addiction (11)

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[Addiction] (11)

Where does the money come from?

To be more specific: Where did the bags of money under Yang's feet come from?

First from the farm. Drug farms are all over South America, whether it's Brazil, Colombia, or EcuadorDole and Bolivia, as long as there is soil that can grow poppies and coca bushes, drug lords will try their best to get aroundSurveillance by the government and law enforcement outside the United States built the foundations of their drug empires. So, SouthAmerica has also become a gathering point for various drug lord families. Since the events of Pablo Escobar,Drug lords of all factions realize that even if they are in their own country, they cannot completely escape the shadow of the United States.Loudness. So they acted more quietly and cautiously than before, and the way they transported became moremore diverse, more complex and harder to find. What? You said that you often see the news on the police on cargo shipsGot a lot of drugs, or caught a smuggler at an airport with a pill in his asshole? don't be fortunateSurvivorship bias cheated, all you see is the caught, how can all the others not be caught in the news?? And the drug lord is fully assured that no matter who gets caught in transit, there is no way to get through this.Some people tracked them down. In their eyes, those caught are nothing more than losses on the books. Ultimately, noNo matter how the government stops it, drugs will continue to flow into the United States, the world's largest drug consumer market.field.

And then from the gang. When these drugs crossed the ocean and came to the United States, the drug lords have alreadyGreat profit. So now is the chance for the dealers to make a second fortune, their job isdistribution of drugs to consumers. This is the one that suffers the most, but it is still the most profitable part. E.gCocaine, you only need about 20,000 dollars per kilogram to buy, and the price can be as high as 171,000 kilograms.catty. Such significant interests are naturally beyond the control of ordinary organizations. So drug gangs appeared. heWe're on the front lines, wrestling with US law enforcement least in theory. because of the lawAlthough selfless, those who enforce the law are not. When some gangs can completely clean up the hostile forces,Once they are on one side, they will start to have massive cash flow. And as long as they regularly give the law enforcement agenciesPeople get blood transfusions, then they also get a certain degree of immunity. After that as long as they don't make a fussIn a huge accident, they can be like leeches, quietly lying on a city and start slowly sucking blood, evento become part of the urban order. This naturally includes this one who signed a 40-day contract with Yang.Mexican gangster. Actually their official name is Icarod Cartel. But because it's hard to remember, and indeed the members are almost all of Spanish-speaking Mexican descent. So those who know them, also put themThey are called Mexican gangsters.

And then from E-drug. That is, the online drug store jointly created by Yang and Mia. when Yang NaAfter the ten kilograms of heroin, he didn't look like a traditional drug dealer, dressed in a thick coat.Yi swayed on the windy streets, and then waited foolishly for the addict to come to his door in exchange for a few days' worth of booze.His transport network is much more hidden and secure. This is exactly what his work does. On the morning of delivery day, YangWill drive a motorcycle to a private warehouse he rented first. Organize each item to be shipped according to the order. Whether it's pills or heroin in a transparent bag, they can fit into a single letter. Yang HuiMark the addresses one by one and put the items in envelopes. After that, he drove a motorcycle and galloped down the streetsAmong them, the envelopes are randomly delivered to several PO boxes, and in the end, they will be treated as ordinary letters by the postmanDelivered to a person's doorstep. This seemingly simple job is actually based on one thing: that isThe absolute security of the website and the trust of consumers.

The last is from the consumer. Case in point: Ladd who lives in a middle-class neighborhoodMrs. Er, who recently lost her husband. Her husband, who died of cancer, almost took the family'sThe property was exhausted, and the death was painful. Mrs. Ruddell was left to live alone. loseWithout money, her quality of life has been greatly reduced. When she lost her husband, she also lost the man who surrounded herhusband's circle of friends. And her only son has long gone to work in other cities, even if his father died, it was only at the funeralHe came back in a hurry, and then left in a hurry. One day, after a morning of crying, Mrs. Ruddell receivedAn anonymous advertising email with a link in it. When she opened it, she found that it was an online mall, which soldIt is a dazzling array of drugs. She didn't know what the little pills on it were for, but she knew heroin.She was too lonely and sad, she didn't want to suffer any longer, so she exchanged her little savings toBitcoin is placed online. After waiting for a few days, she will find an unsigned letter in her mailbox. existInside is a sealed bag with white powder.

After so many people and across multiple countries, these heroins are finally reaching those who need them mostIn hand, so, the next time is to enjoy the time happily. If she likes it, she will definitely go down againsingle.

