The best housekeeper Ding Zhilong betrays his father (21-22)

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Reminiscing about the past:

1: I haven't written for a long time, my hands are raw! Ha ha ha ha!

2: In this book, Lin Xuan is the first protagonist, so Lin San's son is the protagonist, as the name of the novel,As you know, I also compiled a few sons into the pregnancy that ended with the best family member, and there may be more in the later period.Yes, it depends.

3: Thanks to the brothers in the group for reviewing the typo, thank you!

Text content……

Miao people in southern Xinjiang.

A glamorous mature woman in Hmong costume squatted on the side of the road, holding a piece of bamboo in her hand and facing a fourteenThe five-year-old boy said something with a smile on his lips, and saw that she was wearing a round-neck, open-fronted, narrow-sleeved blouse with sleeves on the elbows.Embroidered with three shiny silver borders, with a pleated flower skirt, the collar and waist are decorated with five-color white jade, crystal clear and beautiful,On her jet-black hair, on her white jade neck, and on her towering chest, are all adorned with gleaming silver ornaments,The silver rings on the white wrists and ankles jingled lightly with the movement, just like the beautiful spring waterLike, whispering softly.

The beautiful face of the beautiful mature woman, with willow eyebrows, red lips, and slightly red cheeks, her eyes are flowing and watery,The pulse is shining like a spring breeze, and the costume full of Miao nationality highlights her mature and graceful arrogance.human figure.

"Tian'er, have you learned it yet?" An Biru, who was wearing a Miao costume, put away the bamboo in her hand, with a smile on the corner of her mouth.The one who smiled, with almond eyes full of affection, looked at the fourteen or fifteen-year-old boy beside him, and asked with a smile.

"Yeah, Aunt An, I've learned it, look!" Lin Tian held a piece of bamboo in his hand, imitating what An Biru said just now.The technique of performing Gu, shaking his fingers, buried the bamboo slices in the bottom after a while, stepped back a few steps, and looked at the flat roadIn front of him, he picked up a stone and threw it forward. In an instant, the bamboo splinters jumped out, twisting and curling towards the stone like a poisonous snake.climbing up.

"Okay, Tian'er, you are really smart." An Biru looked at the slander Gu on the ground, patted her white hands,Jiao said with a smile.

"Hey, that's what Aunt An taught." Lin Tian scratched his head and said with a smile.

"Tian'er, remember, in the Gu art, the lowest level is the Bamboo Pieces Gu, but you can't mess around with it."Yes, although this bamboo piece Gu is not very powerful, it can also hurt people's lives. If someone is hit by the bamboo piece Gu, the bamboo piece willIt will get into the knee, and after a long time, the little foot will be like a crane's knee, within four or five years, it will die, remember"An Biru reached out and touched Lin Tian's head, then said with a smile on the corner of her mouth, "Of course, if someone wants to harm you,You just get him to death, the most direct way to kill him, you know, hehehe" he said with a coquettish smile, with a smile on his chest.The two huge and towering twin peaks trembled slightly.

"Well, well, remember, remember Aunt An." Lin Tian looked at the two groups of slightly trembling twin peaks in front of him, his eyes twitched.Some hair straightened, nodding his head and said.

"So cute, tsk!" An Biru looked at Lin Tian, ​​who was only as tall as her breasts, and put her arms around Lin Tian's body,She bent down slightly and kissed Lin Tian's face lightly. Among the many descendants of the Lin family, An Biru loves her the most.It is Lin Tian, ​​the seventh young master of the Lin family, and Lin Yilian, the young princess of the Lin family.When An Biru and Qin Xian'er grew up, An Biru naturally loved him even more.

Lin Tian was kissed by An Biru on the face, hugged in his arms, shaking his head, as if he was acting like a baby in the past.Burying her face on An Biru's towering twin peaks, she only felt two groups of soft twin peaks pinching her cheeks, a faintThe frankincense filled the nostrils.

