The old cow eats the young grass The old man takes my wife (94-101)

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Chapter 94

Seeing this, I instinctively cut out the picture in Old Man Niu's room, and played the two pictures synchronously. At this time, I found Old Man Niu was standing He was eavesdropping at the door of the bedroom, andjudging from the incomparably firm penis in the old man's lower body, he was fully prepared for the second insertionin his wife's pussy, as long as the wife returned Once in his room, he will once again take advantage of his wife to have a second sex.

As for why the old man Niu came to the door to eavesdrop, I think he was a little impatient, and then came to the door to eavesdrop on his wife's movements, which shows that the current situation The old man can't wait to insert his cock into his wife's pussy right away, and then release his powerful animal desires by quick friction with his wife.

When I turned my eyes to my wife, I found that my wife had begun to move, and the wife wrapped in a bath towel took heavy steps, slowly moving towards the two bedrooms He walked in the direction of his wife, judging from the slow speed of his wife's movement, she must be struggling in her heart.

Although the wife has already had sex with the old man Niu, it should be possible to continue, but it only happened when the wife was impulsive, that is to say, the wife's heart was actually rejecting After all, at the age of Niu Laohan, he can be his wife's father. If it weren't for emotional factors, his wife would never break through the bottom line of ethics and morality.

Just as the wife came to the door of the two bedrooms, she saw the wife stopped and looked at the old man Niu's room, obviously the wife was still hesitating. Undecided, but this situation is understandable, after all, the old man Niu has given his wife a lot of filling and satisfaction in terms of physiology. For a wife who experiences orgasm for the first time, this feeling is It couldn't have been better.

And in the process, the old man Niu also sensed that his wife was outside the door. I saw the old man Niu touched his penis with his hand, as if he was telling him that his penis was soft and soft. The comfortable pussy is just outside the door, and you can enjoy it after a while. Judging from the behavior of the old man Niu, it is obvious that he feels that he has already decided on his wife, and the door My wife outside seems to be thinking the same thing.

As time went on, I didn't understand what my wife chose until the moment she reached out and touched the doorknob. It seems that in the face of sexual desire and demons, the wife finally He chose to be wrong. Just as the door handle was pressed by his wife, the old man Niu in the bedroom once again showed his evil lewd smile.

When the door handle was pushed to the end by the wife's hand, she suddenly loosened the door handle again, then shook her head in place, and then turned around and walked into her own In my bedroom, seeing this scene, I instantly felt dazed, I never imagined that at this juncture, my wife was able to pull back from the precipice. Facing his wife's actions, she not only It gave me hope and gave me the confidence and courage to turn the whole situation around.

As his wife closed the door, the lascivious smile on Old Man Niu's face instantly disappeared without a trace, then Old Man Niu's expression became very angry, seeing the vicious cow Old man, I'm starting to worryWill he forcefully run into his wife's room and have sex with his wife for the second time, now it seems that such a thing is not impossible, after all, the two have already done How could the old man Niu give up such a good opportunity after having fallen in love once.

But the vicious old man Niu didn't seem to have the courage to do it. I saw that the angry old man Niu was sulking for a while, and then he obediently returned to his bed and lay down. It can be seen that the old man Niu is still relatively rational, no matter what, he has already made love with his wife once, and it can be regarded as allowing his wife to see how powerful he is.

If the old man Niu really wants to fight with his wife, although he can successfully complete his second attack on his wife, there will also be a greater risk, because he does not know What kind of state is his wife in now, so he doesn't dare to act rashly. Once he messes up, all his preparations and efforts will be in vain. I think the old man should know this better than me. .

In this way, minutes passed by, and I was still a little worried about watching Old Man Niu's every move. It wasn't until Old Man Niu's snoring sounded that I relaxed. In a sigh, when I cut the picture to my wife's bedroom, I found out that my wife was putting on a sanitary napkin for me, and when I saw thisI remembered the thing about my wife's menstrual period, but I just let her I am very puzzled as to why my wife didn't see a trace of blood when she had sex with the old man.

Logically speaking, my wife should bleed a lot, but tonight my wife didn't bleed a drop of blood, which is strange, if my wife is a pad for me to see If it is, then there is no need for the wife to wear sanitary napkins, because I was not at home that night, so this can basically be ruled outPossibility, as for whether it is the problem of Niu Laohan's semen, I think the wife should deal with it very cleanlyAfter all, the wife spent half an hour in the bathroom washing, which means that half an hour. An hour is enough for the wife to clean the semen in her vagina.

Just when I was at a loss, I suddenly remembered that my wife had gone wrong with her menstruation in the past, and I remembered that time my wife also quarreled with someone else, And it was very noisy, and finally the wife who had just had her period suddenly disappeared, and her period didn't come back until the next day.

