Revisiting the story of exposing girlfriend (5-8)

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[Revisiting the old story of exposing my girlfriend]

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(5) By the Sea (continued)

The girl's mind is really strange, maybe in a place far away from home, her girlfriend has become a little more open, and she doesn't want me to know what happened in the cabin, she didn't mention it at all, Soon he was playing like a kid again.

I bought new underwear for Xiaoqian, and I specially chose a pair of pink translucent silk underwear. My girlfriend thought it was very comfortable to wear, so she happily accepted it.

Nothing happened for the next two days. My girlfriend and I would go crazy in the sea every day. My girlfriendwas wearing a newly bought swimsuit and most of her two pretty tits were exposed. The jade legs and delicate butt are also appreciated, attracting the attention of many male swimmers, and I am also happy that my girlfriend is appreciated by others.

It's just that every time I come back from the beach, A Xing will come to peep when his girlfriend is bathing, and he will rub his girlfriend's panties on his penis a few times. Although this guy is too much, who gave me the hobby of exposing my girlfriend! Xiaoqian stripped naked, and the sexy look that water droplets hit her body, I was eager to find someone to appreciate it together, soI let him peek, and the guy complained about the curtain I can't see clearly, it's a goddamn sex demon.

I'm going back soon, and I wanted to take this opportunity to expose and abuse my lovely girlfriend again, so I remembered the bar that A Xing mentioned.

On the night before I left, my girlfriend and I went back to the hotel. After my girlfriend took a shower, I suggested to her to go to the bar to play. My girlfriend is a famous good girl who has never been to a bar. A kind of place, I heard that I would take her there, and immediately agreed happily. Poor girlfriend still doesn't know I'm planning to expose her!

As part of the plan, I asked my girlfriend to put on a swimsuit, and she immediately opened her eyes and said, "There are so many people there, how can you let people wear such revealing swimsuits? "

I said, "You wear more people on the beach, so what are you afraid of? A lot of people wear swimsuits anyway."

Girlfriend I still didn't agree, which was what I expected, so I pretended to give in and asked her to wear hot pants, but a swimsuit for her upper body. If she still felt exposed, she could wear a short-sleeved coat. She also provoked her to say, "There are so many beautiful women in swimsuits there. Are you not afraid that I will only look at others instead of you? Or are you afraid that your body is not as good as others?"

These two things are girlfriends The most frightening thing, she thought about it and dressed as I said.

Anyway, the journey is not far, Xiaoqian wears the sandals I just bought for her, with a little high heel, which makes her girlfriend's lines more beautiful. The two well-proportioned jade legs outside the hot pants are enough to make people drool. The small swimsuit cups on the upper body reveal most of her breasts, and the small coat does not do much at all.

I walked into the bar with my girlfriend, Xiaoqian's dress did attract a lot of people's attention, her girlfriend was seen a little shy, she blushed and pulled me, complaining that I let me She dresses like this. I encouraged her: "Let go of it when you go out to play, you are only seen by beautiful people."

Sure enough, her girlfriend soon turned from shy to a little proud, no longer avoiding others eyes.

This bar is quite simple and seems to have been converted from a warehouse. It is very dark inside. Many people come here for recreationIt is a little crowded. There was a small dance floor in the center of the bar, and it was even more crowded. The crowd was shaking their heads in the dark, and many people were writhing in obscenity.

I deliberately dragged my girlfriend across the dance floor. It can be said that I squeezed all the way. Although my girlfriend tried her best to protect her body, there were too many people on the dance floor. He stretched out his hands and touched his girlfriend's thighs and bottom. The girlfriend thought that they just bumped into them by accident, so she could only dodge as much as possible.

I finally got to the bar and found an empty seat. My girlfriend sorted out the messy clothes. I saw that her swimsuit was a little loose, and her chest showed more spring. The meat cock has already responded, but the girlfriend has no idea.

We ordered some drinks. Speaking of which, the seats here are really designed with ulterior motives. There are high curtains behind each seat. The lights are dim, and only the seats close to each other can see each other's situation, which is of course convenient for many couples and, of course, perverts.

I sat down with my girlfriend, who was a little confused by the passionate music, and I watched the surroundings. The girlfriend was still a little reserved at first, and immediately after drinking a little wine, she seemed to have changed her personality. This is how her girlfriend was, and a little alcohol stimulation could make her let go.

My girlfriend looked around curiously, and suddenly whispered to me as if she had discovered a new world: "Jie, the people next to us are doing bad things."

I looked towards In the seat next to it, a man and a woman were really making out, they kissed passionately, and the man's hands were already full part entered the girl's clothes and rubbed wildly.

I looked excited, hugged my girlfriend and said, "We'll come too."

Then I started kissing her. Xiaoqian was taken aback and hurriedly dodged, but where is she my opponent, I touched her breast with one hand, I quickly found the nipple, and pressed a few times through the bathing suit, the girlfriend immediately With a whimper, 's whole body went limp, and he slumped there for me to kiss.

My girlfriend only drank a little bit of wine, and she hasn't let go completely yet. I can't go too far. I just touched her breasts a few times and she broke free. At this time, my girlfriend was sweating a bit, and with the crowd at the bar, she felt very hot, and finally took off her jacket with my encouragement.

When I was stroking my girlfriend just now, I secretly pulled her swimsuit looser, and now the two cups are loose and only cover the nipples, a pair of beautiful breasts are almost completely Exposed, I was a little dazed. Although my girlfriend knew it,I became more open under the stimulation of alcohol, let me look at her lustfully, and joked that I was a pervert.

I said to her, "I'm a big pervert, I'm going to eat your little sheep."

Taking advantage of the opportunity to hold my girlfriend in my arms, I quietly hung the straps behind her swimsuit on the raised part of a curtain behind the seat, which is the support point of my girlfriend's swimsuit. If my girlfriend makes a big move, she will definitely pull off the swimsuit. At this time, I found that the neighbors were already paying attention to us.

I was tired of arguing with my girlfriend, so I hugged my girlfriend to drink again, and when my girlfriend started playing, she even punched me.Of course she is not my opponent. I drink a lot of wine. My girlfriend's alcohol intake is poor, knowing that if this continuesI will definitely get drunk, so I won't play anymore.

I let go of my girlfriend when she suddenly said that she was going to the bathroom and stood up quickly. The scene I was looking forward to finally appeared: the knot on the back of my girlfriend's swimsuit was ripped open, and the whole swimsuit fell down lightly. Now, not only some breasts are exposed, but the two firm breasts of my girlfriend are completely exposed. Come out, pink nipples standing up.

The girlfriend noticed something was wrong, looked down, screamed in fright, and hurriedly sat down with her hands covering her chest, but the two round and tender breasts had already been seen by the people on the dance floor in front of her. A bright. It's good that she didn't cry, this call attracted the people next to her to look at her, so her girlfriend had to protect her half-naked body for everyone to admire.

Such a little beauty uses only one hand to protect her breasts, even if she can't see the nipples, it is enough to stimulate, I don't know who is whistling at her girlfriend a few times. My girlfriend was so embarrassed now that she was clinging to me and didn't dare to move. Muttered in a low voice, "How could this be..."

I helped my girlfriend organize her clothes , before taking her to the bathroom, her girlfriend was shaking a little while walking, and she seemed to be drunk.

She went into the bathroom and I was waiting at the door, when two people walked up to me, one of them patted meI recognized it as A Xing, I don't know what this guy is time to follow. The other he introduced was his friend Abang, who was another man who saw my girlfriend at the beach that day.

Ah Bang greeted me: "I didn't expect my eldest brother to have such a hobby. Did you do it on purpose just now? Welooked very exciting!"

said Lewd laughter. Although I was a little uncomfortable, they saw through and I had nothing to say.

Then Ah Xing gave me a small bottle, and said mysteriously: "Brother, this is our brother's collection, It can make people sleep for a few hours, and wake up with no pain. What memory. I give it to you now, as compensation for my peek at your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is so good, let her show more!"

I was suspicious Taking the bottle, the two of them turned and walked away.

Waiting for my girlfriend to come out, I helped her back to the seat, I paid attention, it turned out that these two guys sat on the seat beside usIt was obvious that they wanted to see my girlfriend good show. Now I feel a little more excited.I thought that the opportunity to abuse my girlfriend is a once in a lifetime. If I don’t take advantage of it now, she will become a conservative girl when I get home.It would be too inconvenient. .

When my girlfriend wasn't paying attention, I poured the medicine into her cup. My girlfriend knew she was cheating and drank the whole drink in a while. I asked my girlfriend to put her feet on my lap, took off her sandals, and massaged my girlfriend's pink and tender feet. I made her very comfortable, and she quickly leaned on the seat, her eyes became more and more The more blurred, the slight moan from time to time.

I know that the drug has attacked, and my girlfriend is already a little confused.

After a while, her girlfriend slumped softly in the seat, and she didn't even respond when I called Xiaoqian a few times. At this timeA Bang and A Xing came over and I asked them if the medicine was too powerful, "Don't worry, your girlfriend is fine."

Saying that, A Xing touched his girlfriend's chest Well, the girlfriend immediately snorted, it seems that it's really okay, she still knows how to react!

Ah Xing said to me again, "Brother, hurry up and enjoy!"

Although I saw him molesting my girlfriend in front of him, I was not angry, but excited. .

Abang saw my thoughts and looked at me with questioning eyesI, my heart has been completely occupied by the desire to abuse and expose my girlfriend, I nodded. But there are too many people here. I said that I want to take my girlfriend back to the hotel. Of course, the two of them couldn't ask for it, and immediately took the initiative to open the way in front.

I looked at my sleeping girlfriend, feeling somewhat guilty, but soon excitement dominated my thoughts again.

I pulled up my girlfriend, ripped off her swimsuit, put back on her jacket, and buttoned it up. Although there was a jacket to cover it, this dress was very thin and could It is said to be transparent, and you can clearly see the girlfriend's nipples from the outside, almost like not wearing it.

I walked across the dance floor with my girlfriend, and everyone on the dance floor was dumbfounded, so I let my girlfriend show off her breasts. Ah Xing and Ah Bang took their girlfriends back to the hotel with me, but of course they wouldn't go back to our room. This was the first time that I had given my girlfriend to someone to play with. I was so excited that I almost ejaculated on the way.

I put my girlfriend on the white sheet, looked at her sleeping soundly, and kissed her cheek pitifully. There was a lovely red tide on my girlfriend's face, Ah Bang and Ah Xing stood behind me, at this moment I was determined to humiliate my beautiful girlfriend, I reached out and unbuttoned Xiaoqian's chest, ruthless. He pushed them away from the sides, and his girlfriend's two tender and firm tits jumped out. Ah Bang and A Xing were cheering at the same time, and they kept praising their girlfriend for having a pair of good tits.

At this time, my heart skipped a beat, and I was exposing my girlfriend's body to two strange men.It was really exciting.

Looking at my girlfriend's half-naked appearance, I couldn't help rubbing her breasts. My girlfriend knew how to react even in her sleep. Her sensitive breasts were toyed with and immediately let out a slight moan, which caused me to burst into a wild beast.

At this time, I noticed that the weight of the end of the bed had changed. Looking back, it turned out that Ah Xing was lying on the bedside, holding up his girlfriend's tender feet and kissing him, not only did he lick his girlfriend's feet The back of the foot, sucking each toe into the mouth, and licking with the tongue between the toes. Feet are often overlooked erogenous zones of women. Under the offensive of Ah Xing's tongue, his girlfriend's legs began to wriggle uncomfortably, and her two white and tender feet also lifted up to meet his kiss.

And Abang came to the direction of his girlfriend's head, I gave up my seat to him and sat aside to enjoy the good show of humiliating his girlfriend.

Ah Bang was unceremonious, pulled down his girlfriend's open coat, put his arms around his girlfriend's shoulders, and pinched her naked breasts with the other, rounding and pinching without pity Flat, taking turns ravaging two fair-skinned breasts. His girlfriend was excited by this action, his mouth was slightly open and panting, Abang put it on and kissed his girlfriend, his unshaven mouth pressed on his girlfriend's soft lips, ugly His tongue turned away from his girlfriend's teeth and got into her mouth to stir up trouble. His kissing skills were very good, and he even teased his girlfriend's tongue out and twisted it with his ugly big tongue. That scene was extremely lewd.

On the other side, A Xing stroked his girlfriend's jade-like legs with both hands, and his mouth was playing happily with his girlfriend's feet. He almost swallowed her girlfriend's feet into his mouth, He bit his teeth lightly, then swallowed another, making his girlfriend's feet wet with his saliva.

At this time, Ah Bang raised his head and said, "Your girlfriend's ventriloquism is good, it's really comfortable to kiss."

Ah Xing took it and said, "Yeah, that day I was raped by her. It sucks!"

"Then I'll try it too."

Abang took off his beach shorts as he spoke, and the huge gun under his crotch was already standing tall. He knelt beside his girlfriend's head, the head of his penis was pressed against his girlfriend's lips, the girlfriend instinctively wanted to turn her head away, but he held it down, and Abang's big penis was rubbed against his girlfriend's soft lips. .

This guy can really play, his girlfriend's lips are soft and elastic, and when she gives me oral sex, the big cock gets her lips caressed very well. At this time, the secretions from Abang's glans were all applied to his girlfriend's lips, causing the two red lips to glow brightly.

