Happy field (30)

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On Thursday, I got up early and quietly came out of Song Yanfei's room. My sister had already woken up and walked to the balcony with a laundry basket. Seeing me tiptoe out, I couldn't help but say, "When are you going to tell Xiaobian? Ru? If it was her who woke up early today, how could you hide it?"

I stopped and said with a smile, "Sister, I thought about it, although Xiao Ru slept well. Shen, but she doesn't necessarily know... just when did she know..."

The elder sister was surprised: "You mean Xiaoru already knew about you and Sister Yanfei?"

I smiled and said, "That's for sure... When I go home, the smell of perfume on my body has changed, and she knows it. How could she not know about me and Sister Yanfei..."

Sister said: "Then...she knows but pretends not to know?"

I nodded and said, "Xiao Ru is an odd elf, but she is as understanding as you, and she is afraid that she will break it Sister Yanfei is thin-skinned and refuses to stay..."

Sister said: "Yeah...but you always do this...in case it breaks one day...everyone can no longer pretend they don't know. , but what should I do?"

I reluctantly said: "It can only be said at that time... I guess Sister Yanfei actually understands... Fortunately, she still doesn't know the relationship between me and you..."

My sister spat and said, "I have nothing to do with you!" She glanced at the tent that I put up during the morning erection, and said angrily, "Go back and get dressed!"

p> I hurriedly rushed into the bathroom and took a cold shower to soften my erect penis. If Song Yanfei was not at home, I would usually go to Xiaoru's room and make out with her to solve the morning erection problem. , but when Sister Yanfei was at home, I could only hold back my lust and didn't dare to make trouble. After all, she didn't know that Xiaoru and my sister Wanqing were not related by blood, and she didn't know that I had already He had the closest relationship with Xiao Ru.

After breakfast, I took a taxi to the Aurora Building, avoided the crowd, went straight to the president's office, made a thoughtful call, and told her that I had arrived at the office.

A few minutes later, the office door was pushed open, Shen Si walked in lightly, first glanced at the secretary seat next to me, and saw that Gigi Lai hadn't arrived yet, he breathed a sigh of relief, hurry up. He walked towards me and asked me softly, "Would you like to change the place?"

I asked, "Which place? Isn't this place good?"

Contemplative pretty face Feihong said, "I'm afraid that Xiaozi will come to work... I just booked a small phone booth..."

I smiled and said, "Oh...don't worry...she works at 9:30, and there are more than half It's an hour, and as far as I know, she never arrives early..."

Seeing that I didn't want to change places, Shen Si nodded, looked at the sofa, then looked at me and said, "Then you... just sit down. Here?"

I laughed, "I'm sitting here, you come and sit here." I patted my thigh.

The contemplative pretty face suddenly turned red, she glared at me shyly and angrily, hesitated for a few seconds before walking to me, I stretched out my hand and pulled her, she whispered and stood still. Steady, sitting in my arms, my stiff penis was pushed between her buttocks and legs through the pants, and she was so shocked that she wanted to stand up immediately, but I hugged her waist tightly.

I smiled and said, "Just sit like this... You linger... Gigi Lai is really going to work..." When Gigi Lai saw it, she had to hold my shoulder with one hand to maintain balance, unbutton the suit with the other, and then unbutton the white shirt. As soon as I untied the two, the upper edge of the snow-white breasts was revealed, and the faint fragrance of frankincense floated into my nostrils, which made me sigh in relief.

Meditating and unbuttoning her shirt, I looked at the two plump breast balls on her chest wrapped in a light pink lace bra, which seemed to be bigger than when I first met yesterday, and I couldn't help asking: "Why does it seem to be bigger than yesterday...isn't it uncomfortable?"

He meditated and said in a low voice, "It's a little painful...but I'm used to it...", then he reached behind his back to unbutton his bra. button.

I hurriedly grabbed my pensive hand, helped her to untie her underwear, and with a gentle push, exposed the snow-white breast on the right side, with plump breasts, blushing areolas, and slightly erect nipples glowing with water Light, I really feel pity.

Silent sighed in thought, wrapped his hands around my neck, raised my chest slightly, and the tip of my sweet nipple was only a few centimeters away from me.

I whistled happily, lightly lifted my pensive right breast, and licked on her nipple, her tender body trembled, and the nipple engorged and hardened almost immediately.

I opened my mouth to hold the thoughtful nipples and licked the tip of my tongue on her nipples. She shuddered and wrapped her arms around me tightly, bringing me and her breasts closer.

I squeezed my brooding breasts slowly with the palms of my hands, sucking hard in my mouth, and a few seconds later, the warm milk flowed from her nipples, fragrant and luscious. The beauty's milk stimulates my nerves, my hands are getting stronger and stronger, and the strength of sucking is gradually increasing, the meditating whine with pain not only did not arouse my pity for the fragrance, but made me extraordinarily energetic, clenching my teeth. Clenching her hand, she sucked down her swollen right breast softly in a few minutes.

I sucked a few more times, and found that I couldn't get a drop of milk anymore, so I spat out my red nipple, and couldn't help but licked on the beautiful bump, and then pushed aside the thoughtful expression. The bra exposed her left breast, and she opened her mouth to cover it again.

