"God Sculpture" (481-485)

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Chapter 481 of "The Wind and Clouds" Dongying's mother slaps her daughter and dances.

Yali Yali tells a story that her two daughters have never heard of, that is, their father, Mutian, is actually useless A man, so she could not bear the pain of sleeping alone, and often used her fingers and other objects to comfort her empty heart.

Xiuzi and Muzi looked at their mother sympathetically. Under the moonlight, her face was blushing, but it was more of a strange expression that the two girls couldn't understand.

"Mother, does Auntie Mu Chun's voice sound good?"

Mu Zi is more and more concerned about the two women comforting each other. Although she is only fourteen years old, now she can care about matters between men and women. very interested.

Especially when she and Xiuzi lived together, the two often slept naked, and there would inevitably be physical contact. At that time, they didn't understand. Only now did I understand why a viscous liquid would flow out of the place where I was urinating.

Yali Yali nodded and said with a tender smile, "Yeah, her voice is very sweet. Whenever I put my finger in, she will shout unscrupulously."

Hearing her mother say that, Muzi asked again, "Is it only possible to fill it with the things on men's bodies?"

"Oh, this is not necessarily the case, women's have different sizes, as small as you, a few fingers are enough. ."

Yali said, feeling extremely excited.

She knows what she is talking about, and she knows how to make her two daughters become herself completely. Tonight must be an extraordinary night.

Muzi and Xiuzi looked at each other, Xiuzi's face was also blushing, Muzi's heart was itchy, when she thought of the scene of a woman and a woman comforting each other naked, she lowered her head and said softly: "Mother, tonight You called us sisters, did you think..."

"You are so quirky, what are you thinking about?"

Yali Yali patted her little head and said angrily.

Muzi looked up at You Yeyali and said seriously: "Mother, you are our mother, so hard to give birth to my sister and I, how much offended, now, my sister and I want to make mother happy , just like you said."

Looking at Muzi with surprise, Xiuzi really doesn't know what her sister thinks, they are mother and daughter, how can they be as shy as Mu Chun is now. matter.

Yet Yali, however, laughed and said, "Fool, my mother is very happy, to be with you is my happiness, you still don't understand that kind of thing, if I think about it, I'd better go to your Munchun Auntie. "

"Hmph, Auntie Mu Chun is very good. We can learn what she knows, as long as my mother points us."

Muzi had a look of disdain on his face.

Like Xiuzi, she doesn't have much affection for that beautiful woman in Mu Chun. If it weren't for her, her mother would still be the eldest lady in the mansion, but now she only lives in the house in the backyard and has no freedom.

Yali Yali chuckled softly: "Muzi only needs to be intentional. Mother can't teach you bad things." She took action and hugged the group of saintess peaks in front of You Yeyali. Although she was wearing a corset, she could still feel the softness and elasticity on it. The huge size made Muzi envious, because of her own sainthood. Nvfeng, now it is only the size of a steamed bun, which is several times smaller than that of Xiuzi.

"Oh, Muzi, what are you doing, little rascal..."

Yali Yali was hugged by her hand, and she felt a strange feeling coming from the Holy Maiden Peak, then It was a stimulus that Xue Tianjun couldn't even touch with his big hand.

Mu Zi Jiao smiled and said, "Mother, are you comfortable? What should I do now? Shall I pinch like this?"

Her two hands were holding a hard run, and Ya Li frowned. , said tenderly: "Tap... it hurts."


Muzi nodded, and the force on her hand eased a little. It was only a few dozen times when she heard the oil. A humming sound came out of Yali's nose.

Looking at her face, the blush became more and more red, and the charming pair of pupils squinted at him, not to mention the expression of ecstasy.

Muzi gradually mastered the skills, sometimes rubbing the bumps on Mount Saintess with the palm of his hand, and sometimes grinding the bumps with his fingers, with the reminder of Yali Yali, her speed began to speed up, while the oil Yali's singing is also more heavy and beautiful.

After a while, You Ye Yali couldn't stand the tugging of her two little hands, she let out a long coquettish cry, her legs stretched out even more, and her whole body trembled incessantly.

Seeing her reaction, Muzi and Xiuzi were both strange, Muzi even asked aloud: "Mother, you... what's wrong with you?"

Yali Yali gasped and said softly: " Your mother is so happy, you little goblin, you actually let your mother escape."

"Exit? What do you mean?"

Muzi asked without knowing, which made You Ye Yali shy for a while.

But when she thought that she was still a little away from success, with a charming smile on her face, she felt evil in her heart, took Muzi's hand and slipped it through her trousers between her legs, and held down her fan sew.

"Ah, why are you so wet?"

Mu Zi raised her eyebrows.

Yali Yali explained: "This is the secretion of women reaching the peak of happiness. As long as they flow out, women will be very comfortable and comfortable."

Muzi was full of doubts, she couldn't understand But I knew that my mother just now was very happy.

So she took off her nightgown and exposed her delicate body in front of You Ye Yali, and said softly, "Mother,Muzi made you happy just now, is it my turn now? "

Under the bright moonlight, You Yeyali could clearly see the two small cherries on the Saintess Peak in Muzi, the size of rice grains. Of course, they are not yet mature. The hard work, this pair of Saintess Peak and the cherries on it will skyrocket at a very fast rate.

"Okay, Hideko, don't you want to taste that happiness? "

Yali Yali said with a smile as she looked at her eldest daughter.

Xiuzi's face was hesitant, but she was also very bright and Qiao Hong. The scene she heard and saw just now made her belly feel incomparable. It was hot and wet between her legs, which made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Seeing Muzi's firm eyes, she nodded and said shyly, "Mother, your technique must be better than your sister's. "

Saying that, she also wiped herself out.

