super host (45-46)

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【Super Landlord】

Author: Wind Leaves Marks


Chapter 045 Master

But as Yang Tao pushed more and more, and his asshole slowly got used to the dildo, the pain gradually began to decrease, and the pleasure gradually increased.

Xu Feiran's moan became more and more real, not only real, but even enjoying the feeling.

"Student Xu, are you feeling good now?"

Yang Tao turned the switch to the second gear.

The speed of twisting and thrusting of the asshole accelerated in vain, Xu Feiran let out a cry, and the small hole squirmed and contracted.

"Well~" Xu Feiran didn't know how to answer, because her current body was not only in pain, but also comfortable.

The itching in her little pussy and the fullness in her asshole made her feel extremely happy. If it wasn't for the pain on her body, she felt that she might be happy enough to take off now.

"You're a dick, the labor and management ask you if you're happy, it's not to make you angry."

Yang Tao pressed the dildo deeper into Xu Feiran's asshole.

Xu Feiran blushed, turned his head to look at Yang Tao resentfully, "It's cool, I'm cool", "I told you a long time ago that if you cooperate honestly, you don't need to suffer like this, it's better than this. It's even cooler."

Yang Tao laughed.

Xu Feiran did not dare to refute, so he could only nod his head.

"Where do you want me to shoot you this time."

Yang Tao gasped, he didn't want to shoot now, but he wanted to see Xu Feiran's reaction.

"It can be anywhere," Xu Feiran whispered.

"You want me to ejaculate in your pussy, and cum all the semen in your pussy."

Yang Tao said.

Xu Feiran blushed, and said in a low voice: "I can't tell."

"You want to continue to resist me?" Yang Tao's expression darkened and he said coldly.

Xu Feiran suddenly panicked, thinking of the torture she received just now, and quickly said: "If you don't have you, shoot me, I'll be forced in." The words just now exhausted Xu Feiran's entire strength. He has never said a single swear word. Now that he said this, Xu Feiran felt that the education he had received for more than ten years was collapsing, and he was in a trance for a while.

"Speak louder."

Yang Tao drank.

"Cum in my pussy, cum all the semen in my pussy, I want your semen!" Now that I have said it, I don't care about the second time, Xu Feiran is full of shame and Pain, closed eyes and shouted loudly.

Yang Tao smiled smugly. It seemed that Xu Feiran was already very afraid of her. It was such a sense of accomplishment for such a lofty and arrogant 'girl' to say such lewd and lowly words.

Yang Tao laughed, fucked, and said foul language.

Xu Feiran was hit by Yang Tao both physically and mentally, and now he has completely let go of himself, and he does not dare to resist. , the pleasure immediately came faster than before.

Xu Feiran only felt an incomparably comfortable feeling coming from the butthole and the small hole, as if the pain had been temporarily forgotten.

"Mmmm~mmm~" Yang Tao pressed down the switch of the third gear of the dildo at this time, "Student Xu, you will feel better soon."

Xu Feiran turned her head with spring water in her eyes. The two acupoints below were inserted. She had already felt the most comfortable enjoyment, and even forgot the pain. Is there any more refreshing enjoyment?

The next moment, she knew right away.

I just felt that the dildo that was inserted into the ass was spinning faster, thrusting faster, and a faint electric current came from the penis.

It was numb, itchy, and very stimulating, as if a wave of electricity was constantly sliding through my heart.

Xu Feiran rolled his eyes immediately, his asshole and small hole tightened at the same time, his mind went blank for a while, as if he was about to see heaven.

Yang Tao also sucked in a breath of cold air, only to feel a weak electric current from the dildo he touched, stimulating his penis.

The electric current is very weak and can't hurt anyone at all, but it can stimulate every cell in the body, and he immediately has the urge to ejaculate.

Coupled with the tightening of Xu Feiran's small acupuncture points, Yang Tao received even greater stimulation.

"ge~ge~" Xu Feiran made a hoarse voice from his throat, his legs trembled, and it was obvious that he was about to reach an orgasm.

