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"Okay, Xue Lei roughly felt that the person who could make Cindy keep her secrets so persistently should be some great person. Maybe it was the guardian of this area - Talan Quiet Wind, then. ,Let's not delve into it first, "If you don't want to say it, forget it. After experiencing this night, what another employer behind you plans to do does not affect the fact that we are already close to life and death.

Cindy squinted at him and raised the corners of her lips, "You are such a strange man, saying that you are innocent, that you are so capable when you have sex, and you are so skilled, He's a standard flirtatious ghost, but you can be said to be a lecher... Why do you want to be responsible for me when you've done with me? Little handsome guy, let's please each other, don't be too serious, That will scare me away."

"Uh..." Xue Lei scratched his hot cheeks, although the skeleton and face of the new body did not have much oriental flavor, but He's still that traditional soul in his bones, making him see sex as pure pleasure, at least not yet.

Cindy sat up lazily and patted his ass, "Okay, we're not so leisurely to sit here and chat all the time. You don't have any clothes, I have them, let me Put it on, we're ready to go back."

"Uh..." He squeezed out an onomatopoeia that was basically the same as the tone just now, "You don't think the problem is that I don't have one. Clothes?"

Cindy had quickly put on the lining, put on the leather armor piece by piece, fastened the straps, pulled the cord of the cape, and handed it to him, "Wrap it up with this, there are usually no women in the guards at night, so you don't need to be so embarrassed."

"Uh..." Xue Lei made this somewhat silly voice for the third time. Whisper reminder, "Cindy, but you... This is a short cloak."

Unlike the long cloak that is full of force, and the cloak that can be put on a hat to keep out the wind and rain, it is basically not The biggest feature of the short cloak that affects agility is its small size.

In addition to being good-looking, the use is probably to have a few more rune slots and an additional piece of equipment that can be enchanted.

Therefore, Xue Lei, as a sturdy man with a strong physique, can cut this thing to be enough to make pants.

Basically, this means that he can only choose one part to block.

Either block the small head or block the big head.

In this case, the answer is really a good choice...

Half an hour later, Cindy knocked on the small door of Losar City for travelers to pass at night.

The guard checked the identity card of the adventurer, looked behind her and frowned, "What is this naked man doing? Why is he covering his face?"

p> Cindy smiled charmingly, "The reward given by the employer, the best male prostitute in their town, bought it for me to play for three nights. Look, you're in good shape, right? It's a pity that the face is ugly, so I can only block it and make do with it. ."

"Hahaha, it turns out to be a dick seller, no wonder it's shameless. I wish you a good night, beautiful adventurer, please come in." The naked man can't carry much Dangerous objects, the guards were not interested in looking at them, so they just got out of the way.

After entering, Cindy couldn't help but smile and said, "I thought you would block your butt."

"Your cape is not tight enough to block your butt..." Xue Lei walked on the side of the road with shame and shame, "I'm a bit famous in this branch anyway, if any adventurer recognizes me, then I can onlyTonight Goodbye after departure."

Cindy shrugged, "Your choice also makes sense, your appearance and size are good, maybe Walking back like this, you can hook up on the road. What kind of nocturnal race?"

"Ah?" Xue Lei immediately became vigilant, "What else?"

"How do I know that even the Great Succubus is in the city? I wouldn't be too surprised to see any monsters."Cindy looked around and said irritably, "Peace does tend to make the mind not sharp enough, I forgot , the key points of the demons are not the same as ours, and I lost the weapon that harmed me in vain."

"I'll buy you a new, better one tomorrow." The most important thing is to coax girls Just being generous, Xue Lei is very skilled at this point, what's more, now that he has money, he no longer needs to work overtime to make Su Lin happy and almost enter the ICU.

Cindy sighed, "I know you have money, great pharmacist. But in this small city where the human kingdom is far from the frontier, I am lucky to have a custom weight. The elf rapier in hand... Where can I find a high-levelenchanter? Little handsome guy, an adventurer of my level can't be killed with just any weapon."

"Then You even brushed the weapon and lost itout? "

"No matter how good the weapon is, is life still important?" She glanced in front of her, "Yo, it's so lively thereYuezhimian, it seems that the movement of breaking the glass woke up those stupid pigs." How about you, do you go straight there, or do you want to go through the back door in a different way? "

"Walk around. Xue Lei made a choice without hesitation, "Also, back to the topic just now. Cindy, Actually...I'm still a very good enchanter, specializing in blessing, maybe, I can help you get better weapons than before. "

"How much are you going to make me owe you?" Just want to make me your long-term bed partner? "Cindy turned around and pinched his nipples with a smile. "It's good to have a hair every once in a while, don't be so greedy." "

"You lost the weapon to save me, and I have the responsibility to compensate you." This has nothing to do with... having sex. "He cleared his throat, gradually getting used to the blunt vocabulary for expressing this kind of behavior, "If you don't believe in my enchanting skillsI can demonstrate it for you when I have a rest during the day. a bit.

