M's Wife's Thrilling Game (9)

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【M's Wife's Exciting Game】

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9 Wife's The journey of turning into a bitch

In fact, I have always had the s attribute, but I have never played with my wife like this, and I have played more revealing and sex games. I also have m outside, and my wife knows it too. Although I feel sorry for my wife, I am still relatively ruthless when playing with other women, and I will use all means. After my wife played with her ex last time, it took almost a month to fully recover, but my wife is unforgettable about that experience, and she is no longer so reserved in front of me, and she has suggested many times that I want to bring it too. She played like that, but never had the right opportunity.

It wasn't until about half a year later, and it was the second year of spring. During that time, I contacted a female M who had played a few times before. She was also a married woman. She was older than his wife and was 31 years old. , Although it's not bad, but there is still a small gap between the body and the length of the wife. She has a bad relationship with her husband, and they have been separated for many years. If it weren't for the fear of being caught, I would be more courageous. I often tell me that I just want more people to see her irritating appearance, which is what I like most about her. I have strict requirements on sex, punishment, and dogs. She is a bitch with a high degree of acceptance. In front of me, she is just as obedient and obedient as my previous wife was in front of her s. After my wife saw my chat with her, she also said to me, "I didn't expect you to play better than him (he means his former owner.)" Because in my wife's opinion, men who play with women are the most handsome.

This time I also plan to play with multiple people, and then I made a post on a certain website, inviting friends from all walks of life, but I must bring the necessary medical report, so that I have no worries. After that, I made an appointment to meet her, which was set to be in a week. After I posted, there were still quite a few people who came to inquire, but many of them were either too far away or just giggling. The big waves wash away the sand, and all that is left is real gold. At the beginning, I just wanted to take her to play group reconciliation and gang rape with as many people as possible, so I made an appointment with nine people, but at the end of the game, there were only six people present, which will be discussed later. It seems that nothing can be concluded until the end.

After my wife found out, she was a little interested and said to me, "Husband, I want to go and see too. I'll also go and see how you play with other women."

"I play with others, what are you doing, how embarrassing you are together." I replied to my wife.

"I don't want it, I just want to watch you play." My wife started acting like a spoiled child with me again.

"It's really inappropriate for you to go." I'm still reluctant to take her there.

"If you don't take me, then I'll go to the **, I'll tell him to find someone to play with me, and let your wife send her to fuck me, you find six fuckers She, I'll let him find eight to fuck me (she's talking about her ex here)." My wife told me angrily.

I know my wife said this out of anger. If I didn't take her, she would have done it. I just didn't expect it to be like this this time, but later it became a prophecy, but that's the story behind it, so I won't talk about it here.

I had no choice but to step back and ask my wife, "If you want to go, how would you say it? Could it be that you are my wife?" I said, "That's it, I'll pretend to be your m too, that's fine, it's fine if you bring two by yourself."

"You pretend to be m too? I'll tell her You don't know what you said, if you can't do it, won't you be embarrassed?" I asked my wife in return. Although there are still question marks in my heart, my wife's proposal really moved me.

"What are you afraid of, it's all women, she can do it, what can't I do. Don't you know how sassy your wife is?" The wife told me with a smirk.

It seems that it is not only me who has this idea, it turns out that my wife has already planned this way. So I said to my wife again, "It's not impossible if you think so, but you can't say she can't do what she can do."

"Don't worry, there's no problem, you did the thing they played with last time. It's not that you don't know, you don't treat me as a wife, just treat me like her." My wife replied to me.

I think this is also feasible. After thinking about it for a while, I said to my wife, "We have more people, so we have to tell other people to breathe. You are going to go and see for yourself. How to tell them, think about it."

At that time, we temporarily opened a small group on QQ, and my wife used my QQ to talk to them with my identity. The dialogue is as follows, exactly the same, word for word. They used the 1.2.3 number instead.

Wife: There may be some changes to the activities next week.

1: What changes? Is she unable to come or change the time.

2: What's the situation?

3: Isn't there something unexpected?

Wife: No surprise, there is a bitch who wants to join the activity. (The wife has already described herself as a bitch)

2: Really? This is a good thing.

3, I was startled, I thought there was something unexpected.

2: How about the new bitch? Are you obedient?

Wife: Very obedient and more patient.

2: Great, my brother is really good.

4: What's the matter, do you want an extra bitch?

1: What are the characteristics of this new bitch?

Wife: Good mouth, obedient, dare to play.

1: How is your body shape?

2: Is it better than the previous one?

Wife: This bitch is more coquettish and cheap. It is an enhanced version of the previous bitch, and she can do whatever the previous bitch knows.

2: That's so cool, my brother enjoys it.

3: Awesome, I will arrange the venue and tools when the time comes.

(No. 3 is the protagonist, I have described the most, and I have played a lot of others, but I will simplify it, otherwise there are too many people to say it)

Since it's not all online, not everyone said it, and the latter ones don't matter. Seeing my wife say this to them, I couldn't help but ask my wife, "That m likes to be humiliated, and is willing to do anything sleazy, and you still say you are her enhanced version?"

