Tie Han Jiao baby (modified version) (第九章 七仙女险遭欲魔)

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The October sun shines warmly on the pedestrians, making them feel more cordial and comfortable. More than a month after the treasure was captured in Mount Tai, a very chaotic situation has arisen in the rivers and lakes. hands? The Arctic faction was looking for a chariot battle, and of course they were suspicious of other people, but the imperial court had sent four groups of worshippers, with as many as eight people, but they asked the North polar faction to win the Blood Dragon Cup. At this time, on a mountain road in the Micang Mountains, a giant and two young masters were walking. They were Dafoer, Ma Buran, and Sangtu. Of course, they were instructed by Che Zhan to go to Qilian Mountain, but they were But did not see the shadow of the car battle. The three of them walked and talked.

"Big man, what trick is Ah Zhan playing? Why hasn't he come out to meet us?" Ma Buran looked at the giant and said.

The giant shook his head and said: "We have never been separated. You ask me, who should I ask?"

Sangtu said: "That Mrs. Gu has had a hard time this time, and batch after batch of worshippers asked her for blood. Dragon Cup, I heard that it is not a fight, and it is difficult to explain if it is not fought."

Ma Buluan said: "Although the Arctic faction is not afraid of the imperial court, but it does not dare to offend, the eight major worshipers are all strange people, and the loss will be great in the fight.

The big man said: "The Arctic faction is unwilling to offend the imperial court. They are powerful, and the Eighth Congress will not feel oppressive to them. Lei Jiedu and the others dare to kill them, which proves that the Arctic faction is necessary. He will also do it when he does."

Sangtu said: "Lei Jiedu is a man who returns to the field to tell his old age. Officials will not regard him as more important than the Blood Dragon Cup, but the guilt of the Arctic faction cannot be escaped."

There was a sound of shouting and killing, and suddenly there was a faint sound, Ma Buran listened to it and laughed: "This month, there have been a lot of fights. I don't know what conflict happened again?"

Big Buddha said: "On the way, we saw a lot of fresh faces, at least in groups of three or five. I don't know where the martial arts are?"

Sang Tu said with a smile: "Looking at their momentum, there is no arrogance from the Arctic faction, maybe it is the name of each faction. The masters from the sect."

Ma Bu laughed wildly: "The nine sects have held a conservative attitude for nearly ten years. It seems that a lot of people have entered the Central Plains on both sides of the south." The three walked to the fighting place following the sound, and found that a group of big men trapped an old man and two middle-aged people, and the number of big men was up to 17.

Sangtu suddenly shouted: "The trapped old man is the four sea gods who arrested Gongsun Du."

Ma Buluan said: "The other two middle-aged people were Gongsun Du's assistants back then. What's the matter?"

Big Buddha asked: "Does Gongsun Du have anything to do with Ah Zhan?"

Sangtu said: "Of course it does, but he was invited by the official family."

Big Buddha said: "The other party Who is it?"

Ma Buluan said: "Eighty percent are from the Arctic faction, we can't help but help."

Dafoer said: "The Arctic faction still doesn't know about my relationship with Ah Zhan, you guys Don't move the two, let me take the shot."

Ma Bu laughed wildly, "We haven't seen you show off your skills until now, great! This time, let's take a look at "Qingtian Shen". "

The big Buddha smiled and said, "I'm embarrassed when you say that. If it wasn't to save people, I wouldn't go." After speaking, he strode to the battlefield. Before anyone arrived, he made a sound, and the big Buddha shouted like a bell: "Stop."

When the North Pole sent people to see a giant, they were all stunned, but they recognized themselves as masters, and although they were surprised, no one stopped. When the big Buddha saw that he was ignored, he was angry and rushed out. , rushed into the arena, his whole body was impervious to swords, his hands were spread apart like iron tongs, grasping the sword, the sword was broken in two, grabbing people, his arms were broken, and he threw seven or eight out in a while. What else is there in this situation? After the fight, the battlefield suddenly shouted, and the North Pole sent people to flee in all directions, and the injured did not care. p>Ma Buluan and Sangtu rushed to laugh, squeezed towards the big Buddha and gave a thumbs up: "Brother, have a good time. "

The Four Sea Gods arrested the two and immediately cupped their hands and panted, "Master Ma, Master Sang, who is this?

