duress diary (10)

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[Coercion Diary] (10) Sorry, Min

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(10) Sorry, Min

"Ah... um..."

The fat man propped his snow-white and slender legs, and thrust the woman sitting on the sink.

"Uh...haha...Director...haven't brushed his teeth yet..."

"I won't brush today, the director will help you lick it clean." Then he stuck his tongue into the woman's mouth.


At nine o'clock in the morning, as soon as Zhang Zhong woke up, he dragged Yi Ting into the bathroom to have sex. Wake up in the morning and open your eyes, seeSeeing the tearful Yi Ting staring blankly at the ceiling, Zhang Zhong got excited again. If it weren't for the limited energy, I can't wait to fuckher all day.

The washbasin is not designed for a high position, and Zhang Zhong fits right into Yi Ting who is sitting on it. hands holding white slipperyWith her beautiful legs, her upper body leaned forward to kiss Yi Ting's lips. I gave Yiting long-term contraceptives, Director Zhang canFuck her all you want and cum inside her.

"Xiaoyou, you need to say hello to the director when you see him later, do you understand?" Chen Shihan said to Wu You who was beside her.

"Well, I see, auntie."

"Heck." Chen Shihan knocked on the door of Zhang Zhong's house.

"Damn! Who is preventing me from fucking!" Zhang Zhong said unhappily.

"Cluck." There was another knock on the door.

"What the hell!" Zhang Zhong had no choice but to pull the dick out of Yi Ting's body.

"Don't go out here! I'll go see who's here." Director Zhang slammed the bathroom door after he finished speaking.It was closed, leaving Yi Ting naked in the bathroom.

"Here we come!" Zhang Zhong shouted, then went to put on his clothes and prepared to open the door.

Yi Ting was a little worried. She didn't know who came outside. If she was found naked, she would be finished.up. I looked around the bathroom, but there was not even a cloth that could cover my body, not even a towel. according toTing could only pray silently not to be found.

Zhang Zhong opened the door, and found that it was Chen Shihan, the beautiful woman he had been lusting after day and night! Looking at Chen Shihan NafengWith full breasts, the already soaring dick almost came straight out.

"Hi, Director Zhang." Chen Shihan said with a smile, "This is my nephew, Xiaoyou."

"Hello, Director Zhang." Wu You said.

Zhang Zhong found the little boy next to Chen Shihan, and couldn't help being surprised. Wu You's heightOnly about 160, very ugly. Thick lips, flat nose, dull eyes, and pimples all over the face. noneThere was a trace of melancholy in God's eyes. This must be a low self-esteem and introverted little dick. Zhang Zhong was stunned,It is because this dick has the shadow of his past, especially the dick temperament exuded from his body and the eyes withA little bit of lust, it's exactly the same as myself back then!

When Wu You saw Director Zhang, he also felt an electric shock, as if resonating with him. from whom he found the LordThe moment Ren first looked at his aunt's chest, Wu You knew that it was also a prostitute. Do notAunt Guo is indeed attractive. When Wu You was a child, before her aunt got married, Wu You often peeked at her aunt taking a bath.He also secretly masturbates with his aunt's underwear, but because of the good cover-up, Wu You has always been a bitch in Chen Shihan's eyes.Good boy.

"Oh? It's Teacher Chen, come in and sit down." Zhang Zhong said.

After Chen Shihan was led to the sofa by Director Zhang, she put the two bags of gifts in her hands on the coffee table.

"Mr. Chen, the investigation has been so strict recently, you are committing crimes against the wind." Zhang Zhong pointed to the things on the table.

"No, no, Director Zhang, this is just a visit to a friend, it has nothing to do with that."

"You'd better take it back later, it will be troublesome if someone sees it. By the way, you came here today......? "

"Director Zhang, I mentioned to you on the phone before, about my nephew..." Chen Shihan pushed and sat on theWu You next to him.

Wu You woke up and said, "Ah, Director Zhang, I really want to study in your school!"

"Yes, Xiaoyou decided to report to our school very early on, but there was a little mistake in the college entrance examination, so she didn'tI am sure that I will be admitted by the school, but now that I have passed the admission line, can Director Zhang help me? ! Chen ShihanMake a pleading face.

Seeing that Zhang Zhongxin was in full bloom, his normally unrevealed face twitched. And Wu You obviously noticedAfter seeing his obscene attitude, and Wu You also found that since he sat down, the director's eyes have been on the aunt'sHe aimed at the chest and thighs. Although he used various body movements to cover up his gaze, Wu You still looked at him.eyes. But the strange thing is, watching Director Zhang staring at his aunt's body parts, Wu You was a little excited.Fen.

"Hmm... Does Xiaoyou have any specialties?" Director Zhang asked.

"Uh... Does being good at computer operations count...?" Wu You asked.

"Of course this doesn't count. For example, our school is more famous for its dance training. What's special about you?Expertise...? Director Zhang said again.

"Uh..." Wu You was speechless. For a dick like him, he only looks at the computer every day, watchingSome low-level comic masturbation, not to mention expertise, even ordinary subjects are not good.