"Yes, Isn't your wife not cheap in front of others, I will let you see with your own eyes this time, I am even more cheap than her, does my husband like it?" The wife replied.

"I like it, of course I like it," I said.

Time flies fast, a week has passed quickly, the entire venue itinerary is arranged by Brother No. 3, we just go to the agreed place. My wife set out with me early in the morning. I wore a normal dress. Because it was early spring, I wore a trench coat with only a crotch thong inside, but I brought a few sets of clothes with me. . Brother No. 3 is a local. We booked a suite at the hotel in advance and waited for us. It was still early, so we went to the hotel to meet and have a rest.

Before I arrived, I specifically asked my wife to say, "I'll see them later, you're my m, don't reveal anything."

The wife replied, "Don't worry, I Yes, but you have to introduce me well.

"Introduction? How to introduce it? Not a bitch. "I said.

"You've got to talk me a little bit so I'm more excited." said the wife.

"That's good." "I answered her.

Since the hotel requires a room card, he came to the lobby to wait for us, and as soon as he saw his wife, he asked me, "This is? "

Because he has never seen the two bitches, he doesn't know who is next to me.

"This is the bitch that was temporarily added later. She is coquettish and cheap. Also obedient. "I replied.

"Oh, hello hello. "He also reached out and shook hands with his wife, and then we took the elevator to the hotel. It was still early, so he made tea and chatted together. As soon as he came in, there was no atmosphere, and his wife was sitting next to me. Brother No. 3 also seemed to be More restrained, I put my hand on my wife's lap and stroked him, "How, how does this bitch look. "

"Looks good, but I don't know how it goes." He replied.

I turned to my wife and said, "Stand up. "

My wife didn't know what I was going to do, so she stood up obediently. Then I unzipped her windbreaker, exposing her whole body in front of him, and said to him, " Try it out first.

He was not polite either. He stood up and touched his wife's chest. While touching, he said, "It's a good figure and feels good. Whose little daughter-in-law is this, let us pick it up." Cheap. "

"Whoever she is, today is ours." "I replied, and asked my wife, "What do you think?" "

At this time, the wife finally spoke, "Yes, I am not someone's wife today, I am your bitch." "

He laughed too, but his hand didn't leave his wife's body. At this time, my message came, my bitch arrived, and I had to go down to pick her up. Just said to them, " You guys rest first, I'll pick up the next person.

My wife also turned to look at me with a questioning meaning. I said to her, "Another bitch has arrived, I don't know where it is, I'll pick it up, you just stay here and rest. , familiar with.

Seeing that I was going to leave her here alone, Brother No. 3 said quickly, "Go ahead, I just happened to communicate with her." "

The wife can only say, "Okay, I'll wait for you here." "

I thought it was still early, so I let them get acquainted with them, so I didn't rush up. I met her outside the hotel, it's been a long time since I saw her, she felt pretty good to me, capable short hair, Light makeup, a black tight-fitting hip skirt inside, a pair of black ultra-thin stockings underneath, and a trench coat on the outside, after seeing me, I called out, "Master.

It wasn't loud, but it sounded good. I touched her face and said, "It's early, let's find a place to drink first." "I took her to a cafe diagonally across from the hotel. We were sitting on the side of the road, next to the transparent glass. Of course, we couldn't sit still, we had to find something to do, so I asked her, "I haven't seen my master for so long, do you miss my master? "

"I must, or I wouldn't be here." "She replied.

"This time it's not just you, but also a new bitch that the owner bought. Let's play together. You have to behave well and don't let her compare." "I said to her, because I didn't tell her before.

"There are still people. "She was a little surprised, but quickly added, "Then I have to behave better." "

I also said to her, "That's good, remember, the meaner the master, the more like it." "

She seemed to have a little bit of vinegar, and asked again, "Master, do you like her more?" "

I didn't answer her directly, I said to her,"The more obedient and meaner, the more I like it."

"Is it worn inside?" I asked her again.

"Master, according to your request, there is nothing inside." She replied to me.

"Don't talk with your mouth, let me see with your actions, understand?" I demanded.

"Understood," she replied. Then, without even checking to see if anyone was around, she took off the suspenders on her skirt, and her breasts popped out. It happened that someone was passing by on the road outside the glass, and they saw it with me. Then, he separated his legs again, pulled up his skirt, there was a suspender and open crotch stockings, and the hair was shaved, and then asked me, "Master, are you satisfied?"

I am sure Satisfied, but although she doesn't care about what others see, she is with me after all, and I'm not her, so I said to her, "I'm very satisfied, let's wear it."

She pulled the suspender. Going up, the bottom is also sorted out, and the people watching outside saw that there was nothing to look at, so they walked away. But I didn't want to let her go so easily, so I said to her, "Sit down for a while and wait for my notice." Then I got up to check out and went out. I walked to the door of the hotel opposite, across the road, and watched her sit from a distance. by the wall, and then sent him a message: skirt up, facing outside.

She looked at her phone, and then consciously raised her skirt up. Although I couldn't see the details from a distance, I could see her lower body exposed, and people passing by outside. A lot of people saw it. After about five minutes, I sent her another message: Just like that, come to the hotel.