Cindy stopped, turned around, stared into his eyes, and suddenly asked very seriously: "Your enchanting ability, like your harmony, has been blessed by the goddess." ,Is it right?

Worried that her rejection of the gods would pop up again, he thought for a while and said, "The goddess can only bless me with one ability at the same time, and I can rely on her for it." help you. "

Anyway, enchantments shouldn't be exposed as easily as refining medicine. If you control the level of blessings precisely, it's not difficult to conceal the specific level. He just wanted to find a chance to try the god-given level. How far can an enchantment be?

"Xue Lei," she suddenly called out his name, "I owe you a lot of money. Looking at this , I have a piece of advice for you. "

"Uh...please say it." "

"Don't dangle your dick like a brainless cock in order to coax a pretty girl into bed.You can't come across it every time." A target with no ill will towards you. She approached with a solemn expression."You can refine medicine and bless equipment. Do you know how valuable this is?" You have to learn to put gold coins in your pockets, not in your hands.

Xue Lei felt the concern contained in the warning, and smiled contentedly, "Cindy, I'm not such a fool who doesn't know how to be alert, I believe our current situation." relationship, I just told you. Actually, I know about enchanting, not even Jon. But I have to say it first, I just have the relevant knowledge, I haven't practiced it, and I don't know if I can do it well. "

Cindy tilted her head thoughtfully for a while, her long ears twitched, she turned around and continued to walk forward "It's just sex once, don't let it go." It's too close, I warned you. Don't let me say it so bluntly... let's go, hurry back, I'll take care of Moon Sleep, you should rest early. "

Xue Lei was stunned for a moment, and suddenly felt that Xindi seemed to be implying that she should not trust her too much.


Is it behind the scenes? For the employer's sake?

There were also guards hurriedly searching the back door, but there happened to be one who knew Xindi.She confirmed that Xue Lei was fine, so she let it go.

Judging from the guy's expression, it's not a big fuss for a sexy and beautiful fire elf girl to bring back a strong naked man.

Opening the bedroom door and seeing Raya sitting beside the bed crying silently, Xue Lei finally felt relieved.

Wait until Cindy sends her to leave the room for questioning. The maid, went out and was responsible for ending the incident. He took off his turban, showed a face that was already numb with shame, and quickly took the nightgown and put it on.

Raya's eyes widened. Looking at him, she soon burst into tears.

The impact of this sudden incident on her was really not small. The gentle and peaceful little slave girl completely made up her mind
The determination to practice hard, looks like I can't wait to fight the big succubus next time.

He thought about it for a while and decided to buy Xindi a elf rapier tomorrow. , by the way, help Laya get a basic outfit.

"Laya," Xue Lei stroked her smooth hair and asked softly, "What kind of adventurer do you want to be? "

"I will wear heavy armor and hold the strongest shield." She lay on his chest, demanding in a distinct nasal voice, "I know... those equipment may be expensive, but I will definitely try to use them to protect you, Master, and let them play the role of worth. "

He frowned and used his "spiritual sense" to identify Raya's current physical condition.

He is 1.45 meters and weighs 37 pounds, even if the unit here is Combined, it is equal to the metric system of the original world, which is 37 kilograms, and his bumper yield in two days can exceed that, the standard legal loli body shape.

Xue Lei can't imagine it. , for such a little cutie to build a large plate armor that walks with clunks and clatters, and mounts a horseA large shield standing up to the height of one person will have a strange visual effect in the end.

Seeing the master's complicated expression, the little slave girl said in a panic, "No, can't you?"

"No, I don't like it." He simply He threw down Wang Zhan, "Raya, first, I don't want you to choose the route that always charges at the front, and second, it's too ugly, I can't see it when we go out together. You will be very sad because of your cute appearance."

And the most important reason is, little girl, your three talents of Limin and Resistance are none, and the basic value is 4, 7, and 2. On average, it's only 5. It's purely based on the properties of semen value, and you can see the ceiling at a glance.

