"Condor Empire" (未删节第5卷149-153章)

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Chapter 150 The Great Hero

"Da da……"

The sound of hooves quickly approached Iron Dragon City. Although it was dark, the imperial soldiers on top of the city could still see that on the plain, in the dark night, there was a streak of golden lightning galloping towards it. The speed was unparalleled.

The Air Force Griffon Knight, who was conducting aerial reconnaissance, tried to get close to the golden lightning, trying to see the opponent clearly, but unexpectedly, at a distance of more than 20 feet in the air, he suddenly heard "Roar..."

A roar, like a chant, shook the heavens and the earth, and a wave of sound soared straight into the sky.

This sudden roar frightened more than a dozen griffins, and their souls flew out of their wits. Like hailstones, they fell down and fell to the ground. Falling from such a high sky, can it be better? The griffin and the knight were either dead or injured, and they wailed.

"The Red Dragon Beast..."

Seeing this, Jin Ji on the city tower's expression changed drastically, and he exclaimed in horror. Although he had already expected that Wu Tianjiao would come riding his Chilong Beast, he never expected that the Chidra Beast would have such awe-inspiring power. He lost more than a dozen air force knights with a single roar, and it was a top-level monster. !

"What a powerful red dragon beast!"

Jin Changxu admired authentically, with envy in his eyes, looked at Jin Ji, and said, "Father, what should we do now?"

Jin Ji pondered for a while, and immediately ordered: "Open the city gate, get off the suspension bridge, and welcome the guests!"

Ya squeak...

The suspension bridge made an unpleasant and piercing sound, and slowly fell, across the moat. Then, bang... the gate of the city was wide open, and a group of golden armored soldiers ran out of the gate neatly, holding their torches high, onto the suspension bridge, and lined up on the flat ground on the opposite bank of the river.

At this moment, the golden lightning bolt was less than a hundred feet away from the city, and its speed had already slowed down. The dense "da da" sound has turned into a slow "dida di da" sound, and a group of fiery red shadows gradually become clear in the night.

It was an incomparably handsome red horse. The golden unicorn on its head shone golden in the night, making it extremely eye-catching. No wonder everyone saw a golden lightning bolt, obviously because of the golden horn.

Anyone who knows well knows that this red horse with golden horns is not a war horse, nor is it a unicorn, but a top-level monster, the Red Dragon Beast. In the world, there is only one person who owns the mount of the Red Dragon Beast, and that is Wu Tianjiao, Prince Consort of the Imperial Golden Sword and Lord of Fengcheng.

Sure enough, riding on the back of the red dragon beast was a young man in white clothes with a face as white as jade and an incomparably handsome appearance. This young man is like a Qionghua in the snowy field, carved out of ice and snow, with a wind spirit like jade, and a heroic figure!

He is crowned with purple gold, his face is made of white jade, his sword eyebrows are on his temples, and his starry eyes are awe-inspiring. He wears a white cloak that covers his whole body. He looks like a delicate and delicate man, but he feels like It's completely different from his appearance.

The red beast in white clothes is so mismatched and out of place, but it gives people a feeling of overlooking the world. Even if the Iron Dragon City soldiers who came out to greet him had never met this person, as long as they were not idiots, they would know who the boy in white on the Red Dragon Beast was!

Choking! With a flash of golden light, one of the leading guards pulled out the golden knife under his elbow. At the same time, the two rows of imperial soldiers also pulled out their golden sabers in unison. They stood upright on their chests, with the tip of the saber pointing up, and the blade was pressed against the tip of their noses. Without squinting, they shouted in unison: "Welcome to the golden saber son-in-law, thousand years old!"

Although there were only one or two hundred people, they shouted in unison, their voices were loud and majestic, especially at night, it gave people a kind of shocking pressure. In other words, Wu Tianjiao, if it were someone with a little more courage, no one would dare to enter Iron Dragon City!

Wu Tianjiao sat on the red dragon beast, nodded slightly, and sneered in his heart: "Mrs. Mei is trying to show me off?"

He is no longer a rookie who came out on the first day. He knows that the salute performed by these imperial soldiers is still a kind of etiquette in the imperial army, which is called "golden knife salute!"

This kind of etiquette is generally only used when welcoming generals or warriors. Ordinary literati and timid people dare not accept this kind of etiquette at all. And Wu Tianjiao, as the golden sword consort of the empire, greeted him with "golden sword salute", which is worthy of the name, obviously it couldn't be more appropriate!