Then I saw him get up and come over. Because he was wearing a windbreaker, he couldn't see anything from the back, but he could see everything from the front. I didn't let her down until she walked in front of me, and then followed me went to the hotel together.

This time, I brought my card, so I didn't need friend No. 3 to pick me up again. I took her directly to the hotel, pushed the door open, and saw brother No. 3 sitting in a bathrobe On the sofa, and the wife has changed into a maid outfit, her butt is pouted, facing the door, lying on the ground and licking his feet! Hearing the sound of the door opening, the wife did not get up and continued her movements.

Seeing me coming in, my friend No. 3 also greeted me, "This bitch is really good, I asked her if she would lick her feet, and she has proved it with her actions, you see, water It's all out."

I also smiled and answered him, "This bitch is a bitch, otherwise I wouldn't bring her here." Then I patted my wife's butt and asked, "What do you think? "

"Yes master." The wife paused and said, then continued.

"Me too, I will too." The bitch standing behind me also spoke. As if seeing his opponent, he immediately knelt down in front of him, picked up his other foot and started licking.

Friend No. 3 sneered and said to me, "I'm so sorry, they've come to serve me."

"It doesn't matter, I've played them all, and you'll have fun first. OK." I told him.

He also enjoyed it with peace of mind, but they both only licked their feet and didn't move, as if they were competing. I see that the time is almost up, and those people in the group are also talking, and they are coming soon. He said to them, "Stop first."

My wife and she both stopped at the same time, knelt on the ground and looked at me. I said again: "I'm going out to eat in a while, and by the way, let's play for a while, you should change your clothes first."

Although I am more familiar with my wife, the wife I play with knows me better. , In front of us, he took off his clothes, only stockings were left. When my wife saw it, she immediately took off her maid outfit. After all, this is not suitable for going out. When the two women had just finished undressing, No. 3 suddenly said, "Wait." Then he turned his head and asked me, "Can I order them?"

"Sure, I brought it For you to play." I replied.

"I think these two bitches are very good, otherwise, we will rate them every time we play, and we will give them a perfect score to see which of them is better." He suggested.
Listening to what he said, I also felt that the proposal was a good idea, so I said to him, "Yes, just so that they can compare with each other."

"Okay, then you don't rush to wear it first. Clothes, just like this, lie at the door, with your butt pouted, facing the door, with your waist down, not allowed to move, wait until everyone arrives and then change your clothes to see who does a good job." He said.

Neither of the two bitches said anything, so they lay down beside the door together at his request. Before anyone arrived, he also touched them everywhere. They were also coming in the group. Since I needed a door card, I went down to pick them up again. My wife and she still maintained this position. Since the time was not the same, I didn’t have to run up and down, so I just waited below. They all arrived, and it took about half an hour before the other five brothers all arrived. At this time, No. 3 was on top, and they had already fucked their mouths, but they didn't ejaculate, and I only found out later.

We went to the hotel together, the door was not closed, it was open. When they saw the scene in front of them, they couldn't help expressing admiration. The wife also looked back subconsciously, while the other bitch didn't Not moving. Everyone entered the door to say hello and get to know each other, and they couldn't help but have the urge. I told them that it's still long and early, so don't worry, eat first and play later. After all, the ownership of the two bitches is mine, and everyone agrees.

At this time, Brother No. 3 said, "Get up, get up and change your clothes." And scored a score, the wife was 9 points, she was 10, because the wife finally moved subconsciously. and put thisThe reason for the score is told to everyone.

Then, in front of our group of men, they began to change their clothes. Since it was still daytime, it was only after five in the afternoon, and my wife didn't dare to wear exposed clothes, so she wore a super short one. The suspender dress is similar to the previous one, with a thong on the inside and a jacket on the outside. After all, it's still early spring, and it's not very hot.

The other wears a vest, just like the two-ribbed vests that our men used to wear. Since her chest is bigger than her wife's, the two points on the chest are obvious, and there is also a big one. Underneath, I wore a pair of denim shorts, and the crotch was changed by myself. It was very narrow and tight, and the two labia majora were exposed, and a trench coat was also put on. The difference is that the wife has a zipper and she has a button.

So just like this, a group of us went out. From the outside, they couldn't see anything, after all, they were all wearing coats. Because we wanted to drink, we didn't drive, so we called two cars. We added up to nine people, and there was just one more. I let four of them ride together in one car, one for a bitch, and I took the car alone. Surprisingly consistent, in the car, both of them were taken off their jackets, and of course they had to be put on when they got out of the car. Since the meal was in the private room, I also played a little game to enhance my relationship and gain a little understanding. There was nothing particularly exciting, so I won't go into details.

After dinner, we came out together, and we were already familiar with each other. Friend No. 1 raised an idea and said, "I wonder how brave the two of you will be to show off?"
I then said, "Then it's up to them."

About the same time, my wife unzipped and my bitch unbuttoned and looked at each other. The wife is nothing, just an ultra-short dress, while the other is wearing a white back, her chest is shaking violently, and the two points are also obvious. If you look closely at the lower body, you can see the labia. She even casts a provocative look like his wife. The wife felt that she was compared with her, and she was not afraid of the cold, so she simply took off her windbreaker.

