Qingjun pity concubine (1.23-1.25)

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【Qing Jun Lian Concubine】Volume 1: Campus Situation (Chapter 23: Lie down, I want to interject)

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Chapter 23: Lie down, I want to insert


Swan Lake, a small island in the middle of the lake.

The area of ​​the island is not large, only a few square kilometers. There is a hill on the island. Due to the undeveloped reasons, the island is full of flowers, plants and trees, and the road is difficult.

"How is it?" Xiao Tian looked at his teammates and asked.

Yunfeng shook his head and didn't say anything. Since they landed on the island, the two of them split up and sneaked along the small island. However, when looking for the edge of the island, they never saw the people on the speedboat. It seems to have disappeared out of thin air.

At this moment, a speedboat, thinking about driving towards the road quickly, stopped at the edge of the island, and a beautiful figure in black jumped off the speedboat and walked towards the two of them. go.

"Captain" Xiao Tianyunfeng saw the person coming, went up to meet him, and shouted.

"Yeah" Xia Shiyu nodded, then turned to look around and asked, "How is it?

Where is the person?".

"Captain, disappeared." Xiao Tian frowned, shook his head, and continued, "We clearly saw them on the island, but they disappeared out of thin air."

Yunfeng, who was standing aside, also nodded.

"Disappeared?" Xia Shiyu frowned and whispered, then took a few steps forward, raised her head and looked at the small hill in the center of the island. The whole person is like a fluttering flower, stepping on the branches and leaves and flying towards the top of the mountain.

Yunfeng, who is also an ancient martial artist, watched Xia Shiyu fly up the mountain with such an easy luck, and there was a hint of envy in his eyes.

After a short journey, Xia Shiyu stood on the tallest tree on the island, turned her head and looked around. At the foot of a hill, turned around and flew down the Yungong Mountain.

"Captain, how are you?" Xiao Tian saw Xia Shiyu coming back, stepped forward and asked.

Xia Shiyu shook his head, then turned to look at the hill in the island, thought for a moment, and said, "Xiao Tian, ​​use your earth-type power to sense this mountain."

"Okay" Xiao Tian nodded and walked forward.

"Captain, do you suspect that they might be in the mountains?" Yunfeng asked.

"It's not impossible," Xia Shiyu said casually, watching Xiao Tian walk aside.

Xiao Tian walked to the side, closed his eyes slightly, and then suddenly opened them. The originally plain eyes were instantly dyed with a deep yellow light. This is the symbol of a superpower. The yellow light , which means that he is a Huangmang-level ability user, and the dark yellow is the late Huangmang, which is equivalent to the strength of the ninth-rank human.

As Xiao Tian's eyes flickered, the surrounding earth and stones trembled slightly. Xiao Tian bent one knee, lowered his body, stretched out his hand and placed his hand on the ground, as he pressed his palm to the ground. On the ground, a faint halo swayed like a ripple.

At this time, inside the mountain of this hill.

Wails, scoldings, pleadings, joys and doubts, all kinds of voices resounded in the mountain.

A precision instrument, a staff member in a white uniform, a pair of eyes full of fear or despair, and a man on the experimental bench, who was wailing and scolding, being held a syringe in his hand The white uniformed personnel, a tube of potion poured in, or apathetic, or excited, or quietly.

No one would have imagined that there was a laboratory hidden in this mountain, and the subjects of the experiments were living people.

In the corner of the laboratory, three people stood in front of a monitor, ignoring them at all. The moaning crowd behind them looked at the screen on the monitor.

"It's her again, Your Excellency Sect Leader, won't you be discovered?" A gloomy man, looking at Xia Shiyu under surveillance, said awkwardly.

"Don't worry, Your Excellency Buchuan, this laboratory has not only the entrance, but also a concealment system, and even the structure is to prevent the detection of earth-type abilities below the purple awn. This person is just a yellow awn." The man wearing a silver mask and a loose robe turned his head to look at the man beside him, and said in a mechanical tone, and the sound was obviously caused by a voice changer.

Standing beside the man was a man with a white face and a beardless eyes, and he did not speak, but just stood quietly watching the screen on the monitor.

These three, gloomy-faced men, this is the mouth of the little police flower Chu Shengxian, the warrior Buchuan Neiku of the Eastern Shrine who broke into the Lin family on the eve of the 18th year, wearing a silver mask and wearing a long robe, The person whose voice has been processed is the leader of the Almighty Sect. No one knows his name, no one knows his appearance, no one even knows his hand, and everyone who knows is dead. And the man with a white face and a femininous expression standing quietly by the side, this is Makoto Kato, a person who should have died twenty years ago.

"Three years ago, it was this person who destroyed our research base in Zhuyacheng, and let all our research be destroyed. Now that the military force is coming, Your Excellency, it is better to be cautious." Buchuan Neku pointed out Xia Shiyu pointed at the monitor and turned to the leader.

"Relax" the leader turned his head, inside the maskThe two eyes narrowed slightly, nodded and said slowly.

"By the way, the test items here are running out. Your Excellency, when will the next batch of test items be delivered?" Buchuan Neku remembered what the researcher had just said to himself, and asked, And the so-called test items in his mouth are those Chinese civilians who wailed and begged for mercy.

"I have already explained it, and a batch will be sent in a month." The leader's voice sounded without emotion.

It's like experimenting with living people, just like experimenting with mice.


At this time, on the island outside the mountain.

"Captain, there's nothing wrong." Xiao Tian retracted his hands, his eyes returned to normal, but his face was a little pale, he turned and walked to Xia Shiyu's side and said.

"Nothing different." Xia Shiyu frowned slightly, and then asked, "Have you found out whether there is a secret path in this hill?".

Xiao Tian reviewed the results of his investigation just now, shook his head, and said, "No."

Xia Shiyu didn't speak, her doubts deepened, frowned, looked around, turned to Xiao Tianyunfeng and said, "You guys are waiting for me here." Island, passing by.

After a while, Xia Shiyu carefully inspected the island and returned to the two of them. She stood in front of them breathlessly, looking at the still green and green island, and finally shook her head. He shook his head and said, "Nothing was found."

"Will the captain leave early?" Yunfeng asked. After all, it was already half an hour later when he and Xiao Tian went to the island.

"I don't know, so let's go back and continue to monitor closely." Xia Shiyu couldn't figure it out. After all, the earth-type ability user had also detected it and searched it himself, but there was nothing unusual about it. Want to speak.

"Yes" Yun Feng and Xiao Tian nodded in response.

"Let's go, and tell me about all your information." Xia Shiyu shook her head, turned and walked towards the speedboat, saying.

"Yes, Captain" The two nodded, followed behind Xia Shiyu, and left the island.

But the three of them didn't know at all that all the actions of the three of them were seen by the people in the mountains.


Country Garden, Room 3203, Building 1.

A room full of girlish atmosphere, the layout of the room is very neat and tidy, a comfortable and soft princess bed, a veil tent, a few dolls are placed on the head of the bed, and a The desk with the computer, a wardrobe, and the bookcase full of awards and books, shows the knowledge of the owner of the room.

In the room, the air conditioner blows the veil slightly, the girl on the bed is lying flat with her eyes closed, her posture is quiet, her body is covered with a thin silk quilt, her blue silk hair is scattered on the pillow, and a strand falls on her cheek. On the side, with a slight breath, the strand of hair trembled.

Next to the princess bed, on the bedside table, there is a mobile phone. Next to the mobile phone, there is a box of lollipops. On the surface of the box, a few sticks are inserted and stand on the box.

"Tick tock..." In the quiet room, only the clock hanging on the wall was left, ticking the time.

Over time, after a long time.

The girl who was sleeping on the bed, with her tightly closed beautiful eyes, upturned and curved eyelashes, trembled slightly, slowly opened her beautiful eyes, a pair of blue eyes, The girl who is already beautiful and flowery has added a bit of exotic style, no need to be pretentious, and the smile on weekdays naturally brings a charming and intellectual beauty between her brows.

After being stunned for a few minutes, Sun Mengxi slowly came back to her senses, her beautiful eyes gradually became smarter, she lifted the quilt with one hand, tapped her red lips with the other, yawned, and sat up .

"Hmm~" Sun Mengxi sat up, stretched lazily, shook her head, shook her hair, and stroked the hair beside her cheeks, raised her head. He glanced at the clock hanging on the wall.

Kyoto time, 8:30.

Sun Mengxi stood up, turned around and walked to the closet, opened the closet, took out a dress, and walked towards the bathroom.

Not long after, the bathroom door opened, and after washing, Sun Mengxi came out wearing a white dress with her hair draped over her back. The light gauze white dress added a bit of elegance , The skirt is light and fluttering while walking, like a fairy, the pretty face stained with water, with a bit of blush, like a hibiscus out of water, gorgeous and pretty.

Walking up to the bed, Sun Mengxi stretched out her hand to tidy up her bed, placed a few cartoon dolls, looked at the neat bed and nodded with satisfaction, turned and walked out the door.

"Click~" the door opened.

"Wake up" came a soft chuckle.

Sun Mengxi looked up and saw her mother came out of the kitchen with a plate in hand, smiled and greeted her, "Mom".

"Eat breakfast, I'm going to wake you up." Sun Zi put the plate in her hand on the dining table, looked at her daughter who was walking towards her, and put her hand on her daughter's nose , squeezed gently and said with a smile.

"Yeah" Sun Mengxi smiled and nodded, sitting at the dining table, looking at the lavender clothes in front of her.Dress, hair in a knot, and the mother, who is still beautiful without any decoration, praised with a smile: "Mom, you are so beautiful."

"Little clever ghost, trying to please your mother again." Sun Zibai glanced at his daughter who was seven-point similar to him, stretched out his hand to pick up the toast on the plate, and said with a smile: "Mom, where are you? With you beautiful, our Meng Xi is a great beauty, my mother is getting old."

"Mom, you're getting old. At your grandparents' place, I've seen all your photos from 20 years ago. They haven't changed at all, and they're more attractive." Sun Mengxi picked up the The toast lightly stretched out his hand to take the sauce and said with a smile, "Do you remember? The last time I went to the mall with you, the waiter thought we were sisters, Sister Sun Zi." Finally, Sun Mengxi pointed at Sun Purple shouted.

Sun Zi held her daughter's teasing, shook her head with a chuckle, stretched out her jade hand and scratched on her daughter's nose, and said with a doting smile: "You little girl, neither big nor small. , your aunt Yi, grandma, and grandparents spoiled you and your brother, and they were used to both of you when you were young."

Sun Mengxi stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, "There's no way anyone could make us two brothers and sisters so cute when we were young, everyone loved each other."

"You" Sun Zi shook her head with a wry smile. She gave birth to these two children. When she was naughty and mischievous when she was a child, she couldn't really train. Who would let her righteous sister and grandmother at home? Love it, go back to the country, well, my parents are even more afraid of melting in their mouths, and they are afraid of falling when they hold them in their hands. Come, a reprimand, it is merciless, but Sun Zi is also fortunate that his children did not learn badly, but they were a little naughty when they were young.

When Sun Zi returned to China, he had a pair of daughters by his side. Although Sun Zi mentioned it vaguely in the previous call, when he saw the two children, his father and grandmother The two were so shocked that they asked Sun Zi's child's father for the first time, but Sun Zi didn't mention a few words. As time went by, the two elders had no choice. As for their helplessness, they only thought that Sun Zi was deceived and gave birth to a child. At the beginning, when facing this pair of children, because in the eyes of the grandparents and grandparents, their father is irresponsible, they are still relatively close to their grandson and niece, but they are blood relatives after all. After a long time, people's feelings will come out. For Sun Mengxi and Sun Chenxi, the grandson's father and grandmother dote on them more and more. In the end, as Sun Zi said, they are afraid of melting when they are in their mouths, and they are afraid of falling when they are held in the palm of their hands. As for Sun Zi's marriage, the two elders also Sun Zi was asked to find a man and take care of her, but Sun Zi firmly disagreed. As time passed and the two grandchildren gradually grew up, the grandparents and grandparents stopped saying anything and stopped interfering in their daughter's private life.