However, Yang Tao immediately turned off the switch of the dildo, and at the same time his own penis was quickly pulled out.

Xu Feiran's lower body only had a dildo hanging from his asshole.

Xu Feiran is enjoying the feeling of emptying her head and about to ascend to heaven. She feels that she will experience the greatest joy in her life immediately, even greater than the first time she ate candy when she was a child, uterine contractions, vaginal contractions Contracting, she felt a heat flow from the uterus about to release.

But at this time, all the happiness disappeared, not only disappeared, but she also felt an incomparable sense of emptiness, as if she was about to see the light in front of her, but when she opened the door, there was an empty space in front of her, without any boundaries. of empty house in darkness.

Such a sense of gap made her turn around quickly, like a drug addict, holding Yang Tao's arm with both hands, "Yang Tao, give me, I want"

"Give What are you?"

Yang Tao joked.

Xu Feiran looked down and pointed at Yang Tao's penis, "This, I want this, I want you to use this to insert it, and I want you to turn on the switch on that thing."

Xu Feiran's current appearance is like a drug addict who is addicted to drugs.

"What is this, what is that, I taught you just now, but you forgot?" Yang Tao said in a slow and unhurried manner.

Xu Feiran felt that the pleasure left by her body was slowly disappearing. She was afraid that she would never be able to try this kind of fun again, so she pleaded in a choked voice: "Your dick, I want your dick, And the dick in my ass, turn the switch on, I can't reach it, I want"

"What do you want my dick for?"

"I want you to fuck me I'm trying to get into my coercion."

Xu Feiran went out of her way, she didn't care about anything else.

"Yes, but I have one more request."

Hearing Yang Tao say yes, Xu Feiran immediately turned around and raised his buttocks high, showing hope in his eyes. Niu Tou looked at Yang Tao, but when she heard that Yang Tao had more demands, she immediately said: "You say, I promise you, you will come in first, I want your dick, please come in first."

Yang Tao held his penis against Xu Feiran's small hole, and rubbed the two bloodshot labia majora with his glans, "From today, when there are only the two of us, you have to call me master, and when there are outsiders, You can call me by my name."

Xu Feiran's expression froze and hesitant.

"It's okay if you don't call, then you can sleep in this public toilet tonight."

Yang Tao held his penis and stepped back.

Although it is not as cool as direct penis insertion, but dawdling at the door can also relieve the itching, and Xu Feiran lost the contact with the penis.

After thinking about it, the big deal is to shout now, and then go back on it later.

"Okay, I promise you."

Xu Feiran said decisively.

"What should you say after you agree?" Yang Tao said.

Xu Feiran blushed, but was very anxious, and said in a low voice, "Master."

"Be louder, call the master, and at the same time say your request, Otherwise, how would I know what you want."

Yang Tao said.

Xu Feiran took a deep breath, closed his eyes, his voice trembling, and clenched his fists tightly, "Please put the master's dick in my pussy, please turn on the switch of the toy.

"After speaking, Xu Feiran's face twitched, which made her even more embarrassed than asking her to say dick and force these words just now.

Because of calling out the master, the inner meaning becomes that Xu Feiran has become a slave, which is a huge damage to the arrogant and arrogant Xu Feiran.

But Xu Feiran felt that when she shouted this sentence, although she felt shy and helpless, deep down, there was a kind of thrill of breaking through the taboos, Yang Tao laughed, only feeling I feel refreshed, no wonder when I read AV and read novels, the male protagonists like to let others call the master, call the father, call the grandfather, etc. It turns out that it is really cool.

It's so refreshing.

"Then the master will give it to you, my slut."

Yang Tao held his penis and stabbed it to the end, and stabbed it into Xu Feiran's uterus again.

"Hmm~" Once again tasting the burning pain and bloated satisfaction, Xu Feiran narrowed his eyes and sighed comfortably.

"Saucy, master's dick is not big."

Yang Tao began to slowly thrust, and shook the dildo inserted into his ass.

