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Actress Yu Ting , 25 years old this year, height 165 cm and weight 48 kg, measurements are 34E,23,36, born with fair skin that can't tan, and looks like a youthful, sweet and lovely Like a big neighbor next door, Yu Ting has long flowing hair, but usuallytied a ponytail. Yu Ting grew up in an orphanage since she was a child, so she is used to hard work. Although she finished university part-time, she did not live a life of running nightclubs like the college students in the north, but br/>The university students in the south might have a simpler relationship. So Yu Ting married her husband who was a police officer 2 years older than her not long after graduating from college, and Yu Ting's husband may be a rookie police officer, so she was always very enthusiastic In an action mission, Yu Ting's husband rushed to the front without hesitation. As a result, the first guy who blocked bullets for everyone died immediately in the line of duty. Yu Ting, who was newly married not long ago, has been widowed in this way for more than a year. Fortunately, there are many allowances for being a police officer who died in the line of duty, not only a one-time pensionThere is a lot of money It is allocated to Yu Ting, and there is a fixed monthly pension of tens of thousands of yuan each month. As long as Yu Ting does not remarry, this pension can be received until she dies, although it is not wealthy. But the moneyis definitely more than enough to live in the country.

For more than a year since her husband passed away, Yu Ting has lived in this place after her wedding. Yu Ting's husband also grew up in a poor family, so he applied for the police exam at the beginning, seeking an iron job. The place where Yu Ting lived after her marriage was an old factory dormitory. There are many people living here, all of whom were factory employees or their relatives, and the so-called dormitory is nothing more than a square-shaped first-floor cement brick bungalow, just like a school, with a whole row of There are 5 households in each row, and a total of about 20 households live here. Each house is only about 15 pings in size, probably due to the early construction, so the bathroom and toilet are shared, and there is no bathroom and toilet plan in the house of the residents, which is a bit like a military camp mode. The surrounding area is surrounded by cement brick and tile bungalows, and in the center of the building is a large open space, which can be used for drying quilts, crops or for children to play. , when Yu Ting and her husband got married, they also entertained the residents here in this open space.

In fact, this construction method is a bit like the early Chinese courtyard houses. There are corridors between buildings.In the early orthodox courtyards, they are called verandas. The courtyard buildings are relatively high-gradedesigned, and are not of the same grade as where Yu Ting lives now. Even so, everyone is used tocalling this place where everyone lives as "Siheyuan". At present, most of the people who live with Yu Ting in the Siheyuan are either old people or children raised from different generations. Most of the young people have gone to work in the north. Currently living in the courtyard There are really not many people who are too young.

Since Yu Ting usually does not have the habit of buying expensive things or luxuries, currently relying on the monthly pension that the government remits into the account every month is enough to live, and even pays Little money left. Moreover, there is no good place to find a job in such a remote place, so Yu Ting is not at work at present, Yu Ting usually helps to take care of the neighbors children or after school in the courtyard. Afterwards, I can help you to look at the children's schoolwork and so on. Anyway, it is not difficult for Yu Ting, who has graduated from a university, and Yu Ting is the only one of the residents here who has this ability. Help children correct homework or review before exams, etc. . . Even the contact books of the children at school are often given to Yu Ting to be responsible for signing. Most of the children here are of the preschool age. There are fewer elementary schools, fewer middle schools, and none above high school, because most of the parents are working hard in the north. , will send the children to the south to help their parents with them, and when the children are a little older, they will be sent to the parents in the north to study and study.

[An An~ I went to tell my sisters to stop playing~ They brought them in to wash their hands and eat. ] Yuting was cooking in the kitchenin the house, turned her head and said

[Oh! Alright, Aunt Yuting, I'll go right away~] An An immediately put down the toy in her hand and ran to the open space outsidecalling the other brothers and sisters to come back to wash their hands and prepare to eat.

The so-called brothers and sisters are not the brothers and sisters of An Anqin. Everyone also came here to take care of Yu Ting. Come to Yuting, not only the elderly parents or grandparents in the family can rest assured, but the children also like to stay with Aunt YutingAuntie Yuting not only has something to eat and play, but also Aunt Yuting has Occasionally tell stories to them. Everyone just treats Aunt Yuting's house as a kindergarten and gets up early every morningNot long after, the children will come to Yuting to report by themselves, and go back to their grandparents' house to sleep in the evening. If the meal is late at home, they will even stay at Yuting's house. Go home after dinner.

Neighbors also like Yu Ting, a kind-hearted girl. Moreover, people who stay in such remote places basically live relatively poor and have nothing to repay, so Yuting's family often has neighbors send some vegetables that they grow by themselves. The fruit was said to be for Yu Ting, but in fact most of it went into the belly of those little radishes at home, and no one was at a loss.

[Xiaohu~You don’t always eat meat, you have to eat a few dishes to be nutritionally balanced]

[Youyou~ wipe your nose again, it’s almost dripping down ! ]

[An An~~ put your bowl down~ I'll serve the soup for you, so it won't be good if you spill it and burn it later]

[Aunt Yuting, I You can serve the soup yourself~]

[An An, you are relatively young, so you can serve it yourself when you are older. ]

[An An, do you want to do something? Otherwise, I'll let you help clean the table after dinner, okay? ]


Since there is no kindergarten around here, we also rely on Yu Ting to help teach these children to learn phonetic symbols and symbols before going to primary school. Some simple basic routines. After eating and eating fruit, Xiaoting told a story and coaxed these preschool children to take a nap together. After falling asleep, Xiaoting taught them some numerical concepts, and then let the children go to the open space outside the house to play.

At 4:00 p.m., Yu Ting saw that it was almost time, so she called in a few children who were playing outside, ready to help them take a bath and then take a bath one by one. send home. Since there is only one shared bathroom here, fortunately, there is enough space in the bathroom. Generally, when it gets dark after get off work, adults who go out to work come back, and they will go to the bathroom to take a bath one after another. Some people go in and take a bath together without any hesitation, but everyone still has to queue up to take turns to take a bath, usually after 9 o'clock in the evening before everyone can finish washing. So Xiaotingin order to avoid wasting time in line, Xiaoting will help the children to take a bath before the adults come back, and by the way, she will also wash with the children.

Since the children are very young, Yu Ting, regardless of gender, takes the children to the bathroom to help them wash them together, and by the way, she also washes along with them. , after washing, Yu Ting will simply put on a dress that she is used to wearing. After wrapping the child in a bath towel, Yu Ting will personally put the child back and forth one by one Children are sent home directly to their parents and grandparents to change into clean clothes. Since the weather in the south is relatively warm, coupled with the layout of the courtyard, it is surrounded by buildings, so the wind is not too strong, even in winter, you don't have to worry about it after taking a bath. Children will be cold. Every time Yu Ting helped the child take a bath, and then sent the child home, and then returned to the bathroom to send the next child, on average, it took only one trip to send a child back and forth. It only takes about 3 to 5 minutes.

Yu Ting is accustomed to preparing a simple one-piece dress when she takes a bath, and she does not bring underwear and underwear. Avoiding too much clothing, it is easy to accidentally drop it on the floor of the bathroom. Wet again by the water on the floor. When Yu Ting sent the last child, Xiaohu home, she happened to see Xiaohu's grandmother sitting on a rattan chair at the door, holding a fan in her hand that was shaking and shaking, The only abnormality is that Xiaohu's grandmother is naked.

Yu Ting is no stranger to such a scene, because the people on the Siheyuan side are relatively simple and their ideasThe weather in the south is hot, and every home At most, it's just a fan, and no one has installed air conditioners in their homes, so when the weather is hot in summer, you can often see some old grandmothers wearing shirtless cool at the door, and even Yu Ting has seen children. Jie's grandmother threw her pair of sacks of milk that could hang down to her navel, around her shoulders, and threw them directly behind her back, holding a towel to wipe the sweat stains that were in contact with the skin under her breasts.

I just mentioned that the people here are simple, which is also what Yu Ting likes to stay here. The people here are really simple and kind, and usually everyone is very kind and united. Helping each other, it's not an exaggeration to say that the house is not closed at night, and you don't need to worry about the security problem, and you don't have to worry about being raped like this old grandma with her upper body naked or something, it's just a matter of Age has nothing to do with appearance, it is entirely the reason why the villagers here are simple and kind.