When I ate breakfast, I was a little distracted thinking about what happened yesterday, and I didn’t have enough to eat. Now that I have the milk of contemplation, I really feel like I am in the rain, I suck at will, and I don’t feel tired. He also sucked empty, and licked it a few times before he let go.

I let out a long sigh of relief in deep thought. Just as I was about to put on my bra, I pushed her hand away, then lowered my head and kissed her right breast, but she gently pushed it away, only to hear her say: "It's gone... I've been sucked up by you... I'm still sucking..."

I raised my head and smirked, "Ah... I'm still not satisfied... I'm actually quite full... but I still want to drink more..."

Silently said, "It's all purple... How come you can't absorb enough light... You still use your teeth to bite...?" I laughed: "I like it so much... I can't wait to swallow it. The kind of liking that goes down..."

Contemplative stuck out the tip of his tongue and said: "Your hobby is really scary..."

I looked at the charming and shy beauty and couldn't help it I went to kiss her, but she didn't refuse, her red lips slightly opened and I kissed, and it took a long time before we parted breathlessly.

I suddenly reached behind Sisi's waist and pulled the zipper of her dress, she was shy and annoyed, pretty My face was flushed and I pushed my hand: "What are you doing..."

I said eagerly: "Sister Sisi... I am here to be like this... What are you good people doing..."

thoughtfully spit: "The pervert...you...you didn't have it until yesterday...why do you want it so early in the morning? "

I smiled and said: "You still don't know men... It's not uncommon for you to have to live yesterday... I need it several times a day..." I said: "You...Aren't you tired? "

I heard her tone of voice was not very firm, I knew that she had actually made a secret promise, and said with a smile: "Wait a minute and you will know if I am tired..." Then I ignored her resistance and pulled After unzipping her skirt, she took it down, and slowly but surely she took off her panties to her knees, letting her beauty shine like jade in front of my eyes.

The meditation has now I had no idea, so I could only lean on me softly and let me do whatever I wanted. I gently parted my brooding thighs and looked at her private parts. Her labia had swelled, and they were closed into a line of pink and shimmering like when they first met. With the gleaming luster, I stretched out two fingers and gently hooked, and pulled out a silver thread, which was really soaked.

I put one hand around Sisi's slim waist and reached out to her with the other. Under her hips, she picked up her light body and placed it on the executive table. The cold tabletop touched her naked lower body, and a layer of trembling immediately appeared on the smooth skin.

Silent looked at it in surprise. I whispered, "What are you doing? "

I laughed: "Do you know why I bought your milk in the first place? "

pondered, "I know...Xiaozi told me...to help you heal?" "

I smiled and said: "Well... my problem of high yang fire may be brought about by my mother's womb... Chinese medicine says that breast milk can relieve it... However, there is one thing in you, which is more effective than milk. It's better..."

The contemplative expression became tense, and he whispered: "Don't scare me...I...what do you want..."

I raised my right hand with a smile. Sisi swayed in front of her, the honey liquid on her fingertips had not dried up yet, and flickered lewdly, her pretty face flushed to her neck.

Sisi said shyly: "You are really talking nonsense... This... How can this work... This is different from breast milk... isn't it? "

I smiled and said: "Then do you say I believe in you...or in the authoritative Chinese medicine? "

Contemplation was speechless. After a few seconds of silence, he said: "You...how are you so bad...I can't believe you...you are...so lustful..."

I smiled and said, "The doctor told me about your physique because of your special constitution... Do you think this is fate? "

Shen Si blushed and said: "What a mess of fate..." Suddenly he stopped, looked at me with beautiful eyes, bit his lower lip and didn't speak.

I smiled slightly. , pushing her thighs to the sides according to the pensive knees, sure enough, there was no resistance at all, the pink line appeared in front of me.

I held her contemplative buttocks in both hands and pushed her body up. Pulled over to me, she was sitting at the table with only her buttocks left, her slender legs fell to the ground and could not help, she could only helplessly lift her feet on the armrests of the executive chair, put her hands behind her to maintain balance, smooth
The lower abdomen is slightly erect, and the tightly closed labia also opens a gap.

I didn't expect such a delicate and timid beauty, Shen Si, to inadvertently show such a sexy and seductive posture, and the penis swelled early. It hurts, but the beautiful peach blossoms attract me. Whether it is for healing or to satisfy my lust, I should not miss the opportunity to taste her love liquid.

I bowed my head slightly, and licked the tip of my tongue on Shen Si's warm labia. She let out a short coquettish moan, her snow-white belly shrank, and a wisp of viscous honey gushed out from the vaginal opening and flowed into me along the gap of the open labia. In the mouth. With a movement of my throat, I swallowed the honey liquid, feeling that it was not enough, I opened my mouth to cover the private parts of my contemplation, and at the same time gently touched her delicate clitoris with my fingers, touching the sensitive red beans with my fingertips every time. , the contemplative body trembled violently, and more love fluid poured out, thanks to the fact that I already knew that this beauty is not only gentle and water-like, but her body is also made of water, swallowing big mouths, almost not a drop A waste.

