How to keep a beautiful wife

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The good things in the world, what you like, others will like, you take it for yourself, and others want to take it for themselves, so there will be theft and robbery.

The same is true of beautiful women. If you like it and get it, there must be other men who will like it and want to get it, so there will be seduction and rape.

Things are dead, and women are alive, with emotions and desires, so there are more right and wrong, plus cheating and adultery.

Men are born with hardships, and out of instinct, they always want to marry beautiful women, but they find out when they marry them back home. This is just the beginning of the trouble.

In the long years after marriage, we must be on guard everywhere, because beautiful women, whether before or after marriage, are always the target of men's hunting.

A man marrying a wife is like holding sand in both hands, and marrying a beautiful wife is like holding a large handful of sand, holding it firmly, clenching it tightly, for fear that the sand will run off between your fingers.

However, the reality is often like this: the firmer the grip, the tighter the grip, the faster the sand will flow, and eventually not even a grain will be left.

In fact, men might as well be more generous and let go properly. Those who can't grasp it should flow away naturally. In the end, there may be more of them in their hands.

My wife is very beautiful, so to speak, beautiful, gentle and considerate, and everyone envies me when she gets married.

Now that more than ten years have passed, she is the mother of three children, but she is still graceful and charming.

On Valentine's Day, wives often receive roses, most of which come from male colleagues who are immortal.

We met, fell in love, first marriage, parted, reunited, parted, reunited, until today, I have been holding a large handful of sand, when should it be loose, when should it be tight, how much has been missed, and what is left How much, sweet and sour, all kinds of taste.

From home to abroad, except for a few years in school, his wife has always been a white-collar office worker.

In the eyes of outsiders, white-collar beauties are so beautiful: shirts, skirts, stockings, high heels, delicate makeup, and elegant demeanor. However, a beautiful woman, dealing with a male-dominated workplace, has to endure every year. lure? In the face of temptation, how much did the wife refuse and how much did she accept? How did she reject it, and how did she accept it? Over the years, I have been struggling to find the answer.

In the face of questioning, the wife revealed a little bit, but that was by no means all.

Here, what she confessed and what we experienced together, I describe truthfully.

As for the part of her that is vague, I can only resort to reasoning, guesswork and conjecture.

(1) In 1999, people all over the world were catching the Millennium Bug, but I was busy with more important things: taking the TOEFL test and getting in touch abroad.

One morning in September of that year, I went to the Saite Building in the Central Business District and asked a senior to exchange dollars.

My sister is several years older than me. After graduating from a master's degree, she joined a foreign company. In a US-based telecommunications company, she has become a small leader.

I remember that day was sunny and cloudless, and through the glass windows of the upper floors of Scitech, the red leaves of Xishan were faintly visible.

Senior sister and I handed over the red money and the green money, and it was over soon.

Senior sister didn't let me eat food, and directly led the guest out.

Walking down the aisle, there was an office with an open door. I glanced in at random and saw a young girl sitting by the side of the door.

Perhaps hearing the sound, she glanced back, just in line with mine.

The girl was graceful and slender, with bright eyes like the moon in the sky.

My heart suddenly trembled, and my eyes could no longer be removed from her.

I looked at the girl madly: her face was red! I saw her blushing! "Fate, fate!" Senior sister also stopped, looked at me, then looked at the girl, and then sighed softly, "Junior brother, in the future, neither of you will be able to do whatever you want." (The girl glances back, just in line with mine.)

My wife and I met like this.

We quickly went from acquaintance to falling in love.

I am studying for a master's degree at the Petroleum Institute, studying oil pipeline flaw detection.

My supervisor has done a high-level interview at the University of Calgary in Canada, and has always cooperated with there, so it is logical for me to go there for a Ph.D.

At that time, I passed the TOEFL test, and the thesis was almost the same. I was just waiting for graduation, and I had a lot of free time.

Every now and then, I would ride my bike across half of Beijing to go on a date with my wife.

My wife was only 20 years old at that time, and her education was not very high. She studied technical English in the junior college class of the United Nations University.

Her family background is ordinary. Her parents' home is in Fengtai outside Nancheng. Because it is too far away, she usually lives at her sister's home.

Her sister is married and lives in Fuxingmen Community, and is also a white-collar worker in a foreign company.

Although my family is in the city, I have a younger brother who is in the third year of high school, which is inconvenient, so our date is not only running on the road, but also visiting the park.

My wife is young, small, and often a little sad.

I think every man who sees her will have the urge to come forward.

I was only twenty-four years old at the time, and I was full of vigor and blood. How could I be satisfied with walking along the road and visiting the park! Although I am a baby,I haven't watched porn less, and simple Japanese can be blurted out.

We quickly transition to hugs, kisses, and then caresses.

I like to put my hand into my wife's shirt and stroke the newly developed breasts, so tender that they can be filled with one hand.

Every time I asked to go further, to get to know each other more deeply, she became shy.

Once, I almost succeeded, but in the end it fell short.

Around the end of October, my wife and I came to Dongdan Park.

The sky is getting dark, there are not many tourists, and the street lights are hidden by the whirling leaves, which are faint.

We leaned against a tree, hugged, kissed.

Although it was late autumn and the weather was not too cold, the wife was reluctant to change her dress.

My hands were very restless, and when I touched it, I touched the inside of the skirt.

My wife didn't protest that day. I blocked her mouth with a tongue kiss and pulled down her panties unexpectedly.

Before my wife could react, I was already kneeling under her skirt.

I swear, that was the first time I saw a woman's private parts: soft pubic hair, sparse, fluffy and curly, just right over the labia.

Get closer, get closer, there is a little smell, just a little bit.

I stretched out the tip of my tongue and licked the fleshy lips, which were astringent and a little salty. I licked them again, um, they were soft and tender, as if they had not yet developed.

My wife didn't dare to move, she was just panting and shaking, letting me lick, touch, and watch.

My breathing is getting faster and faster, and my lower body is so hard it hurts.

What's next? According to the teachings of the hair piece, you should stand up, untie the belt, show the dick, lift one leg of the woman, put it on the waist, and then insert it from the bottom to the top, about a sixty-degree angle.

Yes, just do it like this, don't fall off the chain, don't get impotence or premature ejaculation! Suddenly, there was a sound all around, and then several flashlight beams dangling in the woods.

It's the security team! I quickly stood up, oops, I can't stand up straight anymore, hurry up and cover my crotch.

In the face of danger, my wife was calm, she lifted her panties, pulled up her skirt, and held my arm, as if she was all right, which was really impressive.

We were undecided, and we only heard that there were more than ten pairs of passionate young people in the woods! Youth, you are so beautiful and so short.

Winter is here, winter is gone, and spring is here.

At the end of April, Calgary's offer of admission arrived, full prize.

At the beginning of May, my graduation thesis passed.

At the end of May, the Canadian visa was approved.

The millennium is auspicious, the millennium bug has not occurred, and my affairs have been smooth all the way! I remember that I went to the embassy in the morning, and it was almost noon when I got my passport and visa.

On that day, the sun was particularly bright, the sky was blue, the purple poplars had not yet fallen, and the bright yellow Yingchun was already in full bloom.

I left the embassy and went straight to Set to tell my wife the good news.

I thought the little girl would be elated, but she was standing by the window with her eyes down, unable to say what it was.

Confused, I repeatedly asked her if she was not feeling well or was being bullied.

The wife was silent, and after a long time, she raised her head and said calmly, "It's time for us to break up."

"What? Break up? Why? How did I provoke you?" I was really at a loss.

"When you go abroad, you want to become a doctor. You will be a professor when you go back. There are so many excellent girls out there. I'm so ordinary, I don't have a degree or a job, so you should find a more suitable one."

His wife's voice was almost crying.

Got it, I understand what's going on.

"After get off work today, you come home with me and tell my parents. After get off work tomorrow, I will go home with you and tell your parents."

I was stupid, but not stupid. I stopped for a few seconds and continued with a determined look, "Let's get married, let's get married?"

"That's what you said. You want to get married. Don't rely on me to force you back." The wife lowered her head again.

"I'm forcing you, I'm forcing you to get married, okay? Auntie, have a good time!" The wife finally broke into a smile.

(The little girl is silent, standing by the window with her eyes down.)

I'm actually very old-fashioned in my bones. As soon as I got the admission letter, I started to think about marriage.

I love my wife, her youthful beauty, and her softness and gentleness, but I am always a little uncertain in my heart.

Our science and engineering boys are not very interested in liberal arts girls, especially foreign language, tourism, secretarial, film and television media, etc. They feel that their minds are too active.

Especially in foreign companies, foreign men are also involved, rich and powerful, which makes people worry! Just a few weeks ago, when my passport entered the Canadian embassy, ​​I quietly went to my senior sister and told her my distress.

Senior sister worked in the oil field for several years before the postgraduate entrance examination, and she is a stable and well-informed person.

She didn't make a big point, but just told me that quite a lot of women, regardless of their education or major, end up in secretive work. As for foreign companies, they are not fundamentally different from state-owned and private companies, but are more formal.

Finally, she asked me back, the senior sister standing in front of me,Is it a foreign company secretary, like a bad woman? Of course she is not a bad woman.

My heart felt a lot easier all of a sudden.

I know that my senior sister has a daughter who hasn't even gone to primary school. My brother-in-law left his mother and son two years ago and went to Australia on his own.

The poor senior sister is taking care of the children, working hard in the workplace, and taking care of her in-laws. She is less than 30 years old and already has several strands of white hair.

If you marry someone like Senior Sister, no matter what secretarial or foreign company it is, just have fun! I thanked my senior sister when she was about to leave. She held me back, hesitated for a moment, and said, "Junior brother, if you are really worried, you have to get married as soon as possible. Isn't it more than three months before school starts? Hurry up and work hard. Let her get pregnant with her baby! If this woman has a baby, she won't think about anything for the first three to five years."

Gao Ming, Senior Sister is really brilliant! I was so grateful when I heard her sigh, "I taught you this, what a sin!" A week later, a new chapter in my life was opened.

That afternoon, the wife took leave and left work two hours earlier.

We ran all the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and it started to rain, which made us a little embarrassed.

After entering the gate of the Civil Affairs Bureau, we stopped first to catch our breath.

Looking at the excited little girl, I hesitated again and again and said, "Little sister, I have a few words, I have been holding back for a few days, I think it is better to say it. This major I am studying is practical but not fashionable. It’s not as good as a financial accounting computer. It’s probably no problem to have enough food. If you want to be rich and rich, it’s difficult! If you follow me, you may suffer some grievances. Otherwise, think about it again? It’s too late to regret it, I don’t blame you ”

"What, who wants to be rich and rich? I only need you to be taller than me and have a higher education than me."

The little girl didn't want to talk too much, she grabbed me, just like in the woods, "Come on, you see the queue is so long, don't make it today, I have to ask for leave again later."

In this way, in the early summer of the millennium, a beautiful and gentle girl of twenty-one years became my legal wife.

(2) I don't have a sister, but my senior sister is even more kissable than my own sister.

She lent me a vacant room of her relatives to use as a wedding room, and then found a job for my young wife.

Originally, after his wife's internship ended, she should go back to school to graduate and find another way out.

The senior sister used a bit of power to keep a junior college student from a third-class school as a contract worker, signing it once a year.

Although it is still serving coffee and copying documents, it is still a salary.

Sister's kindness, we will never forget.

The wedding night was also a difficult time for the young child, but I passed it smoothly.

That night was light and cloudy.

My wife and I took a shower early, locked the doors and windows, and walked into the bedroom hand in hand.

Night fell, and the wind swayed the windows.

Warm and warm lights sprinkle on the soft and comfortable wedding bed.

His wife was lying on the bedside with her clothes on, her face flushed and her eyes blurred.

I removed two by three, stripped myself completely, then climbed into bed and released my wife one by one.

When I took off her panties, my wife couldn't help but shy, raised her arms and covered her eyes.

Originally, I was a little embarrassed, but now it's alright, I can be unscrupulous.

Naked wife, really tempting: black hair, white skin.

I skipped the small breasts and the rounded hips, and I grabbed my wife's ankles with both hands, and looked right at the hairy pussy.

Last time I was in the woods, it was too dark, but this time I finally saw it clearly: inside the bright red labia, there was a translucent film, like a sieve.

My heart dropped.

(The wife can't help being shy, raises her arms and covers her eyes.) I raised my body, glanced at the alarm clock by the bedside, and squeezed my cock, ok, hard.

I shivered to the entrance, withstood the film, my butt sank, poof, wet and creamy, I went in, narrow, tight! It turns out that this is sex, it's easy, what's there to be nervous about? I let out a long sigh, refreshed myself, and pumped up.

A virgin and a virgin have no rules and no cooperation. Basically, they go their separate ways.

At the beginning, I was still counting, but when I became more and more excited, I lost the count. In the end, I didn't know how many strokes I had. Anyway, my crotch jerked and I shot.

Twenty-five years of stockpiling, and shooting a lot, one after another.

Finally finished shooting, looked up at the alarm clock again, four minutes and twenty-eight seconds, passed.

Well, take a break first, and come back to the second palace! I can't remember how many times I entered the palace, but it was in the middle of the night anyway.

The next day, three poles in the sun, we woke up.

Neither of us wanted to get up, we hugged each other naked, and we couldn't say enough affectionate words.

"Dear, in fact, I'm not very familiar with senior sister. If it weren't for US dollars, I might never go to your company in my life."

"I don't care, you are miserable, you have to be a bachelor for the rest of your life."

"You were so beautiful that day, white shirt, long sleeves, vertical stripes, gray vest, gray skirt, black stockings, black leather shoes, yes, black high-heeled leather shoes, that's right.""You just don't do the right thing, just stare at other girls."

"Isn't it? I thought at the time, um, this little girl, I must get my hands on it. I didn't expect it to go smoothly. It's only been more than half a year, and I went to bed!" "You're bad, you kidnapped the girl!" Is it seduction? No, it's not seduction, it's adultery, yes, adultery!" "You, you are dead, ignore you!" The conversation stopped.

After a while, the big bed started shaking again.

In this way, I keep in mind the teachings of my sister and work hard day and night.

At first, I was worried, for fear that my wife's petite body would not be able to support it. Who knows that the thinner the person, the stronger the desire. Later, I myself collapsed first.

I finally understood a truth, why do women have periods? That is God pity man, let us rest for a few days! In spite of my hard work, my wife was still not pregnant by the end of August.

A few days before she left, she wanted to try harder, but unfortunately her period came.

Happy days always passed quickly, and finally it was time to part.

The night before we left, my wife and I came to Dongdan Park again.

We didn't go into the grove, we just sat on the rockery, cuddling each other, silent.

The moon climbs up the treetops, the breeze blows through the branches, the sky is getting late, and the tourists are getting thinner.

On a street corner in the distance, the elderly choir is still rehearsing.

The melodious song, with the evening wind, faintly floats: the garden is quiet in the middle of the night, only the wind is rustling, the night is so good, it is fascinating, on this charming night; my sweetheart sits beside me, Looking at me silently, I want to speak, but I don't know how to say it, so many words remain in my heart.

"You know, my dad is from Su. When I was a kid, I always listened to him hum this song." I turned my head and said to my wife.

"Really? What about your mother?" My wife asked softly, leaning on my shoulder.

"My mother is not. She followed my father and suffered a lot. My father worked in oil all his life. When he was young, he went to the oil field for more than a year. My mother said that the longest time, they were separated for three whole years. Years!" "My God, three years, how can this be tolerated! Let's not do this!" The wife cried out in surprise.

My heart suddenly became heavy.

My plane took off in the afternoon.

That morning, my wife deliberately put on a suit, the one we first met: a white silk shirt against the snow-white skin, a developing chest, a gray vest on top, and a slender waist under it The buttocks that are too conspicuous, under my moisturization, have become a little plump and round, and are tightly wrapped by the gray skirt, as well as black stockings and high-heeled leather shoes, which make the slender legs even more slender.

The luggage was packed, and the words that should have been said were said countless times, and we hugged each other and cried.

I cried and cried, and my lower body became hard, and the more I cried, the harder it became.

I had no choice but to let go of my wife, straighten my waist, untie my belt, and take out the thing to dry.

My sweet little wife, how tender, considerate and understanding! She wiped away her tears, grabbed my stick, and slapped it up and down.

As for masturbation, it’s best to do it yourself, to prioritize, and to know what to do.

My little wife had only been married for three months, and she didn't have any clues in her hand. She was holding it so tightly that it made me grin.

Seeing it in her eyes, she was anxious, and as soon as she gritted her teeth, she knelt down with a plop, turned her head to the side, and grabbed my penis in one bite.

Auntie, I take your kindness, but you don't even know how to masturbate, not to mention oral work. Your posture is like screwing with me! (Auntie, your posture is like screwing with me!)

(3) Calgary is very beautiful: the sky is very blue; the water is very clear.

I settled down a little and immediately applied for my wife to visit relatives.

The wife returned the marriage room to her senior sister, moved back to her sister's house, and waited for news while going to work.

Compared with the United States, Canada is very human, and visas for family visits are generally approved very quickly, but I made a mistake and delayed the whole thing.

At that time, skilled immigration was just hot. Like many students, I had no work experience and was originally unqualified.

Nothing is unachievable.

Soon the Chinese found a workaround: converting three years of graduate students into teaching assistants, isn’t that just work experience? I followed the crowd and filled out the application. The original plan was to wait until I visited relatives. Later, I was in a hurry and had a fever, so I handed it over.

This is good, because of the obvious immigration tendency, my wife's family visit visa was rejected.

We are too young, we have experienced few things, and all of a sudden we are stunned.

At that time, the photos sent by my wife were very worrying.

What's even more hateful is that there are a bunch of broken-mouthed wives in her company who don't like others and talk nonsense all day long. So-and-so visits relatives in the United States and refuses visas eight times. In the end, she can't stand it, and she's crazy. Isn't this adding fuel to the fire? Canada has long winters and short sunshine hours, making people prone to depression.

At that time, I was afraid of receiving emails from my wife every day. It was nothing more than saying that she was suffering, and then complained that I was ineffective.