At this time, the Jin family father and son had already rode out from the city gate, climbed the suspension bridge, crossed the moat, and came to stand not far in front of Wu Tianjiao. Yue, see you today, stay safe!"

"Each! Each other!"

Wu Tianjiao said with a fake smile: "General Jin is radiant and full of spring breeze, he looks very proud!"

"Where! Where!"

Jin Ji responded hypocritically, and said with a chuckle: "My son-in-law has been appointed as the lord of Fengcheng, and in less than half a year, he managed to manage Fengcheng in an orderly manner. I heard that Fengcheng is expanding its city recently. It stretched for tens of miles. After I heard about it, I admired the son-in-law very much, and I wanted to go to Fengcheng for a long time to have a look. But the military affairs are busy, and I have to take care of a lot of affairs, so I really can't get away!"

"Really! That's such a pity!"

Wu Tianjiao smiled and said: "When General Jin is free, why not come to Fengcheng, so that Tianjiao can enjoy the friendship of the landlord!"


Jin Ji laughed and said, "As long as the son-in-law doesn't think I'm rude and full of nonsense, I'll definitely go! I'll definitely go! Haha..."

Seeing the two smiling, speaking politely, and complimenting each other, those who didn't know thought they were old friends, acquaintances who had forgotten their years. Only Jin Changxu was very clear and very worried. The conversation between the father and son on the tower just now made him extremely shocked. He never thought that his father had such great ambitions, not only to kill Wu Tianjiao, but also to kill Wu Tianjiao. To murder the Eagle King is to steal the family and exterminate the clancrime of treason.

Jin Changxu was sweating from the cold down his back, his face was slightly pale, and his heart was trembling. He was worried about his father and broke into a cold sweat for Wu Tianjiao.

Jin Changxu is an open-minded person who can afford it and let it go. When he fought Wu Tianjiao for Yu Wenxiang back then, he also had the mentality of a gambler, if he lost money, he would win Yu Wenxiang. If you lose, you will have no complaints or regrets, which proves that you are not good at learning, your skills are not as good as others, and you are not worthy of Yu Wenxiang.

Now that Wu Tianjiao came to Iron Dragon City alone, if something happened to him, and it was a conspiracy of their father and son, after Yu Wenxiang found out, wouldn't he hate him to the bone?

Just as Jin Changxu was thinking, Wu Tianjiao had already noticed him. He took a few steps forward, looked up and down, and laughed loudly: "Inspector Jin, you are safe and well. You look good. It seems that you have not only fully recovered, And the martial arts are even better than before!"

Jin Changxu smiled awkwardly, clasped his fists on the horse, and said, "Changxu hasn't had time to thank the son-in-law for donating the medicine. If it weren't for the elixir from the son-in-law, Changxu wouldn't get better so quickly. This kindness and virtue , Changxu never forgets."

"Inspector Jin, don't say that!"

Wu Tianjiao waved his hand and said: "At the beginning, Tianjiao accidentally injured you, so it is only natural to give you medicine to cure you. When I come to Iron Dragon City today, I must have a good drink or two with Jin Xunjian and have a good talk. , to resolve our previous misunderstanding!"

"It seems that you young people really get along well. We started chatting as soon as we met!"

Jin Ji chuckled and said, "My son-in-law, it's very windy here, so it's not a place to talk, let's advance into the city!"

Under the leadership of the Jin family and his son, Wu Tianjiao slowly followed Iron Dragon City, feeling apprehensive, secretly thinking: "The actual controllers of Iron Dragon City are the Jin family and his son. It is absolutely impossible for Madam to capture Qionghua and Sister Yuehua. Princess Wude and Princess Qianning have come to Iron Dragon City before me. I don’t know how they are doing? Now I don’t know the situation in Iron Dragon City, I don’t know Mrs. Mei What kind of formation is waiting for me?"

This is the second time Wu Tianjiao has come to Tielong City. The appearance of the city has not changed much half a year ago, but there are many more sergeants on the street watching the night. Seeing Jin Ji and others coming, they all avoid both sides of the street and march. Currently.

I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional. After entering the city, Jin Changxu and Wu Tianjiao walked side by side, and said with a smile, "My son-in-law, I don't know if I should ask or not?"

"Just ask Inspector Jin if you have anything, Tianjiao knows everything!"

Wu Tianjiao said with a smile.

