Dream Chapter Part 1 (Dream and Regret) (7)

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[Dream Chapter Part 1 (Dream and Regret)] (formerly known as [Dream])

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Chapter 7 Continuation of the Nightmare

*** *** ***

One night Time, Yuan Jie has not fallen asleep. After Meng Wei left, although she was a little awake, those lewd images and lewd thoughts had been lingering in her mind, and she felt that something very was happening in her body and in her heart. After the strange and strange change, Yuan Jie shut herself in the bathroom.

It's not because she has a habit of hiding in dark corners, but because the cold water can keep her consciousness
awake all the time, even if she is drowsy, she will not Dare to leave the bathroom, for fear that as soon as I lie down, will become so unfamiliar again.

Regarding what happened before, Yuan Jie felt like she had a dream in a trance, as if after seeing Meng Wei, her soul seemed to be bound by something. , unable to think freely, and even gradually seemed to have a good impression of Meng Wei in front of him. It seems that this man is the one I have always loved!

Even, at a certain moment, Yuan Jie had the idea of ​​dying for Meng Wei!

Such a sudden change made Yuan Jie very uncomfortable. Although she has been thinking about her brother Kai, who used to live downstairs in her house, this does not mean that Yuan Jie can Tang Kai can give and dedicate everything he has, after all, this is just a thought.

So, when Yuan Jie found out that her good sister's boyfriend was brother Kai, whom she thought about day and night, although she had bitterness, grief, and remorse in her heart, she finally accepted it silently. The reality in front of me...

But right now, my feelings towards Meng Wei are completely different, it seems... as if... Meng Wei has replaced all the important people in Yuan Jie's mind And things, at the moment when her consciousness was the most chaotic, she evenforgot her parents, her friends, and all the people around her!

Absolutely not! Yuan Jie turned on the shower again and used the cold water to keep her mind clear!

After the night passed, Yuan Jie thought that she finally got rid of this inexplicable entanglement and torture. Falling down on the bed...

However, the torture like a curse followed her into sleep...


Yuan Jie was still desperately rinsing her body with cold water, but under the cold water, her white, greasy and sexy body was still so hot and scalding, as if a flame was burning!

And in line with the rhythm of her stroking and rubbing her white and tender skin, there were slow footsteps outside the bathroom. When Yuan Jie raised her head, Meng Wei, who was naked, had already pushed away. The door appeared in front of Yuan Jie's eyes...

Looking at the slightly bulging belly in front of her, for some reason, Yuan Jie did not feel disgusted at all, and her eyes were even more uncontrollable It landed on the huge, hot, scarlet cock under her belly, as if this strong, high thing was her favorite thing!

What to do? In her sleep, Yuan Jie saw the picture in front of her, her mind went blank, and her whole body was almost crazy! Although she tried her best to close her eyes, Yuan Jie couldn't stop staring at the huge cock, as if the nerves in her eyes had been linked to the cock through space, as if she could only see it with the naked eye. , you can feel the amazing size and the terrifying heat!

Those slender hands are still pressing on the plump white and greasy breasts, but they can clearly feel the increasingly exciting heartbeat under the chest, and the More rapid breathing.

Here he comes! Yuan Jie watched helplessly as Meng Wei, who was naked and had a firm cock, walked towards her slowly!

She subconsciously wanted to scream, but before she could say it, she suddenly thought of her wanton screaming in the stairwell. The fair and delicate body became even hotter, but the pink and tender petals under her body uncontrollably exuded a little annoying love fluid, even if Yuan Jie clamped her legs, she still couldn't Stop the flow of love liquid.

The fiery big hand replaced the slender little hand, caressing the slightly trembling skin. Yuan Jie bit her lower lip tightly, restraining the scream that was about to burst out in her heart, as if the hot touch made her feel very comfortable, very comfortable!

How could I have such a wretched thought? This is not me at all! Yuan Jie didn't know why she had such a strange idea? I don't know why I became so lewd in front of Meng Wei?

Under Yuan Jie's gaze, the huge, high-spirited cock was gradually approaching the pink and tender crotch, and Yuan Jie could see every inch of the fiery glans, and it was even faintly visible. Feel the terrifying heat!

"ding bell bell..."

