The orc hero's great libido is on the rise, and in the adventure of another world—— (8)

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[The orc hero's great libido is high in the adventure of another world——] (8)

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Chapter 8 Oatmeal Porridge**

"Um...ahaha—" Lodi opened his lazy eyes late at night, scratched his red hair that was messed up in sleep, bent into a bow like a cat and stretched hard He stretched his limbs until he heard the sound of [click, click] from the bones, and Lodi sat up, yawned, and stretched again.

"Ha...ahhh-" Rubbing his eyes, Mikits generally sleep more than twice as long as humans. Sometimes they even sleep all day, so it's not an exaggeration to call the Mikits nocturnal. They also have good night vision, so it didn't take long for Lodi to fully adjust to the night. She moved her round eyes to the left and right to observe the surrounding environment. It was like two crystal clear rose stones shimmering and bathed in the moonlight, reflecting a pale pink light. After confirming that there was no abnormality in the surroundings Elsa's trace thought to herselfWhere did Elsa's sister go? But the maid outfit that belonged to Elsa was put aside and should be coming back soon, right? Thinking of this, Lodi lazily spreads himself out on the bed. The muscles and bones of the Mikkite are like liquid, and then suddenly rolls over and buries himself into the warm bed.

Although Lodi didn't do anything today and even didn't do his job as a guide well, the hunger still found him as promised.

[Gulu Gulu——] Touching his hungry, deflated belly Hunger makes Lodi's senses more sensitiveOn the low table in the distance, a crock-shaped object can be seen vaguely The sweet air constantly floated from the gap of the seal.

Under the stimulation of the food, Lodi's stomach seemed to have a fire burning in his stomach. The feeling gradually spread from his stomach to the whole body. The body seemed to be ejected from the bed by a slingshot, and it fell perfectly to the short one. The pink eyes by the table stared at the crock pot greedily. I was about to open it to see what delicious food was inside, but found a note under the can "Remember to eat it when you wake up~" I saw that the handwriting was left by Elsa. Like the owner of the handwriting, the ink spreads freely on the sheet of paper. Looking at Elsa's handwriting, Lodi suddenly thought of Elsa dancing in the leafy forest.

"Ah, sister Elsa." Elsa has been taking care of Lodi since they met each other.Lodi has been clinging to Elsa for most of the time. The past Lodi acted like a baby next to Elsa without any scruples. Elsa can also consume excess motherhood. The relationship between the two can be said to be sisters or mother and daughter, and there is nothing wrong with them, although they get along< It wasn't long, but Elsa was still well respected in Lodi's heart.

Lodi gratefully opened the lid and stretched out a slender finger to dip the soft liquid food in the jar. The touch of the soft liquid food in the jar came from the tip of his finger. The temperature inside has not dissipated too much, and then put the finger dipped in the food into the mouth. The gentle taste moistens every taste bud, and the jar is filled with milk and oatmeal. When the cooked porridge comes out of the pot, pour a little cream and honey. Although it seems a little childish, Lodi does not dislike the taste. It makes people feel warm and at ease. Picking up the wooden spoon on the side is like a cloud of wind. Destroyed the jar of oatmeal after eating, Lodi's upper eyelids gradually lowered like gravity magic was exerted, and the dexterous little mouth was sipped tightly, is it reminiscent of the sweetness just now? ?

[Crackling - bang bang - screeching -] The rushing noise shouted Lodi instantly awakeStanding up and adjusting the position of the hood to make sure the cat Hide the ear inside and fasten the cloak. This equipment looks simple on the outside. In fact, it is also a magic item with the skill of [Concealment]. Although the reconnaissance in the daytime does not have much effect However, in the dark, it will become an invisibility cloak, and it is difficult to be detected by the user if the user does not make a sound.

When everything was ready, Lodi gently opened the door. The sound just now came from the opposite room.