"Okay then, I'll be honest!"

Inspector Jin's face straightened, and he said seriously, "I don't know if you have seen the Princess?"


Wu Tianjiao changed his expression, shook his head slightly, and said, "I haven't seen the Princess since I left Iron Dragon City and went to Fengcheng last time. I don't know if the Princess...has she come back?"

Jin Changxu frowned and said, "I haven't seen her for half a year since the princess left a letter last time! However, according to the news from her master, the princess is still in Tianxue Mountain, and everything is fine! Son-in-law..."

Wu Tianjiao hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Inspector Jin, if you don't see me, you can call me Tianjiao. I'll be rude too, how about calling you Brother Jin?"

Jin Changxu smiled, and said, "Thanks to the son-in-law... No! Since Brother Tianjiao thinks highly of him, then Changxu will be entrusted with it, and I will call you Brother Tianjiao!"

Wu Tianjiao laughed loudly and said, "That's right!"

With a long arm, he patted Jin Changxu on the shoulder, and said with a smile: "Brother Jin, there are not many people who can call Wu Tianjiao brothers and brothers, only a few. One of them is my elder brother Wu Tianlong, although I have never met him yet. He met him, but I always recognized him as the eldest brother in my heart! Then there is Lu Chong, the son of Taifu Lu in the capital, and he is also my brother. And then there is you, Brother Jin!"

Oh! Jin Changxu's face was moved, and he said unexpectedly: "Why do brothers Tianjiao think highly of me?"

Wu Tianjiao laughed and said, "It's not for anything else, just because of your courage to fight me at all costs for the Princess last time. I admire Brother Jin for that alone!"

"How did you see it?"

Jin Changxu asked in astonishment, still not understanding the meaning of Wu Tianjiao's words.

Wu Tianjiao raised his thumbs up, and said in admiration: "Because Brother Jin is a real man, a real man, for the one he loves, he dares to do anything, regardless of life and death! At the same time, Brother Jin is also a real hero, a hero!" That day, if brother Jin had poisonous thoughts in his heart, he could have sent a team of people to ambush me halfway to ambush me. But brother Jin didn't do that, so it can be seen that brother Jin is an upright gentleman and would never do that. Those backstabbing activities to hurt people. This is a thousand times, ten thousand times stronger than those hypocrites who are trying to gain fame."

Wu Tianjiao didn't know that he was so eloquent, eloquent, eloquent, and put on top hats for Jin Changxu one after another. He only missed calling Jin Changxu a great saint who has never been seen before or since. .

However, his words of praise really had some effect, Jin Changxu was a little bit smug on the horse, straightened his waist involuntarily, full of energy and high spirits, and felt that he was really what Wu Tianjiao said , but said modestly: "Where! Where! Brother Tianjiao, you...you really know how to joke!"

Jin Ji, who was in front of him, paid close attention to the conversation between his son Jin Changxu and Wu Tianjiao. He frowned at what Wu Tianjiao said, so he couldn't help but look back, and said in his heart, "Well, you Wu Tianjiao, I didn't know you You are so good at flattering! What is your intention? Are you secretly scolding me by talking about my son so well?"

1Chapter 51

After being flustered for a while, Jin Changxu was impressed by Wu Tianjiao's opinion, and secretly ashamed in his heart: "It turns out that he has such a high opinion of me, it's ridiculous that I don't think so!"

After gathering his mind, he remembered what he had said before, and said, "Brother Tianjiao, I think you should go to Tianxue Mountain to visit the Princess?"

Oh! Wu Tianjiao's heart moved when he heard it, and he smiled: "Yes! I should go and see her. But, Tianxue Mountain is so big, where is the princess?"

"I can tell you this!"

After a pause, Jin Changxu said solemnly: "Brother Tianjiao, you may not know that the princess's master is Dugu Tianfeng, who was known as the 'Devil Sword God' a hundred years ago."

"Dugu Tianfeng!"

Wu Tianjiao was slightly moved, nodded and said: "I have heard of this person, he is still a generation of gods and demons in the martial arts a hundred years ago, his swordsmanship is superb, his martial arts cultivation has already reached the top level, he is a top figure on par with the lord of the five palaces in the world, It turns out that the princess is actually his disciple, it's really unexpected!"


