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[Anime H Tour]

Author: H Degree Chapter 61 The helplessness of the wife Nishizu Shiho H on


After Zhan Yuanquan left, I made an appointment to meet with a certain wife, and planned to train this beautiful wife again tonight, so I couldn't wait to arrive at the appointed place, West's house.

"Please don't come again, I have already given it to you, and you will give me the video data." In a room with a breeze, a cold and mature voice sounded Suddenly sounded.

"I'm all here, just give me a seat, you don't want that image to spread." The cold attitude and strong oppression of the beautiful wife in front of her did not affect I, however, deserve to be said to be the leader of the chariot lane, this aura is not comparable to that of ordinary women.

"...Humph..." Although I really wanted to shoot me out directly, but thinking that I have a video of her being raped by me before in my hand, if it spreads out, the reputation of Xizhujia will be destroyed. will be destroyed. The now thriving chariot lanes will also take a hit.

After all, she is the chairman of the High School Battle Lane Alliance, and also the chairman of the Battle Lane Advancement Committee, and she is also a legend of the Battle Lane, if such a scandal breaks out She couldn't estimate how serious the consequences would be, so she could only snort coldly, opened the door and walked in first.

Of course I followed closely, looking at the upper body wearing a black ladies suit jacket and wearing black trousers similar to military trousers, because the West Residence is a traditional Japanese building, so Her beautiful feet on the tatami were not wearing house shoes or the like, but were wrapped in black stockings.

This combination of trousers and black stockings can arouse people's desire very much. It is obviously tight trousers that are concealed, but they are wearing attractive stockings. I can't stop thinking about it, so I reacted honestly.

At this point, as soon as Nishizumi Shiho walked into the room, I hugged her waist from behind, the soft waist and the flat stomachstarted, and the fragrance was soft in my arms. I was even more horny, and the thick and long cock that had been erected went straight to her round buttocks.

"What are you doing!? I already have a husband, don't make a mistake again, the previous few times weren't enough." Shiho Nishizumi hurriedly wanted to push me away , but she can push me there, even if her strength is not inferior to that of a soldier.

"From Mrs. Nishizumi's point of view, what I have done may be wrong, but in my opinion it is wrong not to do so."I hug Nishizumi Shiho , while pushing her into the room, after entering the room, he pushed Nishizumi Shiho directly onto the tatami floor and closed the door at the same time.

"Mrs. Xizhu, you'd better listen to me obediently, otherwise the video of your lewd sex will spread, Let people know that the leader of the chariot is actually such a lewd person No way." Although I won't show the video to others, it doesn't prevent me from coercing Nishizumi Shiho with it.

"You bastard, I have already given you three times, why is it still like this? It took you several times to hand over that image." Shiho Nishizumi, who was unaware of this, , Naturally, Shiho gritted her teeth and said, she was really angry, and even more angry was her reaction when she was raped, her body was too unsatisfactory.

"Well, let me think about it... do it a hundred more times, and I'll give you the image." I pretended to think about it, 100 times was enough for me to tame my crotch The beautiful wife is gone, so the image will be useless at that time, and I will directly destroy it.

"One hundred insatiable bastard." Even because of my breath and the intimate contact with my body, her already-eating body was hot and hot, and her cheeks were also hot. There was a hint of crimson, but Nishizumi Shiho's tone was still cold.

"Well, isn't there a famous saying in your West House, for victory, sacrifice is unavoidable, soFor the development of West House and Battle Lane, ma'am, you should sacrifice it. ." I took a deep breath of the fragrance of Nishizumi Shiho and said leisurely.

"You... huh, I know, you have to say what you say, and after one hundred times, you have to give me the image" Shiho Nishizumi took a deep breath In a sigh, just like the Xizhujia family motto she set, she really has to make sacrifices, because for me, she has no better way.

"Wait a minute, don't be in such a hurry, wait a minute." As soon as Nishizumi Shiho finished speaking, I tore off her black ladies suit and her military pants. , revealing the beautiful breasts wrapped in black bra and black panties wrapped in black pantyhose.

"Hey, Mrs. Nishizumi, what you are wearing is really erotic." The black pantyhose under the trousers, coupled with the sexy black lace panties, is really tempting. The person was so extreme that my breathing couldn't help but quicken a bit.

"This... this is not for you." Shiho Nishizumi resisted the humiliation of being violated by me, and said fiercely, even though he said so, butNishizumi Shiho also knew that in such a suit, her husband would not have sex with him.

"Really? But anyway, it's ready for me now." I smiled in disbelief, then I immediately took off my clothes and held it with one hand. Nishizumi Shiho on the big breasts.

"Hmm... don't mess with my boobs... the more you rub it here... it's easy for my husband to suspect." He hummed, and then immediately complained.

"Hey, madam, you say it's secondary development. Such perfect breasts, if you don't play with them, it's a waste." After listening to Nishizumi Shiho's words, I didn't agree. Instead of stopping, he intensified the force of rubbing his breasts, and by the way, he pulled off the black bra.

"I've already given birth to my child, does anyone still believe this reason? Um... light it up..." Nishizumi Shiho, who knew that he couldn't stop me, sighed helplessly, and he was dignified. The head of the West House, when has he ever been treated like this, that this extremely powerful guy can do this.

"It doesn't matter, even if the head of the Nishiju family said something, even if he had some doubts, he would not dare to say it." Excited, I immediately separated Nishizumi Shiho, still wearing black military trousers and trousers He reached into the black pantyhose with his hands and tore the panties out, causing Nishizumi Shiho's legs to shake.

"You have to put it away this time... Last time you did it for so long... I couldn't get up the next day." Feeling that my panties had been ripped off Nishizumi Shiho couldn't help but reminded in a low voice, even though she knew that it was basically useless.

"Okay, okay, I'll try to restrain myself this time." Hearing my perfunctory and hasty voice, Nishizumi Shiho knew that his guess was right.

"Mrs. Nishizumi, it seems that you miss me too, just rubbing it a few times, and your little pussy will flow out." He had to make a "tsk tsk" running-in sound, and his breathing was also panting.

"You still have the qualifications to laugh at people... I became like this... It's not your fault... Um..." Under my teasing, Shiho Nishizumi's voice was indifferent. Consciously brought a bit of coquettishness.

"You bastard... if you want to do it, hurry up... come in... so dawdling... what are you doing..." Nishiju Shiho was rubbed by me, and the body, which was stimulated by stroking her little pussy, began to get excited and thirsty. , especially after being raped by me a few times, my body became more sensitive when I touched it.

"Hey, my wife is so tough as she wants to, and it's not enough if you want to come to a married life." As I put my hand into the black military pants of Nishizumi Shiho, I kept going. While groping the beautiful legs in silky black pantyhose, he used
words to tease the powerful beautiful wife.

"I want you to take care of... uh... you still... can't get in..." The strong sense of emptiness in the body made Nishizumi Shiho more and more unbearable, beautiful and delicate body Unconsciously twisting.

"As long as you beg me, my wife, I'll insert it right away. You don't want to delay it too late."In fact, I can't wait to insert the swollen cock right away Mrs. Nishizumi's pussy was refreshingly thrusting, but in order to better train Mrs. Nishizumi, she could only hold back for the time being.

" really are shameless..." Hearing my words, Nishizumi Shiho widened her black eyes.Then took a deep breath and closed her eyes. As if suppressing the anger in his heart.

"Huh...I understand...I beg you...Please...Put your big insert it...I want..." for a while, Nishizumi Shiho opened her eyes, and finally made up her mind to say something shameful.After speaking, it seemed as if all her strength had been spent, and her tender body, which was still tense, suddenly softened.

"Okay, since you said that, Mrs. Nishizumi, I will come." I first carried Nishizumi Shiho's beautiful legs in black military pants on my shoulders, and the black The little feet wrapped in stockings were on either side of my head, and at the same time, my body pressed against Shiho Nishisumi.

Then my buttocks sank all of a sudden, "Puchi", and the big cock of my lower body was inserted directly from between Nishiju Shiho's legs. , the nasty water in the small hole was squeezed out at once and flowed on the tatami.

"Ah..." The thick cock entered, even though Nishizumi Shiho tried to endure it, he still let out a loud and coquettish cry.

"How about it, I tasted my cock again, isn't it much better than your husband."

"Don't say it again... Obviously you have raped... other people's wives. ...and said bad things about him..." Being inserted by me again, Nishizumi Shiho forcibly endured the shame in his heart and maintained his bottom line.

"It seems that Mrs. Xizhu hasn't been able to feel the taste of my cock, so you can't tell it, then I'll let you taste it." After saying that, I said While licking and licking the black silk beautiful feet by the head, the big meat cock stir frantically in Nishizumi Shiho like a blender.

"Don't... be too intense... um... slow down... lighten up..." NishizumiHow could Sui and her husband ever have such intense sex, without even having an orgasm, and only in a few sexes with me, did she experience the continuous orgasmic pleasure that he had never enjoyed.

"Then Mrs. Nishizumi, please tell me exactly how you feel now." I hugged Nishizumi Shiho whole body, then pressed her against the wall, sexy and slender The beautiful wife was pressed against the wall by me, her beautiful legs in black pants and silk feet were hooked by my hands.

Both hands were holding her round buttocks, and the big cock was fucked into the beautiful wife's pussy from the bottom to the top. On the tatami, Shiho Nishizumi couldn't help twisting her slender waist with the intense pleasure.

"Mmmm...I see...Slow're too've done it all...I can't..."Shiho Nishizumi shook his head, His long black hair fluttered along with him, helplessly speaking lewd words.

"It's not enough, let's be more lewd, come on, madam, tell me if your husband does it for your comfort, or if I do it for your comfort" The words made me breathe a little bit, but I was still not satisfied.

"You raped's not want me to say...such a's you...of course it's you...that's alright..." Nishizumi Shiho had lost his voice.

"If you don't like...I fuck you...then I can...let you down." I opened my mouth and held the beautiful feet of Nishizumi Shiho's raised black stockings, in the She sucked on her round toes, and her words were a little vague.

"Ah...don' it halfway...don't...whatever..." Shiho Nishizumi knew that his body had obviously entered a state, if I really did Stopping, she was afraid that she would react more lewdly, so she chose to strike first.

"As expected of Mrs. Xizhu, a wise choice, then add more lewd words, or I will stop" I fucked more sexually, intensely The movement of Nishizumi Shiho's breasts swayed up and down, I was stunned.

"Well...I just're so tough...fuck me...with your big cock...fuck my pussy...don't play with me anymore...fuck me hard... "Nishizumi Shiho has already been done by me at this time, and I'm a little lost.

"Ah ... no more ... it's too fierce ... I'm going to orgas Had the first climax of the day.

"It seems that even the strong Mrs. Nishizumi wants to have a stronger man to conquer." I squinted enjoying the climax of Nishizumi Shiho's little pussy The sense of contraction and firmness, it has to be said that it is the ultimate enjoyment.

Nishizumi Shiho did not reply. My words were poking deep in her heart. The younger self is different from the current self. Before, she was still a fledgling, young and energetic. The girl, soon fell in love and early marriage, and later climbed to the top of the chariot, and the self standing on the top gradually became stronger.

When I looked at my gentle husband, I also felt a little cowardly. Maybe I was too strong and oppressed my husband. Since then, I have been in such a state, Nishizumi Shi Sui's heart doesn't want her husband to be strong, even if it's occasionally.

When I saw Shiho Nishizumi's reaction, I guessed what she was thinking, and I continued to work hard without saying a word. With the promiscuous voice of "snack blah blah", Mrs. Nishizumi and I both gasped for breath.

At this time, I had already put the beautiful wife Shiho Nishiju on the tatami floor, pinched her tits with force, and rounded and flattened her two plump milk balls, and used She squeezed her two tender nipples with her fingers, making Nishizumi Shihobegging for mercy.

Nishizumi Shiho's beautiful legs in black pantyhose and stockings were pressed onto her breasts, causing her lower body to rise up. Her tender pussy was inserted, and the cock that fit to the extreme was completely inserted into the beautiful wife's small pussy, stirring constantly, and Nishizumi Shiho almost passed out.

"Almost... take it out... ah... don't cum inside... this week is dangerous... don't cum inside..." Feeling the reaction of my cock, West Sumi Shiho immediately reminded me gaspingly.

"Don't worry, my sperm is not so easy to get pregnant, if you can get pregnant, I don't know how many people envy you, and it's cool to ejaculate inside. ." I ignored and continued to fuck Shiho Nishizumi's pussy frantically.

"Good man... Big cock brother... Really... don't cum in... If you really have a big belly... it's bad... I'll use my mouth... to serve you..." The beautiful wife worked hard She wanted to push me away, but she was already exhausted by me, so when she felt that I was about to ejaculate, Shiho Nishizumi couldn't help but worry, no matter how much, just begged me not to ejaculate

I ignored Nishizumi Shiho's begging, or seeing the powerful Mrs. Nishizumi begging me like this satisfied my desire to conquer, so I putNishizumi Shiho's buttocks hugged, and he fucked her hard again and again,

"Ah... don't... don't... shoot in..." That's it, Nishizumi Shiho could only keep begging, but the feeling of being conquered by me made her body involuntarily yearn for the peak it reached when she was shot.

"Um... no way... thrusting hard... fucking me hard... ah... little pussy... going to be fucked by you bastard... fucked up..." But soon Nishizumi Shiho also gave The orgasm that was about to come again made him lose his mind, and even the sound of the bed was different.

Shiho Nishizumi and I were like firewood when we met fire. We did it for more than two hours, during which time we changed more than a dozen sex positions. After lifting the hips, I fucked a few hundred more times in the back pose, and then As soon as the buttocks tightened, the big cock was deeply inserted into the beautiful pussy of Nishizumi Shiho, and shouted "Cumshot" ”.

In the end, I still ejaculated in the beautiful wife's pussy, and the ejaculation made Shiho Nishizumi's "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?" The sticky cum was squeezed out between Shiho Nishizumi's pussy and my cock.

My cock is still deeply inserted into Shiho Nishizumi's pussy, hugging the beautiful wife who is still in the aftermath of the climax, I can't help but think of the encounter with Shiho Nishizumi. things.

My meeting with Shiho Nishizumi was a business meeting. In the thriving chariot, for better development, the investment of capital is essential, and I, as a The owner of a giant company came to negotiate in person, and Nishizumi naturally did not dare to neglect, and the owner, Nishizumi Shiho, appeared in person.

Of course I won't go to general business cooperation, but when the secretary Yazawa Shomei mentioned that it was about the investment in the chariot, I immediately came to have sex, after all, the chariot The wife inside is very beautiful and moving, so I personally accepted this negotiation.

When I saw a lady with long black hair, a lady's suit jacket and black military trousers, such a beautiful young woman, I got lusted after a while. come.

"Ken, this is the plan we want to discuss with you." After taking a seat on the tatami floor, Nishizumi Shiho put the plan related to the battle lane on the table central.

"No problem, I'll take a look." I picked up the project book and flipped through it at will, but there was generally no problem. And the prospects are really good, so it should be considered a good investment. .

"This, how do you feel, Mr. Ken?" Shiho Nishizumi, who was sitting in the middle, saw that I had finished flipping through the plan, and put it on the table, she was always straightforward. Can not help but be the first to ask questions.

"This is good, but some details still need to be discussed." I pretended to think for a moment, then nodded. In fact, since I met Mrs. Xizhu, this project has been I'll definitely pass, but I'll have to take advantage of this opportunity.

"Then this sponsorship..."

"There should be no problem, the relevant details and follow-up things, after we discuss it, it will be confirmed It's time to sign the contract."

"I really feel the support of President Jian and your company." Nishiju Shiho stretched out a slender, white and tender hand, and I immediately shook it and slipped. The tender ones are almost really unforgettable, but there will be more opportunities in the future, so I didn't hold them for too long, and let them go after a little hold.

"Where, in the future, I have to ask Xizhu too much for advice." When I was sending me out, I looked at the sexy and seductive young woman walking in front of me, her graceful figure , My heart was really hot, and after returning to the company, It was inevitable to pull Yazawa Somi to have a big fight before venting the lust that was aroused today.

