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At 6:50, Zhou Changcai arrived at Xinde Hotel, not many people, looking for After a while without seeing Chu Yan, he went up to the second floor.

Finally, I saw Chu Yan by the window after reading the reminder of Chu Yan on WeChat.

At this moment, Chu Yan has completely subverted Zhou Chang's perception of her. I didn't expect that tonight's Chu Yan would actually be wearing a white short-sleeved round neck gauze skirt, revealing a white softness Weed, the lips are the kind of supple powder of first love, and the whole angular cheeks have not been put on any more powder.

The white gauze skirt just reached her little feet, and even the little feet were wearing silver-white Liuding shoes, releasing the small and cute toes, the bare feet were even more crystal clear and dazzling, and the air was filled with more There was a fragrant fragrance emanating from her.

If the Chu Yan I saw in the nightclub before was wild and charming, then the President Chu I saw during the day was cold and arrogant, and the one in front of her was sweet and pure. Lovely like a princess.

"Where's the dishes, I ordered them, you can do whatever you want."

Zhou Chang thought you were being rude, so he sat down and picked up the menu, feeling that many dishes were Some are familiar, but I can't remember where I have eaten it, so I ordered a fried rice with eight treasures.

After clicking, Zhou Chang had a lot of questions he wanted to ask Chu Yan, but he still didn't say it, but the smart Chu Yan said "Don't ask."

Zhou Chang He had to look at the bustling crowd downstairs, because he didn't dare to look directly at Chu Yan, and he felt the atmosphere was very awkward.

After a while, Chu Yan shook her hand in front of Zhou Chang who was in a daze and said, "Is this what it looks like to go out on a date with a girl?"

"Dating "This word is particularly clear in Zhou Chang's ears. Is it a date with Chu Yan now?

"We are dating?"

Zhou Chang asked tentatively.

"Otherwise, when you were at work, wasn't the news you retracted about an appointment with me?"

Chu Yan asked Zhou Chang in return.

"Okay~_~, I really want to ask you out. When I went to work during the day, why didn't you seem to know me and didn't reply to me."

Drum Zhou Chang, who was full of courage, asked Chu Yan two questions.

Now it seems that Chu Yan is not deliberately pretending to be cute, which is completely inconsistent with the previous impression.

"When you go to work, you should be in the state of going to work. Now it's off-get off work time. You can come as you please. Do you think it's not good for me to wear this on a date?"

Chu Yan In one sentence, Zhou Chang's doubts were dispelled. This Chu Yan's living condition was too rational. It was considered to be able to grasp the company clearly, when to do what and what to do.

"We are dating now?"

Zhou Chang felt a little dreamy and asked again.

"Otherwise, didn't you announce that you are my Chu Yan's boyfriend in front of so many people last night?" She is also very familiar, so she is serious, now it is a relationship between boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Then I'm your boyfriend, can you show me your Moments?"

Without any hesitation, Chu Yan handed over the phone to Zhou Chang and said "Look at it for yourself. My circle of friends has never posted any updates, so there is no blocking you." Quan, just took a peek at her chat column, and found a note to President Yu's last message at 5:40.

Then he handed it back to Chu Yan.

Just as Chu Yan was about to say something, a group of uninvited guests came, and one of them shouted at Chu Yan, "It's such a coincidence that we only met in the afternoon, and now we meet again, is it convenient to sit down and eat?"

Zhou Chang looked at a fat and bald man in his fifties and sixties and said to Chu Yan, shaking his hand.

"Mr. Yu, let me introduce you, this is my boyfriend Zhou Chang. Now we are dating, so we won't be with you after get off work."

Chu Yan stretched out her finger Zhang Chang said to the fat and bald President Yu.

Zhou Chang doesn't know why he feels a little weird, Yu Shu, how could a CEO of a Fortune 100 company eat at this kind of restaurant, and he happened to meet Chu Yan, but he couldn't say where There is a problem.

