The big breast teacher Liu Yan part 3 (17-20)

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Chapter 17: Hot face and cold butt

"Ma Jun, you finally added me, I've been sending you a message for several days." Li Ting posted a cute Angry expression. "Miss, I just saw it just now. I don't have a computer at home, I can't access the Internet, and I don't have a cell phone." Ma Jun quickly typed a line and sent it. "Oh, I'm sorry." Li Ting posted another expression of sticking out her tongue, "Ma Jun, where are you surfing the Internet now, isn't it Huang Guoxin's home?" "No, I In an Internet cafe on the street." "Which Internet cafe, Fang Lei and I are shopping, let's go look for you." LiTing's typing speed is faster than Ma Jun's, and she is indeed a violinist. "No need, I'll get off the plane right away."

Ma Jun was taken aback, thought about it, and said, "Where are you, I'll find you." Anyway After all, she personally promised Li Ting to be her boyfriend, so hiding is not the way to do it, and when the time comes, Shu Meiyu will call herself over to talk to her, and some things still have to be dealt with in person. "Okay, Fang Lei and I are at the west gate of Jinqiao Market. There is a refreshing cold drink shop here. Come over quickly, we'll treat you to ice cream." Li Ting gave a sweet smile. At that moment, Ma Jun actually felt a bit sweet, thinking that it would be nice to have a girlfriendFriendly likeness, but he immediately warned himself that he was just helping Shu Meiyu, and he couldn't fake it
Really do it, otherwise I will be sorry for Huang Guoxin. "Ma Jun, who are you talking to? It's such a fun chat." Han Lijuan lowered her head while playing with her mobile phone, listening to Ma Jun's clattering typing, she couldn't help but be a little curious and stuck her head out
Look at the computer screen. "Ah, nothing, just a classmate." Ma Jun didn't want Han Lijuan to see the content of his chats. It would be bad if she met her mother one day and told Song Ping that she missed it. He hurriedly closed the chat interface, turned his head and wanted to tell Han Lijuan that he didn't need it anymore, just as Han Lijuan's face came over, Ma Jun's mouth suddenly touched something soft and wet, and he still I subconsciously stuck out my tongue and licked it, it was sweet and slippery, it felt very good.

"Ah..." Han Lijuan slammed her head back, her horse's tail swayed, her face turned red all of a sudden, she stared at Ma Jun and said angrily, "Ma Jun , what are you doing, are you acting like a hooligan? See if I won't tell your mother to go?" Ma Jun was dumbfounded, and he actually touched Han Lijuan's small mouth, and he used his tongue to add it. Come on, this can't be said to be an accident. "Sister Lijuan, I really didn't do it on purpose, you came over by yourself." Ma Jun explained with a sad face, if Han Lijuan really went to Song Ping to complain, then she would be miserable. When he was a child, he was naughty and ran to the toilet to peek at a woman's butt, and was beaten severely by Song Ping. As a result, he didn't get out of bed for a week. It was a real beating. "Whatever I came over, it was clearly your intention."Han Lijuan was even more angry when she saw that Ma Jun was still denying it. She has never been kissed by the opposite sex before, but Ma Jun, a little brat, took away her first kiss. It's shameful to think about it. Ma Jun was beaten by Han Lijuan for a while, but he didn't dare to fight back. He secretly complained in his heart. Han Lijuan, like his godmother Gao Hongmei, was hot-tempered. As long as the other party is out of breath, it will be fine. At this moment, the door of the Internet cafe banged, and a short and fat figure slowly moved in. Han Lijuan looked back, her expression changed, and she whispered, "It's broken, the boss is here. ,Ma Jun, hurry up and hide." "Where am I going to hide?" Ma Jun was taken aback. The counter was very narrow, and it was just enough for two people to stand, with the shelves behind him. In front of the bar and computer, there is no place to hide at all.

"You squat down, hide behind me, and don't make a sound." Han Lijuan saw that the boss had started walking towards the bar, and hurriedly dragged Ma Jun, Let him squat behind his buttocks, so that unless someone looks inside, he will not be able to find the existence of Ma Jun. As soon as Ma Jun squatted down, he found that this position was quite embarrassing. He was facing Han Lijuan's buttocks. The key point was that Han Lijuan was still wearing a denim skirt today, showing two white thighs, even through the denim skirt. At the hem of his thighs, he could see the white panties at the base of his thighs, which were held tightly by his bulging lower body, and a few black hairs came out unwillingly. Seeing the seductive spring light in front of him, Ma Jun's eyes were straight, and he almost had a nosebleed, but he didn't dare to move at all. He just accidentally touched Han Lijuan's mouth just now. She was beaten, and if the other party found out that he dared to peep at her lower body, then he would be dismembered by this eldest sister. However, it was the first time for Ma Jun to observe Han Lijuan's butt at such a close distance. Han Lijuan was not very tall, just over 1.6 meters. It exudes the youthful and healthy atmosphere of young girls. UnexpectedlySister Lijuan's butt is quite sexy, Ma Jun thought to himself, the opposite sex he usually comes into contact with are either girls of the same age likeLi Ting, Fang Lei and Song Siwei, or Mature women like Zhang Li and Gao Hongmei,Liu Yan, Ma Xiaoqing and Li Wen are youngA little lighter, but also more than ten years older than him, basically there is no common language, but a big sister like Han Lijuan who is four or five years older than him is rare.