"Pa~" An Biru felt her breasts being caressed by Lin Tian's face, blushing pretty face, stretched out her hand gentlyKnocked on Lin Tian's head, knowing that Lin Tian had no other ideas, just a habit from childhood to adulthood, chuckledSaid: "You are a big kid, as lustful as your father, stand still."

"No, Aunt An is so comfortable here!" Lin Tian put his arms around An Biru's soft waist, shaking his head.bag, said coquettishly.

An Biru looked at Lin Tian, ​​who was acting like a baby in her arms, with a wry smile on the corner of her mouth, she was too spoiled since she was a child.He, this little villain, no big or small, thought for a while and said: "Get up, let me tell you what our Miao people have."Some voodoo techniques, if I’m sorry, I’ll tell your mother.”

"Get up, get up, don't tell my mother!" Lin Tian quickly let go of An Biru's waist and stood up straightBody, said while waving his hands.

"Pfft!" An Biru looked at Lin Tian's nervous expression, and couldn't help laughing coquettishly, thinking of Qin XianIt's no wonder that Lin Tian was afraid of Qin Xian'er the most since he was a child, so he stretched out his jade hand and pointed at Lin Tian.His beautiful eyes gave him a white look, and he said with a charming smile: "Little villain, you have been dishonest since you were a child, only your mother can cure you."it's you! ".

"Aunt An, don't talk about my mother, what kind of Gu skills do we Miao people have?" Lin Tian was most afraid of his mother since he was a child.Dear, quickly change the subject.

"You!" An Biru shook her head and said with a smile on the corner of her mouth: "In our Miao voodoo art, there is nothing but bambooPieces Gu, famous ones include Snake Gu, Golden Silkworm Gu, Stone Gu, Loach Gu, Malnutrition Gu, Swelling Gu, Epilepsy Gu, Yin Snake Gu,Raw snake Gu, harming gods, and more than ten kinds of Gu techniques, among which the golden silkworm Gu is the most powerful."

"Oh? Then Aunt An, what's the use of these Gu?" Lin Tian looked puzzledasked.

"These Gus, such as the most powerful, the golden silkworm Gu, are not afraid of water and fire, and are the most difficult to destroy..." An BiruExplaining a dozen kinds of Gu techniques to Lin Tian one by one, looking at Lin Tian still looking at himself with a puzzled expression, he stretched out his hand to Lin TianHe tapped lightly on his head: "Don't you understand?" After speaking, he looked at Lin Tian with a smile on his face.

"I understand a little bit, but I don't seem to understand." Lin Tian raised his hand and scratched his head and said with a smile.

"Come with me." An Biru took Lin Tian's hand and walked towards the room behind her.


When she came to the house, An Bi seemed to let go of Lin Tian's hand and went to the cabinet to rummage.

"Auntie An, what are you looking for?" Lin Tian watched An Biru bent over, rummaging around the cabinet,God couldn't help but fall on An Bi's upturned buttocks and asked suspiciously.

"It's obviously put here, wait, I'm looking for it" An Biru murmured while ignoring Lin Tian's question.Looking around.

Lin Tian looked at An Bi's curvaceous body, her slightly swaying buttocks, and couldn't help swallowing.

"I found it!" An Biru held an ancient book, stood up straight, said with a smile, and turned to faceLin Tian came over, "Tian'er, take this book back and take a good look!" After speaking, he handed the book to Lin Tian.

Lin Tian regained his senses and glanced at An Biru's pretty face, blushing slightly, took the secret book and glanced at it,"Ancient Gu Technique" raised his head to look at An Biru and asked, "Auntie An, this is this?".

"This is the Gu technique passed down from ancient times to the present in Miao Jiang, except for the dozen or so Gu techniques I told you just now.Besides, there are many other Gu techniques and ancient lost Gu techniques, you can take them back and study them carefully." An BiruStrangely, he glanced at Lin Tian, ​​whose face was blushing, and said with a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Mrs. An, Master Tian'er, the saint asked me to invite you to dinner." At this moment, a female voice came from outside the door.came in.