Ma Bu laughed and said, "Old man Gongsun, have you never heard of the word "Qingtianshen"? Here! it's him. "

The three old men shrugged at the same time: "Thank you for your rescue, I am very grateful." "

The big Buddha returned the salute and said, "Three seniors! Little things, little things, why are they besieged by them? "

The old man Gongsun said: "Lei Jiedu was killed, his nephew and son are finished!" Only the whereabouts of her daughter, Thunder Dragon Girl, is unknown. The little girl has a good relationship with her, and she goes out to search for it, but who knows it will sink into the sea, and the old man thinks that it has all fallen into the hands of the Arctic faction. "

Sang Tu said, "You've been spying on Qilian Mountain, so you were found and besieged by them?" "

Old man Gongsun said: "That's right, it's all down to the three of them to meet, otherwise it's all over."

Ma Buluan said: "Your old lady is taking a risk. Jinshan and Qilian Mountains are both important places of the Arctic faction, and their power is amazing. Wansheng inquired about the eight major consecrations sent from Beijing, and now they are also coming to Qilian Mountain. You are the best." It is not advisable to go deep in following the offerings. "

Gongsun Du said: "The old man has a big secret to tell the three, and there is a pair of Blood Dragon Cups." "

The big Buddha said, "Apart from the one that was stolen by the twin owls, where is the other one?"

Gongsun Du said: "This one doesn't even know about the North Pole faction. It was the old man who overheard the secret conversation between the two Jiaozhi people. The two Jiaozhi people were tracking down the other Jiaozhi people. The dragon cup was in the hands of the person who was being investigated. "

Ma Buluan said: "Now only you and I know about it..." After observing the movement, he said, "For our own sake, don't leak the rumors, we will try our best to find out that Cochin man."

Gongsun Du cupped his hands and said, "Of course, of course, the three of you will meet again." "

After breaking up, Ma Buluan said: "I have to try to tell Ah Zhan about this, I don't know where he is?"

Sang Tu smiled: "I'm afraid he knows before us, this romantic guy has already married God's daughter. The girl has 18 Arhats, the Four Great Kings, the Eight Great Detectives, and two girls with high martial arts skills, so she is better informed than anyone else."

The Buddha asked, "Should we go straight to Qilian Mountain?"

Ma Buluan said: "It's still hundreds of miles away from Qilian, but this is already within the range of the Arctic faction, but we have to stop at Jianjianguan and wait for the news of the war."

Sang Tu Said: "Are you going to go to your friend's house on the Jialing River?"

Ma Bu laughed and said, "You said "Jianmen Kuaishou" Tang Kangyang? Haha, he is the same as you and me. He has no family and is alone. The stone room that is firmly locked is often empty, but of course it is good to meet him at home. "

The big Buddha asked: "What does the sword door fast hand mean?"

Sang Tu smiled and said, "The sword is fast, the hidden weapon is fast, and the reaction is quicker. Also known as "Tang San Kuai", he is Ma Buran's best friend.

Ma Bu laughed and said: "He lives under the influence of the Arctic faction, I wonder what he has to survive?" "

The three of them were close to the solid gate before dark, but the big Buddha suddenly stood up and said, "Everyone, pay attention, I already feel something is wrong, beware of a secret attack."

Ma Buluan knew that he was practicing "Chunyang Boys' Art", and asked anxiously, "What's wrong?"

Big Buddha said: "The strange fragrance is sent from the evening wind."

Sangtu smiled and said: "There are mountain flowers everywhere on this road, what's so surprising?"

Dafoer said: "No! It's the fragrance of women, but this fragrance is different from Aisha, Qi Fengzi, Ji Cuiyu and the others. They are not pure."

Ma Buluan said: "Could it be that Gu Tianying is going to attack us, she will change into a ghost, so be careful."

Big Buddha said: "There is definitely not only one woman, they are more It's getting closer, everyone's qigong, the aroma is getting stronger and stronger, in my experience, it's less than 100 feet, her qigong is very high, I can't even detect their movements."

Sang Tu said: " It doesn't have to be for us..."

Before the words were finished, the big Buddha immediately said softly: "There are seven girls."

Ma Buluan looked back and said in a frightened voice: "Hide! Seven All of them are in their twenties, and they are actually seven beauties, where did they come from?"

Sangtu said: "Isn't it from the Arctic faction?"

Da Buddha said: "Looking at their aura, they seem to be It's not for us, Ah Zhan is right, their eyes are not murderous."