Of course, she will love it, she will order again, and she will run outher last money, and then become abnormally old and sickly. His son would take her by his side to take care of her and help her detox untiluntil his filial piety is exhausted. She will be sent to a nursing home, and then her son will no longer be given to the nursing homeAfter making money, in the end, she died alone on a street corner.

For every living consumer, a single order will eventually become a stack of banknotes at Yang's feet.

That's how money comes.

Yang put down the newspaper, then turned to look at the man behind him, a strange smile appeared on his handsome faceAllow.

"Long time no see."


All the original guests have been cleared. The store suddenly filled with many people. They are all tattooed, their facesMexican men with scars on or on their bodies. The only people who sat down were Yang, the first mate, and a in white suit.

The first mate, like last time, took on the translation job, and the man who should be his eldest was sitting in Yangon a table in front. With his back to Yang, he wore a pair of big sunglasses. Just like last time, he took out one after a while.Cigarettes began to puff.

Under the sun, Yang finally had a chance to take a good look at this so-called "first mate". he looks moreHe is taller, should be about two meters tall. Short head, triangular eyes, arrow-like hook nose. skin tone is dark brownColored and densely haired. He was wearing a tan leather jacket and jeans, and was sipping a cup of coffee leisurely.

"Have you completed the task given to you?"

Yang nodded. "There is no problem."

"We have all seen that photo, the Cordo family has already taken action." The first officer's eyes drifted to Yangon his face, "Aren't you afraid?"

"Fear is, of course, fear. But I'm confident in the security of my website."

"Well, you're not still Have you been caught by us? The hardest fortress is usually broken from the inside."

Yang said calmly, "I really have no experience with internal organization before. I don't make the same mistake.Will do it a second time. "

"You know, that friend of yours... er... I forgot his name." The first mate responded forcefully.Memories, "Sam right? We didn't even have time to touch him when he was caught.That little bastard said all the shit you've done in one fell swoop. "


The inch-headed man had a sarcastic expression on his face. "We asked him if he knew where to find you.He betrayed you without even the slightest hesitation, haha! It was thanks to him that we were able to catch you little darling."

"That really makes me sad." Yang looked indifferent.

"That's the difference between an amateur and a professional. We never hand over important information to us that we don't believe.any person. "

"You're so right."

"Okay, my boss's time is precious. Let's stop chatting." inSeeing that, the first mate said a little boringly, "Hand over your money first, and then we will talk about other things."

Yang looked at the first mate, and then at the man who turned his back. Men in white suits. He lowered his head, from the bottom of the tableHe took out a huge black bag.

"That's 2.4 million."

The first officer waved his hand immediately, and a man immediately ran over and took the bag away.

"We have a money detector, so don't think about using counterfeit..."

"Wait a minute," Yang suddenly reached out his hand to interrupt the first officer, who continued to take it from under the table a big mentionBag.

Everyone turned their heads slightly and couldn't help watching. At this time, Yang took out a third small bag.

"The total is 5.5 million. Please count them carefully."

The first officer stood up and opened one of the bags, and saw that it was really full of a bag. pile of green banknotesTickets, he was happy at first, then slowly became confused. "You are this? What is the extra 3.1 million handed over?mean? "

"Well, take it and check it out. In the process, allow me to come up with a new business proposal."discussion. Yang spread his hands and said, "The extra money is the pre-order money for me to buy more goods from you in advance."

"The pre-order money? Boy, you really consider yourself our partner. Is it?" The first mate's face was instantly gloomyHe came down and said, "Don't you understand? What the fuck we tell you to do, don't do it the other way around."

Yang put his eyes on the man sitting in front of him again. "Don't you ask your boss what he thinks first?"

The first officer gave Yang a vicious look, but he still asked the man in the white suit in Spanish first.Opinion.

The man turned his head slightly, then glanced at Yang from the corner of his sunglasses, and then lifted the incenseYan's hand,

"I understand..." The first mate bowed his head slightly to the man with a displeased face, and then he sat down on his buttocks.On the chair in front of Yang, "You better not waste our time."

"ThenLet me get started. "Yang cleared his throat, then stood up. When he stood up, manyThe surrounding people immediately moved closer to Yang, but the man in the white suit shook his head, which made these people withThe men with vicious eyes took a step back.