Ah Bang stretched out his hand to squeeze his girlfriend's nipple and rubbed it for a while. The girlfriend immediately gasped for breath, and Ah Bang's big penis took the opportunity to squeeze into his girlfriend's mouth. Now the girlfriend can only say "Um... ...uh..."

groaning. Abang's cock was immediately wrapped in his girlfriend's small mouth, and he frowned with pleasure, and his girlfriend frowned, because Abang's big cock had already stuffed her mouth full.

Abang said, "It's so cool! It's so cool!"

The cock started to move in his girlfriend's mouth, and it can be imagined that he has inserted it into his girlfriend's throat , because I almost coughed up every time I inserted my girlfriend. Seeing this scene, Ah Xing hurriedly took off his pants, and couldn't wait to untie his girlfriend's hot pants, and peeled them off together with the panties.

I almost spit blood, my lovely girlfriend is now naked, as defenseless as a mermaid, wantonly raped by two strange men.

Ah Xing spreads his girlfriend's legs apart, and Xiao Qian's pussy is exposed in front of his eyes. The pink labia is slightly open, and the inside is overflowing with kinky water. A Xing put his girlfriend's right leg on his shoulder, held the big meat stick against his girlfriend's legs, separated her labia with the head of his penis, rubbed up and down a few times, and his girlfriend was already horny., this time, he couldn't hold it anymore, a stream of kinky water immediately poured out of his small hole, and the mouth that was being fucked by Abang groaned in pleasure. Ah Xing then pushed his thick waist and inserted half of his cock into his girlfriend's pussy, and her whole body trembled immediately.

Ah Xing stopped to take a breath, turned her head and said to me, "Xiao Qian's vagina is so fucking tight that I almost ejaculated"

said After squeezing his waist forward again, he inserted the whole cock into his girlfriend's precious pussy.

Ah Xing started to move back and forth, and the thick cock began to move in and out of his girlfriend's little hole, bringing out a lot of kinky water, making the sheets a mess. I watched my girlfriend being raped by two dark-skinned men on the bed, not only was I not angry, but instead had a perverted excitement, shouting in my head: "Strength! Fuck her pussy! 』As if feeling my infection, A Xing moved his lower body faster and faster, his big cock savagely raped his girlfriend's pink pussy, and every timedry her pussy lips.

At this time, Ah Bang suddenly shouted: "It's so cool! I can't stand it anymore!"

Then he slammed his lower body a few times and leaked in his girlfriend's mouth. He must have ejaculated a lot, and some semen flowed from his girlfriend's mouthand it was so deep that the girlfriend was choked and coughed, but Abang's cock was deeply inserted in her mouth,she had no choice but to Strongly swallow the semen in your mouth.

Damn it! In just a few days, his girlfriend has been shot in the mouth by a strange man twice.

After Abang finished shooting, he sat on the side and rested, and the shrunken cock slipped out of his girlfriend's mouth, bringing out a long white line. His girlfriend's small mouth was messed up by him, and the saliva mixed with semen flowed out from the corner of the mouth, which was extremely lewd.

Ah Xing also worked harder to fuck his girlfriend's pussy, and his girlfriend's mouth was liberated. Now he is being fucked by Ah Xing non-stop, with long hair scattered on the sheets, two The tits swayed up and down with his thrusts, and was grabbed by A Bang who was resting beside him, rounding and flattening him as if he wanted to.

Ah Xing shoved five or sixty times quickly, and he was about to ejaculate with a loud roar. I hurriedly warned him not to ejaculate in his girlfriend. The big purple penis headed against his girlfriend's stomach and shot wildly, making his girlfriend's sexy little belly button submerged in semen.

At this time, Abang had recovered his strength and took up Axing's position. He turned his girlfriend over and made her lie on her stomach like a little bitch. , The small hole that has not recovered. The girlfriend was fucked by the big meat cock again, and her whole body trembled with excitement. She couldn't even scream when she opened her mouth, only the semen mixed with saliva flowed out of her mouth.

Abang parted his girlfriend's buttocks, and while admiring her ass, he stretched his waist and started to work hard.

Ah Bang is not at all sympathetic to Xiangxiyu, so when he comes up, he slams and thrusts violently, and his lower abdomen keeps hitting his girlfriend's tender butt. With a loud noise, he also pressed his girlfriend's chrysanthemum door with his fingers, and I rarely touch her there. This press immediately made his girlfriend scream.

Ah Bang used his strength again, and squeezed his fingers into Xiao Qian's chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum was dug with fingers, and her little pussy was raped frantically. Within a minute, her girlfriend's whole body was shaking, and a large amount of kinky water poured out.

After the climax, his girlfriend lay on the bed weakly, but Ah Bang didn't care about it, he lifted Xiaoqian's lower body and continued to fuck hard, and after a while, he got his girlfriend excited again, and even took the initiative Twisting ass to cater to his adultery. Abang had just ejaculated once, this time it took him half an hour to ejaculate a lot of thick semen on his girlfriend's ass. In the meantime, Ah Xing vented again in his girlfriend's mouth, reliving the pleasure in the cabin that day.

After the two of them had a good time, they didn't forget to humiliate their girlfriends, and repeatedly said that Xiaoqian was a slutty slut who had tasted many men's cocks in her early twenties.

Seeing that my girlfriend was raped by two dark-skinned men, with semen in her mouth, face, stomach, and butt, made me feel better than them.

After Ah Bang left, Ah Xing said to help me carry my girlfriend back to the room, but it turned out that I took his girlfriend's clothes and Ah Bang walked a long way with her naked girlfriend. Back to our room, fortunately, no one was seen along the way.

After returning to our room, my girlfriend was still asleep, I did a simple cleaning for her, separated her legs and started to vent her long-held desire. My girlfriend has already been fucked by two men, her body was fucked, and I was pushed to orgasm in a few times, because I was so excited just now, I only fucked more than a hundred times in my girlfriend's pussy A leak.

Ah Xing was very excited. After I left his girlfriend's body, he grabbed his girlfriend's little feet, clamped his meat stick, and let his girlfriend's delicate little meat feet serve him, In the end, my girlfriend's feet were covered with semen. In this way, except for the chrysanthemum, he has done everything his girlfriend can do, and this guy has taken advantage of it.

I was also very excited about this scene of humiliating my girlfriend. Later, when I had sex with my girlfriend, I often recalled the lascivious scene of that night. I got excited and fucked my girlfriend, making her orgasm constantly. Afterwards, Xiaoqian asked me why I was so powerful, I only say that she is too beautiful and cute, and her girlfriend is still in the dark, and I am so happy when I say it.



In the summer of one year ago in the Internet cafe, my girlfriend was still studying in college. One weekend she called and said that it was a birthday for the friends in the dormitory, they were going out for dinner, and then went to the Internet cafe all night. I've already found a job in another city, so I can't go with her. The friend she mentioned is also familiar to me, so I let her go. I have a computer in the rental house, and I promised Xiaoqian that they would chat with her at the Internet cafe in the evening.

After ten o'clock in the evening, Xiaoqian really came to the Internet. It turned out that they had reserved a private room, but because the private room was relatively small, they could only be divided into two private rooms.

When we opened the video, I found that my girlfriend and the others were in the private room of four people. In addition to my girlfriend and her friends, there was also an unknown girl and a tall, thin, and slender girl. boy. The girlfriend said that the boy was the boyfriend of his girlfriend's friend, and everyone called him Xiao Tang, and even asked him to greet me in front of the camera. I recognized this man.I met him at my girlfriend's school before, when I was in a couple with my girlfriend's friend.

At this time, the other girl who didn't know also came to join in the fun, and even winked at the camera, but was pushed away by his girlfriend laughing . My girlfriend said that she was a friend of the next class, called Xiaoru, and often went to their dormitory to play, and we called them out today.

I saw that she was a petite girl like her girlfriend, she looked a little sweet, but with heavy makeup, dressed like a bad girl, and dressed very hot , a beige vest with a low cut and a waist, and it is a loose type. When she bends over to say hello, the neckline is naturally open, and half of the breasts are exposed. The inside is half cup. The bra is very sexy; although the breasts are not very large, the breasts are still relatively prominent due to the thin body.

Xiaoru is wearing denim hot pants, her legs are a little thin, not as beautiful as her girlfriend's legs. She deliberately scratched her head and made a pose. After being pushed away by her girlfriend, she still did not forget to show her small waist. She seemed to be a very playful girl. Girlfriends don't think so, it seems that they are very familiar with each other.

The other girls in the bedroom are in the private room next door. I saw from the video that my girlfriend was sitting on one side with Xiao Ru, and behind her, her friend was sitting with her boyfriend on the other side.

Next, I started chatting with my girlfriend. From the video, I saw that her girlfriend was dressed in ordinary clothes. Unless I specifically asked for it, she would not usually dress very sexy.

Today, my girlfriend wears a one-piece dress with wide shoulder straps, the hem almost covers her knees, and she also wears a small jacket with short sleeves, probably for fear that it will be cold at night. Although dressed conservatively, her girlfriend's breasts are firm enough to make people salivate in a thin skirt.

The beautiful face of his girlfriend was flushed, and it was obvious that he had been drinking. My girlfriend's alcohol intake is poor, and she often loses her sense of the real world with a bottle of beer. According to her, she has already drank more than half a bottle today, and these wines are almost at their limit for her. Under the influence of alcohol, my girlfriend opened up a lot, and also made some porn jokes with me.

After a while, I saw my girlfriend sweating frequently, and I thought of such a small Internet cafe. There is no air conditioner in the private room, so it will be very hot. My girlfriend took off her jacket, but it was still hot. I remembered that her skirt was zippered at the back, so I told her to unzip it.

At this time, my girlfriend said: "I am not the only one here, I will be seen by others."

This sentence of my girlfriend immediately aroused my desire to expose my girlfriend, and my heart Want to see what's wrong?

So he began to encourage her: "What are you afraid of! There is only a man in the room, and his girlfriend is still beside him, does he dare to peek at you?"

"But beside him Someone else!"

the girlfriend whispered.

"That's a woman, what are you afraid of?"

At this time, his girlfriend didn't speak, but typed: "I heard that she is gay!"

p> I was surprised when I saw it. Homosexuality does exist in college, I know it, but many are just rumors. So I also typed and asked: "Real or not?"

Girlfriend: "I don't know! I heard a lot of people say this."

I immediately became interested: "Then when you were taking a bath, didn't she see your body completely?"

The girlfriend immediately showed a coquettish look: "Really! When I met her in the bath, I found out that she was stealing Look at people! That look is like you look at me."

I asked her: "Then why are you still playing with her, aren't you afraid that she will take advantage of you?"

Girlfriend: "But she's very nice! Everyone likes her. Besides, it's not certain that she is gay, so it's not good to alienate her."

Is Xiao Ru? I don't care about being gay, I just want to show my girlfriend to others, so I continue to encourage her: "Since I can't be sure, it's probably fake. There are many rumors in school. Besides, you can lean on your chair,
It won't be seen."

Maybe alcoholThe effect, plus it was really hot, the girlfriend finally opened the zipper on her back when no one was paying attention. I saw that as the zipper was loosened, my girlfriend's skirt also loosened a lot, her originally tight chest was opened a little bit, revealing her cleavage slightly; her armpits were also loosened a lot, you can definitely see it from the side. some spring.

I racked my brains and couldn't figure out how to expose my girlfriend more, and gradually gave up the idea.

At eleven o'clock at night, I let my girlfriend play by herself for a while, and I went to shower.

When I came out, I saw the boy named Xiao Tang in the video was standing beside his girlfriend, bending over, holding the mouse in his hand and gesturing something. From their conversation, it was heard that the two were playing a small game, and people who heard their girlfriend mention their dormitory in the past often played together.

It turned out that Xiao Tang was teaching his girlfriend some great tricks, but he was listening carefully and leaning forward to look at the computer screen carefully. In order to play the game, my girlfriend hides the video window of my chat, so they can't see me, but I can see them clearly.

As my body leaned forward, my girlfriend's loose neckline opened wider. From the front, I could see deep cleavage and a large piece of white and tender breast meat. Look, you can definitely see the whole chest.

Girlfriends must be wearing bras, but friends who have peeked must know that as long as the bra is not too tight, when the woman leans forward, the cups of the bra will open a little, so that You can see the nipples. This is the case with my girlfriend now, not to mention the close distance, and it's an excellent view from top to bottom.

Xiao Tang didn't know that I was watching them on the other end of the video. Of course I wouldn't miss such a great opportunity. He stared at his girlfriend's chest, then pretended to explain in detail, and lowered his head very low, almost touching his girlfriend's shoulder.

I cursed inwardly: "Fuck, this is peeping, it's a blatant spy! 』However, I was very excited, and my dick hardened.

At this time, his girlfriend's attention was completely on the computer screen, and she didn't even know that her tits had been watched.

Xiao Tang finished explaining to his girlfriend. When he raised his body, he didn't know if it was intentional or not. His retracted hand touched the shoulder strap of his girlfriend's skirt. The shoulder strap of his girlfriend was already loose. When he touched it like this, the right shoulder strap slipped off his shoulder, and his entire right breast almost jumped out.

I saw that my girlfriend's fragrant shoulders and pink bra were exposed, and her girlfriend was wearing a strapless bra. The conservative clothes have now become sexy to reveal the girlfriend's beautiful figure clothing. Maybe his girlfriend had long forgotten that the zipper at the back had been opened, and had been leaning over since just now, and now her naked snow back was exposed, and Xiao Tang was completely stunned.