My heart was already full of fire, and this made it even more annoying.

As for those photos, I originally wanted to hold them in my hand at night and masturbate while looking at them, but now they have turned into a bunch of bitter faces, and they are not allowed toLet people live! People are more prone to errors when they are emotionally disturbed, and soon I made another mistake.

(The photos sent by my wife, each one is very worrying.

) It was the Spring Festival next year. When the Chinese around the world were celebrating the festival, I received a complaint email from my wife again, saying that her brother-in-law felt that she would not be able to play abroad and that she would not be able to shine. Recently, she always looked at her face, etc.

In a fit of rage, I immediately wrote a reply and typed several paragraphs eloquently.

Instead of accusing my wife directly, I shared some insights and insights from the local white sisters.

I said that Canada is not very rich. Many local girls have borrowed a lot of student loans and have to work part-time after class. .

I just sent it out and regretted it. Although what I told was the truth, in this world, the truth often doesn't solve any problems, but will cause a lot of trouble.

I waited anxiously, waiting for trouble to come.

Days go by, why is there no movement at all? Two weeks later, the wife finally got the mail.

I opened the door nervously, but she didn't answer my topic. She just said that it was hot early this year, and that Beijing has already begun to feel spring. It must be cold in Calgary, and she asked me to keep warm.

The little wife's tone seemed to be both optimistic and generous, but as far as I know, her heart was definitely not so open-minded.

Since then, my wife and I have been careful to try to encourage each other and avoid mentioning particularly unpleasant things.

I told her that the United States is the United States and Canada is Canada, which is different. Canada is milder and more respectful of basic human rights, such as the right to family reunification.

I also said that I consulted a legal aid consultant. Our case is not complicated. As long as it is not a fake marriage, there is nothing to be afraid of.

And just like that, two more months passed.

This afternoon, the eaves are ticking, the weather is getting warmer, and the snow is beginning to melt.

The wife sent an email again. First, she was caring and encouraging as usual, and then she changed the topic and said that there was another intern in the company. Among them, there was a young boy, very sunny, who always pestered her, and told others that he was married. Still not reconciled, really annoying.

These few words, without beginning or end, seem inadvertent, but they are actually worth scrutinizing.

My first feeling was: my wife played a little girl's temper in revenge for me praising Sister Bai a while ago.

So I immediately replied: Of course, we must help each other in the workplace. For example, senior sisters have done a good job. However, overseas here advocates that work should be returned to work and life should be returned to life. For young students who are just starting out, they should pay special attention, and don’t give anything to others. actual fantasy.

The writing was well written and reasonable, but I still felt uneasy, so I sent an email to my senior sister again, greeted me with a few words, and then mentioned the little boy, asking her to find out.

Senior sister has always been serious in her work, and she has results in a few days.

She said that there was indeed such a boy, from the countryside, who was short in stature and thin in stature, and could not talk about sunshine or sunshine.

Senior sister also criticized me, saying that men should have tolerance, self-confidence, don't be petty, and don't be suspicious, especially towards family members.

Immediately, I felt ashamed. My wife was living in someone else's house. I saw the boss's face at work, and my brother-in-law's face when I went home. I even used Sister Bai to stimulate her.

The senior sister finally told me that she would resign soon and go to Australia to reunite with her family. The visa has been processed.

While I was happy for my senior sister, I became cautious: My wife seems to have to stay in the country for a while, and when my senior sister is gone, who will help her renew her contract and take care of her for me? Days go by day by day.

The wife didn't mention the little boy again, and everything seemed to be back to normal.

As summer came, I became more and more worried about my wife's contract.

Women have to go to work, it’s okay to be busy, and they will definitely do it when they are free.

I wanted to go back to visit relatives during the summer vacation, but the instructor said that there will be an industry conference, international, in September.

He suggested that I stay, do more experiments and publish them, and get to know some people in the industry, which will be beneficial for future job hunting.

I hesitated again and again, couldn't let go, gritted my teeth, and got on the phone with my wife.

International calls were expensive back then, so I'll make a long story short and focus on the benefits for future job hunting.

My wife was very reasonable, and immediately said that my career was the first and my future was important, and she told me not to go back.

I was so moved that I almost cried.

My wife also made a long story short and told me the good news that the company had hired a new department manager, an American, in his 40s, a male, who was recruiting a secretary. His wife was hired and became a regular employee.

The wife also said that the new boss treats her very well.

Put down the phone, my heart is very uncomfortable.

The wife is going abroad anyway, whether it is a contract worker or a regular worker, it doesn't matter at all, why should she be a secretary for someone else? Before I went abroad, female secretaries already had a bad reputation, especially female secretaries in foreign companies, which always reminded people of workplace sexual harassment.

After going abroad, I have a better understanding of foreign men, especially middle-aged men, who have a bit of power and are very domineering.

Westerners talk about the rule of law but not morality, and they are still old in their own countryIndeed, especially large companies, have strict anti-sexual harassment laws.

It is incredible that they went to China. They were offered offerings, and they thought they were really superior to others. All kinds of ugliness in human nature were exposed.

His wife's new boss is not very good. It's normal to praise people for being quick and easy, but praising female subordinates for being young and beautiful is obviously with ulterior motives. According to Canadian standards, at least they are extremely unprofessional.

In the past, when the senior sister was there, I could still take care of it, but now the senior sister is gone, alas.

This time, I didn't have the urge to make another mistake.

While working hard to lay a foundation for my future career, I have tried every means to speed up the process of skilled immigration.

Canada has a characteristic that it is slow. The more anxious you are, the less anxious it will be.

In the blink of an eye, winter has come again.

At the end of October, it is the festival of all admiration in Canada.

On this day, jack-o-lanterns are put on at night, waiting for the children to come and ask for candy.

Although I was renting a house, I joined in the fun and prepared a lot of candy to get rid of evil.

This year's Wanshan Festival is beautiful and the temperature is relatively high.

There were groups of children, and it was late at night. By the time I lay down, it was almost midnight.

Maybe I was really tired, and I was nostalgic, so I returned to Beijing in a daze.

I went to my wife's sister's house first, locked the door, went in and checked, no one was there.

I went to the Scitech Building again and found the communication company. It was also quiet, and it seemed that the closing hours had passed.

I was floating in the corridor, and I didn't know where my wife was.

I stopped when I saw a door that said something about the manager's room.

I listened to it, and it seemed like someone was there, so I blew a fairy breath.

Silently, the door opened a crack, and inside was a yellow-haired man, hugging a woman, groping and nibbling vulgarly.

I looked carefully, and the woman was wearing a professional attire, white shirt, gray skirt, black stockings, and black leather shoes. Isn't that my wife? With a hum, my head suddenly swelled.

Presumably that was the American manager, the wife's boss.

I saw my wife dodge desperately, but she was so weak, how could she fight with a red neck, and soon, she was forced to the table, there was no way to hide, no way to retreat.

"Boss, let me go, there are so many little girls in the company, why do you have to be hard on me?" The wife continued to resist, begging bitterly.

"I'm not embarrassing you, I just want to help you. Your husband is away, you're lonely and in need, right?" The bad manager stretched his dirty hands to the bottom of his wife's skirt while rhetoric.

asshole! I flew up and kicked the door.

What, silent and unresponsive? Oops, it turns out that I was just a bunch of anger and couldn't do anything but look at it angrily.

The wife pressed the skirt with one hand and propped up the boss's wrist with the other, holding on for one minute, two minutes.

Persevere, must persevere, perseverance is victory! I clenched my fists, breathless with tension.

The villain suddenly let go of his hand and seemed aggrieved and said, "I've done so much for you, making an exception, getting a promotion and a raise, you have to pay back, right?" "Boss, I know you treat me well, but what do you think? Yes, I can't, I have a husband and he treats me very well." The wife answered while panting.

Wolf, will she let the sheep go? of course not! The guy changed tactics and started again.

He hugged my wife gently, kissed her earlobe, and said softly and blatantly, "Honey, meeting the boss's needs is also a female secretary's job, isn't it? Come on, take off your pants, lie down on the table, Pout your butt, let me touch it, lick it, make sure not to insert it, turn back, and give you another level." Liar! The wife was in tears, hiding, escaping, escaping, escaping.

Since I was a child, I have heard people say that I am not afraid of thieves stealing, but I am afraid that thieves will miss me.

My poor wife, helpless, what other choice is there? I watched my wife helplessly, in front of another man, with a face full of shyness, bowed her head, shed tears, and took off her underwear.

(I watched my wife and took off my panties in front of other men.) Ah! I screamed and sat up suddenly, it turned out to be a nightmare.

Outside the window, the sky is twilight, and the late autumn in the northern country is desolate and far away.

I couldn't stop my pounding heartbeat, so I picked up the phone and dialed my wife and sister's house.

The person who answered the call was my wife's brother-in-law, my brother-in-law. He impatiently said that my wife was working overtime and had not yet arrived home, so she might have to wait another hour.

Putting down the phone, I feel ridiculous and pathetic.

Alas, this is just a dream, the old man said, and dreams are all reversed.

Two hours later, my wife sent an email asking me what happened? At this time, I had calmed down and replied that there was nothing wrong, I just wanted to tell her that I found a member of my constituency to help us file a complaint with the Immigration Department. The hardest days are coming to an end.

After sending the email, I let out a long sigh and collapsed on the bed.

Unable to help, the dream replayed in my mind again.

I suddenly felt hot all over, I looked down, and my lower body actually stood up, pouting, hard.

What's wrong with me?

(4) Another year has passed.

During the summer vacation, my skilled immigrants were approved! me and myWife, finally reunited! I moved to a better apartment and bought a used Toyota.

On the way home from the airport, my wife was elated, looking out the window and repeatedly nagging: "Ah, you have so many Canadian trees! Ah, you have so few Canadians!" "It's not your Canada, it's our Canada."

I interrupted her and told a joke, "Darling, do you know that when the students here go back to China for a blind date, everyone says they have a car and a house, and when they trick them, the car is second-hand and the house is rented. come."

The joke was really not funny, but the wife giggled.

I have rarely seen her so relaxed.

When I got home and put down my luggage, my wife went straight to the kitchen, touched here and there, and was excited again: "Ah, there is hot water as soon as you twist it, and it's still an induction cooker. It's really clean!" I picked her up and ran to the bedroom, but unfortunately, we tripped over in the living room and we both fell on the sofa.

I divided two by three and five, stripped off my wife's dress, and brought her to Fa-rectification on the spot! The wife's body became plump, her labia seemed to be a little darker, and her pubic hair was thicker, probably because she was two years older.

I didn't care about thinking too much, and I didn't care about foreplay.

My wife is also very sexual, and she twists and turns with me, panting and moaning.

So comfortable! I did it three times in a row before I was completely shot! In the end, I couldn't even speak, my wife was slightly better, panting, and at least said, "How many steaks have you eaten in the past two years!" three.)

The next morning, I woke up very late, and when I touched it, there was nothing around me.

With my hands on my waist, I staggered into the kitchen.

My little wife, with a ponytail and an apron, is filling me up with fried eggs.

Hearing the sound, she turned her head and smiled sweetly.

More than ten days later, the wife had a Social Security number.

I took her to community college and signed up for an accounting course.

I went abroad for two years, and it became a lot more realistic. I advised my wife not to pursue a degree, but to find a job in the future. Based on the principle of male computer and female accountant, go directly to college in accounting.

The wife expressed no objection, and everything obeyed my arrangement.

This is the only time she has obeyed me completely and unconditionally.

After leaving community college, we went to the bank and added my wife's name to all of my accounts so that legally all my property was shared with her.

When I got home, my wife took out a cowhide envelope, handed it to me, opened it, a brand new green note, a full $10,000! I was excited, but still pretended to be puzzled and asked, "Darling, who are you?"

"My mother asked me to hide it by myself. I think about it, it's better to leave it to you." The wife replied generously.

I was moved for a while, but also a little regretful: why didn't I say earlier, I can directly deposit in the bank just now.

I still had some doubts, so I asked again, "You, where did you get so much money?" "I saved up, wages, bonuses, overtime, travel allowances, a little bit of exchange, and collected 5,000. Before I left, my mother I gave three thousand, and my sister and brother-in-law rewarded two thousand.”

"Hey, what's the trouble with you?" I was really moved this time, "Little sweetheart, you have money, why don't you rent a room by yourself, squeeze into your sister's place, and watch your brother-in-law roll his eyes all day long? "Our lives are on the right track.

My wife is an English major and has worked in a foreign company. She quickly adapted to the environment and did not encounter any major difficulties in going to school.

After the October Harvest Festival, she took her first mid-term exam and the results were handed out, and she did well in all three subjects.

That night, we were in high spirits, showered, and went to bed early.

After hugging, kissing, caressing, and foreplay, the main topic begins.

Slowly insert, slowly pull out, then slowly insert, then slowly pull out.

When it was over, the two of us lay naked on the bed and started gossiping.

"You said that white girls are optimistic and cheerful, why do I think they actually have a lot of hearts?" This is not like casual gossip! I was smart in my heart, made a sincere appearance, and said, "This world is so difficult, who doesn't have a heart? I was just kidding you, what's so good about Sister Bai? Look at their skin, that rough, That hair! Also, there are armpits, that smell!”

"You observed very carefully!" The wife replied angrily, and laughed to herself.

I saw that she was in a good mood, so I took courage and asked casually, "Oh, by the way, what happened to your sunny little boy?" laugh it out.

"I've waited for months, and you can't stand it anymore."

The wife smiled and said, "You little boy, from Baoding Prefecture, Hebei, I'm wearing high heels, but I'm not taller than me. Tell me, what can I do with him?"

"Of course not. I have absolute trust in my daughter-in-law. How did he chase you? Curious, just curious, it's okay if you don't say anything."

"Of course, I have no ghosts in my heart."

The wife stopped laughing, "It's nothing more than just being around me all day, my sister is long and my sister is short, I'm tired of it, I don't even think about it, how old am I, I'm happy to be called my sister by others? "

"Well, then he has nothing else, like, wants to kiss you, give you a hug or something?"

"Well, just once, just once."

The wife continued to talk, nothing unnatural, "Once, the company sent something, and each person had half a basket of oranges, how could I move it? The boy said he wanted to help me carry the house, and I was thinking about giving my brother-in-law some sweetness. , I agreed. The road was very smooth that day, I got home early, and my sister and brother-in-law were not there. I let him put it in the kitchen, gave him a glass of Coke, and I sat on the sofa to rest by myself. "

"and after?"

"Later he got tired of it and wanted to kiss me, but I turned my face and didn't let him kiss."

The wife paused, "I was wearing a dress. He couldn't kiss me, so he touched my shoulder. It's all your fault. It made me feel uncomfortable, so I let him touch it. He's in a hurry."

"Don't interrupt, let's get to the point, rubbing the shoulders is not a big deal, what about after that?" "After he finished, he became more courageous and ripped off my shoulder straps, trying to touch my breasts."

I stood up, held my breath, and continued listening.

(The little boy gets bolder and pulls off his wife's shoulder straps, trying to touch her breasts.)

"I was about to scold him when he suddenly hunched over and retracted himself."

"Shit back by yourself?" I was taken aback.

"I'm also wondering, I looked up and guess what? That's really a chick, his crotch was wet, and he ejaculated prematurely!" Ha! what! what! My wife and I were laughing so hard that we almost had our backs.

"If he's not a young boy, but an old hand, what will you do?" After laughing, my lower body stiffened again.

I put one arm around my wife's shoulders, and the other on her breasts, stroking slowly, "And, his size,"

"He's too short, he's still a junior," the wife blurted out.

"Then if he grows taller and is a doctoral student like me, will you follow him?" My hand slowly turned down, swept across my belly, and probed into my wife's pussy.

"Well, doctor, it's okay, it would be better if it was a postdoc." The wife began to gasp.

"Postdoc? Yes, he's a postdoc, one level higher than your man." I laughed to myself, not letting my hands relax.

"Well, then I'll follow." The wife groaned and spread her legs.

I got on my horse.

The bed shook crunchly.

In fact, what really made me feel uneasy was not the little boy, but the American boss.

(5) We guard love and marriage, and live an ordinary life every day.

I have been abroad for a few years, and I have seen a lot of things. I know that Chinese men are the most vulnerable in foreign countries.

Foreign men go to China, get on the plane empty-handed, get off the plane, have jobs, money, and women; Chinese men are good, but they lose their connections, jobs, and sometimes dignity.

My wife and I have agreed to finish school first, and then have a child after I have a job.

Although I don't have too many scholarships, I am determined not to let my wife work part-time. I love her and I am afraid of chaos outside, so I can prevent it from happening.

When my wife has classes in the evening, I must drive a broken Toyota and pick up the car.

At the beginning, the wife was very moved, and after a long time, she became accustomed to it.

In the second year after my wife came, we were on the right track in every way.

In a twinkling of an eye, it is the end of October again, and the festival of sacrifices has arrived.

The weather was fine today, not too cold.

I asked my wife to drop her homework and lead her to the street to see how the children begged for candy.

In late autumn in Canada, the maple leaves have already fallen.

Every house is dotted with jack-o-lanterns, and some people have some ghosts in their front yards to scare people.

My wife took my hand and walked and walked, stopped and walked, very curious.

I thought to myself, why didn't I take her out last year.

My wife is petite, dark, and looks like a local high school student.

There was an old grandfather who stood at the door of his house, took the initiative to greet his wife and gave her two pieces of chocolate.

My wife was so happy that she insisted that I take off my hat and let her carry it to beg for candy. After walking around, the hat was actually full.

When I got home, it was past ten o'clock.

When I got into bed, my wife was still excited, but my heart was heavy.

I remembered that nightmare two years ago on the night of the festival of admiration.

I tossed and turned, couldn't sleep, and finally, couldn't help pushing my wife.

"I'm sorry, I really can't sleep, can you talk with me for a while?"

"Okay, actually I can't sleep either. Hey, tell me, am I really that small?" The wife turned around and turned on the lamp.

