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【Blessings of forgetting years】(Chapter 6)

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Huang Ziyun left the hotel with a contented face and returned home. As soon as I entered the house, I found my husband Qiao Shan looking melancholysitting on the sofa. "What's the matter, husband?" Huang Ziyun asked, "our father is sick. It's serious." Qiao Shan repliedHe replied, "Ah. What's wrong? Then hurry up and take him to the hospital in the city." Huang Ziyun said, "I just contactedThere are no beds in the hospital right now." Qiao Shan said, "Then pick it up first." Huang Ziyun pulled Qiao Shan out of the house.

On the way, Huang Ziyun and Qiao Shan took two days off from the company. When they arrived at the village where Qiao Shan's father lived, the two picked them up.Qiao Shan's father rushed to the city.

The two were worrying about the hospital bed when suddenly Qiao Shan said, "Wife, Uncle Yang should know the people in the hospital.Bar. Why don't you call Uncle Yang?" Huang Ziyun glanced at Qiao Shan and called Lao Yang.

"Uncle Yang, can you contact us for a bed at the hospital? Qiao Shan's father is sick. He is very ill.I want to check it out at the city hospital. "

"No problem. I'll contact you now. You can drive directly to the hospital. I'll wait for you there."

Lao Yang hung up the phone and started to contact him. Since Lao Yang used to be the deputy director of the government, how much does he know?health system people. So the bed was quickly contacted.

Huang Ziyun and Qiao Shan's car arrived at the hospital. From a distance, I saw Lao Yang standing at the door. Get out of the car, Huang ZiyunHe and Qiao Shan helped Qiao Shan's father into the hospital and entered the ward that Lao Yang had contacted.

"Thank you Uncle Yang, thank you so much" Qiao Shan thanked him continuously, "You're welcome, call me if you have anything.After calling, Lao Yang decided to leave. "Wife. Send Uncle Yang back. By the way, go home and get something. In the evening.I want to accompany the bed," Qiao Shan said. Huang Ziyun glanced at her husband and walked out of the ward door.

Got into the car, Huang Ziyun was driving, Lao Yang sat in the co-pilot and drove all the way home. "Ziyun. Your husbandGoing to bed these nights. Are we..." Lao Yang looked at Huang Ziyun and put his big hand on Huang Ziyun's clothes.Stockings on the legs.

"I can't do it these few days. I'm not in the mood. Let's talk about it in a few days." Huang Ziyun said when she reached the community, Huang Ziyun saidWhen he walked to his house, Lao Yang followed closely behind. At the door of Huang Ziyun's house, Huang Ziyun was about to take out the key to open the door.At the door, Lao Yang hugged Huang Ziyun, pressed it against the wall, and kissed Huang Ziyun's lips. Huang Ziyun struggled.It matched Lao Yang's mouth and tongue to kiss. The two of them were kissing unconditionally when the elevator rang, and they didn't wait for the twoThe people separated, and the people in the elevator came out.

"Okay, Sister Huang. You actually..." It turned out to be Yang Ting.

"Why are you here?" Huang Ziyun asked, "It seems that I came at a wrong time, you continue. I'll be waiting downstairs.Ah," Yang Ting was about to leave. Huang Ziyun stopped Yang Ting, "Tingting, wait a minute." Then Huang Ziyun saidLao Yang said, "Go back."

Old Yang left knowingly. Huang Ziyun took Yang Ting into the house.

"Sister Huang, when you were in the *** village, you still talked about me. I didn't expect you to start tasting it yourself. Ha.Ha, how are you comfortable?" Yang Ting asked with a smile, "Don't talk nonsense. It's not what you think." Huang Ziyun said, "Don'tSophistry. We are best sisters. There is nothing to hide. I told you from the bottom of my heart.

