Big Root Shota and Family Beautiful Mature Woman (52-53 全书完)

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【Jugen Zhengtai and the beautiful mature woman in the family】

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Chapter 52: Blood Kissing Game (Part 1)

"Oh oh oh... it's so hot... so thick... it's too long... wait... no way... no way It's down... it's so hot down here... I'm going to lose... I'm going to lose... oh oh oh..." Cheng Yuyao suddenly let out bursts of high-pitched coquettish panting, and the skin all over her body was also glowing pink, obviously she wanted to Orgasm.

And Dai Xiaoyu didn't pay much attention to her reaction, just kept the rapid progress of heavy artillery bombardment silently, that time and time again, the dicks and thrusts made Cheng Yuyao, the middle-aged beauty The woman let out a series of lewd moans and gasps. And Cheng Yuyao's lower body is constantly shrinking, and Huaxin and the uterus behind it have abnormal spasms! The next moment, Cheng Yuyao suddenly let out a whimper like a swan with an arrow. Her uterus suddenly burst out with a strong force, and then the warm and viscous Yin essence was excreted from it. There is an illusion that Dai Xiaoyu's dick is squeezed out from below.

Cheng Yuyao grabbed the sheet with both hands, her knuckles were turning white, and the pair of breasts on her chest were squeezed into two pools of milk cakes by Dai Xiaoyu, who was gradually pressed down. . Dai Xiaoyu didn't give her a chance to breathe at all. When her mother-in-law was climaxing, she was still bombarding with heavy artillery, which made her eyes roll, the corners of her mouth flowed, and her whole body was shaking. Dai Xiaoyu's glans! If it wasn't for those two shredded fleshy legs still twitching and twitching, I'm afraid anyone who saw it would have thought that Dai Xiaoyu had fucked her to death?

"Then I'm welcome..." Dai Xiaoyu felt the pleasure of her mother-in-law's vagina scouring his dick, so he roared and slammed his dick into the deepest part of each other's pussy Then, with her mother-in-law's fascination, she started the first ejaculation in Cheng Yuyao's body!

"Puchi...puchi...puchi..." A stream of hot and viscous semen spurted out from the stench of the horse's eyes, and carried out a fierce attack towards Cheng Yuyao's pussy and uterus With the shooting, the semen washed the lining of her uterus, causing the latter to scream. And Dong Qianqian next to her listened to the muffled sound of the seminal fluid filling the palace, and felt that she had a small orgasm.

"Oh oh oh... as expected, my mother-in-law's uterus is really cool..." When Dai Xiaoyu injected the last drop of semen into Yuyao's pussy, he was very satisfied and pulled his dick away the opponent's lower body. Dong Qianqian, on the other hand, crawled over directly, grabbed her little husband's big dick, and regardless of the fact that it was full of semen and filthy water, she opened her red lips and swallowed it up.

"Don't worry, I have time today, I want to make good use of your mother and daughter's bodies..." Dai Xiaoyu showed a lewd smile, and then overturned Dong Qianqian's body, holding her dick. He stabbed the other party's pussy again...


"I said sister , which one did you sing?" Dai Xiaoyu looked at the police uniform in front of him, no, it was a sex toy that imitated the police uniform, and was suddenly speechless.

Dai Lanzhi is now wearing a police uniform from an unknown country, and her sleeveless setting makes her two pink and white jade arms directly exposed. And the two jade arms are crossed at this time, hugging in front of the chest. And the two round big breasts also propped up the front of the police uniform. Don't look at the buttons on the top, but I don't know if it was because the clothes didn't fit well, the police uniform was held up by the big breasts. When it was uplifted, a large white oily sheen could be seen from the gap, which was the luster of Dai Lanzhi's breast meat. Dai Lanzhi's lower body is a blue police skirt in pleated skirt style. It is said to be a police skirt, but in fact, the hem of the pleated skirt does not even reach the base of the thigh. Dai Xiaoyu can clearly see the two round and slender skirts. Her fair and beautiful legs, and as long as she exercised a little, the two round buttocks behind her would be exposed from behind the police skirt.

Speaking of which, Dai Xiaoyu's older sister was a sassy and ruthless female criminal police officer, but since she was put in bed by Dai Xiaoyu, she has undergone some special changes. Getting hungrier and thirstier, dressing patterns are becoming more and more open, and sometimes it even gives people the illusion of being unrestrained. Of course, Dai Xiaoyu also knew that it was only for himself. Only when she was in front of her would Dai Lanzhi become so lewd. In the eyes of the outside world, she is still a female criminal police officer with a cold face and sassy behavior!

"Humph! You smell like those fox spirits again, who did you fuck again?" Dai Lanzhi's nose wriggled slightly, and then she asked Dai Xiaoyu with a change of face.