"Yes, in the eyes of foreigners, women in China, Japan and South Korea are ten years younger than their actual age, so this foreign man likes to hook up with you."

I don't want to spoil my wife's happiness, but I really have other things in my heart, "I'm not being suspicious, just asking, back then, there were so many job seekers in your company, both from outside and outside, with a lot of bachelor's and master's degrees. Your boss is the American Manager, why did he just like you and give you a promotion and salary increase?" "You, what do you mean?" The wife suddenly became angry, raised her voice, and trembled a little.

"No, no, don't get me wrong."

I quickly explained, "I just ask casually. I'm afraid he will bully you and make you feel wronged. I remember that you were in a bad mood for a while."

I didn't expect my wife to cry: "The money I earn by myself is not given to me by others. I am alone, and you don't care about me. I have suffered so many crimes, and you have to bury me. Woo, woo Woo."

"Don't, don't cry, I was wrong, I talk too much, blame me for talking too much." It was so bad, I was afraid of women crying.

I was at a loss when my wife suddenly turned over and hugged me tightly, kissing me on the face while saying I love you.

I gently stroked her back, trying to calm her down.

Unexpectedly, my wife became more and more excited, straightened up, took off my pants, stepped on, grabbed my penis, and stuffed it half softly and half hard.

While moving frantically, she yelled loudly: "Say you love me, say it, say it!"

"You love me! Ah, no, I love you, I love you!" I forced myself to cope with it, thinking to myself, this woman is so scary, with such explosive power! After all, my wife was frail and soon became too tired, so we changed positions, male on top and female off.

When I was about to finish it, I suddenly remembered that today was not in the safe period, so I quickly pulled out.

I just pulled it out, when the thing caught the wind and trembled, I couldn't help but shoot, right on my wife's face.

The wife sat up silently without saying a word, and wiped the semen from the corners of her mouth with a tissue.

We went to bed very late that night.

I went back to that nightmare and woke up in a cold sweat.

(The wife doesn't say a word, sits up silently, and wipes the semen from the corner of her mouth with a tissue.)

For better or worse, another year has passed.

The biggest problem for Chinese students who have emigrated abroad is finding a job.

Those who find a professional job are arrogant and enter the middle class; those who can’t find it well or can’t find it, are downcast, either to be a postdoctoral fellow for a thousand years, or to try another major, or to give up high-paying employment abroad and resolutely serve the motherland.

I have already passed the doctoral qualification examination, and I will soon have to submit my dissertation defense. The question of finding a job has also been mentioned on the agenda.

In those years of economic downturn, Calgary was known as the oil capital. As a petrochemical major, it was difficult for me to find a job.

I was secretly anxious, and getting more anxious.

My wife is easily influenced by others.

She went to a few Chinese churches and was persuaded by a bunch of stinky women to persuade me to change to computer programming.

As soon as I heard it, I was on fire. If I change my career, I should change it as soon as I go abroad. How can I wait until now? Besides, people must have their own ideas and cannot blindly follow suit.

If everyone learns the same thing, it will definitely be overstaffed.

My wife murmured, but she actually talked back to me, saying that she didn't follow the trend blindly, why let her learn accounting.

Really pissed me off.

My tutor was Scottish, very old-fashioned.

Seeing that I was in a hurry, he asked me to talk once.

He said that there are a group of professors in Canada who are approaching 60 like him, and they will retire one after another in a few years.

He suggested that I go to the United States as a postdoctoral fellow and come back to apply for a professorship when I have the chance.

He also said that Canadians actually have low self-esteem, and especially recognize the British or American experience.

Finally, he told me that he had a colleague in Blackburg, Virginia, who was doing a good job and was looking for a postdoc.

When I got home, I repeated the teacher's words to my wife.

I paid special attention to avoiding the important ones, but she still jumped up: "No, I won't go! I hate America, I hate America!" I didn't expect her reaction to be so strong, so I could only caress her kindly, saying she didn't have to go America, stay here and continue to go to school while making enough days to apply for citizenship.

As for me, it's just a transition. I'll come back in two years at most. After I come back, she will be the professor's wife.

All my good words, my wife said, "I hate America, I hate America!" We all said too much that day.

My wife said that I deceived her in the first place, and she would not have married me if she had known the situation abroad.

I immediately retorted, exposing her little trick of breaking up and forcing marriage, pointing out that she actually wanted to go abroad, so she did everything possible to marry me.

The wife was speechless for a while, and she was unwilling to cry.

I hate women crying the most.

After a few more months, I finally put on my doctor's hat.

Although graduating is equivalent to being unemployed, I was excited for a few days when I became a Ph.D., and then we parted again.

To save money, I took my luggage and drove all the way to Virginia.

I remember the morning when I left, the sky was overcast and the north wind was blowing hard.

My wife helped me load my luggage into the car, silently saying nothing.

When it was finally time to leave, my wife hugged me and cried, my heart was crying.

At the end, my wife raised her head and said resolutely, "You can go without worry. I can take care of myself. I will wait for you for ten or twenty years!" This time, it was my turn to cry.

wife suddenlyRan wiped away her tears and made an unexpected move: she took off her clothes, lay down on the sofa, and pouted her white buttocks.

"Come on, your men's favorite pose! Fuck me, I want you to do it for the rest of your life!" Men's favorite pose? I don't know where the wife came to the conclusion.

All I know is, number one, I did it once last night, and number two, I still have to drive a thousand kilometers to get to the scheduled motel.

That being said, as a legal husband, I still do my due diligence.

I took off my pants and slipped in silently.

(Come on, your men's favorite pose!)

(6) The wife is right, Americans really hate it.

The day after I arrived at Black Castle, I entered the laboratory and worked hard day and night.

My new boss, in his forties, white, full professor, crazy.

He actually told me that people can be simply divided into two categories: Americans and non-Americans who want to be Americans.

Isn't this bullshit? Less than half a year later, this guy came to me dejectedly, saying that the funds had been cut and that he could no longer support me.

I understand that the funds have been cut, but what does it mean to be unable to support? He wants people to work, I work to get money, consensual, who will support who? After leaving Blackburg, I went to Southern California to work for more than half a year. I was still a postdoctoral fellow, doing pipeline flaw detection, and the funding came from the Texas oil company.

I rented a room, in good condition, in a Chinese home.

The family is from the Northeast. The male owner is in the Dalian Municipal Government. Bai Dao Hui Dao made some money and sent his only child out to attend middle school. He was boarding the whole family.

This is quite interesting: the male owner earns money in China and has never seen him come here before, the female owner is not good at English, stays at home all day and has nothing to do, and Xiao Liu only comes home on weekends, and without a word, he will play games, Or Chinese game.

The landlord's wife claimed that she was not short of money, but she was in a hurry, so she rented out two rooms privately.

I guess their family doesn't have much money, the male owner is just a small official, and there is no way to get big bribery.

Another tenant is also a mainlander, from the University of Illinois, who studied computer programming and came here for an internship.

That old brother fantasized about staying in the company and asking the company to help him get a green card, so he worked very hard and didn't pay much attention to his family.

There are so many people in Southern California, and I've seen a lot of weirdness and new things.

Because I am bored, I often think about some problems.

I find Chinese people are actually very interesting.

Let’s start with Chinese men, who are particularly harsh on their own country: the military should be compared with that of the United States, the welfare should be compared with that of Northern Europe, and the environment should be compared with that of Switzerland.

Besides, Chinese women are particularly harsh on their husbands: they should compare their money with the Jews, their romance with the French, and their physiques with the blacks.

I have also seen quite a few women, who have been out and about, and finally divorced angrily and remarried foreigners.

The amazing thing is that after these women remarried, there is often a great change: they are satisfied with everything, and they have nothing to compare with, and even subsidize money to support foreign men.

I’m not too young anymore, I’m a lot more oily, I don’t slack off or work hard, and my life is pretty good.

After get off work on weekdays, only the landlady and I are in the house.

The woman was in her thirties, maybe in her forties, she was plump, and she knew how to dress well.

To be honest, she looks alright when she is dressed up, even a bit like my senior sister.

The landlady hardly understands English and does not want to learn it. There are a large number of such Chinese in Southern California.

When I had nothing to do, I would chat with her, and help her fill in a form and translate a document or something, and I slowly got to know her.

(The landlady is fine when she's dressed up, she even looks a bit like my senior sister.) Lonely men and widows, they hooked up as soon as they came and went.

On a dark night, the landlady and I rolled the sheets, and then it got out of hand.

Mature women are good, not only good at undressing, but also understanding: I gave her a look, she separated her legs, I patted her butt again, she turned over and pouted, not to mention I lay down, she rode up, I was wrong Open her legs and she will take it.

My own wife can't. I remember one time when I was halfway through, I wanted to change my position and pat her ass, and she asked me why I hit her! If a man has no conscience, he really has no conscience.

I didn't feel too guilty for engaging with women outside.

Here's what I think: If you're looking for a young and beautiful woman and you're going to give up your wife and marry again, it's really immoral, but it shouldn't be a big deal to get a woman to play with.

This is how people are selfish: they can always forgive their own debauchery, but it is not natural for their spouse to cheat.

My wife and I are often on the phone. I talk less and she talks more, mostly trivial.

My wife is also approaching graduation. She said that the community college has a wide range and arranged internships for everyone, but there is no salary.

The wife was assigned to the Royal Bank, standing at the counter in the savings bank, and went three and a half days a week.

I know that the job is tiring with less money and more legs, and the local white people are reluctant to do it, so the intern may stay.

My wife is very concerned about this, I don't think it matters.

If she finds a professional job first, it would be quite a loss for me.

After a while, probably in April, the wife toldI, there was a manager in the savings bank named Susan, who made the mortgage, and was very nice to her.

Susan's husband, Jonny, is self-employed and runs a small accounting firm just across from the savings bank.

The office usually does not have any business, so it is busy every spring to help everyone file taxes.

Susan recommended my wife to pay by the hour, mainly for those who don't know English very well.

Summer is here again.

I have been in the United States for a year, and I feel more and more boring.

This afternoon, I left the lab early and wandered home.

The landlady was watching a Korean drama and was bored.

When boring men and women get together, they must do what adults love to do.

The landlady pays attention to maintenance and wears makeup on weekdays. Although I have slept with her many times, I have never seen her take off her makeup.

On this day, she didn't expect me to come back suddenly. She was a little careless and forgot to touch up her makeup. She was in a hurry and took off her clothes in confusion.

I finally saw her true face: loose skin, oily face, kitsch! My penis is wilting all of a sudden.

I actually slept with a greasy middle-aged woman! My own wife is so young and beautiful, I am so sorry for her! I, I am embarrassing my own family! All of a sudden I lost interest and lay down on the bed listless.

The landlady is in a hurry, how can she be willing to let it go! She touched my forehead and asked eagerly, "Big brother, what's the matter? Don't you suffer from heat stroke?" I shook my head and lied a little: "No, I miss my daughter-in-law, and I feel ashamed and panicked. ”

"Big brother, you have a conscience. How can you be happy at home, my bastard!" The landlady sighed, but instead of taking her hand away, she put it on my chest muscle, "Big brother, Listen to my sister's advice, if you really love your daughter-in-law, go back early.

My sister doesn't understand foreign languages, but she knows in her heart that in America, a few days will pass.

When you go back, the family is together, so there is someone to take care of.

This woman, you can't be alone, the body is hard, and the heart is even harder! "The landlady was speaking from her heart.

I feel better in my heart.

The landlady's hand continued to go down and touched her lower abdomen.

I didn't say anything, but I didn't have time to think about it, so I thought to myself: There is an oil sands company recruiting, just in Calgary, I handed a resume, the other party said it's okay, I'll have a phone interview first, next week, see Take this matter seriously.

I met an old seal last week, what was it called? Raja, yes, from the Department of Biochemistry, his eloquence is very good.

Go to school tomorrow, invite this guy a cup of coffee, and ask for advice on bragging skills, just treat it as a monk from Tang Dynasty.

"Big brother, after listening to my sister's advice, I feel more at ease?" I was startled and looked down. I don't know when the landlady grabbed my thing, pinched and rubbed it, and was playing with it. .

"No, the dick is hard again. Don't let my sister get cold, come on, my sister is riding up!" Alas, there is no way, the gun that I made has to be finished with tears.

(I actually slept with this greasy middle-aged woman!)

(7) I went through two rounds of phone interviews, first with the personnel department, and then with the recruiting R&D team.

The effect of studying scriptures in the West was very good, and I was invited for an interview.

The old seal has the characteristics of the old seal, and is very concerned about the attention and attention of others.

If you ask for advice humbly, and there is no conflict of interest, they are quite enthusiastic.

The Chinese are often the opposite, hiding one hand to guard against the other at all times.

Two weeks later, I left Southern California and went back to Calgary for an interview.

The oil sands company is a large and regular company. They told me that the round-trip air ticket and related expenses are reimbursed. I said no, just give me the one-way oil money and hotel money.

What the landlady said makes sense. I don’t want to spend any more time in the United States. I want to go home. The big deal is to go back to the University of Calgary.

On the night before my departure, the landlady and I bid farewell.

I closed my eyes and finished the parting gun with tears in my eyes.

I drove non-stop for three days from Southern California to Calgary.

It was midnight when we got home.

The whole apartment building was silent and dark, with only one window, still showing warm light: that's my home! I just got out of the elevator with my suitcase in my hand, when my wife heard the noise, opened the door, ran out barefoot, and threw herself into my arms.

We hugged each other home, closed the door, kissed and kissed, almost breathless.

My wife took the clean underwear, helped me shower, watched me put it on again, and then we went to bed and hugged each other.

I remembered what the landlord's wife said, women are in a tough time, and their hearts are even tougher, so I asked my wife if she wanted to have sex.

My wife's body was already hot, but she still refused, saying that I was too tired from the long drive and needed a good rest.

In the end is his own woman, really considerate.

People are too tired but can't sleep. In the dark, I hugged my little wife in my arms and spoke intimate words for half the night.

She is so cute, she sits in my arms like a kitten, her skin is soft and smooth, more than the landladyMuch better, there is still a faint scent on the body.

On the morning of the third day, I went to the oil sands company for an interview.

My wife was even more nervous than me. She gave me a tie in the morning. Her hands were shaking all the time.

The interview went well. The leader of the recruiting team, who is also a Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, is still the same mentor as me.

Finally, the interview panel asked me what my requirements were.

I replied: Look at the current employment situation, I am a postdoctoral fellow, a new immigrant, and there is no requirement.

They laughed.

After going out, my fellow senior brother whispered that big companies are very rigid, and wages are difficult to negotiate.

He told me to go back and wait patiently, saying the background check might take a week or two.

I'm no longer a fool who just came out of school. When I heard the words background check, I immediately understood.

When I got home, my wife didn't go to work and was still waiting.

Women just can't hold their breath.

In the summer, I wore a suit all morning, and I was sweating so hot, my wife hurriedly waited for me to undress and take a bath.

I knew she wanted to ask but didn't dare to ask, so she deliberately kept her face calm, put on a pair of big pants, and sat back on the sofa in the living room to enjoy the shade.

My wife was standing next to me, not talking, not talking.

I was secretly proud of myself, stretched out a hand and pointed to my lower body.

The wife was shy and embarrassed: "I, I am in a hurry, my period is early, and it just came in the morning.

"I didn't answer, I spread my legs and pointed to my lower body again.

This time, my wife understood, moved between my legs, blushed, and knelt down.

The wife is more sensible than when she was newly married.

She knelt on the ground, pulled down my panties, and the thing broke free, jumped out, and swung hard.

The wife grabbed the base of her penis, licked it, stuck her tongue out, tried to lick it a few times, then pulled it back and replaced it with a hot kiss, from the lower abdomen to the cock, and from the groin to the scrotum.

Cool, so cool, I gasped again and again.

When the kiss was almost over, the wife shook her long hair, turned her face to the side, stuck out the tip of her tongue, and started licking: first the base of her thighs, then her testicles, which was really good.

"Enough, enough, I'm going to ejaculate if you lick me." I couldn't take it anymore, and hurriedly stopped her.

My wife laughed, opened her mouth, and held the swollen glans in her mouth. She threw it once, two times, three times, and threw it up at a leisurely pace. She raised her eyes from time to time to observe, and adjusted it in time according to my reaction.

Unexpectedly, a few years later, the little girl has become a light mature woman! (My wife vomited unhurriedly, raised her eyes from time to time to observe, and adjusted in time according to my reaction.)

A week later, the letter of appointment was sent to my home, and the annual salary was 75,000, and I didn't counter-offer.

My wife jumped up with joy. Over the years, we have not been very successful, and she has been suffocated.

I looked at it with joy, and thought to myself, in the end, I was born in a small place outside the city, and I have never seen the world. After two days, there will be more happy things! Large companies in Canada have high barriers to entry, and it is difficult to enter, but once they enter, they are very mixed.

After another week, I figured out the orientation of the office, and I was ready to discuss important matters with my wife.

That night, we washed up early again.

My wife was still combing her hair in front of the mirror, and I sat cross-legged on the bed, with a pen and paper in my hand, and pretended to be serious, "Okay, what's the end? Go, get last month's bank slips, all the accounts, Including dollars and calculators, be quick!" "I didn't spend money indiscriminately, why do you want to check the account?" My wife couldn't guess what I was going to do, so she put her things on the bed and sat down cross-legged.

"Check accounts? Am I that bored? Come on, add up the money and give me a total."

I still pretended to be serious, but later, I couldn't help laughing first, "Little sister, we want to buy a house, we want to buy our own house!" "Really? So soon?" The wife jumped up again with joy, "Let's It’s only been over three years since I went abroad, so I can buy a house, so I really don’t need to rent a house?”

"Of course it's true. We want to buy a new house, a big new house! No second-hand ones, no bad ones in the school district, no small kitchens, no small living rooms, and even smaller master bedrooms! Concubine Ai, yours, understand?"

"Understood, Chen and concubine understand, the backyard should be large, the orientation should be good, two-door garage, four bedrooms and three bathrooms." That night, the moon was shining, the sky was fresh, outside the screen, the breeze was breezy, and insects were chirping.