"Che, sister, you haven't tasted my way, why do you say that your mother is good." "

Muzi looked dissatisfied.

At this time, You Ye Yali Jiao said sincerely: "Okay, you all lie down, close your eyes, it's time to enjoy." "

Muzi lay down straight, and Xiuzi hesitated for a moment, then lay down slowly.

Looking at the two completely different bodies, Xiuzi's development is indeed very precocious, whether it is a plump figure or a dignified figure. It is not for her age to have perfect and huge tits.

But Muzi's is not lacking in charm. Compared with Xiuzi's, hers is a little more delicate.

Justified You Yeya When Li raised her hand, the moonlight in the room suddenly disappeared. She knew it was Xue Tianjun, because a familiar smell filled the whole room.

Sure enough, a figure came to the bed, although it was only a silhouette , But You Ye Yali saw the figure rise up and straighten her dick. It seems that he has been watching everything here.

The man did not speak, but You Ye Yali saw him get on the bed, She didn't make a single sound. What made Yali excited was that the man stood behind her and squatted down slowly. She felt the dick along her neck until it reached her groin. Stopped.

Yali Yali held her breath, she dared not put her hands on it, if her two daughters found Xue Tianjun, what would she do? Domineering and taking possession of her two daughters.

At this time, Xue Tianjun's voice rang in her mind: "Wife, what are you waiting for, at this point, do you want to regret it? ”

Knowing that only he could hear his voice, You Ye Yali lifted her thighs up and opened the gap between her legs, which made Xue Tianjun’s dick on his back reach his own. Between her legs, she closed her legs again and clamped the dick that made her heart beat.

"Um... Mother, your hands are so cold..."

Mu Zi let out a coquettish exclamation.

Xiuzi trembled all over. The cold touch from her tits made her feel very exciting, but she was a little shy, unlike Muzi, she would scream whether she was comfortable or uncomfortable.

Yali Yali She laughed secretly, her hands were cold because of the sudden appearance of Xue Tianjun, she was a little scared, and even more regretful, but now she was caught by her own dick, and she immediately abandoned everything in her mind.

Her hands were rubbing one big and one small tits, she had to swing her body back and forth, her pussy rubbed against her dick, and the slippery liquid was leaking faintly, she was emotional, she couldn't bear it, but now she has only Endure the torture of the dick.

"Oh...Mother...your hand...I feel so comfortable...ah...that's it...great..."

"Uhhhhhhh Hmm... oh..."

Gradually, Muzi and Xiuzi both hummed beautifully uneven voices, and Yau Yali's hands were grasping faster and faster, her current techniques are all from the blood She learned it from Jun, so she knew how to stimulate the tits with her fingers and palms to make women comfortable.


Just as Yali Yali stimulated her two daughters with both hands. Her body tensed as she squeezed the tits.

The dick that had been caught between her legs stepped back, and the hands that were on her waist moved up to grab the tits in front of her.

This... Does Xue Tianjun want to come in at this time? She wonders and is also alert. If Xue Tianjun's dick really has an intention, she will stop it, because as long as the dick enters her body, the kind of fulfillment Happiness, she can't stand it, she will scream out loud.

Yali Yali guessed right, the dick retreated a little and stopped, she felt that the dick was trying to find the entrance of her own pussy, she wiggled and swayed Waist, trying to shake off the dick.

"Mother, what's the matter with you? "

Feeling her strangeness, Mu Zi suddenly raised her head and said.

This made You Yeya Li jump, but it was dark in the room and she couldn't see her fingers, and Mu Zi couldn't see that there was someone behind her. A man, so she said softly: "It's nothing, it's cool for my mother to serve me like this. "

Muzi nodded and smiled: "Well, my sister and I will make my mother happy later." "

Saying that, she lay back down again.


Yali Yali let out a coquettish cry, biting her lips with her teeth.

"Mother, what's wrong with you?" ? "

Muzi asked softly.

How would she answer? Could it be that she has been invaded? The sense of fulfillment and excitement made her want to cry out.

" It's nothing..."

She said lightly, but the hand that rubbed against the tits increased her strength.

"Ah... um... mother... so strong... ah...It's so comfortable... oh..."

Muzi and Xiuzi's shouts were getting louder and louder, at the same time, Xue Tianjun's dick was getting deeper and deeper into You Yeya Li's little pussy, and the speed of the front and rear throbbing was also It was getting faster and faster, which also caused Yali Yali to shout uncontrollably.

The three girls shouted together, crazily moaning about their own enjoyment, and the bed under them was also violently shaking. Trembling a little...

Chapter 482 "The Wind and Clouds" The East Yingxing Sisters are competing for the first place

The sweat is dripping, the contentment and the strong pleasure of being hit make you Yali no longer able to control her two daughters Her tits, she let go of her hands, and wrapped her arms around Xue Tianjun's waist back, enduring the impact of his dick.

"Oh... um... ah... um..."

She let out a soul-sucking moan from her mouth, she wanted to hold back, but couldn't.

"Mother, you... what's the matter with you? "

Muzi asked first, because she felt the bed shaking violently, and Yali Yali's body swaying back and forth.

At this time, she stood up and could not see her fingers in the darkness, but she There were two figures that almost overlapped in front of her. Muzi shook her head. Could it be that she saw it wrong? She stared at the black figure in front of her, and subconsciously stretched out her hand.

When she didn't touch the shadow in front of her, she held her tit with one hand. At this time, Yali Yali said tenderly, "Muzzi, lie down, my mother couldn't help it just now, she comforted her with her own hands, really. very comfortable. "

"Ah, mother, you really, say, my sister and I will make you happy." "

Although Muzi was a little puzzled, she still lay down obediently.

