Ye Rong and the forest farm workers (完)

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Ye Rong and the workers in the forest farm

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Lu Gui

hello, I am the deputy general manager of the Lu Group. I just returned from the United States. Everyone calls me Lu Gui. My father is the chairman of the board of directors of the Lu Group, and I am his sole heir. My father said that as long as I catch a girl named Ye Rong, he will immediately let me be the general manager, and within three years, he will step back to the second line, and the position of the chairman of the board of directors will be mine sooner or later. My father admires Ye Rong very much and thinks that she is a rare top management talent in the business world.Marrying her will help the Lu family become the richest man in China. I am very dissatisfied with this. I graduated from a world-renowned school in the United States, majoring in business. I am well-known on Wall Street and have achieved many achievements. After returning to China, I became famous in the business world. I don't think I need anyone's help to lead my family to be the richest man. But after meeting Ye Rong at a cocktail party, I changed my mind.

Ye Rong is so beautiful! A dignified and friendly smile is always maintained on a clear and fair face, a slender slender body, a pair of slender thighs, and a pair of slender thighs give people infinite reverie, just like a fairy , the moment I saw her for the first time, I was almost dumbfounded; she has a noble temperament, speaks elegantly, is humble and polite, and behaves gracefully and decently. Stillgraduated from a well-known university in the country, with a doctorate degree, proficient in many foreign languages, and excellent in character and study. No way,She beats all the women I know in every way and she is the perfect wife for me!

The next day, I started pursuing her. There are many suitors around Ye Rong. There are young masters with great wealth, there are elites in the workplace, and there are handsome guys. The competition is fierce, and everyone is not stupid. Whether in China or in the United States, I have slag countless girls, and I am quite experienced in dealing with girls. But I know that a beautiful beauty like Ye Rong,I have long been used to men's diligence, and she will never be able to conquer with one or two luxury gifts like ordinary girls. I keep giving away one luxury item every day, but Ye Rong threw away these tens of thousands of luxury items.But I didn't feel bad at all, but it aroused my desire to conquer. .

There is no woman I can't conquer! I made a big deal and gave her a villa under my property.Although Ye Rong returned to the villa, she still agreed to date me; although she was still aloof during the interaction,
I got engaged to her smoothly and took wedding photos together on a global tour; after I gave her a newly acquired forest farm, Ye Rong decided to get married with me, and I became Ying De Ye Rong's final winner. ButWhen I got along with Ye Rong, I found that she was very kind to the lower class people in the society. Yes, the lower class I am talking about are workers, peasants, and even beggars begging for food. I despise these social rubbish, especially men. They are lazy, ugly, rude, vulgar, obscene, full of foul language, scruffy, and poor. Whenever I see my beautiful fiancée talking to them kindly, I get a little jealous, but with my prominent status and status, it's not worth bothering with these poor, ugly, untouchables.

Now I am sitting in the office of the forest farm. This forest farm is exactly what I want to give to Ye Rong. Before handing over the forest farm to Ye Rong, I want to clean up the accounts, but there is an inexplicable amount of income on the account. Under mystrict investigation and stern questioning, the person in charge of the forest farm told the truth that it turned out that the forest farm had suffered losses for a long time and had to build a forest farm brothel and hired some prostitutes to prostitute the employees and the surrounding mountain people. Offset wages to cover book losses.

There is such a thing in my forest farm! What a huge scandal! If the police find out, I will be jointly and severally responsible.

I scolded the person in charge and ordered him to stop this behavior immediately. The person in charge of the forest farm hesitated to ask me to talk about it tomorrow, because it was already off work, and the employees must have entered the brothel, for fear of causing dissatisfaction among the employees. IConsidering that driving out the people who have already entered the brothel is indeed an offense, the newly acquired forest farm is still based on unity and stability.It doesn't make much difference to ban the brothel sooner or later, so I reluctantly agreed.

In order to supervise the forest farm to ban brothels, I did not leave the forest farm that day, but lived in a single dormitory arranged for me by the forest farm, and ordered someone to send the surveillance video of the forest farm in recent days to On my laptop, I'm going to use the night to see what's going on in the wooded area.

I looked through a few random video surveillance footage, and one of them deeply attracted me.

This is the video surveillance video of the forest farm that afternoon. In the center of the screen is a small dilapidated house with old gypsum tiles sloping on the hillside. The angle of the surveillance video is good, and you can see the small bed in the room.

The condition is not bad, there is a bed in a small shabby house. I can't help laughing, these poor people can enjoy

Then, the figure of a girl enters the picture. She looked left and right at the small broken house, looked around, and walked in.

It's a pity that she has her back to the camera, I didn't see her face, but in terms of body, she was very slim and graceful.

After a while, a man walked into the small shabby house, also with his back to the camera, with the words "Forest Ranger" written on the back of his clothes. Hehe, the girl inside must be frightened.

Strangely, not the girl I imagined was frightened and escaped from the small shack, nor did the ranger come out, maybe they knew each other in the first place.

Soon, I saw the figure of the man and woman from the half-collapsed roof. The ranger's clothes had beenoff, and he pressed the girl on the bed, and the girl was naked. . The ranger twitched for a while with his waist up against the girl's genitals, and then straddled the girl, who turned her face away.

Is it true that the ranger wants oral sex, but the girl refuses? Ha ha, if you don't want to be tough! I was excited to think, I was about to stand up in the forest when the rape happened, and it happened at the right time, this girl really helped me. Tomorrow, I will use this case to rectify the forest farm, beat and beat the relevant personnel, and use both grace and power.

As I was thinking, things changed again. The ranger stuck his dick in the girl's mouth.

I also love being oral by women, the feeling of being wrapped around the head of the penis by the warm mouth is really wonderful. I've enjoyed blowjobs from American girls, as well as blowjobs from domestic girls. In comparison, American girls swallow deeperAlmost all of them can deepthroat.

The skills of domestic girls are really poor. I wonder if she will have oral sex after marrying Ye Rong? How's the technology
I think it must be pretty bad. She looked so graceful and dignified, so sacred and inviolable, I'm afraid she didn't even know what was going on with oral sex.

Thinking of Ye Rong, she once admitted to me that she was not a virgin. In fact, what is this? What age is this, Ye Rong is still worried about this, she is still a bit traditional in her thinking. I've lived in America for many years, and I'm very open-minded and don't care about that at all. According to her traditional thinking, I made the belly bigger than seven girls, and put green hats on more than two dozen friends. Do I want to marry them all back? Just give some money and it'll fix the problem.

The screen begins to change. The ranger got deeper and deeper and I was surprised that the girl's nose was glued to the ranger's pubic hair, which in my experience should be a deep throat. But I was even more surprised that the ranger did not move, that is to say, the girl who seemed to be raped took the initiative to adjust the angle and "eat" the ranger's meat cock , indicating that this girl is the active player in this sex!

What a great actor! I nodded approvingly.

But right here, the ranger pulled out his cock and went to fuck instead. It seems that the ranger was stimulated by oral sex, and he was very intense from the first blow. Oh shit! Why did deep throat just change to fuck! This is the worst scene in any A movie I've ever seen. The girl's body trembled very much, indicating that the ranger inserted very quickly; the girl's head kept shaking from side to side, and her body twisted with the thrusting, indicating that she was very cool and enjoying; I Quickly jerking off your cock, imagining you're the ranger, fucking the girl. Too bad I couldn't see the girl's face. I wonder if she was going to orgasm.

As expected, as soon as the ranger pulled out the cock, this bitch couldn't wait to stretch his hand to his pussy and rub it a few times, then he straightened up and violently twitch.

This bitch! She really had an orgasm, lol, I guessed it right. She definitely wasn't raped, she couldn't have an orgasm if she was raped! The girl's body was still twitching, and it seemed that the orgasm was intense. It wasn't a show. I took off my pants and planned to watch this porn film and just take a tube.

When I took off my pants, the picture changed. The girl had switched positions, turned her back to the monitor, knelt under the bed, buried her head between the ranger's legs, and gave him oral sex. She leaned forward, constantly changing the angle, and as soon as her head was up and down, I could see at a glance that this girl was taking the initiative to deep throat.

To be honest, I have played with a lot of women. This girl is very gentle and considerate in her actions, and cares about the feelings of the man, which is something that many prostitutes cannot do. Prostitutes are for money, blowjobs are for sustenance; and this girl is purely for the pleasure of the ranger, without any regard for suffocation, I'm sure she hasthe ranger The head of his penis got stuck in his throat.

Maybe this forest ranger is her boyfriend, only when she is facing someone she loves can a woman be so affectionate,cooperate with his play without reservation, and let him ask for anything .

The ranger suddenly held the girl's head and pressed down hard. I thought this girl would definitely not be able to take it and spit it outbut to my shock, the girl not only didn't resist, she did what the ranger wanted and let goben's bodyHis arms, his body clearly rushed down, and the cock in his mouth penetrated as far as possible.

Was it inserted into the girl's esophagus? I measured my cock suspiciously, and then measured it on my neck, sure it was.

This is too shocking!

I was so excited, my hands were speeding up in my pants. That ranger seems to be stimulated too! He jumped out of the bed, turned the girl's body upside down, the back of the girl's head was against the bed, and the ranger stood in front of her, condescendingly, and stopped the surveillance video. angle.

Fuck me!

I cursed, wishing I could fly to the scene and see what the ranger did to the girl. But now I can only reason and guess.

Obviously, the ranger's dick is in the girl's mouth, he's crazy. He hugged the back of the girl's head and kept his waist up. I guess the cock was thrusting down the girl's throat, or even in the girl's esophagus. The girl must be in pain, but her arms are drooping naturally, and she can't see any discomfort.

