affection for Song Siya.

After this chat, the two became close friends within a few hours. The speed was so fast that I felt jealous.

After the meal, I took three three and one small, four "women"—if Xiaoqing was considered a "woman"... to visit the starting point of my career—three hundred vegetable greenhouses.

Zhu Qian is not as capable of being a police officer when facing vegetables. She sees something strange and becomes a curious baby.

Xiaoqing shaved her cheeks and said, "Shy, shy, sister Qian is really useless, she can't even recognize tomatoes."

Zhu Qian squatted by the vegetable field, her pretty face flushed.

She was so angry that she chased Xiaoqing and wanted to fight: "Little girl, you dare to say your sister Qian, I won't beat you to death!"

Xiaoqing ran fast, hitting the one behind her with a deep kick and a shallow kick. Zhu Qian shouted, "Come on, come on, come and catch me!"

Zhu Qian took some wrong medicine today and wore a pair of high-heeled shoes. Can these shoes be able to walk in the mud?

I saw it was funny, and when I told Song Siya about this, she gave me a blank look and said, "Maybe it was for someone to see."

When I heard this, my heart was half empty. In a calm voice, she said, "Who to show it to?"

"Huh, Xu, I warn you, if you dare to be stubborn again... hum hum..." As she spoke, she stretched out her small hand in front of me, slender Forefinger and middle finger into scissors, one clip!

I wiped the sweat from my forehead and said, "Oh, why is it so hot today!"

"Xu Zixing, stop pretending to be confused, I warn you, don't provoke girls again."

Si Ya Unable to get angry, I stretched out the "Jiuyin White Bone Claw" on the soft flesh on my waist, and made a 360-degree turn.

"Yes, yes, my wife, I don't dare any more." I bowed my head and lowered my brows.

Seeing my lazy appearance, Siya stomped her feet angrily and said to Yufeng: "Sister Yufeng, look at him, I'm so mad at me."

Originally thought Yufeng would stand on her side, Unexpectedly, Yufeng said something earth-shattering.

"The more girls who like him, the more they can prove his charm."

"Ah! Sister Yufeng, you... why are you helping him?" Siya covered her mouth in surprise.

Xu Yufeng said disapprovingly: "A man doesn't have to take a woman home if he likes a woman. As long as he is really nice to me, I don't mind."

Siya stomped her feet and sighed: "Sister Yufeng, You will spoil him like this."

Xu Yufeng smiled silently, but she thought to herself: If I hadn't indulged him, would he be able to marry you back?

Siya couldn't see the meaning of her smile, but I knew, secretly gave her a moving look, Yufeng nodded and accepted.

The love between two people can sometimes be expressed with just one look. Just like Yufeng and I, every action, every look is our love exchange without words. She never made any close contact with me outside. On the one hand, she was worried about the pressure of public opinion, and on the other hand, she was also worried about Si Ya.

After all, Si Ya is young, excitable and jealous.

With beautiful women, time always flies. Walking around, playing around, and all afternoon. I sighed, it's really degenerate, if it was a few days ago, how much can I do this afternoon.

Looking at Zhu Qian, who was having a good time with Xiaoqing, I thought to myself: Could it be that Zhu Qian came to see my friend because she was lonely and bored?

In the evening, Song Siya had to prepare lessons, Xiaoqing had to do homework, Yufeng went to the old house to accompany Li Yuzi, and I was taken by Zhu Qian for a walk.

"Hey, hurry up! You're dawdling like an old man." Zhu Qian turned around and said to me impatiently.

"Hey, Sergeant, we're taking a walk! We're not rushing to the execution ground."

"Bah, it's good luck, it's good luck."

Wuyan... like me Big "children"?

There is not much scenery in the countryside, but there is a hill in our village. The scenery from the top of the mountain is not bad, especially when I stand on the top of the mountain and watch the fruits of my labor-three hundred greenhouses, I have a special sense of accomplishment.

I took Zhu Qian to the top of the hill, pointed to the rows of greenhouses, and proudly said, "Did you see it? These are all mine, and I belong to Xu Zixing."

Zhu Qian was born A big family with a lot of wealth, what good things have you never seen? Naturally, I don't care about my greenhouse.

"Okay! Okay! I've known you for so long, I can't believe you are quite narcissistic."

"Hehe..." I smiled and said nothing.

"Come on, stop being narcissistic and get down to business. Ouch, you are a man who really doesn't understand women's hearts. I wear high heels and want me to climb mountains. Ouch... my feet are sore, help me to that rock. Sit down..."

Zhu Qian stretched out her slender hand towards me, and I helped her sit down without knowing whether to laugh or cry, and said in a thin voice, "Yes, madam..." : "Stop messing around, talk about something serious."

"Okay, you talk, you talk." I found a stone opposite her and sat down.

"You're in trouble."

"Does Zhang Tianlin want to deal with me again?"

"That's right, but he's just a little guy." Zhu Qian raised her hand and smoothed the bangs in front of her forehead.


"Australian overseas Chinese businessmen to invest, do you know?"


"Do you know what his relationship with Zhang Tianlin is?"

I Ji Ling suddenly remembered that the overseas Chinese businessman's surname was Zhang, and he said on the bus that he was looking for his cousin, could it be...

"The overseas Chinese businessman Zhang TianGuang is Zhang Tianlin's cousin. "

I lamented, "Why are there so many relatives in the Zhang family? There is an uncle of the mayor and a cousin of an overseas Chinese businessman. God is too kind to the Zhang family, right?"

Zhu Qian He chuckled, his eyes flashed with disdain, and said: "What is the Zhang family? Humph!"

"For your Zhu family, his Zhang family is naturally incomparable. But now they have to deal with me, you You won't help me."

"Won't help you? Why would I come looking for you if you don't help me?"

"If you really want to help me, tell your father and let him speak to the Zhang family. Greetings, please don't bother me with the surname Zhang."

"You!" Zhu Qian stood up in anger and glared at me, then sat down again, turning her head away from me.

I realized I had said the wrong thing. Zhu Qian is an independent and good girl. Seeing that she can go down to the grassroots to endure hardships, she knows that she does not want to rely on her parents for the rest of her life.

I slapped myself and scolded, "Hey, look at my stinky mouth."

Zhu Qian's face was slightly better, and she gave me a look of "you know what you are looking for", lightly opened her lips and said : "You know I don't like to rely on my family for everything, so don't expect my father to help you."

"Yes, police officer Zhu is independent and has unlimited future achievements. The title of the city's first female police officer is yours. Yes." I typed haha.

Not only was Zhu Qian not shy, she also said out loud, "That's it!"

I like her confident look. All the women around me are superb, except for the vase Li Yuzi.

When it comes to Li Yuzi, she has to admire her. Even if Wei Qiang is already a waste, she still keeps him. To marry such a "superior" woman, Wei Qiang's ancestor must have burned the incense for eight lifetimes.

【Episode 6】Chapter 3: Beauty's Penguin Meat

"Zhang Tianguang will definitely come looking for trouble, his peers are enemies, I have a deep understanding of this." I picked up the stone from the ground and threw it hard, It hit a tree in the distance, and there was a "poof" sound.

"Huh!" Zhu Qian said in surprise, "It's really accurate."

"I was used to throwing blindly when I was a kid, so naturally it's accurate." I smiled.

Her eyesight is limited, and she can't see that the stone not only hits the tree trunk, but also is embedded in the tree trunk. Don't look at this frivolous throw and think it's easy. In ancient times, I called this move a "hidden weapon" - the locust stone.

When Master Lama taught me, he also told me not to use it arbitrarily. I only play around in the slack season. Although I haven't practiced hard for a few years, I can already point and hit within 50 meters with my ability. Of course, I can't compare to Master Lama, who can point within 100 feet. Where to fight.

"That's right." Zhu Qian jumped up suddenly, pulled out the gun around her waist and took a cool shooting posture, aiming at the tree.

I was startled and said, "What are you doing?"

"It's been a long time since I fired, and my hands are a little raw. Don't be noisy, watch me practice shooting." She said easily .

I hurried over and grabbed her hand and said, "Oh, my great aunt, are you too bold? You dare to shoot casually?"

"What are you afraid of? There is no one here!"

I said angrily, "When you fired the gun, you scared the villagers away. You made others think I resisted arrest. You're going to shoot me! No, no, I can't let you shoot."

Zhu Qian tilted her head, blinked her big eyes twice, and said, "Yeah, that's right. It's not good to be shocked by the flowers and plants." Then she got the insurance and put the gun in the holster.

I'm sweating profusely. I thought to myself: This aunt is so nerve-wracking and daring, she must hide the gun under the bed when she sleeps with her in the future. Otherwise... bah bah bah... What am I thinking about...

I am both afraid and in love with such a very individual beauty like Zhu Qian.

You don't know what earth-shattering things she will do in the next moment. You managed to calm her down, but you are angry again.

"It's really boring. The big police officer drove hard and drove dozens of miles of mountain roads to report the letter, but someone didn't take it seriously."

Zhu Qian pulled the grass on the ground angrily.

I squatted in front of her, looked at her sincerely, and said, "Zhu Qian, thank you. With you as a confidant of the opposite sex, I am content with Xu Zixing."

Zhu Qian lowered her head in a panic. Dare to look at me, the little hands twisted the front of the clothes and said, "Well, friends, we should help each other..."

Zhu Qian was a little shy, although I'm not sure if she likes me, but I I know she has a crush on me.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely awkward. Zhu Qian was silent for a while, and she couldn't stand the ambiguous atmosphere before she said, "Do you have any fun here?"

I laughed, "There is no fun in the backcountry, it's good to watch TV."

"Watching TV again? I'm tired of watching it!"

Zhu Qian sighed bored and asked, "How about we play a game?"

"Okay!" Adult games are My favorite, but unfortunately I didn't have the guts to ask her to do it.

"If I have a question, how about you answer?"

"Is there a reward for the right answer? It's boring to answer without a reward." I only have a few dollars left, what can I give you as a prize?" After hearing this, I almost blurted out: Just give me a kiss.

Of course I didn't have the guts to say it out loud, so I could only say angrily: "That's it, then forget it."

Zhu Qian's eyes lit up, she clapped her hands, and said excitedly, "Or else. I have a problem. , you answer, if you answer wrong, you have to give me two dollars. If you answer right, you won't have to."

"No! You ask me to answer a question, and I will give you money if you answer wrong? You When I'm a big money?"

"Hey, Iin spite of. Who asked me to come to you as a guest? As the master, you should accompany me to eat, drink and have fun! Besides, as a beautiful woman, I want your money to give you face. You didn't see that the fake foreign devils gave me money, I still don't want it! "

Beauty is a rare resource in this world, and it is naturally popular. According to her theory, of course, I took advantage of her. Seeing that her interest is so high, I don't want to spoil her, so I said, "Okay, okay, see you begging me for money in a low voice and pitiful, I, Mr. Xu Zixing, have a lot of money, so I don't care about you."

"You bastard! You can't afford to lose at all, and you have to take advantage of words. I really don't have a conscience." If you answer the question wrong, the two dollars will go to my wallet."

"Okay, tell me quickly. I, Xu Zixing, learned to be wealthy, smart, handsome than Pan An, and smarter than Zhuge. Are you afraid you won't succeed?"

"Evil!" Zhu Qian vomited, and lightly opened her lips: "A girl cooked a dish for a boy, and the boy thought it tasted weird after eating, so he asked the girl, what is this? What kind of meat is it? The girl said, it's penguin meat, the boy pondered for a while... suddenly burst into tears, and then committed suicide. Please why?" Weird, it's a murder case. I didn't answer directly, but asked, "How many chances are there to answer the question?"

"Three times, I'll give you three chances. If you don't answer correctly three times, the two dollars will go to my wallet." Zhu Qian's two small hands Rub and rub, like a profiteer.