Alcohol made his girlfriend's reaction very slow, Xiao Tang looked up and down enough, and then his girlfriend grabbed the shoulder strap with difficulty and pulled it up. In order to avoid embarrassment, neither his girlfriend nor Xiao Tang said anything, and Xiao Tang's girlfriend didn't notice either. Everyone continued to play the game as if nothing was wrong.

Xiaoru, who had been sitting next to her girlfriend, went out at some point. When she came back, she was carrying a large bag. She took out a few cans of beer from it. Except for her girlfriend, the other two immediately cheered. stand up. The other girls from the private room next door also came over. His girlfriend was already too drunk, but seeing how good everyone's atmosphere was, she also drank a can. Now her girlfriend was really drunk.

It was almost midnight when the girls and their boyfriends finished drinking beer and went to the private room next door to play. The girlfriend really couldn't play anymore, so she huddled on the sofa groggy.

Now there is only my girlfriend left in the private room. She remembered that I was still here, and said to me: "Jie, I'm dizzy, I want to sleep. You should rest too, the dormitory. People will take care of me."

Of course I want her to go to bed quickly, and I want to watch her sleep and then rest.

Although the chair was deep, it was still uncomfortable to sleep. I saw a free chair in the corner, so I asked her to pull it over. The two chairs were placed together, and my girlfriend could Put your feet on it. My girlfriend is petite, and these two chairs are enough to make her sleep more comfortable.

The girlfriend finished these things with difficulty, took off the sandals on her feet, put her delicate and lovely jade feet on another chair, and her ankles were folded together to make her feet look more sexy. , I really want to go and put it in my mouth.

I also asked my girlfriend to hide the video so that no one could see me sleeping. In fact, this was to observe their actions without being discovered.

The girlfriend was so drunk that she fell asleep quickly. Based on my past experience, once a girlfriend is drunk she will sleep very deeply, and she doesn't even know if she is being fucked. If Xiao Tang or other men come in and insult her at this time, then It's really a great luck, I'm afraid he won't dare. In the past, I had fucked her when she was drunk, and let others touch her and pinch her, and my girlfriend didn't know it. This is another story, to be told later.

My girlfriend twisted her body twice after falling asleep.The shoulder straps on the side slipped off again, and most of the beautiful breasts were exposed. Now Xiaoqian is no longer conscious, and she keeps her exposure attitude like that. When someone comes in, there will be boundless spring.

After midnight, when I felt bored and was about to go to bed, I heard the sound of the door opening on the other end of the video, so I quickly concentrated to see if Xiao Tang came back.

From the voice, there is only one person, flipping something close to his girlfriend. Soon the sound stopped, and Xiaoru appeared in front of the camera, and I felt very disappointed. When I found that Xiaoru was looking at her girlfriend, I suddenly remembered that her girlfriend said that she might be gay, and my heart immediately jumped "suddenly".

If that's the case... This is different from what I expected, although it's not as exciting as exposing my girlfriend to other men in the past, and I haven't seen my girlfriend raped by a woman, but Scenes like this still give me a special kind of excitement at the moment.

Xiao Ru pushed her girlfriend and whispered, "Xiao Qian! Xiao Qian!"

Seeing that her girlfriend didn't respond, Xiao Ru lowered her head, and her face was close to her. Most of the breasts are carefully appreciated. NowI can be sure that this little Ru is really gay, and the excitement in my heart has risen to a new level, looking forward to watching a gay show.

At this time, his girlfriend suddenly snorted, turned her head and continued to sleep. This sudden action frightened Xiaoru,She almost jumped back and took a big step back, staring at her girlfriend with big eyes. After a while, her girlfriend didn't wake up at all. Xiaoru approached her girlfriend again and pushed and called twice. Seeing that her girlfriend didn't respond, she turned around and left.

When I heard the sound of the door opening and closing, I was feeling disappointed when Xiao Ru appeared on the screen again. It turned out that she was going to see if anyone came.

This time when I saw her, she was also drunk and blurred. Her eyes were full of desire and she was looking at her girlfriend. Then Xiaoru stretched out her hand and spun around her white neck, and then slid down. She passed her girlfriend's body, her fingers enjoyed the exquisite curves of her girlfriend, and finally her eyes stayed on her naked feet.

I saw Xiaoru walk to Xiaoqian's foot and squat down, stretch out her slender hand to hold the toe of her girlfriend's little footI can see that she is very nervous and her hands are shaking , still paying attention to his girlfriend's reaction. Then Xiaoru's hand began to stroke her girlfriend's toes, then the soles of her feet, and then she held the whole jade foot and massaged it.

While stroking his girlfriend's feet, Xiao Ru leaned on his girlfriend's face and kissed Xiao Qian's forehead lightly. It seems that shehas only a homosexual tendency, not a very bad girl, nor a perverted tendency. Today, she will violate XiaoqianIt is also because of alcohol.

His girlfriend was still sleeping soundly, Xiao Ru dared to kiss her eyes and nose slowly, and finally landed on her mouth. As soon as she kissed her girlfriend's mouth, Xiaoru kissed her more and more intensely as if she had taken an aphrodisiac. I saw that the four red lips were entangled together, and Xiaoru's tongue stuck into her girlfriend's mouth and stirred. Although her girlfriend Xiaoqian was unconscious, she instinctively cooperated, it was like a tongue kiss with me.

Xiaoru's one hand is still holding her girlfriend's little foot tightly, and the other hand has been feeling wanton between her girlfriend's neck and chest. I almost ejaculated when I saw this scene, it was the first time I saw two little beauties put on a same-sex show, and one of them was my girlfriend.

There are no lights in the small private room, only the light from the computer screen shines on them, making the whole environment even more lewd. I stabilized my emotions and hurriedly recorded this rare scene.

At this time, I vaguely heard the sound of the door opening from the video, which was very small and soft. Seeing that Xiao Ru was still kissing his girlfriend with great enthusiasm, I thought I had heard it wrong.

At this moment, a man's voice came: "What are you doing?"

Although she said it in a low voice, Xiao Ru jumped back like an electric shock. Leaving a girlfriend who was kissed in a mess.

At this time, Xiao Tang appeared on the screen. He walked over to his girlfriend, looked at her with her eyes closed and panted, and then looked at Xiao Ru, and said slowly: "So you are really gay... ..."

Before he could finish speaking, Xiao Ru was already kneeling in front of him, almost crying and begging him not to say it.

"That won't work. You violated my girlfriend's friend, and I have to tell her."

After a pause, he continued, "After it got out, you You don't have to stay at school anymore."

At this moment, Xiao Ru really burst into tears, pulling Xiao Tang's leg and begging bitterly.

At this moment, Xiao Tang suddenly showed a wicked smile and pulled Xiao Ru up to look at her fascinatedly. Xiao Ru immediately understood what he was going to do, and took two steps back in fright. Xiao Tang didn't chase after her, but just said, "Do you really want me to speak out?"

After hearing this, Xiao Ru finally gave up her resistance and walked back to Xiao Tang obediently.

It's really cheap for this kid. Seizing such an opportunity to threaten Xiaoru, this little beauty, it seems that he has a lot of fun, but I just can't imagine how bad he looks like.

Xiao Tang put his arms around Xiao Ru's slim waist and said to her: "You are also very beautiful, it's a pity to be gay. It's better than thisCome on, let's make a deal. "

Said and pointed to his drunken girlfriend: "I know you like her very much, and I will give you a chance to make out with her. Let's not talk about it, okay?"

I was dumbfounded when I heard this. I didn't expect Xiao Tang to be so scheming, so he could play whatever he wanted, give Xiao Ru some benefits, and don't have to worry about her going back.

Xiaoru stared at him blankly, as if she couldn't believe her ears. I'm also a little confused, it's unexpected that things have turned out this way, but my instinct tells me that the next episode is going to be great. My dick is sore.The excitement of exposing and abusing my girlfriend has taken over all consciousness, and I look forward to the next performance.

When Xiao Tang saw that Xiao Ru was still there, he turned around and brought her a can of beer. Xiaoru drank a few sips of trembling, as if she was more courageous, and her eyes became more fiery, but she still said uneasy: "What if your girlfriend comes back?"

Xiao Tang walked up to Xiao Qian and said without looking back, "Don't worry, she's already asleep next door. The other people are also very drunk, and no one will disturb us."

Said, sitting on the armrest of his girlfriend's chair, hugging his girlfriend's shoulder and kissing the little mouth that had just been messed up by Xiaoru.

I used to expose my girlfriend's body in the past, but I didn't expect her to be abused today. I was a little reluctant to give up, but my excitement soon overcame my reason. They don't know I'm watching, and my girlfriend is lying in front of the computer,
The camera is facing her, so close that I can see everything clearly.

Xiao Tang asked Xiao Ru to go over, reached out and unbuttoned Xiao Ru's hot pants, Xiao Ru instinctively pulled her pants, and when Xiao Tang glared , she hurriedly retracted her hand, Let him rip off his hot pants and throw them aside. Xiaoru was wearing very sexy purple translucent panties, and her jet-black pubic hair was exposed through the panties.

Xiao Tang grabbed Xiao Ru's butt and pulled her to his side, rubbing her plump butt and saying, "Just nowI saw you touching Xiao Qian's feet. You like it very much. Her feet, right? They're really beautiful. You go get her feet first, and I'll give you the seat in a while."

Xiao Ru was greatly encouraged, and hurriedly knelt down on her knees. At his girlfriend's feet, he picked up his girlfriend's petite and beautiful foot and started licking it. He licked the toes, soles and between the toes. He also sucked every toe of his girlfriend, as if he wanted to lick the whole Little feet are stuffed into mouth.

I also like to kiss my girlfriend's feet. Seeing Xiaoru's actions reminds me of a Japanese actress named Tachibana Riko, she likes to lick her sister's feet.

At this time, Xiao Tang was not polite at all. He grabbed his girlfriend's shoulder straps and pulled it down, and her girlfriend's skirt was fading to his waist. Then he took his girlfriend's strapless clothes. Pushing the bra down, his girlfriend's two firm white and tender breasts shook out, and the pink nipples stood tall in the air, very attractive.

Xiao Tang grabbed it immediately, rounded and flattened his girlfriend's breast with one hand, and played with the nipple, holding the other breast in his mouth, sucking "tsk tsk". Xiao Ru was even more excited when she saw such a scene. She sandwiched her girlfriend's little foot between her breasts through a small vest, rubbed her little foot with her breast, and licked the other with her tongue.

Xiao Tang stretched out a hand, pulled up the hem of his girlfriend's skirt and pulled it upwards, his girlfriend's fair legs were immediately exposed, and he continued to pull up until it came off the top of his girlfriend's head. Skirt, she pulled down her bra and threw it on the chair next to her. Now his girlfriend only has a pair of white girly panties with a rogue rabbit pattern all over her body, and she can see her entire body.

"It's really a little beauty."

Xiao Tang admired and sucked on his girlfriend's breasts, put one hand between his girlfriend's legs, and stroked through his panties
Her pussy. The girlfriend's instinct was aroused by this kind of stimulation, she tilted her head to face the computer, frowned slightly, and looked like she was enjoying, the girlfriend's slight moaning came from the speaker.

Xiao Ru also completely forgot about her fear at this time. Seeing that her girlfriend's mouth was empty, she got up and lifted her face, and kissed his girlfriend's mouth again. This time, his girlfriend stuck out her tongue and entangled with Xiaoru's tongue. Xiaoru swallowed her girlfriend's tongue in and out, and the two people's cheeks were messed up by the saliva that they couldn't tell.

One of her girlfriend's breasts was squeezed out of shape by Xiao Tang, so Xiao Ru reached out and grabbed the other and rubbed it. Her little hand couldn't hold her girlfriend's 34-inch breast at all. Still touching and pinching like a treasure, and turning the nipples with fingers, seems to be a good technique for masturbation.

Xiao Tang was not idle at all, he pulled down his girlfriend's panties little by little, and his girlfriend's soft pubic hair was exposed. The legs are bent so that he can take off his girlfriend's panties smoothly.The two guys work well together.

Xiao Tang stuffed his girlfriend's wet panties into Xiao Ru's mouth and refused to let her take them out. Xiao Ru was reluctant at first, but gradually she began to enjoy it. The feeling of having my girlfriend's panties in my mouth. The girlfriend's mouth was liberated, the excitement all over her body was stimulated at the same time, and moans of pleasure poured out of her small mouth like a tide.

At this time, Xiao Tang got up and grabbed Xiao Ru, took out the panties from her mouth, made her lie on top of his girlfriend, and then stripped Xiao Ru to the naked eye in a few strokes, while he stood by and directed Xiao Ru to lie on top of his girlfriend. play.

Xiao Ru obediently clings to her girlfriend, kissing and licking frantically on her face, mouth, and neck,The two pairs of breasts pressed and rubbed against each other, Two clumps of jet-black pubic hair were curled together. The sight of two petite beauties hugging naked together is so exciting!

Xiao Tang walked over to the lower body of the two, stroking the two girls' pussy with both hands, separated their pussy lips, and inserted his fingers into the two beautiful pussies to dig. I really don't know how this kid got such a blessing, being able to play with the pussy of two beauties at the same time.

