city ​​of dreams

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Chapter 259 Inquiry

Another beauties of Guo Xuanguang is of course Zhao Ruxue, because I didn't make it last time, so today is a make-up date.

Zhao Ruxue's place was a high-end restaurant in a commercial center north of Sili Village. Guo Xuanguang thought that he hadn't been to Sili Village for a long time anyway, and he had nothing to do in the afternoon, so he simply Go to Sili Village for a walk.

This commercial center has six floors, a large area and a lot of shops, allowing Guo Xuanguang to stroll around to pass the time slowly.

"Yo, this isn't Brother Guo, what a coincidence! Come on, let's sit down and chat, it's been a long timeI haven't seen you!"

While Guo Xuanguang was wandering around, Li Tuo suddenly appeared. He was wearing a dark suit today with a pink crewneck T-shirt and jeans, which made him look a little out of place.

Now that I have come to Sili Village, it is not surprising to meet Li Tuo. Guo Xuanguang didn't like to deal with Li Tuo very much at first, but he didn't shy away from seeing him today. Quan regarded it as passing the time.

"Brother, you did a good job with my brother last time, I really want to thank you!"

"Where, little things!"

"What a small thing, it's a big thing for me!"

Guo Xuanguang looked at Li Tuo's expression and thought to himself, "This guy is too exaggerated. It's his brother's family business, it has nothing to do with him, it's really weird!"

Speaking of Li Wei, Guo Xuanguang was very curious about the case, but he didn't Knowing whether Li Suo is willing to talk, he hesitated. Li Tang didn't care what Guo Xuanguang wanted to talk about, he just kept saying it himself.

While talking, Li Tuo led Guo Xuanguang to a coffee shop not far away and sat down to continue chatting. After a while, a bloated middle-aged man suddenly appeared. appear before them.

"Hey Boss, hello! I was thinking that you weren't so early. I happened to run into a friend, so I sat downto chat first!"

p> Listening to Li Tang's tone, it seems that he has already made an appointment with this Boss He. Guo Xuanguang quickly got up and said, "Then youlet's talk, I won't disturb you!"

Li Tuo quickly said: "It's okay, that kid Guo Xiaocheng told me you were right. I also have someexperiences in real estate, so just sit down and chat!"

Guo Xuanguang was fine anyway, so he continued to chat with Li Tuo and the others. However, after Guo Xuanguang stood and sat down again, he and Li Tuo's seats changed.

Before Boss He didn't appear, Li Tuo sat facing the door. Now that people came, Li Tuo and Mr. He turned their backs to the door of the cafe, and let Guo Xuanguang sit facing the door. Guo Xuanguang naturally didn't care about seats, he was more interested in getting to know Boss He.

It turns out that Boss He and Li Wei had cooperated before. Recently, he took a fancy to a piece of land in Sili Village. If he couldn't find Li Wei, he asked Li Suo to talk. To tell the truth, Li Tuo doesn't care about anything at all, and it's no use talking to him.

However, Boss He was very patient and continued to encourage: "Your brother doesn't seem to be coming back in the short term. It's time for you to take over some business. Don't say anything else, you are also You want to earn some pocket money for yourself, right?It’s boring to always reach out and take it!”

Boss He’s words touched Li Tuo’s heart, he had long been disgusted with the money in his pocket It's not enough, because Neither his father nor brother give him much, so he can only mess around in Sili Village.

"I know you don't usually go to the company, but taking advantage of this opportunity, you should take the initiative to take some responsibilities. You can't leave everything to your brother, right!"

In fact, it's not that Li Suo doesn't want to participate more in the company, but Li Wei's ability is too strong, so he has no chance at all. But now that Li Xian is not here, Li Xing also knows that this is an opportunity for him.

After arriving, although Boss He didn't say it clearly, even Guo Xuanguang understood it very well. As long as the transaction is done, in addition to the money for buying the land, he will give Li to Li. A sum of money.

Guo Xuanguang didn't actually do much research on the land in Sili Village, but he guessed that Boss He He came to Li Suo specially while Li Xi was away. It is estimated that he is bullying Li Tuo, the second generation ancestor, who is ignorant and incompetent, and wants to make some money.

Because Guo Xuanguang was seeing Boss He for the first time, he didn't have a good impression of Li Tuo, so he didn't want toassess the business of the two and didn't interject, just perfunctory.