Jin Changxu sighed: "The princess has such a master, she is blessed. Brother Tianjiao, the princess and her master live in the Juetian Valley of Dengyun Peak. If you go to the Juetian Valley and see the princess, call her Don't just focus on practicing martial arts, it's best to take time to visit the prince in Xuelong City, now that the Asuras are coming in, the prince's situation is very dangerous..."

Cough cough... Jin Ji who was in front suddenly coughed violently, slowed down his horse, waited for Wu Tianjiao and Jin Changxu to catch up, smiled at Wu Tianjiao, shook his head and sighed: "Oh! This man is old. It doesn't work, right now, I feel a little unbearably cold. Unlike you young people who talk and laugh, they are so energetic and don't feel cold at all!"

"Where! Where!"

Wu Tianjiao laughed and said: "General Jin, don't you want to say that. Look at you, you are tall and strong, and you are not inferior to us young people at all."


Jin Ji laughed and said, paused, and said to Jin Changxu: "Xu'er, you go ahead and go to the Yingwang Mansion to report, and tell them that the county magistrate has arrived, and let them get ready to welcome them!"


Jin Changxu agreed, looked at Wu Tianjiao, swung his whip, and slapped it on the horse's ass. The horse hissed in pain, spread its hooves, and galloped away.

Watching Jin Changxu's back disappear at the end of the long street, Wu Tianjiao's eyes were fixed, and he thought to himself: "What did he mean to me just now? Ask me to visit Yu Wenxiang, and let Yu Wenxiang visit the Eagle King. Said the Eagle King was in danger..."

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but feel a jump in my heart. I was horrified and cried out in my heart: "Could it be that the Eagle King is in danger?"

He consciously glanced at Jin Ji next to him, thoughtfully: "Why did he stop Jin Changxu from continuing? Why did he push Jin Changxu away? Among them..."

Before he had time to think about it, Jin Ji said with a smile: "My son-in-law...hehe! I don't even know how to address you. You are both my empire's son-in-law and the prince's county horse. This dual identity is really amazing. People are contradictory!"

"No contradiction!"

Wu Tianjiao had no choice but to stop his thoughts, and said with a smile, "General Jin might as well call me Tianjiao. Brother Changxu and I hit it off right away, as close as brothers! General Jin is an elder, and I have to ask you a lot of advice in many aspects! "

"How dare! How dare!"

Jin Ji chuckled, his eyes narrowed into a slit, and his face was full of smiles.

He is an old fox who has become a master, and he is always treacherous and cunning. But Wu Tianjiao is not in vain, clever and cunning, he is no longer the rookie of the past. The two walked slowly side by side, talking and laughing happily, and chatting about homework, but neither of them mentioned sensitive topics, and they knew each other tacitly.

Nearly half an hour later, Jin Ji and Wu Tianjiao had arrived at Yingwang Mansion. But in front of the gate of the mansion, only Jin Changxu and a few servants of the Yingwang Mansion were waiting. Seeing them coming, Jin Changxu stepped forward to meet them.

Jin Ji got off his horse and took a look, his face darkened, and he said displeasedly, "Why are there only so few people? I wonder if the county matriarch is coming tonight?"

Before Jin Changxu could answer, a middle-aged man came up. Wu Tianjiao knew this man and knew that he was the housekeeper of Yingwang Mansion. The butler said respectfully: "General Jin, it's getting late, the madam and the ladies are already asleep, the madam ordered that the county horse master stay at the mansion for a night, and tomorrow, she will personally host a banquet for the county horse." Father!"


Wu Tianjiao's heart moved when he heard this, and he laughed secretly: "This Mrs. Mei fled to the Yingwang Mansion in Tielong City, and the doves occupied the magpie's nest. She really took herself seriously. She really regarded herself as the mistress of the Yingwang Mansion, as if she was a lady. , aren't you afraid that Xiong Shiguang will be jealous?"

Since it's here, it's safe, Wu Tianjiao has his own plan in mind, and there's no need to be in a hurry to see Mrs. Mei, and immediately followed the housekeeper into the Eagle Palace. I don't know whether it was intentional or unintentional, or maybe it was a coincidence, the middle-aged housekeeper arranged for Wu Tianjiao to live in the wing where Wu Tianjiao lived when he came to Yingwang Mansion for the first time.

A sumptuous banquet has already been set up in the wing room, as well as dedicated maids. Apparently, the people in the Eagle Palace knew that Wu Tianjiao was coming tonight, so they prepared the food and drinks in advance. This made Wu Tianjiao a little confused. Since he has come, he is in the Eagle King's mansion, so it is difficult to fly with his wings. If Mrs. Mei has any means, she can do whatever she can. Why should she be so polite and ask him to stay overnight? Is it so well sung?

