Difficulty in the Heart (Part 1) The Heart of the Original Wife Swap (50-完结)

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The sagging breasts are still quite obvious. I stretched out my hands and held her breasts as if they were weighing them, and by the way, I twisted her nipples with two fingers.The boss's nipples surprised me a bit. I originally thought that there would be two huge black dates, but the real situation was two bright red pomegranate seeds, which made me a little overjoyed. This made her cry out loudly."Why do you want to follow me when your wife is so beautiful..." The proprietress glanced at his wife, perhaps still feeling a little ashamed in front of such a beautiful woman."Sister, you should be a game that our two husband and wife are looking for you to play. You take off your skirt." As I said, I lowered my head and licked her nipples. By the way, I looked over her body and looked at the opposite wife. He looked at me and didn't react.
The proprietress took off her short skirt obediently, and now there is only one pair of panties on her body. I reached down and stroked her two buttocks. The hand felt very thick, but it was no longer elastic.
At this moment, there was a knock at the door, "It's me." Before we could open the door, the other party announced that it was the boss who came back. I looked at my wife again, and a trace of nervousness flashed across her face. .
The proprietress walked away from me like she was being raped by her husband. She was so frightened that she hid on the other side of the foot bath and squatted down. The wife went to the door and unlocked the door. The boss came in and locked it again. At the door, he was holding a small cardboard box in his hand. I knew at a glance that it was a box of condoms from a certain brand.
I pulled the shy lady boss from the other side and hugged her in my arms, showing her half-naked body to her husband, rubbing her hands on her chest.
The boss's facial expressions were still so lackluster. His wife was lying topless in the arms of another man in front of him. Such an exciting scene did not make him show any emotional fluctuations.
"Brother, your wife is mine now, now, that is yours." I pointed at my wife with my chin, and she was also very nervous, and took a deep breath unconsciously.
The boss got my permission, but he still stood there dumbfounded. His wife's eyes were helpless at this time. She passively accepted this alternative wife-swap under my bewitchment, but she was as beautiful as a flower. The young woman didn't want to be the one who took the initiative to attack. I ignored the two of them, put my mouth in the boss's ear and said, "Do you know how to do oral sex?"
The boss blushed and said softly, "I, I've seen it before, I'll try it." Then she turned around to help me pull down both the inner and outer pants, my lower body was completely exposed, the proprietress crouched down, and turned to look at the two people on the other side. I glanced at it, and then slowly swallowed my little brother into the mouth. She is not very skilled, but I guess I have seen this kind of behavior in AV. At least she knows how to use her lips to hoop the cock up and down, and then the tongue in her mouth is in the mouth. Slide over.
But he spit it out in just two strokes, "It smells good, I'll get you a wet towel to wipe it." He got up and looked for the wet towel in the room. Passed by her husband as if he wasn't there.
"Brother, why are you standing still? Your wife and I have already started." I said to the boss while sitting on the bed swinging a big cock.
With my encouragement, the boss silently sat beside his wife.
"Can a man take the initiative?" I continued to bewitch him.
The boss bravely put his hand on his wife's thigh and slowly touched it through the jeans. The wife smiled wryly.
At this time, the proprietress found the wet wipes and came back to me, wiped them three times and smelled them several times. After confirming that there was no peculiar smell, I continued the action just now. I sat on the foot bath and enjoyed her oral service. The strange thing is that after a few minutes of wiping, I feel that the boss's oral sex seems to have improved. This can't be an illusion, but I don't care that much, just enjoy it.
My hands fell down just enough to reach her breasts, the hand feeling from there was very soft, but only soft, not at all like my wife's double peaks with amazing elasticity in their softness, as if a A strange substance with amazing resilience.
On the other hand, the boss is touching his wife's thigh, but his eyes are always looking towards us, with a complicated look in his eyes.
"Boss, how do you two play? Talk to her yourself, I won't interfere."
The boss seems to be at war between heaven and man. The beauty was frightened, but he seemed to figure it out under our stimulation. He turned around and threw his wife on the foot bath bed. He pressed the whole person on it, and kissed his wife's neck and shoulders with a big mouth.
The wife giggled, "Beard, it tickles my beard."
Since our two foot bath beds were side by side, the proprietress was squatting on the ground to serve me, so the two of them I can see the situation at a glance. The boss was stunned when he heard his wife say this, and he was again at a loss.
The wife covered her face with her hands, obviously disappointed with this man's indifference. She finally couldn't help but take the initiative to attack.
"Brother, please help me take off my pants, and then touch my bottom. Come on when you're almost there." The wife said and loosened the buttons of her jeans.
The boss straightened up and licked his lips. He hurriedly helped his wife take off both inner and outer pants. The wife was naked like me. The boss stared at his wife's lower body with wide eyes. The throat moved involuntarily, and suddenly he plunged into it as if he had no teacher, the rapid movement startled his wife and let out a low exclamation. At this time, I had already turned the proprietress over and pressed her down. She is older and her body is relatively stiff. I used to put her legs on my shoulders, but she begged for mercy after a while, so I let her With my legs crossed, I cooperated with my waist and abdomen. The proprietress obviously saw this scene next door, and she was embarrassed when she saw the rhetoric about her husband just now. She was also embarrassed. No time to take care of others.
The wife was not reconciled, she pushed the boss on her body, "Brother, are you okay?" The boss was pushed by her as if she didn't want to be pressed like this, so she got up and knelt on the bed. Taking off the condom on the cock, the wife ignored the slippery on the cock, grabbed it in her hand and tried to condom it.
My battle is still going on here. The skillful way the lady boss put on condoms made me doubt whether she was too busy to take care of her private life as the boss said. Although I am far from reading countless people, but Self-confidence still has some experience with a woman's performance in bed. The degree of cooperation she showed during sex with me is obviously not what a woman who has been estranged for a long time should show, but this is other people's family affairs and it has nothing to do with me, I just want Just enjoy the moment.
The proprietress couldn't find the focus in her eyes. At this moment, she was like a goldfish struggling on the ground, breathing heavily, as if it would be difficult to maintain her life otherwise, her hands rubbed her two peaks from time to time. , sometimes stroking back and forth on my chest, back and forth, and my body swaying with my movements.
Her little pussy is far from being tight, and the pleasure it brings to me after being fully lubricated is far less intense than having sex with my wife, but at this time, my wife is being pressed by another man beside me. Under the body, and outside the door, people pass by from time to time, the voice of the conversation is clear and audible, and some people are even looking for the boss and the boss's wife. The superposition of various factors in this situation makes me feel a strange pleasure.
The proprietress was obviously doing a sprint. I pressed my body completely on top of her, and hugged her tightly with both hands from behind. The bodies of the two were tightly pressed together. Her huge breasts were caught by me. His chest was flattened.
There was the sound of someone talking outside the door. It could be seen that the sound insulation of the door was poor. The proprietress covered her mouth involuntarily, but the waves of pleasure from the depths of her body still made her eager to find an outlet to vent. Suddenly he held my head and kissed her. There was no peculiar smell in her mouth. Instead, there was a faint sweetness that tasted like chewing gum.