Li Tuo is of course very interested in Boss He's proposal, but he still has to ask Li Xie's father because he has no idea.have the power to complete the transaction.

The three chatted for a long time. At this time, Zhao Ruxue suddenly appeared outside the coffee shop and shouted at Guo Xuanguang: "Xiao Guo? Why are you here so early? Have you made an appointment with a friend? ?"

With just such a shout, Li Tuo and Boss He also seemed to hear a familiar voice and turned their heads at the same time.

"Why are you!"

Guo Xuanguang, Zhao Ruxue, Li Tuo, and Boss He, the four of them said the same thing at almost the same time. Although the words are the same, the expressions of the four are different, as if they are playing a soap opera.

Guo Xuanguang is the one with the smallest change, and his face is full of surprise expressions.

Zhao Ruxue was still smiling, but after recognizing Li Tuo and Boss He, her face turned ashen.

Li Tuo was naturally full of joy, staring at Zhao Ruxue and didn't want to move away, and didn't even put down the hand holding the coffee cup.

Boss He's reaction was more restrained, but he was obviously secretly happy, and the corner of his eyes also noticed Li Tuo's reaction.

Zhao Ruxue saw that Li Duo and Boss He naturally didn't want to enter the store, so she waved to Guo Xuanguang and turned away.

Guo Xuanguang didn't know why Zhao Ruxue didn't come in, so he quickly got up and said, "I'm sorry, I have to take a step in advance!"

It can be seen from Guo Xuanguang's reaction , Zhao Ruxue clearly has an appointment with him. Of course Li Tuo thought it was strange, but he didn't have time to ask that Guo Xuanguang had disappeared from sight.

Boss He was naturally the one who had rescued Zhao Ruxue before, and he was surprised by everyone's reactions, but What he valued more was Li Tuo's expression.

From the moment when Zhao Ruxue appeared outside the door, Li Tuo's thoughts seemed to follow her departure, and the whole person was a little overwhelmed.

Boss He said intentionally or unintentionally, "That's your sister-in-law, she really is a beauty, your brother is very lucky!"

Li Tuo still He looked out the door and said, "What a beauty, she is simply a goddess. To describe her, you can only describe her as a goddess!"

"Yes, yes, goddess, you have to use this Words!" Boss He laughed very happily, echoing Li Tuo meaningfully.

At this time, Guo Xuanguang, who was chasing out, had already caught up with Zhao Ruxue, and Zhao Ruxue immediately asked, "Why did you get together with that guy Li Tuo? And that fat man, how could you Are you sitting alone?"

Guo Xuanguang said: "Of course it was a coincidence, just a chance encounter. I only met that fat man today, Why, you know him too? He should have known him before. I have worked with your husband before!"

"I know, of course I know!" Zhao Ruxue looked at Guo Xuanguang's expression and was actually suspicious in her heart.

"Is this Xiao Guo with Li Tuo? If Li Tuo is a mysterious person, could Xiao Guo be an accomplice?Li Tuo doesn't understand those high-tech things, He doesn't seem to be someone who knows how to calculate. On the contrary, Xiao Guo has this ability, and maybe he is really a helper!"

Thinking of this, Zhao Ruxue suddenly felt her hands tremble as she looked at Guo Xuan Guang's eyes were full of question marks.

"Let's go, have you found a restaurant and reserved a table?" Guo Xuanguang asked enthusiastically, not paying attention to the change in Zhao Ruxue's expression at all.

Zhao Ruxue slowed down, suddenly picked up the phone, looked at it, pressed it a few times with her hand, and said, "Oh, sorry, Xiao Guo, I'm in a hurry today. It's late... I'm afraid..."

Guo Xuanguang was also stunned, not knowing why things had changed so much, but he was too embarrassed to say anything.

Zhao Ruxue continued: "I'm really sorry, Xiao Guo, I was the one who asked you out, but I happened to be in a hurry. In this case, another day, another day, I'll make up for two meals for you!"

Guo Xuanguang didn't care about how many meals he had, he just felt that Zhao Ruxue's reaction was a little too sudden.

Zhao Ruxue was actually all right, but after seeing Guo Xuanguang and the other three, she felt that she should not talk too much with Guo Xuanguang before to figure out the matter thoroughly, so she insisted Find an excuse to leave.