"Mmmmm~um~ah~" Xu Feiran groaned, in addition to the occasional pain on her face, there was some intoxication she didn't even know about, "Big, I'm so comfortable, the master's dick fucks I'm so comfortable."

Xu Feiran cooperated with Yang Tao's manipulation, as if remembering something, and said gruffly: "Master, you forgot one thing.

" Yang Tao suddenly felt that the former Xu Feiran and the current Xu Feiran were completely two people. They used to be arrogant and arrogant, but now they will please, beg for mercy, and learn to be a good man without suffering immediate losses. In a short period of time, the change has been so great, as expected of a higher education. smart people.

Of course, it is also possible that it is just a snake now, but as long as there is the first time, the second time is very simple.

"What's the matter."

Xu Feiran twisted his ass, so that Yang Tao could see what was on his asshole, and at the same time allow Yang Tao's penis to penetrate deeper, "Yes That dildo, that thing will discharge just now, it's really comfortableof.

Yang Tao suddenly slapped Xu Feiran's ass, "Can't my dick make you happy?"

"Xu Feiran screamed. After being beaten so many times tonight, her butt was already red and swollen. It hurts to touch it, not to mention hard slaps.

"Cool, master's dick is the coolest, I like master's dick.

Xu Feiran said quickly.

"For the sake of your ability to talk, I'll turn the switch on."

Yang Tao actually wanted to try the electric current to stimulate the penis. That kind of feeling really makes people want to.

At this time, Yang Tao has been thrusting dozens of times, Xu Xu The sensational pleasure struck again, but it was not nearly enough, she longed for the feeling of being stimulated by the electric current at that time.

When Yang Tao turned on the switch, a faint electric current came from the dildo again, and the electric current spread from the asshole to the small hole, After spreading from the small hole to the whole body, coupled with Yang Tao's rapid smoking.

"Ah~ah~ah~" Xu Feiran shouted loudly, his eyes rolled up, only to feel that the relaxation he had interrupted just now came back again. Come on, and it's even stronger than before.

Yang Tao also felt the suction of Xu Feiran's small acupuncture point.

Xu Feiran rolled her eyes, her lower abdomen swelled, her buttocks and thighs trembled vigorously.

Both of them reached orgasm at the same time.

Yang Tao's semen was injected into Xu Feiran's uterus again, and Xu Feiran's uterus spilled a huge warm current on Yang Tao's penis.

"Master, it's cool, I'm flying~ I'm flying. ~" Xu Feiran rolled her eyes, from the rude torture at the beginning, she made life worse than death, and now she is extremely comfortable.

She suddenly had the urge to sing a poem.

'Hell and heaven are next to each other, pain and joy go hand in hand."

Xu Feiran flashed this sentence in his heart.

Then the brain went blank, the whole person trembled during the orgasm, and the dildo in the asshole continued to release a weak current.

Yang Tao pulled out his soft penis, and as the penis was pulled out, viscous fluid gushed out from the small hole along with the semen.

I didn't expect Xu Feiran to have so much water. When he started to exercise, as Xu Feiran came to feel it, Yang Tao felt that Xu Feiran had a lot of water, but at the climax, more water would come out.

This is not the kind of squirt that Xu Ruyan's cum and urine have been spewing out all the time, but simply secrete cum during orgasm.

There are so many nasty water gushing out, which is even rarer than Xu Ruyan tidal wave.

Xu Feiran was completely weak this time, and sat limply on the ground, gasping for breath, his eyes turning white.

Yang Tao took out his mobile phone and started to take pictures. If he didn't take some pictures, how could he handle Xu Feiran? Xu Feiran was taken dozens of pictures by Yang Tao without realizing it.

There is a close-up of the small pussy with semen, and a close-up of the asshole with a dildo inserted, especially the fat ass, Yang Tao took a lot of pictures, of course, the full body photo is also necessary, no face is exposed Come on, how can you threaten her?

After playing with Xu Feiran for so long, except for the pants on his lower body that fell to his knees, Xu Feiran was actually wearing clothes on his upper body. Now that he has ejaculated twice, Yang Tao checked the time, it was 12 o'clock in the evening , I'm not interested in continuing to play anymore, after all, it's a long time coming to Japan.