"First of all, my business has actually hit a big bottleneck. I'm not afraid to speak out. My pill productionThe volume simply can't keep up with the demand of the market. This is a waste of the credibility and reputation that my website has built up. NowWhat I need is more cargo. "

After the first mate and the man in the suit finished the translation and discussion, he said coldly: "More goods? Are you here?"Do you understand this industry? What kind of large factory do you think we are, as long as you place an order, we will pressIs it available in time? "

"I fully understand that your goods come from drug lords in South America. I also know that you are based on yourTheir sphere of influence comes to purchase.

Yang picked up a small glass bottle of table salt and shook the white powder inside. "if you guysIf you go to other cities to sell drugs, you will inevitably have conflicts with drug gangs in another city. When the time comes, whoIt's hard to say who wins or loses. Of course, in more cases, the fight between two big gangs will be difficult to control the scale,And once there is a big mess, people in law enforcement agencies will gradually realize that it is too risky to cooperate with such a gang, and thenCoupled with the pressure of public opinion, they will sell both gangs. "

"But my sales network has changed the game. Think about it, your goods have already sold itHeshi, the people of the Cordo family already know, but what happened to you? you have almost no commitmentTake any risk and the money is already there, right? Also, I paid you an extra three hundred in advance100,000 allows you to purchase from drug lords more worry-free. Now as long as you have enough ambition, youWe should completely change your traditional purchasing logic. Don't worry about slow sales, just need a lot of moneyStock up and give me your product. As long as we join forces, the river city is nothing at all. mineThe next target is..."

Yang deliberately paused, then said loudly, "Spencer City."

The mate's face changed, then the expression of the man in the white suit. Also moved slightly.

"That's your rival gang, isn't that Pipestone's sphere of influence? You used to start five years ago.Conflict, and later peace talks. At least, that's what I gathered from the trail. "

"I want you to think about it, as long as you have me, and my website. You can play with them."A war without gunpowder. That is, business warfare. "

"Think about it, with my website, products can be delivered directly to your door, which is safer, faster, andIt's very easy to place an order. They can't catch people if they want to, and in the end they can only start to lose the market, and their income starts to suffer.When there is a loss, problems are bound to start in the organization, and it doesn’t take long for them to start internally.Ego collapse. "

The mate's face became more and more serious, and he seemed to begin to seriously consider the possibility of what Yang said.

"It won't take long for you to eat them completely." Yang narrowed his eyes and made a slow gesture.With a clenched fist gesture, "I understand that you value power and influence more than pure money. SoSo when Pipestone crashes, my site will be withdrawn from Spencer and put back by your guysTake over and you'll be the only drug gang in Mono and Spencer at the same time. "

After the first mate finished translating again, he communicated with his boss for a few minutes, and then he was a little unsympathetic.Reluctantly, he said, "The boss said he likes your proposal, but he wants to know why you risk morerisk to expand, don’t you make enough money now to spend?

Yang thought for a while, then replied, "It's very simple, I want to do one thing, for that one thing."I need a lot of money, a lot of money. That is..."

"Destroy the Cordo family."

Although the conversation didn't take long, Yang's words were thrown at the first officer like bombs. he feelsA bout of unreality. His eyes flickered in confusion for a long time, and then he asked: "Why?"

"I don't want to waste each other's time telling stories. Family conflicts, I want to replace them.Is it enough? "

The dining room was quiet for a while, then the first mate suddenly laughed. "Really... every time I see you like thisYou can say stupid things, kid. Whatever, it's your own business that you were killed by the Cordo family.But until then, our boss is still more interested in your plans to expand into Spencer. what do you wantWhat do you want us to do, make it clear. "

"Well, of course I need you to give me more supplies first, this is the most important thing, after all, it's hard for a clever womanCooking without rice. Yang said, and then walked slowly back and forth, the first mate immediately translated Yang's request word for word.beg.

"I need your own manpower to transport your goods to Spencer." Young continued walking, "but they have to contact me directly before I can give them the order information. Given that CordorThe family might find out, so I'll send them an encrypted file directly. ”

He took a USB out of his pocket. "There is a special decompression program in it, and it also attachesDarknet contact address. It is very simple to use, there is a document about shipping and reading the order form,description.txt. You will know when you open it. "

The first officer took the USB from Yang's hand and translated his words. The man in the suit nodded slightlyhead to indicate that he heard.

"Also, I hope to get some security protection." Yang took out another mobile phone, "IThe number of my phone is also put in the USB. Didn't you send someone to keep an eye on me? Anyway, now I don'tWill run away if your people find me or those around me in danger. I hope you can at least informI sound. After all, after we cooperate, if I die..."