We calculated three times in total, the exchange rate of the US dollar, accurate to four decimal places.

The final conclusion is: we have more than 70,000 yuan, and with a down payment of 15%, we can buy a house of more than 400,000 yuan.

Unexpectedly, the little wife is very good at housekeeping and saves so much money from frugality.

I was about to praise my wife, but she jumped out of bed and ran outside, saying, "I'm going to get a computer. Let's check the housing right now. The school district should be better, and the transportation should be convenient."

I hurriedly stopped her: "Concubine Ai, we will discuss this matter early tomorrow. I have a strong sexual desire today. Concubine Ai, come and serve me."

"According to the order, my concubine's lower body is also a little itchy." I pulled my wife back to the bed, hugged her and kissed and touched her. Soon, she was lifted up and insisted on not wanting it.

I took off my underwear, threw it under the bed, lay down, spread my legs, and pointed between my legs.My wife understood and immediately fell down, put both hands under my crotch, put one hand on the vagina, gently rubbed it, and held the penis with the other, playing with it carefully.

I couldn't help moaning loudly as I watched the mucus seep out of the horse's eye and onto my wife's hand.

When my wife saw that the fire was coming, she took off her panties and rode up. She parted her pussy lips with one hand, and held my meat stick with the other. Bring it up again.

The wife's vagina is warm and slippery, a hundred times stronger than the landlady! We are old and married, we know each other very well.

In just ten days, I found a job first, and now I have to buy a house, which is really good.

My wife and I were in high spirits, and our movements were skillful. As soon as we shoved up and down, my wife gasped for breath, and a large amount of water flowed from the lower body, which flowed onto the sheets and wet the bank slips.

(The wife rides up, and after a while, she is gasping for breath, and a flood of water starts from her lower body.)

(8) It is much easier to buy a house than to find a job.

We got the house done in no time.

Not far from the company, there is a nice new area, the lawn has been paved, and the trees along the street have been planted.

We won the last house, and although it was the last house, it was the best because it was the developer's model house.

The house met all our requirements: large kitchen, large living room, large master bedroom, large backyard, good facing, double garage, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms.

The stinky women the wife met at the church began to talk nonsense again, saying that what kind of prefab house is not good, and the customers who came in and out of the house were not virgin houses.

I said it was pure jealousy, nonsense, which new house hasn't been moved in or out by builders and decorators? And just like that, just after summer, we moved into our new home, our own! My wife was very excited, and she rubbed it every day to avoid dust falling. She buried a bunch of tulip bulbs against the wall outside the house. We will only wait until the spring of next year to see the colorful flowers.

In the process of buying a house, I met my wife's colleague Susan, because the mortgage was entrusted to her, the interest was very low, and it was not easy to get it in the market.

Through Susan, I got to know her husband Jonny, the owner of his wife's second job.

The wife said that Susan and Jonny were locals and were born in a village in the north of the city. They could be said to be childhood sweethearts. They were classmates from kindergarten to university.

The wife also said that it was Susan's problem that the couple had no children. When she graduated from college, she drove drunk and hit a telephone pole. Her patella fracture was not counted, and her internal organs shifted.

Many people persuaded Jonny to reconsider the engagement, but Jonny did not change his original intention and resolutely married Susan, and they have lived together until today.

Tears welled up in his wife's eyes when she said this.

It can be seen that she has a good impression of this little boss.

It's not surprising, Jonny's persistence to his fiancee, not to mention women, even I was moved.

Susan does not need to work, and works from home a lot of time.

My first meeting with her was at her home.

She lives in the old district. The house is quite old, but the interior decoration is very elegant, and there are antique telephones and typewriters on the desk.

Susan was just over forty, very well maintained, like thirty-five or sixteen, thin among local women.

She is tall and slender, with fair cheeks, a pair of short-sighted glasses on the bridge of her pointed nose, and long pale golden hair, casually draped over her shoulders. She is a beautiful and intellectual white sister.

That day she was wearing a black shirt, a short grey skirt, long stockings and high heels.

Susan spoke slowly and clearly, and within half an hour, as a rookie, I understood that the loan period was long or short, and the interest rate was floating or fixed.

Applying for a mortgage is usually a bit of a shopping spree, but I went straight to Susan.

In contrast, Jonny is a lot inferior, and is considered to be a very common and not very successful type among white people.

He was about the same size as me, and when he was less than forty, his hair was already gray, and he was a little bald.

On the way out, Jonny repeatedly told me to drive safely.

(Susan is wearing a black shirt, grey skirt, long stockings and high heels.

) Not long after we moved into the new house, the autumn wind picked up, and when the leaves were almost falling, the festival of admiration came again.

My wife said that we have a house and a job, and we are considered a mainstream society, and we should do more of our obligations.

She prepared a lot of chocolates, all of which were relatively expensive. She also brought in several large pumpkins, hollowed out one by one, lined up at the door, and lit candles.

That night, the weather was fine, and the half moon was hanging diagonally in the sky.

The children came in batch after batch, and the wife stood at the door, very busy.

I stood at the window on the second floor, looked down for a while, and felt that it was not very interesting, so I turned on the computer and secretly watched Japanese love action movies.

I was looking at it vigorously, when I heard a bang on the stairs, I quickly turned off the computer, and picked up a newspaper.

The wife ran up, her face was flushed, and she looked unfinished.

It turned out that she was inexperienced and the sugar was too generous, and in less than an hour, the three boxes of chocolate had run out.

I asked my wife if she had put out the jack-o-lantern candles and she saidNo.

I quickly grabbed her and ran downstairs, opened the door, and turned off the jack-o-lantern, otherwise the kids would come knocking on the door and we couldn't bring out the candy, what a disappointment.

We closed the door and turned off the lights on the first floor. After doing this, we were all out of breath.

It was early and there was nothing else to do, so we hugged, first kissed, then caressed, just like when we were in love.

In the darkness, as I was about to go further, my wife said, "Dear, what do you think our family is missing?" "What is missing, what is missing in our family?"

"Idiot, think about it." "Or, furniture? Didn't we agree to pay off the loan first and add furniture slowly?" I put my hand under her skirt while perfunctory.

"No, think again, think again." The wife was a little unhappy.

"Clothes, shoes?" I stopped and thought about it, "Don't you care about these? I can't think of it."

"Fool, child, we are short of children."

"Yeah," I suddenly realized, "really, we should have children!" I took my wife's hand, ran up to the second floor quickly, picked her up, kicked away the master bedroom, ran over, and fell on the big bed .

On a silent autumn night, under the soft lights, we made love frantically.

My wife was naked, her back was facing the sky, her legs were raised high, and she was resting on my shoulders, gasping and moaning.

I just watched the island country romance film, and my momentum is booming, no matter what, it is a long stroke and a deep one.

Old couples are familiar with each other, and after a while, I just felt a jerk in my lower body, and I felt like I was pouring out.

Shooting empty, I began to regret: is it too fast, I am afraid that my wife is not enjoying it.

I wanted to score twice, but I couldn't do it, so I had to look ashamed, straighten my waist, and slowly pull out.

I only pulled out a half, when my wife grabbed me and pulled hard.

I was caught off guard, only to hear a pop, the penis stabbed to the end, and then tightly plugged my wife's pussy.

"Don't, don't pull it out, block it for a while, block it for a while longer."

"I, I'm tired today, I really can't do it anymore." I felt guilty, so I could only make an empty wish, "Tomorrow, wait for tomorrow, let you ride on it, but work hard to build it!" " Who wants to work hard to make it?"

The wife said angrily, "Don't we want children? Don't let it all go out, it's a pity." Then I realized that my wife is not for herself, but always thinking about the future children.

What a woman, she must be a good mother! I hugged my wife tightly.

That night, we spoke a lot of heartfelt words.

The wife said that she was going to take the driver's license test and buy a second-hand van with eight seats.

I asked why not buy a five-seater, the choice of models will be much more.

She said that with two adults and three children, children should not be bored at home and should have more contact with the outside world. Assuming that each child brings a small partner, a total of eight seats are needed.

Women are really long-term and thoughtful when they think about problems! (Wife grabs me and pulls hard.) It was late at night, and my wife and I, naked, lay side by side on the bed.

His wife was already asleep, smiling and snoring lightly.

But I didn't feel sleepy, and I stayed up for a long time, but I had no choice but to sit up quietly, climb out of bed, lightly walked to the window, opened the curtains, and looked out.

I don't know when, that half moon has been covered by dense clouds.

The north wind was howling, and it was as tight as a burst.

In the back garden, under the fence, two newly planted small trees swayed painfully in the wind.

Winter is coming.

(9) God is stingy. While giving us happiness, he also often brings suffering.

Winter is over, spring is here, spring is over, summer is here, but my wife's stomach doesn't move at all.

I murmured in my heart: Will my exposure to Roentgen rays at work affect the activity of sperm? I told my wife about this worry and asked if I should go to the hospital for a check up, and the wife agreed.

I called the family doctor, the doctor was very gracious, said to make an appointment with a specialist right away, and advised both of us to go for a checkup.

The summer that year was very hot, but the result of the inspection was cold.

Everything was fine for me, the problem was with the wife: the distal end of the fallopian tubes was blocked.

The doctor did not recommend the operation, saying that according to the wife's physical condition, the operation has considerable risks, and even if the operation is successful, the probability of conception is not high.

My wife burst into tears on the spot, begging the doctor to arrange the operation, saying that she was not afraid of risks, and wanted to be a mother, a mother of many, many children.

It took a lot of time for the doctor to persuade his wife to stop her, saying that she was young, relaxed, and after taking care of her, she might become pregnant in a few years, and also said that with the development of modern medicine, there are many ways to be a mother, not necessarily a natural pregnancy, Not really, you can still adopt.

Of course we want to have our own children, completely our own children, but in any case, we cannot take the risk of killing the chicken and taking the egg.

The wife has changed, she is listless, her mood is up and down.

I always thought of her as a little sister, a little shy little sister.After being diagnosed with infertility, the wife seemed indifferent to many things.

One day, after taking a shower, she walked downstairs without wearing clothes, and lay on the sofa in the living room.

I asked her why, she said it was too hot, take the shade.

I said that I can't be naked. The living room has floor-to-ceiling windows, and the curtains are not drawn. She actually replied, "What are you afraid of, she can't have children anyway, so she's not a real woman."

I really don't know what to do.

I consulted a psychiatrist, and the doctor said that maybe the situation will get better after a long time.

(On one occasion, my wife was naked, lying on the sofa in the living room to enjoy the shade.) We dared not tell any Chinese about our suffering, but only to Jonny Susan and his wife.

The Chinese people in Calgary are mischievous and always expect others to be unlucky, and Jonny and Susan have no children, so they are like us.

A few months have passed, and autumn has come again, and the wife's mood seems to have stabilized a little.

I must admit that the Jonny Susans, and Susan in particular, have been a great help and comfort to us.

Susan is an experienced person, kind, kind, patient and meticulous, and she speaks more convincingly than a doctor, let alone me.

She told his wife about her past, how painful it was, and how she got out of the pain in the end.

Susan told his wife that after the car accident, she once thought of suicide, but life is given by God, only God can take it away, mortals can only accept their fate and find a way to live on.

Susan said that there are quite a few Canadian couples who are infertile or unwilling to have children. Some go to foreign countries to adopt children, and some simply keep a few dogs.

She also said that most Canadian children don't visit their parents at all when they grow up, so it doesn't really make a difference whether they have children or not.

I remember Susan came to my house one weekend and taught my wife how to bake cakes while patiently instructing her.

I sat next to me and watched silently.

The warm late autumn sun shines on Susan's silhouette through the window and gauze curtain.

At that moment, I seemed to see my sister.

Good days have to pass, bad days have to pass, and the annual festival of al-Adha is here again.

I was afraid that my wife would cry when she saw the children, so she closed the door early, turned off all the lights, and made it look like there was no one at home.

The children didn't come to disturb, but the wife was still sullen and had no energy at all.

With nothing to say and nothing to do, we had to wash up and go to bed.

In the dark, we lay on the bed, quietly, each thinking about our thoughts.

"Do you remember one year, when I just arrived, and it was also the night of the festival of sacrifices, you took me to beg for sugar?" The wife suddenly spoke up.

"Remember, remember."

It's a good topic, so I quickly took over the conversation, "We've got so much candy, people think you're a high school student, no, a junior high school student."

"When I got home later, you asked me, the boss in my country, the American manager, why did he change me to a regular position and get a promotion and salary increase, remember?"

"I don't remember, oh, I have a little impression. I just asked casually at the time. You still remember it for so long, really."

"No, you didn't ask casually, you doubted me, and suspected that I did something wrong to you."

"No, absolutely not, go to sleep, don't mention these old sesame seeds and rotten millet."

I tried to stop this unpleasant topic, but I didn't succeed. My wife continued: "I rejected it at the time. Actually, I didn't tell the whole truth." I groaned in my heart.

"Your suspicions are not unreasonable. Domestic and foreign companies are so chaotic, but they are not as bad as you think."

The wife paused for a while and continued, "My American boss is not a bad person, just a flower. When I arrive in China, I can seize the opportunity. It's not clear from the outside. He has messed with a lot of little girls in the company." I kept silent. Voice.

"I'm married, and I thought I should be fine, but he didn't let me go. He clapped his shoulders and put his arms around his waist, and said something unflattering. I tried my best not to be alone with him, and I didn't give him a chance, but I still didn't dodge once." My ears suddenly perked up.

"That day was the first day of November, and I worked overtime. You know, the country is different from here, overtime is common, but it happened that day, other departments had no work, and I was the only one left in the company after work. And the boss. I got nervous all of a sudden, and sure enough, the guy started to move around, saying that if he hired me exceptionally, he would get a promotion and a raise, and I had to pay him back." The first day of November, to reduce the jet lag, isn't it? Are we here on Hallow's Eve night? I suddenly remembered that nightmare.

"I begged him, saying that I had a husband, and I really couldn't give what he wanted. Later, he played tricks and asked me to poke my butt, let him touch and lick it, then let me go and promise not to do it. Come in." My wife stopped, looked at me, saw that I was still calm, and continued, "I have nothing to rely on, and you are not there, so I had no choice but to promise him, turn my back and lie on the table. Unexpectedly, He doesn't count, after reading and touching, he took out that disgusting thing and pushed me in." The wife sobbed.

I quickly reached out my hand and gently comforted her back.

"I held the table with one hand and turned the back of the other hand to hold him firmly so that he wouldn't come in." The wife stopped, as if notWilling to go on.

"And then?" I couldn't help asking.

"Later, later, he, he couldn't get me, and he was afraid that the cleaners would come in, so he let go." My wife gave me a sneaking look, and then stopped again.

"And later?" I couldn't help but ask again.

"He didn't harass me any more. There were so many beautiful women in the company. After that, I went abroad." The wife sobbed again.

"I'm sorry, it's all my fault, I made you feel wronged." I turned over and hugged my wife tightly in my arms.

I could feel that my wife was relieved a lot, but it didn't seem like she was completely relieved.

After a long time, my wife stopped crying, and she said, "You are hard." "What? What is it that I am hard?" I was inexplicable.

"You're hard underneath." "Ah? Oh," I realized that, my lower body was hard, and I hurriedly said, "Little sister, I love you so much, back from the hospital, we haven't loved you yet, I I want you."

"I want you too." The wife put her arms around my shoulders, "I think about it, no children, no children, Jonny said, the Dink family is not bad." , hold on to the boss and don't let him succeed.)

That night, I did it reluctantly, and my mind was a mess, thinking about the story my wife told me and remembering the nightmare again.

When I was in Southern California, the landlady sat on the table and let me fuck from behind a few times.

In that position, as long as the woman slumps her waist, the man pulls his hands back and pushes his hips forward.

The wife is so petite and weak, and her husband has not been around for a long time. She is touched and licked by a strong man, and then uses a thick penis to hold up her pussy. The strength, the strength in the hand, how incredible!

(10) Another spring has come.

After work one afternoon, I drove to Jonny's accounting office to pick up my wife home.

We are getting closer and closer to the Jonny Susans these days.

Their residence is not far from us, and they often visit each other on weekends, drinking coffee and chatting casually to help their wives relieve stress.

The wife seems to be getting better, sometimes with a little smile on her face.

I didn't buy an 8-seater van, and I didn't dare to let my wife drive and take her to and from get off work every day.

Susan can't drive, and Jonny picks up or calls a taxi when she goes out, which is not very convenient.

When Susan went to the bank, if Jonny was busy, I would pick up my wife from get off work and take her home by the way.

I got off work early this day, and the road was empty, so I arrived at the accounting office half an hour earlier than usual.

I parked the car, pushed the door and went in, it was empty, no one was there.

What about Jonny? Where is my wife? Where have everyone gone? I was a little surprised when I vaguely heard men and women talking and laughing, like whispering, mixed with soft laughter.

I listened carefully, and yes, it came from the storage room at the back, like the chirping of insects in the summer woods, the volume is not high but clear and real.

The small door of the storage room was left open. I was about to walk there when the door suddenly opened behind me. When I looked back, it was Susan.

Susan was stunned for a moment, I'm afraid I didn't expect me to come so early, but she immediately came back to her senses and greeted me loudly, looking both enthusiastic and exaggerated.

The small door of the storage room opened, and Jonny walked out in a hurry. When he saw me, he hurriedly greeted me with an unnatural expression.

Immediately afterwards, his wife followed, her face flushed, her hair a little messy, and her eyes seemed to be dodging a little.

Jonny quickly returned to his normal state, flipping through the papers on the counter, while looking for something to say: "It's so early today, I love my wife so much, a good man, a good man! By the way, there will be a client coming soon. Yi, I just came from Shanghai. Your wife and I, we thought to prepare first, but we found that some documents were missing, so we went to the back."

"So, did you find it?" I asked.

"Found it, found it," Jonny said hurriedly, but looked over my shoulder to Susan.

What's the matter today, everyone is a little weird? I was about to speak again.