And when my bitch saw his wife take off, she also took off her windbreaker without hesitation. Her breasts are big and her clothes are small. When she walks, her nipples are sometimes exposed, and someone walks towards her. When passing by, I would occasionally pull the vest open to expose my breasts. But after all, on the main road, my wife didn't choose her clothes, so she didn't dare to take them off. My bitch completely stole the limelight. I went all the way to the door of a bar. Brother No. 3 gave another rating. My wife got 9 points and she was 10. The wife is two points behind. At this time, I also specifically stimulated my wife to say to my wife, "I'm disappointed by so much difference."

However, brother No. 3, who has connections and connections, is indeed well arranged. It was already dark at this time. The owner of the bar he took us to was a friend he knew. Usually, people who go to the bar go late. When we first went there, there were not many people, so we looked for The seat sat down, then he said to do something and left. The two bitches were surrounded by several men, drinking and joking. After a while, Brother No. 3 came back, pulled me aside, and said to me, "I just went to talk to them, and I can let the bitch up for a striptease later, do you think it's okay?"

"There's nothing wrong with this, it was originally brought to play with, no problem." I answered him.

"That's fine," he said.

At this time, there were some people sitting sparsely around. On the stage, there was also a lead dancer dancing, dressed very sexy. . We were drinking and having fun down there. Two women, four tits, are covered by hands, but in different ways. My bitch is a vest, and I can go in and feel it from the side, and my wife is still thinking about comparing with her, so I simply put the suspenders on both sides to the waist and let them play with them. Even when the waiter came to deliver wine, it was still the same. In such a state, it was not pulled up until there were more people behind. In this way, we drank together, played with the dice, and the two bitches also drank some. At this time, my friend No. 3 said to me, "Let them go backstage to prepare and dance."

"You don't need to tell me how to play, you can just play, they don't dare to be disobedient." I replied.

"Then I'll take them there first," he said to me.

Then, she whispered something into their ears, and they got up and left with her.

At this time, the other brothers were still asking me where they were going. I just told them to get ready for the event, and the men of us continued drinking.

After about ten minutes, the music was suddenly interrupted, and the DJ at the scene shouted loudly, "Dear new friends and old friends, in order to thank everyone for your support, we have specially prepared a passionate dance show today, please Everyone appreciates it."

After speaking, the music continued to play, and two women came from the far side, no need to think, they must be my wife and my bitch, and they went all the way to the front of the stage, each standing on the side. , respectively, there are two steel pipes, which are very close to the table next to them, but they are far away from us. Since the lights were all focused on them, they could still see clearly. They all wore a fox mask covering the upper part of their faces, and they all wore a coat, but they were not the ones we wore before. My wife has studied ballet, and my bitch is a kindergarten teacher. She can dance, but she is not used to such occasions. At first, she just twisted slowly. The dj at the scene can indeed mobilize the atmosphere, and under the mobilization of his language, he gradually let go.

Finally, I heard the dj sayOne sentence, "Take it off! Take it off! Take off your jacket!" So they took off their jackets together and threw them off the field. At this time, the first small orgasm came. The screams from the audience were endless. They were still the one they wore before, but because my bitch was more exposed, the two tits were exposed from time to time when jumping, and the pussy was still tight. Tightly grip the steel tube for friction. Not to be outdone, the wife took off the shoulder strap directly, revealing her entire breast. The two women who have already invested at this time no longer need the dj's mobilization, and they both want to be more showy than the other party, and the wife even takes off her skirts one step ahead of her! And he took off his thong without interruption, and he was naked! All were then thrown off the field! At this time, there was a louder scream from the field.

And my bitch was also unwilling, she also stripped herself twice and threw her clothes down below. The two have their own strengths, the wife has a better figure, and her breasts are bigger. In this way, they are doing all kinds of lewd actions on stage. At this time, the wife took out her trump card! She spat something out of her mouth, a small cucumber! It turned out that when she was in the backstage just now, she saw someone else's cucumber with a mask and stole a cucumber and put it in her mouth.

Then, she squatted down, spread her legs, facing the person in front, and inserted the cucumber into her forcibly, although it was not particularly thick, but the visual effect was too shocking. And my bitch can only masturbate with her own hands, certainly not as attractive as my wife.

Wife stuck in for a while, turned and knelt with her back to the crowd, and stuck the cucumber into her asshole again! At the same time, since my bitch has no tools on her hands, she has to masturbate with her hands. On the other hand, the wife still felt that it was not enough, so she asked for a bottle of beer from the audience, drank it in one gulp, and then took the bottle and stuck it in herself! Wine bottle in the front, cucumber in the back! This made the audience boil! peaked!

However, don't dare to continue, if you continue, accidents will inevitably happen. At this time, the dj continued to shout some words and let them retreat.

After a while, friend No. 3 brought the two of them back, but since the clothes were thrown off the stage just now, there are only coats left, and they are all directly wearing coats.
Number 3 also excitedly said to me, "I didn't expect them both to be so horny, I'm really not afraid of being rounded."