After thinking for a while, I asked her again: "What is the relationship between this girl and this boy?"

"General friendship."

"Is it true that the boy has a crush on the girl, and after eating the food made by the girl herself, So moved that you committed suicide?"

Zhu Qian stared at me with the eyes of an idiot and said, "If you have a crush on a girl and just eat the penguin meat made by that girl, will you kill yourself?"

I Shaking his head, he said, "Uh...no."

"I've used up one chance, you still have two chances left, hehe."

Zhu Qian stretched out two slender jade fingers and smiled at him. I waved my hand and said, "Just give me a hint. You can't think about this question in the usual way, so you have to use your brain to find another way." Turning her jade legs made me dizzy, how could I calm down and think.

"Well, ah, oh." I answered the question, but I was thinking: what a beauty! If you take off your pants, what kind of jade legs will you reveal? There is no doubt that it must be peerless legs!

Seeing that I didn't speak for a long time, Zhu Qian said impatiently: "I'll give you dozens of times, if you don't answer again, you'll be abstaining." Half time to spend. No, let's answer the question honestly. This girl is not honest, Shimei's tricks disturb my thinking.

"Don't rush, I'm going to answer! Hmm... Penguins seem to be national protected animals... It must be this boy who ate penguin meat and was afraid of being fined, and he happened to be a poor man and was afraid that he would not be able to pay, so he I committed suicide."


Zhu Qian knocked on my forehead and said, "I said Xu Zixing, did you have an elm head or something? If so, Will the boy eat penguin meat?"

"He forgot to ask before eating!" I quibble.

"You! I'm so mad at you! I...I...I'm going to slap you a few times." Zhu Qian looked around, as if looking for some kind of stick.

I subconsciously took five steps back and said, "Hey, if you have something to say, don't move your hands or feet. We can't be sorry for your parents if you don't have sex."

Zhu Qian couldn't find the stick, so she took off She put on her high heels and was about to lose her; I tried my best before she gave up.

But this question counts as my loser. In order to make the beauty no longer angry, I reluctantly took out two dollars from my pocket.

She waved the two dollars in her hand proudly, and said, "For the sake of the money, I will tell you the correct answer."

"Actually, this question is the subject of the FBI's recruitment assessment in the United States. It is the degree of psychopathology of the examinee, so you can't use general psychology to figure out the suicide. Because a few years ago, the boy went out to play with a friend and was shipwrecked and drifted to an island with no food to eat. His friend went out to find something. , brought back the roasted penguin meat, but injured his leg when catching the penguin, but for some reason his friend refused to eat the penguin meat, and starved to death. Now this boy has eaten real penguin meat, only to know that time, The friend cut off the meat from his leg and roasted it for him. So he couldn't bear the huge psychological torture and committed suicide... You can't answer such a simple question, you are really stupid."

I was stunned, this The problem is really perverted! Can anyone think of this?

"Admiration, admiration, we normal people can never answer this kind of question."

"You call me a pervert?" Her two pink fists creaked, a pair of "I want you to look good" stance.

"Hey, lady, lady..." I stretched out my hand in a "scared" gesture.

"It's fine if I don't beat you, but you have to answer me one more question." After speaking, she whispered again: "It's only two dollars, it's not enough for people to use Yashuang tomorrow."

That's it. , this time we hit the muzzle. Who told us that we happened to run into a famine with Lord Police Flower? Just go bankrupt.

"Okay, okay, you ask, I'll answer it."

Zhu Qian's eyes flashed with excitement, and she asked the second perverted question tonight.

"A man died head down in the desert with a few luggage scattered around him.box, and the man was clutching half a match that had been broken. Excuse me, how did this man die? "

Zhu Qian repeated the second question several times, and when she said the word "match", she reminded me with an accent. It appears that matches are the crux of the matter.

"Let me think about it!" I rubbed my temples, and Zhu Qian nodded obediently without disturbing my thoughts.

I carefully analyze a few key points in the problem: the desert, the head-down death, the scattered suitcases, the half-match clenched in the dead man's hand.

According to the general idea, if you die in the desert, you will either die of thirst or you will be buried alive in the sand in a sandstorm. Since the deceased and the box can be seen, it is obvious that the sandstorm is not the murderer; if it was thirst, it would be more reasonable if the deceased grabbed a water bottle before he died, but he was holding half a match!

It is said that the temperature difference between day and night in the desert is very large. Could it be that the dead were frozen to death? That's not right, the match in his hand should have been burned, how could there be only half of it left?

No, no, no, my current thinking is still a general one, and it has not reached the level of "perverted" at all. Zhu Qian said, the answer is very abnormal.

Half a match, a match, and a half match is shorter than a match. Half, one... What can I think of half a match? Country people like to use a match as a toothpick after a meal to pick food residues between their teeth.

A match equals a toothpick?

Toothpicks? sign? lottery?

Draw lots! Yes, it's a lottery. A flash of light flashed in my head, and I slapped my thigh with joy.

"I see, hahahaha, so that's the case, this question is too perverted, really perverted!"

Zhu Qian said: "Oh? You know? Let's hear it." Obviously she didn't believe me can answer.

"Hey, pity me for not giving this money to a beautiful woman!" I took out two dollar bills from my pocket, flashed them demonstratively in front of Zhu Qian's eyes, and put them back in my pocket.

"Cut! I don't believe it, tell me your answer!"


I coughed twice, cleared my throat, and said, "According to my inference, there is a group of When people travel in hot air balloons, the balloon leaks when they pass through the desert, which is very dangerous. So everyone threw all the luggage down, but it still couldn't work, so the group agreed to throw the next person. Who to throw down? So I took a few matches and decided by drawing lots. Whoever draws half of them will throw it away. How about you, you got the right answer." My heart warmed, thinking of Li Yuzi helping me with oral sex. I was fascinated. It’s been over a month since I didn’t know the taste of meat, um, do you want to…

"You... how did you come up with this?"

Zhu Qian grabbed my hand and asked, "When my teacher asked my classmates this When I asked the question, no one in the class could answer it, you are too good."

I proudly said: "I said earlier, we look better than Pan An and Zhisai Zhuge..."

"Okay. , Okay, stop bragging, tell me quickly, how did you come up with it?"

Seeing that Zhu Qian was so urgent, I naturally couldn't let the beauty wait any longer. So under the eyes of Zhu Qian's admiration and even admiration, I came up with the solution to the problem.

The more I said it, the more disdainful Zhu Qian became. After listening, she simply shook her hand: "It turns out that "the countryman uses matches as toothpicks" that inspired you. Cut, smallholder awareness! "

I was a little unhappy, and said, "What's wrong with the small peasant consciousness? I am a peasant, and I rely on the land for food. Isn't it better than your police officers?" Listening to me murdering her, I wanted to say a few words of apology, but the words came to my lips: "You are better than us, and you are not a farmer?"

"You..." I hate people the most in my life. Look down on farmers. Because I am a peasant, and people who look down on peasants look down on me. So he threw his hand angrily, left the harsh words and left.

"Yeah, I'm a poor boy from a peasant family, how dare I climb up to the daughter of the police chief's daughter. Alas, I'm naive. Oh, it's getting late, and the peasants won't accompany the daughter, you still have to find someone Brother Qian, let's chat."

"You..." Zhu Qian hated the most when people treated her as a young lady, which was a taboo in her heart.

She scolded at my back: "Xu Zixing, you bastard! Come back to me and make it clear who is Miss Qian Jin? Come back!" When my donkey got angry, the nine cows couldn't pull it back. He went straight down the hill and went to find Yufeng and the others.

Zhu Qian lost her temper on the hilltop for a long time, and scolded for a long time. Before she knew it, it turned dark.

The night in early spring was still a little chilly, the wind was strong on the mountain, and the sky was getting darker and darker. Zhu Qian, a girl, had never been alone in the mountains at night.

It wasn't until she was scared and out of breath that she realized the seriousness of the problem. The mountain was pitch-dark, and she couldn't see her fingers, and she didn't know the way at all. A girl squatted on the ground alone with her hands on her shoulders, trembling with fear. Although she is a police officer and has always been daring, she is still a girl after all and is afraid of the dark!

"Xu Zixing, you bastard! You left me alone in the wild mountains, you are not a man! Ugh..." The delicate young lady, how has she ever suffered like this.

"Help, is there anyone? Help me, I can't see anything..." Zhu Qian squatted on the ground, looking at the lights of the houses in the distance down the mountain. She wanted to get up, but she was unfamiliar with this mountain road, the sky was like ink, and she couldn't even see the road under her feet. I had no choice but to cry, the cry was so sad...

I pushed open the door of the old house angrily, the old wooden door was creaking, and inside came the warning voice of Yufeng: "Who?"

"It's me!" I said gruffly.

Walking into the greenhouse, Yufeng and Li Yuzi each took a burning stick in their hands.

"It scared people to death, and they didn't make a sound when they came. The door slammed and banged, so we thought the thief was coming." Yufeng patted her chest and said, after a long wave of breasts...

Li Yuzi was still The shy little daughter-in-law looked like she saw me coming and sat back on the sofa to watch TV.

It was warm in the greenhouse. Yufeng came over and took off my coat and put it aside. Seeing that I looked bad, she asked, "What happened? Did you eat gunpowder? You are so angry. You didn't go for a walk with Zhu Qian. Is it?"

Li Yuzi stared at the TV absentmindedly, but her ears pricked up early. I thought to myself: Zhu Qian? Did he provoke a woman again?

I said angrily: "Don't mention her, I get angry when I mention her."

"What's the matter? Isn't it fine when you go out?" He hugged him, then sat next to Li Yuzi and said, "Come on, Yufeng, let's have a good time, we haven't touched you for a long time, tonight we..." He got into Yufeng's underwear and kneaded her plump and tall tits fiercely.

"Ouch, dead ghost, be gentle..." Yufeng frowned as she was pinched in pain. Li Yuzi's pretty face was blushing, her whole body trembling and she didn't dare to look at us, but the corner of her eyes flickered from time to time...

I didn't know the taste of meat for more than a month, and now I'm getting angry again, it's the combination of lust and anger, It was especially strong, and a tyranny rose involuntarily in my heart.

I hurriedly put my head between the neck of the jade phoenix. A woman's body is really fragrant. I sucked and kissed desperately. I didn't have enough kisses and love.

"Ah, don't! Xiaoxing, what happened to you today? What happened to you and Zhu Qian?" Yufeng held on to her neckline, preventing me from taking off her clothes.

"Yufeng, I'm dying of sadness. Quick, I want you, give it to me." I blushed and said roughly.

"No! You tell me what's going on first?" Yufeng insisted, but I had no choice but to tell her about the quarrel.

Yufeng exclaimed: "You threw her a girl's house on the mountain?"

"I didn't throw her away, she is so smart, shouldn't she be stupid enough to stay on the mountain?" I was anxious, Just want to crawl on a woman's body to vent.

"No, I'm not at ease, I'll go take a look." Yufeng said worriedly.

"I'm a young lady, so I don't look down on us farmers. Don't worry about it." I said disapprovingly.

Yufeng said in a rare serious tone: "Women's hearts, sea needles, what do you stinky men know? I think Zhu Qian has a good heart, is kind and generous, but has a strong personality. She must have quarreled with you like this. I'm sorry to go back. Oh, don't touch it, slut, if you hear me, come with me to find her!"

I'm so angry, how can I ignore her. Wouldn't this be the same as bowing your head and admitting your mistake? I'm right, of course I'm right, of course I won't go to her.

Yufeng scolded: "You are a big man, why are you fighting with our women's family?"

"This is not a problem of men and women, it is a problem of backbone. What happened to the peasants? Is it like looking down on me? I'm going to you, I won't go anyway!" I replied coldly, let go of Yufeng, turned around and hugged Li Yuzi into her arms, she struggled symbolically twice, and let me do whatever I wanted.

