The Power of God (Remastered Edition of Qingming Academy) (28-32)

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[Shen Yuzhi (Reset Edition of Qingming Academy)]

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Chapter 28 Front? reverse?

After enjoying, it's time for a headache.

An Zhishui squatted in the corner of the room with his hands on his knees, tears streaming down his face, and the torn clothes was hugged by her, trying to hide the most privacy of his body part.

A beautiful girl squatted in the corner crying, the slight sobbing sound was distressing, if it weren't for the snow-white skin my semen was mottled everywhere, this scene should have been like An aggrieved angel is sad.

I sighed silently in my heart, An Zhishui's evening dress was originally very thin, and it was torn into several horizontal strips of cloth that could not cover her attractive parts at all. , and I have seen all those parts just now, and there is no need to block them at all.

When the desire in my mind receded, calmness and ethics returned to me, I looked at the crying girl in front of me, and my heart was full of contradictions.

Although I have always had bad thoughts about the girlfriends of several roommates, and I have dreamed many times of me and their lingering pictures, but when these are realized one by one in reality, it is necessary to It is absolutely impossible to say that I have no shame in my heart after the fact.

If Bai Yishan's girlfriend Zhang Yiyu gave me oral sex, I can comfort myself, that is what Zhang Yiyuwilled, and I didn't force her.

But this time I dated Li Luyou's girlfriend, An Zhishui, and she broke her virginity. I reallycan be called an asshole.

Don't say anything about Anzhishui's aphrodisiac throwing her arms around me, starting from my conversation with He Fei, this is a conspiracy against Anzhishui, if it wasn't for me For her desire, all of this is completely avoidable, at least call Li Luyou and let him rush over to help An Zhishui solve the aphrodisiac in time.

Not to mention what a good relationship I have with Li Luyou, how loyal Li Luyou is to me, if it weren't for his assists in the exam room, I don't know how many times I failed I have done my homework, and An Zhishui, the eldest lady of noble birth, is one of the few beauties who treat me with grace and grace, and she is not as high as other girls.

This little couple is intimate and loving. They both truly love each other deeply. There is no money and miscellaneous desires. They are truly from the heart. The purest and purest love.

It's like a piece of pure white paper, but I have sprinkled a streak of ink.

Not far away, An Zhishui lowered his head and stared blankly at his toes, as if he had lost his soul. I walked over with light steps, for fear of irritating An Zhishui again.

"I'm sorry." I thought about it for a while, then apologized softly.

Although it sounds a bit ridiculous, after all, a rapist who just pierced the hymen, what qualificationsSay sorry to the victim

An Zhishui's body Shocked, seeing that it was me, he grabbed the high-heeled shoes beside him and threw them at me, raised his head and said angrily, "Get out of here!"

At such a close distance, I stand She didn't dodge and let An Zhishui's high-heeled shoes hit me directly in the face. Fortunately, she was weak under my manipulation just now, so she only left a scar the size of a fingernail on my face.

I let An Zhishui's wound bleed out, hoping that this will make her feel a little better.

I understand that if An Zhishui hadn't lost his virginity, he probably wouldn't have had such an air. For a woman, there is only one membrane, and only one in this life. The man is lucky enough to pierce it, for An Zhishui,Obviously she hopes that the man is Li Luyou, but this is all ruined by me today, she can't make herself complete Hand it all over to Li Luyou.

An Zhishui's eyes filled with tears, thinking that An Zhishui was always a carefree young lady in the past, and now comparing her desolate appearance, I really feel There is a distressed feeling.

This stunning face is so flawless, it should be the first time that tears hang on it, Li Luyou never makes her cry, her life has always been So happy and smooth, until today I met this bastard.

Suddenly, I seem to see something bad on An Zhishui's stunning face. Why does the corner of An Zhishui's mouth seem to have my semen remaining? I have never touched her. The little mouth, I don't know when it rubbed it.

"Shui Shui, I'm really sorry. Even if you call the police now, I'll admit it and take me to jail." On the one hand, I showed my sincere and regretful attitude. On the other hand, I had confidence that An Zhishui would never call the police.

IIt was He Fei who called him to this private room, and then saw An Zhishui dancing for the three hooligans, and wearing more revealing and sexy clothes, I'm afraid she wouldn't even be in front of Li Luyou. Let's go through it, and I was accidentally given aphrodisiac by three rascals. If it wasn't for my appearance, this beautiful squad leader might have even been opened by the three rascals.

I know how lustful a teenage hooligan is. If the three of them play An Zhishui together, she will probably lose half her life here today. Afterwards, I don't know how many handles will fall into the hands of those three hooligans. From a certain point of view, I am An Zhishui's savior.

An Zhishui told Li Luyou that she had left beforehand, leaving her boyfriend alone to take notes in the classroom, but she changed her clothes and came with these three hooligans To this messy KTV.

There must be a lot of hidden secrets here, although I don't know what it is for now, but An Zhishui didn't even tell Li Luyou, and definitely wouldn't want more people to know.

Sure enough, An Zhishui asked with trembling lips, "How did you get here?"

I felt a little more at ease, she was obviously more at ease than she lost herself in me. I'm concerned, she came to bring this KTVDoes anyone else know.

I asked back, "Shui Shui, who are those three hooligans? Do you have any clue..."

An Zhishui's eyes flashed with obvious anxiety , interrupted: "It's none of your business."

"Then Li Luyou..."

"You are not allowed to tell him." An Zhishui was very urgent again He interrupted me: "Everything that happened here today, you are not allowed to tell Li Luyou or anyone else."

"I definitely don't. Tell anyone, I swear," I said quickly.

An Zhishui's expression is now more relaxed. Regarding what happened here today, it is obvious that An Zhishui does not want others to know than me, not only that she lost her body to me, but also What matters is why she dances for the three little hooligans, what is the secret behind this!

"Do you want me to help you? In fact, that kind of rascal is easy to deal with." I asked, I really wanted to help An Zhishui, after all, she is my beautiful squad leader, How can you be controlled by a few bad boys who are full of foul-mouthed words.

"Don't worry about it, I will solve it myself." An Zhishui gritted his teeth and said, "I don't blame you for what happened today, just pretend that nothing happened."

Of course that's good, I couldn't ask for it, I nodded hurriedly: "Well, I promise to forget it cleanly, I don't remember at all."

"Would you like it? Can I buy a piece of clothing for you?" I looked at the almost torn piece of clothing that An Zhishui was holding in his arms, there was no way I could put it on again.

"No." An Zhishui blushed and said, "Bring me my bag."

Then I noticed An Zhishui's extravagant gucci bag The bag is placed in the corner, and the three hooligans seem to be really incompetent. If you have a little discernment, if you take this bag and sell it, you can at least exchange it for hundreds of thousands.

But then again, if I hadn't been very familiar with Miss An Zhishui's family background, I knew that every piece of clothing on her body was of great value, even a simple headscarf could be It will cost me several months of living expenses. If it was the first time I saw that bag, I would probably have thought it was a few hundred dollars.

I walked over and helped An Zhishui to pick up the bag. The zipper of the bag was not fully zipped. From one end, I could see that An Zhishui was wearing that knitted short sleeve in the classroom. Just put it inside.

I suddenly had an evil thought in my heart. I wonder if there will be a chance in the future to let An Zhishui perform a gorgeous striptease in front of me.

I handed the bag to An Zhishui and stood in front of her and waited.

After a while, An Zhishui didn't move. I was just about to urge An Zhishui to change clothes quickly. It would be bad if the three little hooligans found something wrong and came back.

"You go out." An Zhishui cried out in anger.

"Oh oh oh." Only then did I realize my carelessness. I, a boy and An Zhishui, stayed in this room, asking An Zhishui, a girl, to change clothes.

Because I had an intimate relationship with An Zhishui just now, every inch of her skin was indulgently browsed by me, so that I ignored the difference between men and women between me and her for a while. .

I went out and waited. After a while, An Zhishui walked out in a sluggish manner. After all, she had just been broken, and since I didn't know it beforehand, the hymen was pierced and the hymen was pierced. It's not too gentle, and with the continuous love that follows, I'm afraid An Zhishui's body is about to fall apart now.