"A bitch who likes being fucked will be afraid of being fucked. ?" I replied with a smile.

This time he gave my wife a 10 and my bitch a 9. The wife finally regained a city.

At this time, some people with sharp eyes have seen them come to our side, but we have a lot of people here, and Brother No. 3 also has some background, so they don't dare to say anything. However, some people still came to ask, and these things were handled by Brother No. 3.

Soon, three young men came and asked her, "Brother, this girl is good, can you play, the price is easy to say."

"Don't worry, wait a minute, I'll have to ask them if they'd like to," he replied. In fact, he meant to ask for my opinion.

He then came to me and asked, "Does anyone want to play with them, let them play?"

At this time, the two of them were being touched by other people. I just looked at them and said, "It depends on whether they are cheap or not."

My wife immediately replied, "I have no problem, just play if you want."

p>My bitch also echoed, "Me too."

"How much do they ask how much?" Brother No. 3 asked me again.

This time without waiting for me to say anything, my wife hurriedly replied, "Whatever you want, just play." It seemed that she was determined to think of herself as a bitch.

So the 3rd went to negotiate with them. Then, I took them to the toilet with a few other friends. You can play as you like, but safety must come first. However, since we didn't wear condoms at the time, when the other people got in, it was difficult. Later, we just blew our mouths. If you want to fuck, you have to bring your own condoms. There is basically no one to buy another cover, for fear of missing this opportunity.

The three lads followed, and the wife and the bitch stayed in a toilet. Brother No. 3 simply asked them to take off their clothes and hang them on the hooks. Since there were no covers, they only had a blowjob. . As I said before, my wife is very good at oral sex. Whether it is the bitch I have played with or the woman I have played with, I have never encountered a better oral job than my wife. The outside door is not locked. Brother No. 3 and a few of them You can open the door anytime to take a look. The person who entered his wife's door quickly came out, and said to his friend outside, "This girl blows too cool, especially the deep throat, hurry up."

He also went in quickly, no After a while, also disarmed. To his friends, this girl is really cool, much better than those clubs.

Then after waiting for a while, the friend from the other door came out. Friend No. 3 and the others took their wife and returned to their seats with her.

Have you just sat down? After a while, someone came over again, and at this time, friend No. 1 said, "Leave one here, we have all gone to our place and haven't played.

I think what he said was right, but who to keep. Just let them choose, so I said to the few people who just came over, "There is only one to play, you choose one." "

The two of them sat next to each other, but the wife was prettier, and one of them pointed at the wife and said, "Just her." "

Then my wife was taken by No. 3 and went to the toilet, and my bitch stayed here to play with them. After sitting here for a while, I also got up and went to the toilet, No. 3 was smoking a cigarette on the side, I walked to the side and gently opened the door, I saw my wife was naked, her butt was facing outside, and a man was thrusting her ass from behind! Later, I found out that he actually carried a cover with him and was ready to look for an affair at any time, and his wife's eyes were still blindfolded. It seemed that it was something prepared by Brother No. 3. He leaned on the wall with both hands, and kept moaning in his mouth until Others took out a few and went out of the toilet, but the wife still maintained that posture.

At this time, I was also interested, walked in, and left the door half-open, and No. 3 was watching. I patted my wife's butt and didn't speak, for fear that he might hear my voice. Then he pulled her to turn her around, put the dick to her mouth, but didn't insert it. She also took the initiative to stick out her tongue and start licking, but I just didn't insert it. I just drank a lot of beer. The urine also swelled, and it came out of my wife's mouth. She didn't respond at first, her face was covered all over her body, and then she quickly swallowed my dick, but I came in a hurry and the amount was too small. It is relatively large, and a lot of it still overflows from the corners of her mouth. After urinating, he continued to thrust in her mouth without stopping, then cum in her mouth and watched her swallow it.

No. 3 was also surprised on the side. I didn't expect my wife to be so arrogant. I didn't know who it was. After I was done, the friend just now sold his remaining sets for a high price, and everyone bought them for 100 yuan, and the story of my wife being fucked here gradually spread to a small extent, and people kept coming. Fuck, fuck, fuck, it's all. But since we have to play by ourselves at night, we can't let her get too tired. So we can't let her get fucked endlessly. When we felt that it was almost the same, we took her out. In addition to the two previous blowjobs, the wife had a total of five blows in the mouth, three times in the asshole, and two times. It was also obviously exhausted, and my bitch was being teased by a few of them, so she must have been suffocated. After finishing, No. 3 gave a score again, the wife got 10 points, she got 9 points, and the total score was 38. It was the same. He also specifically told several other people that they should not go to the toilet first and go back to the hotel to give the two bitches a urine bath, and everyone readily agreed.

This place can't stay for a long time, so as not to make a mess, it's eleven or twelve o'clock, we should go back to the hotel and have a good time, my wife has recovered a part, and when we go out of the bar, go to the street Come on, there's no one left now, and the only clothes left for the two of them are jackets. At this time, a friend said, "It's better not to wear it, dare you?"

The two of them also He took off his clothes without hesitation, and two naked women walked in front, but because it was still cold, it didn't last long.