"It will also be your loss." Yang said word by word.

The first mate seemed to be particularly unhappy with this sentence. After he finished translating, he said something more, and then used a gloomy face.She looked at Yang.

The man in the white suit spoke, but he didn't reply to Yang's request, but just popped out two English words: "Please continue"

"Then of course it's my service fee." Yang said, "Fifteen percent, can you agree to this?"

After the discussion ended, the chief mate said, "12.5 percent."

"Deal." Yang nodded with satisfaction, he even transported No need to do it, just put the product on the website, and then just withdraw cash, and as a result, you can directly withdraw so much money.

"Okay, it looks like you can continue to be arrogant for a while, kid." The first officer seemed very unhappy.

"I have one last request."


In an instant, Yang's enthusiastic face just now disappeared.

"One life, one life."

After thinking about it for a long time, the first mate finally understood what he meant. Then he suddenly stood up with a thudCome, look at Yang angrily. "Little devil! Do you fucking want to die?!"

"Aren't you going to translate this sentence?" Yang looked at the first officer defiantly.

Then, in the surprised eyes of a group of people, he suddenly began to speak loudly and slowly in Spanish: "I said, my last request is, a life! Pay for your life! "

The first officer froze in place, then stared blankly at his boss. People around can't help but start talking to each otherup.

The man in the white suit was silent for a while, then asked, "Do you speak Spanish?"

"It's not fluent, after all, I only studied for a year, and then Add the past forty days." YangHe said slowly, "But I can understand a lot."

"Do you know what you just asked me?" The man in the white suit suddenly stood up and facedWith Yang, he has a big back and a high hairline. The body is a little thinner than the first mate, the face is wide, and the nose is abnormalold, about fifty years old. Although of Mexican descent, the complexion is whiter than others, andAnd dress is more particular. Even through a pair of orange-red sunglasses, Yang can feel his majesty..

The first mate said angrily in Spanish: "Boss, kill this rude boy! He's just aBastardo full of bullshit. Our own business is doing well, we don't need this at allWhat a stupid site.

Yang didn't go to the first mate, and said directly to the man in the white suit: "I heard that Icarod Cartel is most interested in Chinese regulations."moment. And my rule is very simple, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!

The man in the suit looked at Yang up and down, then said solemnly, "You overestimate your own worth. You think IWill you kill a longtime confidant for you?

"No, you know my worth very well." Yang's face was sinking, "If you wanted to kill me, I would have died long ago.". You're an ambitious man, and unlike this idiot, you can see how new business methods are doing to the drug industrythe value of. And I can help you, as long as you will help me. "

The man was silent for a while, then laughed softly, then louder and louder. Then the man wentnext to the first officer, and then put his hand on his shoulder. "I attended his wedding, and was taught by his daughter.father. I've known him since he was fifteen, and now you want his life..."

"Do you really know what you're asking?" His voice was soft, like one that fell to the groundWith a needle, the people around immediately looked at Yang with murderous eyes as if they were looking at a fat pig to be slaughtered.

Yang remained unmoved. "The premise of cooperation is equality. He killed my friend and treated me with no respect.Respectfully. I can't stand working with someone like that. "

"And, if you kill me here. My comrade will go to Pipestone to cooperate, you sure you canCan you afford to have Pipestone in your city and start dumping items that are cheaper than yours? Yes, thisA threat, but only on the premise that you want to take my life.

After saying this, the mate's face finally changed completely, and he realized that YangThese forty days have beenFigure out how to kill yourself. He shouted in a panic, "Boss! This kid is just making up a story.! You're not going to let his bullshit..."

The man in the suit raised a hand to stop him from continuing. "Don't worry."

The entire restaurant waited quietly for his decision. He didn't make everyone wait too long, and said: "You are right, your proposal is full of temptation. Your threat, although I don't believe it, is trueEnough to factor into my considerations. But anyway, he is my important confidant, I can't kill herehe. But..."

"I'll give you a chance. You seem to be a trainer too, and you look strong.Presumably you have a lot of trust in your own strength. "

"So, I propose that you have a duel here. If you lose, our cooperation continues. But youNever bring this up again. "

"If you win. Then, you can get what you want."

"Do you accept it?" He didn't ask Yang first, but asked the chief mate Ask questions.

The first officer's face slowly changed from a startled anger to a cruel smile. He seemed to be looking at a dead man.Looking at Yang Xiao, he replied, "Of course I accept it! Boss, thank you."