The clock is passing minute by minute, and I only care about Shen ShenSi's legs kissed and sucked arbitrarily, listening to her sweet coquettish moaning, her inner thighs were already wet, and she finally pleaded: "Lei...Ming...don't...don't..."

I just care Swallowing, she replied vaguely: "Sister Sisi... can't stop..." I don't know if I can't stop or her honey is flowing non-stop.

Sisi's weak pleading stimulates My lust, how can a pervert who has already tasted the sweetness of the beauty and jade liquid give up, I put my hands on the roots of her thighs, and my thumbs pushed her bloody labia outwards, exposing the tiny pink mouth, and the tip of my tongue rolled up to
Peeked in hard. Meditation let out a whimper and arched her body sharply. Thanks to my quick reaction, I held onto her legs in time to keep her from slipping off the executive table.

The tip of my tongue Finally, I entered the wet and warm honey hole of meditation, and was absorbed and entangled by the layers of delicate soft flesh. Every time I licked, the shameful beauty shuddered, and the mournful cry gradually brought a cry.

Shen thought. I wanted to raise my hand to cover her pretty face, I didn't want me to see her emotional appearance, but I couldn't support my body with one hand. In a hurry, my slender hand reached out to me. I quickly raised my left hand and shook hands with her, fingers intertwined. He also grabbed her wrist with his right hand, licking with the tip of his tongue more and more forcefully, making the beauty's panting faster and faster, and the more and more the love fluid flowed. Although it was not as thick as honey at the beginning, it was still fragrant. It's refreshing.

My tongue rages on Shen Si's pink crotch, sucking her pink labia open with blood, like two blushing petals, with the water shining in between, and it's beautiful.

Beautiful beauty, I can no longer suppress my lust, I stand up abruptly, my left hand is still held by Shen Si's right hand, my right hand undoes my belt, pulls open my pants, and releases my swollen penis. Pressing it down hard, with the lubrication of the honey liquid, he straightened his waist, and most of the rhizome was submerged in the meditating honey hole.

"Meditating" screamed, and the honey hole contracted involuntarily. When I got up, I almost lost the pass, so I quickly bit the tip of my tongue to recall Qingming, clasped the beautiful woman's waist with both hands, and quickly thrust it up.

In this posture of a man standing and a woman sitting, I Her penis was not inserted deeply, but during the delivery, the pubic bone and Shen Si's bloody and erect clitoris rubbed repeatedly, which brought her no less stimulation than inserting the flower heart. After only a dozen times, the beauty trembled again and again, snow-white. 's lower abdomen also began to vibrate rhythmically.

While I was thrusting, I admired the touching expression on the pensive and pretty face. She was utterly ashamed of her erotic changes, but even if she closed her beautiful eyes, she could still feel my eyesas if they were real, glancing at her half-naked body.

"You...don't look at me like that...I...no..." Sisi begged intermittently, her beautiful eyes full of deep grief.

I feel pity in my heart, and I know Sisi is so reserved woman , From yesterday to today, being raped by me continuously has far exceeded her bottom line. If you turn a blind eye to her shame, even if you get her body, you will not be able to enter her heart.

I stopped thrusting and slowly pulled my cock out of my pensive pussy, looking at her bewildered expression, and said with a smile: "Since you're shy... let's change..."

Before Shen Si came back to his senses, he was pushed and turned around by me. With a slight push behind his back, he involuntarily fell on the table. He was startled. As soon as the entrance tightened, a thick and hot object was inserted again, The momentum was fierce, straight into the heart of the flower.

With a muffled groan, the beautiful upper body was lifted up, and I took advantage of the situation to reach out and grab it. Her tits are kneading and her cock is thrusting at the same time. This doggy position is not unfamiliar to brooding, she was already cumshotted by me on the couch yesterday, and now again

I haven't considered the beauty under me. I only know that in this position, I can push and insert at will, every time I insert, my abdominal muscles and Shen Si's buttocks collide, watching a snow wave rippling from the place where our bodies meet, that kind of visual The impact of is indescribable in words.

I pushed it up quickly, my penis looming and looming between Shen Si's snow-white buttocks repeatedly, my hands were not idle, I held her breasts, kneading and grasping When I held it, my palms became sticky before I knew it. When I retracted my right hand, I smelled the frankincense, and I licked my tongue. It was as sweet as ever. Now, I no longer kneaded her breasts hard, but just held and rubbed her nipples with empty palms, stimulating her erotic desire, and at the same time accelerating her penis, pursuing the extreme pleasure of male and female love.

In the empty CEO's office, the sound of my breathing, the sound of contemplative groaning, the "smack" sound of the two bodies slamming together, and the "sizzle" sound of my cock churning in and out of her pussy all came together, The lewd sound fills the entire space, making people fascinated.

After hundreds of deep thrusts and thrusts, Shen Si suddenly let out a short cry, and the throat sounded like weeping. The whimpering, the slender waist suddenly straightened, the cervix contracted violently and clamped my penis, a large stream of warm love fluid poured out from the depths of the uterus, and her orgasm arrived.

I still didn't know what to do, so I continued to thrust violently, and within a few dozen seconds, my thoughts reached an orgasm again.The large area was red, but I didn't realize that I wanted to ejaculate.