Now I finally understand why my wife needs to wear sanitary pads. It turns out that my wife is indeed having her period. It is because of the quarrel with me that her period has been delayed. Later, if I hadn't remembered this matter, I probably wouldn't have thought of it, so after the wife put on the sanitary napkin, the wife went to bed, and Having gone through the whole process, I can only stare at the computer screen in a daze. Chapter 95

Although the nightmare is over, I know that this is just the beginning for my wifeBecause of the excellent performance of the old man, the seeds of desire have long been Buried in the heart of my wife, this seed is like a time bomb. As long as the time is ripe, my wife will inevitably become the crotch of an old man. This kind of understanding seems to make me feel very uncomfortable. Desperate, but I didn't give up hope because of this, because once I gave up hope, it would be like giving up my wife to the old man Niu in vain.

For the sake of my wife and this family, I decided to continue watching. Now my wife and Niu Laohan have both fallen asleep. I instinctively fast-forwarded the monitoring screen. The reason why I didn't choose to skip The segment play is entirely for not wanting to let go of any details. After all, details often determine the success or failure of an event. Therefore, the phrase "details determine success or failure" will never be outdated.

However, the whole night, the wife and the old man Niu slept soundly, until the moment when the wife woke up and got up, things took a turn for the better, because I found that after my wife got up, the first The thing is to take out her suitcase, and then start to organize her clothes, although my wife's behavior is a little bit confusing to me, but judging from the look of her hurrying, she seems to be Is avoiding something.

Until the old man Niu also got up, the mystery gradually came to an answer. When the old man Niu saw his wife hurriedly packing his luggage, he only heard the old man say to his wife, "Xiaoxue, get up. It's very earlyAh, I'm hungry, let me cook you something to eat." From the old man Niu's words, it can be seen thathe should know what his wife is doing. It's just that the old man Niu didn't ask questions because of his wife's actions, but started with some simple words, presumably to ease the embarrassing atmosphere after the passion with his wife.

After hearing the old man Niu's words, the wife simply replied, "Ah, I'm not hungry, you should eat first." As I expected, the wife was deliberately avoiding the cow. The old man, and the wife did not dare to look at the old man Niu while saying this sentence, which is enough to show that the incident last night has made the wife feel ashamed, no wonder the wife even glanced at the old man Niu. No courage.

However, the wife's answer seemed to make the old man Niu very dissatisfied, only to hear the old man Niu continue to say "I'm not very hungry, I'll just wait for you to eat it." Obviously the old man Niu is Trying to reconcile the relationship between him and his wife, although the old man Niu looked angry, the old man Niu did not show it in his tone.

As the old man Niu's voice just fell, he just heard his wife say "don't wait for me, I'll pack up in a while and leave, I'm going to my parents Live there for a while." When the old man Niu heard this sentence, he saw the old man Niu bit his teeth fiercely, and then revealed a vicious look, because The wife never looked up at the old man Niu, so the wife did not know that the old man Niu had changed in his mood.

Facing his wife's words, the old man Niu became speechless in an instant. I saw the old man Niu broke his neck and turned away. After a few minutes, his wife finally After finishing packing, I saw my wifepulling the suitcase and leaving the house in a hurry, and even when I left, my wife didn't even say hello to the old man. Let's face the old man again.

Although it seems that the situation has undergone a dramatic reversal, this is only the second day in ten days, so what will happen next is really exciting It's hard to predict, after allI found traces of sex on the sheets at home, which means that on the ninth day, my wifeand the old man Niu should have sex again, and the two behaved in school The outgoing harmony is enough to show that the awkward atmosphere no longer exists.

See this before and afterContradictory, I am really worried that my wife will fall into the old man Niu in the end. Since his wife has faded out of my monitoring line of sight, I can only watch the old man alone for a few days, although it doesn't feel good. Yes, but I can only wait and see, after all, I'm still tasked with finding the details.

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In this way, under the observation of fast-forward mode, two days passed quickly. However, in these two days, I did not find any abnormal behavior of the old man Niu, until On the third day of the video, a surprising discovery piqued my interest. I saw the idle old man Niu took out a DVD player from his suitcase, and took out a DVD player from this Judging from the size of the DVD player, it belongs to the kind of small mini version. I really didn't expect the old man Niu to hide such a thing.

When the DVD player started to play, I was stunned by the content inside. On the screen of the DVD player, there were four characters "Sex Manual" written in big letters and attached There is a catalog that you can freely choose. From the chapters in the catalog, there are about twenty or thirty chapters. Although you can't quite understand what is written, you can see the sexual intercourse in a trance. , so you can see that this is a video that teaches people how to have high-quality sex.

I never thought that there would be such a thing in the world. I was so surprised. Now I can understand why Niu Laohan knows so much. It turns out that he has been secretly researching and Learning these things, when the old man Niu opened the eighteenth chapter, I realized that he has already learned more than half, and judging from the level of sex between the two of them last time, Niu The qualifications of the old man have completely exceeded the upper limit of the teaching content, so the question is, how high is the upper limit of the old man Niu? I think this question can only be known by him continuing to have sex with his wife. Chapter 96

In this way, in the following days, I found that the old man Niu would take out this DVD player every night when he came back, and every time he finished watching Niu The old man's penis will always be in a firm state. From this, we can know that the content here not only teaches the old man how to make love, but also brings him an extremely powerful sense of stimulation physically. .