Compared to walking in the courtyard in this hot day, you can see some dew points from time to time, but Yu's outfit is relatively conservative. Although there are clothes, this light blue one-piece dress can still reveal the vacuum inside Yu Ting's dress, the outline of the pair of breasts on the chest is clearly visible, and even the bright red areola The nipples are close to the clothes, and they are directly exposed. Although the pubic hair on the lower body cannot be seen from the front, from the back, Yu Ting's tight buttocks are completely attached to the dress. , Yu Ting's round and plump buttocks twist with the natural, unpretentious nature of walking, very sexy.Look. It's a pity that all the people here are little kids, otherwise they are old people who don't know how to appreciate it.

To say that no one appreciates it, it is not completely absent. The old men in the village and a few younger ones have experienced this many times over the past year. After the bath, Yu Ting, wearing a tight and sexy dress, shuttled in the corridor sending the children who had just taken a bath wrapped in a towel home one by one, sometimes it was inevitable that the water on her body was not wiped It is very dry, so the clothes are still a little wet, so the clothes are close to the skin, and the chest is often translucent. But everyone just appreciates it, and to repeat what the grandmothers often say here, those men are like a dog barking a train, what can they do if they just look and bark a few times?

Soon after sending all the children home, Yu Ting returned to her own home, ready to welcome the next wave of children. Yes! Not long after the preschool children came home, a few elementary school students soon returned from school. The habit of the children here after class is to come to Yuting to report first, take out homework and start writing at Yuting's house, after finishing writing, they will make corrections to Yuting, and there is also a contact book It is also necessary to sign Yu Ting. Yu Ting also prepares some snacks at home or cooks noodles and dumplings for the children to eat after school.

[Aunt Yuting~~I have written the homework from the school. . . ]

[Bring it to me to check~~]

[Aunt Yuting, the teacher said that she would bring a fruit to school for painting tomorrow. . . ]

[Wait, pick an apple or a cantaloupe on the table and take it with you~ Don't pick lychees or grapes, too many are hard to draw. . . ]

[Aunt Yuting, have I finished writing and can start eating snacks~]

[Go eat! ! The teacher in the contact book said that you have been good in class recently, you are very good~~]

Yu Ting is like a saint in a religion in the courtyard, and she is already indispensable in everyone's heartThe role of Yuting is young and beautiful, and she is a good person with knowledge and enthusiasm. Not only adults, but even childrenlike Yuting very much.

[Okay~~I think everyone has finished their homework, and those who have finished eating snacks should go take a shower with me first! Others who haven't would hurry up and get them and put away the schoolbags, and I'll take you home after I take you one by one to take a bath]

Yu Ting looked at the sky, it was getting late, the sun was about to go down, because the group of children had already gone to primary school, and there were differences between men and women, so Yu Ting took them one by one into the shared bathroom. Take a bath, you can't just get together and wash like the group of preschool children. Although some of them are actually at the age where they can take a bath by themselves, some of them are not very good at taking a bath by themselves. They also took Yu Ting to take a bath together, so although they are in elementary school now, they are still used to letting Yu Ting continue to take them to the public bathroom to take a bath.

In order not to waste time, and these children are all at school age and have high autonomy, so Yuting only needs to take the first child to the public bathroom first. After the other children have finished their snacks, they will bring their schoolbags and go to the public bathroom to line up and wait for Yu Ting to help them take a bath one by one, and then send them home one by one, and then Take the next one into the bathroom to take a shower.

Soon Yu Ting took a second-school girl who had already checked her homework to take a bath in the bathroom. After entering elementary school, the child took a bath faster, except for her hair, she was not very good at herself. In addition to needing Yu Ting's help to wash, the rest of the body can actually be washed very cleanly by herself. Soon Yu Ting finished washing the first child, wrapping the child in a bath towel, carrying a schoolbag and walking home with the child. On the way to send the children home, because the sun goes down, the sky has become much darker than before, and there is no light in the corridors of the courtyard. It was reflected that the line of sight was very poor, so when the little girl was walking in the corridor, because of her poor line of sight, she was accidentally stirred by her own feet and fell down. The little girl fell while falling. Even Yu Ting, who was holding hands, was dragged down by the child. The child fell on the concrete floor and was not injured.He didn't get too dirty, just stood up and patted her body. Okay, but Yu Ting fell into the open space outside the corridor. The open space was full of mud. The light blue dress that Yu Ting had just put on after taking a shower was covered in all the stains.
A mud stain all over.

[Aunt Yuting is sorry~~] The child looked very aggrieved and frightened when she saw Yuting being hurt by herself and fell into the mud

[It's okay La~ as long as you're not injured, I'll just wait for the clothes to go back and wash them! ] Yu Ting stood up and I saw that she was not injured, but her clothes were dirty. Seeing the child was so sad, she also felt distressed.

[Let's go~~ Let's go home quickly! ]

After Yu Ting sent the child back, she originally planned to go home and get a piece of clothes, and take another shower. Ting saw that all the children were already in the bathroom with their schoolbagsWaiting for her outside. Seeing this group of children, Yu Ting saw that the sky was much darker than before, so she wanted to say it , hurry up and wash the children, don't delay any longer.

Soon Yu Ting pulled a fifth-grade boy who was in the first line into the bathroom. While Yu Ting undressed, she also urged the child to hurry up. Take off your clothes.

[Hurry up, take off as soon as possible, wait for me to wash your hair first, and then wash your body by yourself]

[Oh good~]

The unmanned little boy looked at Yu Ting who was undressed standing in front of him. Although he didn't understand very well, he also knew that the female body was obviously different from that of the boys, especially the girls in the class were also one by one. The beginning of
is in development, but compared with the mature aunt Yuting, it is not a grade at all. And it's not that Aunt Yu Ting's nudes this little boy hasn't seen it, it's just that he has seen it less often. But when I saw Yu Ting's naked body a few times before, I didn't care too much, but now that she is in fifth grade of elementary school, she has begun to notice that Aunt Yu Ting is different from others.

Yu Ting's body is very good, her skin is white and her breasts are big, and her nipples are also very beautiful. Moreover, Yu Ting's body is actually very small, so visually her breasts look bigger. big. Yuting's body is 165cm, 48kg and 34E, so Yuting is actually quite thin, especially when Yuting is laughing or talking, the dents on both sides of the clavicle are particularly obvious, the sexy clavicle With a pair of E breasts on the chest, it is very attractive. But there is something more special about Yu Ting's body, which is her pubic hair.

Yu Ting's pubic hair looks like there is only a small amount of pubic hair, and the sparse appearance looks very beautiful, unlike the usualMother's lower body with a large thick black forest, and the plumage looks very beautiful. Ting's pubic hair is not very dark in color, and even a smaller part of her pubic hair looks a little golden, which is obviously not the same as other adults' pubic hair.

Yu Ting has been an orphan since she was a child, and she doesn't know her background. Yu Ting's eyes are big and beautiful, and her facial features look similar to ordinary people, not like foreigners. However, the outline of Yu Ting's facial features is indeed a little deeper than the average person, but it is not as obvious as the aborigines. And Yu Ting's skin is very white, which is not the same as the skin color of the locals here
Yu Ting's skin will not be tanned no matter how it is sunburned, at most it is just reddened and Already, after two days of redness, the skin turned white again. Coupled with the small handful of golden pubic hair on Yu Ting's own pussy, Yu Ting wondered if she had a little bit of Dutch blood on her body. It may be one of Yu Ting's ancestors who came to Taiwan in the early days of the Netherlands, so she has 1/4 or 1/8 Dutch blood or something.

But that's not the point, anyway, Yu Ting doesn't plan to test for DNA, and it doesn't make much sense. Soon Yu Ting helped the little boy to wash his hair, and then let the little boy wash his body, Yu Ting then simply rinsed off the mud he just got on her body, and then Yu Ting took it. From her light blue one-piece dress, simply scrub and wash it. Yu Ting intends to scrub the clothes, wring them out with her hands, and put them on directly when they are wet.

As a result, after Xiaoting put on this wet one-piece dress, the feel of the whole wet dress sticking to the skin made Yuting feel very bad, and wearing it like this Afterwards, the hem of the skirt also stuck to the thigh, making it difficult to even walk. Yu Ting looked at the sky outside again, it was almost dark at this time, Yu Ting hesitated for a while, so took off the wet clothes and put them aside for a while. Hang on a hanger.