"You... if I go, I will go, give me the flashlight!" Yufeng reached out to me.

"Flashlight? Isn't the flashlight in the drawer? It's not in my hand!"

Yufeng shoved me down on the sofa and said, "What is going on with Miss Zhu, I'll see you How can I explain to you Uncle Fan!"

I muttered, "What is there to explain, isn't it just a hill? If there are no tigers or wolves, I'm afraid that wild animals will eat her!" Then I turned to Li Yuzi in my arms. Said: "Yuzi, are you right?"

Li Yuzi frowned and said embarrassedly: "Xing...Xing brother, I...I think...you are wrong!"

"Huh?" I was angry Said: "Dare you say I'm wrong? Let's see how I clean up you little harlot." A certain little white sheep was instantly thrown on the sofa by the big bad wolf...

After a month of not knowing the smell of meat, how could I still Unable to hold back, the meat stick was raised high against Li Yuzi's lower abdomen. Li Yuzi had already noticed it, but this woman's demeanor on the bed was shy, and she didn't move even if I put my hands up and down.

The flame of desire burns most vigorously in the silence. I have already hugged Li Yuzi impatiently and stroked her tender white back, the force is getting heavier and the range is getting wider and wider. When I touched her round buttocks, Li Yuzi trembled lightly and started stroking me in response. Encouraged by her, I squeezed her plump buttocks with my big hands and squeezed her to my body desperately.

The lust in my belly rushed into my mind, making me dizzy.

I turned around and hugged her tender body eagerly, on my cheeks, lips, pink neck, and jade breasts, like Kiss like raindrops. In the past, I liked to slap her delicate little ass and fuck her at the same time, but I would get tired of playing the same tricks all the time, so this time I didn't hit her, but scolded her fiercely.

"Bitch, you really want a man, don't you?"

"Um...no." She squinted her eyes and shook her head.

"Dare you say no? Look, the pussy is wet, what a fucking whore." I handed the evidence in my hand to her.

"Well, you... you hit me... um..." She turned her head and didn't dare to look at me.

I prefer not to beat her. Today, I will torture her psychologically to vent my accumulated lust. Pure action can no longer meet my needs. In order to express my words quickly, I cursed her fiercely: "shameless, stealing man", "you are the horny red apricot", "owe the fuck" and so on. Kind of vicious words coming out of my mouthpour out.

Li Yuzi had tears in her eyes. She bit her lower lip and let me insult and move without saying a word. She didn't say a word. And I am like a mountain torrent that meets the drain, desire floods my mind like a flood, and only controls the body with the instinct of desire. I have experienced this kind of experience once. The last time I "raped" Song Siya was like this.

The only reason left in my mind desperately wanted to stop cursing in my mouth, but my mouth allowed the devilish soul hidden in my heart to insult Li Yuzi...

insulting her gave me a perverted pleasure, The more I scold her, the more I think she is inferior, so I fuck her harder...

The desire is unprecedentedly strong, and naturally it comes and goes quickly.

After finishing the work, I was pressed on Li Yuzi's petite body like a dead pig. Li Yuzi stared blankly at the roof, her tears were dry, her body was hot, but her heart was cold.

I have accumulated a month's worth of public food. Although I have not enjoyed it, I am quite satisfied.

I sighed and got up from Li Yuzi's body.


The petite snow-white body has long been blue and purple, like a piece of dyed cloth; the whole body is red and swollen, and the whole person is swollen, and the watery eyes have long lost their usual look, like the eyes of a dead fish. The lower body is even more messy, and I am horrified when I see it.

I felt guilty for the first time in front of Li Yuzi. That's right, it's a guilty conscience, a complete guilt.

"Yuzi, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened today, I was mad at Zhu Qian, so..." I explained desperately, trying to regain Li Yuzi's sanity. But she just tilted her head, ignored me, got up, wiped, dressed, and finally turned the TV back on.

I sang the one-man show by myself for a few minutes, but Li Yuzi's eyes didn't fall on me at all.

She is not good at words, and she often holds back what she has to say. I haven't seen her actually talk to me since I got on her.

She is afraid of me and has never dared to disobey me, but today it really hurts her heart; vicious words are more uncomfortable than torture, otherwise humans would not fight because of quarrels.

"Yuzi, I'm sorry for you today. You are alone. I'm going back. You should go to bed earlier, too, watching too much TV will hurt your mind."

I reluctantly put on my clothes and left the greenhouse. . When I left more than a hundred feet and looked back, the TV screen in the greenhouse was still on...

Walking to the door of my house, I pushed the courtyard door and closed it tightly.

"Yufeng, why did you close the door so early?" There was still light in the room, obviously they hadn't slept yet.

After I shouted, there was a sudden noise in the room, and after a while the lights went out.

I was puzzled and shouted again: "Yufeng, Siya, it's me, open the door."

There was silence in the room.

Aren't they mad at me because of Zhu Qian?

I smiled slightly. Hey, do you think I can't get in if you don't open the door? I walked to the fence, took a few steps back, then rushed forward, kicked on the fence, climbed on the fence with both hands, turned over and flew into the yard.

My little wolf raised his ears alertly and barked wildly, and I quickly shouted, "Little wolf, it's me, don't bark."

The little wolf heard the master's voice and went back to sleep obediently.

The door was not closed, just gently closed. I proudly pushed the door open and said, "Hey, if you don't open the courtyard door, I can still get in."

Wow! A basin of cold water fell from the sky!

I was drenched in chicken soup, and the pot was still buckled on top of my head, shaking, shaking...

The electric light suddenly turned on, and the bright light pierced my eyes.

Xu Yufeng, Song Siya, and Zhu Qian are all present. Xu Yufeng and Song Siya broke down with laughter, clapping their hands and giggling happily, while Zhu Qian stared at me with cold eyes, her face was as cold as water, her eyes were full of hatred and half of a smile.

I'm nameless. I just ate at Li Yuzi's place, and I've been feeling unwell all the time, and now it's inexplicably trying to trick me. It's really tolerable, but it's unbearable! I grabbed the aluminum washbasin on my head and threw it to the ground, the aluminum basin was immediately deformed, and it was terrible.

"Rebel? What are you doing? Are you trying to kill me? You want to ride on my head?" I stared at Xu Yufeng and Song Siya, who were usually gentle, dignified, and virtuous. I thought: what happened to them today? Is it for outsiders to tease their husbands like this?

When the two girls saw that I was angry, they were silent for a while.

Song Siya curled her lips and said, "You know what you did wrong." She took Zhu Qian's hand and patted it comfortingly.

Only then did I realize that Zhu Qian's eyes were red and swollen, her face was haggard, her hair was messy, and she looked like a typical victim girl. If she hadn't looked at me coldly and fiercely, I would have wondered if she was being bullied by some man.

Yufeng said: "Qianqian, okay, we taught him a lesson for you. Let's just forget about it, okay?"

Zhu Qian suddenly stood up and said angrily, "How can it be so cheap? What happened?" He turned his head and shouted at me, "Xu Zixing, I hate you!" He turned and ran into Yufeng's room, slamming the door.

Song Siya hurriedly knocked on the door and said, "Qianqian, can you open the door? If you have something to say, talk to me."

I was baffled by this strange situation. I'm too old today? Whoever provokes whom seems to have an opinion on me.

Yufeng shook her head and sighed, complaining, "Look at you, how angry you are with a girl's family?"

"What happened to me?" I asked aggrieved.

【Episode 6】Chapter 4: Wei Qiang Sells His Wife Can you not be afraid?"

It turned out that Yufeng was looking for Zhu Qian with a flashlight, and she happened to meet Siya on the way, and the two ran in a panic.Go to the mountain and find Zhu Qian crying beside the big rock on the top of the mountain.

Zhu Qian is a girl in the city and only lives in the town. How has she ever been alone in the barren mountains? Naturally cold and frightening, in just half an hour, she tortured the strong-looking female police officer to a level of inhumanity.

Yufeng and Siya offered comfort, but Zhu Qian was just unhappy. In the end, Siya came up with this crazy idea, saying that she wanted to help Zhu Qian relieve her anger.

I didn't expect that Zhu Qian was still angry, which was also unexpected for Yufeng and Si Ya.

Song Siya walked back to the living room and blamed: "Qianqian was hurt too deeply this time. Zixing, can't you change your stinky temper? Why is a big man fighting a little girl? Is it less? I don't know how to let others."

At this point, I had no temper. Alas, it is all the fault of desire and dissatisfaction!

Apologizing to another woman in front of my wife, how can I be so embarrassed? Sometimes men value face more than life.

Song Siya was very angry when she saw my bear-like appearance, and she pulled Yufeng and said, "Sister Yufeng, leave him alone, let's go to bed." The two women returned to the bedroom and closed the door. Oh, this is great, can't I sleep on the floor?

My practice of Lao Shizi Qigong caused me a lot of trouble. Emotional matters gave me a headache, first Li Yuzi, and now Zhu Qian. Isn't it just a little tantrum? It makes everyone complain now. Forget it, don't think about it, just practice the exercises and be calm.

Qigong is not a panacea.

Qi function is refreshing and intellectual, but Qigong is not energy and cannot supply all the energy of the human body. So I get tired too, and I get tired too. When I was busy a few days ago, I didn't even practice qi and meditate for a few days.

High-level exercises, the more you practice, the greater the temptation of inner demons you have to resist. But now I can't stop, I haven't practiced for a few days, and my inner demons have come so strongly, it is conceivable that if I stop practicing completely, I am afraid that I will become a stallion who only knows how to sow.

This is called catching a duck.

Meditate and practice.

The next day, I woke up from meditation and found that I was covered with a quilt, which warmed my heart. It seems that our wives are still very concerned about their husbands.

Zhu Qian ate breakfast hastily with a pretty face. After saying a few words to Yufeng and Siya, she squeezed the two dollar bills into a ball and threw them in front of me, angrily saying, "I hate you to death. I'm done." Then she got on the motorcycle and took nothing with her, except for a light cigarette...

Originally, I planned to apologize to Zhu Qian while I was in a good mood in the morning, but I didn't expect her to act resolutely and leave as soon as she said it. . I rubbed the note with a wry smile, but saw the words "Xu Zixing bastard", "Xu Zixing villain", "Xu Zixing is a turtle bastard".

A small banknote with the words "So-and-egg" written on both sides with a ballpoint pen. There is also a small picture in one of the corners, a face is drawn, there is about a three-pointed image of me, and on the forehead is written: I am Xu Zixing, but on the face is written: I am not a man... I can't laugh or cry, it seems that Zhu Qian is really a girl hate me.

The white shadow flickered, and the banknotes in her hand disappeared. Siya grabbed it for a look, and fell down with a smile: "Sister Yufeng, come here, I'll show you something good..."

From now on This banknote has become Siya's private collection. I have nothing to do with this banknote to embarrass me...

Yesterday I insulted Li Yuzi and felt a little uneasy. After lunch, I went to the old house to look for her.

I didn't expect Li Yuzi to come, so I had to wait for her while watching TV.

About two o'clock, Li Yuzi walked over with her head lowered.

In the past, I would have complained a few words to her: "There are national laws, family rules, and you are not allowed to be late for work!"

Maybe it was guilt, I just said: "You are here?"

Li Yuzi Without saying a word, he lowered his head and wore a white scarf, and sat silently on the sofa.

It's not cold today, why is she wearing a scarf when she has nothing to do?

"Uh, yesterday... it was me who was wrong, I apologize to you." I thought about it for a long time, and felt that it was necessary to apologize. One, I was indeed at fault, no matter what, the words scolding her were really vicious. Second, I don't think it's a shame to admit to your woman, but it can reduce friction and harmony.

Li Yuzi didn't say anything, she didn't say anything, her whole face was buried in the scarf.

I was suspicious. The white scarf was even more dazzling. Could it be that she was trying to hide something? With a move in her heart, she quickly pulled the scarf with her right hand...

