嫐 (第二部 27-28)

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The second part of Caiyun Chasing the Moon

27 innocents

outside the house. The crescent moon is headed. The coldest night after the silver bottle is leaked is always full of variables. Under the illusion of reality, the air is so hazy that it seems to be covered with a layer of gauze. It appeared more mottled, swaying and looking very eerie, making the pearl-like white snow become dark and dull, and the surroundings were so silent that there was no more liveliness than before.

Inside the house. Warm as spring. Everyone's face was more or less rubbed with a layer of pink rouge, overflowing with the joy and ease of vacation time. In addition to being able to get together like this after the new year, the sisters are usually really hard to get together all night long. As a result, time has no concept in the eyes of everyone.

At that time, Yang Shuxiang and Zhao Huanzhang had already fallen asleep. During the day, they ran and chased. At this time, they fell on the bed and started to chat. After a while, the sound stopped, and then came out. A slight snoring sound, plunged into this darkness.

Going to the room in the east room, Chai Lingxiu, Shen Yi and others are still coming and going. They put all their attention on the mahjong table and pick up the cards with their fingers. Cards, no one expected that Xu Jiagang on the kang would be able to intoxicate himself under this kind of circumstance, moving with evil thoughts in his fantasies, after all, he regarded him as a half-old child.

Deep in the midst of peach, red, willow, green, Yingying and Yanyan, although Xu Jiagang is not around Yang Shuxiang and Zhao Huanzhang to be in the way, the lust that is difficult to express in his heart has become more urgent and impetuous. Sitting on the kang, he faced south, staring at the prey in front of him—the plump and plump woman—Ma Xiuqin, wishing he could do Fa-rectification on the spot, but at this moment, He can only hide his own traces in a play.

He also knows his weight, and if he acts rashly, he will only be called to kill himself, so he has to endure it under the influence of the lessons of the past. But since the idea of ​​fucking Ma Xiuqin came into his mind, for him, although it will be a tortuous and long process, he still insists on his own opinion. He felt that this effect would be better,whether from a physical or psychological point of view, the degree of pleasure was better than others, which inevitably made him feel that the thoughts in his mind were too superficial. , Because the mother of Zhao Huanzhang, no matter from which point of view, is more mentally relieved, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling than beating Zhao Huanzhang.

In the distance, Xu Jia stared at Ma Xiuqin's body more and more. Looking at her fat pussy wrapped in fitness pants, I thought how comfortable it would be to insert a dick into it, it would definitely make people want to die. Combined with the pleasure experience he had when he fucked Shen Yi, and looking at Ma Xiuqin's plump face, which was red and tender, soon reminded him of his mother's evaluation of Shen Yi after drinking. What Yi Shi said. A woman of this age has an affectionate look on her face.At a glance, she knows that her sexual desire is particularly strong. It is definitely the kind of situation where she wants to be fucked by a man. The only difference lies in the face problem. Take off the fig leaf on their faces, you can do whatever you want, when you fuck them, they will be better than rabbits...

It can be done ? Xu Jiagang's heart was a little hesitant. After a lot of hard work, Shen Yi only did it once.I did it again...for a while, I was unavoidably discouraged. But every move of the woman in front of her is really itchy.

"Gangzi, it's not scary to fall, what's scary is that you'll be stunned after a fall. Back then, Han Xin was humiliated by the crotch, losing all his dignity and personality, but how did he do it? ?In the end, it is not the title of honorable prince, the name is written in history!What the general said in front of his forehead is Han Xin. Vision, mind, city government, in addition to brains and details, the most important point for those who achieve great things is It's patience, I can bear it! Can I remember what my uncle said to you?"

Yes, my uncle is right, I just have to endure, I just learn to pretend to be cowardly, like Yang Shuxiang suddenlyand caught them by surprise...

"Brother Gangzi, what do you think? What kind of cards are these playing?" Seeing Xu Jiagang bowing his head He raised his head and fiddled around, the last one left on the aunt's side, and he went to drain the water inexplicably, which made Chai Peng angry. Being so little by Chai Peng, Xu Jiagang hurriedly retracted his mind, looked at it, pouted his pig's mouth, and smiled shyly: "My, Originally, it was going to be pushed out. "

"I'm really lucky today." In the past, the old man was not around, and on the second day of the new year, he stayed at his parents' house for one night. In addition to the subconscious emotion, the joy from the heart climbed up the corner of Ma Xiuqin's eyebrows. and thisAnother round was won, and when the cards were shuffled, even she became a little chatty: "The cards are neat, and the cards are played smoothly."

Chai Peng felt depressed for a while, and Xu Jiagang said again. He got upside down and complained, "What are you talking about?" Xu Jiagang rubbed his hands together, but said nothing. He watched intently and focused on Ma Xiuqin. Watching the poker cards being flipped on Qin Niang's fleshy little hands, and then looking at the fat tits on her chest, I thought that this big girl must have been rubbed out after a lot of hard work. .

Thinking that this pair of chubby babies once nurtured Zhao Huanzhang, Xu Jiagang's heart was filled with anticipation, and it was burning like fire: Sooner or later, I will sleep with you like Wan Yi's. Now, mine is going to fuck you all over your body andI'm going to fuck you to death...Although my heart is unsteady and I haven't seen anything substantial, but after tasting Shen Yi's body Knowing the taste of the marrow, having tasted the sweetness of a woman in her 30s and 40s, it can be said that her memory is still fresh, and it does not prevent her from having sexual fantasies about Ma Xiuqin. Get up: I have to have sex with my eldest sister tonight, or my dick will swell to death.

Xu Jiagang's dick under his crotch is really hard and almost swollen to death. If he hadn't turned his body sideways, his ugliness would have been exposed on the spot. And under this restlessness, not only did he not restrain his temperament, but his heart was still up and down, but he did not know how many times he had said to Ma Xiuqin: Mother Qin, I want to sleep with you, I want to hold you and fuck you of meat.

Without realizing it, Ma Xiuqin didn't know that she was the prey. The next day, at the invitation of Shen Yi and Xu Xiaoying, they went to Mengzhuang to take a bath and have their hair permed. When dozing in the bathtub in the single room, Xu Jiagang would stick his head from the top of the roof and look at his body. .

Years later, she moved into Chai Lingxiu's house, and because of her husband Zhao Boqi and Jia Jinglin, Ma Xiuqin was devastated, and her face was ashamed. Compared with the past, there were more opportunities to return to Lujiaying at that time, whether it was good or bad.At that time, she didn't think too much, but because of Shen Yi's relationship, she and Xu Xiaoying got closer, Every once in a while, I catch a market if I can't get it right, and occasionally I bump into Xu Jiagang at the market.

Shen Yi also overheard Ma Xiuqin and Xu Jiagang say something when they met. "Auntie, what are you going to buy? You are with me, Yi, my sister, and the others." Xu Jiagang was the first to say hello, and the corners of his mouthraised when he spoke. "You didn't go to class?" Ma Xiuqin had a hint of doubt on her face. Fortunately, she had been in contact with each other for a long time, and she didn't hide it: "I'll see if there is a trade fair going to the countryside, so I'll just buy two pairs of socks." Then, Xu Jiagangexplained: "The third quarter in the morning of January, March, and Friday is all about physical education, and usually all training." Then he made a joke to Ma Xiuqin: "It's getting hot. , auntie should buy thin socks to wear." This teasing, Shen Yi just turned around - looking at the hair card on the side, turned around and took the sentence: "Your aunt is I want to buy two pairs of stockings to wear."

Shen Yi didn't hear what she said later, but all she could do was to let each other get rid of their grievances, so she spared no effort to win over The two sides have a good relationship. At present, everything is fine, including the relationship between Xu Jiagang and Zhao Huanzhang, including the relationship between the two families. He turned his head and called to the back again: "Aunt Xiuqin, come and see this card..."

"When I came, there was a looting on the south side. Sister is there, auntie, why don't you buy it?"

"If not, we'll talk about it in the next episode."

"Do you wear short or long?"


“I don’t think black suits you, but if you wear a flesh-colored skirt, it’s absolutely fine.”

That’s true. What Jia Gang said, Ma Xiuqin also felt that it was more suitable for him to wear flesh-colored stockings. As he expected, when he walked to the middle of the west mountain of the market, the flesh-colored stockings were indeed sold out. I have no choice but to come over and buy it againAnyway, Shuqin had those newly bought fitness pants ready when they got married. The big deal is that I will go to the county town after May 1st, and I will buy it again Less than one!

Most of the time, the plan can't keep up with the changes. During the delay, Ma Xiuqin was busy and focused on building a house. When she came back, it was already the beginning of summer, naive. warming.


You are a guest from afar, so how can you eat alone? When Yang Shuxiang said this, Bu Bu was sitting at the dining table in a daze. Chai Wanlei stretched out his hand towards his wife and four daughters, and scratched his head: "Look, my grandson is a big boy." While smiling, he handed over the sea crab and sent it to him. In front of Yang Shuxiang.

"You don't want to watch me eat." Yang Shuxiang smiled and came up to unscrew the crab's two tongs, No need for the side-mouthed tongs on the side. and scissors, with one gram of fingernails and one bite of the teeth, the flesh of the crab claws was peeled out in three or two strokes: "Grandpa, I don't pay much attention to what I eat." It was dipped in the seasoning and put into his mouth.

p> I saw my parents with kind, kind and smiling faces. Chai Lingxiu teased his son, telling him the story of returning home from the market carrying a snack box when he was a child, and learning it in a sweet voice: "Well, my grandma and grandpa have so many grandchildren. , don't hurt me!" The old couple Chai Wanlei laughed. Yang Shuxiang rolled his eyes: "Mom, why can't you open the pot and lift it?"

"My grandmother will peel the shrimp for you." Chai Wanlei's wife, Chai Li's family Pick up the small scissors, hold the belly of the Pippi shrimp, follow the sharp shells at both ends as soon as they come out, use tweezers to pick out the flesh of the Pippi shrimp, and put it in Yang Shuxiang on the small plate in front of him.

"Mom, you leave me the business. How old is he and you want to take care of him." Chai Lingxiu snatched the tool from her mother's hand and clicked several times. So he made two plump Pippi and sent them to his parents: "The wine is also hot, drink less, let's chat while eating!"

Chai Wanlei got up He brought his own set of tea sets from the coffee table: "You can't drink too much wine, but you can't eat less hot tea with shredded ginger." The small wine cup was filled with wine, and he touched it with his hand. Daughter, motioned to give the grandson a taste. Don't they all say that life is the most beautiful sixteen or seventeen? Chai Lingxiu allows his son to come and taste the direction of his son's life by himself.

Seeing his grandson taking a sip of wine, Chai Wanlei raised his thumbs up: "That's great! That's how it should be!" He and his wife raised the wine glass: "Wonderful man, busy talking It's been a long time, and you haven't had a drink yet." The clothesline outside the house is full of clothes, and the table is full of vegetables.

"I'll have to drink more after eating this seafood." Chai Lingxiu picked up the blue silk and pinned it behind Yuanbao's ear, opened her smallmouth and sipped the wine into her mouth. Ba's face was flushed. Seeing her mother's playful appearance like a little woman, Yang Shuxiang subconsciously picked up the toilet paper on the side. After thinking for a while, I simply did it myself, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Taking the toilet paper from her son, Chai Lingxiu smiled tenderly: "I will feel sorry for my mother" Yang Shuxiang raised the corner of her mouth, and took the opportunity to put the crab yellow into her mouth: "You are my mother, it doesn't hurt Who do you hurt?"

Seeing the intimacy between their mothers, Mrs. Chai Li smiled and touched the old man's arm: "Mi from Wuchang, melon from Lanzhou... I can't kiss my own mother any more." I moved out the words written on my daughter's elementary school language book in 1970.

"The girl has a small heart and a wild heart, and Xiang'er is just like a copy of a wonderful person..." Chai Wanlei will continue to say, and when Chai Lingxiu picks her almond eyes, she speaks I didn't dare to say any more, but it was completely replaced by laughter. But Yang Shuxianghas heard a little bit about her mother when she was young, so she winked and muttered: "You must dare to bully me, and letmy fourth brother beat you to death..." Suddenly she felt Kabbah's crotch. Tight, my mother's smile is so charming and affectionate, so Yang Shuxiang shrank her body, and quietly stretched her hand under the table, pressing the "Lilianer" to grab her. On his little hands: "Mom, let's eat!" Yang Shuxiang scratched his face with a smile, so the little hands were soft, and the face was indescribably ecstatic under the afternoon sun. , it's lingering, watching and watching.

"Borrowing money to eat seafood is not a bad idea. The words are true, but life and work are the same as the liquor on the table, clear and clear, drink it in the stomach Don't be confused!" The open-mindedness on Mr. Chai's face is the summary of life for those who have experienced ups and downs. Southern Thailand belongs to Weinan. Sanchakou people pay attention to eating seafood, know how to eat, and know how to eat.Chai Wanlei has been in business for most of his life, and he is also in the fish business. To be a person is to make a good network of people, pay attention to harmony and make money, and it is not stupid to mix up small things and big things, even though it will be an old age in two years. Then, his eyelids sank to fill the wine, and he tapped the table and smiled, "Wonderful man, it's time to have a drink with Dad alone."