I won't go into details on the way. The group of nine of us returned to the hotel. Brother No. 3 said to the two of them, "Go, wash up, and go together. It's time for us to enjoy ourselves. It's clean and has tools in it. Remember, the lesser you are, the more popular."

Then the two bitches went to the bathroom together, and as soon as they went in, Brother No. 3 said, "Come on, go in and give They add a little more." Everyone was eager to try. Since it is a suite, the bathroom is still very large. A few of us went in. Although it was a bit crowded, we could still stand. I didn't squeeze with them and stood outside to watch. The two bitches who were washing, saw people coming in. Although they didn't know what was going on, they both knelt down subconsciously. They didn't delay either. They started urinating in the faces of the two women. Both bitches were obedient. Neither diddge. The other bitch kept her mouth shut. Later, most of the directions were also concentrated on my wife's side. After everyone finished urinating, the two bitches were all covered on their bodies and heads. At this time, Brother No. 3 said, "Hurry up and wash, and come out and serve us after washing."

"Yes." Two voices answered at the same time.

This time, he gave his wife 10 points and another bitch 9 points.

After a while, my bitch came out first, because my wife has long hair, so she is still inside. I said to them, "You guys play first, I'll go in and have a look."

Then I went into the bathroom, closed the door, my wife was blowing her hair, and saw me coming in, and she laughed happily.

I said to her, "You're so hot today, I heard that you drank someone else's pee in a bar?" Because my wife didn't know it was me.

"I want to be more showy, does my husband like it?" The wife replied.

"Then let me see how hot you are." I asked my wife again.

"I'm more flamboyant than the one outside, I want them all to like me." The wife replied.

"I don't care about that night, just wash it out quickly." I said.

"Husband, just watch my performance in a while." The wife replied.

Then I went outside. In just a few minutes, the style of painting outside was completely different. Since they were all checked, they didn't have a cover. I saw another bitch lying on the bed, two people separated her legs, one brother was thrusting vigorously, the other was sitting on her face, she was sticking out her tongue and licking her asshole, and the other two. Personally, just sitting on the bed, kneading her tits, she also stretched out both hands to hold their two cocks, no one was idle.

Soon, the wife also came out. At this time, everyone couldn't get away. Seeing the scene in front of them, they were playing with her. The wife was a little jealous and climbed under the person who was fucking. , to lick his cock and bitch pussy, tongue sticking out.

Afterwards, he simply raised his head and licked it until he was excited.The meat cock was pulled out and inserted into the wife's mouth, just like that At the same time, the wife immediately took another bite, moaning and licking his cock, licking it clean. At this time, the semen in the bitch's pussy also flowed out, and the wife didn't let it go, and immediately went to lick her pussy, and stuck her tongue long in it to lick it! It seemed that he wanted to grab all the semen from her pussy and swallow it in his own mouth. This is the first time my wife has licked a woman, and she is still licking someone else's pussy who just got shot!

Later I asked my wife, "How did you think of licking her ass?"

The wife replied, "She's a bitch, and I'm a bitch too, and I lick her again, it doesn't look like it Cheaper?"

I was speechless at her answer.

He just finished, and both bitches are there. Brother No. 3 also takes things from his box, plays with bitches, of course not just fuck. He first found two pairs of handcuffs, handcuffed the two bitches backwards, kneeling face to face, with their backs behind, and then found a few wooden clips, both of which were worn with dual-purpose threads, one of which was placed on his wife's nipple, and the other on the other. On one bitch's nipple, the two sides were clamped like this, and the line was stretched straight. Let the two of them use the nipple to tug-of-war. Both bitches moaned in pain, but both times, the clip on the wife's nipple was pulled. Going down, she screamed in pain.

They still didn't think it was fun, so they simply took off the clip, because the clip was easy to pull off, and tied it directly to their nipples with a thin rope, tight, so it wouldn't fall off so easily . The two bitches also slowly backed away. No one would admit defeat. Sweat was oozing from their foreheads, and their nipples were pulled tightly. However, the rope was of good quality and did not break. It seemed that there was no winner. , until he burned the middle with a lighter, and both bitches barked in relief at the same time.

Then he took out a 40 cm long two-headed dragon and asked them to use their mouths to see how much they could put in. The two bitches worked hard. A little bit of it was swallowed into the throat, and it was unknown who swallowed more. Later, my wife said, that one is not as hard as the real chicken, and it is better to swallow it.

When they vomited, Brother No. 3 took the two-headed dragon and inserted a small part into the other bitch and pointed at my wife and said, "Fuck her mouth!"

So the wife knelt on the ground, she stood in front of the wife and slowly inserted into the wife's mouth, until the wife's mouth touched her pussy, is the wife's mouth more part, or her pussy More, I don't know, but judging from the retching of my wife, she has a lot of parts in her mouth, and she never cuts corners when it comes to deep throat.

The theme of the day is gang rape. Play is not the main thing, and the war is about to ignite. I started my head and wanted to deliberately stimulate my wife. I sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed the other bitch's hair, and inserted all the dick into her mouth, making her retching for a while, and she straightened it up immediately. Body, hands behind his back, he started talking. At this time, the brother next to him would definitely not let her go, and he inserted it in the back. Every time he tried so hard, I could feel her nose hitting my lower abdomen. On, because her breasts are relatively large, it is also very comfortable to squeeze, I also stretched out my hands and kneaded her breasts.