Dai Xiaoyu turned his eyes away with some guilty conscience, hehe, he did it a few times. Although his lewd news was already known to his sister, he still did not want to show himself too lecherous in front of her. Demon look. Dai Lanzhi saw her brother's guilty appearance, and she didn't know that the other party must have tossed on the belly of a woman just now, otherwise there would not be such a strong perfume smell on her body.

"You said that you really are, obviously you are only a teenager, so you are so wild. Do you know the importance of the body, be careful when you get old and leave a disease... ..." Dai Lanzhi said to her brother with some distress.
Dai Xiaoyu is looking at her sister who is taking off her pants, some inexplicable want to ask: "Are you planning to let me take care of my body? Are you not seducing me?"

It's a pity he didn't dare to say these words after all.The dick is also wrapping the latter.

Dai Lanzhi didn't answer, at this time she was so excited that she was gasping for breath, roaring and making a sweet bed. Dai Xiaoyu didn't think that his cold-looking policewoman sister would become so obsessed after she was put into bed by him, and even her promiscuous level exceeded that of his real wife, Dong Qianqian. But the more this is the case, the stronger Dai Xiaoyu's fighting passion will be, and the next lovemaking will be as fierce as a beast! Dai Lanzhi seemed to have been nailed to the bed by her younger brother, constantly thrusting and thrusting!

The fat, wriggling heart is longing for the impact of the glans, every inch of the cunt inside is tightly attached to all corners of Dai Xiaoyu's penis, even the mouth of the honey hole is like a rubber band, He strangled Dai Xiaoyu's dick firmly. The nearby labia was also constantly sucking and rubbing, which brought great stimulation to Dai Xiaoyu. Because of the ever-increasing vacuum sucking force in the honey hole and the ever-increasing amount of viscous cum, Dai Xiaoyu's cock constantly made a muffled sound of "puff puff" when thrusting. In addition, Dai Lanzhi is constantly emitting bursts of coquettish panting and moaning, echoing in this gym with excellent sound insulation effect...

At this time, Dai Lanzhi's big breasts are on her chest He broke free from the shackles of the police uniform and broke all the buttons, because the master's body shook violently and swayed up and down extremely lewdly. Those big breasts exuded a trace of heat, so lewd, they constantly swept out the lewd waves of white flowers in the air, especially Yin Hong at the top, who had already been congested and erected, with a strong attraction! The two plump buttocks behind her waist were fucked and knocked out into endless waves of buttocks! The white, flat patties that were directly squeezed into balls...

Every time the dick was pulled out of the tight-sucking pussy, it would pull out a string of thick sticky threads, When inserted, it will burst out with a splash of cum. Under the influence of both the psychological stimulation of fucking his own sister and the pleasure of physical pleasure, Dai Xiaoyu has gradually ushered in the peak of his sexual desire, and he is about to orgasm!

Dai Xiaoyu suddenly concentrated all the strength of his whole body on one point in an instant, then moved his crotch, and pushed forward fiercely! He grabbed the opponent's waist, and then penetrated through his sister's honey hole. The huge glans was against Dai Lanzhi's flower heart, and then forced her uterus to be compressed toward the back, turning it into a flat genital. And Dai Xiaoyu was not polite at all, and the horse's eyes opened wide, spraying out a sticky, stench of semen, which rushed towards her sister's flower heart.

And Dai Lanzhi was shot by such a massive amount of seminal plasma, her body trembled violently, her uterus spasmed crazily, and once again ushered in an extreme orgasm! The hot semen mercilessly washed away Dai Lanzhi's flowery heart, imprinting her own unique mark on it. After Dai Lanzhi finally reached the peak again, her mouth continued to let out bursts of coquettish panting and moaning, and her limbs were waving randomly, as if she was showing off her graceful figure to the other party. His eyes turned slightly white, a bead of sweat appeared on the tip of his tall nose, and his cheeks that were as smooth as freshly peeled eggs also showed a blush, the pink tongue was sticking out, and the plump lips were also weakly opened. A clean white tooth was revealed.

The two large and upturned breasts on the chest fluctuated violently, fluctuating up and down with Dai Lanzhi's violent breathing, and the fragrant sweat covering the jade body was more like giving She was smeared with a layer of sesame oil on her body, looking extremely lewd. Her two pink and white jade arms were scattered randomly on both sides of her body, and those jade fingers that looked like freshly peeled scallions were originally grasping the sheets, but now the knuckles were pinched white, and they did not loosen. Down her belly, which was constantly twitching slightly, was the fat buttocks that were squeezed into a flat, white pancake. And the black forest of her lower body was already wet and wet, and the large pieces of pubic hair were stuck together and could not be separated at all. The fat labia had long since become red and swollen due to excessive friction, the originally tight hole was forcibly opened by Dai Xiaoyu's thick and long dick, and the traces of kinky water and white turbidity were still running down the two of them. The junction of her genitals overflowed...