Xiao Tang enjoyed the tight and narrow vaginas of the two women. He was so happy. He pulled out his fingers and inserted them into their mouths, letting the two girls taste each other's slut. His girlfriend was too drunk to suck, and Xiao Ru licked the liquid carefully with his fingers. From the video I saw that Xiaoru's labia is very light in color, and it seems that she has very little sexual experience.

At this time, Xiao Tang had already taken off his pants, revealing his big slender dick, pressed his girlfriend's head, and inserted the big dick into her mouth. Fuck, his girlfriend is already sucking someone else's dick and she doesn't even know it.

Xiao Tang held his girlfriend's head and pumped it for a while. Since his girlfriend was drunk, he could only be inserted passively. Xiao Tang was not having a good time, so he pulled up the little boy who was stroking his girlfriend's pussy. Ru, put your dick in her mouth, Xiao Ru has no experience in oral sex, and can only smack his dick with a small mouth under the command of Xiao Tang. The hands of both of them were not idle, and they moved their hands up and down on their girlfriend.

Xiao Tang finally couldn't take it anymore, pushed Xiao Ru away, put his girlfriend's legs on his shoulders, carried his big dick and stabbed him hard, and started to fuck his girlfriend's pussy.

Seeing this, I feel very conflicted, my girlfriend was raped like this, and she is a classmate in the same school, will he fuck my girlfriend again in the future? Soon the excitement of humiliating my girlfriend overwhelmed my senses, and I enjoyed the horny scene as I fucked my dick.

I saw Xiao Tang's unrepentant penetration and hard fuck, and his girlfriend's labia was opened every time by him, and then he was brought into the small hole with his penetration. The girlfriend was blown away by this rude adultery, moaning loudly,
Her mouth could not be closed, and saliva flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

Judging from the sound of "pop" coming from their lower bodies, the girlfriend has been fucked a lot. With the impact of Xiao Tang, the girlfriend's breasts vibrated up and down, and the whole person was naked. Looks so lewd. Xiaoru rubbed her girlfriend's shaking breasts from the side, and reached between her legs to masturbate.

Xiao Tang raped my girlfriend, and he didn't forget to trample her: "Fucking little beauty, Xiaoqian, why is your slut so much? Such a tight vagina, so cool It's over!"

His girlfriend was limp and let him rape, but in the end she wouldn't cooperate.

Xiao Tang pulled over Xiao Ru after a few dozen strokes, put his girlfriend's legs on Xiao Ru's shoulders, and then hugged Xiao Ru's butt from behind and stabbed him hard. into her vagina. Xiaoru knew that it was useless to resist, so she simply allowed him to commit adultery, and crawled between her girlfriend's legs to lick her girlfriend's pussy desperately. After all, women know a woman's body best, and under Xiaoru's blowjob, her girlfriend trembled even more, as if being thrust by a big dick.

Xiao Ru kept sucking her girlfriend's kinky water, while being fucked by Xiao Tang, moaning loudly, while lickinggirlfriend's little pussy, every time she raised her head, there was a trace on the corner of her mouth sexual secretion.

Xiao Ru twisted her butt to cater to Xiao Tang's adultery, Xiao Tang stretched out her hands in front of her, grabbed her breasts and rubbed it randomly. The girlfriend was licked comfortably, and her lower body swayed instinctively, rubbing against Xiaoru's face, making her face full of her girlfriend's horny water.

Xiao Tang had more than 100 hard fucks, and Xiao Ru, who had little sexual experience, had two orgasms. I saw Xiao Tang shoved hard a few times, then suddenly pulled out his dick and inserted it into Xiao Ru's mouth, and after a few pushes, he shot in Xiao Ru's mouth.

He ejaculated too much, Xiao Ru's mouth was filled, and some came out from the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Tang sat on a chair to rest after ejaculation and ordered Xiao Ru to swallow the semen. Xiaoru swallowed some, andpounced on her girlfriend and poured the rest of the semen into her mouth, and then kissed her tongue for a while, and her girlfriend's humiliation by two people, a man and a woman ended like this.

Later, Xiao Tang hugged the two naked little beauties and touched them for a long time before they dressed his girlfriend together with Xiao Ru. Then Xiao Tang went to the private room next door to find his girlfriend, and Xiao Ru took a lot of oil on Xiao Qian, grabbed her feet and rubbed her pussy, and hugged her girlfriend and kissed her. After a long time, I went back to sleep in my seat.



The lewd voice of wine is a story about my girlfriend and I when we were still in college. After successfully exposing my girlfriend for many times, my desire to expose my girlfriend's body became stronger and stronger, and I pursued more high-level exposure. This was the first time I went too far, and it was also from exposing my girlfriend to humiliation. Girlfriend's turning point.

Don't gossip, just turn to the topic.

At that time, I was working on a web design with a person named Xiaowei from Nan and another class, and I was going to use it to participate in the school competition. After a period of hard work, the work finally came to an end, so I finished my part, leaving a little aftercare work for them, and went to my girlfriend's house to find her for warmth. In those days, my girlfriend's parents just went on a trip, so we can live together in an open and honest way.

I came to my girlfriend's house that night and saw that my girlfriend was ready for dinner, and she had just taken a bath, her hair was not completely dry, and there was a faint fragrance on her body, I couldn't hold back at that time. Stopping the lust, holding Xiaoqian on the chair by the dining table, she started working hard.

My girlfriend, who hasn't been nourished by me for a long time, is obviously looking forward to my arrival. After a few moments, I'm aroused by me.Let me pull out her panties from her skirt and let her sit In the chair, with his legs bent like a frog, I was inserted without taking off his clothes. I pressed on top of my girlfriend, lifted her skirt up to her waist, and my entire lower body was naked and fucked hard by me.

I haven't had sex with me for nearly half a month. My girlfriend's body is sensitive to the limit. Butt up and up to meet my thrusts.

I won't describe these details, everyone has had the experience of making love, and my story is mainly about exposing my girlfriend.

After we finished we ate something and watched a movie in the living room. I was sitting on the sofa hugging my girlfriend,smelling the fragrance of the sweat on her body that had not yet receded, looking at the fair and beautiful legs exposed outside the skirt, I couldn't help hugging Xiaoqian again and kissing her, my girlfriend He was also quickly intoxicated by my hot kiss, and his whole body was soft in my arms at my mercy.

I stretched one hand from my girlfriend's shoulder to the front, gently stroking her breast through the clothes, and the other hand into her skirt and pressed directly on her lower body without panties, She parted her soft pussy lips and teased her little pussy with her middle finger. The bottom of my girlfriend soon became wet, and her body began to twist uncomfortably, and her tongue was already cooperating with my stirring.

I laid my girlfriend down on the couch and she closed her eyes and waited for me to take further action. At this time, I noticed a flash of a figure in the opposite window, and suddenly remembered that this building of my girlfriend's house was relatively close to another residential building opposite, and I could see the opposite situation from the window of the living room; And now the curtains are not drawn, although it is night, the lights are on in our room, it is a little dim, but we can still see this side clearly from the opposite side.

My desire to expose my girlfriend reignited, so I teased her with my hands and peeked at the opposite window while she was completely forgetful. Sure enough, after a while, I saw a middle-aged man sneaking his head out to look this way, it seems that he has found out what we are doing, and is now peeking at our little couple making out .

I thought to myself: "It's good to come, it's good luck for you, I meet someone like me who likes to expose his girlfriend, let's show you the charm of young girls today! ' So I pulled up my girlfriend again and made her kneel on the sofa while I stood on the groundkissing her. At this time, the girlfriend turned her back to the window, completely unaware that someone was peeking.

My hand that went into my girlfriend's skirt continued to stimulate her pussy, and the other hand slowly pushed up her top, Soon my girlfriend's pink bra was exposed. My girlfriend's top was lifted up on her head, I deliberately didn't take it off for her, and let the clothes wrap around her head, so that she would be less likely to find someone peeking, and I could expose her further. My girlfriend was also excited by this kind of gameplay, because she couldn't see me, which made her feel fresh.

I secretly laughed in my heart: "Xiaoqian, Xiaoqian, you still don't know my true intentions, and now your tits are being peeped at! 』 Of course I wouldn't be satisfied with just exposing my girlfriend's underwear, so I reached behind my girlfriend's back to unbutton her bra, and pushed up. Depend on! It was so exciting, the girlfriend's 34-inch beautiful breasts were completely exposed immediately, and the pink nipples stood up, which was extremely sexy. I didn't move on purpose to let the man on the opposite side appreciate my girlfriend's tits more. When I peeked at the opposite side, I found that the man was already dumbfounded. He must have never imagined that such a little beauty would have such plump breasts, and now they are naked in front of him. .

I was excited, but I couldn't hold on like this for too long, otherwise my girlfriend would be suspicious, so I took a bite of my girlfriend's left breast and sucked, and my girlfriend was immediately slapped by me. Gasping softly. Of course, my hands were not idle.I groped and undid my girlfriend's skirt, which was very loose and slipped onto the sofa. I didn't put on panties for her after I did it just now, and now my girlfriend's lower body is even more visible, her soft pubic hair, and her firm buttocks are twisting lewdly, completely exposing the middle-aged man on the opposite side. eyes.

I look over there again, eh? Why are people missing? won't go? Without viewers, my interest has faded quite a bit. But just when I was disappointed, the man came back with a pair of binoculars in his hand. fuck you! Still can't see clearly? Get a telescope! Now I'm even more excited.

His girlfriend was wrapped in clothes and had openedHajime was anxious to get out, so I hurriedly sat down, pulled my girlfriend's upper body, made her turn her back to the window, and pulled down her shirt. This time, there was only one loose bra left on his girlfriend's body, and the exquisite jade body was visible at a glance.

I grabbed my girlfriend's breasts with both hands and rubbed them, and twisted the nipples between my fingers. Immediately, my girlfriend was stunned by me. I opened my trousers, took out my big cock, and pressed my girlfriend's head to my crotch. My girlfriend gave me a coquettish look. Of course she understood what I meant, and lowered her head to hold my cock and swallow it. . I've never taught my girlfriend how to blowjob, and that kind of rusty action is more exciting.

If it were normal times, my girlfriend would never make out with me like this in the living room, and she would never forget to draw the curtains, but now My girlfriend is horny, and I have done it once just now, She had completely forgotten her surroundings. Feeling the warm and wet mouth of my girlfriend, I stretched out one hand to grab her butt and stroked her. In order to let me love her more freely, my girlfriend deliberately raised her butt to cater to me. My girlfriend was comfortably touched by me, her mouth let out a vague moan, and her ass was swaying lewdly from side to side.

I saw that the middle-aged man on the opposite side was already peeking through the binoculars, and now the girlfriend's lower body is facing the window, not only the white and tender buttocks are seen, but the binoculars must be connected to her pussy Can see clearly.

I enjoyed the excitement of exposing my girlfriend and almost came in her mouth. I hurriedly pushed my girlfriend down, pressed onher to get in, and my girlfriend greeted me with her legs submissively spread apart, she didn't know what I was thinking of now was to let another man watch her softly fucked lascivious look.

Just then, my phone rang. I secretly scold which uninterested guy is calling at this time.I wanted to not answer, but my girlfriend was shocked by the ringing and has regained consciousness. Although she didn't want to, she still asked me to answer,I'm afraid something important.

Seeing that the plan to expose my girlfriend was difficult to continue, I grabbed the phone, saw Xiaowei's number, and said angrily: "What are you doing? You call so late. Phone!"

Xiaowei shouted grievances over there, saying that the work was done, and called a few friends, wanting to go out with me to celebrate.

I really regret that I didn't tell them not to disturb me today. I wanted to push it away. At this time, my girlfriend was leaning onmy shoulders. He said, "Just go, everyone is well-intentioned. Besides, I haven't gone out with you for a long time!"

Although I don't want to give up the chance to be gentle with my girlfriend, since she That said, let's go! SoI agreed and asked for the location.

At this time, I found that the man opposite had disappeared at some point, and he also knew that there was nothing to see.

After a while, the girlfriend got dressed, she was wearing a light green sweater, the kind that showed off the shoulders, the smooth shoulders and collarbone were exposed, very sexy ; The lower body is a denim skirt, a pair of white sneakers, and short white socks, which makes her very pure and sexy. Let's pack up and go together.

After meeting with you, I saw that in addition to Nan and Xiaowei, there were three men and one woman, one of whom was Xiaowei's brother, called Li, and the other called Xiaoguo , is a friend of his brother and is waiting to enlist in the army. Xiaoguo has been following us all day since he knew us, and gradually got to know us very well. We also met Li Ge a few times. He is from another school and is about to graduate.

A group of us went to a restaurant for dinner, and my girlfriend was sitting beside me. At first, she looked like a good girl. Another girl, Xiaowei's girlfriend, Yan is very easy to let go. She drank with us and made a lot of noise. Her girlfriend also let go slowly, and later drank a few glasses of wine. My girlfriend's alcohol intake is very poor, and she was a little confused by this time, leaning on my shoulder without saying a word.

I saw that my girlfriend's little red face was very cute, and with the stimulation of alcohol, I couldn't help reaching out and stroking her thigh. My girlfriend looked up at me, I smiled at her, and then joked with everyone else like I was okay.

My girlfriend just got half of it at home, and now she's drinking again, she must have forgotten to be restrained, and continued to lean on my shoulder and let me touch her.