My pleasure is getting stronger and stronger, and finally my waist and eyes are numb and shivering, and a few essences spew out. At the same time, we both suppressed the catharsis that was about to blurt out, and the wife and boss on the side were also giggling. The room was both noisy and quiet.
The proprietress gently helped me to remove the condom that had been filled on my head, wrapped it in a tissue and threw it into the trash, and then took out a few tissues to help me clean up my cock. I turned my head while enjoying her after-service service. Looking at his wife, I saw that she was still trying to help the boss regain his glory. She sat on her knees, her upper body was almost on the foot bath bed, and she was helping the boss to fly. The big soft cock was almost in front of her. There was unsatisfied depression in his eyes and anxiety about the delay in raising the cock.
The boss's expression is also a little anxious, and he also hopes to show his glory again. After all, the unattainable best wife in front of him is too attractive, and he doesn't want to just pass by in such a confused way. Rubbing his wife's big breasts, he wanted to stimulate his desire, but under the stimulation of this powerful aphrodisiac, his crotch did not improve.
I was a little anxious to see it. The environment here is special. I originally planned to do it as soon as I saw it, so I quickly dressed it, and the lady boss was also neatly dressed.
"Wife, forget it if you can't do it, it won't be good after a long time." I said softly from the side.
The wife was still trying in vain, maybe her hands were sore, but she was like a female beast who lost patience with her prey, and finally angrily threw off the cock that could not be erected in her hand with a low roar.
"I'm sorry, I'm also trying to get hard, but... ah." The boss was also very annoyed.
"Forget it, it's almost time, we should go." I said, urging my unfinished wife.

Chapter 90
The wife put on her clothes reluctantly. I took a look at her expression. It means that the fire of desire in her heart has not been extinguished at all, and it is still burning her heart at this time.
The wife has really changed. The weight of desire in her consciousness is obviously higher than before. Perhaps at this time she has truly achieved the so-called letting go of the burden of chastity in my heart that I have been bewitched by. She has done it. But why am I a little apprehensive?
"Madam, we'll go to the front desk to settle the bill later."
I said seriously, it seems that nothing happened just now except for the normal foot bath service.
"Oh, no need, no need, we are also destined."
The proprietress was obviously a little uncomfortable, and if others passed by, they would definitely think the reason for the exemption was strange.
But since the proprietress said so, I would be very welcome. After greeting them, I walked out of the foot bath shop with my pouting wife.
Walking outside the door and being blown by the cold wind, I was surprised that I was so daring just now, and I couldn't help laughing.
"What are you laughing at? You're so cool, I've been beaten up. The boss looked okay at first.Here comes the silver wax tip, hum! "My wife is still angry.
I hugged her and kissed her on the face, "Okay, don't be angry, I'll go back and supply you, okay?" "
"What is it?" Isn't this what you should do? It's like giving me alms. I don't care about you. I'll catch a man on the street to solve it. Saying that, I really threw off my hand and walked forward quickly.
"Hey, hey, don't mess around!" "Although I knew that she was more likely to be joking, I still instinctively wanted to stop her when I saw her fluttering heart, so I took a few steps forward and grabbed her.
She giggled and laughed happily. If I hadn't grabbed her hand, she would have been sitting on the ground laughing so hard.
"What's wrong with you? Not satisfied yet smiling so happily? "I said angrily.
"Are you really afraid that I would catch men on the road? "My wife couldn't hold back her smile."
"Go and catch it. If you catch it, don't take it home. Just go to a hidden place. I'll help you take care of it. Go." "I replied very naively.
My wife's mouth was deflated, she grabbed my arm aggrievedly and said, "You know I don't dare. "
"Then you are still trying to lie to me?" "
"Whoever asks you to take care of yourself regardless of my life or death." "
"Sister, don't look at what the environment is like. If it's in a hotel room, if he can't do it, I'll take over immediately, and I'll try my best to make you happy." "
"Who is your name, eldest sister?" Your eldest sister is in the store! "
"Okay, I was wrong, miss." "
"You're the lady!" "
"Little sister, little sister is headquartered." "
"You're the little girl who massages!" "
The two of us just went back home, the first time we exchanged wives after abstinence ended in such a way that we never dreamed of, the light in the wife's body was lit but not extinguished. Of course, the fire was handed over to me. As a temporary firefighter, I had to shoot all the stock in the water pipe to completely extinguish the fire of desire.
At noon the next day, my wife went out to get her hair done and was home alone. I got a call.
"Hello, who's there? "
The other end of the phone was silent for two seconds, and a slightly displeased female voice came.
"You didn't save my phone number, did you?" "
I was stunned for a moment, but I felt the voice was familiar, and then I patted my head and suddenly realized.
"Ah! Meng Yun! Haha, is something wrong? "
"Hmph, I had something good for you, but now I'm so angry that I don't want to talk about it. "
"Don't, don't, say it, what's the good thing? whee. "
"Don't think about it, Mr. Lu. In fact, we are not that familiar with each other. We just passed by your neighborhood and wanted to talk to you about work. "
"Haha, don't be angry, I'll save it in the address book immediately, and my name will be the most beautiful confidante, Miss Shi Mengyun, do you think it's sincere enough? "
Shi Mengyun on the other end of the phone snorted, "I'm at Wanda, come with your family Xinyue, it's really a work thing, and then invite you to have a meal together, let's chat casually." "
"Okay, how dare Miss Shi dare not follow the invitation?" "
We discussed on the phone a restaurant that everyone can accept and made an appointment to meet. After making a decision, we hung up the phone.
"Hey, wife, Shi Mengyun invited us to dinner, just at Wanda, when will you be okay? Let's go together. "
"Huh? I have another hour or two. "
"Why do you get your hair so slow?" "
"No, I had a spa when I first arrived, and I started to do my hair." "
"Okay, then I'll go first. When I get there, I'll send you the address. Call me when you're ready." "
"Okay, bye bye." "
Although my home is less than half an hour's walk away from Wanda, the noon in Shanghai in September is still a little hot, and I have a physique that is prone to sweating. So I chose to drive there.
"Didn't you ask me to eat? Do you think you can eat here? "I was sitting in a simple dessert shop, and across from me was an apologetic Shi Mengyun.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I just had a temporary incident. I got to pick up a friend from the airport before two o'clock in the afternoon. So, hehe. "Shi Mengyun actually made a face at me, which surprised me."
"Oh, Miss Shi actually apologized?" It surprises me just like your outfit today. "I deliberately looked at her in a cheongsam dress with a frivolous look.
"Does it look good?" "
"A woman like you is a natural gun rack, ah no, a clothes rack, can you not look good?" "I deliberately slipped my tongue, and then looked at her reaction maliciously.