However, this powerful sense of stimulation did not cause the old man to masturbate. I don't know if the old man had strong self-control, or he did not want to waste the essence on masturbation. Maybe the latter is more In order to be closer, after all, the old man Niu is already old, plus many years of poor mountain life, nutrition is naturally lagging behind the life in the city.

Therefore, for the old man Niu, every ejaculation is extremely valuable. If he can't use the semen on his wife fully, he will be very sorry for himself. I The reason why we think this is completely rational analysis from the perspective of empathy.

Due to time constraints, I am already very late here. It seems that I have to watch all the videos. Tonight is bound to be done overnight. It will be a long night. But fortunately, when I returned to the old building, I had already prepared food and drinks for myself, enough for me to stay up all night to do this work.

In order to end all this as soon as possible, I began to eat and watch, and it was not until the eighth day that things changed, and I saw the image of an old man living alone. He ran into his wife's bedroom like crazy, and then started rummaging in his wife's closet. From the lustful eyes of Old Man Niu, it could be seen that Old Man Niu was looking for Spiritual sustenance, and the source of this spiritual sustenance must be the wife's tempting underwear.

After more than ten minutes like this, when the old man Niu got up, I found that the old man Niu was holding a pair of pink panties and a pair of black stockings in his hands. , it was exactly as I guessed, it seemed that the old man Niu wanted to use his wife's panties and stockings to vent his powerful animal desires.

I thought that after so many days, the old man Niu should be able to control his animal desires, but the old man Niu couldn't hold back in the end, I think it must be related to the DVD he watched Although the content on the DVD player is only a text explanation and a picture demonstration, but I think it is no different from actually watching a pornographic film, and even more exciting than watching a pornographic film, especially for cattle For an old virgin like the old man, that's tantamount to adding fuel to the fire.

Immediately afterwards, the old man did not go back to his bedroom, but lay directly on the bed of my wife and me, and then started his masturbation process, but it made me feelSurprisingly, the old man Niu did not put his wife's panties on his thick penis, but wrapped his wife's stockings around his thick penis and rubbed slowly.

It can be seen that the old man Niu has a strong yearning for his wife's stockings and beautiful feet. Although the old man Niu and his wife had performed footjobs, it happened when the wife did not know about it. , As for why the two did not perform footjob when they had sex for the last time, I think the old man at that time was also worried, after all, footjob only exists in the psychology of men, It can also be said that it is an exclusive hobby of men, and this hobby will be regarded as a kind of abnormal behavior by women under normal circumstances.

Only a very small number of women will accept a man's footjob request. It is precisely because of the existence of this risk that the old man Niu dare not take that risk. After all, if a cooked duck is If he flew away because of his own hobbies, the gains outweighed the losses. This is not to say how calm the old man Niu is.

In the face of the same situation, I think any man would do this, becauseA man's instinct will drive a man to have sex with this woman first, and only after sex, Only then can I have the opportunity to think of some alternative ways of playing. After all, women need men to develop slowly, so the sentence of being anxiouscan't eat hot tofu is very suitable to explain here.

With the passage of time, the old man Niu began to gradually enter the excited stage. Obviously, the old man Niu was fantasizing about his wife, and what he fantasized about was that his wife used her stockings and beautiful feet to give him footjob. ,The reason why I am so sure is that he is holding his wife's black stockings, because stockingsthis kind of thing has only two uses for a man, one is to smell The smell, and the second thing is to fantasize about footjob.

Just when I thought Old Man Niu would ejaculate in this way, I just heard Old Man Niu's cell phone ringing suddenly, which shows that Old Man Niu's cell phone was not stolen by his wife. If it is broken, it seems that the domestically produced old phones are still very good in terms of anti-fall. If it is replaced by a Huawei or an Apple phone, it is estimated that the wife would have smashed it long ago.

Because of the phone call, the old man Niu can only temporarily stop his sexual fantasies. When the old man Niu answered the phone, I found that the old man Niu answered the phone in a hands-free way. , and then the voice of his wife came on the phone"Uncle Niu, I'm shopping in a department store now, do youanything you want to eat, I'll bring it to you when I go back tomorrow" From the gentle tone of his wife's tone, you can hear that she is completely back to normal.

And this call seemed to make the old man Niu feel very sudden, only to hear the old man stuttering to his wife"'s Xiaoxue, I....I also... There's nothing you want to eat, just look at it and buy it."After hearing Old Man Niu's answer, the wife seemed to feel that Old Man Niu was a little unnatural, but the wife did not ask in detail, but said "That's fine! Then I won't tell you, there's a bit of noise in the department store. I'll talk about it when I go back tomorrow night." After saying that, the wife hung up the phone.

