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It was one day in April 2010. Lu Yi and his wife Bao Lei attended the annual dinner of a top car brand held by the Huangpu River in Shanghai. Huayi CEO Wang Zhonglei was also present. Lu Yi and Bao Lei raised the red wine glasses in their hands and toasted to the big bosses. It is rumored that Lu Yi has an amazing drinker and is known as "a thousand cups without getting drunk". Many friends have challenged his limit, but they all failed.

That night, Lu Yi continued to drink three or four cups without changing his face, and later became a good husband who stopped drinking for his wife. When Jiu Xing came up, Lu Yi even made a toast everywhere, and every friend he knew would not let go. But this night, after the dinner, Wang Zhonglei took Bao Lei's hand and talked and laughed all the way back to Lu Yi's residence in Shanghai, while Lu Yi was helped back by Huayi's staff, and Lu Yi was forced to lie down after all. .

After helping Bao Lei to put Lu Yi on the bed together, Wang Zhonglei took the others away, then walked to the stereo, put in a CD, and the soothing music immediately began to flow in the hall.

At this moment, desire arose in Wang Zhonglei's heart. He walked in front of Bao Lei, bowed slightly, put his left hand behind his waist, and stretched his left hand forward, "Can you ask the beautiful Miss Bao to dance together?"

Seeing Wang Zhonglei being so good at creating mood, Bao Lei couldn't help but smile, "No." She immediately got up and walked back to the bedroom quickly.

Wang Zhonglei couldn't help but froze on the spot, wondering why Bao Lei refused her invitation.

After a while, Bao Lei reappeared in the living room, still wearing a low-cut, flesh-colored floor-length dress with silver sequins on the skirt, her hair already in a bun on her head, and a faint smile on her face. , Looking at Wang Zhonglei, at this moment, she has the style of a mature woman.

Wang Zhonglei was already sitting on the sofa. He looked at Bao Lei who was standing in front of him, wondering what the woman was doing...

Bao Lei looked like Wang Zhonglei was in a daze, and laughed, "Do you still want me to invite you, Prince Charming?" At this moment, she was full of seductive womanly charm.

Wang Zhonglei stepped forward slowly, wrapped Bao Lei's waist with his left hand, and held up her little hand with his right hand, leading her to dance towards the center of the living room.

So in the soft light in the room, the two danced briskly, accompanied by music, and Bao Lei's skirt floated from time to time.

"I didn't expect you to dance so well." After dancing for a while, in front of the man's skilled dance moves, Bao Lei had already surrendered, and she couldn't help looking up at Wang Zhonglei.

"Today, you deliberately arranged for a master to get Lu Yi drunk." Bao Lei's eyes looking at Wang Zhonglei became more and more ambiguous.

Wang Zhonglei smiled and squeezed Bao Lei's waist twice, "Do you want to waste such a wonderful night?"

The music slowed down, and the two changed to a slow fourth, Wang Zhonglei's hands were on Bao Lei's waist, the beautiful woman's head rested on the man's chest, holding his shoulders, "Do you remember how many women you had? ".

Wang Zhonglei laughed, "Let me think about it... I can't remember how many."

Bao Lei couldn't help biting Wang Zhonglei's chest fiercely with her small mouth, and then looked at him with a look of anger.

Wang Zhonglei laughed, pain in his body, sweetness in his heart, his hands clenched tightly, he knew that the woman had already taken the bait...

Indeed, as Wang Zhonglei guessed, Bao Lei's heart at the moment is aroused. After marriage, Lu Yi asked her to withdraw from the showbiz, naturally to let her less contact with men in the circle, and to give him less cuckolds, which made her not try for a long time. other men too.

Wang Zhonglei began to look down to find Bao Lei's small mouth, and kissed her affectionately. The woman closed her eyes and seriously felt the love from the man's lips.

So Wang Zhonglei's hand on the woman's waist began to slide down and stroked Bao Lei's buttocks. Surprisingly, there was no trace of her underwear. This unexpected feeling made Xiaoxiong's fiery lust pour out, and his lower body stood up stiffly, "Not wearing?" He asked in a low voice.