This one pretended to be busy, but as soon as she turned around, Zhao Ruxue actually received a text message. That was Tian Man's news, which said that the photos taken that night had been sorted out and put on the Internet for Zhao Ruxue to download by himself. Full of joy, Zhao Ruxue hurried home and turned on the computer impatiently.

Zhao Ruxue has never taken any artistic photos specially, and the photos she usually go out are mainly landscape. Now see this group of flight attendantsShe also felt that the photo of the uniform was a good shot, and her pride suddenly rose.

In addition to ordinary posing, Tian Man also made a photo of Zhao Ruxue masturbating with a dildo. In the photo, Zhao Ruxue is facing the camera sideways, making the whole photo shine because of the purple S formed on her body.

In the photo, the black lace panties cover a part of the raised buttocks in a shy way.The effect of the blocking does not come out, but it has a feeling of concealing it. The half of the dildo exposed diagonally below the buttocks makes people wonder, I don't know where the upper half that is blocked by the body will be.

Fortunately, there are no pornographic leaks in the whole photo, but it looks like it is inciting crime, which made Zhao Ruxue feel a "bang" in her heart,


"Tian Man is okay, the effect of the shot is quite good!" Zhao Ruxue looked at the photo, I was already thinking about the future, "If the clothes are the same as before, then Wearing sexy underwear, then will it be more......hehe!"

Suddenly, Zhao Ruxue remembered that these photos were for satisfaction, but the photos she saw at this time
The film was able to clearly see his own appearance, and his heart suddenly panicked.

Zhao Ruxue quickly went to Satisfaction's website, and soon found the flight attendant's uniform and opened the details. The photo of the model in it is of course Zhao Ruxue's, but on the face it is a beautiful head portrait of a cartoon character.

"Huh..." Zhao Ruxue let out a long sigh of relief and muttered in her heart: "Fortunately, I don't have moles or birthmarks on my body. I can't see my face, and I can't recognize anything. Hee hee! It can be considered that Tian Man keeps his promises, otherwiseI really don’t know what to do!”

However, just after Zhao Ruxue comforted herself, she thought: “Oops, Tian Man hands. There are photos of my appearance in it. If he took those photos... but he didn't get the old ones back, and he took new ones. No, I have to hurry up and find a chance to meet up with After negotiating, he will take all the photos back!"

What Zhao Ruxue didn't expect was that Tian Man seemed to have lost contact after obtaining the photos, and there was no further news. Zhao Ruxue thought to herself, "Could this person be a liar? He took pictures and left? But the photos that daywere just ordinary, and there were no missing photos!"

Not only In this way, for Zhao Ruxue, the whole world seems to have stopped turning. Tian Man, Liang Guodong, and even the hateful mysterious person, all have no news. Fortunately, Zhao Ruxue also felt unwell in a few days, so she just rested quietly at home by herself.

After calming down, Zhao Ruxue went through Tian Man's affairs again. She felt that the mysterious talent should be the boss of Satisfaction Nest. At the same time, Zhao Ruxue was also thinking about how to get Tian Man to tell the secrets behind if there is a real photo shoot next time.

After a week like this, it was Director Ma who contacted Zhao Ruxue. However, Zhao Ruxue didn't recover, and because she didn't want anything to happen to Director Ma, she still politely declined Director Ma's invitation to dinner.

Although we haven't met, but when I think of Director Ma Zhao Ruxue, I naturally think of those pictures of love, in addition to the joy of love, I feel a lot of guilt.

Zhao Ruxue felt that she was looking forward to Li Xian being by her side at this time, even if it was her husband who was soft, so she could let go of her guard unscrupulously.

It is a pity that Li Xian is currently being held alone in a detention center far away from Liangshan City. No one can see him except Liang Guodong, and he himself does not want to contact the outside world.

In the past, Zhao Ruxue had two good girlfriends to chat with, but since Xiaoling died because of her husband, another person also cut off contact with her.

In addition to Director Ma, the other person who came to Zhao Ruxue was Li Tuo. Of course, Zhao Ruxue didn't see him, even the door didn't let him in.

Just when Zhao Ruxue felt that she was about to become ill, Tian Man's text message came again, asking her when she could shoot again.

Zhao Ruxue is like a nectar in a long drought, and there is a smile on her face that she has not seen for many days. She thought : "There are still two days to be healthy, so let's just get better on the weekend night. This time I have to plan carefully, and try to ask more things from his mouth. Come."