Chen Shihan wanted to help him out, but realized that she didn't know this little nephew very well. Ever since she got married,I seldom contact him.

"Hey, then I alsoIt's hard to help you..." Director Zhang said.

"Director Zhang, it's just a student, please help me..." Chen Shihan couldn't find a useful reason,Can only continue to beg.

"Mr. Chen, the admissions process is done by the team, not by me alone."...

Wu You listened to their discussion, but in fact, her mind was no longer on the matter of enrolling.From the moment Director Gui watches and excites himself, he has been indulging in obscenity all the time! Although I peeked at my aunt when I was a childI have already seen her whole body in the bath, and even used her clothes to masturbate a few tubes, but after my aunt got married, her figure became more mature,There was a smell, which made Wu You suddenly excited. Taking advantage of their discussion, Wu You moved her head slightly closerAuntie clicked, and smelled a faint fragrance of perfume.

But for some reason, Wu You enjoys this pervert taking advantage of his aunt even more.The picture of the ghost director raping the aunt. Wu You was a little excited, he wanted to take a closer look to see if the director was so perverted.Seeing that my aunt was wearing a knee-length dress today, and the neckline was only past the collarbone, Wu You felt that the director's purposeViolation alone is not enough for me.

Wu You pretended to adjust her sitting posture, moved her buttocks, and pulled her pants. And more importantly, talkingWhen I was wearing my pants, I pretended not to know, and pulled my aunt's skirt back a few inches by the way! snow white thighs exposedOne third! And my aunt obviously didn't notice this small movement, after all, it wasn't exposed much.

Zhang Zhong obviously noticed Chen Shihan's thigh. He pretended to lift his glasses, and used body movements to cover up hisIn fact, his eyes have already been fixed on Teacher Chen's thigh! And this look, of course, was seen by Wu You!Moreover, Wu You also found that there was something protruding from Director Zhang's crotch.

Chen Shihan hated perverts extremely, and was quite alert, but she didn't notice Director Zhang's behavior at all.Obscenity, after all, Director Zhang is also a veteran in obscenity.

Although Wu You was excited, he could only do this at most, and it was impossible to do anything more extraordinary.He felt a little bored listening to their conversation, Wu You planned to go to the bathroom to wash his face to wake up.

"Director... I want to go to the bathroom." Wu You asked.

"Oh, the bathroom is over there." Zhang Zhong pointed to the door over there.

"En." After Wu You finished speaking, she stood up and walked to the bathroom.

It's over! Zhang Zhong thought to himself, he forgot that Yi Ting was inside!

Zhang Zhong immediately looked in the direction of the bathroom, wanting to stop Wu You, but with a "click", the door was locked.Wu You pulled it! Zhang Zhong's forehead was sweating, but he still pretended to be calm, and countless excuses immediately appeared in his mind.

At this moment, Yiting was still standing in front of the sink, looking at the mirror in deep thought. Hearing the door was opened, I thought it was ZhangThe director is back.

The moment Wu You opened the door, her jaw almost dropped! Standing in front of the sink was a nakednaked girls! The naked girl wore a ponytail, her beautiful face was completely uncovered, and Wu You could clearly see that the girl wasThe god-like profile, the tall and straight snow breasts, the pointed nipples, and the snow-white carcass are all captured by Wu You.look into the eyes!

Wu You was so shocked that she couldn't speak anymore, she just stood in front of the door and stared at the naked woman. I used to peek at my aunt taking a bathIt was also through a piece of glass, he had never seen a girl's body so close before, Wu You wanted to go into the bathroom and take a shower.Wen, seeing such a scene made his whole body boil.

Yi Ting's eyes were dull, and she was still depressed in front of the mirror, but why didn't Director Zhang take any action yet? Yi Ting can't help turningHe looked at the door.

"Ah!" Yi Ting screamed, and immediately covered her chest and ran to the inside of the bathroom, squatting in the bathroom.In the tank, he huddled into a ball and turned his back to Wu You!

It's over, it's over... Yi Ting thought to herself. Surprise, fear, worry, infinite complex emotions filled Yi Tingheart. who is this ! Why did the director let him in! ? With what eyes will he look at me? ! he goes outWill you talk about it later? ! It's over, it's over... Yiting couldn't help crying.

But Wu You still couldn't react, she stared blankly at Yi Ting's naked back. The moment Yiting turned her head just now,Wu You was even more frightened. He had never seen such a pure and beautiful girl. This is not the same as the actress in AV.In comparison, such a pure goddess only exists in comics.

Chen Shihan and Zhang Zhong heard the girl screaming, and looked in the direction of the bathroom at the same time. Chen Shihan knowsIt's over, immediately walk to the door of the bathroom.

Chen Shihan looked into the bathroom and found a girl with a ponytail squatting in the innermost bathtub, while Xiao YouBut stared at her blankly.

"Xiaoyou! You still have to watch! Come out!" Chen Shihan pulled Wu You out with one hand.

Only then did Wu You react, and quickly made an apologetic expression.