Bao Lei felt the man's reaction, and nodded shyly, "The thong is too weak, I'm afraid it will be damaged by you, I took it off when I went in just now." After speaking, Bao Lei simply buried her head in Wang Zhonglei's arms.

Everything at this moment is difficult to express in words. Wang Zhonglei has fully understood Bao Lei's mind, so his hand quickly found the zipper behind the woman and slowly opened it...

The long skirt lost its focus, and slipped from Bao Lei's body to the ground. The woman's white body was completely presented in front of Wang Zhonglei's eyes, and the moving curves were like music that was still flowing.

Wang Zhonglei stretched out his hand from the woman's neck along the ups and downs of her body, sliding her tall breasts, all the way to Bao Lei's bulging vulva.

Bao Lei was ticklishly touched, she gently took away the man's big hand sticking to her genitals, put up her toes, and kissed from the man's cheek, while kissing, a pair of small hands had already undid and took off Wang Zhonglei's shirt, Her hot lips moved across the man's chest, and her smooth tongue teased his nipples from time to time.

Wang Zhonglei began to pant and breathe, the woman created one happy vortex after another on his body, he felt the woman's head gradually lowered, his little hands undid the belt, and his lips kissed inch by inch between his belly. The outer pants slipped down, and his swollen lower body smoothly pushed up a big bag proudly on the tight underwear.

At this moment, Bao Lei knelt on the ground skillfully and rubbed her cheeks on the bulge of Wang Zhonglei's underwear. She wanted to give the man a perfect experience.

Wang Zhonglei could only feel the blood gathering from all over the body to the lower body, as if he could feel the hot breath of the woman. He stroked Bao Lei's hair, "Sister, it's so comfortable."

When Bao Lei heard Wang Zhonglei's praise, she couldn't help but smile charmingly. She grabbed the two ends of the man's underwear and took it off.

Bao Lei started to slide his dick in her small hands, and Wang Zhonglei suddenly felt like her whole body was floating., he pressed the woman's head hard, his voice trembling, "Sister, kiss it."

Bao Lei naughtily stuck out her tongue and licked the top of the dick, provoking the man's lust.

Wang Zhonglei raised his head and sucked in hissing air. He suddenly felt his cock was hot and felt it entered the woman's warm mouth. Bao Lei's lips were already tightly wrapped around the bottom of his penis, and the tip of her tongue was nimbly licking the top of the cock.

Wang Zhonglei let out a soft "ah" in comfort, the woman's movements made him a little unbearable, he looked down, Bao Lei was looking up at his expression, with a thick cock in her ruddy lips, she winked at him , pushing his head forward, pushing his cock as far as he could.

Wang Zhonglei watched the cock slide into Bao Lei's mouth inch by inch. The woman's cheeks were flushed and her nose fluttered rapidly. She seemed to be working hard. She must have never played this before, "Sister, don't force it."

Bao Lei shook her head, her head was violent, her lips wrapped around the bottom of the cock, Wang Zhonglei felt the cock pushed into the narrow hole, with the woman's rapid breathing, the cock was pressed hard, and his cock entered her throat!

Wang Zhonglei could hardly bear it, and took a deep breath to calm down the excitement in his heart.

After completing the difficult movement just now, Bao Lei slowly let the dick out of her mouth, took a deep breath, looked at the man's thick dick, her lower body became hot.

Just as Bao Lei was about to suck her in again, Wang Zhonglei pulled her up and hugged her tightly. He likes to express his love and affection for this woman in this way...

Bao Lei was hugged by Wang Zhonglei for a while, then pushed him to sit on the sofa, and sat on the man's lap, "Hurry up, Lu Yi sobers up pretty quickly," she said, holding the sofa with her hands, letting her breasts Slightly attached to the man's chest, the body undulates up and down.

Wang Zhonglei felt Bao Lei's soft breasts slide over his chest, he could feel the friction of the hard breasts, and he was also happy to enjoy such considerate service from a woman.

With the ups and downs of the body, the breasts felt strangely sensitive due to rubbing. Bao Lei couldn't help but let out a "hmmmm" sound, and the liquid from her lower body gradually flowed out, although it didn't feel as pleasant as a man touching the breast balls directly. Intense, but the slow accumulation of such pleasure also made her feel hot all over...