As expected, she narrowed her eyes to reveal a dangerous light, but then she put on a sweet smile and said, "It's okay to be a gun. A clothes rack is fine, isn't that the highest evaluation a man has for a woman? I accepted. "
I deliberately approached her, "Oh, I wanted to invite you to my house for a good meal, but it's a pity. "
"Why are you going to your house?" "
"Yes, do it." "
"You... get out!" "
"Haha, alright, alright, let's get down to business, don't delay your next trip." "
Shi Mengyun gave me a hateful look before slowly saying, "My dad's company has recentlyHe has invested in an online travel service provider and mainly produces some products on some e-commerce platforms. "
"Oh? Good thing, future trends, what products are there? "
"Mainly overseas hotels, tickets, performance tickets and some local packaged entertainment products. "
"Well, if the product is relatively exclusive, or the price is advantageous, it is very promising. "
"Because it is reintegrated, we are going to set up a new operation team. I would like to ask if you are interested in working for me?" "
"Hehe, it's okay to work for someone, as long as the return is reasonable. "
"What is your current annual income?" "
"Well, I'm not false. If you add up all the salary and bonuses, the current after-tax amount is 140,000 to 50,000 yuan. . "
"Well, you are a senior in the tourism industry. I would like to leave you the position of operations director. The current salary figure is 250,000 before tax. Are you interested? "
My heart skipped a beat, the pre-tax 250,000 means an increase of more than 30% over my current income, and the combination of the Internet and travel is definitely the trend in the future, I can It's still very attractive to get a foothold before the industry reshuffles.
"I admit I'm tempted, but I also have to think about it, give me two or three days. "
"Aren't you going to pay me back in terms of salary? "Shi Mengyun looked at me with great interest.
"I'm just not defensive about my friends, so I have to have a very high moral standard to be friends with me. Besides..."
"What? "
"I don't have enough money to pay for it, haha, oops! "My foot was stomped under the table.
Shi Mengyun leaned over to me and said softly, "You are such a cheap man, you know that with just one look, people will obediently accompany you to bed. Eat my tofu in your mouth, hum. "
"No way, because Mengyun's tofu is especially delicious, fragrant and sweet, just like this." "I dug up a spoonful of white and tender double-skin milk in front of her, slowly put it in my mouth and chewed it a few times, then stuck out my tongue and licked my lips, making an expression with endless aftertastes.
Shi Mengyun With a snort, "Serious. "
I took the opportunity to grab her hand, "Don't pick up anyone, come back with me, I think you have a soft and fragrant body." "
She didn't resist and struggle when I held her hand. She lowered her head and bit her lip, as if she was very tangled in her heart.
"How is it?" Is there a price to pay for digging a corner? "I continued to bewitch her, dug out a spoonful of double-skin milk and handed it to her mouth.
Shi Mengyun glanced at me affectionately, and placed the spoon with double-skin milk in a very provocative gesture. Han said in his mouth, "People still have to pick them up, I'll come to you when I'm ready. "
"Okay, remember to come, I'll wait for you." "
"Do you really want me to accompany your husband and wife for a threesome?" "
"If you are interested in me, I will let my wife watch by the side, if you are interested in my wife, I will watch by the side, how? "
Shi Mengyun snorted again, "Then I'll take turns playing your husband and wife." "
The promised lunch turned into a small gathering at the dessert shop. When I left the mall, my wife still didn't call me, so I called her and wanted to tell her that if she didn't come over, I would Don't come, but no one answered the three consecutive calls. Now I'm a little confused. Could she be on her way and didn't hear her phone in her bag? She is used to plugging in her bluetooth when she walks alone. Listening to music with headphones, it is impossible to miss a call. Forget it, let’s go back first.

Chapter 91-Chapter 92
As we walked to Wanda on the only way to go, we did not find her on the way. At this time, my mobile phone rang a notification tone from WeChat, and I clicked it to see that it was sent by my wife.
“ Husband, I'm a little tired and can't come. You can eat and say hello to Shi Mengyun on my behalf. "
It turns out that there is no one to accompany you, and there is no car to pick up the lazy cancer patient. I can't reply to the message when I am driving. I will talk to her when I go home. It will be there soon in less than ten minutes. In fact, I think along the way. The one I received the most was the invitation of Shi Mengyun. My current development has reached a bottleneck. Under the current environment, it is unlikely that there will be a big improvement. It is actually a good choice to change jobs.
I think my mind is very fast. When I got to the door of the house, I just remembered that I hadn't told my wife that I didn't have lunch. It was all to blame for this unreliable Shi Mengyun. If she really dared to come here today, she would have to toss her, thinking about me and opened the room. As soon as I entered the door, I heard my wife's laughter and laughter. I felt strange in my heart, didn't I say I was tired.
"Huh? Husband, are you back so early? "My wife looked at me who came in from the entrance with a surprised look.
I was dumbfounded when I saw the situation in the hall. I saw my wife was sitting on the sofa in home pajamas and nibbling on an apple. It was a huge wooden barrel that was obviously not the family's, and a man was squatting beside the barrel, holding his wife Bai Shengsheng's feet and rubbing vigorously.
The man looked back at me. I put on a simple and honest smile, I recognized him in just a second, the owner of the foot bath shop, what's going on? I looked puzzled at the time.
My wife was surprised when she saw me. He explained: "It's like this, I passed a foot bath shop on the way back from my haircut today, and the proprietress happened to see me and came out to chat with me a few words, saying that their shopThere is door-to-door service. I think I'll be bored by myself if you're not at home anyway, so I'll let the boss come. "
A very normal and reasonable explanation, but I just think this matter is a little wrong. Yesterday, I was having fun with their husband and wife for a while, and now our relationship is still the relationship between ordinary customers and the boss's wife? ? Wouldn't it be silly to let someone come to the door under such circumstances?
"Husband. "My wife seemed to see that I was in a bad mood, so she called me cautiously.
"Ah? Oh, nothing, Shi Mengyun has something to do temporarily, so we didn't eat, so we found a dessert shop to talk about work. Well, I brought you some of your favorite food. "
The wife's eyes lit up, "What did you bring?" let me see. "
I walked over and handed her the plastic bag in my hand.
"Wow! Red bean double skin milk, coconut milk sago and almond tea are all my favorites, thank you husband. "As he said that, he put his arms around my neck and kissed my face firmly.
"Hehe, you little husband and wife are really loving. "It's rare that the dull boss actually took the initiative to say a word.
"Haha, well, go ahead and wash, I'm in the study, call me if you have something. "After speaking, he walked into the study and turned on the desktop computer, ready to watch a few episodes of American TV series.
"Husband, haven't you eaten lunch yet?" There is pasta that I cooked at noon in the kitchen, you can just blanch it in hot water, and there is sauce in the refrigerator. "
"Okay. "
"Husband, let's eat these desserts together after I wash them." "
"It's okay, you can eat while you wash. "
I went to the kitchen to make a simple plate of pasta and took it to the study. My wife had already finished eating the apples, opened the red bean double skin milk and started eating again. The boss pinched her feet while helping her. I explained to her the acupuncture points on the legs, while talking and doing the actual operation, which made her scream.
I sat in the room and ate and watched it, but I was also thinking about job-hopping, and unknowingly I finished watching the one-hour episode. I got up and walked out of the room to take the empty dishes to the kitchen. At this time, the wooden bucket under my wife’s feet had been removed. The boss was sitting on a small bench, and one of my wife’s calves was resting on the Her thigh was massaged by him.
"Boss, your door-to-door service is really authentic. It takes so long and the price is not cheap, right? "I laughed.