If it was Gigi Lai who was under me at this time, she would know from the changes in my breathing and the throbbing of my penis in her pussy if I was about to ejaculate. I'm so short, she's just terrified of my persistence, not knowing that I'm on the brink.

Just as I was pressing on Shen Si to make my last effort, there was a "bang", the door of the office was slammed open, and Gigi Lai flashed in with a large stack of folders without looking back. , with his calf skillfully kicked the door behind him, panting and throwing the folder on the secretary's desk and looking up, immediately stunned.

Shen Si and I were also stunned. I was startled by Gigi Lai's sudden intrusion. Contemplative and ashamed, I could only close my beautiful eyes, tears dripping from the corners of my eyes; and I was at the last moment, my penis had begun to beat uncontrollably, and I felt pensive again. Her cervix tightened suddenly, obviously due to nervousness, she took a deep breath, making it difficult for me to hold on to the semen. With a low growl, the horse's eyes loosened, and the hot semen spurted out. It sprayed in the depths of the beauty's uterus.

Thought, I could feel the warmth in the depths of my belly, the heat after another hit her uterus, and her body trembled with my spray, A mournful whimper escaped from the red lips involuntarily.

My ejaculation lasted for dozens of seconds, almost from when Gigi Lai came to the door, and she watched helplessly for dozens of seconds, even if it was the same As a woman, she was also deterred by Meditation's sultry and dreary charm when she was exposed to the male masculinity.

I ejaculated comfortably, and when my brooding body throbbed, I contentedly pulled out my cock from the beauty's swollen and swollen pussy. He picked up her body gently, walked to the sofa and put it on it.

Gigi Lai came back to her senses, jumped up, ran to the sofa and knelt down, took out a handkerchief and wiped away the tears and sweat of contemplation. , the beautiful eyes are full of distress, and there is no trace of hatred.

I put on my pants, took the thoughtful suit and wanted to put it on her, Gigi Lai opened my hand and took it. The clothes were put on for meditation.

I retracted my hands embarrassedly, stood aside, and watched the two women clasped their slender hands tightly, relatively speechless. I also know that it is not appropriate to persuade me at this time. If I rush forward, I will definitely bear Gigi Lai's 100% anger. This little girl is someone who even the president of the group dares to stand up to, so I don't want to get in trouble.

I pulled a chair and sat not far from the sofa. I watched Gigi and Shen Si hold hands and talk softly. I didn't know what they said, but I couldn't hear a word.

The atmosphere was a bit dull, I straightened up, and was about to force an awkward conversation when Gigi Lai first turned her head to look at me and said, "I hate you so much! "

I kept a sentence in my throat, and I was speechless. I didn't know what to say, so I just listened to a thoughtful voice: "Xiaozi...it's my fault...don't blame him..."

Gigi Lai said angrily: "Sister Sisi, you still speak for him! Obviously he's wrong... I... I'm just introducing... How could he do such a thing to you! "

Deeply meditated: "I...I didn't object to myself...don't blame him...I'm sorry for you..."

Gigi Lai said angrily: "What are you sorry for?" what! ? I'm sorry for you! I only knew he was horny...but didn't expect him to be so horny! Bullying you like this! "

I reluctantly touched my nose and said: "Sister Sisi, Miss Gigi Lai, of course I am wrong about this matter... There is no need for the two of you to argue..."

I see Shen Si and Gigi Lai ignored me, so they had to say cheekily: "Of course... this matter... Miss Gigi Lai is also a little wrong, and Sister Sisi is also wrong..."

Shen Si and Gigi Lai looked up at the same time Looking at me, Gigi Lai said bitterly: "What's wrong with us? You... if you don't make it clear... you are not allowed to touch us in the future! "

After listening to Gigi Lai's words in meditation, "Ya" blushed and said angrily: "What are you talking about...what are you touching...don't touch..."

in my heart He smiled secretly and replied, "Miss Gigi's mistake is to underestimate her lust, knowing that Sisi's beauty is not inferior to her own, yet dare to introduce her to me. I have no resistance to your beauty, and naturally I have no resistance to Sister Sisi's beauty..."

After I finished speaking, I peeked at the reaction of the two women, and sure enough, women liked to hear it. People praise their beauty, even the big beauties like Shen Si and Gigi Lai are no exception. Although their expressions are still very dignified, the glimmer of joy in the corners of their eyes can't hide from my eyes.

I hit the railroad while it's hot: "Sister Sisi's mistake is to underestimate your own beauty, you have no idea how a man will react to a beauty of your level... if it wasn't for your own eyes From what I saw, I really thought that there were only female employees in the Aurora Building..."

Before Shen Si could speak, Gigi Lai couldn't help laughing, and after laughing, she said calmly: "You will talk nonsense... You treat everyone like you... If you see a beautiful woman, you will... go there... regardless of the time, place, place... and whether people like it or not..."

I quickly said: "Don't, don't, don't misunderstand me, I don't want to go up when I see a beauty, I want to see a millionOne in a million, one in a hundred thousand, one in a million beauties only want to be attracted... Ordinary beauties can't get into my eyes at all..."

She couldn't help but chuckle, and Gigi Lai smiled again and again, pointing at me and said, "You...you are really hopeless..."