However, she was also a little puzzled, why the hand on her breast was a little rough, and it was not the same as the smooth palm just now, However, Xiuzi, who was beside her, obviously didn't notice, and she snorted softly.

Muzi had no doubts, the rubbing force of this hand was stronger than before, and the most important thing was that this hand rubbed The way she used it made her feel even more itchy. Even if her fingers touched the raised nipples on her tits, it was just a simple touch, and the pleasure made her feel hot all over.


Hideko's voice grew louder and her body twisted in the darkness.

Like Muzi, Hideko also noticed the difference in her palm, but she knew earlier than Muzi that the owner of this hand was not her mother. Not even a woman, because the other hand was pulling hers, holding a hot, hard object.

As she touched her surroundings, she had discovered that the object had grown out of a person, Although she is only sixteen years old, she has some understanding of the structure of men and women. In addition to the strangeness in the room tonight, and the performance of Yali Yali just now, she firmly believes that it is a man on the bed.

Why? Why did a man appear here, could it be that his mother wanted to harm them?

"Mother, why has your hand changed..."

Mu Zi let out a coquettish cry, and she became more and more suspicious and couldn't bear it any longer.

Yali Yali said coquettishly, "How could it be, it's you who has the illusion, isn't it very comfortable? "

In the darkness, Yali Yali had an evil smile on her face. She was now behind Xue Tianjun, rubbing two balls of tits on his back. She was occupied by her daughter, but when she thought of that scene, she became more and more throbbing.

Yes, she is evil, she will give her daughter to this combination of demon and angel, she will let her two daughters and Just like myself, enjoy the most wonderful things in the world, let them be the same as myself, and become the women of Xue Tianjun.

"Well...it's amazing, mother, your hands are not like this, who is he? "

Finally, Muzi couldn't take it anymore. The hand reached between her legs and pressed her pussy.

A man's laughter suddenly sounded, causing the two girls to scream in fright. Muzi curled her calf even more, turned around and wanted to jump off the bed.

At this time, a hand grabbed her arm and said softly, "Little Muzi, where are you going, the show hasn't happened yet. to begin. "

Being pulled back to the bed by Kuangwu's powerful hand, Muzi only felt a dazzling light appear in front of her eyes. It was only after a moment that she heard Xiuzi's coquettish cry, and then she also opened her eyes.

She and Xiuzi were still on the front of the bed, while on the other side, a man was sitting cross-legged and a woman was lying on the man's body, stroking his strong chest with both hands. Muzi was surprised, because this woman was his mother. You are also Yali, but now she has a charming smile on her face, and her expression is very sloppy.

"Who are you? "

Muzi could only stare at the face of the man in front of him, and further down, the dick that stood between the man's legs was very terrifyingly thick, showing his blue-veined arrogance.

The man chuckled softly: "Xue Tianjun..."

Muzi asked again, "Why are you here? "

But after asking this sentence, she immediately felt that she was stupid. It was obvious that he must be her mother's concubine. She even betrayed Mutian, and she lied to herself and Xiuzi. How is this possible? She is her own mother, how could she betray her two daughters.

"Muzi, mother called you here, just to show you the man in front of you, he is handsome, and his room skills must be It's going to be a blast for the two of you. "

Yali Yali said in a coquettish voice, she leaned down, opened her mouth and kissed the man's dick.

Such a scene made Muzi's heart beat wildly, making Xiuzi curl up in a ball. , staring straight at the dick in amazement.

Although the two sisters are young, they have seen the world, no matter who this self-proclaimed Blood Heavenly Lord is, theyNaturally, he wouldn't be easily manipulated. Muzi pulled up his clothes to cover his delicate body, and snorted, "Don't even think about it, mother, you actually teamed up with outsiders to harm us." A bit apologetic, but Jiaozhen said: "Hurting? You know, I am treating you well, instead of letting you grow up to be other people's wives, my mother will miss you very much when you are not by my side, if you become your husband's wife. , then we will be together, forever."

"Because of this, you have to make us so young and share a bed with a man..."

Muzi couldn't believe that she would be so Do.

In her eyes, You Yeyali is such a lyrical mother, a kind mother, but now, she is too evil, the evil is beyond reason.

Xue Tianjun shook his head and said with a shallow smile: "It's no wonder your mother, she is really kind to you."

When his words fell, Muzi and Xiuzi were both looking at his deep pair of eyes. At this moment, Yali's eyes were empty, and the three of them miraculously disappeared.

She is neither impatient nor fearful, because Xue Tianjun has the ability to take away everything and everyone around him.

"Sister, where is this?"

Hideko looked around in horror and found that the place where she and her sister were, was not her mother's room.

Muzi next to her is not as nervous as Hideko, she just looked around and said softly: "This is the man's sorcery, if I guess correctly, this is an illusion, you and I are in an illusion. "

Hideko knew that her younger sister was good at studying the martial skills of some Eastern Ying warriors. Obviously, she must have seen the clue, but the man didn't appear, and Hideko was still very scared.

"Then what? How do we get out?"

Hideko choked.

Muzi shook his head and said, "I only know that this is an illusion, but I don't know how to get out, but as long as he appears, everything will be clear."

"Haha, you are very smart."

A loud laugh resounded above the two of them.

Both Muzi and Xiuzi raised their heads and saw the strange surprise that surprised them. The handsome man with red hair was lying flat in the air. It was in the air. fall.

"Don't pretend to be a ghost in front of me, you know we are the palace lords of the Mutian Palace. If you dare to do anything to us, I will..."