"You're still arguing." Yang Ting pretended to be angry and said, "Okay. I and Lao Yang are indeed." Huang Ziyun said"How long has it been, how many times have I done it?" Yang Ting continued to ask, "It's been two months. There are five times in total. The firstThe second time he forced it. Then slowly" Huang Ziyun blushed and lowered her head. "That's right, sister. Women,As long as it does not affect the family, everyone has the right to pursue sexual well-being. How good is Lao Yang, you can do it when you want. don't want villageThe old Liu in here, only once or twice a month" Yang Ting complained, "I felt guilty at first. But then I heard what you said.That pile of truth, plus it's really comfortable. Me too" Huang Ziyun said still blushing, "Haha. It seemsLao Yang is still young. Look at your satisfied face" Yang Ting said, "Okay, let's not talk about it. Tingting,What are you doing today?" Huang Ziyun asked, "I want to ask my sister for a favor. Did you have a set in ** town before you got married?"Little two," Yang Ting said, "Yeah. What's wrong. That house was left to me by my aunt before I went abroad." Huang ZiyunShe said, "That's good. Can you lend it to me?" Yang Ting took Huang Ziyun's hand and said, "Why, don't you have one?Where do I live?” Huang Ziyun looked confused, “Yes, I have a house in the city. But isn’t it inconvenient?” YangTing said, "What's inconvenient, what are you doing?" Huang Ziyun said, "Okay, I have something to say. I want to borrowGet down to your house. The old Liu in the village occasionally enters a city, and we can still... the hotel is inconvenient." Yang Ting shy"Okay, you little slut. I borrowed my house to have sex with a peasant," Huang Ziyun said."Hmph, you are too embarrassed to talk about me. Don't you also do it with the old man Lao Yang. Everyone is with each other" Yang TingJokingly said, "Okay. I'm not joking with you. I'll give you the key. Do you know the place?" Huang Ziyun finished speaking from the key.Remove a key from the keychain.

"I know. I went there before you got married. Thank you, sister." Yang Ting happily took the keys.

"You should pay more attention to yourself. Also, don't drain the old farmer, you little slut.I have to go back to farming." Huang Ziyun laughed.

Send Yang Ting away. Huang Ziyun packed her things and went to the hospital. Give things to husband. Qiao Shan said, "You go back firstHome, wife. I'm going to take a few days off to stay in bed these days. In a few days, you take a few days off to accompany you out of bed during the day, and at nightI'll come." Huang Ziyun and Qiao Shan settled down for a few words and left.

When she got home, Huang Ziyun sat on the sofa alone and had nothing to do. Yang Ting even borrowed her own house and aThe peasant had an affair, Huang Ziyun felt a bit of excitement in her heart when she thought of it.

The next day at work, Huang Ziyun found Yang Ting sitting next to her very excited. "What's the matter, Tingting. TodayWhy are you so happy. Couldn't it be your lover?" Huang Ziyun asked, "Sister, don't say it so badly.

But you guessed it right. Lao Liu's afternoon process. So, your house this afternoon, sister" Yang Ting whisperedIn Huang Ziyun's ear, she said that she got off work at noon, and she didn't know what to think. Huang Ziyun always had a feeling of excitement in her heart.Driving home, Huang Ziyun picked up the DV at home and went to her original house in ** town. open roomSon, Huang Ziyun found that the inside had been cleaned up. "This Yang Ting is really a master of cheating." Immediately afterwards,Huang Ziyun put the DV in the fake bonsai in the bedroom and left the house.

After getting off work at noon the next day, Huang Ziyun drove to her house in ** town. Once inside the house, maybeHuang Ziyun's heart was acting, she felt the air was filled with lustful water and asked. When you enter the bedroom, you see the bedroomThere is a box of condoms on the bedside table. I picked it up and saw that there were 7 left in the 10-piece condom box.

"Okay, Yang Ting. It's so showy. You can do it three times in one night with an old farmer." Afterwards, Huang Ziyun took theAfter passing the DV hidden in the fake bonsai, I lay on the bed and watched it. Looking at the picture inside, Huang Ziyun burned herself in flames.Yang Ting was lying beside the bed with her big ass pouted, and behind her, the dark-skinned old Liu held her big black dick and thrust it hard.Yang Ting, a pair of rough hands held Yang Ting's two big tits and rubbed them frantically. Yang Ting screamed loudly. LookLooking at the scene in front of her, Huang Ziyun felt wet under herself. Watching Lao Liu fuck Yang Ting, Yang Ting is working hardMoaning in tandem. Huang Ziyun thought of Lao Yang. I haven't contacted Lao Yang for two days.

