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Chapter 34

After receiving the call from Chen Xinran, Meng Yu frowned slightly.

He naturally wouldn't think that he had left her alone for so many days, and the other party missed him.

The last time Chen Xinran called, he gave him a warning, which left a deep impression on him and lingering fears in his heart.


Meng Yu said hello and stopped talking, but waited for Chen Xinran to speak first.

"Where are you now?"

Chen Xinran's tone was very deep, and it could be heard that he had a bad temper, which made Meng Yu more stressed and didn't say much
Yu's words, directly answered at home.


"No, still in Zhengzhou."

"Oh, can we meet?"

Chen Xinran suddenly asked him to meet, Meng Yu was not surprised, but was on guard, suspecting that there was fraud.

"I'm in a hurry?"

"Well, I'm in a hurry."

Chen Xinran was cold to herself a few days ago, so naturally she won't find herself today There is something good, but after thinking about it, Meng Yu decided to meet her. After all, she could indeed hear a sense of urgency in her words.

"I'll go out later, maybe I won't come for dinner at night."

After returning to the living room, Meng Yu explained to the two students, Xu Ling Fortunately, he nodded, but Chu Man's eyes showed a bit of reluctance.

This kind of reluctance made Meng Yu feel a little flustered, not because he wanted to see other women later, but because of Chu Man's kind of reluctance to make Meng Yu feel ashamed.

Previously, Chu Man said that he was only his friend, but after all, women are women, and the two have more sexual desires. Chu Man's mentality is also slowly happening The change made Meng Yu a little more dependent and obsessed, which gave Meng Yu a headache.

Because Xu Ling was on the side, Chu Man's expression was still cold after showing a bit of reluctance, and did not ask Meng Yu.

In the past two days, the two have been fighting hotly in private, but they have become cold around Xu Ling, and Chu Man does not like to play with Meng Yu as much as before, Deliberately kept a distance from Meng Yu in front of Xu Ling.

Without going into Chu Man's changes, Meng Yu nodded and went out.

This is the first time he has gone out since the Mid-Autumn Festival. There are no beautiful women around, and Meng Yu is still a little uncomfortable.

Thinking that he might have to face Chen Xinran's cold words later, Meng Yu let out a sigh of sadness.

When Meng Yu came to the cafe downstairs of Chen Xinran's house, Chen Xinran was already there, and Sun Wei was also sitting beside him.

Looking at Chen Xinran and Sun Wei sitting side by side, Meng Yu's heart skipped a beat, thinking that it was not good.

I've spent the past two days drinking and drinking, isn't it because Sun Wei and Chen Xinran have already reconciled?

With such doubts, Meng Yu said hello casually and sat down.

"What's the matter with me?"

Although Meng Yu was speaking to Chen Xinran, his eyes kept wandering between Chen Xinran and Sun Wei.

After his careful observation, although the two were sitting side by side, there was still a large gap in the middle, it could be seen that Chen Xinran was still somewhat disgusted with Sun Wei.

This makes Meng Yu relieved. Although his main goal is Zhao Ru and the children, he is also very possessive of Chen Xin, so even if Sun Wei is her ex-husband , he also can't tolerate the other party's meddling with her.

Chen Xinran's voice was a little irritable when she was on the phone, but when face to face, she became hesitant to speak, looking coy.

On the contrary, Sun Wei, who was next to him, couldn't see it, and said first:

"Sun Hong is coming to Nanjing."

Hearing this, Meng Yu He frowned: "Why is he here?"

"He seems to know about Sister Ru's pregnancy."

Originally, Meng Yu was just wondering, but when he heard this Immediately after that, he became restless.

Meng Yu originally regarded Zhao Ru as something in his own pocket. Although he had encountered many obstacles in the past, in his thinking, with Zhao Ru's submissive temperament, he waited for the child. There are opportunities after birth.

But the arrival of Sun Hong gave Meng Yu a sense of urgency.

"How did he know?"