I think she's a really good girlfriend. If Ye Rong can do this, I swear I will never touch any woman after I marry her! But I think that's impossible, how could such a beautiful and pure woman Ye Rong be so obscene.

At this moment, a hunter walked into the picture. He stood outside the door and looked at it, looking very surprised, and then walked into the small broken house.

The hunter and the ranger obviously knew each other. When they saw the hunter, the ranger pushed in harder, as if to show off.

I can't help but worry a little bit about that girl, her esophagus will burst if it goes on like this. But I couldn't see the girlthe sight was blocked by the tall ranger, I could only see her hands around the ranger's ass, as ifactively welcoming the cock and cooperating with the ranger's show .

What a smart girl! Know what men like most!

The hunter seemed to have said something to the ranger, his expression and body language seemed to be pleading for something.It took a long time to see the ranger nod. The hunter then undressed as quickly as possible, hugged the girl, playing with her breasts, and put his other hand into the girl's pussy. I saw the girl leaning towards the hunter, seeming to like his stroking.

So far, I have been unable to use my reasoning to guess the identity of the girl. If it's rape, why would a girl take the initiative to give a ranger oral sex, even if it was forced, how could she do a long deepthroat? She and the ranger are definitely not boyfriend and girlfriend. Who would let someone else play with their girlfriend, even if the relationship between the ranger and the hunter is so deep that they can share a girlfriend, why does the hunter I've been begging for a long time; and I'm not sure if this girl is a prostitute, because prostitutes are only interested in money, and this girl's perfect body is not worth it, no matter how she looks. With less money, the rangers and hunters are all poor, how can they afford to pay for whoring, not to mention that she also provides oral sex and deep throat services, which ordinary prostitutes can't do.

I was lost in thought.

The ranger took his cock out of the girl's mouth, then cummed into the girl's face, then walked away.

This is the first time I have seen a girl's face, she is very white, melon face, very sweet, very delicate, she is a beautiful woman;It's just that there is too much semen on her face, covering her face , can't see more details. I fuck her, she's licking the cum from the corners of her mouth!

If I could cum on Ye Rong's delicate face, I would be willing to live ten years less! But that's impossible,Ye Rong is so upright and noble, even if she loves me to the death, it's impossible for me to ejaculate dirty semenon her face.

I got excited and imagined that girl as Ye Rong, holding a cock in my hand and stroking hard.

The girl was still licking the semen from the corner of her mouth, and the hunter had taken over as the ranger. He picked up the girl's legs and shoved his cock into the girl's vagina.

Damn it! I stopped the old man from watching the play again! Fortunately, the hunter was not tall, and I could still see the girl's face full of cum.

Her face was full of joy and smile, as if she liked being gang-raped very much. At this point, the video ends, and this video is automatically saved to a file every 45 minutes.

I hurriedly clicked on the next video, and sure enough, after the good show just now, the hunter was still fucking the girl. However, the picture is the same as the repeating playback, and the same content is always maintained. If it wasn't for the ranger walking around with the hunter's gun on the side, I'd suspect the video file was stuck.

I was bored and fast-forwarded to the video, but until the end, the hunter was in the same rhythm, nothing changed. This hunter seems to be inexperienced, playing with women is too rigid and not interesting.

I clicked on the third file and continued to fast-forward, and the fast-forwarding was over in one fell swoop. The hunter had left the original position, the girl spread her legs, and the semen came out of her vagina It flowed out, huh, it seems that the hunter shot inside. Maybe there is a good show ahead, I plan to return the video and watch it again, but an action by the ranger, I was stunned.

He stuck the shotgun in the girl's vagina!

Fuck! Murder and kill, first rape and then kill! This is so pitiful! I just purchased this forest farm, and I will be jointly and severally responsible for its management.

My head buzzed, this is a murder case, a major event, I want to clear the responsibility, originally It has nothing to do with me. No, I better not know about it, fuck it! Why am I watching this video, Quick, delete it. This has nothing to do with me or the forest farm at all! I'm also going to find a reason to fire that ranger, he has a murder case and must be fired, so as not to implicate me. What the hell! I also gave Ye Rong the forest farm as a dowry gift, and now it's too bad luck.

I deleted these files in a hurry, thinking that I have to clear all the data in the monitoring room. I put on my clothes and went straight to the monitoring room. Oh shit! This forest ranger, she'll be killed when she's finished, she's not human, I haven't figured out what she looks like.

There was no one in the monitoring room, and I couldn't care less about finding staff, so I controlled it myself on the workbench. In fact, it is better to have no staff. The less people know about this kind of murder, the better.

The monitoring console seems complicated, but it is not difficult for me, a doctor who returned from the United States and returned to China. I quickly entered the background and cleared the historical data, but there are hundreds of surveillance cameras in it, and it will take some time to completely clear the data. I didn't dare to leave, staring at the clearing progress bar was a bit boring, so I turned on some cameras and watched the current forest area.

Now it's night time, the forest area is dark, and there is nothing in the camera. Only the cameras in the office area and the road can see the picture through the lights. One of the cameras called "Warehouse" caught my attention. Because the camera of a warehouse is not aimed at the warehouse, but at the ceiling.

How important is the warehouse, the camera is facing the ceiling.

This must be man-made, there must be something strange, there must be a secret!

I immediately turned on the camera on the "Warehouse Corridor", ho! The corridor was full of people, all men, looking in around a window, wondering what they were looking at. After a while, the warehouse door opened, and the scene was chaotic. These men all gathered around the door, scrambling to pass the banknotes in their hands.

It was a man who came out of the warehouse door. I recognized it immediately. It was the forest ranger! He stood at the door and chose a few from the countless hands who were handing the bills. The men who had been charged immediately cheered and entered the warehouse, followed by two naked The man came out of the warehouse with a smile, and happily said something to the people outside the door while putting on his clothes.

What the hell is going on in this warehouse? My heart is numb, and if it is illegal, I will be jointly and severally responsible. This forest farm really makes me worry, the country is sweeping away the evil, but there can be no illegal actions from my forest farm. After thinking for a while, I decided to go to the scene to see the situation.

I came out of the monitoring room and went straight to the warehouse. The warehouse door was closed, and the people here gathered around the window and looked in. There are many people, about twenty people, all of them are male. I managed to mingle with these poor ghosts without attracting anyone's attention. As a matter of fact, I just bought this forest farm, and no one knows me except for a few people in charge.

I followed everyone's eyes and looked in from the window. The warehouse was brightly lit. There was a broken sofa in the middle. A naked girl was facing the window. Guy blows while another guy stands behind her and fucks her in a doggy style.

"This girl is absolutely amazing, she's very handsome, her two tits are very big and round, and her oral sex skills are top-notch. What's more, her little pussy has been fucked by so many people before. It's over, it's still so tight, and it feels great to fuck, it's almost like fucking a virgin." The man who had just come out of the warehouse shouted excitedly, saliva flying.

"I'm afraid this is the most beautiful, most powerful and most skilled prostitute ever in our forest brothel!" Another man's words attracted the approval of many people.

It turns out that the warehouse is what they call a forest brothel! I can't help but be furious that they turned the warehouse into a brothel! No, absolutely not, the warehouse is an important place. If the police know that the forest farm warehouse is actually a brothel,I think it is me who accommodated these cheap people for prostitution, my responsibility will be great, I must leave it behind To clear this responsibility, I want to ban this brothel immediately.

At this time, I saw the ranger, who was also in the warehouse. He walked over to the girl, said something to the girl, pointed to the window, the girl spit out his cock and nodded, and the man who had inserted her cock also pulled out the cock. The girl stood up, she faced the window, opened her arms, and presented her perfect naked body to the men at the window. The men outside the window exclaimed, all swarming forward, squeezing me behind.

Those damn poor people! I cursed in my heart,In terms of strength, I really can't compare to these dirty and smelly poor ghosts, who couldn't even see the girl's face clearly, and were pushed to the last row by them. But I think I'm smarter than them,I can't take it, I can outsmart it.

I took two steps back and stood on the outer guardrail, holding on to the column on the outside of the corridor, and saw the scene in the warehouse from a height. most of the scene. I changed my posture, hugged the column, and sat on the outer guardrail, so I could see more than half of the warehouse, but unfortunately the top edge of the window was still blocking the girl's head, so I still watched Not to the girl's face. But even so, I can still tell that she has a good figure, fair skin, and big, plump breasts, kind of like the girl I saw on the surveillance video! At least
The body is the same, and it has long hair. If it is that girl, I don't have to worry about murder.

Just when I wanted to change my posture to see what the girl looked like, the girl started her performance. Shefaced the window, twisted her waist, shook her stride, spread her legs, and I could clearly seesemen flowing from her vagina.

All the men outside the window stopped talking.

There was a lot of semen in her vagina, which kept flowing down her thighs. I have also played group P in the United States, and I have some experience. According to the amount of semen in this girl's vagina, there are at least seven or eight people's ejaculation volume.

The girl rubbed her breasts with both hands, danced like a prostitute, and tried her best to seduce the men outside the window.

"How is this girl?" The ranger came to us at some point.

"It's so beautiful! Where did you get it?"

"A lost donkey, I just got it this afternoon, I thought I was going to take some aphrodisiacs or something. It can make her submit, how do you know it is so showy, there are various poses, some of which I have never seen before." The ranger glanced at the window, "Look, another new pose. ”

I saw the girl with her legs crossed on the two armrests of the sofa, her pussy stretched to the maximum, and a lot of semen flowed from her vagina and dripped on the ground in front of the sofa.