After get off work in the afternoon, Huang Ziyun ate something in the company's cafeteria and then went to the hospital. with my husband and myselfMy father-in-law chatted for a while, looked at his watch, and it was almost nine o'clock. At the urging of her husband, Huang Ziyun left the hospital and drove the car.Drive home. On the way, Huang Ziyun texted Lao Yang, "Are you in the house?"

Ding Ding, Lao Yang came back, "I'm here, come on baby."

Entering the community, Huang Ziyun parked the car. After getting out of the car, instead of going home, Huang Ziyun went to Lao Yang's house.go. Follow the address that Lao Yang told himself before. Huang Ziyun quickly found it. Use the key that Lao Yang gave himWhen he opened the door, he was hugged tightly by Lao Yang as soon as he entered the door. Lao Yang sticks out his tongue and goes crazy in Huang Ziyun's ears and faceCrazy licking. After licking for a while, the two separated. "I'll take a shower first" Huang Ziyun said and entered Lao Yanghome bathroom. After a while, Huang Ziyun came out after washing. Entering the bedroom, Huang Ziyun saw that Lao Yang was very thickThe big black dick sat on the edge of the bed, and when he came to the edge of the bed, Lao Yang pulled Huang Ziyun over, and Huang Ziyun sat down on Lao Yang.On the body, Lao Yang's big hand touched Huang Ziyun's tits. Immediately afterwards, Lao Yang pushed aside the bedside with his other hand."Choose one to wear" Huang Ziyun looked at her big wardrobe, and there was a row of sexy lingerie hanging neatly inside. Huang ZiyunShe shyly closed her eyes and took one casually and put it on her body. Open your eyes and see that this sexy lingerie has only threeThere are places to be naked, but those three places are precisely the tits, the labia, and the ass. Lao Yang closed the cabinet, and the door was on the doorThe mirror is facing the bed.

Lao Yang was already burning with lust, he pulled Huang Ziyun and pressed him on the bed and lowered his face, burying his whole head in Huang Ziyun.In her cleavage, her lips touched the smooth skin, kissed Huang Ziyun's soft and firm tits, her tongue wasHuang Ziyun's nipple spun back and forth. Suddenly Lao Yang opened his mouth and put one of Huang Ziyun's tits in his mouth, his teethThe teeth gnawed at the nipple lightly and hard, while squeezing the other tit with his hand. "Ah..." A hot voiceA shy cry emanated from Huang Ziyun's small and delicious blushing lips, and Huang Ziyun became emotional...

Then Lao Yang separated Huang Ziyun's legs, his face was close to Huang Ziyun's labia, Huang Ziyun couldn't help breathing.gotta get heavier. Lao Yang kneaded Huang Ziyun's two labia with his hands. Huang Ziyun's body is very fastWith the change, the pink labia majora gradually congested and opened, and a little love fluid flowed out. Lao Yang kissed Huang Zi on the mouthYun's labia, Huang Ziyun's body trembled for a while, then Lao Yang used the tip of his tongue to separate Huang Ziyun's soft labia,She put her head into Huang Ziyun's vagina and started to stir. "Ah... ah... ah... um... ah...", Huang ZiyunSlowly began to groan. Slowly, Lao Yang straightened up and put his big dick between Huang Ziyun's tits.Ziyun gathered her tits with both hands and performed titty sex for Lao Yang. In Huang Ziyun's cleavage, Lao Yang pushed harder and harder,From time to time, the big dick is inserted into Huang Ziyun's mouth, and Huang Ziyun cooperatively sticks out her tongue and licks the head of Lao Yang's penis.

Being tempted by Huang Ziyun, Lao Yang couldn't bear it anymore, he pulled up Huang Ziyun and made Huang Ziyun face the mirror,Put Huang Ziyun into a kneeling position. Tell her to pout her buttocks, break open Huang Ziyun's round buttocks with her hands, and turn her head away.Buried in Huang Ziyun's buttocks and licked it. Huang Ziyun was suddenly stimulated, ah, ah, groaning softly, in theCooperatively, she pushed her big butt back hard. Slowly, Huang Ziyun's kinky water flooded. "Come in, Lao Yang. IIt's uncomfortable." Huang Ziyun said, "I'll listen to your husband." Lao Yang teased, "Husband, come in. I'm uncomfortable. Hurry up,Ah" Huang Ziyun groaned, "I like my big chicken.Ba? "Lao Yang continued to tease Huang Ziyun, "I like it, hurry up"While answering, he pushed his butt back and rubbed it between Lao Yang's crotch. Then, as soon as Lao Yang stood up, the big dick slammedGently parted Huang Ziyun's fat, tender and slippery labia and inserted it into Huang Ziyun's vagina. Lao Yang is crazy in Huang Ziyun's vaginaAfter a dozen or so pumpings, the dick was pulled out violently. Huang Ziyun paralyzed on the bed with the sudden stimulation on her back.