Yang said blankly, "I won't ask for more. I accept your proposal. "

The first officer still had that chilling smile on his face. "Little devil! You really don't know how high the sky is."

The man in the suit took a step back, then pushed a few tables away. When the younger brothers saw this, they rushed over immediately.Help, and soon, a clearing is formed.

"Since it's going to be a death fight, I think you'd better get to know him." The man in the suit found a seatSitting down slowly, "His name is Pierre. I was with him in the streets of Mexico when I was fifteen.Fight with other kids on the road. Later, after we all arrived in the United States, he joined the military and participated in specialSoldier training. He killed in battle... Thirty-six, right? "

"Thirty-seven, boss," the chief mate corrected.

"Thirty-seven. This is just the official data. When he came to work for me, he was in the middle of the battle.Twenty more people were killed. He had gone through so many battles, but he didn't even have a scratch on his face. so, I dare to entrust him to complete many dangerous tasks. And he never let me down. "

Yang stared at the inch-headed man. It wasn't that he didn't feel fear, but his head was terribly calm now.The emotion of fear was nothing but a tool he used to concentrate.

"So, I wish you good luck and get ready."

The first officer took off the leather jacket and threw it aside, leaving only a white vest. hairyThere are scars all over the chest. His stout arm is tattooed with a black lion, and the weight of his fist looks likeTwo large iron balls. In terms of muscle mass alone, Yang is stronger than him, but his actual combat experience is irrelevant.Can compare to this man who has experienced a hundred battles, so this is definitely a competition of disparity in strength.

Yang also took off his jacket, revealing his strong muscles wrapped in a gray short-sleeved T-shirt. he takes a deep breathAfter a few breaths, he took off his jacket to the side.

Then he put his fists in front of his head, bent his knees slightly, and stared at each other with eyes.

"There are no rules." The man in the suit took out his lighter and lit another cigarette, "Let's start."

Here we go!

Yang's eyes flickered, and then he was directly punched in the side of the face by the big man, and he stumbled and supported his body on the ground.on the counter. The person next to him was about to applaud when Yang immediately stood firm and pulled his body closer to the first mate.With a straight punch, the big man also punched in the face, and after groaning in pain, he took a few steps back.

As soon as the two talents played against each other, their faces began to show signs of color. Yang shook his neck, then spit out toward the groundA mouthful of blood.

"Ha..." The first mate showed his white teeth, "I'll beat you until your mother doesn't recognize you."

Yang also smiled, he I feel like my mouth is full of blood. "I'll let you meet you in a coffinMom's last.

The mate's eyes were more angry, but he wasn't stupid enough to get carried away by the anger. His footsteps pulled againclose, and then suddenly attack.

Continuous punches left and right! Yang Heran found that although the speed of this guy was not as fast as Angela, he still avoidedless than. As a result, both punches hit hard, and he was hit back and forth on both sides of his head. He couldn't help but back up and cover it.Eyes roared. Then suddenly squat down and sprint, directly holding the waist of the first officer, the strong thigh muscles are fierceThen he exerted his strength and directly bumped the first officer into a table next to him, and all the various sauce tissue boxes on it were slammed.Clap fell to the ground. Yang took advantage of the first officer's lower back pain while pressing his body and facing him fiercely.A powerful punch hit the head.

But after the punch, the first mate immediately shouted and kicked Yang Kai. Yang's footsteps were chaotic and he almost fell. subsequentlyWhen adjusting his body shape, he was punched in the right face, and his body was directly hit! But he swung along with this forceBody Elbow, Chief Officer's NeckTzu was struck, and he took a painful step back, but quickly regained his footing from a meal.Picking up a glass Coke bottle on the table, it was a blow to Yang's head.

Yang hurriedly blocked, and the Coke bottle smashed directly on his arm. But the first officer didn't plan to stop at all.Immediately, he took a sharp steak knife from the table next to him and stabbed it directly at Yang, who franticallyHe grabbed his hand and tried to stop it, but he slipped his hand and inserted the knife directly into Yang's thigh. Yang suddenly howledHe didn't care about the knife either, holding the first officer's shoulder directly and facing his face with a vicious headbutt.

The first mate who took the thumping blow had a grim expression on his face. He immediately smashed Yang's head with an iron fist, and then slapped Yang on the head.When he was still standing in a daze, he suddenly took a few steps back, then accelerated forward, directly using his shouldersYang's body flew out.