As the phone hung up, the old man Niu turned his eyes slowly to his penis, looking at the black stockings wrapped around his penis, the old man Niu couldn't help but gently stroked it with his hands For a moment, and then a lewd smile leaked out, the old man Niu's action seems to be telling his penis, bear with it, tomorrow night, there will be a pink pussy that can be fucked . Chapter 97

As I expected, the old man took off the black stockings wrapped around his penis after a while, and then smelled it again. Take a look at his wife's pink panties, the strong animal desireat this moment was vividly expressed by the old man Niu, and only after a few seconds did the old man reluctantly put his wife's stockings and panties back in place. .

It can be seen that the wife's phone call not only dispelled old man Niu's masturbation idea, but even brought him hope. Between the cows old men, all these chances and coincidences seem to be deliberately arranged by God, which makes people feel really angry and hateful.

In this way, when I learned that my wife was coming back, the boring day passed quickly. Since the old man Niu was going to work at school during the day, it was not until the ninth day that the video was played. In the evening of , the wife and the old man Niu appeared in the video.

With the sound of the door opening, the first person to come in through the door was my wife, and the person immediately following his wife was the old man Niu. I saw that the old man was carrying a lot of The thing, it seems that the wife bought it, and then the two began to change shoes one after another. Since the wife was standing in front, the old man could only stand behind his wife and wait for the wife to change first. .

Just as my wife bent down and started to take off her shoes, I actually thought about the color in my mindLove things, can cause this situation, it is because the two stand in tandem, and the action of the wife bending over just causes her buttocks to stick up, at this time the wife The ass is located under the crotch of the old man, and instantly forms a male and female post-entry style with the old man, so when I see such a picture, I will naturally think of some pornography. thing.

Since the wife is wearing a pair of long-leg boots, taking off such shoes will inevitably prolong the time of changing shoes for the wife, that is to say, the wife must keep bending like this all the time. Posture, until she finished changing shoes, and the old man Niu was behind his wife, he must have thought of these.

Immediately afterwards, I began to turn my attention to the old man Niu. Sure enough, the old man Niu was bowing his head at this time, his eyes had already been firmly locked on his wife's buttocks, and he was looking away from Judging from the degree of obsession of the old man Niu, his wife's buttocks pose has produced great temptation and stimulation to him.

Soon, the old man Niu had a physiological reaction because of his wife's buttocks. He saw that the old man 's lower body quickly set up a small tent, which instantly pulled him and him closer. The distance between the wife's buttocks, if it wasn't for his penis being restrained by the pants, given the super-long size of the old man, he would have been pushed to his wife's private parts long ago, maybe even more Yu let out a cock head, just enough to push into his wife's pink pussy.

But now both of them are wearing trousers, this kind of thing is impossible, as for the two people's bottom experience will not be in contact, judging from the current distance, as long as the wife does not ask If they move backwards, they shouldn't touch each other, but now there is a problem, that is, after the wife changes shoes, the wife will turn around to pick up the old man Niu. I'm curious as to how the old man Niu will end up. Isn't he afraid of that this will scare his wife away? Just when I was thinking about this, the old man Niu moved his lower body slightly towards his wife, once again narrowing the distance between him and his wife's lower body. Not only did he not restrain himself for the next strain, but instead, he got closer to his wife. It can be seen that the old man has been completely dazzled by the temptation of his wife's buttocks. Brain, and then treacherous people will lose their minds.

When my wife finished taking off her first shoe, I noticed that she was wearing a pair of pink sheer stockings on her feet, which was obviously a short-foot version of sheer stockings , Because the wife's feet are very beautiful, under the foil of the stockings, it looks more sexy and charming.

And all this happened to be seen by the old man Niu, because of the angle, the old man Niu can not only appreciate his wife's buttocks, but also admire his sexy feet in stockings, This kind of visual impact is definitely not comparable to ordinary sexual obscenity. I saw a strong hormonal reaction in the lower body of the old man, which caused the small tent that had been set up to grow bigger. A lot, and from my point of view, the lower bodies of the two seem to have met.

However, judging from the innocent appearance of the wife, the lower bodies of the two do not seem to be in contact with each other. Since I watched it in a panoramic view, there will be a little visual difference. Error, in order to confirm, I deliberately zoomed in on the picture. As the picture zoomed in, I found that the lower body of the old man did not directly touch the lower body of his wife, but With a distance of about two centimeters, my heart beat faster when I saw this.

If this is the top, I really don't know how the wife who has just returned home will react, but judging from the immobile body of Niu , he should be doing his best to control this. There is a delicate distance, otherwise the lower bodies of the two would have already touched each other. After all, when the wife is taking off her shoes, her body will shake slightly back and forth. There would be an intimate collision with my wife's genitals, and by then I really can't imagine the consequences. Chapter 98

At the moment when the wife took off her two shoes and started to stand up, she saw her buttocks leaning back, due to the attention of the old man Niu He was so obsessed that he didn't react to his wife's sudden rise. He saw that his wife's butt slammed firmly into the crotch of the old man Niu, instantly smashing the protruding lower body of the old man. Sucked into her concave ass.