"Hehe, business is difficult now. There are fewer people during the day, so if you are idle, you will be idle. "The boss always has the same simple and honest smile on his face. But I always unconsciously associate the two figures in front of me with the two folded bodies yesterday.
"Hehe, then you go on busy. "I said and went back to the study.
I sat down and continued watching the drama, but the plot of this episode was a bit repetitive and procrastinated. I couldn't help dozing off while watching it, and when I woke up, I realized that I had missed the previous few minutes. I went back and watched the plot of the story, and after several repetitions, I became more and more drowsy.
"Husband. "At this moment my wife's voice woke me up.
I looked up to see her standing beside me, "Okay? I'll go and pay. "I was about to get up from the chair.
But my wife held me down, "I'm not asking you to pay, yes, I have something to tell you. "The wife's eyes flickered.
"What's the matter? What's up? "I was a little confused, so I glanced at the living room outside the house, and saw that the boss was wiping the water stains on the ground, and while wiping, he also looked here secretly." Look at me, unable to say a complete sentence.
I couldn't help laughing, "What's wrong with you? What are you talking about, if you are embarrassed to say it in front of outsiders, just wait until he leaves. "
"No, it's about that boss. "The wife's face turned red.
"It's about him?" Then you have to say it, let me guess? Then I guess you didn't feel good enough yesterday, and you want to continue today? "
I meant to make fun of my wife. The expected situation should be that her pink fist should be on my body at this time, but none of these situations happened. My wife looked at me with wide eyes.
I was stunned, "Did I guess it right? "
"Yes, is it possible?" "
The relaxed expression on my face disappeared. "Did he mention it or did you mention it?" "
"The two of us had a bit of a gap in the back of the conversation. I said that his thing was quite big and it was very comfortable to put it in. He asked me if I wanted to try again. It will definitely not be as fast as yesterday. . "My wife lowered her head and said in a low voice.
I almost blurted out my objections, but I forcibly held them back. I once said that as long as my wife likes it, I will support it, but now I want to watch her at home. I'm still very uncomfortable with people.
My wife saw my change in expression, "Husband, do you disagree? Then I paid to let him go. I turned around and wanted to go out, and I grabbed her, "I said that I will support you as long as you are happy, and this time is no exception, but we have to agree that home is a very special place, and you won't be here in the future. At home, let's not take an example, okay? "
The wife lowered her head and pondered for a while, "Husband, if you think this is not good, then don't do it this time. I am playful but not lewd." "
I smiled and pinched her face, "You can only be lustful to me, I said, all I want is the honesty between us, everything is negotiable, okay, husband Okay, now go enjoy that big cock. Saying that, she patted her ass.
The wife was a little embarrassed, "Then I'll go, we're in the living room, you can close the door or not.Pieces of pale pink blush appeared, which looked really tempting.
Previously, when our sex became less and less passionate, she didn't have this seductive blush for a long time, until we opened the door to a new world. It took a long time to do foreplay. After the emotions of both parties reached a certain height, I would use my passion to make her flush, but how long did it take the foot bath shop owner to make her body red? Seeing this, I can't help feeling a little sour. It seems that my wife is right. Only strange men can make her feel strong.
"Beauty, am I much better today?" The boss actually took the initiative to ask his wife how she felt.
"Yes, yes, have you taken medicine?"
"Which woman doesn't like my stuff? Where can I take medicine?"
"You hurry up a little bit." "
"I want to fuck you for a while, I'm afraid I'm going to come out soon."
"Then rub my chest for me." The wife said, grabbing a big hand and going to her chest Let it go, the boss kneaded his wife's breasts vigorously, just like kneading dough.
I stood at the door and observed everything in front of me through the crack of the door. Because the distance was not very far, I could hear almost every conversation they had.
"Beauty, you can lick my breasts for me, too. My wife licked it for me. It's very comfortable." She leaned her body back against the armrest of the sofa, so that she could sit up a little, and then she stretched her head forward a little to reach the boss's chest. The wife stuck out her small tongue and gently tapped on the boss's nipple, and the boss's body suddenly A shock, it seems that the nipples are also a sensitive point for many men. The wife is diligently licking back and forth between the two nipples, and the two weak and boneless hands are still gently stroking the boss's back.
The boss's big cock goes in and out of his wife's small hole. Because of the size, it can't be inserted all the way, and its length is long enough to reach the depth that most men, including me, can't usually reach. It was enough to make the wife crazy, and the wife's physical reaction began to become sensitive. This is the feeling of gradually reaching the top of the mountain. Her breathing became more and more rapid, and the area of ​​blush on her cheeks and body turned out to be bigger. Her body trembled a few times, and a series of short screams came out of her mouth. She finally made up for the regret of last night and reached an orgasm under the attack of this oversized meat stick.
The boss's thrusting continues. His wife is like an octopus with both hands and feet wrapped around his body. Her huge chest is against the boss's chest. The boss who performed much better than last night Finally, unable to withstand such stimulation, his body shivered a few times and collapsed onto his wife.
The wife's flushed cheeks finally showed a happy expression of contentment.
The boss rested on his wife for a while and finally got up reluctantly. He touched his wife from top to bottom with both hands, and he also lingered on the two little white rabbits for a while before they separated. The connected lower body, I saw his big cock slowly pulling out of his wife's body. When the huge penis left the small hole, it made a soft sound due to the air pressure, and the wife made another sound.
"Beauty, can you do it again after a break?" The boss asked his wife tentatively, stroking her body with both hands.
The wife shook her head slightly, "It's alright if it's cool. Pay attention to your body." Then he gently brushed off his dishonest hands, stood up, picked up the underwear beside him, and walked to the bathroom naked. .
The boss felt a little regretful, but he could only put on his clothes helplessly.
The wife just rinsed a little and went out of the bathroom, "Boss, how much does it cost to wash your feet?"
The boss said sternly: "Uh, no, I..."
The wife is serious Said: "That can't be done, I still have to pay the money that should be paid, otherwise I will become a prostitute?"
"Oh, well, 68."
I couldn't help but chuckle, thinking of me Didn't pay last night, didn't you sell it long ago. I slowly closed the door and sat back on the chair pretending to doze off, but I saw with my own eyes a sex battle between my wife and another man, which made me feel uneasy, how could my brother still fall asleep with his crotch upturned? .
After a while, I heard the sound of the door being gently pushed open. I continued to pretend to be asleep. Suddenly, a cool little hand reached into my trousers and grabbed the upturned little brother, and my wife rang in my ear. snickering.
"Tell me honestly, did you see it from the beginning to the end just now?" The wife said while holding the younger brother and slowly tricked it.
"No, there's nothing to see, I'm sleeping." I pretended to be confused.
"Really? Sleeping can make your brother sleep so hard?" My wife looked at me with a half-smile.
"Hehe, I had a spring dream. I dreamed that you were served by a lot of big men. I could only watch from the side, so that's it."
"Really? Then let me show mercy and help Can you unclog your little brother?" My wife said and licked my cheek lightly like a kitten.
"I don't care. If you help others, I will ask others to help me." I said deliberately and arrogantly.