"Ah!" Yang shouted, his footsteps were vain, and he was suddenly hit by the bull and flew out., and then rolled on a smooth dining table, smashing the glass window of the restaurant directly.Fell from the store to the outside of the store.

There is also a janitor outside the store, who was still smoking a cigarette while flirting with his girlfriend on the phone.Who knew that a man suddenly flew out of the store. He was so frightened that the cigarette in his mouth suddenly fell to the ground.superior.

The younger brothers have begun to cheer and congratulate the first mate. He raised a fist into the air, and thenLooking around at the people who cheered for him, he looked complacent.

But he didn't wait long to laugh. The door of the restaurant was slammed open, and Yang limped in while holding the door.

The first mate looked at the shaky man with a contemptuous smile. "You haven't been beaten enough yet?"

"It's not over yet." One of Yang's eyes was swollen, but he still seemed to be fighting.He pulled out a glass ballast on his arm, "I'm still fucking standing."

"Hmph... an idiot who doesn't know whether to live or die." past.

Yang suddenly took out the steak knife that had just been stuck in his thigh from behind and stabbed it at the first officer.. But the first mate had already noticed Yang's empty thighs and knew that this guy was hiding in his hands behind his back.What, he deliberately revealed flaws to attract Yang's attack.

Therefore, when the hand holding the knife suddenly stabbed, the first officer moved his body sideways, following Yang's force.Dao pulled his hand, and then raised his left hand high, his elbow directly against Yang's straight right arm, and it suddenly slammed down.

"Ah!!!" Yang screamed, and he seemed to hear the sound of his bones cracking. Then, the first mate's kneeGai slammed into his lower abdomen suddenly, his five internal organs were dislocated, and his body fell backwards.

A snap! His shoulders were pressed, and his head was pressed directly on the table. The first mate hides the knife in his handHe came over, put the knife on his right eyeball and shouted loudly, "Boss, I can abolish one eye of this bastard.eyes? ! "

"As I said, there are no rules."

The first officer's eyes were fierce, he immediately raised the knife and stabbed it into Yang's eyes!

At this critical moment, Yang's left hand suddenly reached a bottle containing table salt, and heThe first officer's head was smashed hard. A lot of salt was sprinkled directly on his face, and the first mate closed his eyes for a momentbetween. Yang had already exerted his strength on his thighs and pushed his body away. He was about to swing a knife, but Yang directly pushed hisThe arm was blocked, and the knife fell to the ground in an instant.

The two people roared at the same time, and then they punched each other's body one by one.It's a simple exchange attack. Yang was repelled again, and now his vision was almost full of blood, and he clenched his teeth., he felt that the wound on his thigh was about to kill him, and he could hardly lift his right arm, but he was still very hyperactive.excited. The first mate looked much better than him. Although he also had a lot of colors on his body and his head was red and purple, he stillThe bones were not damaged. The two readjusted their postures, gasping for breath.

Yang Xin wanted to practice fighting for so long, but when it came to actual combat, it was useless at all. he feelsI felt that those skills and knowledge were always in his head, not in his body.

Then find a way to wake up the body's memory first...

He took a deep breath for a long time, seeking inner peace. Suddenly, the pain seemed to subside, and the distracting thoughts also subsided.Withdrew, and his breath gradually calmed down.

At this moment, the first mate's fist came again.

Braking quietly, he didn't know why these four words suddenly sounded in his ears.

Suddenly, a lot of memories of training with Zhang Hao came to my mind, and the insights from training with Angela a few days ago alsoIt finally melted into his muscles. His body suddenly swayed, and his footsteps were only a slight movement.The strength of the seemingly overwhelming fist was suddenly released into the air, and his expression instantly became a little surprised..

Next, fight back!

Yang clenched his teeth, turned his body inward, and slammed a left hook fiercely! His right fist has failedI'm counting on this hand now, but this hand is enough. Because of this punch he has never seen beforestrength, solidHit the chief officer in the face!

The first mate almost knocked his nose crooked by this punch! But he was not knocked down. Although the body swayed several times, but he stood still. He shook his head and roared again and threw a fist at Yang madly.

Unload the force and fight back! Unload, fight back! Unload, fight back!

Yang finally fully recovered, even though the wound on his thigh was still bleeding, his footwork was not confused at all.. And as long as the footwork is in place, the physical block becomes so easy. He seems to be invincible,Then as long as his fist hits five points, the first officer can only continue to lose and retreat!