I said sternly: "I will thank you for this, and thank you too. Sister Sisi, my disease, if it weren't for Sister Sisi, I don't know when it would be hopeless. Thanks to you, thanks to you, I got to know Sister Sisi, she is my good medicine, you It's also my good medicine..."

Gigi Lai heard me say it solemnly, she also smiled and asked me: "Then you...you drank Sister Sisi's milk...do you feel it?" better? "

I shook my head and said, "How can it be so quick... I'll see if I can sleep well at night after this... But last night I was thinking about Sister Sisi, I really didn't sleep well..."

Shen Si and Gigi Lai spat at the same time, looked at the clock on the wall thoughtfully, and exclaimed: "Oh...why is it so late...I have to go back to work..."

Gigi Lai Dao: "How can you go back to work like this... Even if you are dressed... just your face... this look... as long as anyone with experience can see what you have just experienced..."

Meditate: "You know again... Are you very experienced?" "Speaking, I couldn't help laughing.

Gigi Lai said angrily: "Sister Sisi, you are making fun of others..." As she said that, she stretched out her hand and tickled her hands and pondered, and the two of them got into a fight.

Seeing that the atmosphere was very harmonious, I smiled and said, "Miss Gigi Lai, how about you arrange for the engineering department to install a bathroom here? Such a large space..."

Gigi Lai glanced at me angrily and said, "Why do you want a bathroom? Do you still want a bedroom? Is it convenient for you to do bad things? "

I was defeated before Gigi Lai's three consecutive questions, and forced a smile:" If... Sister Sisi goes to take a bath... can't I go back to work refreshed? "

Gigi Lai said with a poof:" Sure enough, he did something bad, and he was afraid of being known! "And lamented: "It's so tiring to be your employee... You have to keep working after being played... What a black-hearted boss without a conscience..." She looked at me and said, "I...I'm going back to work first..."

I nodded and said, "Sister Sisi...you...me..."

Gigi Lai said: "What are you and me? What are you trying to say? "

I laughed and said, "I can't bear to miss Sister Sisi..."

Gigi tsk tsk said: "Men... are like this when they are in love with adultery... Sister Sisi... you Don't believe him..."

Shen Si blushed and said, "Who would believe him...", then he couldn't help but glance at me before turning around and walking towards the door.

Gigi Lai looked at the thoughtful back, opened her mouth, but held back, I asked curiously, "What do you want to tell her? "

Meditation heard my words, stopped and turned to look at Gigi Lai, also wanting to hear what she had to say.

Gigi's pretty face suddenly turned red, her hands ten fingers After twisting together nervously, I finally said: "Sister Sisi...I want to see..."

I wondered: "What do you want to see?" Haven't seen enough yet? Want to see the full version? "

Gigi Lai obviously couldn't answer my three consecutive questions, and stomped her feet and said, "Ah...that's it...it's Sister Sisi feeding you..."

A pensive face It turned red in an instant, and I also felt that my ears were a little hot, I knew that Shen Si had told Gigi Lai everything, so I had to pretend to be serious: "I don't think Sister Sisi won't let you see... After drinking...I don't have any now...", but I thought to myself: I should have some now.

Gigi Lai was a little disappointed, but she also knew that most of what I said was true, so she had to Said: "Then...then next time...let me see if it's alright..."

I didn't answer, I just listened to the thought and whispered: "Is it alright now?" "

Gigi Lai and I looked at Shen Si at the same time and asked, "Now?" "

Meditation was warmed up by our eyes, lowered his eyes and said, "Well, it is now. "

Gigi said:" He... He said that he drank it all up... Any more? "

Silent glanced at me gratefully. She knew that when I raped her just now, I had discovered that her milk was secreting again. I just lied to Gigi Lai on purpose, obviously for fear of embarrassing her. I feel sorry for Gigi Lai, and secondly I also know that in the future it must be two women serving a husband together, so although I feel ashamed, I still muster up the courage to say it, which can satisfy Gigi Lai's curiosity and make her I got used to the scene of facing me and Gigi Lai at the same time.

Shen Si held Gigi's hand and said softly: "I feel a little bloated now, there should be some more, do you want to watch it? "

Gigi Lai hurriedly said: "Look! "Looking at me again, with pitiful eyes, how could I be a bad person, so I nodded.

I sat on the sofa first, put my arms around my thoughtful waist, and let her sit on my lap, I watched her take off her shirt first, before reaching out to untie her shirt.

Gigi Lai sat on the chair where I was sitting, staring at my hands as I unbuttoned them one by one. The thoughtful white shirt reached out to her back and unbuttoned her underwear. With a slight push, two delicate and shiny breast balls bounced out, and the screen immediately screened.He held his breath, for fear of ruining the atmosphere.

It's almost ten o'clock now, and the white skin of meditation is shining like jade in the sun, and it is crystal clear. Two gorgeous plum blossoms stand proudly on the top of the snow peak, and there are two bright red cherries. Trembling with the breath of the jade man, the sweet frankincense lingered on the tip of my nostrils, making my desires burn.