Meng Yu looked at Sun Wei suspiciously, while Sun Wei was a little helpless and aggrieved, and in the end it was Chen Xinran's little one The voice explained:

"It should be that Sister Ru accidentally missed something when she called her family last time."

Hearing that it was Zhao Ru's problem, Meng Yu also He didn't say any more, but turned his head and asked, "Then what do you want to do?"

Judging from the appearance of the two of them, there should be a countermeasure.

It was still Sun Wei who explained: "He doesn't know where Sister Ru and the others live. I can hold him for a while."

Sun Wei said and stopped to watch A glance at Chen Xinran, obviously hoping that Chen Xinran will continue what he said.

Chen Xinran took a deep breath and spoke very quickly:

"We hope you can help Sun Hong deal with it."

Chen Xinran After speaking, there was no expression on his face, but his fair skin was slightly red.

Chen Xinran was really embarrassed when she treated Meng Yu like that before, and now she had to ask him for help.

"Sister Ru's stomach is so big, she can't stand the toss of moving."

Chen Xinran added quickly, then stopped to look at Meng Yu and waited for him reply.

Hearing this, Meng Yu was actually a little stunned. It wasn't that he didn't want to, but he felt that the opportunity came too soon and too easily.

In his original idea, after the child was born, hospitalization, delivery, care, registration, and a series of trivial matters, the two women would definitely not be able to handle it. It was my chance, but I didn't expect Sun Hong to fulfill him in advance.

Meng Yu was not pretentious, and said directly:

"What should I do?"

Chen Xinran saw that Meng Yu agreed readily, and he was also relaxed. After a sigh of relief, Sun Wei explained in detail to Meng Yu.

Their idea is relatively simple, that is, Sun Hong thinks that the child is his own, so Meng Yu needs to pretend to be the father of the child for a few days, so that Sun Hong mistakenly thinks that the child is not his own.

"Is the child Sun Hong's?"

Meng Yu listened and listened, why did he pretend to be the father of the child, and Sun Hong mistakenly thought he was not.

How did you know that the child was Sun Hong's?

Seeing Meng Yu's gloomy face, Chen Xinran couldn't help but say:

"Is there any problem?"


Meng Yu shook his head, but his heart sank slightly, but he felt better when he thought that this might also be the rhetoric they used to deal with him.

What Meng Yu has to do is relatively simple, that is, stay by Zhao Ru's side when Sun Hong comes over.

Meng Yu was a little hesitant at first. After all, he and Chu Man are fighting hotly now, and the vacation will be over in two days.

But when he thought of the reluctance in Chu Man's eyes when he came, Meng Yu was a little hesitant. After a while, he nodded and agreed.

He did that kind of thing with Chu Man, not because of love, but because of uncontrollable desire. If he continued to hang out with Chu Man every night, Meng Yu was really worried that Chu Man would stick to him.

It's not that he didn't think about enjoying the blessings of all people, sleeping with a big quilt or something, but the reality is not a novel after all, He is not a giant in the business world, and he doesn't have that much ability. Marry a few concubines.

Meng Yu considers himself to be diligent, but he is very self-aware, so he did not make any promises to Chu Man when she climbed into his bed.

Because of this level of consideration, Meng Yu agreed to Chen Xinran's request, and the three discussed the specific details, and then separated.

The coffee shop is just downstairs from Chen Xinran. After she went out, she went back directly. Meng Yu said to Sun Wei who was looking at Chen Xinranback:

"I'll take you back?"

Sun Wei did not refuse.

On the way, Meng Yu asked around the corner about him and Chen Xinran, but Sun Wei was not stupid. The words were always specious and vague, making Meng Yu confused. The specific progress between him and Chen Xinran will eventually be over.

Meng Yu thought that Chen Xinran's matter could not be solved in one afternoon, but in the end, everything was done in three hours.

I came back early, and Xu Ling hadn't started preparing dinner, so at Chu Man's suggestion, the three of them decided to go out to eat, and watch a National Day movie on the way.