"Let's go, Tian'er, let's go to dinner first, there is something I don't understand." An Biru stretched out her hand and took Lin Tian's hand.Go out the door. , came to the door and saw the maid serving Elaine standing at the door, bowed and waited, and asked with a smile:"Has Xian'er passed by?".

"Mrs. An, Mrs. Qin has already passed, please come with the servant!" The maid bowed and said.




Miao Village.

The night wind is gentle, and the cold moonlight shines on this quiet land.

"Put a hundred worms into the urn, and after years of opening them, there will be one worm that eats up all the worms, that is, this is called Gu, and Gu is my Miao border.The ancestors were made from the souls of heaven and earth. Only I, Miao Jiang, are proficient in this way. It is also known as the three major techniques of expelling corpses and descending heads.Sorcery, but the abuse of this technique is against the harmony of the heavens, future generations remember! "After dinner, Lin Tian sat in his room and opened An Biru.The books given, and on the first page of the books, the production and introduction of Gu was written.

"Gu technique" Lin Tian murmured in a low voice, slowly closed his eyes, read the words on the paper silently,I will open my eyes, open the book gently, and read it.

"The method of making Gu: It is more than the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, and it is used to make medicine when the yang qi is at its peak, so that people get sick and die.And they often use snakes, gu, and centipedes to control them, and they can kill with a touch."

"My Miao Jiang, there are many kinds of Gu techniques, the famous ones are thirteen, Chi Gu, Snake Gu, Golden Silkworm Gu, Mian PianGu, Stone Gu, Loach Gu, Injury God, Swelling Gu, Malnutrition Gu, Insane Gu, Live Snake Gu, Three Corpse Gu, are famous for it.”

"Slice Gu, the foundation of Gu technique...".




"Golden Silkworm Gu, the master of Gu technique...".

Lin Tian flipped through the Gu Book, slowly watching page by page, frowning from time to time and thinking, his expression puzzled.


Abby is in the room.

"Master, I'll go back to the house first, you rest early" Qin Xian'er stood up, looked at An Biru, and smiledsaid.

"Well, let's go." An Biru stood up and sent Qin Xian'er to the door, watching Qin Xian'er slowly leaveQianying, thinking of talking about a bad guy who went to Goryeo tonight, a slight smile curled up at the corner of her mouth.

"Go get some hot water, I want to take a bath." An Biru thought for a while, then turned to look at the waiter who was standing beside her.said the woman.

"Yes, Mrs. An." The maid bowed and left.

An Biru watched the maid leave, turned back to the room, sat in front of the stage, looked at herself in the bronze mirror, and turned her head.Decorate one by one.

After a while.

The maid came in with a flower basket and two maids carrying hot water, pouring the hot water into the tub in the middle, lightly sprinkle the petals, sprinkle the petals all over the water, turn around and walk to the closet, take out the silk nightdress, and put it on theOn the hanger, he turned to An Biru, who was sitting in front of the dresser, and said, "Mrs. An, the hot water is ready."

"En" An Biru slowly stood up, turned and walked inside, looked at the maid and said with a smile, "No need to wait.Wait, you also go down to rest! ".

"Yes, Mrs. An" said the maid and maid bowing.

After the maid left, An Biru reached out and gently untied the clothes on her body and took off the clothes.The snow-white delicate body was exposed to the air, slowly lifted the jade legs, entered the bathtub, and slowly soaked in the whole hot water."Woo~" An Biru squinted her beautiful eyes slightly, and moaned comfortably, slowly her delicate and pretty face was warmed up.The smoke was a little reddish, and the black blue silk was scattered on the white jade back, leaning on the edge of the bathtub, and gently with both handspaddles the petals in the water.