Susan spoke: "Oh, you have clients, it looks like you're getting off work a little later.

She turned her face to me again: "I want to go home early, can you please send me first and let Jonny send your wife after the client is done?" Of course it's no problem with this little thing.

Without saying a word, I loaded Susan on the road, and rushed to her house before the peak.

I wanted to turn around and go to the accounting office to pick up my wife, but Susan held me back and asked me to sit in for a while, have a cup of black tea, and said that Jonny drove very steadily and would definitely bring my wife home safely.

I think it's right, I just sat there for a while, if I don't want to sit for more than an hour.

Susan sat sideways in front of me and asked concernedly how my wife was doing and whether it was getting better.

I said that you are watching. After a while, I have tried all kinds of methods, such as meditation, fitness, sunbathing, and I just need to take medicine. I don’t want to take medicine, I am afraid of dependence, take it slowly, in general The situation is improving.

This topic, which Susan and I talk about every time, is nothing special, but this time, it was a little unusual.After Susan listened to me, instead of routinely reassuring, she switched to a new topic.

I remember Susan turned her back to the sun and couldn't see her face clearly, but her voice was serious: "You missed the most effective way to reduce stress, sex!" "Sex?" I was stunned for a moment, "My wife and I, The relationship has always been very good, the married life, as you said, sex, was originally very harmonious, at least I think so, but you see, now that this kind of thing happens, we are not interested.

Also, my wife and I have been married for almost ten years, and we are too familiar with each other. To tell you the truth, we have long lost our passion. "

As Susan listened, she nodded frequently, "Understood, totally understood. Jonny and I got married right after graduation, just like you. You said, we've all been through it."

"When my wife came back from the hospital, I started to read books and read the Internet. I understand the decompression of sex, but I still say that, the marriage has been too long, the mood is not good, and I have no energy."

I hesitated, then continued, "Susan, we are old friends, I'll be honest, I've tried everything I can think of, like a mandarin duck bath, a candlelight dinner, watching an adult movie together, and it's no use." I He bowed his head in pain.


"Have you heard of making friends between husband and wife?" After a long time, Susan spoke.

"Husband and wife make friends? We two, count?" I raised my head, somewhat baffled.

"No, not yet." Susan's tone was calm, "Johnny and I have reached the seven-year itch, and our relationship is terrible, we can't communicate, and we're tired of each other.

We didn't have an affair, and it wasn't that we were no longer in love, just like you said, no passion.

We have also tried all kinds of methods, the ones you just listed, we have tried all of them, and we have also turned to marriage counselors, and like you, they have no effect.

Later, our friends, a very gentle and ladylike couple, recommended a couples dating club, and we got better.

Look, now Jonny and I, don't we look good? "I guessed the meaning of making friends between husband and wife, without saying a word.

"I remember the first time we went to the club, Jonny and I were very nervous, but the atmosphere inside was very peaceful. They were all gentlemen and ladies, including ordinary white-collar workers, as well as doctors and lawyers. We were not members, we were just watching and not participating in the exchange."

Susan continued, "We were only there for less than an hour, and Jonny pulled me away, and when we got home, we didn't even have time to take off our clothes, and we tumbled to the floor and made love like crazy. Our first time at fifteen was crazy. Then we joined the club and quit after almost a year."

"Then, you look at Jonny and other women, Jonny looks at you and other men, aren't you jealous?" I couldn't help asking.

"Jealousy, of course jealousy. Love is exclusive, but sex can be shared. We are not about to abandon each other, but to find passion and save the marriage. For example, jealousy, what is jealousy? Jealousy is to stimulate, stimulate our feelings, stimulate us Sexual attraction increases the heat of marriage. Jonny and I, after joining the club, understand each other better, understand each other's physical needs, and understand each other's psychological feelings, and the marriage has become more harmonious and tacit, isn't it? "I listened in silence, the shock in my heart beyond words.

Maybe she was a little tired, so Susan changed her sitting position from sitting on the side to sitting upright, with her legs slightly spread.

My body became hot all of a sudden, because from my point of view, I could see the scenery under the skirt.

Susan was on duty at the bank that day, wearing a professional suit, a creamy white silk shirt tied in a dark gray skirt, flesh-colored stockings, fastened by a white suspender, and white panties with a half lace edge. Transparent, with a faintly exposed pussy, clean, not a single pubic hair.

I know it's not good to look at it, but I couldn't help it. I glanced at it every once in a while, and my body became more and more hot.

Susan didn't seem to realize that it was gone, or realized but didn't care, and just continued to say to herself: "To live is like hiking in the forest. Starting in the morning is like birth, and camping in the evening is like death. The road is long and monotonous, Occasionally turn to a branch road, pick a few bunches of wildflowers, and then go back to the main road to continue moving forward. What's wrong with it? Now is not the Middle Ages, one's own body is the master of one's own body, and the right to use the organs cannot be completely handed over to another just because of marriage. A person, isn't that a violation of human rights? Besides, life is too short, we have to realize the potential of life and obtain happiness, including sexual potential and sexual happiness. Monogamy, of course, is the most moral, but it is also the most flawed, otherwise how can we get a divorce? The rate is so high? Since there is a defect, it is allowed to make up for it in other ways, right?"

(Through the translucent white lace-trimmed panties, Susan's pussy was faintly visible, without a single pubic hair.) That day, Susan said a lot, but I didn't remember much. First, the content was too shocking, and secondly, the scenery at the bottom of the skirt was too beautiful. distracted.

I don't remember how the topic ended, I just remember when I left, just as Johnny was driving back, I forgot to say hello.

Returning home groggy.

The smell of food wafted in the kitchen, my wife was busy, and when she saw me coming back, she complained, "What have you been doing, why have you been taking so long?" Have a cup of tea, say something, and she asked me to take good care of you."

"I'm not very good, what do I need to take care of?" My wife was not very happy and choked me.came back.

I didn't know how to answer the call. I stopped for a while, and couldn't help but look for words: "Hey, you know, Susan and Jonny, when they were young, they were very courageous. They participated in couple dating."

"What kind of husband and wife make friends? It's not just changing spouses, I know." The wife continued to be busy without even raising her head.

"This, you know this?" I was taken aback.

The wife replied casually, "Of course, Jonny told me."

"What, he's a man, he even told you this?" I was even more surprised.

"What's the matter, Susan is a woman, didn't I tell you too?" My wife was stunned for a moment, and immediately choked me back.

I am speechless.

(11) That night, I tossed and turned, thinking about couples making friends, Susan's panties and stockings, and her naked pussy, and I even dreamed that she stripped naked and spread her legs in front of me.

I couldn't sleep, so I quietly got up, slipped into the study, turned on the computer, and searched for couples to make friends.

Unexpectedly, thousands of messages popped up all at once, hundreds of them in Calgary alone.

I selected the ten most viewed articles and browsed them one by one.

This foreigner's understanding of marriage is really different from ours. It looks scary at first glance, but after reading it carefully, it makes people feel more or less reasonable.

According to online sayings, foreigners do not regard marriage as a simple way of living, and they need not only family but also passion.

Everyone has this passion at the beginning, but after a long time, everyone does not have it. What should I do? Very simple, either divorce, or go out to have an affair.

There are so many people who don't like both: divorce, who can guarantee that the next one will be better than this one? Betrayal, not only deceitful but also selfish, is not pleasing to the Lord.

Well, if you don't cheat and don't be selfish, you can only talk about the couple and go out together to engage in extramarital sex, so there are couples friends, that is, two or more couples who agree to have sex with each other's spouses.

Of course it is exciting to have sex with someone else's spouse, but it is even more exciting to watch your own spouse have sex with someone else, so the passion is preserved, and the marriage is preserved.

This is true. I suspect that my wife is having an affair with the American manager. I didn't see it. Just imagining it was very exciting.

The more I looked at it, the more it made sense.

This marriage is all about love, especially sex, and sex is about passion.

In love and first marriages, novelty and romance are passion.

Over time, the novelty wears off, the romance wanes, and eventually the marriage becomes bland.

If you can constantly create novelty and romance, people will go out and seek new passions, so cheating always rejuvenates people who have been numb in marriage.

The difference between husband and wife dating is that it is not cheating alone or separately, but a couple cheating together and sharing passion.

Thinking of my own experience in Southern California, I can't help but sigh: In today's world, it's really hard not to cheat for a lifetime! Rather than cheating secretly, it's better to talk about it, everyone is fair.

Originally, sex is a form of entertainment, not a taboo.

(I dreamed that Susan stripped naked and spread her legs in front of me.)

The next night, I still couldn't sleep, so I got up secretly again to check the couple's friends.

I skip the long talk and focus on the consequences and possible harms.

I have come to the conclusion that couples making friends, as long as there is no coercion, are voluntary, and are good for relationships and sex.

I also found that couples who are in a good relationship only make friends, and those who are in a bad relationship fuck each other or simply divorce.

Several surveys have shown that couples making friends can promote relationships and improve the quality of the marriage, and unless it is done in haste without negotiation, it will not have a negative impact on the marriage.

Many people told their own experiences that making friends made their relationships stronger and their marriages stronger.

Everyone unanimously said that after overcoming the taboo, it is like adding good seasonings to the meal, the love is deeper, and the cooking is more enjoyable.

I was watching with relish when suddenly there was a chill on my back, and when I turned around, my wife was standing behind me, silently.

I was startled, and hurried to close the window, but the computer crashed. It was there, and the screen was full of advertisements for couples making friends.

I didn't know how to explain it, but my wife opened her mouth first: "Isn't it just a wife swap? It's not a big deal. Before I went abroad, white-collar workers in foreign companies in Beijing started to play this. There are several companies in our company, and I call myself a circle. Li Er, some children are old."

"You foreign companies are so open?" I was taken aback.

"No, it's not a big deal now that it's in line with international standards." "By the way, when it comes to your company, I remember that I haven't heard from Senior Sister for a long time."

I changed the subject, "I don't know what's going on in Australia, the child is about to go to university, maybe another one is born."

"Your senior sister, you went out for half a year and came back to China. I didn't get the immigration paper at that time."

"What? Why didn't she tell me? What a pity how many people smuggled into Australia." I was taken aback.

"I don't know either. Your senior sister is very embarrassed. According to someone in her office, her husband can't find a job outside, and has been a postdoctoral fellow. Your senior sister is very angry and can't stand it., the two of them are sea turtles. Her husband got an associate professor at the university, and she returned to our company to continue to be a project manager. "

"I can understand, I can understand, it's too difficult to find a professional job abroad."

Thinking of my own experience, I couldn't help but feel a lot of emotion, and then I thought of a question, "Your company is so good, you can leave if you want to go, and come back if you want?" "Of course not, I can't go back if I want to go back now. someone."

"Anyone up there?" I kind of understood, but not quite.

"Think about it, your senior sister has the same major as you, it has nothing to do with the company's business, and your English is only average, so how could you climb into the management?" The wife hesitated a little, but continued to speak, "Your senior sister is also The people in the circle were pulled in by our vice president. Originally, she was alone with the vice president and his wife, but after returning from Australia, the couple went in. "

"What? How could it be like this?" I felt like a lifetime away, and it took a long time before I recovered. "It's not easy for senior sister. After so many years, I have been alone with my child, sigh, after all, it's my senior sister. Don't mention it again." For the next few days, I didn't go to any dating sites.

My heart was greatly shocked.

I believe that my wife will not lie casually, and most of my senior sisters participated in that kind of activity.

I consoled myself over and over again: Senior Sister is an ordinary person, not a saint. Whether it is voluntary or forced, to go to the boss's bed, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Senior sister is beautiful and mature. She has been alone in the vacant room for many years. It should be a good thing that a man pursues her and loves her.

Well, Mrs. Boss, maybe she's bisexual, or it doesn't matter at all.

As for my brother-in-law, I met him a long time ago. He didn't look like he was on the verge of a bullshit. He must have seen that the boat was done, and he could do nothing. He simply followed the trend and participated in it himself.

In the blink of an eye on Friday, when I got home from get off work, I opened the mailbox by the way, and there was a letter in the middle of a pile of bills.

In the electronic age, there are still people writing letters! I glanced at it, beautiful squiggles, from Susan and Jonny.

I took the letter home, sat on the sofa, took it apart, and jumped up with fright: it was an invitation to go to their country house, on a Saturday night.

The letter is also enclosed with two health certificates that certify that Jonny and Susan are free of STDs.

I hurriedly called my wife over and handed the letter to her: "Look at it, look at this, what does this mean?" My wife took it and glanced at it quickly, she seemed a little surprised, but not particularly surprised. At least calmer than me.

"I don't know," the wife shook the letter, "maybe it's just dinner."

"How is this possible?" I was a little anxious. "How can anyone give a health certificate to a guest? This, this, obviously isn't it. Is that, that, what kind of friendship?"

"I didn't think about it that much." My wife returned the letter to me, "How about you call me and ask?" It's nonsense! This kind of thing can only be understood and cannot be described in words, so why call and ask! That night, I almost stayed up all night, my mind was in a mess, thinking of Susan for a while, and senior sister for a while.

In every man's heart, there is an image of such a woman: beautiful, gentle, considerate, like a mother, like a sister, and like a lover.

We respect her, adore her, confide in her, ask her for advice, and treat her as the embodiment of all that is good.

I really didn't expect that senior sister would enter that circle, but it's nothing to think about.

Senior sister is also a human being, and she also has seven emotions and six desires, but her brother-in-law is really amazing, open-minded and generous.

I also thought that what a good wife and good mother like Senior Sister can do is definitely not a big deal.

Today's society is developing rapidly, and people's concepts must also keep up.

It seems that Susan is right, life is short, and the little things in bed are really nothing.

Besides, no law says that when a person gets married, the spouse has the exclusive right to use a certain organ.

When it was almost dawn, I fell asleep in a daze.

In my sleep, I went back to Beijing many years ago, that sunny day.

I came to a hotel room in a trance, and saw my senior sister lying on her side on the bed, holding a Caucasian woman in her arms.

They were naked, kissing and caressing.

Behind the senior sister, there is a white man who is also naked, hugging the senior sister tightly, arching his lower body, and enjoying it.

As I was fascinated, another naked man climbed onto the bed, hugged the white woman from behind, arched his lower body, went in, and began to thrust.

Needless to say, the white man and woman must be the vice president and his wife, and the one who joined later must be the brother-in-law.

I thought about it this way, and then looked carefully, no, that white couple is Jonny and Susan, and senior sister, how did you become my wife? Look at the last man, there is no brother-in-law, it is clearly me! I was so startled that I woke myself up.

I lay motionless on the bed, thinking carefully: the big hotel bed, two men and two women, panting, moaning, the bed bar swaying, and the flesh slamming, it was really fragrant and exciting, how warm, how harmonious! Throughout the night, my wife hardly slept, tossing and turning, not knowing what she was thinking.

(12) The next day, the sky is not very good, overcast, stuffy and hot, and it began to clear up slowly in the afternoon.

In the early evening, my wife and I drove the car all the way west, straight to Jonny and Susan's villa.

Highway 1 was clear over the weekend and we were out of town in no time.

Outside the car window, streams and woods flew by, and the towering mountains were getting closer.

I clenched the steering wheel and said nothing, my palms sweating uncontrollably.

I looked sideways at my wife, who sat with her lips closed, a box of cakes in her hands.

The two of us have been restless throughout the day, to go, or not to go.

I thought about it, and finally wanted to see it.

Maybe it's like what my wife said, people don't mean anything else at all, just to invite us to get together, then we can't be too pretentious, just take it to have a meal.

I told my wife this and wanted to discuss it with her.

My wife didn't want to say anything more, she just said that she listens to me and can bake a cake and take it with her.

Before going out, the wife put on light makeup and put on a black gauze skirt and stockings.

I'm neatly dressed, too, but more dignified and more polite anyway.

Following the directions of the satellite locator, we left Highway No. 1 and walked around the country dirt road.

The dense trees on both sides stretched out their branches from time to time, scratching the windows lightly, and the fragrance of the soil also penetrated into the car, which was intoxicating.

Not long after walking, suddenly the sky changed drastically, dark clouds rolled, and then, pouring rain poured down with hail.

I cranked the wipers to the max and still couldn't see the road, so I turned on the double flashing lights, pulled the car slowly to the side of the road, and turned off the engine.

The hail hit the roof of the car with a thud and a thud.

Our hearts were heavier and we were silent.

After a while, the wife spoke first: "How about we go back?" "Well, I think so too.

"I nodded. "I think God is warning us."

"After waiting for about ten minutes, the hail stopped and the rain gradually decreased.

I started the car, drove a little further, found a clear spot, and prepared to make a three o'clock U-turn.

Thunderstorms in summer come and go quickly, and the rain has almost stopped.

I rolled down the window and the fresh air blew in, which was refreshing.

Suddenly, the sound of a motor came from the opposite side, and a pickup truck came up.

I slammed on the brakes, trying to let it pass first, but the car stopped abruptly and stopped in front of us.

I was surprised when the passenger car door opened, and a woman stepped out, blond and blue-eyed, in a white dress and white dress, it turned out to be Susan.

I was about to open the car door to welcome you out, when Susan approached, bent over to the car window, and said bluntly, "The country roads are chaotic, I'm afraid you'll get lost, we'll pick you up, come, follow us." No. When I answered, Susan turned around and walked back, graceful and graceful.

I stared at her back and sighed inwardly, the waist is not thick, the butt is really big, the figure of a white woman is bumpy, and the national girl is really incomparable.

Thinking of this, I only feel that my throat is dry and itchy, and my lower body warms up involuntarily.

At this point, there is no turning back.

The rain stopped completely, and a rainbow hung in the sky.

Is this God's will? The Jonny couple's villa is deep in the woods, backed by a stream, and the mountains in the distance can be vaguely seen.

No one seemed in the mood to eat, and dinner was over quickly.

Two women were washing dishes in the kitchen, and Jonny and I were sitting on the living room sofa, drinking tea and chatting.

I was uneasy and didn't know what was going to happen next.

Jonny looked normal, after all, in his own home.