Muzi said, unable to continue.

Because Xue Tianjun's figure was abruptly slumped, his face was almost pressed against her head. At such a close distance, she didn't dare to lie.

Xue Tianjun raised a sinister smile on the corner of his mouth and said, "How about you? You have learned to intimidate people at a young age. You think I'm too frightened, and you don't want to go out completely today."

Xiuzi had already covered her face, and Xue Tianjun was exposed, and the shame was obvious, she didn't dare to look at the man's naked body.

"Hmph, I'm not scared. You can bully my mother, but don't try to bully me and my sister. If you dare, I will let the Yagyu family and the Kobe family unite to deal with you."

Muzi said softly. Said, looking directly into the eyes of Xue Tianjun, there was no fear at all.

Hearing the two families she mentioned, Xue Tianjun laughed. There are four major families in Dongying, all of whom practice ninjutsu. The Yagyu family is in this town, while the Kobe family is in Tokyo. The big family has something to do with the Mutian Palace, so this Muzi would use them to scare him.

This makes Xue Tianjun feel ridiculous. The funny thing is that such a strong man will be intimidated by a little girl, who she thinks he is.

After falling to the ground, Xue Tianjun stretched out his hand to hold her pointed chin, raised her face, leaned over to her face, and said in a low voice, "Threatening me will end badly, little girl. "


Muzi felt her whole body tremble, and the man's breath hit her brain.

I remembered that on the bed in Yali Yali's house, it was this hand that was rubbing her own Holy Maiden Peak, and it was this hand that pressed and rubbed the place where she was relieved.

Xue Tianjun gently twisted his nose, took a sip of the fragrance that is only on the girl's body, looked at her delicate face, and the small mouth pouting because of anger, Xue Tianjun bowed his head domineeringly and directly kissed.


Mu Zi twisted her body and pushed Xue Tianjun's chin with both hands, but no matter how hard she pushed, she couldn't push it away.

The domineering kiss of the man made Muzi feel a little dizzy. It was a kind of wonder she had never enjoyed before. Even if her mouth was forcibly taken, she was a little reluctant to leave the man's mouth.

But the good will not last forever. She just had a good feeling, but Xue Tianjun withdrew his head.

"It's very comfortable..."

Xue Tianjun said with a wretched smile.

Muzi nodded, but shook his head and said softly, "Don't bully me..."

Straightening up, Xue Tianjun laughed loudly: "You and Xiuzi are both here. If I don't bully you, then I will bully her."

Hideko, who had been closing her eyes, opened her eyes to look at her sister and said, "Muzi, my sister doesn't want to be bullied."

"Do you want me to be bullied? , you are my sister."

Muzi said angrily.

Xiuzi also replied angrily: "You have been talking to this big brother, but I haven't said a word."

Hearing her say this, Muzi said even more angrily: "Anyway, I No matter, you are the elder sister, you should be bullied first."

Seeing the two sisters quarreling over who was bullied first, Xue Tianjun shook his head helplessly, now they are immature, as if they don't know No matter who was bullied first, the two of them couldn't escape their ownClutch.

"Alright, alright, stop arguing, let's play a game and decide who of you is bullied by me."

Xue Tianjun said at this time.

Both Muzi and Xiuzi stopped arguing and looked at Xue Tianjun, who was squatting in front of them.

Laughing at the expectations of the two girls, Xue Tianjun felt a throbbing in his heart. He is now a very evil uncle, but these two girls are little loli who like to eat candy. They need to use a little skill to coax The two girls from the two girls who can honestly allow themselves to invade, such a beautiful thing and a little beauty, it is not a long-term encounter...

Chapter 483 "The Storm" p> The two sisters had anticipation on their faces as they waited quietly for the game Xue Tianjun said, completely forgetting their shyness. In front of them, Xue Tianjun was still naked and his dick was still standing upright in front of the two of them. It's on.

At this time, Xue Tianjun said softly: "I will caress your body with both hands. If anyone can't help but scream first, she will be my woman."


Muzi and Xiuzi both exclaimed tenderly.

When it comes to endurance, Muzi believes that she is better than her sister, so she said without hesitation: "Okay, let's do it like this." Yes."

Xue Tianjun smiled in his heart, but his face was calm: "Don't say I bullied you, all lie down and close your eyes."

This is too familiar, Muzi and Xiuzi both lay down, They have had such an experience long ago, but now it is different. In front of them is a man, a handsome man who is arrogant and powerful, with a well-developed body, and is so handsome that he is fascinated.

But a girl is a girl, and she doesn't understand the charm of handsome men at all. If a mature woman sees the best of Xue Tianjun, it would be strange if she doesn't fight back.

Seeing the two sisters being so obedient, Xue Tianjun couldn't wait to lift his hands up, and he also squatted in the middle of the two, looking at Muzi's delicate tits from the left.

On the other side of the huge tits, the bulging red nipples are full of seductive atmosphere. More importantly, these two huge tits are bigger than the oily and elegant ones, and their The owner is a childlike little beauty.

Xue Tianjun said softly: "I'm about to start, you have to hold back."

As he spoke, his two palms held the tits on both sides, Muzi's was Yingying's, And Xiuzi's is huge, the palm can't completely control it, the soft and smooth, even more exciting to Xue Tianjun.

I saw that the eyebrows of the two sisters were frowning together, and Muzi's expression was flat, but Xiuzi's face was twisted, her teeth bit her lip even more, she was enduring not to cry out .

After just rubbing it a few times, Xue Tianjun moved the hand on Xiuzi's tits to her lower abdomen and began to caress her lower abdomen, because no matter how provocative there is, as long as she bears it a little, Will not groan aloud.