Lodi looked at the floor under his feet. The house was built entirely of wood. If you step on it, there will be a sound of the wooden boards squeezing each other. 【Civet Ring】Lodi has activated the special ability to carry accessories. The effect is to completely eliminate the user's footsteps and Footsteps are used together with the cloak with the effect of [Concealment]If the opponent does not prepare the detection magic in advance, it is basically impossible to detect.

Lodi held his breath and looked at the wooden door. It wasn't completely covered, so he made such a big noise. Driven by curiosity, Lodi moved his body boldly and carefully. When I came to the side of the opening of the door, I pressed my body against the wall and squinted to spy on what was going on in the room...

When I opened the door, a sweet and fragrant smell rushed to my face, such as The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden generally leads people to sin.

Elsa is standing in front of Orc at the moment, Orc is staring at Elsa like a hungry wolf and wants to eat her immediately.

Under the moonlight, a layer of lightThe pale veil, faintly revealing the slender arms and thin fragrant shoulders hidden underneath. Coupled with that golden hair, there is an indescribable charm.

Elsa's body is very thin, and her beautiful legs are slender and long like a goblet with an unstable center of gravity. Ribs are clearly visible, and the breasts that were played with by Oak during the day are now in front of my eyes. It is the source of happiness and obsessive desire.

Elsa's face rose a layer of blush, her big green eyes blinked and blinked, and she crossed her two snow-white arms on her chest without exerting any force on the soft breast meat. Extruded into various shapes.

"No... won't you let me in?"

"Elsa... so pretty..." There was no dialogue at all between the two.

"So... I don't plan to let—aah—" Before Elsa finished speaking, Orc grabbed Elsa and pulled it into his arms, squatted down, turned sideways, and lifted it up. With a series of movements, Elsa was easily picked up, as if there was no weight. I really doubt that Elsa usually eats well?

With Elsa in his arms, Oak turned around and lightly pressed his butt against the door, then hurriedly strode away toward the two spliced ​​double beds. .

"Uh-huh..." Elsa was thrown on the bed by Orc rudely. Although it was covered with soft cushions, Elsa still groaned in pain and didn't know what it was. Not fun acting.

"I'm sorry, I hurt you." Oak lay on Elsa's body and carefully scrutinized Elsa's pussy. After gently pulling open the labia minora that leaked out, a crescent-shaped barrier appeared in front of the eyes.

"Elsa's hymen looks like the moon today." Elsa didn't say anything but simply turned her head awayI don't want Ock to see her expression, but the long ears were flushed I have sold all my thoughts.

"I'm starting."

"Um..." Hearing Elsa's permission, Oak started his action, and now remembers his first time Sex is still with Inisher on the plane cup, but that goddess-sama's body is simply arbitrary and unreasonable. Facing Elsa's body, Oke is both excited and a little worried, only
Can rely on the memory in the AV to imitate the scenes in the AV, the rough tongue coating of Oak keeps spinning and licking Elsa's plump and elastic mons, and the pale yellow sparse pubic hair on the vulva It was also wetted by Oak's saliva, and the roots were tightly attached to the pubic area. During the period, Elsa was as quiet as a female cat, except for some soft whispers. There is not much reaction
Yes, it's a bit of a setback for Orc's self-esteem.

So Oak sat up and arrogantly separated Elsa's legs and two labia like a scallop's shell being forcibly opened and leaking out the delicate pink pussy inside. Oak lifted Elsa's butt to keep Elsa's body in a [U] shape and her pussy was parallel to Oak's head, then took a deep breath and took a deep breath, burying her head in. into the small hole where Elsa's door was wide open.