Watching An Zhishui change into the classroom and wear that knitted short-sleeved skirt and a pleated skirt, the semen from the corners of his mouth was wiped away, as if he belonged to Li Luyou again. The flawless beauty monitor.

It's just that inside the body under this suit, there is still my essence left.What about the liquid, I thought with disgust.

"Shui Shui, remember to take birth control pills when you go back." I kindly reminded.

No way, after all, I had ejaculated several times without a condom just now. An Zhishui is still a virgin in Li Luyou's eyes, but if her belly grows earlier, then Not good.

"You don't need to remind me." An Zhishui said viciously, taking a step ahead of me, but the legs that were spread out seemed to be a little bit out of place.

It's really cute that An Zhishui makes this vicious look. I wonder if Li Luyou will have a chance to see it.

Looking at An Zhishui's back, I suddenly couldn't help fantasizing, if An Zhishui is really pregnant with my child this time, In the future, I can only go to class with a big belly. What a fun thing to do.

There are also Liu Xiaoyao and Huang Qiaoyu, two beautiful little beauties. Yesterday, I also ejaculated several times without a condom. If they are pregnant with my child, they will be shy in the future. The duo lying under me, begging me to penetrate deeper into their pussy, saying, Dad, be careful not to overwhelm our child...

If it goes further, Let Zhang Yiyu and Ning Yingxue. An Zhishui, and even Zhao Qingshi are all pregnant with my childrenA few pretty little beauties can only walk around the campus with their big bellies every day, while Bai Yishan,Li Luyou and Luo Suo Hun was very excited that he was finally a father, but they didn't know that when they were raising their glasses to celebrate, their girlfriends were all kneeling on the ground with their big stomachs and licking my cock for me...

I fantasized about this scene, and the cock that had been indulging on An Zhishui's body actually became hard again.

I wonder if there will be a chance to see this scene in the future?

An Zhishui went back to school ahead of me. Originally, I was worried that the three hooligans would come back to trouble her, soI wanted to send her back, but after exiting the gate of KTV, An Zhishui was unwilling to continue with me. , probably because she was worried that others would see her walking with me, and then accidentally spread it to Li Luyou's ears.

I had to follow An Zhishui and escort her back to school. I looked at An Zhishui's tall back from a distance. Feeling a little lonely.

I know that this An Zhishui has always been a girl who has a perfect fantasy about love. She will be careful with any girl around Li Luyou, and she will never carry Li Lu behind her back. Yuu contacts any boy in private, andTreats this feeling like a snow lotus, for fear that there will be a little flaw on it.

But so many things happened to her today, even her virginity was taken away by other men, this pure girl must be in a mess, for fear of these things Spread it into the ears of your beloved boyfriend, let Li Luyou be disappointed in her.

I didn't feel relieved until I sent An Zhishui back to the school, so I sent a message to Li Luyou, I saw a few students harassing An Zhi Shui, fortunately, I drove him away, let him pay more attention to the safety of Anzhishui in the next few days.

In this way, An Zhishui should not be in any danger during the time I am away.

Next, I should solve the problem between Liu Feisheng and Zhang Yiyu. Between these two people, I must make a choice.

If you choose to completely blacken, and join Liu Feisheng, we will snatch all Bai Yishan's harem.In this way, I will probably be a complete jerk in the future, but I will not enjoy it. Exhausted beauty.

Should I choose to join forces with Zhang Yiyu to defeat Liu Feisheng, after all the dust settles, everything will return to the original positionBai Yishan continues to search for flowers and willows, constantly soaking in new beauties to enrich his harem , Zhang Yiyu returned to Bai Yishan safely, and I, as an ordinary diaosi, can only comfort myself when I masturbation at night, I have a clear conscience.

I remember someone saying that when you can't make a decision, you can toss a coin, it's not that the coin can tell you the answer, it's that when the coin is tossed In an instant, you already have the answer in your heart.

I took out a coin and tossed it into the sky when it hit the ground.

Is it the front?

Or the other way around?


Chapter 29 The Bold Plan

"You said Zhang Yiyu contacted you privately." Liu Feisheng's tone was flat.

After listening to me, Zhang Yiyu asked me to meet at a cafe near Aegean Lake last night, hoping to join hands with me to deal with himLiu Feisheng's expression seemed to have hardly changed. , still calm and composed, seeming to have a full grasp of the situation.

I thought Liu Feisheng would be at least a little excited, or even panicked, because the ring he relies on can no longer be used casually, and the chips in his hand are nothing more than two, and the rest A life pill and Zhang Yiyu must get the ring back.

As a bankrupt young master, he has to rely onTaking revenge on Bai Yishan and Bai Yishan's harem group by himself is tantamount to hitting a stone with an egg. Even if you have a ring, there is not much more possibility, but now it seems that I still underestimate Liu Feisheng. .

I nodded and slowly repeated: "Yes, Zhang Yiyu hopes that I can join forces with her to deal with you."

Liu Feisheng narrowed his eyes slightly and said in admiration: "I did think that Zhang Yiyu would definitely contact you, but I thought that at most she would ask you for some information about me. I didn't expect that she would actually want to join forces with you, she was only arrested. Your mouth exploded, a normal woman would like to kill you now, but she could ignore her hatred for you first and ask you to join forces to deal with me, I am afraid there are not many men in this world who have such an arrogance. Zhang Yiyuis a really powerful woman, I really underestimate her."

"You don't need to emphasize Zhang Yiyu's hatred for me." I frowned.

I understand that the reason why Liu Feisheng emphasized how much Zhang Yiyu hated me, and even wanted to kill me, was just to remind me that when I joined forces with Zhang Yiyu, I was trying to get skin from a tiger.

Indeed, according to the normal logic analysis, in Zhang Yiyu's heart, the hatred for me is not much less than that of Liu Feisheng, even Zhang Yiyu should hate me even more, although all this is because of Liu Feisheng He rose up, but so far, Liu Feisheng has not even touched the corner of Zhang Yiyu's clothes, but I have already blown her mouth.

Even if I choose to join forces with Zhang Yiyu to deal with Liu Feisheng, the second person to be eliminated by Zhang Yiyu is probably me.

Liu Feisheng grinned and asked with a smile, "Then what benefit did she promise to give you? It should be a good offer."

"It's really tempting." I said slowly, "Zhang Yiyu's conditions are hard to refuse, and you also know that I like Zhang Yiyu, and it's always hard for me to refuse her requests."

Liu Feisheng showed an unidentified expression: "If that's the case, then why did you tell me all this?"

I used a very regretful expression. He said in his tone: "Although it is difficult to refuse, there are two reasons why I have to stand on your side. First, no matter how attractive the conditions are, it is not as good as getting the temptation of Zhang Yiyu himself. Secondly, no matter how attractive the conditions are, I have to live to enjoy them.”

I didn’t say too much, because I knew Liu Feisheng could understand that I was in say what.

Liu Feisheng smiled and said, "Yes, Zhang Yiyu naturally doesn't want Bai Yishan to know all this, but I can't wait to let Bai Yishan know about his favorite girlfriend. It has been overpopulated.

"Liu Feisheng, you are threatening me." I said with a serious look.

Although Zhang Yiyu said that the video where Liu Feisheng secretly filmed her giving me oral sex has long since been deleted, but I can't be completely relieved in my heart, Liu Feisheng is very cunning, and he may not hide it. with my other handles.

"Don't worry, as long as you are smart enough, I will naturally not do stupid things."

Liu Feisheng paused for a while before continuing: "But you really don't want to. Did Bai Yishan see that video? You said that you like Zhang Yiyu, but Bai Yishan stole your beloved woman! Don't you want Bai Yishan to see it with your own eyes, his beloved woman was blown away by you Is it the picture? I dreamed that Bai Yishan would find out one day that all his women had become sex slaves for his roommates to vent their sexual desires at will."

When he said this , Liu Feisheng's expression became hideous, his eyes revealed desire, obviously imagining a scene that might happen in the future.

I asked a question: "Since you hate Bai Yishan so much, why don't you just take revenge on him, but choose his girlfriends, those girls are innocent, they didn't do anything I'm sorry Your business."