"Your grandfather talks too much." Chai Lingxiu and her son met a mouth shape that only the mother and two were familiar with, and laughed lightly. Yang Shuxiang knew that her grandfather had a good memory and was able to tell the story behind every photo placed in the frame like a family. not bad. When he was young, he was a handsome guy, smart and capable, raising a family. Wearing a dress in front of the camera, standing next to my grandma. Don't look at grandma's feet, she is not easy, otherwise it is impossible to pull up a lot of children. In front of the old couple are various aunts and uncles. At that time, there was no me - Yang Shuxiang remembered what her mother said - and then with her, my grandfather built a frame and took her from the infancy to her slimness and even when she was born
Every shot of the marriage is completely preserved.

From Weinan to Tainan, from Sanchakou to Yishui River. Morning bells and evening drums, spring, summer, autumn and winter. How many vicissitudes and changes this former Caoyunmu River has gone through may be described in the old photos, engraved in the memory, and hidden in the bottom of my heart. For example, my grandfather often lamented that my mother had met a good mother-in-law;The red underwear that my mother bought, when it comes to her birth year, she points out. Which one was bought by her eldest sister, and which one was chosen by her second and third sisters, no matter the details.

Mom is always picky at this time, and it's not the same as at home anyway - why am I wearing that big red? Motherin front of my grandma, she used all the willfulness of a girl and returned to the most primitive appearance.

But in the end, my mother still wears underwear on her body. In fact, it is often shown in front of grandma. As a result, Yang Shuxiang still can't guess why a woman is like this. Of course, her mother is still the same mother.
When she is angry, she will still sacrifice Jiuyin's claws, so Yang Shuxiang swears, no matter how hard she is facing her. You have to bow your headto become soft and orderly, if you don't coax your mother first, just ignoring people is enough for Yang Shuxiang, even if he is half a head taller than her mother later. He was able to lift her body easily later...

Time is short, always walking quietly with fingertips, legs shaking, brows smiling, and three or four passed in the blink of an eye sky. On the long embankment, poplar trees, field ridges, tombs, and river embankments are the scenery on both sides of the road from Lujiaying to Mengzhuang.

After lunch on Tuesday, there was no major disturbance, and there was no need to disturb anyone, Chai Lingxiu walked with her son and Ma Xiuqin and her son, from the west end of Lujiaying Road. Back to the Goutou home.

As the new year is approaching, the house in the family has to be cleaned, and the steamed buns have to be steamed ahead of time. When miscellaneous things are gathered together, you can no longer stay from your parents' house. The letter that she didn't come back on the second day of the new year was told to her family. Chai Wanlei and his wife let their daughter take care of important things, and secretly put the New Year's money to their grandson. Similarly, Chai Zhongren and Shen Yi secretly made Yang Shuxiang a year older, all behind Chai Lingxiu's back. Chai Lingxiu was not idle either, she took Xiaolian to Mengzhuang on Monday.He bought a bunch of things girls like at the market. Needless to say, it is enough to eat and drink. Put it in the pocket of your niece like Chai Peng.

When I got home, the man's bicycle was already in the yard. Putting down the car, Chai Lingxiu hurried into the house,but didn't look at anyone, but the man brought back the photo she took with her son Dongfanghong and put it on the table, presumably at this time he What are you going out for?

"Mom, look at you in a hurry." Seeing Chai Lingxiu's hurry, Yang Shuxiang shouted from behind. He parked the car and walked into the main room with a schoolbag.

Looking back, Chai Lingxiu felt bored when she saw her son devoted himself to homework during the winter vacation in the past few days. "Xiang'er, won't you play for a while?" It is the expectation of every parent, but Chai Lingxiu never judges his son's grades by scores, nor does he force his son to study. Her idea is very simple. If you want to learn, you should learn it with your heart and mind. If you play, you can play as you like. The combination of work and rest has a clear hierarchy, and the two are not confused at all.

"I'm thinking about going out for a walk." The schoolbag was placed on the desk. When he reached the east room, Yang Shuxiang saw Chai Lingxiu playing with photos, so he kissed his mother. According to grab in hand. "Are you going to your mother's house?" "Huanzhang said to come to me, and I have to go to the backyard to find my mother and ask for a score." Yang Shuxiang grinned and couldn't help looking at the photo in his hand. Singing:

The birds on the tree are in pairs, the green waters and green mountains are smiling, you and I are like mandarin ducks, flying in the world with each other...Yang Shuxiang gestured orchid fingers while singing. , leaned his body to one side with his hands together, and sang both male and female voices with a humming in his throat. On the 5th before the college entrance examination, the whole afternoon became a free event, and Yang Shuxiang sang the same way on the podium of Class 7. He holds the microphone alone, and does not require girls to accompany him in the performance, and he is alone with the cross-section. At that time, Yang Wei didn't say a word. Yang Shuang sang with relish.

"Stinky virtue." Chai Lingxiu snorted at Yang Shuxiang, her big smart eyes flickering. She watched her son's every move in her eyes, how could he escape the mother's eyes with his little thought. Looking at the back of him jumping out of the room, the corners of Chai Lingxiu's mouth raised a smile that was not a smile. It was not clear whether it was anxiety or pleasure. He raised his head: "Fengju should have come back early, why don't you go to your Yannian's house to see?"

"Let's go back!" With a voice, Yang Shuxiang carefully placed this beloved photo in a drawer. Afraid that the slingshot and the chain would touch the photo, I put the photo in the envelope. Before putting it, I looked at the group photo of the mother and son. The mother and son kissed each other sideways. Laughed.

He hummed and saw the guitar when he got up, Yang Shuxiang rubbed his face with his hands, took the guitar out of the bag, and fiddled with the first and sixth strings. After two clicks, a thick and sharp high and low tone swayed in the room. Mom, I should be back. "When he said this, Yang Shuxiang was stunned for a moment. He didn't know what to say. Maybe he ran to the backyard to see people. He hesitated and swept the strings twice., a chaotic voice came out.

"Mom, I should be back... I can't prepare for the video at night." Repeating this sentence, Yang Shuxiang stretched out his left hand and broke Brother Thumb, the tiger's mouth stuck On the neck, the slender index finger and even the remaining three fingers rest on the piano board. I took out the sheet music that I couldn't quite understand, and pressed the six strings back and forth on the first, second, and third frets of the piano board. At one point, then start to slowly open your fingers against the thinnest Estring.

"Are you thinking about sleeping there at night?" Chai Lingxiu looked back and forth in the mirror, combing her hair with a comb from time to time. The in-laws and the old couple moved back, and we have to go over and have a look later: "Maybe you and your mother will come from the backyard.Will you go with your mother?"

Hearing Chai Lingxiu's words, Yang Shuxiang's Hand trembled. He lowered his head and looked at his fingers, all four fingers left a string mark when pressing the strings. The nails are too long! Some pain! Yang Shuxiang rubbed the belly of his fingers, knowing that he would not be able to learn it in a while, so he randomly swept the high notes with his right hand, and shouted in a crisp : "Mom, I From the West Field." The voice was in a hurry, she put away Ji and put it aside without any trouble, thinking of Chen Yunli's tall figure and warm embrace, she couldn't stop thinking about it in her heart. Fei also seems to be running out...

The backyard. It wasn't long before Chen Yunli came over from Dongtou's house. Seeing that her mother-in-law was not at the house, she said hello to Zhao Yongan, and was about to leave when Yang Tingsong stopped him: "Yunli, you have to Let’s talk more about the boss, I’ve been here for the past two daysto drink in the sky, and I can’t see half a person.” He got up and walked into the hall, Yang Tingsong grabbed Zhao Yongan’s face on his back Chen Yunli's hand: "Should it be over?"

Chen Yunli frowned and shook her hand, glaring at Yang Tingsong: "Smelly shameless, let go."Yang Tingsongsong He opened his fingers and laughed, "I haven't touched your body for a few days, Dad really wants to!" He also subconsciously rubbed his crotch.

"If you want to go to my mother-in-law to solve it, what kind of business is it with me?"

"This is a bad word! Dad told you..." Yang Tingsong paused, "Your The meat tastes stronger, and the body is more nourishing. Don’t believe it, when did our husband and wife not return home happily? I don’t admit it, and the body’s feeling has been faked?” He said in one breath When he came out, Yang Tingsong's eyes clearly shot two bright lights. Chen Yunli frowned, turned her face aside, did not look at Yang Tingsong, and did not answer. Yang Tingsong had a strong smile on his face, he searched for Chen Yunli's body up and down, satisfied for a while: "Revisiting the old dream, wouldn't we all be happy to do it again from this backyard! At that time, When the time comes, Dad will look like Same as that time, I will give you a full body massage again to make sure you are fed."

He clearly remembered the scene during the 11th National Congress of the Autumn. It was in the backyard of my hometown with my daughter-in-law Chen Yunli.Although the time was short, there was a different style-away from the hustle and bustle of the city, returning to the rural life-Shui, Fertile and Beautiful , Men ploughing and women weaving, eating rough tea and rice, sleeping sweetly and sleeping peacefully, holding a beautiful girl in his arms and doing the most primitive work of human beings, his whole body is full of fighting spirit.


At that time, Yang Tingsong stretched out his arms and lifted Chen Yunli's long legs with one push. Looking at the fat body like a lamb under her body, and seeing her blushing and shy face, Yang Tingsong stretched out his hand, and in an instant he touched the waist of Chen Yunli's flesh-colored fitness pants. Chen Yunli was still blocking, but Yang Tingsong picked up her ass and lifted it up, and her big fat ass flashed out of her flesh-colored bodybuilding pants.

Looking at his daughter-in-law lying on the kang, she was so plump and sensual in the struggle, Yang Tingsong put his hand under her. After Mao Rongfang's boundary was aligned, he digged on his private parts for a while, watching his daughter-in-law twist her waist like a snake, and in the muffled gasp, the fat and bulging pussy slapped herself. 's hands were wet.

"Yunli, did you see that? It's all wet!" He raised his hand and waved at Chen Yunli ostentatiously, and thenYang Tingsong lowered his head, when he looked at Chen Yunli again When I arrived at the meat clam that I was thinking about all day long, my heart was beating like a drum, and my body was steaming with the heat of the meat hole, and it was steaming together. Staring closely at Chen Yunli's lower body, Yang Tingsong couldn't help gasping for air. How long will it take for you not to fuck at this time? After taking off his trousers, he quickly put on a condom, grabbed his daughter-in-law's ankle in an instant, and shoved his dick forward. As soon as the head of the penis touched the wet pussy, he couldn't wait. br/>Into her body.

Yang Tingsong made an "oh", and heard Chen Yunli snort and squeezed forward, only to feel that layers of meat wrap around his dick, even if he put it on Yang Tingsong was still excited about the condom, Gu Qiu got up and made a few pulling movements, and then inserted it to the end.

With a sound of "ah", Chen Yunli stood up and said, "Pull it out..."

"Pull it out? Come out?" Soaked in his daughter-in-law's plump flesh, Yang Tingsong could still feel it despite the film blocking.I felt that my daughter-in-law's body was constantly squirming. He saw that she was still struggling, hey, he got up, and repeatedly pushed and thrusted for twenty or thirty times, and his daughter-in-law calmed down.

Yang Tingsong suddenly stopped moving. He saw intoxication and excitement in his daughter-in-law's eyes, so he changed his method to tease her: "Do you know what this pose is called?" Chen Yunli responded that Yang Tingsong was not discouraged, anyway, it was done, but it was just some training: "The doctor at the heart calls the position we have sex with as a wild horseYue, you see Dad grabbing Your ankle, when you fuck it, is it inserted very deeply? Dad will be a wild horse for now, and you will be a mare for Dad."

Chen Yunli only Although she did not speak, the blush on her face and the protruding nipples on her chest clearly showed her physiological reaction. It fell into Yang Tingsong's eyes, and her interest suddenly opened up: "Quick, call me. Twice you will be more comfortable." While speaking, he sniffed at Chen Xiuli's feet in short stockings, and Yang Tingsong couldn't help being intoxicated during the fuck: "Yunli, you are really tight. Tight, uh, so hard, so hard, watching you pout your ass on the ground in flesh-colored bodybuildingpants, if I don't fuck you before this, my daddy's dick is going to explode."

Raising his face, Yang Tingsong rubbed his face with his daughter-in-law's feet, and let her kick and hold her tightly. Even more, he couldn't help venting it out: "Like below you,The smell of meat is really strong. Uh, how is it? Ah, how is it?"

Under Chen Yunli's groaning, He pushed down and shrugged his body towards her pussy repeatedly,Only made Chen Yunli's body soft and completely honest, and then he gently thrust.

Having said that, this is the third time Yang Tingsong has engaged with his daughter-in-law after Teacher's Day. He knows that she will make some resistance, but in the end it will definitely be defeated by himself, so he will quickly Ma Yibian chased after the victory: "Is it strong? Ah, Call me, hurry up." Constantly stimulating Yang Tingsong's taste buds. The eldest son and the youngest grandson are taking a bath in the triangular pit under the slope of Xichang, and they will never come back within half an hour. Isn't it a match made in heaven to provide such a good opportunity for the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law Tianlun!