[Have you washed it yet? Let's go after you wash it~ Aunt Yuting will take you home]

[Aunt Yuting, why did you take off your clothes again~]

[The clothes are wet It's not easy to wear~ It's uncomfortable to wear, so Aunt Yuting took it off]

[Then what if you don't have clothes to wear? ]

[No clothes to wear, no clothes to wear~ There are not many old grandmothers in the vicinity who are often not wearing clothes, and It is very dark now, I will take you home first , I'll wear it when I get home later]

Yu Ting walked out naked with a little boy wrapped in a bath towel, since there was only one bath towel, Yu Ting usually Take turns wrapping all the kids home in the same towel. The children outside suddenly saw Yu TingAuntie come out naked, although they felt a little surprised, but no one said anything, so they silently watched the naked Yuting, walking through the corridor in the courtyard, After passing the door of other residents' houses one by one, after sending the child home, he wrapped his body with the bath towel, and then walked back and took the second child in to share
Take a shower in the bathroom.

In this way, Yu Ting took advantage of the dark sky and walked naked in the corridor of the courtyard many times.In this way, she successfully took the child after taking a bath. They were sent home one by one. The lucky Yuting did not meet any residents on the way to send the children home. Because there are few people here, and those who go out to work at this time have not yet arrived home, and those who are at home are just big enoughShe was busy cooking dinner, and Yuting just delivered the childto the door of the house and left without saying hello to the family, so Yuting dared to walk around the courtyard nakedso boldly. .

Originally, when she was walking around naked in the courtyard at first, Yu Ting felt like a thief, sneaking around, but she had to pretend to be generous in front of the children. It's a bit hard to look like it doesn't matter. After Yu Ting brought the child home naked for the first time, she returned with the towel wrapped around the child. When sending the second child back naked, Yu Ting took the bath towel in her hand, covered her chest and walked back with her little pussy.

After successfully sending the children home again and again, Yu Ting is also more accustomed to walking around naked in the courtyard, and Yu Ting also thinks that this is actually quite exciting. Fun, so the third child, the fourth child. . . When Yu Ting returned, she also took the bath towel directly in her hand and walked back naked to help the next child take a bath. . .

[Whoo~~ finally the last child left]

Yu Ting washed the hair of the last little girl in front of her in the bathroom, while chatting with this girl, this The girl is now in the sixth grade of primary school, her body has begun to develop, and her period is coming. The little girls in the courtyard usually rely on Yuting to help them do health education work for them. , teach them how to understand women's menstrual period, why women have menstruation, how to face them after menstruation comes, and gradually teach them the correct concept of sex, of course, also Take them to the city center to buy their first underwear for their parents and so on~~

[Okay~ I’ve washed them for you~ Let’s go back~]

Yu Ting was going home with the last little girl, and by the way, she picked up the one-piece dress that had just been hanging here. Yu Ting was planning to put it on, but the clothes were still wet in her hand. Yes, it's just not as wet as it was at the beginning Yu Ting thought about it anyway, she walked around the courtyard naked so many times just now,It's not bad for the last time, so just continue to be naked. ! So Yu Ting took the clothes in her hand, walked out of the bathroom with the little girl wrapped in a bath towel, and took her home directly.

When she was halfway through the corridor, Yu Ting suddenly heard a burst of voices. She guessed that the person who had gone out to work was coming back from get off work. Yu Ting hurriedly stopped. Telling the little girl to wait for her, Yu Ting started to spread the one-piece dress on her hand to put it on, but as the voice got closer, Yu Ting became more and more nervous. When I was nervous, the clothes in my hand became more disobedient. Yu Ting's hands kept shaking, and the clothes were turned over and over for a while.I finally could see which side was the front. It's the reverse side, Yu Ting then quickly put the clothes on her headThe clothes were still a little wet, so the clothes were stuck to the skin, and the whole clothes were stuck after passing through the head On the chest, the clothes stuck to Xiaoting's chest and back could not be pulled off smoothly, and at this time, the villagers who had just returned from get off work just turned around the corner of the corridor and saw Yuting.

There are about a dozen villagers standing in front of Yu Ting at this moment, both male and female, but they are generally quite old. As soon as everyone turned the corner, they all saw Yu Ting, who was showing her breasts and pulling her clothes on her chest. Yu TingThe pair of round and full breasts were exposed directly in front of everyone. Since Yuting's upper breasts are all exposed, not to mention the pubic hair below, of course. It was all seen by everyone. Although Yu Ting successfully pulled off her clothes after being exposed for about 5 seconds for a short period of time, but because Yu Ting's nakedness has just been shown by everyone. Look at the light relationship. There were more than a dozen people at the scene, and no one made a sound for a while.

The residents here have been with Yu Ting for more than a year, regardless of weekdays or holidays, they can often see Yu Ting with a child who just took a bath, Going back and forth between the corridors, sending the children who had just taken a bath home one by one. Although Yu Ting was often seen by these neighbors in the process of her breasts protruding, and even her clothes were soaked in water, which made her chest appear translucent, but Yu Ting was still able to comfortably face the neighbors
br/>Walking up and down, it was also because Yuting was wearing clothes, which was different from this time when Yuting showed no clothes to cover in front of everyone, which made Yuting die of shyness for a while. .

[Aiya~ Yuting is really working hard~ I’m helping everyone take a bath again~]

[Yeah~~ Yuting is here to help everyone, really It's very good~]

[It's really hard for Yuting. Without Yuting, these children would be very pitiful. ]

I don't know which aunt was the first to speak out to resolve Yu Ting's embarrassment, and soon other neighbors followed you and praised Yu Ting one by one.

[Nope~ The children are also very well behaved, it's just a little busy anyway, it's really nothing! ] Yuting saw that everyone was praising her, she also responded happily and shyly.

[Okay~ Everyone go home quickly~ Don't block Yu Ting here. . . ]

[Okay~ let's go, let's go! ] The residents also dispersed and went home.

FeatherAfter Ting sent the last child home, she also returned to her own home. After closing the door, Yu Ting finally breathed a sigh of relief, picked up the teapot and poured herself a glass of water, thinking of the situation just exposed, At that time, I was really nervous, and I also thought it was embarrassing to feel like this. Yu Ting put down the drinking glass in her hand, took off the wet dress that she was wearing, and remembered that she had just been naked by everyone while taking it off. That scene.

Although nervous, although embarrassing, but. . . Really exciting~~

After returning home, Yu Ting was still excited even though it had been a while. At this time, the naked Yu Ting sat on the sofa, opened her thighs, and touched her secret cave with her hands. The mouth of the small cave was wet and sticky, obviously The filthy water has long since flowed out from the inside to the hole.

The widowed Yu Ting is still so young, so of course she has sexual needs. Generally speaking, Yu Ting has the habit of masturbating 1 or 2 times a week. Whenever there is a desire in his heart, he will rub his clitoris with his hands and masturbation until the orgasm is over. This was really enough at the beginning, but graduallyYuting felt that the stimulation was not enough, so Yuting herself also bought a few vibrating egg massage sticks and the like on the Internet to play . Fortunately, online shopping is now conveniently packaged and secretive. Yuting only needs to send the package to the convenience store in the city. When Yuting goes to the city to buy daily necessities every once in a while, she will pick up the goods and take them home. .

Generally speaking ~ Yu Ting starts masturbating, her clitoris slowly becomes hard and swollen, and then the kinky water will start to flow out slowly to the hole, and then continue masturbating for a while. You can reach the climax. But today's Yu Ting has just been exposed and stimulated in front of everyone, so she hasn't started masturbating yet, the mouth of her small hole is already overflowing with kinky water, and her two labia minora are also sticking to her own. The kinky water was wet and slippery, Yu Ting slightly dipped the kinky water on her labia minora with her fingers and then picked it up to see, and she could see that the kinky water on her fingers was still tugging at the threads.

Yu Ting touched her Xiaodoudou's clitoris again, and her clitoris was already hard and swollen with excitement. Yu Ting took out a vibrating egg from the drawer and skillfully placed it on the clitoris, turning on the weakest vibration first, through the buzzing vibration of the vibrating egg, Yu Ting's horny water began to flow more and more. . .

[Ah~~ah~~ so comfortable~~]


Yu Ting didn't shout too loudly , just humming softly to make a little noise, after all, the sound insulation of this kind of house is not very good, you can often hear the sound of neighbors scolding children, but as long as it is not too exaggerated to moan There is no need to worry about being heard.

Buzzing. . . Yu Ting increased the vibration intensity of the vibrating egg again, and the pleasure from the clitoris was even stronger. It didn't take long for Yu Ting to come to a clitoral orgasm. This is the most basic and simple method of female masturbation, but Yu Ting, who has had sexual experience, can not be satisfied with this. After the first orgasm subsided a little, Yu Ting returned Take a fake cock out of the drawer.