Since that time, I have basically attended the relevant discussions in person. Since I participated, in order to show sincerity, Nishizumi Shiho also had to participate in it personally, and I also borrowed This and Mrs. Xizhu have a meal, dance a little dance, or drink a little wine.

Not only did I learn more about Mrs. Xizhu's personal situation, but at the same time, I took advantage of women's natural goodwill towards me, which made our relationship a little bit further. It's more like a friend, and I have learned some of her married life. I think it's not far from my shot.

So during the formal signing talks, I decided to take action. At noon that day, I asked Nishizumi Shiho to meet in a room where the wind was warm. Nishizumi Shiho was still wearing black. The formal attire is still so capable and attractive.

As for Nishizumi Shiho, who has already had many interviews with me, he is quite familiar with it, so he didn't think much about it. Come, this day will be her unforgettable day.

Nishizumi Shiho's towering breasts prop up the ladies' suits, and the slender waist reflects the body-fitting effect of the ladies' suits. A pair of slender and slender legs complement the With a pair of sexy buttocks, and little feet that are red in white on the tatami, the charm of a married wife is vividly displayed.

I have to say that Nishizumi Shiho is really the best in the world. I was not in a hurry at first, and chatted with Nishizumi Shiho day, while looking at the final version of the contract, and Nishiju Shiho sat across from me, and I began to negotiate.

"Mrs. Xizhu, have you been busy with work lately?"

"Well, after all, it is a period of rapid development of the combat lane, so I should be busy."

"I see, then it seems that your husband and wife rarely get along with each other." I replied absentmindedly, and at the same time, I stood up to be by Nishizumi Shiho's side.

Seeing my actions, Nishizumi Shiho frowned slightly, but because I was just sitting next to me, and I didn't act too intimately, Nishizumi Shiho didn't say anything. What, after all, this was the case when we talked before,
Anyway, there was no physical contact, and it didn't contradict Nishizumi Shiho's bottom line.

I stared at Nishizumi Shiho, her eyebrows wrinkled and her beautiful face, my eyes moved down involuntarily, the tight-fitting lady's suit was tight A mature carcass unique to beautiful young women.

I saw the beautiful wife's tall and plump breasts, slender waist, and round buttocks; under the snow-white jade neck, in the gap of the collar of the white shirt, a subtle fragrance floated, wrapping the tall and full body. A pair of towering breasts, with the ups and downs of breathing, is really moving.

"Mr. Jian, what are you looking at." Feeling my scorching gaze, Nishizumi Shiho turned his body a little uncomfortable, facing me with her sharp eyes, Obviously, no one would dare to look at the leader of the chariot with such eyes.

"It's nothing, just appreciate your beauty, Mrs. Nishizumi." Nishizumi Shiho's sharp gaze was completely useless to me, I shrugged calmly, as if the unscrupulous The eyes are not the same as I see.

I am experienced, and naturally know that a woman from a good family is innocent and steadfast. Whenever she encounters any harassment, she will definitely resist , which is difficult to succeed, not to mention a strong woman like Nishizumi Shiho.

However, based on my experience and known information, Nishizumi Shiho should have not had sex for a long time. He must have accumulated a lot of desires, and my capital and technology , and women's natural affection for me is the most important weapon to arouse her desire.

At that time, with my extremely powerful sexual ability, I will go straight to the point and let her defense line collapse before she has time to resist. No one else can do it. Well, such a strong beautiful young woman, why not Let's rape and keep having sex with video threats, so it won't take long to get her down.

Obviously, conquering a powerful beautiful wife, rather than threatening a contract, I think rape is more enjoyable, Occasionally it is also good, after tasting the taste of sex with me, Presumably even a strong woman like Nishizumi Shiho will eat the marrow and know the taste.

"Oh, yes, then thank you for your compliment, President Jian. After talking for so long, I think you should be thirsty when you come to President Jian. Let's have a cup of tea first." Xizhu Shiho didn't know that I had any intention of raping her, and seeing my still hot eyes, she interrupted by drinking tea.

When Nishizumi Shiho poured out two cups of tea and handed it over in order to show his sincerity, I hit her on the hand with a trace of real anger.

Nishizumi Shiho didn't expect that his jade hand would suddenly shake, and the tea in the teacup just poured on me, soaking a lot of my clothes.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jian, I got your suit wet, let me wipe it for you." Since made this mistake at the last crucial moment, Nishizumi Shiho I was a little annoyed, as a strong woman, such a mistake as the head of the West House was really disrespectful.

So she immediately took a few tissues from the wooden table and bent down to wipe it for me. At this time, Shiho Nishizumi was already very close to me, and I was At that time, I deliberately moved forward to bring me and Nishizumi Shiho's body closer.

At this time, the two of us were very close, so close that we could hear each other's breathing.Being so close to such a charming and beautiful wife, I couldn't help but carefully Take another look at Nishizumi Shiho.

I was surprised to find that the white shirt that was originally showing only a little bit on Nishizumi Shiho's chest was probably caused by the slightly hurried action just now, revealing more white shirts with a slight neckline. Some opened, I looked down, and I could see that attractive snow white.

The plump twin peaks show a strong sense of presence, with black hair draped over the waist, and the fragrance of a young woman coming from Shiho Nishinomiya Unable to bear, the cock rose high in the crotch.

Nishizumi Shiho is very close to my body, she can smell a special body fragrance from me, this fragrance seems to naturally make women feel addicted , and even a little excited feeling accompanies it.

Nishizumi Shiho dried my clothes for me, looked up, and saw that I was staring at her chest.Only then did she notice that there was a slight light on her chest. Although it was only a little bit, Nishizumi Shiho got up immediately, turned around, and tidied up the collar on his chest.

At this time, I have decided to give up threatening Nishiju Shiho with a contract, and instead use a strong one, so I will beSui turned around and looked at her graceful curves, I couldn't help it any longer, and suddenly I hugged her from behind.

"Hmm..." At this moment, the big cock in my crotch suddenly pressed against Nishiju Shiho's fragrant back. RaoNishizumi Shiho, who has always been calm, was also caught I was taken aback by the action.

"Mr. Ken, what are you doing!?" Shiho Nishizumi turned around and pushed him away, in order to increase his sexual interest, so every time I tried, I let go. Nishizumi Shiho, after a little separation from his body, Nishizumi Shiho saw a large bulge in my crotch, and asked with suppressed anger.

But when I was pushed away, I didn't do anything, but tore off Nishizumi Shiho's lady's suit jacket and shirt, exposing half of her. The jade shoulders and crisp breasts, the white and tender skin forms a strong contrast with the black lady's suit.

"What do you want to do, Mrs. Xizhu, I like you so much, I've missed you for a long time, you can give it to me today" As I said, I rushed towards you with a quick walk. West live Shiho.

"No! Don't! What are you thinking!" Shiho Nishizumi sternly said refusal, but because of 's sudden action at me, he couldn't respond for a while, and was already taken by him. I am in my arms.

She was trying to break free. Although she had the physique of a female soldier, she was obviously not enough to see in front of me. I pushed it away, and now I can't shake it for half a minute.

Now Nishizumi Shiho's soft body and my body are standing close to each other like this, and my strong arms make the two of them stick to each other without a gap. Nishizumi Shiho's tender and plump breasts were pressed into a flat shape by my chest, and my round and plump buttocks were grabbed wantonly by my right hand and pressed hard in the direction of my cock.

The smooth and white jade back was stroked back and forth by my crazy left hand, Shiho Nishiju clearly felt that my huge cock was pressing against her private parts through the clothes, because The buttocks were pressed, so that the private parts could not get rid of the entanglement of the cock. She seemed to have an illusion that my huge cock was going to break through the pants and inserted into her clothes.

Holding such a beautiful body in my arms makes me more lustful, and I must not let go of this beautiful wife today. And my rude movements, strong behaviors, as well as my unique body position and extremely powerful dawdling, could not help but make Nishizumi Shiho's long-awaited body flash an inexplicable urge.

But the impulse disappeared in a flash, and my senses quickly recovered. When I thought that the other party was just a business partner who had a cooperative relationship with me, and I also had a husband, I couldn't make excuses for my husband. , so Nishizumi Shiho immediately rebelled.

"No, Mr. Jian, please stop, do you know that this is illegal." Shiho Nishiju struggled desperately, but it was completely useless, but let me enjoy her tenderness The beautiful touch of my body twisting in my arms.

"Don't... stop, stop!" Nishizumi Shiho shouted helplessly, but he didn't know that the room had been blocked by I, and there was no sound outside. , and at this moment she suddenly felt a hand reach into her black military pants, caressing the inner thighs upwards, and was about to touch the pubic pussy.

Nishizumi Shiho was in a hurry and instinctively clamped his legs, but he did not expect that even my intrusive hand would also be clamped, I suddenly fully realized Nishizumi Shiho The delicate elasticity of the spiked thighs is as smooth as fat, which is really the best.

So my hand changed the offensive a little bit, and while enjoying the round and clamped jade legs of Nishizumi Shiho, stretched out to the charming meat seam that was close at hand.

At the same time, Nishizumi Shiho realized that it was quite wrong for her innocent legs to clamp my hands tightly. In response, her clamped legs were slightly loose, and her right hand immediately dropped back. , pressing my arm through the outside of my pants, trying to push my hand down.

I took advantage of this slight looseness. Although my arms were suppressed, I could stretch my right hand upwards when throwing it.Across the black lace panties, I pressed against Nishi Sumishi. Hoo's mons pubis, the middle finger through the thin cloth, hooked up Nishizumi Shiho's meat slit labia from front to back.

Nishizumi Shiho was shocked by the electric shock, she couldn't believe that she was raped by someone in this situation, which made her mind go blank for a moment, and she only felt that the annoying How can the palm of his hand be so flexible in his holy private parts.

My right index finger was hooked into the thin strip of cloth on the underside of the lace panties, and I touched the mouth-watering petals of Shiho Nishijum, which were smooth and tender to the touch. After my previous stroke, it was already slightly moist.

"Let go of me, what are you doing, take your hands out." The most private part of the woman was attacked, and Shiho Nishizu struggled even more, her legs constantly moving towards Pushing forward, trying to get rid of my obscene hand.

As if I suddenly thought of something, I evoked a smile, and then hooked Nishizumi Shiho's panties and trousers with my fingers, and then released the tight grip on her body. Hand, so that Nishizumi Shiho can break free.

In this way, when Nishizumi Shiho rushed forward, his panties and trousers were pulled to the thighs and knees, and Nishizumi Shiho rushed and almost fell.But with her good physique, she stabilized. At this time, I pulled the panties and pants with my right hand all the way to her slender ankles, hooking Shiho Nishizumi's feet.

Nishizumi Shiho instinctively lifted his right foot and took off his panties and pants, trying to escape, but his left foot was still hanging, so when I tightened it, Nishizumi Shiho's His left foot was hooked again, and although he managed to escape, he stumbled and fell on the tatami.

Fortunately, the tatami is soft, so Nishizumi Shiho was not injured, but at this time, her lower body is bare, her hips and legs are smooth, beautiful buttocks and slenderness His legs were exposed to the air.

Chapter 62 Wife Shiho Nishizumi's helpless Huff

"Stop, stop, don't come here." Shiho Nishizu quickly wanted to get up, but immediately Pressed by me.

"Mrs. Xizhu, I have been following you for a long time. I want to get you today no matter what. You call, you can't hear it outside." Just like that, he pressed down on Nishizumi Shiho's plump buttocks.

With my left arm, I squeezed Nishizumi Shiho's arm, and my left forearm stretched over her bent neck, and grasped Nishizumi's right wrist. Her concave and convex body, while smelling the faint body fragrance on his wife's body, leaned over her ear, licking her white and small ears lightly.

"Don't... stop, I beg you." When I was proud that I was about to take off her shirt, Shiho Nishiju, who had never been soft for a long time, finally did. Because she knew that her top was being taken off, she was really naked in front of other men, and she was afraid that she would be doomed.

Despite this, Nishiju Shiho still did not give up resistance, and desperately twisted her round buttocks, trying to get rid of my lower body, but her plump buttocks seemed to be actively lewd The rubbing of my cock is average, although Shiho Nishizumi has seen it before, but with such a real feeling, I really understand how big my cock is.

In such a situation, Shiho Nishizumi couldn't help blushing with embarrassment. He could only twist and struggle violently with his left and right hands, but it was no match for my strength like a steel ring. After thinking about it, I moved Nishizumi Shiho to the low table.

The soft and beautiful Nishizumi Shiho was pressed on the low table with her plump buttocks raised, her upper body struggled constantly, and her lower body was naked and seductive. Under the pressure of my legs, I can still see two beautiful white and attractive legs kicking and resisting from time to time, and even the rounded arc of the beautiful buttocks, the buttocks are trembling, and the indescribable obsceneness can be seen. Stimulate.

My right palm gently touched Shiho's plump and round buttocks a few times, and immediately caressed Shiho's sexy thighs, feeling smooth and tender. I can't help but sigh that it is really a superb product, and the figure is kept so good.

He has been lewd and frivolous on his bare buttocks and thighs, Shiho Nishizumi yelled "Bastard, beast, Stop", and his body was constantly struggling violently. Afraid that my hands will touch my own valley petals at any time.

I skillfully use my right palm to slide down from the base of Nishiju Shiho's slick thigh, and my nimble fingers protrude out of Nishiju Shiho's soft grass, With loving caresses, she held the sensitive and charming valley with her palms upside down.

Then the index finger and the middle finger lewdly rubbed the tender and soft labia tender meat, and the middle finger was pushed forward, slightly reaching into the delicate seam, and Nishizumi Shiho's small pussy meat was played with prostitutes.

When a woman's private part, which is as precious as her life, was toyed with me in the palm of my hand, Shiho Nishizumi was terrified and wriggled and struggled wildly, but she was still tightly suppressed. As she twisted, my violating fingers slid deeper into the cunt.

The white tender and beautiful buttocks of the best beautiful wife have been stripped off by me, and the mysterious meat gap has been inserted by my middle finger. The exciting pleasure makes my obscene lower body rub hard , the meat cock rubbed Nishizumi Shiho's smooth and elastic buttocks through his pants.

At the same time, the right palm pressed down on the plump pubic mons, and the middle finger stretched forward to the fullest in the meat gap, and I could clearly feel the delicate cock of Nishizumi Shiho hugging me tightly. The invading fingers are slightly moist in the hole.

Now that the chaste pussy has been invaded by my fingers, the beautiful and strong Shiho Nishizumi is in a hurry, and there is only the panic of being about to lose his body. The uncontrollable outflow of the lustful water, Nishizumi Shiho can only hope for the appearance of a miracle.

The charming and charming body is panicking and struggling under my suppression, especially when I think of the beautiful wife's usual tough style, It does have a different kind of pleasure, which makes my cock swell and hurt. So I immediately took off my trousers, took out my big cock, and stabbed the bottom edge of Nishiju Shiho's groin with the hard cock.

Nishizumi Shiho can feel my terrifying behemoth, the amazing length and size, and the scorching temperatureNishizumi Shiho's body is shocked, just thinking I really want to be violated.

"Don't... I beg you, stop it, I'll pretend nothing happened, don't intervene." The crisis of chastity made Nishizumi Shiho anxious. Waist & Butt, TubeI can't stop dawdling between the groin and the big cock, and just want to avoid the approaching cock.

I tightened my lower abdomen against Shiho's buttocks, and the big penis slowly squeezed in from the lower edge of her gluteal crevice. The buttocks, I want to block the progress of the cock with the tight buttocks.

But it was obviously in vain, my right hand suddenly forced Shiho Nishizumi's thigh to the right, squeezed my legs between her legs, bent my knees and bent my legs, The head of the penis continued to move forward slowly towards the gap between the flesh, and the thick and long cock showed that it was touching the tender flesh of the labia. Then, he slowly straightened his waist back and forth, and gently rubbed the tender flesh of the flat labia with the big cock. .