However, because Ma Jun played with Han Lijuan's ass since he was a child, and Han Lijuan is also the kind of boy, so carefree, so even when Ma Jun was just curious about the opposite sex during puberty, He only peeped at home his mother Song Ping took a bath, or went to the women's toilet to peek at the big butt of the woman Bai Shengsheng, but he had never had any evil thoughts about Han Lijuan. In his mind, Han Lijuan was just Similar to his own sister. It was only today that Ma Jun suddenly realized that sister Lijuan, who is just like a boy, has grown up and her body has matured. Her breasts and ass are bulging like balloons. Femininity, of course, is incomparable to a young woman with big breasts and beauty like Liu Yan. At this time, the owner of the Internet cafe had already walked to the front of the bar, inquiring about the business conditions of the Internet cafe, and looked around casually. Han Lijuan stood up straight, blocking the boss's sight with her body, answering the boss's question nervously, leaning back involuntarily, but felt that her butt was about to touch Ma Jun's head, The other party's breath sprayed into his denim skirt for a while, making him feel hot and itchy under him, and his body twisted unnaturally. "Lijuan, what's wrong with you, why is your face so red? Are you not feeling well?" The boss saw that something was wrong with Han Lijuan, and said with a smile, "Stretch out your hand, uncle can help you take your pulse, I used to I have studied Chinese medicine, and my pulse is very accurate." "No, Boss Tu, maybe the house is too hot and the air conditioner is not working well" Han Lijuan saw Boss Tu reaching out to her, Subconsciously took two steps back and cursed inwardly, The boss always likes to chat with the girls who are cashiers, taking advantage of them, either touching hands or legs,The previous girl couldn't stand it Resigned. But it doesn't matter if she retreats like this. Originally, her butt was only a few centimeters away from Ma Jun's face. Now her butt is firmly attached to Ma Jun's face. She kept digging into the base of her thighs, as if invisible tentacles were gently fiddling with her panties, and the girl's sensitive and delicate pussy also began to respond and slowly wriggled. At the moment, Ma Jun is intoxicated by the intimate contact with Han Lijuan's pretty butt. He just imagined that he didn't know how Sister Lijuan's butt felt to the touch. Is itGodmother Gao Hongmei Strong, and immediately his entire face was completely attached to the other's ass. Although through the thick denim skirt, you can still feel the vitality of the young girl's body. Twenty-year-old girls are the most vigorous age. The body is fully developed, but still It has never been touched by the opposite sex, just like a bright red apple on a branch waiting to be picked. The Internet cafe was already hot, there were so many people, and the air conditioner was broken.Ma Jun crouched in the narrow space of the bar, and soon his head sweated, and the sweat flowed down his cheeks to his neck.
Uncomfortable, he subconsciously twisted his neck,wiped the sweat from his face on Han Lijuan's denim skirt, and even pressed his chin to thegirl's plump thighs, feeling slippery and cool, Very comfortable. In this way, he felt comfortable, butHan Lijuan couldn't stand it, she just felt that her butt was itchy when Ma Jun's head rubbed against her head, but she didn't dare to move,forcibly endured the moment of her lower body. It itch like an ant biting, and I listened impatiently to Boss Tu's ramble. After five minutes, Boss Tu reluctantly left the Internet cafe. When the door was closed, Han Lijuan quickly turned around and looked at Ma Jun, who was still squatting on the ground with an intoxicated face. He said angrily, "Don't get up yet, Ma Jun,Did you rub my butt on purpose just now?""No, Sister Lijuan, I really can't escape, it's you
Posted it myself." Ma Jun said innocently, but he felt a little bit of a drum in his heart, no matter what, he always took advantage. "Okay, don't talk about it." Han Lijuan felt depressed, looked at the nervous boy, and said angrily, "Get out of here, don't tell anyone about today's affairs, did you hear? OtherwiseI'll tell my aunt that you are playing a hooligan to me." "Don't worry, Sister Lijuan, I won't tell you if you kill me." I was relieved, thinking that the tiger's ass can't be touched, and the woman's ass can't be touched. Besides, Han Lijuan's ass is not as big as the godmother's ass, and the godmother's ass You can also play casually without worrying about the indictment. Gao Hongmei's two big and round snow-white buttocks appeared in front of her eyes, as if the fertile land was waiting to be reclaimed by herself. Ma Jun couldn't help but heat his belly, if he hadn't played this afternoon It's too much, he really wants to go to the mature and coquettish glamorous godmother and fuck him hard, and ejaculate his thick and hot cum into the other's pussy. But thinking that Li Ting and Fang Lei were still waiting for him at the Jinqiao Market, Ma Jun didn't dare to neglect, and walked quickly across the road, preparing to take the path to the west gate of the market. Ma Jun walked to the entrance of an alley, and suddenly a van sprang out of the alley. Seeing that it was about to hit Ma Jun, Ma Jun was so frightened that he hurriedly flashed to the side, and the van creaked. There was a sudden stop, and then a head stuck out of the front window and shouted: "Damn, you are blind, jump off the building if you don't want to die. You little bastard." Someone in the car said somethingWell, that man shrank back cursingly, stepped on the accelerator and drove the van away. Ma Jun was so angry that he hit him a little bit, but he hit him backwards, which was simply too domineering. But he had already written down the other party's license plate number just now. Since the other party was so arrogant and unreasonable, he didn't need to be polite to him. He turned around and walked to a convenience store next to the intersection. There was a public phone under the door and window. Ma Jun dialed 110. Soon, a woman's voice rang, "Hello, This is 110: Do you need any help?""Hey, I just found a van, the license plate number is XXXXXXXXX, the driver looks like a wanted criminal in the news, yes, it is Wanted criminals, I can see clearly, hurry up and arrest them, who am I? I'm Lei Feng." After Ma Jun finished speaking, he hung up the phone, then threw a dollar to the boss, blowing Whistle swaggered away
, and this kind of people have to take good care of them, let's see if they dare to be so unscrupulous. Chapter 18: Crossing the River Dragon and the Land Snake