"Fuck, how much has she been ejaculated, what should I do if my belly gets bigger?"

"It's okay, she said it herself, it's okay to have an inner ejaculation, but her belly gets bigger. We don't need to be responsible, just 14 internal ejaculations and 8 blowjobs," the ranger said.

"But, she's been fucked like that, she's just like a piece of shit, what's the point of it being our turn."

"Don't worry, this bitch is a real jerk. , After being fucked so many times, the pussy is still tight." The ranger said with certainty.

"That's right, I just finished fucking. The pussy is very tight, like a virgin."

"A virgin? This is a bit exaggerated."

"It's no exaggeration!" The two men who just came out almost shouted.

"When I inserted, the semen in her was already flowing out, but when I inserted it, it was like being clamped by a clip, soft, tough, and elastic. !"

"That little pussy is holding my dick, and it's like milking a milk, it's so cool, I've never fucked such a cool pussy in my life!"

Everyone's eyes widened when they heard what they swore.

I saw through the window that the girl changed her posture again. She stood behind the sofa with her legs apart, her back to the sofa in a dance-back posture, her back was pressed against the back of the sofa, Put your head in front of the sofa.

This posture is very helpful for me to see her face, because from my current line of sight, her face is already lower than the upper edge of the window, just upside down. I hurriedly hugged the upright and tried to turn my body over, wanting to see how beautiful she was. Unfortunately, immediately a man jumped on the sofa and shoved his cock into her mouth. This position makes the man condescending, and the girl's mouth seems to be open and the man's cock is inserted into her throat with ease.

Hateful! I cursed inwardly, the man's butt was blocking the girl's face.

"This little bitch's pressure is not loose now, it does not mean that it will not be released later. If you want to play, pay quickly, and now start to enter in the order of payment. Fuck her, the one who pays first goes to play. If you really get fucked loose later, don't blame me for playing later." The forest ranger said to everyone sullenly.

"Okay, okay! Pay!" Everyone waved the banknotes in their hands. I looked at them, and they were all 200 yuan. But the rangers didn't receive a single one.

"This slut is a bride. She sold out tonight. She will get married with her fiancé when she goes back tomorrow."The ranger said.

"I'm going! It's a bride!" The people outside the window were boiling.

"So! The person who wants to play with her next... has to pay more!" The ranger's tone was very similar to Deng Chao's classic line in "Embroidered Spring Knife".

"Fuck! You sit on the ground and raise the price!"

"This girl is more expensive than usual. For the sake of her beauty, everyone recognizes you.Now we're going to raise the price again! "

"The same thing, why did the people who played the game cost 200 yuan before, and we have to pay more for the game we played later. It's not fair!"

I listen Complaining to these poor ghosts, I am amused, can playing a prostitute and playing a bride be the same price? Not to mention a bride with such a good figure. Don't say 200 yuan, 2000 yuan is cheap to me, money is not a problem for me, I have a sense of superiority. I also want to play with this bride. However, I don't know who else is in this warehouse. If there is a person in charge who knows me in the warehouse, how can I tell him about banning brothels? If he betrays me and tells the media about my prostitutes, not only will my image be damaged, but Ye Rong, who has finally caught up with me, may have to break up with me, which is not worth the loss. Well, Ye Rong also promised to get married with me in the next few days, what a coincidence.

At this time, three men in the warehouse gathered in front of the girl, that is, behind the sofa. The middle one picked up one of the girl's long white legs and inserted the cock into her vagina, and the other two sucked the girl's two huge breasts, one on the left and one on the right. I am surprised that the girl's back is attached to the back of the sofaIn this posture, according to my experience, if the average girl is in this posture, her breasts should be flat, but her breasts are still tall and straight. , the description is genuine. It is conceivable that the two men who were playing with her breasts should be very lucky.

"You, you, tell me, how much do you add?" The person outside the window was still talking about the price.

"600!" The ranger said decisively, with no intention of negotiating the price.

"What! 600 yuan! You are crazy! It tripled all of a sudden! Our monthly salary is only how much it is, and we can't pay it"

"Yourselves Look, the price may change after a while." The ranger sneered and turned to leave.

"Hey, don't go, I'll pay 600 yuan!" A man pulled the ranger and didn't let him go.

"600 yuan to play a bride, it's considered a bridal chamber, it's not a loss!"

"Cum inside a beautiful bride, or ejaculate in the bride's mouth, think about it It's cool, 600 is 600."

Seeing so many people suddenly change their attitudes and agree to this offer, I see obvious regret in the eyes of the ranger.He finally Know that you are actually underreporting.

I touched my wallet, but I didn't bring it with me. But don't worry, I can do it without cash. NowThe most important thing is to confirm whether there is anyone I know in the warehouse. If not, I will go in and play. At that time, it doesn't matter if the price increases, money is not a problem for me. Damn it! I'm a little unconvinced that I'm playing these poor bastards play the rest of the bastards.

The five men who gave 600 yuan in cash happily went in, and the others said that they would go back and get some more money, and they would come right away.

In this way, there was no one in front of the window. I quickly jumped off the outer guardrail and ran to the window, only to see that there were actually more than a dozen men in the warehouse. They were all lining up, and the five men who had just entered were the last. IFuck! The person in charge of the forest farm who met me in the afternoon turned out to be the one who maintained the order. With a greedy expression on his face, he took the money handed over by the forest ranger and stuffed it into his pocket.

It turns out that he is the head of the brothel. He is using the brothel to make money. No wonder he refused to ban the brothel in the afternoon. He is a bastard. I have to dismiss him!

"This bitch's tits are so big, so round, so firm, so fucking energetic, haha..." said the man who was playing with tits happily. I saw the girl put her arms around the talking man's back, put her arms around him, and caress his back, and didn't mind his humiliation. That's it, I'm standing at the window and I can hear the sound in the warehouse.

"It's so realistic, ah, it's so cool, so moist, I'm going to ejaculate..."

"It's only been a few minutes..."

"It's all your fault, you put your dick in her mouth so deeply, she gets excited when she sees it."

"Damn, this bitch is still laughing and swallowing, my two She swallowed all the balls, it's really cheap"

"Indeed, she is so happy with such a beautiful face, with your dirty dick stuck in it. , even a man can't stand it."

"No, I really want to ejaculate."

With my mouth dry, I looked at the man The man shivered a few times and backed away. This man is really bad, it's only been a few minutes. The girl immediately changed her position. She supported her body with her arms, so that her body went over the back of the sofa, her head slid down on the sofa cushion, and she continued to give the man on the sofa a blowjob, so that the Men can clearly see the semen in the girl's vagina.

"It's so exciting!" The man on the sofa growled a few times, stabbed his cock into the girl's mouth, and Cum.

As soon as the man left, I turned my body to my side, trying to see the girl's upside-down face. CanUnfortunately, it was too late. Several men came up and started raping this girl, blocking my vision.

I finally understand that in this gang rape fight, it is unlikely that I will be able to see the girl's face clearly from the window. To see the girl's face, you have to go in. But the damn forest manager is inside, I don't want him to see me, what should I do?

At this moment, the warehouse door opened, and the voice of the forest ranger came: "Come on, let's go, there are too many people in the warehouse." Then I saw the two shooting Fine man, talking and laughing out.

I rushed over, grabbed the ranger's arm, and tucked the watch in the ranger's hand.

The ranger looked at me in surprise.

I whispered, "I want to play with that girl, but I don't want anyone to see me. You think of a way."

The ranger glanced nervously around the warehouse. Whispered: "You didn't win the lottery, right? If you don't win the lottery, you can't play with her today."

I didn't understand what he said, and looked puzzled.

The ranger stood up, closed the warehouse door, and said to me, "You can't play with her if you don't win the lottery. Hey, who are you and why haven't I seen you? Is that right? New here. Come on, see you being so generous, I'll make you a friend, you listen to me, go and rest for a while, then come back in the middle of the night."

He saw me a little Dissatisfied, he continued: "This is the only way. The boss will leave after he has collected all the money, but when the money is collected, the line is lined up, so many people are staring at each other, I am not very good. Arrange for you to cut the line. You leave first,When they're done playing, you'll fuck her. Then, play as you like. There's just so many people,I guess it's going to be fucked into the night It's four o'clock. This bitch is very strong and durable, don't worry, you must be tight when you are playing."

I can only nod my head generously, thinking to myself , the first thing I did after returning to the group was to send a letter to fire the ranger and the person in charge! Seeing the ranger smiling and wearing the watch on his wrist, I suddenly felt a little heartache. It was bought for me when Ye Rong was shopping at the mall when I took a wedding photo with Ye Rong Global, and she also said that she is this watch. Watch, see watch as see person. Alas, I have to fly to Switzerland tomorrow and buy an identical one, so don't let Ye Rong see it.

I went back to the window and looked at it for a while. This girl is really cheap. She giggled while being gang-raped. When she was being fucked wildly, her lewd screams were especially loud and loud. She is very active, changing various postures, and welcoming every cock.

And the workers who went back to withdraw money also came back one after another, and the forest ranger really let them in in order. And The workers who had vented their animalistic desires on the girl came out to see me, all with a strange look in their eyes, I was afraid of being recognized. So I went back to the dorm.

At four in the morning, I came to the warehouse again. The door was open, and the ranger was inside, and he was standing inside masturbating. I went in and patted the ranger on the shoulder. The ranger looked at me, pouted at the back of the sofa, and said, "Come on, it's about to dawn."

I followed the direction he pointed. , I was shocked by what I saw with my eyes, and I only felt that my eyeballs were about to fly out.