"Old man, hurry up..."

"Let me hurry? Unless you scream."

"Are you bothered? Annoying? Ah...ah..." Yang Tingsong's sudden acceleration forced Chen Yunli to shout out, so that her body couldn't help shaking upwards.

"Are you still bothered? Ouch, oh... Then call me, I, I love to hear you call bed, ouch." The dick gave this sudden clip, and died Bite in one place, Yang Tingsong pinched Chen Yunli's butt and had to straighten her waist. After a while, he moved his hand away and moved slowly along Chen Yunli's strong thighs.He couldn't help sucking, and he came twice: "It's really saucy, I want to fuck my father-in-law. Is your dick folded?" Jokingly, he put his hand on Chen Yunli's chest, shoved her bra, and heard Chen Yunli's exclamation in the ear, on her body In the process of hitting hard, Yang Tingsong had an erection desperately resisting the bite from the vagina.It was inevitable that there was another burst of sucking: "Yunli, you are about to break my father's dick."

Seeing that her elbows were hugging her face and moaning non-stop, she slowly started to twitch. His arms, revealing his blushing face:"Saints say that food is also sex, that love between men and women is originally the avenue of human relations, and it's still secretive? >I'm embarrassed to fuck you."

"Bah! I'm embarrassed to say, what are you doing? Hurry up, it's not good for San'er to see." Chen Yunlibu froze Yang Tingsong's hand did not allow him to knead his nipple, but his tone was clearly softer, and he was completely honest.

"Then you have to scream too. Wearing a condom will delay ejaculation. Also, stick your feet in Dad's mouth, I want to lick you."

"Are you disgusting or not?"

"What do you say? Isn't it just to please each other in the same room? Is it wrong? If you want me to hurry up and do as I say Do it." He had scruples in his heart, but the arrow was on the string, and Yang Tingsong couldn't help thinking about things other than sex. After he put forward the conditions, he started to move five shallow and one deep, knowing that it would not take long for his daughter-in-law to lose control. He took out his housekeeping skills to fuck her.

Sure enough, after a few minutes, Chen Yunli's cry came out: "Give me... give me..."

The fan was humming, and there were occasional cicadas The croaks and croaks were shouting and cheering as if they were coaxing. In a tense situation, the excitement burst out for a while, although it was cool, Yang Tingsong didn't dare to stay too long.

The bodies of the father-in-law and daughter-in-law are intercourse in one place, crackling like a dog licking water, he is humming, the daughter-in-law is also humming, and his feet naturally stretch outWhen he got to his mouth, Yang Tingsong opened his mouth and called out, "Send the little feet in the stockings in." Then he opened his mouth, holding the feet delivered by Chen Yunli, and made a satisfied sucking sound. .

"Ah, you old bastard, ah, don't shoot yet."

"Where to shoot?" Yang Tingsong still asked despite wearing a condom. After he finished speaking, he put Chen Yunli's feet in silk stockings in his mouth again, and there was a unique taste in the astringency.

"Ah, shoot inside, ah..."

"Don't go back..." Yang Tingsong released the mouth that bit Chen Yunli's foot and kept asking, seeing that the toe was stretched In one place, knowing that his daughter-in-law had been fucked by himself, he put forward a new request, "Uh, uh, next timeI'll do it, uh, wear pantyhose for your father-in-law. ." Chen Yunli kept shaking her head, babbling in her mouth: "Ah, ah, ah..." Hearing this, it made my bones and flesh go soft, and I wanted to fall on her plump body. Ondead and alive.

"Uh uh uh, promise me, hurry, put me back in flesh-colored pantyhose, uh uh uh, and, a monthI'll be with you, uh, uh, Uh, uh, I have lived with you four times, four times as a married couple."

Holding her hands tightly on the kang sheet, Chen Yunli was made to lose her temper and babble: " Ah, ok, ah, ah, come and shoot..."


"Cum in me..."

As soon as Yang Tingsong pulled his dick, Chen Yunli's upper body lifted up involuntarily, and then she said "ah" "Fuck me..." Falling on the kang, Yang Tingsong pulled Shui Lulu's condom from his cock, only to hear a "pop", and before Chen Yunli could recover, Yang Tingsong again Cut in: "Uh, it's still true, uh, ah..." In exchange for Chen Yunli's Caixia flying, she was embarrassed for a while: "Ah, why did you pick it? Ah, ah..."

"Uh, uh, didn't you say shoot inside you! Uh, oh..."

"Ah, I let you, ah, shoot inside the sleeve, ah..." Soon Chen Yun Li trembled with Yang Tingsong's acceleration piston movement. "Wear me those flesh-colored... pantyhose, uh... do you feel good?" The fleshy and wet toes were tightly pressed together, pinched on Yang Tingsong's head, watery. Yin'er also sent it to his ear at the right time: "Wear it, ah...ah, ah..."

"Who to wear it for? Tell me." Yang Tingsong jumped with a wild horse The position is straight to Huanglong, and the bottom is bottomed out again and again.

"For you, ah, for my father-in-law to wear..." As Yang Tingsong pushed and fucked, Chen Yunli's ass was trembling, her lower abdomen was cramping, and her cunt was squirming: "My father-in-law Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The meat hole tightly wrapped Yang Tingsong's dick, when he heard the sound from Chen Yunli's mouth, he went crazy,
Followed and volleyed together: "From now on, oh, come out, uh, four times a month, uh, Yunli, you're killing me." With that slender thigh pinching his neck, Yang Tingsong He collapsed into Chen Yunli's arms.

To say that Yang Tingsong will have something to do is true. After he was done, I watched him call to wash his ass with water, personallywashed his daughter-in-law's ass, and didn't forget to rub her lower body for the last comfort until he sent Chen Yunlion the kang. Just came out with the basin. As soon as he left the main room, the corner door of the west field opened, and the eldest son also walked in front of him in an instant.

Cold sweat broke out from Yang Tingsong's back, and his heartbeat returned to the speed when he was fucking his daughter-in-law. His eyes were about to be exposed, and he said decisively: "Boss, Yunli is asleep, you, I think you should endure it from the Westinghouse!" If the son pays attention The water basin in my hand can definitely find something floating and wandering in it. Isn't that lump of milky white thing just the cock that came out of my dick, isn't it just from my daughter-in-law Did it flow out?


"You are too bold!" Chen Yunli reprimanded Yang Tingsong in a low voice. This old thing is full of men, thieves and prostitutes, and I don't know what to do all day long.

"Are you wearing pantyhose?" Yang Tingsong smiled, put his hand on Chen Yunli's ass, and touched it "You were popular on Friday night, just because of that time. If you are so arrogant on the phone in stockings, Dad wants to do you."

"If you really want to, then fuck me in front of your son, I will definitely cooperate with you and let Do what you doI will never go back."

"That won't work! What's that called! But...if you want to wear high heels and stockings, hehe."

"You are dreaming!"

Zhao Yongan, who went to the room to drink tea, did not know what Brother Yang said to his daughter-in-law. It was the third time that Yang Tingsong had run over since he came home. I always want to talk to my elder brother, but I don't know how to say that.When I think of Yang Shuxiang's eyes,If he didn't recognize it, Zhao Yongan had to swallow every word that came to his mouth. Why did you open that mouth to Brother Tingsong? Can't make it! Did you say that Xianger also played Xiuqin? Not to mention that the good-tempered Xiaowei will be furious, this will let Lingxiu and Gangzi know that they haven't stripped me alive. Zhao Yongan had been muttering for a while, but he always felt like he was stuck in his throat, fearing that things would get worse.

Just as he was undecided, Brother Yang lifted the curtain and walked in: "Old An, does Xiuqin mean to come back today?"

Zhao Yongan shook his hand and the tea splashed on the table. superior. He hurriedly picked up a rag to wipe it, and replied while wiping: "I said that I'm coming back today, I guess it's time to come here before."

"Yes, I went to my grandmother's house a few times. God, it's time for our family to come back." After taking a seat, Yang Tingsong picked up his canned bottle, refilled the hot water, sucked and blew, and brought the topic to Ma without any trace. On Xiuqin's body: "Xiuqin is an honest person..." He took out a cigarette and handed it to Zhao Yongan. After taking the cigarette, Zhao Yongan grinned and said yes, he lit the fire and took a sip, drooping his head, and said in a low voice, "Brother, I'm ashamed..."

"Old An, you?" Yang Tingsong's eyes flashed, and he sighed: "Old An, you talk aboutYou, why did you treat Xiuqin like that... I didn't tell you , fortunately I came across this, I want Bo Qi to know, You say, hey."

"This is all my fault when I exercise, and people are mean and mean. "..." Zhao Yongan took a few puffs of his cigarette, "You shouldn't be like that to Xiuqin..." Saying this, Zhao Yongan pondered about the past again. He would never forgethow the village chief and the party secretary walked out of his house with his trousers on, thinking about this all over his head was the look of his daughter-in-law's naked buttocks and her bottom. That is a man's humiliation, and it is also a manifestation of a man's incompetence. He didn't dare to resist, and even panted loudly for fear of being detained by others.

"Thanks to Gangzi's help..." Zhao Yongan murmured. Yang Gang's appearance completely changed everything, which made him mixed, and it was inevitable that he would blush when he mentioned it.

"The family still speaks two languages?" Yang Tingsong narrowed his eyes, seeming to enjoy the cigarette.

"His auntie always praised Gangzi before he was alive..." After he said that, a sour feeling came into being. It soon reminded Zhao Yongan of the voice he heard back then-the cheerful cry of his own woman, separated by a wall. Of course, there was Gangzi calling out loudly: "Ah, Aunt Yueru, ah, how's it going? Uh, is it profound?" Small, seems to cover up the sound from the other side. But Zhao Yongan knew that this was what he was doing in his heart. I hoped to stop in the opposite room, but at the same time, another cry sounded in my heart: When I just fucked your daughter-in-law, I always thought that it was his aunt, it's better than being surnamed Wang. It would be better for these two old dudes with the surname Li to lift their pants and leave after a misfortune.It's also a little more considerate than those baby eggs and gourds...

"You, in the past. Let's let it pass. But, we can't let Xiuqin dress like..." Yang Tingsong lowered his head, interrupting Zhao Yongan's memory, and clicked to stop.

"Brother, do you think I'm sick in my heart? I'm not afraid of your jokes, I always feel like I'm addicted." The feeling of those old men playing with his daughter-in-law did make him experience that kind of pleasure and fun, especially the field battles in the vegetable garden... and letting Yang Shuxiang participate, both He was brought in, and at the same time he was closely connected with himself, more or less a layer of amulet.

"Thanks Xiuqin for being honest and threading silk for you... If it's your other three daughters-in-law, I won't kill you!"Yang Tingsong shook his head and said secretly. ponder. She sleeps with her eldest daughter-in-law, Chen Yunli, after seeing Zhao Yongan fuck Ma Xiuqin, and it happened by chance: "It's okay if you know about it, it's just how comfortable it is. Isn't that also a family shame!" Yang Tingsong was full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, but his crotch was hot, and he was looking forward to it. As long as he could find an opportunity, for him, he would definitely have to engage with Yunli a few more times. .

"Brother, I know I understand... sigh, men can't control their dicks, you said at the time in the West Field, alas, I'm not ashamed either.

Poking at Zhao Yongan with his hand, Yang Tingsong shook his head and lowered his voice: "You old manYou really know how to play, let Xiuqin play with you in stockings , you still have so many twists and turns, who is Xiuqin asking for advice?"

"I don't dare, I don't dare." Zhao Yongan was embarrassed by Yang Tingsong's words, knowing that today Yang ShuxiangIt is possible that he will come back, but he is still unsteady, so he tentatively asked: "Brother, why didn't Xianger stay in the city for a few more days?" He was waiting for Yang Tingsong to reveal more words. , at this time, there was a sound from the main room, and immediatelyYang Shuxiang floated in the door singing the song "Tianxian Match", and after a while, Chai LingxiuThe voice also came in through the door curtain.

【To be continued】

The second part of colorful clouds chasing the moon

28 Fake public and private

Time is like the snow under the sun. Solid ice is hung under the eaves. Everything was so clear and traceable that everything seemed to move very slowly.

Chen Yunli watched Yang Tingsong turn and leave, and the moment she disappeared behind the curtain, she looked disappointed. It's hard to say why, but it's not the taste that I always feel empty in my heart. Subconsciously, he took out a cigarette from his pocket, and people were a little startled.

The whispering voices of the two men in the room could be heard from time to time, which made Chen Yunli move her steps to get up, and tried to listen through the door curtain, but she couldn't help it. Knowing what they were talking about made her suspicious.

With a sullen face, Chen Yunli walked to the door of the main room alone. She lit her cigarette and took a sip. When she looked at the courtyard, her thoughts became a little flustered.

In the past six months, it was actually very uncomfortable to be repeatedly entangled, especially after the father-in-law sent frequent signals, Chen Yunli suddenly attacked without knowing when he was interested. It makes people unavoidable and at the same time unavoidable, making them embarrassed.