My hands first touched her knees, then moved up a little bit, and then stretched to the inner thighs. My girlfriend was very comfortable to be touched by me, her eyes were half closed, and my hand felt the warmth of her inner thigh, obviously a little emotional. Of course I wasn't content to just enjoy myself, because I noticed that Nan, who was sitting on the other side of his girlfriend, glanced under the table from time to time, and he must have noticed our actions below. It seems that the opportunity to expose his girlfriend has come.

As I stroked my girlfriend, I pushed my girlfriend's denim skirt up a little bit. I did it very lightly and slowly.My girlfriend was so engrossed in the caress that she didn't even notice it. After a while, her skirt had been pushed very high by me. My hands have been pasted between Xiaoqian's legs, so that the middle of the skirt will naturally be lifted by me to the base of the thighs, and a pair of fair and beautiful legs are completely exposed. I mention my wrist again, the pink of my girlfriend's Some of the colored panties are exposed.

I look out of the corner of my eyeChanan, he really saw this scene, he glanced under the table more and more frequently, his girlfriend's lower body had already feasted the eyes of the perverted boy next to him. This state can't last too long, so as not to be discovered by my girlfriend, so I let my girlfriend show off her panties for a while, and I will repeat the same trick, lowering her skirt a little bit, but always keep half of her thighs. Exposed outside for Nan to appreciate.

After a while, my girlfriend got up to go to the bathroom. I wanted to go with her, but she refused. Seeing my girlfriend wobbled while walking, I was still worried, and after a few minutes I decided to pick her up. The restrooms in this hotel are built deep, and you have to go through a winding corridor and turn several turns to get there.

Just as I was walking to the last corner, I heard my girlfriend's voice from inside: "What are you doing?"

Then I heard The man's voice said, "Miss, how much does it cost?"

I hurried to the corner and quietly stuck my head out, only to see two men who looked like bad boys blocking my girlfriend's way Lu, one with long hair and one with red hair, the one with red hair reached out to touch his girlfriend's face, but the girlfriend avoided his hand and said, "I'm not that kind of person."

"Don't I pretended, I just exposed my thighs at the dinner table for people to touch!"

As Hongmao said that, he stretched out his hand and pinched his girlfriend's butt, and the girlfriend screamed in fright. "No, that's my boyfriend."

The girlfriend was embarrassed to avoid the two people's hands and feet.

I remembered that these two were at the next table, so they saw me groping my girlfriend just now, and regarded her as a prostitute.

At this time, the long-haired man said, "It's not easy for you and your sister to deal with so many men. Why don't we help you warm up, we will pay."


As he spoke, he grabbed his girlfriend's hand. It turned out that Yan was also regarded as a prostitute by them.

In such a situation, I should have come forward to stop it, but the evil thoughts of exposing my girlfriend came again, and I wanted to see them continueI thought that these two little bastards were not very old, And it's not too burly, I should be able to deal with it, wait for the critical moment to appear again, so I can watch it with peace of mind.

I saw that her girlfriend wanted to bypass them and escape, but how could she be the opponent of two men after drinking. The long-haired one quickly wrapped around his girlfriend's back and put his arms around her waist directly from behind, while the red-haired one grabbed his girlfriend's hand in front. Under the attack of the two, the girlfriend didn't have time to react. A small door was half pushed and half pulled out.

Of course I wanted to go out and quietly open the door. It turned out that behind the door was an alley behind the hotel. There is only a small lamp hanging on the second floor, the whole alley is very dark, and the walls are full of debris. I saw my girlfriend being pulled into the middle of the alley by them, I hurriedly hid behind the box, it was dark and they wouldn't see me.

His girlfriend couldn't even walk steadily, and now she struggles even more weakly. Hongmao easily grabbed Xiaoqian's hands, with one hand and pulled over the top of her head, while the other In his hand, he held his girlfriend's 34-inch breasts and rubbed them through the sweater. The long hair is even more rude, and she lifts her girlfriend's skirt to her waist, so that Xiaoqian's lower body is completely uncovered except for a pair of panties.

The long hair was immediately attached, and he grabbed his girlfriend's plump buttocks and kneaded it hard. He also picked up his girlfriend's bare legs, and rubbed his lower body against his girlfriend's legs. Red Mao put his hand into his girlfriend's sweater, and I saw a large bulge in front of the sweater, and I could clearly see a hand groping and pinching inside. I wanted to expose my girlfriend's legs, but I didn't expect such an unexpected result.

I watched my girlfriend get groped, so excited that her big dick swelled up in her pants. The girlfriend wanted to shout, butBeing so rudely toyed with by two people, with the addition of alcohol aphrodisiac, she could only let out a faint "Don't...Ah...Don't touch people's place...ahh ..."


This kind of reaction from a girlfriend not only fails to protect herself, but also arouses the desire of a man. The long hair pulls down his girlfriend's panties until they fall to the knees, and the girlfriend's lower body is private. Immediately, I almost got a nosebleed when I saw it.

Not to be outdone, Hongmao pulls up his girlfriend's sweater and pushes it straight to his shoulders. This time his girlfriend's exquisite figure only has a pink bra to cover her shame, but this last point She was also stretched in by the red-haired big hand, grabbinggirlfriend's white tender breasts and rubbing it wantonly. His girlfriend's lower body had been penetrated by the long-haired tongue, and he forcibly pushed her girlfriend's legs away, putting his entire face between her legs. At this time, the girlfriend had already closed her eyes, and her hands hung down naturally without being grasped. She was overwhelmed by such stimulation, and her lower body even moved on her own.

Hongmao saw his girlfriend's reaction and said with a wicked smile: "What a little slut, do you want a man to intervene?" The appearance of being slaughtered, there is only a seductive moan in his mouth: "Ah......Um...ah...Hurry up, um...anyone can..."

I didn't expect my girlfriend to be so He was about to lose his armor and remove his armor, and he was still lustful like this.

Long hair has begun to take off his pants, and his girlfriend is about to be raped. Although I like to watch my girlfriend being abused and exposed but playingIt's good to play, but if you meet such two bad boys, it will be bad if your girlfriend is hurt. I hurried back to the door, pulled it open and closed it hard, making a loud noise on purpose.

Just as I was doing these things, I heard a coquettish "ah" from my girlfriend, followed by a continuous "pop" sound, I knew that my girlfriend had been caught with long hair 's big cock is inserted. Just as the door was closed, I shouted loudly: "Xiaoqian! Xiaoqian!"

Immediately I heard cluttered footsteps next to me, I walked over and saw two thugs He ran away in a panic, leaving his half-naked girlfriend slumped on the ground.

I pretended to have just found her, ran over to ask her what was wrong, my girlfriend whispered in my arms, "Jie, someone just bullied me...if you hadn't appeared in time. , I was raped by them..."

Of course I knew what was going on, but I was also a little worried. I was afraid that my girlfriend would be stimulated, so I hurriedly asked her: "Do youdo anything? No?"

The girlfriend shook her head dazedly.

I felt relieved when I saw that my girlfriend didn't have a big reaction. I helped her pack her clothes and returned to the table. I saw that the person next to me had already checked out the bill and left. Not long after, the girlfriend started to joke with everyone again, and I really doubted whether she remembered being played by two people just now.

After eating and drinking, Xiaowei suggested going to his house to play cards. At this time, my girlfriend was holding my arm, her soft breasts pressed tightly on my arm, her eyes were blurred, and there was a hint of lewdness inside. I know that my girlfriend has been fucked so many times, and just now she was stabbed by a cock a dozen times, and now she is horny, I am afraid whoever pulls her to the side of the road and fucks it She will not resist.

I couldn't help watching the wonderful performance just now, but I thought again, go to Xiaowei's house, there are so many people in a cramped place, and all of them are drunk, Isn't that the perfect environment for exposing your girlfriend? I looked at my girlfriend and was thinking about how to convince her, but I didn't expect her to get excited as soon as she heard the game of cards, and was the first to clamor to . It's a little girl's playful character, but she doesn't know she's stepping into the trap I designed for her.

Xiaowei's family is not very big, it seems a little crowded when we put down our group. I don't like playing cards, so I satto the left of my girlfriend and played cards with her. Xiaowei and his girlfriend Yan sat on my left, Li Ge sat on the right of his girlfriend, and Xiaoguo was on the opposite side.

My girlfriend and I were sitting on the sofa, and Xiao Guo opposite was sitting on the ground, in a lower position. After a while, I found that Xiao Guo could no longer play cards with peace of mind, so I sneaked to look here from time to time, and I passed behind him under the pretext of drinking water. It turned out that my girlfriend's skirt had fallen above her knees, and it was from him. From the angle, you can see some of the scenery under his girlfriend's skirt, but there is almost nothing except seeing some white and tender thighs.

At this time, my girlfriend was also thirsty, and I suddenly had an idea, I secretly poured out the remaining water, and brought my girlfriend a big glass of red wine. I didn't feel anything when I drank the red wine at the time, but it had a lot of stamina, and it would be a good show to watch when my girlfriend was drunk. I went back to my girlfriend, it seemed that she was really thirsty and took the wine and almost drank it.

I sat back next to her, and Xiaowei opened a lot of beer and red wine for everyone to drink. My girlfriend is very good at poker.She won many times in a short while, she was dancing with joy. I wrapped my arms around my girlfriend's waist from behind and massaged her with my hands around her waist. There are many sensitive zones on my girlfriend's body, including one around her waist.

After playing a few more games, my girlfriend was out of breath under my massage. I found her eyes were a little blurry. It seems that the alcoholism has begun to attack, so I increased my strength. , the girlfriend sometimes twists her waist to match, then she forgets that the skirt is very short and her legs are slightly separated.

His girlfriend didn't notice his gaffe, but Xiao Guo on the opposite side didn't miss it at all. He saw that his thoughts were already on the card, and his eyes dipped into his girlfriend's skirt to enjoy the spring. Not only that, because the table is relatively low, her girlfriend has to bend down every time she draws a card, her low-cut sweater is naturally open, and the tender meat on the chest is hidden, which is very tempting. . I wanted to show my girlfriend more, so I got up and went behind the sofa to massage my girlfriend's shoulders, watching her enjoying the look on her face, I didn't know I was looking for an opportunity to betray her.

My girlfriend's sweater is off-the-shoulder, and I massage my fingers directly on her skin, so the semi-provocative massage makes my girlfriend often close her eyes. When she wasn't paying attention, I gently plucked her clothes with my fingers. After several such actions, my girlfriend's neckline was loosened by me, and now her neckline opened wider when she drew the card.

I ran behind Xiaoguo under the pretext of drinking water again to see how effective my girlfriend's exposure was. Perhaps it was because of dizziness,or tired of playing, and my girlfriend was using her elbows on her knees to draw cards. I could see blood spurting from the opposite side, her girlfriend's necklinewas completely open, and two white and tender The big tits dangled in front of everyone, not only the pink bra, but also the nipples could be seen.

At this time, Xiao Guo was no longer in the mood to read the cards, and his eyes almost fell. Li Ge and Xiaowei next to him are also enjoying his girlfriend's white and tender breasts, but his girlfriend is fascinatedGoofy, I didn't realize that I was performing a beautiful breast show for everyone. Everyonewas a little drunk, and a few men were admiring their girlfriend's breasts unscrupulously. Of course I was the most excited, I really wanted to stripmy girlfriend and show them enough.

Soon everyone was drunk and fell asleep. The girlfriend was conquered by the power of red wine, and also fell asleep on the sofa. I've been drinking as little as possible since just now, of course, I have to maintain a minimum awareness, otherwise how can I expose my girlfriend? I was sitting next to my girlfriend, looking at her cute sleeping photos, I really doubted how could I have such a hobby, letting such a cute girlfriend be appreciated and played by other men. It's a pity that everyone is asleep now, and my excitement is greatly reduced.

I hugged and kissed my girlfriend's tongue, and my girlfriend even knew how to cooperate in her sleep, and her tongue took the initiative to entangle with me. I reached into my girlfriend's clothes, unfastened the buckle of her bra, and went straight in to rub her breasts, which made her gasp in a few moments.

At this time, I found that Brother Li seemed to move a little, is he awake? I secretly observed and found that he was squinting peeking. The desire to expose my girlfriend strikes again, I was expecting this to happen, the hand in the girlfriend's clothes increased the movement, making the girlfriend's breasts roll in the clothes; the other hand ran down the girlfriend's leg Reached under the skirt, got into the panties and pressed it on the small pussy for a while, the girlfriend had already shed a lot of kinky water, and her lower body was covered with water.

I swiftly took off my girlfriend's panties and tucked them behind me, and inserted my fingers into her warm little pussy with ease. The girlfriend immediately let out a coquettish cry, letting go of my warm kiss and gasping for breath. When I saw that the heat was almost over, I wanted Brother Li to see his girlfriend's more lascivious appearance, so I was cruel and pushed his girlfriend's skirt up to his waist.

Now I almost fainted with excitement, I saw my girlfriend's soft pubic hair, wet pussy and two white legs were completely exposed, her pink labia was open, even Small meat holes can be seen. Brother Li's pants have already bulged a lot, so I let my girlfriend expose her lower body in this crowded room.

But that's not enough, I suddenly wanted to insult my lovely girlfriend, so I pretended to be drunk and let go of my girlfriend and lay back. My girlfriend suddenly lost the stimulation, and groaned so anxiously that she collapsed on top of me, without putting down her skirt, her firm little butt was facing Brother Li. But I "slept" very hard, she couldn't do anything, I knew from the heat of her body that she was already in love, her legs were wide open, and the kinky water got onto my pants.

