homosexual (第9章)

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The phone on the table rang, I picked up the receiver subconsciously, and a somewhat familiar voice came from the receiver:"Guess who I am? "I couldn't remember who it was, so I hung up the phone angrily, because there were a few bugs in my program that I couldn't catch, how would I have time to guess riddles for you? !


The phone rang again, I picked up the phone again, this time she probably knew it shouldn’t be like this, so she said cheerfully” I'm Xiaofen, are you free now?" I almost fainted when I heard this sentence, this girl is so bold and came to the door on her own initiative? !

"I'm so bored now, can you chat with me?" She started to act like a little girl. After I dealt with her casually, I hung up the phone.


Damn, the phone rang again, I picked it up, and answered the phone angrily, oh! This time the voice is differentIt is actually Xiaofen┅'s stepmother! She told me lazily and feebly that since the last time I had sex with me, what I think about every day at home is the happiness and orgasm I brought her that day, and I think about the whole person almostIt's crazy, and in the past, you could rely on a massage stick to solve part of her needs, but now she can't find a massage stick that big, and there's no way to bring her happiness like I do, Finally, she couldn't hold it any longer, so she had to call the number I left for her, hoping ┅

 "No problem, but I have something to do now, let's make another appointment?!" I didn't want her to get the right to have sex with me again so smoothly, so I decided to try to catch her appetite on purpose. She begged so hard, and finally I asked her to come to the company by herself, and then I would meet her again!

Then, I called Xiaohui, asked her to prepare a camera, and then told her my plan.She said that she had a camera at any time, and then we made an appointment. After more than an hour, I remembered on the phone again. The switchboard told me that someone was looking for me, so I went out. Sure enough, it was Xiaofen's stepmother. She was wearing bright red clothesand a large pair of sunglasses, covering most of her face, and then I took her to the top of this building!

After I opened the door with the key I stole and copied earlier, I took her to the top of the highest building around here, I asked her to take off her clothes, and then had sex right here!

"Here?!" "Yes, hurry up, I have work to do later!" I urged her! Although it is said that it is very hot this afternoon, there is always high-speed wind blowing on this high-rise building, so it will not feel hot at all!

I shoved my cock into her pussy again, and like the first time I raped her, I pulled her hands behind her back and let her upper body lift, I Knowing that if anyone stood in front of her at this time, she would be able to clearly see every part of her body.

After  pumping seven or eight times, I changed to another position. I asked her to hold her hands on the iron frame of the cooling water tower, then lift her left leg high, and This time I put my dick in her tiny bud! This is what I wanted last time, but that time I went too far, so I didn't succeed, but this time I have to make her happy to death!

As soon as my cock went in and out, her roar filled the space around us, but it was blown away by the strong wind over Taipei City, and I took it again and again My cock went into her rectum, making her feel the joy of being fucked by me again and again, she shouted involuntarily, unaware that this was going to be the beginning of her hell ┅┅


"Successful!" After I finished with Xiaofen's stepmother, I asked her to leave first, and it was already 6 o'clock in the evening Well, I wasted more than three hours on her again, and my program hasn't been done yet! And after she left, Xiaohui appeared beside me, and the first sentence she gave me was "Success!"

Me and Xiaohui were leaning on the railing, watching the cars on the ground flashing The red light and the yellow light are alternating, Xiaohui dare not touch my lower body, I know she can see exactly where I just put this thing. I use the faucet on the roof to rinse my body, oh! The water is really a bit icy!

When I finished rinsing, I turned around and saw that Xiaohui had taken off her clothes. I knew her needs. I took her into my arms and gave her a warm first. Kiss, I know I owe her a lot, and she tolerated me for many things, so I decided to make up for her well, especially since I just picked on Xiaofen's stepmother Made up a lot!


As I pumped, Xiaohui also made the same cheering sound as just now, I know she was also at this time Enjoying the same sex heaven, the difference is that this is just the beginning of heaven, not hell!

I noticed that when Xiaohui reached an orgasm, I also injected a large amount of semen into her body. At this time, she suddenly cried out "ah", I was startled, she I turned around and said, "We don't have contraception?!" I laughing and hugging her: "Pregnant is the best!" SheLaughing and slapping me at the same time, I tidied up my clothes, and went back to the office. There were seven or eight people left, Xiaohui went back first, and I stayed and continued to work on my program.


The phone ringing called me back from the code, I looked at the clock, it was eleven o’clock, it was downstairs The guard called and asked if it was time to get off work because they were about to close the door. I tidy up, switch the computer back to night batch mode, and head down to the underground parking lot to get ready to drive.

When I drove the car out of the exit, I saw a small figure sitting on a motorcycle, Xiaofen!

 "Who are you waiting for?" I stopped the car, rolled down the window, and probed out to ask her. Her eyes reddened immediatelyI opened the door to let her in, she began to cry loudly and said, "You ignore people today, they have waitedfrom the afternoon to the present, before they saw You!" "In the afternoon, when you called, you were already downstairs?!" I turned around, picked up my big brother, and was about to call Xiaohui, when she saw me dialing the phone, she said, "Who do you want to call?!" "My girlfriend" "Why?!" "I I'll take you back now, I'm afraid it's too late, Call her first and tell her to go to bed first!" "No, I don't want to go back, I'm going to your house!" "Stop kidding,Who wants Let you live in my house!"

After some arguments, I had no choice but to take her home, but I called Xiaohui firstIt was when Xiaofen got off the bus When I went to the convenience store to buy something, Xiao Hui smiled bitterly and said, "It looks like you are in trouble!" I saw that Xiao Fen had come back, so I had to close the line quickly.

 came to the house, when the door opened, I think Xiaofen was the most surprised! She never dreamed that my girlfriend was her cousin! I think she must have had a lot of good words and tricks to use at first, but at this time she was completely confused, so she had to sit down on the sofa and cry p>Xiaohui asked me to take a shower first, and then she and Xiaofen stayed in the living room. I was worried about what would happen.While taking a bath, I pricked up my ears and wanted to hear what was going on in the living room. Movement, when I returned to the living room, I saw two people happily sitting in the living room watching TV!

I was wondering how Xiaohui managed to get Xiaofen, Xiaohui had already told me that she had reached an agreement with Xiaofen, if Xiaofen didn't find someone who she thought was better than me When a man, she is willing to share me with Xiaohui, but if she finds it, she will leave!

My God! What kind of agreement is this! Worse than my program!

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