"Are you comfortable?"

When Xue Tianjun saw Xiuzi open his eyes, he immediately winked at her.

Even Hideko, whose mind is a little slow, can see at once that he doesn't want to possess himself, so he doesn't seriously use powerful tricks to tease him.

She didn't speak, and of course the smart Muzi wouldn't speak. If she did, she would lose.

Xue Tianjun secretly smiled and said: It depends on how long you can endure.

His fingers stayed close to the nipples on Muzi's tits, and the belly of his thumb lightly tapped on it, as if he was fiddling with the piano.

With such a quick click, a kind of extreme pleasure swept through Muzi's body. Her hand tightly clasped the hand of Xiuzi lying next to her, and she clenched her tightly. Lips were bitten out bloodshot.

This has to be admired by Xue Tianjun. Muzi has a very firm belief. It's not that she rejects her. It seems that she wants to win and win her sister.

However, Xue Tianjun's old-fashioned skills, even a woman with strong determination can't bear it, let alone a little girl with a stinky milk, at the age of fourteen, she is not an opponent of Xue Tianjun at all. She couldn't help but let out a coquettish cry, and at this moment, her eyes also opened.

"Oh... um..."

You can see that the whites of her eyes are covered with bloodshots, which is forced out by a limit of patience. The pitiful appearance makes Lin Haifeng a little unbearable.

"I lost..."

Before Xue Tianjun could speak, Muzi stood up abruptly and said softly.

Xiuzi applauded and laughed, "Oh, my sister is going to have sex with Brother Tianjun..."

Muzi said in vain, "You coward."

, Muzi's eyes turned to Xue Tianjun again, her face was full of blush, she knew what it meant to lose, but if she lost, she lost, and she would never deny it.

So she straightened her neck and calmly said, "Come on."

Xue Tianjun chuckled and said, "Hehe, what are you coming?"

"Hmph, stop talking nonsense, just like you treated my mother. In that case, do what you do to her, do what you do to me."

Mu Zijiao said sincerely.

Such a cute loli made Xue Tianjun amused, but also admired. Muzi's cheerful temper gave her a good start in Xue Tianjun's heart.

Looking at her beautiful little face, Xue Tianjun approached her and said softly: "Are you really not afraid?"

"What's so scary, women have this day anyway, it's just morning and night. "

Muzi's performance became more and more mature.

But in Xue Tianjun's eyes, her behavior like this is obviously her intentional act. She is using another aggressive method to try not to bully her, but Muzi is wrong, she should never should not, that Xue Tianjun is just an ordinary rascal.

Raising her chin, Xue Tianjun looked at her, Xiao Muzi didn't show weakness at all, and a pair of beautiful pupils stared straight at Xue Tianjun's eyes.

With their eyes facing each other, Hideko next to her is amused and curious. She doesn't understand what love between men and women is.

Just when Xiuzi was puzzled, she saw that Xue Tianjun suddenly kissed his sister's lips with his mouth. When the four lips touched, she even saw Muzi's delicate body trembling.

A "uh" snorted from Muzi's nose, she was a little squeamish and resisted, but she still couldn't escape the kiss of Xue Tianjun.

At such a close distance, Xiuzi saw Xue Tianjun's tongue sticking out from his mouth. His tongue tried to penetrate Muzi's mouth, but Muzi closed his teeth tightly and didn't let go.

However, the kiss did not end. I saw Xue Tianjun squeezed her cheeks with his hands, Muzi's mouth opened, and Xue Tianjun's tongue suddenly got in.

In this way, Xiuzi couldn't see it, but he could see Muzi's cheeks beating, a very strange agitation, as if the agitation was pushed up from the inside by something.

"Mmm... uh... oh..."

Just for a moment, Muzi's humming grew louder and louder, her restless hands suddenly wrapped around Xue Tianjun's neck, and the two of them were separated from each other. One was sitting and the other was squatting, becoming lying down, Xue Tianjun pressed on Muzi's body like this, their mouths were still pressed together and kissed passionately, but Xue Tianjun's big hand was already pressed on Muzi's body. Rub on tits.

Xiuzi's throat twitched and she swallowed her saliva. She didn't expect that just looking at it like this, her lower abdomen would become hot, and the seams between her legs were tingling and itching, and there seemed to be warm liquid flowing from the small holes in her legs. , but all this is not important, what matters is the men and women in front of her, the entangled pictures, so that her eyes can't leave for a moment.


Muzi trembled all over.

It turned out that Xue Tianjun's hand had reached under her belly at some point, allowing Hideko to see something wonderful again.

His fingers curled up and lightly touched Muzi's little pussy, sometimes his fingers sneaked into the small hole, and sometimes he withdrew to grind on the soft outer labia.

Now she can see a little bit more clearly. It is this kind of contact between men and women that creates a wonderful feeling.

It didn't take long, Xiuzi saw Muzi open her charming eyes and looked at Xue Tianjun with a look of infatuation. On her alluring lips, there was still the luster left by Xue Tianjun's kiss just now.

"Are you comfortable?"

Xue Tianjun didn't seem to have any extra words to ask.

Mu Zi snorted and wondered: "Did you get my mother too?"

Her straightforwardness made Xue Tianjun throb, he nodded and chuckled. : "That's right."

"Then what is the difference between her and me?"

Muzi was extremely curious, because she was much worse than her mother, Yali Yali.

She has such a good figure as Yali without oil. She is mature and charming without oil, so she really wants to know what Xue Tianjun likes about such a small beauty.

Xue Tianjun didn't hesitate at all, and blurted out: "She is a ripe fruit, and you are an unripe but very young fruit."