As the lower bodies of the two fit each other, the wife turned her head curiously and glanced back, when the wife saw that the lower body of the old man was firmly attached to her gluteal groove. , the wife's snow-white face instantly turned red, and then the wife subconsciously retracted her butt, then quickly left the place where she changed shoes at the door, and hurried to the second floor.

Although I'm not sure if my wife saw the old man's erect lower body, but I can be sureWhen the lower body collided with each other,The touch in the wife's gluteal groove must be the feeling of the giant erection of the old man, otherwise, the wife's face would not be red so fast.

With the departure of my wife, I turned my attention to the old man Niu. At this time, the old man Niu had already begun to change his shoes. From his current expression, you can see It can be seen that not only did he not feel frightened because of the situation just now, but he also revealed a lewd smile, giving people the feeling as if the situation just now was deliberately arranged by him.

So why does Niu Laohan do this, I think it should be easy to think of the answer to this question, that is, he wants to continue to have sex with his wife, and it is necessary to have sex The condition is to win the wife's consent first. To achieve this goal, the old man Niu can only boldly hint at his wife through physical behavior. After all, this kind of thing cannot be expressed through words.

As for why Niu Laohan is so bold, I think it's entirely because he and his wife already had sex with his wife, and before this foundation, he also mastered his wife I have the habit of masturbatingIt is precisely because of the existence of these two factors that the old man Niu becomes more and more courageousIt seems that the old man Niu is ready to have his wife and determination.

However, the next scene just verified this. After the old man Niu changed his shoes, he saw the old man Niu picked up the shoes that his wife had just taken off, and then put his He reached into his wife's shoes, as if he was feeling the residual warmth left by his beautiful feet in stockings.

When the old man Niu took his hands out of his wife's shoes again and sniffed the scent of his hands greedily, I realized how serious the old man Niu's foot fetish was. , it seems that this special psychology of his is not cultivated in a day or two.

Just by looking at his skillful movements, we can be sure that when he was in the remote mountainous area, he had already slapped his wife's shoes in this way, and maybe even when his wife was sleeping, Secretly smelled his wife's beautiful feet in stockings, of course, it is not ruled out that the old man Niu once secretly smelled his wife's lower body.

After a long time like this, the old man Niu finally had enough. I saw that the old man Niu put his wife's shoes back to their original places with satisfaction, and then came with the things that his wife bought. When he got to the kitchen, he started to prepare dinner for him and his wife. During the period when the old man was cooking, his wife never came out.

When I saw this, I decisively cut the picture to my wife's bedroom. At this time, my wife was sitting on the bed with her knees in a daze. It should be fine. It's just that her white and tender face is still red in the white, which shows that the wife's heart is still thinking about what just happened, although it just happened in a flash, but still It affected his wife's heart. The time passed by, and the wife sat motionless for a long time, until the old man Niu came up and told his wife to go down for dinner, and the sit-in was over. , just like this, with the two people going downstairs, I also cut the screen back to the first floor.

The first thing that catches my eye is a sumptuous and delicious meal, which is enough to see that the old man Niu prepared carefully for his wife, but I did not pay attention to these dishes Above, because I found that there were two bottles of red wine on the table. According to this posture, the old man Niu wanted to use alcohol to anesthetize his wife, and then have sex with his wife again.

It seems that the old man Niu's hunger for his wife has reached the limit. In order to be able to have sex with his wife 100% tonight, the old man Niu also took out the trick of getting drunk. It can be seen that after experiencing that night in the hotel, the old man Niu has fully understood the reason why his wife is drunk to get started.

I didn't expect the old man Niu to be so anxious, wouldn't he worry that his wife would turn against him after the incident, after all, this kind of practice is already against the will of women, from a legal perspective , which is no different from rape in the true sense.

However, when the two sat down to eat, the old man Niu did not directly mention the matter of drinking, but said to his wife, "Xiao Xue, so many days have passed, I know you have been thinking of him in your heart, but as your relative, I really hope you can get better soon, after all, it is him who is at fault, why should you feel sorry for yourself What?"

After hearing this sentence from the old man Niu, I jumped up from the chair. Unexpectedly, the old man Niu directly mentioned the pain point of his wife, and this sentence He may have already preparedfor his wife, so he said it while waiting for dinner, which not only avoided the previous embarrassing situation, but also provoked the conflict between me and my wife again It's a perfect plan. Chapter 99

When the wife heard the words of the old man Niu, the whole person became bad, and the face instantly showed sadness and pain, I sawThe wife lowered her head without saying a word, not knowing what was going on in her mind, which shows that Old Man Niu's plan has paid off.

After a while like this, the old man Niu saw that his wife did not speak, so he started his second step, only to see the old man Niu picked up the red wine on the table and said to him. The wife said, "Okay, stop thinking about those unhappy things, drink some bars, the wine will make you forget those unhappy things." After saying that, the old man Niu began to take the initiative to help his wife. Pour your wine.