Yang Tao took out the dildo from Xu Feiran's asshole. Following the removal of the dildo, Xu Feiran shuddered and said subconsciously, "Don't~"

Yang Tao hehe With a smile, "Why, you still can't bear it? It's fine, next time you have a chance to continue playing."

With a thought, the dildo disappeared from his hand.

Xu Feiran's eyes gradually recovered, and she looked at Yang Tao with a complicated look. Just now, she had the last happiness, but she also had the last pain before, and her dignity changed with the That master has been completely trampled to pieces, and now she doesn't know how to face Yang Tao.

Hate is inevitable, there is fear, there is fear, but there is also unforgettable.

Xu Feiran was silent and stood up weakly against the wall, but as soon as she stood up, she felt her legs soften, and the emptiness after the orgasm hit, she only felt small holes, assholes, assholes, waist Limbs and tits hurt.

The tits hurt because Yang Tao had grabbed it a few times before, and the waist pain was because the lower back took too long and was a little hurt.

After resting for a while, Xu Feiran slowly put on his trousers, groaned and frowned tightly when he put on his trousers, obviously because his butt was too big, the panties stretched his pussy and buttocks pain.

After she was dressed, Xu Feiran whispered, "Master Yang, can I go?"

After the climax, her mind became clear, and she asked her to continue calling Master Yang Tao , She really can't shout, but if she doesn't shout, she will definitely suffer a big loss.

"In the future, what I say is what I say, not what you ask me, understand."

YangTao looked up and down at the pitiful Xu Feiran and said.

Xu Feiran shook all over and lowered his head, "I see."

"Give me your cell phone."

Yang Tao said.

Xu Feiran honestly handed the mobile phone to Yang Tao, Yang Tao entered his number into her phone and changed it to the owner, and then sent a friend invitation to her WeChat, and changed the owner's name in advance. Remark.

"I have nude photos of you in my phone, I will send them to you via WeChat later, I have uploaded the photos to the cloud, and also sent a backup to my trumpet account, you are obedient, these photos will not If there are any rumors, if you don't obey, you will know the consequences. Of course, you can also choose to call the police. You can think about the consequences of what will happen at that time. You are so smart, you should be able to imagine."

Yang Tao took out his mobile phone to pass the verification of his friends, and then chose a few photos to send to Xu Feiran.

When the phone message rang, Xu Feiran hurriedly opened WeChat and saw that he was sitting on the ground just now, his lower body was naked, a dildo was inserted into his butthole, and his little pussy was still lying with filthy water and semen. On the expression on his face, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and there was a trace of lingering pain, but his face was full of satisfaction and aftertaste.

Especially the slightly closed eyes, the eyelashes are flashing and lovable.

Seeing the photo, Xu Feiran's face turned pale, and he said pitifully: "Master, I will listen to you, you must not spread the photo, spread it out, and I will be finished."

"You are obedient, I naturally won't do this."

"I will be obedient."

Xu Feiran nodded vigorously.

"Take off your pants now."

Yang Tao suddenly thought of an idea and ordered.

Xu Feiran was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Yang Tao's still soft penis.

However, she still endured the pain and started to take off her pants. Her butt was too big. When she took off her pants, she scratched her buttocks, which caused another pain.

Yang Tao watched coldly, he could use his life force to eliminate Xu Feiran's pain, but he didn't want to do it, only the more unforgettable Xu Feiran's pain was, the less she dared to resist herself.

I took off my panties, and the middle of the panties was completely soaked with semen and slushy water, and there were two pieces of labia like pig ears stuck together.

Yang Tao's thoughts moved, and an oval pink vibrating egg and a small remote control switch appeared in his hand, but Yang Tao had put his hand into his pants just now, and Xu Feiran did not see the vibrating egg that suddenly appeared.

After taking off his pants, Xu Feiran crossed his hands in front of his pussy, just blocking it.

"Remove your hands and spread your legs."

Yang Tao's hands were taken out of his trouser pockets.