"Ah! Don't..." Li Yuzi exclaimed, her little hands tightly covering her face.

But it's too late! I've already seen it!

Her whole face was bruised and black, and the pink and blush of last night was long gone.

I said angrily, "Wei Qiang beat him?"

"Don't worry about it, return the scarf to me." Li Yuzi screamed and snatched the scarf, covering her face tightly, but the tears in her eyes couldn't help. fall.

Wei Qiang dared to beat my woman! I was very angry, although Li Yuzi was Wei Qiang's wife in name, but in fact she was already my ban. This Wei Qiang is too ignorant.

"Mummy, if this kid dares to beat you, he doesn't want to live. I have to beat him to death." He turned around and was about to leave.

Li Yuzi rushed over and hugged my waist tightly, crying, "No, please, don't beat him again. It's pitiful enough for him to have one leg broken by you, so please forgive him, please. Please... uu..."

My heart softened and she was pulled back to the sofa. Why should I beat him up again? Because Li Yuzi is my underground mistress? But it is only right for my husband to beat his wife, so why should I interfere?

I was still indignant and asked, "Why did he beat you?"

Li Yuzi let go of my hand and stared at the TV again.

"Does he know about our affairs?"

Last night, Li Yuzi insulted Li Yuzi, and it was inevitable that she harbored resentments.Wei Qiang said indifferently: "Don't you think this secret is not worth the price?"

I said without hesitation: "It is worth it, I think it is worth it!"

"So, do you agree?" Wei Qiang said. He clapped the dim sum crumbs on his hands and looked at me excitedly.

"Agree? Did I say the word "agree?"

Wei Qiang became furious, slapped the short one, and said angrily, "Fuck, are you playing with me? One, are you still afraid of losing face? Annoying Laozi, Laozi will tell the scandal about you two adulterers and prostitutes, and see who will die first!"

Wei Qiang is a little ruffian after all, and he has no self-discipline. Forcing the dog to jump over the wall.

I smiled slightly and said, "You want to take 50% of the profit if you don't do anything. Will such a cheap good thing fall from the sky?"

Wei Qiang was stunned for a while, and he asked Said: "You...you mean, do you want me to work here?"

I smiled and nodded.

"Why?" Wei Qiang asked suspiciously.

"You said, we have become grasshoppers on a rope, and I can be more confident, can't I?" I looked like an old fox with a smile.

Wei Qiang came with vigour and went away happily.

Along the way, he still couldn't figure out why Xu Zixing invited him to help in the greenhouse? Is it really like what Xu Zixing said, he wants to monitor himself nearby to prevent himself from talking nonsense?

Poor Wei Qiang's IQ, how can he guess Xu Zixing's mind.

"Fuck, I have a bad life, and I'm afraid of him being a bird!"

Wei Qiang cursed in a vicious voice, whistled, and limped with twisted eight-character steps, patted his pants pocket. Twenty yuan from selling my wife, I went to the Widow Zhang's shop, the only canteen in the village...

"Yes... I'm sorry... I shouldn't..."

I patted Li Yuzi on the shoulder and persuaded him nicely: "I don't blame you. Paper can't hold fire. This kind of thing will happen sooner or later, but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly."

For now, we must first block Wei Qiang's mouth. Wei Qiang is a little smart. If it were an ordinary person, he might blackmail me again and again, but Wei Qiang is very smart and knows the truth of "dog jumping over the wall". He extorted 50% of the profit and 50 yuan per month.

In order to keep this secret, I naturally agree to this not too harsh condition.

But gangsters like Wei Qiang can't keep the slightest secret. If he is allowed to idle around in the village every day, one day he will tell the truth after drinking and stab a hole in the sky.

Instead of living in fear every day, it's better to keep him by your side and supervise him. Of course, a person like him wouldn't send him serious business, so it would be most appropriate to arrange a night watch and guard against thieves.

Hey, who am I, Xu Zixing? Not a good guy anyway. I will let Wei Qiang take 50% of the profit so cheap? Weiqiang, ah, Weiqiang, a good show is coming.

I remembered the allusions of Xiao He dealing with rogues, and the corners of his mouth curved slightly...

Seeing this smile, Li Yuzi felt a chill in her heart and an ominous premonition.

"Yuzi, what's wrong?" I touched her forehead, feeling a little cold.

"What am I going to do in the future?" Li Yuzi whispered.

I rubbed her little tits and ass through my clothes, and I was very proud.

As the saying goes, a lewd wife laughs and laughs, which is one of life's great joys. As soon as my heart disease disappeared, I was in a good mood. I kissed her neck like jade a few times, and said, "You have a good rest, and follow me later."

"Wait...wait a second."

"What else?"

"I...I don't want to live with Weiqiang anymore. You...can you lend me this house? "Li Yuzi muttered.

Now that this matter is over, Li Yuzi's temperament is naturally afraid of seeing Wei Qiang. Anyway, she is now living in this house, and no one will gossip if she lives there.

I said, "Just live if you want. When will you move? I'll ask Yufeng to help you."

"No!" Li Yuzi waved again and again: "I...I don't have much stuff, so I can move it alone. Come here."

"Well, is there anything else?"


"Then I'm leaving."


Self Therefore, Li Yuzi moved to the old house, secretly drew a line with Wei Qiang, and threw herself into my arms.

After that, the whole village was boiling over because of one thing—that little ruffian from Wei Qiang even went to work in the greenhouse!

Wow, that's amazing. I think back when twenty workers were selected from more than a hundred strong boys in the village, all the families were robbed. Wei Qiang arrived by air, and he became a night guard for his lame appearance!

If you don't understand it, you will be criticized. Naturally, people did not dare to ask Xu Zixing, so they had to guess. Some people say that it was Xu Zixing who had a good heart and regretted breaking someone's leg, so he compensated for it with work; some people said that Wei Qiang's wife and Xu Zixing got on well, and Wei Qiang had no choice but to let Wei Qiang work; others said... ...and so on, the criticism, and so on.

When rumors and rumors spread to my ears, I admire the imagination of the masses, although it is not far away...

I use Wei Qiang's mouth to speak, saying that I regret not breaking a leg, Conscience finds out that ruffians are also human, so they give him a job. People applauded and praised my lord for having a lot, and all the rumors were self-defeating. This trick was also taught by Grandpa Dongfangyou - fighting poison with poison and breaking rumors with rumors.

Time flies, and more than half a month has passed in a flash. The first batch of vegetables is growing well, and I am so happy that I am looking for sales everywhere.

Chunshui Town couldn't eat such a large number of vegetables. If this batch of vegetables were dropped into the town's vegetable market, it would definitely cause chaos in the market. The current township> "Yayu, Yayu..."

I slapped my thigh, turned around and took a sip on Yufeng's face, and said with a smile, "Good name, good name. Our food is like a beautiful woman's ice muscle and jade bone, and we eat it. After that, it made me feel comfortable, elegant and pleasant. Hey, Yufeng, you came up with such a good name, how should I repay you?"

Xu Yufeng saw her man's eyes glow with lust, and knew that this kid had no good intentions. She escaped from the back door like a rabbit and said, "Don't..."

Yufeng ran violently, and her two buttocks were jolted up and down, which made my heart itch.

Remembering that I haven't had sex with her for a long time, my heart is even hotter, and I can't wait to catch up...

[Episode 6] Chapter 5: Field battle?

Yufeng is wearing a white sportswear today. The fitted clothes just set off the exquisite curves of her figure, and her carefully tied ponytail flutters in the wind like a beautiful butterfly. I chased out from the back door, and she screamed out of fear, twisted her waist, turned and ran towards the back mountain. That nimble hand is clearly like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl.

Yufeng is getting younger and younger.

Without any emotion, I opened my arms and rushed towards her like an eagle catching a chick.

The two of you chased after me, and after a while, they crossed the back mountain and came to a small forest.

The forest in Houshan was contracted by Li Cheng to plant and raise. Intimidated by the majesty of the village secretary, no one dared to come here at ordinary times, so this small forest was extremely quiet.

In the spring, flowers bloom and everything recovers.

Although it is spring, the rainy season has not yet arrived, so the woods are full of dry wood and dead leaves, and people stepping on them are like stepping on cotton.

Recently, Yufeng has been busy with housework, and she has to help me when she finds time. It is rare to have such leisure today. She roamed freely in the woods like a happy oriole, and laughter filled this small world.

"Stinky boy, come here, chase me if you can!" Yufeng twisted her beautiful buttocks at me mischievously, and made a face at me.

"I caught it, you're welcome!" I smirked, but my feet were not ambiguous at all, even jumping a few steps to chase two feet.

"Ah!" Yufeng screamed, turned her head and ran, saying, "Little pervert, come after the old lady!"

Her beautiful figure flashed several times and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

I'm dumbfounded!

I suddenly remembered something. Before Li Cheng contracted this piece of forest, it seemed that Jiu Jiu was the owner of this piece of forest, so Yufeng was more familiar with this piece of forest than I was!

How can this be good?

"Yufeng, Yufeng, come out! I suddenly remembered that I have something to do, so I'm going back." I shouted around.

"Hmph, little pervert, stop bluffing, you can do your tricks at the age of three!"

Yufeng's complacent laughter came from the depths of the woods.

"Hey, look at you running there!"

I jumped towards the place where the sound was made but fluttered, puzzled: "Huh? Why is there no one?"

"Haha, little one, come and catch Me!" Yufeng smiled proudly.

"Come here, afraid of you?" I ran towards the source of the sound again, but I didn't see half of the person. I was tricked by her over and over again, and I couldn't understand it.

Just as I was dying, I suddenly heard a whirring sound behind me, and I turned around suddenly and was hugged by someone.

"Stinky boy, have you taken it yet?" Yufeng hugged me, panting with sweat.

"I got it, I got it, tell me, how can this forest be so weird?"

"I won't tell you, unless..."

"Unless what?" Yufeng leaned against my ear, murmured a few words softly.

After listening to this, my eyes were full of lust, and I was greatly surprised. I asked, "Yufeng, are you not sick?"

"Go, go, my mother is in good health." How can you suddenly say such lewd things?"

"Stinky boy, if you don't do it or not, I'll go back."

"Don't don't, don't don't, my wife is begging, how can I not do it for my husband?" I smiled and took off my clothes quickly.

Yufeng wasn't idle either. She moved faster than me, tearing off her clothes and laying it on the soft withered leaves in three or two strokes. Then she took the initiative to lie down, biting her little finger in her mouth, looking like a seductive fairy.

In my eyes, Yufeng is indescribably beautiful, her gestures are infinite, her frowns and smiles are all natural. God really cares for her too much. In addition to giving her a face that is more beautiful as she gets older, she also gives her an ice skin and a devil-like figure - plump twin peaks, slender waist, round buttocks, and then With a pair of fat-free legs, and a pair of white and smooth feet.

Ordinary peasant women are always busy with farm work, so their feet are always thick and large, and their skin is as rough as sand. And Yufeng's feet are less than five inches, and in her hands, a slap just covers her; her skin is soft and delicate, and it feels as smooth as new satin.

Although Huanxi Dafa has many flaws, its benefits are also countless. Since Yufeng came with me, under the nourishment of Huanxi Dafa, her whole body has become a few years younger, and her skin is better than a day.

"Stinky boy, what's so beautiful about your feet, you can't put it down." Yufeng rolled her eyes at me.

"Hey, auntie, your skin is getting more and more delicate, even your feet are so beautiful, you can't touch them? You're so stingy!" Sweet, I don't know who to learn from."

"Who else could it be? It's not your aunt!"

"Bah, bah, bah! My mother is no longer your aunt, so you are not allowed to call me that!" Yufeng threw me a punch.

"Aunt, aunt, aunt..." I wanted to call.