Nishizumi Shiho's slender legs were caught wide open, twisting his waist and buttocks made the gap between the labia and the cock even more The helpless Nishizumi Shiho could only Spreading her legs, I endured my huge cock stroking her shyly everted pussy lips.

"Don't...come in...I beg's too big...ah..." The already wet little pussy felt the tender flesh of the big penis against the hole, the beautiful wife knew that she met What a tough man he was, and the unsatisfactory little hole spring water kept pouring out from the depths of the hole.

"Please...don't...let me go...I don't want..." The beautiful young woman's voice for help was a little low,It seemed that she wanted someone to save her, but she didn't want to let me One sees this shameful appearance of oneself.

"As I said, it's useless even if you shout."

"Okay, Mrs. Xizhu, let me tell you what a real man is. "Nishizumi Shiho struggled again and again, but was still tightly suppressed by me, and his calls for help had no effect. He raised his head anxiously and swayed from side to side, his hair like a cloud in a mess.

My hand unceremoniously pulled down Shiho Nishizumi's shirt, grabbed the pair of big white tits that looked like overripe peaches, and rubbed and squeezed them.

While lowering his head, he opened his mouth to hold a beautiful breast, and licked the copper-coin-sized areola and pink nipple with the tip of his tongue, while pinching Xizhu with his right index finger and thumb Shiho's other beautiful breast was gently rubbing and twisting.

"Don't...don't be like" A surge of current-like stimulation hit Nishizumi Shiho's whole body, Can't help trembling, Sui's breasts became swollen and red from pinching, and her nipples gradually stood up.

Nishizumi Shiho moaned feebly, struggling and resisting feebly. And while I sucked her nipples, I slowly slid down the nipples with my hands, brushed over the snow-white flat belly, and brushed the soft herbs a few times.

My hand stopped on Nishizumi Shiho's delicate labia, and the two pink labia were slightly open at this time. On the clitoris, pinching and scraping lightly with the belly of the fingers.

"Ah...don't...ah..." Shiho Nishizumi received this strong stimulation, his legs could not help but clamped and loosened, and when he loosened the clamps, his whole body was covered. Trembling violently.

After playing around for a while, my cock became unbearably swollen, so I lifted Nishizumi Shiho's smooth legs on my shoulders with one hand, and held her breasts with the other. , with his thick and long cock, he approached Nishiju Shiho's beautiful pussy.

The huge head of the penis was placed between Shiho's two tender and wet labia, and my waist forced a "poof呲", and the thick and long cock pushed the two labia away , slowly inserted into the small hole of Nishizumi Shiho.

My big cock is slightly inserted into the small hole and then pulled back, then inserted forward, so back and forth dozens of times, dawdling and pumping in the holeI want to disintegrate first Shiho's heart, which was fiercely resisted, really felt that Nishizumi Shiho's body was not as tense as before with such a light thrust, and it seemed that the boat was done and the situation was over.

Seeing this, I let go of Nishizumi Shiho's right hand with my left hand, hugged her slender beautiful legs with both hands at the same time, lifted Nishizumi Shiho's entire lower body, and pulled both hands out On, Nishizumi Shiho's legs were wide open, and the charming slit of the meat was completely exposed, and my cock was inserted fiercely deep into her small pussy.

"Ah... it hurts... stop..." Shiho Nishizumi only had his upper body on the table, and his hands involuntarily pressed the table to support the weight of his body, while the vagina was inside There was a burst of tearing pain that made Nishizumi Shiho groan in pain, which was stronger than the pain of her breaking the melon.

The angle of insertion is correct, but because my big cock is too thick, I pushed the cock to Shiho Nishizumi's vagina and didn't go further, the wife's vagina The accommodating elasticity of the wall meat is not used to swallowing my cock which is too large.

"Don't... I beg you... Stop it..." The strong wife showed a tender side and instinctivelybegged for mercy, but her body struggles became weaker and weaker. The skin of the raped body was dyed a crimson color.

When the big penis was buried deep in the vagina, Shiho Nishiju did not dare to move, I grabbed Shiho Nishizumi with both hands, and put her delicate body on the side. Lying on the tatami, and lying on the back, the two of them were attached to each other in such an arched posture.

At this time, the genitals of Shiho Nishinomiya, which grows with the grass, are slightly raised, a milky white waterlineThe two delicate labia streamed down the white as jade thigh flesh, and the two pink flesh lips shrank or opened from time to time, breathing hot air.

Nishizumi Shiho didn't even want to call for help, and ignoring the fact that my hand stretched over the knee of her right leg, I lifted her attractive right leg up. Her charming acupoints were wide open, and her hair was messy, covering Nishizumi Shiho's fair and charming face, Nishizumi Shiho closed his eyes and frowned, his teeth were clenching so tightly that blood was about to ooze.

The intoxicating snort of Shiho Nishizumi's gasping breath poured into my nose like an aphrodisiac spring breeze, making me burn with lust. Sexual desire and the special body fragrance of beautiful young women, I couldn't help but kiss.

The seductive cherry lips were finally kissed by me. Shiho Nishizumi tightly closed her delicate mouth and refused to open it. I pressed my lips firmly and firmly Panting heavily, the tip of the tongue continued to explore the mouth along the shell's teeth, the holy little mouth was violated, and Nishizumi Shiho's lips kept avoiding.

I grabbed Shiho Nishizumi's chin and pressed my fingertips hard to loosen her jaw, and my tongue digged into the seam of her teeth, exhaling like a Ran's Nishizumi Shiho's resistance gradually weakened, Kaguya was strongly attracted and entangled, and in the end, I could only kiss as deeply as a lover would.

Due to my excessive sexual excitement, I could not help uttering a deep groan, wantonly savoring the shame of the beautiful wife in front of me being forced to kiss, and craving for the nectar juice in her mouth, Teasing the soft tongue, sucking in the sweet fragrance, constantly lewd and clinging.

I use my tongue to lick Nishiju Shiho's smooth teeth, the silky fragrance is inhaled into my mouth, but the glycol makes the blood flow, and Nishiju Shiho is soft Her cherry lips are delicate and delicious, the breath from the sandalwood mouth is fragrant and seductive, and the lilac tongue is constantly sucked by me, until I know she is about to suffocate from my kiss, I let her go and take a breath.

At this time, I was already sexually excited to the extreme, and ripped Nishizumi Shiho's lady's suit and shirt with one hand, and finallyThe beautiful wife was completely naked and showed her nakedness in my body. in front of you.

At this time, Shiho Nishizumi's black and beautiful long hair was scattered in all directions, his white jade-like forehead, two slender willow eyebrows, and a pair of black eyes that penetrated into the autumn water, with tears in his eyes , revealing the helpless look of being raped.

Slightly tall nose, sexy and gorgeous lips, round jaw, slender neck and snow-white shoulders, full breasts, beautiful legs, all are extremely beautiful. Alluring.

Especially the pair of towering snow breasts, extremely plump and smooth, white and tender, delicate, watery, yet extremely elastic, trembling slightly, even though lying on the tatami, But the upturned peach-shaped Jade Girl Peak is still round and upturned.

The double peaks are naturally close to each other, the floating grooves are distinct, the curves are soft, the milk meat is exceptionally white, and the smooth and tender milk meat flashes with a shiny luster. The sharp red cherries were proudly raised upwards, and the rounded red dots on the nipples stood proudly like two blooming red plums in the snow.

The bright red buds are as delicious as two cherries, making people want to take a bite, and below is a small waist with a grip, the perfect line extending down and The tender white and plump buttocks formed two beautiful arcs.

The lovely jade navel is inlaid on the smooth lower abdomen, and looking down, the black mysterious forest is exposed, and the soft herbs are visible in the bright light, which makes The charming petals loomed in the bloody fluffy grass, hiding shyly in the beautiful garden.

But the acupuncture mouth is slutty, and a trace of love fluid keeps flowing out, which fully shows that the beautiful wife is violently lusting for me at the moment, and the beautiful and tall white buttocks are equally beautiful , the trembling buttocks seem to be tempting me but ravaged.

"What a beautiful wife!" My big cock was seduced by this beautiful carcass, hard as steel.

I took two steps back and let the slightly inserted cock withdraw. Under the light of the light, my angry big cock was facing Nishizumi Shiho's pretty face. Standing tall, showing infinite majesty.

Nishizumi Shiho was so shocked that he propped up his upper body from the tatami. At this time, the air was almost frozen. The naked Nishizumi Shiho and I looked at each other face to face. Nishizumi Shiho was plump. The towering breasts rise and fall sharply, and I look down to seemy huge cock is standing hard and straight forward, the big cock head and the body of the cock are shining because of the slutty water stained by the previous rubbing hole luster.

This thing is really too long and too thick. Faced with such a majestic cock of mine, Shiho Nishizumi is so nervous that he can't speak. It is extremely plump. Her breasts rose and fell, about to be stained by the man in front of her.For some reason, the love liquid secreted by her lower body became more intense.

Although Nishizumi Shiho has already felt my incomparably majestic big cock, although there is no real penetration, it is enough to make her feel deeply, but at this time Goodbye, still stunned by my huge penis.

My big cock is many times stronger than her husband, not at allIt's an order of magnitude, and Nishizumi Shiho stared at my huge meat cock with shame, and supported the low table behind him with both hands, as if supporting his delicate body that was about to fall.

"This founder, please forgive me. I think as long as you want, there will be many young and beautiful women who are willing todedicate themselves." Facing the fate of being raped, Nishijushi Sui begged in a low voice.

"It is impossible for me to let go of a beautiful young woman like you, Mrs. Xizhu. For a powerful wife like you, Mrs. Xi, your husband must not be able to satisfy you. Leave it to me. Well, I'll make you fully satisfied." I walked into Shiho Nishinomiya's setting, smelling the fragrance, and the delicate fragrance of a mature young woman.

"Mr." Shiho Nishizumi heard that I was so eager to get her body, her words were so lewd, her breath was short, and she felt cold all over. Trembling, Nishizumi Shiho's fair face was like a ripe red apple.

"Okay, don't talk too much, Mrs. Xizhu, I just want to fuck you."

"You..." Even though she was so soft, she still wanted to fuck you. This really made Nishizumi Shiho feel ashamed and angry.

I don't care about Shiho Nishizumi's reaction, I insert my hands between the armpits of the beautiful wife to lift her, and then use both hands to support Shiho Nishizumi's buttocks, this series of actions In one go, and where it touches, it is extremely soft.

Nishizumi Shiho saw that I was so strong and wanted to win, but she could only let it go. She was flustered in her heart. live.

I looked at the beautiful wife naked in her arms with a lewd laugh. Tonight, Nishizumi Shiho already has a lamb in her hands. Today is still a long time, and I am not in a hurry. I have to play with this. Only a beautiful young woman who leads the chariot, soI let Nishizumi Shiho's slender legs wrap around my waist, hold her white and smooth buttocks tightly with both hands, in the room Move around.

No matter how Nishizumi Shiho struggled, he didn't let go, but kept grinding the beautiful wife's groin with that huge cock. Nishizumi Shiho's legs were wrapped around me, and a pair of small white jade-like hands desperately pushed against my body, but How could they get rid of my clutches.

Nishizumi Shiho struggled hard in my arms, felt the invasion of the hot big cock in the groin, and her legs started kicking in the air, but she was not as strong. Where can I earn.

"Mr. don't...let go...please...let go...please...I have a husband..."The beautiful wife has no choice but to continue begging .

"My beauty, I've missed you for a long time, and I've been wanting to fuck you all this time, so todayI'm going to fix you no matter what, ma'am You might as well let me fuck you honestly, and when you taste my stuff, you'll want to die." I wrapped one hand around Shiho's slender and soft waist. One hand supported her beautiful ass.

Nishizumi Shiho saw the shame that she was embracing me naked and my thick penis. She couldn't help but feel extremely ashamed, she blushed and endured my lewdness With foul language, he pushed the shoulders of this horny man with the light-white Xuenen hand.

And desperately leaned back to prevent me from touching her extremely mature plump, towering and towering Jade Peak. Although Nishizumi Shiho tried hard to resist, she couldn't touch her. Over time, she also gradually felt powerless, and a sense of despair welled up.

Nishizumi Shiho's resistance was getting weaker and weaker, and I began to tighten my arms, and finally squeezed Nishizumi Shiho's virtuous, tender, soft and plump breasts tightly. pressed against my chest.

"Well...don't..." Nishizumi Shiho hummed, feeling a little breathless.

Nishizumi Shiho knew that she was not my opponent at all, and she must be doomed. The smell of a mature man's sweat penetrated her heart, and the huge penis sitting under her beautiful ass As she kept grinding on the top of her groin, Nishizumi Shiho blushed. As a chaste wife, she was embarrassed and anxious.

I just feel that the stunningly beautiful wife in her arms is exhaling like a blue orchid, as beautiful as a flower, and a body fragrance unique to a beautiful young woman is refreshing, and there are two rapid ups and downs on her chest. The towering breast peaks.

Feeling the cute bulge of the bright spots on the incomparably plump soft breasts, my blood immediately surged up, regardless of Nishizumi Shiho's struggles, I held Nishizumi Shiho's beautiful buttocks with both hands , kneading frantically.

Where is the beautiful and stunning Nishizumi Shiho my opponent, she can only use her legs to cross my waist so as not to fall from the air, and her hands weakly beat my reduction Half, constantly shouting "don't...don't".

Nishizumi Shiho, who is getting more and more desperate in her heart, is getting softer and softer, and unknowingly, as soon as she closes her beautiful black pupils, I show the victor's attitude. Smile.

The beautiful wife I want to possess is now in my arms. She has a cold and strong temperament, a charming appearance, a plump body, slender legs, and a round beauty. The buttocks, the mysterious private parts like a virgin, and the skin as translucent as high-quality silk, will all belong to me.

My heart suddenly speeds upThe blue veins of my crotch cock can't help vibrating, my cock is innumerable, and it can be said that I have experienced many battles. Today, I am going to enjoy the charming little pussy of the stunning beautiful wife and make her sexual Extremely excited.

I hugged Nishizumi Shiho and slowly fell on the tatami, I suddenly lowered my head and covered her soft lips with hot lipsNishizumi Shiho turned his head Twisting aside, I don't mind, I sucked along her white neck, and came to her high breasts.

The delicate fragrance of the beautiful young woman, together with those two soft, soft, quivering plump breasts, tightly wrapped my cheeks, and the blood kept pounding my heart.

I instinctively held the plump and towering breasts with my mouth, opened my mouth greedily, swallowed the breasts one by one, and kept stirring the nipples full of vitality with my tongue.

My broad palms are no longer content to continue kneading Shiho Nishizumi's plump buttocks, the index and middle fingers are joined together, the fingertips are slightly hooked, and they are gently inserted into the seam of her thighs the center of.

Nishizumi Shiho's plump body trembled slightly, and a red tide rushed to her pretty face. The mature and charming body is so intoxicating and addicting.

"Mrs. Xizhu, I'll make you want to die after a while. You can just enjoy the waves. TodayI still have time, and I will definitely play it carefully. I won't let go of your charming body no matter where it is, When the time comes, you will know how powerful I am."

Hearing my extremely lewd teasing in her ear, The grief in Shiho Nishizumi's heart is even more indescribable, butThe body is getting hotter and hotter from the rubbing of my hands, a heart is beating suddenly, and the humiliation is inexplicably accompanied by a kind of excitement.

"Come on, Mrs. Nishizumi, let me enjoy you." Nishizumi Shiho's mature and hot young woman's body was placed naked on the tatami, and her vagina was Completely exposed in front of me, she was ashamed to death in her heart.

Nishizumi Shiho didn't know what to do for a while, and when he thought of his business partner wanting to rape him, he was really ashamed, anxious and angry, he pushed me with both hands, Tighten my legs so I can't see her pussy.

I looked at Nishizumi Shiho's pink skin, a pair of plump breasts that were round and bulging, and wanted to get up even when lying on the tatami. tilted.

She is slender and slender, and under her attractive slender waist, she has a delicate pussy in the middle of her round buttocks and pink legs, showing a pink color. Her slender jade legs are bent against the tatami. The pinch of black and charming herbs in the thighs covered the seductive wife's pussy.