Wu Tianjiao didn't believe that Mrs. Mei would entertain him so kindly, most likely she was up to some conspiracy. However, Mrs. Mei wouldn't be so stupid as to poison the food and drink, would she? Even if it is poisonous, Wu Tianjiao is not afraid!

This is not Wu Tianjiao's arrogance, his current skillall know! "

Mrs. Mei waved her hand and said, "What we have to deal with now is Wu Tianjiao. Why are you mentioning Mrs. Qiangwei? Where did all the talk go!"

Invincible Chapter 152

"The child means..."

Mei Wenjun said cautiously: "After killing Wu Tianjiao, we will quickly send people to Fengcheng to capture Mrs. Qiangwei and let her be used by us..."


Mrs. Mei stared and said: "Once Wu Tianjiao died, we naturally controlled Fengcheng. At that time, we were afraid that Mrs. Qiangwei would not be able to escape? But what you said made sense, and this gave me another idea. Kill Wu Tianjiao, we will Write another book, and lure all his women to Iron Dragon City!"

"Wonderful! Great plan!"

Mei Wenjun raised his thumb and said, "Ms. Wang, you are so tall! After killing Wu Tianjiao, as long as the news doesn't leak out, even if his women have doubts in their hearts after receiving the letter, they will run away desperately." Come to Iron Dragon City, when the time comes, we'll catch them all and arrest them all!"

Mrs. Mei smiled coldly, looked at him thoughtfully and said, "I see, this is what you've always thought in your heart. You can't forget about that kid's woman, right?"

Mei Wenjun blushed in embarrassment when he heard the words, he didn't know what to say. Seeing this, Mrs. Mei snorted and said, "You don't have to deny it, I brought you up, what do you think, what do you do, I don't know? Hmph! How are you getting along with Fu Yina?"

"Ms. Wang, she..."

Mei Wenjun frowned and said, "In the past few days, she's been getting angry at me all the time. She has such a big temper. I can't do anything to her!"

"Look! Look!"

Mrs. Mei pointed at him and scolded: "You can't even handle a woman, and you still want to eat from the bowl and look at the pot. You! You! You can tell me what you want, if you can express yourself Your daughter-in-law is a docile and obedient woman, and Mother Wang has no objection to your accepting other women, but you... With your little talent, there are two women, and the whole world will be in chaos!"

Mei Wenjun frowned when he heard that, he was not convinced, and said: "Ms. Wang, you... say so, my boy, that Wu Tianjiao has so many women, he is not well, and I have never heard that his family is in chaos. ? Why do I just..."

boom! Mrs. Mei suddenly slapped the coffee table beside her, and said angrily: "You dare to talk to Wang Niang like that, is it against you?"

what! Mei Wenjun kept silent, hurriedly bowed his body, and said in fear: "My child dare not! My child's mistake was unintentional!"

Mrs. Mei snorted coldly: "Remember, in front of me, no matter at any time, you must not be presumptuous, otherwise..."

"Yes Yes Yes!"

Mei Wenjun responded again and again, "Hey, Wei Wei, he wiped the cold sweat on his forehead with his sleeve, but he didn't dare to breathe out.

Seeing his terrified look, Mrs. Mei's face flashed a look of unbearable, her tone eased, and she said, "Wen Jun, this is for your own good, Mrs. Wang! You have to remember that you are a man, and you are the one who does great things. You must not fall for female sex. Throughout the ages, how many heroes have hated because of female sex. What's more, you are not a hero now, so you must not compare with that Wu Tianjiao!"

"Yes! Yes! My child remembers it!"

Mei Wenjun said respectfully: "Thank you, Mrs. Wang, for your teaching!"

"Just remember it!"

Madam Mei waved her hand, and said sternly: "It's getting late, and it's time, you go!"

Mei Wenjun bowed to say goodbye. When he came to the gate of the palace, Mrs. Mei suddenly seemed to remember something and shouted: "Wenjun!"

"The child is here!"

Mei Wenjun quickly stopped, turned around and responded.

"How's the situation in Xuelong City?"

Madam May asked.