Ma Buchao said: "Look at their dresses, they are actually red, yellow, blue, white, black, purple and green, with the same band on their backs. Jian, the figure of the seven people is also equally slender, and the appearance is equally charming, where did this come from?"

"Hey! The giant in front, you are the "God of God" in martial arts rumors? Don't be so suspicious! We have no hostility.

Ma Buluan pushed the big Buddha and said, "The lady in red is calling you." "

The big Buddha stood up and turned around and said, "Girl!" Any advice? "

The woman in red smiled and said, "Sneez!" He's big, but he's not rough? "Speaking, the seven girls approached. Sang and Ma also stood up, and when the seven girls approached, they could see more clearly, and the faces of the seven girls could be seen more clearly, and the closer they got, the more beautiful they were.

Red The woman looked at the big Buddha and said with a smile: "These two are probably Ma and Sang heroes? "

Ma Buluan cupped his hands and said, "No talent Ma Buluan, he is Sangtu, where did the seven come from?"

At this time, the woman in yellow said, "Come from the sea, have the three of you heard the word "Shenyu"? "

The big Buddha said: "The Seven Fairies of Shenyu!" "Civil Speech of the White Emperor among the Clouds". "

The woman in red said with a smile: "We don't have a surname, I am Chaorong, the second sister in yellow is resigning, the third sister Baixue in blue, the fourth sister Diji in white, and the fifth sister in black. , called Caihua, wearing purple is the sixth sister Yunxia, ​​the seventh sister Xianjing. "

The big Buddha said: "The seven girls never entered the Central Plains, what is the reason this time?" "

Chao Rong said: "We came from Jiaozhi to find out the whereabouts of a person from Jiaozhi."

Ma Buluan said: "A man from Jiaozhi named Barrick, a ronin named "Black Heart Ruthless", and also named "Shadowless Flying Knife"? We have seen that he is now in the Arctic faction, with Gu Tianying, the daughter of the head of the Arctic faction. "

The woman in red said to Rong: "We also heard about him, but we couldn't find him." "

The big Buddha said happily and straightforwardly: "Are the seven girls here for the Blood Dragon Cup?" "

The woman in red chuckled lightly: "The news of the three is really good!" Tell the three that there are also many first-class players in Jiaozhi who have entered the Central Plains. They not only want to chase after Barrick, but also want the half that the emperor stole. "

Ma Bu laughed and said: "The dragon cup lost by the emperor, even the Arctic faction is still unclear. Now the eight major worshipers are dispatched to ask for something from the North polar faction, and the future development will undoubtedly be fierce, and now there is another one appearing. The news seems to be more chaotic. "

The woman in red said: "It depends on the final result. There is one more thing I want to ask the three of you. I heard that there are two strange people in the Central Plains, one is Duguyi. Since his appearance, no one has heard about it." Its details are mysterious and unusual. The other one is called Chezhan. This guy is very bad to us girls and has a bad reputation, but really? "

Big Buddha laughed and said, "These two guys!" It's really different, Dugu is haunted by ghosts, car wars... He is bad or bad, but I advise the seven girls, it's best not to approach him when you see him, if he likes him, or the seven approach him, haha... "

"Hey! God, what are you laughing at? The yellow-clothed woman resigned and asked.

The Buddha said, "I don't want to talk about it, in short, the seven people should be careful. After he finished speaking, he cupped his hands and said, "We're going to Zongguan, it's getting late, see you later." Ma and Sang handed over at the same time, and after saying goodbye, they left for another mountain road.

The woman in red turned her head and said, "The big man speaks so mysteriously.What's the point? "

The blue-clothed girl Bai Xue said: "A Rong, is there an evil sect in that chariot battle?"

The woman in red said with a smile: "Among the women in the rivers and lakes, the daughter of God is recognized as the number one expert. I recently heard that Yu Guanying became the lover of the car battle. I don't believe that there is an irresistible evil in the car battle." "

The white-clothed female emperor Ji said: "The big man doesn't seem to have any ill will towards the chariot fight. What's the reason?" It stands to reason that martial arts people don't like the word "love"? "

The woman in red smiled and said, "What is this guy like Che Zhan? We haven't even seen him. All we know is that Yu Guanying is in love with him and is curious. Dugu B, so I had to find him. "To the surprise of the seven girls, there was a single young man behind them, less than ten feet apart, looking at the seven girls from time to time, neither ahead nor too far behind, not even going the other way.

"Arong, look at that guy. "This is the woman in blue.