When training talents, you should make use of your strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Although there are still two talents unknown for the three attributes of the mental system, the will attribute has confirmed that the talents are high.

Judging from the options for Xindi's gift not long ago, high talent is actually a very great talent. So far, the only orange talent he's seen after sweating and spraying holy spirit is Gusha's magic power. If I remember correctly, the starting experience of that item is 3500, which is one step away from the lower limit of genius talent of 3600.

The attribute of will will not only increase the natural resistance of life, but also increase the effect and success rate of healing magic and positive auxiliary magic.

Then, Raya can at least become a very good white magician.

The information obtained from the divine sense, the most basic and widely used branch of the magic system in this world is the element magic, and the element magic is divided into two major factions: black and white, simple In other words, all elemental magic that causes negative effects such as damage, weakening, etc., is classified as black magic, and vice versa is classified as white magic.

Magic can increase the damage and weaken the effect of magic. Gusha is a genius in this aspect, so the future achievements of black magic will be unlimited.

On the other hand, Laya only relies on this highly innate will, even if magic and thinking are all innate, it is not a big problem to be a qualified nurse in the team.

And this world is not a real game, no one will make a rule prohibiting the mage from practicing both black and white. As long as the elements are not mutually exclusive, you can practice whatever you like. In case the magic energy that Raya shoots in the future is also very sharp, buy an extra book and let her grasp the black magic as well.

"...So I hope you can take this route." Xue Lei, who was dry-mouthed, drank half a glass of water and suggested seriously.

Laya lowered her head and said in a low voice, "But master... how does the mage protect you, isn't that the protected person hiding behindwith a small stick? Besides, the mage My practice is very expensive and time-consuming, and II don’t want to… be separated from you.”

Yes, most mages in this world want to practice, and most of them have to choose a mages tower to join from the foundation. To start enlightenment, let's not say whether there is any place that accepts slaves like Laya, even if he accepts, he is not willing to let her go. Being served by her all day, he is about to live a good life of reaching out for food and opening his mouth with his shirt - just now, she brought water to feed him.

"You don't have to worry about this, I will choose the appropriate method, let's go the wild way and not go to the Mage Tower...By the way, you haven't tested the elemental phase, have you? Exactly, tomorrow Go to the branch and ask where in the city there is good equipment for sale,By the way, let Jon find you an element plate, test the phase, if there is a good one, just make a contract." He thought for a while,
He said with certainty, "When the contract between you and the elements is completed, His Highness Wills will be able to protect you better."

He has this confidence. According to the previous situation, Mr. It is a related skill that cannot be randomly selected from the magic department, and it is likely that the element has not yet been selected. Elements without a contract cannot cast spells, which should be the same as
being unable to spell words without learning the alphabet.

So, the next day's itinerary was decided so happily.

Lothar is just a very ordinary small town, and it is not favored by the upper echelons because of a great hero in ancient times. Usually, there are only a few hundred guards and soldiers stationed here. Lower-level officials who are mainly responsible for taxation. So in order not to cause riots and the appearance of the Great Succubus, they only reported it to the Adventure Guild—Security incidents and attacks other than military operations were originally handled by them. .

For the adventure guild, the succubus whose purpose is generally limited to male spirit is not an opponent that needs to be strictly guarded against. After all, many have saved a crotch and have nowhere to use it. Bachelors sometimes wish for a succubus to appear in the city. In case the other party is hungry or not picky eaters, the virgin body will be sent out successfully.

And the appearance of the succubus is usually dream-like, and over the years, it has evolved a gentle way of eating that preys on prey without harming your life. Single soldiers will also temporarily cancel masturbation. After saving for a few days, they will pray silently before going to bed every night, asking for luck.

"That's why it doesn't make much sense to hang a hunting bounty." Jon sighed and put the elementHe huggedon the table, and said helplessly, "Not to mention, what you have encountered is still a great succubus that has evolved. According to Ms. Yanwu's description, it is probably still one of the great succubuses The elite. She can't win even if she eats the strongest Ryuohamaru, and it is difficult for the adventurers registered with the current branch to assemble a team with a good chance of winning."

Cindy Beside him, he muttered dissatisfiedly: "I still suppressed her after taking the medicine. But that guy has wings, so he can fly and cast such a strong magic. I didn't prepare in advance, how can I win this? .And a sword pierced through the throat will not die, so I can't react immediately."