The sharp bell rang, Yuan Jie finally woke up from the dream, and the whole person seemed to have just climbed out of the bathtub Same, wet and sticky all over.

Listening to the familiar ringtone of her cell phone, Yuan Jie, who had just woken up from a nightmare, couldn't care less about the gleaming sweat on her body, but picked up the cell phone beside her.

"Jiaxue! I...I'm fine..."

"Boss, where are you? What's the matter? Why didn't you come back overnight?" Jiaxue's voice It came out from the phone, but it brought up what happened last night.

And the words of the good sister finally brought Yuan Jie's thoughts back to reality. Looking at the familiar environment in front of her, she swallowed lightly, but suddenly remembered the absurd incident last night. , I remembered that I lost my body inexplicably in Tang Kai, and then I met Meng Wei, and became a human being and a ghost!

"Well, I... I'm home! The water pipe at home is leaking and it's being repaired..." Yuan Jie thought for a while and found an excuse for herself to go in.

"Oh...then are you still coming to class? Do you want me to ask for a leave for you?" Listening to Jiaxue's voice, Yuan Jie's heartbeat and breathing became calmer, as if she had already Freed from that torment.

"Then... I'll trouble you, I'll hang up first! The workers are here!" Yuan Jie didn't want to talk too much with her sistersso as not to worry them, after all, last night she was a Stole the first time that should belong to good sisters!

After hanging up the phone in a panic, Yuan Jie sat on the bed in a panic, looking at the residual sweat on her fair skin, at the little crystals between her jade legs, her eyes But there was a trace of panic again!

However, before she could move her gaze away, the phone she had just put down rang again, "ding bell bell..."

looking at With the word "Tang Kai" on the phone screen, Yuan Jie couldn't help but reappeared the absurd image from last night. Seeing Tang Kai's name, she couldn't help but think of his strong and sturdy body. The male body, and the hard, hot cock that robbed her of her virginity...

Suddenly, Yuan Jie was struck by lightning, but she suddenly thought: Could it be that Tang Kai discovered something? Bar? ! Immediately, Yuan Jie lightly bit her fingers like a bird frightened.

What to do? Will he follow up on what happened yesterday and how should he answer it? What should I do?

Tang Kai's sudden call caused an indescribable feeling in Yuan Jie's heart, butShe was anxious and helpless, hesitating whether she should answer Tang Kai's call or not. During the phone call, the shadow brought by Meng Wei dissipated a little.

"Forget it, don't answer it!"

After Yuan Jie muttered to herself, she threw the phone aside. Right now, she really doesn't know how to face Tang Kai. It can be said that she has no mood to pay attention to the problems brought by Tang Kai. At this moment, what is more important for her is to quickly find out. What has changed in me, and how has it changed!

Yes, this question is very important. Yuan Jie thought about it all night, but she was troubled by the layers of illusions. It was not until her stomach was growling with hunger that she suddenly remembered a very important things!

That is, when Meng Wei raped her last night, he said some very inexplicable words, even put his finger in her mouth!

Yes! This is the most crucial information! Yuan Jie thought of two words in an instant, "Aphrodisiac!"

Before yesterday, Yuan Jie even doubted whether the so-called aphrodisiac existed, or maybe it was just written by a novelist It's just something that comes out, or, the so-called aphrodisiac is just some hallucinogenic drugs similar to drugs, which makes women confused and in a trance.

But last night's experience, in the process of Meng Wei raping her, Yuan Jie's own sudden change, suddenly changed from resistance to cooperation, this strange change, perhaps It has something to do with Meng Wei putting his finger in her mouth!

As a young man who had grown up under atheism and had no faith, all Yuan Jie could think of at the time was this, about the nonsense that Meng Wei said language, she instinctively ignored it.

"After one night, the effect of the aphrodisiac should have passed!"

When this thought came to her mind, Yuan Jie suddenly felt a lot clearer in her heart, and the dust in her heart It seems to have been wiped clean! This change undoubtedly made Yuan Jie feel a lot more at ease, but the numbness of her body seemed to still exist...

... Yuan Jie, who was leaving the house and was locking the door, listened to When the phone rang, he hesitated for a while, but thought it was an advertisement from some businesses, but he didn't care too much, turned around and walked into the elevator.