He told me that Susan was the sister of his high school classmate. At the prom, he didn’t dare to invite a girl in his class, so he had to ask Susan to be his girlfriend, and the two of them got along just fine.

I thought to myself, all the people in this world are born the same and look alike when they are young.

My mood relaxed a bit, so I briefly described my relationship with my wife, starting from love at first sight.

It is late spring in the northern country, and the days are long.

In the evening, in the wild countryside, it was silent, except for the tired birds, rushing past the treetops.

The thunderstorm stopped at the beginning, the sky was far away, and the faint fragrance, if there was or not, diffused in the room, adding a lot of ambiguity out of thin air.

When all was said and done, Jonny and I sat, somewhat embarrassed.

There was no movement in the kitchen either, presumably the women had finished.

My mood is tense again: if it's just dinner, is it time to get up and say goodbye? Susan came over, breaking the dullness with a strong scent of perfume.

As she wiped her hands, she undid her apron, threw it aside, and sat on the arm of the sofa beside me.

I was about to move in to make room for her, but she slipped and fell on top of me.

I was startled, hugged her instinctively, and quickly turned to look at Jonny.

Jonny didn't care, just stood up and walked straight to the kitchen.

I looked into the kitchen again and saw my wife was walking out, and the two happened to meetTogether.

Damn, this Jonny didn't recognize his life, he wrapped his arms around my wife and moved his mouth straight forward.

My wife giggled and giggled while dodging from side to side.

Why is this laughter a little familiar? I seem to have heard it somewhere.

Susan couldn't wait any longer and put her arms around my neck and started kissing my cheeks, not at all contrived.

If it is indifferent, it is really inferior to a beast.

I had to look away, put my arms around Susan halfheartedly, kiss back a few times, then lift my waist and let her roll over and ride on top of me.

Sister Bai's body is so fragrant, I don't know what brand of perfume it is.

I peeked over Susan's shoulder as I kissed Susan's neck.

Over there against the wall, Jonny unbuttons my wife's top, loosens her bra, fondles her nipples, and continues her kiss.

The wife turned her head sideways, still dodging shyly, but there was nothing unnatural on her face.

(My wife turned her head to the side, still dodging shyly, but her face was not unnatural.) Suddenly, I had a flash of light and I remembered that this kind of smile came from the storage room in the accounting office that day. Voice.

Yes, that's right, exactly the same, isn't it, Jonny and my wife, long ago? My heart suddenly trembled, but my lower body stiffened unknowingly.

I believe that every man has a somewhat obscene mentality: thinking of or seeing his wife being raped by other men, of course, annoyed, even angry, but at the same time, it must also be stimulated.

Sex itself is exclusive, and exclusivity is taboo. Once the taboo is broken, what happens next? Thrill, intense thrill! Susan was pouted by me, and she got excited, raised her body, and stretched out my belt.

I raised my butt slightly, took off half of my trousers and shorts, and took advantage of the opportunity to push aside her panties. Well, they were thin and lace-edged, almost like not wearing them.

The Chinese man's penis is aimed straight at the Caucasian woman's vagina.

Oh my gosh, this is going to be real! Outside the window, the sky was getting dark, and only a ray of red clouds remained, reluctantly staying in the sky.

The late spring is late, and the libido is flourishing.

Susan and I clung to each other and kissed our tongues quite engrossed.

It was my first time kissing a Caucasian woman, and it felt so good to savor it.

I freed up my hands and tentatively put them on Susan's knees, but there was no response. I moved forward, reached into the hem of my skirt, and through the thin stockings, slowly, gently, a little, a little, rubbing stroking, fondling.

This is Sister Bai, a white woman who is out of reach for the men of the country! Susan is a professional woman after all, and she does things neatly.

She let go of her arms, lowered her hands, held my penis with one hand, and pushed aside her pussy lips with the other. enter.

I gasped, my God, why are you so impatient, the vagina is still half dry, and it hurts me.

Susan didn't care about this, she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled it up on her own.

With my wife and Jonny on my mind, it's hard to concentrate, but I'm still bumping up and down with Susan's rhythm.

Fortunately, the vagina is slowly moistened, watery, and no longer painful.

I made a casual look and glanced outside.

Jonny and my wife are gone.

On the floor, bras, tulle skirts, lace-trimmed panties, and vests, trousers, and large trousers, one by one, from the living room to the master bedroom.

Well, out of sight and out of mind.

I had no choice but to take my mind back and start secretly exerting my strength. In any case, I must not embarrass the people of our country.

I held Susan hard, lifted her up high, lowered her heavily, again and again.

My penis isn't too short, and it doesn't slip off during long condoms.

Susan was soon shaking, panting, and yelling from time to time.

Although I am a scholar with an indecisive personality, I am in my prime after all.

In other men's homes, how can you not get more and more excited when exercising the privileges of the male master? I lifted Susan's top and pushed off her bra. Sister Bai's breasts are so big that I'm afraid I can't hold them with one hand.

With cheeks against breasts and belly against pubic bone, Susan and I could not help but melt together.

Puff, puff! crackle, crackle! After a while, it was already dark outside.

Gradually, Susan entered the state of ecstasy, pumping faster and harder.

To be honest, I feel okay, but not particularly strong.

Although Susan had never given birth, her vagina was looser than that of the landlady. I wonder if it was Jonny or another man.

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but worry about my wife.

Alas, there is no such thing as a free lunch, I am exercising other men's privileges, and other men are exercising mine.

Finally, Susan was dying, her vagina twitched and her whole body trembled, and after a few long-distance condoms, she shouted and stopped suddenly.

I only felt that the penis was hugged tightly, and then, the hot spring water of the woman gurgled out, rushing down.

I couldn't help but tighten my scrotum, my penis was shaking, and a thick stream of semen spurted wildly and shot into Sister Baisister's uterus.

Outside the window, the sky was already dark, and the stars were splendid.

In the room, calm was restored, and even the chirping of insects in the grass outside seemed to be heard.

I held Susan in my arms, and my heart gradually sank.

The door to the master bedroom was open, creaking, and there were occasional sounds.

It was the sound of mattress springs, Jonny and my wife, who must have gone to bed, but not loud or rhythmic.

What, haven't they started yet? I wanted to go and see it, but I was afraid of leaving Susan out in the cold.

"Go, go and see.

Susan knew what I was thinking, reached out and pulled a tissue, wiped her lower body, and got up.

I quickly put on my trousers, followed the clothes littered on the floor, hurried to the master bedroom, and opened the door a little more.

On the big bed, Jonny and my wife were naked and in foreplay, not having sex.

Johnny grabbed the woman's ankles with both hands, and was scrutinizing the hairy pussy, while the wife couldn't help but shy, raised her arms, and covered her eyes from the side of her face.

My naked wife was so seductive: small breasts, round ass, black hair, snow-white skin, and her bare pussy, wet red and swollen, no doubt already taken by Jonny Enough licking.

(Jonny spreads his wife's legs and is scrutinizing her pussy.) I can't help but feel jealous: this Jonny, he's really patient, and it's all gamers who have patience, and I don't know what he's going to do with my wife next.

"Let them go, Jonny's been fond of your wife, it's been a long time." I was startled and turned my head, it was Susan.

"Susan, I've loved you for a long time!" I hugged Susan and rushed into the next room.

(13) The next morning, I slept until more than nine o'clock before I got up.

I stretched out of the guest room, pushed aside the master bedroom, Jonny was still sound asleep, and went into the kitchen to see Susan and his wife talking and laughing, preparing breakfast.

Outside the window, the sun is shining, and there are no clouds in the sky. It's a good day to be free and unrestrained.

After breakfast, Jonny hadn't gotten up yet, so we had to say goodbye to Susan alone.

On the way, we didn't say anything, and we didn't need to say anything.

His wife's face was flushed, and she couldn't write more than satisfied and comfortable.

Looking at the mirror again, I myself look the same, full of red light and full of energy.

Maybe that's the beauty of sex.

There is no pleasure in the world that surpasses carnal desires. In ancient and modern times, people at home and abroad have imposed countless charges on it, but everyone is still pursuing it one after another.

At this moment, I have no guilt, and I am sure my wife is the same.

We didn't hurt each other, and we didn't hinder anyone else. In this case, why use moral shackles to imprison our own instincts? All day, my wife and I have been deliberately avoiding what happened last night.

Everyone was very tired, and finally got up early when it was getting dark.

After all, his wife was a few years younger, so she couldn't hold back her breath and said, "Hey, are you comfortable?" "Well, it's comfortable, how about you?" , is indeed somewhat difficult.

After a long time, the wife said again: "She, Susan, can I have you?" "No," I knew she would ask, and had already prepared the answer, "Rough skin, hairy body, and , it's pretty loose down there."

"I guess so." The wife smiled contentedly and didn't ask any further questions.

I silently apologized to Susan. In fact, I was in a hurry last night and didn't pay attention to the details, but there was absolutely no odor on her body.

After lying down for a while, I couldn't help it. I turned around and asked, "How about him?" Well the standard answer.

I was still unwilling, stopped for a while, and asked a substantive question: "Is that thing big? Is it long?" similar."

"So, how many times have you done this?" I asked another substantive question.

"About once or twice, how about you?"

"It might be once or twice." I hugged my wife tightly and added, "It's not interesting, it's better for you, don't go."

"Well, it's really boring, I won't go there again." My wife agreed and hugged me emotionally.

I can't be sure how much of what my wife said is true. I guess the truth is half the truth, just like me.

In my mind, such a picture emerged: under the dim light, my wife was lying on someone else's bed, Miaoman's body was uncovered, only a pair of black stockings remained, a Caucasian man kneeling on his wife's bed Between her legs, she separated her legs, and slowly inserted a long, thick, soft meat stick into it, and they twisted, gasping and moaning.

My lower body became erect, I rolled over and pressed against my wife, straightened my waist, and ripped open her panties. Between my legs, there was already water, wet and flooding.

It seems that my wife's thoughts are probably similar to mine.

The Internet is right, after the taboo is surpassed, theLove is on fire.

I threw off my pants, stretched out my hands, and pulled my wife's legs apart.

With the faint bedside lamp, I could clearly see two red marks on my wife's knees.

I couldn't take it any longer, my ass sank, and the hard cock went straight in.

(The wife is naked, only black stockings are left, and a Caucasian man is slowly thrusting.) A long time ago, I read a reportage about the anti-drug thing in Yunnan.

I remember it said that drug use often begins with curiosity, but no drug addict can try and stop there.

A week later, we went to Jonny Susan's villa again.

It was also Saturday, the weather was fine, it was just after noon, my wife and I took a shower and changed clothes at the same time.

Finally, it was past three o'clock, and we couldn't help but go out.

Many things in the world are beyond the control of human beings, such as instincts such as sexual desire.

Everything is easier the second time.

We didn't go a long way, and in less than an hour we arrived at the country house.

The sky is blue, the lake is clear, the air is fragrant, the people are full of energy, and everything is so beautiful that it feels unreal.

Susan opened the door and seemed surprised to see us, but it was fleeting, and she greeted me warmly.

As I entered, I stared at Susan, up and down, barely able to take my eyes off.

She is wearing a formal dress: a navy blue dress, a light blue shirt, black stockings, black high-heeled leather shoes, light blond hair, loosely draped over her shoulders, what a beautiful professional woman! Susan obviously misunderstood and said a little embarrassedly: "I'm sorry, I just came back from the city, I haven't changed my clothes, is it like a female teacher in a mission school?" "I just like female teachers." My lower body Began to warm, agitated, blurted out.

Susan glanced at my crotch, where it was slowly bulging.

She is well-informed and can easily guess my hobbies. She immediately smiled, opened her arms, and said, "Come on, little boy, give the teacher a hug!" Susan lived.

Behind me, my wife snorted loudly, obviously dissatisfied, but I couldn't take care of it anymore, man, I can't look ahead.

Secondary schools in Canada and the United States are the exact opposite of China. Sexual harassment is always between female teachers and male students.

Having been abroad for many years, of course I understand these cultural differences.

A female teacher like Susan is at the age of a wolf like a tiger, how can a hug be enough? I let go of Susan, raised my left hand, hooked her chin, bent my head, and licked her lips. At the same time, my right hand was not idle. From the shoulder, to the back, to the waist, through the light cloth , caressing gently.

Susan stood on tiptoe, hooked my neck, panted, and pressed her from top to bottom.

How nice of a white woman, not twitchy at all! I stopped going around in circles, got straight to the point, freed my hands, lifted Susan's skirt, reached in, inserted my panties, and rubbed her ass.

Sister Bai's buttocks are upturned and bulging. It's such a pity not to give birth! My lower body was hard and pressed hard against Susan. At the same time, I continued to lick and suck her lips, very greedy.

Susan's breathing became more rapid, her body getting hotter and hotter, and finally, she opened her mouth and stuck out the tip of her tongue.

I smiled complacently.

Beside him, another pair of men and women are also panting, mixed with the sound of tongue kisses, stains, smacking.

It seems that his wife and Jonny are also burning with lust, hugging each other and kissing.

pop, what sound? Like a button has snapped.

Thorn, neither long nor short, what is the sound? The zipper, the zipper is sliding, whose? Wife's dress doesn't have a zipper, so is it? The crotch of the man's trousers, yes, Jonny's crotch was pulled open.

I couldn't help but turn my face to the side, and glanced out secretly.

The wife and Jonny were hugging each other and kissing indifferently, looking inseparable.

Looking down, sure enough, Jonny's crotch was open, and the inside was bulging, and his wife was covering it with one hand. Unexpectedly, my wife's temperament is so small, she is revenge, intentionally doing it to me.

My lower body was extremely hard.

A lot of things in the world are like this. Before you try it, it will feel unimaginable and incredible, but once you do it for the first time, it will suddenly become logical and even you yourself will be surprised.

Canadians pay attention to surface fairness, and this time, it's Susan and I using the master bedroom.

I carried Susan onto the bed, flattened her, and laid her down comfortably.

I climbed into bed, kissed Susan tenderly, and then slowly peeled off her dresses and threw them under the bed one by one: pale blue shirt, navy blue dress, flesh-colored bra, white lace-trimmed panties, and There are black high-heeled shoes.

I admired Susan's body, defenseless, wide open, except for the black stockings.

Among Canadian women, Susan is considered a thin body, but Caucasian women have large skeletons and are naturally bumpy.

I leaned down and stuck out the tip of my tongue, Little by little, licked Susan's body, from the plump front chest, to the firm waist, to the plump buttocks.

Sister Bai's skin is really white and pink, but it is indeed rough, full of fluff, and there are many sunburns.

I can't help but feel some regrets and some regrets: it's better to let her wear some clothes, don't take it off so cleanly, maybe it will be more exciting.

I remembered Susan sitting in front of me that afternoon, talking about making friends as husband and wife. She was also wearing business attire, and her legs seemed to be parted on purpose, so that I could see the scenery under the skirt.

It seems that the Susans are likely to have been planning for a long time.

If I had known this, I should have fucked her that day, in her office, yes, it was enough to let her lie on the table and show her lower body.

(Yes, it's enough to let Susan lie on the desk and show her lower body.) Before evening, the sky is bright, and the scorching sun shines diagonally through the window.

I was a little tired from licking, so I straightened up and took a breath.

Susan was very useful, lying on her back, and took the initiative to separate her legs.

As I undressed, I looked around: it was the master bedroom, the room was bright and spacious, the bed was large, and it had its own bathroom, and then it should be the guest room.

I leaned over and kissed Susan's earlobe, then climbed out of bed and walked naked to the window.

Outside, the grass is green and the trees are green, the clouds are light and the wind is light, the insects are chirping, and the spring is strong.

I drew the muslin curtains and turned on the wall lamps, and suddenly, the whole room became warm.

Indistinctly, there was movement on the other side of the guest room, opening and closing, presumably Jonny entered, and my wife.

Last time I was there, I could hear the noise here, vaguely.

I walked over quietly, opened the bathroom door, and the voice next door suddenly became clear.

Alas, Canadian composite panels are really not soundproof at all.

I was about to close the door when Susan said, "Don't worry about the door, come here, I can't wait!" I thought about it, okay, just leave that door open.

I climbed back onto the bed, hanging on my crotch, the thing dangling.

I bowed my head and looked between Susan's legs: the plump mons, clean-shaven, two thick, fleshy lips, black and fat, turned left and right to reveal a pearly The clitoris, with that crystal clear mucus, was oozing quietly.

Be calm, you must be calm, I secretly told myself.

Last Saturday, even though I didn't have impotence or premature ejaculation, Susan seemed content, but I was in a hurry, very passive, and basically at the mercy of others.

In the past few days, I have been pondering, to learn lessons, to be patient, to strive for initiative, to take a long time, to have more tricks, and not to lose face to our country's men.

Next door, I don't know how it's going, it's my hair-bearing wife, and an alien man.

(14) Creaking, the bed over there rattles.

Go to bed, my wife and Jonny go to bed.

Xixi combed and combed, they were undressing.

Suck Suck Suck, um, kiss, they're kissing.

I grabbed Susan's breasts, sucked a few times, then raised my head and held my breath, but there was no word there.

boom! I was startled, and then, there was another sound, bang! High heels, high heels, one after another, were thrown heavily on the floor.

His wife is always light, and it's probably Jonny doing it.

Xixi combing, and Xixi combing again, no more, stop.

Crunch, crunch, the bed over there shook a few times.

Well, the woman groaned softly; oh, the man gasped.

Smudge, smack, smack, smack, smack again.

It looked like my wife and that interracial man had stripped naked and were caressing and kissing, and the sound was like tongue kissing, very deep.

Well, foreigners pay attention to foreplay, so I can't relax here.

(My wife and the interracial man, stripped naked, are in foreplay.)

I retracted my attention, picked up Susan's left leg, rolled the stockings up to her ankle, took them off, threw them to the bedside, put them down, picked up her right leg again, rolled the stockings up to her ankle, took them off, or tossed them up bedside.

I was lying between Susan's legs, which was fairly clean and smelled of body odor and perfume.

I held my breath, stuck out the tip of my tongue, leaned in, and licked it lightly.