"啵" accompanied by a muffled sound, Dai Xiaoyu slowly pulled his dick out of his sister's pussy, and the latter's pussy mouth suddenly It turned into a black meat hole, and the white pulp that was still exuding steam suddenly wriggled along with the tender cunt inside, and kept flowing out. Dai Xiaoyu sat down on the bed in a good mood, and his cock was stained with a lot of liquid, but even after ejaculating a few times, it was still upright like a halberd, exuding an extremely masculine temperament, as if it could still drink a woman's kinky water. He Yin Jing didn't show any cowardice at all.

"You really want to fuck your elder sister to death... You really fucked up so much that elder sister was about to faint..." Dai Lanzhi also gradually recovered from the afterglow of the climax, she stroked He stroked the broken hair in front of his forehead, then looked at his younger brother Dai Xiaoyu with a wink, and said angrily.

Dai Xiaoyu hurriedly crawled to her sister's side, licked the other's cochlea, and flattered: "How could I be willing to fuck my sister to death? Certainly not...hehehe..."

"Then I'll take you to play a very interesting game..." Dai Lanzhi suddenly showed a strange smile that only a fox would have when she was stealing, and she didn't care that she was still naked, The lower body drained, and he pulled up Dai Xiaoyu, who was also naked, and came to the sealed space made up of rows of screens or baffles in the room.

"Have you seen a special series of AV?" Dai Lanzhi suddenly asked.

Dai Xiaoyu didn't react for a while, and asked back with some doubts: "Ah?"

"It's just that a certain group held a competition, and the participation of the competitionThe contestants are men and their female family members, and the content of the competition is to identify each other's identities through their tits and buttocks, of course, there must be direct sex..." Dai Lanzhi said while pressing the button in the enclosed space. A button, and soon two black holes appeared on the wall, and the surface of the black holes was covered by curtains of various colors. Dai Xiaoyu glanced slightly, there were four pairs of black holes in total. He suddenly understood what the other party meant, and showed a lewd smile.

Dai Lanzhi pressed a button again, and suddenly there was a rustling sound from behind the curtain, and then four pairs of plump and plump buttocks came out of the black hole below. It squeezed out and occupied Dai Xiaoyu's pupils! The waves of Bai Huahua's buttocks kept appearing in front of him, and the Ruyi golden hoop stick between Dai Xiaoyu's crotch suddenly stood upright like a halberd, and became as hard as iron!

"Mmmmmmm..." Dai Xiaoyu suddenly let out a low growl, and a thick and hot prostatic fluid spurted directly from the horse's eyes, landing on a pair of thick and plump buttocks in the middle, It was hot and trembling constantly, but there was no sound from the bed. This made Dai Xiaoyu a little stunned, but Dai Lanzhi quickly explained: "It's absolutely soundproof, to ensure fairness, no matter you fuck, the women inside won't make a sound, of course, to prevent you from seeing it visually. Come out, so I have to put a blindfold on you!"

Before he finished speaking, a pair of blindfolds fell on Dai Xiaoyu's eyes, and then he felt his dick being grasped by a pair of smooth and soft jade hands, moving towards Dai Xiaoyu. Front traction. After walking for a while, Dai Lanzhi's voice suddenly sounded in his ear, "Which number do you choose first?"

"Then let's start with number one..." Dai Xiaoyu couldn't be more excited. The horse's eyes were already dripping with cum, so he simply fucked it from the beginning to the end.

"Well, if you can recognize everyone, you can get a special reward. If you admit wrong, you will be punished... The four people here are grandma, aunt, Mom and auntie, let's start now..." Dai Lanzhi said with a giggle beside her, grabbing her brother's hot big dick, and handing it to No. 1's fat ass.

*** *** *** ***

Chapter 53: Blood Kissing Game (Part 2)

I seem to feel the top of Dai Xiaoyu's dick The scorching temperature that came, the fat buttocks trembled slightly. Although Dai Xiaoyu was not covered by the blindfold, he could feel the other side's thick labia opening and closing continuously, and a trace of kinky water was slowly overflowing. The other side was obviously emotional. .

Dai Xiaoyu couldn't tell the difference from the labia alone. His grandmother and her three daughters belonged to the master with plump lower body and full labia. He could only grab the other's buttocks with both hands, and then He squeezed hard, but unfortunately he couldn't hear the other party's voice.

While Dai Xiaoyu couldn't see it, Su Yulian was bending over and half squatting with a flushed face, and the other party was holding her fat buttocks. Beside her, Su Yuyan, Su Yuqin and her mother Liu Rushi covered their mouths and laughed at her. Anyway, it is absolutely soundproof inside, and you can't hear anything outside.