"Yes, they didn't do anything wrong to me, and I don't hate them either." Liu Feisheng did not deny it.

"But!" Liu Feisheng exuded awe-inspiring hatred. As long as Bai Yishan was mentioned, he couldn't control his emotions at all, and shouted loudly, "I'm not interested in women, I don't even want to touch even the most beautiful women in front of meI only want to see women related to Bai Yishan, I want to see them being abused andtheir lives are completely ruined Come on, these bitches, what qualifications do they have to stay by Bai Yishan's side, what qualifications do they have to get Bai Yishan's love."

Liu Feisheng twisted his neck, his eyes became more and more gloomy : "However, attacking these women is only secondary, my ultimate goal is that after all of Bai Yishan's beloved things were destroyed by me, his desperate expression, as long as I think of this scene , I feel my blood is burning."

I can only be silent, a woman who hates because of love is terrible, and a man who hates because of love is even more terrible.

One thing I haven't figured out until now is that since Bai Yishan and Liu Feisheng had such a good relationship before, after Liu Feisheng's family was down, why was Bai Yishan's attitude towards Liu Feisheng so bad? Changed, and even humiliated Liu Feisheng in public at his birthday party.

To say that Bai Yishan has many shortcomings, but he should not dislike the poor and love the rich, because my background is also very ordinary, but Bai Yishan did not neglect me, but three Roommates are basically treated equally.

Perhaps Bai Yishan humiliated Liu Feisheng at the beginning, and something else happened that I don't know about, but Liu Feisheng was a fan of the authorities and fell behind in his family, and people around him treated him greatly He changed, and was even teased as Guru Gui, Liu Feisheng thought that it was Bai Yishan who despised him just like everyone else, so he despised him, a friend who grew up with him.

"One thing I'm very surprised about is that the ring in your hand was supposed to be given to Bai Yishan, why didn't Zhang Yiyu call Bai Yishan to her house, after all, this ring is so Precious, there is no reason to pass it on so casually." I asked.

"You already know the ring. It seems that Zhang Yiyu has told you a lot." Liu Feisheng thought for a while and replied "My judgment is that this ring was stolen by Zhang Yiyu. Yes, otherwise why do you think we are still sitting here so well."

"Stolen?" I was a little puzzled, it seemed that Zhang Yiyu didn't fully tell me the truth.

Liu Feisheng nodded and said, "Yes, you would never naively think that a family like Zhang Yiyu would allow Zhang Yiyu to be a child for Bai Yishan, so I think the ring must be If Zhang Yiyu stole it, as long as it is brought to Bai Yishan, then their family can only be forced to admit Bai Yishan as his son-in-law."

I thought about it for a while, and felt that Liu Feisheng's analysis was very good. reason.

Even an ordinary family may find it difficult to accept that their daughter is being a child of others, not to mention that Zhang Yiyu's family is an ancient family inherited by women, and what is needed is a son-in-law who is married. There are so many women around Bai Yishan, it is difficultwilling to sacrifice one's life for one of them, and Bai Yishan's family itself has a great industry, even if it is not as good as Zhang Yiyu's family, it will not let his own family The only son went to another family to be the son-in-law.

No matter from which point of view, Bai Yishan is indeed not a suitable son-in-law candidate for Zhang Yiyu's family, and for Bai Yishan's family, Zhang Yiyu is also not a suitable candidate. Daughter-in-law candidate.

I nodded and echoed: "That is to say, Zhang Yiyu's family still doesn't know that the ring has been stolen, if we delay for a long time, we will not be facing Zhang Yiyu's little one. The girl, most likely is a big family with an ancient inheritance."

"You are right." Liu Feisheng said, "What is Zhang Yiyu's specific plan? It's impossibleIt's just to tell you about the ring."

I looked at Liu Feisheng's fingers, there was nothing on them, if I hadn't listened to Zhang Yiyu, I absolutely can't think of a ring on it.

I said: "This ring will naturally blend into the host's body after wearing it, and can only be taken off by the host itself, otherwise even if the host dies, the ring will just disappear, so as long as the host dies, the ring will only disappear. If you don't want to take off the ring,Zhang Yiyu has no way to force you to take it off."

Liu Feisheng shrugged noncommittally, and said in a flat tone: "Yes, I have nothing left. There is only one bad life."

From a high-ranking son, a young man, a handsome man who is highly sought after by his classmates, to now everyoneSeeing him, they hide away, Even being made fun of as Duke Gui's bad life, this earth-shaking change from the sky to the ground seems like a trivial matter to Liu Feisheng today.

I sighed in my heart, I am afraid that now only the deep hatred for Bai Yishan is the only meaning of his life now.

I said bluntly: "The ring on your hand is useless now, and you don't dare to use the ring anymore, right?"

Liu Feisheng has used the ring twice to make Liu Xiaoyao and Huang Qiaoyu fall in love with him respectively. One of the two pills has been given to Zhang Yiyu, and there is one pill left. If he forcibly uses the ring again, it is very likely that Will run out of life and die immediately.

Liu Feisheng nodded and said, "That's right, but it's not necessarily true. If I choose to gamble, it mayGod gave me a longer lifespan. I used it. After the third time, there will be a few more days to live."

"No one is willing to risk their lives easily." I said with a stronger voice: "So you have a better choice Choose, just like the practice of Zhang Yiyu's family for thousands of years, choose someone you can trust, and then hand over the ring to him..."

Before I could finish speaking, Liu Feisheng interrupted. I, asked: "So Zhang Yiyu's plan is to get youmy complete trust, so that I will give you the ring, and then you will give it back to her?"

I nodded without denying it.

Liu Feisheng asked again: "How does Zhang Yiyu want you to gain my trust? The ring is my last bargaining chip. She will never think I will give it to you easily.

"It's very simple. If you want the fish to be hooked, you will naturally order bait."


"Qi Mengni and Josh'er."

Liu Feisheng slapped his thigh vigorously with his hands, laughing loudly: "Haha Haha, Zhang Yiyuis really amazing, I always thought she and Qi Mengni Joshier were sisters. These three bitches, I'm afraid they don't even know how many bastards serve Bai Yishan in the same bed. This time, Zhang Yiyu betrayed them so ruthlessly, Hahaha..."

Hearing Liu Feisheng's almost frantic laughter, I wasn't surprised at all, it wasn't just him, At that time, I was so shocked that I was almost speechless. I am afraid that anyone who knew Zhang Yiyu would not have thought that she would come up with such a plan.


Chapter 30 Bai Yishan's girlfriends

Bai Yishan has always been very attentive, surrounded by beauties constantly, and ambiguous and sympathetic everywhere. Although he has captured the hearts of many girls, he has never admitted his official relationship with any girls.

After Zhang Yiyu became Bai Yishan's first official girlfriend, Bai Yishan rarely kept herself clean for a long time, and took the initiative to abandon all previous ambiguous objects. We even thought that Bai Yishan, the prodigal son of love, had been captured by the little goblin Zhang Yiyu, and he wanted to become a competent boyfriend.

However, it is difficult to change the nature of Jiangshan, and Bai Yishan still can't change his hobby of messing with flowers. It didn't take long for Bai Yishan to have a second girlfriend, the first department of the art department. Flower Josh.

The art department has always been a place where beautiful women gather. In places where there are many beautiful women, it is often difficult to choose the most beautiful woman.

And from the first day of entering the art department, Joshier has defeated countless beautiful girls with different styles, and was rated as the first flower of the art department. In the past four years, in the face of the newly arrived all kinds of charming schoolgirls, she insisted on winning the first-line flower for four consecutive years, which shows how beautiful she is.

Although Josh is only a senior, she is already a famous star in the entertainment industry. As early as high school, Josher uploaded some original songs through the Internet, and now she has released several platinum records.Many classic songs are circulating on the streets and are now known as the Queen of Little Songs .

Last year, the national teacher Zhang Mouzi was preparing for his new film "Chang'an", and the national audition for the heroine, but Josh'er was selected at a glance. As a result, Josh, as an Internet singer, became the heroine of a top investment blockbuster as soon as she entered the film industry.