The woman in red said: "Seventh sister!" People don't offend me, and we don't offend others. The world's road, the world's people go. If he does something bad, he finds it by himself, and we can't blame it. "

The woman in purple said, "Arong, maybe he is the mysterious figure Dugu Yili." "

The girl in red smiled and said, "Axia, how can there be such a coincidence, if you doubt it, we will wait for him to talk about it. The Shenyu Seven Girls are not petty." "The pace slowed down, and the young man was in control of the situation and had to approach, but he didn't strike up a conversation, naturally, he didn't pay attention to the seven girls, and he turned to pass.

"Hey! What is your last name? The old woman in green clothes couldn't help but ask.

The young man said expressionlessly, "What is the girl's advice on going down the Wanzhong Mountain?" "

The woman in red said with a smile: "Your Excellency is really good at disguising, but it's a pity that you can't escape when you meet our sisters." "

Young man said: "It's not uncommon to be able to disguise yourself. All Jianghu people are a bit secretive, and the girl can see it. It's not simple. The Seven Fairies of Shenyu are well-deserved." "

The woman in red said: "Scare!" Do you know what we are coming? "

Young Dao: "Shenyu Island, a two-day boat ride away from Treasure Island, is one of the mysterious islands in the South China Sea. Seven of them landed in Jiaozhi from Mong Cai, and then chased Barrick into the Central Plains from Jiaozhi, fighting Tianxiao 13 along the way. The Buddha, pressed for the secret of the Blood Dragon Cup, and conflicted with the "Ba Shi faction" in Jiaozhi; fought against Luo Shiqihu at Wuguiling, and formed a Liangzi with the Wudi Gang, all of which are known below. "

The woman in red murmured, "Your supernatural powers are really not small, are you Dugu Yi?" "

The youth shook his head and said, "Dugu Yi is always masked." "

The woman in red said: "I'm afraid your name is also fake. I know who you are, but why are you single?" "

The young man was startled for a moment, then smiled: "The girl is also very smart, I'm afraid I guess the wrong person, please focus on the future." "

The woman in red said: "The future?" How is the future? "

The youth said: "Barrick has already found out the ins and outs of the seven, and he has already provoked the "Four Heavenly Kings" and "Four Elders" from the North Pole to ask the seven for the Blood Dragon Cup. "

The woman in red scolded: "What a black wolf, I want to skin him." "

The young man smiled and said, "This road passes through the "Tiandou Valley". Maybe Barrick is also in the valley, so he will take a step ahead. "

The woman in red said, "You can't go." "

The youth said: "Girl! Why? "

The woman in red said: "If you don't show your true colors, I won't let you go." "

The youth laughed: "We are friends, not enemies, so why bother?" "

The woman in red said: "Now I'm forcing you, unless you beat us." "

The youth shook his head and said, "I never fight a non-enemy." "

The woman in red smiled and said, "It's okay not to show your true colors, but if you want to walk with us, aren't you afraid that my sister will eat you?" "

The young man smiled and said, "The Seven Fairies are accompanied by a man who is not very good-looking. It will be strange if others see it. I wonder if Lingmei and others are willing?" "

The woman in yellow smiled and said, "We have become sisters, and we will listen to A Rong. From now on, if you don't show your true colors, we will not let you go." "

The girl in red said with a charming smile: "Second sister, it seems that you can guess who he is." "

The other six women laughed in unison, "We all know that he's weird." "

The woman in red laughed loudly: "He came to see how we would fight the enemy." "

Young man said: "What do you guys say? I don't understand below.

The woman in red suddenly took out a small ancient mirror and said, "You must know what this is, right?" "

The youth exclaimed in amazement, "Visible mirror!" Also known as "Snail Emperor Mirror", it turns out that the girl has treasures in her body. "

The woman in red smiled and said, "I just scrutinized the mirror and found that you are wearing a sword, and then I thought of the "invisible sword", but your disguise is formed by internal skills, not makeup, treasure mirror There is no way to take you. "

The fourth woman in white said, "Sister!" He followed us with this appearance, obviously we were too ugly. "

The youth immediately laughed: "Injustice!" Wrong! Anyone who sees the seven will have a dream.