Yuan Jie originally wanted to look up information about "aphrodisiacs" in the university library, but after thinking about it, she realized that her thoughts were a bit naive. How could there be information about aphrodisiacs in the university library? As for the information, the school will never allow this kind of thing to happen, maybe you can look it up on the Internet!

On weekdays, Yuan Jie never goes to Internet cafes, and she can't remember where there are Internet cafes for a while, and it is impossible for her to go to Internet cafes near the school. Boys who go to Internet cafes to inquire about aphrodisiacs will have unimaginable consequences once the matter is exposed.

Therefore, even though the taxi driver knew that the unscrupulous driver was leading her around the viaduct, Yuan Jiewas not too angry. The less likely it is.

However, sometimes things are so sudden, it is just such a coincidence, when Yuan Jie got off the taxi, looked around, but she didn't find the sign of the Internet cafe, but she saw it at a glance A man standing not far away, waving his arms at her!

"Hey! Yuan Jie! It's really you, why are you here? Are you looking for me?"

Looking at the boy sitting opposite, no... It should be said that he is a man, and Yuan Jie kept beating drums in her heart. Last night, she just gave the most precious girl's virginity to this man. Right now, under the leadership of that nasty taxi driver, After a while, she came to Tang Kai again inexplicably. It could be said to be destined!

But what can fate do? Yuan Jie thought that Tang Kai was already the boyfriend of her good sister Su Yuan, and her heart became more and more sad. Divided, perhaps, the intersection last night was the end and also the beginning of a new life...

"You... why are you here?"

Yuan Jie said a little coyly, but found that Tang Kai, who was sitting opposite her, was also a little distracted, as if he was thinking about something.

"Ah! I... my company is upstairs. I just sent Yuanyuan to school, and I met you when I stopped the car!" Tang Kai fiddled with his hands casually With a coffee spoon, he asked softly, "Yuan Jie,You..."

"I'm fine! I went home last night..."

Seeing Tang Kai's hesitant expression, Yuan Jie interrupted his question subconsciously, and immediately said the answer he had thought of, as if he was endorsing a letter.

But when he heard the result of Yuan Jie's quick answer, Tang Kai was immediately stunned. In fact, he didn't have too many guesses about what happened last night. Before, he was still a pure little virgin, but when he couldn't figure out why, he instinctively regarded the weird things last night as a erotic dream.

But right now, Yuan Jie's anomaly, taking the initiative to mention what happened last night, made Tang Kai suspicious! ButSeeing Yuan Jie's resolute face, he knew that it was better not to ask more questions, Yuan Jie would definitely not tell him more things!

Thinking of this, Tang Kai smiled slightly, took a sip of coffee, and said: "Go home, that's good, Yuanyuan is still very worried about you! But what ...What I just wanted to say is, have we met before?I always think you look familiar!"

Actually, when I met Yuan Jie for the first time last night, Tang Kai Although it looked familiar, she didn't think too much about the girl she had a crush on. After all, Xiaojie had already gone abroad with her parents. But when chatting with Su Yuan just now, he learned from the side that Yuan Jie did go abroad when she was in high school, and did not return until before she graduated from high school.

Therefore, Yuan Jie is very likely to be Xiao Jie back then. After all, the two people look alike, soTang Kai originally planned to ask Yuan Jie directly, but now Yuan Jie is acting strangely. and flustered, but it made him change his mind...

"Familiar?" Yuan Jie looked at the man in front of her in surprise, her big beautiful eyes dangling, as if confirming that Do you think Tang Kai is joking with yourself, "I also think the senior looks familiar too! Hehe..."

If Tang Kai hadn't become the boyfriend of a good sister, if the two of them hadn't met last night What happened, soYuan Jie was really looking forward to being able to recognize her elder brother Kai, whom she had admired for many years, but right now, Yuan Jie could only chuckle pretendingly, and turn her bitter smile The smile hides behind the coffee mug!

"That's it!" Tang Kai didn't care much about Yuan Jie's answer, and instead said, "Since you're here today, after you finish your coffee, you'll be there Let's visit my company! As Jiaxue's good sister anddorm boss, you can visit our company instead of her!"

"Oh... yes!" Yuan Jie agreed without hesitation. Although she knew that she and the man in front of her were no longer meant to be lovers, she wanted to know him very much from the bottom of her heart. Look at Tang Kai these years How are you doing.