It didn't take a few rounds, and the first mate who suddenly punched again was stunned, not because of the pain, but because of one of his punches.The eyes disappeared, and the sound in the ears seemed to disappear suddenly.

Then, no matter how much he tried to move his body, he couldn't dodge Yang's next uppercut.I feel like my body is suddenly floating in the air, as if something is wrong, as if something is not rightstrength.

The fighting intent in his eyes disappeared in an instant, and he realized that something was wrong!

"No!" The first officer's body suddenly hit the ground. Yang immediately kicked his body violently,I don't care how many bones I broke.

"Save me! Save me! Boss! Save me!" the first officer wailed, trying to face the man in the white suitHe crawled towards him, but Yang slammed him in the face again, and now he couldn't even speak, he could only hold back.Sobbing with blood and broken teeth, he continued to climb a few steps forward.

Yang turned him over, put his knees on his chest, and yelled, "You're fucking dying.I remembered it for Lao Tzu"

Bang! Punch down. "The one you killed!"

"No fucking Sam!" Another punch.

"His name!" One more punch.

"My name is George! Ferry!"Trying to walk up to stop his atrocities. But the man in the white suit just looks indifferent and makes all those peoplestopped.

Yang directly pulled up the body of the first mate, then pulled his head, yelling, and rubbing his faceSmashed hard to the corner of the table!




Crack ! The table was directly smashed by Yang's tremendous force, and the first officer's head was already bloody. his bodyThe body fell to the ground at once, raised his hand a little, and then fell down.

It was quiet in the restaurant. There were more than a dozen people standing, but almost no sound of breathing could be heard. Yang Shueyes, then walked staggeringly, and finally sat down on a booth next to the window, he was confused.His body was covered in blood, and the murderous aura in his eyes had not yet subsided. Even though it looked like he was about to pass out, but all aroundBut no one dared to look at his face at all.

After a while, a younger brother squatted on the ground tremblingly and checked the first mate who had fallen on the ground for a long time., then raised his head and said in a low voice, "He is already dead."

The man in the white suit then stood up, walked over to the corpse of the first officer, and lowered his head slightly.head. Then he slowly walked to Yang's seat and sat opposite him.

"Do you know what you just did?"

Yang was speechless, but nodded slowly with a grim expression.

"I admire you very much." He took out a small silver bottle from his arms and handed it to Yang, "Tequila."

Yang took it immediately, and then took He got up and drank.

The man slowly took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of brown eyes as sharp as a goshawk.

"I don't like threats, I'll keep my promises. But if your promises don't come true..."He didn't finish his sentence, stopped abruptly, and looked at the first mate who was being lifted up by several people.corpse.

"My name is Gonzalez Madride Icarro. I know my name is not easy to remember., so you can just call my nickname... Tiger Scorpion.

Yang nodded reluctantly, indicating that he heard it.

"Anyway, I look forward to our next cooperation."

Yang wanted to say something, but he couldn't help coughing. He blinked, his vision blurred, and said, "I'm sorry, I'm a little tired..."

"Then take a good rest." He stood up, "I'll arrange another meeting if necessary.. Don't forget to keep learning your Spanish, your pronunciation is really hard right now.

Yang slowly closed his eyes, the effect of adrenaline began to fade away, and all the pain in his body made himHe began to almost faint.

Soon, there was only darkness in front of his eyes.


The topsy-turvy dream begins.

It was a snowy night. Yang and George were carrying two backpacks and wearing down jackets, with excited faces on their faces.ran back to theirhotel. When they finally returned to the room, Yang couldn't hold back at all, and he immediately pretended to beThe full backpack was opened, and some scattered banknotes were thrown into the air.

"We made a fortune! Holy shit! Do you know how much we just made?" Yang HaLaughed, and continued to sprinkle the money.

George also directly pulled the backpack away, and then threw the money on the bed, his face full of ecstasy."I can't count the fuck! My day! It's only one day! I went to the fish and chip shop to work for a summer vacation and didn't even have a job.make so much money! "

The two young men were excited, even though they knew the huge profits of drugs, they also expected their income. CanWhen this huge sum of money was actually put on their faces, they were still too surprised to believe.

The pictures in the dream kept flowing, and in a blink of an eye, Yang was listening to Rolling Stone's "pai" in the bluetooth speaker.nt it black" while slapping a whore's fat ass. "Shake it! Give me a hurryShake it up. "

"Ah! Ah! Take it easy! People! People are dying!" The prostitute leaned against the wall, feeling herselfAbout to be fucked through by this strong big boy. Rao is because she has read countless people, and she has never seen such fear in bed.Terrible beast.