In fact, Zhao Ruxue's main plan is how to buy more time to chat with Tian Man, and What questions can lead to the information she needs to know. After some thought, Zhao Ruxue felt that it would be better to make an appointment directly for dinner.

Of course Tian Man will not refuse Zhao Ruxue's invitation, but he is concerned about the final venue.

Zhao Ruxue didn't want Tian Man to know the location so early, so she said that she hadn't decided yet. In fact, she was so impressed by the Yunjian Villa in Yunwu Mountain that she had been with Director Ma that day, she wanted to go there for a long time, so she booked a one-room villa for Sunday night.

In addition to wanting to revisit the Yunjian Villa, those villas that outsiders cannot easily enter also make Zhao Ruxue feel safe, lest Tian Man make any small moves.

On Sunday, Zhao Ruxue began to prepare at about 2:00 in the afternoon. The photo last time looked pretty good, but Zhao Ruxue naturally wanted to go a step further and started packing her makeup box early this morning.

"There seems to be no requirement for clothes this time. Could it be that Tian Man will bring me clothes?" Zhao RuxueLooking at the wardrobe, she couldn't help thinking about what to wear. "His website My clothes are all sexy clothes, so Today he will let me wear them..."

Zhao Ruxue thought about it, and just wear casual clothes, anyway, she will have to change clothes at that time. At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Zhao Ruxue started to set off for Yunjian Villa, and she did not officially notify Tian Man until Yunwu Mountain confirmed which villa it was.

"It will take about an hour to come here now. He probably doesn't have time to play any tricks. He can only come over and take pictures!" Zhao Ruxue sat in the hall of the villa and admired it. The scenery, by the way, also ordered dinner.

"This...this place is so good!" Tian Man kept complimenting after arriving, "It's the first time I've been to Yunwu Mountain in so many years, thank you so much for bringing me. I'm in such a comfortable place!"

"It's nothing, let's take pictures, isn't it better that there is no harassment here?"

"Yes, yes, here The environment is really good, thank you for your dinner!"

At this time, Zhao Ruxue noticed a large box brought by Tian Man and asked, "What is this package? Photographic equipment? Clothing ? You didn't ask me what kind of clothes to wear this time!"

"Yes, yes, I have everything, camera stuff, costumes, props, etc. Fortunately, I was ready,

br/>If you didn't tell me the location so late, I wouldn't have time to pack it!"

Zhao Ruxue rolled her eyes and thought, "This guy is not stupid, he already made such a big box. Yes, I don't know what it is!" But she immediately put on a smile and said, "Come on, I've already ordered dinner, I'll have someone deliver it after a while!"

In addition to the sumptuous dinner, Zhao Ruxue also prepared red wine, make sure to let Tian Man eat and drink well.

Tian Man didn't expect that Zhao Ruxue would greet him like this, he couldn't close his mouth with laughter, he was really enjoying it with a big glass of wine and a big piece of meat.

Of course, Zhao Ruxue didn't just accompany Tian Man to dinner, she kept pouring wine for Tian Man from the beginning. Not only that, in order to keep Tian Man drinking, she herself is cup after cup.

Tian Man was of course a little surprised. He didn't expect Zhao Ruxue to be drinking with him. And every time Zhao Ruxue poured wine, her own glass was just a little less than Tian Man's.

Although the wine of the two looks similar, in fact, each glass of Zhao Ruxue's wine is half less than that of Tian Man. This is because Zhao Ruxue arrived here early and prepared two wine glasses that looked the same and were actually different.

However, Zhao Ruxue also had concerns and did not dare to drink too much, so she just prepared two bottles of red wine.

Delicious food accompanied by red wine and beautiful women, Tian Man seemed to be in a dream, his eyes narrowed into a line of laughter. Zhao Ruxue saw Tian Man's appearance in his eyes, and after three rounds of drinking, he started to bring up the topic.

"I don't know where Boss Tian learned photography, how can he take such beautiful photos!"

"Hehe, what's the point! As the saying goes, a clever woman can't cook without rice, if she doesn't have a wife The perfect figure, how can I take good photos!"

"Yo, look at you, Boss Tian is really likable!"

"I'm just telling the truth. Really, you are my most beautiful model, absolutely, no one!"

"Really? Then I don't know when Boss Tian started shooting. What?"

"It's been...for several years, interest, interest...hehe...mainly interest!"
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