Mei Wenjun hurriedly said: "My lord, according to Jin Ji's report, the two legions of the Shura Empire are stationed inside and outside Xitian City, and the one stationed in Xitian City is Shurayuan's Whirlwind Legion. The other legion is Jinnara Na Yanhe, the head coach of the Stormwind Legion of the clan, is also a famous general with both wisdom and courage. The Stormwind Legion is stationed in Baizhangyuan, northwest of Xitian City, less than two hundred miles away from Xuelong City. Great, there is a possibility of going to war with the Shura people at any time! The prince, he..."

After a pause, he said helplessly: "In order to prevent the Shura people from going north, the prince may not have time to come back in a short time!"


The disappointment on Mrs. Mei's face showed a desolate look, and she said sadly: "This war really came at an inopportune time, and I don't know when I will see the prince? The Shura people are brave and good at fighting, and their soldiers are strong. I'm a little worried about the safety of the prince..."

She sat on the big chair in the hall, looked at the palace lanterns on the roof and muttered to herself: "I haven't seen him for a long time. The last time we met was a year ago. He just came back from a victory. bought a Shura Ranger..."

Mei Wenjun had already bowed and left after Mrs. Mei had given her orders. He knew that whenever his stepmother showed that obsessive look, he would dislike being disturbed the most. Interested people, it's best to leave.

In the main hall, only Mrs. Mei was sitting alone. Under the light, she was so noble, yet so lonely...

The night is getting deeper, and time is passing quietly...

I don't know how long he slept, but Wu Tianjiao suddenly had a warning sign in his heart! In fact, he appears to be asleep, yet remains as alert as he should be. Alone in this Yingwang Mansion, it would be difficult for anyone to fall asleep. Of course Wu Tianjiao couldn't fall asleep, he pretended to be asleep, in order to let the people in Yingwang Mansion think he was asleep, and thought there was an opportunity to take advantage of it.Could not help but pause slightly.

Just to pause for this moment, Wu Tianjiao suddenly laughed loudly, and the sword energy flew violently, and three swords of the emperor suddenly appeared, shooting in three different directions, and each sword issued a sharp whistling sound. The sound makes it impossible to guess which one is the real one...

Almost at the same moment, the three assassins let out a low growl without hesitation, each with a long sword in their hands, and faced Wu Tianjiao. They looked like they were risking their lives and dying together.

Uh! Wu Tianjiao couldn't help being slightly startled. Although the method of the three assassins is somewhat clumsy, it is undeniably the best method. No matter where the sword is directed, at most two assassins can be dealt with at one time, and if there is one assassin left free, then he is bound to make a fatal blow.

Thoughts in his mind turned and turned, Wu Tianjiao made up his mind in an instant, the sword style of the Emperor's Sword did not change, it still shot at the three of them, but his body flew into the air in an instant, as if the sword had left his hand, completely out of his control.

Although I don't quite understand it, Wu Tianjiao's actions are tantamount to committing suicide. The three assassins couldn't help but feel overjoyed. They speeded up and rushed towards Wu Tianjiao like lightning!

Feeling a pain in the heart, the three assassins froze at the same time, and all the strength in their bodies was drained in an instant. They stared blankly at Wu Tianjiao, their eyes full of doubts.

A smug smile appeared on his face. Wu Tianjiao looked at the three of them and was about to speak. A powerful sword light suddenly shot out from the dark place, and the howling of the sword kept buzzing, locking Wu Tianjiao's body firmly in the sword pose with strong energy.

At the same time, the three original assassins roared at the same time, spurting a stream of blood from their mouths. The blood congealed into an arrow, like a thunderbolt, attacking Wu Tianjiao from three sides, and Wu Tianjiao was immediately surrounded...

Chapter 153 Girlish Feelings


Wu Tianjiao couldn't help exploding with swearing, his heart was awe-inspiring, and he finally understood where the uneasiness in his heart came from. It turned out that there were four assassins who came to assassinate him. Three of them deliberately exposed Xingzang in order to cover the fourth person who launched the deadliest blow secretly.

"What a meticulous mind!"

Wu Tianjiao secretly shouted in his heart.

What surprised Wu Tianjiao even more was that the coordination between the four assassins was perfect. The three assassins hit him with a sword first, and after he relaxed, the assassin who was ambushing secretly delivered an unexpected blow. And the original three assassins also cooperated with the ambush assassin at the same time, no matter which one hit the three blood arrows, it would not be a good thing for people!