"By the way, where are my grandparents?" Sun Mengxi thought that after she came back last night, she went to Room 3203, Building 3, next door, and wanted to visit her grandparents, but found that no one was at home, so she asked. road.

And this Building 3203, Building 3, can be regarded as Sun Zi's natal family.

"Your grandfather and grandmother went on a trip and should be back in a few days." Sun Zi stretched out his hand and tore off a small piece of bread, then said, "Okay, let's eat quickly, after eating, let's Go to your aunt Yi's house and celebrate your grandmother's birthday, today your brother also took leave from the military camp, and will come later." After speaking, he reached out and put the small piece of bread in his hand into his red lips, chewing it carefully.

"Mmmm" Sun Mengxi nodded, looking at the toast with sauce in her hand, raised her hand and took a small bite, while chewing, she reached out to take the milk on the table and drank it. One bite.

After drinking the milk, Sun Mengxi suddenly remembered something, raised her head and said to Sun Zi, "By the way, Mom, I have a high school reunion in a few days, and I may be back later."

"Yeah" Sun Zi nodded, and then said, "Girls are not allowed to drink outside, pay attention to their own safety, you know?".

"Well, I see, Mom," Sun Mengxi nodded and said with a smile.

"Well, hurry up and eat, let's go over after eating." Sun Zi smiled slightly, reached for the milk, took a sip and said.

"Mmmm" Sun Mengxi nodded and continued to eat the breakfast in her hand.

In the elegantly decorated house, there are two beauties, one big and one small, eating breakfast quietly, wearing a white dress, a purple dress, seven similar appearances, one is youthful and beautiful, the other is charming Moving, not like mother and son, like sisters.

The magic apartment, in the bedroom.

"..." In the quiet room, there was no sound, only the faint sound of breathing.

Qi Qing was wearing a pink short-sleeved T-shirt and a pair of denim trousers on the bed, her head was lowered, her face was a little crimson, and her eyes were watery as if they were about to drip.

And Jun Xiqing, who was standing beside the bed, also looked a little embarrassed.

This is the first time the two have treated without anyone else. Before that, Sun Mengxi was with him, and then Jun Xiqing treated him. Sun Mengxi either waited outside the door or watched Jun Xi. In addition to being shy at the beginning, Qing's treatment method gradually got used to it, but today Sun Mengxi went to celebrate her grandmother's birthday, and the two were in the room. To take off his trousers, an ambiguous breath unconsciously emerged from the hearts of the two of them.

"Cough cough~" Jun XiqingHe coughed a few times, trying to break the embarrassing situation, turned his head to look, was about to say something, and saw a box of lollipops on the bedside table. When he came before, Sun Mengxi would tidy up the room, and No this time, Jun Xiqing didn't think much about it, stepped forward, reached out and took a lollipop, turned around and handed it to Qi Qing, and said, "Miss, come, have a candy".

Miss, it was Jun Xiqing who called Qi Qing when she was joking, and she got used to it when she called after it, and Qi Qing's identity was also worthy of the three words "Miss", so she Being called out by Jun Xiqing like this, Qi Qing doesn't need to care.

When Qi Qing heard Jun Xiqing's words, she was stunned for a moment. She found a lollipop in her hand, then looked down and looked up at Jun Xiqing again, wondering, what is this operation? Ambiguous treatment, and then eat candy?

"Cough, um, lollipop, sweet" Jun Xiqing coughed a little embarrassedly, and then continued:

"That, Miss, it's time to take it off. ...".

"..." Qi Qing's pretty face blushed all of a sudden, and then looked at the lollipop in her hand, why is this girl so evil? .

Immediately, Qi Qing raised her head, blushing pretty face, rolled her eyes at Jun Xiqing, only to see Jun Xiqing stunned, she snorted tenderly, and lay down slowly, The whole person lay flat on the bed.

"You..." Qi Qing felt that her cheeks were hot, she didn't need to think to know that her cheeks were already flushed at the moment, she shyly reached out and grabbed a pillow, put it on her pretty face, and then carefully He said in a humming voice, "You...let's start".

At this moment, Jun Xiqing, who is standing beside the bed, is no less nervous than Qi Qing.

As a teenage girl, she has never taken off a girl's pants. For more than a month, for each treatment, Qi Qing was in the room first, and Sun Mengxi helped to take off her pants together, and then Junjun Xiqing is entering.

For the first time, the first time.

Jun Xiqing felt that her lips were a little dry, so she couldn't help sticking out her tongue and licking it. If someone was around at this time, seeing this scene, a weak girl was lying on the bed, and a teenager was licking The lips, I am afraid they will rush over and beat him, the picture is too imaginative.

Jun Xiqing gently put it on beside the bed, slowly stretched out her hands, and lifted off Qi Qing's shirt little by little. He is already a fifth-rank human being, but at this moment, his hands are slightly touching. trembling.

Qi Qing also felt Jun Xiqing's movements, and subconsciously tightened her delicate body. Sun Mengxi didn't feel it before, but now she feels more and more ambiguous, so that the small ears on both sides of her head Also showing a sparkling blush.

"Miss, I... I took off."

"Um..." An inaudible voice.

The blouse gradually began to chat, revealing a slender waist of snow-white cream. Jun Xiqing released his fingers, put down the hem of his clothes, looked at the button of the jeans, took a deep breath, and reached out to squeeze Hold on to that button.

"Bah..." A soft sound.

The button was loosened, Jun Xiqing reached out and pulled the zipper, "Stab." With a slight zipper sound, the jeans that had wrapped Qi Qing's lower body loosened.

Jun Xiqing reached out to grab the sides of the jeans and pulled them down a little bit.

"Pink..." Jun Xiqing raised her head and glanced at it, and couldn't help but blurt out.

"Bang~" A pillow came over and hit Jun Xiqing's head.

Lying on the bed Qiqing, without the pillow to cover, completely revealing the pretty face full of flour, biting the red lips lightly, closing the beautiful eyes slightly, the shyness flashed in the beautiful eyes, what is this? People, just look at it, why do you have to shout it out? If you don't shout it, you will pretend that you don't know..."Cough cough..." Jun Xiqing did not think that Qi Qing was constantly complaining about herself at the moment, lighthearted. After coughing twice, he calmed down, calmed his mind, and pulled his jeans carefully. Fading down, it is said to be restrained, but it can be restrained there. Qi Qing is wearing a pair of pink lace panties. Although there is a layer of gauze, how can the thin fabric organize the spring light that is exposed to the outside world, even Jun Xiqing You can clearly see the shape of the shy part, and the faint fluff inside.

Take a deep breath.

Jun Xiqing tried hard not to let herself get confused, she turned her head to keep her eyes from looking sideways, but she was taking off her pants, how could she not look sideways.

After a while, Qi Qing's trousers finally took off, Jun Xiqing reached out and put the trousers in her hand aside.

During the whole process, neither of them made a sound, but a charming aura kept wandering between them.

Putting down her trousers, Jun Xiqing turned her head to look, and then her eyes were sluggish, and it was difficult to take her eyes away from those legs for a while. The difference was that before, Qi Qing and Sun Mengxi both It was the two of them who took it off, and then put a blanket over the private parts of the lower abdomen. Jun Xiqing was in a state of acupuncture and then lifted the blanket and didn't have much thought to look at it, but at this moment, he could take off the pants. To put it bluntly, it was Qi Qing's lower body. , except for wearing a pair of thin lace underwear, which was completely imprinted in Jun Xiqing's eyes.

Jun Xiqing's gaze was dull on Qi Qing's lower body, her well-proportioned snow-white straight legs, a touch of thin pink underwear, and the fragrant grass that was faintly visible through the thin fabric.

Jun Xiqing's face became hot, and at the same time, her lower body reacted unconsciously.

Qi Qing, who was lying on the bed, closed her beautiful eyes slightly. She didn't see Jun Xiqing's reaction after waiting for a long time. She opened her eyes and saw Jun Xiqing staring at her lower body dully, her face turning blood red instantly. Breathing, breathing, breathing, Jun Xiqing kept breathing to adjust her mentality. This was practicing medicine.

See no evil, see no evil, see no evil, Jun Xiqing kept thinking silently in her heart, but in the face of such a beautiful scenery, and she still treated Qi Qing, how can she achieve no evil ?

Qi Qing sat up and looked at her beautiful eyes for a while, and found that she was still staring at her lower body, endlessly, and her thief eyes were staring at the shameful place. , was even more embarrassed in his heart, clenched his small fist, raised it, and cursed inwardly at the same time: "Bastard, just watch it for a while, this girl doesn't care about you, what do you mean by staring?" Don't be embarrassed, this girl.

"Bang~" a shudder slammed down.

"Hmm~" Jun Xiqing felt a pain in her head, covered her head and rubbed it, then turned to look at Qi Qing.

Qi Qing was full of anger and said, "What are you looking at?".

"No, I didn't mess around" Jun Xiqing's face flashed a sullen look, she said with a smirk, waved her hand, and then blurted out: "Miss, lie down, I'm going to intervene."

Hearing this, Qi Qing's beautiful eyes widened in an instant, and her face became hot: "You, what did you say?".

When Jun Xiqing heard Qi Qing's words, her heart skipped a beat, her own words seemed to be very problematic, and she quickly said, "That, that, I mean, miss, lie down. , I'm going to start acupuncture."

Qi Qing's pretty face was red and pretty, her beautiful eyes glared at Jun Xiqing fiercely, she snorted softly, and slowly lay down on her delicate body.

Jun Xiqing saw Qi Qing lying down, looked down at the beautiful legs that made her heart move, took a deep breath, and said, "Miss, I, I'll give you a massage first." .

"Hmm" Qi Qing closed her beautiful eyes shyly, and gave a soft hum. Except for the acupuncture, her legs didn't feel anything. Even though she knew what the boy was doing, she didn't feel anything. If you can't feel it, there is nothing, as long as you close your eyes and don't think about anything.

For Qi Qing, it's enough to think about nothing, but for Jun Xiqing, a rookie, it's not enough.

While doing massage, she endured the changes in her body and resisted the temptation brought by Miss Qi.

With the massage of both hands, it gradually moved up, and the closer to the place, Jun Xiqing turned to look at the square inch that was wrapped in the light panties, her heart was also rushed, and there was even a kind of feeling in her heart. The urge to pounce on Fang Ze couldn't help but was forcibly suppressed by Jun Xiqing's willpower.

Jun Xiqing, who was sitting on the bed, had already pushed out a tent between her legs. As her hands retreated to the roots of Qi Qing's two well-proportioned thighs, her hands couldn't help but tremble slightly. After a moment, the thin fabric and soft touch came out from between my fingers.

"Hmm~" a shy voice sounded.

Qi Qing lying on the bed, the base of her thighs, that mysterious and seductive private part, but there is only one perception, and she is shy in her heart, and now her shy private part has been gently touched, her delicate body She couldn't help but tremble slightly, her pretty red lips parted slightly on her red pretty face, and a murmur floated out of her mouth.

As the babble sounded, Qi Qing immediately came back to her senses, quickly raised her hands to cover her pretty face, closed her red lips tightly, bit her lips lightly with her teeth, and opened her mouth slightly. Her beautiful eyes were watery, as if they were about to drip, her expression was even more shy, she was ashamed, she was shy, what kind of voice is this, he, he won't mess around, Qi Qing cursed inwardly. While thinking about Jun Xiqing's reaction.


Jun Xiqing, who was sitting on the bed, finally couldn't help it. She quickly stood up, put away her hands, stopped massage temporarily, turned her head to scan a few items, and walked away. He went to the desk next to him, reached out and picked up a tissue, rolled it into a random strip, and stuffed it in his nose.

Plan ahead to prevent jetting.