At this time, what I expected happened: Brother Li secretly looked at us, and seeing that I was motionless, he got up and walked to us. He pushed me first, and I pretended to be drunk; he pushed his girlfriend again, and she just twisted, and there was no extra response. Brother Li pulled his girlfriend up, her skirt was still piled up at the waist, and her legs were close together. Although she couldn't see her pussy, it was more attractive. I could see that Brother Li was very nervous and his hands were shaking.

Then Brother Li pressed his hand on his girlfriend's chest through the sweater. At first, he didn't dare to move. He observed his girlfriend and me. Seeing that we didn't respond, he boldly touched his girlfriend's breast. . I squinted at his actions, thinking that my girlfriend was going to be humiliated.

Soon he heard his girlfriend shout softly. Brother Li was startled and stopped and didn't dare to move. I thought to myself: "You idiot, that's when she touches her girlfriend's nipples. Since she has the guts to touch someone's girlfriend, why don't you have the guts to let go and have fun? ' Soon I realized that I was wrong, that there is nothing a man can't do with alcohol. Brother Li realized that he had touched his girlfriend's sensitive nipples, like finding a treasure, and pressed his fingers on his girlfriend's nipples for a quick rub, and his girlfriend immediately frowned, closed her eyes, and only knew how to say "Ah... Hmm..."


Brother Li still had some concerns, so he leaned into his girlfriend's ear and said, "Xiaoqian, I see that you are tired, so I can help you into the room to restWill you?"

The girlfriend seemed to realize that I was not touching her, and muttered in protest: "Don't...don't be like this...Ah..."

But under the attack of Brother Li's fingers, the protest immediately replaced by groans.

Brother Li ignored his girlfriend's protest at all, picked up his girlfriend and walked to the bedroom. I secretly watched my girlfriend's petite body being taken away by Brother Li, and my heart was "pounding". This was the first time I had arranged to abuse my girlfriend, and the excitement and tension added to the excitement.

After hearing the door closing, I crept to the door of the bedroom and gently pushed the door, but this guy didn't even lock the door, so impatient! But so I can peek.

I pushed open a crack in the door and looked in, and the scene in front of me almost made me shoot out. I saw my girlfriend lying on the bed.Brother Li had stripped away only a pair of white socks on her feet. Her limbs were separated like big characters. Brother Li also took off his trousers at this time, and stood tall with a huge cannon under his crotch. It was so thick that it seemed to blow up his girlfriend's precious harbor. Fortunately, I know that my girlfriend's vagina is very elastic. My cock is no worse than Li Ge. Although I have been fucked many times, it is still very tight.

My girlfriend's 34C beautiful breasts stood tall in the air, rising and falling with her breathing. Brother Li admired his girlfriend for a whileWith her exquisite figure, she jumped up like a wolf seeing a lamb, grabbed one of his girlfriend's breasts and rubbed it awkwardly, and sucked the other breast in his mouth, making a "tsk tsk" sound, He also nibbled his girlfriend's nipples with his teeth.

My girlfriend has been fucked many times today, but she has never been able to vent, and now her desire immediately burst, so cool that even the moaning changed, and she took the initiative to stand up to cooperate Li Ge's ravages. Brother Li was aroused by the lascivious appearance of his girlfriend, he pulled his girlfriend's legs apart, and the huge gun in his crotch pressed against his girlfriend's small hole.

The girlfriend seemed to have a little bit of consciousness. Knowing that I wasn't messing with her, she murmured, "Don't... I'm Jie's... you... can't... ah..."

Before his girlfriend finished speaking, Brother Li raised his thick waist, and half of his big cock was squeezed into his girlfriend's pussy, and his girlfriend's protest immediately turned into a moan of pleasure.

Since his girlfriend's lower body has already been flooded, Brother Li can insert it without much effort, but his girlfriend's vagina is very tight, he frowned, and said in his mouth: "Damn little slut , it's so tight inside, it almost made me come out."

I cursed inwardly: "This god damn, fucked my girlfriend, and even slapped her in the mouth. 』At this time, Brother Li exerted force, and the whole cock completely submerged into his girlfriend's pussy, and his girlfriend let out another coquettish cry. Then Brother Li began to thrust, it was quite gentle at first, after a few moments, his girlfriend's vagina got used to his big cock, Brother Li began to speed up, only to see his thick waist. As soon as he closed it, he slammed into his girlfriend's body.

Brother Li grabbed his girlfriend's leg and pressed it against her chest until his girlfriend's leg was pressed against his breast, and his little pussy was facing upwards. Brother Li's lower body was pressed down, from top to bottom. Fucking girlfriend. He pulled out every time until only the head of the penis was left in his girlfriend's vagina, and then he fucked it hard, and every time he pulled out, he brought out a lot of horny water, which flowed down his girlfriend's ass groove to the bed, Wet a lot.

My girlfriend's pussy lips were opened, her calves were shaking in the air, her toes were bent in white socks, and at a glance, she knew that she was being fucked very well, even obscenity. Say it: "Ah... don't... fuck me... hard... uh... fuck me... ah... ah..."

I didn't expect my girlfriend to only drink She became so lewd when she ordered a drink, and she begged to be fucked to death after being fucked by others.

At this time, Brother Li let go of his girlfriend's legs and saw her breasts swaying up and down with the rhythm of being dried, so he reached out and grabbed the two tender breasts and rolled them round like dough Pinch flat. His girlfriend's legs were wide open, and she was stabbed by this big cock, and said, " are not can't fuck me..."

But his body was just the opposite, twisting his slender waist to cooperate with Brother Li's thrusts.

"Little slut, she really knows how to twist her waist."

Brother Li turned over his girlfriend's body and fucked her from behind. My girlfriend didn't have the strength and couldn't lie on her stomach like a little bitch, Brother Li lifted her lower body with his hands and fucked it hard, his lower abdomen kept hitting his girlfriend's tender ass, hitting his girlfriend's ass. Trembling, more slut poured out, running down the sheet where they had intercourse. I was outside the door watching my girlfriend being brutally raped, her big cock swelled and hurt.

Brother Li threw dozens of times, and after drinking a lot of alcohol, he didn't have the strength to lift his girlfriend's lower body, so he put her down, and let his girlfriend lie on his side, and he was lying on his girlfriend's side Behind him, his arm hooked up one of his girlfriend's beautiful legs and fucked hard again, and the other hand went around his girlfriend's neck and stretched out to the front to grab her big tits.

This position makes their intercourse open wide towards me, and I can clearly see Brother Li's big meat stick raging in his girlfriend's pussy, watching his girlfriend's precious harbor being smashed by this The stout cannon was pounding hard, and I was so excited. My girlfriend is actually more cool than me, she can't even close her mouth, and the crystal saliva flowed out from the corner of her mouth, and quickly let out under the ravages of Brother Li.

Brother Li threw dozens of times in a row, and suddenly shouted, he stiffened a few times before he stopped moving, hugging his girlfriend and gasping for breath. I know that he ejaculated in his girlfriend's pussy, but fortunately now is Xiaoqian's safe period, otherwise it would be bad for him to get a big belly.

At this time, her girlfriend has no idea of ​​the real world. She is lying on the bed with her eyes closed, letting Brother Li play with her breasts incessantly. It seems that she is still in a drunken dream. Now that they're done, I hurriedly turn around and leave, just in case they see .

I went back to the sofa and pretended to sleep. I heard a faint sound from the bedroom, and then the bedroom door opened. Brother Li came out with his dressed girlfriend in his arms and quietly put his girlfriend on the bed. Come back to me, this is called returning to the original owner, right? He also sat back to his seat, but his hands were not honest, groping on his girlfriend Bai Nen's thighs.

After the stimulation, I quickly fell asleep. When I woke up, it was noon the next day, and my girlfriend was sleeping sweetly by my side. So lewd. Several other people were still sleeping soundly, but Xiaowei and Yan were missing. I quietly got up, walked to the bedroom door, opened the door gently, and found that they were lying on the bed, both of them were naked, especially Yan, whose legs were still far apart, and there was still semen remaining in the small hole. Her breasts are not as big as her girlfriend's, but they're firm, tooThere was no cover in the air, and it seemed that they too had been through a storm. I watched for a while, and thinking that everyone was about to wake up, I quietly went back to sleep with my girlfriend in my arms.

Everyone went home after waking up. Brother Li was watching me and my girlfriend nervously all the time, to see if we would find out. Of course, I pretended not to know anything. I remembered that I took off my girlfriend's panties last night, but I couldn't find it. It's hard to tell in front of everyone. I lied to my girlfriend that it was dirty and threw it away. My girlfriend knew that I took it off for her and didn't care too much, but she couldn't help pinching me a few times. At the time, I thought it was Brother Li who took the collection, but I found out later that it wasn't him. Of course, this led to a lot of stories, which will be told later.

After returning home, my girlfriend was always worried, so she asked me timidly after my questioning: "Jie, did something happen last night?"

p> I immediately became nervous, did my girlfriend remember being raped by Brother Li? Of course I hoped that she was still so drunk that she didn't know anything, so I tentatively told her that she was molested by two gangsters last night.

" there nothing else?"

"No, what else do you wish for?"

My girlfriend was very nervous when I asked , lowered his head and said to me: "People... people have very strange dreams."

"Oh? What dreams?"

"I said, you can't Annoy me!"

The girlfriend said timidly. I promised not to annoy her, and then my girlfriend continued: "People... people dreamed of being slapped by Brother Li... I don't know if it's true or not, so I'm asking you. Don't annoy me. "

I was relieved to hear my girlfriend say this. It turned out that she was really drunk and was fucked by Brother Li and thought she was dreaming. Seeing that my expression was wrong, my girlfriend hurriedly defended: "You said there is nothing else, right? Don't be annoyed with me. In the future, I won't have such a dream."

I thought to myself: stupid Girlfriend, of course I won't have such a dream in the future, I'm afraid the man in the dream will change. He hurriedly comforted her, saying that it was me who had sex with her last night, and asked her not to take her dreams to heart. My girlfriend was relieved to hear what I said, and quickly returned to her usual mood.

And I remembered the exciting scene last night, and I pressed my girlfriend on the bed and fucked it hard. My girlfriend's sensitive body was fucked three times by me, and while I was fucking Xiaoqian, I planned how to abuse this lovely girlfriend.


(8) Selling plan

Friends who have read the story of my little brother exposing his girlfriend's "Sexy and Dirty Voice" should remember that I peeled off Xiao Qian's underwear , made her hang for a long time, and then pretended to sleep by herself. As a result, her girlfriend was carried by Brother Li to enjoy it for free. I woke up the next day and couldn't find my girlfriend's panties. I thought it was Brother Li who took it, but I found out later that it wasn't the case.

One day not long after that, Xiaowei invited me out to dinner, saying that he would like to thank me for taking care of me. We came to a small restaurant, Xiaowei said that the private room was relatively quiet, so he had to go in to eat. It's a bit strange for two big men to enter the private room, but I can't beat him, and I want to see what tricks this kid is playing.

He kept toasting me while eating, and he said a lot of polite words. I thought to myself, I didn't bring my girlfriend today, why are you drinking me? But no one else knew that I would pretend to be drunk and betray my girlfriend.

After three rounds of drinking, when we were all a little drunk, Xiaowei suddenly asked me mysteriously: "Brother Jie, Xiaoqian has been your girlfriend for so long, what exactly is she? Do you want to do it?"

Xiaowei's words surprised me, I don't think he was drunk, but he actually said such a thing. I immediately pretended to be angry, and Xiaowei said with a wicked smile: "Brother Jie, stop pretending, didn't you watch Xiaoqian do to Brother Li that day? You look very excited. ?"

Hearing this, I was even more surprised, and even forgot to pretend to be angry. Xiaowei acted very naturally, and continued: "Brother Jie, don't be embarrassed, in fact, I saw it that day. I didn't believe it at first, but then I saw Xiaoqian being taken away by Brother Li. , if you even peeked, I knew you had a hobby of abusing your girlfriend."

Damn, I was so excited when he saw it, and what this guy said not to be embarrassed,

br/>I was mortally embarrassed.

Xiaowei added: "I said don't be embarrassed! In fact, I have the same hobby. I finished working with my girlfriend that morning, and I deliberately didn't dress her up, so I'll be seen by you. Are you there yet?"

It turns out that he also knew about my peek at them.

Xiaowei took out his mobile phone and showed me the photos inside. I leaned over curiously, and at a glance, it turned out to be a jade photo of Xiaowei's girlfriend Yan, and it was a swimsuit. According to. Yan was standing beside the bed wearing a red bikini. Although she was not as good as my girlfriend, her skin was as fair as snow, her two small tits were mostly exposed, and her slender legs stood apart. , a little more charming than Xiaoqian.

I really wanted to take a look, but I was embarrassed, but Xiaowei was generous: "It's okay, we all havesuch quirks anyway, we have similar odors! There are many more in there."

Said and began to flip through the photos.

It turns out that Xiaowei also exposed and abused womenFriends' hobbies, it's fucking congenial. At this time, I took advantage of the effect of alcohol, so I didn't hesitate to admire Qiyan's body with Xiaowei.