This girl was lying on the ground, her two long white legs were separated in an "M" shape, and the vagina in the middle was red and swollen like a small steamed bun, and at a glance, she knew that she had been severely beaten. Adultery is over, even the tender meat inside is turned out; belly, breasts, neck, shoulders, chin, face is full of semen, both nipples are torn, I guess it should be
Should have been bitten; but what struck me the most was that this girl was giving a blowjob to a black dog!

The black dog pounced on her face, and the dog meat stick went straight into her mouth. I squatted down and lowered my head, but I still couldn't see her face clearly. The black dog was so big that it almost completely blocked her face. But I still passed the gap between the black dog's legs and saw that she was licking the dog's cock with all her might, she was smiling and hugging the dog's back, without the slightest discomfort and being She felt compelled, as if the dog was her lover. Her tongue quickly and deftly licked and swiped on the dog meat stick, one moment on the left, one moment on the right, one moment on the dog's glans and sucking, the tip of the tongue hit the dog's glans a few times, spinning. He poked briskly at the urethra of the dog's glans, just like a lewd prostitute. No, I've never seen a whore so cheap!

"Bitch!" I couldn't help scolding.

"Yes, she's the meanest, meanest bitch!" said the ranger.

"It's really yours! To make her do this!" I have some admiration for the ranger.

"No, I didn't ask her to do it." The ranger shook his head, "Do you believe it, she asked for it herself!"

"What? !" This was beyond my expectations. By the looks of her, giving a dog blowjob is definitely voluntary. But I didn't think it was her initiative.

"Hehe, how much money do you pay her to perform this." I asked tentatively, I wanted to know, let a woman perform it forHow much does a dog blowjob cost? Hey, I have money!

"Not a penny!" The ranger also looked incredulous, "This bitch, tonight was gang-raped by 50 men, and at least 30 of them had internal ejaculation. Such a superb job. Bitch, the brothel owner only gave me 600 yuan for introduction, which is only 100 yuan more than usual. I had a dispute with him, this bitch, he said that he offended people for her bitch It's not worth it, she told me to let the brothel owner go, she performed the most exciting show for me, who knew it was this."

"Where's the dog?" I asked.

"I have 2 ranger dogs, and one of them has been shot," said the ranger.

"She... she was fucked by a dog?" I was shocked and angry, "Don't you know I'm going to fuck? This is fucked by a dog that has been fucked by a dog, how can I fuck it? ?"

"No, no, it's all her blowjob!" the ranger hurriedly explained, "I told her, and there's a man coming to fuck her right away, so I can only let her. The dog fucks her mouth..."

"Yes sir! It's me who can't wait, I'm too cowardly, I'm in heat, I can only seduce the dog and let the dog... Let the dog in my mouth... you... eh..." This was the first time I heard the girl's voice, she was slurring the dog stick in her mouth.

"This bitch is too sleazy and cheap, and she's very durable. 50 clients took him for 8 hours, and sexually abused her for half an hour. This bitch takes one minute. The more you fuck her, the more horny she is, she is in the best state."The ranger paused, then whispered, " can rest assured, her pussy has never been fucked by a dog, it's not bad. Clean."

Still clean? I sneered, this kind of slut bitch has been 8 hours by 50 whore customers, and there is still half an hour of sexual abuse, and this bitch has been cumshot by 30 men. All dirty.

"There is nothing better than a bride's. I'm getting married tomorrow, I'm a bride..." the girl murmured.

"Huh, bride? You're actually a bride! I think you're a dog bride." I remembered that the ranger said she was going to get married tomorrow, so I couldn't help cursing road.

The girl spread her legs at me as if to say, come in and fuck me.

I unbuttoned my pants, pulled out my cock, and inserted it hard.

"Ah...ah...I was fucked...I was fucked again..." I couldn't hear what the girl was sayingI thought it might be a black dog The dick is stuck in her throat.

I stuck it hard, I swear I've never fucked so hard in my life, and I don't know where it came from I could feel her chasing my thrusts. She moaned, in a particularly seductive voice, as if a newlywed girl was welcoming her husband's first arrival. What I want to emphasize here is that this rotten pussy who has been fucked by 30 cocks is still as tight as ever!

Cool, really cool!

I fucked like crazy, my cock stabbed her like a submachine gun.

"Ah, ah, my husband, me, me, ah, look at me, I'm going to marry you tomorrow, and I'm gang-raping so many people, swallowing sperm for them, And then give the dog blowjob and swallow the dog's cum, I'm such a slutty bitch......" The girl shouted, her voice indistinct.

I looked at the side, and there was no husband except the ranger. Maybe, she was thinking about gang-raping her in front of her husband.

"Husband, I've been spoiled by both people and dogs. I'm the meanest woman in the world..."

"Bitch, does your husband know you're so lewd?" I guess Her husband should know about it, and he never thought that there would be such a lewd woman in the world.

"Well, ah, ah, he, hee hee..." The girl's tone was frivolous, as if mocking her husband.

"Bitch, do you like being gang-raped in front of your husband so much?" I continued to scold, inserting harder.

"Well, I like it. I've been fucked by many men, and I have fucked my belly, more than once..."

"Haha, your husband is really a cuckold. Shiny." I laughed.

"Well, he likes it." The girl laughed and spat out the dog meat stick. After playing with the gloves for a while, the dog ejaculated.

The girl put the dog stick to her face and let the dog cum. The dog cummed a lot, most of it in the girl's face, and some in the girl's mouth. I wanted to wait for the black dog to leave her face to see her face up close, but because her face was covered with dog essence, and her hair was messy, many of which were still glued to her face, I couldn't see it completely. It doesn't look good anymore.

"Damn, bitch! Crap!" I looked at her face, which was covered in a mixture of human essence and dog essence. I felt disgusted for a while, and I could only force harder. Fuck her pussy harder.

"Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" The ranger cheered me on.

"" The girl bit her lip and barked, and the dog essence came out from the corner of her mouth.

Fuck me! turn out to beShe still has dirty dog ​​sperm in her mouth. While I was fucking her, I couldn't help admiring the lewd look of her spitting pussy.

"Fuck! I'm going to cum!" I yelled.

"Ah, ah, so fast?" The girl pushed me hard.

I was stunned for a moment, this girl was always open to internal ejaculation from start to finish, why did she push me.

"How did you shoot me?"

"Of course I shot you, you bitch!" I was very dissatisfied and was pushed by her at a critical moment At one point, most of my cum was on her belly and only a little bit in her vagina.

"Okay, okay, that's it." The girl slurped her mouth, turned her head to the side, and said vaguely.

"It's cool, let's end it soon, it's dawn, I have to send the new investor away before she wakes up."The ranger patted my back. back.

New investor? Not in front of you! I sneered inwardly, but also had to stand up and put on my pants.

"Brother, I'll take her away first. Remember to close the warehouse door when you leave." go out.

I then also left the warehouse. But they did not continue to supervise the forest farm manager to ban brothels, because they were no longer needed. After I returned to the group company, I immediately dispatched a plenipotentiary representative to dismiss the forest farm manager and the forest ranger for any reason. I'm still very efficient in handling things. Ye Rong must not know about this matter. It must be done quickly, and it must be completed before Ye Rong takes over the forest farm.

Ye Rong articles

Hello everyone, I'm Ye Rong, I believe old readers should be familiar with me, new readers suggest to search on the Internet Search my other There are 29 chapters ahead, each of which can perfectly interpret my debauchery. I'm thin-skinned, so I won't introduce myself.

Everyone should already know that I promised to marry Lu Gui. Originally I thought my best destination would be to go to a brothel to be a whore, to be the wife of all the men in the world. On the one hand, it can satisfy the lust of the bachelors, and on the other hand, as a woman with a good appearance, it is very suitable and should be used as a sex toy for men in the world. The feeling of being gang-raped by men is really enjoyable. It's a pity that I met an idiot like Lu Gui, and my ideals were shattered. However, I had no choice but to promise to marry him and let him be a pick-up man, taking over my lewd body that has been played with by thousands of men.

But what surprised me was that the dowry gift for Lu Gui to marry me was actually a forest farm. I'm not interested in a forest farm worth over 100 million, but I'm very interested in the addition to this betrothal gift, which is a brothel hidden in the forest farm. After being gang-raped by a ranger and a hunter in a small house in the forest farm, I couldn't wait to beg them to take me to a brothel. For so many years,I was only sold to a brothel by my best friend's boyfriend when I was in high school for a short period of time, and when I was in college, I was sent to a brothel near the school by previousboyfriends to make money for them , and have never had the opportunity to go to a brothel to engage in my favorite profession. This time it really came true. For this dowry, I really fell in love with Lu Gui. According to the forest ranger, the clients of the brothel are all the workers of the forest farm, so let me, my fiancée, dedicate myself to the workers of Lu Gui to express my deep love.

The forest ranger is a very fierce and fierce man. He is unreasonable and unreasonable. He is very ugly and wild. I like it very much.

Especially when he fucked me in the shack with his big cock with bumps, it was a blast. He sold me into a brothel and I am very happy and grateful to him. In factthis brothel belongs to the forest farm, it is part of my dowry, which is my brothel, and of course I have the right to do anything in my brothel. After graduating from university, for the sake of my career and future, I have been forcing myself to restrain my lewd behavior in front of the world, and try my best to maintain a dignified and gentle female image, which is very painful to me. Now, I have my own brothel by accident, and I'm so glad I'm married to the right person.

It's reasonable for me to be a prostitute in my own brothel, and I was "sold" by a ranger, no one knew about it, and the confidentiality was excellent.