Gigi Lai has just seen the appearance of Meditation under me tactfully, although it is only a few dozen seconds, but it also makes her unforgettable, and at this moment, she sees me unraveling the meditation with her own eyes 's underwear, moving as slow as a movie, giving her the illusion that she was the woman I was undressing.

The brooding breasts are much bigger than when I was emptying the milk before. Although they are not as sizable as when the milk is the most in the morning, the breasts are surging with just a slight breath. It is soft and elastic, and it is not difficult to imagine what kind of luscious milk it is filled with.

I originally wanted to take a bite of this delicate and moving nipple and suck it hard, but in order to let Gigi Lai see clearly, I still suppressed my anger, opened my palm and grasped the lower edge of the contemplative left nipple, and the tiger's mouth exerted force. , once closed and closed, the strength gradually increased, and after a few seconds, a milky white water droplet emerged from the swollen nipple, almost instantly, the white water droplets grew more and more, It quickly converged into a single line, slid down the areola, and flowed down the curve of the breast.

Gigi Lai exclaimed from the side, but I didn't panic, I stretched out the tip of my tongue, and licked it at the moment when the wisp of milk was about to drip from the lower edge of the brooding breast. Licking to the tip of the nipple, her lips had caught her brooding nipple, she sucked it hard, she groaned in pain, and both hands rubbed my hair at a loss.

With a contemplative whisper like the sound of nature, I opened my mouth suddenly, took her nipples in my mouth, and sucked hard. Sisi didn't expect me to be so rude, and said sadly: "Tap it...", I responded, kneading my palms, sucking my lips and tongue, using all my means, and soon I drank the milk in Sisi's left breast. It's clean.

I raised my head from Sisi Cui's chest and looked at Gigi Lai, whose face was flushed with redness. I.

I grinned, held up my pensive right breast, and opened my mouth to cover it, but this time it was extremely gentle, just sucking gently, the tip of my tongue twirling on the sensitive nipple, which quickly made it bloodshot When I stood up hard, the beautiful woman's voice was made to cry as soon as the teeth touched.

I spent almost twice as long on Shen Si's right breast as on the left. Her nipples turned red and purple. When I raised my head to look at the pensive, there was shame in her eyes, but it was more of spring, I have seen in the eyes of countless beauties, never You will see it wrong.

My desires have been burning for a long time. Although I know it is absurd, I can't let go of the half-naked beauty in my arms. I gasped and put my contemplative body on the sofa. Stand up, press her waist to make her kneel down, lift up her skirtto her waist, unbutton her pants, and release her penis.

Thoughtful, shocked and ashamed, she didn't expect that I wanted to rape her in front of Gigi Lai. Although Gigi Lai saw the whole process of my ejaculation in her creampie just now, it was Gigi Lai's unintentional intrusion, and now, I am. Let Gigi Lai watch a full version of the erotic drama.

Shen Si struggled hard, her pretty face flushed with anger, although she acquiesced to the fact that she was my woman, it did not mean that she could Accept that I deliberately played with another woman in front of her, even if that woman was Gigi Lai who was very close to her.

Meditation undoubtedly underestimated my lecherousness and wrongly blamed me. I didn't mean to be in Gigi Lai Adultery and contemplation in front of me is just a matter of love. Even if this is not the case, after tasting the beauty's milk, if I don't come to her, it will not be me.

The resistance of contemplation became a little insignificant in front of my desire. She was just struggling to stand up when I pressed her back down. I wrapped my arms around the slender waist of contemplation and calmly pushed her panties with the other. Fading to the bend of the knee, pressing the penis against it, lifting it up along the gap between the thighs, and pushing hard when the glans fell into a wet mass, most of the penis was inserted.

Shen Si let out a cry, and her delicate body, which was tense due to tension, relaxed, and at the moment when I entered her body, it was not only relaxed, but soft. Soft. I have read countless women, how can I not know the reaction of the female body when it is truly conquered.

Gigi Lai was startled by the meditative whine, and rushed to the sofa like waking up from a dream, desperately trying to He slapped me and said eagerly: "What are you doing! Let go of Sisi! "

I ignored Gigi Lai, clasped the thoughtful waist with both hands, slowly pulled out the penis, and then slammed it in, the abdominal muscles and her buttocks collided with a "pop" , I felt that the glans head was wrapped in a circle of soft soft flesh, so I turned to look at Gigi Lai and said word by word "Be my woman...be obedient! "

My tone wasn't harsh, but Gigi Lai was so frightened that she took a step back, knelt on the carpet, and watched me gently support her slender waist with one hand and hold her swaying breast ball with the other. , started a quick thrust.

This adultery didn't last long, under the contemplation and shame, the tightness of the pussy was better than yesterday, and I was fucked to two orgasms in a few minutes, I Also because there is a beauty besideThe woman was extremely excited by watching the battle, and after only ten minutes, she couldn't bear to ejaculate. She clenched her teeth and slammed into it. When Shen Si's third orgasm came, she relaxed her semen and shot the hot semen. into the womb of contemplation, making her sob softly.

I gasped, and when the contemplative cervical contractions slowed down, I pulled out my penis and looked at Gigi Lai, who was kneeling on the side. The beautiful eyes are rippling with spring, and it is obvious that he is already emotional.