However, Zhou Chang was very happy to hear that Chu Yan declined Yu Shu and introduced himself in front of him.

"Let's go, let's blow the sea breeze?"

"Isn't the meal not yet served?"

Yu Shu said to go as soon as Chu Yan came , This made Zhou Chang feel confused, and he also felt sorry for the money in his pocket, but he still followed Chu Yan downstairs and out of the hotel.

"Will you drive a modified motorcycle?"

Chu Yan pointed to a modified luxury motorcycle by the road and asked Zhou Chang.

"I've never driven such a car before."

Looking at the expensive modified car, Zhou Chang didn't dare to mess around.

"You don't know how cool it is. If you take it, then you wait for me."

Chu Yan took out a package from the back of the locomotive and walked in again Xinde Hotel.

After four or five minutes, Chu Yan came out from the inside, and had a completely changed style, with wallet shorts covering the hips to the legs, and a wallet vest with an open waist, plus boots and The blue stockings to the knees...

This dress is absolutely perfect, just like a little sister.

"Get in the car. It's a sin."

Chu Yan, who was putting on a helmet and preparing to drive, was exactly as she said, "´_>`Cool."

It was the first time for Zhou Chang, who sat in the back seat, to be carried by a girl for a ride. Fortunately, the road was crowded.

However, the "good times" didn't last long. Chu Yan seemed to be very familiar with this place, but after a while, he walked out of the complicated streets and came to the open road.

She also increased her horsepower and ran at an extreme speed, so fast that even Zhou Chang felt like he was about to fly out.

I didn't expect that I would be driven by a girl one day, but it seemed a little too dangerous. Chu Yan has passed more than a dozen cars in a row, and the cars behind are also a little unconvinced. Chasing at speed.

Chu Yan looked at the rear-view mirror, took Zhou Chang's hand with one hand and put it around her waist with vest line and said, "Hold tight and sit tight, it's irresponsible to throw it out."


This was the first time I touched Chu Yan's skin, and her heartbeat suddenly accelerated a lot, so she listened to Chu Yan's words and hugged her waist.

The luxury car that was overtaking while Chu Yan let Zhou Chang hug his waist with one hand opened the window, which was very provocative.

Chu Yan couldn't bear this kind of anger, and immediately began to race with him. Suddenly, the smell of gunpowder was full of gunpowder, and he was running on this road as a track.

Although it is not as fast as a luxury car, the locomotive is smaller than the luxury car anyway, and in the end it still leaves the luxury car far behind in the gap.

Zhou Chang, who was still in shock, asked Chu Yandao, who was coming down the speed of the car, "So fast, are you not afraid of an accident?"

"I trust myself 100%, you are afraid that I will be involved. You?"

Chu Yan asked Zhou Chang back.

"No, it's just about cherishing life, why bother."

"Why did I find a elm lump like you as my boyfriend, it's too cheap, I don't have the courage to do it. ."


Zhou Chang was speechless for a while and closed his mouth, it was true, it was really incomparable in any way.

It's just that this girlfriend came out of nowhere, always felt something was wrong, and couldn't tell.

"Why do you want me to be your boyfriend? I've only met a few times."

Zhou Chang couldn't help but asked again.

"Do you believe me when I say I'm just looking for it?"

Chu Yan replied, with the sound of wind, and started racing again.

"I don't believe it."

"Then I say, because you are cute, gentle, clean, and not ugly."

"This explanation, I'll accept it with reluctance."


I came to the beach without a word, glanced at my phone, it was not yet eight o'clock, but my stomach was already croaking.

"Are you hungry?"

Chu Yan listened to Zhou Chang's hungry voice.

"I said yes, what can I do, you have to take me back."

"Then, how about I eat it for you."

Chu Yan grabbed Zhou Chang's collar and said vaguely.