An Biru slowly leaned against the barrel, her charming body was immersed in the petals, and the two snow-white peaks were floated.The floating petals are looming, and there is a delicate rose on the shoulders of the white snow, slowly closing the beauty.Eyes, Zhu lips lightly opened and snorted: "This dead friend, ran to Gaoli without saying a word, huh! Waiting for you to come back.Let you taste the power of silver needles, hum! "I can't help but emerge in my mind, the process of first acquaintance with him,Knowing each other, falling in love, and finally in the Miao village, this little friend came to the village regardless of his life.

"Little friend~" An Biru recalled the bits and pieces of her relationship with Lin San, and she couldn't help but recall her relationship with Lin San.On the prairie, she was wearing a white wedding dress, and the absurd scene with Lin San, her pretty face gradually became stained.There was a blush.

"Fellow~" An Biru had a rosy face, slowly opened her beautiful eyes, and stared at the man in the bathtub with coquettish eyes.Petals for a while, biting her red lips lightly, the jade hand gently lifted from the heavy tub, and the slender jade fingers were slowly placed on the tightOn his cheeks, he lightly stroked for a while, his eyes were slightly fascinated, and his white teeth bit his red lips, slowlyAlong the jade neck, stroking down a little bit.

The slender jade fingers slowly touched the bulging snow-white milky flesh, "Yeah! Little brother! Big sister wants toyou! "An Biru bit her red lips lightly, while humming softly, she slowly held her huge breast with her jade hand.As she kneaded, the charm in her beautiful eyes was as watery as water droplets.

Gradually, An Bi gently kneaded her jade milk like a jade hand, a jade hand in the water, slowlyalong her smooth thighs, she stroked her private parts little by little.


Miao Village.

In Lin Tian's room.

Lin Tian sat at the table, slowly flipping through the Gu Shu, frowning from time to time in thought, with a puzzled expression.

"Smearing Slice Gu, the easiest Gu technique, not very powerful, but it can also hurt people's lives, take a few bamboo slices and apply Gu medicine,Buried in the soil, when pedestrians pass by, the strips will burrow into the knees, and over time, the small feet will be like crane knees, not less than four feet.In five years, you will be dead...".

"Insanity Gu is a Zhuang clan Gu technique, but my Miao clan's method of making gu is different from that.My Miao people have pickled it with mysteries, buried it in the soil, dug it up after 7749 days, and used the fungus to make Gu, which can make people go crazy.Crazy, six relatives do not recognize...".

"Three corpses, take red, blue and white poisonous snakes, hide them in a urn, and take them out after ninety-nine-eighty-one days, this poison is poisonous.It is extremely violent. It is administered to the human body, sucking the host's essence and blood and injecting venom, causing convulsions all over the body, all over the poisonous sores, causingDead party repairs...".



"Golden Silkworm Gu is the supreme Gu technique of our Miao clan, and there have been very few people who have perfected it. Those who want to practice this Gu are mostly golden silkworms.Killed and died, the method of making gu, put the hundred insects and the golden silkworm king in an urn, and let them eat each other.Silkworm Ruocun, whole body golden, pregnant with a child Gu, self-submitting mother Gu, inflicting child Gu, controlling people's mind, remember that this Gu will kill you,Injure yourself, remember, remember! ".

"Golden Silkworm Gu~" Lin Tian said slowly to himself while looking at the last three items in the book.

After a long time.

"Forget it, wash and sleep first!" Lin Tian shook his head, expelling the thoughts in his mind, and slowlyHe stood up slowly, stretched his waist, rubbed his eyes, and reached out his hand to put away the Gu Shu on the table.Carefully touched the candlestick by the table, sparks splashed on the Gu Shu, and it slowly burned.

"It's over!" Lin Tian woke up instantly, and quickly reached out to remove the candlestick on the table and extinguished the Gu

Lin Tian held the Gu technique with a missing corner and said to himself with a bitter face: "It's over, I will be killed by Concubine An tomorrow.insulted".