"The common point of the demons and monsters is that the key is usually at the position of the demon core. That thing can be compared to the hearts of usintelligent beings. Apart from the magic core, as long as they have enough magic power, it is difficult to kill them directly. I heardSome kind of demons can even take their heads off, He calls himself the Headless Horseman or something." Jon picked up the registration form he brought and pushed it to Cindy, "The magic core of the succubus should be in the lower abdomen where the lewd lines can be activated... Ah, firstLet's not talk about this, Miss Yan Wu, what kind of combination do you think you need to protect XueLei? Here is the list of adventurers, you can look at it. Let me help Laya first. Let's do the elemental phase test."

Raya sat nervously at the table, her fingers pinched white.

When she wore a collar and practiced oral sex with a stick in a dark shack, she never imagined that there would be another day sitting in such a place to test her compatibility with the elements. Mage, adventurer, equipment... those were words that she had never seen in her dreams.

Following Jon's instructions, Raya carefully placed her hands into the bottom of the large plate with the intricately carved circle, the two entrances were too big for her small palm. , when you reach in, you can't touch anything.

"Okay, just stretch to the elbows. Next, keep this posture and don't move, let your mind go. Don't think about anything. Focus on your hands. You can't do anything. You can count your own knucklesin your head."

Raya nodded, closed her eyes, and complied.

Then, six light spheres slowly emerged above the disc, circling around the central magic circle. Every time it rotated, the color changed a little, and gradually formed six types, which gradually deepened. .

The six light spheres are near and far from the center, the golden light sphere is the closest, the brown, red, green and blue four are about the same distance, and the black one almost flies to a circle Outside the disk, as the position stabilizes, the size also changes, getting bigger towards the center, while the black one almost disappears.

"Okay, that's it." After Jon finished recording, he reached out and touched the small crystal ball next to the disc, and all the light immediately dissipated, and there was nothing left.

"What's the result?" Laya opened her eyes and asked nervously.

"You have the best affinity with the light element, the basic four elements are similar, and the dark element is basically unrelated, so it is difficult to make a contract." Jon smiled and said, "Then, please do Let's make a choice."

Raya asked blankly, "How many can I choose?"

"Pfft." Cindy couldn't help laughing and hurried Keep looking down at the data.

Jon explained patiently: "Light and darkness, earth, wind, water and fire are mutually exclusive elements and cannot be contracted at the same time. After choosing the main element, if you feel that you have the spare energy to learn more Multi-lineage, you can also choose sub-elements that are not mutually exclusive, that is to say, theoretically up to three can be learned at the same time. However, it should be noted that some magic is only available when the corresponding element is the main contract. It can be activated, the speed of sub-element training will be very slow, and the upper limit will be lower than that of the main element. In addition, light and darkness are upper-level elements and cannot be used as sub-element contracts. The basic rules are roughly the same.”

Xue Lei asked from the side: "If you are going to practice white magic, what kind of contract is generally recommended?"

"The Adventure Guild Manual will recommend choosing the main water and auxiliary land, so that the initial training is better. It is not easy for Xi to encounter bottlenecks. Once he is proficient in skills, he can be combined into the upper element of nature. The nature-based white magic of water is quite powerful."

Xue Lei frowned, " But Laya's affinity and light are the best, isn't the light-based white magic also very strong?"

"Yes." Jon nodded, "But the difficulty of directly practicing the upper elements... Wouldn't it be too reluctant for Yali? And the mage towers of the upper elements are relatively rare, you may need to travel a long way to officially enlighten."

"You can't buy magic. Are you self-taught?" You don't want to go to 985 or 211, you can learn an adult self-taught?

"Yes, yes..." Jon's ears swayed, and he said embarrassingly, "But the Mage Alliance manages relevant knowledge very strictly, and these books issued outside are It is used to recruit students, and it is difficult to reach the level of the first level of enlightenment in the mage tower. Even if you spend money, ordinary mages will not break the rules and secretly teach."

Xin Di smiled and added: "The mages are not short of money, but, handsome guy, you can change it with your ability."

"Yes," Xue Lei's eyes lit up, "I have it.The skill of refining medicine, I can exchange it with precious medicine, please help Raya to ask for a private education! "

Cindy smiled again and gave a wink, "No, I mean, you can consider seduction." The mage's body is very weak, and the spirit is very strong. You conquer them in bed, and they can enjoy double the happiness. Addicted to them, then whatever your little slave girl wants to learn, they will kneel down and offer scrolls. "

"It's a bad joke." Xue Lei glared at her, still thinking about the plan to use drugs to achieve her goals.

Cindy spread her hands, "It seems that my serious advice will always be regarded as a joke. "
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