For the current Chen Yunli, this is indeed a bit indecisive, and at the same time a bit too disconnected. Not in line with her character, nor in line with the needs of life, the entanglement has become unclear and complicated.

Taking a sigh of relief, Chen Yunli closed her eyes and let the smoke pour out of her mouth. If it wasn't for my brother, why did I procrastinate like this? When it comes to Yang Gang, Chen Yunli's heart is slightly relieved-Everything she does is not for him! However, when he thought of the hookup between himself and his father-in-law, he couldn't help but smile bitterly. Maybe it was after the 11th that when they had a relationship with Yang Tingsong again, there was the entanglement between them.

When she exhaled, the smoke lingered, Chen Yunli's heart was like smoke in front of her eyes, and like ice dripping under the eaves, it became erratic...

On the noon of the Double Ninth Festival, the parents of the two sides met again and had a simple banquet at Yonghong Restaurant, which was not a blind date. The protagonists were of course Yang Shuqin and Ding Jia, a man and woman in love. Matchmaker Chai Lingxiu accompanies her, and of course her immediate boss, Director Ding Xiaokun Ding. When their children talked about marriage, Yang Gang and Ding Xiaoyu, director of the Public Security Bureau, said: "Young people nowadays are trendy, and if they are willing to move around, they will move around for a little longer. In this regard, Yang Tingsong also expressed his own opinion: Xiaoyu and our eldest brother have come up with the same idea, so don't interfere. Taking advantage of the absence of his grandson and future grandson-in-law, he also laughed and said, "Little sister and Xiaokun arranged this marriage, and the little two seem tepid on the surface, what do we see? It's not so much that they are low-key, it's better to say that the young people's actions, sitting and sleeping, we can't figure out.

Yang Tingsong's remarks were affirmed by the parents of both parties. Chen Yunli and the woman's mother exchanged glances and said in unison: "They are strict and don't say anything." Seeing this, Ding Xiaokun He touched Chai Lingxiu with his hand and said, "Xiu'er, you'll be stable, let's talk about their progress." He was the second uncle and a matchmaker, so he had to stand up and say a few words. Chai Lingxiuscanned the dining table, then glanced in the direction of the door, and said with a smile, "Let them go first, it's annoying if there are too many young people. "Although she is also a big matchmaker, she obviously didn't reveal much about what she meant in her words.

"Ding Niang, my second brother has changed." During the whole process, Yang Shuxiang kept her head down to eat. After putting down the tableware, she listened to the sound, and after a while, she saw Chen Yunli. He and Ding Xiaoyu's wife all looked at their mother's side, and said with a smile. Ding Niang let out an "oh" and laughed: "Why has it changed?" "It's time to be diligent and diligent!" After saying this, Chai Lingxiu smiled and picked up her son's head with her beard. Chen Yunli also smiled: "San'er said this,It's really cute!" She wore a white cheongsam today, with a decent round neck design, a fair neck and a short Like the arms that stretch out from the sleeves, they are soft and smooth. The well-proportioned figure is already eye-catching, and she wears makeup, which dresses up the charm more vividly, and the flesh-colored stockings wrapped around the slender thighs, in the gesture of gestures A layer of bright and attractive luster shines from the slit, and when she pulls out her high-heeled shoes, whether she is sitting or standing, her breasts are raised and her hips are raised, making her legs longer and more beautiful. No wonder she is full of energy. I've already said it.I'm going to dance after dinner in this outfit.

As soon as Chen Yunli put down the words, Yang Gang patted Ding Xiaoyu's arm: "I said Lao Ding, see if you see, our three children can talk.Under Ding Xiaoyu's nodding and sideways gaze, he stretched out his finger and pointed at Yang Shuxiang, who was sitting across from him."San'er, are you going to be with the big playboy this afternoon?" On the mother's leg, the right side is placed on the niangniang's thigh, feeling her stockings back and forth. Listening to Da Da's question, he laughed and said, "You don't have to kick the ball when you talk to Da, I have to accompany you." Being lifted by her mother, Yang Shuxiang saw Director Ding was looking up and talking to her mother. After speaking, he restrained himself, but secretly continued to touch his empress's thigh.

"San'er has the same temperament as you, and has a face in the field!" Ding Xiaoyu gave the cigarette to Yang Gang with a look of admiration. Yang Gang couldn't stop laughing: "Our grandfather loses his temper." He looked at Chai Lingxiu, saw that she was whispering something to Ding Xiaokun, and then turned his attention to Chen Yunli. The eyes collided and passed, although his wife pursed her lips and chuckled, Yang Gang saw the shyness in his Gu Panshenghui's eyes, and immediately his heart tightened, and his eyes lit up.

"That afternoon, let San'er accompany me to dance." Chen Yunli bowed her head slightly, and when she spoke, she glanced at the opposite Yang Gang. She smiled brightly, close to Yang Shuxiang's ear, and softly called out, "Ms. Niang did not lose her share today, right?" Yang Shuxiang looked at Chen Yunli sideways, he smiled, and approached Chen Yunli in front of everyone. 's ears: "No way! In this cheongsam dress, you wear stockings and high heels to make your legs look longer and brighter!"Chen Yunli threw a wink at Yang Shuxiang , she put the sticker on the table, and when she saw that Yang Shuxiang did the same, she reached down.

Holding down Yang Shuxiang's hand, Chen Yunli tried to let him touch the inner thigh of her. Excited, there was a wave in her heart, but she used an explanation in her mouth. She asked in a tone of voice, "Isn't it loose?" Yang Shuxiang just thought that the niang was dressed beautifully, but when she touched it, she had no other thoughts in her mind, so she told her the truth: "Tighten up What!" The right hand only stroked her inner thigh, not deep inside.

When Yang Shuqin and Ding Jia returned to the house from outside, they had already settled the money. In the afternoon, the two of them made an appointment to go to the provincial capital to play, so they said it because it was not convenient to stay too long. After drinking and eating, everyone left their seats. Chen Yunli and Ding Xiaoyu's wife looked at the young couple and Chai Lingxiu and whispered. After the two left, they hurriedly asked what they said. Chai Lingxiu blinkedbig eyes and said with a smile, "they are young people who like to play dumb riddles, they don't tell the truth if they don't deceive them. Well, let's not talk about going to Weinan It's time to talk about marriage, and your mouth is still so strict." The two of them nodded again and again, and"Isn't it true, if you and the others are willing to tell you, we would hide it from our sisters. "

When it comes to marriage matters, the date must be fixed. Through what Chai Lingxiu said and the meaning of the couple, This year's New Year's Day will definitely be out of the question. But procrastination is definitely not the ultimate goal. The two met and discussed it a little.After taking time to get together, we will make an agreement to explore when the young couple is willing to get married and do business. This matter has to be done sooner or later, Next year's May 1st or 11th, when the date is set, you will have peace of mind. Whether you want to play or not, it's up to them.

"Xiang'er, where are you going after kicking the ball?" After the negotiation, Yang Gang grabbed Yang Shuxiang's arm and asked.

"Maybe, it's possible to go to my grandma's house, or maybe come here." Yang Shuxiang put her head aside and looked at Chai Lingxiu. Chai Lingxiuzhi's son is going to play football in Mengzhuang, so he should sue him directly: "It's close to your grandma's house, just go there!"

"Then you won't come back?" Shu Xiang said this a bit directly. Chai Lingxiu put on a gown for his son: "Your dad lives alone, and your mom has to put it back together."

"San'er, come to the University to stay for one night at night. ." Yang Gang put his arms around Yang Shuxiang's shoulder and slammed it up. Yang Shuxianglooked at Yang Gang and grinned, "Aren't you going to play cards with me, my mother said to dance." Turning her faceand shouted to Chai Lingxiu, "Mom... Seeing that she was looking at him, Yang Shuxiang hesitated, turning her head back and smiling at Yang Gang: "Great, I'm playing football."

Yang Gang saw that he lacked interest, so he didn't After stroking again, he patted his shoulder: "Be careful on the road."

"Master, I don't care." After telling Yang Tingsong, Yang Shuxiang kicked the car and waved at the crowd. He looked at Chai Lingxiu again: "Mom, I'll go to my grandma's house tonight." "Then you can ride slower on the road!" Chai Lingxiu called out, and her son ran away without even turning his head. down. Chai Lingxiu knew that her son had something to eat, and she couldn't explainwhy her son was not happy when he mentioned going to No. 1 Middle School. Ride in the middle direction.

"For so long, Xiao Er didn't say come back to live. Do you think he will take care of himself as a child on the government road?"Yang Tingsong muttered to himself beside his eldest son He said, "Xiao Er loves cleanliness, but going to school is no better than living a life, and the house over there is not messy?"

The old man beside him is not only his father's student, but also his future There is no need to hide it in front of him.Yang Gang laughed and said, "Dad, Yunli Kuojie seems to have done a good job of tidying up in front of him." Yang Tingsong shook his head: "I'm still a child after all."He also said, "Today, you and Xiaoyu have not been drinking too much." Yang Gang is a red-faced man, and he is always outside when he drinks. : "Dad, isn't this bit of wine rubbish, or my son will send you home." "Mr. Yang, I will send you back with Yang Zi." Ding Xiaoyu also followed.

"No, no, I'm riding my bike to exercise my legs and feet." After his father said this, Yang Gang said "um", also knowing that there was nothing to do after dinner, so he Ding Xiaoyu said, "Dad, why don't you dance with Yunli."Ding Xiaoyu echoed, "That's what Teacher Yang used to be." He raised his thumbs as he spoke.

"When you're old, you don't like moving, you might as well go to the Xinhua Bookstore." Yang Tingsong smiled and waved his hand, As if thinking of something, he added, "One is If you want to go to the east, why don't I drop by Jielian to see Xiaoer's house."

"If you don't worry, let Yunli go to Jiechuan, maybe Xiaoer hasn't gone far." Stopping his father, Yang Gang said to Chen Yunli again: "Why don't you take a look at the introduction, write down what you are missing, and go back and send the introduction to Xiao Er." >

Chen Yunli responded and met her father-in-law's eyes, but she smiled and said, "No need for Yunli, I'll do it myself." At that time, Chen Yunli was there. Yang Tingsong saw a kind look on her face. She didn't know what her father-in-law was thinking. She wanted to find an excuse to refuse, but it was difficult to say something to refuse in front of her in-laws, so she asked. Yang Gang said, "Go play cards, I'll introduce you right away." After speaking, he shook hands with his in-laws and saidWe'll meet again next time to finalize the marriage.

When it was time to go, Yang Tingsong told him: "Don't drive anyone who drinks, play cards or go home, you should go for a walk." He said, Everyone dared not to listen, so they parked the car in front of the Yonghong Hotel. Ding Xiaoyu saw that Yang Tingsong's body was always the same - tough and tough, so he made a joke with him: "I'm back in the city again,Are you still getting used to it? It's nothing to do, let's dance with my younger brother and sister. It's the same as moving your legs and feet." Yang Ganghe heard, hehe laughed: "Dad, did you hear? There's nothing to do with Yunli, it's been so long in the afternoon!"

With this slap in the face, Ding Xiaoyu's daughter-in-law took over the words and echoed: "Mr. Yang can dance again, isn't it a good time to be with Mr. Yunli!"

" Jihong, why don't you accompany me!" Holding Ding Xiaoyu's daughter-in-law's hand, Chen Yunli pushed back. After looking at the time, Jihong laughed: "There are already three missing and one, if I leave again, this hand will not be able to get together."Chen Yunli made a "hmm" and looked towards Yang Gangshi spread his shoulders: "Leave me alone, or I'll be able to play cards with you." She said, but she waved at the crowd: "Oh, go home and ride first. Let me introduce you to the car." Turning around and stepping away in black high heels.

Seeing that Chen Yunli was walking towards Xinglin Garden, Yang Tingsong stepped into the second or sixth car and waved at the crowd, "I'll go to the bookstore to see, you can join hands too." Turning the handlebars, he shouted towards the beautiful figure in front of him: "YunliDad will take you by the way." > Words - how can father-in-law and daughter-in-law join in the chaos.

"Mr. Yang is good-natured, so he will be very distressed!" Jihong praised Yang Gang full of praise for his father, and Ding Xiaoyu also nodded frequently: "Yang Zi's family and He Meimei , let's envy!" The two exchanged glances, Look at how well the four generations are in the same family. The brothers are in harmony, and the two daughters-in-law are as close as sisters, and both respect the elders and love the young; Teacher Yang loves his grandson and treats his daughter-in-law as a daughter-in-law. We Jiajia said to Shuqin, is it possible to marry such a family? ! Little did they know that what happened more than ten minutes later completely turned their whole life upside down.In their eyes, the so-called teacher Yang, who "treated his daughter-in-law as a daughter-in-law," was disheveled, in a bungalow on the government road He was holding his eldest daughter-in-law Chen Yunli's buttocks up and down. That monkey's anxious look is completely different from the gentle and refined people before, and what he said when he opened his mouth was not as serious as he used to say in the past. Fan's devilish appearance, his movements are not sloppy at all, not to mention being old and strong, and the tricks he plays are not inferior to modern young people.