"How is it, little girl, is Xiaoyu inserted?" Su Yuqin giggled. She and Su Yulian have a normal relationship, so she laughed the most crazy, and she laughed until the big breasts on her chest were violently heaving and shaking. , almost even became a lustful light of white flowers.

Su Yulian can't tell how bitter she is now. Dai Xiaoyu hasn't inserted herself in, but she is constantly grinding at the mouth of her honey hole. The stimulation makes her obviously very cool, but she always has the illusion of being scratched. However, she didn't want to show her timidity in front of her sister, so she rolled her eyes and said, "Humph! Xiaoyu was the first to choose me, which means that somewhere... ah!"

The other three The beautiful mature woman was still a little sluggish when she suddenly saw Su Yulian's eyes turning slightly white, her red lips wide open, her tongue sticking out, her body stagnant in place, and her two squat legs were shaking uncontrollably. . After all, Liu Rushi is a beautiful mature woman with the most experience, and soon a look of envy appeared on her face, and then she said with some jealousy: "Hmph, it looks like Xiaoyu has already started..."

Su Yuqin He Su Yuyan also looked at his little sister with some envy, especially Su Yuqin, a horny and beautiful mature woman, who had already reached out and touched her lower body, and started to tuck and masturbate.

While outside, Dai Xiaoyu has already grabbed the two fat buttocks, pushed open the other's labia, opened the latter's honey hole, and penetrated like a long wedge. Su Yulian's meat cunt. And Su Yulian was also making a high-pitched lewd scream in the sealed room with a flushed face, and there were round tables in front of them to lean on. Su Yulian screamed the sound of the bed, hearing Liu Rushi and the others couldn't help masturbating.

Dai Xiaoyu moved his sturdy crotch, and slammed into the front of the plump wife's fat buttocks. This kind of piston movement with the brutal predation of a wild beast made Su Yulian fuck up. Aww, it's a pity that the high-pitched and lewd cry of the bed can only be echoed in the sealed space, Dai Xiaoyu can't hear it outside at all, but Liu Rushi's mother and daughter, who are also pouting their buttocks, are waiting to be fucked. They were blushing and their lower bodies were already wet and slippery.

The plump and huge buttocks that have given birth to children, like the fat buttocks condensed from fermented yogurt, are constantly being hit and deformed by Dai Xiaoyu's crotch, and are constantly pressed into flat and thick white pancakes ! The incessant sound of the flesh colliding with each other also continued to sound at the connection between the two's genitals, but Su Yulian couldn't hear it, otherwise it would definitely scream even louder inside!

Dai Xiaoyu didn't see her aunt's constant rippling and heavy whitenessHua Hua's fat buttocks, otherwise it will definitely be more exciting, I'm afraid I will be excited to speed up the speed of thrusting, right? Even so, Dai Xiaoyu's fucking speed is not slow. The huge and round penis is constantly hitting Su Yulian's plump flower heart, resisting the bursts of suction from the other party's womb, giving him a kind of semen in the testicles at any time. The thrill of being sucked out! And Dai Xiaoyu's crazy thrusts, the sharp ridges are also rubbing against each other's smooth and soft cunt and folds, rubbing against the meat cavity that is constantly secreting honey!

Su Yulian was already too cool, her eyes turned slightly white, the corners of her mouth were flowing with fragrance, her red lips were wide open, and she spit out a pink tongue. Liu Rushi, Su Yuyan, and the others looked at each other's lustful appearance, and knew that they must be being fucked hard by Dai Xiaoyu, and the pair of snow-white tits on her chest were also shaking up and down, swaying white streaks. Hua Hua's kinky milk waves.

"Little" Su Yuyan looked at her sister's frantic appearance, and wanted to ask the other party if she wanted to pause.

Who would have guessed that Su Yulian was flowing with incense, and said vaguely: "It's so's going to be a flowery heart's so thick and long...mmmmmm...insert it in. I've... inserted it again... oh oh... it's so cool... hehe..."

Dai Xiaoyu's huge root kept thrusting Su Yulian's already climaxing, extremely sensitive cunt, The intense stimulation caused the latter to climax further, and the cunt in the lower body seemed to have its own independent life, wrapping around Dai Xiaoyu's dick. That sense of oppression was continuously transmitted to the whole dick, as if to squeeze his penis directly out of the sperm.

Dai Xiaoyu started the final sprint across a barrier. He pulled out the dick between his crotch every time until only one penis was stuck in Su Yulian's slippery and tight hole, and then Pushing forward sharply, he pushed his dick away from the cunt and folds along the way, and inserted it into the deep cavity of the other's lower body. Under the impact of Dai Xiaoyu, the very full buttocks were constantly deformed and rippling. And those hip flaps will also give Dai Xiaoyu's crotch a recoil force, allowing him to go back every time he hits without much effort. And the flower heart at the end of the honey hole was constantly sucking and sucking, which made the fat flower heart continue to send a kind of exciting pleasure of licking, which made Dai Xiaoyu's ejaculation willingness to become stronger and stronger, and it was about to burst out.