"Oh? Don't regret it, don't ask me to give your brother a place to live at night."
"Hey, isn't that the boss still unfinished?"
"Yeah, Don't look at your wife's appearance or body shape, how many men will not drool? Hehe, he asked me to look for it next timeHe also gave me a business card. I said that I am actually a good woman who loves to play, and I have a bad husband who loves to play. Since I love to play, I will play it and pull it down. Even if I find you next time, I will just wash it. Feet, this kind of thing ends here. "
My eyes lit up, "Wife, you are very enlightened. "
"Of course. "My wife proudly showed her slender neck like a swan.
"But..." I smirked: "I just saw that you can easily orgasm under the service of that big cock, you just Are you willing to give up? Have you ever thought about developing a long-term relationship? "
The wife's eyes rolled, "Hmph, don't try to set me up, I won't be fooled by you." "
I was about to compliment her, but she said, "There are too many powerful men out there, and the best one is always the next one. This is the essence of this game. Hanged from a tree. "
I was speechless by what she said.
Just then my WeChat alert sounded, and when I picked it up, the corners of my mouth twitched slightly, it was Shi Mengyun.
"I It's done, I'll come to you now, send me the address. "
I quickly went back to my home address.
My wife couldn't help but wonder what was going on, "I'm so happy, who is looking for you?" "
I glanced at her mysteriously, "The person who helped me unblock is here, you can just watch it when the time comes."

Chapter 93-Chapter 94
At 4:30 in the afternoon, someone rang the doorbell of my house, and when the door opened, it was indeed a depressed Shi Mengyun.
"Are you saying I'm cheap? Am I fucking home delivery?" Shi Mengyun complained to me before entering the door.
At this time, my wife flashed out from behind me, and Shi Mengyun immediately changed her expression. After the two women gave a big hug, Shi Mengyun handed a bag in her hand to his wife, "Sister Xinyue, it's the first time I came to the door, a little small. Gift."
I saw a bag full of Kiehl's skin care products. This brand is considered a luxury, and its worth is not out of reach, but such a full bag would cost at least more than 2,000 yuan. It is also the brand that my wife usually uses. It is a pity that you really want to send her a set of high-end products such as the mystery of sea blue.
"Yeah! How did you know I used this brand?"
"Cut, it's not the first time we've seen each other, sister, I don't have eyes?"
The two are like best friends Laughed a few times as well.
It's also funny. Two months ago, Shi Mengyun was still Zuo Han's girlfriend who seduced and then bullied his wife on a cruise ship. But after that, Shi Mengyun and I miraculously established a special friendship between us. She Knowing the secret of my wife and I, I was also drawn into the same circle. Although the three of us have never appeared in an exchange situation at the same time, we have met a few times. At first, my wife was a little bit resistant to her, but Shi Mengyun's straightforward personality, which she could afford and let go, still impressed her wife. His wife gradually let go of her prejudice, eliminated barriers, and slowly became what she is now.
"I'm exhausted, I haven't stopped all afternoon." Shi Mengyun lay down on the sofa without seeing anything, completely unaware that this was the place where his wife fought not long ago, and there are still her leftovers on it. What about body fluids?
"Didn't you say you need to pull the sofa cover off and wash it?" I asked my wife in an almost whisper-like voice.
"I haven't had time yet." The wife replied.
"What are you two doing so mysteriously?" Shi Mengyun looked at us vigilantly.
"Oh it's nothing, we'll be discussing for a while what to treat your first-time guest to eat." I said.
"Oh, why are you inviting me? I put the pigeons in the morning, and I'll make up for them in the evening."
"How about that? You came to my house and gave me such an expensive gift, of course we Please," said his wife.
"Actually, I'll tell you honestly, I really don't want to eat anything. Recently, I've been following my dad to dinner every day for the acquisition. I'm almost eating three highs." Shi Mengyun said, lying down without grace. Covering his stomach on the couch.
"No wonder, I said why you look fatter than before."
Shi Mengyun glared at me, "Sister Xinyue, do you care if your husband says that?"
"Haha, This is your grievance, I can't control it, sigh, if you can't eat too greasy, let's make something light in the evening."
"That's the best, come to a bowl of rice, pickled melon, salted duck eggs, whatever you want. Just come a little."
"Let's go to the dim sum shop next to the community. Their family is also a celebrity, and the cold noodles and wontons are delicious. Now the weather is getting colder and it's about to go out of the market. I am also It's been a long time since I went to eat."
Shi Mengyun seemed to be refreshed, "This is fine."
In this way, our husband and wife asked this borrower to borrow a car, and it was a Tesla that came to the door for the first time The first meal of the eldest lady, who received several thousand gifts, was street food with less than 30 per capita, and it was these things that made her eat with relish.
"Hey, you've already eaten a cold noodle, a cold wonton and a bowl of beef soup, and you want to eat a xiaolongbao. Can you do it?" I asked anxiously.
"Have you been so stingy when you invite me to dinner? I'm willing to eat you, take care of me, hurry up and buy it!" He stared at me, as if she was my wife among the two women.
I looked at my wife, but she also choked, "Why are you looking at me? Go buy it, I'll eat with Mengyun." She raised her eyebrows at Shi Mengyun, as if she was saying , "You did the right thing, as it should be for men. "
I was annoyed for a while, so I got up and walked to the cashier, and there were two women laughing behind me.
After the two women really worked together to kill a basket of xiaolongbao, we finally walked out of the store Shi Mengyun thinks it's delicious and eats a lot. My wife is influenced by her and eats more than usual. As for me, inviting people to dinner here feels like picking up a wallet on the way. Some things are a bit expensive, but today in my eyes they are just numbers, and to be honest, those numbers are not big. "I propose.
"Mengyun, are you going back today?" asked the wife.
"Of course I have to go back." "Looking at us," why do you ask? What are your plans for me? "
My wife glanced at me proudly, "Someone said that someone will help him to clear the pipeline today, and I don't need me. It seems like a big deal. I'm thinking for a while what conditions should I offer when he begs me." Woolen cloth. "
Shi Mengyun gave me a sideways glance and said to his wife, "Okay, Sister Xinyue, my suggestion is to let this person know before he kneels down to beg you for mercy." "
As soon as I heard it, I became anxious, "Hey you two women, believe it or not, I'll do it with you!" "
Today, my wife was very daring because she had a female companion by her side. Before Shi Mengyun could open her mouth, she said, "Don't be rude, Mengyun and I can definitely squeeze you out of bed." "
I laughed when I heard it, and Shi Mengyun rolled her eyes at his wife in anger. Everyone laughed and laughed all the way.
"I'm not particularly stressed when I'm with you. In the past, in my life There is a father who is not very close, a stepmother with grudges, a good-looking but worry-free boyfriend, surrounded by a group of similar family backgrounds, who only talk about luxury goods and men's so-called good girlfriends all day long, and go to work from 9 to 5 every day. To be ridiculed by them for not knowing how to enjoy life, it was not until I met you that I felt how boring and boring my previous life was, and how hypocritical and boring the people around me were. "
I don't care about my wife being by my side, I put my arm around her shoulder and patted her hard, "Okay, it's fate for everyone to know each other. Since there is fate, cherish it. You can treat us as good friends. Girlfriends, if you have time, get together more often. "
Shi Mengyun also reached out and put her hand on my shoulder and patted it hard. She was already tall, so this movement was not laborious at all, but this time the posture of the two of us was a bit funny, one wearing a short cheongsam skirt. The big beauty crossed my shoulders like a buddy, but my wife was walking silently beside me.