Yufeng was in a hurry, and a slender hand attacked my lower body as if trying to find the moon in a sea; I didn't panic, and reached out to grab her small hand. Yufeng struggled, but hung it on her chestbra shakes off.

In an instant, as if the long drought meets the rain, the long rain and the dark clouds open, the eyes suddenly light up, two big white rabbit-like breasts jump out, and my soft cock seems to have been hit with hormones, and it stands upright like a javelin. , stabbed directly in front of Yufeng's eyes, less than ten centimeters from her small mouth.

Yufeng seemed to be taken aback, and the shouting stopped abruptly, like an old female duck who was suddenly strangled by the neck. She stayed for a full two seconds, her snow-white skin turned pink at a speed visible to the naked eye, and finally her pretty face was on fire.

"Auntie, eat bananas." I salivated my face, sticking my cock to her mouth to grind and grind...

"Bah!" He spit, but didn't get angry.

"Aunt, you are so thoughtful, you know that my cock is dry and needs lubrication."

"Little pervert, full of erotic thoughts, today's old lady won't eat... uh..."

Her words "eat" were blocked halfway through. I took advantage of her open mouth to stab her with a gun, opened her mouth, and gave her a hard blow!

Yufeng made a sound of "uuuuu" in her mouth. She desperately tilted her head back, but I was holding her head with both hands. How could she escape.

The meat stick pierced most of the stick and pressed straight against the flesh of the throat. As she resisted, the slick tongue stuck to the stick and kept stirring. A sense of pleasure that was so refreshing to the bones came from the stick, which made me want to die. I shouted: "Cool!"

"Damn, why are you calling so loud?"

Yufeng's voice came suddenly, but she took advantage of me to be in a state of ecstasy and put her mouth into the air. The meat cock was thrown out, and the five-inch-long cock shone with lustful light and was exposed in the air.

Master Lama said that the length of an ordinary person's erection is about three to four inches. For example, before I practiced Huanxi Dafa, the maximum erection length was only four inches. After practicing Huanxi Dafa, excluding the first layer of foundation, starting from the second layer, the penis can grow by one inch for each layer. Ten inches long! The king of meat sticks!

I once asked the master if he has practiced? Master told me that he has only been able to reach the sixth level after 60 years of hard training.

I thought to myself: Even if I practice five layers, the meat stick will be eight inches long. Hehe, it is enough to laugh at hundreds of millions of people...

Let’s get down to business, after Yufeng spit out the meat stick, a spring breeze blows, My cock was cold. The wind in early spring is still quite cold.

"Hmph, I just know how to play oral sex, let's see how you play." Yufeng learned to be obedient, covering her seductive mouth with one hand, provocatively.

"There's no place to leave the father here, there is a place for the father." I put her down with a smile, and before she came back to her senses, the cock was already attached to the deep cleavage...

My two Big hands on her breasts. Seeing these dazzlingly beautiful breasts, I couldn't help but think of the standard for beautiful breasts in the book: plump, well-proportioned, flexible, and elastic; the breasts are relatively high, between the second and sixth ribs; the nipples are protruding and slightly facing Everted, located in the fourth intercostal space; the distance between the two nipples is more than 20 cm, and the distance from the nipple to the mid-sternal line is 11 to 13 cm; the diameter of the breast base is 10 to 12 cm; the height of the breast is 5 to 6 cm; the areola The diameter is 3.5 to 4.8 centimeters; the areola of girls is rose red, and turns brown after marriage; the appearance is straight and hemispherical or small conical. For unmarried girls, conical breasts are beautiful, and married women are hemispherical. Breasts are beautiful.

Yufeng's breasts are like two conical towers, with round and large bases, pretty spires, and pink areolas.

"Aunt, the book says married women's areolas are brown, why is yours pink, like a girl?"

"It used to be brown, but since I followed you, I don't know how to change it. It's getting redder and redder." Yufeng was also at a loss.

I smiled and said: "It seems that it is the effect of joyful Dafa."

"Stop talking about your broken qigong, stop playing, and do serious things." Yufeng said this, her face changed again a little red. I looked down and saw the gurgling stream in the pink little hole, which wet a large area of ​​the thick black pubic hair, dripping continuously on the bottom of the sportswear.

Oh, my aunt wants me to fuck her!

I won't give it!

I kept silent, I held her 36D breasts with both hands, and the wonderful feeling in my heart made me snort comfortably; At the moment of squeezing, my soul trembled, and it was so refreshing that my soul flew away.

Yufeng's breasts are very large, which is very suitable for the demanding exercise such as "titty sex"; if it is replaced by the small breasts of Si Ya's 32B cup, it is quite difficult to do this kind of exercise.

However, there are big benefits, and small benefits.

I pulled my thoughts back and concentrated on enjoying the meat in front of me.

This is the first time I've had titty sex. I've only seen it in novels. I tried it today and it was amazing.

The delicate and elastic breasts wrapped tightly around my cock, from the head of the penis all the way to the body, and finally submerged, but the turtle's eyes were exposed from the top.

It didn't feel as good as before, so I started to try to thrust like a fuck hole, the meat cock smashed in and out of the two breasts, and it only took three or two rounds, and the feeling of comfort like a soul flying all over the body.

Everyone is greedy, and when I tasted the sweetness, I began to speed up my movements. It was as if I had practiced thousands of times and was extremely skilled. The snow-white breasts were rubbed red like fire.

"Auntie, help me?" I said suddenly with a painful expression.

She was startled and panicked: "Zixing, what's wrong?"

"There's no touch on the head of the penis, help me!"

Yufeng's face flushed red as if it was about to drip Blood,There are not many students, and there are only more than 30 students from the first grade to the fifth grade together.

The children in the countryside are late enlightened, and most of them are stupid and hard to teach. Si Ya always complained in my ear that a student came to the first grade when he was thirteen or four years old. How can this be done? People can't get enough to eat, and they still expect them to read and write?

Then Xiaoqing came.

When the adults in the village saw this elf-like little girl, they liked it very much. This little girl is only seven or eight years old, and she knows everything. The fourteen and five-year-old children in the village are not as smart as her. She is beautiful and wears beautiful clothes from the city. , making the village children jealous. But the people in the village knew that this little girl had a lot of background and could not afford to offend her, so they told their naughty children not to bully others.

That's the way things are in the world. Whatever you are afraid of, it will come.

When I got to school, I heard the end bell ringing in the distance. The bell was not an electric bell, but a half-steel rail hanging from a big tree. There lived a single old man next to the school. The old man never married. He only likes children. Since I was in school, I took the initiative to take on the task of ringing the bell.

The old man, regardless of pay or hard work, has been ringing the bell for the children every day for several years, just hoping to see these children hilarious for a few minutes between classes.

When get out of class was over, the children rushed out of the classroom and ran to the playground. The boys squatted on the ground and played marbles, while the girls invited three or five friends and pulled up an old rubber band to play games. The originally deserted school suddenly entered the modern society from the primitive society. The boys chased after each other, the girls jumped rope, and kicked the shuttlecock. It was very lively.

When I went back to Si Ya's house last time, she specially took me to see the elementary school she attended as a child. I don't want to say anything else, but I am disappointed by one thing. The schools in the city are built taller than buildings, and the playgrounds are smaller than chicken coops.

Students can only stay in the hallway to bask in the sun after class. Want to be active? Often hundreds of pairs of eyes staring at a few people. The people playing on the playground were naturally embarrassed, so they shyly hid in the classroom.

The children's natural playfulness is suppressed in a small classroom. What is the use of the classroom's bright windows? Children's minds are locked in buildings and cannot return to nature. It's no wonder that many students have committed suicide in the newspapers, and most of these people are urban students.

From a distance, I saw a beautiful little girl kicking a shuttlecock with a group of little girls. The little girl was neatly dressed and beautiful, who was it if it wasn't Xiaoqing?

I was about to step forward when I noticed a change.

A tall, slender male classmate walked up to Xiaoqing and said a few words to her. Then something unpleasant happened between the two of them. Then Xiaoqing screamed, and I vaguely heard: "Looking for a teacher..."

Then I saw a tall male classmate pulling Xiaoqing.

Xiaoqing is such a troublesome girl? He jumped up and slapped the male classmate fiercely, then ran into the office like a gust of wind.

Heh, the male student looked at least thirteen or fourteen years old, but was beaten to the ground by Xiaoqing. I saw it was funny, how did this girl grow up!

I walked towards the office with a smile, and bumped into Siya who was leading Xiaoqing out.

Siya said in surprise: "Why are you here?"

"It's okay, come and see you. Ouch, who bullied us Xiaoqing? Xiaoqing told her brother quickly, my brother will help you get revenge."

Xiaoqing threw herself into my arms and cried, pointing at the male classmate with a sly face, and said, "Brother, it's him, he's bullying Xiaoqing. Brother, go and beat him for me, ooh..."

I can't do anything about adults beating up children. How can I know that I am a person with status and status now, as well as children.

Song Siya said: "Li Ergou died when he was a child, and his father left him after he was thrown into school. This child mingled with the gangsters in the village all day long, learned some hooligan words, bullied him On Xiaoqing's head."

Xiaoqing also said: "Brother, Li Ergou is a hooligan, shameless, saying...that I was Teacher Song's illegitimate daughter...I was angry and beat him. Slap."

I wiped Xiaoqing's tears lovingly and said, "Brother, help you educate him."

Song Siya said, "He is my student, so let me go."

I said, "If he insists that Xiaoqing is your illegitimate daughter, what would you say?" Immediately, Si Ya's face was flushed with embarrassment, and she was speechless.

I said, "I've seen this kind of little ruffian who doesn't learn well since childhood. If I don't teach him a lesson, next time he will definitely ride on your head and shit."

Song Siya worried: "You don't. I'll hit him."

I sweated and said, "Am I that kind of person?"

Song Siya squinted at me and said, "Well, you have serious violent tendencies."

I ignored it. He walked up to the little ruffian and said, "Who are you kidding with?"

When Li Ergou saw a strong man as strong as an ox, he took a step back in fright. Old... Lao Tzu is Wei... Big brother Wei's person... Don't touch me, or my big brother won't be able to spare you."

I laughed: "Wei Qiang is your big brother?"

"That's right, My eldest brother has the ability, there are many younger brothers under him, it doesn't matter if I can't beat you, if you want to beat me, I will ask my eldest brother to clean up you." Li Ergouzi said boldly, but he didn't know that he was still speaking with a vibrato.

"Do you know who I am?"

"You...you are Xu...Xu Tieshou."

"You know my name, how dare you bully my sister?"

"I Big brother said that serious people are paper tigers... We are gangsters, and we are not afraid of anyone. My big brother also said that you serious people are paper tigers, so I am afraid that we gangsters. "

I'm absolutely down. Wei Qiang, this cripple, actually poisoned minors like this, instigating criminals! A good boy was brainwashed by him and taught him to become a little bastard with a lofty goal of being a gangster.

"Do you know who your eldest brother's eldest brother is?"

"Brother Wei is our eldest brother, where does he have an eldest brother?"

"I pay him a salary so that he can have food and wine, Tell me, who is his eldest brother?"

"Ah, are you really the eldest brother?"

Li Ergou looked at me with admiration and said, "Although Brother Wei didn't say anything, but I My brothers secretly guessed that Big Brother Wei's eldest brother was you. But Big Brother Wei didn't tell us, and we didn't dare to talk nonsense."

I couldn't help laughing, and I was inexplicably recognized as the eldest brother by a few gangsters.

"Since you know, you still dare to bully my sister and talk nonsense? Don't you know that Teacher Song is my fiancee?" ...big brother, big brother...little brother doesn't dare, no more...don't dare...you just spare little brother this time..."

I patted him on the shoulder and threw him a dime, making him happy I just fell down...

"Okay, tell your brothers to be smart and don't make trouble in the school in the future, especially Teacher Song and Dongfang Qing, one of them is my wife and the other is my sister, listen carefully. No?"