"I'm about to ejaculate... uh uh... get it right for me... Auntie!"

Dai Xiaoyu let out a low growl, and then turned the head of his penis toward him again. He pulled it out until only a huge penis remained stuck in the mouth of the other person's pussy, letting the hot rod exude heat, and under the slight cooling in the air, it also made Su Yulian's fleshy pussy thirsty for this penis. Then, with an extremely ferocious posture, he instantly penetrated Su Yulian's tight honey hole, and then used the glans to make close contact with the other party's flower heart. He couldn't take it any longer, so he roared and started squirting. The thick semen originally stored in the testicles began to quickly flow down the vas deferens, and frantically squirted out of the horse's eyes.

The seminal plasma soon got into Su Yulian's womb, madly invading the other's nursery garden. And Su Yulian also reached the pinnacle of sex, she let out a scream like an arrow in a swan, and then passed out with the squirt!

"Little sister...Little sister...what's the matter with you?" Su Yuyan quickly asked worriedly when she saw her sister fainted.

"Come on... this guy is so cool that he passed out... You don't have to worry about it... oh..." Su Yuqin was just about to mock her, who had never dealt with herself, with a hint of envy. When she was a younger sister, she suddenly felt a burst of heat in her lower body, and then the cunt in the cavity was forcibly opened by a thick and ferocious stick. The strong feeling of stagnation and numbness made her speechless. Finish.

At this time, Dai Xiaoyu's huge glans had squeezed out the two thick lips of the aunt's lower body. He stretched the tight and smooth cunt and folds, and the cunt in the latter's mouth was tightly wrapped around every corner of his cock. The cunt's clenched and clenched grip was so strong that the air in the cavity was expelled.

Dai Xiaoyu's dick constantly rubbed against every corner of the other's cunt, the pleasure constantly poured out from every angle of her lower body, and spread to Su Yuqin's body like an electric shock. in the nerves and brain.

Su Yuqin in the enclosed space also rolled her eyes, the corners of her mouth flowed, and her face was ruddy as if she was about to drip blood. Liu Rushi and Su Yuyan both have complex expressions, envy, covetousness, worry, and a hint of expectation...
"Oh oh oh... so deep... Xiaoyu's dick is inserted again It's... oh oh... I hit the heart again... oh oh... it's so cool..." Su Yuqin kept shaking her head, letting out bursts of coquettish gasps and moans.

Dai Xiaoyu is still stabbing frantically in his aunt's cunt, he can feel the other's cunt sucking his own cunt forcefully, and the bursts of sucking pleasure continue to follow It spreads quickly as the lovemaking progresses. Su Yuqin was so cool that she could barely straighten her waist, her hands were tightly gripping the round table in front of her, her knuckles were turning white, showing how cool she was. Su Yuyan and Liu Rushi watched in fascination beside them, the mother and daughter looked at each other, and the fascination in their eyes appeared in each other's pupils.

The intense sexual intercourse made both of them get a satisfactory answer, but Dai Xiaoyu did not immerse himself in the pleasure and could not extricate himself, he continued to use his ownHis dick was stabbing at the aunt's cunt, and the huge cock head was hitting each other's heart.

Under the fierce bombardment of this huge cannon, Su Yuqin's uterus was deformed by the impact again and again, and gradually turned into the shape of Dai Xiaoyu's dick. And under the violent impact of this time and again, her fleshy cavity is also instinctively curling inwards, those cunts curling up like a massage to Dai Xiaoyu's dick. Su Yuqin's Hua Xin was still actively kissing and sucking Dai Xiaoyu's penis head, so cool that he repeatedly said: "This should be the aunt, right? Every time she is fucked by me, Hua Xin will take the initiative to drop, and will suck my penis head fiercely... ..."

Dai Lanzhi rolled her eyes at him and didn't answer him directly.

Dai Xiaoyu was not angry either, he directly grabbed the aunt's fat buttocks and started to move faster! In this doggy-style position, his cock can go deeper in and out of his aunt's pussy pussy, thrusting, and fucking. The buttocks and crotch of the two people who are very different in size will slam into each other violently each time they are inserted and fucked. Above the buttocks, the lustful flesh colliding with each other reverberated continuously in the room, making people feel blood rushing and unable to extricate themselves.

Su Yuqin swayed her breasts up and down in the enclosed space, and the two big white tits swayed in the air at a very fast speed. , Seeing that Liu Rushi and Su Yuyan are both extremely envious. Their instinctive friction tangled the inner thighs, trying to stop the unstoppable oozing water, but the oozing water had already flowed down the inner thighs, soaking the ground and their coquettish fish-mouthed slender high-heeled shoes.