The situation is critical, and Wu Tianjiao cannot be allowed to think too much. He said he was late, but soon, in the blink of an eye, the Emperor's Sword in his hand turned strangely, his body spun around in place with the sword posture, and a golden and red intertwined The blood-colored sword light suddenly enveloped his body, the sword light roared, and the emperor's sword made a mournful buzzing sound.

Tsk... Blood splashed, and the four assassins struck with such ferocity as to sink into the sea. The three bloody arrows were completely blocked by Wu Tianjiao's bloody sword light, and turned into dust and smoke. At the same time, the blood-colored sword energy that condensed the true energy of the dragon elephant quickly spread outwards, like a surging tide, rushing towards all directions...


The four assassins let out a shrill scream, and the four of them flew up in an instant, circling in the small space of the house, flying and whistling, filled with ghostly shadows, trying to find the flaws in Wu Tianjiao's moves.

Hehe... With a smug sneer, Wu Tianjiao's cold voice echoed in the ears of the four assassins: "Who ordered you to come and assassinate me? Tell me, otherwise, I will make your death ugly!"

"Ghosts weep!"

The answer to Wu Tianjiao was an unusually piercing and eerie voice. Before he finished speaking, the four assassins who were hovering in Wu Tianjiao's powerful aura like ghosts suddenly merged together in the illusion, like a complete Entity in general.

This change surprised Wu Tianjiao. He wasn't surprised by the opponent's strange martial arts, but was surprised by three of the assassins. They were all hit by his sword before, and they were all in the vital parts of the heart. Why are they all fine? Are they human or ghosts?

The four assassins merged into one body, and the four of them kept making all kinds of strange changes with eight hands, like an eight-armed demon god shaking, exuding a gloomy and extremely tragic imposing manner.

Uh! Wu Tianjiao's face changed drastically in an instant. He could only feel smoke rising from the pitch-black house, and a strange fragrance emanating from it, which made people feel drowsy...

What kind of shit is this? The astonishment in Wu Tianjiao's heart was indescribable. Although the smoke shrouded the room, it didn't affect his sight, but the bodies of the four overlapping people could still be seen clearly. But what surprised Wu Tianjiao was: he had never heard of the other party's weird kung fu.

Fortunately, his internal strength has reached the supreme state, his body is invulnerable to all poisons, and he was not affected by the strange fragrance at all. His energy suddenly restrained, and Wu Tianjiao put the emperor's sword flat on his chest, and focused all his attention on the four in front of him. an assassin...

The dense fog in the room is getting thicker and thicker, and the strange fragrance that makes people think about it is getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly, wow... The four assassins let out an extremely ear-piercing cry at the same time. The cry was like the cry of a ghost, making the scalp numb and creepy.

Wu Tianjiao's head buzzed, as if being stabbed by a needle. At this moment, he felt the true energy in his whole body, "Wow..."

Amidst the cries of ghosts, it seemed that they were about to disperse, and they couldn't help but turn pale with shock!

The cries of the four assassinsSuddenly, even Xiong Yuexiang couldn't figure it out, she actually came to the courtyard where Wu Tianjiao lived.

Wu Tianjiao and the four assassins confronted each other in the house, and the weird smell coming out from the crack of the door aroused Xiong Yuexiang's idea, which made her feel bad, and she didn't know why, without even thinking about it, she directly kicked Enter the door.

Xiong Yuexiang was startled by the strange situation in front of her. She saw thick fog billowing in the room, and she couldn't see her fingers. Moreover, the billowing thick fog solidified in the room like a solid body, Xiong Yuexiang was extremely horrified in her heart! A strong strange fragrance came to her nostrils, she just felt dizzy for a while, lost consciousness in an instant, and fell to the ground...

"This woman..."

A helpless voice sounded, and immediately a white figure flickered strangely in the dense fog, and flew towards Xiong Yuexiang who had fallen to the ground. At this moment, a cold light flashed, and the figures of the four assassins hidden in the thick fog burst out, and Wu Tianjiao was firmly locked in the flash of cold light.

Hiss... Broken white silk fluttered in the air like snowflakes, as if white butterflies were flying in the thick fog. The scene was very strange. As the cold light flickered, the four assassins felt that the short blade in their hands was killing a piece of clothing, and they suddenly screamed in their hearts that something was wrong. Their bodies were about to flash again, but it was already too late...