"Your beautiful pussy, ma'am, it must be so cool to fuck." I forcibly pressed Nishizumi Shiho's hands on the tatami, and excitedly pushed her right knee away. With her beautiful jade legs tucked, she freed her left hand to hold the plump tits of the beautiful wife.

Then she used her right hand to fiddle with Shiho Nishizumi's charming petals, her pink labia opened outwards, revealing the seductive and seductive slit in the middle of the small hole. I found the sensitive clitoris all at once, and I squeezed the clitoris with my fingers and kept kneading and playing.

Nishizumi Shiho felt like she had been electrocuted all over her body, and now I am forcibly admiring and fondling her tender pussy. Nishizumi Shiho is really ashamed and hated, feeling the soreness and emptiness in her vagina, she I wanted to lift my leg and kick me away, but my whole body was weak and weak, so I could only grab my right wrist tightly with my right hand, which was violating her small acupuncture point, and hold the tatami with my left hand.

"Don't... Mr. Jian... Stop it... Come on someone..." I pressed my right thumb against the clitoris, and inserted my middle finger into the beautiful wife's already moist tender vagina and pumped continuously. Insert and dig.

"Enough... please... let me go..." Shiho Nishizumi was so puffed up that he could only let go of my arms, and gripped the tatami board tightly with both hands, Lying on the tatami, shaking my head constantly, endured more and more pleasure.

The beautiful wife will be raped while lying naked on the tatami. Facing such a beautiful scenery, I am completely fascinated by her sexy white body.

Apparently Nishizumi Shiho's body is very sensitive now. After I continued to twitch dozens of times with my middle finger in the small hole, I took a sip of saliva and pressed her hard. With her plump body, she lowered her head and kissed Shiho Nishizumi's charming lips.

Nishizumi Shiho shook his head and avoided my lips, but the sweet lips were still forcibly kissed by my mouth, and the tongue directly inserted into the smooth mouth of the beautiful wife, forcibly kissing Nishizumi Shiho. Hoo's fragrant tongues intertwined, kissing Nishizumi Shiho with a humming sound.

After the deep kiss, I used my knees to force Shiho Nishizumi's legs apart, sticking my cock to her wet pussy, with the head of my cock on her pink slit , rubbing up and down.

Nishizumi Shiho saw with her own eyes that my thick and long cock had been pushed to her private parts, she was shocked and twisted her body desperately and struggled, trying to push me away with the intention of adultery her badass.

But my big cock has been pressed against her small hole, no matter how Shiho Nishizumi struggles, the big cock's head is always against the hole of the honey hole, but her delicate body The twisting of hers increased the friction between me and her genitals,Sheshe was feeling hot and uncomfortable.

I lowered my body and rubbed Shiho's tall breasts with both hands, and the big penis was pressed against the outside of the vagina. , Panting again and again, grasping the tatami board with both hands.

Her vagina has been made very slippery by my fingers, and with the long-term friction with my big penis at this time, the vagina is even more slippery, and the huge penis flows out through the 's love liquid gradually squeezed into the slippery tight pussy.

The pink and tender pussy labia was forcibly opened and tightly wrapped with the huge glans. The pink and black contrasted sharply. Shiho Nishiju only felt that the lower body was extremely uncomfortable. , a stream of kinky water flowed out from her pussy involuntarily.

Nishizumi Shiho's pretty face flushed red, if I was really raped like this, as a wife, his face and virginity are all gone, and now the penis has been inserted If you enter a part, you will be forced to have sex.

"Don't...don't...Jiangong...your place is too big...forgive me..." Shiho Nishizumi was so ashamed that he continued to put down his body and begged me .

A pair of pink fists slapped my chest weakly, raised my legs in the air, and refused weakly, wanting me, the man who wanted to rape her, to put the girl who had already entered the small hole. Pull out the glans.

I took advantage of the situation and lifted Nishizumi Shiho's pair of slender, white and tender jade legs, sandwiched it between my shoulders, and hugged her tightly with both hands so that she could not struggle, and then my hands followed the beautiful white and tender thighs The skin goes up to the calf.

Grabbing the beautiful wife's slender left and right ankles with both hands, she forcibly lifted Nishizumi Shiho's legs into the air, and opened them to the sides, and then pressed her hands down.

Nishizumi Shiho felt that her buttocks were forcibly raised high, and the head of her penis went a little deeper into her small hole, pressing tightly into her small hole.

The pink pussy has been completely exposed to the ruthless attack of my big cock, and now this lewd position makes Shiho Nishizumi useless even if he wants to use force, I just wish I could have a little conscience and let her go.

"Mr. Jian... don't... I'm not that kind of casual woman..." Nishizumi Shiho's eyes flashed with tears, his hands gripping the tatami, and pitifully begged me for mercy.

At this time, I was holding the left and right ankles of the beautiful wife with both hands, and I felt that the completely wet and petite pussy was sucking the big penis that had entered the pussy two inches, really Extremely cool.

"I just want to rape Mrs. Xizhu, you beautiful wife, see Mrs. your little pussy piece by piece, I already want it very much, come on, let me give it to you What you really want."

At this moment, the stunning and beautiful wife has been restrained by me, so she can only close her beautiful eyes in shame, her delicate body trembles slightly, and her cheeks are as red as blush. fire.

I hurriedly put the swollen thick and long cock between the slightly separated snow-white jade legs, and the round and huge hot cock head was in the soft and tender meat of Nishiju Shiho Swipe back and forth on the hole.

The sturdy big cock was rubbing against the red tender granulation of Nishizumi Shiho, and used the big penis to poke her petals, and then the slippery cum rubbed the whole sturdy big cock Inadvertently squeezed forward and slammed in.

The head of the big meat stick was blocked because it was too thick. I took a deep breath. " With a sound, the big cock finally broke through the hole and inserted a small half of it.

"Ah..." Nishizumi Shiho let out a long groan, only to feel a crisp, numb, itchy, sour, mixed with a subtly sense of comfort and pain, followed by The huge cock that is on fire runs through the body to the heart of the flower.

Nishizumi Shiho's slender, round, fat-free legs stand straight up, and the five round and smallbeautiful toes are also tightly curled together, extremely cute and attractive.

"No...don' rape me...the beast...uh..." the beautiful wife cried sadly.

I pushed again, and the big cock went straight to the depths of Nishiju Shiho's small pussy, and the flowery heart that even her husband had not touched, the charming pussy lips immediately clamped tightly. My cock, every inch of my cock is wrapped tightly in the tender, hot, moist mucous membrane of that deep, petite pussy.

With such a huge cock, Nishizumi Shiho's painful eyebrows were knitted tightly, his teeth were clenched, and his face was slightly pale. , a dizzying intense pleasure surged out.

Qing Ya Li groaned and moaned crampedly, as if to resist and accept the big cock that was inserted into her beautiful pussy, wet and slippery by the cum.

" hurts..." During the speech, Nishizumi Shiho kept twisting and struggling.

The tender meat on the vagina wall of Nishizumi Shiho, who is very charming, is very layered, and it encircles my big cock layer by layer. Whenever my big cock is pulled out and inserted again, The tender meat of the vaginal wall will automatically shrink and wriggle.

The wall of the uterine cavity also shakes tightly.The neck groove of the fleshy crown of the head of my penis seems to be sucking my big penis head.Such a beautiful pussy is really a superb pussy.

With my right hand, I wrapped Shiho Nishizumi's soft waist, so that she couldn't move, and the big cock that had been stuck in her small hole began to slowly withdraw, and then squeezed through the layers of The wall of the hole was tender, and he sank into the small hole again, deeply penetrating Nishizumi Shiho's small fleshy slit.

Nishizumi Shiho's vaginal pain has gradually subsided, followed by more and more powerful sexual pleasure, and the powerful beauty wife realizes that the man's cock is in her holy pussy ravaged and plundered.

Thinking of being so raped and humiliated, even if a strong woman like Nishizumi Shiho sheds crystal tears, how could I be so careless? The man relaxed a little bit.

The mature and sexy body was lying down helplessly, letting my big meat dick from the back of the buttocks and the lower edge of the groin. I had already taken off my clothes, and Nishizumi Shiho was even more naked and dazzling, his smooth and flawless right leg was lifted into the air and swayed with my extremely fast and strong thrusting rhythm.

"Ah...ah..." Nishizumi Shiho couldn't help but exclaimed, only to feel that his lower body was filled with a thick and hot giant, which was extremely hot.

Nishizumi Shiho felt a strong stimulation and pleasure, and it was many times stronger than his husband. When inserting the small hole, Nishizumi Shiho opened his mouth and the muscles of both legs tensed.

"Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo out..." Since there was a lot of kinky water coming out of Nishizumi Shiho's small hole, I made a lustful sound of water when I started plugging.

Even though I have already given birth to two children, Shiho Nishizumi's pussy is still very elastic and very tight, and the two labia tightly wrap around me. big meat stick.

With my rich sexual experience and thick and long cock, I can insert the cock into the deepest point of Nishiju Shiho's small hole every time. She couldn't help trembling, her red lips parted slightly, and she let out a coquettish cry.

I inserted dozens of times at a time, and Shiho Nishiju was already dripping with sweat, her cheeks were crimson, and she couldn't stop screaming. One white thigh hit my shoulder, the other was lying on the tatami, shaking back and forth with my pumping.

"Ah ... oh ... uh ... um ..." Shi Suo Jiao, who lives.

I let Nishizumi Shiho slow down for a while, and then I started to thrust it up and down, pulling the cock into the vagina every time, and then inserting it hard, straight Nishizumi Shiho's love fluid splashed all over the place, her limbs trembled, and my scrotum slapped on her buttocks, making a crackling sound.

Soon Nishizumi Shiho was driven into a state of obsession by me, and she kept moaning and her voice was pounded by waves of intense sexual pleasure. It was getting bigger and bigger, and the breathing was getting heavier and heavier, and from time to time it made an uncontrollable cooing.

"Ah... um..." Nishizumi Shiho's every lewd cry was accompanied by a long initial period, and the look on his pretty face seemed to be pain, but also enjoyment.

This powerful pleasure mixed with the humiliation of being raped made Shiho Nishiju completely forget himself, and couldn't help devote himself wholeheartedly, his pussy erected without self-confidence, and actively catered to my cock. Push and plug.

"Ah ... ah ... stop ... ah ah ..." Xizhou Zhiui could no longer suppress himself, and kept screaming loudly.

I only felt the strong contraction of Nishiju Shiho's kinky acupoint, and every time I inserted it into the depths, I felt Nishizumi Shiho's warm womb, like a small mouth, the glans suck.

Nishiju Shiho's small hole was flowing out continuously, and as the cock was pulled out, it flowed down the gluteal groove onto the tatami, and had already wet a large area. Suishiho's pair of plump breasts surged in front of her chest like waves, and her bright red nipples swayed and danced like red plums in the cold wind.

The climax came and went, and Shiho Nishizumi had already forgotten everything, and only hoped that my thick and long cock would be inserted forcefully, she frantically twisted her white plump body, Catering to my wave after wave of violent thrusts, when the orgasm came, a stream of pussy sperm hit my penis.

The huge cock was thrusting fast and powerfully, making a loud popping sound. Nishizumi Shiho was out of breath gasping and moaning, mixed with one or two long shouts, and Nishizumi Shiho's soft and mature sexy body made me excited.

After more than an hour of fucking, finally after Shiho Nishizumi reached an orgasm countless times, under the strong contractions of the kinky pussy, I slammed hot semen into it. Beautiful wife in the horny womb.

Nishizumi Shiho was trembling all over, feeling the thrill of the waves like electric shock.

Nishizumi Shiho was lying softly on the tatami, not wanting to move at all, I pulled out the big cock that was soaked with love fluid, and a milky white semen slowly flowed from the west Sumi Shiho leaked from her slightly red and swollen labia.

Chapter 63 The passion of the wife after she was forced to live in the West


Nishizumi Shiho lay quietly for a while. As a mature young woman, she is also a strong leader of the chariot. In the face of the established facts, she is not like a young man looking for death. Live, weeping, and after being raped by me, I did satisfy Nagasaki's suppressed sexual desire, and after a little peace of mind, he slowly stood up.

She went to the room to find a bath towel to wrap her body, remembering that her lower body was still wet, she went to the low table and smoked a few pieces of toilet paper, her blushing pretty face threw the post-orgasm Touching aftertaste.

"Mrs. Nishizumi, let me help you." Seeing this, I stood up with my big cock and wanted to wipe Shiho Nishizumi.

"Go away." Nishizumi Shiho will forgive me, with a pretty face and a coquettish expression, his eyes reddened, he quickly took off the tissue paper, and sat down on one side of the tatami. , wipe the lower body.

Nishizumi Shiho's red and wet eyes are even more delicate and beautiful, which made me want to do it again after I just vented I immediately wanted to do it again.

"I'll make it up to you." I put my left hand around Nishizumi Shiho as if nothing had happened, and said in her pure white ear.

"Compensation for what?" Nishiju Shiho put his right hand into the bath towel to wipe the semen flowing out of the hole, and had no time to push me away. Hearing my words, he asked angrily.

"Whatever you want, as long as I am able and willing to do it."

"Then you will triple the investment you give me in cooperation, no, five times." Is it Nishizumi? Sui, after calming down, I didn't say unrealistic demands like let me die, but more realistic demands.

"No problem, and it's not just funds, I will also increase my efforts to help in other areas." Of course, such a request was cheap for me, so I agreed immediately.

When Nishizumi Shiho heard this, at least he did not lose his responsibility as the head of the Nishizumi family. The grief of being raped in his heartdiluted a little and then quickened the action of wiping with his hands.

"I'll fix it." When the toilet paper was soaking wet and I wanted to get some more toilet paper, I grabbed the toilet paper quickly, put my left hand around Nishizumi Shiho, and my right hand. Holding the toilet paper, she quickly slid into the towel wrapped around her body and laughed wickedly.

At this time, my hand had already touched the root of Nishiju Shiho's thigh, and Nishiju Shiho pushed hard and found that it was of no use. He leaned back on the tatami, and pressed his right hand against the mons pubis through the bath towel, showing the meaning of protection.

"It's not easy to wipe this way." I gently groped and wiped at the base of Nishizumi Shiho's thigh a few times, and found that it was still wet, and my right hand was still pressing her pussy place.

"No need." Nishizumi Shiho replied immediately, sitting up straight and trying to stand up.

However, my left hand had already wrapped tightly around Shiho Nishisumi's slender waist, and pulled her body down to the tatami. , the upper body lay back on the tatami.

"I made this, I should be responsible, it will be fine soon." Shiho Nishizumi continued, but my left hand was already on her flat stomach. , said softly.

Although Nishizumi Shiho is reluctant, his heart is full of helplessness and grief that he can't recover his loss, and he has a feeling of exhaustion that is greater thanHeart death, and thinking that the most important thing has been lost, this It doesn't seem painful or itchy compared to a little action, so I closed my eyes and lay down on the tatami, holding on for a while, wanting to wait until I finish wiping.

I rolled up the bath towel wrapped around Nishizumi Shiho's tender body, and immediately saw his delicate, sexy and noble lower body, and my big cock swelled a little again with stimulation, Impatiently, he pushed Nishizumi Shiho's right leg out slightly, and began to gently wipe Nishizumi Shiho's charming slit with toilet paper.

Closing the beautiful eyes, Nishizumi Shiho feels very sharp, and the intermittent gentle touch of the lower body can not help but cause a slight itching, this guy was so tough when he raped, but now he is so It's light, and wipes gently and carefully, which is surprising.

I gently squeezed the two pieces of Nishizumi Shiho's tender labia and removed it, and carefully wiped the gap between the lip flesh and the base of the thigh.

When Nishizumi Shiho's labia tender meat was first squeezed, she couldn't help but want to resist pushing it away, but when Yu's hand touched my hand that squeezed her labia tender meat lightly, the sensitive part was smashed. I can't hold it hard.