At the same time, the Wuling Hongguang van had already driven out of the urban area, and followed a country road all the way to
Driving to a village not far away. On the passenger seat, Brother Hei was still lingering in anger, and yelled at the man who was driving, "Five, are you looking for a lot of money, this is not in our Northeast, this is North China, do you know? I know thatthe people from the Ministry of Public Security are staring at us all day long, and how many people are planning to use us to make a guilt and meritorious service, if you want to die, don't implicate me." The old fifth drooped his head and said nothing. Listening to Brother Hei's reprimand, he probably knew that he was too reckless just now, and if something really happened, none of them would be able to run away. "Brother Hei, forget it, the fifth brotherHe was also in a hurry. Who knows why that bastard suddenly appeared, don't know him in the same way." The seventh brother in the back row hurriedly made a round. , There were two unconscious women lying on the left and right beside him, it was Liu Yan and Xia Yun. Originally, Lao Qi wanted to follow Liu Yan to his house, and he could find some money by the way, but I didn't expect a woman to be chatting with Liu Yan halfway through. Lao Qi was worried that there would be too many dreams at night, so he simply took the two women away. I'm all dizzy, anyway, there are so many people, one woman is not enough to play. Lao Qi looked at Liu Yan on the left, the other party was leaning on the seatand closed his eyes tightly, the oval face was white and red, beautiful and delicate, the willow leaves curved eyebrows, the cherry mouth was very beautiful,Especially the pair of huge and round breasts on the chest are ready to show. The full breast balls prop up the white T-shirt to become a little translucent, and you can even see the lace pattern of the bra inside. Breathing, the pair of big tits are still up and down, making people feel lustful. Damn, it's terrible, the old seven's dick is hard, and his eyes fall on a box on the seat cushion next to him. I didn't expect this big tits young woman to buy a sex dancer. It seems that he is also a A slut who wants to be dissatisfied, there are so many people tonight, enough for her. Lao Qi's hand couldn't help reaching out to Liu Yan's two round and strong thighs, wanting to pass the hand addiction first, this woman not only has big tits, buttocks and long legs,he Several habitual fucking positions flashed in my mind, thinking that I must have a good time on this big tits young woman at night. However, just as his fingers touched Liu Yan's thigh, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Brother Hei's gloomy eyes staring at him in the rearview mirror. , it seems that Brother Hei has already regarded this big tits young woman as his own ban, and he will not allow others to interfere. Just facing such a superb young womanbut can only watch but can't play, Lao Qi's dick is suffocating, he turns his head and looks at Xia Yun on the other side, this woman is obviously much worse than Liu Yan , but the figure is not bad, the two white thighs under the nightdress are very attractive, and the tits are also very strong, the old seven unceremoniously stretched his hand directly under Xia Yun's nightdress and touched the woman's fleshy white Legs, and soon the hands reached the bottom of the woman's thighs, playing with the fat labia through the panties, and soon felt a little wet feeling. "Fuck, he's a slut. He only got water out after two strokes."

Old Qi gasped and zipped up his trousers, took out a dark and hard penis, and used
Xia Yun's hand grabbed her dick and started to play. Seeing that Old Seven was playing with Xia Yun's lower body, Brother Hei didn't show any displeased expression, instead he said with a smile: "Old Seven, you are too fucking anxious, you today The investigative intelligence is good, we will go back in a while, I will let you work alone for two hours. Big brother is good to you"

"Thank you black brother." The seventh is flattered. The expression on his face, but he was scolding inwardly. If he was really good to me, I should let that big tits young woman give me a shot first, even for ten minutes. It seems that it is dark tonight Brother is planning to enjoy this beautiful young woman exclusively. "The fifth, the seventh, we've also been in Guxian for a period of time" said Hei Ge suddenly, "I think we can't stay any longer, we'll be staying for another night tonight , I will leave early tomorrow morning." Both the fifth and the seventh stayed for a while. After a while, the seventh couldn't help but ask: "Brother Hei, what about these two women? Do you want to take them away together?"" crap, you thought you were on vacationwith two womenHow to run. The black brother said cursingly, "Let's have a good time tonight,Then take some photos and videos, and throw them into the village with their bare bottoms in the morning tomorrow, so that the old bachelors in the village also have fun. Hehe, let's see if they dare to call the police." Lao Qi gasped, Brother Hei's move is really poisonous, let alone these two women dare not call the police, they are the villagers It is estimated that people will hide it, maybe these two women will be hidden by those old bachelors to play for a few days, even if the police find it. It's just It's a pity that this big tits young woman, Lao Qi couldn't help but glance at Liu Yan again, this beautiful and elegant female teacher might be ruined like this, he He is also a ruthless person who has played with countless women, but I don't know why I feel sorry for this female teacher.

Soon the van drove into the entrance of the village. The roads in the village were in disrepair, and there were potholes everywhere. The body was inevitably bumpy, and Liu Yan's white T-shirt was wrapped in two pieces. The big meat ball also trembled slightly up and down with the bumps of the body, shaking out a seductive milk wave, watching Lao Qi's eyes straightened, grabbing Xia Yun's small hand and holding the meat cock and quickly. Get up, swarthy dick is pulled red and bright. "Fuck, Seventh, don't fuck with it, be careful to shoot in the car."