She was occupied in the front and back here, plus the original wife's figure was also better, the remaining five set their sights on my wife, brother No. 3 directly opened the back of her Handcuffed, she was carried into the next room. Not long after I got in, I heard my wife's screams and snapping noises. I didn't have time to look, but it got me even more excited, stood up, slammed into the bitch's mouth, shot it all in her mouth, and yelled, "Which bro come out and fuck."

Immediately, a friend came out of my wife's room and took my place. I also lit a cigarette and went to see the battle on my wife's side. I saw my wife kneeling on the bed in a dog-crawling position, with a few red palm prints on her buttocks, which must have been slapped by someone just now. No. 3 is fucking her chrysanthemum, the front one is sticking her mouth, the other two are pinching her pussy, the other is playing with her tits, and the wife keeps whining. Seeing me coming in, my wife looked even more excited and said loudly, "The pussy is still empty, come and fuck!"

So they changed my wife's position, lying on the 3rd Below, the wife was sitting with her back to him, with her hands propped up on the bed, and the other brother who aimed at her shoved him in, and tilted his head, holding another person's cock, and the wife was stabbed three times again! The wife's voice is getting louder and louder! Another friend, who seemed to remember something, quickly ran outside and brought in the bitch from the living room, posing in the same pose.

At this time, the two bitches barked one after another, as if they were in a race! The round is over until everyone shoots and both bitches squirt out in the process. Both bitches were limp on the bed, their pussies and assholes opened and closed, full of cum. It can't be wasted like this, so they both pose as six or nine and lick each other. The wife was obviously working harder, sucking and licking, her tongue kept digging into her pussy and asshole, and she ate a lot of semen.

When it's almost time, everyone will take a break. Because there are too many people, there is no ultimate experience, so I thought of a way. Find a piece of paper, tear it into small pieces, and write 1 and 2 on it. 1 is my other bitch and 2 is my wife. Then tell them to play two rounds, the first round, fuck the mouth, the second round, personality time, free play, just play as you like, not according to the draw results. Tell them to write 10 1s, 10 2s, let himWe draw by ourselves, and whoever gets the draw will play whoever in the next few rounds. Everyone thinks it's very interesting, so they all agree. Actually, only I know, I wrote 5 1s and 15 2s. When the note was drawn, it was almost as expected.

Four of the wives were drawn, plus I was five, and two of the other bitches were drawn. In order to avoid being too unbalanced, I joined to another group. Of course, the rest of the notes would definitely not be shown to them, they would be crumpled up and thrown into the trash can.

Then the two bitches started show time. There are still differences in details. The bitch will stroking her hands occasionally from time to time, which may be related to habit. And my wife, who never uses her hands, only uses her mouth the whole time. This is her advantage.

Slowly, the whole room fell silent, except for the swallowing noises of the two bitches and the occasional retching. Since they both shot once just now, the second time was much slower. This time, it was meant to be fucked. The two brothers also stood up very quickly, and started to fuck with the same movements, but the movements were not Very fierce. At this time, I said something next to me, "Are you reluctant to fuck? What other people's wives are afraid of, fuck them harder."

The two of them also increased their strength and actions. After a series of thrusts, my bitch finally couldn't take it anymore, spit out the cock and gasped, and then came on again. And my wife, from the beginning to the end, never let his dick come out of his mouth, and let him shoot it in his mouth faster, with his cum in his mouth, his mouth was still shaking slightly, and then Swallow it in one bite. Then, without a break, the second one started again, and in such a high-intensity thrust, they fucked their mouths one by one. While the wife was doing the last one, the other one finished first, watching her take a breather and rest. Now the whole audience is focused on his wife, and the wife has become more excited. While being interrupted, she is digging her own pussy with her hands, until the last one roars and shoots into the wife's mouth again.

Originally this round is over, but my wife's next move surprised me. I saw she climbed up to the first brother who cum in the mouth of the other bitch, grabbed his cock, and said, "You can't favor one over the other, you have to enjoy it."

Although The wife quickly licked others hard, but she just fired twice in a row, and this time it wasn't so easy. After a long time in the wife's mouth, she didn't mean to ejaculate at all. So he simply stuck his cock in his wife and stopped moving. Although he didn't move, his wife continued to lick. At this time, he gave a wicked smile and said to his wife, "Don't move, stop licking."

So the wife stopped moving with his cock in his mouth. After a while, he understood what he was going to do. I saw my wife's cheeks bulge out at once, and then she started to swallow. It turned out that he couldn't ejaculate, so he just urinated in his wife's mouth. But the wife still holds his cock and doesn't let go.

Another bitch saw my wife like this, and also crawled over to lick my feet, while my wife had just finished drinking the holy water, but she was still working hard, and No. 3 couldn't help but say: "This bitch is really good enough. It's like you can't live without a chicken."

I added, "other people's wives, don't fuck for nothing."

There are also friends laughing beside them He said, "Both bitches are superb, so it's worth it."