After a bit of hesitation, she felt that I had already started wiping the small hole carefully and attentively, so I had to temporarily press my hand to push me away at any time, even though she knew it was nothing I use it, but my legs are still taut, and I hope I will finish wiping it off as soon as possible.

I carefully and gently wiped her labia for a long time. Shiho Nishiju saw me wiping her lower body so carefully and carefully, and her body relaxed a little, not so much anymore. taut.

My right hand began to caress Nishiju Shiho's two snow-white thighs, and Nishizumi Shiho could only feel my hand blowing like a breeze. It's a frivolous tease that she and her husband have never had before.

Nishizumi Shiho seemed to be trying to stop my hand, but just as he was about to make a sound, a heart-wrenching tickling came from his thigh, which muffled the voice that had reached his throat.

The painful fact of the loss made Nishizumi ShiSui sighed inwardly, thinking that her virgin pussy had already been stained by the other's penis, and the big hand moving on her thigh didn't seem to be so serious, so she didn't make a sound to stop it for the time being .

The movements of my hands were very gentle, and I slowly stroked the inside and outside of Nishizumi Shiho's pair of white, tender and attractive legs, left, right, left, and right, stroking every inch of her delicate skin.

Nishizumi Shiho was rubbing his thighs so vaguely by me, his whole body gradually became hot, his eyebrows were slightly frowning, and his breathing could not help a little, and he could not help but lie on the tatami in a trance. , just thinking that it's too late to stop it later.

I have a long history of understanding women's hearts, and I am familiar with the sensitive points of women. I slowly and patiently caressedNishiju Shiho's slender, snow-white thighs.

Seeing that Nishizumi Shiho did not immediately reach out or make a sound to stop me, and her breathing gradually became short, I knew that she, who had been suppressing her desire for a long time, unknowingly fell into my provocation. Trapped in, began to loosen up a little spring.

Nishizumi Shiho, who finally felt that something was wrong, raised her slender hand reluctantly and pressed the warm palm that was caressing the root of her thigh.

I gently pulled out my palm and covered Shisui Nishizumi's soft little hand, and gently pulled her little hand to cover the pubic mons.Across Shisumi's soft little hand, With a slight force with her fingers, she pressed her vulva, making Shiho Nishiju's heart pounding, and quickly pulled her jade hand away from the mons.

I picked up a piece of toilet paper with my right hand, moved it up and down with one corner of the paper, and gently brushed the charming seam of Nishiju Shiho, Nishizumi Shiho bit down slightly Her lips and breasts began to rise and fall rapidly. She knew that she was being teased and caressed, so she hurriedly clamped her charming legs and wrinkled the toilet paper.

I inserted my palm between the two white and tender thighs of Nishizumi Shiho, with slight force, I opened my legs, and continued to use the toilet paper corner patiently, unscrupulously in Nishiju Shiho's tender thighs The petals slide up and down to tease.

Nishizumi Shiho has never tried such a novel way of caressing. Although her heart is a little disturbed,As a married woman, she still struggles to twist her slender waist and bend her white tenderness. Thighs, wanting to turn sideways to avoid the provocation of the small hole.

With my left hand, I immediately pressed the mons of Nishiju Shiho's pubic area, pressed the fine velvety grass with my fingers, and strove the clitoris with a slight rotation. , and the small mouth made a soft "um..." sound, and then was pressed back again.

Shiho Nishizumi frowned at the seemingly non-existent itchiness of the small hole and the gap. She realized that she had the slightest idea of ​​indulgence and enjoyment, and faintly became my mistress. Frightened, I quickly suppressed it, forbidding myself to think of such indecent thoughts.

But I still can't help but think that my flirting skills are too powerful, how many women dream of such provocative provocation, and the desire for intercourse in the most hidden depths of women's hearts Already on the move.

The more and more intense itchiness in the depths of the small hole made Nishizumi Shiho flustered. He wanted to struggle to get up but his body became weak. A second passed, and the strong and beautiful wife was still lying there, letting me lighten her lower body, which was always pure and pure, and the feeling of emptiness and itching gradually rippling.

I put down the toilet paper, and started to stroke Nishiju Shiho's plump thighs with both hands. From the inner side of Nishizumi Shiho's snow-white plump thighs, I slowly stroked the thighs, and then Both thumbs lightly rubbed her holy clit at the same time, caressing gently and slowly.

Nishizumi Shiho realizes that she can't let this guy's wicked hands caress her privacy so much, and she can feel her body being teased like this. Can't stand it.

Nishizumi Shiho knew that it would be too late if he didn't stop him, but in the corner of his heart, he seemed to jump out of another radiant self, who was awakened by the man in front of him, eager to continue to be teased .

It is not so easy to suppress the desire of a woman who has just been awakened, especially after experiencing my powerful sexual ability, even more so, even Nishizumi Shiho resistance.

The dignified and graceful Nishizumi Shiho was lying naked, fighting between heaven and man, her cheeks flushed, her eyebrows furrowed, her legs slightly stretched, and after all, I still let my hands do whatever they wanted. The erotic desire to molest her little cunt just now, and the ecstasy craving that has been provoked after being raped to orgasm has made her unbearable.

Next, I brought my face close to Shiho's charming little pussy, stretched out my tongue and tentatively licked the tender labia. Pulling out, the beautiful white buttocks couldn't help but clamp, all the nerves of the whole body were concentrated on the tender flesh of the labia, and I felt my wet tongue extremely sensitively.

My lips held Shisui Nishiho's labia, my tongue gently licked and sucked the tender meat, Shiho Nishiju felt that the numbness was transmitted from the hole all the way to the depths of the uterus , so that she couldn't hold back any longer, she bit her lower lip and let out a lewd moan in an unstoppable muffled .

"Don't worry, don't suppress yourself anymore." I raised my head and approached Nishizumi Shiho's hot and flushed charmingface.

This sentenceAs if some switch was turned on, Nishiju Shiho couldn't hold back any longer, the sexy lips finally groaned in ecstasy, the tender and tight jade legs were intertwined and clamped, the lewd water flowed out, and it got wet again. I just raped my vagina.

Seeing the beautiful wife overflowing with kinky water, coupled with the groaning of the stunning wife made me sexually excited, I pulled off the bath towel of Shiho Nishizumi, this time Nishizumi Shiho Spike was naked in front of my eyes again.

Watching Shiho Nishizumi's tender white breasts panting and undulating, the incomparably plump and chaste breasts stand proudly in front of me, I'm about to let me do what I want, and my huge hard cock will The more meat is tight.

Nishizumi Shiho's breasts are plump, the size is much larger than that of the palm of your hand, and the powder is carved and jade-cut, delicate and smooth. When kneading, it feels soft and plump to the touch, soft and elastic, and the small and slightly warped nipples are pinched with the index finger and thumb, and the nipple is twisted and rotated.

I lowered my head and stuck out the tip of my tongue, licked from the lower edge of Shiho Nishiju's breast, licked the rounded lower part of the breast all the way, The tip of my tongue teased the nipple for a few times, and then opened my mouth to lick Nishizumi's breast. Shiho's white tender breasts were engulfed, her tongue was sucking and sucking the nipple in her mouth, and her left hand was still kneading the other breast.

I fingered Shiho's upturned nipple, let go of the wet right breast that I was sucking, and turned to hold the nipple of my left breast, sucking up and down a few times, Extremely patient licking and flicking her tiny nipples.

Nishizumi Shiho's nipples swelled with excitement and itchiness uncontrollably, one wave after another, when I opened my mouth and forcedher nipple into my mouth, biting and licking Bai Nen nipples and pink nipples.

Under such stimulation, Nishizumi Shiho finally couldn't hold back, and took the initiative to arch her breasts, pushing her white and tender nipples into my mouth, but I hung Nishizu Summoning Shiho's appetite, she moved her mouth down, her white and tender twin peaks arched high in the air, and her small mouth highlighted the blazing scream of desire.

Nishizumi Shiho couldn't take it anymore, he wrapped my head with both hands and squeezed her breasts tightly, my head was so deeply buried in Nishizumi Shiho's body. During the breast augmentation, the teeth sucking the nipples involuntarily increased a little bit harder.

"Um...pain..." The slight pain in the breast made Nishizumi Shiho let out a soft cry, but her hands were still tightly huggingmy head, and she was reluctant to let go.

Seeing this, I loosened my lips slightly, pressed my cheeks against my cleavage, and licked my right breast, which was also round and upturned. Spike's kinky little pussy dripping with water.

It stimulated Shiho's wet pubic area, and now the itchiness of her nipples and the waves of sexual excitement in her small pussy are combined, and her waist is softening. Lie back down on the tatami.

Suddenly the wet flesh was sucked by the wet tongue, and the extremely comfortable and stimulating beauty made Nishizumi Shiho's upper body suddenly lift up, and then fell back on the sofa, unable to bear it. Use your own hands to firmly hold and rub the white and tender breasts.

The stimulated nipples were even more upturned, and Nishizumi Shiho also moaned softly, and suddenly she felt the tongue that was sucking the tender flesh of her pussy leave.

Nishizumi Shiho was lustful, flushed, and winked slightly, seeing that I was sticking that huge cock into her lower body.

I held my cock up and rubbed the wet labia tenderness of Shiho Nishiju with my big penis, and started to slide the big penis up and down to caress the tender flesh of the acupoint, further stimulating Nishizumi. Shiho's lust.

The dignified Nishizumi Shiho was pushed to the limit by the lust of spring, his head turned left and right, hmmm panting, his slenderhands were twitching her upturned nipples and flat belly. Trembling.

I'm lustful and seductive, but my huge cock just doesn't go forward, and the big turtle head has been slowly and frivolously grinding the west living Shiho's tender lips.

Nishizumi Shiho was on the verge of collapse, his lower body was trembling with itchiness and discomfort, his two snow-white thighs were sensually open, and the small mouth took a big breath, and the slits of the flesh were slightly opened and closed. , scalding hot all over, slutty arching her pussy, as if expecting my cock to go right into her pussy and ravage her mature flesh again.

"Dead satyr, hurry up, you have already raped you anyway, so don't do so many things, It's up to you today, hurry up...want Come quickly, or don't do it." As expected of the head of the Xizhu family, after letting go of his restraint, he has always had a strong style.

Looking at the picture of the mature young woman lying naked and waiting for me to be ravaged, I stopped teasing, and stretched out my hot penis. Meat seam to send.

The big penis first touched the delicate labia, which was soft and smooth. I held the big cock and used the penis to slide up and down the tender flesh of the everted labia, which made Nishizumi Shiho Yu Feeling uncomfortable, the craving for my cock got stronger and stronger.

"Since Mrs. Xizhu said so, then turn over and kneel on the ground, hold my cock, and let Mrs. You take the initiative to invite the cock into your little hole." I Seeing that the usual strong beauty was so flirtatious with herself being teased, I couldn't help but excitedly took her soft and boneless hand and put it on my cock and said.

Living in the WestShiho sighed lightly, turned over, her plump, white and tender body knelt down on the tatami, raised her round buttocks, her kinky little pussy was pouting at me seductively, and her left upper limbs Resting on the tatami, my pure white right hand tightly grasped my cock, biting her teeth and slowly introducing it into her extremely wet slit.

I saw Nishizumi Shiho was so unbearable, the huge cock couldn't help but thrust it hard, the big penis spread the labia, and slowly stabbed into the depths of the slippery and tight little pussy.

As expected of a good family woman, her vagina is as tight as a virgin, and my big cock is still tightly bound. After getting familiar with Shiho Nishizumi's vagina, I adjusted the optimal size of the cock, It can give Nishizumi Shiho pleasure to the greatest extent, so at this time, my big cock was almost completely submerged into her tender pussy and stretched out, and I began to thrust mercilessly.

Nishizumi Shiho once again asked a man other than her husband to insert his penis into her small pussy. She couldn't help but close her eyes. The shape of the cock fits perfectly and the rhythm of the thrusting.

I want to admire Shiho Nishizumi's charming body, well-proportioned, plump, and graceful. It is the time when a woman is most attractive. Her thighs are round and snow-white, the herbs are neat and shiny, and her labia is beautiful. The slit is shy and wet, and the soul is ecstatic.

My huge cock started to move in and out of Nishizumi Shiho's vagina again. twitch.

How can a beautiful wife who is not sexually experienced can stand such toying, her hands are already on the tatami, and her fingers are clutching the fluffy tatami board, Nishizumi Shiho The numbness was unbearable, and I kept pushing my hips, trying my best to meet my movements.

I stroked Nishizumi Shiho's round buttocks with both hands, then opened her beautiful ass and tender meat, and inserted the big cock deep into the flower's heart, holding Nishizumi Shiho with both hands and shaking it The white tender breasts, vigorously rubbed.

Without waiting for me to push, Shiho Nishizumi couldn't help but actively sway his buttocks, and then catered to him, the little kinky wet meat slit swallowed my big cock, again and again The big cock was swallowed up and disappeared without a trace.

I quickly thrust hundreds of times again, and suddenly I put Nishizumi Shiho's beautiful legs down, and the meat cock "poof"I pulled out all at once.

"Uh-huh...don't...don't pull it" Shiho Nishizumi never dreamed that he would say such lewd words. She couldn't care less about it, and even reached out to grab my big cock full of cum that gave her infinite pleasure.

"Isn't satisfied yet? Come on, let me satisfy your wife today." I patted Nishizumi Shiho's snow-white buttocks with my hand.

Nishizumi Shiho was scorched by lust at the moment, and when she heard my words, she kneeled on the tatami in obedience, and anxiously lifted her white plump buttocks high, eager to Immediately insert my thick, long, hot cock back into my body.

I spread the kneeling legs of Nishizumi Shiho to both sides, and put both hands on Nishizumi Shiho's white buttocks.I knead it hard like dough. He rubbed Nishizumi Shiho's snow-white buttocks red, and slapped her snow-white plump buttocks with a slight force that didn't help.

The fiery giant was not inserted for a long time, and Nishizumi Shiho only felt as if his whole body was being emptied.The small hole that had just been satisfied and the empty hole formed a strong interaction. The comparison made her even more uncomfortable.

"Hurry up... my little pussy is so itchy... I want a big cock... let's put it in..." Shiho Nishizumi shouted lewdly, twisting her slim waist, trying her best Raised her beautiful white ass.

With my hands, I opened the two snow-white buttocks of Nishizumi Shiho. The pink daisies in the middle and the two wet labia were clearly visible. The kinky water overflowing in Nishizumi Shiho's vagina was clearly visible. It flows continuously to the tatami along the two white thighs.

I held my cock and pressed it against Nishizumi Shiho's wet pussy. Before I could forcefully insert it, Nishizumi Shiho could not wait to twist his waist and lift it up. Ass, along with swallowing my big cock into her pussy.

"Slutty Mrs. Nishizumi, just let me fuck you well." I straightened my waist and pumped violently, hitting Nishizumi Shiho's plump buttocks. ' sounded.

"Ah ... oh ... too comfortable ... Jianzheng ... force ... Ah ... I'm going to be ... to be lost My strong back-entry impact almost made me fall down.

I stretched my hands under Nishizumi Shiho, and squeezed her big soft breasts like milking a cow. Nishizumi Shiho's fair and round buttocks couldn't help but slammed back hard, and had an unforgettable copulation.

At this time, Shiho Nishizumi bit his lip and raised his head provocatively, his black hair was scattered, his tender breasts were swaying, the little pussy was about to spasm, panting, full of joy, and lustful. want to die.

Suddenly Nishizumi Shiho raised his upper body high, stood still, and then fell on the tatami, with a white and tender body dripping with sweat, lying softly on the tatami, white and attractive Her thighs are spread lazily, showing the sensual atmosphere of ecstasy.

Nishizumi Shiho closed his eyes and gasped.I immersed myself in the luscious aftertaste, and after a while, my face began to have an expression of shame, I couldn't restrain my lust after all, just now that buttocks kept taking the initiative to insert the penis,Not at all. Like your usual self.

What makes her even more ashamed is that not only was her body raped, but she was also convinced by the powerful sexual pleasure in her heart, leaving an indelible mark.