After getting ready, Jun Xiqing returned to the bed, sat beside Qi Qing, glanced at Qi Qing with her hands covering her pretty face, her face pale, took a deep breath, and resumed Massage again.

About ten minutes.

Jun Xiqing stretched out his hand to open the box next to him, and took out the silver needle... The moment he held the silver needle between his fingers, Jun Xiqing's temperament changed as calm as water, and he didn't have the same virgin expression just now. In this way, there was a gleam of light in his eyes, and his dantian was luck.

The sound of "Om~" was louder than before, and some silver needles trembled, and at the same time, the silver needle Shanghai seemed to be covered with a layer of fluorescence.

"Huh?" Hearing the trembling sound of the silver needle was different from usual, Jun Xiqing turned to look at the silver needle in her hand, only to see that it seemed to be covered with a layer of fluorescence.

What's going on? Jun Xiqing secretly said with some doubts, and then suddenly thought that she is now an ancient warrior, a fifth-rank human being, which is different from before, and her heart is relieved.

Jun Xiqing took a deep breath, turned to look at the pair of porcelain white jade legs, glanced around to determine the location of the acupuncture points, "咻~ ".

The long needle goes straight between the legs.

This time, Jun Xiqing did not use ghost medicine acupuncture, but acupuncture that focuses more on recuperating and moisturizing the body, seven needles. For the past month, Jun Xiqing has used ghost medicine. Acupuncture, to heal QiqingOf course, the effect of his legs is very good, but the overbearing treatment is more than enough, and the nourishment is not enough, so today he is going to use the seven needles taught by the old man in the mountains to first nurse Qi Qing's meridians.

As the silver needles fell one by one, Qiqing's two jade legs rose up, and seven silver needles were lined up like the Big Dipper.

With the last silver needle falling.

Jun Xiqing let out a sigh of relief, stretched out her hand to wipe the fine sweat on her forehead, and suddenly noticed her own, but her head did not feel the slightest dizziness. It seemed that her dantian was full of energy.

"Xiqing?" This is Qi Qing's soft voice.

"Huh? What's wrong?" Jun Xiqing turned to look at Qi Qing, who was still lying on the bed with a lingering expression on her face.

"This, have you finished acupuncture?" Qi Qing opened her beautiful eyes and was stunned for a moment when she saw Jun Xiqing, because Jun Xiqing's two nasal cavities were stuffed with tissues, and the corners of her mouth couldn't help it. Arc smiled, and asked with some doubts, Jun Xiqing used ghost medicine acupuncture before, and every time he had acupuncture, he felt pain. Feeling, so speak.

"Well" Jun Xiqing nodded, knowing what Qi Qing was thinking, and explained with a light smile: "The previous acupuncture method was more overbearing than heavy treatment, but not enough for recuperation. , I have been using that set of acupuncture to treat you, and today I will use this set of acupuncture to warm your legs and make them heal faster.”

"Yeah" Qi Qing didn't understand it very well, but she believed in Jun Xiqing, smiled and nodded softly.

"Okay, Miss, you meditate and feel it, if you feel anything, tell me immediately, because this acupuncture is different from before, it was more domineering, this one is gentler, you want to Feel it calmly." Jun Xiqing looked down at the pair of jade legs and said.

"Yeah" Qi Qing responded, slowly closing her eyes and trying her best to feel her legs.

Qi Qing didn't realize that, when she closed her eyes, Jun Xiqing, who was sitting beside the bed, looked at the thin lace panties at the base of her thighs, and became sluggish again, the tissue stuffed in her nose. , showing a faint trace of blood.

After a while.

Jun Xiqing, who was sitting on the bed, abruptly got up, turned and ran towards the door.

"Bang~" The sound of the bathroom door closing.

Qi Qing, who was lying on the bed, opened her beautiful eyes with some doubts, looked at the empty bedside, frowned slightly and thought about it, and suddenly there was a slight smile on the corner of her mouth, her pretty face His face blossomed like a flower, and a crisp silver bell rang out.

In the bathroom.

"Crash la la~" a sound of water flow sounded.

Jun Xiqing stood in front of the washbasin, holding water splashes in both hands, washing her face, strands of bright red blood mixed with clean water and slipped down, disappearing into the washbasin along with the water.

"Hu~" After a while, Jun Xiqing raised her head, looked at herself with water stains on her face in the mirror, let out a light breath, and looked down at the toilet beside the washbasin. The two groups of bloody tissues shook their heads and said to themselves, "The anger is really strong." Then they reached out and picked up the bloody tissues and threw them in the toilet.

"Crash~" disappeared with the flushing of the toilet.

Jun Xiqing turned around to open the bathroom door, stepped out, and walked towards the room.

"How is it, do you feel it?" Jun Xiqing walked in, seeing Qi Qing still frowning, feeling her legs, and asked.

"No" Qi Qing shook her head slightly and said disappointedly.

"It's fine, this is for recuperation, it's definitely not as domineering as that set of acupuncture, but it's still good for your legs," Jun Xiqing said comfortingly, raising her head and taking a look The clock on the wall, and then said:

"Okay, that's almost it, we finished the acupuncture today", and walked towards the bed.

"Well" Qi Qing nodded and slowly opened her beautiful eyes.

Jun Xiqing walked to the bed, stretched out her hands on Qi Qing's legs, and stroked them, leaving fourteen tiny red spots on her white legs.

When Jun Xiqing put the silver needle back into the silver box, and looked at Qi Qing lying on the bed, well it was another test, Jun Xiqing turned to look at Qi Qing, slowly He opened his mouth and said, "Miss...?".

"..." Qi Qing didn't say anything, but turned her head slightly to the side, her blue silk was scattered on the bed, her pretty face was flushed, her cheeks were flushed, her beautiful eyes were a little embarrassed, a little shy , The thin shell teeth bit the red lips lightly, but did not speak.

Jun Xiqing reached out and took out the denim shorts, please lift a jade leg, and slowly put it on, the fragrant and charming atmosphere once again entangled the two of them in the room.

After a while, Jun Xiqing put on Qi Qing's trousers and looked at the trousers covering her legs, but she was still slender and well-proportioned. Looking at Qi Qing, who was still blushing, she said:

"Miss, now I'll take you back?".

When Qi Qing heard Jun Xiqing's words, she sat up with her hands on the bed, stretched out her hand and gently touched the scattered blue silk. The moment of amorous feelings made Jun Xiqing's nose sprayed. , almost spraying blood arrows again, after straightening the blue silk on her head, Qi Qing slightly adjusted her clothes, then raised her head to look at Jun Xiqing, and then a black line flashed across her forehead.

Well, this little virgin is sluggish, immersed in the aura of Qi Qing just now.

"..." Qi Qing took a deep breath, calmed herself down, didn't have the same knowledge as this girl, then stretched out her hand and pushed the sluggish Jun Xiqing and said, "Let's go, let's go back."

"Ah? Oh oh" Jun Xiqing turned her face back, her face a little astringent, she nodded quickly, stood up, stretched her arms around Qi Qing's delicate body, and put it on the wheelchair beside her.

Pushing the wheelchair toward the door.


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Chapter 24: Blood stained red, mouth licked clean

Coastal University, in a freshman classroom, an elective course on ancient Chinese medicine literature.

"Everyone, today's class is here, get out of class is over." A professor with white hair and beard stood on the podium, closed the books in his hand, packed his things, turned and walked out of the classroom go.

When the students in the classroom saw that the professor had left, they packed up their belongings and left.

"How about it, I'll take you to the dormitory first?" Jun Xiqing closed the medical skills on the table, turned to look at Qi Qing next to her, and said with a smile.

Qi Qing picked up the mobile phone on the table in the house and glanced at it, then turned to look at Jun Xiqing, smiled and shook her head and said, "Well, let's go, take me out of school with you. The Mu restaurant, I invited you to a meal, so I haven’t even invited you to dinner.”

Jun Xiqing packed up the books and put them aside. Hearing Qi Qing's words, she was not polite and said with a laugh:

"Okay, you should invite me too. After you have eaten, I know you will not be hungry."

Qi Qing chuckled and shook her head, then teased and said, "I can't eat enough, how long do you want to eat?".

"Can it last a lifetime?" Jun Xiqing suddenly bent down and whispered in Qi Qing's ear with a smile.

"You, you..." Qi Qing's face was flushed with shame at Jun Xiqing's sudden words. Looking at this face that was so close at hand, her heart skipped a few beats and she reached out her hand. Pushing Jun Xiqing, he took a deep breath, rolled his eyes, stretched out his hand to clean up the books on the table, and said indifferently, "Bah, I can't afford it for the rest of my life."

"Hahaha, alright, I won't tease you anymore, let's pack up and let's eat" Jun Xiqing straightened up with a smile hahaha, picked up the book on the table, and said with a smile.

Dumb, when Qi Qing heard Jun Xiqing's words, she rolled her eyes, cursed in her heart, and packed up the books on the table.

"Xiqing" was a cry from outside the door.

"Huh?" Jun Xiqing and Qi Qing turned to look outside the classroom at the same time.

I saw Qin Shanshan standing outside the door, dressed in a fashionable dress and with slightly curly hair.

"Teacher Qin" Jun Xiqing saw Qin Shanshan, walked up and shouted with a smile.

"Sister Shanshan" Qi Qing sat in a wheelchair, nodded to Qin Shanshan and called out with a smile.

"Well" Qin Shanshan nodded with a hint of teasing at the corner of her mouth: "You two?" Then a pair of beautiful eyes lingered on Jun Xiqing and Qi Qing. After all, the posture of the two just now was really It's too ambiguous, and Qi Qing's little face is red.

"Sister Shanshan, no, no," Qi Qingqiao said with a blushing face.

"Cough~ Teacher Qin, what are you looking for from me?" Jun Xiqing coughed lightly and asked a little embarrassedly.

"Oh, Xiqing, come out with me." Qin Shanshan stopped teasing the two when she thought of coming to find Jun Xiqing, she waved to Jun Xiqing, and then turned to face Jun Xiqing. Zhe Qiqing said, "Qingqing, I'll take him away first, and I'll give it back to you in a while." He turned around and walked towards the door with a smile.

Qi Qing was blushed by Qin Shanshan's words, and Jiao Ni said, "Sister Shanshan, what did you say?"

Jun Xiqing smiled at Qi Qing and said, "Wait for a while", then turned around and walked out the door behind Qin Shanshan.

After Jun Xiqing left, Qi Qing retracted her gaze, sat in a wheelchair, reached for the book on the table, opened the page, and waited quietly.


In the corridor outside the classroom.

"Da da da da..." The sound of high heels hitting the ground sounded.

Jun Xiqing followed Qin Shanshan and looked at the swaying teacher walking in front of her. She had to say that Jun Xiqing has been at the school for more than a month. Inside, as the dead fat man said, Qin Shanshan is the most beautiful teacher. If it were not a teacher but a student, it is estimated that now it is not the four school flowers, but the five school flowers.

Smelling the oncoming aroma, Jun Xiqing looked at Teacher Qin in front of her, and couldn't help thinking of Feng Chen's words, a hot and beautiful teacher, well, it's really good It was hot, Jun Xiqing couldn't help but glanced at Qin Shanshan's beautiful figure, heartbroken.Middle dark.

"Okay, let's go here, ah~" Qin Shanshan stopped, turned around, and was about to speak, when she suddenly felt that there was another person in her arms.

"Huh?" Jun Xiqing, who was walking, didn't have time to react, and slammed into Qin Shanshan's arms directly.

When Qin Shanshan saw her student bump into her arms, she exclaimed and took a step back.

As Qin Shanshan took a step back, Jun Xiqing also came back to her senses, raised her head to look at Qin Shanshan, and said embarrassedly, "That, Teacher Qin, I...".

"It's okay" Qin Shanshan took a deep breath, looked at the smirk of the student in front of her, knew it wasn't intentional, and didn't say anything, she thought about it and said, "Xiqing, the teacher is looking for you. There's something." Said Perfect Eyes glanced at the boy in front of him, and couldn't help but doubt in his heart.