*** *** *** ***

Chapter (46) Shameful Xu Feiran

Xu Feiran looked at Yang Tao's hand Pink Tumbling Egg, she didn't know what it was, but the dildo that suddenly appeared just now, and this Tumbling Egg, made her a little confused.

I don't know where Yang Tao got it from, but the pockets of his trousers are flat, and the dildo is still that big.

But she doesn't dare to ask now, she can only bury her doubts in her heart, and she doesn't even dare to ask why Yang Tao wants her to take off her pants now.

The vibrating egg is oval, smaller in diameter than a table tennis ball, but longer than a table tennis ball. There is a line of about ten centimeters at the end, so that it can be pulled out after being inserted.

One hand separated Xu Feiran's labia, the two large labia were already swollen and their thickness increased a lot, the other hand held the vibrating egg and aimed at Xu Feiran's rice-grain-sized acupoint, and pressed slightly , Tumbling eggs disappeared into the hole with a screeching sound.

Xu Feiran groaned, the pain came, and something with no temperature was stuffed into his body, making Xu Feiran a little dazed.


"This thing is called a jumping egg, no matter how far it is, I can control the jumping egg switch, from now on, the jumping egg cannot be taken out until you meet me next time I said you can only take it."

Yang Tao said, I didn't pay attention to it before, in fact, these sex toys all have manuals, and the functions of each file are clearly stated.

This long-distance vibrating egg, as long as Xu Feiran is stuffed into the body, Yang Tao can observe all the environment within three meters of Xu Feiran's body through the vibrating egg, like a 3D stereo projector, equivalent to a remote monitor.

The sex toys produced by the system can no longer be said to surpass modern technology. It is even more advanced than black technology. A vibrating egg stuffed in the body can actually observe the environment within three meters of the person concerned. , If this is used for other major things, the benefits are simply unimaginable.

Unfortunately, this is just a sex toy. Even if you can observe the environment within three meters of your body, it will only increase the fun of the user.

Xu Feiran widened his eyes and said incredulously: "I want to go to school and I still live in the dormitory" Yang Tao ignored it and took care of himselfSaid: "If I find out that you have taken out the vibrating egg, don't blame me for being rude to you next time we meet."

Xu Feiran shook his body, lowered his head, and said in a low voice, "I see, I don't take it."

Xu Feiran thought, the big deal is to take it out when it arrives at school, and then put it in before meeting.

Even if you don't take it, a cold object, although it's uncomfortable to put in, at best it's inconvenient when sitting or walking, and nothing else.

Yang Tao won't explain it to her, as long as Xu Feiran takes out the vibrating egg, he will know.

"Okay, let's go then, I'll take you back to school."

Yang Tao asked Xu Feiran to put on his pants, and then the two walked towards the exit of the park one after the other. go.

Xu Feiran is in front and Yang Tao is behind.

Looking at Xu Feiran's back in the dark night, she walked crookedly and endured enormous pain at every step. Tonight, not only was the bud opened, but the chrysanthemum was also burst, that is, Yang Tao did not want to plant it tonight. Chrysanthemums, otherwise you have to taste the taste of Xu Feiran chrysanthemums.

The two delicate places were developed at the same time, but they were still developed roughly. It was a good thing that Xu Feiran could still walk.

At this time, Yang Tao took out the remote control switch of Tiaodan and pressed the first gear.

Xu Feiran, who was already very difficult to walk, suddenly fell to the ground when his legs became weak.

Xu Feiran has never been so wronged before. She thought she was obedient now. Yang Tao would at least support her a little while walking, but she let herself go. All the burning pain, especially the friction between the two labia and panties, made her tearful.

In addition, there is something too big and not too small inside her body. As she moves, the vibrating egg goes up and down in her body. Because of its oval shape, it occasionally flips over. , there is a slight comfort, more pain.

However, before I got used to walking, I suddenly felt the vibrating eggs in my body vibrate wildly, and there was a buzzing sound in the dark and quiet night.

The strong stimulation made Xu Feiran's legs go weak, and slushy water gushed out of his little pussy.