Nearly an hour later, my sex with Nishizumi Shiho has heated up. Although Nishizumi Shiho has climaxed many times, I still do not ejaculate, and the speed of my acupuncture is getting faster and faster. Come faster.

"Bad guy... hurry up... ejaculate... ah... Mr. Ho... please... please ejaculate..." Nishizumi ShihHoo has been fucked without a trace Strength, seeing that I didn't mean to ejaculate, I had to beg for mercy.

"Since you begged me so much, Mrs. Xizhu, I will give it to you." I felt the convulsions in the beautiful wife's vagina, and a hot horny water once again Squirting out of the uterus, he couldn't bear it any longer, and with a muffled growl, he pushed the huge cock into the heart of the flower, and the hot semen shot into Shiho Nishizumi's uterus again.

A large amount of scorching white turbid semen poured directly onto Nishizumi Shiho almost fainted. The two acupuncture insertions for more than three hours completely satisfied the wife's long-suppressed sexual desire, even if With my semen moisturizing, my pussy was dry to the point of being red and swollen.

"Don't...Jiangong...what are you doing...well...don't you already...have asked me twice...not satisfied...stopstop..." Let Nishizumi Shiho rest. After a while, I started to move again.

"Mrs. Nishizumi, do you know what this is?" Seeing this, I didn't stop, but embraced the naked Nishizumi Shiho, and then, as if conjuring, A diamond-shaped crystal was formed from the other hand.

"How do I know, anyway, what you get out of this beast won't be anything good, well, let me go" Shiho Nishizumi glanced as if in my hand The crystal-like object ignored it and continued to struggle to get up.

"You'll know when you look at it." I started the diamond crystal with a smirk.

"What are you looking at, don't move..." When Nishizumi Shiho wanted to continue, a familiar voice came from the diamond-shaped crystal, and she had to stop. , turned his head to look.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Nishizumi Shiho was stunned, isn't this the scene of sex just now, how could it be recorded, and it's still in a small crystal.

At this time, I have quietly moved behind Shiho Nishizumi, wrapping my arms around Shiho Nishizumi who was standing still, and holding her two big hands directly. Big tits, and my cock that's still sticking up so high, right now, it's just inserted into Nishizumi Shiho's rump.

Looking at the lewd face in front of him and listening to his lewd screams, Nishizumi Shiho blushed with shame. He wanted to grab the crystal in mid-air, but was caught I couldn't move, and in the warm embrace, there was a hot thick stick in the buttocks that kept throbbing.

All of this made Nishizumi Shiho a little dazed, and the little pussy started to get wet again. I have to say that the atmosphere I created was too aphrodisiac, plus the effect of my semen, It made Nishizumi Shiho feel like he was taking an aphrodisiac.

"Oh...don't...let've already committed adultery twice...I have a"Nishizu Shiho was dazedly enjoying his desires At the same time, he also struggled and groaned softly, which matched the picture on the video, it was just perfect.

Nishizumi Shiho kept twisting her body, but the reaction to her was just the opposite. Instead, she felt that she was being hugged tighter and tighter. .

"Okay, ma'am, don't resist, don't you think about the video streaming, as long as you are obedient, I will give this to you." Hearing my words, Nishizumi Shiho suddenly stopped. Now this image is under my control. If it were released, the consequences would be unimaginable.

And even if you resist, you can't help yourself, you can't resist at all, right? Thinking of this, Nishizumi Shiho let out a sigh in his heart, and then it was as soft as if his whole body had been taken away, and it was soft in my arms.

Seeing this, I pushed directly to Nishizumi Shiho, and without a word, started sucking her nipples, caressing her charming body with both hands from top to bottom.

"Oh... don't... let go... let go... oh... ah..." Despite this, Nishizumi Shiho still struggled symbolically, and of course I could see it , so she licked, sucked, and stroked harder, making her lewd, and finally took the initiative to match my caress.

"General Manager...Today...I can let you play...but after have to remember...give me the videotape..."

"I Of course I can promise you, my wife, and I will give it back to you later, but you have to satisfy me." However, Shiho Nishizumi, who was being provoked, didn't notice it, and there was no set time after he said it. It could be right away, or it could be a long time.

"I...promise you...that's also have to remember...what you said..." Nishizumi Shiho bit his silver teeth and shouted.

At this time, the naked men and women in the room were already tightly entangled, kissing wetly. Myself, try to meet my needs in order to get the images back.

After flirting with each other for a while, Nishizumi Shiho couldn't stand my constant stimulation, and reached out to ask for my big cock, but I ignored her intuitive kiss and touch her.

The big meat stick is just sandwiched between her legs and does not really enter the territory of Nishizumi Shiho, because I want to train her better and let Nishizumi Shiho Lay a deeper imprint on me.

"Ah... Mr. Jian... You touched my breast... It's so comfortable... Hmm... I feel like the milk... I have to... squeeze out..." Then I started to caress Xi with my hands again. Sumi Shiho's breasts were held up vigorously for a while, and nipples were lightly pressed for a while, which made her close her eyes and enjoy.

"Come on, ma'am, let me give you a kiss." I raised Nishizumi Shiho's pretty face and said to her.

Shiho Nishizumi, who was already a little distraught, subconsciously kissed me passionately, and my big handtouched her left breast from time to time, rubbing her right breast. Milk, Nishizumi Shiho twisted and twisted under my body, it seemed unbearable itching.

"Mrs. Nishizumi, you are dripping with a lot of kinky water, and it's wet. Do you really want it?" I reached out and touched Shisui Nishizumi's little pussy, Immediately, his hands were soaked in slutty water.

"Sometimes you're a pervert that keeps getting thicker, and the lecherous water keeps flowing." Nishizumi Shiho, who let go at this time, became extremely lewd even when he spoke.

"Mrs. Xizhu, isn't it very comfortable to touch your little pussy like this?"

"'s so comfortable...I can't take it anymore...come quickly. Right..." At this time, Nishizumi Shiho was tickling my clitoris, and her hands were actively caressing my big penis.

"That lady, please serve my big cock first, and then I'll fuck your little pussy." Nishizumi Shiho was already kneeling in front of me, looking at a thick, long cock The extremely big cock made her heart tremble.

Slowly Nishizumi Shiho put my long, thick cock with exposed veins into his mouth and sucked it, making a "tsk tsk" sound from time to time.

"Good lady, lick my balls by the way, ah, it's so cool." Shiho Nishizumi obeyed and put my big balls in his mouth and licked them, licking both of them. All the grandchildren's bags were licked wetly.

"Mrs. Nishizumi, my big cock is coming to fuck you, do you like it?" After Nishizumi Shiho licked me for a while Her appetite is ready to rape her again.

"Ah! Stop teasing me, just put the big cock in, I'm already itchy inside, hurry up."I dawdled outside her pussy like this Insertion made Nishizumi Shiho impatient.

"Does your pussy want my big cock, please tell me."

"Yes, my pussy just wants you to be fucked, I want you Insert, my pussy can't be without your big cock, It's okay."

"Okay, then I'll fuck you to death." Saying that, my butt sank, the big cock" With a sound, he insertedNishizumi Shiho's lustful flesh hole.

"Madam, if you're comfortable, you should call it out, or I won't know if I'm making you feel comfortable, I'm about to stop." , while asking Nishizumi Shiho to scream lewdly.

"You bastard...oh...don't cock...long and thick...every time it goes to...the innermostof people...ah...big cock head...ribbed The horns... hit my uterus... so deep... shaves the walls of other people's vagina... so numb... so crisp... so comfortable..."

"Mrs. Xizhu, your tits are really Hit, I rocked it back and forth." As I fucked Nishizumi Shiho's tight pussy, I admired her big breasts bouncing up and down, and I couldn't help holding my hands Knead back and forth.

After some flirting, I changed my position again, I was sitting, Shiho Nishizumi was riding on top of me, and her legs were spread out and straddled. On my lap, I'm holding my long, thick cock covered in her estrus.

"Yes, sit down hard, make sure you are comfortable, madam."

"Ah... so thick... so bloated... so comfortable..." As Nishizumi Shiho faced the I, let me hold her big butt with both hands to swallow the big cock, so she couldn't help but take a peek, her tender pussy was being smashed by a big black cock out of the plug.

Nishizumi Shiho's bed-calling sound, the "snack" sound that is closely combined with the genitals, and the "sizzling" sound of lecherous water being fucked by a big cock is really a A wonderful symphony.

I hugged Shiho Nishizumi's buttocks with one hand, sucked the plump and upturned left breast of the beautiful wife with my mouth, and rubbed her right breast with the other hand.

"Ah... Mr. Jian... you are really... my enemy... the little pussy below... shoved by your big cock... even titsThe room is also sucked by comfortable...ah..."

"Is it cool to hold the relevant posture like this?"

"This posture...I I've never tried it feels so's exciting..."

"There are more good poses waiting for you to try my wife." After saying that, I put Nishizumi Shiho double I hugged my legs and asked her to wrap my arms around my neck, so I walked around the room with Nishizumi Shiho in my arms.

"Mrs. Xizhu, you haven't tried this move, have you?"

"Well... being held by you like this... I'm walking and doing it... the horny water is flowing all over the place... Okay. Embarrassed..." Shiho Nishizumi closed her eyes in shame, and her lewd screams in the video made her even more ashamed, so she huggedmy neck tightly and groaned to herself. on.

With my strength, Shiho Nishizumi has a slender, slender and light body. To hold such a white, slender and sexy beautiful wifeFor sexual intercourse in various positions, it is natural for me It was easy, and when I walked to the crystal with Nishizumi Shiho in my arms, it happened that I was having doggystyle sex with her.

"Shiho, do you see what you and I are doing in the picture?"

"I'm... having sex..." Nishizumi Shiho said shamefully.

"It's like we are now." I smiled lewdly, and the beautiful wife Shiho Nishizumi put her head on my chest in shame.

"Shiho, let's do the pose on the screen again, shall we?"

"Come on, get down and keep your hips high." Spike put down.

"Mr. Jian, come on." Shiho Nishizumi was also obediently lying on his stomach like he was before, raising his hips and waiting for me to fuck her.

Seeing such a lewd pose, I can't wait to straighten out my big meat stick and insert it into Shiho Nishinomiya's tight pussy, swinging my waist, wantonly raped the beautiful wife Nishi Live Shiho.

"Ma'am, your beautiful buttocks are really big, hurry up and twist your buttocks, Mrs. Nishizumi." As I drained Nishizumi's pussy, I slapped it hard. Her round buttocks.

Nishizumi Shiho shamelessly was lying on his stomach and was thrust into his pussy by me. When he twisted his buttocks, even the two big breasts in front of him also shook. I couldn't help but look at it A catch to play with.

"Ah...good brother...your big comfortable...well...your annoying...get my tits... It's broken... ah..."

"Shiho, you see my cock is full of filthy water, please lick it clean for me, and then I'll fuck you." After inserting Shiho Nishizumi's small hole several hundred times, I pulled out my cock and stood in front of Shiho Nishizumi.

Nishizumi Shiho also submissively held my big penis and sucked it, while licking and licking the cock, while looking at me with resentment and hunger, under the sucking of Nishizumi Shiho , my cock is really comfortable.

"Shisui, sit up quickly, I'll fuck you to death."

"You bastard... laughing at people... ah..." Nishizumi Shiho straddled my thigh, held my big cock, and sat down forcefully, the thick and long cock slowly entered the small hole again, making Nishizumi Shiho couldn't help but let out a squeak. call.

As Nishizumi Shiho tugged the big cock up and down, I saw her tight tender pussy, filled with my big cock, and the horny water also followed The big cock was shoved and slowly oozing and dripping on my two big balls.

Nishizumi Shiho only felt that the huge cock, which was completely full and full of her tight narrow vagina, went deeper and deeper into the wall of her vagina, and after a fiery ecstasy sensation, Her lower body became more and more wet and slippery, and she was fascinated by the ecstasy of the intense insertion and extraction, and followed my every penetration , pulled out a loud moan.

The only trace of resistance left in Shiho Nishizumi's heart gradually disappeared as my twitch became wilder and deeper. She bloomed every bit of mysterious jade for me. Bihua muscle.

My big cock wildly parted Shiho Nishizumi's tender pussy lips tightly closed, and the huge, hot cock head roughly squeezed into her petite and narrow vaginal opening, rough The long cock separated the mucosal tender meat of the vaginal cavity wall, and penetrated deeply into the fiery dark and narrow vagina.

This kind of tight thrusting has been going on for more than half an hour without knowing it. At this time, Nishizumi Shiho was accepting my sex in a shameful Kannon seated lotus position. I mean, turned the head on me.

And shamefully took the initiative to ride the position, while using the small hole to slap my cock, while showing me all the charm of myself, subconsciously also hope that the breasts can get my Caressing, I will instinctively push forward the chest, I understand, rub the breasts more forcefully.

The soft and beautiful breasts were squashed and rounded in my palm, Shiho Nishizumi bit his lower lip, I listened to the beautiful wife's coquettish moaning, and watched the beautiful wife Biting her fragrant red lips when she was being fucked, her blood boiled even more.

I stared at Nishizumi Shiho's glamorous and charming expression, which made me horny, and my thrusts went deeper.Down to the heart of the flower, like lightning strikes like lightning, like a violent storm, it is full of moans that twitch the penis smaller, Nishiju Shiho's moans and the sound of flesh crashing.

Every time my belly hits Shiho Nishizumi's beautiful buttocks, there will be a crisp "pop" sound, and my penis is inside Nishizumi Shiho's body The sound of water "Puchi...puchi..." was fucked.

Nishizumi Shiho's submissive attitude aroused my desire even more. For Nishizumi Shiho, the pleasure was also pouring out from the lower abdomen where he swallowed the cock, In a blank mind, I felt a sense of happiness for the huge cock that accepted a man like this.

Nishizumi Shiho's S-shaped figure is so heart-warming, the charming slim waist and perfect hip curve are crazy, more than 30 minutes have passed, me and Nishizumi Shiho's breathing became faster and faster.

At this time, my hands were not idle, watching the two big tits on Nishizumi Shiho's chest shaking up and down, I would grab and play with each hand, sometimes Nishizumi Shiho When I put my cock down, I also lifted my lower body hard to fuck her, so Shiho Nishizumi was numb, splattered with cum, and moaned again and again...

But I still felt that it was not enough fun, so I pushed Nishizumi Shiho on the tatami, and turned it around all of a sudden.

"Ah... this time... it's really deep... um... inserted into... the womb..."

"There is something more comfortable." Having said that, I stretched my hands under Nishizumi Shiho's buttocks, hugged Nishizumi Shiho's two tender buttocks tightly with both hands, and fucked her hard.

"Mr. are like this...holding someone...relevant...your hand...pinching your hard...ah...this is what you're doing...people's numb... ..."

"Good lady, do you want to work a little deeper, do you want to experience the pleasure of being ejaculated into the womb?"

"No... Can't...Cum've...twice The pleasure of being ejaculated into the uterus by me." At this time, I placed Nishizumi Shiho flat on the tatami, and placed a cushion on her lower body, making her pussy protrude so that she could withstand me ejaculate.

I don't care about Nishizumi Shiho's pleas, I pressed Nishizumi Shiho in the traditional posture of man on top and woman off, each time heavier and deeper, and he fucked her pussy , kept making the sound of "Zizzi" water, and the crackling sound resounded throughout the room.

"It's too intense... hmm... it's going to fail... the uterine opening... it's going to break... ah..." Shiho Nishizu was hit by my strong impact, and occasionally he would Rotating and inserting her tender pussy, making her screaming constantly.

Nishizumi Shiho is also actively cooperating with my actions at this time, welcoming and sending it, so that my big cock can be more easily penetrated into her pussy and bring him more of extreme pleasure.

"Ah... Mr. Ken... how are you... you are working so hard... your little pussy is going to be... pierced... slow down... oh me... no" Shiho Nishizumi Although I said so, I hope I can continue to fuck so hard, because she is already close to orgasm, and the pleasure spreads from Huaxin in circles.

"Shiho, hold me tight, I'm going to ejaculate into your womb." I ignored Nishizumi Shiho's plea for mercy, and violently shoved Nishizumi with a big cock Shiho.