Zhou Chang, who is 1.78 meters tall, is still a little taller than Chu Yan, who is 1.7 meters tall. Looking down from the top, you can see the slight cleavage exposed in Chu Yan's leather jacket, the snow-white breast meat Zhou Chang's eyeballs almost fell into it, and with Chu Yan's ambiguous words, he suddenly hugged Chu Yan's exposed waist.

It was so close that both of them could hear each other's heartbeats. The air was so hot that even the sea breeze couldn't blow away the ambiguous fireworks. It was as if they were in a dream. near.

Zhou Chang's uncontrollable hormones made him unable to resist kissing Chu Yan's tender pink lips. Chu Yan did not refuse to hide, and wrapped her hands around Zhou Chang's neck.

For a time, her lips were cool, soft and sweet. With the fragrance of Chu Yan's body, Zhou Chang tentatively stuck out her tongue into her mouth, and Chu Yan also took the initiative to accept it. , The tongues of the two were tangled together for a while, moist and intertwined, and the fragrance and rain were intertwined, and they did not separate for a long time.

Zhou Chang looked at Chu Yan with his eyes closed and enjoying the look so beautiful. It would be great if they could be together like this all the time.

After a while, the breath of the two of them was steamy, and Chu Yan also hugged Zhou Chang's neck even tighter, and kissed with fiery pain, ignoring that there were many people on the beach.

Until Chu Yan took the initiative to leave his lips, after exhaling, she bit Zhou Chang's lips again and said, "I will eat this lipstick for you."

Zhou Chang, who couldn't stand the temptation, hugged her tender waist again, and kissed her with a lingering tongue again.

We have only known each other for a few days, but we are already kissing and hugging like a passionate couple.

Zhou Chang's mentality actually comes from his opinions on nightclub girls. He had a girlfriend, but she became more handsome through his acquaintance.The rich Qin Jinyun was abandoned by Qin Jinyun again, so he still has some experience in tongue kissing.

But judging from Chu Yan's very active appearance, she still couldn't hide the tenderness of her tongue kiss.

She is really a mysterious woman. From the moment she realized it, she has always been unable to guess. She can move and solve every question fluently, without leaving any gaps, and the answer is not so Deliberately, it seems so natural.


Coincidentally, WeChat rang a few more times.

"Why don't you read the message from which beautiful woman."

At this time, the two of them were already sitting on the beach, the evening wind was blowing, and Zhou Chang did not dare to Looking straight at the charming Chu Yan.

"Nothing, don't believe me." Zhou Chang knew that no woman would send him a message at all. Recently, there was no invisible chat window on his WeChat, so he handed over his mobile phone. past.

Chu Yan didn't refuse either, she took it over and went to see it.

"No wonder you don't dare to watch, those two little brats are looking for you in the group to hunt for beauty."

Hearing this, Zhou Changcai sat closer Look, I didn't expect them to say @ themselves whether to go hunting in nightclubs, thinking that they've been tricked to death by them.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yan still turned up, not only saw Qin Jinyun and Xiao Pang's foul language towards Chu Yan, saying that they wanted to treat Chu Yan as a bitch and make her belly bigger.

Zhou Chang felt that this was a big trouble. He didn't expect that Chu Yan pointed at the target of the gun appointment made by Qin Jinyun yesterday and said, "Qin Jinyun, right? Is this girl as beautiful as me?"

Zhou Chang was confused and replied, "It's definitely not as good as 1% of you. I don't want you to look good."

Chu Yan also deliberately quoted that foul language and edited WeChat. sent in the past.

The content is "The queen of the nightclub, Chu Yan, is going to be treated as a bitch, so I have to do it." Zhou Chang was stunned as well, and in his mind came the seductive posture of Chu Yan kneeling and crawling on the ground naked, like a little bitch, pouting her butt and waiting for her to fuck.

"Is her breast bigger than mine?"

Chu Yan asked Qin Jinyun's tits.