A huge uncast blood-red sword energy, like the rising sun, suddenly exploded from the thick fog, and the energy locked the four of them firmly. The cold murderous aura did not contain the slightest human emotion, and the four assassins felt a pang in their hearts. Trembling, limbs trembling slightly as if uncontrollably...

"Hehe, the four of you were fooled this time!"

Wu Tianjiao's cold voice resounded in the dense fog: "I know who you are now, you are the evil monsters of the underworld! It was the evil king of Jiuyou, Duan Wuqing, who sent you to assassinate me, right?"

He finally figured it out, and figured out why the three assassins would be fine after being hit by his sword. In the whole world, there is only one of the two evil skills of the underworld, the zombie skill, that can bear the enemy's weapon with his body. Legend has it that this kind of evil skill has been cultivated to the extreme, people are like zombies, their bodies are as iron as steel, invulnerable to weapons and guns, how can they not be killed!

Hearing Wu Tianjiao call out his origin, the four assassins panicked. Each of them let out a roar, their figures flew, and the eight short blades turned into a light, shadow and cold light, and they surrounded and attacked Wu Tianjiao who was gradually walking out of the thick fog. and go.

"Myriad Illusions!"

In the dense fog, Wu Tianjiao's sneer sound came out. The voice was clear and ethereal, but it seemed to contain supreme magic power. The bodies of the four flying assassins stopped in an instant, their postures froze, and the surrounding dense fog also faded away. disappear!

Wu Tianjiao appeared behind the four assassins, hugged Xiong Yuexiang's delicate body with one hand, walked slowly past the four of them, and said in a low voice: "Hehe, the illusory realm is originally illusory, you just now Seeing my figure is just an illusion of returning to the original. In fact, you are too impatient. The figure you saw for the first time was indeed me, but in an instant I took off my robe, and my whole body Then hide behind that robe, you trust your eyes too much, but forget that warriors have to use their hearts to feel everything in the world..."

When the four assassins heard Wu Tianjiao's soft words, they all showed a hint of relief on their faces. Wu Tianjiao went on to say: "Actually, you don't have to feel sad. You are all very skilled, but you are too contemptuous of me! If you use your ghost weeping soul as soon as you come up, it's not certain who will win the battle." I forgot to tell you that the trick I used to restrain you just now was the unique technique of the Three-tone Virgin of Taikoo Mountain, and you won't lose at all if you lose!"

There was a strange smile on their faces, and the four of them showed expressions of gratitude at the same time. They looked at Wu Tianjiao, their bodies still maintaining that weird posture...

"My son-in-law, why did you tell us this?"

An assassin asked in a hoarse voice.

"Because you are my opponents, I have always respected my opponents! No matter what his background is, as long as he is my opponent, I will give him enough respect!"

Wu Tianjiao looked at the four assassins and said in a low voice.

"Hehe, this is the first time, the first time someone said to respect us! Golden Sword Consort, you are a lovely enemy, and we suddenly feel very honored to be able to fight against you! Since our debut, everyone just needs to see After our origins, everyone tried their best to eradicate us, but only you..."

The assassin who spoke was obviously the leader among the four, and he said to Wu Tianjiao in a deep voice: "My son-in-law, for your respect, we will give you one reward, and that is to be careful of Jin Ji!"


Wu Tianjiao looked at the assassin in front of him in confusion, and asked in a low voice.

"My son-in-law, there's only so much we can say. If you join the underworld, you will die without reincarnation! It's a pity, my son-in-law, if you came out a few years earlier, you would definitely be our master, hehe..."

The assassin's voice became lower and lower, gradually disappearing...

"What, please explain clearly..."

Wu Tianjiao felt something was wrong, and quickly turned the man over. A smear of black blood slowly flowed out of his mouth, his face was pale and he was breathless.

Wu Tianjiao was shocked, and quickly looked at the other three assassins, only to see that they had already died of anger...

"Take poison and commit suicide!"

Seeing this, Wu Tianjiao's brows were furrowed. He sealed the acupuncture points of the four assassins. Obviously, they couldn't handle the poison. The teeth in their mouths contained poisonous sacs. Once the task failed, they would bite the poisonous sacs and kill themselves without leaving any survivors.

well! Wu Tianjiao sighed,Shaking his head, he said, "What a pity! What a pity..."

These four assassins from the underworld have superb skills. Hearing what they said just now, Wu Tianjiao felt that it was possible to subdue them and classify them as his own. It's a pity that he died like this! What a pity!
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