The woman in red said: "Fourth sister, don't tease him, this is the Arctic faction circle, he can't show his true face, but it's strange, brother Che, where are your beauties?" Why is there no one around? "

The young man smiled and said, "Each one has his own job, Chaorong, you still have a conscience." "

The other six women exclaimed in unison: "You say we have no conscience?" "

The young man smiled and said, "It is beauty that is beauty, and a girl who says she is not beautiful is not too conscientious." "He said this, not only to resolve the six women's accusations, but also caused a burst of coquettish laughter, which caused a stir!

The woman in red couldn't help laughing: "You really will save the day." "It's getting darker, seven women and one man. Walking among the mountains and mountains, if not everyone has martial arts skills. In the midst of this kind of strange noise, you will be scared and say that you are walking!

The woman in red asked: "Tiandougu stillHow many roads are there? "

The young man was fighting by car, of course, and I saw him pointing forward: "Within five miles, there will be Qilian Mountains in the west, and the left and right are connected by strange peaks, and there is no other way."

The woman in red said: "Before I entered the Central Plains, I did a detailed analysis of the major sects and sects in the Central Plains, but I didn't know that there were "Four Heavenly Kings" and the four elders in the Arctic Sect. We know that it is Gu Bufan's best friend. "

Che Zhan said: "Of course you also know the bipolar faction twenty years ago?" "

The woman in red said: "Let me ask you first, have you heard of Shenyu Island Lord?"

Chan Zhan said: "The Seven Seas Goddess has not seen it, but said it in the mouth of the master." "

The woman in red said: "That's right, she is the master of our Seven Sisters, think about it, can I not know about the major events in the Central Plains Martial Arts in the past sixty or seventy years?" The bipolar faction is split, and the Arctic faction has wiped out the Antarctic faction.

Che Zhan said: "Now I tell you, the "Four Heavenly Kings" were Gu Bufan's secret assistants back then, but they were called "Dead Sea Four Demons" back then, and I only recently found out. "

The woman in red said: "I know you are the only orphan of the Antarctic faction. Before I entered the Central Plains, my teacher asked us to help you when necessary, so our sisters are looking for you everywhere." "

Che Zhan said: "Thank you so much for your concern."

Huang Nongnu said: "Tonight you can get rid of the Four Heavenly Kings." "

Che Zhan shook his head and said, "I don't want to start for the time being. Not only will I not get rid of them tonight, I will also keep them." "

The woman in red said, "Why is that?"

Che Zhandao: "The Arctic faction is now divided into two divisions. Mrs. Xuan Bing has the heart to seize Gu Bufan's status, and Gu Bufan's best friends are not convinced, secretly led by Gu Bufan's eldest daughter. usefulness. "

The seven women said in unison, "That makes sense!" Makes sense. "

Che Zhandao: "At present, there are eight consecrations in the imperial court that are disrupting the situation, and the fake unity of the Arctic faction can be maintained temporarily. "

"Big sister, big sister." The woman in black let out a low cry.

The woman in red said, "Five sisters, what's the matter?" "

The woman in black said: "Sixth sister saw something strange on the left side. "

The woman in red turned back to Che Zhan and said, "We are under surveillance." "

Che Zhan smiled and said, "That's natural. The Four Heavenly Kings and the Four Elders have to bring some second-rate goods. We don't care, we deliberately rush into the sky and fight the valley, pretending not to know, and the focus is on catching Barrick."

The woman in red said: "Balik is in Jiaozhi, and he is considered the number one person. He has deep skills, and the "Shadowless Flying Knife" is well-deserved.

Che Zhan laughed: "That's because the knife is coated with some kind of drug, which is better than a hidden weapon. In the dark night, it's his best time, just pay attention to the wind, but don't forget, his flying The knife is curved, not a direct attack, but a flying attack. There is wind noise on the left, you just need to beware of the front, rear and right sides. Its strengths are unpredictable. "

The woman in red said, "How can you inquire about this kind of thing so clearly?"

Che Zhan said: "Knowing the enemy and knowing yourself is the most important thing in martial arts. I'm afraid you don't know, so I follow you from behind." "

The woman in red said: "After all, I think you are tricking my sister's mind." "

Che Zhan smiled and said, "It's only because of my bad nickname, all the women in the rivers and lakes are afraid of being caught by me."

The red-clothed woman smiled charmingly: "What's the use of that, I'm afraid you don't want it." "

Che Zhan laughed, "I'm not that bad." "

The woman in white chuckled and said, "I really want to see what you look like, I don't believe I can't hold it." "

The woman in red hurriedly said: "Fourth sister, don't be confident, can you beat Yu Guanying?"