"What's the matter, teacher?" Jun Xiqing watched Qin Shanshan reveal the previous matter, and didn't mention it again, and didn't talk about it with interest. She raised her head and looked at the gorgeous counselor in front of her, and asked with some doubts. road.

Can he do it? Qin Shanshan secretly asked herself, it turns out that two days ago, Lin Qianqian and Qi Qi, who are friends of the Lin family, and the current provincial party secretary Zhao Yun also asked Longmeng Lin Shuang and his son to come and visit Mr. Qin. During the conversation, Lin Qianqian and Qi Qi revealed that Qi Qing's legs have now been treated, and the person who was treated was the young Jun Xiqing in front of him, and the recovery was quite impressive. In addition, Zhao Yun, secretary of the provincial party committee, also said that he was in school at the beginning. At the door, after the old principal fainted, a teenager rescued the old principal, but he did not know his name, but his age was almost the same.

Under the discussion, Qin Shanshan and her son couldn't help but have a glimmer of hope for the little genius doctor in Zhao Yun's mouth, and the little benefactor in Lin Qianqian's mouth and Qiqi's mouth. Candle, Qin Shanshan also came to find Jun Xiqing with the idea of ​​​​a dead horse being a living horse doctor, and now looking at the eighteen-year-old boy in front of her, she couldn't help but have some doubts in her heart.

"Mr. Qin? Are you like this?" Jun Xiqing looked at Qin Shanshan staring at herself, raised her hand in confusion and asked.

Let him try it. After all, Qingqing's legs can be treated, and he may be a hidden genius doctor. Qin Shanshan thought about it and asked, "Xiqing, teacher has something to do. I want to trouble you."

"Teacher Qin, what do you say?" Although Jun Xiqing didn't know what Qin Shanshan wanted to say, she nodded in response.

"That's right, the teacher's grandfather..." Qin Shanshan looked at the students in front of her and slowly said her request.

Jun Xiqing listened to Qin Shanshan's words, and her face gradually turned serious. The way of a doctor lies in this. In any case, the sick person is the most serious, and his face is only solemn, his eyes are only calm, and there is no time. Flirty and impetuous.


When Qin Shanshan was talking to Jun Xiqing.

In the classroom.

Qi Qing sat in a wheelchair, turned her head down slightly and looked at the book in her hand. In the quiet classroom, there was only the breeze of the air conditioner and the sound of the pages turning.

"Yo, I thought who it was, it turned out to be a beautiful woman named Qi, so diligent, she is still reading at noon." A frivolous voice sounded from outside the door.

Hearing the voice, Qi Qing frowned slightly, raised her head, and looked at the door. She couldn't help but be a little puzzled, because she didn't know these people.

The burly Chen Wu came in first, followed by two companions, looking at Qi Qing who was sitting in a wheelchair in the classroom with frivolous eyes, and walked over three steps.

"Who are you?" Qi Qing asked with some doubts, looking at the burly Chen Wu in front of her.

At this time, Chen Wu and his two companions had already walked there. Qi Qing was beside him, looking at the girl in the wheelchair, but Chen Wu had no pity in his heart and stepped forward.

"Clap~" sounded softly.

Chen Wu suddenly took action and took the books in Qi Qing's hand.

"Who are you? What do you want to do?" Qi Qingmei's eyes froze, looking at Chen Wu in front of her and asked.

Chen Wu didn't care at all, picked up the book in his hand and looked at it, then said with a smile, "Human meridian science? A disabled person, what is the purpose of learning this, is it useful?" Sitting on the wheelchair with a cold face, she leaned down, looked at the girl with a pretty face and a weak figure, and said with a smile, "It's useless to study, tsk tsk tsk, she looks so pretty, she's still a school girl, It's a pity it's a wreck."

Qi Qing, who was sitting in a wheelchair, looked at the burly boy in front of him with cold eyes, and with the two smiling companions behind her, she thought for a while, and said coldly, "Xu Manrang Are you here?".

But Chen Wu, who was standing in front of Qi Qing, did not answer Qi Qing's question, but looked at the book in his hand, then let go. Stepping on the book, at the same time he said with a smile, "I'm sorry, the shoes are a little dirty, borrow your book to clean it, classmate Qi, are you okay with it?".

"You..." Qi Qing, who was sitting in a wheelchair, suddenly turned extremely cold, a cold light flashed in her eyes, she raised her head to look at Chen Wu, her beautiful eyes revealed a strong anger .

Chen Wu couldn't help seeing the cold light in Qi Qing's eyes.He was stunned for a moment, then looked at the pretty girl in front of him, raised his head, looked at himself angrily, and chuckled in his heart, but a pariah, how can you take me? But he didn't know at all that Qi Qing, the eldest miss of the Qi family, wanted him to die as a nouveau riche, but it was just a matter of words.

"Brother Wu, my shoes are also a little dirty, what should I do?" At this moment, a teenager standing behind Chen Wu asked with a face that seemed to be on the surface of the moon.

"Jiju, don't you think there is Kuaibu?" Another companion standing behind Chen Wu pointed to the white blanket on Qi Qing's legs, with a playful smile on his face said intentionally.

"Yeah, Seju, this piece of cloth is not bad, it's just right to shine shoes." Chen Wu jokingly looked at the blanket on Qi Qing's legs, folded his arms around his chest, and nodded with a smile said.

"Hey, that's good." Hao Leiju nodded and said, walking towards Qi Qing.

Qi Qing's face turned pale instantly, and subconsciously grabbed the wheelchair with both hands and took a few steps back.

"You, what do you want? Don't... don't come here." Qi Qing's face was pale, as the eldest miss of the Qi family, she had never experienced such a thing since she was a child, and now she is I actually encountered such a situation in the classroom, and when no one happened to be around, since I went to school, I have always been accompanied by Sun Mengxi Sun Chenxi, or my cousin Lin Yichen, who would dare to offend me, and now these No one was there, and even Jun Xiqing just happened to be called away. Everything in front of her made her feel helpless and frightened.

"Mr. Qi, don't be so stingy, I just want to pick up your cloth to wipe your shoes, not rape you, don't be so miserable" Hao Suiju looked at Qi Qing Pushing back, he walked towards Qi Qing with a playful smile.

"Jiju, what are you talking about? I'm here to collect some interest. After all, the classroom is inconvenient. What you said will happen differently then?" Chen Wu crossed his arms with his chest Leaning on the desk, looking at the girl who was helpless and retreating in front of her, there was a lewd smile on the corner of her mouth, and she looked obscene when she looked into Qi Qing's eyes, tsk tsk, I didn't expect the real person to be more beautiful than the photo, but the legs were disabled Yes, but it's better this way, you can't resist, you can come as you want... "That's right, Brother Wu, you're right." Companion named Shi Zhenxiang stood aside and said with a smile with his hands in his open pockets.

At this time, Qi Qing has no way to retreat, and the wheelchair is fixed on the snow-white wall behind her. Although her face is pale, her beautiful eyes are very cold and terrifyingly calm. The three people in front of them glanced at each other, clasped the blanket on their legs tightly with both hands, lightly opened their red lips and said coldly, "I don't know you, and it doesn't matter who asked you to come, please leave." An uncontrollable anger.

Chen Wu and others were stunned for a moment.

Immediately, Chen Wu looked at Qi Qing with a stern look in his eyes, and said with a sneer, "Tsk tsk tsk, the pheasant still thinks he is a phoenix, and it doesn't matter who asked us to come? , if you're being so stingy, don't blame our brothers for robbing them?"

"You dare..." Qi Qing looked at Chen Wu, who was standing in front of her with a sneer, with eyes like sharp swords.

"Brother Wu, don't forget, she's a cripple, and this cloth is her fig leaf, so she shouldn't just lend it to others." Shi Zhenxiang looked at Qi Qing with an angry expression , said with a grin, in the eyes of people like them who are self-righteous with a little money, this kind of drama is very fun.

"A fig leaf?" Chen Wu looked at the pure white blanket covering Qi Qing's legs, grinned and sneered:

"Aren't they all in wheelchairs? Can't it prove that she is a cripple? Why do you need this fig leaf?

What's there to cover up, don't tell me there's no pants under this piece of fabric? Tsk tsk tsk, that really requires knowledge , what's our big school girl looking like?" Chen Wu said deliberately obscene as he looked at the small feet of a pair of jeans under the pure white blanket.

Qi Qing, who was sitting in a wheelchair, listened to the obscene and harsh voice in her ears, her heart was filled with anger, her face became paler, her hands tightly clutching her pure white covering her legs Blanket, beautiful eyes glared at the burly young man in front of him, and slowly said in a cold voice, "I, remember you."

"Remember me? Okay, why don't you want to come and sleep with me? You can do it tonight, let me check your legs, can you take some difficult poses?" Chen Wu He didn't care what Qi Qing said at all, instead he glanced at Qi Qing's uneven upper body and said with a lewd smile.

Qi Qing didn't speak, she just grabbed the blanket and didn't say any more words. The calmness in her beautiful eyes was scary.

Chen Wu was a little flustered by Qi Qing's beautiful eyes, but then he thought about it, but a pariah, is he worthy of looking at himself like this? Immediately, he turned his head to look at Hao Suiju, who was beside him, and said, "Seiju, why don't you bring your shoes to shine?

Waiting for the hair to dry?".

"She doesn't want to borrow it." Hao Suiju took a few steps forward and looked at Qi Qing in the wheelchair. But I just want to." After saying that, he pulled hard.

Qi Qing was clinging to the corner of the blanket, because Hao Seiju pulled her hard, and because of inertia, she swayed forward and almost fell off the wheelchair.

"Let it go" Hao Leiju pulled the corner of the blanket, saw Qi Qing pulling the corner of the blanket, and shouted.

"Hahaha, Seju, you are a man, how can you not be as strong as a bitch, tsk tsk, couldn't it be the little slut who squeezed you out last night?" Shi Zhenxiang saw Hao Generation Ju and Qi Qing both pulled the blanket and shouted jokingly.

"Fuck, fuck you," Hao Suiju scolded, his hands suddenly exerting force, and he threw it hard.


The sudden force caught Qi Qing, the weak girl, off guard. She leaned forward and fell to the ground. In a hurry, she released the blanket in her hand and moved her hands forward to protect her The body fell to the ground.

"Tsk tsk tsk, this blanket is not that good." Hao Seiju said tut tsk tsk while looking at the blanket in his hand. After speaking, he threw the blanket in his hand on the ground. , while wiping the shoes on his feet, while looking at Qi Qing who fell to the ground, he said without the slightest pity, "No, Brother Wu, I have taken down this blanket, so I'm wearing pants like this, alas, no. look".

"Wearing pants." Chen Wu looked at the slender and straight jade legs outlined by the jeans, touched his chin and said with a smile, "There's no way, why don't we help her take it off?".

"Hey, Qi Da's half naked, tsk tsk tsk, I guess no one has seen it." Shi Zhenxiang, who was lying on the ground, said with a lewd smile, looking at Qi Qing who was lying on the ground.

At this moment, a figure appeared at the door, and the scene in front of him fell into the figure's eyes as if frozen, the pupils suddenly widened, and a burst of anger came from the eyes. flashed.

Qi Qing, who was lying on the ground, rubbed the delicate skin with her hands, and a wisp of blood flowed from her palms, her beautiful eyes were already full of tears, she bit her red lips tightly, holding back the tears from her eyes. Luo, raised his head, saw the figure at the door, the whole person was sluggish, a tear slipped from the corner of his eye and fell on the bluestone slab.

"Huh?" The three people who were joking and laughing, saw Qiqing looking at the door sluggishly, and turned to look with some doubts.

Jun Xiqing's face was as heavy as water, and she moved her steps, calm and steady, without the slightest word, just like the tranquility before the storm.

"Brother Wu, who are you forcing this?" Hao Seiju asked with an unhappy expression as he watched Jun Xiqing come over.