Chen Shihan was very angry and closed the door with one hand. Although she didn't know who was inside, Xiaoyou unexpectedlyIt's not polite, just go into someone else's bathroom without knocking, and don't come out right away if you take advantage of it. Chen Shihan hates the mostShe's just a whore, unexpectedly Xiaoyou would do such a thing.

"Why are you so rude! You won't knock when you enter other people's bathroom!" Chen Shihan cursed loudly.

"I..." Wu You was so frightened that she couldn't speak. My aunt had never lost such a big temper.

"You still haven't apologized!?"

"I... yes... I'm sorry, Director Zhang, I'm sorry..." Wu You quickly apologized.

"Director Zhang, I'm sorry, Xiaoyou..." Chen Shihan also apologized.

"No...it's okay, those who don't know are innocent...that's my niece. Zhang Zhong was taken aback, but luckily nothing happened.What's the matter, I quickly made up an excuse.

"I'm sorry, sister, I'm sorry." Wu You apologized again to the bathroom door.

Although Chen Shihan is not a lady, she was born into a scholarly family, reserved and self-cultivated, but this timeXiaoyou took advantage of it and didn't come out immediately. Maybe it's because he is so rude that the matter of enrolling will be in vain.Soup, for this Chen Shihan couldn't help but get angry and scolded him.

"It's really embarrassing!" Chen Shihan said, "Director Zhang, I'm really sorry, let's go back firstYes, excuse me. "After Chen Shihan finished speaking, she pulled Wu You and left.

"No...it's okay, let's go slowly." Zhang Zhong saw them off.

"I had the opportunity to help you get into school, but you have ruined it!" Chen Shihan was still angry, and on the wayRebuked Wu You.

Wu You bowed her head and said nothing. Although he knew he was wrong, but my aunt actually acted like this in front of outsiders.It made him feel very uncomfortable to teach himself a lesson, and he developed a feeling of resistance to this aunt. But he is very strangeStrange, why is Director Zhang's niece naked in his bathroom?

Zhang Zhong was still afraid and worried from the moment Wu You entered the bathroom, but when he heard Yi Ting screaming,At this time, the mood immediately turned to excitement! It was the first time that Yi Ting was naked in front of strangers! but alsoIt's a short and ugly dick! This makes him feel very exciting! Zhang Zhong also felt that this incident was too short.I can't wait to lock Wu You and the naked Yi Ting inside and prevent them from coming out!

Director Zhang got hotheaded, and suddenly came up with an idea that Wu You must be allowed to enter the school!

"Tingting, it's okay, they've already left." Director Zhang walked into the bathroom, putting his hands on the bed from behind.On Ting's shoulder, stroking Xuenen's skin.

Seeing that Yi Ting was still crying in the bathtub, Director Zhang simply drenched in warm water, climbed into the bathtub, and was in the water with Yi Ting.Drenched and continue to make love...


According to the original agreement, Chen Shihan brought Wu You back to her home for lunch.

Looking at Xiaoyou's gloomy look, thinking about how angry he was just now, he felt a little guilty. After all,Unexpectedly, Xiaoyou has already graduated from high school, and he is still teaching him like this in front of outsiders, which must make him very low self-esteem.

"Xiaoyou." Chen Shihan suddenly stopped in her tracks, "I'm sorry, Auntie just texted you in front of outsiders.Such a big temper..."

But hearing Auntie's apology, Wu You still lowered her head sullenly.

"Are you blaming Auntie?" Chen Shihan asked gently.

"No..." Wu You replied in a low voice.

snort! To taunt me like this in front of outsiders just now, and now to apologize again, is nothing short of fake mercy!Wu worried. His withdrawn and inferior character since he was a child has created a very self-centered mentality in him, althoughHe pretends to be innocent in front of others, but he is actually stingy inside. Just now, my aunt made me feel so humiliated, and heHow could it be so easy to forgive my aunt.

Back at Chen Shihan's home, Chen Shihan asked Wu You to sit on the sofa and watch TV, and then walked into the kitchen to cookwent.

Today my uncle has to go to work, and he is not at home at noon. Wu You read some incest pornography on the Internet, and unexpectedlyI started to fantasize. The news was broadcast on TV, but his heart drifted to his aunt. he knows smallMy aunt used to have the habit of taking a bath at noon. Today is such a hot day. After dinner, my aunt will definitely take a bath.An idea popped up in Wu You's mind...


It's two o'clock in the afternoon.

"Yes, yes, you continue walking. There is an alley. After passing the alley, turn right and walk to the end."

"Well, I saw the alley."

Jing Min held the phone in her right hand and an umbrella in her left, and followed Brother Qiang's instructions to arrive near Brother Qiang's house.Jingmin wore a pure white sleeveless dress today. The tail of the skirt was neither long nor short, just covering her thighs.knee. The round neckline is a little lower than the collarbone, not revealing at all. but plump breasts and straightThe shoulders framed the skirt perfectly, and with those perfectly curvy calves, the perfect figure attracted 100%100 return rate. Conservative dress can't cover up the sexy curves of her figure, and all the men passing by stare at her, evenThe uncle wearing sunglasses couldn't help taking off his sunglasses to take a peek. Fortunately, Jing Min held up an umbrella and gently held MeiShe concealed her appearance a little, otherwise the men would be overwhelmed when they saw the whole appearance of this goddess.