"Is there a bar near you? Let's sit down and talk. Shi Mengyun suggested.
"What bar to go to, buy some wine in the supermarket and go home to drink, and talk about anything in private space. "I said.
Shi Mengyun thought about it, "Well, that's fine, can Sister Xinyue drink?" "
I said first: "Her? Don't underestimate her, the man who can get her drunk and take advantage has not yet been born. "
My wife rolled her eyes at me, "You mean I'm a female alcoholic? "
"Hey, what are female alcoholics afraid of?" Just not a womanizer. "I said that I gave my wife a kiss on the cheek.
My original intention was to buy some beer and go home and have a drink and chat, but we happened to pass by a liquor supermarket while we were talking, and we ended up buying more than just beer. , Shi Mengyun also insisted on buying a bottle of Daiginjo Japanese sake of more than 1,000. If I hadn't pulled it, she would have bought a bottle of vodka to drink with juice. Invite her to dinner, she invited us to drink, I know that this amount of money is nothing in the eyes of her, who drives two or three cars by herself, so I will not be polite to her again, and I know her temper, if I really pretended to hold her hand holding the purse, she would really let go and let the purse fall back into the bag and watch what happened to me.
When I got home with the wine, we didn't sit in the living room. When we renovated our new house, the bay window in our bedroom was transformed into a mini tea seat. In the middle is a lift-type square tea table. When not in use, it is lowered to be flush with the countertop, and you can enjoy it with a blanket on it. The warm sunshine in winter, and when you want to use it, it can be raised to become an independent small tea table, but one person can be in a daze, or a few people can socialize. We are just three people sitting here drinking and talking nonsense.< "What did you say? You go to the foot bath, and then with the boss and the wife..." Shi Mengyun held a wine glass in her hand, stared at us in disbelief, then she restrained her fussing expression and waved her hand at will: "Forget it, this is I don't find it strange what this guy does, Sister Xinyue, did he tell you that he sold me to an old security guard for 100 yuan just to eat barbecue? "
The wife covered her mouth to prevent a sip of wine from escaping from it, and nodded with a hard smile. "He also said that he would pull me in to see how much it could sell for." "
Shi Mengyun drank a bit too much, and when she talked about this topic, she suddenly became excited, she stretched out a finger, "One hundred yuan, ah?" Then he pointed to himself, "That's it, with this figure, one hundred yuan, Lu Jianhao, do you think your fucking brain is broken?" "
I smiled and grabbed her hand and pressed it back to the table, "Miss, would you be happy if I sold you for 10,000 yuan?" I will ask you whether the experience was good or not? To stimulate or not to stimulate? "
Shi Mengyun broke free from my hand, turned her head and said to his wife, "By the way, Sister Xinyue, your cousin Chen Qianyi and their husband and wife were able to reconcile thanks to me. I was dragged by him to have your brother-in-law fuck you." youThe whole family has to thank me. "
"Okay, Mengyun, I'll give you a toast on behalf of my sister, thank you for your kindness." "My wife poured half a glass of sake each for her and Shi Mengyun, and they clinked the glasses and drank it.
After Shi Mengyun finished drinking, she poured a glass for me and my wife each, "This cup is for you, Thank you for helping me see through that bastard who only eats soft rice and bullies women. Come on, do it. "Speaking of which, I drank it first.
My wife and I looked at each other, and seeing that she was still pouring wine, I didn't know what it was, so I quickly grabbed her wrist and said, "Miss, there is still wine left." , let's drink slowly, okay? "
Shi Mengyun flicked her wrist and tried to break free from me, but she didn't succeed. She glared at me with a stern face and yelled at me: "You let it go, why can't I drink the wine I bought?" "
I knew she had something on her mind, so I couldn't let her go crazy, so I grabbed her hand harder and she couldn't break free, but who knew she couldn't break free from my hand and simply went to her. When I lay on the table, I cried.
I was not afraid of anything, except that I was afraid of a woman crying. I thought I was hurting her too hard, so I quickly let go, but Shi Mengyun cried more and more sad, and it was her wife. Knowing the woman's psychology, she sat by her side and put her arms around her shoulders and whispered comforting words, Shi Mengyun finally slowly stopped crying.
"Do you know why I was deceived by that little white face? Shi Mengyun raised her head, but saw that the tears in her eyes were still rolling down the two long streaks on her face, and her wife was wiping her tears with a tissue.
"You said, Let's all speak up tonight. "I said.
"We met at a party, just because the bastard told me that his mother died when he was a child, and his stepmother was not good to him, so he ran alone I came to Shanghai to work hard and wanted to make a career and go back to pay my respects to my mother. I also slapped his father and stepmother in the face. I was so stupid that I thought he was the one sent by God to save my heart, but I only found out later. It's all his nonsense. His mother is still alive and well in her hometown. It is more diligent to change men than her son to change women. On the contrary, his father is an honest man with his duty. He was still confused after stealing all over, just because he inquired about me in advance and hit my weak spot, I paid him two years of youth, I gave my money, my body, and even my heart to him I got him, but in exchange, he used my money to deceive other women outside. He spent my money and other women in the daytime, and he was loyal to me by pressing on me at night. "
Shi Mengyun smiled bitterly when she said this, grabbed a can of beer and opened it and drank it. My wife tried to stop her, but I gently stopped her. "Let her say, she is also suffering." "
Shi Mengyun took a gulp of beer and continued: "The bastard also said that he would deal with my stepmother with me, and take back everything that should belong to me but was possessed by her. I asked him what he was going to do." , He said let me sort out the company's tax avoidance materials, because my stepmother is the company's financial director, and this kind of thing will definitely implicate her. I agreed when my mind was hot. But the result was that he used these materials to force my stepmother to sleep with him, but I didn't expect my stepmother to be a powerful character. Knowing this, I also have a share, but I did not come to Xingshi to ask the guilt, but had a good talk with me. After this incident, my impression of her has actually changed, but she still rejected her out of instinct. My dad reported this and let the bastard go as well as me. "
"Have you never had the slightest thought in your heart that you want to improve your relationship with your stepmother?" "I asked.
"I don't know, I always thought that my mother died, and my only family in the world was my father, but she came to share my father's love for me. It's so childish to think about it now. "
"How is your relationship now?" "The wife asked.
"After we got off the cruise, she knew that I had broken up with the bastard, and she specifically comforted me that I did the right thing. "
"Wouldn't that be nice?" You can obviously get along well. "
Shi Mengyun shrugged. "
"By the way, when you were on the cruise, you said that the little white face would pay you back what he owed you. How did you deal with this later? "
Shi Mengyun squinted at me, "I guessed that the person pretending to be a passerby that I saw when I went out that day was you, and you really were eavesdropping!" "
"Haha, I was checking whether my plan was going well. "
"I've been more vigilant about that guy since he was stealing and blackmailing my stepmother. I have evidence of money and property transactions and ownership. The Tesla you borrowed last time, a The owner of the car was initially registered with his name, but I asked for it back, and he basically got out of my house with his ass bare. "
"I'm relieved to see you being so heartless, hee hee." "I said with a smile.