I saw it after the ranger took me to the forest brothel. This brothel is actually an ordinary warehouse. In addition to piles of wood, there is only one broken sofa, which greatly affects my ability to perform business. Since it is a warehouse, there must be surveillance. I quickly found a surveillance camera and asked the forest ranger jokingly, is it possible that the brothel uses this to monitor my work?

The ranger touched his head, praised me for thinking carefully and thoughtfully, and immediately adjusted the camera so that it was aimed at the ceiling.

Hey, after playing, safety is the most important thing, I don't want to leave any indecent evidence of me.

Then, a man with a fat head and big ears came in. The forest ranger introduced that he was the person in charge of the forest farm and the owner of the brothel.wait for him. I know the rules of the brothel, this is to interview me. I thought to myself that I was the owner of the brothel, and since you're in charge of the day-to-day affairs, it's not impossible for you to have a good time. So I immediately knelt down in front of him, unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob.

The person in charge of the forest farm was very satisfied with my oral sex skills. He kept complimenting me on my ability to lick and fuck, and said that I was beautiful and was the most beautiful prostitute brought by the forest ranger. Under my continuous sucking and sucking, the forest manager soon burst in my mouth, I swallowed all his semen, he was very satisfied. The forest ranger took the opportunity to say to the person in charge of the forest farm that I should give him a little more referral fee, but he was rejected. The person in charge of the forest farm said that the new investorhas discovered the existence of the brothel. Tomorrow the brothel is to be banned, so I can only prostitute for one night. Usually, a prostitute can only receive at most 10 clients a night, and the fee is usually 100 yuan. I can only earn a total of 1,000 yuan. No matter how high the commission The introduction fee of the ranger should not only not increase, but also decrease.

The ranger grows disappointed and angry, cursing the new investor to die. I'm also a little unhappy, the new investor is not Lu Gui, it must be someone sent by Lu Gui who discovered this brothel, it's really busyI have nothing to do, I hate it!

But I quickly calmed down, I am the boss of this brothel, and the management conflicts in the brothel should be handled by me. So I persuaded them to stop arguing. I used to be a prostitute, and I've been fine. After returning to the city, I'm going to get married. I want to relive what it's like to be a prostitute before I get married, so I won't charge a penny tonight, all All the money for whoring goes to the brothel.

The head of the forest farm and the ranger's eyes lit up.

I know that my words have aroused their interest, and I thought to myself that my negotiation skills are well-recognized in the industry, so I can handle this little conflict with ease. I continue to say that you have also seen my skills, and I guarantee that everyone who plays me will be very satisfied.

I also cherish this opportunity to be a prostitute. I am very willing to be gang-raped by the employees here in various ways. My menstrual danger period, please don't wear condoms, I want to take away some souvenirs.

They asked me in unison what to do if I made your stomach bigger.

I smiled charmingly, and I will make it big, and my fiancé is in charge. Will you be responsible? Responsible fora prostitute?

They laughed and said I'm a bitch bride, I'm a prostitute for one night, and tomorrow they'llabandon me, as to whether my belly will be fucked Big, they won't care.

Their humiliation excited me all at once. This forest farm was a dowry gift from Lu Gui, and the brothel was also given to me by Lu Gui. I was a prostitute here, and I got a big belly. Everything was caused by Lu Gui, so I’m not sorry he. I smiled and said that I was not a good guy, and that my stomach had already been enlarged, and it had been four times, and I didn't even know who planted it.

And I am very patient. I have been gang-raped by 30 men for one night before. I should try harder and serve more. So, there is no need to limit the number of gang-raped me.

The person in charge of the forest farm thought about it and said that the number of people should be increased to 50, and asked me if I could do it?

I said no, since I came to be a prostitute, I should obey the arrangements of the brothel. My body is meant to be fucked by men. As long as there are men venting on me, I am very welcome and honored.

The ranger couldn't wait. He said he would go and call everyone over now.

The person in charge of the forest farm thought about it and said hesitantly that there are more than 300 male employees in the forest farm, which 50 should be notified. It's easy to offend people. I was so angry and funny that the ranger told me that there were only 10 male employees, and I knew it was a lie. Well, there are more than 300. I didn't expect there to be so many. I thought there were only more than 100. I had an idea and said to them, lottery, or lottery based on job number. Now buying a house and children going to school are also lottery lottery. Those who win the lottery come and fuck me.

They repeatedly praised me for being smart and said I would do what I wanted. I think my two subordinates are so stupid that I have to worry about the business of the brothel. Isn't this a simple hunger marketing method. Yeah, I'm selling my body now.I'm still using the hunger marketing method. I sell myself so wholeheartedly, it's really lewd. No way, who told me to be the real owner of this brothel. I arranged for the forest ranger to summon all the male employees, and the person in charge of the forest farm was responsible for organizing the lottery on the spot. They were very obedient and completely obeyed me, the real brothel owner. I'm a little uncomfortable, sexually, I like men to dominate my body.

The person in charge of the forest farm told the forest ranger to increase the prostitution fee to 200 yuan, so that he could earn 10,000 yuan from me in one night, so he would have to pay him more for introduction. I thought to myself, how could I be worth 200 yuan, which is a body that thousands of people fuck, and 20 yuan is too much.

But I didn't interfere. Although I am the real boss of the brothel, the management rights should be fully delegated. After I took over the forest farm, I paid 200 yuan to each of the male workers. It's a refund for prostitution. I have always believed that in the process of sex, men pay for physical strength and precious semen, and women get pleasure.It should be paid by women to men, and nutrition should be subsidized.

The forest ranger was very motivated after receiving the promise of the forest farm manager to increase the introduction fee. He immediately made calls one by one, that there were new dishes.

After a while, a large group of men came. The person in charge of the forest farm announced to them that because I can only play for one night, I must participate in the lottery if I want to play. If the lottery wins, you can rape me in any way, no need to wear a condom, you can also have internal ejaculation, oral cumshot, or bukkake, and the fee for whoring is 200 yuan. These men thought it was too expensive,It used to be 100 yuan, why should the price increase.

Watching their quarrel, I sighed and came forward to coordinate again. I walked naked among them, twisted my waist and put on a very lewd posture, opened my pussy with my hands, inserted my fingers in and pulled hard, Mouth made a noise Promiscuous cry. I believe that no man can resist my seduction. After watching my lewd performances, these men scrambled to participate in the lottery, and no longer objected to the 200 yuan for whoring. I thought to myself that I had to come forward to resolve this little dispute, and I could see that the person in charge of the forest farm was very poor at work.

The lottery has finally started. Unfortunately, the lottery location is far away from me. I can't see their lottery.I can't supervise the fairness of the lottery. In my opinion, since it is a lottery , it is necessary to ensure fairness, openness, sunshine and transparency. I saw a man who happily paid 200 yuan to the person in charge of the forest farm after the lottery, so he should have won the lottery. This is my first client of the night, and I want to take care of him. Immediately I lay down on the sofa with my butt resting on the armrest of the sofa, legs spread, waiting for his adultery.

His cock went in quickly, well, it's a little short and a little less firm, but I'm just a prostitute, I don't have the right to choose a cock, I'm happy with any cock more importantly, I am the owner of this brothel. To maintain the brothel's reputation and goodwill, the service quality cannot be poor, and the customer is God. Hee hee,This client who is fucking me is still an employee of Lu Gui, Lu Gui, Lu Gui, your own fiancée was fucked by your own employee, there will be more soon Don't you get excited about your employees taking turns raping me.

There are more and more men coming to the lottery, and I am a little more awake. I want to hurry up and serve more clients. I screamed loudly, twisting my waist, stroking my hands on the chest of the man who was fucking me, and my vagina shrank, Soon the man couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm going to shoot!"

"Shoot me!" I shouted loudly for everyone to hear.

The man really did ejaculate in my vagina very quickly, and before I could catch my breath, a new cock was inserted.

Very good, insert one after another, the feeling of fullness of the vagina is amazing.

I suddenly remembered that in order to serve more clients in one night, we must improve work efficiency. My lower body continued to welcome the prostitutes' thrusts, and my upper body took the initiative to pose in various attractive poses, which were very obscene and shameless. Sure enough, the men in the queue couldn't stand my temptation, came to play with my tits, stroked my hands, and some even used my gloves to play with their cocks.

I said, why didn't anyone stick in my mouth, why didn't they shoot me in the mouth.

Immediately, a cock was inserted into my mouth. This cock was so thick that it almost filled my mouth. I liked it so much that I swallowed it down my throat.

These guys play with my body and say I'm pretty, good service, good blowjob, tight, and the best bitch. The person in charge of the forest farm whispered in my ear that these employees ejaculate much faster than usual, which is the result of my being too lewd.

I don't know if I'm scolding me or praising me. After a while, the cock in my mouth exploded, and without hesitation, I gulped his cum into my stomach with a smile.

They call me lewd, shameless, call me a public slut, call me a public toilet, a bitch, and broken shoes, call me a stinky bitch .

I think, you are scolding your real boss, and you should be fired. However, I am very happy to be scolded, there is nothing wrong with scolding me, I do not object to you scolding me like this, I hope that when I officially take over the forest farm, you will continue to scold me like this.

At this time, there were more and more men queuing up in the warehouse, and the forest ranger told the person in charge of the forest farm that everyone had shaken their numbers, and all the winners were here. The person in charge of the forest farm immediately told those who did not win the lottery to leave, and those who won the lottery stay. The men here seemed to be very afraid of the person in charge of the forest farm, and those who didn't win the lottery had to leave in anger. I feel very sorry for the men who didn't win the lottery. If there is a chance, I will let the men who didn't win the lottery also enjoy my body.body.