Why does Brother Qiang live in such a remote place...? Jing Min thought. But since Brother Qiang was guiding the way, Jing Min onlyWell follow along.

Jing Min came to the alley. There were buildings on both sides of the alley, and there was no more exposure to the scorching sun. Jing Min put away the umbrella.stand up.

Suddenly, a big hand stretched out from behind and covered his mouth!

"Hmm...!" Jing Min immediately raised the iron umbrella to resist, but both hands were grabbed at the same time, and she was held on her back.back!

Obviously, there are two of them! Jing Min was startled and angry at the same time, this gangster had the guts to commit crimes in broad daylight.case!

"Hmm...!!" Jing Min wanted to yell loudly to attract the attention of the surroundings, but there was no way around this alley.No one! The neck was tightly strangled, and the mouth was covered vigorously, so it was impossible to make a loud sound. OnlyIt felt like the gangster was pulling him back, not knowing where he was going.

Jing Min felt that the gangster pressed her hands together, only using one hand to grabBoth hands and wrists, JingminI wanted to take this opportunity to break free, but my two weak hands couldn't break free from those strong and powerful claws!

The gangster took out a hemp rope and tied Jing Min's hands and wrists together! Then take out another envelopeMouth paper, walk in front of Jing Min and prepare to seal it! Jing Min recognized that this was the three people who blackmailed herself and Rundong that day.One of the gangsters!

"Uh! Uh...!" Jing Min opened her eyes wide, looking at the gangster in front of her in horror.


The moment the gangster let go of her hand, Jing Min wanted to call for help, but she only shouted one word, and was instantly caught by the gangster in front of her.The gangsters shut their mouths!

Jing Min's eyes were also blindfolded, and she was carried away by the gangsters. During the period, the two gangsters still didn't forget to touch her chest and buttocks.Caught a few. But Jingmin didn't pay much attention to this point, she only had fear in her heart.

Are they going to take revenge...? ! What are you going to do to me...! ? Jing Min looked at the pitch blackness, and kept flashingthese questions. In order to attract the attention of others during the process of being taken away, Jing Min yelled "哗咕" again.

"Crack!" The gangster slapped Jing Min's butt.

"Don't make noise! ​​Or I'll gang-rape you!" said the gangster.

Jing Min was so frightened that she immediately stopped her voice. Although the incident of being raped has passed, she still feels sad when she thinks about it.With lingering fears, she was of course afraid that it would happen again.

In the blink of an eye, Jing Min was placed on the ground, and the blindfold was lifted. Jeong-min finds herself in aA place similar to a warehouse, the lights here are not very bright, but Jingmin can also recognize that the person standing in front is theTwo of the three gangsters in the day.

"Hiss!" With a sound, the sealing paper was also torn off.

"Help...!" Jing Min shouted immediately.

"Slap!" The gangster slapped Jing Min across the face.

"Stinky bitch! If you shout again, I'll rape you immediately!"

Jing Min looked at the two gangsters tearfully, and was so frightened that she began to cry, tears filled her eyes and overflowed at any time.

"Smelly bitch! Our youngest is still in criminal detention, so I must punish you today!"

"You...what are you going to do..." Jing Min asked in horror.

"Second, did you find it?" The gangster asked another gangster.


Jing Min looked at the gangster, and saw that he took out his mobile phone from his bag and made a call.

"Hey! Brother Qiang, right? I don't want the owner of this phone to have something to do, so come out and wait for me at XX intersection! Don'tCall the police! Otherwise, kill her immediately! "The gangster hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

"I'll pick him up. You look at this woman first." The gangster put the phone back in Jing Min's bag and leftOut the warehouse door.

When Brother Qiang received the call, of course he went out immediately.

Brother Qiang...don't come...Jing Min thought to herself. She knows that these little thieves are also heartless, if they really want toShe had already done it by herself, but now she called Brother Qiang over, and she was worried that these little thieves would not know how to deal with it.Be strong brother.

But things went against our wishes. After a while, the thief took a middle-aged man with plaster bandages on his hands.Appeared, Jing Min could see clearly, that was Brother Qiang!

"Brother Qiang!" Jing Min shouted.

Before Brother Qiang could react, he was pushed in front of Jing Min by the thief. Brother Qiang had a wound on his hand and was unstable.He fell down next to Jingmin.

"Min!" Brother Qiang shouted looking at Jing Min next door.

"It's all my fault... I told you to take a shortcut..." Brother Qiang said guiltily.

"Brother Qiang, why did you come...they don't know what to do to you..."

"Hmph! Stop babbling!" The little thief shouted.

"I was detained for a few days and didn't repent. Do I want to commit another crime?!" Brother Qiang said angrily to the thief.

"Damn it! Our youngest cut you up and you're still in the police station! We're just asking for money. If it wasn't for you, I wouldWill they be caught! "

"Is there any reason for you to commit crimes?!" Brother Qiang said.

"Brother Qiang, don't quarrel with them...they are unreasonable..." Jing Min advised Brother Qiang softly.