"It's almost a month now, Yun Li, what did you say? You're wearing such coquettish stockings today, and Dad is already too hard, so it's time for us to fulfill our promise. It's time." Following behind Chen Yunli, Yang Tingsong's eyes were always looking at her back, and as soon as he entered the back room, he rushed up from behind and hugged Chen Yunli's waist tightly. As he spoke, he put his face close to Chen Yunli's neck, his face was intoxicated, he kept sniffing and kissing, and there were words in his mouth.

"Ah..." Chen Yunli exclaimed as she was hugged by a hungry tiger and pushed towards the table. She struggled, shook her head and shouted: "What are you doing? Why don't you distinguish the occasion"

The occasion? Am I allowed to do it on different occasions? ! Feeling depressed for a while, Yang Tingsong reached out and hugged Chen Yunli's waist: "I said I wouldn't go, but you asked me to go, but instead, it's not about me!"His feet were messyand he quickly untied the hem of Chen Yunli's cheongsam, and when he lifted it, his huge buttocks were exposed to his eyes: "TodayI can put on stockings for Dad, you, you are greedy. Damn me!" A burst of gasps came from Yang Tingsong's mouth, he looked at the big basketball-like butt, his eyes were shining, and the hand touching Chen Yunli's butt became trembling.

"Who dressed you? Well, that's what I gave to my son... Oh, you let go..." Chen Yunli struggled. She was repeatedly pushed by Yang Tingsong through the stockings and panties. She resisted, and she couldn't even speak. "Don't explain,Dad knows it...it's only after one o'clock, we have time to discuss and summarize life." After sayingout, Yang Tingsong arched his body to fit behind Chen Yunli, When she moved, she moved like a shadow, and when no one disturbed her, she almost died of excitement, and her big hand touched it recklessly.

Well, my daughter-in-law's big butt in stockings is tight and slippery. It's really handy, um, saucy, really saucy, I can have fun with her today. Thinking about it, Yang Tingsong continued to unbutton Chen Yunli's clothes while digging out the lower body of Chen Yunli.

"Old guy, let go!" Panting, Chen Yunli kept twisting her body, and when she clamped her thighs, her clothes were gradually opening.

"Break your word? Are you worthy of me!" Yang Tingsong's face was serious, his eyes were quick and his hands were moving quickly. Although the whole process was not smooth and was blocked by layers, it didn't take long for Chen Yunli to take off Chen Yunli's cheongsam. At that moment, Yang Tingsong saw Chen Yunli's naked body in front of his eyes, and his eyes were about to pop out of his eye sockets: It's fucking sensual! Burning with lust, she turned over Chen Yunli's body with a twist.

When facing each other, Chen Yunli hurriedly covered the vital parts of her body with her hands, blushing and scolding: "Why don't you dare in front of your son? Bah, you shameless something!" Yang Tingsong took a sip and put his head aside.

"No, no!" Yang Tingsong shook his head again and again. He looked at his daughter-in-law's shy appearance, and his soul was hooked out: "Yun, Yunli, you are wearing, what you are wearing today... You are big and fat, and the thighs are really stockings,
Really sensual." The tits under the sling in front of him were plump and protruding, shaped like a cone on an upside-down sea bowl, so greedy that Yang Tingsong's halal seeds flowed out of his mouth. Not to mention, when the daughter-in-law's long thighs were brought together,the fertile inverted triangle rose up like a tomb bag, and under the flesh-colored pantyhose that wanted to hide it, there was a Layer upon layer of flesh-colored luster that stimulates men's sexual desire, constantly teasing Yang Tingsong's patience, just this little bit stimulated him: "I dare to have sex with you here, I want, I want you to have sex. Husband and wife life." In shame, Chen Yunli rolled her eyes in anger, her eyes dizzy.

Taking advantage of Chen Yunli's absence, Yang Tingsongfei likewise took off his pants, revealing his swarthy penis to Chen Yunli to see: "Look at Dad's dick, it's as hard as a young man's. Die!" With a fierce look on his face, he scolded: "You see my father-in-law like this, don't take your hand away from me."

I have never seen such a shameless person. And her face changed very quickly, so embarrassed that Chen Yunli followed the eagle to keep an eye on the chick.There was nowhere to hide and nowhere to hide. The harder she stared at Yang Tingsong, the more excited Yang Tingsong became: "Dad is dying of hunger, You can't bear to watch me suffer?" He opened his arms and rushed forward. Chen Yunli said with an "ah": "Get up and go." How can stop my father-in-law who has a high sex drive.

Yang Tingsong hugged her waist, and his neck was wrapped by his big hands from behind: "You hurt me..." Chen Yunli's eyes just stood up, and her mouth gave The father-in-law blocked her, she whimpered and shook her head, rubbed her hands and feet, and was thrown back on the table. "Your body is obviously excited, yet pretend?" Yang Tingsong hugged Chen Yunli's face and kissed and gnawed. "Oh, there are so many, ah, nonsense..." Being pressed against the table and unable to resist, Chen Yunli was panting. Now that she is all stripped down, what she will do next actually has a hunch as early as when she gets into Yang Tingsong's car, but at that time she can only smile and follow the eyes of everyone. Yang Tingsong left together.

"ZiZiZhiZi, it's really fat." Yang Tingsong stretched out his big hand, clinging to Chen Yunli's tits. "I want you to take care of me? Let me go." Squeezing her body, Chen Yunli's face turned red. "Youyoung people know the mood, you can wear it and you will be provocative. Alas, Dad is getting old, if this is ten years younger..." Adjusting's breath, Yang Tingsong's face returned to that kindly. Taking the retreat as an advance, he touched Chen Yunli's tits, pulled her up, and touched her stubbornly on the ground, and said slowly, "But the old man will be in trouble, within a year or two. Dad can still handle it!" He seemed to be lamenting how short life was, and seemed to be looking forward to the future.

"Why do you have so many guts in your stomach?" Being touched by her father-in-law's hand and mouth, a blush suddenly appeared on Chen Yunli's face. She wanted to break free from Yang Tingsong's embrace, but she always felt powerless, and even if she was freed from the bondage, she was still naked.

"Don't you like it?" Yang Tingsong asked with a smile. Chen Yunli kept gasping for breath.That tossing made her sweat. The movements of Yang Tingsong's two hands did not decrease by half, on the contrary, he was able to touch frequently, and he was quick to pick, until his daughter-in-law's nipple bulge was as hard as a grape when he touched it, and he saw her crotch again. He also got wet in his own hands, so he asked: "I promised four times a month, I can't keep my word, I think my husband and wife will make up for it completely. Now, doing it at the place where Xiao Er lives can be considered to be celebrating his marriage in advance, isn't it unhappy!"

Chen Yunli was speechless, and she didn't know how to answer for a long time. However, the pair of snake-like hands on her body quickly made her feel as if she was stroking her thighs while she was eating, and her moist body was dizzy. , heart tremors accompanied by bursts of excitement, making people both shy and full of anticipation, gradually changed from violent resistance at first to unbearable itching at this time, and actually acquiesced to Yang Tingsong's rudeness.

"Dad sees that you can't wait now, so let's hurry up and do things!" Yang Tingsong kept bewitching.

Looking at Yang Tingsong, Chen Yunli didn't scold him again. This change in mood, even she felt a little incredible. Could it be that after you have a relationship with your father-in-law, you can let him do whatever he wants? Or do you really get used to and like this kind of incest tune?

Even though San Er touched me at lunchtime, there was no evil thoughts in his eyes, let alone any physical reaction, how should I go with my child without knowing it? do that? Is there no other way than to force San'er? Chen Yunli has ambitions in her heart, but she can't find the door. The more she thinks about it, the more confused her mind becomes.In the end, she becomes like a headless fly. Go.

"Dad can't grieve you, otherwise Dad won't be able to pass the test in his heart." Yang Tingsong's words were straightforward. Slowly moving his dark and firm dick, standing in front of his daughter-in-law eager to try, waiting to be fucked.

Originally, the pink face Hanchun was in a fluctuating mood. When this situation fell into Chen Yunli's eyes, she was ashamed and blushed in the hall. "Come on, raise your butt, let me smell the fragrance first, and then I will live with you" In a trance, he picked up her legs, Chen Yunli slapped, her lower body was almost suspended, she could only obediently support the table with her back and hands to keep her balance. This old man cursed in his heart. Seeing his thighs leave the ground and being separated by his father-in-law's hands
, then with a flash in front of his eyes, a head was forcibly tucked into his crotch.

"Why did you poke me in my crotch, you stinky and shameless one?" With her legs on her father-in-law's body, Chen Yunli used her high heels to slap his crest back and forth. "Well, it's delicious and savory, and it's still original. Dad will be too tough without your help." You you"For a long time, I was left gasping for breath.

"Men love women love, look at you in a hurry, Dad will give it to you." Yang Tingsong laughed, seeing more and more water stains printed on Chen Yunli's private parts, meat The seams were exposed, and he tucked his head into her crotch again. His nose and mouth were filled with the smell of his daughter-in-law's body. While rubbing his face in the stockings, he licked and sucked Chen Yunli's bulging vulva. The steps explained above in "Medicine Heart Prescription", tell me to plan, apply, give her a breath training through the stockings, and then when the time is right, it will be more comfortable to fuck and release Work hard.

Yang Tingsong didn't know what Chen Yunli was thinking. She only felt numbness on the inside of her thigh, and said that it spread along the pelvis as if it was covered with ants, and then was pulled back and forth by those big hands, which was provocative and itchy, not to mention,
The water seems to flow more rushing. "Ouch" Chen Yunli groaned inadvertently, she wanted to hide her gaffe, but felt her heart beating abnormally fast, and she just shouted "let me down" in her head, when her father-in-law actually
Stretched out his head and asked, "Where are the scissors?" Scissors? Her heart swayed, but the words came out baldly: "In the drawer."

Breaking free, Chen Yunli's feet fell to the ground. She gasped, not knowing what Yang Tingsong was holding What are the scissors coming to do? The pantyhose and panties were pulled down by him a few times, and his legs were separated by him. Before Chen Yunli could put her legs together, the scissors were brought up to face the stockings and panties in her crotch a few times.

When her lower body became cold, Chen Yunli suddenly understood, and reached out and slapped Yang Tingsong's mouth: "You, you, youYou old thing."

Yang Tingsong covered his face , smiled instead: "Cut your mouth, it's more delicious to have sex in stockings." After saying that, as soon as he threw the scissors, the pantyhose rudely ripped open a bigger hole for him.

"Old slut!" Chen Yunli's body trembled violently. While beating Yang Tingsong, her right leg was lifted up again. Just as she was about to break free, her body was moved back by Yang Tingsong. Come over, the lower body is suspended again.

"Do you hear me, let me down!" ChenYun Li turned her head and scolded angrily. At this moment, I heard Yang Tingsong say pitifully: "You asked me to do it at the beginning, and now you are trying to torture me again, and the person who is in his 60s is like this. Shameless? Are you worthy of your conscience?" "What's wrong with marrying into this family, you say?""The two grandsons have also taken care of you, and the fat boy is staring at your daughter again. , you don't show any affection?" While speaking, the huge penis head was sent to Chen Yunli's vaginal opening.

Chen Yunli's voice became much softer when she was touched by the bulging guy during the bewitchment: "Put me down."She looked back at the not-so-old old man behind her. The man, with an excited face, was staring at his ass,Perhaps he realized that he was looking at him, so he raised his head: "It's been accumulated for more than 20 days, Yunli, Dad today. I'll take good care of you." When he spoke, the man was full of urgency. As soon as he straightened his waist, Chen Yunli felt that her lower body was shoved into a mallet in an instant, and her head couldn't help but lift. , "Ah" exclaimed. It's not the first time she has done this kind of thing with him. It should not be like that, but every time it is poured, especially the huge turtle hat is inserted into the vagina opening. At the moment, the strong impact and the double stimulation of taboo incest, no matter how to restrain Chen Yunli, she can't help but shout. She knows his methods, and also knows that under his control, her body will soon be unable to withstand the test... No, after breaking her daughter-in-law's body, the sturdy root His penis was inserted slowly, until Qi Gan was submerged, and Yang Tingsong began to twitch slowly: "Yun Li, you are really tight, the cunt is hot and tight, huh... big ass. "

"You, um, you, um, you put on the condom." Chen Yunli propped up the table with her hands and bulged back and forth a few timesAfter doing it a few times She gave up without any results, and she repeatedly called Yang Tingsong in embarrassment, but unknowingly softened a lot.

"Why wear it?" Yang Tingsong was obviously reluctant, hugging Chen Yunli's thigh, and he put his hand on her bottom and rubbed it repeatedly. The daughter-in-law's buttocks are as plump as a big fat peach, and the fleshy fragrance is mouth-watering;The color of her cunt is that of a newborn sparrow-a fresh and tender fleshy brown, which is pleasing to the eye and unbearable. Impulsively want to press her under the crotch and have a good fuck. Feeling overwhelmed by the fulfillment of what he wanted, Yang Tingsong focused his eyes and stared at the intersection between himself and his daughter-in-law again: "It's not that Dad doesn't want to wear a condom, to be honest, youwear this. The big ass in stockings is like yours, your cunt, tight and sensual, I wrap this dick for you, I really don't want to wear that condom that gets in your way."