This penis is made of a simulated design, the skin color, the length is 20 cm ~ the thickness is just right, and there is a visual sense of exposed blue veins on the penis. The dildo also vibrates and has a suction cup underneath. Yu Ting picked up the massage stick and turned on the vibration. After rubbing the mouth of her small hole a few times and dipped in her own filthy water, she inserted the massage stick into her small hole slowly.

[Ah~~~ so good~~]

[Oh~~~ oh~~~~~ um~~]

The massage stick starts vibrating , Yu Ting used the massage stick to slowly insert her own small hole again and again, at the speed and rhythm she liked, feeling the pleasure of her small hole being filled with dick. After a while, Yu Ting pulled the massage stick out of the small hole, and put the massage stick on the small table beside it. There is also a piece of tempered glass on top, which Yu Ting bought deliberately, just for the characteristics of the glass plane, which is convenient for Yu Ting to suck the sucker of the massage stick on it and fix it, and the tempered glass can also avoid being damaged by Yu Ting. To trample.

After Yu Ting fixed the massage stick on the table, Yu Ting climbed onto the small table and squatted. In a squatting position, I slowly sat down on the massage stick, and saw that the massage stick was inch by inch into Yu Ting's small acupuncture point. When the massage stick was about 3 or 4 cm exposed, massage
The stick reached the depths of Yu Ting's small hole, Yu Ting lifted her butt up again, and when the glans of the massage stick reached the mouth of the small hole, Yu Ting's buttocks slowly started again. Sit down and do the same thing over and over again.

Using a simulated dildo to imitate the real-life lovemaking mode, Yu Ting continued to masturbate on the small table in this female superior position. The dildo kept going in and out of Yu Ting's little pussy, every time in and out, it brought out a lot of kinky water dripping on the table, and the labia was also turned and closed by the inserted pussy. of.

Yu Ting's lower body is really beautiful.There is a small pinch of pubic hair, and a small part of special golden pubic hair is interspersed in it, and it may be that Yuting has not had much sexual experience in the newly married relationship, so Yuting's small pussy is still there
It is pink like a girl, and Yuting's labia minora is quite large, it looks like a butterfly's wings are spread out, generally speaking, this kind of small hole is called "butterfly cunt".

Generally girls have butterfly cunts, and their physique is usually a little more sensitive. It may be due to the mature development of sexual organs, so the sexual desire of such girls will also be stronger than ordinary people, or It is a woman who prefers to enjoy the process of sex, and women who tend to like sex are naturally the kind that can be developed and trained. . .

[Ah~~ ah~~ can't do it~~]

[Ah~~ my little pussy is so comfortable~~]

[Oh~~ want to orgasm ~~ah~~~~~]

Yu Ting put her hands back on the table and leaned her head back, her feet were on the table, her legs were open, her butt was going up and down violently Under the condom, he fiddled with the dildo that was standing on the table. After a while of trembling, Yu Ting's speed gradually slowed down, and after pulling the massage stick out of the small hole, her buttocks also slowly put down and sat on the table.

[Whoo~~ really comfortable and enjoyable~~]

After the orgasm, Yu Ting got down from the small table with satisfaction, picked up the massage stick on the table and simply used a tissue After wiping, put the massage stick together with the vibrating egg back into the drawer.

[It's so hot~~ hoo~~ I'm sweating all over again. . . ]

Summer is already very hot, even if you don't do anything, it's easy to sweat all over, not to mention Yu Ting just
is still masturbating in a fierce position, her whole body is constantly It's moving, no wonder I'm sweating all over now. Yu Ting is a person who loves cleanliness very much and is obsessed with cleanliness. If Yu Ting does not wash her body with the smell of sweat, Yu Ting will not be able to sleep well. Yu Ting stood naked in the house, opened the door of the house a little, and looked through the crack of the door to the shared bathroom. Yu Ting saw that there were many people outside the bathroom at this time. Waiting in line to take a bath, Yu Ting thought to herself~ I should watch TV first, and then go to take a bath before going to bed, There should be no one taking a bath by then!

As I said before, the shared bathroom in the courtyard is not too small, but it is not too big. There are 3 groups of shower heads on the wall, so it does not matter if three adults can go in and wash at the same time. The residents here are very familiar with each other, and they are kind-hearted, and generally they are very old, so they are also very casual, often at a time. Chatting while washing, or two men washing together, the advantage of washing together is that it can reduce the time in line.

Usually, people who have a good relationship will get together to wash, or couples will wash together. There are also cases where men and women are not married but wash together, but the ratio is relatively small. Usually, the boys wash in the bathroom first, and the girls who are less afraid of being seen run in later, and those who do this are usually really older grandmas. In rural areas, the older you are, the less afraid of being seen.

When Yu Ting was newly married, she went in with her husband to wash. Of course, when the youngest couple in the courtyard was taking a bath, of course no one would return it at this time. Bai Mu went in and washed with them, but after Yuting's husband passed away, when Yuting was left alone, there were often other aunts and grandmothers who would be with her next to Yuting. Take a shower together in the bathroom. Yu Ting is actually not used to washing with others, butI'm too embarrassed to say anything, so Yuting's current mode is to wash with the children in the afternoon, if and sweating at night, At about 10 o'clock before going to bed, when there is relatively no one, Yu Ting will take a bath again. At this time, the chance of someone just coming to take a bath will be much smaller.

In summer, Yu Ting, who loves cleanliness, sometimes takes two or three baths a day. If she can drag and wait, Yu Ting will wait until the time is relatively late to avoid crowds before taking a bath. Sometimes I want to sleep, but when someone is taking a bath, Yuting will bite the bullet and go to line up with everyone, and then choose to wash with a more familiar grandmother, so that it will not be embarrassing.

After watching TV in the living room for more than 2 hours, Yu Ting opened the door and looked at the bathroom. NowNo one is taking a shower in the bathroom. Look at the lights, nearby residents A lot of them seem to have gone to bed. In rural areas, there are few programs in the evening, so it is generally a habit to go to bed early and get up early. Yu Ting, who was completely naked, was waiting for Yu Ting to take a bath. When Yu Ting picked up the clothes around her and was about to put it on and go out to take a bath, she suddenly thought of the exposing experience of walking around naked that stimulated her in the afternoon. It was really exciting to walk around naked in the courtyard while the sky was dark. Yu Ting, who had experienced her first exposure, was overwhelmed by the thrill of this excitement. Yu Ting silently lowered her head to look at the clothes in her hands, and then looked up to see that there were only a few households and bathroom lights left on, so she put the clothes back on the table, Holding a small plastic box with bathing utensils and towels in his hand, he opened the door and walked out naked without clothes on..

Yu Ting once again walked naked in the corridor of the courtyard. Although it was a hot day, there was still a cool breeze blowing. I don't know if she was walking around naked, psychologically Feeling excited or what, Yuting had a little goose bumps on her body, but it was definitely not because of the cold. After Yu Ting arrived in the bathroom, she was embarrassed to see that there were actually two aunties taking a bath in the bathroom. It may be that the two aunties just didn't talk before, so Yu Ting would Thought there was no one in the bathroom. And the aunt in the bathroom also saw the scene where the naked Yu Ting appeared at the door of the bathroom, the three of them I looked at you, you looked at me for a while, but at this time Yu Ting did not I was too embarrassed to go back, so I had to bite the bullet and go into the bathroom, put down the plastic box in my hand, and take a bath with the two aunties.

There is no door in the shared bathroom in the courtyard. Yes! There is really no door~ If you pass by the outside corridor, you can see the spring light of the people who are bathing inside. The bathroom originally had a door, but because the wooden door was in disrepair for a long time, after a typhoon was devastated, the door panel was blown by the typhoon, and the residents were not used to not having it. However, I could not find a suitable door panel, so I took a thin wooden door panel to block the door to prevent the bathers from leaking.

This temporary board is not only thin, but also small. In addition to the so-called blocking, in fact, it is just that the wooden board is leaned 45 degrees against the door, the top is against the door frame, and a large hole is exposed below. Just cover half of the spring light inside. Even so, it is better to have a block than no block, and the residents have used this board for half a year. After half a year, the door finally became wet and rotten. It was blown down again by the wind and hit the ground into three pieces. Since then, everyone has been brittle There is no need for wooden boards to block the bathroom door. Anyway, everyone is used to it.