"Oh oh oh... no... no... so cool... so fast... so fast... I'm going to fly... I'm going to fly... oh oh's no's too much...I'm going to lose...I'm going to lose...I can't..."

Su Yuqin screamed and panted after being beaten. It was already a bit incoherent, and there was no scruples at all. There was a sister Su Yulian lying on the ground with a fluid body next to her, and her mother Liu Rushi and her second sister Su Yuyan were looking at him. Right now, she only has pleasure and stimulation in her brain, and she has no other thoughts at all.

Dai Xiaoyu was already sweating a little, and his huge cannon bombarded the aunt's heart violently, as if to penetrate Su Yuqin's flesh cavity and uterus with his dick. The thick and long stick body is desperately expanding the other's lower body, and those smooth and tight cunts instinctively want to tighten. However, with Dai Xiaoyu's violent piston movement, Su Yuqin's meat cunt may not be able to return to its original appearance, and now it can only change into the shape of its owner. Moreover, every time Dai Xiaoyu's penis was pulled out, it would bring out a lot of kinky water, soaking the floor under him.

In fact, just from the outside, no one can see that Dai Xiaoyu's thicker and longer than Uncle Hei's hard thing can be completely swallowed by Su Yuqin's honey hole. Exposed a section outside. Speaking of which, Su Yuqin's meat cunt and Dai Xiaoyu's penis can be ranked in the top three among the women in the harem. Whether it is size or durability, they complement each other and are a natural pair.

At this time, Su Yuqin's legs were trembling uncontrollably. But even so, the nasty water from the lower body still splashed around like a waterfall, ticking non-stop.

"Oh oh oh, I'm going to ejaculate again... oh oh oh... aunty's pussy is still of high quality... No way... No way... This time I didn't even have ten minutes Hold on... oh oh... ejaculate... ejaculate..."

With Dai Xiaoyu's repeated growls, he was about to reach the edge of ejaculation, and he shoved his dick into the opponent's dick. In the deepest part of the cunt, the sharp glans grooves and edges were desperately grinding the latter's flower heart, wishing to penetrate the aunt's uterus. His sturdy crotch slammed into the other's plump buttocks, knocking the latter into two pieces of white pancakes! Even his testicles slammed into the two pieces of pancakes, making two loud "pop" sounds. And Dai Xiaoyu's glans also directly drilled through the aunt's hypertrophic flower heart, and entered Su Yuqin's womb again!

A stream of hot, viscous, fermented yogurt-like pulp spurted frantically and fiercely from Dai Xiaoyu's glans and horse eyes, and washed away towards the inner wall of Su Yuqin's uterus. Those viscous semen recklessly left their mark in Dai Xiaoyu's aunt's nursery garden, and every corner of it was stained with his mark.

"Woo woo... woo woo..." The seminal plasma continuously washed the inner wall of Su Yuqin's uterus, and the seminal plasma was injected into the aunt's nursery garden. Su Yuqin soon felt her lower abdomen sinking and warm for a while. Her eyes rolled, and the corners of her mouth were flowing. She couldn't bear it any longer.

"Aqin, are you alright now, ah!" Liu Rushi looked at her eldest daughter, who had obviously had an orgasm, and was about to ask her about her situation, but suddenly her lower body was stagnant and numb. The stick was directly penetrated. Liu Rushi's eyes turned white immediately, and a viscous and clear fragrance flowed down the corner of her mouth, dripping onto her chest. And the big breasts on her chest shook violently with her breathing.

The dick, which was stained with Su Yuqin and Su Yulian's lecherous water and yin essence, did not hesitate to insert into his grandmother Liu Rushi's beautiful mature woman's pussy. Even if it hits the muffled soundIt can be heard very clearly from far away. Su Yuyan, who had been watching for a long time beside her, only felt that her uterus shrank suddenly. Although she didn't hear the lewd sound, her mother's lewd appearance was very clearly in her sight. Her plump buttocks trembled violently, and the kinky water from her lower body even flowed all over the floor.

And the beautiful mature girl Liu Rushi on the side is being violently violated by her grandson, ravaging the other's uterus and cunt. Although it's not fun to play with each other's big breasts, but the plump buttocks are still constantly changing shape in his hands. Every time Dai Xiaoyu's huge cannon bombarded grandma's fat crotch, the fat crotch that seemed to be condensed by solid milk would directly set off a wave of snow-white fleshy buttocks because of the violent collision of the testicles and crotch, as if in Between the crotch of the other party, a lasagna made of cream was formed.

With this natural cushion, Dai Xiaoyu rammed his grandmother even more recklessly. Her toes were curled inward, and the sweat all over her body flowed down like no money. She had to hold the round table in front of her to stand stably, otherwise she would definitely fall directly.