Old Five cursed while driving, "In the end, I have to clean it up for you. "Fifth brother, don't be in a hurry, wait for me to shoot first, you'll be next." The old seventh smiled, and stretched his big hand to Xia Yun's chest and rubbed the two The soft tits, but looking at the pair of gigantic tits on Liu Yan's chest, are clearly a little unwilling. Soon the van drove into a lonely courtyard in the far east of the village. There used to be a family of three living here. Later, the man earned money from doing business and bought a building in the county town. The place was rented out, and it happened to be hacked. br/> Brother and others have become a stronghold. Brother Hei got out of the car, looked at Liu Yan who was still unconscious in the back row, showed a trace of hot eyes, and said to the fifth child who just got out of the car: "Elder fifth, you carry her to me. Go to the house, don't take the opportunity to wipe your oil.""Brother Hei, how can I have the courage." The fifth man smiled, walked to the back row, bent over and hugged Liu Yan, feeling the other side With a heavy body, she strode towards a house in the far west of the yard, Liu Yan turned her head to one side, her hair was hanging down to cover her charming face, and her two fair jade arms were swaying weakly, unaware that it was about to happen. What kind of fate will be ushered in. And Lao Qi picked up Xia Yun and ran to the east room impatiently, obviously he couldn't wait to have a big fight. Brother Hei looked up to the west, and in the distance a red sunset was slowly descending, dyeing the originally white clouds into bright blood, and four cuckoo chimes rang out from the poplar trees in the yard.
A shrill cry, full of ominous aura. On a small hill outside the entrance of the village, several men slowly stuck their heads out and peeked into the village. It was Guxian boss Lu Hongtang, and the bald man behind him was his subordinate Cao Qiang. "Cao Qiang, are you sure that this group of peopleis an old ghost?"

Lu Hongtang said slowly with his face sinking like water. "Brother, I have sent people to watch these people for five or six days.These people have been living in this place all day, driving a van to go around the county every day. I think it should be The subordinates of the old ghost." Cao Qiang said confidently, "Even if they are not the old ghost, they must be inseparable from the old ghost. Besides, if they are all arrested and tortured, everything will be clear. "." Lu Hongtang ponderedbut now, almost the entire ancient county has been infiltrated by his forces, and the Hongxing Gang is flourishing, but the second-in-command of the Red Spear Club has always been his. Heart disease, he spent most of his energy in finding the whereabouts of the old ghost in these years, but there has been no clue. Although the whereabouts of these people in the village are secretive, Lu Hongtang always feels that the other party's behavior is inconsistent with the old ghost. The old ghost has always acted cautiously. How could it be possible to appear in the ancient county with such great fanfare?It seems to be intentional challenge yourself. Is this a trap? Lu Hongtang was hesitant in his heart, worried that he would fall into the tricks of the old ghost, he turned his head to the man in black behind him and said, "Chen Ning, have you seen the village? Are you sure there is no ambush? "The man in black said in a deep voice, "Help Master, there are fifty-seven familiesin the village, with a total of one hundred and thirty-two people. I have investigated them all, and there is no suspicion. There are a total of nine targets. Living in the yard in the east of the village, there is only one van." "Do they have weapons?" Lu Hongtang nodded and asked,Chen Ning is the captain of his twenty Tiger Guards, who controls With his most powerful strength and his absolute confidant, he trusts Chen Ning even more than Cao Qiang and Bai Xiaoyan. "I'm not sure." Chen Ning shook his head, "In order not to startle the snake, I didn't dare to approach. These people act very cautiously. Good." Lu Hongtang closed his eyes and pondered for a moment, and finally made up his mind, no matter whether these people are traps set by the old ghost or not, he must eat this group of Jiang Qianglong, twenty tigers Wei dispatched collectively and personally sat on the scene to direct, absolutely sure. "Block all the entrances and exits for me, Chen Ning, you bring people in person, first give the van toI destroy it, and then I arrest people one room at a time, and I have to live! ""Understood!" Chen Ning bowed slightly, waved his hand, and suddenly a dozen men also dressed in black appeared in the grass behind him, and followed Chen Ning to the village without saying a word. .

"Brother, this time you can finally kill the old ghosts and the rest, and you can sleep peacefully." Cao QiangKnowing that it was not his turn to fight this kind of tough battle, he provided The intelligence has already done a great job, and there is no need to be in the limelight anymore. "Cao Qiang, you did a good job this time. If you're really an old ghost, I'll give you a credit." Lu Hongtang's face also showed a smile on Gujing Wubo's face, "You haven't been thinking about it all the time. Bai Xiaoyan, how about I let her accompany you for one night?" "Boss, this is absolutely impossible." Although Cao Qiang was a little moved, he was worried that this was Lu Hongtang's temptation, so he quickly shook his head and said. , "I have absolutely no other thoughts about my sister-in-law." "Forget it,Women are like clothes, and brothers are like siblings. I still understand the truth." Lu Hongtang laughed and pattedCao Qiang's He said on his shoulder, "But it's fine if you don't wear this dress. Bai Xiaoyan is a woman with great ambitions.I can't eat her sometimes, and you can't play with her." He said with a smile, but he didn't think so in his heart. He felt that Lv Hongtang took Bai Xiaoyan too seriously, and Bai Xiaoyan was nothing special. Back then, he opened a video room in Guxian for a few days, and then he went to the karaoke hall to be a young lady. Later, luckily, I went to Lv Hongtang and opened Brilliant KTV, and then I turned over and shook. In fact, it was a chicken. Since Lv Hongtang didn't take Bai Xiaoyan seriously, he couldn't do it himself. It's really good to play with the most famous white-cut chicken in Guxian County.