Zhou Chang looked at it, and then stared at Chu Yan's leather jacket wrapped in chest bulging and said, "I don't know, I can't see you."

Judging from the shape , is similar to the perfect outline of Chu Yan's chest, but he can't see the universe inside.

Chu Yan's flirting words stimulated her dick to the point of pain. Looking at her delicate lips, she was about to kiss her.

Unexpectedly, Qin Jinyun sent a message in the group at this moment.

"Just like you, Chu Yan can go to heaven if you touch her, and if you want to fuck her, you may not be able to dream."

"That's right, Maybe it's still a little virgin, but I'm a man who has seen Chu Yan's tits."

"Damn, it's so beautiful, I've been beaten, why can't I see her tits?"

Watching the little brat in the group belittle Zhou Chang, as well as Xiao Chuan's nonsense.

How could Chu Yan bear this anger.

He immediately confronted them in Zhou Chang's tone and said, "I will show you Chu Yan another day. It will make you jealous."

Zhou Chang forgot that day when he was young After being beaten in a nightclub, Fatty said that he had seen Chu Yan move too much and had seen her tits from the neckline.

He asked Chu Yan, "Little Fatty said he saw your chest, what's the matter."

"Maybe he accidentally disappeared when he beat him that night?"

Hearing that Chu Yan didn't care, Zhou Chang said jealously, "Then I haven't seen it."

"Do you want to watch it here? Go back. I'll give you a look when no one is there."

Seeing Chu Yan's cheeks blushing, and Chu Yan actually promised to let him take a look, Zhou Chang was so excited .

"Then your breasts are as big as hers?"

"Looks like a gentleman with glasses and sounds like a scum."

"Sven scum, haha"

Chu Yan looked down at her seriousness and said, "Mine is D, and hers is about the same."

"Is it that big? D cup, then I want to see it more."

Zhou Chang stared at Chu Yan's cleavage. Look, it's true.

The awkward and ambiguous atmosphere burns to the extreme.

"Let's go back."

Zhou Chang swallowed.

"Go back and look at my chest?"

Chu Yan was so bold and straightforward in expressing Zhou Chang's thoughts.

Zhou Chang felt that there was no need to deny it, so he answered "yes."

Zhou Chang was so horny with teasing that he didn't pay attention to Chu Yan and other people in the group. what are guys talking about.

It was just that Chu Yan hugged herself and took a photo with the camera.

Then set it as a screensaver and said, "This is our first date. If you dare to change, then I will kill you."


"Yes, Her Lady Queen."

"Your Lady Queen? Why do you call it that?"

Chu Yan stared at Zhou Chang and said.

"Because, you are very Queen Fan Ha, didn't you announce that I was your boyfriend so forcefully at the nightclub that night?"

"That's right, go back Right."

"Why are you going back?"

"Aren't you hungry? I can't let you eat."

That's it, After walking on the road, he let Chu Yan take him for a ride. At this moment, Chu Yan's cheeks looked very delicate, and it was the kind of pure wind that could be seen at a glance.

Zhou Chang naturally put his hand on her naked and delicate skin, stroking her.

"Don't touch it, it's too itchy."

I didn't expect to change from hugging to stroking. Instead, she put her palm up a bit and hugged the position under the chest of her leather jacket.

This action was obvious, it was going to move towards Chu Yan's round milk ball, but Chu Yan didn't stop talking.

Zhou Chang's hand moved to the lower circumference of her chest.

The leather jacket was originally smooth, but when I held it up, I could feel the soft bouncing of her chest, and Zhou Chang's body was also close to her back, in a posture of men and women hugging tightly. The hard dick also pressed against Chu Yan's upper buttocks.

Chu Yan knew Zhou Chang's intentions, so she moved her body up, and Zhou Chang, who was behind, moved forward reluctantly.

"Your kid is too lustful, isn't it? Are you both lustful like your two buddies?"

"Who can resist the queen? Charm, I like you."