There are three shower heads in the bathroom. Generally speaking, Yu Ting chooses the innermost shower head to take a bath. BecauseWhen standing in the innermost showerhead, you don't have to worry about being seen by people outside or in line.The person using the middle showerhead will see half of their body , and standing in the shower head closest to the door to take a bath, is 100% sure to be seen by the people who are queuing outside to take a bath. And nowthe innermost and middle ones are occupied by the two aunties who came first, so Yu Ting had no choice but to take a bath in the shower head closest to the door.

[Yu Ting~~ came to take a bath because of sweating again~]

[Yeah~~] Yu Ting showed a shy smile

[Love cleanliness is a good thing, like I find it troublesome ~ I wash it once a day] The aunt in the innermost said

[Who is not ~ I have a lot of things at home and I am used to sweating] The one in the middle The aunt also said

[Yuting~~your body is so well maintained~]

[Yeah, yeah~ my family passes by Yuting every day, The old stared at Yu Ting. In fact, even my girls love to watch it, let alone boys, right! ]

The two aunties, you are talking to each other, chatting with Yu Ting, once a woman has a topic, it seems that will not feel so embarrassed, and everyone seems to forget why Just now Yu Ting came to the bathroom naked.This question. While Yu Ting was taking a bath, there would occasionally be a few neighbors passing by outside. After all, not everyone here goes to bed that early.

Yu Ting was standing in the shower head closest to the bathroom door to take a shower. At first, she felt embarrassed. In addition, several neighbors who just occasionally passed by the bathroom door also saw it. Yuting is standing naked and taking a bath at the position closest to the bathroom door. But the residents here are very simple. Even among the residents who passed by, there was a man in his 40s and 50s. Even so, the two men were not seen seeing Yu Ting. After being naked, he deliberately stayed at the door. This also made Yu Ting feel more at ease.

Yu Ting was standing in the shower head near the door to take a bath. The original psychological barrier was getting smaller and smaller. Yu Ting felt that she thought too much in the past and always chose the innermost one. Shower head bathing, in fact, it's nothing, if you are seen you will be seen, and it will be fine. Although Yu Ting made such a conclusion to her psychology, she still couldn't help feelingin her heart, she actually seemed to like the feeling of being stared at by others, Yu Ting was soaked with hot water and wet
Wet, the little hole also feels wet again. . .

Yu Ting was the last to come, and of course she was the last to wash up. Yu Ting took a bath towel to dry her body and wanted to leave the bathroom. She secretly looked outside and made sure that there was no one in the corridor outside. Then Yu Ting held the plastic box again. I took a bath towel to cover my chest and walked home, and once again enjoyed being naked with no clothes on, I took a bath towel to my chest and walked in the corridor of the courtyard~

Returning to Yu Ting in the house, after closing the door, she leaned her back against the door. At this time, Yu Ting was excited again. Yu Ting is sure that she has fallen in love with this kind of violenceThe feeling of dew, and Yuting also knows that when this idea of ​​falling in love with exposure begins to sprout in the heart, it will grow stronger and stronger, and after the first experience, there will definitely be a second time,The third time, and will play more daringly each time. Yu Ting leaned against the door and touched her wet little pussy with her hands, so she walked to the cabinet and opened the drawer, and took out the dildo she had just put away again. . .

※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※

[Aunt Yuting, you can see that I can ride a bicycle~]

[An An~ Ride slowly~]

[Xiaohu~ You don't climb that high, be careful to fall from the tree~]

[Xiaojie~ go to the house and drink some water~ I see you are sweating profusely, be careful later Child heat stroke. . . ]

Today, Yu Ting, as usual, led this group of children in the courtyard to play outside the house. When the weather is good, we will arrange more outdoor activities, and when it is raining, we will arrange some indoor games, or recognizing characters and telling stories.

At four o'clock in the afternoon, Yu Ting's long-awaited time to bathe the child came. Yu Ting has never looked forward to the time to take a bath, but it has been different since yesterday. Yu Ting had a reason for her clothes to get dirty and wet yesterday, walking around the courtyard naked, but not today. Although I really want to try again like yesterday, Yu Ting still can't summon the courage. I really don't know what I thought yesterday, why I was in such a hurry, and walked around the courtyard naked many times . Maybe it was because of the playful heart and the pleasure of exposing her head

Yu Ting prepared a tight white long T-shirt for herself today. The length is just a little over the buttocks, and if you move it a little, the attractive buttocks at the back will be exposed. After Yu Ting put on this white long T, she took the toilet utensils and towels, and took these little kids to the bathroom.

After Yu Ting brought these little kids into the bathroom today, she did not choose the innermost shower head to use, instead Yu Ting was standing at the shower head closest to the door to help the children bath. Usually, Yu Ting helped the children to wash their clothes, and then she took off her clothes and stood in the back of the bathroom to wash her body. But today's Yu Ting took off her clothes as soon as she entered the bathroom, and then the naked Yu Ting stood in the bathroom by the door, helping the children one by one After shampooing and bathing, Yu Ting washed all the children before washing herself.

During the washing process, Yu Ting noticed that almost seven or eight neighbors passed by the bathroom door. Those people can definitely see Yu Ting's naked body. Although Yu Ting was a little embarrassed at first, when she noticed a neighbor passing by, she could not help blushing, and even realized that When someone stopped to look at her for a while, Yu Ting would bow her head shyly, pretending to wash the child's toes seriously.

After the children were all washed, Yu Ting deliberately did not wipe the water stains off her body very dry, and then put on the white long T she brought with her. Sure enough, her body was slightly wet. After putting on that dress, the already tight clothes fit better with the body. Originally, the long T fabric was quite thin, and now I can see the original inside through the clothes
Skin color. Coupled with Yu Ting's care, after washing her hair today, Yu Ting did not put her hair in a high plate or wrap it in a towel, but let part of her hair naturally drape on the front chest, wet Wet hair is easier to rehydrate clothes, and the moisture on the hair can also make the long T on Yu Ting's body more and more wet, and the pair of E breasts on the chest will become more and more transparent. clear.

Yu Ting took the children back and forth one by one. Yu Ting made sure that all the residents who passed by him must have seen her exposed body, especially her cockroaches. The upturned ass balls and the bold breasts on the chest will definitely not be let go. Although the residents here are simple and honest, who wouldn't like to watch the eye-catching pictures?

When all the children were sent home, Yu Ting went back to her house and waited for the next group of children in elementary school to come back to do their homework. Today, when Yuting helped the children with their homework, even Yuting herself felt a little sloppy, and even the children noticed that Yuting was a little absent-minded. Soon after the children's homework was finished, Yu Ting excitedly took the children to the bathroom to line up to take a bath.

This time, Yu Ting still chooses the outermost shower head to wash. Children at this age are a little older, so they have a sharper view of things and can understand when there are problems. Question, the child thinks Aunt YutingToday is a bit strange, why is Aunt Yuting not the same as usual today.

[Aunt Yuting, how do we wash in the first shower head today? ]

[Because Aunt Yuting thinks it's a little hotter inside~ There's wind blowing from the outside here, do you think it's cooler! ]

[Then didn't you just take a shower? Why are you taking off your clothes and washing them with me now?]

[Auntie is afraid that the clothes will be accidentally wetted by water and spray, so it is always uncomfortable to wear wet? ]

[Oh. . . right! Wet clothes are really uncomfortable. . . ]

Just like that, Yuting took the trouble to wash a child, put on her clothes and send the child home, and then went back to the bathroom, took off her clothes and continued to help Wash the next one, put on his clothes after washing and send him home, take it off again when he comes back, and help the next one continue to wash. . .

Although the process of putting on and taking off clothes repeatedly is a bit troublesome, but Yu Ting can only think of this method of exposing her body to others naturally. After all, she is always embarrassed to follow The child said that he fell in love with the feeling of being exposed, he really enjoyed the pleasure of being seen by others~


humming ~ Tonight Yu Ting doesn't have the heart to watch any TV shows. Yu Ting took out the vibrating egg and massage stick early, and kept masturbating again and again. After the experience of being exposed in the courtyard today, Yuting's body has become more sensitive, and she often thinks of some shy pictures with her head from time to time, and her little pussy starts to wet . And Yuting has also become more likely to orgasm than usual. Not only that, but even the feeling of climax was stronger than before. Logically speaking, such a strong orgasm should be easier to satisfy yourself, but on the contrary! On the contrary, Yu Ting found that her sexual needs seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. For example, tonight she played with the massage stick for more than an hour. After five consecutive orgasms, Yu Ting received the massage stick. drawer.