"How about it, let's be exciting."

Yang Tao walked to Xu Feiran's side and patted her face.

Xu Feiran had tears in his eyes, "Master, I can't go back like this, I can't walk."

Yang Tao shrugged, "That's your business. , if you want to sleep here for one night, sleep for one night, but in this kind of place, there are a lot of snakes and mice at night."

Hearing this, Xu Feiran's complexion changed, and he hurriedly got up. , looked nervously at his feet, and walked forward quickly.

Yang Tao sneered. Yang Tao has already figured out most of Xu Feiran's current temperament. As long as she removes her superficial camouflage, she is less courageous than anyone else.

She has the flaws that most girls have.

Xu Feiran left quickly, with Yang Tao following behind.

At this time, Yang Tao turned on the second switch of Vibrating Egg, and saw Xu Feiran, who was walking quickly, pause, then bent down, covered his lower abdomen with both hands, and let out a muffled groan.

Xu Feiran only felt that the vibrating vibrating eggs in her body were even faster, as if it were about to jump to her throat, and as the vibrating vibrating eggs accelerated, waves of pleasure came. She was powerless.

"Hmm~ um~" Yang Tao ignored Xu Feiran and continued to walk forward. Xu Feiran watched Yang Tao's figure walk more and more, and the environment around him became quieter and quieter. Xu Feiran gritted his teeth, Endured the imminent climax and quickly followed Yang Tao.

Yang Tao did not continue to increase the motivation of the dancers. The two walked to Xu Feiran's school one after the other, and soon reached the front of the dormitory.

Yang Tao looked at Xu Feiran, who was already sweaty behind him. At this time, her face was flushed, her forehead was covered in sweat, and her eyes were blurred. It was obvious that she had just walked this part of the road, and Xu Feiran was very happy.

"After you go back, watch more pornographic films, learn more about how to make a bed, learn more about how to please men, and when I see you next time, I don't want you to know nothing like tonight. ."

Yang Tao said.

"Hmm~" Xu Feiran snorted and his voice trembled, "Master, I know, I will learn, I'm going to the dormitory soon, can you turn off the dancers first. "

"I'll turn it off before you go to sleep, so you can just go back."

Yang Tao raised the switch in his hand and chuckled.

Xu Feiran didn't dare to say any more, and silently entered through the door.

Yang Tao watched Xu Feiran twist and turn, but tried hard to maintain a normal pace, and his head was still nervously observing everywhere, for fear that someone would see her ugly state, he laughed and waved Take a taxi to leave.

After Yang Tao left, Xu Feiran turned her head to look at the darkness in the distance, the vibrating egg inside her body was still vibrating violently, and deep hatred and grievance flashed in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Feiran slowly walked to the dormitory, she is just returning to the dormitory well nowTake a shower, then take out the jumping egg. I don't dare to throw it away. I can only say that I take it down and hide it. Next time Yang Tao sees her, I will put it in.

Walking to the door of the bedroom, Xu Feiran knocked lightly at the window, her legs were tightly together, and she tried to make her face normal and her voice normal "Auntie, please open the door. ."

'Dong dong, dong dong,' "Who is coming back so late."

The dormant auntie's dazed voice sounded, very dissatisfied.

"Auntie, I'm Xu Feiran. I'm late tonight, so I just came back."

Xu Feiran whispered.

"It's classmate Xu, wait a minute."

A rustling voice sounded, and the aunt came out of the room and opened the iron door.

"Student Xu, why did you come back so late today, it's already twelve o'clock."

The dormitory aunt rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Yeah! What's wrong with you, why are you so dirty."

The host aunt saw the leaves and grass on Xu Feiran's trousers, as well as the tears on his face , surprised.

"What's wrong with you? Have you been wronged? Don't be afraid. I'll go to the school leaders, and I will definitely help you decide."

As for Xu Feiran, a three-good student, In the school, apart from classmates who didn't like it, some cooks, dorm aunts, teachers and school leaders all liked it very much, because in front of them, Xu Feiran was a very hard-working and polite child.