"A person who seeks death," Chen Wu said indifferently, reaching out and clasping his ears.

"Stupid" Shi Zhenxiang looked at Jun Xiqing's dress for less than 100 yuan, and said with a disdainful smile.

Jun Xiqing ignored the words of the three and walked slowly to Qi Qing's side, her face as calm as ice for ten thousand years. It made him feel so angry, and after spending more than a month together, Jun Xiqing also made Jun Xiqing know her sister's three roommates. The girl in front of her was soft and tender, but she had a very good heart. Every time she spoke, it was light. The soft voice did not have the temperament of the eldest lady at all, which made Jun Xiqing feel pity for this girl from the bottom of her heart.

He bent down, stretched out his hands, and gently hugged Qi Qing's delicate body, with a slight force, the light and delicate body was embraced by Jun Xiqing and slowly stood up , Gently put the girl on the wheelchair, stretched out his hand to straighten the wrinkled clothes, then grabbed Qi Qing's hands, looked at the blood slowly sticking out from above, the chill in his eyes became a little bit more, and gently caressed him. Dust off the jade palm.

Qi Qing sat back in the wheelchair, tears welling in her beautiful eyes, she looked at Jun Xiqing in front of her, lightly opened her red lips, and was about to speak..."Don't talk, look" Jun Xi Qing raised his hand to her red lips, made a silent gesture, and said softly and calmly.

"Damn, boy, are you flying a plane?" Hao Seiju watched Jun Xiqing hug Qi Qing, put him in a wheelchair, and moved his feet a few times on the pure white blanket. shouted.

"Fuck, kid, get out of here if you don't want to die," Shi Zhenxiang said while looking at Jun Xiqing.

And Chen Wu was leaning on the desk, looking at everything in front of him, without speaking, with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth.

Qi Qing looked at Jun Xiqing, who had a soft expression in front of her, and listened to the words that came from her ear, don't speak, just watch, the tears in her eyes finally slipped down her cheeks, dripping on Jun Xiqing's cheeks. On the back of his hand, he nodded slowly.

Jun Xiqing raised her hand and wiped it gently, the tears in Qi Qing's eyes, made a smirk at Qi Qing, then stood up slowly, turned around slowly, her eyes As calm as water, he lowered his head and looked at the pure white blanket that Hao Leiju had stepped on under his feet.

There were a few white footprints on the blanket.

Quiet, calm and terrifying, an aura of rage emanated from Jun Xiqing's body.

"Either stain it with blood or lick it clean with your mouth."

Jun Xiqing's indifferent and plain words sounded slowly.

It's either stained with blood or licked clean with your mouth. His voice is flat, but it's like an eternity of ice that makes one's back feel cold.

Jun Xiqing stood in front of Qi Qing, her slender body was like an iceberg, and there was a chill everywhere, making people shudder.

Either dye it red with blood or lick it clean with your mouth. These are the two paths Jun Xiqing gave to Chen Wu and the three. There is no third option. His tone is full of icy coldness, as if his heart There is a monstrous anger that can no longer be suppressed, and it is about to erupt.

Those eyes were extremely cold.

Hao Suiju stepping on the blanket, I couldn't help but took a step back, and my feet on the blanket also moved away.

However, the clear footprints on the pure white blanket were even more dazzling.

Jun Xiqing was very angry. Everything in front of him was the most angry in his history.

He didn't expect that during the time he was away, Qi Qing would be played and forced into such a situation.

As Qi Qing's friend and doctor, Jun Xiqing felt that she was dereliction of duty. Lin Yichen and Sun Mengxi all asked her to take care of Qi Qing, but the result was like this.

Just now, Jun Xiqing saw Hao Seiju snatching Qiqing's blanket and threw Qiqing to the ground. The helpless eyes, the tears in the beautiful eyes, the pitiful demeanor, and the desperation of reaching out, everything made Jun Xiqing a burst of anger.

That pure white blanket is a taboo that can't be touched.

At this moment, it has become a taboo for Jun Xiqing, whoever touches it must accept his anger.

The slender body stood quietly in front of Qi Qing, and an icy chill filled the classroom.

Qi Qing's expression gradually returned to calm, Mei Mu looked at the tall and straight body like a javelin gang in front of her, a warm feeling rose from her heart, accompanied by a faint But the love that is hard to detect, at this moment, she feels that as long as there is him in front of her, even in the strong wind and rain, she can't touch her. The gentle and peaceful tone and movement just now made Qi Qing's heart continue to float. ... "Grass, what are you?".

After the classroom was calm for a while, Hao Seiju yelled and scolded, breaking the calm scene.

Chen Wu and Shi Zhenxiang came back to their senses, looking at Jun Xiqing, whose eyes were calmly looking at him and others, they were a little annoyed. The three of them were actually scared by this kid's aura.

"Stain red with blood?" With a disdainful smile on the corner of Chen Wu's mouth, he stepped forward, looked at the Shao Nuan named by Xu Man in front of him, and said, "I am very happy to use your blood. Dye this blanket red."

"Brother Wu, why don't you do this, let him dye it red with blood first, and then let him lick it clean?" Shi Zhenxiang looked at Jun Xiqing with a playful expression.

Looking at the scene in front of them, these people obviously did not put Jun Xiqing in front of them.

Jun Xiqing suddenly had a smile on the corner of her mouth. Looking at the people in front of her, she said, "Do you mean not to lick?".

"I'll lick your mother!" At the moment when Jun Xiqing's voice fell, Hao Seiju, who was standing beside him, picked up the chair beside him and slammed it towards Jun Xiqing.

"Be careful" Qi Qing, who was sitting in the wheelchair behind Jun Xiqing, was a little nervous when she saw Hao Seiju smashed the chair towards Jun Xiqing, and shouted.

Jun Xiqing suddenly raised her hand, came first, covered the chair with a slap, then looked at the three of them with a smile on her face, and said, "I am the most I'm afraid you choose to lick it clean." He raised his foot and kicked Hao Seiju's stomach, then took the chair in his hand and headed towards Chen Wu and the two of them, followed by a backhand and a punch. Hao Seiju's nose.

"Fuck~" Chen Wu and Shi Zhenxiang were about to take action when they saw Jun Xiqing's action, but a chair smashed over them, and they hurriedly avoided.

When Hao Suiju was kicked in the stomach, before he had time to respond, he saw Jun Xiqing's fist hitting his face. , but always a step slower, followed by a nose pain.

"Click~" a slight sound of broken bones.

"Ah~" a scream came from Hao Leiju's mouth.

I saw Hao Seiju, covering his nose, hunched over his body, a strand of donated blood slipping down the seam of his hand, dripping impartially onto the white blanket on the ground, Dye a small part of it red.

"Fuck, let's go together." Seeing that Hao Suiju was injured, Chen Wu roared, occupying his burly figure, and rushing towards Jun Xiqing first.

"Damn, so arrogant" Shi Zhenxiang was not to be outdone, reached out and picked up a chair and rushed towards Jun Xiqing.

At this time, Jun Xiqing stood in the same place, unable to retreat or dodge. Behind him was Qi Qing, his eyes were as cold as water, looking at Chen Wu and Shi Zhenxiang from before, his feet exerted a little force , the whole person took a step forward, and only with both hands and fists, bowed left and right.

Jun Xiqing didn't use her internal strength, but her body, which had been washed and cut down the marrow, moved swiftly and reacted extremely quickly. The sound of flesh reverberated in the classroom.

At this time, Jun Xiqing is like painting an art painting, every punch, every palm, just fits on the faces of the three people, and every time they go, they can make the three of them bleed. , and the painting is the red and white semi-permeable blanket on the ground, with strands of blood, droplets of blood, falling on the blanket, making the originally gray footprints gradually soaked in red blood.

Everyone's nose is bleeding, and everyone's mouth is bleeding.

Cursing, wailing, and clamoring constantly echoed in the classroom.

And behind Jun Xiqing, Qi Qing, who was sitting in a wheelchair, did not feel the slightest bit of fear because of the blood in front of her.The eyes quietly looked at everything in front of him, watching the boy's inaction.

Once upon a time, the young man in front of him was abrupt when he first met, shy when he was simple, solemn when he held the needle, and charming when he was being treated, but he had never seen this before, and he attacked ruthlessly. Spicy is merciless, like an angry and crazy side.

He was angry with her.

He's crazy about her.

Even if everything in front of her is bloody, violent, and cruel, she is still happy.

She stared at him intently. That young man, who was full of free and easy freehand brushwork, was reluctant to let go of anything, just like admiring a masterpiece.


At this time, Qin Shanshan, who was almost at the office, suddenly stopped.

"I forgot the appointment time." Qin Shanshan stretched out her hand and patted her head, shook her head with a chuckle, turned and walked towards the teaching building.



Once again, he punched Chen Wu on the bridge of the nose.

The burly figure fell on the top of his two companions, his head was raised, two bloodstains hung from his nose, and he looked at Jun Xiqing who was walking towards him with hatred in his eyes.

Hao Seiju and Shi Zhenxiang, who were curled up in the corner, looked pale as they looked at the young man who was thinking about him walking in front of them. , looked at Jun Xiqing with fear in his eyes, his face was a little pale.

Pain, face pain, body pain, this girl only slaps her face at the beginning, and then beats her all over again.

Three people, one hated and resentful, and the two leaned together in fear and looked up at Jun Xiqing, who was walking towards him step by step.

With one punch and one palm, the blood seemed to have eyes, dripping all over the blanket, but not Jun Xiqing at all.

"Continue to dye red, or lick?".

Jun Xiqing looked at the three people in front of her and said coldly.

The three curled up in the corner trembled slightly, looking at Jun Xiqing in front of him as if looking at the devil.

Jun Xiqing saw that the three did not speak, reached out and twisted Chen Wu, looked at Chen Wu who looked at him with hatred in his eyes, then turned to look at the blanket, slowly Slowly, he said, "It's not red enough, then continue to dye it."

"If you have the ability, you can kill me, or I will definitely kill you." Chen Wu looked at Jun Xiqing in front of him and said with gritted teeth.

"You asked me before, Xu Man sent you here, what's your name?" Jun Xiqing ignored Chen Wu's words and asked slowly.

"Hey~ I'm called Chen Wu, why do you want to kill them all?" Chen Wu said with a smirk. With the laughter, the two bloods from his nose were left in his mouth, which made him look even more hideous. .

Jun Xiqing didn't speak, raised her fist, punched Chen Wu in the mouth, and then threw Chen Wu on the blanket.

"Oh~" a vague pained cry, two teeth fell on the blanket, Chen Wu covered his mouth, tears, nosebleeds, blood in his mouth kept pouring out, and he cried out in pain.

Jun Xiqing ignored Chen Wu, leaned down, grabbed the thin and dry Hao Seiju, and asked, "What's your name?"

"Hao, Hao, Hao Peiju" Hao Peiju had already been cast out by Jun Xiqing, he raised his hand to cover his face, and said in tears.

Jun Xiqing looked at the boy covering his face in front of him, nodded slowly and said, "You will be really tragic." After speaking, she was about to raise her hand.

"No, don't hit me, don't hit me, I, I lick, I lick" Hao Leiju collapsed completely, the pain made him unbearable, Jun Xiqing studied medicine, specializing in picking pains The place is big, it doesn't require much strength, but it is extremely painful. He suspects that if he is beaten down like this, he will probably be beaten to death, and he hurriedly cried and shouted.

"Okay, go by yourself." Jun Xiqing let go of Hao Seiju's, pointed at the blanket on the ground, and said slowly.

At this time, Hao Seiju's psychological defense line has completely collapsed. At this moment, the so-called dignity and shame are not as important as his life. He immediately ran to the blanket and watched The blanket that was already half red, closed his eyes, secretly thought, and let it go, then lowered his head and slowly stuck out his tongue.

Compared to the pain like torture, he would rather lick it.