Then he slapped his wife on the buttocks and asked her, "Do you like to interrupt?"

"Hmmmm." The wife answered hesitantly while nodding with the cock in her mouth.

"Okay, then I'll satisfy you." He added. Then he found an extra-large dildo with suction cups from his toolbox. It was still new. According to the instructions, it was 4.5 cm in diameter, 24 cm in length, insertable in length, 18.5 cm, and looked like a Black King Kong is about as thick as his wife's forearm. Then he asked his wife, "Want to eat?"

The wife nodded desperately with the chicken in her mouth.

Then he sterilized his penis, put it on the table, and said to the other bitch, "Come here, you come first."

She was very obedient. In front of the table, she opened her mouth, swallowed slowly, and finally swallowed it all in. She then pulled out and gasped for breath. It was indeed a little big, and tears came out. It was obvious that she worked hard.

At this time, Brother No. 3 ordered again, "Sit up."

She climbed onto the table and squatted down, slowly sitting down, and she could see that she was forced to be It was full, and then I started to do the piston exercise by myself. The wife also stared at her.

No. 3 patted his wife's butt again and said, "Don't worry, it will be your turn in a while."

The wife is also full of anticipation.

He ordered his wife to come again, "Don't eat chicken for now, go and lick her pussy."

The wife immediately crawled over, stuck out her tongue and started licking.

He said to another bitch at the same time, "Hurry up the frequency, insert deeper!"

So she was very obedient and quickened the rhythm, and every time she was deeply The insertion, he also got up by the way, and inserted the dick into her mouth. With increasing frequency, the bitch squirted again! At this time, the wife is licking her pussy. Wife's face, on the table, all the water she sprayed out.

The wife didn't stop, continued to lick her pussy, and licked all the cum on the table!

The bitch had just finished spraying, and her body was still twitching slightly, but they were once again ignited by desire, but they did not let her go. , the coercion mouth is stuffed again.

As soon as she was thrown into bed, the wife couldn't wait to hold the dildo in her mouth, and slowly swallowed it all, the thick penis slowly filled the wife's small mouth, and she kept She retched, still looking at us, for a few seconds before withdrawing, and then swallowing, deep throat from time to time, her cock was already full of saliva. The difference between her and the bitch is that the bitch is absolutely obedient, and the wife is indeed more active!

Looking at the wife eating the dildo, brother No. 3 walked up to her and said to his wife, "Eat it all."

The wife also put it all into her mouth He also put his hand on his wife's head. The wife did not resist, but tears also flowed out. Although he felt good in his heart, his body was still quite uncomfortable. Then, with a wow, he vomited, he let go of his hand, and his wife stepped back for a short while, but immediately put it all in her mouth again.

At this time, another friend walked behind the wife, inserted into the wet pussy of the wife, grabbed her hair, and fucked roughly, because the hair was grabbed, the wife's mouth also left dildo. Brother No. 3 also took it off and washed it, wiped off the dirt on the table, and put it on again, next to his wife, watching her being pressed on the table, grabbing her hair and fucking. The two women were fucked at the same time again, and the barking was louder because the wife didn't have a cock in her mouth.

At this time, the man behind the other bitch came out, and all of it went into her pussy. There was also no chance to rest, and I was hugged and sat on the dildo again, and it was fully supported, but it was still easy to lubricate with semen. The wife also showed her more sleazy side. Seeing that while she was inserting, the semen flowed out on the dildo, and the wife took the initiative to stick out her tongue and lick it, licking the penis, and licking her pussy. Until he was also internally ejaculated.

This time, Brother No. 3 gave another order to let the bitch on the table get down, and said to his wife, "You go up, use your asshole."

The wife also climbed up On the table, he sat down with his ass facing the penis. Because it was too thick, he involuntarily barked. The anus was stuffed full, and the semen in the pussy was squeezed and flowed out. This is another bitch. Also very sensible licking his wife's pussy. While she was still licking seriously, No. 3 came over, put her butt on her head, and pushed her into it.

The wife felt ripped again, hurt, and full, and then her body was put down by the person behind her, and a cock was inserted through her mouth again. Wife was fucked by them again and again, and was fucked and squirted again, while the other one kept licking their assholes from behind. It wasn't until she was shot twice in the pussy and mouth that the wife got up from the dildo and lay down on the table. The other one also consciously cleans up the residue.

Two bitches and bitches were fucked like this all night long, of course, my wife was fucked more often, and all the ejaculated semen, except for the inside, was fucked by them The two ate. The activities of the day were also very successful. After lunch the next day, they parted ways. In the later scores for the wife, except for the first two, all are full marks, and the wife is also very proud. After each such high-intensity activity, my wife has to rest for almost a month.

After returning, Brother No. 3 also had a special chat with me. The conversation is as follows.

3: These two bitches are really good, especially the one added later, which is absolutely amazing. "

Me: I didn't lie to you, it's all good.

3: Of course, it's just too short. If you can, when will this bitch be introduced to me? Playing?

Me: It depends on whether she is willing or not, and I will talk about it later.

This also lays the groundwork for the future

【To be continued】
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