Going out with two flower-like female students, although it is very face, but it is also too tired, it is enough to be stared at, and I have to constantly worry about meeting acquaintance.

But judging from the fact that he may not be at home for the next two days, Meng Yu is also responsive to Chu Man, and even went to the cinema to watch a love movie.

Because it is the end of the National Day, and the cinema is not in the downtown area, there are still relatively few people.

There were no people in the best viewing area in the center of the theater, but Chu Man bought three seats in the corners of the back row.

This position is very familiar to Meng Yu. He used to pick this kind of corner when he was in love.See.

But today, three people came out to watch a movie!

Meng Yu was a little puzzled, but when the movie opened, he understood it all.

Chu Man bought three consecutive seats. As soon as she entered the aisle, she began to arrange the command, letting Meng Yu sit at the innermost position, while she sat between Meng Yu and Xu Ling.

When the movie started, Chu Man leaned against Xu Ling, but his hand got under Meng Yu's side.

Meng Yu watched Chu Man's dexterous little hand swim over, but he didn't stop him, but sat down in a leisurely manner, wanting to see what tricks Chu Man was going to play.

Chu Man is tall and slender, and his arms are also very slender, and they stretched out into Meng Yu's stall.

At this point, Meng Yu still doesn't know what she's thinking. He looked up at Chu Man's calm expression engrossed in the movie, and her narrator's ignorant Xu Ling, Meng Yu His chest became hot all of a sudden, and his lower body was specially lifted forward to make it easier for Chu Man to act.

It's not that Meng Yu hasn't done this kind of fun in a movie theater, but it's the first time that a third person is present.

In the seat where the light from the screen can't reach, Chu Man's pair of pure white and pure jade hands are groping or tapping on Meng Yu's span through the clothes, until they reach Meng Yu's crotch. 's meat cock teased to a hard stick.

With the screening of the movie, Chu Man's movements became more and more unrestrained. She had already pulled the shackles of Meng Yu's trousers open and put her little hand in, but her face was surprisingly calm. , and sometimes whispered a few words to Xu Ling to talk about the plot.

Meng Yu admires Chu Man's calmness and boldness, and at the same time enjoys Chu Man's actions. She has freed her cock from her panties and started to tuck it lightly.

While enjoying, Meng Yu looked at Xu Ling to prevent her from turning around at any time, but slowly he realized that he seemed to be superfluous. Chu Man's behavior seemed frivolous, but his face However, he kept diverting Xu Ling's attention, and at the same time, his body seemed to block Xu Ling's eyes unintentionally.

After observing this, Meng Yu just leaned back on the seat and enjoyed it with peace of mind, but the good times didn't last long, Chu Man stroking up and down for two or three minutes, then pulled out his hand, and then concentrated on Watching the TV, no matter how Meng Yu touched her, she didn't respond.

Meng Yu was very depressed, but he had no choice but to withdraw the cock into his underwear angrily.

When she walked out of the movie theater, Meng Yu realized that Chu Man's face was blushing brightly. It seemed that she was shy when she made such a bold move just now.

Along the way, Meng Yu looked at Chu Man with resentment in his eyes, while Chu Man's eyes fluttered and turned a blind eye.

After returning home, Meng Yu didn't say anything to Chu Man. After he washed up, he lay on the bed, staring at the door, waiting for familiarity. The shadow of the shadow enters.

When Chu Man opened the door again and came in, Meng Yu quickly pulled Chu Man over and pressed him under him.

Meng Yu's desire burned from the movie theater to his home, so he didn't have the patience to do any foreplay, and he took Chu Man off all the time. The meat stick went in along the dried flower path.

There is no need to push or insert, Meng Yu only embedded his cock in it for a while, and Chu Man's flower arrangement has already begun to moisten, oozing with a hint of water.

One is to punish Chu Man for playing pranks on him, and the other is to think that there may not be a chance to spend a good night with Chu Man in the next two days, so Meng Yu worked extra hard tonight.

The moaning of the woman and the bed board in the room continued for a long time.
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