Jun Xiqing turned around and looked at Shi Zhenxiang, who was curled up in the corner. Shi Zhenxiang was scrambling to crawl away thinking about the blanket.

"I, I, my name is Shi Zhenxiang, I lick, I lick, don't hit me, don't hit me" Shi Zhenxiang said as he crawled. With Hao Leiju as an example, he didn't hesitate at all. , lying beside the blanket, closed his eyes and lowered his head, sticking out his tongue to lick.

"Does shit really smell good?" Jun Xiqing saw Shi Zhenxiang consciously crawling over the blanket, stunned for a moment, then heard Shi Zhenxiang's name, and couldn't help but repeat, and randomly saw Chen Wu still Covering his mouth, he didn't mean to lick at all, and walked forward slowly.

"What about you, to lick or not to lick?" Jun Xiqing squatted down and looked at Chen Wu and asked slowly.

"Either, kill me, or wait to die" Chen Wu raised his head and looked at Jun Xiqing resentfully, released his hand, grinned, revealing a mouth full of blood and hollow teethsaid.

Jun Xiqing didn't speak, nodded, and then slapped Chen Wu's head against the blanket, and said slowly, "Lick it well." His hands, still controlling his head, wandered back and forth.


Suddenly, a scream came from the door.

Jun Xiqing, who was squatting on the ground, Qi Qing, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and the two who were lying on the ground and licking the blanket all looked up.

I saw Qin Shanshan standing with her mouth full, covering her red lips lightly, looking at the scene in the classroom with a shocked expression.

Two people, lying on the ground with blood stained faces, licking a blanket, the other wanderer who was pressed by Jun Xiqing's head, walking back and forth on the blanket, what's this, this, this?

"Fa, what's the matter?" Qin Shanshan calmed down after a brief shock, walked in and asked.

"Teacher Qin...".

"Teacher Qin...".

At this moment, Hao Suiju and Shi Zhenxiang seemed to see a life-saving straw, and immediately stood up and shouted at Qin Shanshan.

"Lick" Jun Xiqing didn't pay any attention, and regardless of Chen Wu's struggle in his hand, he raised his head and glanced at the two, and said slowly.

"Mr. Qin, save us" Hao Suiju couldn't help trembling when he heard Jun Xiqing's words, and shouted to Qin Shanshan.

"Mr. Qin, he, he is not a human, he is a devil, he is not a human" Shi Zhenxiang also trembled and shouted to Qin Shanshan.

Qin Shanshan looked at Chen Wu who was struggling on the blanket by Jun Xiqing, frowned slightly, and said:

"Xiqing, let him go first." .

Jun Xiqing looked at Qin Shanshan, looked down at Chen Wu, smiled, then let go of Chen Wu's head and stood up.

"Brother Wu, Brother Wu" Hao Seiju and Shi Zhenxiang were no longer so scared when they saw Jun Xiqing listening to Qin Shanshan's words.

Chen Wu stood up with blood all over his face. He looked at Jun Xiqing with resentment in his eyes, but did not speak. Instead, he turned to Qin Shanshan and said, "Thank you, Teacher Qin." This is not respect. , but Chen Wu knew the strength behind Qin Shanshan and did not dare to offend at all.

"Teacher, this person, this person is not a human being, a devil, not a human being, he, he is cruel" Hao Leiju complained to his parents with a sad face like a bullied child.

"Yes, teacher, he is a devil, he, he beats me, beats us like this" Shi Zhenxiang pointed to his own crying and beating.

"He is an angel".

Before Qin Shanshan could speak, Qi Qing's firm and calm voice sounded slowly.

[To be continued]

Chapter 25: Crying

In the classroom, on the ground, there is still fresh blood left on the blanket, emitting A bloody smell came out.

Jun Xiqing's hands hanging on both sides of her body were still stained with blood red, dripping down drop by drop.

In the face of all this, anyone will feel bloody violence.

However, the girl in the wheelchair calmly and indifferently said the exact opposite of everything in front of her.

He is an angel!

The eyes are firm and energetic, and the tone is calm and indifferent.

Qin Shanshan was stunned, looked down at Qi Qing who was sitting in a wheelchair, and turned to look at the blood-stained Chen Wu.

He took a deep breath.

"Don't be busy, thank you." Qin Shanshan frowned and looked at the three of them, then said, "You stand and wait." After speaking, she turned to look at Qi Qing and asked, "Qingqing, what's wrong? What's the matter?".

When the three of them listened to Qin Shanshan's words, they didn't dare to move at all, and stood in place honestly.

Qi Qing first glanced at Jun Xiqing in front of her, only to see a soft smile on the corner of her mouth looking at her, then turned to look at Chen Wu and the three standing aside, her eyes flashed With a hint of coldness, he slowly lowered his eyes, opened his red lips, and said in a low voice, without exaggerating words, "I was reading in the classroom just now, they..." He repeated the matter slowly, without the slightest hint of It's full of oil and vinegar, and it doesn't carry any emotion.

As Qi Qing spoke in a low voice, Qin Shanshan, who was standing beside her, became more and more livid, and her expression changed from shock to anger at the beginning, her fists clasped together quietly, A strong anger flashed in the beautiful eyes.

Just after Qi Qing finished speaking, Qin Shanshan suddenly turned around and looked at Chen Wu and the three.

"Da Da Da" stepped on the ground with high heels, and walked slowly to Chen Wu and the three of them. A cold voice came out of his mouth: "You bully my students?".

The three people standing by the side couldn't help trembling. Even Chen Wu, who was the leader, felt guilty. Facing Qin Shanshan, the three of them knew their origin and family background. It's not enough to watch at all, and Qin Shanshan, a tutor, is also a wonderful person in the coastal university. One thing she has is that she is very protective of the calf. When she first served as a tutor last year, an arrogant student bullied a student in her class.

Qin Shanshan, who was a tutor for the first time, rushed into the student's dormitory without saying a word, twisted it out, and in front of the total number of students,He slapped his face directly. This hot temper really followed Mr. Qin. Afterwards, the powerful parent of the student came to apologize in person. From then on, the students in the school knew the truth, don't mess with Qin Shanshan's students, otherwise Being beaten is also worthless.

"Qin, Teacher Qin, I, I didn't do it on purpose" Chen Wu stammered in the face of Qin Shanshan after all.

"Yes, Qin, Teacher Qin, we, we apologize, we apologize" Hao Suiju and Shi Zhenxiang also nodded their heads and said.

"Isn't it intentional?" Qin Shanshan stepped towards the three of them step by step, her beautiful eyes getting colder.

She couldn't imagine what kind of humiliation Qiqing would have been subjected to if Jun Xiqing hadn't arrived in time. Two days ago, she had promised Sister Lin to take care of Qiqing, but she didn't expect that today she would be humiliated. Such a thing happened, and it was still in the classroom, within the scope of its own jurisdiction.

"It wasn't intentional. Did you accidentally walk into the classroom?" Qin Shanshan raised her eyebrows with a deep voice, looked at Chen Wu in front of her, and said, "Although your face is dirty, ...".

"Pa~" a crisp slap sounded.

I saw Qin Shanshan raised her hand and slapped Chen Wu's face with a slap in the face, and said coldly:

"I still want to fight."

Chen Wu, who stepped back, did not react, and then there was a pain in his face, he stretched out his hand to cover his face, and looked at Qin Shanshan blankly.

"Pa~" Qin Shanshan changed her hands and slapped Chen Wu on the other side of the face.

"Could it be that you accidentally stepped on Qi Qing's book?" Qin Shanshan took another step forward.

Chen Wu, Hao Seiju and Shi Zhenxiang looked back at Qin Shanshan in horror.

"Pa~" is another slap.

"Did her blanket accidentally fall on the floor?".


"Aren't you going to step on it?".





Qin Shanshan slapped her face several times and softly said, "Speak."

Chen Wu felt that his body started to swell, and a burst of burning pain came from his face, but he didn't dare to resist. Hearing Qin Shanshan's words, he hurriedly opened his mouth and said angrily: "Qin, Teacher Qin, We, we were wrong, we were wrong".

"Pa~" is another slap.

"Wrong?" Qin Shanshan stopped and looked at Chen Wu and the three of them. Mei Mei glanced at the two behind Chen Wu, and said slowly, "You wait."

Hearing Qin Shanshan's words, the faces of the three of them changed dramatically, and they hurriedly said, "Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin, I, we were really wrong, please, please let us go."

Qin Shanshan coldly looked at the three pleading faces, did not speak, but slowly turned and walked towards Qi Qing.

"Mr. Qin, we, we will not commit crimes in the future, please, forgive us, Mr. Qin" Chen Wu and the three still looked at Qin Shanshan begging.

Qin Shanshan squatted down and stretched out her hand to gently stroke it, matching the hair beside Qing Qing's cheeks, and said softly, "Qingqing, it's alright."

"Well" Qi Qing nodded with a soft smile on the corner of her mouth.

"Mr. Qin, yes, it's Xu Man, Xu Man told us to do it, Mr. Qin," Hao Leiju shouted suddenly, his eyes lit up.

When Chen Wu, who was standing in front, heard Hao Seiju's words, his expression changed slightly, but Qin Shanshan didn't say much when he was present.

"Xu Man, who are you?" Qin Shanshan stood up and turned to look at Chen Wu and the three and asked.

"Sister Shan" Qi Qing didn't want Qin Shanshan to be involved, after all, the Xu family is the Xu family in the capital, and then she said:

"Forget it".

Qin Shanshan paused when she heard the words, then turned to look at Qi Qing, only to see Qi Qing smiled and nodded to herself, and said nothing more, turned her head and looked at Chen Wusan again He frowned and said coldly:

"Go away".

When the three heard Qin Shanshan's words, as if they were granted amnesty, they scrambled to run outside the classroom one by one.

Jun Xiqing has been standing by the side without speaking. As for Xu Man, to be honest, Jun Xiqing had already forgotten about this person. Now that she sees Chen Wu, she thinks of that pungent and uneducated girl.

Qin Shanshan watched the three of them leave the classroom, looked down at the blanket on the ground, the bloody smell in her nostrils, the corners of her mouth twitched involuntarily, and turned to look at Si Siwen, who was standing aside , Jun Xiqing, who still had blood on his hands, did not expect this kid to be so violent.

"Xiqing, your shot is too heavy, I didn't expect you to be able to hit like this?" Qin Shanshan couldn't help complaining.

"If you do something wrong, you will naturally be punished." Jun Xiqing didn't care and replied, then squatted down and picked up the blanket on the ground, turned to look at Qi Qing and said, "Damn Miss, this blanket, lost?".

"No, give it to me" Qi Qing shook her head gently, stretched out her hand and said softly with a smile.

"What is this for?? "Jun Xiqing asked with some doubts, and handed over the blanket in her hand.

Qi Qing turned the blanket, folded it in half a few times, turned the bloodless side out, and placed it on the side of the wheelchair.

And Qin Shanshan, who was standing beside her, looked at Qi Qing with a playful look in her beautiful eyes, thinking in her heart, tsk tsk tsk, Sister Lin, your precious girl is going to be carried away by a pig.

"By the way, Mr. Qin, why did you come back suddenly?" Jun Xiqing stepped forward, put her hand on the handle of the wheelchair, and pushed the wheelchair to Qin Shanshan's side and asked.

"That..." Qin Shanshan looked at Jun Xiqing and said embarrassedly, "That Xiqing, when are you free?".

When Jun Xiqing looked at Qin Shanshan's expression, she understood it, smiled and said, "Well, Mr. Qin, take me there tonight."

"Okay" Qin Shanshan nodded, then looked at Qi Qing and Jun Xiqing and said, "You haven't eaten yet, so the teacher invites you to dinner, which will also overwhelm the feelings."

"Wow," Jun Xiqing unceremoniously agreed upon hearing the teacher's invitation to dinner.

"Thank you, Sister Shan." When Qi Qing heard that Jun Xiqing had already responded, she could only agree with her and nodded her head with a smile.