"Ah! ~ Ha ah... Master~ No... Don't~" Elsa's clitoris was rubbed up and down by Oak's broad nose. Afterwards, the clitoris is like a small ball with high protrusions, and every breath of the heat of Oke's breath can be transformed into endless desire, and Oke's tongue is in Elsa's little hole Constantly flipping, stirring and pinching Elsa's two pussy lips, licking the pink and flawless tender pussy with all her might. G tried to stick his tongue into the vagina, but
I was immediately blocked and had to give up, and then put my thick fingers into Elsa's crotch
I rubbed it left and right for a while. A slippery stream of sparkling heat poured out from inside the pussy, and it wet Orke's palms. Orke knew that the inside was wet enough, so he put down Elsa's body and made it lie down with two jade feet. Wrapped around Oke's waist, the exaggeratedly sized green cock raised its head upright and rubbed and teased in front of Elsa's pussy.

"Is that okay? Elsa?" Although she is still panting like a beast in estrus, she is still so gentle and understanding in Elsa's eyes popular.

"Well, come on master, I want to be the master's family..."

"As of now..."

"What are you talking about? ! Elsa! Elsa! Elsa!" Orc shouted Elsa's name and stepped into the huge cock and easily lifted the barrier.

"Does it hurt? Elsa?" Oak looked at Elsa's tearful eyes and stopped the thrusting under him. Not much blood flowed out.

"Ah... uh... don't stop, don't stop, ah~ master~" Before, the range of Orc's pumping was very shallow, only about one-third of the part tried to move further into the depths , the original narrow vaginal opening is now fully adapted to the size of the Oke, the labia minora are tightly attached to the Oke's lower body as if there is a suction cup at the vaginal opening. slap—] sexThe cocks combined with the sound of beating the air, and when inserted, they would sink into the inside of the vagina along with the action of the cock.

The elf's vagina is not wrinkled like a human, but it is flexible and very tight. If you really want to say the feeling, it's like the penis is wrapped in a warm and moist hole.

About ten more minutes of penetration, Elsa's two white and tender feet swayed up and down on Oak's shoulders with his manipulation, but Elsa still kept In silence, I let Orke play with it. Except for the lewd barking just nowI only made a low humming sound, but this is what makes Elsa so cute...I can't help but want to bully
Negative to her.

"Elsa's pussy is so erotic. Hmm...I don't want to let go of me at all..." Orke began to irritate Elsa with words.

"Ah... it's really tight... Elsa's little pussy..."

"What's going on, Miss Elsa? I remember that the mouth above is usually very good at speaking, right? ?"Oc put his fingers into Elsa's mouth, pinched the tender tongue and forcibly pulled it out, in this case, he didn't need to speak even a single syllable. Can't send.


"I can't understand what Miss Elsa is saying!"

After a dozen times of thrusting at a faster speed, Orke felt that Elsa began to twitch in the depths of her pussy, and her waist was no longer waiting for Orke's unilateral insertion, and began to follow his body. The swing of his consciously catered to, and Ouke also felt a tingling sensation from his glans.

"Elsa! Elsa! Elsa!" Orc kept shouting Elsa's name and his lower body continued to accelerate, and the large insertion movement made Orc's thighs Continuously slapping Elsa's butt [pa-pa-] soundContinuously, the nectar in the small hole produces more and more nectar can be heard every time the piston moves [pupapupa] The sound of water, Elsa's bed sheet had long been wet with the cum from her small hole, and the two bed boards kept making a [crunching] noise because of the too much movement.

"Come on, pick up Elsa!" Oak suddenly stood up and sprinted the whole pole into Elsa's cavity, and then a stream of heat swayed in the vagina. At the same time, Elsa also took advantage of the situation and wrapped her legs tightly around Oak's waist. Ten fingers together, her upper body was hung around his neck, her lower abdomen trembled uncontrollably. Insidehe whimpered indistinctly, "Master, hurry up... shoot in ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~" The eyes that looked at Oak seemed like the light and darkness of the sunrise and sunset, inseparable from each other. , all the emotions flowed into the eyebrows, intertwined in those emerald-like pupils, and you couldn't take your eyes off at first glance.