※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ ※

Today is Saturday and holiday, children don't have to go to school, and adults don't have to go to work in factories. Except for some adults who go to work in the fields, there will be more residents who have nothing to do to play chess when they chat and walk around in the courtyard during the holidays. Although the adults in the family will accompany the children during the holidays, there are still some children who visit Yuting's house from time to time to play and eat.

The sun at noon is very poisonous, and adults in the courtyard will go to a shady place to hide from the sun. Only children are never afraid of heat or heatstroke, and can still run around under the sun Have a great time. But there is an exceptionan adult, that is Yuting~~

[Come~Come~Come and catch me~]

[Roar~ ~You run again~~I don't believe I can't catch you. . . ]

Yu Ting followed a group of children, playing the game of catching people in the big open space in the middle of the courtyard. It's been about an hour. Khan, Yu Ting is of course no exception. But that's why Yuting is such an idiot playing with the kids under the sun.

Although Yu Ting is not worried that her skin will be tanned by the sun, but under the sun, people will be very hot and dizzy, and even feel weak, even The spirit has been hollowed out. But there is no way~ If you don't do this Yu Ting has to find any reason to go to the bathroom to take a shower to achieve the purpose of exposing herself.

[Hoo~~ I can't take it anymore, let's go get a glass of water and have a rest first! Stop playing]

[I'm sweating profusely again, I'll go take a shower~]

At 2 pm, this is Yu Ting's second visit today I took a shower, and once in the morning at 10 am. Residents here know that Yu Ting is a natural lover of bathing, and looking at her fair skin, it is not surprising that she has a habit of taking baths.

Yu Ting returned to her house as usual to grab a dress and a short skirt, and then came to the first shower head in the bathroom, took off her clothes and started taking a bath. As Yu Ting likes to be exposed more and more, and the number of times she takes a bath in front of everyone also increases, Yu Ting is more and more accustomed to her exposure. Recently, although Yu Ting always chooses the position of the first shower head to take a bath, and she also takes a bath from the original body facing the inside direction, and slowly changes it to take a bath facing the outside direction.

Although there will be no residents, they deliberately go to the bathroom door to see Yu Ting taking a bath, and even look like a pervert, but after all, the bathroom is considered to be in the center of the courtyard. It is easy for everyone walking aroundto pass the bathroom, and the public toilet is also next to the public bathroom. From time to time, people will come to the toilet, and naturally they will pass the bathroom door to see Yu Ting stripped naked and took a bath.

After taking a bath, Yu Ting felt really tired from playing with these children for so long, so she went back to the house to take a nap. Yu Ting deliberately did not go into the inner room to sleep, but went to the living room, laying a quilt on the wooden floor, laying on it and sleeping directly. If people passing by look in, they will definitely see Yu Ting sleeping naked at home.

After Yu Ting woke up, it was already past 6 o'clock in the evening, and the sky had begun to darken. Yu Ting simply cooked some noodles to eat. After eating, she put on clothes. , and came to the corridor of the courtyard outside and took a walk in the open space. At this time, the courtyardMost of the people here are just before and after meals, some people are full, and some people haven't eaten yet. The chess players started to collect the chessboard, and some children continued to play on the empty space. Yu Ting looked towards the bathroom, and at this time some residents began to go in to take a bath one after another, and many of them were I took my kids to wash.

Yu Ting, who had had a full meal, was walking in the courtyard. After a while, the sky gradually became completely dark.Although the sight in the courtyard will change after the sun goes down It's bad, but through the lights and moonlight in the houses of the residents here, you can't even see the outside of the house. In addition, there are still many people walking in the corridors, and more and more people are enjoying the shade outside the house after having a full meal.

Yu Ting saw two old grandmothers in the courtyard, sitting at the door of her house with a fan with their upper body naked. Looking at these two grandmothers with bare chests and bare backs, Yu Tingis so envious and wants to be like them, but Yuting is embarrassed, so at present she can only take a bath for the purpose of exposing oneself.

Since the only way to expose oneself can be achieved by taking a bath, what other methods are there to allow oneself to advance and take another step? Yu Ting continued to think about this problem while walking in the courtyard. Just when Yu Ting walked near the bathroom, she saw that there were more and more people queuing outside the bathroom at this moment, and there were three people in the bath. Now there are two women and one man. They washed together, and one of them was a husband and wife relationship. After seeing this scene, Yu Ting had a bold idea in her heart.

At 9:30 p.m., Yu Ting, who had just finished masturbating in her house, saw through the crack of the door that there were not many people queuing to take a bath in the bathroom. Need to queue up. After Yu Ting put on her clothes,Holding the plastic box and the towel containing the toilet utensils, she walked towards the bathroom.

[Uncle Zhang is good~Aunt Li is good]

[Uncle Chen ~ long time no see~~]

[It's Yu Ting, you seem to be more and more lately It's getting more and more beautiful~~] Aunt Li said

[It goes without saying~ Yuting is the most beautiful flower in our courtyard~ If I was born 50 years later, I would definitely Trying to pursue Yu Ting] Uncle Zhang followed his wife, Aunt Li, and said

[呿~~ just like you 50 years ago, I was blind before marrying you~]

[The two of you still love bickering] Uncle Chen couldn't help laughing while listening to it and said

[We have been living together as a couple for decades, and she doesn't fight me a few times a day , I can't sleep at night] ZhangUncle said with a smile

Yu Ting listened to their bickering while covering her mouth and laughing softly, the residents here are like this
Cute. After chatting like this for a while, the two people who were taking a bath in the bathroom came out. Now it's time for the couple, Uncle Zhang, Auntie Zhang to go in and take a bath. Generally speaking, Uncle Chen will have to wait until the next round, while Yu Ting will have to wait for the next round.

[Aunt Li~ Shall I go in and wash with you? I'm rather tired today, I want to go to bed earlier, I don't want to wait too long]

[Wow~ What's the problem! You can rest assured that with me here, Uncle Zhang will never dare to look at you again]

[Alas, no~ Uncle Zhang is a very good person, not as bad as you said! ] Yu Ting chuckled lightly

I saw Yu Ting talking to Aunt Li and walking quickly into the bathroom. After entering the bathroom, Yu Ting immediately took the lead. She moved to the first shower head outside, because Yu Ting was afraid that Aunt Li would kindly give her the position of the innermost shower head, so that she could not achieve the purpose of exposure.

[Yo~ Yuting, didn't you wash in the innermost position before? ] Aunt Li said to Yu Ting with a puzzled look

[It doesn't matter~ It's not the same where you wash it, the people here are all very nice and safe~~] Yu Ting is a little guilty looking for a reason to respond to Aunt Li's question

[That's true~ I'm not bad anyway~ You're not bad, that's fine] Aunt Li thought for a while Then said

Yu Ting usually came without underwear for convenience when she took a bath, so Yu Ting quickly took off her only one-piece dress and put it on Start taking a shower on the shelf next to it. Yu Ting took a bath with her naked body facing the direction of Uncle Chen who was queuing outside. In addition to taking a bath, she also chatted with Aunt Li you and me. Yu Ting was afraid of Uncle Zhang. She was too shy to look at her nakedness in front of Aunt Li, and deliberately created some topics from time to time to ask Uncle Zhang's opinion. This method is very effective. When you are answering other people's questions, the person answering the question has to look at the other person, which can show respect.

Yu Ting deliberately washes her hair very slowly. After washing her hair, she also applies conditioner to her hair. Due to the fact that Yu Ting's hair is quite long, she has to rinse her hair for a long time each time. After rinsing, Yu Ting had just washed her hair and was about to change her body when Aunt Li and his wife had already finished taking a shower and were about to leave.

[Yu Ting~~We are all done washing, then I and Uncle Zhang will go home first~]

[Okay~ Uncle Zhang and Auntie Li take a slow walk. . . ]

Yu Ting was left alone in the bathroom, and Uncle Chen was waiting in line outside. If Yu Ting did not come in just now to wash with Aunt Li and the others, Right now, Yu Ting is waiting outside and Uncle Chen is washing inside. Yu Ting looked at Uncle Chen outside the bathroom, looked inside the bathroom, while looking at the direction of Yu Ting's naked body, she patiently continued to wait in line.