Of course, Josh'er did not humiliate Zhang Mouzi's expectations for her. Although she is still a rookie actress, she has shown a very high acting talent. Internationally, she won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival, and she became the Queen of Cannes in her early twenties. Many film critics even asserted after watching her performance that Josh will be the best actress. She will be the first Chinese actress to win an Oscar.

For Josh to become a top star, her outstanding singing voice and superb acting skills are naturally not enough, a beautiful face and a sexy and enchanting figure are necessary Yes, the most attractive thing is undoubtedly her slender legs.

Although there is no shortage of beauties in the entertainment industry, most of them are just vases with a vain appearance, and very few can have talent and beauty at the same time.

A stunning beauty who was born in a top prestigious school, but also has amazing original music ability and superb acting skills, so when Josh'er appeared in the entertainment circle, it attracted countless people Many people even rated Josh as the number one beauty and the number one talented woman in the entertainment industry at the same time.

Josh'er has countless fans and support groups all over the country. Although in Qingming Academy, there are several beauties who can look slightly better than Josh'er, but if you want to select a clear The object of the first sexual fantasy of all the boys in Ming AcademyIt is definitely Josh. Just thinking about the beauty of the big star that countless people like is enough to make people Beast blood boiled.

Josh has been single at Qingming Academy for more than three years, turning a deaf ear to all kinds of crazy pursuits.Many people even think that no man can capture the heart of this goddess Gao Jue. , I am afraid she will remain single and graduate from Qingming Academy.

And in our freshman year, Qingming Academy's annual New Year's party, as the finale, Josh'er and another school boy duet her masterpiece "Afterlife" , but the boy suddenly fell ill and was unable to appear. This song was originally a duet between men and women. Just when the scene got out of hand, Bai Yishan took the initiative to take the stage and pick up the microphone.

Next, the two looked at each other affectionately and performed the song perfectly. Afterwards, Josh'er invited Bai Yishan to dinner to show her gratitude.

Just when everyone thought this story was over, Josh'er suddenly announced her love affair with Bai Yishan, which shocked everyone.

You must know that at that time Bai Yishan already had a girlfriend named Zhang Yiyu, who was still above Josh'er. JoshI don't know how many boys in the school were heartbroken that day.

After gaining such two stunning girlfriends, several of our roommates thought Bai Yishan should always take care, but not long after entering the sophomore year, Bai Yishan enrolled in the Chinese Department again. The new first line of Hua Qi Mengni.

Qi Mengni is now a freshman junior. She came from a very poor single-parent family. It is said that her father died when she was born, and her mother brought her up by herself.

This little girl with big breasts and big breasts caused a sensation among the welcome seniors on the first day of school. At that time, some rogue seniors looked at Qi Mengni's clothes. Shabby, I feel so bullied, and actually molested this little beauty in publicFortunately, Bai Yishan saw Zhanyi take action and taught those bastards a lesson.

Next, Bai Yishan drove his luxury sports car with Qi Mengni, a primary school girl, to help her go through all the admission procedures, and finally sent the little beauty to the dormitory safely.

A little girl from a poor family who has not seen much of the world, facing a handsome guy like Bai Yishan who is rich and graceful is like a dream in a fairy tale. The girl met her destined Prince Charming.

Not long after, Bai Yishan captured the little girl Qi Mengni.

Every time Zhang Yiyu has a girlfriend in Bai Yishan, although she will be sullen for a while, but will soon be coaxed by Bai Yishan and accept to be Bai Yishan's girlfriend with other girls.

Not long ago, Bai Yishan picked up the new beauties who came to our school. I don't even know the names.I just saw the photos on Bai Yishan's mobile phone last class, a typical iceberg Beauty is obviously a goddess who is used to being aloof.

At Zhao Qingshi's birthday party, Bai Yishan was slapped by this beauty. Originally I thought that this timeBai Yishan would have a headache for a while, but within a few days, Bai Yishan settled this beauty and Zhang Yiyu at the same time. Double fly.

I have always thought that Zhang Yiyu is a very generous girl, her heart is as pure as an angel, she is indifferent to the world, and can tolerate her beloved man liking other women at the same time.

So when I heard yesterday that Zhang Yiyu proposed to use Qi Mengni and Joshier as a key part of the plan, I was shocked beyond description. I just realized how wrong I was.

I overestimated a woman's heart. Zhang Yiyu just pretended to be friendly in front of Bai Yishan, but in her heart she was always planning to get rid of Bai Yishan's other women.

I didn't know until yesterday that this petite beauty, Zhang Yiyu, is as cute as a goblin on the outside, and as cruel as a goblin on the inside.


I couldn't help interrupting Liu Feisheng, who was still laughing wildly, and said, "Zhang Yiyu knows that your ultimate goal is to revengeBai Yishan, and you are trying to win me over. , but also want me to help you insult Bai Yishan's girlfriend. In this case, she is helping in secret, I first get two girls, Qi Mengni and Joshier, so that I can fully gain your trust,
Since the ring has no effect on your hand, it will naturally be given to me, and then I will return the ring to her."

Liu Feisheng breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Zhang Yiyu actually took Josh'er. Being with Qi Mengni as baitbait, the other two women in Bai Yishan, saved me a lot of trouble, haha, I’m really willing totake the bait.”

I whispered: "Then it's settled. After I get on Qi Mengni and Josh'er, you give me the ring, and I will use the ring to get Zhang Yiyu, so that all Bai Yishan's women will be mine. Now, we can use these womento let Bai Yishan have a good taste of the pain."

Liu Feisheng shook his head and said with a smile, "I'm really a little scared to have sex with Zhang Yiyu now. By the way, how do I know, you disclosed all Zhang Yiyu's plans to me, isn't this within Zhang Yiyu's plans?"

I was stunned. , this guy is really an old fox, he still didn't take it lightly.

Before I could speak, Liu Feisheng stared at me with his eyes like a blood-devouring snake: "I still have a question, why is Zhang Yiyu so sure that you got the ring? Afterwards, will you honestly hand it over to her?"

I was silent for a while, and I didn't know the answer to this question.

Zhang Yiyu's plan was only to arrange how I would get the ring back from Liu Feisheng's hand, and after that, I was holding a rare treasure, why should I return it to her, wouldn't I? With ulterior motives, even bigger than what Liu Feisheng planned?

"One hundred million." My short answer.

"Haha, a little girl's shot is 100 million yuan, Zhang Yiyu is really a big hand." Hearing this number, Liu Feisheng was not surprised, but laughed mockingly.

I also know that my answer sounds ridiculous. One hundred million is indeed an astronomical figure, but if I choose to make Zhang Yiyu fall in love with me after getting the ring, I am afraid that I will get more than ten billion. Bar.

What did Zhang Yiyu think? Does she really think she can trust me 100%, or does she not take me seriously at all and think it's a breeze to get the ring back from me?

I always feel that the lack of this link makes me very uncomfortable.

I hesitated for a moment and said: "The ring can control up to two women, you know that. After I got Josh'er and Qi Mengni, in order to make these two women obedient Obedient, I can only use the ring's special ability on them. In this way, the ring is also a waste to me. Naturally, I can only exchange it and Zhang Yiyu for some rich materials. As a reward, after having money that can’t be spent in several lifetimes, with two stunning school beauties like Josh’er and Qi Mengni as company, this kind of life should have no regrets.”

Only then did Liu Feisheng nodded with satisfaction: "It sounds quite logical."

I finally let go of my dangling heart. These words are actually my own mess. Edited, maybe Zhang Yiyu thinks so in his heart, but we don't know until we get to this point.

Liu Feisheng smiled: "It's really a lot of birds with one stone. Zhang Yiyu's plan not only dealt with me, but also eliminated the other two in Bai Yishan's harem. A ruthless and cheap woman, she has long wanted to be Bai Yishanthe only woman."

I stood up, and since I and Liu Feisheng were in trouble, he has always overwhelmed me in his aura, Let me always have a feeling of being under his control.

I walked forward slowly and looked at him condescendingly: "Stop talking nonsense, what about your final answer?"

Liu Feisheng raised his head back and shrugged. He shrugged: "Well, since you're so frank, you told me all of Zhang Yiyu's plans, and I promise you, if you really fuck Qi Mengni and Josh, I'll put the ring br/>Give it to you."