Lao Yang pulled Huang Ziyun to turn off all the lights in the house, and came to the balcony. "Ah...don't...don' will be seen...ah..." Huang Ziyun was pressed by Lao Yang on the glass of the balcony, and the big dick followedInserted into Huang Ziyun's vagina. Huang Ziyun's tits were pressed against the glass, and the nipples felt cool from time to time.

Through the glass, one can clearly see that there are groups of people walking after dinner in twos and threes in the community. "Don't, don't,Don't be here." Huang Ziyun begged, enjoying the pleasure brought by the thrusting of Lao Yang's big dick. oldYang kept speeding up the speed of his cock thrusting, the thick and long cock rubbed against Huang Ziyun's pussy, and the top of the fiery glansHit into Huang Ziyun's fascination. "It's okay, it's bright outside, but dark inside. You can't see us from outside." Lao Yangsaid.

Hearing what Lao Yang said, Huang Ziyun began to groan in peace, "Ah... slow down... ah... ah......".

Lao Yang stood behind Huang Ziyun, pressed Huang Ziyun's butt, thrusting it up and down, leaning against the windowHuang Ziyun on the board. "Ah... um... ah... ah... um... no... don't... take it easy... toodeep! Huang Ziyun went crazy under the double stimulation of Lao Yang's thrust and the crowd looking out the window at the same timegroaned.

"Ziyun, are you happy?"

"Hmm... Cool..."

"Just say it when you're cool. Say you'll let me fuck you from now on." Once again, Lao Yang yanked outBig dick "Don't... um... don't leave..." Huang Ziyun said, "Then say I am your husband, in the futureLet me fuck." Lao Yang rubbed his dick against Huang Ziyun's vagina.

" are my husband. Good husband, I'm yours. I'll let you fuck." Huang Ziyun called out, "Ah...

..." Lao Yang suddenly pushed in with all his strength, and the tingling pleasure instantly swallowed Huang Ziyun's body.The thick dick made Huang Ziyun's pussy swell, the hot and full feeling of fullness made Huang Ziyun's whole bodyBody twitched. Huang Ziyun felt streams of fiery water rushing out of her vagina, and bursts of water came from the depths of her lower body.A burst of pleasure, like a volcanic eruption, spread around the body.

"Um... ah... I want... I want to cum... Fuck me... Fuck me... Ah..." Feel Huang ZiYun's climax was about to come, and Lao Yang began to thrust and thrust, each time pulling out the dick to the opening of the vagina, and thenPush it in hard. " the

"Listening to Huang Ziyun's constant groans, I felt the contraction of Huang Ziyun's vagina and the outflow of lewd water. Lao Yang knew that Huang ZiyunYun climax arrived. Lao Yang couldn't bear it anymore, he inserted the big dick deep into Huang Ziyun's vagina a few times, quicklyPull out the penis. Put it on Huang Ziyun's ass, while slapping Huang Ziyun's ass, while rubbing herselfbig dick. After masturbating a few times, thick semen ejaculated on Huang Ziyun's ass. Huang Ziyun trembled all overHe squatted on the ground. Lao Yang put the ejaculated dick by Huang Ziyun's mouth. On Lao Yang's balcony, watchingThe neighbor walking downstairs, Huang Ziyun called Lao Yang's dick with her mouth, cleaning up the remaining semen.

After packing up, Huang Ziyun opened the door and prepared to go out.

"Do you want to leave at night?" Lao Yang asked, "Yes. I'll go back to my house." Huang Ziyun opened the door and went out.

Just arrived at the door Huang Ziyun turned to Lao Yang and said, "You are really good tonight, I am so comfortable." After finishing speaking, Huang ZiyunYun pouted her sexy little mouth and blew a kiss to Lao Yang. Then went downstairs.
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