Slowly twitching, Yang Tingsong saw that the penis that he inserted into and pulled out of his daughter-in-law was so firm and hard, and it was glistening with oil. It was a sense of accomplishment and pride to fuck his daughter-in-law for his son, and he couldn't help it.
Break your own dick.

After capturing his daughter-in-law's pussy with his penis head in and out and shrinking back and forth, the excitement on Yang Tingsong's face became even stronger: "Yes, let me clamp again. I'll tell you. , Wearing a condom will definitely affect the intimacy between our husband and wifeDad doesn't want to deceive himself, nor does he want you to miss this opportunity." After speaking, he hugged Chen Yunli's thigh .

When his palm touched the stockings on her leg, the twitching speed increased significantly. He repeatedly usedhis hat to scrape the flesh in Chen Yunli's cunt. One after another, doing short-distance thrusting: "Well, YunliYour thighs are really slippery, and your cunt is slippery. Um, want me to wear my grandson's condom to fuck you? How embarrassing!" Up to now, Yang Tingsong is still continuing to infiltrate his words and train him in a prudent way.

"Don't talk about it..." When she was being fucked, Chen Yunli lay on the table with her upper body, and let out a humming sound like admiration and resentment. Helpless to move is not, not to move, legs have to be stretched tightly, completely become meat on the chopping board. Yang Tingsong didn't say anything for a while, because he was just doing it. After the number of forty-nine,a clear crashing sound came from the intersection of the two people, after a short pause, Yang Ting jerked up and moved forward with a pestle. She plowed open Chen Yunli's fleshy brown vagina again, and the head of her penis rushed forward and crossed the sky, all the way to the door of her life. At that moment, Yang Tingsong let out a satisfied sound of "uh". When his daughter-in-law let out a groan of "woo~" and passed into his ears, under the grinding produced by the repeated spasms of the flesh, Yang Tingsong closed his eyes, leaned back slightly on his upper body, and twitched lightly on his lower body. Usui went over, pressed firmly on her big round butt, gasping for breath mixed with infinite satisfaction, and shouted uncontrollably: "Uh, daughter-in-law... yours The cunt is so tight...".

"Ah~" Under the heavy attack, Chen Yunli's body in the air surged forward, and the milk wave shrugged and slapped the table. She couldn't tell whether the moan came first or the action came first. After a long cry,'s plump upper body tightened in an instant, and then she shouted again: "Ah, ah Hmm..."She frowned, her sandalwood mouth opened slightly, her babbling breath was long and lingering, the reverberation lingered, and the whole room seemed to be is full of echoes of her moans.

After the two shouted, everything seemed to come to a standstill except for the crackling and gasping. After being fucked for a few minutes, Yang Tingsong couldn't help but start a new discussion: "Yunli, do you know what this pose is called?" He knew that the question was a vain question, but it didn't hinder him. To explain: "This can be called Cicada Fu, or Tiger Step, uh, the difference is only in bed and under the bed. Cool! Uh, oh, slippery, uh, fat."

There was a physiological orgasm, and the churning body was like a river overturned, crisp and numb, Chen Yunli's buttocks twisted involuntarily. Is this the pleasure that incest brings to me? So exciting! There seems to be no better way to express this relief than raising his neck and moaningand cheering: Brother, he always thinks about me and San'er...Chen Yunli's subconscious mind jumps Jumping and jumping out of these thoughts, he vaguely remembered the path that he insisted on over the years.

"Uh, oh, it's cool, Yunli, continue to call me to bed." He heard no response. He was still one step away from the ideal, so Yang Tingsong took his dick out. I pulled it out, and then I heard Chen Yunli stretched out her voice and hummed "Oh, I'm so comfortable..." The voice in her mouth suddenly stopped, and the air flow between her nose after returning to consciousness was never stop. Not Hesan'er! How could I say such a shameful thing to him? For a while, he hung on the table, and he lowered his head and gasped.

"Uh, the sound of calling the bed is really nice, uh, let's call your father-in-law a few more times, uh, uh, I guarantee that you will be in the back." Kai Holding Chen Yunli's long legs like a tractor, Yang Tingsong fucked and laughed lewdly. For a few seconds, he passively enjoyed the pleasure brought by his daughter-in-law's orgasm spasms, and gave him a pack of dick to the fat cunt, it was really powerful: this intercourse and foreplay add up to a total of Only a few minutes? It only took more than ten minutes to be together, it seems that under my constant training, her body is becoming more and more sensitive, and the incest of the in-laws is indeed very exciting...

Thinking of this, Yang Tingsong turned his hands on Chen Yunli's thighs. Rubbing the silk stockings that his daughter-in-law was wearing on his legs, he felt more and more like this tone, and although it was not very upright, it didn't affect his interest at all. And as far as he knows and sees, don't look at the daughter-in-law's rejection of him on the surface, in fact, I don't know how many times she and the boss have played such a game of identities in private, and the boss is often secretive
Showing that he did this kind of thing with his daughter-in-law, tacitly, it was the boss's wish to take care of him and share the responsibility for him.

"Come on, pout high, my father has a lot of feelings today, and I also let you feel the skills described in the ancient books. Taking advantage of this rare opportunity today, our husband and wife two Practice hard." Wanting to understand the key to this, and having a dream come true and full of warmth, Yang Tingsong continued to tease Chen Yunli with his effective techniques, and dick penetrated After leaving, he didn't sit still, and while he was fucking, he kept caressing his daughter-in-law's body with his hands. Seeing that she had become more submissive at this time, he shook his body and pressed Chen Yunli with his hands. His waist: "Come on, let your waist slump and give Dad a pout, you'll enjoy it too." As soon as he finished speaking, the phone on the table suddenly rang.

The sudden sound of Ding Lingling startled the two who were having sex, and hurriedly braked in panic, Yang Tingsong put Chen Yunli down. Chen Yunli glanced back, she saw a trace of panic in her father-in-law's eyes, and after a brief touch, the two made eye contact subconsciously.

The time ticked by her ears, and the bell kept screaming like a soul-inducing spirit. After adjusting her breathing, Chen Yunli stared at the phone aside. I could have excused not to answer, but I always felt that the call had an inseparable relationship with me, so I stretched out my hand like a ghost. His voice: "Yunli, if you don't have anything missing at home, go to the bookstore and take a dance with your dad for a distraction."

"You didn't play cards?" Hair, Chen Yunli wiped the sweat from her face again. She looked at the time on the clock. It had been almost twenty minutes since she entered the room. Could it be that her husband hasn't got enough hands yet? Because I met Lao Chen on the way, Chen Yunli didn't hide it, and quickly said, "Dad came with me too."

"That's fine, clean up. After that, the two of you just happened to be with your father." Hearing what Yang Gang said, Chen Yunli smiled bitterly, thinking that I will be with your father now. When I had an idea, brother didn't believe it, and he liked watching...He reached out and pressed the phone, and turned the phone into hands-free: "Is someone here yet?" Yang Gang answered truthfully, saying that Guo Zi's house was busy,
Lao Chen may be on his way. Chen Yunli glanced back at Yang Tingsong, and twisted her butt to rub his belly back and forth. Yang Tingsong looked embarrassed, but when he was about to leave, Chen Yunli grabbed her arm, and she also talked to the boss: "Is the phone convenient?" The call came out clearly Voice: "I'm calling you with my mobile phone."

"Brother..." Chen Yunli exclaimed softly. "What's this?"

Chen Yunli giggled: "Your dad is behind me, he just fucked me." The laughter came from the phone, and then came to Chen Yang through the loudspeaker In the ears of the father-in-law and daughter-in-law: "Dad is not that person." He said it with certainty, which also made Yang Tingsong's tense heart a little relieved.

Chen Yunli licked the corner of her mouth. The words on the phone were already accustomed to her. Looking back, she put her fingers in her mouth and teased Yang Tingsong, who was behind her, affectionately: "Dad, come in and fuck me." The voice is mysterious, like coaxing a child. Seeing Yang Tingsong standing there like a wooden sling, he held up his tits under the sling, and as he swayed, he called out in a coquettish voice: "I've been staring at my thighs since I was eating, I brought you here and told you to break the pantyhose with scissors and insert it, but you come here, father-in-law, daughter-in-lawfeed you and eat." Yang Tingsong His face turned red and white with embarrassment. He stared at Chen Yunli in a daze, his hairheart fluttering, he wanted to get away from his legs, but he was shivering. Seeing his daughter-in-law's brows and eyes couldn't help teasing him, his heart was even more intense. messed up.

"It would be bad if Dad could hear this!" The voice over the phone came out again.

Seeing that Yang Tingsong was about to break away from her body, Chen Yunli turned around and hugged him: "Dad, come up on the kang and fuck me." The voice did not diminish, and she hugged Yang Tingsong's body tightly, The father-in-law and the daughter-in-law swayed and fell on the big kang.

Yang Tingsong was forced into a corner and guessed wildly in his heart. Anyway, it's fine if the boss doesn't admit it.Anyway, this layer of window paper can't be pierced. Anyway, I can't admit it if I'm killed... I've done it so far, and it's been done.I'm angry. With blood surging, he lay on Chen Yunli's body, grabbed her tits and sucked. Chen Yunli raised her arms and straightened her breasts, and her tits immediately opened in her father's mouth, making her numb, firm, and warped, she couldn't help but moan when she was breathing. : "Ah, yes, ah, eat your daughter-in-law's smacking, soothe your cravings, ah, um, come and fuck me, father-in-law, come and fuck me." Yang Tingsong's weak penis, and after a few strokes, she felt that the thing became hard, she choked her legs, pinched his dick and put it under her crotch: "Come on. Ah, ah, fuck your Yunli, come in and fuck me, um, fuck your daughter-in-law's cunt."The accentuated word "cunt" made Yang Tingsong's eyes widen instantly. . He propped up and leaned over Chen Yunli's body, looking at the coquettish expression on his daughter-in-law's amorous face, he noticed that his dick suddenly became hard again. It's the limit, and it's already on the edge of her flesh, and when she shakes it a little, you can feel the slippery feeling of the flooded lower body, and the mind is confused.

With a puff, Yang Tingsong only felt that his daughter-in-law's lower body was hot and tight, and then he rolled over with a silent cry in his heart: It's so fucking tight. It's worth my death to your belly.

As soon as this real knife and real gun's flesh was locked in one place, Chen Yunli's whole itchy body turned from virtual to real, she opened her legs and let the old coulter As soon as he opened his body and straightened his body, the voice in his throat could not be restrained and shouted: "Um, how hard is it when you fuck your daughter-in-law, ah, it's so deep."

The lower body is rootless and is tightly bound by the flesh hole, and the feeling on the head of the penis is smooth and greasy. Yang Tingsong supported his body with both hands, he lowered his head, and was stunned by Chen Yunli's sloppy state, and his elbows softened and he slumped up. He leaned over this extremely elastic body, and the pleasure that came from his heart made him completely flirted with sex, and his ass changed from being close to being raised, and then began to stop. Shaking began to shake, the faster he shook, the more excited he became, chirping, ignoring the sweat dripping down his face.

Seeing that the husband-in-law and the daughter-in-law hugged their bodies tightly, their buttocks huddled back and forth, Yang Tingsong came to retract his waist, and Chen Yunli kept chasing up and down, with a big mouth. Zhang Huhu gasped: "Brother, did you hear that? Ouch, father-in-law I'm so comfortable...so hard, ah, ah..." He stretched out his long legs in high-heeled stockings, Tightly coiled around Yang Tingsong's waist, while wrapping around, the cry was charming and swaggering, becoming more and more excited: "Ah, when you ejaculate, you fucked my pussy, ah, maybe Daughter-in-law can give you a few grandchildren, ah......" In the rant, even Yang Gang on the other end of the phone couldn't stand her teasing: "Don't let Dad hear Ah, I'll fuck you when I get home at night, and I'll fuck you." One can imagine the feeling of Yang Tingsong, who is putting himself in the shoes of his daughter-in-law.

That's right, Yang Tingsong was dying of excitement. He could hardly believe that the daughter-in-law on the kang was so devoted and considerate to him that he wanted to kiss him on the mouth, but was pushed by the daughter-in-law, and he was rejected when he tried to kiss him again. Just seeing her face tilted in the direction of the table, Yang Tingsong understood it after a little pondering. No wonder Yunli was so excited, it was for the boss. Anyway, my son didn't see it with his own eyes. As long as he likes it, as long as it can satisfy his psychology, what's the sacrifice of my father, it's not a family eating a pot of rice, so what's the point of sharing it with each other!

"Ah, fuck me, ah, my daughter-in-law wearsThe stockings you like, ah, incest with you, it's cool..." Gives her father-in-law's big dick a stab, Chen Yunli's body is like a river overturned, not to mention how comfortable. She winked at her father-in-law, and seeing that he was silent, Chen Yunli felt a kind of revenge-like pleasure, and she became more active when she clamped her penishumming.