"Huh?" Lin Tian suddenly exclaimed in surprise, and there was an interlayer on the cover of Gu Shu's lack of sleep, "Thiswhat is it? "Lin Tian buttoned his hand in doubt, pinched a piece of fabric in the interlayer, and gently pulled it out.

Lin Tian rubbed the cloth in his hand with his hand, a smooth silk feeling, put the Gu technique in his hand aside,Gently unfold the fabric, with a few lines of words and a few human figures drawn between them, and four large figures on the left.Word: "Acacia Gu".

"Acacia Gu?" Lin Tian murmured in doubt, and turned to look at a few lines of smaller fonts.

"I am the 21st leader of the Miao Village, I am naturally promiscuous, I have dozens of concubines, but I am not self-sufficient, and I am immersed in the magic trick.Decades of years, this Gu was developed. This Gu can control the mind and mind, and can only be used on women. The numerator of this Gu, aGu, one mother and three sons, she can only Gu one mother, and the other three sons are used on a woman. This woman is usually no different from ordinary people.The difference is that when the mother Gu is activated, the woman's mind is still there, and she will still obey you. This Gu can only be three daughters! ".

"The method of making this Gu is very easy, three ambergris, one strange lecherous flower, three magic fruits, one long-sleeping clam, andDragon serpent grass, bizarre flower and magic fruit, after feeding with the long-sleeping clam for three days, the long-sleeping clam will grow a thumb on its backA small acacia fruit tree, the tree bears four fruits, the red color is the mother gu fruit, the white is the child gu fruit, the mother gu fruit is self-serving, and the child gu fruit isTake its juice and give it to women".

"This, this, this..." Lin Tian stared at the words on the silk in a stunned manner, calmed down, and then readgo down.

"When I was young, my essence was leaked a lot. In the year of destiny, my male roots have not improved. After that, my wives and concubines had an affair, and I was angry.If you kill him, in his later years, he realizes the method of bedding, and he can keep Yuanyang, and he can also control three daughters at night. This method is recorded and here,Do it yourself! ".

Lin Tian turned to look at the human figure on the side, and saw naked men and women having sex, naked.Small acupuncture points are marked on the body, and on the side is written: "Qi travels from Huiyin point to Dantian, and then it swims to Jintian in Youdantian.The doorway...".

Lin Tian blushed slightly, and after reading the words on the silk, he learned martial arts from An Bi, Ning Yuxi and others since he was a child.He couldn't help but follow the words on the silk, "Wu~", Lin Tian let out a soft cry, his face turned slightly red, and he hurriedly putThe silk in his hand was put away, and he looked down at his lower body, only to see a tent puffed up, Lin Tian shook his head.The bag calmed down, looked at the silk in his hand, pondered for a while, turned and walked towards the door.

"Let's show it to Auntie An!".

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2: In this book, Lin Xuan is the first protagonist, so Lin San's son is the protagonist, as the name of the novel,As you know, I also compiled a few sons into the pregnancy that ended with the best family member, and there may be more in the later period.Yes, it depends.

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Text content……

Lin Tian thought about the Acacia Gu he just saw in his mind, and slowly came to An Biru's house.

"Auntie An, Auntie An?" Lin Tian called out softly as he pushed the door and walked in. There was no one in the house.Abby's response.

"Could it be that Auntie An fell asleep?" Lin Tian scratched his head and whispered, "Then show it to Auntie An tomorrow!",After saying that, Lin Tian turned around and walked towards the door.

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, little brother, push hard, ummmmmmm~".

Just as Lin Tian was about to walk out of the door, there was an inaudible moan in his ears.

"Huh?" Lin Tian stopped and listened quietly for a while, sure it wasn't a hallucination, and his ears were still incessant.There was a moan that sounded like crying, "Is this like Auntie An's voice?" Lin Tian whispered to himself: "AnWhat happened to auntie? "Lin Tian stood there and pondered for a while, then slowly moved his steps, thinking about the inner room slowly.go.