My firm and soft hand made Li Ergou stunned for a while, he nodded and bowed, and I let him go.

Song Siya came over and frowned: "Zixing, how can you do this? You will teach him badly like this."

I smiled and said, "He is bad enough."

"Our teacher is bad enough." Your responsibility is to teach your students well!" Song Siya was a little angry.

"Wife, don't be angry. If it were you, how would you teach a bad student like him?"

"If it were me, I would invite his father, and start from both the school and the family at the same time, Teach him well."

"Hehe, do you know what his father does?"

"I heard that he is a coal miner in the next village."

"Okay, you also said that his father is next door. How can I take care of Li Ergou when I work in the village? I also know Li Ergou's father. He used to mix with Wei Qiang, and he is a veteran of our Chunshui Village. Punching holes, Li Ergou doesn’t like to read by nature, so he must have a brain like that, and he is definitely not a piece of reading material. I will ask Wei Qiang to teach him well, anyway, I will try not to let him go to prison.”

Song Siya became anxious and said, "This can't be done. I am his teacher and I have to be responsible for him."

I sighed and said, "A teacher is not omnipotent! After all, students are the children of their parents, not the teachers. The teacher just needs to teach them well in school. What they become in the end is their parents' business, their own business, and has nothing to do with you."

Song Siya wanted to say more, but I was a little annoyed and said: " A teacher is not a savior or a nanny. Everyone has a role to play in this society. The bastards in this world will not become extinct. This is also a natural product of social development. Go back to class.”

Song Siya was obviously taken by me. The last sentence was shocked, and the beautiful big eyes flashed.

"Zixing, I just found out today that you are handsome too, especially when you said that." Song Siya giggled and took Xiaoqing's hand back to the classroom.

What is this? A woman's heart, the needle at the bottom of the sea, will actually be involved in the question of whether she is handsome or not. Woman, who can understand your heart...

I was about to leave when I saw Siya turned back and shouted, "Zixing, the next class is physical education for the fourth and fifth grades, please help me. "

"Didn't you let the children move freely in the past?"

"That's because there were not enough manpower in the past." Song Siya hit on my idea.

I was a little embarrassed and said, "I haven't taken a serious physical education class since I was a child. How do you want me to teach it?"

Song Siya said as if the trick was successful, "I tell you. , you will. You first ask them to gather, form a formation from tallest to shortest, and then ask them to count. Then you can take them for a run, and you can do a 100-foot running training." She said, holding her hand Take off that female watch and give it to me.

In 1984, there was no such thing as an electronic watch, and a steel watch was a rare thing. It was very expensive. A watch cost one or two hundred yuan. Siya has no jewelry, just this watch all over her body. I suddenly feel sad, if a girl as beautiful as her, how many people would pursue her in the city! Wear gold if you want to wear gold, wear silver if you want to wear silver. She and I have been with her for almost half a year. I haven't even given her a flower, let alone any jewelry. I'm ashamed...

I secretly made a decision. Take out some and buy a gold necklace for her. After careful calculation, it will be the half anniversary of our acquaintance in half a month. Well, it will be on that day.

【Episode 6】Chapter 6: Teacher Beasts

Song Siya took me to the classroom - the only classroom in the whole school. There were more than 20 tattered tables in the classroom; On a bench in the farmhouse, three students shared a table and stool, and more than 30 young faces looked at me curiously as an "outsider".

Song Siya said, "Students, this teacher will give physical education lessons for the fourth and fifth grade students in my place. Students, please call Teacher Xu."

Thirty teachers including Xiao Qing The rest of the male and female classmates said in unison, "Xu...teacher...teacher...good..."

When the child shouted, the milk sound was heavy, and the voice dragged the elder. Even so, I was inexplicably excited for a while. It was the first time someone called himself "teacher". Well, this feels quite good, for this sentence "Mr. Xuok", I should teach them too.

I arranged for a dozen or so students in grades four and five to gather at the playground, while Si Ya helped students of other grades in class.

I walked over to this group of small children and looked at them one by one, and saw that there was only one girl among the ten or so people. Alas, the concept of preference for boys over girls in rural areas is too serious. Adults generally only let girls drop out of school until the third grade. In their words, it is enough to read the third grade - they can already recognize a lot of characters.

Li Ergou, the little ruffian, was also there. He was the tallest among them. I pointed at him and called out, "Li Ergou!"

"Here!" The look in my eyes is full of admiration. Obviously, he knew my identity and status in the village, and everyone knew that I was only sixteen but more mature than adults, so I became an idol for children over ten years old in the village.

"Come here!" I pointed in front of me, and asked them to line up one by one. That girl I let her stand last, not because she is a girl, but because she is the shortest, very short, about a foot or so.

"Today, I will help you give you a formal physical education class - 100-foot speed running training." Then I drew a starting line at one end of the playground, and then measured the distance of about 100 feet with the step measurement method. A finish line was drawn, and then I placed the girl at the finish.

"What's your name?" I asked the girl who didn't dare to look at me.

"I... I... My name is Caier Li." The girl was quite shy and took a long time to say it.

Children in rural areas are always very shy when they meet strangers, and I don't care; children in fourth grade are twelve or thirteen years old anyway, and she is just over a foot. This head is really too short, plus she is thin, I guess her character must be introverted and cowardly.

I smiled and said: "Don't be afraid, the teacher is not a tiger, you don't have to be afraid of me, I asked you to come out to ask you to do me a favor, can you help me?"

The girl nodded vigorously and said: "Teacher, I can do it." The girl has always lacked the approval of others. Today, she was suddenly taken seriously by an important person in the village. The deer in her heart slammed, bit her lip, and tried her best to speak out.

"Okay, you stand on the edge of the finish line and raise your right hand. When you see a classmate running across the finish line, you wave your hand down." Said: "Can you do it?"

"Well, teacher, I... I will, I will definitely be able to do it." The girl nodded firmly, but still didn't dare to look up at me.

The physical education class officially begins.

Under my command, the mud boys ran out one after another. The fastest Li Ergou took seventeen seconds, and the slowest boy took thirty seconds.

When the little boy ran back, all the boys burst into laughter.

I said seriously, "Don't laugh! He's your classmate, no matter how slow he runs, you shouldn't laugh at him. Besides, this is just a training, not a competition, it's about participation! He runs so slow He also dared to participate, it just shows that he has the courage, so I want to praise this classmate."

I pulled the little man to my side, patted him on the shoulder and said, "Boy, good work."

The little man's face was swollen red, and the white light flashed in his eyes. I said in a more serious tone, "Don't cry, a man who stands upright in the sky, how can he shed tears like a girl?"

I wiped his tears with my sleeves and said, "Remember, boys don't shed tears easily. !"

"Well, teacher, I got it!" The little man looked at me excitedly, his eyes like a Red Guard looking at Chairman Mao.

The classmates were ashamed by what I said. When they were quiet, a girl's thin voice came: "Old... teacher, I... I also want to run once."

I turned around. At first glance, it was Li Cai'er. At this time, she boldly raised her head and looked at me with hope in her eyes.

Xiao Cai'er looks good, but unfortunately she is a little dirty. No wonder she keeps her head down, because she is afraid of being seen.

"Okay, the teacher will run with you."

I stood side by side with Caier Li on the starting line and asked, "Are you ready?"

Caier Li looked at me excitedly and said, "Teacher, I Ready."

"Okay, listen to my command, get ready..."

Li Caier ran out as soon as she got excited.

I yelled: "Come back, I haven't run away yet!"

The boys laughed, I turned my head and scolded them: "Don't laugh, applaud. Clap!"

"Clap! Clap!" The boys clapped again.

Li Caier had a fever on her face, walked back and said, "I...I..."

"It's okay, I know you're too excited, relax, take a deep breath, take a deep breath. Okay, are you ready?"

Li Cai'er did as she did, nodded again and said, "Teacher, I'm ready, I'll never make a mistake this time."

"Okay, get ready... run!" The two ran towards the finish line...

In just one physical education class, I accompanied my classmates to run and play games, such as playing eagle and chicken.

There was a lot of laughter and laughter on the playground. Siya rushed out of the classroom and rolled her eyes at me several times.

Song Siya looked at the tall figure outside the window, and whispered happily, "Such an old man is still like a child."

Forty-five minutes passed quickly, and the classmates were reluctant to part.

"Mr. Xu, we have PE class the day after tomorrow, can you come?"

"Yes, Mr. Xu, we like you, can you be our PE teacher?"

Li Er The dog is the most daring: "Brother, I will mess with you in the future, you tell me to stand guard,I will never dig a bird's egg. "

I am amused by him. This kid is stupid, but he is simple enough. I like him a little bit.

"No, the teacher still has your own work to do. Your task now is to study hard. If you like the teacher, the teacher will take the time to see you. If I do my homework, then I will never come again."

Li Ergou said with a sad face: "Big brother, I am very stupid. The class is like flying in a plane. , If you don't come, what am I going to do?"

"Okay, except for you Li Ergou. But if you let me hear about your bullying your classmates again, don't blame me for taking care of you."

"Yes, Yes, big brother, I will never bully people again."

"Okay, classmates, let's go to get out of class."

"Goodbye teacher." "bell".

Twenty or so students poured into the playground. These lower grade students were tickled by our laughter and laughter just now. After class, they were like birds coming out of their cages. It coincided with the end of the morning class. The children flew away.

Walking into the office, Song Siya was packing her textbooks. Although the office is simple, there are still desks and chairs, and all kinds of teaching aids are neatly placed on the table.

Seeing me coming, she asked, "How did it feel to be a teacher for the first time?"

"Well, not bad, it's pretty good." I hugged her waist from behind and touched her with a big hand. breast.

"Ah! Damn, beware of being seen..."

I squeezed and rubbed, saying, "What are you afraid of? Are you all out of class? I'm just touching, not really..."

"Okay, people are starving to death, go home and eat." Siya rolled her eyes at me, and suddenly sullen me, her little hand grabbed the meat cock violently, and I gasped.

"Wife...forgive me!"

"Hmph, if my mother doesn't show her arrogance, do you think I'm a sick cat?"

She was completely unaware that it was a handjob in disguise.

Siya's style in bed is not as good as Yufeng's. Yufeng has been completely conquered by me. When I say one, she will never say two. Song Siya is different. I respect her very much and never ask her to do anything in bed. any outrageous actions.

"Uh, hehe, are you helping me with a pistol?"

"Ah!" Song Siya retracted her hand like an electric shock and cursed, "You shameless little thing is only a little big. It's just that bad."

I laughed lewdly and said, "Oh? Is it only a little bit big?"

Song Siya took a sip, her face flushed and she pushed me away, saying, "Get out of the way, I want to go home. It's time to eat."

"Oh, wife, don't go, you haven't answered me yet." I followed her out of the office and closed the door.

When she looked back at Song Siya, she found that she was talking to a girl.

"Hey! Caier Li, why haven't you gone home yet?"

Caier Li glanced behind Song Siya and suddenly turned and ran away.

"Hey, what's wrong with this child?" Song Siya asked suspiciously.

I put my arms around her waist and said, "What can a child do? Let's go, go home for dinner."

"You are only a child."

Song Siya smiled mysteriously at me and asked Said: "What month were you born?"


Song Siya suddenly covered her mouth and smiled.

I touched the back of my head and asked in confusion, "What's the matter?"

"Do you know how old she is?" Song Siya finally took a breath.

"Looking at her, she's thirteen at most," I said with certainty.

"Hey, he is older than you, sixteen years old, and his birthday is in June."

"Isn't it?"

I was inexplicably surprised, and said in surprise, "Li Cai'er is so small, there are ten Six years old?"

"What? You don't believe me? Would you like me to show you the student file?" Song Siya said proudly.

"Forget it. Oh, yes, eat! Go, go home and eat."