As the body continued to move, Bao Lei's body oozes a thin layer of sweat, and she has almost no strength soon, so she simply stops the ups and downs of her body, sticks her lower body to Wang Zhonglei's thigh, uses her labia Rubbing back and forth on the man's cock, the cum from inside dripped down his legs.

Wang Zhonglei felt that everything was so comfortable. Bao Lei's pussy lips rubbed gently against the cock, soft and soft. Although the physical stimulation was not strong, he felt a huge psychological impact. He urgently felt that his little brother was eager to Into that wet passage.

"Madam Lu, I want to fuck you." Wang Zhonglei said with a smirk.

Hearing the man's words, Bao Lei immediately stood up, stepped on the sofa with both feet, straightened Wang Zhonglei's cock with her small hands, and squatted down slowly, letting the cock hit the entrance of her hole, but did not let it immediately After entering, he continued to hold the man's cock with his small hands and fiddled back and forth between his labia.

Wang Zhonglei felt that the cock continued to move between Bao Lei's slippery labia, and the anxiety in his heart finally made him unable to bear it. He hugged the woman's body hard and pressed down. With a "thud", the cock entered Bao Lei's cunt hole, and the two of them At the same time let out a long breath...

Bao Lei took the initiative to kiss Wang Zhonglei, panting and smiling coquettishly, "I'm a pervert, can't help it? It hurts so much."

Wang Zhonglei comfortably felt the tightness of Bao Lei's cock in Bao Lei's hole, and thought that Lu Yi's cock was not big enough, "It's so comfortable... Sister, how can you not be in a hurry to steal someone else's wife's cunt? Thank you."

Bao Lei also laughed lasciviously, Wang Zhonglei's fiery cock felt so full in her body, but the itching in her body made her wriggle even more uneasy, so she supported Wang Zhonglei's shoulders, shaking her buttocks lightly, letting The man's cock kept stirring in his cunt.

"Ah... Brother Wang... your cock is so hot..." Bao Lei's body began to heave vigorously, making Wang Zhonglei's cock slightly away from the cunt every time, and then sat down violently, enjoying the impact of the cock inside her body , her small mouth whispered "hmm".

Wang Zhonglei looked at the woman's face full of intoxication, and heard the "pop" sound from the physical collision in his ears, so he stretched out his hands and grabbed her nipples...

Bao Lei was stimulated and breathed even more rapidly, the frequency of her body's ups and downs gradually decreased, and finally fell on the man, "Brother Wang, I'm too tired."

Wang Zhonglei then smirked, "Have no strength? Then rest for a while."

Bao Lei immediately pinched Wang Zhonglei hard, "I hate it, we only have this little time... I feel uncomfortable, move quickly."

Wang Zhonglei deliberately asked: "Where is it uncomfortable? How should I move?"

Bao Lei blushed from being teased by him, but she pressed her mouth to the man's ear helplessly, "His pussy is move quickly..."

Wang Zhonglei suddenly laughed, and supported the woman's buttocks with both hands, stood up from the sofa, and walked towards the bedroom while jerking.

Bao Lei suddenly felt that her body was in the air, and she quickly wrapped her feet around the man's back, and she could only let out a soft cry of "ahah".

Wang Zhonglei soon carried Bao Lei to the big bed where she and Lu Yi usually slept, put the woman's body on the edge of the bed, hugged her waist and continued to thrust and thrust.

At this moment, Bao Lei supported the bed with both hands, trying not to let the bed shake greatly with the sex of their husband and wife. When she raised her head, she could just look at her husband Lu Yi who was dead asleep...

I don't know how much time has passed. By the time Lu Yi sobered up, Wang Zhonglei had already left, and Bao Lei had already left.After finishing everything, looking at his wife who was busy cleaning the newly changed sheets in the bathroom, Lu Yi couldn't help but gently gave her a hug behind her in the aisle!

At this moment, Bao Lei is glad that she has eliminated the traces that Wang Zhonglei left on her bed sheets. Lu Yi has no idea that her wife let the boss play under her nose!

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