The warehouse is not big enough to accommodate so many people. The forest ranger maintains order in the brothel. He chased out many of the lottery winners too, leaving them waiting outside the warehouse. But can go through the warehouse window and watch me get raped. I was afraid that they would get impatient, and every time I ejaculated three times, they would change positions and play with my naked body facing the window. The guys who fuck me are complimenting me on my lascivious and voluptuous pose, when I actually show it to people outside the window. Every time I changed positions, the men outside the window exclaimed and swarmed to block the entire window. One of the menis particularly strange. In order to see my body clearly, he actually hugged the post of the outer railing. He was so stupid, he might as well just hug the upper edge of the window.

At this time, the ranger told everyone loudly that I am going to get married tomorrow, and I am an authentic bride. Then the men who were fucking me froze for a moment, going crazy, the speed of their thrusting doubled, and the cock that was inserted in my mouth was inserted into my throat without pity, playing The people of my tits even savagely grabbed my tits into various shapes, and I was ravaged by them and made a more obscene cry in bed. The men were screaming, ejaculating in my womb, saying that I would be the bride to carry his seed. I'm very happy, if it wasn't for the cock in my mouth, I would have told him loudly, I would! I'd love to be fucked by you guys! Take your wild seed to marry your boss, Lu Gui!

Here again, I want to state again that it is not that I want to apologize to Lu Gui on purpose, but that the betrothal gift from Lu Gui includes this brothel and the employees who are prostituting me. If it wasn't for Lu Gui who gave me the forest farm, I would not have been able to prostitute here, nor would I have been gang-raped by these employees. If my stomach was enlarged, it would be entirely caused by Lu Gui, with me It doesn't matter.

The men are screaming to fuck my bride and fuck me like crazy. After I let the cock in my mouth explode, I confessed loudlyI'm a bride, a bitch bride, please play with me as much as possible, let me bring a belly of cum to get married, it's better Bring their wild seed to get married.

Next, I couldn't pose any more, because my lower body was already numb and painful after being stabbed and injected by 10 or so men. Especially when I was upside down, their semen was pouring out of my vagina, which was a shame. Some guys think I have too much semen in my pussy and say it smells bad, so they play titty sex with my tits, and then cum on my neck, tits, and belly, and I beg them to cum when they finally cum The meat dick is inserted into my vagina to ejaculate, I am in a dangerous period, so ejaculation will make it easier for my bride to be pregnant with their seeds.

Under their gang rape, I have forgotten the time. I only know how to welcome their adultery, welcome every cock, no matter the length or thickness, some men are very old and can be my grandfather; some men are very young , I'm afraid only 15 or 16 years old. But I know that they are all lucky people who came in by lottery, paid for whoring, and have the right to do anything to my body. As the owner of the brothel, the only prostitute, I must do my best to serve them, make them happy, and let them get the greatest sexual satisfaction from me, even if I am really pregnant with theirs Yes, I would also like to. Just don't know whose sperm can be the first to rape my egg.

Their semen is thick and has an astringent taste when swallowed, much more bitter than the semen of my male classmates in school. Probably because they were not doing well and were malnourished. I am their boss, and I have the responsibility to improve their lives, and I must find ways to increase their income in the future.

There was a man whose cock was so long that he easily inserted it into my esophagus. I suffocated several times, but did not resist.

Because as a prostitute, I have no right to restrict any of their behavior, and I also like the sense of desperation when a man's cock is dried in his esophagus. This man tortured me for a long time and ended up cumming in my face.

The men around him scolded him for being uncivil, shooting such a beautiful face in a mess, saying that I, a prostitute, had greatly reduced the viewing value. I am happy that they describe me as a plaything. At this moment, I feel that being a man's plaything is the happiest thing.

"You guys shoot me in the face too," I begged.

Suddenly, four cocks cum in my face at the same time. How long must it have been. I also feel sorry for them, wasted the number and spent money, but I was so excited that I ended up bukkake and didn't play anything. I stroked their cocks with my hands for comfort. But my face was covered in semen and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

The forest ranger came over, wiped my face with a towel, and said that I am so beautiful that I should be appreciated by everyone. Feeling.

I wanted to say no to him, but it feels really good to have a man's cum on my face. But I also think what he said makes sense, people pay me for whoring, not only stab me with a cock and play with my body, but also appreciate my appearance. As I hesitated, I suddenly noticed a watch on the wrist of the ranger who was wiping my face.

I am very familiar with this watch. It is quite expensive. People of the level of a ranger will definitely not be able to afford it. Not long ago, when I took a wedding photo with Lu Gui Global, I bought an identical piece for him in Switzerland, and I specially told him, this watch is me, I am a watch. He was very moved at the time, saying that this was the first time I gave him a present, and solemnly promised me that he would wear the watch every day and accompany me all the time. But he didn't understand what I meant, I meant, I'm a watch, a bitch! It was my last hint to him.

But how could the ranger have a watch exactly like Lu Gui? With his income, it is unlikely that he can afford this watch.

Before I could think about it, the cock in my vagina began to sprint, and I reached an orgasm in the body convulsions again and again.

It's so hot, it's so hot in the womb, this man actually put his cock into my womb and cumshots, it's so cool, it made me orgasm.

I blushed, enjoying the aftermath of the orgasm. Soon, another cock was inserted into the vagina and sucked.

This is going to kill me. It hurts in the vagina. Ah, there was a man who suddenly bit my nipple with his teeth and pulled it out in all directions, it was so painful, my nipple must have been bitten by him.

However, the more it hurts, the more excited I am. It's nothing else, it was done by men, it was my client who was bullying my body, I like bullying by men the most. What's more, people have paid for it, so of course they have to have fun. As a prostitute, I should absolutely obey and make others feel good. In fact, I am also very good. No, my body is shaking, my lower body is constantly flowing, and my body is the most honest.

"Ah, ah, it hurts so much, it's so cool, use a little more, kill me, kill me..." I couldn't help shouting .

I was immediately slapped in the face, hot.

"Fuck, you are willing to hit such a pretty face!" People accused the man who hit me.

"Are you used to beating your wife at home? This bitch is paid for by everyone and is public!"People were outraged.

"I've never beaten such a beautiful girl in my life. It's so fucking fun!" The man seemed to have released the sexual violence he had been suppressing for a long time.

"So handsome, so powerful. I like being beaten by men, I like being beaten by men." I covered half of my face and said coquettishly.

Everyone was silent. But I know that this is the calm before the storm.

"Well, um, who said just now that I'm public, that's not true at all!" I put down the hands that were coveringface and pressed them under my buttocks , intertwined his fingers to prevent himself from resisting, and said leisurely: "I'm a prostitute that everyone bought to play with. I can accept any form of adultery, as long as you are willing, any brutal means can be used on me. HeheI like violent men the most, come on, be as cruel to me as possible, Be ruthless, don't take pity on Xiangxiyu, I'm looking forward to it..."

Before I could finish speaking, they rushed up and hurried me like a storm. My face was slapped back and forth dozens of times, and every time I was slapped, my eyes looked like gold stars; my long white and long neck was strangled by them, strangling red marks; my They ripped my breasts into various shapes, and the nipples were bitten with blood; they beat my belly with leather whips, burned my thighs with cigarette butts, and stuck a beer bottle in my vagina... Orgasm in pain, shout in orgasm, make them more extreme, more cruel, and I want more and more brutal bruises.

I'm sure, everyone is crazy, they fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me hard, and I'll repay them in a lesser wayI'll lick them Smelly feet, licking their assholes, licking all their dirty and smelly places, and getting pleasure out of it.

Ah, I'm a bitch, I only give men to lick these places, I want to be beaten and scolded by them, I like to be humiliated by them, I take pride in being abused by them, I'm really a Downright scumbag, slutty bitch,Ah, someone peed on me, I...I'm going to drink it, I like men's pee, that's my holy water,Yes The holy water that men rewarded to me should not be wasted even a drop.

I don't know how long it took, but I was tortured to such a degree that I couldn't stand up at all. In this way, the clients have also finished venting their animalistic desires and left one after another. Only the forest ranger was left, and he was arguing with the person in charge of the forest farm, and the quarrel was getting louder and louder.

Alas, there is a quarrel again. I'm going to persuade them again.

Oh, it turned out to be for the introduction fee again. The person in charge of the forest farm was very stingy, and only willing to give the forest ranger an additional 100 yuan for the introduction fee. The two were at a standstill. The forest ranger was so angry that he brought two dogs, one black and one white, and threatened to let the dogs bite him if the forest farm manager didn't give him a thousand children and eight hundred.

Alas, for this small amount of money, the ranger will let the dog bite people and quarrel with his bossIt's not worth it when it's hurt.

I shook my head and stepped forward to persuade him, saying that as long as the ranger gave up the extra fee for introduction, I would show him an more amazing show, guaranteeing that it would be better than anyone who raped me just now. The way is exciting, and he is satisfied.

The ranger looked at me with bruises all over my body, a little disbelieving.

I whispered in his ear, how about I fuck your dog and blow another dog?

He was stunned, he didn't seem to believe his ears, and stayed in place dumbfounded. I winked at the person in charge of the forest farm and told him to leave. He ran away immediately.

When I saw the ranger standing still in shock, I felt amused. Isn't it just being fucked by a dog, and it's not that I haven't been fucked by a dog before. I bowed my head, and crawled over on my knees like a bitch, stroking the black dog lightly.

"You, you, you, you really want to fuck the dog..." The ranger's eyes widened.

I just smiled at him, didn't say a word, put my hand under the black dog's belly and grabbed its cock.

In fact, the dog meat cock is not as thick as a man's cock, nor as hard as a man's cock. The length is more satisfactory to me, but in general, I still like to be fucked by men. I don't know why, but men are always excited when they talk about a man-dog relationship.