It's alright, salty, astringent, and the taste is not much different from the wife's.

I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, held Susan's fleshy lips, gently closed, slowly twisted, teased, rubbed, and sucked.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! Susan couldn't hold it any longer, she moaned loudly, and she arched her waist, straightened her lower body, and then held my head with her hands.

To be honest, cunnilingus is really not very good for women, especially Caucasian women, who have a heavy body odor before bathing, but men can't be selfish. If you really want to be happy, you must first make women happy.

I mustered up my courage and licked and sucked hard.

That's the devotion of love, maybe that's what Jonny is doing to my wife right now, and the last time I saw my wife's pussy swelled up.

While I was thinking about it, I paid attention to the movement over there..

Creaking, the bed on this side is rattling, and the bed on the other side is rattling, intermittently, without rhythm.

It seemed that we didn't really start having sex, and neither did they, but the gasps and moans on both sides were getting more and more urgent and heavier.

Hold your breath, don't end it more than ten minutes earlier than them like last time.

Squeak, squeak, the mattress over there shook a few times.

This must be Jonny and my wife, rolling over on the bed, it looks like they're getting into position and making the final preparations for penetration.

Ah, no, it hurts! It was the wife who was speaking, in a very soft voice.

My ears pricked up all of a sudden.

Over there, the wife said something, and Jonny muttered a few words, but they lowered the volume and couldn't hear it clearly.

What, the wife has changed her mind? Or, the foreigner has a lot of quirks, wouldn't it be Jonny, trying to abuse my wife? I couldn't keep thinking about it, creaking, creaking, a few more noises, and then, gone, calm, as if the gasps, moans, and words over there were gone.

My heart suddenly tightened.

Oh, another moan, my wife's, long, relieved.

Oh, even selling cakes, a moan and a long sigh belonged to that alien man, happy and comfortable.

It is not difficult for any adult, even if it only has a one-time experience, to understand what it means for a man and a woman to make such a sound.

Inserted, finally inserted! My heart is mixed.

On the other side of the door, there was no more words, only the mattress was squeaking and shaking with a clear rhythm, as well as the man's panting and the woman's moan, all of which were tight and high.

Enough, it's time, it's me! I straightened up, wiped my mouth, freed one hand, reached under my crotch, grabbed the straight cock, pressed it against Susan's pussy, squeezed the two pussy lips with my penis, and stopped there.

I retracted my hand and hugged Susan tightly.

Those plump flesh lips opened instinctively, embraced the head of the penis, shrank, and swallowed a piece.

Susan, don't move, let me do it! I took a deep breath, sank my waist, poof, go in! I didn't say a word, and while continuing to sink, I carefully realized: half of the root, most of the root, the whole root, all in! With another pop, Susan's genitals and I were perfectly combined.

It's so comfortable, how many wretched male country movers dream of fucking white women like me! Puff, puff, fleshy! Crunch, crunch, the big bed shakes! Whoosh whoosh, man gasp! Oye Oye, the woman calls the bed! The movement on our side must be clear in the guest room.

Soon, there was a response from the other side of the wall, as if he was not convinced and had to compete with us.

Puff, puff, puff! Their flesh is also intercourse, both lubricated and comfortable.

creak, creak, creak! Poor bed over there, overwhelmed and shaking in pain.

Ah, ah, ah! That interracial man, who was breathing loudly, must be very excited, just like me.

Men, having sex with someone else's wife is so rewarding, how can you not be excited? Um, uh, uh! Needless to say, it was a moan of pleasure from my wife.

I know her, she is already in love, and the love liquid is gushing out, maybe, her legs are holding up high, tightly clinging to the waist of the alien man.

Can't be left behind! I stepped up the offensive, one wave after another, and one wave after another, and I did Susan to the ground.

The indescribable sound, through the thin wall, was sent to the pair of men and women next door, infecting them, stimulating them, making them redouble their efforts, and passing back the more indescribable sound, infecting us, and stimulating us.

Suddenly, the sky darkened.

A new moon quietly climbed up the sky, peeping at us curiously through the thin gauze curtain.

It must be sighing that this unethical passion in this world can be so enthusiastic! I thought it would take more than half an hour, in fact, in less than a quarter of an hour, both sides were almost over at the same time.

All I remember is when Susan was about to climax and yelled uncontrollably, and his husband, on the other side, was also yelling wildly, completely drowns out my wife's and me's voices.

Perhaps, this is also part of cultural differences, they can let go and don't need to suppress themselves.

The storm was finally over, and Susan and I lay in bed for a long time to get our breath together.

After that, he slowly calmed down.

Passion is like a tide, rising fast and receding fast.

I looked at the bright moon outside the window, and I couldn't tell what it was like.

People who use drugs know that it is harmful, but it is difficult to quit. Why? Because in the process of smoking, there is indeed a wonderful feeling that is irresistible.

Susan got up, hummed a little tune and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I lay there for a while, bored and curious, then got up too, slipped out, and went to the next door.

I quietly pushed open a crack in the door, and a salty and moist smell came in my face.

It's nothing, it's the same with us.

I pushed the crack of the door slightly wide and looked inside to see Jonny slumped on the bed while my wife, holding his cock, was exhausted., sucking while stroking.

God, just pulled out, how dirty, my wife is not taboo! In my heart, it was as if the vinegar bottle had been knocked over.

No, no, I have to let Susan give me oral sex! (God, just pulled out, how dirty, my wife is not a taboo!) (15) The next morning, everyone got up early, and they were all woken up by hunger.

It was another fine day, a red sun leaped over the treetops, and the thick white fog gradually dissipated.

The blue sky seems to have been washed with water.

A few solitary clouds are like freshly picked cotton wool, half of which is white, and the other half is dyed red by the morning glow.

We had a simple breakfast and were about to leave when Susan casually mentioned the blueberries on the table, saying that they were picked in the forest, wild and pure, anti-oxidant and absolutely beautiful.

My wife became interested and clamored for me to pick some to take home.

I thought to myself, what kind of beauty, you don't know how rough Susan's skin is, but it's hard to say, so I put on my coat, put on a small basket, and followed Susan out the door.

The wife and Jonny stayed in the kitchen to clean up. The wife washed the dishes one by one and handed them over to Jonny, who was standing beside him, and let him dry them before putting them in the kitchen cabinet one by one.

I don't know what other people think, but I don't like it when I see it, as if they are a couple, and Susan and I are just outsiders.

Going out of the gate and turning back, across the lawn, there is a narrow, winding path covered with wood chips.

Along the path, the trees are lush, the weeds are overgrown, the eyes are full of yellow and new green, and the wild flowers in full bloom are colorful and colorful.

On an early summer morning, the fresh air is refreshing and refreshing.

Susan led the way in front, an ordinary dress with white flowers and a pair of slippers, the standard home dress of a local woman.

Looking at her sturdy back, I couldn't help but sigh: Canadian women are really not squeamish, they don't think of themselves as women. If I grew up here, I would probably marry a sister Bai. Blind mix.

Soon I saw the end of the path.

The forest suddenly became sparse, and further ahead was a gentle slope, and below the slope was the abundant lake water.

In the clearing of the forest, the bright sun shone down, shining on the half-height bushes, and the clusters of blue berries, interspersed with them, were really lovely.

Under the bushes, among the rotten leaves for many years, on the fertile black soil, overgrown with weeds and wildflowers.

I couldn't help but sigh again: Canada is really a good place, with a vast land and sparse population, and no natural resources. It's a pity that people are too lazy. However, people don't think there is anything wrong with being lazy. They say that it is called enjoying life.

It is probably not yet in season, and wild blueberries are very small and difficult to pick.

I bent over and arched my back for more than half an hour before barely covering the bottom of the basket.

I had a sore back, so I had to stop, straighten up, and look around.

The sun has risen, and the lake is sparkling.

A flock of birds chirped happily, flipped up and down, circled left and right, swept across the lake for a while, and rushed to the sky for a while.

Susan wasn't far from me, but she didn't look tired, she moved quickly, and the basket under her feet was half full.

I walked over with the basket and said, "Susan, forget it, I worked so hard last night that I strained my psoas."

Susan raised her head, looked at me, looked at my basket, smiled, and said, "The fruit is too small to be picked, so let's go here today." She bent down and mixed the two baskets together, Made up half a basket of berries and put them at my feet.

What a good sister Bai, she is really considerate! On the lake, a gust of wind blew over, and the leaves rustled.

Susan was wearing less clothes and the water was cold, and she shuddered.

I saw it in my eyes and felt pain in my heart, so I hurriedly took off my coat and put it on her.

Susan didn't say anything, just smiled charmingly at me.

Who says professional women have no tenderness? I looked at the rippling water waves, and my heart set off ripples.

I bent down, picked a bunch of wild flowers, summoned up my courage, and gave them to Sister Bai.

"Thank you," Susan took it, held it under her nose, sniffed, put it down, and said with a smile, "I think you're about to commit a foul." I understood what Susan meant, and shook my head awkwardly.

There are rules for couples to make friends. The most important one is: have sex and be ruthless.

We carried our baskets and walked slowly on our way home without saying a word.

Susan knew I was uncomfortable and took the initiative to take my arm.

We will soon be back in the woods.

Away from the lake, it was quiet and windless, the dew had already dried up, the smell of grass, the fragrance of wild flowers, mixed with Sister Bai's body fragrance, seemed to be there.

The sun was blocked by the thick leaves, so the mottled land was lightly scattered.

In the grass on the side of the road, I don’t know what little bugs have been singing tirelessly, and there are occasionally a few birds, rustling across the forest tops.

Walking into the backyard, Susan said to put the empty basket in the tool room, so I carried the berries, walked around the front alone, and pushed open the door.

I was caught off guard and almost choked with a blast of prostitution.

gasping, moaning, cum, cum, andThe smell of sweat, the high-pitched voice, and the strong smell, mixed together, filled the entire house.

Jonny and my wife are fucking like crazy! My frail and serene wife was almost naked except for a thin skirt, which was rolled loosely around her waist.

She knelt down on the sofa, her waist slumped, clinging to the back of the sofa, her white plump buttocks stood tall.

Behind his wife, Johnny stands as it should.

He was naked and high-spirited, with one hand on his hips and the other on his hips, enjoying himself.

Feeling dizzy, I quickly grabbed the door frame.

Looking over from my position, there is no obstruction, it is true, the genitals of a man and a woman are closely combined.

Jonny's knees are slightly bent, his cock is raised, his dark cock head is flushed out of his swollen pussy, and he slides in and pushes it to his head, leaving only two testicles hanging out, then slowly pulling it back and opening his fat lips , brought out the white lotion, but also mixed with wisps of pubic hair.

I can't hide, I can't hide, and I'm in a mess, watching my wife have sex with other men, watching them have no scruples, intoxicated, happy, with tacit understanding, perfect harmony, like a natural pair, Get a pair.

(Looking over from my position, unobstructed, really.) "I love you, I need you!" Jonny's voice was warm.

"I love you too, I need you too!" His wife's voice was charming.

Crackle, crackle, the flesh is hitting; puff, puff, the genitals are rubbing! Jonny and my wife, I'm afraid it's been a while, and they look like they're getting close to orgasm, very focused, unaware of the movement of the door.

Gradually, that Jonny began to lose his rhythm. Instead of inserting, pulling out, inserting, and pulling out again, it became bumping in, bouncing back, bumping in, bouncing back again, the more he hit, the more he hit, the more he bounced. quick.

How can my young and beautiful wife be virtuous and reserved? She gasped, moaned, and groaned, ups and downs, completely engulfed in lust.

I hate seeing, hearing, and smelling.

Suddenly, there were a few unrequited shouts, both male and female, and then, no then, it was over, and they came to an orgasm.

Everything stopped, as if time stood still.

I bowed my head in pain.

Sex and sex are common written words.

People often use these two words interchangeably, but they are fundamentally different.

Sex, it's easy to understand, sex for the sake of sex, pure physical movement, no emotion involved.

Making love is different. It contains two parts: making and loving. Making and then loving, doing for love is not only the friction of the body, but also the collision of the soul.

Susan and I were just having sex, and Jonny and my wife were already having sex.

Why do couples make friends with emphasis on being sexual and ruthless? Because of the damage to marriage, extramarital sex is only superficial, while extramarital affairs are fatal.

What is a foul? This is a foul! Suddenly, Susan was standing behind me, holding my shoulder, without saying a word.

After an unknown amount of time, Jonny and my wife finally calmed down, but still hugged each other tightly and collapsed on the sofa.

They were so forgetful that they never noticed that their husbands and wives were standing at the door, watching silently.

"Honey, your body is so beautiful, next time, let me get your chrysanthemums, okay?" Jonny broke the silence.

"How about that? I didn't say it last night, but my husband didn't move." The wife seemed reluctant.

"That's why I want it. I want to have you alone, or a small part."

Jonny is really a flirting veteran, "I'll use my fingers to slowly spread it for you. If you don't try, how will you know if you like it or not?" "Then, let's go tomorrow and talk about it later."

"Okay, tomorrow Monday, you come early in the afternoon, anyway, there are no customers, let's go to the storage room, this time we have agreed, we can't like the past, we can't lift people up and back off again, it's not real."

"Well, then, then, I'll let you do it once, and I'll let you do it once." Slap! The basket fell to the floor; the fresh berries rolled to the ground.

(16) After returning home, my wife and I quarreled without any suspense.

I asked her if she had hooked up with Jonny long ago, and had Susan's tacit approval to keep my husband in the dark? My wife not only cried a lot, but also bit back, saying that as soon as I go abroad, I miss Sister Bai, and I can't stand it myself, so I can't get it.

She also said that she had pity on me, that she was wronged and fulfilled me.

This is nonsense, and it's a rake! If it weren't for the fear of alerting the neighbors to the police, I would really want to beat her up! That night, I was groggy, my whole body was hot, my heart was suffocating, and I felt uncomfortable.

I lay in bed with nightmares about my wife, now Susan, now Jonny and Jonny, and that shadowy bad American manager.

In agony, I went back to the country house, back to the unsightly scene: prick puff, dick and vagina rubbing; crackling crackling, belly and butt slapping! Heavy gasps, flirtatious moans, sensuality in the warm, moist air, my wife and the otherA man is immersed in the love of men and women! They have no scruples, no one else, the originally quiet and shy wife, kneeling on the sofa, her snow-white ass, pouted high, and the naked Jonny, standing behind him, swaying back and forth, enjoying my loveless enjoyment wife.

My eyes are wet.

All of this is my own fault.

Tears of remorse, uncontrollable, poured out one after another.

I don't know how long it took, and in the blurred tears, the country house disappeared, and the set became an office, yes, the office of the Sett Building.

A beautiful white-collar beauty is lying at the table, facing out the window.

Her shirt is half unbuttoned, her bra is loose, her skirt is rolled up around her waist, and her panties hang at her knees.

Isn't that my wife? Yes, that's right, that snow-white ass, pouted.

The man behind him doesn't look like Jonny, no, no, it's that bad American manager! His lower body was bare, his trousers and shorts were piled under his knees, and an ugly cock was poking hard against my wife's pussy.

Nightmare, that nightmare again! My heart jumped to my throat.

The golden sunset shines through the windows, shining on the large office.

The wife is so petite and weak, which further highlights the tall and strong American manager.

There was no violent physical conflict, but the undercurrent was surging, and both strong men and weak women were exerting force.

The hateful manager grabbed his wife by the waist and pulled her back, pushing her hips and trying to push her forward, while my wife held the edge of the table with her right hand and turned her left to support her boss's arm.

My poor wife is doing her best to protect my virginity, but the disparity is too great, the strength is too great, a weak woman, isolated and helpless, how long can she hold on? I looked at the dark cock head of the other man, parted my wife's delicate fleshy lips, moved forward slowly, a little bit, a little bit, then stopped for a while, and moved on, a little bit, a little bit.

This is not a confrontation at all, but a game of cat and mouse.

There was tension and anxiety in the air.

Maybe ten seconds, maybe dozens of seconds, or a few minutes, the wife finally exhausted.

I saw her body sway, and the left arm that was being held so hard came loose.

Go in, push in, pop, my wife's buttocks, the manager's lower abdomen, clinging to each other, another man's cock, into my wife's vagina! Game over, no, another game begins.

I watched helplessly, but there was nothing I could do.

"I said long ago that you will be here sooner or later. How can a female secretary not be fucked by the boss?"

The bad manager smiled smugly, "Today's performance is good, I'll give you a level at the end of the year. Push your ass up a little bit, we men like it." The wife gave up, gave up completely.

She clung to the edge of the table with both hands, and stood on tiptoe obediently, pushing Bai Nen's butt to the highest level.

The hateful manager paused for a moment, adjusted his posture, and started the official pumping.

The heavy breathing was accompanied by the mournful moan; the dark penis corresponds to the white and tender rear buttocks.

If there is more or less mutual affection between the wife and Jonny, then now, it is completely conquered and conquered.

Puff, puff! crackle, crackle! Organs rub, flesh slams, wet, ambiguous and exciting, echoing in the empty office.

I still watched helplessly, without much anger.

During this time, I've been through so many things that I've started to feel numb.

The wife is young and beautiful, with a weak personality, and the husband is not around, which is the perfect target for a man to hunt.

It is completely reasonable for the American manager to harass and even violate her, and it is not unexpected at all.

There is no essential difference between humans and animals, and it is unreasonable to talk about the situation. As long as there is not too much risk, there is no reason not to talk about the fat. I'm in Southern California myself, haven't I used the landlady to relieve loneliness and vent my sexual desires without telling my wife? The sun went down, and the afterglow of the setting sun reflected the men and women in love, one was my wife and the other was her boss.

I could clearly see that the two naked lower bodies, one with thick hair and the other with fair skin, were covered with sweat beads, and each drop was crystal clear.

The boss's breathing was still so heavy, and the wife's moaning was no longer miserable, but became natural and smooth.

She even shook her hips slightly, actively catering to the waves of shocks.

I can understand that the wife experienced the initial shock and shame, and has been controlled by the man behind her and her own instincts, and began to learn to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.