Chapter 19: Wrongly calling the reporting phone

Gu County Public Security Bureau, the criminal police chief Wang Tianyu is frowning in the office, and recently he feels a lot of pressure Some time ago, there were frequent cases of burglary and rape by masked men in Guxian County. Nearly 20 women were raped by criminals. It is estimated that there are more victims who did not report the case for various reasons. The secretary of the county party committee personally gave instructions to solve the case within a time limit. As the captain of the criminal police, Wang Tianyu naturally became the person in charge of the special case team. Couldn't find a clue, the lecher disappeared out of thin air. In the end, Wang Tianyu had to personally write an inspection to the county, and barely got punished, but his image in the eyes of the county party committee leaders was compromised, which was very detrimental to his future promotion, so Wang Tianyu's paragraph Time has been holding his breath, and he has to fight a turnaround to prove that he is not an incompetent. But Guxian is a small county, there are so many major cases, most of which are fights and economic disputes, and there is no need for the criminal police team to be dispatched. Wang Tianyu looked at the recently turned over by the Municipal Public Security Bureau. Several wanted orders issued by the Ministry of Public Security, I wished that I could arrest a few of the people above, or at least get a third-class merit. Wang Tianyu got up and went to the 110 police reception hall diagonally opposite the office. He picked up a copy of the police reception record and asked, "Comrade Xiao Sun, what's the situation today?"" Report to the captain, nothing is wrong, it's all trivial things, and some people call the false police." A very beautiful police flower said to Wang Tianyu with a smile, "Captain Wang, this work It's so boring, it doesn't make any sense at all, or if there is a case someday, you can take me to visit""Nonsense, you think I don't want to." Wang Tianyu rolled his eyes, suddenly his eyes A record of receiving the police half an hour ago, frowned and asked, "Why didn't this call to report the police call, the other party said that a wanted criminal was found, and the license plate number was also left."" Captain, I feel that the person who called the police is not an adult, but a child, and he didn't leave his name, maybe it's a prank." Police Flower said disapprovingly. "Bullshit!" Wang Tianyu's face sank. With his years of experience, he keenly found that there was something wrong with this alarm record. Maybe it was really an important clue, "Allow me to adjust the monitoring of each intersection immediately. ,Find this car for me! Immediately, go for a run!" Cameras have been installed at major intersections in Guxian County, which are directly connected to the computer of the traffic police brigade. Wang Tianyu quickly retrieved it half an hour ago. and really found the van. Although the surveillance video was a little blurry, Wang Tianyu could see at a glance that the person sitting in the co-pilot seat was the suspect recently wanted by the Ministry of Public Security. Qi Baoguo. "Damn, it really is a big fish." Wang Tianyu slammed the table in excitement, stood tall, and walked out of the door, "The police team is all dispatched, by the way, Let me investigate the police number as soon as possible to find out who called the police, I want a big reward!"..."Ma Jun, why are you here so late, we will punish you!" In the cold drink shop, Li Ting smiled and handed four ice cream cones to Ma Jun, "You finish all four."

"Ah, no, so many. "." Ma Jun was dumbfounded when he saw the four brightly colored ice creams in front of him. He rarely eats ice cream, but it's not that he doesn't like it, but he thinks it's too expensive and is reluctant to buy it. Buy the kind of cream popsicle that is fifty cents a piece, at mostBuy a two-dollar snowman to satisfy your cravings, this ice cream costs ten yuan a piece, and I ate it when I went to Huang Guoxin's house. "Ma Jun, it's not that we are making things difficult for you.Li Ting doesn't know what flavors you like, so she bought one of each flavor and wanted you to try it."

Fang Lei next to him said with a smile, "You said how happy you are, Li Ting has never been so careful with any boy before."

Ma Jun couldn't help but look at In front of Li Ting, I saw that she was wearing a sky blue dress today, with a ponytail that is most common for girls, and the bangs in front of her were swaying mischievously, she looked very cute, and her facial features were exquisite. The eyes are clear and bright, the skin is even more white and red, it looks like the glutinous rice balls just out of the pot, and the two white jade legs are long and straight, very eye-catching, although the chest It still lacks scale, but she already has the shadow of her mother, Shu Meiyu. In a few years, she will definitely be another big beauty who will bring disaster to the country and the people. Seeing Ma Jun staring at her, Li Ting's slightly immature face showed a hint of shyness, and she said to Fang Lei next to her, "Fang Lei, what are you talking about? How can I, Ma Jun, if you ignore her, she will know nonsense." "Okay, I'm talking nonsense Well, there are people of the opposite sex and inhumanity." Fang Lei sighed and shook her head helplessly. , she was wearing a shiny black T-shirt with a denim skirt underneath. Although she and Li Ting were both high school students at first glance, her body grew faster and she had a pair of very upturned breasts. Bulging up the black T-shirt, it looks between B+ and C cups, which is quite large for girls. It's just that for Ma Jun, this kind of cup is not enough. After all, the women's cups he has come into contact with have never worn C cups, D cups and E cups can be played easily, not to mention there are A36F big breasted cousin is dangling in front of her every day, but Ma Jun doesn't know that Liu Yan's breasts have been upgraded to G cups by himself, otherwise he will be excited to sleep not aware of it. "Then I'm welcome."

Ma Jun smiled, holding two egg cones in one hand to open the bow, the green one is matcha flavor, the red one is strawberry, and the yellow one is banana , the black color is chocolate, but at the end, Ma Jun couldn't tell the taste. Anyway, it was sweet and icy, and it was cool and refreshing. "By the way, Ma Jun, where are you going to play in the summer vacation?" Fang Lei was amused when she saw Ma Jun gobbling up ice cream, this guy is eating ice cream, obviously Eating buns.

"Where else can I go? I can do my homework at home, and then help my mother to look at the store. How about you two?" It was as if he had fallen into an ice cellar, and goosebumps started to form on his arms. "Well, my mom said she's going to take me to Hong Kong Disneyland, and if I have time, I'll go to Xinmatai again."