The Su Yuyan next to her is pouting her plump buttocks high, shaking wildly out of her own control, as if a female beast in estrus is signaling to the opposite sex that it is OK to have sex. The mature and beautiful cheeks trembled uncontrollably long ago, and a large amount of kinky water was continuously secreted with the squirming of the honeycomb, and sparsely flowed on the ground, reflecting the floor below it. color zone.

Liu Rushi's consciousness quickly disappeared under the impact of pleasure, and her brain was overwhelmed by the boundless stimulation. Under the thrust of her grandson Dai Xiaoyu, her two perfectly shaped buttocks were fucked into two pools of overflowing pancakes. Whenever Dai Xiaoyu raised his waist and thrusted fiercely, a large amount of kinky water would spray out directly.

Compared to the countless times of sex and intercourse with my grandson before, in the presence of my daughters, the sense of immorality and incest is undoubtedly extremely strong. Especially when both Su Yuqin and Su Yulian were already weak, their lower bodies were lying on the ground, and when they passed out, the visual stimulation was so refreshing that she could not extricate herself! In fact, during the countless times of sex before, Liu Rushi's meat cunt and uterus have long changed into the shape of her grandson, and she has also become Dai Xiaoyu's self-extracting human flesh essence pot! The latter only needs to look at the fat jerk who is constantly waving his fleshy buttocks, and he will be able to thrust it faster!

Dai Xiaoyu leaned forward, and her entire waist sank directly into her grandmother's unbelievably plump buttocks. It has to be said that Liu Rushi's buttocks are really the largest among the women in the harem, that is, Dai Xiaoyu's dick is very talented, otherwise, I am afraid that ordinary men will come, and the root of the dick will not reach Liu Rushi's honey hole. How deep is the limit. He stretched out his hand and kneaded it fiercely a few times. Grandma's buttocks were dripping with sweat, and it felt extremely smooth and felt very good. And even if his penis was as thick and long as Dai Xiaoyu's, when his crotch and grandmother's fat buttocks were completely pressed together, there was no trace of the huge cannon at all.

Liu Rushi was so thirsty, when Dai Xiaoyu's glans hadn't fully penetrated, the plump pussy pussy mouth was already sucking. And now that the penis is deeply inserted, Liu Rushi's flower heart burst out with amazing suction, as if she wants to open her nursery flower room to welcome the new owner! The force with which the cunt sucks and tightens is completely impossible to tell that she is a beautiful mature woman who has given birth to four children!

Under the violent piston movement, the plump buttocks continue to set off bursts of fat and white waves, turning them into the most intimate cushioning pads, allowing both parties to experience the pleasure of sex, and also Pain relief.

Dai Xiaoyu's dick broke through the thick, creamy and tight cunt, and mercilessly bombarded her grandmother's womb. Unlike her husband, who died many years early and was easily squeezed out by her cunt, Dai Xiaoyu's cannon could easily defeat Liu Rushi's psychological defense! Dai Xiaoyu's swift and violent fucking made Liu Rushi only let out bursts of sweet moans and gasps.

"Oh oh oh...the uterus can't can't...can't work...oh oh oh... the egg is coming out... ah ah ah... such a thick dick... Oh oh oh... No... No... I'm going to be fertilized..."

Liu Rushi let out a small gasp, and then her body turned to lie on the top of the round table, and her plump body continued to be violent Trembling, she put her face in her arms, unwilling to let her daughters see her coquettish appearance when she orgasms.

And Dai Xiaoyu also opened her eyes wide in her coquettish wailing, filling her grandmother's uterus full of viscous seminal fluid! And Liu Rushi is worthy of being a beautiful mature woman who has given birth to four children, she actually used her own uterus to put all the semen shot by her grandson in her own meat pot!

"Mom, you... oh oh... this bastard... is so horny... fucked my aunt, my aunt and my grandmother, even my mother... but my son's The dick is really thick and's reaching the uterus and the flower heart again..."

Sure enough, after Liu Rushi's climax, Su Yuyan also felt the heat behind her, and the flower lips were forcibly stretched, that morning The long-awaited honey hole welcomed a regular customer - Dai Xiaoyu's thick and long dick! Su Yuyan's face suddenly became lustful and charming, her fair flesh trembled violently like a sieve, at the same time her limbs were soft and her fat buttocks were raised, actively catering to Dai Xiaoyu's intense fuck. Don't look at Su Yuyan's appearance as a cold actress on the outside, but once the door of her inner desire is blockedOpen, she's fallen faster than anyone else! This actively flattering buttocks was naturally seen by Dai Xiaoyu.

"Hahaha... as expected of my mother, this fat buttock is twisted like an electric motor! I didn't move much, but it moved so fast, I can't wait to get rid of it in the next second. All my seminal fluid is squeezed out. Hehehe...I can't even pull it out." Dai Xiaoyu smiled lewdly at her sister Dai Lanzhi who was masturbating beside her.