Xu Feiran just wants to hurry back to the dormitory now, because she feels the pleasure in her body is getting stronger and stronger, she can't help it, even now, she is clenching her back teeth tightly to let herself There is no sound.

"Auntie, I'm fine, hurry up and go to bed, I'll go first."

Xu Feiran was about to bypass the dormitory aunt and go inside.

The hostess' aunt looked concerned and was about to continue to ask when Xu Feiran, who was walking forward, suddenly stumbled and fell to the ground, letting out a groaning inwardly charming, and her trousers were visible to the naked eye. get wet.

The dormitory aunt was stunned and didn't think much about it, and quickly stepped forward to help Xu Feiran who fell, "Student Xu, are you alright, what's the matter with you, do you want me to call 120 for you? ."

Xu Feiran's legs were trembling at this time, her eyes couldn't help turning white, she had orgasm just now.

Xu Feiran, who had already endured a lot of pain, suddenly found that the vibrating vibrating egg became stronger again, and it also released the electric current released by the dildo just now. Without warning, she directly orgasmed.

Xu Feiran would have orgasmed long ago if he hadn't endured it, so this time the orgasm was very violent. General.

Xu Feiran bit her tongue forcefully, and without answering the aunt's words, she quickly shook off her hand and ran towards the stairs.

The hostess' aunt was inexplicable. She only thought that Xu Feiran was very strange today. However, when she saw her pants that were suddenly wet, she remembered that Xu Feiran's face was flushed and the spring water in her eyes just now.

The dormitory aunt suddenly realized that, as a past person, she knew these things very well. When she was young, her husband also made her become like this.

I just didn't expect the young people to play so well now, the dormitory aunt muttered to herself, "I just played the field battle, I guess I'm not satisfied, and I stuffed a fake thing in it, tsk tsk, no Thinking that Xu is such a person."

In just an instant, the image of the sensible and polite child of the three-good student in the mind of the dormitory aunt had a huge change.

Xu Feiran, who was ashamed and angered, ran to the entrance of the stairs when he heard the murmurings from the dormitory's auntie, he paused, and then ran towards the upper floors again.

It wasn't until he reached the third floor in one breath that Xu Feiran sat on the stairs, tucked his knees with his hands, and buried his head in his arms to vent his grievances.

She suppressed her voice, tears flowed out like a dam, and soon wet her clothes.

After crying for a while, to vent the anger and grievances just now, Xu Feiran couldn't help but groan softly.

"Hmm~hmm~" Tumbling Dan is still in the third gear, continuously radiating electricity and vibrating. If it wasn't for a moment of anger just now, and there was only shame and anger left in her heart, then she might not be able to stand up, or Will lie on the ground and reminisce the aftertaste of the orgasm.

But now that the shame and anger in her heart has calmed down a little, the pleasure hits again. Xu Feiran sat on the stairs, clutching the railing tightly with one hand, enjoying the pleasure that Tiaodan brought her in her body.

Fortunately, it's twelve o'clock now, and the dormitory is full of toilets and places to hang clothes. Otherwise, if someone came out of the dormitory at this time, Xu Feiran's suppressed moans would definitely be heard.

Lou Duo did not have a camera, Xu Feiran prepared to wait for his body to get used to some before leaving, so he relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure.

Slowly, Xu Feiran's empty hand reached between her legs and rubbed silently on the clitoris. She didn't know why she was rubbing here, but she told her in her heart that if Rub here and she'll orgasm even morequick.

Sure enough, the vibration and current of the vibrating egg, coupled with the stimulation of the clitoris, Xu Feiran reached an orgasm again, and this time she relaxed and enjoyed the comfort brought by the orgasm.

The wet marks on the trousers have grown again.

After ten minutes, Xu Feiran left, leaving only a transparent viscous liquid in place.

Xu Feiran, who returned to the dormitory, had a normal relationship with her dorm friends. No one would ask her why she came back so late. After being woken up, she turned over with a grunt and continued to sleep.