Ever seen such a daughter-in-law, Yang Tingsong almost split his eyes, he lowered his head, put his head close to her ear and roared with an almost silent call: "Sao daughter-in-law, today I am I'm going to fuck you to death." That's what he said, but he didn't dare really hit Chen Yunli's groin with his lower abdomen, for fear that the sound of the collision would be heard by his son, even if he didn't know it. , from the point of view of avoidance, it must be somewhat convergent.

"Put my thighs up, it will be more deeply fucked," Chen Yunli's face was red and cloudy, she shared with her husband under the phone, both happy and excited: "Oh, ah, I'll give it to you, to satisfy your cravings, ah, specially for it, put on pantyhose for you..." The nonsense whispered, which man could stand her provocation and provocation, so here In the process of being charming and charming, Yang Tingsong was defeated when his dick was sour. He frowned and clenched his teeth.Unable to control the pleasure generated by the physical release of his needs, he finally slammed and slammed forward. After a snap, he only felt his dick. Her head was wrapped and puffed up by her daughter-in-law's cunt, followed by non-stop squirting. I'm dead, I'm dead, why don't you hang up the phone? I fuck you sensual daughter-in-law. Boss, Dad can't stand your daughter-in-law's bragging, oh, it's so tight.

"Ah, ah, hit me, hot, ah, ah, my father-in-law came in," Chen Yunli called out under the rush of pleasure. Usually, she used this method to stimulate Yang Gang when the couple had sex. Although the man didn't like the incestin-law and daughter-in-law, it didn't prevent her from acting and exploring. At this time, Yang Tingsong was ejaculated, and subconsciously, Chen Yunli continued to shout: "Brother, father-in-law shot in, your dad shot me in my cunt..."

When there was a long ringing in his ears, Yang Tingsong's consciousness briefly blurred. Except for the first time in the bathroom at the end of August, when I had sex with my daughter-in-law, I had a lot of ejaculation and it was crazy, I've never been out of control like this. I just felt that my lower body shot one after another, and my body twitched. For him, there is only this body with a seductive posture in front of him, and nothing else exists: it's so cool, it's so exciting, it's the same as when you were married! After the dizziness, Yang Tingsong pulled out his dick and slumped on the kang. With his eyes closed, he kept panting with his mouth wide open. He didn't even look at the ejaculation, but he was still in the same excited state just before ejaculation. Because my daughter-in-law is still shouting to the phone unscrupulously. When Yang Tingsong opened his eyes, he saw Chen Yunli spread her legs wide, and the semen she had just ejaculated in was flowing from her cunt. Bewitched by this irritating scene, no matter how calm and sophisticated Yang Tingsong's state of mind was, he couldn't bear the feeling of eating meatin his mouth after experiencing it personally: Since you were on the phone when you were on the phone. If you can do the opposite, can't I take advantage of the situation to engage you once? The more I think about it, the more I think it makes sense, the more I think about it, the more distracted it becomes, and the more difficult it is to control the desires generated by the vitality brought by the second spring.

In the face of intense sin, Yang Tingsong did not flinch or evade, and stood up from the kang like a divine help. As soon as he took off his shirt, he knelt down between Chen Yunli's legs, panting, and firstly called "Yunli" twice to the phone. : "Who is Yunli calling?"While he was speaking, he looked at his daughter-in-law's wet, flesh-brown pussy, muttering indistinctly: "It's broken Don't use it anymore, clean it up, lift it up..." Grabbing the pantyhose in front of Chen Yunli's crotch with both hands, and pulling it, under her "ah" sound, the entire plump and fertile The triangle area is completely exposed.

"What's the matter?" When the call came here, Chen Yunli turned from surprise to silence, she gasped and stared at Yang Tingsong. She saw the excitement in his eyes, and the words that were originally intended to stimulate her man were instantly changed by the sharp eyes: "Well, the sheets are torn."

Hearing this, Yang Tingsong's face burst with pride: In the end, he still needs his face, and he still needs to take care of it! Circling in his mind for a while, he made up his mind. Picking up Chen Yunli's thigh, Yang Tingsong laughed: "YunYou are wearing such clean and beautiful clothes. If I mess with you, don't move." The head of the penis was about to touch Chen Yunli's cunt. Inserts, and suddenly heard the call of "Dad" from the other side of the phone, Yang Tingsong shivered for a while, and when he pulled back he hurriedly took a deep breath.

Under the affectionate gaze of his daughter-in-law, Yang Tingsong swallowed his saliva and exclaimed, "Old Boss", and soon his eyes were fixed on the man who was still under him. I was deeply attracted by the cum-flowing pussy.

Although there was no major collision, the wet pussy became more red and fertile due to the high sexual desire, and it was flapping its two slippery and extremely wrinkled meat wings constantly. With wings to fly. Mature, plump and smooth. Under this circumstance, Yang Tingsong's released physiology and shackled psychology suddenly converged in one place, collapsed and all opened up, becoming passionate and carefree.

Panting, Yang Tingsong took advantage of the opportunity to put his penis on his daughter-in-law's cunt again, trembling and said, "BossYou still haven't played cards yet?"

"Three missing one, waiting for someone."

Looking back at the phone on the table, Yang Tingsong said to himself in a short silence: "Dad gets YunliUh ~You don't care." When the "uh" sound came out, the huge penis was completely immersed in the daughter-in-law's cunt, and it was quickly inserted and pulled out. It's crazy to say such things and do such things in front of my son on the phone />Strictly say I won't let you do it, um, then let's peel it off." He repeated the action he had done before, put the penis in the pestle again, and Leave it out again.

Originally, I wanted to tease my husband to listen to him, but instead of flirting and becoming passive, my father-in-law took advantage of the situation. Chen Yunli bit her lip and was a little overwhelmed. She had never seen such an unscrupulous father-in-law. Is this still the amiable, kind-hearted man he used to be? Doesn't it seem that it's not important anymore, I've done it with him myself, think it's still useful? Under the pressure of Yang Tingsong's scorching eyes, Chen Yunli was upset and had to take over the words: "Dad, I will help you." She thumped her hand and put it on her cunt, as Yang Tingsong said. In that way, he opened up his labia and opened it to his father-in-law.

Looking down at his daughter-in-law's wet cunt - the mole is soaked in a layer of water - slippery and shiny and so eye-catching and attractive - gurgling her own semen. The daughter-in-law was so obedient and cooperative, Yang Tingsongrepressed his breathing, shook his body and threw it forward, trying his best to say in a calm tone: "If you don't dance, Yunli er~ you will Watching dad do it." With lubricating strength, he sent his penis head into his daughter-in-law's cunt. In this extremely chaotic scene, even if Yang Tingsong has been educating and teaching for a lifetime, the heart of keeping a low profile can't help being sent to the peak by the sensual body of his daughter-in-law, and the mix is ​​in a mess: "Yun Li er~ Okay. , No, wedon't need the condom." Within the range that his son could almost hear, Yang Tingsong's sweat pores exploded, and his lower body was correspondingly hardened to the extreme: "Yunli~ Well, you just watch Dad play uh~ obedient, uh." The transition of words is always inadvertently stuck, and correspondingly, the dick will definitely be fucked in at that moment, so
Synchronized and consistent.

"Dad, please don't..." The bones are crisp and the flesh is soft, before Chen Yunli finished speaking, she gritted her teeth and raised her hands. Shakinglegs, she only felt that her lower body was stuffed full, overflowing like a tide, crisp and numb, if she hadn't quickly covered her mouth with her hands, I'm afraid she would really lose control and shout out sound.

"Dad, don't do everything yourself." The voice on the other side of the phone was a bit noisy. Although Yang Gang heard his father's voiceIt was a little different, but with his understanding of Yang Tingsong, he would never think of his father. It's really as the daughter-in-law said, doing that kind of incestuous deeds.

"Hmm~ boss, um~, then I can't let Yunli er~ do it, isn't this also for moving my legs, er~ Yunli, let me do it, Uh~ that's pretty good." Yang Tingsong closed his eyes and made a few short-range thrusts. He pulled his dick and pulled out his daughter-in-law's vagina, opened his eyes and stared at Chen Yunli's face: "YunLi, this time it's alright!"

"Well, get it. It's pretty good." Under Chen Yunli's shy gaze, Yang Tingsong shivered and lowered his body, lying on his daughter-in-law's soft bed-like body: "That's good, um Yun Rei...you just watch Dad play." After adjusting his body position, he inserted his hard cock into her cunt slowly, little by little. During the whole process, he watched the drunken expression on his daughter-in-law's face when his mouth was closed, while enjoying the pleasure of the cock in the meat hole, layer upon layer, jumping and squirming, until Keegan submerged and the top of the cock to the end of the cunt. "Okay..." Chen Yunli raised her neck, bit her lip in response, and at the same time stretched out her hand and pinched Yang Tingsong's arm.

"Isn't it going to be active after dancing for a while?" Yang Gang didn't know, he interjected.

"Hmm~ Boss, you and my daughter-in-law er~ daughter-in-law Yun Li, coax me in a different way! Yun Li er~ it hurtsDad knows it." Every time I mention Chen Yun When Li Shi, Yang Tingsong always paused for a moment, and then finished his words quickly, while he was fucking his daughter-in-law, his face was tangled in one place. "Um dad... Slow down..." At the same timeChen Yunli's legs were crossed and twisted, the feeling of her lower body being stuffed made her subconsciously pinched her father's waist, shouting like a spoiled child When he came out, the connection was so seamless that he was so tacit, and he shrugged his hips back and forth to meet Yang Tingsong's blows: "Dad, you are really strong." But the sound that came out was not loud.

"Old Chen is here. By the way, Dad, don't worry too much." Hearing Yang Gang say such a sentence, Chen Yunli bit her With a cry from her lips, "Brother...Dad he...", she glanced at Yang Tingsong, and saw him shaking his head and smashing it down, the next second, her head was thrown back, and she hugged her hands. He scratched his face, and blue veins appeared on his fair neck.

"Cough, boss." While coughing, Yang Tingsong slowly pulled out his dick. On the one hand, the strong pleasure was constantly pounding, and on the other hand, he didn't want his son to listen to him any longer during sex: "Hang it, boss."

" Brother..." Chen Yunli's swirling voice was like her pair of crescent moons, tender and soul-stirring. Seeing that they were going to continue, Yang Tingsong felt too depressed, so he picked up Chen Yunli's body and motioned her to let him hang up.

"Brother, come back early in the evening."

"Yeah, thank you for your hard work."

Looking at Chen Yunli's dark lower body from behind It was muddy, Yang Tingsong knelt down panting and hugged her ass. Facing the plump and plump body of his daughter-in-law, the sense of guilt and guilt has been replaced by lust, and Yang Tingsong gritted his teeth and sent his dick over: "Yun Li er~ Let's, don't disturb the boss!" At the moment when Chen Yunli leaned over to press the phone, Yang Tingsong coughed and added: "Yunli uh~ you let Dad do it, uhah, uh." The time to pinch when hanging up is just right. Being forced to break through her body,before lying back on the kang, Chen Yunli straightened her upper body, raised her head and shouted, "Put it in to the end..." The flesh of the butt was trembling, smack bang bang The crash sounded.

"Uh, uh, uh, do you feel good? Ah uh, uh uh, does it feel good to tell the public?" In extreme excitement, Yang Tingsong slammed into the pair quickly, hitting the pair of big boys. On the ass, a large piece of meat was smashed.

"Well, well, it's over, ah, cool, ah..." Confused, Chen Yunli kept shaking her head. As she said, the pleasure came wave after wave, and the cunt followed the broken faucet, and the water wafted down.

Seeing his daughter-in-law's orgasm stacking up and cooperating like a rabbit, Yang Tingsong immediately hugged her and pushed her onto the kang: "Put your legs on my waist and continue." Looking at her legs The flesh-colored stockings she was wearing were plump, firm, and translucent. After she moved her daughter-in-law's body, she wouldn't let go of her short-term free time -- she had to rub Chen Yunli's body while she was spinning. Thighs, to feel the firmness of the daughter-in-law's thighs and the smoothness of the stockings.

"You're fucked." Chen Yunli was panting, her face was flushed, and a pair of crescent moons under her bright eyesGu Panshenghui gave Yang Tingsong a glance, and her thighs were also hooked. on his waist.

"Aren't you comfortable too!" Yang Tingsong lowered his body with a smile. He put his left hand on his daughter-in-law's shoulder, and his right hand lifted her head from below: "What are we doing?" He stared atChen Yunli's Face, smashing his dick into her cunt, ramming her with his dick incessantly, as he asked.

Chen Yunli's face and neck showed red tides, she squinted at Yang Tingsong like a drunken eye, her closed mouth gasped continuously: "Ah, ah, in incest, ah , ah... I'm fucking you..." The corners of the frowning eyebrows were drenched in water, and when the face was twisted in one place, the father-in-law's face came up: "Who fucked you on top of you? ?" Chen Yunli catered to her and opened her mouth: "My father-in-law, father-in-law is fucking me, I'll let it go."