"Really?" I'm still a little skeptical.

"Of course!" Liu Feisheng smiled, with some nostalgia in his eyes, and said softly, "Being true to your words,But someone has taught me this way since I was a child."



Chapter 31 On Set

After leaving Liu Feisheng's place, my back was soaking wet. Although the process was a bit tortuous, the negotiation was satisfactory. .

Although it's just a verbal promise, Liu Feisheng's last sentence, 'Being faithful to your words', still has some credibility. I heard this guy say it over and over again, After Zhang Yiyu gave me oral sex in the classroom last time, he did give the pills to Zhang Yiyu, this time he should be able to keep his word, after all, it is really useless to leave the ring in his hand .

My next task is to have sex with two beauties, Joshier and Qi Mengni. When I think of the amorous feelings of these two beautiful girlfriends, Bai Yishan, I can't help but feel hard. stand up.

Especially the senior sister Josh, she is a famous star in the whole country. The temptation, thinking about how many goddesses of fans in the whole country have been pressed under my body, the heart stimulation alone is unbearable.

And Qi Mengni, an elementary school girl, looks innocent with a childlike face and big breasts. Whenever people see her, they always have the urge to bully her, as long as they think of being able to put this originally belonging to Bai Yishan The little loli, fucked under meWow wow cry, I'm equally excited.

In the past, I could only imagine a beauty of this level in my dreams, and I dared not dream of getting my hands on reality, but now with Zhang Yiyu's secret help, all this have become within reach.

Originally, I planned to start with Qi Mengni first, because this elementary school girl seems harmless to humans and animals and is easier to bully, and a little girl who grew up in a single-parent family, she will use it a little later. The means can be controlled, you don't have to worry too much about her resistance, I will enjoy it in the future.

And Josh'er has been in the entertainment circle of intrigue for a few years, and she is definitely better in both knowledge and means. In addition to her status as a big star, there are often paparazzi around. It is undoubtedly more difficult to start with fans.

However, Zhang Yiyu arranged for me to start with Josh'er first, and Qi Mengni had to take a long-term view. Although I don't know the reason, I still cooperate with Zhang Yiyu's plan.


Josh’er is now a senior and is usually not in school. For example, she recently filmed a new film in a film and television city near Hengjun City. Since "Chang'an" with Zhang Mouzi won the Cannes Film International Award, Joshier began to shift the focus of her work from music to film.

The mostRecently, she is filming the film "Splendid Sword" by a director named Xie Yuan. Although this Xie Yuan is only in his early thirties, the box office and word of mouth of the recent films are quite good. Now the hot new director in the film and television industry, otherwise, it will not be possible to invite a popular first-line actress like Josh.

In order to allow me to get close to Josh'er, Zhang Yiyu directly transferred a newly established film and television company of their familyto my name, and I temporarily became a large-scale film and television company. The young boss of a film company.

Although this Xie Yuan doesn't know me, but he is a new director who has just started his career, and it is still a big problem to get investment every time he makes a movie. Especially this time, after several successful small-budget films, his ambitions have expanded, and he intends to become a god in one battle. He has spent countless efforts to prepare this "Splendid Sword", not only the heroine is heaven br/>The second-level Josh'er, the male lead is also a hot and popular young student in the entertainment industry, Dong Chenchen, all kinds of big scenesAnd special effects are smashing a lot of money, so he is patted and patted, he is faced with a big problem. The problem, the money is burned out.

In order to solve the problem of insufficient funds for "Splendid Knife", Xie Yuan treats all the gods of wealth as VIPs, so when I contacted Xie Yuan, this one was ten years older than me. The middle-aged man of several years received me warmly immediately.

Although Xie Yuan was a little suspicious that I was the owner of a film and television company at such a young age, the money Zhang Yiyu gave me was real, Xie Yuan immediately dispelled all doubts about me, thinking that I was That is, the rich second generation came out to invest in movies and play.

I sat on the edge of the set, leaning back comfortably in my chair. Originally, outsiders were not allowed to enter the filming site, but when I asked to see how the film was made before considering whether to invest, Xie Yuan immediately invited me to the filming site respectfully.

Today’s photo shoot is an exterior, the weather is hot, in order to take care of my experience, Xie Yuan not only prepared all kinds of fresh fruits, but also put an air conditioner next to me alone. I blew, this is outdoors, I really don't feel bad about the electricity bill.

In order to let me know more about this movie, Xie Yuan also arranged for an elegant and beautiful beauty to explain it alone next to me.

This beauty is named Jiang Muyan, and she is also a famous star. I have occasionally seen her face on TV and magazines before, and she has appeared in several TV shows and movies that are not very popular. , of course, the fame is far from being comparable to that of a diva like Josh.

Jiang Muyan is about 30 years old. She also played a female role in "Splendid Sword". According to her, she seems to be Josh'er's master. There was no role for Jiang Muyan today, the weather was so hot, she could not use the outdoors to suffer, but in order to have enough identity to be my guide, Xie Yuan still called her here.

To tell the truth, Jiang Muyan's appearance is still a little worse than Josh'er. Of course, this does not mean that she is not attractive. In fact, she is also a very good beauty, especially in a suit Dressed up in an OL suit, the hem of the white chiffon shirt is tightly tied into the black skirt, and the soft and graceful waist is still very eye-catching.

I don't know if it was because the weather was too hot, or because Jiang Muyan did it on purpose. The top of the chiffon shirt on her body was unbuttoned. Saw the pink bra anddeep cleavage exposed in it.

Jiang Muyan was sitting next to me, explaining the story of "Splendid Sword" with all her heart. Although I was not interested at all listening to what she had to say, but a woman who used to be only on TV The star I saw sitting next to me, with a cautious appearance, was especially useful to me.

Moreover, Jiang Muyan also has an identity that makes me very excited. She is actually Xie Yuan's newly married wife of less than two years.

When Xie Yuan, a new director, and the famous female star Jiang Muyan got married the year before last, it caused a lot of noiseI was in my third year of high school, and I saw them on the news headlines. In the wedding photo, I have to say, Jiang Muyan wearing a wedding dress is very beautiful and moving, I even secretly slapped it...

Xie Yuan actually asked his wife to be mine Guide, is this trying to seduce me? I thought maliciously.

Seeing my masturbation target with my own eyes, if Jiang Muyan can wear the pure white wedding dress they had when they got married, maybe I really can't control myself and forget myself The fundamental purpose of coming here.

But although Jiang Muyan's cleavage is very attractive, my attention is still completely focused on Josh'er in the middle of the set.

Because "Splendid Knife" is a martial arts drama in ancient costumes, Josh is dressed in an ancient style that is hard to see, a water blue gauze skirt dragging the floor, and a belt. Tie her slender waist and outline her graceful and graceful figure.A fairy cloud bun is tied between her hair, and her long black hair is draped behind her shoulders. The whole person is like a lotus flower that cannot be played with. A cold arrogance emanated from her.

Speaking of which, although Josh is Bai Yishan's girlfriend, I have never had close contact with her before.

p> Zhang Yiyu, Qi Mengni and I are all acquaintances, and since Josh is already a senior and a big star, she hardly shows up at school. Even if I want to know her, I can't find her. Any chance, often you can only see the beauty on the mobile phone. This will be the first time I have seen the star of Qingming Academy in reality.

It is Dong Chenchen who plays against Josh'er, even if he doesn't mention it, there are endless little fresh meat with empty skins in the entertainment industry. Josh'er, who has both qualifications and talent, plays a role.

On the set, Dong Chenchen is also dressed as a young hero in ancient costume, and he is a bit handsome in terms of appearance. The two should be on the way to escape, surrounded by a group of men in black, and then everyone was fighting for a while,Although Dong Chenchen and Joshier were strong in martial arts, they couldn't hold back the number of opponents. Outnumbered can only retreat step by step.

While I was watching, I kept complaining to Jiang Muyan, who was beside me: "It's just this brainless plot, which screenwriter did you find to write it, no wonder no one wants to invest, what black clothes are you wearing in the daytime? , I'm afraid that people don't know that you're here to assassinate. It's really hard for this group of extras who play men in black. Looking at the tight black clothes that wrap them, In such a hot weather, I have to dance with knives and guns, and I feel panic when I look at it."