"You're welcome, let's go, what do you want to eat?" Qin Shanshan waved her small hand and walked out the door with a smile.

"Teacher, can I eat what you want?" Jun Xiqing asked unceremoniously.

"..." Qin Shanshan's expression was sluggish, and the corners of her mouth twitched. Damn, did you ask such a question?

After a while, he said, "Yes."

"Okay, thank you teacher," Jun Xiqing said with a laugh, then turned to look at Qi Qing in the wheelchair and asked, "Miss, which place is the most expensive in this generation?".

Qi Qing looked at Jun Xiqing and was speechless, she simply turned her head and looked away, ignoring it.

"Let's go, you should have class in the afternoon, the teacher will invite you to eat at Mu Restaurant first." Qin Shanshan looked at Jun Xiqing speechlessly and said.

"Okay then." Jun Xiqing nodded regretfully. After all, there is a large sum of money to invite to dinner. How good is it to eat better? Then she asked, "Teacher, where can we go next? eat?".

When Qi Qing in a wheelchair heard Jun Xiqing's words, she couldn't help shaking her body and holding back her laughter.

"State banquet, all right?" Qin Shanshan didn't want to pay any attention to him, and after speaking, she thought about walking outside the door quickly.

"Mmmm, thank you teacher" Jun Xiqing nodded and said with a laugh, and then suddenly said, "Mr. Qin, you were just too violent, it's better to be gentle."

"..." Qin Shanshan, who was walking, stumbled, her forehead was full of black lines.

I... I'm violent? Compared with your bloody scene, the slap in the face of my mother is simply kind and unnecessary.



At this time, the campus is in a remote place.

A slap in the face sounded.

"Wu, Brother Wu, what are you doing?" Hao Leiju asked, covering his face and looking at Chen Wu, who was glaring at him in shock.

"Drafted, who told you to tell Xu Man?" Chen Wu glared at Hao Leiju and scolded.

"But, don't say, Qin Shanshan wants to mess with us, what should we do?" Hao Seiju said with a grievance.

"Fuck" Chen Wu scolded angrily. He really wanted to continue, but was stopped by Shi Zhenxiang.

"Okay, okay, Brother Wu, Brother Wu, but the situation is different, everyone is a brother, don't be like this" Shi Zhenxiang saw that Chen Wu was going to continue his work, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop the road. .

"Damn, don't talk shit next time." Chen Wu pointed at Hao Suiju's nose and scolded.

"Okay, okay, Brother Wu, we are all brothers, let's not talk about that anymore." Shi Zhenxiang then said, "Brother Wu, what should we do now? Just forget it?".

"Forget it?" Chen Wu snorted, spitting blood from his mouth on the ground, and then said, "Damn, Qin Shanshan protected them for a while, but not forever, I'm not that kid's opponent, But I have a way to kill him."

"What is Brother Wu going to do?" Shi Zhenxiang asked.

Chen Wu pondered for a while, and then said, "Damn, Qin Shanshan's dead woman also made do with it, the Dragon Gang can't be used, but I still have a way, I'll go to the next generation." .

"Looking for Brother Sheng?" Shi Zhenxiang asked with some doubts.

"You don't understand" Chen Wu looked at Shi Zhenxiang and shook it and said, from Jun Xiqing's actions against himself and others just now, it can be seen that he is an ancient martial artist, so he can only help him. Chen Wu continued, "You don't need to ask more about this matter." "That's okay, Brother Wu, I'll listen to you, but what about Qi Qing now?" Shi Zhenxiang then asked.

"Looking for opportunities" Chen Wu didn't say much, only spit out three words.

The eyes of Shi Zhenxiang and Hao Seiju, who was standing by the side covering his face, were clear. The so-called "seeking opportunities" is not just taking advantage of them, first rape and then threaten them, to deal with the civilian girls in their eyes. , they have too many shady methods, and they can also play witha joy.

"Come on, let's go, take care of the injury on your face, fuck it." Chen Wu didn't say much, turned and walked towards the dormitory.

Shi Zhenxiang watched Chen Wu walk towards the dormitory building, turned to look at Hao Seiju who was standing beside him, still covering his face and stood there, stepped forward and patted Hao Seiju on the shoulder, whispering. He said, "Let's go, you are stronger than people." After that, he walked behind Chen Wu and walked towards the dormitory building.

"Stronger than people?" Hao Seiju looked at Chen Wu's back, a trace of hatred flashed in his eyes, the drafting Lao Tzu went to help you do things, and finally gave Lao Tzu a slap, you can, Turning towards the eyeball a few times, he stepped up and followed, but he kept thinking about it in his heart.


Female dormitory.

Concubine Jun, dressed in white, sat at the desk, holding the book "The Rainy Season Never Comes" and quietly flipping through it.

There was a sound of water in the bathroom, accompanied by softly humming songs.

"Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong...", a series of message sounds rang from the mobile phone on the desktop.

Jun Lianqi, who was reading a book, put down the book in her hand, reached out and picked up her mobile phone and glanced at it, and found the news in the class group.

"Dear students, I said last time that a class reunion will be organized after the military training. What date do you want to hold?" said Yang Changsheng's avatar in a message in the group.

"Wow, Mr. monitor, if you don't tell me, I forgot."

"Yes, yes, Mr. Monitor, have you chosen your address?".

"Hahaha, the party or something is my favorite."



A group of students spoke below.

"It's fixed. As far as the World Entertainment City is concerned, I have already told the owner of the entertainment city that it will be in the Orchid Hall, classmates, what time do you want to set it?" Yang Changsheng said.

"World Entertainment City? Mr. monitor, do we have enough money?".

"Yeah, I heard that the world entertainment city is very valuable."

"World Entertainment City, fuck it, I've only heard of it and haven't been there yet."


"It's fine, I'll make up for the extra money." Yang Changsheng said with a smile. After all, as the young son of the Yang Group, he can still afford the money.

"Really, wow, you are so handsome."

"Hahaha, I'll be your true fan from now on."

"What a true fan, Mr. Monitor, I will be your son of a bitch from now on."

"Thank you, monitor."


"Student Yang, let's see how much more there will be. You can send it to the teacher, and the teacher will come out." This is Hou Ge, the class guide, speaking in the group.

"Teacher is fine, and I don't have a lot of money. It's good for everyone to have fun," Yang Changsheng said.

"You can't let your students pay, the teacher just comes," Hou Ge continued.

The two talked a few times in the group, and Yang Changsheng insisted that he didn't have much money, and it was worth it to have a good relationship with his classmates as a monitor, and he took care of this matter, so he was in charge. , and finally determined that Yang Changsheng was in charge.

"Okay, classmates, you said when we will go, set a time, I will talk to the owner of the entertainment city," Yang Changsheng said.

"How is it today, I watch the sky at night, it's a good day to go out."

"You look at the sky like a woolen thread at night, it rained last night".

"I think otherwise, how about we wait for the orientation party? By then, everyone in our class will basically know their faces, so everyone will have a good time playing," said Xiao Xiao, the deputy monitor.

"The vice monitor said it well, and there are indeed some students who are very angry."



"Okay, since that's the case, let's go together on the Saturday night after the orientation party." Yang Changsheng looked at everyone's position and set a time.


"Oye, mother, I can finally see the face of the entertainment city this time."

"Hahahaha, everyone will listen to me sing a song when the time comes."

"By the way, at this welcome party, I will go up to talk about cross talk, and then everyone will cheer."

"I went up to sing, let's listen to my voice."

"You must join us, you are all classmates."

"The sound of the sound of nature, I hope it's not just howling ghosts and wolves."




The students in the group were discussing the entertainment city and the welcome party.

Jun pity concubine watched for a while, and was about to put down the phone to continue reading, when the phone rang with a "ding dong".

I saw a red number flashing next to Yang Changsheng's avatar, and he stretched out his hand to open it.

"Concubine, our party is set at the entertainment city, timeIt's the Saturday night after the orientation party, don't forget it then," Yang Changsheng posted.

Jun pity concubine looked at the message that Yang Changsheng sent alone, her expression was flat without any waves. For more than a month, Yang Changsheng has been chatting with herself from time to time, and she likes to get together in class. Beside me, I'm not stupid, I naturally know what it means, but I don't have the slightest idea of ​​love, so I treat it calmly, thinking about it and retreating.

"Well" Jun Lianqi reached out and clicked a word and sent it out.

"When the time comes, I'll pick you up with you? I'll drive, so it's convenient?" Yang Changsheng continued.

"No need, thank you," Jun Lianqi replied.

"Well then, I won't bother you anymore, you will continue to be busy." Yang Changsheng didn't bother, he knew how to deal with girls. If they were ordinary girls, he would have already been excited by him. , It's a pity that Jun Lian Concubine is facing, a girl who is indifferent.

Jun Lian Concubine didn't reply, she put down her phone and continued to pick up the book to watch.

There was a soft sound of "click~", the bathroom door opened, and a fragrance came out.

Sun Mengxi was wearing a light blue dress, rubbing her wet hair and walking out slowly.

"Little concubine, are you still reading?" Sun Mengxi walked out and said with a smile when she saw Jun Lianqi was still sitting at the desk reading a book.

"En" Jun Lianqi raised her head and looked at Sun Mengxi, who was like a lotus flower, and nodded with a chuckle.

"You have a very quiet temperament. I haven't seen you doing anything other than reading books. If it were changed to Quiet, I'd be jumping up and down." blowing.

"By the way, Jingjing hasn't come back yet?" Jun Lianqi asked with some doubts when she heard Sun Mengxi mention Qi Wenjing.

"Yeah, she didn't have class for the past two days, and I called her yesterday." Sun Mengxi shook her hair lightly, and said with a smile, "I guess I'm not happy anymore. I called her yesterday, and she Still soaking in the hot spring, all the sound of water.”

Jun Lian concubine smiled softly, then looked at Sun Mengxi with blowing hair and asked, "Mengmeng, where are you going?".

"There was a high school class reunion, and I was going to get together there. I haven't seen my old classmates for a long time, and I miss them a lot," Sun Mengxi said with a smile.

Junlian concubine was about to speak when the door opened with a "click".

I saw Qi Wenjing dressed in a red shirt, eyes blank, and a pale face walked in.

"Jingjing, are you back?" Sun Mengxi called out with a smile when she saw Qi Wenjing.

"Quietly" Jun Lian concubine also laughed softly and called out.

"Well" Qi Wenjing is different from the lively in the past, the whole person looks listless, carrying a small bag, walks to her bed, stretches out her hand to put the small bag aside, and then sits on the bed.

"Jingjing, what's wrong with you? Why is your face so ugly?" Sun Mengxi put down the hair dryer in her hand and walked, walked to Qi Wenjing's side, and asked with her hand on Qi Wenjing's forehead.

"Yeah, Jingjing, you look a little bad," Jun Lianqi also said.

"No, it's fine." Qi Wenjing shook her head, and then said, "I'm not feeling well after sitting in the car for too long. I'll take a shower first, and then take a rest." Get up and go to the closet.

Sun Mengxi looked at Qi Wenjing and frowned slightly, then said, "Jing Jing, do you want to go to the hospital?".

"No, it's really okay, Mengmeng, I won't go to the class reunion, you can go by yourself, I'm not feeling well, I want to rest." Qi Wenjing took a deep breath and turned to look at Sun Mengxi said.

"Well, it's alright." Sun Mengxi nodded and then continued: "Jingjing, you're really alright, you're in a bad mood." Looking at Qi Wenjing's pale cheeks and bloodshot eyes , asked.

"It's alright, I'm going to wash first." Qi Wenjing shook her head, took the change of clothes, turned and walked towards the bathroom.

As Qi Wenjing entered the bathroom, she closed the door with a bang.

Sun Mengxi, who was standing beside the bed, and Jun Lianqi, who was sitting at the desk, looked beautiful.

"It should be sick," Jun Lianyu said.