"Then what do you want!" Brother Qiang asked.

"Hehe, don't you want a hero to save the beauty? I'll give you a chance to kiss the beauty's Xiangze! Take herTake off your clothes! "The little thief pointed at Jing Min and said to Brother Qiang.

Brother Qiang and Jing Min opened their eyes wide at the same time, with a surprised expression on their faces, the little thief actually proposedSuch a request!

"You...what's your purpose?!" Brother Qiang couldn't help stuttering, wondering what this little thief meant.

"Oh, we just want to take revenge on you, ha ha! You are so righteous, I willLook at you fucking someone else's girlfriend! "Little thief A said.

"That's right, that's right, didn't you say that we committed crimes again? I would like to see what is wrong with forcing others to have sexWhat a crime! Even if it's really a crime, let's see if you dare to publicize the fact that you messed with her! "Little Thief B agreesroad.

Both Brother Qiang and Jing Min were so shocked that they couldn't speak, they stared blankly at the two crazy little thieves in front of them with wide eyes.Brother Qiang mechanically and slowly turned his head to Jing Min, wanting to see her reaction.

At the same time, Jing Min also looked at Brother Qiang in surprise. Their eyes met each other, and they couldn't help feeling a strange feeling.Sleep.

No... No way... Jing Min thought to herself. Jing Min has always regarded Brother Qiang as a respected elder and a good friend,I never thought about having other developments with him, and even less about having sex with him, not at all.Have. Now that these two little thieves actually made such an unreasonable and crazy request, Jing Min didn't know how to accept it for a while.by.

Brother Qiang felt electric shock when he saw Jing Min's charming eyes and pretty face. he wants to do it but doesn't knowWhat does Amin mean.

"Hurry up!" the little thief roared.

Jing Min and Brother Qiang were awakened by the thief's roar when they looked at each other.

"Min..." Brother Qiang gently called Jing Min's name. Although it was only one word, he already askedWhat is Liao Jingmin's attitude towards this matter.

Jing Min understood what Brother Qiang meant, and lowered her head shyly. She was uneasy, and she couldn't accept and rape her.Bro this happened.

Jing Min was still thinking, but was suddenly hugged by the thief from behind!

"Ah!" Jing Min yelled in fright, the thief was grabbing her breast with one hand!

"Since you don't do anything, then I'll fuck! This woman must be fucked today! As for whether to be fucked by you orLet's go, you decide! "The little thief finished talking to Brother Qiang, and then grabbed Jing Min's breasts and rubbed them.

"No...!" Jing Min cried out in pain.

"Let her go!" Brother Qiang stretched out his uninjured left hand, trying to push the thief away.

But no matter how strong the one-handed brother can beat the little thief, he was immediately controlled by the little thief.

"I'll give you ten seconds to think about it!" After the thief finished speaking, he pushed Brother Qiang to the ground.

Brother Qiang took a few deep breaths angrily, then looked at Jingmin again.

Jing Min was already restless, but she was startled by the thief just now, and she didn't know what to do. biting lipShe bowed her head shyly.

"Min...?" Brother Qiang asked again.

Jing Min knew that Brother Qiang was also forced to do so. Compared to him, Jing Min was of course more unwilling to be raped by these two little thieves.

Jingmin glanced at Brother Qiang, then slowly lowered her head, and gave a low "um" to express her agreement.

"Haha!" The little thief laughed. Then they came together, and the two looked at the man and woman in distress together, "Hurry upLet's make love! We want to see how heroes deal with beauties! "The thief mocked.

Brother Qiang was very embarrassed and didn't know what to do. Jing Min lowered her head shyly.

"Hurry up! Don't you know how to mess with women?!" The thief urged, "Kiss her lips!"

When Brother Qiang heard what the thief said, his eyes fell on Jing Min's lips. The sunlight coming in through the window slits,Seeing Jingmin's jade lips are thin and pink, gently closed together, brother Qiang was attracted early on, nowLooking at Jingmin's shy look, she couldn't help feeling excited.

Brother Qiang's movements were a little mechanical, and he slowly moved his face closer. Jing Min felt that brother Qiang was kissing slowlyCome here, instinctively want to shrink back, but thinking that Brother Qiang is not voluntary, if he shrinks back, it will hurt Brother Qiang's self-esteem,I had to close my eyes and wait for Brother Qiang to come over slowly. Jingmin's heart was beating thumpingly, her face was as red as a tomatoSame.

Brother Qiang's heart was also beating very fast. He was so excited. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Brother Qiang came to JingIn front of Min's face, her lips gently kissed Jing Min's fragrant lips!

The moment her lips touched, Jing Min trembled unconsciously! The muscles of the whole body tensed up, and I actuallyRan and Qiang brother kissed!

Brother Qiang also felt an instant electric shock! For how many days, talking with Jingmin, or Jingmin blowing medicine for herself,They were all looking at Jingmin's sexy lips, and now they finally kissed her!

The two kissed each other softly and remained motionless.

"Open your mouth! Put your tongue in! Wet kiss for three minutes!" The thief said loudly.