Zhou Chang didn't know where he got so much courage, and his hand actually climbed to the full chest of Chu Yan's leather jacket, but he didn't dare to rub it, sweat dripping The tight skin that had already oozing out slipped from his forehead to his cheeks.

"I didn't expect you to be so talkative. With so many people on the road, you are too bold."

Chu Yan looked through the rearview mirror and saw not far behind There seemed to be several locomotives staring at him.

The white skin on Chu Yan's chest also turned white and red, and the sweat was dripping.

Zhou Chang also gestured and kissed the neck called the swan neck, and licked her sweat into her lips. The slightly salty taste became sweet because of Chu Yan's. She kissed her perfectly curved naked shoulders, her delicate and lustrous complexion visible to the naked eye, and the fragrance at close range also made Zhou Chang a little immersed.

Chu Yan, whose buttocks were pushed, was a little confused, and said, "The pictures of the penis that Qin Jinyun sent in your group are quite long. How many CMs do you have."

This Zhou Chang did not expect such vulgar words to come out of President Shen Luo's mouth.

"So you've seen it all, so let me tell the truth, it's 18cm. In other words, how can you say such vulgar words without paying attention to your identity at all."

"I'll see it another day. Is it true? It doesn't look like you are thin at all. You are my boyfriend, what can I say, and I am the president during the day, and a good girl in the nightclub at night."

"My dear Female?" After listening to the last few words, Zhou Chang knew that Chu Yan did not mean to be angry, and the hand in front of Chu Yan's chest was finally held, and a tender feeling filled his palm for a moment, how meaningless it was. The unexpected thing is that during the day she is the proud female president of a top 100 company, and at night she is the queen of nightclubs. Now, she is actually rubbing her tits through her clothes, which is something that many people can't ask for.

In an instant, Zhou Chang felt that his cock was about to rush out of his crotch. This was an unprecedented riot of his penis, and he had the urge to use Chu Yan's stick on a motorcycle.

The body of Chu Yanjiao, whose chest was attacked, trembled obviously, and the soft feeling immediately spread to every nerve line, and the strange feeling made every inch of skin tense.

At this time, it was almost close to the city. Several hooligans who were driving locomotives like Chu Yan had formed a car shape surrounded by Chu Yan's locomotive. It turned out that they saw Zhou Chang's hand. After the ravages of Chu Yan's chest, she surrounded her and whistled.

Chu Yan couldn't hold back her violent temper. She stopped by the side of the road. Suddenly, six or seven locomotives stopped and surrounded Chu Yan and Zhou Chang.

"This girl is too flamboyant, I can't help but find a guy with glasses on the road to get angry."

"It looks like a really good figure, Can such a thin man with glasses satisfy you, or I will do it.”

The leader led his sister in the back seat and walked over, and the thirteen and four others also whistled along with them. , teasing Chu Yan with foul language.

Zhou Chang was a little frightened by the battle of these hooligans, and his face was a little flustered, but Chu Yan was different. After taking off his helmet, he straightened his dazzling hair and said to them, " Are you going to go head to head or go together."

This group of people were attracted by Chu Yan's face, and her hair-lifting action was full of the style of a royal sister, which made them swallow their saliva and envy them to death. The guy with glasses.

This is wearing ´_>`Cool dress, hot and sexy body, impeccable beauty, it is a perfect structure, that boy He Dehe can touch her tits.

The tall man who took the lead was also incensed. He couldn't help but said to Chu Yan, "Is it still a gang rape? It must be me coming one-on-one first."


The tall man immediately shook off the woman in his arms and stood up.

"You're quite confident, so you can come first."

The woman who was thrown away also muttered to herself that her breasts are a little bigger than mine, Is your butt a little bit more beautiful than me?

Chu Yan handed the helmet to Zhou Chang and asked him to stay by the side. After speaking, she raised her middle finger at the tall man.

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