After a while, the black dog became hard. I put my other hand under the white dog and masturbate for two dogs at the same time.

"It's so exciting!" The ranger grabbed his cock and rubbed it hard.

I was planning to fuck the ranger one last time, but now, I'm going to fuck his dog first.

I compared it, and the white dog's cock is slightly thicker, so I decided to let the white dog's cock enter my vagina.

I lay flat on the ground with my legs outstretched in an "M" shape and lead the white dog up my body. The white dog smelled the semen on my body, plus my masturbation, the dog meat stick has been messing around. I know that this one wants me very much, and I was overjoyed. Sure enough, all creatures with cocks are the same. I wrapped my legs around its back like a man's waist, patiently guiding its insertion.

I think I still love myself very much. I have been fucked by dogs not many times, only three times, once on a boat in the harbor, once in the country, once in a city village, and on a boat in the harbor is considered to be fucked. Forced, in the countryside, I was active.I was penetrated by countless dogs in an urban village one night. I accumulated a wealth of experience in dog sex that night, and now I seduce this white dog into my dog. In the body, it is no longer difficult.

When the white dog's cock entered my vagina, I saw the ranger shudder, his mouth was wide open, and the muscles in his face were contorted. Oh, he is such an adult, and he still looks like he has never seen the world.

I hold the white dog's cock in one hand and insert it into my vagina, and guide the black dog's cock into my mouth with the other. The white dog's cock slid into my vagina little by little. Why is it slipping in? Because I have too much semen in my vagina. I remember they arranged for 50 guys to come and fuck me, most of them creampie. I once thought, try to be fair to Lu Gui, at least keep the vagina and uterus clean before marriage, and don't let other people's semen come in. But this forest farm is the dowry gift Lu Gui gave me. This brothel includes all the meat cocks here.It means that he also provided it. I was internally ejaculated here, which can be regarded as Lu Gui's acquiescence. Besides, the whoring here br/>The customers are all employees of Lu Gui. As his fiancee, it is only natural that I would treat the employees. These two dogs are rangers and part of the forest farm, and it is not an exaggeration to be inserted by them.

As I was thinking about it, I felt the white dog's cock going deeper, and it pushed open my cervix, and the glans entered my uterus.

"Ah..." I couldn't help but spit out the black dog's cock and groaned.

"It's so cheap! It's so cheap! I was fucked by a dog and barked." The ranger's words made me feel humiliated.When I was gang-raped just now, I also orgasmed and moaned. Yes, but not as strong as that. I know that dog cocks are thin and long, but because of their structural differences from men's cocks, it is difficult to insert them into the uterus. But this inconspicuous white dog was able to keep the head of his penis against the wall of my uterus, which was a surprise to me.

"Ah... um... um..." I can only quickly lick the black dog's cock with my tongue to express my pleasure. The black dog's cock is very long and very fishy. This kind of male breath makes my heart overflow.

I'm having a blast! I'm in spring! I want to mate with the master! I'm going to get a dog pregnant! I shouted in my heart that I regard the dog as the owner. If it is physically possible, I really, really, really, really want to get pregnant the dog and give birth to it!

Be a dog's wife! No, I'm not worthy, I'm only worthy of being a dog's mistress, no, no, no, I'm not worthy, I'm only worthy of being a dog's toy, a sex tool for the dog to pass on.

The black dog's meat cock also got deeper and deeper, and it soon pressed against my throat. As soon as I closed my eyes and my throat loosened, I felt the black dog take a step forward. 's cock stuck in my esophagus.

Ah, I gave the dog a deep throat! My nose and lips touched the dog's butterfly balls!

I'm shaking all over, the slow shove of the dog in my womb, the hard of the dog in my esophagus, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, I can' t breathe , so cool, so cool, I was 3Ped by two dogs!

"Bitch! You're really a bitch!" The ranger's scolding sounded in my ears, and my chest felt hot. I knew that he masturbated and cum on my chest. I was thinking just now, in order to thank the ranger for his perfect arrangement, let him fuck me again when the prostitution ends. It's both a reward and my own desire to try his superb cock with natural bumps. However, I now feel that with the dog meat stick, he is not important anymore.

No man is important anymore!

The black dog's meat cock was stuck deep in my throat, and the dog's penis was stuck in my esophagus. After a long time, I started to suffocate. If it's a man, I'll find a way to get him to pull the cock out. But now, I can't bear to dial out the dog meat stick.

As time passed, I also suffocated to the limit. Due to the lack of oxygen, my consciousness began to blur, and my eyes turned black; while the dog meat stick in the womb was still advancing , kept hitting the wall of my uterus, bringing bursts of intense pleasure. Speaking of 3P, I am not once or twice, I have long been accustomed to it. The thrill of one up and down two meat sticks always leaves me with a lot of aftertastes. But this time things are a little different. Dog meat sticks are very long, I really can't bear to let any dog ​​meat stick leave my body, I'd rather be fucked dizzy, and I'm ready to be fucked by a dog for the first time , even waiting for the moment to be stunned by the dog. But whenever I get to the borderline of syncope, the white dog always rams and messes with my uterus, producing a strong sense of pleasure that pulls me back from the edge of syncope ; And whenever I was fucked by a white dog and was about to climax, I couldn't get into a state of excitement due to lack of oxygen. In this way, I was torn between pleasure and dizziness, neither dizzy nor orgasm. There is a saying that you can't live, you can't die, but I can't orgasm, and I can't syncope.

Just as I was in a dilemma and struggling to the death, my body suddenly convulsed. When I was approaching orgasm, my body would always twitch. This time, the twitch was especially severe. After the body was stretched, I twitched a few times, then straightened again, twitched a few times, and repeated. After many times, the pumping range is particularly large, and the body is completely out of control. The black dog seemed startled by my convulsions. He let out a low bark and jumped to the side to watch me, while his dog cock pulled from my throat, giving me a puff of oxygen. Immediately after receiving the oxygen supplement, my body became even more uncontrollable, a strange sound that had never been made in my throat, and then my eyes went black and I lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I was still lying naked in the warehouse. The ranger was playing with his watch not far away, the white dog was gone, the black dog was standing beside me, still watching me.

"Did it ejaculate?" I looked at the semen coming out of my vagina, not quite sure. Because there are too many people who creamed me tonight.

"Cum! Cum you're in the middle of it!"

I'm very relieved, I was ejaculated by a dog, and it was directly in the womb.

"You were actually fucked by the dog to an orgasm, your whole body pumped like an electric shock, and you squirted, squirting out all the dog's semen"

Isn't it, what a pity...

I waved to the black dog. The black dog seemed to have been waiting for me. Sure enough, he leaned over. I knew that I still owe it.

I put the black dog on my head again, this time I didn't give it a deep throat. I'm going to make it cool with my tongue.

Just as I was wrapping my tongue around the dog stick repeatedly, I heard what appeared to be someone outside, and the ranger was talking to him. I think it was probably the forest ranger who sold me again in private after everyone left. As the general manager of a company, I hate this kind of private orders, but today is an exception. I even hope that the ranger will take more orders and more men in private. I think I can get fucked a few more times.

Sure enough, this man came to fuck me too. Listening to their conversation, it seems incredible to me to fuck a dog.

"I told her that there will be another man coming to fuck her soon, so I can only let the dog fuck her mouth..." the ranger explained to the man anxiously, hehe , he didn't seem to tell me that there are still clients coming. The rangerdenied that I had been fucked by a dog, probably because he was afraid that the new man would dislike me. Well, since it's a brothel's business, as the actual owner of the brothel, I should help the salesman to win customers.

"Yes sir! I can't wait, I'm too sassy and cheap, I'm in heat, I can only seduce the dog, let the dog... let the dog in my mouth... You... eh..." I was only halfway through speaking, then stopped in horror, becauseI saw between the black dog's legs that this man turned out to be Lu Gui!

For a moment, my brain was like a thunderbolt, panic, puzzled, and unexpected., Sorrow, despair, remorse, rolling in my mind, why is Lu Gui here? Does he know the ranger? Does he know that Iat the forest farm? Was this a trap he set? How will he treat me? What are you blackmailing me into? What if he came to prostitutes and found out that it was me? Will my slutty performance be made public? Will it destroy me?

Countless thoughts flashed through my mind, but no clue. But I quickly calmed down and I told myselfI can't mess up no matter what the situation is, I can't look like I'm panicking, whether it's a trap designed by him or not, whether he sees it or not Out of me, no matter what the situation is, I have to use my smart brain and deal with it calmly.

"This bitch is too sleazy and cheap, and she's very durable. 50 clients took him for 8 hours, and sexually abused her for half an hour. This bitch takes one minute. She didn't even rest, the more she fucked her, the more horny she was, she's in the best state now."The forest ranger is still cheating on me, "You...don't worry, her pussy hasn't been fucked by a dog before, and it's fairly clean. ."

Lu Gui snorted and said nothing.

I'm not sure if Lu Gui saw me. In fact, my face has been blocked by the black dog, he may not be able to see it, even if he crouches down on the ground, he can't see me clearly. I quickly sorted out my thoughts and sorted out the three most likely situations:

1. This is a trap he designed to let me be gang-raped on purpose, so as to hold my handle , let me do something inappropriate for him;

2. He also came to visit a prostitute, and he has already discovered me; 3. I just heard that the new investor wants to ban this prostitute There is no doubt that Lu Gui is a new investor. He is here to supervise the banning of brothels. So far, he has not found me.

I decided to take the initiative and test him.