The following pictures are all very sexy photos of Yan, with underwear, and later turned out to be completely naked. In the photo at this time, Yan's body can be seen at a glance, she shyly lies on the side of her face, lying in the soft sheets, her hands are open on both sides, and her two breasts are exposed. In the air, the pubic hair on the lower body is thicker than that of the girlfriend, the legs are spread, and the slits of the flesh can be seen. Xiaowei said that he finally persuaded Yan to take it for him. Of course, I enjoyed it.The meat cock hardened a long time ago. Unfortunately, there are no nude photos of his girlfriend, otherwise I must show Xiaowei.

When Xiaowei turned to the next photo, I was immediately stunned. It turned out that the photo was none other than the girlfriend who was drunk that day! My girlfriend was sitting on the sofa, her clothes were a little messy, it must have been taken by Xiaowei while I was asleep after being fucked by Li Ge.

In the next picture, her girlfriend's short skirt was lifted up to her waist. She was not wearing panties, and her entire lower body was exposed. Sexy pussy lips seem to be beckoning people in. Next, the girlfriend's sweater was flipped up, and her two 34-inch tits were exposed, so she was photographed almost completely naked. There is also a close-up of his girlfriend's pretty red face, breasts, and between her legs, and then a finger is inserted into his girlfriend's pussy to dig. Needless to say, it must be Xiaowei's, this guy even took advantage of me did so much.

Xiaowei said apologetically, "I'm sorry, I was so excited to see it that day that I couldn't help but take a few pictures. You don't blame me, do you?"

Although this guy said that, he didn't act apologetically at all. He took something out of his pocket and sniffed while looking at the photo. When I saw it, it turned out to be his girlfriend's panties. I couldn't find it that day, but it was taken by Xiaowei.

Xiaowei simply asked knowingly, how can I be angry when I like my girlfriend to be tricked by others? I said to Xiaowei: "You took your girlfriend's nude photos, it's not good?"

Xiaowei immediately deleted his girlfriend's photos one by one in front of me. I thought to myself, who knows if you exist anywhere else? But this feeling of my girlfriend's nude photos being collected by others made me feel strangely excited, and this kid didn't dare to threaten his girlfriend.

Xiaowei played with his girlfriend's panties and said, "Don't look at Xiaoqian's petite body, she has a great body, her tits are big and elastic, and her pussy is so tight just after being fucked. , I really want to fuck her once."

I cursed: "Fuck you! How can my girlfriend do it for you so casually."

Xiaowei smiled: "Little Shouldn't Qian be fucked by Brother Li alone? Did Brother Jie give her to other men to fuck before?"

Xiaowei is smart, knowing that I will not be the only one That time exposing his girlfriend's experience. So when I chatted with Xiaowei about exposing his girlfriend, he actually had a lot of clever tricks, much smarter than me. Then Xiaowei said to me that his parents went out on weekends, can you take Xiaoqian to his house to play? Of course I know what this "play" means. In order to convince me, Xiaowei agreed to let me play with his girlfriend. I think since I've reached this point, it's better to play it thoroughly , I can also do Yan once, I just saw her nude photos, I can't help but want to fall in love with her.

Xiaowei saw what I was thinking, and immediately played me a video on his mobile phone, saying it was Yan's advance. I saw In the video, Yan was lying on the bed naked, seeing that the environment was not Xiaowei's home, but a hotel room.

Then a man who was also naked walked over, picked up Yan's upper body and gnawed on her breasts; another man walked over, spread Yan's legs, and rubbed her with a big cock The little pussy, and after a while his waist was straightened, Yan immediately let out a coquettish cry, and the man below started to fuck.

I don't know either of these two men, so who was the filming? Is it Xiaowei?

At this time, the angle changed, and the shot was from the side. Yan was obviously drunk, her eyes were closed, and her body was limp. The man below spreads her legs far apart, with a big cock going in and out of Yan's pussy. The man above knelt beside Yan's face, pinched her small mouth, and inserted the big cock into Yan's mouth, Yan immediately frowned, although
couldn't moan loudly, she still hummed.

At this time, I heard a voice saying: "How is it, is my girlfriend doing a good job?"

I heard that it was Xiaowei's voice, and then the two battles The man started to say a bunch of lewd words to practice Yan...

The short film is about five minutes long, three clips, respectively, two strange men on the bed, on the floor and on the balcony dry Yan, Finally, the cum was shot on Yeon's belly and breasts. Dry! I can't see that Xiaowei is usually timid, but he would get his girlfriend drunk and ask a man to gang rape her, and even film it. Xiaowei said that Yan didn't know about these, and he only had the experience of humiliating his girlfriend this time. Then we made an appointment to go to Xiaowei's house on the weekend to start this planned humiliation trip.

I told Xiaoqian to go to play on weekends, and lied to her that she had made a lot of appointments, and her girlfriend who loves to play immediately agreed.

Soon it was the weekend, when I brought my girlfriendWhen he arrived at Xiaowei's house, Xiaowei looked helpless and said that everyone could not come because of something. My girlfriend and I both showed disappointment. Although I knew it was a lie, I still hoped that more people would see my girlfriend's body, or even fuck her. Fortunately, Yan is here, and his girlfriend is not too disappointed.

Girls are always easy to get acquainted with. Xiaoqian and Yan have already known each other very well. The four of us chatted for a while and started playing cards. At that time, hoeing the landlord was popular, and his girlfriend liked to play very much. She quickly entered the state and had a lot of fun, but todayXiaoqian was unlucky and lost many times in a row.

At this time, Xiaowei said that it's boring to play like this. If you lose, you should be punished. From now on, the loser will be punished with alcohol. Yan immediately happily said yes, got up to get four cups and a few bottles of beer. The girlfriend was reluctant at first, because she was a small drinker and would get drunk if she didn't drink much. Xiaowei excited her and said, "Xiaoqian is fine if she doesn't drink, anyway, she will definitely lose."

Hearing this, the innocent girlfriend immediately said in dissatisfaction: "Drinking counts as What? I'll show you the win! Today, I'm going to make you lose even your pants!"

This is a line that my girlfriend learned from a TV series, and she doesn't usually say "take off your pants" Such a thing. My girlfriendI don't think there is anything, I thought to myself: "Today I'm going to take off my pants! 』 Turning his head to look at Xiao Wei, he had a wicked smile, I believe it was the same as what I thought.

In the next few rounds, my girlfriend's card luck improved a little, but she still lost more and won less, but with Yan and herlose, the two girls drank more wine than the two of us. There are many men, and his girlfriend is already a little drunk, and her pretty face is flushed.

Yan is also more open to the stimulation of alcohol. She wears a pink one-piece dress. Every time she plays a good game, or catches a good card, she will dance with excitement, often She revealed the white panties inside; she shouted hot again after a while, and unbuttoned two buttons on her chest to reveal a small part of the tender breasts. When she turned sideways, she could see through the opening and see
Loose white bra, very sexy.

Today, my girlfriend is very conservative, a pair of sweatpants and a light-colored T-shirt. Just when I was disappointed that I didn't have the opportunity to expose my girlfriend, Yan held a card in one hand and a wine glass in the other, smiled and said, "I won this time, you all three. I want to drink!"

Said, the hand holding the wine glass swept in front of us, who knew that she moved too much, probably because of drinking, her hand was unstable, and when the glass was brought to her girlfriend , The body seems to be unable to support, the glass is tilted, and most of the glass of wine is spilled on the girlfriend's body. The girlfriend's T-shirt and sweatpants are all wet.

Yan hurriedly got up and apologized to her girlfriend, but she didn't know what to use to wipe her, looking at a loss. The girlfriend quickly said it was okay, but she didn't bring any replacement clothes, and she didn't know what to do. At this time, Xiaowei said to Yan: "The clothes I bought for you last time, you only wore them once, and you still stay with me, why don't you bring them to Xiaoqian to put on! "

The girlfriend said no, but her clothes were wet and uncomfortable, so she had to go into the bedroom with Yan.

Soon Yan took out a piece of clothing and took Xiaoqian to the bathroom to wash it first. As soon as the door of the bathroom was closed, Xiaowei immediately pulled me into a small door next to it. It was a small warehouse, but there wasn't much in it. Xiaowei took off a picture on the wall, and there was a square hole in it. Through this hole, I found out that the mirror in the bathroom is single-sided. From here, I just saw Liyan and my girlfriend in the bathroom. action.

It turned out that this was where the safe was kept. Later, Xiaowei's parents moved the safe upstairs and rarely came to the warehouse, so Xiaowei did some tricks. Originally, it was used to peek at the sleeping girl taking a bath when he was looking for a friend to come to the house. Later, Xiaowei told me that this place has also become a place where he invites people to admire his girlfriend. There are already several
People have seen Yeonjeon bathing naked from here.

Looking in the mirror, my girlfriend is taking off her T-shirt, revealing a milky white half-cup bra. Because the weather is still very hot, my girlfriend's bra is very thin and lace. From here, you can see her nipples are slightly upright, not to mention that most of her breasts are covered by me and Xiaowei. Look at the light.

Yan brought a wet towel and asked her girlfriend to take off her pants so she could wipe her body. Although both of them are girls, the girlfriend still feels embarrassed to undress in front of others. Seeing that her girlfriend is a little hesitant, she simply goes over to "help" her to take off her pants. While her girlfriend was not paying attention, she pulled her girlfriend's waistband and pulled it down. Her girlfriend was caught off guard, and her sweatpants were pulled below her knees, and even the white girls' panties were taken off, half of themAss exposed.

The girlfriend screamed "ah" in fright, and hurriedly stretched out her hand to pull up her pants, only to find that Yan was laughing and bending over. The girlfriend passed out angrily and squeaked, but she forgot to put her pants in order. I saw two girls laughing and making trouble together. The girlfriend was only wearing underwear, her slender and petite body was shaking in front of her eyes, and half of her butt was still exposed. br/>In front of him, Xiaowei couldn't help but grabbed his crotch. I'm also excited, my girlfriend is giving Xiaowei this lewd showUnderwear, this is the exposure I want.

The two girls quarreled for a while, and the girlfriend stopped and started wiping her body, with Yan by the sideLooking at his girlfriend, he said, "XiaoQian, you are in such a good shape."

"Sister Yan, don't laugh at others. You are taller than me and much better than me!"

Yan walked up to her girlfriend and said, "Although you are small, you are bulging forward and backward, which is exactly the little beauty in the eyes of men! How did you have such a good pair of tits?"

Saying that, Yan actually grabbed her girlfriend's breasts with both hands from behind and rubbed them through the bra.

My girlfriend was taken aback, and I was also taken aback. Although I have seen my girlfriend raped by a lesbian, it was after she was drunk, and Yan and Xiaowei have been dating for so long, no Possibly gay? I found that Xiaowei was also surprised.

Looking at it further, Yan's hand has already reached into her girlfriend's bra, and her girlfriend wants to struggle, but she immediately loses her strength. She opens her mouth and can only breathe. Yeon must be playing with her nipples, her girlfriend is too sensitive, and no matter who touches her sensitive area, she can't stand it. Yan's other hand was not idle, and completely pulled down his girlfriend's panties that had just been pulled off in half. His girlfriend's pretty ass and sparse pubic hair were exposed in front of us, and Xiaowei looked like he was going to squirt.
Fire out.

Yan's slender fingers bent and stretched, and they had already got into her girlfriend's little pussy to stir up trouble. Now her girlfriend couldn't take it anymore, her whole body slumped, if it wasn't for Yan's body, must fall. At this time, I saw Yanzui's eyes were blurry, her fingers were playing with her girlfriend's body more flexibly, and her girlfriend gasped and said, "No way...ah...Sister can't do it. Ah..."

At this time, Yan pulled out her finger, patted her girlfriend's pretty butt, and said with a smile, "I wanted to joy with you, but Xiaoqian didn't expect it. She's really sensitive! She's a little prostitute! Hahahaha..."

His girlfriend woke up after being spanked. Knowing that Jae-yeon had lost her temper in front of her, she was angry and ashamed, so she turned around and ignored it she. The girlfriend is facing the mirror at the moment, and the beautiful figure can be seen in front of us who are peeping.

Yan was also afraid that her girlfriend would be really angry, so she hurriedly tidied up her clothes, and hugged her from behind to apologize and consolation. In fact, his girlfriend was not really angry, and with the effect of alcohol, she soon became happy and made trouble with Yan. Now I can be sure that Yeon is not gay, but when she was teasing her girlfriend just now, I could clearly see that she was a little emotional.

Yan unfolded the clothes she gave to her girlfriend. It turned out to be a very short white dress, and the material was very thin. It's more like a pajama than a skirt, with a big neckline and a hem that only covers half of her thighs. After wearing it, my girlfriend hesitated, saying that it would be too revealing? Yan persuaded her, "It doesn't matter, men like this kind of clothes, and Jie will definitely like them when they wear them out."

This is true, I like to see my girlfriend wear sexy and revealing clothes, It's just that my girlfriend is pure and conservative, and would not choose such clothes to wear.

Seeing that they were sorted out, Xiaowei and I left the small warehouse quickly and went back to the living room to wait for them to come out. When I saw my girlfriend, I deliberately asked her, "I heard you call, what happened?"

My girlfriend immediately flushed with shame and whispered that she almost fell just now She fell, but fortunately Yan held her up. Of course Iknowing she was lying, I peeked at Yeon and found her laughing and fiddling with her fingers.

After my girlfriend sat down, I found out that this dress is really sexy. Because it is very thin, I can see the outline of my girlfriend's bra through the skirt. In addition, the weather is hot, so I can play cards with my girlfriend for a while. I sweated, and my clothes became more transparent, and I could even see my underwear.