Although Tang Kai is not the boss of the company, but as one of the founders of the company, he has a high prestige among his colleagues, and obviously he has never brought any female friends here.The company, so when Yuan Jie followed him into the company's glass door, she immediately received countless pairs of strange eyes, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

Fortunately, Tang Kai's company is not particularly large. With Tang Kai by his side, until he walked into Tang Kai's office, those employees did not come up to disturb, which made Yuan Jie's mood Relax a little. After entering Tang Kai's office, Yuan Jie calmed down a little, and then saw Tang Kai take out the documents in the briefcase and place them neatly on the table.

Guessing that Tang Kai has work to do at hand, Yuan Jie hurriedly said softly, "Tang Kai, you... if you have something to do go ahead, I have nothing to do today, Don't worry..."

"Oh, drink a glass of water first, I'll go and hand over the work first!"

"Oh..." Watching Tang Kai walk out of the office , Yuan Jie's face suddenly looked a little lonely. When she followedTang Kai into the company just now, she clearly heard someone whispering, discussing whether she was Tang Kai's girlfriend,These whispers Immediately, Yuan Jie's heart was filled with waves.

Once upon a time, she thought she was destined to be with Tang Kai, and even expected such a scene to happen, but now, she appeared as the best friend of Tang Kai's girlfriend, What a great mockery! If at the beginning, she could be more decisive and stand up earlier, instead of waiting for her graduation to confess, maybe...

Alas, it's too late to say anything! After sitting on the sofa, Yuan Jie Xianlai picked up the phone without incident. However, just as the screen was lit up, a line of joy immediately came into view!

"Baby, I miss you so much. When I think of the moment when the two of us went crazy in the stairwell, my blood boils. I still want you..."

This... This message was sent by the devil Meng Wei at first glance!

Yuan Jie hurriedly put the phone on her chest, and looked around helplessly, sweat dripping from her clean forehead once again. Although she was the only one in the room at this time, Yuan Jie clearly felt that the empty room was filled with Meng Wei's eyes, always watching her every move.

It wasn't until after seeing Tang Kai's photo on the wall that she thought that this was Tang Kai's office, and that Meng Wei was absolutely impossible to appear here, Yuan Jie calmed down a little, it seemed , Tang Kai's photos brought her great courage!

After a while, Yuan Jie mustered up the courage to pick up the phone. She originally planned to delete the hateful text message immediately, but as the familiar Suma Kuaimei changed her mind. The jade crotch rose up, and the feeling that haunted her from last night until now, the magical feeling, was once again recalled by her!

Isn't the effect of the drug over? No matter how strong the aphrodisiac was, it should have faded by now! However, why do you still have that impulsive feeling? I really want to... I want to find a man and start frantically...

The picture on the wall suddenly appeared in front of Yuan Jie, but Tang Kai's handsome face immediately aggravated Yuan Jie Desire that arises within!

No, not anymore! Yuan Jie gave up on deleting the text message, and hung her trembling jade fingers on the screen for a long,long time, and finally opened the text message with trembling, those beautiful eyes with horror staring at the phone screen,
Read it carefully, word by word...

Even though Yuan Jie thought she was mentally prepared, seeing the ambiguous message sent by Meng Wei, she immediately felt as if she was caught in a The prison is like a cage, and the torment is unbearable!

"Baby, I miss you so much. When I think of the moment when the two of us went crazy in the stairwell, my blood boils. I still want you, want yours Lips, your smooth white and greasy skin, your plump breasts, your slender and wonderful legs... If you want to, come and find me at XXX gym, I
's little baby!"

Looking at the two lines of text, pictures of lewdness suddenly appeared in my mind, Yuan Jie, who felt that her crotch was slightly itchy, immediately pinched it unbearably. She tightened her legs, but she still couldn't stop the fiery rush to her heart again...

The first taste made her unforgettable, but under the influence of a wonderful power, Yuan Jie was even more Feeling unbearable, Meng Wei's bold and provocative words made her in a trance as if she had returned to last night, back to that miserable but lustful dream!

She knew that there was hell ahead, but the most real reaction of her body had been irritating her all the time, almost making her doom!

【To be continued】
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