In my heart, this little girl has made love to me more than a dozen times, but she has never been willing to give me oral sex. This time is a good opportunity. Thinking of this, I left the sofa and walked in front of Gigi Lai, leaning my half-weak penis close to her tender cheeks.

Gigi Lai looked up at me with a hint of embarrassment in her eyes. She knew my intentions, but she still resisted in her heart.

I said: "Your sister Sisi's body was broken yesterday... Now, except for my semen, it is the water of Sister Sisi, which one do you dislike? "

Gigi Lai was so run down by me that she couldn't speak, so she glared at me angrily, knelt up straight, opened her red lips lightly, and stuck out the tip of her tongue to lick my penis head.


I was impatient, even more impatient in front of women. I didn't have time to wait for Gigi Lai to taste it slowly. I stretched out my hand to squeeze her cheek, forcing her mouth to open wide, and straightening her waist, she sent her penis in.

Gigi Lai was caught off guard, she only felt that her mouth was full of astringency, and her throat was blocked and her breathing was not smooth. Tears flowed out immediately, but she didn't know how to resist, so she could only let me hold my breath in a daze. The penis was inserted in her mouth, and her pretty face was so red that she didn't know it.

I was so carried away that I didn't realize that Gigi Lai was about to choke. , immediately noticed Gigi's condition, exclaimed and got off the sofa, staggered on his knees and walked to Gigi's side, pushed my thighs hard, and said angrily: "What are you doing! She is out of breath! "

I woke up like a dream and hurriedly pulled out my penis from Gigi's mouth. She retched a few times and coughed violently as soon as she was freed.

Pensive and gentle Holding Gigi Lai's back to help her smooth the air, and comforting her in a low voice, Gigi Lai came to her senses, looked at me, and looked at Sisi again. ...you see how he bullies people like that! "

Shen Si said softly: "He's dead...Sister Sisi's milk will not be given to him... Okay? "

Gigi was stunned for a moment, and said anxiously: "How can it be done... He will have problems with his body..."

Contemplation is both angry and funny, knowing that Gigi has a heart It's tied to me, how can I say it can be broken, and when I think of her as well, my heart is even more sour.

I watched the two girls hug each other, and I felt proud, knowing that the two of them were originally The relationship between close and honey has become more harmonious because of my joining, but the lust has not subsided at this time, and the beauty needs to work harder.

I cheekily put my penis in front of Sisi and smiled: "Sisi Sister...you can help me with your mouth..."

She looked at me thoughtfully and said, "Why are you endless... You just made Xiao Zi scourge like that... Wasn't it enough?" Do you really want us to be angry? "

I smiled lewdly: "Gigi Lai... I want her again... but just finished... I need you to help me to get hard..."

I haven't pondered yet Speaking, Gigi Lai shouted shamefully: "Why do you want one more time... what do you think we are... if you want it? "

I know that Gigi Lai's temper is hard and not soft, looking at her and said solemnly:" You are my woman... Of course I want to... can't you? "

Gigi Lai was shocked by my eyes, she turned her pretty face and didn't dare to look at me, and whispered: "If you want it...why be so fierce..."

I slightly She smiled and looked at Shen Si again. She knew that she could not escape this disaster. She sighed lightly, opened her mouth lightly, and licked on my penis like Gigi Lai. But he was unwilling to let go of the pensive mouth, and quickly said: "Sister Sisi, how long will you be licking like this, if you put it in, I can be harder..."

Her face was flushed with thought. As long as she gave me more oral sex a few times, she naturally knew that I had no resistance to the lips and teeth of beautiful women, but today was the first time after all. I was so eager to hear what I said, so I shyly opened my red lips and tried my best to put my lips together. My penis was in it, and the tip of my tongue brushed the coronal groove of the glans inadvertently, almost instantly making my penis hard to the extreme, so frightened that she ducked back, and the teeth scraped through the glans, which made me fall. Take a breath.

Thoughtful, startled and ashamed, for fear of biting me, he hurriedly leaned over and held my penis to take a closer look, then raised his head and asked me, "Where did the bite... hurt?" ? "

I shook my head. At this time, my penis was as hard as iron, and my lower abdomen was hot. It was a good time. I said to the meditation: "You put on clothes first..." After saying that, I hugged Gigi Lai, who was kneeling by the side. He got up, walked to the sofa, put her in the same kneeling position as he had just meditated, and put his hand into the bottom of her skirt and touched it along the slippery thigh, and she was soaking wet.

I took a lot of time to unzip Gigi's short skirt, and then I took off her soaked panties to the bend of my knees, and pressed my penis over it, rubbing my glans against my slippery lips, and chuckled, "Will you be obedient in the future? "

Gigi Lai was too ashamed and couldn't resist the invasion of lust, her pretty face buried in her arms," ​​hmm, "It's an answer.

I asked again:" After that, you and Sisi will be togetherGet up with me... okay? "

Gigi Lai's body trembled, and after a few seconds, she made a soft "um" sound.

I laughed: "This is my good girl! ", clasped Gigi Lai's waist with both hands, and straightened her penis, with a crisp "pop" sound, the whole penis completely submerged into the female body.