It's been a tough journey.

You can't look like a person, you can't look like a person. A fourth-grade elementary school student is sixteen years old, a few months older than me. This world is messed up.

Li Cai'er's petite figure is really like the loli described in the Japanese 18 forbidden novels. Fortunately, I don't have a lolicon, or else...hehe...

At the same time, I suddenly thought, Li Cai'er is so small, there are also Must be small, can my cock fit in?

Hey, we really have the potential to become a lolicon!

The sun is shining and the spring breeze is blowing.

The midday sun was shining right into a farmhouse, and a ragged, pale, mature woman in her late forties was working in the kitchen. Seeing that she was thin, but her movements were not slow, she skillfully picked up the spatula and flipped it up and down. Two plates of green vegetables and a bowl of soup that was as light as water with less than a drop of oil were quickly placed on the only broken table in the room. .

"Mom, I'm back."

A clear childish voice came from outside the house, and the mature woman was overjoyed and ran out the door, saying, "Daughter, it's school, come and eat...cough...cough... Cough, cough, cough..." The mature woman suddenly coughed violently, the sound was loud and unpleasant, presumably she was terminally ill.

"Mom, what's wrong with you? Hurry up, take a drink." A little girl less than one foot two ran into the house, skillfully picked up a tea bowl to help her mother bring a bowl of warm water; The non-stop milf took over and drank it, and it took a while for the cough to stop.

"Is it better?" the little girl asked worriedly.

The mature woman breathed a sigh of relief, perhaps because of drinking warm water, a faint blush appeared on her face, because of her paleShe doesn't look very beautiful, so I'm afraid it will be difficult to find a good family. "

Cai'er's mother smiled and said, "My family's Cai'er is not pretty? Giggle..." A burst of tender laughter made Mrs. Li Xi feel inexplicable.

Li Xipo was taken aback. Did you say something wrong? Can your daughter be called pretty? than my dead daughter.

Cai Erniang saw Madam Li Xi's doubts and said, "Mother Li Xi, come to my house for dinner tonight. After dinner, you will understand." Madam Li Xi kept asking, that Cai Erniang is the Don't say it, just invite her to dinner.

This can satisfy Li Xipo's appetite and make her heart itch. She thought to herself: Do you know magic? Can Caier's girl turn from an inferior ugly duckling to a proud white swan?

The two sat and chatted for an afternoon. When the school was over, they both held hands and returned to Cai'er's house.

After waiting for more than half an hour and not seeing Li Cai'er come back, Cai Er's mother became anxious and said, "What happened today? She usually gets home at five o'clock, why didn't she come back at five thirty today?"

" Did the teacher keep her?"

"Probably not, Teacher Song never delays the class."

"Could it be that Cai'er was playing with her classmates and came back late?"

"Cai'er Although this girl is small, she is 16 years old after all, she can't play with those little dolls!"

The two mature women asked and answered, and after waiting for another half an hour, Cai'er still didn't come back. This made Cai Erniang anxious.

"No, I have to find her!" As she went out, Li Xipo hurriedly followed.

Mr. Li Xi ran to school with her, and asked the old man who was ringing the bell. They said: "Your daughter will leave as soon as school is over." They ran to ask Cai'er's classmates again, and the classmates said: Didn't Cai'er go home? So the two hurried home again. The house was still empty, but it was half past six. Where would Cai'er go?

Cai Erniang, who lost her daughter, lost her soul. Li Xi said she would ask Teacher Song, so they went to find Song Siya.

Song Siya heard her intentions and said in surprise, "Li Cai'er is gone?"

"Mr. Song, please help me. Cai'er is so young, could it be that she was kidnapped by bad guys?" The mother was thinking wildly, and the more she thought about it, the more afraid she became.

"Eldest sister, don't panic, I'll let Zixing look for it." Song Siya was about to go out when Xu Yufeng came back when she saw a woman in the room crying and making trouble, and asked, "What's wrong?"

p> It was only after I asked that I realized that the matter was serious. Several women lost their minds and all said to go to Xu Zixing.

"Cai Erniang, you should rest here first."

Cai Erniang didn't listen to the persuasion and insisted on finding her daughter with everyone, so Song Siya and Xu Yufeng had to take her with her. Follow naturally.

A group of four hurried to the greenhouse, but was told by Li Mingli and Wei Sanzi: "Brother Xu may be in the 58th shed." , at the beginning of construction to help each greenhouse number. The No. 58 greenhouse is the farthest and most remote from where the villagers live, but the light is the best there. Among the 300 greenhouses, the vegetables on No. 58 are growing the best.

Cai Erniang was supported by everyone with one foot and one foot. The coughing became worse as she walked. Everyone tried to persuade her not to listen. Li Mingli and Wei Sanzi had to support her with one arm and lift the water like water. carried her away.

After a while, the big guy saw the No. 58 greenhouse, and also saw me. With a bucket in one hand and a ladle in the other, I was watering the vegetables.

"Zixing, Zixing, something happened, something happened!" Song Siya shouted across the distance.

I whistled and planned to go back to dinner after pouring the bucket of water, when I heard Song Siya's voice faintly. I followed the source of the sound and saw Song Siya leading a large group of people waving at me and shouting, "Something happened... "Something happened..."

I was in a hurry, I threw the bucket and got out of the shed, and said loudly, "What happened?"

I saw a group of women running over, one of them suddenly screamed "Cai'er!" Then she frantically broke free from Li Mingli and Wei Sanzi's hands and ran towards me.

Caier? Judging from her face, this ill woman can't be Li Cai'er's mother, right?

Li Cai'er was struggling to walk to me with a bucket that was half her height, and then a scream made her loosen her hand, the bucket fell to the ground, and the water flowed all over the floor. Li Caier was hugged by a warm embrace before she had time to feel sad.

"Cai Er, you want to kill your mother, where have you been? Mom has been looking for you for a long time, woo..." Cai Er Niang cried while hugging her daughter. The ups and downs of life were too fast, making this mature woman look like a child Weeping like hell.

When Li Caier saw her mother was so sad, blood was thicker than water, the mother and daughter were heart-to-heart, and she hugged her mother and cried.

My husband, King Kong, was confused and asked everyone what was going on.

Siya said fiercely, "You're too embarrassed to ask? You said, why did you kidnap my students here?" After speaking, she kicked the bucket that fell to the ground and said, "Xu Zixing, hire child labor. It's against the law!"

I watched all this calmly, vaguely guessing what was going on.

"Xu Zixing, don't play stupid to me. Tell me, why did you hire Li Caier?" Si Ya's eyebrows stood upright.

I took her hand and said softly, "Siya, it's not what you think."

Siya threw her hand away, broke away, and said, "I don't care what your reasons are, you are going My daughter came here, why didn't she say hello first? It made so many people worry, especially Cai Erniang, who was already ill. If she has troubles, you can take the responsibility Is it?"

I was startled, it turned out that the sick woman was really seriously ill, and said anxiously: "Song Siya, listen to me..." : "Xu ZiYou bitch, I'll kill you! "

My father is an honest man, very popular in the village, and I have never heard of him having a festival with others. Cai Erniang seems to hate my dad, is there any secret?

I was thinking about what was on my mind when Yufeng said, "Xiaoxing, save the people to the end, send the Buddha to the west, Caier and her mother and daughter are so pitiful, you should help them."

Siya also said : "Yeah, I'm a dereliction of duty, I don't even know that Li Caier's mother is seriously ill. Zixing, you must send her to the hospital for treatment." Although he is not a good person, he also has a kind heart and does not prevent me from doing good deeds. I touched Cai'erniang's plump buttocks, took her into my arms and said, "Well, I'll send her to the town health center for treatment." Get on the ox cart and put Cai Erniang into the bed of the ox cart. Yufeng gave me a stack of money. Everyone wanted to follow me. I said, "Everyone has their own things to do. What are you messing with? Well, I can take care of her by myself."

Madam Li Xi suddenly interrupted and said, "I'm fine, I'll go with you."

"It's not very convenient." I pretended. Looking at her, I can't help but think of the embarrassing things I had when I was a child...

"Cai Erniang grew up with me when I was a child. She suffered the same fate as me, and we have a good relationship! Just let me do my sisterhood. "Li Xipo was righteous, but I knew she had other thoughts in her mind.

"Okay then!"

Madam Li Xi was overjoyed and climbed into the car.

I was about to drive Rhubarb away with my whip, but I heard Si Ya say, "Zixing, wait."

She ran to the car and handed a package and said, "You haven't eaten dinner, bring Serve dry food, don't go hungry."

Si Ya will also care about people, I'm a little touched. She is from the city, and it is not as good as Yufeng who will serve her man, but it is obvious that she is trying to change herself. My eyes warmed, and I said affectionately, "Siya, thank you."

Siya didn't blushed this time, but boldly grabbed my hand and said, "The road is not good, be careful on the road, don't hurry, I'll wait for you to come back, husband!" After saying that, her pretty face flew up to Hongxia, and she broke away from my hand and hid in the house.

Husband, husband... Hehe, Siya finally called me husband in front of outsiders. I was so happy, I waved the whip and shouted, "Come on! Da Huang, let's go."

Da Huang spread his feet and let out a "moo", like flying away, and soon disappeared at the entrance of the village...

The ox cart It was bumpy, but Li Xipo was uneasy. When she saw Siya's happy appearance, she felt bad in her heart. The man she used to regard as a potential stock has now begun to show his skills. Those three hundred greenhouses are enough to prove that this man is extraordinary.

She groaned, if the fire hadn't been there that night. I'm afraid that now their mother and daughter are happily serving a husband together.

Thinking about it, Li Xipo was hot all over, smelling the breath of the man around her, she was always emotionally moved. Alas, he is really the nemesis of my Li Xipo! Li Xipo was lying in bed, her hair touching the man's back, she felt so safe, only when she faced this man, would her old heart for many years be moved slightly.

The spring night was slightly chilly, although it was a little cold, it couldn't cool my fiery heart. Li Xipo is a woman I haven't gotten to know before, and what I can't get is always so attractive.

The two women behind me are superb women, one is the best nurse, the other is the best matchmaker, and both are widows. What ambiguous intersections will they have with me?

In the silent night, the big yellow ox was only driven by the faint moonlight, and the wheels slammed into the rocks; the big yellow is now a god cow, not only powerful but also fast, almost as fast as a horse.

Li Xipo's heart was up and down, like fifteen buckets fetching water. The wind whistled in her ears, but Madam Xi's heart was fiery, she opened her mouth, she wanted to say something, but she swallowed the words again. This happened a few times along the way. When she gathered up her courage and was about to confess, she heard my "squeak" and the bullock cart stopped.

Li Xipo sighed in her heart, "Oh, this road is so short."

I tied the rhubarb to a tree in front of the clinic, took Caierniang from the car, and said: "Go, go in."

Hearing the man's call, Li Xi was overjoyed and said, "Yeah!" At this moment, she seemed to be returning to the age of a young girl, and her pounding heart was sweet.

Pushing open the door of the clinic, an angel in white came on the way. Isn't it the little nurse who ate the breakfast I bought last time?

"Hi, what a coincidence." I greeted her with a smile.

The little nurse had only noticed the patient, Cai Erniang. When she heard someone greeting her, she looked up and screamed, "Ah... a pervert!" She ran away and ran into the outpatient room.

"Where are the perverts? Look at the old man's claws!"

A white shadow flashed, and an old man ran out of the outpatient room with his palms raised high. He said, "Why is Xiao Xu?"

The little nurse hid behind Hua Lao and said tremblingly, "It's...that's him...he's a pervert..."

"Naughty!" Hua Laochao's little nurse cursed.

Li Xi Granny looked at me strangely. She must have thought that I had done something bad to the little nurse.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, so I said to Mr. Hua, "Elder Hua, can you treat the disease first, and then talk about other things?"