"Mmmm. Mmmm. Woo. Woo. Um. Um little brother, hard, hard, big sister wants, uh. uh uh...! ".

As Lin Tian got closer, the moans in his ears became clearer.

Lin Tian walked slowly inside and out, what is Aunt An doing? Lin Tian frowned and thought doubtfully, gentlyopened the curtain.

And because Lin Tian was standing, he could clearly see the petals on the water because of An Biru's movements.After being drained to the edge of the tub, in the clear water, a delicate and white body appeared in Lin Tian's eyes.Seeing An Biru squatting in the bathtub, pretty rosy and ruddy, her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and a jade hand kept kneading herself.His towering jade milk, while the other towering jade milk trembled gently in the water with An Biru's movements,A seductive moan floated from the red lips bitten by the teeth. Two white and round thighs in the water are constantlyRubbing the ground, a jade-like jade hand wriggled constantly in the center of the legs, the light fluff under the lower abdomen,With the wriggling of the jade hand, it is looming.

"Mmmm. Mmmm. Woo. Woo. Um. Um little brother, hard, hard, big sister wants, uh. uh uh...! ".

Lin Tian stared blankly at the beautiful scenery in front of him. Lin Tian, ​​who had never been in contact with these, had a pure and handsome face.He blushed slightly, and the cock under his crotch gradually stood up, staring straight at An Bi.Such as the naked body, involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


"Mmmm. Mmmm. Um. Um. Um. Mmm, hard, hard, um. ummm...!".

An Biru, who was squatting in the bathtub, whispered softly from her red lips, and kept kneading herself with her jade hands.The crisp breasts, sentimental about their slender jade fingers in the compact pink hole in the private parts, constantly thrusting, a numbnessPleasure kept coming.

Suddenly An Biru's movements stagnated, and the originally charming and charming face was full of chills, who is it?An Biru frowned slightly, thinking in her heart, while thinking about it, she slowly released the hand that was kneading her chest.Gently pulled out the jade hand that was wriggling in the private part, and used the skill.

And Lin Tian, ​​who was standing outside the door curtain, didn't know that he had been discovered by An Biru, so he didn't need to notice.With An Biru's movements, her eyes stared straight at An Biru's delicate body, and the cock under her crotch was as hard as iron.

At this moment, An Biru slowly turned around her delicate body, her beautiful eyes were looking at the door curtain with chills, her pure white jade hands, slowlyLifted up in the slow heavy water, two round jade legs,Slightly bent, ready to jump at any time, slamming the doorThe man was killed.

at this time.

"Hu~" A gust of breeze blew slowly past.

The door curtain was blown slightly and floated.

"Huh?" An Biru was stunned for a while, then slowly put down her jade hand, and slowly squatted back into the tub, her face pale.Suddenly rosy.

It turned out that just now, An Biru was about to lift up from the bathtub and kill the man outside the door with one palm, and it happened thatA gust of breeze blew the door curtain, and saw Lin Tian standing outside the door curtain with a sluggish face, peeping at himself, and quickly closed his handsGong Li, squatting and sitting in the tub, An Biru couldn't help but rejoice when she looked at the door curtain. If there wasn't that breeze, thenSo now Lin Tian is a corpse, An Biru, who was squatting in the tub, couldn't help but let out a sigh of aroma,He squinted at behind the door curtain, a slight smile twitched at the corner of his mouth, and he secretly said in his heart, "Little rascal, how could you?Dare to peek at my aunt bathing, as bad as his father! "While thinking about it, the corners of his mouth curved slightly charmingly.With a smile, "I'll tease you, auntie!" As soon as he thought about it, his face slowly reappeared, and thenA jade hand gently kneaded the crisp breast, and a jade hand slowly touched the private part, gently inserted into the pink hole, for the sake ofIn order to make Lin Tian see more clearly, with luck and skill, he pushed all the petals floating on the water to the side of the bucket, slightly.Spreading her jade legs, her pretty face was full of charm, her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, she looked at the door curtain, and her red lips slowly moaned.