Jiang Muyan could only nod her head next to me, not daring to refute at all.

Suddenly, Josh'er accidentally injured her right arm by a man in black. Josh'er screamed, the swordin his hand fell, and the man fell to the ground, his left hand hurriedly covered the wound on his right hand, and the blood still stained the aqua bluegauze skirt.

Dong Chenchen was incredulous at a glance, shouted loudly, and his combat power seemed to have skyrocketed several times. He killed all the people in black around him in three or five times, and then quickly walked to Josh'er's side. Looking at her concerned.

Dong Chenchen tore off his clothes and carefully bandaged Josh'er's wound, looking anxious. Joshier raised her head and looked at Dong Chenchen with a pale face, reassuring him that she was fine, just a small wound.

I just feel like I'm going to be nauseated when I watch it. Can't we make some normal and non-brain plots in today's movies?

If I didn't come here for other purposes, I just saw this scene, I immediately turned around and left, and I wanted to investIf the money was invested, it would be 100% water. floated.

I couldn't help it, and I complained again: "Jiang Muyan, this movie your husband made is too rubbish, this Dong Chenchen has such strength, if you don't wipe out the men in black sooner. , is it possible to to make his little universe explode when she sees her own woman being injured?"

Jiang Muyan's face was a little embarrassed, her purpose was to convince me to invest, otherwise this film would only be Halfway through. This is not only about her husband Xie Yuan's half-life dream, but also all of their family's assets, all of which are put on this movie. Once they fail, they will have nothing.

"The quality of the movie, we still have a lot of time to improve in the future." Jiang Muyan pursed her lips and chuckled, with a bit of ecstasy, she continued: "You young and old , invest in making movies, which one is for making money, or not for that, it will naturally satisfy you."

Jiang Muyan sat a little closer to me, so much so that I could clearly smell the faint scent on her body, and It seemed that I had rubbed my arm lightly on my body.

Investing is not for making money, but for what?

I was confused, Jiang Muyan's words seemed to imply, but I am not the real owner of the film company, I didn't realize it all at once.

I would pick up an unknown fruit and put it in my mouth at any time. At this time, there was a new change in the studio. Dong ChenchenSuddenly put Josh'er in his arms and put his mouth on it. He kept saying, "It's all my fault, it's all my fault, I didn't protect you."

I deliberately ate tofu, I slandered in my heart, I saw Dong Chenchen's big hand directly wrapping Josh'er's little man He hugged this stunning beauty in ancient costume tightly in his arms.

Josh'er also took the initiative to put her arms around Dong Chenchen. Dong Chenchen looked at the shy beauty in his arms, and lowered his head to kissJoshier's rosy lips. Josh'er closed her eyes after being stunned for a moment, and let Dong Chenchen wreak havoc on her delicate red lips. After a while, Josh'er became flustered and struggled to push Dong Chenchen away from her body.

I felt very uncomfortable, probably because the purpose of my trip was Josh. Although I haven't succeeded yet,I have already regarded her as my woman in advance. Her own woman is hugged and kissed by another man, Even if you know that this is acting, you still find it difficult to accept.


With Xie Yuan's loud shout, the two actors in the middle of the set stood up, and then I noticed that the original In the kiss scene just now, Josh'er changed into a stuntman at some point, probably when I was chatting with Jiang Muyan. She and the stuntman have a similar stature and are wearing exactly the same clothes. From a distance, it really makes me look like a stuntman. It is difficult for a human to notice the difference.

Indeed, Bai YishanHe's not a generous person. Now that Josh'er and him are boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, even in order to take care of Bai Yishan's feelings, Josh'er can't casually shoot intimacy scenes with other men.

Josh'er had already retired from the field, and several staff members were surrounding her, meticulously repairing her makeup.

Xie Yuan walked up to Josh'er and complimented: "Xieer, you are really a genius, your acting is so natural, I believe "Splendid Sword" will be a great success when it is released.

Xie Yuan then changed the conversation, pointed to me sitting at the other end, and said, "Xie'er, that is Mr. Chen, the owner of a film and television company, and wants to invest in us." Let's get acquainted with this movie."

Josh'er turned her head and saw me sitting with Jiang Muyan. before.

Josh'er is in the entertainment industry, and naturally she has to meet some powerful people. This is not the first time she has contacted the film and television boss. She stretched out her hand and smiled sweetly: "Chen Gongzi , hello."

The slender jade finger that Josh'er stretched out was flawless, like a perfect piece of art. I hurriedly reached out to hold it, but it felt as if it was boneless, and the place where it started was so smooth that I even forgot to release Josh'er's jade hand for a moment.

A trace of disgust flashed in Josh's eyes. Although many people in the entertainment industry have always coveted her beauty, But everyone is a high-class person, and they will meet for the first time. Keep your demeanor, and this Young Master Chen took the opportunity to shake her hand, and would not let go of her hand, just like a diaosi who has never touched a woman's hand.

"Young Master Chen!" Josh'er said in a serious tone.

I just woke up like a dream, and quickly let go of Josh's hand.

I'm so rude, one is that Bai Yishan's star girlfriend's allure is really too strong, and the other is that II have acquiesced in her heart that she is my woman, this is the first time at this moment I can't help thinking that I'll be able to enjoy her body to the fullest in the near future. I wonder if the skin on her whole body will be as smooth as her hands?

Because the weather was hot and it was a fight scene, Josh'er sweated a lot, and the aqua blue gauze skirt stuck to her body, and the gauze skirt was already thin, Outlining her slender waist incisively and vividly makes Josh'er at this moment look a kind of unique temptation.

"Okay, it's getting late, I've already arranged the dinner, let's go to dinner together." Xie Yuan said.

A group of four of us came to a high-end restaurant. Originally, Josh had planned to change into simple clothes, but was stopped by Xie Yuan, saying that the food was cold and not suitable. , so Josh'er had to wear this ancient feng shui blue gauze dress to the banquet.

As soon as the group entered the box, Xie Yuan, the host of the banquet, arranged for Josh to sit on my right, and then arranged for his wife Jiang Muyan to sit on my left, and let me Next to the two big beauties on the left and right, and he himself sat opposite me.

Xie Yuan took the lead in raising the glass and respectfully toasted me: "Mr. Chen, thank you for coming, and I hope you can support me more in the future."

After speaking, Xie Yuan took a quick sip.

I can't help but feel the charm of power, I'm just wrapped in a coat by power, it's enough to make famous directors like Xie Yuan bow to me, and let big stars like Jiang Muyan I am flattering. Even a popular queen like Josh, even if she doesn't have to try to please me, she doesn't dare to be too slack.

The four of them ate and drank. Xie Yuan and Jiang Muyan kept the atmosphere alive. The couple sang and talked about various interesting things in the entertainment industry. Josh’er didn’t say much, only occasionally mentioned When it comes to her topic, I only respond a few words.

I was the only one who didn't speak much throughout the whole process. After all, I had rarely experienced this kind of social situation before, and I didn't know what to say. It would be bad if my identity was revealed.

However, my taciturnity made Xie Yuan think that I had seen a big scene, and that I didn't say hello.I felt bored, so I had to tell some jokes in the entertainment industry to adjust the atmosphere.

To be honest, the jokes told by this man in his thirties are really not funny, I find it boring anyway, only Jiang Muyan covered her mouth with her hands and smiled happily, I don't know if it was true I think Xie Yuan's jokes are funny, but it's to take care of her husband's face.

After a while, Xie Yuan also felt a little embarrassed, so he said: "Chen Gongzi, delicious food and wine, how can there be no vocal music, Yan Yan graduated from a dance school, and she has been working hard recently. I'm learning a new dance, how about letting you perform a dance first?"

I was surprised, isn't Yanyan Jiang Muyan, isn't she your wife? Is it appropriate for my wife to dance for other men at a dinner party?

Jiang Muyan's face changed slightly, she forced a smile, and said, "Of course I have no problem, I've been learning a new dance recently, and I haven't performed it publicly. It's just me. Today's clothes are too tight, it's really inconvenient, I'll be organic next timeI'll show you Chen Gongzi again. "

"I've thought of this for a long time."