Mu Zijiao said sincerely: "Then who is delicious?"

"Each has its own merits. If you really want to choose, I'll choose you."

Xue Tianjun said seriously.

Hearing him say that, Muzi's face showed a moved expression. This is how girls are, and can't stand the man's coaxing.

With a blush on his face and feeling the resistance of the hard dick on his lower abdomen, Mu Zi said softly, "Then my unripe fruit is about to ripen today?"

"It needs to be processed. "

Xue Tianjun said softly, licking and sucking on her earlobe.

This kind of provocation made Muzi groan for a while, and his legs curled up slightly to the sides.

At this time, Xue Tianjun straightened up, half-kneeled between her legs, and looked down at the little pussy with only golden fluff, he couldn't help but sigh, this is a real loli girl, but today she is going to be on her own dick changed under impact.

Seeing the dick between his legs, Muzi raised his eyebrows and whispered: "It...it's so big, how can it get in?"

"You don't need to ask more, just enjoy it ."

Xue Tianjun smiled and leaned forward.

Hideko, who was next to her, approached again. She was also very curious. Although men and women were inseparable, no one would come here, and no one would find that they were together absurdly, so Hideko's eyes were really big. , I watched very seriously as the dick with exposed veins rubbed a few times on his sister's pussy.

When she thought that the cock was just grinding the little hole, she was horrified to see that the head of the penis in front of the cock actually got into her sister's little hole, and Muzi also frowned and let out a coquettish cry.


With her coquettish cry, her dick was completely stabbed to no point.

Muzi was a little dizzy when he felt a sense of fulfillment, but he still didn't forget to ask: "Brother Tianjun, did it come in?"

"Of course..."

Xue Tianjun chuckled lightly.

"Then why don't I feel pain?"

Mu Zi asked suspiciously.

Hearing her question, Xue Tianjun raised his head and smiled, then explained it.

Muzi and Xiuzi both came to understand, and also knew the true meaning of love between men and women. It turned out that she had to rely on Xue Tianjun's ability to avoid pain for the first time, otherwise the moment the dick got in, she would Can't stand it.

In just a moment, a strange expression appeared on Muzi's face, and his body twisted slightly.

Of course Xue Tianjun knew why she wasHow could it be, but he didn't say it, didn't move.

"Brother Tianjun, I'm so uncomfortable and itchy."

Seeing that he didn't move, Muzi couldn't help but said softly.

For this reason, she is no longer shy, but feels very wise about her decision-making.

Xiuzi looked at Xue Tianjun obsessively, and said in a condensed voice: "Brother Tianjun, is everything you said true? We can all live forever and our faces will last forever?"

"Haha, I said Now, you may not believe it, time can prove everything."

Xue Tianjun laughed, his hands suddenly grabbed Muzi's waist, and his body suddenly shrugged forward.

The dick breaks through the barrier of the thin layer of hymen, and Xue Tianjun completely occupies the loli Muzi, conquering, rudely ramming, the depth and shallowness of the dick, the combination of speed and strength, make the little Muzi completely crazy , also let her fully experience the transformation of a girl into a woman. The first time was extremely wonderful, which made her raise her head and keep screaming...

"Hum... um... Brother Tianjun... oh... You're so big... you're so deep... ah..."

Mu Zi hummed softly, but his body shook violently, catering to Xue Tianjun's fast sprint.

At this time, Xue Tianjun was doing two things with one heart. He wrapped Muzi's slender waist with one hand and launched a violent attack on her delicate little hole, while the other hand was stroking Xiuzi's little hole.

3P is a common thing for Xue Tianjun, so his technique is already very proficient. Under the care of Xue Tianjun's fingers, Xiuzi's skin also became hot, and his coquettish voice gradually became louder.

"Um... Brother Tianjun... Go in a little more... yes... ah... don't touch me there..."

"Ah ah... Brother Tian... you are amazing... um Um... Muzi is so comfortable... I'm dying... oh... sister... why are you... screaming... so loud... Brother Tianjun... where did I meet you...  ... ..."

Muzi groaned happily, not forgetting to care about the condition of her sister next to her, which is really unusual.

"Oh...sister...that's...that...Xiaodoudou...um...sister...why haven't you finished yet...sister really wants..."

"Ah... um ... so beautiful... oh... come again... ah... ok... good heavenly gentleman... hurry up... stop... oh..."

At this critical juncture, Muzi stopped, but How could Xue Tianjun stop? The thick dick continued to haunt her small pussy, panting and asking: "Muzi...why stop, are you satisfied..."

"No... I'm letting you go first... ...give my sister... to insert her pussy... ah..."

Muzi vigorously catered to Xue Tianjun, while panting: "Brother Tianjun...you have to take turns...insert... Me and...sister...isn't it more...interesting...otherwise...sister is very uncomfortable..."

"Well...you're right..."

Xue Tianjun pumped hard After a few thrusts, he pulled out his wet cock and immediately stabbed it into Hideko's already flooded pussy.

The fresh feeling made Xiuzi very emotional. Like Muzi, she didn't feel any pain, she just felt comfortable and full.

She excitedly imitated Muzi's appearance to cater to Xue Tianjun, her snow-white buttocks were pushed back crazily, and her ecstatic coquettish moans kept leaking out of her small mouth: "Ah... Brother Tianjun... ok... ah... so fast... ah... swelled to death..."

Although Xiuzi has a hot body and mature development, the small hole is quite tight and narrower than Muzi's. The little hole is not much less.

"Mmmm... Brother Tianjun... Don't be so strong... oh... don't... push it... so deeply..."