Mr. Hua was also very embarrassed, and pulled us into the emergency room with the nurse. Quack doctors usually ask, "What's wrong with the patient?" But a truly competent doctor doesn't need to ask more.

I put Cai Erniang on the bed and said, "Elder Hua, please take a look."

Lao Hua didn't say anything, grabbed Cai Erniang's wrist, closed his eyes and checked the pulse for only ten seconds. Hua Lao opened his eyesSaid: "Myocardial infarction."

"Old Hua has a good medical skills and is indeed a national player." I flattered him.

Hua Lao's face had no trace of blood, and he frowned, "If it is delivered a few days later, even Daluo Jinxian will not be able to save her."

I was surprised: "It's so serious?"

"It's more than that. Serious? This is a terminal illness!" Hua Lao Nianxu kept silent, closed his eyes and pondered the method of curing the disease. I didn't dare to disturb him, but when I turned around, I saw the little nurse was thinking about something. The little nurse felt something, she looked up to catch a glimpse of me looking at her, the ground suddenly turned red, she turned around and ran away.

Damn, I look at you, do you need to react like this?

Li Xipo took a look at our expressions and actions, and she felt like she had overturned a vinegar jar, and her mouth turned up unconsciously. I thought to myself: Did she take that joke seriously?

"I can't cure it!" Hua Lao suddenly said.

After hearing this, I felt a chill in my heart and asked, "Elder Hua, your medical skills are so superb that you can't cure her, isn't she..." , she doesn't take good care of her body, which leads to weakness and aggravation of her condition, and pure traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine cannot cure her." Hua Lao Nianxu said.

"Then... can the county hospital be cured?" I was not as indifferent as Mr. Hua, and was quite nervous.

"Try it, maybe you can. It's not too late, leave right away, and I'll go with you."

I said to Li Xipo, "Xipa, watch here, I'll call and call for a car. The car is coming.” The town health center does not have an ambulance, and if there is an emergency patient, the police station will be called to help dispatch a police car. Now that the time is running out, saving people is like putting out a fire, so I hurriedly called Uncle Fan.

The little nurse was startled when she saw me rushing in front of her. She squatted in the corner of the wall with her arms crossed. Thinking about her, he picked up the phone and dialed it a few times. After beeping a few times, a loud shout rang out: "Which bastard, you can't let people sleep in the middle of the night?"

Fan Wei hadn't slept all day and night. A chance to sleep, when he was sound asleep, the phone rang violently, he picked up the phone and yelled angrily.

I've been drinking with that disgusting foreign fat man for a few days, but the fake foreign devil always speaks like "YES", "NO", "THANKYOU" and so on. Come on, it's not like he doesn't speak Chinese, so he pretends to be a foreigner? Fan Wei didn't like him, and he couldn't offend the God of Wealth, so he drank very depressed.

"Uncle Fan, it's me, Xiaoxing. I have an urgent matter to ask for your help. Song Siya, one of her students' mothers, had a myocardial infarction, and she had to be sent to the county hospital for treatment immediately. She could send a car to the town clinic to take us there. The county hospital?"

"Xiaoxing, I said... oh, good, good, it's important to save people, I'll send a car for you, and I'll call you in five minutes."

Fan Wei hung up Phone, call the police station: "Hello? Is that Xiao Li? ... What? Xiao Li is not on duty today? ... Who are you? ... Ghost girl, I have nothing to do with a man's voice to lie to you Uncle Fan. Okay, Let me tell you, Xu Zixing is in the clinic now, you immediately drive a police car to take them to the county hospital... um... go to the clinic..."

Fan Wei called again and said that the police car would arrive soon, and The driver is still the police flower Zhu Qian!

"Woo! Woo!" The piercing siren cut through the lonely night, from far to near. I stood by the side of the road with Cai Erniang in my arms and waited for a long time. The little nurse, Hua Lao, and Li Xipo stood beside me anxiously looking at the direction of the sound.

"Come on! Come on!" The little nurse cheered and jumped for joy.

The sky was already thick, pitch black as ink, and two lampposts in the darkness pierced through the darkness and rushed in front of us. The police car squeaked and slid more than a foot before stopping.

A graceful figure jumped out of the car and shouted at us, "Xu Zixing, what's wrong with you?"

The headlights didn't shine on me, so Zhu Qian couldn't see me, so she wouldn't think she was seriously ill Is it me?

"I'm fine!" I quickly walked over to her and said, "Open the back door, it's important to save people!"

Zhu Qian answered Director Fan's call, thinking it was the little villain Xu Zixing. , she drove the police car like crazy, who knew that Xu Zixing, the bastard, was still standing, and the vicious tone made Zhu Qian annoyed.

Police Hua waved his face: "If that's the case, then let's go." He sat back in the driver's seat with a straight face.

Old Hua was thoughtful, smiled mysteriously at me, and said to the little nurse: "Little Li, you don't have to go. Be on duty at the health center, remember to lock the door, you are not safe for a girl's home. ."

The little nurse ducked and said, "Oh!" Then she glared at me and ran into the clinic.

【Episode 6】Chapter 8: Car shock?

Li Xipa followed me into the car and sat in the back seat with me. Hua Lao sat in the front seat, beside Zhu Qian.

As soon as Zhu Qian stepped on the accelerator, the police car rushed into the darkness with a bang.

Zhu Qian just focused on driving and drove the car very fast; although I was worried about Cai Erniang's condition, but she was so crazy, it would not be worth it if an accident caused everyone to lose, so she said: " Zhu Qian, this road is not stable, drive slowly."

Zhu Qian said angrily, "Are you the driver or I am the driver? You can drive if you have the ability! Humph!"

Dear, this little guy The girl is still mad at me. Since she left her alone on the mountain, this pretty police flower has hated me. I curled my lips and felt a little shriveled; Madam Li Xi secretly covered her mouth when she saw it and smiled; Lao Hua said, "Well, it seems that Brother Xiaoxing, who is not afraid of the sky and earth, also has people who are afraid!"

Lao Lao Hua The heart is not old, and he likes to make innocuous jokes the most.

I smiled bitterly: "Elder Hua, who is not afraid of the earth?"

Zhu Qian interjectedShe would accidentally yell out.

Every time I thrust, I would make Li Xipo groan softly, and her body also twisted regularly due to the physical impact, which made her beautiful breasts swing back and forth, which is so cool...

Gradually, I increased my movements, wrapping one arm around her waist and pulling back hard, grabbing her plump tits with one hand from under the clothes, pushing my butt forward hard, and inserting it into the depths of my uterus. My pussy shrank under my powerful attack, almost pinching off my cock; I pressed my body tightly behind her back, enjoying this thrilling, terrifying, unparalleled pleasure...

I got more and more The more excited she became, the faster her movements gradually accelerated, and I made her plump body vibrate up and down, and her breasts bounced up and down; her eyes were closed, her face was flushed, and she looked extremely happy.

Thirty minutes later, when I was about to orgasm, I quickly pumped and said, "Aunt Li... I'm going to cum... Cum..."

Li Xi Po felt the huge cock in her pussy shoot a The heat flowed, and she was so frightened that she cried out in a very soft voice: "Don't... shoot... um... oh... can't be in... inside... ah..."

At the same time, Li Xipo was also violently Under the sexual stimulation, the love fluid gurgled out of her flesh hole, she moaned softly as much as she could... and finally reached her climax with the very slight sound of bed cries...

Before the two could continue to be gentle, Zhu Qian suddenly said, "Xu Zixing, Why did you apply that kind of medicine again? It smells bad!" She angrily opened the car window to breathe.

I was taken aback for a moment, rub the medicine? Who took the medicine? I suddenly remembered the last time I was smashed by Zhu Qian when I had sex with Yufeng in the prison cell of the police station. At that time, I lied to her that the smell was the smell of my family's ancestral wound medicine. I can't think that Zhu Qian still remembers it.

I secretly laughed and said, "Oh, when I was working in the field today, I accidentally injured my foot, and I rubbed some medicine with a little bruise."

Zhu Qian said in a bad mood: " Humph, tell me before you apply the medicine next time!"

"Well, I'm sorry!"

"Humph!" Zhu Qian concentrated on driving and ignored me.

Li Xipo quietly took out a handkerchief and wiped herself clean. She also helped me to clean it up. Before that, she pinched the soft flesh of my thigh fiercely. It was so painful that I felt like revenge on her lower body. I pinched the part and rubbed it twice, and she patted my hand away in embarrassment.

This toss, time flies fast, and the county seat is already in sight.

Lao Hua also woke up and said, "It's coming so soon?"

I said, "Thanks to Officer Zhu."

Hua Lao Fushu nodded and said, "Not bad, Comrade Xiao Zhu. The driving skills are good."

Zhu Qian smiled sweetly at Mr. Hua, and then "crunched" with a beautiful tail-flick. The police car was handsomely parked in front of the county hospital.

The county hospital building is six stories high and imposing.

Opening the car door, I hugged Cai Erniang and got out of the car, Hua Lao went to contact the doctor.

Walking into the hospital, we sat on the long bench and waited for Mr. Hua. Zhu Qian saw Li Xipo sitting next to me, stood aside with a light snort, turned her head and looked away, out of sight is pure!

After a while, Mr. Hua came out of a room and said to us, "Come in and bring the patient in."

I hurriedly followed up. There were already three angels in white standing in this emergency room, and there was a hospital bed in the middle. I gently put Cai Erniang down.

Then the doctor kicked us out, and Mr. Hua said, "She is very ill. We have to consult a doctor. We won't get a result within a few hours." The faces of the two women were haggard, and I couldn't bear it. I said to them, "Sit here for a while, and I'll go buy something to eat."

Li Xipo said, "In the middle of the night, some shops close early Now, don't bother."

"If you have money, you can run the mill, I'll come when I go, you guys sit down for a while!" I smiled and patted the money pocket.

Zhu Qian snorted and said nothing, she sat down and closed her eyes. With her movements, the breasts on the chest tightened the police uniform, and the perfect arc tempted people's desire. I just glanced at it and couldn't help swallowing, and hurriedly left without daring to look again.

Li Xipo looked in her eyes and sighed; seeing that people ignored her, she also closed her eyes and rested.

Zhu Qian suddenly opened her eyes and smiled mysteriously as she watched me leave...

The street was also dark, and there were only one or two dim street lights occasionally; I searched for shops along the street.

Chunshui County is only a small town, the whole city is only three streets. The hospital is on Jiefang Road, and the county government compound is also on this road. I looked up at the compound. There was a county government building with eight floors. It was the tallest building in our county. Behind the building was the dormitory. Some government officials and their families lived here.

My sworn enemy Zhang Tiansen lives here.

It is now more than three in the morning, the temperature is quite low, and the shops are closed. As I was walking, I suddenly noticed that there seemed to be someone under the street light in front of me. It was only after a few steps that I could see that it was a woman, wearing a thin pajamas, cradling her hands and feet, with her head buried between her legs, her body shrugging, and there was a faint cry.

From the side, she has narrow shoulders, a slender waist, and a large buttocks. Because it is squatting, the butt is even more great. In the middle of the night, a woman was crying on the street in her pajamas. Although she couldn't see her appearance, wouldn't her figure be a crime? Luckily she met me. I secretly sighed, how nice it would be if I was a rogue and a badass.

Rogues and villains will definitely jump up in this situation without hesitation! Hehe...

Seeing her like this, it must be that the husband and wife are not in harmony. She just ran out of the house. It is difficult for an honest official to cut off housework, let alone me? However, when I passed by her, I couldn't help but say: "Girl, it's very dangerous for a girl to be outside in the middle of the night! Better go home early!"

The woman raised her head and put on herHis hair covered his face, so he couldn't see his face. She glanced at me and hesitated, then buried her head in her knees and continued to cry, but she didn't know her side neckline was gone, revealing her snow-white breasts...

【End of Episode 6】

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