Nishizumi Shiho, who had been captured by the pleasure, subconsciously hugged my buttocks with both hands, and let me forcefully shove her horny pussy with a big cock, and her lower body was still constantly Fucked by me, my two big balls rammed her mons back and forth.

This made Nishizumi Shiho's heart flutter, as if she no longer resisted, ready to receive my cum into her womb, and caressed my two testicles with her hands.

"My testicles are huge, so I'll let you ejaculate into your little pussy." People's breathing is getting faster and faster, Nishizumi Shiho closed his eyes,Holding the sheets tightly with both hands, his lower body pressed hard against me, and his pussy was pushed up, making the vagina perfect for my cock
Fit engulfs.

I was pinched by Shiho Nishizumi's vagina and felt numb for a while. With a low growl, it started to shoot out, my whole body trembled, and my lower body pressed tightly against Nishizumi Shiho, Streams of hot white cum shot from my big cock and into the depths of Shiho Nishizumi's pussy.

Even though the wind and rain stopped, my heart was fascinated, and the shameless I relied on tough methods to forcibly raped this beautiful three times, and took away the most precious chastity of the beautiful wife.

Nishizumi Shiho's body was lying softly on the tatami, letting me spray in her heart. After a few minutes, I put Nishizumi Shiho's slender pair of The beautiful legs are stretched up and laid down on the tatami.

The huge penis is still deep in the small hole of Nishiju Shiho, and the big penis is constantly stirring in the depths of Nishiju Shiho's vagina , which made Nishizumi Shiho let loose again.

In the end, I did more than 200 times, and then I forced the big cock into the west.From the uterine opening of Suizumi Shiho, "咻咻" shot hot and thick semen again, until Nishisu Shiho almost fainted, I reluctantly pulled out the big meat stick, only very A small amount of semen flowed down my cock, and most of it went straight into Shiho Nishizumi's uterus.

"Ah... semen... so much... so hot... ejaculated uterus... so hard... oh... ah... so comfortable..." Said Nishizumi who was having an orgasm Shiho took the initiative to offer a wet kiss.

Two jade arms hugged my head tightly, and two legs wrapped tightly around my waist, enjoying the a large amount of semen I ejaculated into my uterus.

After I finished ejaculating, I hugged Shiho Nishizumi's delicate body and looked at the beautiful wife who was sleeping in the orgasm.I was filled with a sense of conquest. The big cock was inserted into Nishizumi Shiho's small hole again and went to sleep with him.

The next morning, I worked with Nishizumi Shiho again for two or three hours, and finally washed each other's bodies in the bathroom, during which time I fucked my pussy again before putting it on. Nishizumi Shiho left, and what happened after that is what it is now.

"What are you thinking about? Laughing so disgustingly." After a break, Shiho Nishizumi, who had recovered a lot, saw that I was thinking about something nasty. Involuntarily gave me a look.

"I'm thinking of you." After saying that, I started to slap Nishiju Shiho again.


Chapter 64 The final battle of SAO is about to begin. It was early, and it was almost time to calculate, so I took out a gaming helmet from the storage space and put it directly on my head.

"I heard that the Knights of the Blood has already attacked a new level of Boss?"

"Yes, it's already the 75th level Boss, and it's time to think about the 100th level Boss. QuestionIn the beginning, I had no hope of leaving this world, but I didn't expect it to be so close now."

"Yes, it's all because the Knights of the Blood have been fighting on the frontline..." Enter After the game world, I walked on the street and heard pedestrians discussing the hottest recent event, Aincrad's 75th floor boss strategy.

"Well, it seems to be about the same as what I estimated." At this point, according to the progress of the plot, it should not be long before the world of SAO will be breached, but it should be because of my arrival, Kayaba Akihiko is much more cautious, and because of my influence, the world seems to have undergone some changes.

This change may lead to a completely different final result, although there is only one point, but now SAO is not a purely electronic world, should it be said that a new world will has been generated, and
It's not Yui, but a new will that is different from Yui. I don't want to be destroyed. It's an instinct to survive and grow.

Just thinking about these things, I came to the door of the headquarters of the Knights of the Blood Alliance and swept it with my divine senseThere were a lot of people in the meeting room, really It is better to come early than coincidentally.

I walked in through the gate as if nothing had happened, and the members of the Knights of the Blood who were guarding the gate seemed to see nothing and didn't respond at all. In this way, I came to the meeting smoothly. In front of the door of the room, go directly through the door into the meeting room.

The Boss Raiders Station is being discussed in detail in the conference room. Of course, I have nothing to do with these. I have already confirmed it at the door before. The person I am looking for But it's here too, otherwise I wouldn't have come up.

Sure enough, as soon as I entered the conference room, I could see the beautiful girl sitting above the conference table. The target of my operation, Asuna, was seriously participating in the discussion at this time. among.

I still walked directly behind Asuna without any hindrance, even the Kayaba Akihiko who created SAO, and the current leader of the Knights of the Blood, would not see it. to me.

"It looks like things are going well." Asuna, who was listening intently to the battle meeting, was taken aback by the sudden voice, and immediately looked left and right.

"What's the matter, Asuna?" Kiritani Kazuto, who was at the side at this time, asked suspiciously about Asuna's actions.

"Ah, nothing, I want to exercise my neck after a long meeting." Hearing Kirito's words, Asuna hurriedly waved her hand to indicate that she was okay.

"I'm behind you, don't turn around, now they can't see my people." Hearing my voice again, Asuna subconsciously wanted to turn back , but after listening to my words, I forcibly held back, if I suddenly turned backwards, it would definitely look very strange.

"What are you doing here?" It was not the first time that she had spoken to me with her heart, and Asuna immediately questioned me in her heart.

"It's nothing, it's not because you guys are preparing to attack, so come here and shut it down." I calmly spread my hands to Asuna's cold question.

"It's none of your businessWhat are you doing to join in the fun? "

"I'll take care of you, okay?"

"No need." Asuna rebuffed decisively.

"Don't be so nervous, what will I do, I said I won't interfere with your strategy."

"It's the best." Even if I say so Now, Asuna still hasn't let down her guard, she's very wary of me, who suddenly appeared.

At that time, this guy suddenly appeared in front of her, saying that he was here to help her solve some future troubles, but until now, he has been like a bystander, except to chat with her occasionally , I haven't seen this guy take action when he's in trouble.

And it also showed some magical places, even in this game world, like now, which made Asuna once suspected that this guy was Kayaba Akihiko, even if I always Denied, but she still regards me as the biggest suspect.

"Okay, since Asuna, you resist me so much, I'll leave first, and then when you really need help, just think of me in your heart. Of course, help is not. It's not free, bye."

Today is the final mobilization meeting, and the boss battle won't start until tomorrow, so I didn't stay too long, and said hello to Asuna. After that, I quit the game. Now that the time has been determined, let's go to the new lovely believer today to help her increase her faith.

"Sir Jian, you came to me..." After receiving my call, Zhan Zhan Yuanquan immediately rushed over from home, I didn't go into details on the phone, just Said to let her come to my house, so she didn't know what to do with her.

I stared at the beautiful woman in front of me, with bright purple hair, wearing a black coat, a white dress, and a pair of beautiful legs wearing dark gray T-crotch ultra-thin pantyhose , because it was already at my house, so Zhan Yuanquan put on the cotton shoes Sakuya prepared.

"Izumi, you should know." I hugged Zhan Yuanquan's soft body, and took a deep inhalation of the fragrance belonging to a beautiful woman on her body.

"I...I understand." Seeing my actions, Zhan Yuanquan still doesn't know what I want to do.As my new believer, Zhan Yuanquan is not enough for me. I understand, otherwise, since I called her home, you can probably guess what she is doing, but it doesn't matter, you can get to know her gradually.

"As expected of my loyal believers." I looked at the beautiful grey silk legs under Zhan Yuanquan's skirt and couldn't help let her bend down, and I squatted down and started licking the battlefield Yuanquan's gray silk legs.

I opened my mouth and put Zhan Yuanquan's plump legs into my mouth through the gray stockings, and enjoyed Zhan Yuanquan's gray silk legs. I slowly moved my head to Zhan Yuanquan. The softest pantyhose goes on the inner thighs.

On the way, Zhan Yuanquan's gray stockings were soaked by my saliva, leaving deep water marks, making the stockings more transparent. Although he was still a little shy, Zhan Yuanquan was still I took the initiative to open the legs wrapped in stockings, so that I could reach under her pussy smoothly, so that I could suck her sexy stockings legs.

Well, Jian-sama is really good at sucking. His thighs were licked numbly, and his pussy was reacting.

At this time, I was not satisfied with sucking Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful legs in stockings, and started to use both hands and mouths, while sucking Zhou Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful grey silk legs, while stroking my hands thinly Her grey silk legs.

"Izumi, your lower body is so plump, let me play with your silky buttocks first." After playing with Yuanquan's gray silk legs for a long time, I stood up He took off his trousers, revealing a sturdy and soaring behemoth.

Although it's not the first time I've seen it, but seeing my big cock again, Zhanbahara Izumi's heart trembled, but she still obediently turned around and lifted her skirt up to her waist , exposing her grey silky ass to my fiery gaze.

Because it was called by me, Zhanbahara Izumi specially dressed up. In addition to the dress and the pantyhose I liked, she also wore extremely sexy thongs. My blood boils.

"Izumi, change this posture."

"How to change?"

"I'll adjust it for you." Going behind Zhan Yuanquan, she stretched out her hand to lift her left leg in stockings, supported her on the bed with her knee, and then did the same with her right leg.

Finally, I pushed Zhan Yuanquan's slender waist forward, her hands were supported on the bed, and a pair of gray silk feet completely exposed the soles of the feet, very attractive .

After looking at it, I felt it could be more attractive, so I pressed Zhan Yuanquan's upper body to the bed, and Zhanzai Yuanquan lay down on the bed with his legs on his knees. , Zhan Yuanquan's upper body can't all lie on the bed, only his head and shoulders are supported below.

In this way, Zhan Yuanquan's upper body and stockings thighs become a triangle, and the vertex of the triangle is her plump, sexyThe sexy stockings are high, and the gray stockings are high.

Zhanbahara Izumi is very shy, because her pussy wrapped in thongs is facing the back, which is equivalent to directly exposing her most private parts in front of me without any defense.

The shy battlefield Yuanquan can only close his eyes and wait for my further action. Such a charming posture in front of me greatly stimulated my libido, especially the gray stockings of the battlefield Yuanquan. It was still flickering slightly under the light.

"Yes, that's it, spread the legs a little further." I couldn't take it anymore, I reached out and pressed the inner thighs of the stockings on both sides of Zhan Yuanquan, further separating her beautiful gray silk legs.

The pussy, which was slightly hidden by the buttocks, was completely exposed by my move. The tight thongs showed the shape of Zhan Yuanquan's labia. , especially lewd.

I couldn't help it at all, I held the head of my hot penis and pressed it against Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful ass, and started rubbing.

"It's really fun, Izumi, just enjoy my cock." I held the two sides of Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful stockingslegs with both hands, and the big cock just pressed against her hip seam , began to swing the waist and let the big meat stick to the surface of the stockings on the buttocks.

Zhanbahara Izumi could clearly feel my hot big cock, so he started swinging his beautiful butt back and forth, and took the initiative to perform stockings butt sex for me.

"Ha, Izumi, you are so kind, you will take the initiative to rub my cock with your beautiful buttocks." Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful buttocks rubbed my thick and long stick back and forth. And the huge glans, making a "swish swish" sound.

At the same time, my bulging scrotum also swayed with the movements of Zhan Yuanquan, and it collided with Zhan Yuanquan's grey silk 's buttocks constantly hitting and colliding, "crack papa" Sounds like a horny sex symphony.

"" Zhanba Yuanquan twisted his beautiful buttocks, I thoroughly enjoyed the pleasure brought by Zhanbao Yuanquan's stockings and beautiful buttocks, I didn't feel ejaculation yet, but Zhan Yuanquan was dying. She had been swingingstockings and beautiful buttocks for nearly twenty minutes. She was already tired and could only stop to take a deep breath.

"Izumi, you're tired too, let's change your posture." Seeing Zhan Yuanquan's inability to continue, I didn't force it.

"Sir Jian, I'm sorry, then I'll give you a leg job." Zhanba Yuanquan hurriedly stood up and apologized for not being able to serve properly.

"It doesn't matter, it's better to play with other poses. After all, Izumi, your beautiful legs in stockings are so charming, it's a waste not to play." Hearing my words, Zhan Yuanquan was a little shy, She nodded happily again, and being able to get my approval was obviously a happy thing for her.

Zhanbahara Izumi got up and turned her back to me, her soft body was clinging to my body, and then she raised her left leg in stockings, waiting for my cock to touch her right thigh in stockings After the inside, put down the left leg of the pantyhose, and put my big cock in the seam of the pantyhose.

Then Zhan Yuanquan's gray silk calves were crossed together, so that the thighs could clamp the cock more tightly, and Zhanzhao Yuanquan could hear my breathing faster, so he began to swing his waist back and forth. Pulled on my grey silk thighs and started rubbing my big cock.

"Huh, huh, huh." I was clearly enjoying the way I was breathing heavily. Zhanbahara Izumi looked down and saw mythick cock running through the seams of her stockings. When I swayed back, my big penis came out from the front of the leg seam. When I swayed forward, it didn't go into the leg seam of the stockings.

Suddenly, I hugged Zhan Yuanquan's delicate body from behind and started to thrust hard. Zhan Yuanquan felt that my head was leaning against her pretty face, and the hot breath was sprayed on her face.

"Izumi, you are really amazing." I kissed Zhan Yuanquan's blushing pretty face, and the fluid secreted from the head of the penis immediately rubbed her pantyhose thighs The inside was wet, and the wet gray stockings still tightly wrapped around her plump thighs.

Zhan Yuanquan could feel that the stockings were soaked by the first liquid and then tightly adhered to her skin, and the soaked stockings became more transparent, through the stockings Zhan Yuanquandu She could see the skin of her thighs, which had been soaked with the pre-emptive fluid.

Then I turned around again, facing Zhan Yuanquan, and once again inserted my fiery big cock into her soft, silky, slick gray silk that was smeared with liquid first. Leg seam.

I tightly hug Zhan Yuanquan's grey silk buttocks and keep stroking and kneading, Zhanyuan Yuanquan's stockings buttocks are constantly changing in my hands, my waist I shoved it hard, and with the wetness of the first liquid, it rubbed more smoothly.

"Clappapapapa" under my hard thrusting, the sound of my lower abdomen hitting the thighs of Zhanquan Yuanquan stockings became louder and more urgent, and my lower body fully enjoyed the battlefield Yuanquan stockings The intense pleasure brought by beautiful legs.

"Izumi, you are really too sexy, especially when you put on stockings, it's even more unbearable, oh, your beautiful legs in stockings dry well, your beautiful legs are really beautiful Great for leg sex, I love itis you. "As I said that, I buried my head on Zhan Yuanquan's white and slender neck,

Zhan Zhan Yuanquan was already dripping with sweat after my manipulation just now. The scent of sweat was mixed together, and it even stimulated me to keep kissing and licking her neck.

"Izumi, your body smells so good, it's so charming." While carefully licking the neck of Zhan Yuanquan, I also increased the movements of my lower body, Holding the hands of Zhan Yuanquan's gray silk buttocks, he accelerated, and he swayed Zhan Yuanquan's lower body in stockings back and forth to meet my thrusts.

My fiery big cock violently collided with Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful legs in stockings, kneading hard on her stockings buttocks, making her tender buttocks slightly red.

"Um... Master Jian... Can you lighten... It's too intense... Um..." The hot big cock in the thrusting, the hot big hands on the hips, and gradually kissed her chest The upper lip, all this is stimulating the nerves of Zhan Yuanquan.

"Then let's play with your beautiful feet in stockings." After I finished speaking, I put Zhan Yuanquan on the bed, and Zhan Yuanquan, who was temporarily given a chance to breathe, was breathing rapidly, and it seemed that he was still alive. I need some more training.