The girlfriend just showed off her underwear and lost several times in a row. Although I drank a few drinks on her behalf, her girlfriend obviously couldn't support it, and Yan was also drowsy. , we had to take the cards and help the two girls into the bedroom. When I came out, I asked Xiaowei, I remember that Yan's drinking is good, why can't I drink so much today? Xiaowei said quietly: "I put something to cheer them up in the wine they were drinking."

It turned out that this kid Xiaowei was drugging in the wine. His technique is so good that I didn't even notice it and thought his girlfriend was really drunk.

At this time, I suddenly remembered that I drank two glasses instead of my girlfriend, so didn't I also drink the medicine? I hurriedly asked Xiaowei, he said, "If you want to drink it on behalf of Xiaoqian, I can't stop it, but you drink less, your body is strong, this medicine is very soft, and you won't be able to sleep. ."

I was relieved.

After about half an hour, we entered the bedroom and made sure that both girls were asleep, so we couldn't wait to get started. I was still a little embarrassed, so I walked over to Yan and saw her sleeping soundly. Yan's skirts were all piled up on her waist, and the white tulle panties inside were exposed, and even the pubic hair inside was clearly visible.

Xiao Wei was not polite at all. He stripped his girlfriend to the bare bones in a few times, and now his petite and beautiful body can be seen at a glance. Xiaowei couldn't help but exclaimed, "Xiaoqian is in such a good shape!"

As he spoke, he threw himself on his girlfriend, kissed and gnawed on his face and neck, and grabbed his girlfriend with both hands 3
4C tits rub.

My girlfriend knows how to react even in her sleep. She moaned because of Xiaowei's crazy offensive, especially when her nipples were pinched, her upper body was stiff.Up to meet, the breasts appear larger. Seeing that his girlfriend was like this, Xiaowei also honestly put a pair of beautiful breasts into his mouth and sucked "tsk tsk". This time, his girlfriend couldn't hold it anymore, she twisted her body, moaning "Ah...ah..."

, and her fair legs began to rub.

Xiaowei raised his head and said, "This medicine has an aphrodisiac effect. Look, Xiaoqian is already so wet." Delicious water continued to pour out of the small hole, and Xiaowei's mouth immediately brought it up to eat. I saw it exciting, and I also reached out and pulled Yan's panties down, digging her pussy with my fingers. Yeon's reaction was bigger than her girlfriend's, she straightened up to meet my fingers.

At this time, Xiaowei raised his head and said, "This bed is too small. Brother Jie, you can play first. I will carry Xiaoqian to my parents' big bed."

p> Said he picked up his naked girlfriend and left. I like to watch my girlfriend being toyed with, that's exciting, but I think that's fine, I'll have a good time playing Yan first, and then I'll see what happens to my girlfriend later.

Xiaowei left, and I started playing Yan more at ease. I stripped Yan to pieces, and I felt a little excited about revenge. Yan is taller than her girlfriend. Although her chest is not as friendly as a girl, her legs are longer. I started kissing from Yan's feet and followed her slender legs and kissed between her legs. disaster.

I couldn't wait to part Yan's legs, dipped my big cock in her slut, and stabbed my waist into Yan's little pussy. There is no girlfriend in it, but it is very good at clipping, which makes me very happy. I cursed inwardly: "Xiaowei, you have such a good girlfriend and want to play with my girlfriend. 』Then the waist started to move, I thought about the way my girlfriend was being fucked, and I enjoyedYeon's beautiful body, which was really cool.

I wanted to see my girlfriend getting fucked quickly, so I sped up my thrusts, and Yan let out bursts of pleasure moans as I fucked, "Ah, oh oh "She kept barking, and when it came to barking, she could bark better than her girlfriend.

I was working hard when I heard a door closing outside. I thought to myself that Xiaowei is really useless. It's over so soon, let's see how I play with your girlfriend Bar! I thought Xiaowei would come in, but he didn't show up after waiting for a few minutes. I finally couldn't help but want to see my girlfriend being fucked, so I pulled out my cock, dropped Yeon and prepared to leave.

At this time, something unexpected happened, and Yan, who was behind her, said, "Don't go, there are not enough people!"

I turned around in panic and saw Yan half Lying down, eyes full of charm.

I was surprised and asked: "You... didn't..."

"Hehe! Of course not. Only you and your girlfriend took the medicine!"

Hearing her say that, I did feel a little groggy, but I drank less and it didn't matter.

Seeing my confused look, Yan explained, "Actually, I already knew your hobbies. I don't mind, everyone have fun while you are young! Today is my discussion with Xiaowei. Okay, I did it on purpose to show you in the bathroom just now. I've watched you work out, and I want to know how good you are!"

He came over and pulled me: "You really are It's very strong! Let's go on, leave it alone, let them enjoy"

I suddenly realized, but I feel wrong, what does "let them enjoy" mean? Seeing that I was puzzled, Yan smiled and pulled me out. She walked naked in front and pulled me into the bedroom of Xiaowei's parents.

Pushing the door open, I was stunned by the sight inside. I saw his girlfriend lying naked on the bed, Xiaowei carried her right leg on his shoulders, the big cock was raging in his girlfriend's little pussy, and his girlfriend was shaking in her sleep , the junction of the two made a "chirp" sound of water. The girlfriend has been fucked, but she can't call out, because in addition to Xiaowei, there are two naked men in the room, one with dark skin and one fat.

I recognized these two guys, the two guys in the video Xiaowei showed me gang raped Yan, the fat guy was filling his girlfriend's mouth with his thick cock. Xiaowei even asked them to gang rape my girlfriend!

At this time, Xiaowei turned his head to me and said, "Why, is it because my girlfriend is too hot, you have already surrendered?"

Yan completely ignored He was naked, looked at the place where Xiaowei and his girlfriend were having sex and said, "Xiaoqian is more flamboyant than others! Look, there is a lot of water down there!"

Xiaowei said to me : "Do you remember these two friends? Just call them Heizi and Fatty. EveryoneI know each other very well. Would you mind if I ask them to play together?"

He This is knowingly asked. I was a little unhappy, but I saw my girlfriend being fucked by two people at the same time, and the other Kuroko was still ravaging her girlfriend's tits, rounding a pair of beautiful breasts and squeezing them flat.

Seeing Yan come in, Heizi raised his head and said, "It just happened that the three of us were a little crowded, so I'll accompany you!"

He let go of Xiao Qian and walked to Yan behind. Yan was standing beside the bed, and Kuroko was holding her ass, the big meat stick stabbed into Yan's small hole from behind, Yan immediately let out a coquettish cry.

Since Yan was fucked by me just now, her vagina was full of kinky water, so now Kuroko is fuckedvery easy. But Yan was miserable, she was so weak from his big cock that she had to lie on top of her girlfriend and moan loudly: "Ah...Ah...Hard...hei brother, fuck me hard. Let's go!"

Infected by this lewd atmosphere, I walked over and pulled Yan's hair, squeezed her mouth open, and inserted the big cock into her small mouth, and Yan immediately sucked When she got up, her ventriloquism was very good, different from the jerky movements of her girlfriend. While I was enjoying Yan's blowjob, I played with her tits with one hand and touched my girlfriend's tits with the other. Fatty was playing with his girlfriend's tits, and when he saw me reaching out, he gave me one, and played with Yan and Xiaoqian's tits at the same time as I did.

Now the two naked girls are stacked in a cross shape, the upper and lower holes are stuffed, and the two pairs of beautiful breasts are being played with. At this time, Xiaowei quickened his speed and after dozens of hard fucks, he shouted and poured the thick semen into the depths of his girlfriend's small hole. Kuroko immediately laughed at him and said, "It's useless, I cum so fast. This little slut is so petite and has such a good figure, I want to fuck her when I see it. Look at me!"

While I was talking, I adjusted the position and pulled Yan to the lower body of my girlfriend, so I had to pull out my cock to see what he did.

"Your boyfriend got dirty here, please help me clean it up!"

Saying that, he pressed Yan's head against his girlfriend's cum-flowing pussy. He even took the initiative to lick his girlfriend's pussy. Girlfriend didn't have an orgasm just now, but when Yan licked her lower body, she immediately twisted her lower body to meet her, it was really lewd.

Yan meticulously cleaned her girlfriend's pussy, and Kuroko immediately pushed her away, turned her over, liftedher waist, and stabbed her cock into her girlfriend's pussy. At this moment, the fat man let go of his girlfriend's mouth, and the little mouth of his girlfriend, which had been fucked in a mess, immediately let out a continuous moan. With Kuroko's twitching, his girlfriend's two tits swayed back and forth, and a lot of fluid that Fatty had dried in her mouth just now flowed out from the corners of her mouth. When Fatty saw that his girlfriend was so cute, he fired up the gun again her little mouth. I saw that the petite girlfriend was raped by two big men, which made her petite and weak.

At this time, Kuroko stopped thrusting, frowned, and seemed to endure it very hard. After a while, he turned his head and said to me: "Damn! Your girlfriend is really good, she is a famous weapon. What! It's a lot of stuff inside, and it sucks. It's really good.It's a pity that this kind of vagina is not enjoyed by men in the world."

Hearing him say that about his girlfriend, I was even more excited.

Kuroko continued to fuck, separated her girlfriend's ass, pulled Yan to let her lick her girlfriend's butthole, but Yan didn't want to, then I walked behind her and suddenly inserted and fucked hard When she got up, Yan immediately slumped on her girlfriend's ass and moaned, and after a while, she started licking her girlfriend's ass. His girlfriend's chrysanthemum was rarely stimulated, but by Yan's licking, coupled with the thrusting of Kuroko's thick cock, his girlfriend's buttocks shook immediately and she orgasmed.

After the orgasm, the girlfriend seems to faint, and she let the two men have sex before and after. I was so excited to see that, after dozens of thrusts, I ejaculated deep in Yan's pussy, and Kuroko also ejaculated in his girlfriend's pussy.

We pulled our cocks out and stepped back to rest.

Unexpectedly, Fatty has the most fighting power. He pressed Yan to lick her girlfriend's pussy like a black child, and Yan's mouth and face were full of semen. After cleaning up, the fat man picked up his girlfriend from behind, hooked her legs with both hands, made her sit on him like a little green frog, and then squeezed the thick cock into his girlfriend's little hole from behind. Although he was fucked a few times, his girlfriend's pussy was still very tight, and it took the fat man a few seconds to fully insert it. This process was undoubtedly a joy mixed with pain.

As the fat man got deeper and deeper, his girlfriend's moaning increased from small to loud, and then he wanted the fat man to pierce her pussy. Next, the fat man started to fuck his girlfriend up and down, and his two unsupported big tits swayed up and down, and his girlfriend got excited again by being fucked.

Xiaowei recovered at this time, pushed Yan onto the bed, made her lie on top of his girlfriend, and fucked her from behind. Yanknowing what Xiaowei wanted to see, she pressed close to her girlfriend's screaming face and began to kiss her with tongue. Girlfriend was being done so well, and she took the initiative to cooperate with Yeon's kiss. The two beauties competed and kissed each other, while Yan pinched her girlfriend's swaying breasts and pinched her nipples.

After working for a while, Heizi and I also regained our strength and joined the battle group. It didn't take long for me to feel groggy, knowing it was the effect of the drug, and hurriedly fucked my girlfriend's little mouth, and then filled her mouth with dope.

After the ejaculation, I couldn't stand it anymore, so I lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. The last impression is that the fat man also cummed in his girlfriend's pussy, and then Yan was fucked by Kuroko while separating her girlfriend's ass, Xiaowei straightened his cock and inserted it into his girlfriend's ass slit, at that angle... …

When I woke up the next morning, I found myself lying on the bed where I had promiscuous last night. The two men were long gone, and neither were Xiaowei and Yan. Next to my girlfriend who has been through a storm, she has been spoiledin her mouth, on her face, on her hair, on her breasts, in her pussy, and there are traces of semen in the asshole, it seems that I was played very hard last night.

I got up and walked out of the room, came to Xiaowei's bedroom door, quietly opened the door, and found that they were not inside.

At this time, there were lewd screams and the "slap" sound of flesh slapping in the bathroom. I walked over and found that the bathroom door was unlocked. I pushed the door in and saw a small Wei and Yeon are working hard in the bathroom.

When Xiao Wei saw me coming in, he even greeted me to fuck his girlfriend together. I said that Xiao Qian would wake up in a while and had to clean up as soon as possible. Xiaowei said, "It's okay, she won't wake up until noon. As for cleaning up..."

Xiaowei dragged Yan into his girlfriend's sleeping room, and Yan started licking her girlfriend like a homosexual He licked off all traces of semen all over his body, and then still touched his girlfriend's body, Xiaowei immediately grabbed Yan and continued to fuck.

When my girlfriend woke up, she saw that she was being held naked by me, and complained coquettishly that I fucked her while she was drunk, and she was so rude, it made her back pain and her breasts swelled rose. Xiaoqian had absolutely no idea that she was fucked by several men last night, and later said that I played with her asshole, which made her a little hurt. I thought to myself, "Actually, it's Xiaowei who fucks your asshole, silly girlfriend! ' Later I often reminisce about the excitement of that night. Xiaowei told me that each of them ejaculated on Xiaoqian three times that day. In the future, Xiaowei and I will often discuss exposing our girlfriends together, and finding someone with the same hobby is not easy.

【To be continued】
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