She is, after all, a healthy woman with normal physiological needs.

I can even look like that foreign man's thick and long cock, like a piston, smooth and greasy, pumping inside my wife's vagina, spreading out the walls and scraping the folds.

My lower body is erect.

I love my wife, I can't bear her being humiliated, but I have a strong physical reaction to witnessing her having sex with other men. Is this a pervert? No, it's an instinct, an uncontrollable instinct.

The same is true for my wife. She is first and foremost a human being, with instinctual physical needs, and secondly, my wife, who has a social life.Moral and family responsibilities.

She is inexperienced in society, lacks the ability to adapt, and has no backing. She is coerced and lured by the boss outside, and suffers from her own sexual desires. It can be said that it is a matter of time.

My husband is a husband within one zhang, and he can't do anything if he is more than one zhang away. What reason is there to be harsh on his wife? I believe that my wife will not be flirtatious and take the initiative to seduce someone. In modern society, it is already very good.

The American manager was holding my wife's back buttocks, still pumping slowly.

Gasping, moaning, organs rubbing, flesh colliding, wave after wave.

The bad guy is worthy of being a professional manager. While enjoying himself, he did not forget to arrange the work: "Next month's business annual meeting in Shanghai, you will arrange the air tickets and hotels. The company has cut travel expenses and can only send two people. You With me, without anyone else, we go back on Sunday and Thursday."

From Sunday to Thursday, a beautiful wife and a lecherous boss have to be alone for so many days, four full nights, enough to happen! Gosh, this is not the end, this is just the beginning! I couldn't hold it in anymore, I screamed, waving my arms, and rushed forward.

(The American manager is holding my wife's back buttocks and pumping slowly.) Wake up, wake up! Suddenly, someone shook my shoulder.

I struggled to open my eyes, and it was my wife, her face full of anxiety.

I struggled to sit up, but my body was weak.

The wife let go of her hand and said, "You have a fever and keep talking nonsense. I'll call a taxi and I'll take you to the hospital!" take care of you."

I took my wife's hand and said, "Please give me a wet towel to cool down physically, I'll be fine."

"Okay, don't move, I'll go get an ice pack right now." My wife held my hand and stayed there all night.

Sometimes I fell asleep, sometimes half awake, but no more nightmares.

In the morning, the fever subsided and I was much more awake.

Then my wife let me go and went to the kitchen to make porridge.

I vaguely heard her call, presumably asking for leave.

When she comes back with the porridge, I will tell her to go to work quickly, don't be late, I will just lie at home alone.

The wife said that she had already asked the bank for leave, and I said that the accounting firm has to tell others.

The wife lowered her head and said that the accounting office also called, not to ask for leave, but to resign, and she didn't want to see Jonny again.

I rested at home for three days, my wife has been watching over me, never leaving.

Over the years, I have been studying, looking for a job, finding employment, buying a house, planning to have children, and busy myself, but I have never calmed down. Now I finally have the opportunity to think calmly about some issues.

It is very likely that the couple made friends with Johnny and his wife.

I felt that way at first, but I jumped in with my wife because of my white sister plot.

It is like a seed, buried in the bottom of my heart, it has been dormant all the time, but Bai's sister Susan took the initiative to send the temperature and humidity, so it sprouted.

My wife ridiculed me. I couldn't eat the tender core, so I had to eat the vegetables. The words were not rough. In fact, it saved me face. I exchanged my own tender core for someone else's vegetables.

Susan had inadvertently leaked that Jonny had been fond of my wife for a long time.

Jonny's small accounting office has no business at all except for a few months of tax filing. He employs my wife throughout the year, only for other reasons.

The wife is emotionally unstable, and she has been with Joni for a long time. The space is small and there are no others. It is understandable that the love will grow over time.

Before the couple made friends, they may have intimate words and deeds, but there should be no physical relationship.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is taboo in Canada, and the law favors employees over employers.

I guess Jonny wanted to have sex with my wife and was afraid of taking the risk, so he thought of swapping, which is a fair deal.

As for Susan's willingness to help her husband cheat, maybe this is a cultural difference. Besides, she also took the opportunity to try it out and did not suffer.

I thought about a lot, from career planning, to family relationships, and how to get out of the current predicament.

Anything can happen in one's life, whether it is extramarital affairs or extramarital sex, it will not let the sky fall.

Many times, it's just a release of emotional stress, or a brief escape from reality.

Between husband and wife, as long as there is no malicious injury, passion fades, and rationality returns, there is nothing that cannot be repaired.

On the third night, after thinking everything through, I called my wife to the bed and motioned her to sit down.

"I'm not a good husband, I haven't taken good care of you for so many years." I paused and continued, "I've thought about it for a long time, we should change.

"The wife stood up all of a sudden, very nervous, and her voice began to tremble: "You, don't want me anymore?"

(17) From Calgary to the north along Highway 2, about an hour and a half drive, there is a small city with a nice name, called Red Deer City.

Less than 20 kilometers west of Honglu City, there is a large lake called Xiwan Lake, which is a summer resort. However, it is now late autumn and the festival of sacrifices.

In the evening, the setting sun is westdown.

In the dense maple forest by the lake, the layers of frost and leaves covered the curved path.

Through the small trees, I can see the reeds by the water, swaying in the wind.

In the distance, the white clouds were low, and near, a bird swept across the water, causing several waves of ripples on the calm lake.

My wife and I have moved here for over two months.

Soon after I started working, the company began to decline, with less and less cash flow and more and more false accounts.

In the R&D center, people are superfluous, and they are engaged in Six Sigma black belts all day long, and the technical reserves are depleted day by day.

The old employees retire early one after another, and those who are young and capable also leave the company every now and then.

When I joined the company, I brought my mentor, an old-school scientist in his early fifties, who couldn't stand the arrogance of management. In the spring, he resigned and became the provost of a community college in Red Deer City.

He saw that my business ability was good and I was honest and easy to manage, and he always encouraged me to follow me.

I was hesitant at first, but something happened in the summer. After a high fever, I thought about it, so I agreed.

I made it very clear to my wife that she didn't have to come, she stayed in Calgary for work, I reunited with her every weekend and holiday, and a year later we decided to see if she liked life in a small place.

The wife insisted that the husband and wife should not be separated, and that they must come with me.

I repeatedly persuaded her that her job in the bank should not be easily lost, but she insisted that she would follow me wherever I went.

Just like that, before school started in September, we sold our house and moved our family to Red Deer City.

Thanks to the soaring housing prices in Calgary, in just one year, our house has appreciated by more than 30%.

We bought a house at Brook Bay Lake just outside the city, and on the north shore, across from the lake, is the Half Moon Bay Resort.

At that time, the housing price of Xiwan Lake had not risen yet, and it only cost more than 300,000 yuan. Once we sold and bought, we hardly needed to take out loans.

Our new home is very old, more than 30 years old, a two-story wooden house, much smaller than the original one.

The house was built on a gentle slope, across a dense maple forest, just to see the sparkling lake.

The former owner was an elderly couple with five children. They all went to the United States. There was no choice but to go to a nursing home in the city.

The front and back of the house are well maintained, the lawn is green and the flowers are blooming. Unfortunately, not long after we moved in, the autumn wind came as promised.

Because the house is very old and a little damp, we hired someone to decorate it as soon as we entered. All the cracks were filled up, the outer wall insulation was replaced, the floor was pried up to install underfloor heating, and the old kitchen and bathroom were also knocked down and redone.

By the time this is done, it will start to snow and we will be running out of money.

My wife and I discussed it. For the rest of the work, such as grinding walls and painting, we should learn from the locals, do it yourself, and do it slowly with the door closed. Anyway, it was getting dark early and it was cold outside, so I couldn’t get out.

In the evening of the festival of admiration, the sky is bright and fresh.

This is a remote place, and there are no children begging for sugar, only a few jackdaws, which occasionally chirp a few times.

I stood in the master bedroom on the second floor, facing the large rear window, watching the rustling autumn wind, gently plucked the last few dead leaves on the treetops, and let them swirl and fall on the grass in the backyard.

How quiet, how unpretentious, this is the life I want! Behind him, his wife was standing on a ladder, filling the hole in the wall with putty.

"Take a break." I turned around and greeted my wife, "Look, this forest is so beautiful, it reminds me of Dongdan Park."

"Dongdan Park?" Wife walked over while wiping her hands, approached me, looked out the window, and said, "The woods in Dongdan Park are so small, how can they compare to this place? According to my sister, it's all taken up by gays now."

"Fuck!" I scolded a rare swear word.


After a long time, my wife tugged at the corner of my shirt and asked, "There is something I have been wanting to ask you, do you think I married you for the purpose of going abroad?" "No, who is with you? What did you say? Why do you think so?" "I want to tell you that the first time I saw you, I made up my mind, wherever you go, I will follow.

At that time, I didn't even know your name, how could I think about going abroad or not! "

"I know, I know." I hugged my wife gently, "that day, how beautiful you were, white shirt, gray skirt, black stockings, black high heels, I also fell in love with you at a glance." We were immersed in memories. But the past is not always good.

"Hey, going abroad, going abroad, how much trouble you've made!" I returned to reality, full of regret in my heart, "My dad said back then that separation is not good, especially for women, it's very cruel."

"When you talked about your parents, I thought, I must be like your mother." The wife took over the topic and said sadly, "I'm sorry, I, I couldn't do it."

"Don't say that, the times are different, how complicated is the current society? Besides, none of us are saints, how can we not make mistakes?" I comforted my wife and myself from the bottom of my heart, "I regret having time to spare. , it's better to think about the future. Tomorrow, we can't take so many detours." I was speaking from my heart.

These days, I also think about it, the past is gone, it cannot be changed, and the future can still work hard.

Time is not forgiving, we have entered middle age, why botherLiving in regret all day? Living in the present and living each day well is tantamount to correcting the mistakes of the past.

"Then, do you still want me?" The wife raised her face and looked at me.

"How long before I said I don't want you? You are my wife, my only legal wife."

"Then why didn't you touch me? You haven't touched me since then."

"Then I'll touch you now." I cupped my wife's face.

Outside the window, it was already dark.

Little stars, quietly climbed the sky, blinked curiously, and spied on the joys and sorrows of the world.

"By the way, do you remember, the original owner, that old couple, gave birth to five children in this house." The wife spoke again.

"Remember, don't think too much about it. What if you give birth to five, and end up in a nursing home?" I don't know if my wife said it casually, or if she had another idea.

In fact, when I moved in, I also had a feeling: This house is very crowded! But I didn't dare to hope for anything. People have to accept their fate in this life. The more expectations, the more disappointments.

"In the future, I will never leave you again. I will follow you wholeheartedly. I will follow you wherever you go. I will do whatever you want me to do." He put his toes close to my ear and whispered, "If you want me to lie down, I will spread my legs; if you want me to lie down, I will pout my butt, and if you want me to kneel, I will open my mouth. "once having seen the best, the rest is not worthwhile looking.

I think my wife was so innocent back then, and now she's really a mature woman. However, I have also entered the ranks of uncles, and I have sex, so why should I be hypocritical? "Little sister, it doesn't matter. As long as you are with me, I will never be separated again." I hugged my wife tightly, just like when I was in my first love, for fear that if I let go, she would disappear.

"Okay, let's just undress and go to bed! I want you to have enough fun, and you won't want to think about other women anymore!" A few bright clouds floated from the sky, and the little stars were so shy that they quickly hid in.

(Okay, let's just undress and go to bed!)

(18) Soon, the heavy snow closed the mountain.

My wife and I worked together to repair the broken house bit by bit, and our relationship.

Interior decoration is very troublesome, but no matter how troublesome it is, if you do a little bit every day, there will always be a time to complete it.

Three months later, it's finally done, with just a little tinkering and cleaning left.

That night, while I was in the kitchen putting a second coat of paint on the window frames, my wife came in and stood beside me with a half bucket of water in one hand and a mop in the other.

After I finished the last stroke, I stopped, looked at it, and asked, "What's the matter, the color is uneven? That's it, I won't do it a third time if you kill me."

"I went to the family doctor this afternoon." The wife didn't answer my question.

"Well, what's the matter, uncomfortable? I told you, it's cold here, so you need to wear more clothes." "I haven't had my period for three months. I took a test stick myself, and it was positive. I made an appointment with a family doctor and it was also positive." The wife paused and said, "I'm pregnant."

"Oh, that's good." I replied nonchalantly, while making up a few more strokes. Suddenly, I felt something was wrong, turned my head, and asked, "Wait, what did you just say?" "The doctor said I'm pregnant. "The wife replied calmly.

I opened my mouth wide and was stunned. It took a long time before I burst out: "Auntie, you, you, what are you doing with the bucket! Hurry up and put it down! Save the fetus!" I remember when the doctor said that my wife was still young , relax, take care of yourself, maybe you can get pregnant naturally.

At the time I thought it was just a consolation, but now it seems to have some truth.

However, I believe that this is a gift from God.

In one's life, small things depend on oneself, and big things depend on destiny.

God wanted to bring down some hardships and make me suffer, but after seeing that I was really useless, I had to give up and give me back my ordinary life.

This fall, our eldest fell to the ground, a boy.

Since then, my wife's motherhood has gotten out of hand, and a year later, we have a daughter, and a year later, a second daughter.

My wife would continue to give birth, I begged hard, and finally had to force myself from the palace, and she reluctantly gave up.

Senior Sister once said that if a woman has a child, she should not think about anything for the first three to five years.

We added three mouths at once, and we can imagine how busy life is, especially when the child is sick, it is a mess.

After being upgraded to a mother, my wife's character has changed a lot, she has become tough, patient, and dedicated to her family selflessly and without complaint.

One day I was sweeping leaves in the yard and my wife was in the driveway chatting with the old lady walking the dog.

I heard her tell people that she has four children, two sons and two daughters, one older and three younger.

Our lives have completely changed, everything for the children, everything around the children.

Generally speaking, Chinese mothers push math, physics and chemistry, Canadian moms push sports, and my wife pushes both, English, French, Chinese, math, reading, piano, swimming, skating, and skiing.

We finally bought an eight-seater used van.

Every day off work and all holidays, my wife and I took the children to and fro between cram schools and sports fields.

In the dead of night, I sometimes wonder, what would our life be like if my wife's visa hadn't been delayed, I hadn't gone to the U.S. alone to find a job, and my wife didn't have blocked fallopian tubes? It will definitely be a lot more normal and calm, my wife won't be bullied by the American manager, I won't have sex with the landlady, and we won't make any couple friends.

Life is like this, full of variables, so that we can have many memories when we are old.

In this way, year after year passed, and I was not yet forty years old, and my temples had begun to gray.

The wife is still in good shape, her figure has not changed much, but she looks haggard.

A few years ago, she found a job in Red Deer City, or as a receptionist at the Royal Bank. The salary was not high. She only worked half a day and took care of the children for the rest of the day, which was very good.

Although the wife is the mother of three children, she is still graceful.

On Valentine's Day, she would often receive roses, take them home and throw them on the dinner table.

Every time I feel sorry for it, I trim it, put it in a bottle, and fill it with water.

My wife never said who sent it, and I didn't ask much. It was probably her colleague in the bank.

The wife is no longer the young little sister, she has a lot of experience.

I believe that experienced women are immune to ordinary extramarital affairs.

Besides, that kind of flower without roots, no matter how beautiful, will wither on its own within ten days at most.

We never saw the Jonny Susans again.

As for those absurd things, my wife and I never talked about them. It was not that they were deliberately avoided, but that there was no time and no need.

We are all mortals, how can we not make mistakes? Life is always ebb and flow, and there are no good years.

We have three kids, I'm the father, she's the mother, nothing is more important.

Our married life is getting sparser and sparser, and everyone puts their energy on the children. I don't know if this is good or not.

When making love, I often have to try to remember the dreams that haunted me, the scenes that happened at the country house.

I have already untied the knot in my heart, there is no anger and pain, only the stimulation of the senses, which has some aphrodisiac effect on a tired middle-aged man.

(Although the wife is a mother of three children, she is still graceful.)

(End) Many years later.

On a winter morning, it couldn't be more ordinary.

It was quiet outside, and the snow on the lake was blown away by the north wind overnight, revealing a thick layer of ice that glistened in the sun.

Outside the backyard, in the woods, on the white snow, some bird left a line of clear paw prints.

Early in the morning, my wife took my two daughters to go ice skating in Red Deer City. The house was very deserted, just me and my son.

I was preparing lessons in the study, and my son was practicing the piano outside.

The sound of the piano stopped, and the son came in lame.

"Daddy, I want to take a break. Playing the piano is boring."

"Of course you can, but I guess when your mother is about to come back, go back and play again."

"Oh, got it. Daddy, my girlfriend Anna is going to transfer."

"Anna? I thought it was Jessica."

"Anna's daddy and mommy are divorced, and she's going back to Calgary with mommy. She told me that her mommy found a picture of a young woman in her daddy's wallet."

"It's too careless, how can you put important things in your wallet!" "Daddy, if you were you, where would you hide your photos?" "Well, for example," I raised my head, looked left and right, and pointed to the bookshelf , "There, the innermost book, covered in layers of dust, was my father's master's thesis." The son climbed up on the bench, just touched it, and accidentally, the book fell off and landed on the ground.

The son picked it up, blew ashes, and a photo came out.

The son picked up the photo, held it in front of his eyes, pretended to be very sophisticated, and said, "Cool, it's a loli, um, looks very quiet."

"Don't be a loli loli, it's a mess." Canadian children are no big or small.

"Daddy, do you love this loli? I promise not to tell Mommy."

"Please get rid of that word. Dad has never, never will be, in love with any other woman."

"Cool, Daddy, you're so cool." The son looked at the photo and continued, "Daddy, she certainly won't nag you all day, and she won't force us to play the piano and skate to supplement math."

"Son, your generation is too confident. Take a closer look and look carefully."

"Take a good look again, um, huh? I'm selling cakes, this, isn't this Mummy!" (This, isn't this Mummy!)

(End of full text)
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