[Uncle Chen! Why don't you come in and wash together! ]

[It really doesn't matter~ I don't mind~ Hurry up and wash together, you can also go home early to sleep and rest]

[Then. . . Then I'll come in and wash~~]

Generally speaking, people here are less likely to have boys take the initiative to enter the bathroom where girls are washing. Be polite. However, since Yu Ting had just washed with Uncle Zhang's couple, and now Yu Ting took the initiative to say the reason for washing earlier and resting earlier, Uncle Chen did not let Uncle Chen find reject Yu The reason for Ting's proposal. Besides, who wouldn't want to be able to wash with a young and good-looking beauty like Yu Ting!

[How old are you, Uncle Chen? ] Yuting started to find topics to chat with Uncle Chen, to avoid Uncle Chen being too embarrassed

[I am 52 this year~~]

[I remember that you are single and have not married a wife yet? Can't find the object yet? ] Yu Ting continued to chat with Uncle Chen, and smeared soap bubbles on her body

[Alas~ I'm not literate like me, and I don't earn much, how can any girl see it Like me]

[It's Yu Ting, aren't you planning to go out and find another partner? You're still so young]

[It's a coincidence~~I still like to stay here. . . ] Yu Ting continued to rub her chest and abdomen with both handsnaturally, and faced Uncle Chen in front of her completely naked, asking and answering questions, not shy

[everyone here It’s easy to get along, and life is comfortable~~] Yu Ting picked up the shower head and started to wash her body for herself. After the bubbles were washed away, the cover of the bubbles on Yu Ting’s body was less, and Yu Ting’s beautiful nude body made Chen Uncle can see more clearly.

[Hey~ another person came to take a bath outside] Uncle Chen noticed that there was a person queuing outside

[It looks like Uncle Zhao~] Yu Ting turned and looked out

[Uncle Zhao, let's come in and wash together~ Uncle Chen is here too, it's already very late, come in and do the laundry together, don't waste time queuing up, wash it earlier and wash it earlier Go back to rest and sleep. . . ]

When Uncle Zhao heard what Yu Ting said, he thought that since Xiao Chen was also inside, of course he didn't need to be polite. He went in and washed with Yu Ting right away. .

[Yu Ting~Xiao Chen~] Uncle Zhao greeted the two of them as soon as they came in.

Yu Ting saw that Uncle Zhao came in to take a bath together, so she also slowed down the speed of her shower, wanting to give more benefits to Uncle Zhao. The three chatted while washing in the bathroom. Soon Uncle Chen left after washing, leaving Yuting and Uncle Zhao in the bathroom. Yu Ting also found some topics to chat with Uncle Zhao. Uncle Zhao's grandson is also one of the children who will go to Yu Ting's place regularly, so Yu Ting and Uncle Zhao have more topics to talk about.

As long as there is a topic to talk about, the atmosphere will be more natural. Uncle Zhao looked at Yu Ting who was holding the shower head and was rushing. She was generously naked and facing herself. Yu Ting was chatting with him while holding the shower head. a feeling of. Uncle Zhao looked at the pair of big white tits on Yu Ting's chest, plus the pink nipples. There is also a small group of black and yellow with golden pubic hair under Yu Ting, Uncle Zhao couldn't help but his lower body began to react.

Yu Ting noticed Uncle Zhao's erection state, and thought it was very interesting. Yu Ting was also more confident about her figure. Yu Ting looked at Uncle Zhao's unnatural reaction because of his erection, and deliberately turned to avoid Yu Ting's appearance. Yu Ting thought that she should stop making trouble, so she turned off the shower head. Get up, pick up the towel, wipe your body and prepare to go back. Just when Yu Ting was picking up her clothes, she accidentally dropped the clothes she was supposed to wear on the ground, and was soaked by the water on the bathroom floor.

[Oops~how did the clothes fall~] Uncle Zhao got wet when Yu Ting's clothes fell on the ground

[The clothes were wet, how should I wear them? ]

[Otherwise, you should cover your body with your clothes and go back] Uncle Zhao helped Yu Ting come up with a method

[That's all it takes~Fortunately It's very late now, and it's dark outside and no one is there. . . ] Yu Ting followed Uncle Zhao's suggestion and continued.

[Then Uncle Zhao, let me go~Break by~]

[Walk slowly and carefully~]

Yu Ting is like this, tonight she will follow her own The method that comes to mind is not only to use the opportunity of taking a bath to get exposed in front of people, but also to catch a chance to walk naked in the courtyard. Of course, the current Yu Ting is an exposed beginner. If she wants him to be naked in front of everyone, she can't do it for a while, and Yu Ting doesn't know how far she can do it, anyway. Yu Ting is just following herselfThe thoughts and desires in her heart, try to do it as much as possible, and try to find opportunities to use a reasonable way to achieve the purpose of exposing herself

After returning to her house, Yu Ting has just been naked all the way Walking back with her body, the kinky water in Yuting's small hole had already floodedand she didn't even need to touch her hands, Yuting could feel the kinky water running down her thighs on the inside of her thighs . Yu Ting opened the drawer again and took out the vibrating egg and massage stick. Now every time Yu Ting comes back after being exposed outside, she will feel that her sexual desire is high, and every time she returns to the house, she almost has to masturbate and masturbate in order to relieve her high desire.


[Oh~~ so deep~~]

Yu Ting just pressed her clitoris with a vibrating egg On, first orgasm once. Now he is standing in front of a mirror, holding the table with both hands and pushing his butt back constantly.

This is a large full-length mirror, Yu Ting installed this mirror firmly, and the whole embedded sticks to the wall. Now attach that dummy vibrator to the mirror, then stand and bend over, with a high buttocks, and take the initiative to use your little pussy to meet the dildo attached to the mirror , to make a feeling as if being fucked by a man from behind.

[Oh~~ what a great taste~]

[Yeah~~don't stop~~continue~~]

[It's coming~~I It's coming again~~]

[Ah~~~~~ It's climaxing again~~]

The dildo is constantly thrusting in Yu Ting's small hole at high speed, and Yu Ting will continue for a while. After the trembling orgasm, the collapsed Yu Ting sat on the ground panting, just standing like that and pushing her ass back until she reached the orgasmIt's actually quite tiring, but her libido is getting more and more The more prosperous Yu Ting is, she can only watch pornographic films and learn these kinds of masturbation tricks. Satisfied, Yu Ting wiped the dildo clean, and put it back in the drawer with Vibrant.

So day after day, Yu Ting gradually likes the feeling of exposure more and more. What I look forward to most every day is the time to take a bath. Every day Yu Ting spends a lot of time helping When the child takes a bath, he often makes himself sweaty on purpose, and then happily goes to the shared bathroom to take a bath for the residents here.

Now Yu Ting will not miss the time to take a bath with everyone in line at night, and most of Yu Ting is in the shower head outside to wash, often when Yu Ting is taking a bath, Outside, there were dozens of people queuing up looking at Yu Ting's naked body. And Yu Ting doesn't distinguish between men, women and children, every time she goes directly into the bathroom to wash with others.

Yuting is very happy with such an exposed life now, but there is another point that makes Yuting a little dissatisfied, that is, Yuting can't think of any good way to cross it again. One step ahead. Yu Ting has been thinking about how she can go on the road of being exposed, and play more exposure tricks.

On this day, Yuting was holding a book, teaching children about insects, and when she realized the small insects such as bees, Yuting suddenly thought that she was allergic to honey . In fact, it should be said that Yuting is allergic to some pollen. When bees collect pollen to make honey, there will actually be some pollen left in the honey. Since Yu Ting knew that she was allergic to honey, she would avoid additives or beverages with honey.

After thinking about this problem, Yu Ting went to buy 2 large bottles of honey and brewed it into honey water, or made honey-flavored muffins for the children to eat, while Yu Ting bought 2 large bottles of honey to make honey water, or made honey-flavored muffins for children to eat. Of course I have some food. Yu Ting's allergy to honeyOnly she knows, not even her deceased husband when she was still alive.

Just 1 hour after Yu Ting drank 1/3 cup of honey mixed drink, Yu Ting's skin began to have slight itching symptoms, and then after 1 hour, she seemed to have allergic symptoms. It gradually faded away. So Yu Ting drank another half cup of honey water, and used her body to slowly and repeatedly test her reaction to allergies and the limit she could accept. Yu Ting is also very worried that if the allergy caused by honey is too severe, not only will she be really uncomfortable, but what will happen if she accidentally shocks and kills herself. Fortunately, Yu Ting's allergic reaction to honey is not very strong, so she can let Yu Ting play the test repeatedly.