Xie Yuan picked up the satchel he was carrying and handed it to Jiang Muyan: "I knew that Mr. Chen was coming, I would
Thinking of this, Yan Yan, the gauze dress you wore when you danced, I put it on for you."

As soon as these words came out, not only Jiang Muyan, but even Josh'er's expression changed. Everything has changed, and there is a faint sullen look.

If I were Jiang Muyan, I would definitely give this Xie Yuan a big slap in the face. My mother obviously declined. I praise you for your meticulous work, even thinking about dance clothes in advance, for fear that your wife can't dance for other men.

Jiang Muyan bit her lower lip with a look of embarrassment on her face. After all, she is not a full-time public relations lady, but after hesitating for a while, she looked at her husband Xie Yuan's hand in mid-air. Or choose to pick up the bag.

"Then wait a moment, everyone, I'll change clothes first."

After speaking, Jiang Muyan left immediately. I don't know if it was an illusion, but I seemed to hear the voice from next door. A few weak sobbings of women.

Before long, Jiang Muyan changed her clothes and returned to her room.

After changing her clothes, Jiang Muyan caught my eye. She was wearing a white tulle skirt, which was worn on her bulging body, like a coquettish beauty snake. Perhaps the too formal OL uniform just now was not suitable for Jiang Muyan's glamorous style. She was now a little more seductive than before.

As the music played, Jiang Muyan, dressed in a sexy costume, danced like a beautiful snake.The slender waist kept twisting, and the slender skirt flew with the movement. , revealing two slender and round legs inside, so I could hardly take my eyes off.

After the song ended, Jiang Muyan sat next to me again.

After such a change, she seemed to be a little drunk, and her husband sat across from her without any hesitation. He said, "Chen Gongzi, what do you think of people's dancing, they gave you the first time...the first public performance was given to you!"

I My heart skipped a beat, what did you give me for the first time, don't seduce me so brightly, you are someone else's wife, saying such misunderstood words, and your husband is sitting opposite me.

I glanced at Xie Yuan, this man saw that his wife's graceful figure was all sticking to me, and there was no angry expression at all, as if his eyes were blind.

Holy crap, you don't care, I'm still pretending to be a gentleman.

I simply stretched my arms around Jiang Muyan's slender waist, stroking her body through the tulle skirt, and in front of Xie Yuan, my big hand went all the way down until his wife On those round white thighs. Jiang Muyan didn't resist, she was about to crawl into my arms.

"Xieer, you see that your sister Yan Yan has already performed, why don't you dance for Chen Gongzi?"

Xie Yuan said to Joshier in a negotiating tone , after all, Josh'er was the guest he invited, and she was a star of the entertainment circleDiva level, so her attitude towards Jiang Muyan was different.

Josh'er was stunned for a moment, but she didn't expect Xie Yuan to hit her with her idea.

As a queen-level star, she is at the peak of her debut. There are few people in the entertainment industry who need to be too flattering, but she also understands that she is not foolproof in the entertainment industry. It's not difficult for a big man who covers the rain to block a top star like her, but it's still impossible for her to dance for a man like a dancer at a dinner party.

Josh'er thought about it for a while and said, "I'm a little tired from acting just now, why don't I sing a song for everyone."

Xie Yuan didn't express his opinion directly, he naturally wanted to Waiting for me to make a decision.

I opened my mouth and said, "Okay, it just so happens that I can also sing your song "Afterlife", Xier, and we can sing together."

" Afterlife" is the song that Bai Yishan and Joshier performed together at the welcome party. It is also a love song for the two of them. It undoubtedly has a very special meaning for Joshier, and this song It's a love song,It should be a duet of lovers. It's not very suitable for this occasion, but at this stage, Josh'er can't refuse any more.

So I sang "Fate of the Afterlife" with Josh'er and sang to the last climax. I took advantage of Josh'er not paying attention and held her jade hand again, affectionately. Looking at her eyes, although Josh wanted to let go of my hand, she didn't dare to make it too obvious.

I remembered that at the welcome party, Joshier and Bai Yishan were like a match made in heaven, and they sang the song "Fate of the Afterlife" on the stage under everyone's attention. Looking eagerly at the two talented people,I can only feel envious.

But now I'm also holding Josh's slender hand and singing their love song.

"There are you and me in the romantic world."

"We must be together forever in this life."

Josh and I ended up singing together.


Chapter 32 Jiang Muyan's surrender Hugs

After the dinner, Xie Yuan personally took me to a presidential suite, arranged everything before leaving, not long after, the doorbell of the room rang, I walked over to open the door, yes Jiang Muyan.

Looking at Jiang Muyan in front of me, I didn't have many surprises in my heart, and I could even say that I had already guessed that she would definitely come.

The only thing that made me curious was that Xie Yuan had just left here, and his wife Jiang Muyan came right after him. Whether Xie Yuan assigned Jiang Muyan to come over, or Jiang Muyan decided to come over by herself what about?

Jiang Muyan was still wearing the white tight-fitting tulle skirt she danced just now, which was held tightly by the towering twin peaks on her chest, as if it would burst at any time.

"Why, is there anything wrong with Miss Yan Yan?" I asked knowingly.

Jiang Muyan glanced at me resentfully, then threw herself into my arms and said, "Young Master Chen, how are you?I just touched someone's thigh at the dinner table, and now I pretend to be I'm not familiar with other people."

You and I have only known each other for a long time, so we really don't know each other well.

However, when the beauty is in my arms, I will naturally not be polite. I put Jiang Muyan in my arms with my backhand, and directly grab this beautiful female star's upturned buttocks with one hand and knead it. Said: "Miss Yan Yan, if your fans see you like this, it would be incredible."

"Where are there any fans, not like that Josh, There are people screaming everywhere." Jiang Muyan said with a slightly sour tone.

"Josh'er just acted in a good movie. Miss Yan Yan, as long as you play the heroine of a bigger movie , you will definitely surpass her in popularity in the future." I stroked Jiang Muyan's waist with one hand through the tulle skirt, and continued to knead her round buttocks with one hand.

Jiang Muyan rested her head on my shoulder and said, "They are not as beautiful as Josh'er, where can there be any big movies to find them."

"Those investors are really blind, Yan Yan, you are obviously much prettier than Josh. I just plan to invest in a movie recently, and I haven't picked a heroine yet." I said deliberately.

"Really?" Jiang Muyan drew a circle on my chest with her finger, and said greasy: "At this age, I don't want to be a heroine anymore, since Mr. Chen wants to invest in movies , why don't you consider my husband Xie Yuan's movie, it will definitely make you a lot of box office revenue."

This woman really thinks about her husband Xie Yuan everywhere, even I don't even want the chance to be the heroine, just so that Xie Yuan's film can go on smoothly.

"It's easy to talk about investment, but how is Miss Yan Yan going to repay me in advance?" I said with a wicked smile.

"People just didn't have enough to eat."

I'm a little unclear, so, what do I say if you're not full, are you afraid that you will be exhausted?

"You're not full, do you want me to order some snacks for you?"

"Young Master Chen, you're dead, and you're deliberately making fun of others." Jiang Muyan looked shy, her face There's a blush, and I don't know if this woman is really shy or if she's just too good at acting.

"It's just to let Young Master Chen feed others." Jiang Muyan said shyly.

I just came to understand, the conscience of heaven and earth, I am a young boy who broke down the day before yesterday, and you are a beautiful wife who has been married for several years. How can I comprehend that this lack of food means that side.

Although there is a bed in the room, I am too lazy to take a few more steps. I picked up Jiang Muyan and placed it on the nearest desk, lowered my head and kissed her delicate red lips, my tongue easily pried open Jiang Muyan's teeth, and stuck it into her trembling mouth.

Jiang Muyan pretended to resist a few times, and then let me wreak havoc on her, and offered her fragrant and delicate tongue, and kissed me fiercely.

While holding Jiang Muyan's fragrant tongue and sucking desperately, I didn't let my hands rest in the slightest, wandering up and down Jiang Muyan's exquisite jade body.