When I saw this, I immediately understood the real intention of the old man Niu. It turned out that he said these words to his wife not only to stimulate his wife's emotions, but also for the next drinking Found a reasonable reason.

However, just when the wife's glass was half poured by the old man Niu, the wife suddenly reached out her hand to stop the old man who was pouring wine for her, and put the whole bottle of red wine from the The old man Niu grabbed it from his hand, and then drank it in a big way by blowing on the bottle.

This is something I never imagined. I thought it meant refusal by my wife, but
Not only did my wife not refuse, but she raised the whole bottle of red wine and drank it. I thought this As a result, even the old man was unexpected.

Judging from the pained expression on his wife's face, she was biting herself into drinking alcohol, and the old man Niu who was watching her had no intention of stopping his wife at all. The old man looked at his wife drinking alcohol with a wicked smile.

Until the whole bottle of red wine was half drunk by his wife, the old man Niu snatched the bottle from his wife, and said to his wife in a soothing tone, "If you can, please Let medrink with you, I would like to accompany you to forget all your troubles and sorrows"

After hearing this comfort from the old man Niu, his wife sighed deeply, and then He said to the old man Niu, "Alas! Anyway, thank you." After saying that, the wife drank the half glass of red wine on the table in one gulp.

After hearing his wife's thanks, the old man Niu said quickly, "Hey, thank you, we are a family, I will definitely care about you, if you have any grievances in your heart, You can tell it to meI'm really willing to be your listener"

Judging from this old man Niu's heartfelt words to his wife, I can feel that he not only longs for it
I am more eager to take this opportunity to communicate with my wife spiritually, becauseOnly by doing this can the old man Niu slowly gain his wife's heart. Once his wife's heart is won by the old man, When it arrives, the old man Niu will gradually take my place and become the new owner of this family.

At this moment, in this situation, I deeply feel the unprecedented threat. Judging from the current situation, it is very likely that my wife will have a spiritual exchange with the old man Niu. , this is precisely because the wife drank alcohol, because under the influence of alcohol stimulation, people's speech will lose some of its original proportions, that is to say, the wife is likely to speak to the cow. The old man opened his heart to speak freely.

After hearing Old Man Niu's heartfelt remarks, his wife really changed, only to hear his wife say to Old Man Niu "Okay, then the family will not talk about the two families. Let's eat, this dish is getting cold." Although Old Man Niu's lies are all scams in my opinion, they have become a warm medicine in front of his wife's broken heart.

After seeing his wife's transformation, the old man Niu quickly replied, "Okay, listen to you, eat." At this time, the old man Niu was like a child, becoming very well-behaved and obedient , I know very well that this is a performance of his in order to please his wife. For this kind of trick, I think a man can do it.

In this way, the atmosphere between the two began to improve. At first, the two did not communicate much verbally, but occasionally they would say a word or two when drinking and clinking glasses. But as time went by, the two began to talk more and more. This was due to the effect of alcohol, which caused the two to chat more and more vigorously.

At first, the two only talked about daily life, but when the old man Niu asked why his wife never wanted children, the topic they talked about changed qualitatively. , but under the powerful effect of alcohol, the wife answered this question from the old man Niu without any shyness.

I just heard the drunken wife answer to the old man Niu, "Since you asked, I'm not afraid to tell you, the reason why he and I have no children so far is entirely because of his health. The doctor said that it would be difficult for me to have a child with him, which would mean that I would never be able to fulfill my dream of being a mother, and I really want to..." Before he could finish speaking, his wife covered her nose with her hands and began to cry.

Seeing this, the old man Niu quickly comforted his wife and said, "Don't cry, it's all my fault, I shouldn't ask you this question, I didn't expect you two to be so in love.Besides, I'm really sorry, I slapped my mouth a hundred times, and I apologize here." After speaking, the old man Niu started to beat his own mouth with his big hand, and the voice sounded like It's very crisp and sweet.

Seeing the old man Niu slapped himself in the mouth, his wife hurriedly shouted, "Don't hit me! Don't hit ! Hurry up, it's none of your business." After hearing his wife's call, the old man Niu didn't stop his hand, but said to his wife while beating, "I made you cry, this is my fault. , I'm going topunish myself severely, you don't have to worry about me"

Seeing that the old man Niu still did not stop, his wife immediately stood up from the chair, and ran to the old man Niu. In front of him, he accurately grabbed Old Man Niu's two hands with his delicate hands, which stopped Old Man Niu from slapping his mouth. Then his wife said to Old Man Niu, "Look at me Don't cry anymore, I beg you not to beat yourself up, okay?"

After hearing his wife's plea, the old man Niu quickly answered "Okay, as long as you don't cry, I Stop hitting yourself, I don't want to make you sad because of the question I asked, come and sit down and let's continue drinking and forget about those unpleasant things." After speaking, the old man stood up and sent his wife backArrived at her seat, and then continued this unfinished feast with his wife.Chapter 100

In this way, two bottles of red wine were quickly consumed by the passage of time. The two of them drank, and when Old Man Niu asked his wife if she wanted another bottle, the wife happily agreed to Old Man Niu's proposal. It can be seen that his wife's consciousness has been Completely dominated by alcohol, shedoesn't realize what it would mean to drink it again.