"Mengyun, I was deceived by that little white face. Would you look down on me?" The wife asked in a low voice.
"Sister Xinyue, to be honest, I thought this way at first. In my impression, a woman who can be like that kind of man is nothing more than having sex and thinking with her lower body. But after chatting with Lu Jianhao, I felt that everyone has the right to pursue happiness. The difference is whether the partner you are looking for is a gentleman or a villain. Sometimes this is not something you can decide. Now, if I look down on you, do I look down on myself. "
After Shi Mengyun finished speaking, she put her arms around his wife's shoulders, and the wife also put her arms around her shoulders. The two women looked at each other and smiled, which may mean that the two of them have really come out of the shadow of this matter.
We chatted a lot. This is the first time my wife has talked to Shi Mengyun so much. She even took the initiative to tell some things Shi Mengyun had never heard from me before, such as our first 3P, then The tragic experience of "selling one's body", which was very profitable, after I was bullied by Dagang in the countryside, I avenged her and even became a bridesmaid. The two of them cried while talking, crying and laughing, and the wine they bought and drank. I wasn't happy when it was over. I took out all the stock I had at home, and it was almost eleven o'clock in the evening.
"How's it going? Drink so much, stay here tonight, and go to work tomorrow morning." I don't worry that she will go back alone because it's late.
"No, I... My car is still downstairs with yours, I'll go back by myself." Shi Mengyun's tongue became a little bigger when she spoke.
"Are you kidding me? You drive like this? Do you know that if you catch him, you will be detained?"
"Cut, you think I'm stupid? I won't hire a chauffeur?" Shi Mengyun was very stubborn.
"Mengyun, don't go back today. You still drink so much at such a late hour. Even if you find a girl to drive you, it is not safe. We are not at ease," said his wife.
Shi Mengyun really drank too much, she just hugged her head and lay on the table in a daze.
I actually have a little too much. I feel top-heavy when I stand up, but I drink a lot of beer. I only drank a sip of sake that is not high in strength but has enough stamina, so my consciousness is still clear. My wife’s situation is similar to mine. , The little blushing is particularly cute, except that he almost dozed off at the end of the drink, the whole person is still very awake.
"Mengyun, Mengyun." His wife woke Shi Mengyun, who was almost asleep, "Don't be stubborn, just sleep here, take a shower first, go, I'll help you."
Shi Mengyun rubbed her eyes like a child, "Sister Xinyue, I want you to wash with me."
"Ah?" The wife looked surprised.
Shi Mengyun suddenly hugged his wife's slender waist and put her face on her flat belly. He laughed slyly: "Haha, I haven't taken the mandarin duck bath where two female mandarin ducks take a bath together, can you please satisfy me? "
My wife gave me a wry smile, and I could only make a helpless expression and say, "You have seen her like this too, let me help her help her into the bathroom, and you can help her wash. Change clothes and let her sleep, tonight you sleep in the bedroom, I will go to the study and make a floor." The corner of his wife's mouth twitched and she shook her head, "It seems that this is the only way, thank you for your hard work, husband. "
The two of us carried her to the bathroom, and it is more than enough for me to handle her weight alone, but the drunk people are really dead, and the husband and wife also drank a lot. , The footsteps were a little vain, and the result was that two drunkards who were not very drunk helped each other and got a drunkard to the bathroom.
How to help her wash in the bathroom is another problem.
"You support her first, and I'll get her a set of my underwear." The wife said and went to the bedroom to find clothes.
Shi Mengyun was already very drunk at this time, she was leaning against me softly, I could only hug her tightly to avoid her noodle-like body from falling to the ground at this moment, which made my scalp hairy for a while A raspy voice came from her mouth.
"Hey, auntie, please don't vomit." I said and patted her on the back, and she calmed down slowly under my comfort, but just when I let my guard down At the time, she suddenly vomited. Although she reacted very quickly, she broke free from my arms and ran to the toilet at the moment of vomiting, but a part of the alcohol-smelling vomit still splattered on my clothes and hers. on the skirt.
"Hey, why would I dare to ask you for a drink in the future?" I followed her to the toilet while I continued to pat her on the back.
"What's wrong? Vomited?" The wife had already taken herself and her change of clothes.
Shi Mengyun seemed to relax a little after she vomited, but she still slumped limply by the toilet.
"I'll help her up, you can help her take off her clothes." I said while holding her armpit and pulling her up.
"Don't...pull...me." Shi Mengyun muttered to herself inarticulately.
"That...wife, if I take off my skirt, I'll go out first." I said.
My wife glared at me, "What are you pretending to be? I don't believe there is something you haven't seen on her body, you support her, strip her naked, and then go out."

Chapter 95
Shi Mengyun's cheongsam skirt is close to the body, and it is not easy to take off after unzipping the back zipper. I just took off her skirt, and we were all sweaty by now.
The rest of the underwear is easier to deal with. I put her in various positions according to my wife's instructions so that my wife can help her. After taking off her bra and panties, our husband and wife finally worked together to strip this big beauty into a little white sheep.
"You support her first. "My wife took off her clothes as she spoke.
Shi Mengyun suddenly turned around and hugged me tightly, her naked body was completely attached to my body, I made a helpless gesture to my wife, and got her one. The big white eyes replied in reply.
The wife took off her clothes, moved a plastic chair into the shower room, turned her head and said to me: "You can help her in and sit down. I'll give her a wash. "
/> I supported Shi Mengyun's waist and took her into the shower room with one foot deep and one foot shallow. After a lot of tossing, I was sweating all over, "I'm exhausted, I have to wash after you guys are done." Said and went outside.
But my wife stopped me, and said with a smile, "Have you ever seen two women take a bath together? Don't you want to see it?"
How could I not want to see it, but in front of my wife's How could I be so rude in front of me? I was in a quandary for a while.
"Okay, don't worry about it anymore, go out, don't close the door, I'll call you if anything happens." My wife gave me a blank look.
I regretted it for a while, so I might as well just say I want to watch it. I walked out of the bathroom and sat on the sofa. I looked up at the wall clock on the wall and it was almost half past eleven. Today is Sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow. , In order to cope with the Monday morning rush, we usually go to bed earlier than usual on Sunday nights, and we hardly applaud Ai at this time, but today Shi Mengyun's arrival broke our schedule, I drank too much and I was a little drowsy, I fell asleep within two minutes of lying down on the sofa, but then I was woken up by a giggle, which was my wife's laughter.
Although my wife didn't call me, I subconsciously stood up and walked to the bathroom to see what was going on. I walked to the open door and looked inside. The drowsiness that shrouded me was dissipated in an instant. I hid my body to the side of the door and stuck my head out to look. I saw that the sliding door of the shower room was only half closed. I could clearly see my wife's body and Shi Mengyun's. The naked body is hidden behind the sliding glass door.