"There is nothing better than a bride's. I'm getting married tomorrow, I'm a bride..." I murmured, deliberately suppressing my voice and saying Come and test him if you can. It can be understood that I am begging him,Begging him to spare me because we are about to get married; but it can also be understood that I am making a fuss and seducing him.

"Huh, bride? You are actually a bride! I think you are a dog bride." Lu Gui cursed, scolding very hard and loudly.

Based on this sentence, I still don't know whether he designed me or not, and whether he found me. I pretended to welcome him, opened my legs to him, and Lu Gui's cock was inserted immediately.

Well, now I can rule out the possibility that Lu Gui deliberately designed me. If he sets a trap for me, he will definitely not fuck me at this time. Alas, I'd rather be designed by him. This kind of thing is a game between me and him.It depends on what he wants me to do for him, asking for the sky and paying back the money on the spot. I haven't been afraid of anyone when it comes to negotiation.

Anyway, this is the first time Lu Gui has fucked me. I feel awkward. It's really strange, he's my fiancé, and I haven't had sex with him yet. It's funny, my body has been played by countless men.I treat every man as a boyfriend and husband, and let them have fun on me. When these men ravaged me, I felt so happy, I was willing to give my body like a tribute to them to play with. Only this man who is about to become my husband, I don't want him to touch me at all, but now he is a whore, I am a prostitute, it is my job to serve him, I have to be worthy of prostitutes, my favorite Occupation,can only force myself to cooperate with him. By the way, it's free for other men to play with me; this man who will be my husband plays with me, and he has to pay, and he has to pay a high price!

"Ah...ah...I was fucked...I was fucked again..." I deliberately said with the dog meat stick in my mouth, so that the words were not clear He can't hear my voice anymore. I've already thought about it, if he knows it's me, I'll put everything on the forest ranger, saying that he was forced by him. The scars left on his body when he was sexually abused can be used for I testify that all my lascivious performances were forced.

I hugged the black dog and let it stick deeper, so that I could better use the black dog's body to block my face; Gui, Lu Guiqian, I worked very hard, almost every time I got into the roots, and the speed was getting faster and faster, but I didn't feel any pleasure at all, but he looked very cool.

"Ah, ah, husband, me, me, ah, look at me." I said with a dog meat stick in my mouth, and while Lu Guishuang was , I dared to test him, " I'm marrying you tomorrow, and I'm gang-raping so many people, swallowing their sperm, then giving a dog blowjob, swallowing a dog's cum, I'm such a bitch..."

I watched Lu Gui's changes, if he knew it was me, he would definitely slap me in the face and denounce my lewdness. Immediately I cried, crying to him that all this was forced on me by the rangers, I just confessed to him. But he didn't respond. I decided to keep talking.

"Husband, I was spoiled by both people and dogs. I am the meanest woman in the world..."

Similarly, thisThe sentence can be interpreted as either confessing to him or stimulating his libido.

"Bitch, does your husband know that you are so lewd?" Lu Gui's words finally revealed a flaw, which convinced me that he didn't know that he was playing with his own. What about the fiancée? Then he must be a new investorto ban brothels. He may have seen my lewdness and can't stand it. He has to fuck me again. I think this must be the case.

"Well, ah, ah, he, hee hee..." I said it easily, but I knew that it wasn't time to be relieved, because I was still being slapped by him Fuck, I have to face him all the time, and now is the time to test me. From now on, every word I say and every action I do must be carefully thought out, and there can be no mistakes.

"Do you like being gang-raped in front of your husband so much?" Lu Gui scolded loudly, making it ridiculous.

"Well, I like it, I've been fucked by a lot of men, and I've fucked my belly, more than once..."I think it's time to confess to him before marriage . I've confessed that I'm a bitch, and now I've confessed that my belly has been made bigger by other people
, and now I have nothing to hide from him. If he wants to marry me, I have nothing to say.

"Haha, your husband really has a green hat." Lu Gui laughed, but I wanted to laugh at him too.

"Well, he likes it." I have already thought of a way to prevent Lu Gui from seeing me. I really admire myselfI came up with a solution so quickly. I spit out the dog meat stick, and after a while with the glove, the dog ejaculated, I held the dog meat stick, he ejaculated in my face, deliberately let it bukkake me, (author buckle 756143881)
And try to cover my entire face with the dog essence as much as possible, then stroked my hair, inadvertently let the hair drape over my face, glued the dog essence, and stuck it to my face. At the same time, I also let the dog ejaculate a part of my mouth, so that when I speak, I can continue to be unclear, so that Lu Gui cannot hear my voice.

I pushed the black dog away, believing that Lu Gui would definitely not be able to see that it was me.

"Damn, bitch! Crap!" Lu Gui turned his face away in disgust. I peeked at him with great interest, and he had a disgusting look on his face, but he fucked harder. Alas, if you dislike me, just don't fuck it, I really don't want you to touch me.

"Fuck her! Fuck her! Fuck her!" the ranger cheered him on.

"Um... ah... ah ah... um..." I bit my lip and barked, letting the dog essence flow out of the corner of my mouth. Oh my god. It turns out that it's so uncomfortable to fuck someone you don't like. Growing up, for the first time, I didn't want to fuck a man. I looked away, looked at the ranger, and saw the watch on his hand. Oh, this must be the money for whoring from Lu Gui.Lu Gui does not have the habit of bringing cash. Sure enough, the money for whoring that Lu Gui paid is the most expensive. His body, even the coercion is a dog who has been fucked by a dog. He is a cuckold and takes advantage of it, and he has to spend money to play with his fiancee, the most expensive. whee.

"Fuck! I'm going to shoot!" Lu Gui shouted.

What? Is this the end? It's only a few minutes?

"Ah, ah, so fast?" I gave him a hard shove. I don't want Lu Gui's semen to get into my body. I admit that I love men's cum, any man fucks me, I don't let them wear a condom, just to let their cum moisten every corner of my body, no matter where their cum cums on me , I'm open to all. But Lu Gui's semen, I don't like it, I don't like it very much.

Then I thought again, Lu Gui is now my client, and I don't like it anymore. As a prostitute, I can only let him ejaculate. Besides, he pays the most for whoring today. Oops, no, I remembered, this watch was given to Lu Gui. To put it bluntly, I paid for his whoring, which really annoyed me.

"How did you shoot me?" I almost shouted out, holding back my anger.

"Of course I cum on you, you bitch!" Lu Gui was very dissatisfied, and I calmed down, I pushed in time most of his semen came on me On my belly, there was only a little ejaculation in my vaginal opening.

"Okay, okay, that's it." I still had dog essence in my mouth, turned my head to one side, and said vaguely.

"It's cool, it's over, it's dawn, I have to send the new investor away before she wakes up."The forest ranger finally drove Lu Gui away. I am very happy. Even if the ranger calls ten men over, or ten dogs over, I'm willing to serve, I just don't want Lu Gui to touch me again.

Lu Gui put on his pants angrily.

"Brother, I'll take her away first. Remember to close the warehouse door when you leave." On me, picked me up and ran out.

Along the way I came, the ranger took me to the small hut. Of course, he fucked me again, and I was very moved because he knew that my pussy had been fucked by a dog. He was a veritable pussy, and he didn't dislike it.. As a thank you, I gave him an ass lick after he cum, kneeling like a bitch and licking his ass. After he finished, he threw down the sentence "Your pussy is so tight after being fucked by a dog, what a natural bitch", and then went away.

Am I being abandoned by him? I'm so happy, I feel really lucky to be thrown away after being played by a man. It's a pity that there are still many employees who haven't fucked me. I'm really sorry. I must find a chance to come back and rebuild the brothel, so that they can make up for it.

I recalled that the person in charge of the forest farm said that the brothel was banned by the new investors. He thought it was Lu Gui's assistant or plenipotentiary. Now Lu Gui is in the forest farm. He must have done it, so immoral.

I found my clothes in the small shabby house, put them on and walked back along the way I came, and soon found my car, turned around and went back.

Due to the bitten nipple, there are other scars left from sexual abuse. I decided not to meet with Lu Gui for the time being, because if we do, he must ask me to get a certificate from him. If he offered to have sex with me after getting the certificate, I wouldn't be able to refuse, wouldn't it be all exposed, he had seen me naked. However, the injuries on my body are almost healed, and Lu Gui has not contacted me.

This is a bit abnormal, I am a little suspicious, and I have privately asked someone about his whereabouts. Turns out he went to Switzerland. Hehe, he must have gone to buy a watch. He gave the watch I gave to the forest ranger as a prostitution fee. Of course, he went to Switzerland to buy an identical piece.He came back to fool me.

Hmph, I'm not going to expose him. He always thought he was smart. Hee hee, it's like saying that he paid the highest price for whoring me, and in the end, he played the rest of the game and was forced by a dog who had been shot by a dog. I thought to myself,That's right, Lu Gui is still very conscious, any man in the world can play me for free, but if my husband plays, I have to pay, pay a high price, and only the last one Play, play everyone and play the rest.

After a while, my period didn't come. Thinking of being injected with so much semen in the forest farm, it was a period of physiological danger, it should be pregnant. This is the fifth time I've been gang-raped by a man I don't know and have a big belly. Who planted it. At that time, Lu Gui also ejaculated, although he only ejaculated a little in my vaginal opening, but if his sperm is strong enough and strong enough, it is possible that he will come out on top and outperform other men's sperm. It depends on his sperm. If you have the ability, you can't blame me for the lack of ability. Well, since that's the case, I'll marry Lu Gui while I'm pregnant, and I'm going to give birth to this wild species. Although there's a high probability that it's not Lu Gui's, I haven't given Lu Gui a chance. Yes, Lu Gui, you can handle it yourself.

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