Xu Feiran took off his trousers as soon as he came to the toilet, and pulled Victory out by holding the rope that was exposed outside.

Then, while crying, she carefully cleaned her body, every corner, every inch of skin, was dried and tightly cleaned by her, even the painful little pussy, she endured it It hurts, digging and digging to take out the semen inside, and the asshole has been washed countless times.

Washed the body red, and then stuffed all the jacket, underwear and underwear into a black bag, ready to throw it away.

Vibrant was hidden in the back of the cabinet by her.

Yang Tao has her nude photos, she will not call the police, she will accept Yang Tao's play, but when she is alone, she will use her own methods to express silent confrontation.

Finally lying on the bed, Xu Feiran recalled what happened that day, wet the pillow with tears, and slowly fell asleep.

Not long after Yang Tao got into the car, his thoughts moved slightly, and the figure of Xu Feiran appeared in his mind, and the scenery within three meters of his body.

The voice could not be heard, but he could tell that Xu Feiran was talking to an old woman in her fifties. At this time, Yang Tao naturally would not miss the opportunity and turned on the third switch of Vibrant.

Then Yang Tao watched Xu Feiran orgasm, then ran into the corridor to cry, then masturbated, and finally took out the vibrating egg in Xu Feiran, and the image in his mind disappeared immediately.

Yang Tao smiled slightly. It was normal for Xu Feiran to take out the vibrating egg. He had long expected that it would be abnormal if Xu Feiran was so obedient and kept stuffing the vibrating egg in his body.

'What should I do next time? ’ Thinking that he only played with Xu Feiran’s little hole this time, Yang Tao felt that he would play some new tricks next time, so that Xu Feiran would not dare to resist even when he left him.

Presumably the system task should be completed at that time.

The car quickly arrived at the Qingzhuyuan Villa. Yang Tao paid and got off the car. When he arrived at the door, he found that it was still brightly lit, and there was faint laughter.

"It's already one o'clock, and I haven't slept yet."

Yang Tao murmured that he was going to come back early tonight to have a good time with the few tenants who just moved into the villa. say hi.

But I didn't expect to play with Xu Feiran, I forgot the time while playing, and now my pants not only have a little love liquid and urine, but also Xu Feiran's kinky water.

Now that it's dried, it's all in pieces, and it still exudes a great odor. If this image appears in front of these tenants in my own home, it will be too much to take them down in the future. Difficult.

After thinking about it, Yang Tao looked at the wall of the villa. The wall was only 2.5 meters high. With his current physique, it should be no problem to climb over, and the windows of his room were all open for ventilation.

'I have to climb the wall in my own house, and I am also drunk. '

Yang Tao found a blind spot for the camera, then easily climbed over the wall, then followed the pipe to his room, and quickly took a shower and changed his clothes.

Then he turned out of the room again.

After calming down a little, Yang Tao opened the door and went in.

Crossing the garden outside, Yang Tao entered the living room and was immediately stunned by the scene in front of him.

I saw that Jiang Yiyi was wearing pink hot pants at this time, just covering her little butt, her long, straight and white legs were exposed outside, and her upper body was a small sling, which seemed to have nothing inside. Wearing underwear, two breasts with at least D cups jump out at any moment as she jumps.

On the other side is a little loli who looks only fifteen or sixteen years old, but has an amazingly developed figure. She is about 155 in height and wears a white loose T-shirt, although the T-shirt is very loose, However, the breasts without underwear are amazingly large. It can be said that they are the largest breasts Yang Tao has ever seen. According to Yang Tao's estimation, if there is no F cup, I am sorry that loose clothes are made tight by her.

The lower body is a pair of knee-length shorts.

Yang Tao couldn't see her face clearly due to the side face, but only looking at the side face, this teenage loli is definitely very good-looking, and she looks like Tang Lan in five or six points.

At this time, throw pillows and pillows in the living room were thrown around by Jiang Yiyi and the little girl with big breasts. In the distance was Tang Lan, who was repairing clothes with a smile on her face.

"Cough cough."

Yang Tao coughed hard, indicating that he was back.

【To be continued】
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