Perhaps the wife is just using alcohol to relieve her worries, using the narcotic feeling of alcohol to soothe her heart ButOld man Niu had already set a trap for his wife. As long as his wife was drunk, he would take the opportunity to violate her bodyto satisfy his wild animal desires.

Due to Niu Laohan's previous temptation, his wife's heart has long been opened, but Niu Laohan did not continue to talk about sensitive topics, but chatted with his wife about his past. At first Niu Laohan br/>I was just talking about some interesting humanities in the army, but as the two talked more deeply, the old man Niu soondeviates from the topic.

When the old man Niu told his wife His biggest dream is to be a father once, his wife hesitated for a moment, and then said to the old man Niu in a comforting tone, "I can fully understand your feelings, this is the same as mine. The feeling of being a mother is the same, otherwise, you can think of me as your daughter, and you can help you fulfill your dream of being a father.”

Wife’s Voice As soon as he fell, the old man Niu immediately retorted, "That's not good, you can't be wronged for fulfilling me." After hearing the old man Niu's rebuttal, his wife hurriedly continued, "What's wrong with thisI'm not wronged, Although you are not as old as my father, you are still enough to be my elder." Obviously, the wife's answer was not what the old man Niu wanted.

I saw the old man Niu frowning, then picked up the wine glass and said to his wife again, "Come, drink this glass of wine first." Seeing the old man Niu was toasting, the wife did not hesitate. He picked up his own glass and drank it with the old man Niu.

I thought that the old man Niu toasted his wife, on behalf of him accepting his wife's proposal, but this is not the case, when the old man Niu put down the glass, he only heard the old man say "Thank you. Your kindness, but I can't accept it, because what I want is a real blood relationship, just like youcan totally adopt a child, but you don't, I think you must too I'm very concerned about this blood relationship, after all, it's not my own flesh and blood"

Although the wife is already drunk, but the wife has not completely lost her ability to think, hear After the old man Niu's words, the wife fell into a brief period of contemplation. After a few seconds, the wife said to the old man Niu with a heavy tone, "Yes, you are right at all, after so many years, II also wanted to adopt a child in the past, but whenever I thought that it was not my own flesh and blood, I felt very uncomfortable in my heart. As a woman, I obviously have the ability to bear children, but I cannot br/>Having a taste of being a mother, I can't tell how bitter it is... I" said, and his wife shed sad tears.

I didn't expect to go around, and finally came back to this topic, but this time the old man Niu didn't punish himself for his wife's crying, but said angrily " I hatethe people who stand in the pit and don't poop. They know that there is something wrong with their body, but they don't take care of themselvesI don't know how to use such a good resource, hey.. ..what a pity."

When I saw this, I instantly became furious, it was obviously talking about me, and it was said in front of my wife, old man Niu This sentence hurts two people invisibly, if not separated by The screen of the computer, with my character, I really want to chop him with a knife, although I knowI am not the opponent of the old man, but I will not endure such humiliation.

As soon as the old man Niu finished saying this, his wife's crying stopped.I saw the wife looked at the old man Niu with angry eyes, I remember this His eyes were exactly the same as when his wife was angry before. I don't know what kind of things my wife will do this time.

When the old man Niu found that his wife was looking at him with angry eyes, the old man Niu did not show panic immediately, but formed a confrontation with his wife very calmly. Looking at it, after a few secondsthe wife threw out the sentence "Since it is a good resource, don't let it go to waste." After saying that, the wife got up and walked towards the second floor.

Just as his wife went upstairs, the calm old man suddenly sighed deeply, then picked up the rest of the red wine and blew it against the bottle When he got up, he didn't put the bottle down until the wine in the bottle was completely drained.

It can be seen that the brief glance between him and his wife just now seemed to frighten him, but he did not expect his wife to say such a sentence at the end, although The atmosphere seemed very tense, but the old man Niu still stabilized his mentality, and finally won the precious ticket for himself under the pull of several waves of ingenious words .

With this ferry ticket, he can confidently climb into his wife's bed and start an unprecedented war between men and women with his wife, although this is what I expected However,I suddenly have a doubt, that is, according to the current date, my wife's menstrual period is goneI don't know if my wife will let the old man wear condoms. It's fine if you wear a condom.

If you don't wear a condom, your wife is very likely to be pregnant with Niu Laohan's child. This is because Niu Laohan has only a handful of ejaculation times in his life, plus Based on his strong physique and diet, I think his sperm activity must be much higher than normal.

Chapter 101

Just after the old man Niu put down the bottle, I saw him running up to the second floor at a very fast speed. When I saw this, I was decisive. Cut the picture to the corridor on the second floor, and then the figure of the old man Niu who just went upstairs appeared in the picture, because the old man Niu was in a hurry, he walked very fast, so in just a few seconds, the old man Niu disappeared from my sight.