"Mmmm. Mmmm. Um. Woo. Woo. Um. Mmmm, hmmm, hmmm, hmmm."

Lin Tian, ​​who was standing outside the door curtain, had no idea that he had walked through the gate of hell just now, his eyes were reddish.Looking at An Biru in the bathtub, charming moans kept coming from her ears, and her feet gently rubbed the hard flesh.Great.




After a long time.

"Mmmm... uuu... ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah..." An Biru in the bathtub suddenlyThe delicate body trembled violently, the rosy pretty face was full of admiration, and the water in the slightly narrowed beautiful eyes was sparkling, charming and charming.Her red lips were slightly opened, and seductive moans floated out continuously, covering her skin like jade.There was also a pink halo, a mass of snow-white breasts trembled slightly with the rapid breathing, the top of the breasts,A pink cherry stood up, shaking gently with the trembling breast, and another group of snow-white breasts.Covered by a jade hand, constantly kneading, pink cherries drilled out from the slender jade fingers,Two white and round jade legs in the lower body water, tightly entangled together, one is in the private part of the middle of the thigh, quicklyQuickly stroking, the water surface of the bathtub continued to sound the sound of water splashes along with An Biru's movements.

After a while, An Biru slowly stopped, and the jade hand gently released the kneaded breast, which was originally in private.The wriggling jade hand also slowly pulled out, leaning weakly against the edge of the tub, slightly parted red lips, and continued.Breathing, her charming eyes slowly closed, and her delicate body trembled slightly from time to time.

Lin Tian, ​​who was standing outside the door curtain, looked at An Biru, who was panting by the tub, and slowly came back to his senses.He exhaled, "Huh?" Suddenly Lin Tian felt a damp touch in his crotch, and looked down at the stillThe erect cock found that his crotch was still wet, Lin Tian's face was rosy, and he quickly covered his crotch with his hands,She raised her head and glanced at An Biru, who was leaning against the tub, and slowly turned around and walked towards the door.

"Pfft~ little rascal!" An Biru, who was leaning against the tub to breathe for a while, felt Lin Tian leave, and slowlySlowly opening her beautiful eyes, she smiled softly with a charming and pretty face.

After a while, An Biru, holding the edge of the bucket with both hands, stood up slowly, her pure white body covered with water droplets,Under the light of the candle, An Biru gently lifted her jade legs, walked slowly to the hanger, and reached out to take it.The bath cloth that passed over the hanger gently wiped the delicate body.

After a while, An Biru, wearing a red dress, slowly walked out of the room, looking at the wood that was not closed.The door, the corners of his mouth curled into a playful smile, he walked gently to the door, reached out to close the door, and turned to face the door.Get on the bed and go.

"Little bastard, when you peeped at your aunt, puff~~~" In the darkness, An Biru whispered a light laughter.


In Lin Tian's room.

"Bang!" There was a knock on the door.

Lin Tian trot back to the room, turned around and closed the door, walked slowly to the table, sat at the table,The scene I just saw kept popping up in my mind.

After a long time, Lin Tian slowly came back to his senses, and looked down at the tent with the high crotch, which was still there.With the dry liquid, he slowly stood up, took off his clothes and prepared to take a bath.

"Clap~" a soft sound.

The Gu Shu in his arms fell out, Lin Tian bent down to pick it up, put it on the table, stripped off his clothes, and looked inside.walk between.

After a while.

Lin Tian wiped his wet hair and walked out, walked towards the table, sat at the table and looked at the pictures on the table.Gu Shu, stretched out his hand to open the Gu Shu, took out the silk sandwiched in the book, spread it out gently, and stared at Acacia Gu SanOne word, An Biru's attractive body kept popping up in his mind.

After a long time.

"Acacia Gu..." Lin Tian murmured softly, reaching out and strokingThe silk spread on the Gu Shu.


the next day.