Che Zhan laughed; "You know Wei Wei so well?" "

Writing in red: "We haven't seen her. It's what the teacher said. Her old man said that the sisters of the Yu family are the most beautiful women in the world, and at the same time they regard men as dung."

Che Zhan couldn't help laughing; "Which of you is not the beauty that is chosen in ten thousand, in fact, there are many kinds of beauty, in my mind, the beauty that attracts men is beauty, such as eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, face And the figure, can look normal, and then there is a certain point in these parts that is particularly attractive, isn't this a great beauty, you seven sisters, do you want me to comment? "

The seven women said in unison, "No!" don't want.

Che Zhan smiled and said, "Actually, you guys are more than attractive to me, at least one of them has three or four points..." Speaking of which, he said softly, "Be careful. "

The woman in red said with disapproval, "How about we make a bet?" "

Che Zhan said: "What bet? "

The woman in red said: "You don't take any means, but make us willingly, our seven sisters are all yours." "

Che Zhan laughed: "This is really difficult!" But I'm still willing to gamble, if I lose, I'll be your servant for the rest of my life, and even what I have, including Yu Weiwei, will follow your seven sisters' orders. "

The woman in red smiled and said, "Seven!" If you don't get one less, you're a loser. "

Che Zhan said: "It is a word, and I will never regret it." "

Gradually entering the valley, the woman in red said with a smile, "This is the valley, right?" Girls, raise your inner strength, Ah Zhan, you don't have to take action. "

Che Zhan laughed: "If you have Barrick, give it to me, and I don't care about the others." After he finished speaking, he disappeared in a flash.

The woman in red said in a frightened voice, "What a quick movement.

Huang Zhongwen laughed: "Sister, do you really want us to bet with him?" "

The woman in red sighed, "I haven't seen his true face yet. We have already lost half of the loss just by his fake face. Ask yourselves, which one has a bad impression of him?" When the opposite sex gets along, impression is very important, and it is also the first hurdle. "

The woman in white said: "Strange, why don't we hate him because of his appearance?" "

The woman in red said: "Fourth sister!" The reason was long before we entered the Central Plains.He was attracted, and at the same time he knew that what he was doing at this time was fake, plus his demeanor, his generous conversation just now, especially his eyes with strong magic power, I was afraid that the master's warning would fail. "

The woman in purple said: "Master is just warning, didn't stop us?" "

The woman in red smiled and said, "The master is an enlightened old man who never asks about his children. The problem lies with us, but I still don't believe in his magic power. Could it be that none of the seven of us resisted him?" "

Going deep into the valley, I saw steep walls, tall people and clouds, and only one passage. The terrain is dangerous and unparalleled. The woman in red said: "This valley is long and narrow, beware of secret attacks."

The seven women could not walk for another hundred paces when suddenly they heard strange noises from all over the place, and then black shadows flickered everywhere, and suddenly heard a silent voice laughing from the front, and suddenly four old men appeared, one of them was cold. Said: "It turned out to be seven little girls. "

A middle-aged man flashed out of the shadows again and said, "Four elders, seven little chickens, why should elders take action?" "

An old man said: "Beijing Hall Master, you send a few incense masters to clean them up, be careful, don't break the blood dragon cup." "Looking at the situation, the Arctic faction was really provoked. At this moment, seven big men flashed out from the dark. The weapons in their hands, reflecting the sky and the moon, shone with cold light.

The woman in red said softly to the girls:" Set up a good position, use the Qi Qiao array to quickly attack, and give those old thieves insight. "The seven girls took their positions in secret and still moved forward. Suddenly, with a loud shout, the seven big men swooped up, but suddenly the seven girls were nowhere to be seen, and their eyes were full of sword energy!

When the four old men saw it, They shouted in unison, "Seven ingenious formations. The screaming did not stop, and the sword qi burst out with miserable screams. At this time, there were also four old men behind the seven women, and they rushed up together. shift.

The eight old men seemed to know the secrets of the Qi Qiao Formation. They were divided into eight sides, and their offensive was astonishing. However, their powerful strength could not suppress the sword qi of the seven girls. The eight old men lured into the formation, but the external pressure was the strongest in the fights the seven girls had gone through. The eight old men were also frightened in different ways. Together, they could not break the seven girls. It was something they didn't expect. Once it came out, how could they hold on to their old faces. Another moment, for some unknown reason, suddenly saw eight old men silently, all letting go and retreating, and all in the blink of an eye.