When I cut the picture to the bedroom, I found that my wife was sitting by the bed and undressing for herself, and the old man was staring straight at him like a piece of wood. With her, although my wife's undressing process has long been a routine for me, it is definitely a visual feast for the old man. After all, this is the first time for the old man to see in person. Witness the whole process of wife undressing.

However, at the moment when his wife unbuttoned his trousers, the old man Niu came to his wife at a very fast pace, and then knelt on his knees gently to his wife. He said, "Xiaoxue, let me help you take it off." After hearing the old man Niu's words, his wife didn't say a word, just nodded to the old man Niu.

After seeing his wife's response, Old Man Niu immediately took action, and Old Man Niu started to take off his pants for his wife without hesitation, because Old Man Niu was from top to bottom. Therefore, the first thing that entered the eyes of the old man was his wife's genitals full of mysterious temptations.

As the wife's pants were slowly pulled down by the old man Niu, a pair of black transparent panties gradually appeared in the old man's field of vision. At this time, I could clearly see through that pair of panties. Black panties, seeing his wife's bushy triangle, gives a very hungry and mysterious temptation.

When the wife's pants were pulled to the knees by the old man Niu, the old man Niu's hands suddenly stopped, and then he slowly moved his face towards his wife's lower body obsessively, After seeing this move of the old man Niu, the wife actually lay down on her back in cooperation.

In this way, with the cooperation of his wife, the old man Niu started his crazy sniffing. Judging from the refreshing expression of the old man Niu, it seemed that he licked his wife's honey better than the last time. The point is even more excited, although the two are incomparable, but I have to say that his excitement this time is far greater than the last time, maybe this is the charm of his wife's original flavor.

During the sniffing process of the old man Niu, I deliberately looked at my wife, and I was very surprised that the wife actually enjoyed the process, which shows that a woman What she longs for is not just spiritual and physical pursuits, she also longs for her feminine charm to make men crazy and fascinated by her.

You must know that it is the nature of women to love beauty. To put it bluntly, they are actually what beauty is shown to our men. When a man is particularly crazy and fascinated by a woman, That woman will have a sense of accomplishment, just likeJust like a man's desire to conquer a beautiful woman, the more a woman screams in bed, the more a man will have a sense of accomplishment. As the so-called yin and yang complement each other, men and women have their own needs.

Of course, these must be built on a foundation, that is, the relationship between husband and wife or the ambiguous relationship between male and female friends
Obviously, the former is not as good as the latter, after all, many years of married life have already become plain However, it is tasteless, and the relationship between male and female friends is not, because the time of mutual contact is short, so whether it is freshness or attractiveness, it will be far better than the former.

That is to say, the charm of my wife is not enough to make me crazy and fascinated like before, even if I force myself to do it, I will not get the taste back. After all, this is not pretended, but the old man is different. He came from a poor background and has little knowledge. Facing such a beautiful woman, he will inevitably be crazy and fascinated, and this just gives him The sense of accomplishment that his wife should have as a beautiful woman.

Assuming Niu Laohan and his wife really get together and form a family, judging from Niu Laohan's current age and background, he can at least be obsessed and fascinated by his wife. It doesn't necessarily last for five years or even ten years. The reason why I speculate like this is entirely based on my own reference and comparison.

From what I know about myself, I have been obsessed with my wife for at least three years. Of course, these three years also include contact before marriage. This is just my conservative estimate. Although I haven't been in contact with many women in my life, but I have a lot of knowledge, and my thinking is no longer on the same level as Niu Laohan, so I can say that Niu Laohan will be crazy about his wife. year.

When I returned to the video from my thoughts, I found that the old man Niu had already started to make a difference, I saw the old man Niu smelling down slowly down his wife's thigh, Occasionally, he would stick out his dirty tongue to lick and suck his wife's snow-white thighs.

In this way, under the offensive of the old man Niu who took off and smelled it, the old man quickly smelled his wife's calf until the moment when the old man Niu completely took off the whole pair of pants , I just noticed that the stockings on my wife's feet have not been taken off. At this time, the old man Niu was sniffing wildly through his wife's stockings.

When I saw this, I immediately turned my attention to my wife, but she was still enjoying it.It seemed that she didn't mind the perverted behavior of the old man like Niu, which was beyond my expectations. I reallyI didn't expect my wife to accept the old man Niu smelling her beautiful feet so calmly.

When my wife let out a faint moan from her mouth, I was surprised to find that the old man Niu had already started to greedily lick her beautiful feet in stockings. This scene suddenly reminded me of An article on the InternetI remember that the article was talking about the topic of beautiful feet for women, and it also mentioned that feet are also one of the sexually sensitive areas ofwomen.

Honestly I didn't believe it at the time, I thought it was all nonsense, but now I can believe it, because at this moment the old man is licking his wife's dick Stockings beautiful feet, and the wife's reaction just confirmed this statement, so now I can 100% believe that there are indeed physiologically sensitive areas on women's beautiful feet.
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