"Tuk tuk tuk~~~" There was a knock on the door.

"Tian'er, get up!" A pleasant voice came in.

"Woo~" Lin Tian, ​​who was sleeping on the bed, let out a soft whimper, turned over and put his arms around the quilt and continued to sleep.

"Tuk Tuk Tuk...".

"Tian'er, Tian'er, get up!" The woman outside the door shouted a few times, and found that Lin Tian did not come out.He pushed open the door and walked in.

The woman walked into the house, turned her head to look at the couch, and saw Lin Tian with his arms around the quilt, lying on the couch, tightly closed.Looking at his eyes, a trace of crystal saliva slowly slipped down the corner of his mouth, his two thighs were split apart, and the middle of the thigh,A tent stands tall.

"Hey~ this child!" The woman looked at Lin Tian's towering tent, blushing pretty face, spit softly, and slowlyHe walked slowly to the couch, sat on the couch, and reached out to pat Lin Tian who was sleeping.

"Get up, my God."

"Woo~" Lin Tian hummed softly, opened his eyes slowly, and saw a beauty in palace dress sitting beside the bed,Reaching out and rubbing his eyes, he called softly, "Mother!".

It turned out that it was Lin Tian's mother Qin Xian'er who came in.

Qin Xian'er looked at her confused son, shook her head, and said, "Get up quickly! Go have breakfast! I'm at the doorWaiting for you outside! "After he finished speaking, he got up and walked towards the door.

"Okay, mother!" Lin Tian shook his head, propped up the bed with both hands, and got up.

After a while, Lin Tian put on his clothes and walked out. He saw Qin Xian'er, who was standing by the side looking at the Miao Village, called out.Said: "Mother!".

"Okay? Let's go, Master and Aunt Yilian are waiting for you!" Qin Xian'er walked to Lin Tian and pulled Lin TianHis hand walked towards the residence of the Holy Maiden.

Aunt An, when Lin Tian heard his mother playing An Biru, he couldn't help thinking of the scene he saw last night.She quickly shook her head and followed Qin Xian'er to the saintess' residence.


The residence of the saint.

Qin Xian'er took Lin Tian and walked in slowly.

Elaine, who was sitting at the table chatting with An Biru, saw Qin Xian'er and Lin Tian walk in, stood up, and smiled.He said, "Sister Qin, Tian'er, here we come!".

An Biru sat on the table, looking at Qin Xian'er and Lin Tian with a smile on the corner of her mouth.

"Sister Elaine, Master!" Qin Xian'er called out with a smile and sat at the table.

"Aunt An, Aunt Elaine!" Lin Tian saw An Bi's pretty face with a smile, and called out quickly, sitting at the tablebeside.

"En!" An Biru nodded, but did not speak, a faint blush appeared on her pretty face.

Seeing that everyone was seated, Elaine turned to look at the maid who was serving at the side and said, "Let's serve the food!".

"Yes, Holy Maiden!" The maid bowed and left.

The three girls were chatting while sitting at the table. Lin Tian, ​​who was sitting beside him, looked up at An Biru from time to time, thinkingThe sea is full of the scene I saw last night.

An Biru also noticed that Lin Tian glanced at her from time to time, her face turned slightly rosy, and she turned her head.Glancing at Lin Tian, ​​he didn't speak. He turned back and continued chatting with Qin Xian'er and Yilian. This little rascal is interesting.Tight, An Biru thought to herself while chatting, the corners of her mouth slightly curved into a smile! .

Seeing that An Biru was looking at him, Lin Tian quickly moved his eyes away and couldn't help thinking of the Acacia Gu, if...,No, no, but....

Two villains appeared in Lin Tian's mind, constantly arguing.

After a while, Lin Tian raised his head and glanced at An Biru, then turned to look at Yilian, Aunt Yilian was a saint.You should know what ambergris is and where is it? After asking Aunt Elaine for a while, Lin Tian pondered.

After a while, breakfast was served.
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