Another coquettish woman wearing only socks next to her immediately started whimpering. "You come and caress me tooWell, just watching you fuck makes everyone's pussy itchy. "

In fact, there were more than two prostitutes in the room, there were also two who had been fucked on the bed. Yang these daysAfter earning a lot of blood, I finally couldn't help but have sex, and actually called four prostitutes to run into the room to start promiscuous sex.Party.

"Fuck! It's so cool!" Yang madly fucked the prostitute with a slightly insane smile, "Your real chickenBa thick! "

Yang seems to have inexhaustible energy, he is as happy as a child visiting a candy store.overwhelmed. He kept shrugging his waist, and the pleasure kept coming up, but for some reason, the musicSuddenly started to change his tone, he was still comfortably fucking a prostitute in the hotel, he didn't know when it startedkept running.

"Damn! Come this way!" Yang grabbed George's arm and ran into an alley.

A large black bear in a police uniform stumbled, shouting, "Stop! Stop! RabbitCubs!

Yang and George were dodging left and right in the alley, only to hear the sound of the big bear chasing behind them.

"You're still young! You've only made one mistake! But don't make another mistake! Drug trafficking is against the lawof! ' he shouted as he searched for Yang and George, "as long as you cast your vote immediately."Come down, I'll say something nice for you! Stop now! "

Big Xiong couldn't find the two of them for a moment.Last shout. "It's now!"

Yang roared, jumping straight off a low roof and knocking down the big bear. George LiQi rushed over from the other side to hold its legs, and Yang threw several punches in the face of the big bear.

"Bang!" A gunshot rang out. Big Bear took out a Glock 19 from his waist and shot it in a hurry. but whoNeither was shot. Yang was so frightened by the gunfire that he hurriedly tried to grab the gun from his hand.

The big bear naturally did not give in. Several people scuffled into a ball. The man's roar and the collision of his fists went crazy.Crazy intertwined.

Soon, in this quiet neighborhood, there was a second gunshot.

Later, the dream changed again. Both Yang and George looked lost, walking down the road.Blizzard in the snow.

Yang struggled to drag the bear's icy body with a rope, then panting heavily, he headed towards a desolate forestwalking.

"Yang! I can't do it! I'm walking... I can't walk anymore." George suddenly fell into the snow, "MomIt's like... Lao Tzu just seemed to have his ribs broken by this sliver.

Yang immediately squatted down, grabbed George's face and shouted at him, "Stand up for me! Do you want to freeze to death outside!""

"I...I really can't do it, Yang..." George gasped, "I don't want to fuck it anymore."

"Hey!" The wool-gloved hand slapped George's cheek, "George! Listen to me.I've been in touch and the site will be live soon! We don't have to come out and deal drugs in person anymore! "

George gasped, his eyes glowing red. "We don't have to come out in person anymore?"

"Yes! We just need to go quietly and drop the goods into the drop box." Yang pulled George uphands, then stood up straight with him, "Listen, we've made money these days and we're going to make money next.There is no way to compare! "

"But...but are we really going to kill people for money?" George shivered as he looked at the man lying in the snowBig Bear, with unbearable eyes in his eyes, "He doesn't seem to have died... let's call an ambulance... I really"..."

"Can't bark!" Yang shouted, staring, "He knows what we look like! He must die here today.inside! usIt will be alright! We won't have to kill anyone anymore, and we won't encounter any more danger.! I promise, as long as you pass this level, everything will be fine! "

"Everything will be fine!"

Yang looked at George's somewhat blurred face in the storm, waiting for his answer. But suddenly, that Zhang QingThe astringent and hesitant face suddenly lost its luster, and all the blood was drained in an instant. in his eyesSuddenly filled with blood and tears, the bloodstain that suddenly appeared on his neck gradually expanded, turning into a deep wound.mouth.

When Yang saw this scene, he instantly wanted to step back with fear on his face. He saw that the blood flowed from George like a waterfall.The throat kept running down, and George's head became bigger and bigger, as if it had become a star floating on the ground.ball.

He was swept down by the monstrous blood that left George's neck, and was instantly submerged in the red ocean.He struggled desperately, trying to float out to catch his breath, but the more he wanted to go upstream, the faster he fell.

Help... help... I...

He felt the oxygen escaping from his body, but even if he closed his eyes, he could only see ablood red.
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