Red After all, the girl in the clothes is the boss, she suddenly waved her hand and said hurriedly: "Everyone, pay attention, and rush out to the west exit. After speaking, she ran ahead.

The woman in yellow in the Mercedes-Benz suddenly asked, "Big sister!" What do you see? "

The woman in red said: "Second sister! It is unusual for the eight old men to be unbeaten and unbeaten, fast, fast, fast, and there will be more pressure immediately. "The seven girls couldn't walk more than 100 zhang, and suddenly there were strange sounds from all around.

The girl in red asked in shock, "Sisters, be careful!" Improve your internal strength by ten percent and keep your mind. This is the magic sound of the Western Regions. "The seven girls seem to have met a strong enemy, and their faces are very solemn. After a while, naked shadows are flying in all directions.

The girl in red shouted: "Sisters, close your eyes, this is the "Phantom of Desire" is also the nemesis that our girls are most afraid of. "

The woman in yellow said, "Sister!" We don't see a way out? "

The Seven Women's Department closed their eyes, of course there was no way out. The woman in red said very anxiously: "No matter what, don't open your eyes, you will lose your nature when you open them. sword. "

Just in time of emergency, I suddenly heard the voice of a chariot battle: "Listen to my footsteps, follow me." "

The woman in red said, "Ah Zhan!" Where are you? "

Cha Zhan said: "Don't open your eyes, I am in front of you, I have already performed magic. The enemy can't see me at night, remember! When I say disperse, you squat down several meters away in all directions. "

The woman in red said: "Why? "

Che Zhan said: "I want to get rid of the enemy."

The woman in red hurriedly said: "He is a god and demon in the Western Regions, very powerful, and his tutor will also fail under him."

Cha Zhandao: "Looking for a phantom, seeing a woman Shi Nan naked, and seeing a man Shi Nu naked, no matter how high the internal strength is, it is inevitable that he will fall into its clutches, but the current spellcaster, before the heat is over, 80% is an old devil Disciples, just do as I tell you.

The seven girls heard the sound of heavy footsteps in front of them, so they moved to follow the sound, but there were more and more phantoms outside, and the strange noises became louder and louder. Listening to Che Zhan whispered: "Disperse. The seven girls scurried around and squatted down when they fell.

After a while, I heard a strange laugh in my ears. After laughing, someone faintly said: "You beauties, finally fell into my hands, uncle, haha. ! I have a baby tonight. "A figure of forty-five-six different clothes appeared, I saw him turn out from behind a stone, and walked towards the seven girls proudly.

When he was approaching the seven girls, he heard a sneer and said, "Damn it. s things. There was a big shock, and the weirdo in the strange clothes didn't have time to look at it. He was slapped on the back and fell to the ground with a humming sound. The blood in his mouth was like a gushing stream! Instead, I saw a handsome young man standing beside the corpse.

"Chaorong, don't stay! Beware there are still strong enemies, let's leave.

The voice was very familiar, the woman in red said happily: "Azhan is you!" Is this your face? "

Che Zhan said with a smile: "I want to be good at luck, and I also need internal strength for disguise, so I can't do both."

All the girls were dumbfounded, but the woman in red smiled and said, "If you don't speak up, we don't know you at all. When you left the valley just now, how did you deceive the enemy?"

Che Zhan laughed: "As long as I use 80% of my internal strength, my whole body is like hidden in the fog. During the day, I can't deceive masters. At night, I won't even let the enemy see the shadow."

He led the seven girls around a pinnacle, turned into a forest, stopped and laughed: "It's late at night, you all take a break and leave the forest on the left side, and you'll arrive at Shenxuanyi within 20 miles. I'm going to Jianjingguan now. See you in the future."

The woman in yellow said: "No, just now. Seeing your true colors, you have to leave."

Che Zhan laughed: "Miss Cigui, be careful! We have a bet."

The woman in white smiled: "We can't go to the firm with you. Why?"

Che Zhan laughed: "The longer you stay with me, the faster you lose. If you're not afraid, of course you can go to Zhuangguan with me."

The woman in red smiled: "Yu Guanying is in Zhuangguan?

Che Zhan shook his head and said, "She's going to gather her men. I'm going to meet three friends."

The woman in red smiled and said, "I'm going to meet a giant, as well as numbness and Sangtu?" ?"

Che Zhan smiled and said, "Have you all met? Not bad! There are also Swordsmen."

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