Jing Min and Brother Qiang opened their eyes wide in surprise. They looked at each other, and their faces turned even redder.

Brother Qiang opened his mouth slightly and stuck out his tongue. Before Jing Min opened his mouth, Brother Qiang's tongue lickedOn Jingmin's jade lips. Jing Min originally thought that Brother Qiang would pretend to kiss her tacitly, but unexpectedly, Brother Qiang would really kiss her tongue.head over.

But Brother Qiang's tongue was opening his lips, there was nothing he could do, so he had to open his mouth to let Brother Qiangtongue stuck in.

Brother Qiang felt that Jingmin opened her fragrant lips, and immediately poked her tongue in slowly. Jingmin's mouth is also very hot,Brother Qiang licked Jing Min's inner lip with his tongue, and pressed against his teeth.

Brother Qiang, you are so honest! It really sticks in! Just pretend to be okay! Jing Min thought. but she doesn't knowDao, Brother Qiang, this is not honesty, but dishonesty! It should be said that this is the dishonesty nature of men...

Brother Qiang found that Jing Min didn't stick out his tongue to respond to him, and then completely sucked Jing Min's jade lips.Stretch in further to find Jingmin's fragrant tongue.

Jing Min felt that Brother Qiang had entered the state, and immediately opened his eyes to look at Brother Qiang, his eyes revealed a kind of "Brother Qiang,you……? " question. But Brother Qiang had already closed his eyes and kissed himself intoxicatedly.

If you don't cooperate with Brother Qiang, doesn't it mean that I look down on him...? Jing Min restrained herself and stuck out her sweet tongueTouched on Brother Qiang's tongue.

The two tongues are intertwined with each other, Jing Min's lips are still tightly sucked by Brother Qiang, Jing Min's salivaThe liquid had no taste at all, but Brother Qiang found it very sweet, greedily licking Jing Min's saliva, and brought it into his mouth.The two kissed fiercely, and the two little thieves were very excited to see it.

"Ha...huh..." Jing Min breathed a sigh of relief after being let go of Brother Qiang's mouth.

"I'm sorry...Min." Brother Qiang apologized.

"No...you were also forced..." Jing Min said in a low voice.

"Take off her clothes!" The thief ordered again.

"I'm sorry..." Brother Qiang continued to apologize, and began to want to take off Jingmin's dress. Jeongmin lowers her head shylyNot a word.

But Brother Qiang has never touched this kind of young girl's dress, so he doesn't know how to start. in clothesI searched the clothes but couldn't figure out how to take them off.

"Waist... belt." Jing Min said shyly looking at the belt on her waist.

"Yes... I'm sorry." Brother Qiang apologized and untied Jing Min's belt.

After the belt was untied, the dress loosened up. Brother Qiang slowly lifted up the skirt, and the two snow-whiteThe flawless thighs are gradually exposed in front of Brother Qiang!

The skirt was lifted up to Jing Min's waist by Brother Qiang, and the white safety pants were tightly strangled at the base of Jing Min's thigh.The perfect figure is really exciting to see Brother Qiang and the two little thieves.

Suddenly, a thief walked up behind Jing Min and untied the rope around her wrist.

"Take off the whole thing! Then take off all the underwear!" said the thief.

When Jing Min heard it, she couldn't help crying, and immediately wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with her released hand. Although being forcedBrother, but I really don't want to be exposed in front of these two little thieves.

Brother Qiang grabbed the tail of the skirt, slowly turned the skirt up, passed Jingmin's upper body to the head, and took off the whole dressdown. Now Jing Min only has a white bra and a pair of white safety pants left on her body.

"I'm sorry..." Brother Qiang continued to apologize. Jing Min still lowered her head and wept.

"Why did you stop?! If you don't take it off, I'll take it off!" The thief finished and grabbed Jing Min's tits.

"No!" Brother Qiang shouted.

Brother Qiang had no choice but to reach out to pick off Jingmin's bra. But Brother Qiang can only move his left hand, and after a few twists and turns, he managed to get JingMin's bra was unbuttoned, and the two elastic breasts immediately bounced the bra off, and it fell on Jingmin's arm!

"Woo..." Jing Min really couldn't help crying this time, they saw all her big breasts! Jing MinImmediately put your hands on your chest.

The little thief couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva, and said, "Don't cover it up!"

"Woooo..." Jing Min let go of her hands covering her chest, covered her face and began to cry.

"Grab her tits with your left hand! Suck her tits with your mouth!" The thief continued to order.

Brother Qiang blushed with excitement, Jing Min's 36D big breasts finally appeared in front of his eyes again, Brother Qiang saidAfter "I'm sorry", I couldn't help reaching out and grabbing it!

The moment his left hand touched Jing Min's right breast, Brother Qiang trembled! My heart is floating out! againWhite and slippery big tits! Brother Qiang pinched it gently, it's so soft!

"Knead it! Suck her nipple with your mouth!" said the thief.

Brother Qiang couldn't hold it in for a long time, and immediately rubbed his left hand on the soft big tits, and took a bite out of his mouth.Lived with Jingmin's left breast!