~~The next day~~~

Yu Ting woke up in the morning and saw that the weather outside was good today. So Yu Ting directly picked up pure honey again, ate 3 tablespoons directly into her stomach, and then started to prepare some snacks and tea, waiting for the arrival of the child and the start of her allergic reaction.

After an hour, Yu Ting's breathing began to become more and more rapid, a little sad, but it was still in the range of tolerable. Symptoms of redness and itching. Yu Ting's skin is already very white and beautiful. When these allergic reactions appear on her body, even naive children can see that something is wrong with Yu Ting~~

[Aunt Yuting~Aunt Yuting~What's the matter with you]

[Aunt Yuting, are you not breathing well? ]

[Aunt Yuting, your skin is turning red little by little. . . ]

[Aunt Yuting, are you alright~~] The children gathered around to care about Yuting

[Aunt Yuting seems to be sick and very uncomfortable ~ Xiaojie, can you go back and talk to grandpa? You may have to ask the adults to send Aunt Yuting to the hospital to see a doctor. Aunt Yuting can't take care of you today. ] Yuting was panting, and said to Xiaojie, the eldest child next to her.

[Ok~~ Aunt Yuting, wait for me, I'll go home and tell grandpa right away. . . ]

Very quickly, Xiaojie ran back in less than 5 minutes, followed by Xiaojie's grandma and grandpa

[Yuting, what's wrong with you~ I heard Xiaojie say that you are not feeling well! ]

[My God~ Why is your body so red, what happened? ]

[I don't know what kind of disease it is~~I'm so uncomfortable~~] Yuting made a very difficult appearanceAnswering Xiaojie's grandma.

[Wife ~ you hurry up and ask Ah Hu's father to drive the car to the gate of the yard and prepare to take Yuting to the hospital]

[I will carry Yuting to the back now Go to the gate of the yard]

[Xiaojie~You help Aunt Yuting to bring her bag and come along with you. . . ]

Xiaojie's grandfather looked at Yu Ting as if he couldn't afford to delay the time. After quickly making arrangements, he carried Yu Ting on his back and walked towards the entrance of the yard.

Three days later~~~

[Hey~~Yu Ting is back~]

[Really~ I will tell you. . . Everyone in the yard is worried to death~]

[Yu Ting is back, everyone must be very happy. ]

After a while, almost all the people still in the courtyard surrounded Yu Ting's door

[Yuting~ are you all cured? ]

[Ah~ everything is fine! ] Yu Ting generously turned around and showed everyone

[What kind of disease is that? What did the doctor say ~ I saw that you were red and frightened to death that day~]

[I stayed in the hospital for three days, and the doctor found out that it was a rare disease, usually after adulthood It will attack, and there is currently no cure for this disease, the hospital can only help me relieve the symptoms first, mainly relying on the immune function of my own body to defeat the virus and make the disease better, doctor I also suggested that I can only control it as much as possible It's fine] Yuting told everyone the reasons he had prepared early.

[How to control it so that it doesn't happen? ] Xiaohu's grandmother asked

[The doctor said that my skin is quite special, I need more sun during the day and more natural wind at night, which will be better for my condition, and try not to have anything Contact with the skin, such as clothes, etc. Now clothes have a lot of chemical ingredients, and constantly rubbing the skin will also aggravate my condition]

[Then you don't need to wear clothes, and then more It’s better if you don’t enjoy the sun~] A village name reacted very smartly

[It’s simple~~ but how could it be possible to run around without clothes and not scare people to death~] Yu Ting Deliberately pretending to be shy and vetoing

[That's also a no-brainer~ Life is more important or face is more important? ] Aunt Li who was taking a bath with Yu Ting that night also spoke~

[And Yu Ting, don’t worry, no one in our courtyard will have bad intentions against you] Aunt Li’s wife Uncle Zhang said righteously and loudly. . .

[Yu Ting~ I think you should listen to the doctor's advice~~ I was worried that I would not be able to sleep well for several days after seeing you like that]Xiaojie's grandmother looked at Yu Ting She said with a distressed look

[Thank you for your concern, I will try my best to try it~~]

In fact, Yuting was sent to a small clinic in the city that day. After the doctor, the doctor in the small clinic saw that Yu Ting's allergic symptoms were too serious, he was afraid that he could not help but would delay the treatment, so he called an ambulance for Yu Ting and sent Yu Ting
Going to the big hospital, Xiaohu's father just followed him to the small clinic in the city that day, watched Yu Ting get on the ambulance to be taken to the big hospital, and then went home and reported to everyone in the courtyard. As for Yu Ting's allergy problem, it was quickly resolved on the day she went to the big hospital, so Yu Ting stayed in a hotel near the hospital for three days, and bought a few more by the way. A massage stick is ready to take home to play, anyway, the old one is broken every once in a while.

In the next few days, Yu Ting, who was in the courtyard, wore less clothes every day. At first, Yu Ting pretended to be restrained and insisted on wearing clothes every time, but the skin under the clothes would show some rashes from time to time for everyone to see. Every time Yu Ting saw the timing, she drank a teaspoon of honey before going out, and after the allergy symptoms appeared, she went out for a walk in the courtyard or queued for a bath.

[Aiya~~ Yu Ting, why don't you listen? You see that your condition has deteriorated again~]

[My aunt~~ You can be kind ~~Listen to the doctor and stop wearing clothes]

[Alas~ Auntie Zhang, how can I really walk around in front of everyone without wearing clothes~~] Yu Tingyi
While taking a bath, the deputy said that it was difficult, while talking to the aunt at the door and the uncles and uncles who were bathing together.

Just seeing an aunt who was queuing outside was really annoyed, but Yu Ting, who was so disobedient, went into the bathroom without saying a word, and put Yu Ting on the shelf aside. The clothes were taken off and threw on the ground. Not only did Yu Ting and the others wash the clothes so that they would get wet, but the old lady also stepped on it a few times, and it was dirty and wet.

[If you don't have any clothes, I'll see how you will wear it later~] This kind and big aunt is still swearing at this time.

[Aiya~ why are you like this~ I clothes. . . ] Yu Ting pretended to be difficult, looking at the clothes that were thrown on the ground

[Don't blame Aunt Zhang, he is such a straight-hearted person, and he is doing it for your own good too ~] An aunt next to her helped Slow Chin to speak on behalf of Aunt Zhang, who was eager for justice and justice.

After taking a bath, Yu Ting had no choice but to walk out of the bathroom with a plastic box in one hand in front of everyone, and walked back naked in front of 20 people outside.

[Yeah~~ so cool~~]

After she got home and closed the door, she threw the plastic box aside, Yu Ting almost jumped up happily, Finally, the purpose of exposing it in front of the public has been achieved. And he still created the appearance that he was not being shameless, but was forced by the crowd reluctantly.

In the next few days, Yu Ting still secretly ate a little honey from time to time, and then walked around in front of everyone wearing very naked clothes. Of course~~ there will still be a bunch of kind uncles and aunts who want Yuting to cherish her body, pay attention to physical health maintenance, and really don't wear clothes~~

Now Yuting, As long as she goes to take a bath, Yu Ting must be naked, with her breasts and hair exposedHolding a plastic box and going to the bathroom to wait in line with everyone to take a bath, because if you bring clothes, other people will definitely be caught deliberately dropped on the ground to get wet. And after taking a bath, Yu Ting walked naked and walked away from everyone's sight in the eyes of everyone who was very pleased and felt that Yu Ting was very obedient.

[Aunt Yuting, the weather is nice outside today~My grandma called me to come over and ask you to go out in the sun] Xiaohu ran to Yuting's house with a few children, knocking on the outside The door spoke to Yu Ting in the room.

[Really? Then wait for me, I'll put on a dress] Yuting opened the door naked and let the children come in and wait for him

Now in the courtyard, even these fart children know that Aunt Yuting has this kind of special Diseases that are not suitable for wearing clothes, and everyone has seen it with their own eyes many times, as long as Yu Ting puts on clothes, she will definitely have a rash on her body in a short time. It makes people feel distressed, and it's hard not to believe it.

[My grandma doesn't allow you to wear clothes] After Xiaojie yelled, he reached out and deliberately took away the clothes from Yu Ting's hand

[Okay, okay~~my little ancestor ~~Aunt Yuting, don't wear clothes and go outside to play in the open space with you, okay?]

[Then what are you going to play today? ] Yu Ting said to these little brats

[I want to play eagle to catch chickens. . . ] An An said loudly

[Okay~ Aunt Yuting is here to be an eagle, specifically to catch you chickens. . . Chicken]

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