Jiang Muyan and I have only known each other for a few hours, and she is under me and let me do whatever I want, and her identity is so special, a well-known big star, or a The wife of a well-known director, these all make me especially excited, the cock is constantly expanding, and it is pressed between Jiang Muyan's legs, and her delicate private parts are only separated by a thin gauze skirt .

I tore the clothes on Jiang Muyan's body, trying to rip this bewitching wife and beauty into a naked little sheep.

"Wait a minute... Young Master Chen..." Jiang Muyan was under me, struggling to push me away.

"What?" I asked, a little unhappy.

It's not good for anyone to be interrupted when they are excited, it's obviously you who take the initiativeI'm going to give up my arms, why is it that I want to draw a gunWhat kind of chastity are you pretending to be?

Jiang Muyan saw my displeasure, smiled at me, and caressed my chest gently with both hands, and said playfully: "Just now at the dinner, people finished dancing, Chen The son doesn't praise others, he must think that they're not good at dancing."

Damn, what time is it now, do you blame me for not praising you just now? Angrily, I slapped Jiang Muyan's butt heavily as punishment.


Jiang Muyan screamed, but she didn't dare to blame me, she just looked at me resentfully and said, "Young Master Chen is really I feel sorry for others, they just want to do another dance for Chen Gongzi to satisfy Chen Gongzi."

Oh, dance again, this is a bit interesting, I let go of Jiang Muyan in my arms and sit on the chair superior.

Jiang Muyan took a few steps forward, turned around and gave me a charming smile.

Without my urging, Jiang Muyan's small waist twisted like a snake, and the tulle between her waist and crotch danced like a peacock. The slender wrists twisted flexibly and gracefully, sometimes stroking her graceful jade body, and sometimes tugging at the black hair, letting it float in the air, very charming and moving.

I stared at Jiang Muyan's delicate body, watching that slender waist twist like a wicker, the beauty made me intoxicated, my heart was fascinated, and my eyes couldn't bear to leave for a moment.

Although she is thirty years old, Jiang Muyan's whole body is still white and flawless, with delicate skin that is so tender that it can drip water, her lower abdomen is flat and firm, and her waist without fat seems to be born for dancing and live.

Suddenly, Jiang Muyan's fair and pretty face was dyed with a faint blush, which made her already pretty face even more charming.

There should be a special action, I speculate in my heart.

Sure enough, Jiang Muyan's hands pressed down on her plump chest a little bit, and swam along the S-shaped curve to her slender waist, followed by two slender fingers Gently hooking the bow at the waist, the veil on Jiang Muyan's body actually broke free and slowly slipped down.

Jiang Muyan's naked and delicate body was clearly exposed in front of my eyes, her body was convex and concave, and every ups and downs was full of temptation. While she danced an extremely sexy and charming dance, seducing the most primitive desires of men, she always looked at me with a shy look with a girlish look.

I just feel that nosebleed is about to come out. The wife of a big director, a famous star, and I have only known each other for less than half a day, and they actually danced for me in a hotel room. striptease.

"It's great, the dance is really good." I couldn't help applauding, this dance was a hundred times better than the dance at the dinner table before.

Jiang Muyan looked at me provocatively, took a few steps forward and stood in front of me, her soft and boneless waist continued to dance, sometimes sultry and slowly drawing circles, Occasionally softly twisting from side to side, the pair of full and towering breasts kept shaking and swaying, making me dazzled.

Jiang Muyan put her body on me completely, her whole body twisted more and more, and her movements became more and more sexyI just felt my blood pumping all over my body, and I was almost fascinated.

Excited, I put my arms around Jiang Muyan's slender waist, stroking and wandering on top of her soft willow waist, twisting with her rhythm.

Jiang Muyan's shyness between her brows and eyes is infinite, and she teased in my arms: "Chen Gongzi, how did you dance this time, are you satisfied?"

"Satisfied, satisfied, I am too satisfied, don't say you are not full, I am hungry, I will feed you this little slut."

I will never again Unable to hold back, she took off her pants and ordered, "Get on the desk yourself."

Jiang Muyan bent her waist obediently, resting her hands on the desk, and stood on two slender legs. Straight up, he lifted his plump buttocks up and swayed slightly towards me.

I greedily stared at the back of the beautiful woman in front of me from behind. Jiang Muyan is definitely a stunner, with a proud devil figure, extremely hot, and a kind of woman of her age Cai's unique plumpness, the two curves between the slender waist and the plump buttocks are exaggerated to the extreme.

I grabbed Jiang Muyan's slender waist, spread her slender legs, adjusted the position of her round butt, and pushed the cock to the moist hole, waiting for me to insert it. Go, Jiang Muyan took the initiative to move her hips back and swallowed half of my cock into her pussy.

"Ah..." A painful moan came from Jiang Muyan's mouth.

This really surprised me. Jiang Muyan is a married wife and a mature woman. She and Xie Yuan should have done it many times. It's so unbearable, it's like I'm breaking her.

"How can it be so big!"

Jiang Muyan exclaimed, her lower body seemed to be stretched, making her feel as if her whole body was torn apart, and her little hands died grab the tableAlong, the body is tense, and there is a pained expression on his face. Even so, Jiang Muyan desperately pushed her hips back, trying to completely eat my cock.

But my cock was too big, Jiang Muyan pushed her hips back with all her strength, and barely swallowed half of it.

As a man, I naturally don't want to be forced by a woman when making love. I pushed hard and completely stabbed the thick cock into Jiang Muyan's apparently undeveloped honey. in the hole.

"Ah... it's really big... Young Master Chen..." Jiang Muyan exclaimed, her body suddenly stiffened.

I held Jiang Muyan's waist with both hands and kissed her sweaty back lightly. After she got used to it a little, the cock started to shove in her body.

After a while, Jiang Muyan was out of breath, and her jade body glowed a bewitching pink.

"Ah... Young Master Chen, you... you are so big, you... inserted into someone's... someone's... heart,How... can be so big, someone I love you to death...."

Looking at the glamorous wife under her body, she was like a bitch in heat when I played with it casually. I couldn't help but feel so proud.

With my far superior sexual ability, where do I need a ring, as long as one beauties are fucked, keep them all in love with me and be obedient to me.

The prostitute wife makes me very excited, but I can't help but pursue more sensual stimulation. Looking at Jiang Muyan who is constantly screaming and screaming under me, I think of those rich Everyone likes to accept some internet celebrities or celebrities as goddaughters.I also want to have an addiction to being a godfather. Listening to this beautiful celebrity wife under me call me "Daddy".

I couldn't help but the lustful thoughts in my heart said: "Sister Yanyan, hurry up and call me godfather."

" shameful, Mr. How old are you, many years younger than others, why do you like...I like this gameplay..." Jiang Muyan responded shyly under me.

I'm not in a hurry. Since Jiang Muyan took the initiative to come to dedicate herself and dance for me, I knew that she would agree and would not refuse any of my requests.

I deliberately pulled out the meat stick first, pretending to be very unhappy and said, "Sister Yan Yan, if you don't agree to me, thenI will not give you this meat stick."

The incomparable emptiness in Taoyuan Cave made Jiang Muyan very uncomfortable. She moved her hips, wanting to regain the maddening pleasure.

I found that I liked the feeling of training beautiful women very much, smashing their pure appearance little by little, and training these beautiful women into the lewd look I liked, I said excitedly : "Come on, Sister Yan Yan, What's the name of this, how exciting, let my godfather come and fuck your good daughter, it must be very cool."

"Ah ...Young Master are really necrotic, you have fucked people, and you still want to be...become a father, are really shy, people...people...promise you, good godfather ... fast ... fast ... Do your daughter, do your daughter's acupoint ... Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I didn't expect Jiang Muyan to enter the role so quickly. The beautiful wife under my body, who is almost ten years older than me, and the sentence that a good father fucks his daughter's pussy, completely ignited the most fanatical desire in my heart.

I pressed Jiang Muyan's plump body, and while frantically thrusting, I shouted: "Daughter, Dad will fuck you, fuck your pussy, fuck you. ."

" big...ah...Fuck your good daughter...My good daughter is so itchy..." JiangMuyan shook her sweet buttocks and pressed her to death. Catering to my thrusts, and lingering tightly with me.

【To be continued】
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