"Um..." In order not to keep me waiting for a long time, Zhanbahara Izumi immediately stretched out her beautiful feet in gray stockings, and directly clamped my majestic thick and long cock.

Then the bottom of Zhan Yuanquan's stockings stepped on top of my big cock, and the bottom of the right foot of the stockings was under the cock and started to move my cock.

The soles of the stockings are fleshy and soft, and the insteps of the stockings are slippery and slightly hard. This posture is to use two different touches, one soft and one hard. To stimulate my cock, it seems that the sexual knowledge taught by Zhanbahara Izumi before is not in vain.

「唰唰唰」Zhan Yuanquan's sexy gray stockings feet slide back and forth on my cock, and the small feet are more attractive under the wrapping of stockings, the double vision and touch The excitement gets me excited.

After doing this for a while, Zhan Yuanquan changed her posture again. She placed her left foot on my stomach, with the soles of her feet facing upwards, and the soles of her right feet. I stepped on my big glans and pressed it on the side of the sole of the left foot of the stockings, and then the right foot of the stockings began to slide back and forth to rub the glans.

This position is also one of the most exciting positions in footjob, because the groin on the cock can rub against the beautiful feet in stockings to the greatest extent, and the woman will be more labor-saving, In turn, the frequency can be increased to allow uninterrupted stimulation.

"Come on, Izumi, use your incense to moisten it, it will be better for thrusting." Zhan Yuanquan obeyed my words, bowed down and slenderly waisted, aiming his small mouth on her. The big meat stick between the silk feet salivates at Xiangjin.

Soon, Zhan Yuanquan's stockings wrapped around her beautiful feet and my big cock were covered with her Kazuo, at this timeHer stockings and beautiful feet became moist and looked full lasciviousness.

When I saw that my cock was stained with Kazuo's lustful sensuality of Zhan Yuanquan, I was so excited that I couldn't help but lift my waist up and took the initiative to shove her wet gray pantyhose beautiful feet.

And Zhanbahara Izumi began to rub my big penis with the forefoot of my right foot with stockings. Under the moisture of Kazu, the friction was smoother, so Zhanbahara Izumi accelerated the beautiful feet in silk stockings. Actions.

"Izumi, your beautiful feet in stockings make my cock so comfortable. Keep going, I feel like I'm about to ejaculate." The sliding of the beautiful feet of gray silk.

At this moment, I can feel the raging lust and pleasure rubbing against the beautiful feet of Zhan Yuanquan's stockings again and again, gathering in the big meat cock, waiting for the moment to explode.

When she was tired, Zhan Yuanquan stopped for a while, but in order not to let my pleasure terminal, she put more Kazu in her mouth on my big cock again , then adjusted the posture and knelt down on the bed, put the gray silk buttocks to my face, the soles of both feet were upward, the softest inner side of the soles of the stockings clamped my big cock, and began to slide the silk feet up and down. .

The curve of the inside of the grey silk foot just matches the glans, and my big glans rubbed back and forth between the beautiful feet of the stockings,Desperately enjoying such a pussy of stockings and beautiful feet.

Zhan Yuanquan knew that I needed more continuous stimulation to ejaculate, so the soles of the stockings began to rub quickly, I stared at Zhan Yuanquan's buttocks, that one The tiny thong was tucked into the beautiful woman's buttocks, and the outline of her pussy was looming.

"Quan, your stockings are so sexy, I can't help watching it a few times."

" stockings are from Jian-sama, my stockings are The body is also of Jian-sama, and Jian-sama can do whatever he wants, Jian-sama, please release it on my body, and ejaculate Jian-sama's precious semen to me, I really want to be Jian-sama "Sperm."

In order to make me ejaculate, Zhan Yuanquan didn't care about being shy and started to stimulate me with lewd words, I heard Zhan Yuanquan's provocative words and her stockings The strong temptation of the lower body, I feel my cock being taken by the battlefield His stockings and jade feet were slapped back and forth, and he was almost sent to the top of his sensuality.

"Sir Jian, cum on me now, I really want Mr. Jian's semen, my stockings and little feet make Mr. JianAre you uncomfortable, I will have to wear my stockings in the future Let Ken-sama play enough, let Ken-sama play every corner of my body." Zhanba Yuanquan was almost exhausted, but she was still desperately swinging her silk stockings and jade feet.

"Izumi, you are so lewd, it's so cool, I'm about to cum." I couldn't take it anymore, and the intense pleasure continued to flow from the lascivious gray silk beauty of the beautiful woman in stockings As my feet rubbed against the glans, I could not help grasping her tall and sexy grey buttocks with my hands and shouting.

I quickly dried Zhan Yuanquan's gray silk feet hundreds of times, and suddenly my waist was raised, the horse's eyes opened, and I began to violently spray hot, viscous semen.

As soon as Zhanbahara Izumi saw me, he finally came out, and as soon as his body went limp, he slumped on the bed, letting my cloudy white semen ejaculate on her beautiful legs in stockings.

"It's really hard for you, Izumi, and I'll satisfy you next." I reached out and took off Zhan Yuanquan's clothes, only to see her wearing a purple bra and panties. The whiteness of her skin was highlighted.

Zhan Yuanquan did not resist, and let me do things to her mature body. As she said before, as long as she had to be her daughter, she would serve me wholeheartedly.

After my scorching eyes swept through Yuanquan's body several times, I unbuttoned the purple bra, took off the purple bra with both hands, round and tall, plump breasts Standing tremblingly on the snow-white skin, although it is plump but does not sag in the slightest, the nipples are still as red and pink as a girl.

Seeing such beautiful breasts, I couldn't wait to grab each breast and knead it, feeling the softness and smoothness of the beautiful breasts, Opening my mouth wide would bite, suck, suck and lick the breast peaks and nipples.

Zhan Yuanquan's blue eyes closed lightly, and a pair of jade hands caressed my tucks on her chest. Seeing that my breasts were being squeezed and played in various ways, her desire rose again, and Cherry's small mouth hummed. human voice.

I slowly descended along the beautiful curve of the original spring of the battlefield, and kissed my hot lips all the way down from my chest. When I passed the flat belly, I even kissed the lovely navel a few more times. Eye.

Then came to the upper edge of the gray pantyhose, with the strength of both hands, the gray pantyhose and purple panties were pulled between the thighs, the black triangle area was exposed, my lips I hurriedly put it on, and my nose was filled with the fragrance wafting from the depths of the beautiful woman's genitals, and there was also a faint smell of fishy smell in it.

I kissed frantically, the gray pantyhose and purple panties were pulled to Zhan Yuanquan's knees, my hands immediately returned to my pussy, and my middle finger lightly scratched the pink in the grass. Tender meat seam.

At the same time, my left thumb and forefinger separated the labia, and the tender pink flesh inside came into my eyes, the seductive clitoris, the tender flesh with thousands of grooves, the deep vagina, no As soon as my desire was not aroused, I edged every inch of tender meat with my right finger and inserted it into my vagina to snatch it.

Zhan Yuanquan's delicate body couldn't help trembling, her legs seemed to be unable to support her body any longer, she leaned softly on my hungry body, feeling two fingers in the small hole 's thrusting and stirring.

"Ken-sama... hurry up... hurry up..." The accumulated lust was completely aroused by me, and Zhan Yuanquan only felt that his whole body was hot and hot, and the small hole continued to be filled with the big cock.

"Can't wait?" My fingers also felt that the vagina of Zhan Yuanquan was already overflowing with kinky water, so I pulled out my fingers and laughed.

"Lord Jian, you are teasing me like this, how can I hold back." The watery blue eyes of the battlefield gave me a and said softly.

"Then you lie down, I said I'm here to serve you." Wen Yan Zhan Yuanquan lay down on the bed expectantly, at this timethe gray stockings stained with a lot of my semen had already taken off , a pair of slender snow-white legs were exposed.

I gently put my hand on one of Zhan Yuanquan's thigh, the smooth and elastic thighs unique to beautiful women were stroked back and forth by me, Zhan Zhan Yuanquan also spread his legs further apart .

I gently put my face against the roots of her thighs and took a deep breath. Her seductive body fragrance penetrated into my heart. Kneaded vigorously.

At the same time, my other hand took off my shirt and pressed it directly onto Zhan Yuanquan's delicate body.It moved slowly up and down, and Zhan Yuanquan's chest was filled with two balls of flesh. 's raised nipples pressed against my body.

I first lowered my head to stabilize Zhan Yuanquan's red mouth, stretched out my tongue and licked the beautiful woman's red lips and teeth, and I sucked Zhan Yuanquan's fragrant tongue and bit it lightly. , rubbed Zhan Yuanquan's round and full breasts.

While I was playing with the beautiful woman's breasts, I kneaded the nipples at the top of the breasts with my fingers. It felt real and refreshing. There was a slight tremor, and the instinct of the woman's sensitive area being caressed hardened.

After the deep kiss, I licked Zhan Yuanquan's white ears with my tongue again. I brushed away her long purple hair and licked it carefully. aspect thornExcited, Zhan Yuanquan closed his eyes in comfort.

The bodies of the two of us were tightly attached, I twisted my body and let my body rub against the delicate and smooth body of Zhan Yuanquan, which made the beautiful woman feel it all over her body. my stimulation.

My kiss went from ear to cheek, back to Zhan Yuanquan's small mouth, prying open her teeth, licking and sucking her body fluid, their tongues resting in their mouths Agitated, and at the same time lowered her petals with my huge cock head.

"Izumi, invite me in." I rubbed gently and softly on the original Izumi labia of the battlefield. Sometimes the huge penis would go in a little, but it was quickly pulled out. .

"Um... well... Mr. Jian... please come in... but... can you tap it first... Mr. Jian's one... is really too big..."

"A little louder." I rubbed my huge penis at the mouth of the vagina at high speed, making Zhan Yuanquan's pleasure
increasing, but I couldn't get enough of it.

"I want... I want Jian-sama's... big cock... in my... small hole..." Zhan Yuanquan exclaimed lewdly.

Seeing Zhan Yuanquan's lewd appearance aroused my already high desire, "Puchi", I inserted the big cock fiercely, Zhanzai Yuanquan only felt that a small hole was stuffed into it It was a huge creature, thick and long, full of small holes, without a single gap.

I slowly pulled it out and then slowly inserted it. Although I moved slowly, I had already brought great pleasure to the battlefield. Her buttocks followed me every time the insertion while swinging.

The completely wet vagina makes my thrusting very smooth, every time the thick and long cock can be deeply inserted into the small hole, and every time the big penis touches the uterus of Zhan Yuanquan When I was there, I would subtly use my waist to give her a strange pleasure.

I didn't rush to pump at first, but pulled slowly and slowly, admiring the way Zhan Yuanquan was being fucked, while Zhan Zhan Yuanquan shyly showed her beauty The woman's body, close her eyes, and fully enjoy the pleasure that every pumping into her vagina brings to her whole body.

"Ah... so comfortable... Jian-sama... hard... do it..." I think the speed is gradually increasing, and the pumping is faster and harder. My hard, thick cock went in and out of her body.

The lower body is tightly connected, I only feel that the layers of tender meat are constantly shrinking and squirming, sucking my big meat cock strongly, this small hole is so tight and flexible, I couldn't help but go in and out directly to the tender womb of Haraizumi on the battlefield.

Being repeatedly manipulated by such a majestic cock of mine, the boundless pleasure poured out, making Zhan Yuanquan almost fainted in comfort, and I licked her cherry-like nipples , the big cock of the lower body is rubbing against her flower heart.

A burst of numbness surged straight into the beautiful woman's forehead, she couldn't help but instinctively twist the smooth, jade-clean, naked snow-white body, shrinking beautifully and unspeakably, wriggling deep. On the yin wall, waves of pleasure pushed the battlefield Yuanquan to the peak of pleasure.

"Ah... it hit the lower abdomen... it went up again... ah... it's going to be broken... Hua Xin... Jian Tairen... your meat is awesome... it's amazing... oh... "Battlefield Yuanquan hummed a wonderful bed cry.

"Ken-sama... I want... I can't... I'm going to lose..."

"Did I make you feel comfortable?" Legs on shoulders.

"Um...comfortable...Mr. Jian...well comfortable...ah...I love you so much...uh...sir Jian...I'm going to be fucked to death by you...I really... I'm going to lose it... I'm going to lose it..."

Zhan Yuanquan was extremely comfortable, and the spring of love poured out, Zhan Zhanyuanquan wailed wanton, a rosy and soft cherry mouth hurriedly Breathing, my vagina contracted for a while, sucking my huge cock, and the intense pleasure from my heart made the lustful moans of beautiful women echoing in the bedroom.

"Go..." Zhan Yuanquan's teeth were biting on my shoulders, and the beautiful long, snow-white bare legs, and the pink arms wrapped tightly around my body, and a burst of light bursts all over my body. Spasmodic convulsions.

The tender and smooth walls of her vagina even more tightly wrapped around my hot and thick meat cock, an indescribable contraction and clamping, and Zhan Yuanquan's hands clung to tightly. Live on my back, cum out of my pussy, clearly reaching an orgasm.

"'s so to be fucked...ah..." When my cock is thrusting, I always touch it intentionally or unintentionally Touching Zhan Yuanquan's genital core, her pleasure was aroused, making her almost frantically cry.

"Today, I just want to make you want to die." Then I mentioned the straight penetration, sometimes spinning outside her pussy, when she wasn't paying attention He inserted it again and again, and he was so fucked that Yuanquan on the battlefield trembled.

"Ah... it's gone... it's coming again... uh..." Suddenly Zhan Yuanquan shuddered, and his lower body was desperately pushed up, and the legs wrapped around my waist tightened. , a stream of hot water came out from the depths of my vagina, and it flowed on my big cock.

The flesh wall in my vagina continued to shrink, wrapping my huge penis tightly, and then my legs were let down. , panting with open cherry mouth.

"That's not good, Izumi, I haven't ejaculated yet." Then I jerked and thrusted again, pressing down to the bottom, and the two pussy lips pressed hard with the big cock 's thrusting also turned over a roll.

" are so amazing...oh...great...just put it little's for Ken-sama...insert..." Zhan Yuanquan's beautiful butt gradually gradually Twisted to meet my attack.

"Okay, then, Izumi, you can enjoy the extreme pleasure that I bring you." I tightly hugged the slender waist of the battlefieldIzumi, and used my dark energy to focus on the big meat stick. , thrusting vigorously.

"Master Jian... good husband... dear husband..." The rhythm of Zhan Yuanizumi's beautiful buttocks gradually filled up, and he said something clear in his mouth, but he was just panting with his lips open. Out of breath, he lay on the bed weakly, with no sound coming out of his mouth.

When I heard Zhan Yuanquan calling my husband, I continued to fuck her madly with satisfaction. At this time, I had changed the position of sexual intercourse, and I let Zhan Yuanquan go backwards. Kneeling on the bed, behind my beautiful wife, I started sprinting with my unusually thick cock, going faster and harder, and in an instant Zhan Yuanquan climbed to a peak again.

And I'm still sprinting, time goes by little by little, and Zhan Yuanquan and I have changed seven or eight sex positions, and have been on the big bed for nearly 3 hours , seeing that the beautiful woman was about to take it anymore, I also decided to give up the defense of Jingguan.

I hung a slender and beautiful leg of Zhan Yuanquan on my shoulders, inserted a big meat stick between the beautiful woman's legs, and sat on her thighs with my hips, and started the final sprint.

"Izumi, I'm going to ejaculate, where do you want me to ejaculate?"

" just cum much as you want. ...I'm yours..." Zhan Yuanquan met my last sprint with the last strength.

I was stimulated even more crazy by Zhan Yuanquan's lewd words, and finally, the thick semen came out, all of it shot into Zhan Yuanquan's small pussy, filled with her tenderness uterus.

The hours-long fierce battle was over, and the bedroom finally calmed down. I hugged Zhan Yuanquan, admiring the charming appearance of the beautiful woman after being fucked. Zhan Zhan Yuanquan was shy. In my arms, let me admire her body and play with her beautiful breasts.

【To be continued】
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