Fang Lei showed an envious expression, "Li Ting is amazing, she goes It's Europe." "Really?"

Ma Jun looked at Li Ting, "Li Ting, why are you going to Europe? It's so far away, it will take several hours by plane."

"Well, there is an international youth music festival in Vienna. My mother said that she wanted me to experience the atmosphere in advance. After all, I may go there often to participate in competitions in the future. The master is even better."

Li Ting explained with a blushing face, playing with the straps on her skirt with her fingers, she looked a little nervous, and she was quite different from her usual graceful image in school. . Ma Jun is not very interested in any music festivals, but he is quite interested in the Netherlands. I heard that the sex industry there is very developed, and pornographic venues are completely legal, and all cities have Striptease bar, you can enjoy pole dancing performances, and if guests are interested, you can have a passionate night with strippers.

Especially the capital, Amsterdam, is known as the cosmopolitan city. There is a whole street of red light districts, and behind every window stands a beautiful and sexy girl. As long as tourists are interested, they can come forward at any time. Having sex and then having sex as soon as the curtains are drawn is a paradise for men all over the world. If there is a chance to go to Europe in the future, Ma Jun really wants to visit the Netherlands, but he can't tell Li Ting and Fang Lei about this idea, or else they will definitely be regarded as a big pervert. But Ma Jun just thinks about it, his family conditions can't compare with Huang Guoxin, Li Ting's official family, not even Fang Lei, the school usually organizes various activities only
If he didn't participate in the money, many of the students in the class would travel to other places during the holidays, or even go abroad, but Ma always did homework at home and helped his mother Song Ping. In fact, Ma Jun's appearance is quite handsome. Before, there were girls who quietly put small notes on him, but Ma Jun ignored them. With no money in his pocket, even if a high school student falls in love, he usually has to go shopping for a meal, and he has to buy gifts during the holidays, which Ma Jun can't afford at all. So Su Jianxin and Huang Guoxin tried their best to chase Li Ting, sending roses and chocolates, and even paid for Li Ting's friends to be undercover, and Ma Jun was just on the side. Watching the excitement, I dare not participate in this money-burning game at all. If Shu Meiyu had not asked him to help, Ma Jun would not have agreed to be Li Ting's manMy friend, in his opinion, doing this is a thankless task. Not only would Huang Guoxin turn against him, but Su Jianxin would also regard himself as a thorn in his side, but he was short-sighted to eat people. People's hands are soft, and I have to pay for seeing Shu Meiyu's naked body in vain. It's just that Li Ting's breasts can't compare to her mother Shu Meiyu's big D cups, only poor A, and I don't know what the two guys Su Jianxin and Huang Guoxin are thinking, they insist on being poor to Li Ting Chasing and fighting, is it because Li Ting is a school girl and can't be successful? It seems that many boys have a school girl plot. If you find a school girl as a girlfriend, it is quite a prestige thing.

Ma Jun couldn't help but think of his cousin Liu Yan. With Liu Yan's beauty, she must have been the school's beauty when she was in high school. I just don't know if her breasts were as big as they are now. Even if not, it is estimated that there should be C or D cups. Among high school girls with B cups, they are definitely busters. Maybe they are bigger than the female teachers in class, a high school with D cups. Girls, these typical childlike big breasts are exciting to think about. Don't look at Liu Yan who has been married for more than three years, but because she has never given birth to children, she looks very young. If she changes into a school uniform, she may be mistaken for a high school girl. If Liu Yan is really herself The classmates in the class are just fine, it is better to be in the same seat with me, and I don't have to do anything every day, just staring at the other party's big tits and prostitutes can't stand it.

The thought of Liu Yan carrying a pair of slutty big tits with her schoolbag and her schoolbag every day, and then going to the woods to discuss homework, Ma Jun was very excited, and the dick in his crotch was again It started to get hard, um, another dayI have the opportunity to let my cousin change into the school uniform and wear it for myself, which is definitely more attractive than any erotic lingerie. "Student Ma Jun, my chest hurts a little, can you help me check it." Ma Jun already imagined that Liu Yan was wearing a blue and white No. 3 middle school uniform in his mind A pair of big and round breasts slowly approached her, showing an innocent and innocent expression, and asked herself to help her check her breasts. As the zipper of the clothes was slowly opened,the white plump breasts were exposed little by little. The girls' breasts were white and delicate, and huge, like two towering mountains, with two breasts at the top. The pink nipples are as delicate as just-ripened cherries, and are wrapped in the same pink areola, which makes people drool. "Student Ma Jun, hurry up and check it" Liu Yan directly held a pair of snow-white milk balls in her hands. Girls can grow. How could Ma Jun endure such a temptation, he jumped up directly, hugged the pair of lewd big tits and bit them, causing Liu Yan to moan coquettishly, but gasping in his mouth:"Ma Jun Classmate Jun, we are still students, so we can't do this." But this could only stimulate Ma Jun's desire even more, he buried his head between Liu Yan's breasts, kissing and sucking, both hands Pinch and knead, as if to smash these two tempting big meat balls.