When the woman said she didn't want it, she was probably saying she wanted it. It's like the current Xiuzi can't help but slams her big white ass against Xue Tianjun's dick, wishing he could push it a little deeper, but he said the opposite, of course Xue Tianjun won't be here. Make a mistake on this problem, dick deeper and faster.

Hideko couldn't help but groaned loudly: "Mmmm... Brother Tianjun... You're going to kill me... ah... oh..."

He sprinted violently behind the lying Xiuzi After dozens of times, Xue Tianjun returned to Muzi and launched a second round of attacks on her.

In this way, Xue Tianjun took turns to vent his lust on the sisters, and the two sisters' tender voices sounded alternately, one after another.

Xue Tianjun's desire is unprecedentedly strong. The snow-white buttocks of the two sisters were both red due to his thrusting. Because the two took turns thrusting each other, it was like going up the stairs. You are pushing to the peak of happiness step by step, so the support time is longer than usual.

Chapter 484 "The Wind" On Hideko's face, the two beautiful little beauties had a satisfied aftertaste on their faces.

I have to say that the taste of old women and little women are very different. When he is with You Ye Yali, Xue Tianjun is only crazy, but when he is with Muzi and Xiuzi again, he enjoys the process of conquest.

Watching the two girls being conquered by him, he naturally had a sense of pride, a feeling that can only be felt after conquering.

"Brother Tianjun, are we going back?"

Muzi said as if he didn't know what to do.

Xue Tianjun nodded and said with a chuckle, "Yes, otherwise your mother would be worried about you."

In the early morning of the next day, Yali Yali was woken up by the hurried knock on the door, and looked atWhen he saw the emptiness around him, he didn't know where the two daughters and Xue Tianjun went.

She put on her long skirt and walked to the door a few steps. She didn't even have time to comb her hair in such a mess. When she opened the door, she saw the person standing outside.

"Sister, you're still sleeping, a distinguished guest has come to the mansion."

Standing in front of her was Mu Chun, looking at her irritable expression, it was obvious that it was not easy to come.

Yali Yali breathed a sigh of relief and said indifferently, "So what? Who has come to me?"

Seeing her turning back and walking back into the house, Mu Chun hurriedly followed in. , I first looked at the bed, it was very messy, apparently she was conquered by Xue Tianjun for another night last night, and she was so tired if she hadn't slept well.

"Sister, everyone from the four major families is here, do you think it has anything to do with you?"

Mu Chun said anxiously.

Hearing her say that, You Yeyali turned her head back, raised her eyebrows with wide eyes, and said, "The Four Great Families? What are they doing here?" I don't know, there is no one to deal with in the mansion now, if you don't go, how can I deal with them?"

"You just say that Mutian is not here, and let them come to visit another day."

Yali Yali said angrily.

There are many famous families in Eastern Ying, but the four major families are the most prestigious among the famous families in Eastern Ying. Even the emperors respect the four families very much.

Looking at Yali Yali, Mu Chunjiao said sincerely, "Sister, if they just came to visit, I would have driven them away long ago, but when they came, they all had very fierce expressions on their faces. I didn't even say I wanted to find Mutian."

Rubbing her eyes, Yali Yali said helplessly, "I can't help it, they all know that in Mutian's mansion, my status is not as good as it used to be, you and Qingxiang are together. Go and deal with it."

Mu Chun said tenderly: "Sister, where is Tianjun?"

"What? You want him to go?"

Yali Yali asked suspiciously.

nodded, Mu Chun sighed: "Tianjun is good at martial arts, if they really want to make trouble, he can still protect me."

"Hehe, wife, who wants to bully you, and wants my protection? "

Just as she finished speaking, the figure of Xue Tianjun appeared beside Mu Chun.

With a soft cry, Mu Chun was taken aback. She also knew Xue Tianjun's ability. He came and went without a shadow. Even in the daytime, this sudden appearance was still very scary.

Seeing Xue Tianjun coming, Mu Chun felt relieved, so he explained his purpose of coming here.

You Yeyali doesn't care about the safety of the Mutian Palace. Anyway, last night, she made her two daughters completely belong to Xue Tianjun. They can leave here with Xue Tianjun at any time and live another life.

"Husband, the Four Great Families and the Mutian Palace have some festivals. They do everything they need to go to the Three Treasures Palace. They are not good people." I don't want him to go either.

First, Xue Tianjun is a native of the Central Plains. A person from the Central Plains in the Mutian Palace will inevitably make the four major clansmen see it and go outside to talk nonsense. The other is that Xue Tianjun is not a good stubble. , If the people of the four major families said something bad, he would never be able to hold back.

Xue Tianjun chuckled lightly: "Didn't Muzi say that she has a good relationship with the Liusheng family?"

You Yeyali frowned and said, "You can believe what the child says, Muzi and Xiuzi are in harmony with each other. The younger daughter of the Liusheng family has a very good relationship and often plays together, but the Liusheng family is interested in the military power in the hands of Mutian, so they are friendly with the Mu family on the surface..."

After listening to You Ye Yali After some explanations, Xue Tianjun gradually understood that Mutian Palace's troops were the strongest in Dongying, and secondly, Mutian was also a master in Dongying rivers and lakes.

As for the four major families, in Dongying, they are more successful in having money and status. The economic industry of Dongying is almost monopolized by them, so the result of the four major families forming a group is formed.

Obviously, the four major families are not short-sighted. With money and status, they must have a strong army. They want to rebel.

Dongying is in civil strife, but Xue Tianjun wants to see it the most, but since he came to Dongying, he will not let Dongying collapse because of the civil strife, that will lose a lot of endless fun.

After thinking about it for a while, Xue Tianjun smiled and said, "Wife, I will let you have a look."