Brother Qiang held Jing Min's left breast in his mouth, and sucked it up against Jing Min's nipple with the tip of his tongue, while holding it with his left handSoft big tits are constantly rubbed.

Jing Min originally thought that Brother Qiang would just suck it up and pretend, but unexpectedly, he really sucked it up again! also issued "thisThe sound of saliva! Jing Min was too ashamed to let go of her hands covering her face.

Brother Qiang's hands also moved to Du's nipples! Holding Jingmin's big tits in the palm of her hand, she gently squeezed the nipple with her thumb and index fingerExcited! Tongue circles on the other nipple!

Jing Min was very sensitive, her nipples hardened immediately, and she took deep breaths continuously.

The thief grabbed Jing Min's hands from behind and forcibly pulled them away, forcing her to watch her breasts being touched by her own.The benefactor is playing!

"No...! Woo..." Jing Min continued to cry, turning her head to one side in shame.

Brother Qiang found Jing Min struggling and stopped, but was ordered by the thief to continue playing for three minutes!

"I'm sorry..." After Brother Qiang apologized, he played with Jing Min's big breasts again, and Jing Min's breasts were rubbedIt's red, and the nipples are covered with Brother Qiang's saliva.

"Ha... ha... huh..." Jing Min's body became excited involuntarily, the feeling of being rubbed by a man andThe feeling of self-touching is obviously different, and it turns out to be being rubbed by my respected brother Qiang! Although Jingmin was embarrassed,But feel a little exciting!

Brother Qiang finally stopped, and Jing Min also got a chance to breathe. It's three minutes, actually Brother QiangAlready kneaded involuntarily for five minutes! It's just that there was no accurate timekeeping, and Jing Min didn't feel anything unusual.

"Take off your pants! Fuck her!" said the thief.

Brother Qiang couldn't help it anymore, he stretched out his hand and took it off.

Jing Min was really excited now, but she didn't dare to raise any objections, because she was still leaning against the thief, and was caught by him.Grab your hands.

Brother Qiang pulled down the safety pants, and there was a pair of pure white briefs inside. Brother Qiang is embarrassedLooking at Jingmin, Jingmin was still crying and shook her head in shame.

"Huh! How conservative! There are underwear inside the leggings!" The thief joked, "You still don't want to take it off?!Do you want me to help you? ! "

Brother Qiang took off the safety pants through his beautiful legs, and then reached out to take off his underwear. Grab panties and go downLah, a black triangular forest appeared in front of the three of them!

"Woo..." Jing Min cried even louder.

Brother Qiang pulled down his panties and took off one beautiful leg. The panties were still hanging on the calf of the other beautiful leg.

The thief behind Jing Min let go of Jing Min's hands, and then pulled Jing Min's two thighs from behind.stand up! Jingmin's legs are presented in M-shape in front of Brother Qiang! see this pink tender againhole strongMy brother's cock is full of blood and excited to the extreme!

"No...! Woooo..." Jing Min cried heartbroken.

"Don't cry!" The little thief shouted.

"Woooo..." Jing Min couldn't calm down at all, and could only lower the volume after being drank by the thief.Can't stop crying.

The middle of Jingmin's pussy is curved, bright and bright in color, the willow leaf-like labia minora slightly exposed, buddingWaiting to be released, it is imaginative. After being teased by Brother Qiang just now, the pussy is already soaked.

"Hmph! You're already so wet, so stop pretending!" The little thief teased, "Say! Who's going to be fucked!? I'm going to get fucked!Are you going to get plugged by your strong brother? ! "

Jing Min wept and shook her head in shame. She didn't want to answer this question at all.

"Hmph! That's us! Come!" The other thief also came over, unbuttoning his belt.

"No...!" Jing Min yelled in horror, "I...I want Brother Strong...!" Jing Min replied hastily.She didn't want to be beaten to death by these two nasty little thieves, so she chose Brother Qiang in a crisis. Anyway, Brother Qiang was alsoUrgent... she thought to herself.

"Haha! So horny! Hey, Brother Qiang, did you hear that, she wants you to fuck her!" the little thief teased.

"Min..." Brother Qiang looked into Jing Min's eyes again.

Jingmin bit her lip, lowered her head shyly, and agreed to Brother Qiang with her expression. Jingmin let go of her hands covering her pussy,As a result, she covered her chest, and her beautiful acupoints were revealed again.

Brother Qiang unbuttoned his pants with one hand, took out his dick, and slowly moved it to Jingmin's pussy.

Although Jing Min turned her face sideways, she secretly glanced at Brother Qiang's dick curiously. It's so big...Jing Min is a bitI'm afraid, I can't bear the insertion of such a big cock...

Brother Qiang knelt in front of Jing Min's thigh, and pressed the glans head against Jing Min's labia. Brother Qiang's mind is about to explode.I was finally going to penetrate Jing Min's body, this scene has been fancied so many times, and now it is finally going to come true.

"I'm sorry... Min..." Brother Qiang held Jing Min's right thigh with his left hand, leaned forward slightly, and pulled the glansPress it into Jingmin's two labia minora!

"Uh..." Jing Min shyly shouted.