Chapter 20: Beautiful Spring in the Cinema

"Ma Jun!" Suddenly Fang Lei shouted and woke up Ma Jun, who was immersed in fantasy, and he was at a loss. The looked at Fang Lei and asked, "Ah, what did you say?" "Li Ting asked if you were going to the movies, why didn't you respond at all" Fang Lei said angrily, "Just grin and grin, it's not a daydream, right?" "Go goGo." Seeing Li Ting's expectant expression, Ma Jun quickly agreed, anyway, this is Li Ting's first br/>I took the initiative to invite myself once, and it would not be appropriate if I was too cold. Anyway, there is a light bulb like Fang Lei next to it, so it shouldn't be too embarrassing. Soon the three came to the entrance of the Guxian Cinema. The Guxian Cinema is located on a street in front of the county government. It used to be the most lively place in Guxian. It is here when the movie is played It was crowded with people. There were many vendors selling drinks and melon seeds at the entrance. Adults bought tickets to watch movies, and children all sneaked in and peeked while the gatekeepers were not paying attention. Ma Jun used to be like this when he was young Took a lot of movies.

However, in recent years, the movie theater has not been very prosperous, and the efficiency has become worse and worse. Even the wages of the employees cannot be paid. In the end, it was contracted to an individual. There will also be some outdated popular movies.

When Ma Jun saw that Li Ting was about to go to the ticket booth to buy a ticket, he hurried forward and said, "Li Ting, let me come, just nowYou invited me to eat ice cream, and I treated you to a movie. "Before Huang Guoxin's mother Cao Meng gave Ma Jun a few hundred dollars, and Zhang Li also gave Ma Jun a shopping card of 1,000 yuan. Ma Jun has never been willing to spend it, thinking about waiting for the New Year to give it to him." I bought some New Year's goods at home, but today is the first time I'm watching a movie with Li Ting, and I can't let girls pay for it anymore, so I won't be a eater. "Okay, Ma Jun, behave well today. Li Ting and I will wait for you at the entrance."

Fang Lei smiled and dragged Li Ting to the entrance of the cinema. Both girls were wearing A beautiful dress,four beautiful white legs exuding the vitality of a young girl, white and tender skin and the mature charm of an adult womanCompletely two feelings, so that Ma Jun is used to dealing with the atmosphere of a mature woman The boys in the middle also felt a little uncomfortable The same throbbing, perhaps this is the life that adolescent boys and girls should have. "Boss, take three tickets."

Ma Jun took out a hundred dollars from his pocket and handed it in. "One forty, three for one hundred and twenty."An aunt inside said casually while nibbling on melon seeds. "40 is so expensive?" Ma Jun hasn't been to the cinema for a long time.He has seen a movie at the theater. He remembered that watching a movie would cost more than ten yuan at most. He didn't expect it to be so expensive. Ting and Fang Lei were waiting at the entrance, and they could only grit their teeth and take out another 20 yuan to buy three tickets. It hurts a bit. This is enough money to watch a movie. The pocket money for the semester is gone, hey, sure enough, the school's decision not to let students fall in love is a very wise decision. Hey, now this society has no money to fall in love, Ma Jun suddenly felt that he should find a way to make some money, he still remembers the first time he went shopping with Liu Yan in the mall After a while, Liu Yan gave him a good education, saying that he couldn't support himself at all, and he couldn't even buy a pair of high-heeled shoes on her feet.

Perhaps at that time Liu Yan did this just to allow Ma Jun to focus on his studies, so the words were rather ugly. Later, the two became close, but Liu Yan never again I mentioned it, but Ma Jun has always been brooding, feeling that he is not qualified to be with Liu Yan.

It's just how he can make money as a high school student, and he can't help elementary school students write their summer homework. Li Ting and Fang Lei were chatting while holding a large bucket of popcorn. Seeing Ma Jun coming, Li Ting shoved the popcorn into Ma Jun's arms and said shyly, "Ma Jun, this is
Bought it for you." "How can this be possible." Ma Jun quickly gave in, "I don't want to eat it, you can eat it." "No need, Fang Lei and I will share one." Li Ting With a blushing face, he said, "You're a boy, you eat a lot."

"Oh, can you stop showing off your love, I can't take it anymore." Fang Lei looked depressed
Still, she only found out today that Li Ting was quietly getting on with Ma Jun, she was surprised for a long time, she had to know that there were too many suitors around Li Ting, but there were only a dozen boys in class 57 who had chased after her. Li Ting, even a second and third year of high school, was unexpectedly given the lead by this guy Ma Jun. In fact, Fang Lei also thinks that Li Ting and Ma Jun are very suitable together. Li Ting is the first in the grade and is the study committee member in the class, and Ma Jun is the representative of the Chinese class, and his academic performance is also good , that is, Ma Jun's family conditions are not very good, but Li Ting doesn't seem to care about this. "Fang LeiWhat nonsense are you talking about, I hate it to death." Li Ting was thin-skinned, and it was the first time she was dating Ma Jun. She was so nervous that she couldn't stand Fang Lei's ridicule, stomping. Ma Jun felt a little dazed at the young girl's shy look, and even began to seriously consider whether to let Li Ting be his girlfriend. "OK, just kidding."

Fang Lei hurriedly took Li Ting's hand and walked to the cinema, Ma Jun walked behind with popcorn, and the cinema The venue is very large, with four or five hundred seats, but only a dozen spectators enter the venue at the moment, which seems a bit depressing. It was the first time for Commander Ma to watch a movie with a girl at such a young age. He was a little excited. Don't look at how many he had already slept with a few adult women, but after all, he was only a fifteen or sixteen-year-old. Boys still feel more at ease with their peers, especially the two energetic and beautiful girls like Li Ting and Fang Lei.