"Yeah" Sun Mengxi nodded and said, "I've never seen her like this before" and then continued:

"Little concubine, I'll be leaving in a while, you Help take care of Jing Jing in the dormitory."

"Yes, yes," Jun Lianqi nodded and replied.

At this time, in the bathroom.

The pale-faced Qi Wenjing leaned against the bathroom door as if she was paralyzed, a tear slipped from the corner of her eye, and wept silently.

After a while, Qi Wenjing seemed to remember something, got up suddenly, walked to the bathroom cabinet, turned on the faucet, and frantically rinsed her mouth over and over again, as if there was something dirty in her mouth.

"Crash..." The sound of water running from the faucet continued.

After a while, Qi Wenjing slowly stopped rinsing her mouth, slowly raised her head, looked at the mirror with dull eyes, her face was pretty, and her face was pale.Her face was full of water stains, and tears slowly overflowed from her beautiful eyes, dripping down her cheeks into the washbasin.

He raised his hands, fumbled for the buttons on the collar of his shirt, mechanically twisting his fingers, one, two, three, as the buttons were unbuttoned.

In front of Qi Wenjing, a touch of snow-white skin with a hickey gradually appeared in the mirror. As the buttons became more and more unbuttoned, the crisp breasts wrapped in red lace underwear also appeared in the mirror. , There are hickeys, tooth marks and scratches on the milk flesh exposed in the air.

Looking at the dazzling hickey scratches and tooth marks in front of her, Qi Wenjing's mind kept coming up with the scenes in that remote valley clubhouse these days.

Standing in front of the mirror, Qi Wenjing bit her red lips tightly, as if she could not feel the pain, and a strand of donated blood slowly slipped down the corner of her mouth.

A "tick" sound of water dripping.

A drop of bright red blood dripped into the washbasin, mixed with water, gradually faded and disappeared.


The sunset sinks in the west, and the red sunset spreads over the horizon, outlining a spectacular scenery.

Coastal cities, suburbs, orchards, villas.

A fiery red Mercedes-Benz quickly drove through the winding mountain road, and stopped firmly in front of the villa halfway up the mountain.

"Bang" the door.

Qin Shanshan stood and got off the car, turned her head and glanced at Jun Xiqing, who was also standing beside the car, and walked over.

"Let's go in." Qin Shanshan looked at Jun Xiqing, thinking of the conversation in the car just now, the hope in her heart was more than a little, and her words were a little more hasty.

"Well" Jun Xiqing nodded, Mr. Qin's situation, he had just heard from Qin Shanshan in the car, and he had some idea, but he still needed a face-to-face consultation.

This is an old man with white hair and beard walking out of the villa to greet him.

"Miss Sun, who is this?" Qin Da smiled and nodded at Jun Xiqing, then turned to look at Qin Shanshan and asked.

Miss Sun? Jun Xiqing was stunned when she heard Qin Da's words, isn't Teacher Qin surnamed Qin?

Qin Shanshan saw Jun Xiqing's doubts and said, "The owner of this villa is my grandfather and I am his granddaughter, so Grandpa Da called me Miss Sun." After that, she turned to look at Qin Da and said, " Grandpa Da, his name is Jun Xiqing, my student, I invited him to come and help Grandpa take a look."

"Help me take a look at it?" Qin Da gave Jun Xiqing a strange look. He was too young, and it was more than enough to be Qin Da's grandson.

"Yes, Grandpa Da, I'll take him in first." Qin Shanshan was thinking about Grandpa Qin in her heart, and she said without noticing Qin Da's eyes.

Jun Xiqing noticed Qin Da's eyes, but didn't say anything, just smiled at him. After all, he also knew that he was too young. He used to practice medicine with his master. Happening.

After all, Qin Da has been a person for most of his life. Although he doubted in his heart, he didn't say it. After all, this was Miss Sun's intention. He nodded and said, "Please come with the old man." With a respectful turn, he turned and walked towards the villa.

If Qin Shanshan was alone, Qin Da would naturally not lead the way. After all, Qin Shanshan is also very familiar with the villa, and Jun Xiqing, to be honest, Qin Da did not believe it very much in her heart, and at the same time, she also looked at, How could this dignified young man lie to Qin Shanshan like this, after all, the old man is a genius.

It was the first time for Jun Xiqing, who came from a small county, to see such an exquisite villa, with rockeries and flowing water, small bridges and wind pavilions. The placement of the accessories made his eyes overwhelmed.

The group walked through the courtyard, walked through the foyer, and came to the second floor of the villa.

In a room full of the smell of medicine, the window in the room was opened a little, and the evening wind blew in from the window, diluting the smell of medicine in the room.

In the center of the room, on a special hospital bed, lay a haggard-like old man with eyes closed, with various medical tubes inserted into his body.

Next to the hospital bed, there was a beautiful woman with a beautiful charm. She looked at the old man on the bed with a worried look in her beautiful eyes.

"Mom" Qin Shanshan entered the ward and shouted to the beautiful woman beside the bed.

"Shanshan" Qin Ru turned around, looked at her daughter, greeted her, then turned to look at the young man beside Qin Shanshan, and asked with doubts in her eyes, "Is this Shanshan? ?".

"Mom, this is the little genius doctor that Sister Lin and Brother Zhao talked about last time, and also the little genius doctor who treats the legs of Qingqing," Qin Shanshan stretched out her hand and took her mother's palm and said.

Qin Ru looked at the young boy in front of her with a hint of doubt in her eyes, but she didn't show it. She turned to look at the old man Qin on the hospital bed, and she also had an idea in her heart to take a look. Lin Qianqian and Zhao Yun admired them so much, they thought for a while and said softly, "Little genius doctor, please trouble you."

"Auntie, don't call me a little genius doctor, I'm Jun Xiqing." Jun Xiqing looked at the glamorous woman in front of her, smiled and waved her hand.

Qin Ru nodded with a chuckle, and said in her mouth, "Excuse me, please take a look at my father."

"HmmmJun Xiqing nodded, turned to look at the old man on the hospital bed, her face became a little solemn, she stepped forward and walked towards the bed.

"Wait a minute" This is a light drink sounded from the door.

I saw a middle-aged man with a bloated figure and a seemingly kind-hearted appearance leading a doctor in a white coat and walked in.

"Little brother, what's the matter?" Qin Ru asked in confusion.

"Yeah, what happened to the little uncle?" Qin Shanshan also asked.

The visitor is really the adopted son of Mr. Qin, the adopted brother of Qin Ru, Qin Zhongying.

Qin Zhongying walked in with a stern face and a pair of small eyes flashing finely, looking at Jun Xiqing like a patrol. A few days ago, Lin Qianqian and others came to say something , He already knew that Jun Xiqing existed, but he didn't expect that it was this young man who was still young. At the moment, he felt that Lin Qianqian and others were exaggerating, but just in case, the death of Mr. Qin is just a matter of time. The question of time, at most, is more than a month. If it is destroyed, then his plan to annex the Qin family will be in vain. Whether it is true or false, be careful to sail the ship of ten thousand years.

But Jun Xiqing's expression didn't change much, her body stood upright in place, and the bloated middle-aged man in front of him usually did not speak.

"Sister Ru, Shanshan, the old man is very weak now. I don't recommend letting this young man try it. After all, if something goes wrong..." Qin Zhongying didn't finish her sentence, but her face was solemn. looking at Qin Ru and Qin Shanshan.

"Yes, Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin's body is really weak now. He has been in a coma several times recently, and he was completely hung up on drugs. Now I am looking for a cure. If people are destroyed, then Mr. Qin will be powerless to return to heaven," said the medical expert in a white coat, who was called Chinese-American by Qin Zhongying.

"This..." Qin Ru was also a little hesitant in her heart. She looked at Jun Xiqing with her beautiful eyes. She was naked, her hands were empty, there was no medicine box, and she was not a white-haired doctor. Sighing, to be honest, she was also suspicious.

Qin Da, who was standing on the side, looked at Jun Xiqing and didn't speak. Although he didn't believe it, Jun Xiqing was brought back by Qin Shanshan.

Standing next to Qin Ru, Qin Shanshan, Liu Ye's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and her beautiful eyes looked at Jun Xiqing, who was a little worried about her anger, if she was invited to help with treatment. , but was stopped by others, and showed all kinds of distrust. It is estimated that he would definitely be angry and walk away, but Jun Xiqing's performance made Qin Shanshan put down a little worry, because he did not have any Impatient or angry, he just stood there indifferently, with a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

After observing Jun Xiqing, Qin Shanshan turned to look at Qin Zhongying and said, "Uncle, I believe in Xiqing, let him take a look at Grandpa."

"No" Qin Zhongying took a step forward without any hesitation, her eyes were firm, and she said in a firm tone:

"Shanshan, we can't make fun of the old man's life."

"Uncle..." Qin Shanshan frowned tightly, but couldn't argue for a while. After all, Qin Zhongying thought about her grandfather's life.

"Yeah, Miss Qin, a Chinese medicine practitioner, superstitious. I don't think Mr. Qin can treat well. After all, Chinese medicine has already been eliminated." The medical expert standing beside Qin Zhongying looked disdainful. Looking at Jun Xiqing, she said that the use of acupuncture and moxibustion that Lin Qianqian and Zhao Yun said before, in Qin Zhongying's opinion, was traditional Chinese medicine.

When Jun Xiqing, who was standing on the side, heard the doctor's words, a trace of displeasure flashed between her eyebrows. Originally, if they did not agree with her diagnosis and treatment, it would not matter there. After he was full, he stepped forward to show his hospitality. Now that he heard the doctor's words, as the result of TCM medical skills from an old man in the mountains, anger flashed in his heart. This was humiliating the entire TCM doctor. He turned to look at the doctor, coldly. He opened his mouth and said:

"There are specialties in the field of surgery, Chinese medicine has the magic of Chinese medicine, and Western medicine has the means of Western medicine. Just based on your words, you are not worthy of practicing medicine."

"Not worthy to practice medicine?" The doctor snorted and said, "I am an American medical expert, how about you?

Mr. Yamano? Who is more unworthy of us? Chinese medicine is just a It is a superstitious method, Western medicine is the real medical skill, you should go back and continue to deceive, and don’t ask me for medical skills again.”

"What do you mean...my medical skills are humble, not practicing medicine, but deceiving?" After listening to the doctor's words, Jun Xiqing's heart became even more angry.

"Xiqing..." Qin Shanshan heard the anger in Jun Xiqing's words, and was a little worried. After all, this young man beat three students violently at noon today. He was stopped by Jun Xiqing waving.

And Qin Ru, who was standing beside her, saw that her daughter cared so much about this young man, a strange look flashed in her eyes, Shanshan wouldn't like younger than him, would she? It's no wonder that Qin Ru has such an idea. After all, Qin Shanshan has never been in a relationship for more than 20 years, and even the blind date arranged by the old man was directly swept away by her.

Qin Zhongying, on the other hand, watched the doctor humiliate Jun Xiqing with her arms folded. There was a trace of sarcasm in her eyes, but she did not speak.

"Yes, in my eyes, the so-called Chinese medicine is cheating, and Western medicine is the onlyIt's medical skills." The doctor looked at Jun Xiqing, who was only in his teens and twenties, and said with even more contempt between his brows.

Jun Xiqing looked at the doctor in front of him, and then asked coldly, "You worship Western medicine so much, so... can Western medicine make you cry?".

"What do you mean?" the doctor asked in disdain.

"I can make you cry" Jun Xiqing's eyes narrowed.


A silver light flashed.

A silver needle shot out of Jun Xiqing's hand, and stabbed at an acupoint on the doctor's body with lightning speed.

"You, woo woo... you, woo woo... woo woo" The doctor was about to speak, but opened his mouth, and a series of cries came out of his mouth, followed by tears and snot. She was crying sadly like a dead father.

Standing by the side, Qin Ru, Qin Shanshan, Qin Zhongying, and Qin Da had shock on their faces, and they were all stunned when they looked at the crying doctors.

【To be continued】
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