Seeing this, Yang Tingsong stuck out his tongue and tried to penetrate. Chen Yunli turned her head and dodged: "Fuck me, Well, hurry up." She pushed Yang Tingsong's body up.

"It's cold, let me wear meat -colored bodybuilding pants next time."

"Woohoo, you have changed your color, let me meet you

"Dad, isn't this also for your sake."

"Just want to fuck me that much? Well, um, um, you really know how to play..."

"You're not the same! Who told you to be so rude."

"Bah, the saucy is also for your son to see, um, ah, it really scratches me, Ah, ah, the big dick and the ashes."

"Give father-in-law, uh, uh, a few more calls, yes, uh, uh, just call the bed like this, uh, exciting, call
My father-in-law, oh uh, daughter-in-law, why is your meat smell so strong, even your feet are so sexy."

"Brother, father-in-law fucks me and licks my feet. , ah, ah, ah..."

"I, I, my father-in-law still thinks, I want my daughter-in-law to have you, uh, uh, uh, let you give birth to my grandson, uh,
Uh, uh…"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daddy... fuck me... Go to my room at night, ah, bro, I let him continue to fuck me, ah, ah..."

"Get your silk, uh, dress well, uh, I don't want to wear a condom, uh, Uh, and pantyhose..."

"Ah, I'll give you, ah, wear it."

"Oh, don't go back on it... uh, uh , I'm going to ejaculate, Yunli uh, uh, on your little sensual feet." Chen Yunli only felt her body was empty, and the top of her feet became hot as she screamed, In the thick, high heels were taken off, she saw the old thing holding the penis and squirting the white cum coefficient on it.

The autumn is bright and bright, the sky is so clean, and there is no variegation. The monsoon climate of southern Thailand is in the middle of thelate autumn, the visible leaves have turned slightly yellow, and the morning and evening are a little cooler, but the temperature in the middle is quite pleasant.

Yang Gang has already played two laps of cards. He is very lucky, and he has about a few hundred dollars on the poker table. Ding Xiaoyu and his wife were talking back, and the two sides would neither lose nor win, but Lao Chen's luck was not ordinary. However, with a smile on his face, Lao Chen doesn't seem to care how much he wins or loses. Instead, he talks about what happened recently"He came to us because he won by the Gulf. While making a fuss, isn’t F14 still scared away by Su Liangqi!” Then he couldn’t stop sighing: “Oh, so is Lao Su, after the disintegration it’s a mess, otherwise Lao Mei wouldn’t be like this How rampant."

Yang Gang made a "whiteboard", and the limelight was in full swing: "It's a capitalist country... According to those who traveled to the north, the CIS is over there. It's very messy." Ding Xiaoyu nodded: "After the disintegration, people's hearts are scattered, and the country is not the country." Old Chen continued: "The layoff here is not serious, and the north side will not work. "Yang Gang lit a cigarette and said, "Isn't Tainan really attracting investment... It's just that the foreign trade side is very serious..." When he mentioned this, Lao Chen thought of running into Chen Yun when he was going out. Li, smiled and said, "Officer Yang, I think his aunt has gone there"

Yang Gang grabbed the card and touched it: "Yes, my dad carried it on his back. Recommend, clean up the house for Xiao Er." Turned over the card and patted it on the table, knocked down the card: "Mixed the seven sets." Facing Old Chen with a full smile: "This
Before they should dance in the ballroom!" He said this, Ding Xiaoyu's daughter-in-law Li Jihong took over the words while taking out the money: "Yunli said she was going to dance in the afternoon, no wonder her figure It's been so well maintained." Yang Gang was proud of it, feeling that his parents were taking care of his granddaughter for him. Ding Xiaoyu nodded: "Mr. Yang can't be idle before school teaching and educating people.It's rare to be able to relax after retirement. It's good to be happy."

Yang Gang nodded. , said to Ding Xiaoyu, "Isn't it? No matter how many times he said that, he always pushed three and four.I told him that the combination of work and rest is not good. Besides, Yunli has to find a dance partner for dancing. When you don’t have time, it’s not a good time for the two of you to dance together.” Li Jihong nodded frequently and laughed in response: “We will marry Jiajia tomorrow, and the whole family can have a dance party!”

Yang Gang said while stroking the cards, "It's rare, it's rare that my dad goes to the ballroom with Yunli to dance." Yang Gang said that his daughter-in-law and father were dancing in the ballroom. People are jumping, but... just look at the house of the government roadBungalow, the father-in-law and the daughter-in-law are almost naked and hugging each other. Also wearing a pair of tattered flesh-colored pantyhose. But looking at the semen spots on the stockings, the inside of her thighs have been wet. If you look closely, you will find that her pussy is throbbing, and it is flowing out with the squeezing and wriggling. Men's cowardice. At this time, the man sat astride the edge of the kang, spread his arms around the woman's waist, and the woman straddled his lap, with both hands around the man's neck, the semen was lying on his lap.

The man stretched out his hand to break open the woman's big round ass, and the dick as hard as steel could find the direction without holding it at all "Come on Yunli, sit on the daddy's dick and come up."

Chen Yunli, who was wearing high heels, shivered with her bulging tits, and slowly sat down, waiting for the head of her penis to be embedded in her cunt. Pulling his body down, he groaned: "You are stroking again", in the stubbornness, I heard the man screaming strangely: "It's too tight, Yunli, but you really squeezed the father-in-law It's comfortable, um oh, do you know what this pose is called?"

"Ah um..." Chen Yunli frowned and shook her head with a groan. She pounced on Yang Tingsong, while holding her tightly, her tits squeezed and rubbed: "Use all the tricks for your daughter-in-law."

The dick slipped out of Chen Yunli's body, Yang Tingsong took a deep breath. He touched her stockings thigh with one hand, and while scratching, he rubbed his face between his daughter-in-law's tits to find her nipple, while the other hand wrapped his arms around her waist: "This Yin Yuan hugged the tree, sat down and continued to stroke the father-in-law."

"I know quite a lot, you sane old guy, my legs have made you soft," Chen Yunli panted
He glanced at Yang Tingsong with a breath, then collapsed and sat down again: "Don't make a surprise attack, you know?" Yang Tingsong nodded like a garlic, he looked at Chen Yunli's chest for a while, then stared at Chen Yunli's chest. her thighs. The flesh in his eyes was sparkling, and the color was heart-wrenching. Yang Tingsong couldn't help sighing: "You have really strong legs,It's a pity that such good socks are." He stretched out his hand. I pulled up my daughter-in-law's stockings, and after a few crisp snaps, I heard her say, "Then you've caused trouble with my stockings?"

"Seeing you wearing flesh-colored I can't take it” Seeing his daughter-in-law looking down, Yang Tingsong lowered his head too, he hugged her waist with a lewd smile: "Sit down, father-in-law, I'm still waiting for you to stroke it. ."The old trick was repeated, hugging Chen Yunli's body and falling down. Chen Yunli raised her head sullenly, she let out a long groan of "ah", her fingernails sank into Yang Tingsong's shoulders, her legs were soft and wrapped around her father's waist, The high heels collided with each other and there was a thumping sound, and the body was upside down: "You old man... fuck me to death"

"Uh, uh, look at Your father-in-law, my penis, uh, fuck it in, stimulate it!"

"Um, uh, ahh..." Every time it was inserted all the way, the pelvis was pounded for him, but It's really very comfortable, in exchange for Chen Yunli to exclaim happily: "Hmm, ah, the big dick is inserted so deeply, I'll give you, stroke it for you, stroke you to death." Big ass sits hard on the dick under him.

He hugged Chen Yunli's waist tightly, tilted his body, Yang Tingsong continued to pick up his penis, panting like an old cow, sweat dripping down: " Ah ah, ha ah, if I die, I can't live a married life with my father-in-law, er oh, it's so exciting, it's fun!" The jumping white meat raised his chest and shouted loudly : "OldPick up ashes, woohoo, eat your daughter-in-law's slaps, um, give me a hint..." The huge tits swelled in a circle, and the nipples on it were protruding and tender. The color was full of saliva, and Yang Tingsong sucked it into his mouth. He grabbed his daughter-in-law's charming cauliflower-shaped nipple on the left, and he sucked it, as if he could suck water out of it, and he ate it with great relish.

"You really know how to play, ah, comfy, ah... The old guy really knows how to play with women... Did you do it outside? I'm sorry my mother-in-law... Well, it's cool ..." After giving her body to her father-in-law, Chen Yunli's cry became even more erratic: "Come to my room at night, ah, I also put on stockings and high heels for you, ah, with You livemarried life..." As she spoke, her hands tightly wrapped around Yang Tingsong's neck, "I'll stroke you with my cunt,Let those who serve my brother, ah, my brother enjoy It's over, ah, I'll give it to you, ah..." Guji Guji's voice is psychedelic and aphrodisiac, intoxicating, indulging, liberating, and sublimating, "Ah, I also, oh , I'll give birth to you, ah ah, ah ah, give birth to a grandson..." His passion was soaring, and his body kept shaking like a needle to meet the impact.

"Give me a grandson?" Slowing down, Yang Tingsong spat out his daughter-in-law's nipple and took a break. While he was gasping for breath, he kept chewing on his daughter-in-law's words, only to feel that his lower body was extremely sour while being hounded in circles of flesh, and the head of his penis was soaked in the hot flesh and was constantly sucked and ground. Looking at his daughter-in-law's pretty face that was crawling with blushes, he had never seen such a vivid and charming side on this face, and he was instantly elated and moved again. : "To give birth to a grandson, uh, I can't stand it, my daughter-in-law, uh uh, you are so arrogant, Yunli, I'll give it to you, I'll give it to you, uh uh uh, father-in-law will give you all the grandsons. "While doing this, Yang Tingsong grabbedChen Yunli's big butt with both hands, he pressed it up with all his strength, while twisting his face, he kept howling:"Uh, Uh, goblin, Yunli, father-in-law, I'll fuck you, oh, my cunt is killing me, uh..."

"You'll fuck me to death..." just Watching Chen Yunli's big butt rise and fall, swallowing Yang Ting's loose dick back and forth, going in and out, Yang Tingsong in her arms grinned and screamed after speaking, And the big, oily cock twitched and shrunk, and in no time at all, it was covered with white pulp, and a cloudy mixture was seeping out from where they met. At the same time, Chen Yunli's ecstatic scream came from the room again: "Ah, ah, do you dare to show it to my brother... ah, ah, throw it out again..."

The two naked bodies twisted and twisted together, from the kang to the ground, and then lay down on the table. Except for the one where he ejaculated on her own feet, the rest were all internal ejaculation. After that, Chen Yunli forgot how many times she and her father-in-law did it together. Anyway, the last time was in the bathroom. When she was doing it, she screamed very happily, only draining Yang Tingsong.


I was still thinking about it for a second, but the next second came a crisp sound from the door curtain, which not only brought life to the cold courtyard, but also called Disturbing Chen Yunli's contemplation: the birds on the tree are in pairs, the green waters and green mountains... The voices are from far to near, and they are a bit dangling when they sing.

Taking back her mind, Chen Yunli wiped her face. She had already seen Yang Shuxiang through the glass, with a look of joy on her face, and her heart was drowned out in disappointment, and she suddenly became happy: fortunately, I have already made a deal with San'er, br/> I also saw it... After many years and bumps and bumps in the past six months, good things have finally allowed Chen Yunli's restless heart to settle down and stop worrying about herself and her father-in-law.

"Niangniang..." Before Yang Shuxiang could lift the curtain, Chen Yunli leaned out, and Yang Shuxiang braked suddenly and stopped in place. Looking at Chen Yunli, Yang Shuxiang raised the corner of her mouth, shouted again, and flew forward to spread her armsShe hugged Chen Yunli's waist: "When did you come back?"

The joy of San'er was infected, and Chen Yunli smiled like a flower, holding his face: "It will take a few days to come back

"I can't forget you!" Yang Shuxiang grinned, and soon imitated her posture, making a ear biting action: "I will go to the east to see it at night. Video, you say, do you say I can drink?"

Body next to her body, Chen Yunli pinched Yang Shuxiang's face with her hand: "This time, the empress will be with you. Drink, drink too much... go to sleep."

"It's like watching the video last time, like that?" Yang Shuxiang's hand gradually slid down and touched Chen Yunli's butt. Chen Yunli allowed Yang Shuxiang to make small movements, and said with a smile, "You also said that last time you drank too much and vomited, laying on the bed and calling to watch the video?" She pinched her mother's buttocks, her heart throbbing. Thinking of the phone call to herat my grandmother's house, Yang Shuxiang said with a smile, "In the evening on Friday..." She covered her mouth, her voice was indescribably soft: "This time You got a lot of good things back for you."

As soon as the words were finished, Chai Lingxiu walked into the backyard and saw the two people who were standing at the door hugging each other, she
Shaking his head, he hummed: "Xiang'er..." The son became more and more irregular, and he was not afraid of his mother's jokes.

"Hey" promised her mother, Yang Shuxiang withdrew his hand, he glanced back and immediately turned back and said to Chen Yunli, "Niangniang, inside you..." Finally, he asked anxiously like a child, "Are you wearing pantyhose?"
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