Looking at Xue Tianjun with joy, Mu Chun was very happy, took his hand and said straight: " Husband, really my good husband, with you by my side, I won't be afraid of anything."

Seeing that they were going to meet the four great families, Yali Yali said coquettishly, "You guys are gone, I am here. What are you doing here? I'm going too."

There was a lively scene in front of the reception room of the former residence of Prince Mutian's mansion, and Yali Yali also saw her two daughters, who had already played with the youngest daughter of the Liusheng family. At the place, thinking that they were with Xue Tianjun all the time last night, but now they still have the spirit to play, it's amazing!

"Let me go and see what to do."

When Mu Chun saw the servants surrounded outside the living room, he immediately gave a coquettish snort.

When the servants saw her, they all timidly dispersed, Xue Tianjun laughed secretly, this Mu Chun in the palace of King Mutian has always been very strict, otherwise the servants will not see her when they see her. So scared.

Following behind Mu Chun and Yali Yali, as soon as Xue Tianjun entered, he felt the presence of several strange forces. It is more appropriate to say that it is internal force rather than strength. How capable they are, they will not hide it.

On the contrary, the current Xue Tianjun has restrained his powerful aura, and is no different from ordinary people, although he is handsome and extraordinary.The master of the family combination can completely kill all the people in the palace, and even the flies don't even want to fly out.

But now it seems that everything is not as easy as they think.


The old man Liu suddenly let out a roar of grief, threw himself in front of a dead corpse, and cried out loudly.

Yali Yali whispered, "The person who died is the eldest son of the old man Liu Sheng."

Xue Tianjun nodded, no wonder the old man was in such pain, it turned out that his son died.

"Liu Saburo, don't cry, the enemy is in front, we have to unite."

A beautiful woman who had been silent for a while, finally spoke up.

Mu Chun whispered again at this time: "Husband, this woman is from the water family, called Shui Lan, and is good at black water ninjutsu. She is quite powerful." A coquettish cry: "What black water ninjutsu, dozens of guys, it's not enough for me to deal with it with one sword."

From outside the living room, another young beauty walked in, and saw that she was holding a long sword, and the sword was on top of it. With bright red blood stains, she looked at her face with a satisfied smile.

The people from the four major families are no strangers to it. When the beautiful woman came in, she smiled sweetly and walked over to the Bloody Heavenly Monarch. When she came to him, she smiled and nodded with the two women.

This made Mu Chun and You Yali a little unbelievable. These three women were all extremely beautiful women. Even if the women who appeared later did not call Xue Tianjun anything, the relationship with Xue Tianjun was obviously not easy.

"Haha, Lin'er has done a very good job. Now you have the four major families to do all they can. Let me tell you the good news. Now outside the living room, in the palace of King Mutian, all of your people are dead. Yes."

Xue Tianjun raised his head and laughed.

Now that he knows the conspiracy of the four major families, he will of course prepare everything properly. Mingyue and Meiji are the guardians of Peerless City. They are not good and do not like to kill, but Xiao Liner is different. Coming out of Elysium is to let her breathe, and let her clean up for herself the little roles that she doesn't need to play at all.

Even if it was a small role, Xiao Lin'er was still very happy to kill. She hasn't worked for Xue Tianjun so sweaty for a long time.

"All dead? All dead? Liu Yizi..."

The old man of the Liu family who was crying suddenly stopped crying, raised his head and muttered, then got up and rushed out.

When he was about to get out the door, he flew in again, and a few beautiful women came in from the outside, and their appearances were naturally alluring.

And it was Xue Lan who let the old man Liu fly in, and her kick was timely and in place.

"Husband, those three little girls have gone to hang out on the street."

Xue Lan said with a smile when she came in.

Xue Tianjun nodded, regardless of the stunned expressions on the faces of the four major families, he turned around and hugged Mu Chun and Yali Yali's necks, and said with a chuckle, "The following is a restricted-level performance, so please avoid it for now. Dodge."

Both women looked at Xue Tianjun suspiciously, and before they understood it, they had disappeared by Xue Tianjun's side.

Shen Ji, Bai Ling, and Shui Lan of the water clan all looked at Xue Tianjun with amazement on their faces. They were sure that it must not have been done by ninjutsu, even if it was the stealth technique of Dongying ninjutsu, It is also impossible not to add terminology and handprints.

Looking at Xue Lan and the girls of Yinxue, Xue Tianjun laughed loudly: "You guys go outside first, I have to solve some things myself."

These women who follow Xue Tianjun know that he At the critical moment, they will make their own shots, and the nearly twenty beauties in this living room will naturally not have good fruit to eat, and those men will of course not have their lives to live.

"Who the hell are you? My son was killed by you, and you will return my granddaughter."

The Liu family old man got up from the ground. Now he is no different from an ordinary old man. Of course, he has a lot of abilities. , just grief, so that he can not play out.

Seeing him rushing towards him, Xue Tianjun had a weird smile on his face, and his body suddenly sprinted forward, and the Liu family old man who was rushing towards him let out an abrupt muffled cry, and after looking at him On his back, the tip of the sword has been stabbed out from behind him, and it can be seen that the sword has penetrated directly through his body from front to back.

Xue Tianjun looked coldly at the Liu family old man in front of him, and said solemnly: "I hate people who treacherous the most, you are such a person, don't worry, go to your family's daughter, my blood Tianjun will do it for you. You take care of it, by the way, when you get downstairs, tell your son, his wife and daughter, don't want him to worry, I will make them live comfortably." Seeing the wretched expression on Xue Tianjun's face, but at this time he didn't even have the strength to raise his hand, with remorse on his face, his body leaned to the ground...

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