I saw a pair of slender hands rubbing and rubbing on his wife's breasts. The wife smiled and hid, and occasionally she made a slight gasp when her neck was raised. It turned out that it was Shi Mengyun who actually kissed his wife's neck. I don't know if she was sober or drunk at this time.
"Oh, Mengyun, don't make trouble, uh~~~ Hahaha, itchy, haha."
Shi Mengyun didn't speak, she just continued to talk to herself and teased his wife who was helping her take a bath.
"Oh, where are you touching your hands? Hmm~~~~."
I saw a small hand touching my wife's lower body, and imitating a man's movements to move her hands up and down her clitoris and labia .
"You're still here, I'm welcome!" The wife said, picked up the shower faucet and turned it to the massage gear to spray downwards. It was estimated that the target was Shi Mengyun's lower body. Sure enough, an exclamation came.
"Alright, alright, Sister Xinyue, don't make trouble anymore."
"Okay, it turns out that you're sober up and deliberately teasing me, so I don't want to kill you!"
The two women were screaming and laughing. Seeing that they had turned off the tap, I left the door and continued to sit back on the sofa.
"Husband, we're done, go and wash." His wife was wearing a red lace nightdress, while Shi Mengyun was wearing another pink nightdress from his wife. The two were about the same height, short, fat and thin. In this pink nightdress, Shi Mengyun had a faint shadow of his wife on her body.
"Sister Xinyue, your husband's eyes are so scary, I'm afraid he will rape me." Shi Mengyun didn't know whether she was drunk or pretending to be crazy, but she pretended to be a bird and snuggled into his wife's arms.
"Okay, okay, he won't rape you, let's go to bed." The wife held back her laughter and dragged her into the bedroom.
I shook my head and went in, took a change of laundry, and went to take a shower. I babbled that I wanted her to accompany our husband and wife threesome, but seeing her drunken state and the time it was late, I didn't have any monkeys. I'd rather go to work tomorrow with dark circles under my eyes. For things like lust, it's the spice of life, and I must not be manipulated by it like a drug.
While I was rinsing my sweaty body with water, I was still hesitating whether to wash my hair. Suddenly, a pair of soft hands touched my back. I thought to myself that my wife is still hard-hearted and soft-hearted. Still come and stay with me.
Those hands slowly touched my chest from my back, my index finger drew circles on two sensitive points on my chest, my plump double peaks and smooth lower body were slowly attached, and the corners of my mouth were slowly raised. , suddenly turned around to face her face to face, and a soft exclamation came from her mouth, but before the sound was finished, I steadied my lips and swallowed it back, but when I kissed it, I found something wrong. My wife's lips are too familiar to me. They are thin and plump, soft and irresistible. Men who have kissed her lips will become addicted, but the lips of this person are so few. A little sensuality, just such a little difference was keenly felt by me.
"Why are you?" I said looking at the woman in front of me.
Who else could this woman be if it wasn't Shi Mengyun? I saw that she didn't speak, she smiled charmingly at me and then lowered her head to hold the sensitiveness on my chest, and I graciously stretched out my hands to hold the plumpness on her chest.
"Xinyue fell asleep?" I asked in a low voice.
"Do you think I was cheating on you while she was sleeping?" Shi Mengyun stood up and kissed my lips.
"Are you sober?"
"Hmph, it's only ten degrees of alcohol, I just drank it a little too fast, so I felt uncomfortable. I vomited it up and took a shower and it's fine. It's your wife's call. I'm here." She said the last sentence against my ear.
My heart jumped when I heard it, and the brother under the crotch also jumped when she heard the words, she felt it keenly, and stretched out her hand to squeeze my little brother.
Originally, I was aroused by the original desire when I was about to go to bed after washing and going to bed in Lingtai. I thought about how you came here. Since you came in, let me relax. Besides, I pressed her shoulders. make her crouch so as not to wet herHair I turned off the sprinkler.
"Give me a few mouthfuls." My heart skipped a beat again because of the alcohol and irritation, and I gasped for words.
Shi Mengyun squatted down obediently, and sniffed the meat cock playfully with her nose. I just washed it carefully, and there was only a smell of shower gel. Shi Mengyun was obviously satisfied, and she rubbed it a few times with gloves. Just sip it in.
This is the third intimate contact between the two of us after the exchange of group sex between the cruise ship and Chen Qianyi, but it was the first time I tried her oral service. Her oral work was obviously better than that of her wife, and her lips were clamped. While the cock moved back and forth, the tongue was still flexibly spinning inside. It is estimated that I had tried new tricks when I was with Xiaobailian before.
After I tried this taste of immortality, I gradually became active. I used her mouth as a vagina and pushed back and forth. I pushed her hard a few times and may have stabbed her throat, causing her to put The meat cock coughed for a while, but after coughing, it continued to swallow, so I had to admire her perseverance.
"Get up, I'll fuck you from behind." I patted her cheek and said.
Shi Mengyun stood up obediently, held the door handle of the shower room with both hands, lowered her upper body and poked her butt up high.
"You, are you safe today?" I thought that there were no condoms in the bathroom, and I was really unhappy going to the bedroom to get them, and it was embarrassing to meet my wife.
"It's alright, you can come directly." Shi Mengyun said softly with her head lowered without looking back.
Now that I got permission, I'm not welcome, I saw her smooth little pussy shimmering with moist water, shyly sticking out a narrow gap between the two labia, as if she was looking at me. As soon as I saw my index finger move, I reached out to support my brother and slowly pushed in. Her vagina was abnormally warm and slippery, as if a stream of warm currents surrounded me 360 ​​degrees without dead ends. Meat stick, that refreshing feeling is indescribable, is it one of the effects that the so-called alcohol can help sex? I didn't care so much, I held onto her waist and swayed my waist and abdomen.
Her mouth let out a coquettish gasp to match my movements. Since I couldn't completely move my body in the bathroom, it would make us both very tired after a long time, so I didn't care about orgasm. , as soon as it came up, it was a violent exercise.
Shi Mengyun's lower body has a special ability, that is, the muscles in the vaginal wall will wriggle. Coupled with her originally compact small acupuncture points, the double superposition of pleasure can literally kill a man, this is a real talent Weird, I even thought with wicked interest, if I could take her out to exchange, wouldn't it be possible to fascinate those men?
But on second thought, it's wrong, she went to play with me, Luo Honghai and Gao Jian had physical contact with her, but none of them told me how lustful she was wearing them Want to die, is this kind of function only necessary for her to act on her own initiative? So she took the initiative to use this trick on me, but never used it on others?
Well, of course I have to work harder to win the favor of beautiful women. My crotch hit her buttocks vigorously. A thrilling feeling.
I had a limited number of intimate contacts with Shi Mengyun. She gave me the impression that she didn’t like to bark very much, but at the moment she barked very happily, and there was a seductive feeling in her ears, the duality of hearing and body Under the stimulation, no, but also with alcohol. Under the triple stimulation, I couldn't last longer, until a layer of sweat oozes out of the body that I just washed, and I finally broke out in her body.

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