Gigi Lai raised her head, and trembling tenderness escaped from her red lips. Yin, the snow-white belly twitched, a warm love fluid poured out from the depths of her heart, and she orgasm.

This is not the first time I have played with Gigi Lai, I am already familiar with her sensitive physique. , did not wait for her to recover from the extreme comfort, and began to push and thrust on her own.

Although Gigi's body is not as soft as water as she is contemplative, she is more sensitive than ever. There have been seven or eight orgasms in less than ten minutes, and even though I just ejaculated once in Shen Si's body, facing this kind of wave after wave of orgasms, was more than enough.

I bit the tip of my tongue, pressed down the urge to shoot, pulled out my penis, turned Gigi Lai's body over to face me, wrapped her long legs around my waist, and pulled out my penis again. I inserted it into her red and swollen pussy.

As I pushed my cock, I reached out to Gigi Lai's chest to unbutton her shirt, and then pulled her bra off, letting the two firm breast balls bounce. It was exposed.

Gigi's snow milk is very elastic, I stretched out my hand and held it and rubbed it arbitrarily. The moment I let go, it immediately bounced back to the original roundness, leaving only a faint finger on the white skin. When my hand grabbed Gigi Gigi's warm breast balls and enjoyed the soft elasticity of the young woman's body to the fullest, my palms were also rubbing against the top of her breast peaks repeatedly, causing the two red plums to burst into full bloom quickly. A cherry is also proudly and shyly pressing against my palm.

I opened my mouth and carefully licked Gigi Lai's round breasts with my tongue. I shuddered, and there was a look of shame and joy on my pretty face, which made me proud and satisfied.

I kissed Gigi Lai's nipple and seemed to feel a hint of sweetness, even though I knew that I would not express milk Come, but I still try my best to open my mouth wide to eat the red nipples into the mouth, bite the delicate nipples with my teeth, rub the tip of the tongue around the areola, and alternately sucking and kissing, all of which can make the girl make a soft sound

Gigi Lai can't stand my means, just being played with her breasts will make her orgasm, not to mention that my penis is still sucking her honey without a break. The pussy of the young girl kept shrinking and squeezing my penis, which made me gradually unable to keep the precision, and I was about to ejaculate.

Tushang turned her gaze and looked at Si Si who was on the side. She had already put on her clothes, half-kneeled on the carpet and looked at Gigi Lai and I, and she finally settled down a little bit. , now it wasMeditation's turn to be the audience.

I retracted my eyes, focused on nothing, kissed Gigi Lai's red lips, kneaded her snow breasts with both hands, using the fastest speed, the most With a violent force, he pushed his penis, and the female body under him convulsed, and a strong contraction emanated from her. Brilliant heart spread all the way to the entrance of the honey hole, and even the muscles in the inner thighs were trembling and tensing.

I roared and pressed Gigi Lai's body firmly, dick deep into her pussy, pushing her smooth belly up, my horse's eyes loosened, and the hot semen shot out, scouring the girl's womb.

Shen Simei's eyes were wide open, watching me push hard on Gigi Lai after a few times, her strong body began to tremble, Gigi's long legs were wrapped around my waist, and the snow-white insteps Tensioned, Tan's mouth made an incomprehensible voice trembling, and the rhythm was exactly in line with the rhythm of my body shaking, and it was conceivable that it was suffering from my ejaculation.

The most shocking thing is that after more than ten seconds, she found that Gigi Lai's smooth belly was slightly bulging, and the half-naked body trembled, a layer of snow waves rippled, apparently being filled with semen It will only be like this when it is full, so I can't help but mutter: "Oh my God... I've shot so much...I didn't do it before..."

I was pressed against Gigi Lai's sweaty body, feeling refreshed After resting for a while, I propped up my body. The soft cock came out of the girl's red and swollen pussy mouth, and a large amount of white turbid fluid poured out from between her open labia. I reached for the tissue on the coffee table to release it.
Now that the box was empty, I hurriedly asked Shen Si to help me with a tissue.

Shen Si hurriedly got up and went to the executive desk to get a tissue, pushed me away gently, and sat next to Gigi Lai to help her wipe it. I watched the two women hugging each other and talking in a low voice. I knew that talking too much at this time would be too unpleasant, so I put on my clothes and opened the door and went downstairs to buy a few bottles of sports drinks from the vending machine. When I came back, I found that Only Gigi Lai was sitting neatly on the secretary's seat. If she hadn't looked closely at her flushed face and the style in her eyes, no one would have imagined that she was still crying under me a few minutes ago.

Gigi Lai heard me open the door, but she just pretended not to hear or see me, and tapped the keyboard hard. I walked over with a drink and said with a smile: "Sister Sisi should be a little dehydrated just now...you are too...for the time being, drink some to make up for one." Make up... Don't be exhausted... I feel bad..."

Gigi Lai took the drink, gave me a blank look and said, "You have a conscience! ", shook his little fist at me again and said:" Don't think that I will forgive you! "

I laughed: "It seems that I haven't had enough... I still have the strength to say this...", saying that he was about to untie his belt.

Gigi Lai panicked and immediately took the drink He jumped up and said: "Forgive, forgive...I give my thoughtsSister Si took it..." After saying that, she trotted out without looking back.
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