The three came to the front row and found three seats to sit down, Li Ting was in the middle, Ma Jun and Fang Lei were sitting on the left and right sides respectively, the movie had not started yet, Li Ting and Fang Lei was talking about things between girls, Ma Jun heard that it was nothing more than a placeOpened an Internet celebrity drink shop, where the trinkets were good-looking and cheap, thinking that women are really since childhood It's almost the same as a big hobby, either eating or wearing. Ma Jun listened to the two girls chatting while eating popcorn, but he didn't feel bored, but the seats in this old-fashioned cinema were relatively narrow, and he was tall and uncomfortable to sit, He couldn't stretch his legs, his arms were placed on the armrests, and occasionally touched Li Ting's bare forearms, which felt cool and slippery, and felt very comfortable. Li Ting was also a little nervous at first, and even avoided subconsciously, but thenshe took the initiative to bring her forearm up and stick it to Ma Jun's arm, allowing Ma Jun to enjoy working with the girl's muscles br/>The thrill of a skin-to-skin date, especially when Fang Lei was sitting next to me, was even more exciting, and even the lower body penis began to erectFortunately, the lights in the cinema were dark, otherwise the two girls would definitely find it strange . While the three of them were chatting, more than a dozen people came in at the cinema one after another, and they all chose to sit in the first few rows. Ma Jun took a look, and most of them were They are adult men and women, and there are very few student couples, and a combination like the three of them is unique. Suddenly, Ma Jun's eyes went dark, the whole cinema fell into darkness, and there were several exclamations of women around him, and then the big screen at the front lit up, and the movie officially started. The movie is "The Girls We Chased Together", which was very popular a few years ago. It is a Taiwanese campus love movie. It is also in a high school. A few naughty boys like it. The story of going to the class and taking turns to pursue the pursuit.Nostalgic and funny movie. As the movie played, there were bursts of laughter from time to time in the theater, but Ma Jun never watched it. After all, high school life in Taiwan is very different from that in mainland China, and the school atmosphere is completely different. Like the hero in the movie, if he changed to Guxian No. 3 Middle School, he would have been remembered long ago, and his mind was mainly on Li Ting's slippery arm next to him. Perhaps because the surrounding environment is very dark, his body's sense of touch is particularly sensitive. His arms are against Li Ting's smooth skin, feeling the indescribable pleasure, and even feel this kind of elusiveness. Touching is more exciting than the previous battle with Zhang Li and Gao Hongmei. After all, Li Ting is the school flower goddess in the third, and has never been close to any boys. Speaking of which, Ma Jun is also the first to be with Li Ting. What a close contact with a boy. From time to time, there is a fresh and elegant girly body fragrance, which is completely different from the strong temptation of mature women, as if chewing a mint, with a faint sweetness, but
Refreshing and refreshing. In the darkness, Ma Jun quietly looked at Li Ting's face by the light of the screen. Li Ting's profile was very beautiful. The light on the screen kept changing, making Li Ting's pretty face full of magic. The smell of seems to be an elf fairy hidden in the depths of darkness. Ma Jun was a little distracted, but Li Ting is much prettier than the chubby heroine in the movie. She can play the violin, has good grades in school, and has a gentle personality. Except for the small chest, it can be said that No flaws, it is simply the best choice for a girlfriend in the minds of boys. Otherwise, let's talk with Li Ting for a while and see. Ma Jun is a little hesitant. Ever since he was kicked away by Liu Yan in the middle of the night, he's also a little disheartened, feeling that he and his cousin have a relationship. It is difficult for the relationship to develop further, and he also knows that he is more sensual to Liu Yan. If Liu Yan hadn't grown a pair of big tits, he would still be interested in Liu
Is Yan so infatuated? Perhaps when Liu Yan goes to visit relatives in Yangcheng, it is very likely that she will reconnect with her husband Xu Zhipeng. With Liu Yan's character, she will definitely not let herself be intimate with her again, and the ambiguous relationship between the two will also be classified as one. Period, at that time, Ma Jun can only watch Liu Yan from a distance as before and drool with two towering breasts. After all, Ma Jun is a very ordinary high school student, not a second-generation official, nor a second-generation rich, and he is not gifted. It was just a coincidence that I had such an emotional entanglement with Ma Jun that it would be chaotic if it was not cleaned up. In fact, Ma Jun is already very lucky, just when other men are covetingLiu Yan but have no choice, he has already played with the seductive body of the beautiful cousin, especially the huge pair of He sucked and licked the firm and top-quality tits even more. Every time he played, the tits were hard, the nipples were swollen, and the snow-white tits were covered with Ma Jun's saliva. To a certain extent, Ma Jun has played the role of Liu Yan's lover during this period. If Ma Jun is an adult, he may have completely captured Liu Yan. Of course, if Ma Jun is an adult Jun is not Liu Yan's cousin, and it is impossible to gain Liu Yan's trust so smoothly. While watching the movie, Ma Jun reached for the popcorn, but when he reached into the paper tube, he touched a small slippery hand.This is Li Ting's She must have stretched her hand in the wrong place unintentionally. Ma Jun was stunned for a moment, but he didn't let go of Li Ting's little hand. Instead, he held it tighter. Li Ting next to her was caught by the boy, but she was so nervous that her heart was poundingfor fear of being discovered by Fang Lei, who was sitting on her right hand. Feeling the warm temperature of the boy's palm, she loved
There was chaos, his face was hot, and he thought that Ma Jun was too bold, and he grabbed his hand without asking.

What the hell is this guy trying to do? Li Ting subconsciously wanted to pull out her hand, but Ma Jun grabbed it tightly and couldn't move. Holding Li Ting's hand and continuing to watch the movie, LiTing was relieved. For fear that her struggle would disturb Fang Lei next to her, she could only let Ma Jun hold on to her little hand. , she continued to watch the movie with trepidation, but she felt a burst of sweetness in her heart. Although Ma Jun promised to be her boyfriend last time, she has not been paying attention to herself these past few days, and it was not until today that she felt Ma Jun
I finally recognized myself.
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