Dai Lanzhi didn't have the strength to roll her eyes and ridicule him. The few times she just let out her body had consumed a lot of her strength.

Dai Xiaoyu's favorite among the daughters in the harem is his mother, so whenever he is free, he will go to Su Yuyan's place to have sex. So over time, Su Yuyan's lower body honey hole has long changed into the shape of Dai Xiaoyu's exclusive aircraft cup, and the son's huge glans collided with the mother's flower heart again and again. The slender and beautiful legs were forced to be stretched straight, and the lower body was constantly spraying a lot of honey juice. The ten jade pillar-like toes were stained with a lot of kinky water, and curled up in high heels, as if this could resolve her excessive pleasure. .

Perhaps it was because the genitals of the mother and son were naturally very compatible. Dai Xiaoyu didn't even need to bombard him like the others. He just pushed his waist hard, and the huge glans directly pushed the end of the uterus away. A line of defense - Hua Xin, returned to the place where she was born! The soft and smooth inner wall of the uterus is as if it has its own life, it directly wraps it, and bites Dai Xiaoyu's glans tightly! And the warm and tight uterine environment inside makes Dai Xiaoyu so cool.

Dai Xiaoyu's huge cannon bombardment made Su Yuyan unhappy. She grabbed the edge of the round table in front of her with both hands. At the same time, her two slender legs were also wide open, trying to distract her attention and let the redundant The pleasure dissipates as soon as possible. Dai Xiaoyu's dick has long been coated with a layer of white turbidity because it was full of the yin essence of her grandmother and aunt, and her mother's nectar mouth also turned into a foaming white pulp due to excessive friction.

While Su Yuyan was panting, enjoying the bombardment of her own son's giant cannon, and the wave after wave of pleasure it brought, she couldn't help but let out a gasping voice, "Mmmm ...oh oh... good son... oh oh... can't... can't... well done mom... beautiful... oh oh... hard... good son... hard... ahh Ah ... cool mother ... ah ... slower ... I inserted to the uterus ... um ... "

but Dai Xiaoyu can not hear the mother's lustful moaning, strong stimulus Let Dai Xiaoyu thrust his mother even more frantically, inserting his dick deep into his original "hometown"! And Su Yuyan also twisted her beautiful white buttocks to cater to her son's piston movement. Dai Xiaoyu grabbed her mother's round buttocks excitedly, and bombarded her crotch with a huge cannon, as if she was going to knock her biological mother to the ground!

"Good mother...good wife...hi...tight's so cool to pinch my husband...hehehe..." Dai Xiaoyu burst out with wicked smiles, his hips The giant cannon roared, making Su Yuyan feel like her soul was about to fly out. The dick penetrated deeper and deeper, and the inner wall of Su Yuyan's uterus was constantly shaking, and Su Yuyan's eyes were like silk, she was panting, and she was completely vulnerable!

Su Yuyan only felt that her lower body was filled with her son's giant roots, and there was no gap at all. The pleasure of those sexual intercourse stimulated Su Yuyan's nerves, making her addicted to it, and the big breasts on her chest swayed crazily. Su Yuyan's fat buttocks were constantly twisting to meet her, so that her son's dick could hit her uterus and her heart more deeply. The feeling was beyond words.

Especially the taste of the uterus is even more difficult to describe. Only at this time did Su Yuyan know what it means to want to die. She only felt that she was about to climb to the climax of sex. Now she doesn't want anything, she just looks forward to it. The climax is coming. Dai Xiaoyu fucked deeper and deeper, and Su Yuyan was even more insane. She only felt that every time her son pushed her, her uterus and cunt would be filled to the brim.

Dai Xiaoyu's dick is feeling the strong sucking of her mother's womb and pussy, and then Su Yuyan ushered in an orgasm! A stream of warm and sticky vaginal essence hit his glans directly. Dai Xiaoyu didn't intend to ejaculate, but he really wanted to have an orgasm with his mother, so he let go of the sperm and directly sprayed a stream of it. The semen poured toward the mother's womb...

As the dick was pulled out, the semen continued to overflow and stay, and the rest was smeared with a layer of pure white lewdness on Su Yuyan's beautiful legs ……


A few years later, on the same island, a group of people wearing wedding dresses, Beauties with heavy makeup gathered in front of the largest building, as if they were having a wedding. They all had happy faces on their faces, but they were either holding a baby girl who was still sleeping and nursing, or they were very large. The watermelon belly, and in the middle of them is a little boy in a white suit. The little boy surrounded by Yingyingyanyan seems to be extremely excited. He is sitting on a special seat, surrounded by a group of beautiful women in wedding dresses, especially The core five beauties with similar faces.

It's just that if someone has the ability to see through, they will find that between their beautiful legs, which are covered up by their thick bodies, are slowly flowing with sticky white turbid semen...

【End of the book】
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