Brother Qiang lowered the glans a little more, and slowly inserted it towards the opening of the vagina!

Jingmin gritted her teeth. Brother Qiang's cock was too big. The penis had just entered, and the vagina was stretched wide.Hole!

Seeing that Jing Min had stabilized, the little thief laid her flat on the ground, walked away and continued to watch from the next door.

Brother Qiang pressed his body on Jing Min's body, and gently kissed Jing Min's fragrant lips. The cock continues to enter, the wholeThe root is inserted! Fill up the tight holes!

"Hmm..." Jing Min was embarrassed to push away Brother Qiang's kiss, and murmured softly. Big brother's big cock wholeFilled up my entire vagina!

Brother Qiang is so excited! Jingmin's cunt has already been wet, very hot, and very tight, tightly clamping Brother QiangDick, this teen girl's pussy is nothing compared to my wife's!

Brother Qiang slowly pulled out half of the dick, and slowly inserted it in again, adapting to the tightness inside. but helpless insideLike a rubber band, getting in feels like being strangled! Brother Qiang kissed Jing Min's cheek again, and whispered in Jing Min's ear.I said sorry softly. Jing Min didn't say a word, and was pressed by Brother Qiang.

Brother Qiang got used to the tightness inside, the cock was thrust into Jingmin's pussy, and the kinky water made Brother Qiang's fleshThe whole stick was also wet, and the meat stick and the hole rubbed together under the effect of mutual lubrication.

Every time he has sex with his wife, Brother Qiang always thinks about Jing Min! And this time it's no longer a fantasy! really quietMin's pussy gets fucked! Brother Qiang kissed Jingmin's cheeks, neck, shoulders, collarbone, and chest intoxicatedly, every time.In a corner, breathing Jing Min's body exuding the body fragrance of a young girl.

The thick dick was pumped in the wet hole, which made Jingmin feel pleasure very quickly. She was extremely unwilling,But he couldn't control his body, and his whole body became hot.

But when she thought that the person she was with was Brother Qiang, Jing Min didn't suffer so much. Under the continuous generation of pleasure,Jing Min unconsciously put her arms around Brother Qiang's bear's back.

Brother Qiang kissed Jingmin's fragrant lips again, enjoying the pleasure brought by his lower body.

"Uh...uh..." Jing Min's breathing quickened obviously, and she couldn't help shouting.

The body fluid produced by the thrusting of the lower body is increasing, making a "ZZZ" sound. Jing Min's breasts are stuck on Brother QiangWaves of breasts are constantly being produced on her chest muscles and breasts. The two little thieves saw their blood boiling, and they couldn't help themselves.Touching his lower body.

"Crack...crack..." Brother Qiang's dick was pulled out and inserted again, every time he inserted it completely, the sound of physical collision and waterSounds mixed together.

"Min..." Brother Qiang shouted, and kissed Jing Min's pink neck again.

"Ah...Brother Qiang...ah..." Jing Min hugged Brother Qiang tightly and cried out excitedly.

The two of them were tightly intertwined, as if they had already ignored the two little thieves. It wasn't until the thief spoke again that heWoke up from the intoxication.

"Are you about to climax? Cum all in! Don't pull it out! If you don't ejaculate, the two of us will ejaculate for you!" Xiao Xiaosaid the thief.

Jing Min couldn't help being startled when she heard that, she opened her eyes wide and looked at the little thief. But the pleasure soon overwhelmed her,He closed his eyes again and lay on Brother Qiang's shoulder.

"Min... I'm going to cum..." Brother Qiang whispered in Jing Min's ear.

"Ah...ha...huh..." Jing Min was still crying.A warm current hit, Brother Qiang stopped his movements, and shot all the semen into Jingmin's vagina...

Brother Qiang pulled out his dick, and white semen flowed out from the opening of the vagina. The thief looked at it and was satisfied.Said: "Haha! Wonderful! Let's go!" After speaking, the two thieves turned and left.

Jing Min was still lying on the ground blushing, and her whole body hadn't relaxed yet. Although the thief is gone, Brother Qiang is still there.Helping Jingmin to orgasm with her hands...

Brother Qiang re-dressed Jing Min in embarrassment. During the period, the two of them didn't say a word, and the scene was very embarrassing.embarrassed.

Brother Qiang and Jing Min walked out of the warehouse and walked on the road mechanically.

"Yes... I'm sorry... Min... I..."

"No...it's okay...you were forced to..." Jing Min lowered her head, "I...I'm going home first..."

"I...I'll send you off..."

"No need... I will be careful..."

After such a thing happened, Jing Min didn't know how to face Brother Qiang. She didn't even ask about Brother Qiang's injury, and directlyfarewell. It's better to go home and be quiet first.

Brother Qiang was also very embarrassed. He didn't know what to say, so he saw Jing Min's back disappearing into the crowd...


The two thieves went back to the door of the warehouse to stop, as if they were waiting for someone.

At this time, a strong man walked over from a distance, his right hand was still wrapped in a bandage.

"Are you satisfied now?"

"Well, thank you in advance." The man in the bandage said.

I'm sorry, Min. I love you too much. he thought.
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