Oak growled and pressed Elsa to the bed and kept penetrating the position to ejaculate, and at the same time leaned down to kiss Elsa on Oak's tongue like a A giant python knocked open Elsa's defenses, lips, teeth, and tongue, demanding everything from her. White, silver, and red body fluids couldn't stop flowing out of the vagina, Oke dragged Elsa's shoulders as if urinating for a child, and then pulled out the cock from the honey pot with a sound of 【啵】
It was covered with the mixed body fluids of the two, and the viscous body fluids flowed out. A silver thread was drawn between the two sex organs, and Oke pointed to his erection again. Stroking Elsa's soft blonde hair and blowing lightly in her ear, he said "Hey~ it's time for the maid to work~"

Lodi couldn't believe what was happening in front of her. …Although I can only see a little of the shophouse through the small slit,But there is no doubt that Elsa, who was beautiful and dignified during the day, is now lying on the bed with her ass raised, her red and swollen pussy The fucked labia turned out and the milky white liquid continued to flow out. She buried her head in the man's crotch and sucked the dick. Elsa sister sucked the cock's mouth with all her strength like a greedy goldfish swallowed.
It's the same as throwing out this oversized feed. Just standing at the door, Lodi can smell the stench from the man's cock, but Elsa sister seems to be eating the dirt like some delicious food The lewd blowjob sound of [Zizz—] was continuously emitted at the junction of the cock, and it was hard to imagine that such a vulgar sound could come from Sister Elsa's mouth... This reminded Roddy of the oatmeal he had for dinner. The white and viscous liquid food suddenly felt like a tumult in the stomach and almost vomited out.

It really makes me wonder how Elsa's little mouth swallows such a size of meat cock... Watching Elsa's sisterserving with ease, her head is turned to the side and a hand is raised Raise his golden hair to avoid touching the other one, hold the whole cock in a steady direction, and clear the dirt from top to bottom over and over again. From the depths of the throat, there is a sound of [gumbling] swallowing, Because the meat stick occupies the space in the mouth and the saliva from time to time, along with Sister Elsa's thirst and spit action, gushes out like a spring between Sister Elsa's delicate lips, and it looks particularly crystal clear in the moonlight.

"Well...if sex with Elsa can be the same as Elsa's blowjobEnough. "

"Ah! It's so wrong! It's wrong!" Sister Elsa, who had always been gentle in oral sex, suddenly became violent, holding up the man's huge scrotum and deliberately exerting force rubbing it, it looks painful.

"Miss Elsa is my fault! I should continue to hone my skills! Admit defeat! Admit defeat!"

"It's not too bad." Sister Elsa seemed to be victorious He showed a smile that came from within.

"Did I say Miss Elsa should also graduate from the maid player?"

"Although the master's shouting during sex is very pleasant~ But we are not Family?"

"It doesn't count on the bed, Master~" Elsa said and stood up and put on the tulle shawl she was wearing.

I didn't expect sister Elsa and Lord Griffin to have such a relationship. Although I didn't see Lord Griffin's faceBut listening to the dialogue mode and voice should be correct, how am I supposed to face these two people tomorrow! Curiosity killed the cat Roddy deeply regrets this voyeurism.

"It's almost time for me to go, it's going to be difficult for Roddy to wake up and ask."

Hearing that Elsa's sister was about to leave Roddy, she ran away like a smoke. He went back to his room, lay on the bed and started pretending to be asleep, in fact, he closed his eyes and calmed down the complicated mood.

"Come on tomorrow, master."

"Wow! Miss Elsa who doesn't wear a maid uniform can also provide maid energy! Do you want to do it again? Okay~"

"No, master should pay attention to restraint." Elsa righteously refused.

"That's it! Tomorrow if I finish the solution before noon..."

"So?" Looking at Oke in confusion.

"Just wear a maid outfit and have sex!"

Elsa sighed and said in a helpless tone, "Oh, good night, master..." and left Europe. K's room, when I saw Elsa walking, I couldn't close my legs, but I was still strong and pretended to be okay.Ok was a little distressed, but maybe he just liked Elsa Sarah, right?
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