The Nightingale Club (第二十一章全)

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【The Nightingale Club of Policewoman Sinking】 (Chapter 21)

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Xie Wenna laughed enough, stretched out one of her calves wearing black boots, and used the black leather boots on her feet toRubbing Angel's fair and tender face, "Get down! Put your annoyingly beautiful face on the floor..."

An Qi's body stiffened for a moment, but she obeyed obediently. She pawed the ground with her hands and tried to touch her headTouch the cold floor.

Xie Wenna raised her boots, stepped on the top of the female police officer's rich hair with a little force, and slowly twirled it.And deliberately trampled on her shattered self-esteem "Tsk tsk!...Look, the pride of our city A police force, beautifulAn Qi female police officer! The big beauty that everyone is looking for... Now she is my exclusive sex slave, ashamed like thisCrawling at my feet, does this make you feel hard to accept? "

Tears gathered again in her eyes, An Qi pressed her lips tightly, and did not answer Xie Wenna's question. OnlyOnly by gripping her fingers tightly against the cracks in the floorboards could she overcome the overwhelming urge to get up and run away.

Xie Wenna looked at the way she was enduring the humiliation at her feet in a funny way, then lifted her feet up, and flashed with her ownThe bright boots lifted Angie's pointed chin, and put the pointed toe of the boots on the corner of her closed mouth. "Little police officer...When my master came here just now, I accidentally stained my beautiful boots! ……Now,As a first step in your docile attitude, just lick my boots clean! "

An Qi's head drooped even lower. She had a premonition just now that her biggest test today would be her spirit.As for the above, the goal Xie Wenna wants to achieve most is to completely destroy her own will and turn herself into a person who can only listen to others.Word wooden doll.

Seeing that An Qi was still silently resisting, Xie Wenna impatiently touched the face of the little policewoman with the tip of her boot"What are you still dabbling on?... You haven't done it before! Hurry up and lick... Even the soles of your shoes must be cleaned!"

"Xiaoqi!" Ye Xue, who was kneeling on the side, saw that An Qi was still not moving, so she couldn't help calling her anxiously.

An Qi, who had been kneeling silently with her head bowed, suddenly raised her face. She slowly opened her bright pupils,The long eyelashes blinked and blinked like a fan, and looked up at Xie Wenna's face with a slightly hazy look.Qu and helpless eyes look extremely pitiful. Even Xie Wenna was slightly taken aback by her look.

An Qi took a deep breath, opened her crystal and moist cherry lips with a little hesitation, lowered her head and closed her eyes.Former Shewenna's boot toe. Just like that, he began to gently suck the dust that fell on it. That beautiful pose is fineLike sucking on a fresh and juicy grape.

The provocative scene of her cheeks rising and falling, and her red lips opening and closing, any man would probably feel his crotch tighten when he saw it. And asXie Wenna, a gay lover, immediately narrowed her eyes dangerously.

But An Qi seemed to turn a blind eye to all these changes, and only cared about sucking the other's leather boots inch by inch.The surrounding smudges, and then she opened her small mouth, spitting out a soft and creamy pink tongue, repeating it over and over again.Lick the high-heeled leather boots on Xie Wenna's feet, clean the dusty soles and smooth uppers, just like the iceCold smooth leather is like the best ice cream.

Encountered a small piece of stain that was difficult to remove for a while, the little policewoman even drew a circle with the tip of her tongue and touched it lightly, trying to rely on itDrool to soften the filth so it can be licked off thoroughly. As for the awl-like slender heels, sheHe actually put it in his mouth, and tasted it loudly and vigorously. That kind of dedicated performance,Even Ye Xue on the side blushed.

Appreciating her hard-working performance intently, Xie Wenna's breathing finally gradually became heavy. of a momentFinally, she bent down suddenly, grabbed the long hair on top of An Qi's head tightly, and moved her whole body in the midst of her cries of pain.They all pulled up, forcing her to look at him with teary eyes. The female devil bent down, the temperature in her eyes was unprecedentedly hotHot, looking directly at An Qi's beautiful and delicate face covered with tears. Asked in a low tone, "Little slut!...Are you sure youAre you trying to seduce me? ! "

An Qi stubbornly turned her face away, deliberately pretending to be proud and raised her jaw, forcing herself not to look at the other party.Xie Wenna smiled indifferently, pulled her long hair tightly with her hands, and lifted one foot to kneelThe policewoman is at the same level as her chest, and uses her cold and smooth high-heeled leather boots to step on a trembling breast on her chest.Feng, began to fiddle with her small and bright red nipples through the black silk fabric.

"It hurts!..." An Qi frowned, biting her lower lip and trying not to scream.

Xie Wenna fully appreciated the soft yet elastic feeling under her feet, squinting her eyes provocatively."Little thing!...This is the second wave of tests for you!...Don't hide...give me your breasts and be obedientstand up! Very two lumps of seems that you are only worthy of shining the boots of the master! Hahaha……"

The strength on Xie Wenna's feet was getting stronger and stronger, crushing An Qi's breasts mercilessly. Large mass of snow-white breast meat quiltThe boots pressed down an obvious depression, and the tender and sensitive areola and nipples were also forced by her rough boot soles.Rubbing hard.

"Please don't step on it!...It really hurts!" An Qi leaned her upper body back as much as possible, leaning on her arms to support her backTouching the ground, barely supporting the body so as not to fall down. Her lips trembled slightly, exhausting the last breath in her heartWith a trace of willpower, he suppressed himself from crying.

The unscrupulous female devil became even more excited now. She changed her other foot and began to playfully exert forceKick the two breast balls on the beauty's chest. The boots collided back and forth with the dangling breasts, sending out a "crack!"Voice. The two big white rabbits full of elasticity bounced up and down endlessly after being kicked by her.

Xie Wenna twitched the corners of her mouth, triumphantly venting her jealousy that she had been hiding all along, "It's so fun.what! ...Little bitch...I've seen your lewd tits not happy for a long's still so bigQuite...damn...I kicked you! ...Kick your obscene tits! "

"Ah!... Please don't kick it... It's going to be broken..." An Qi finally couldn't bear the other party anymore.Perverted abuse, his body limp and fell to the floor. A pair of jade legs in white boots curled up, trying toCover your chest.

"I said it before!... As a sex slave! You should never try to resist me! Especially... playing with meTrick! "The fanaticism on Xie Wenna's face turned ferocious, and her eyes instantly became darker and more difficult to see. she draggedThe hair pulled An Qi in front of her, and before the other party screamed out, she suddenly put a foot into An Qi's the arms. Amidst the miserable cry of the beautiful policewoman, she firmly stepped on the breasts of the policewoman again.

"Do you think you can fool me with your poor little trick?! Little cow!...Let me give you a trick today.A lesson of a lifetime! "The female devil twisted her ankle viciously.

The previous An Qi really wanted to soften Xie Wenna's position by sacrificing part of her hue in exchange forThe other party treated himself and his mother more gently, but unfortunately, this perverted woman didn't accept this kind of thing at all, and was stabbed instead.Excited to become more violent.

Xie Wenna persistently continued her perverted behavior, using her boots to make the policewoman's breasts look like doughKneading back and forth, the flattened breasts are rubbed back and forth by the soles of the shoes, transforming into various plump and lewd shapes.

An Qi burst into tears again from the pain, "Don't!...don' really hurts...please don'tI'm about to step on it... woo woo! "

At this time, Xie Wenna laughed, "Bitch! Why are you crying!... You weren't shameless just nowWant to seduce me? This is just the beginning Oh, you can't take it anymore? ” She crushed a few times more forcefully on her feet.Next, excitedly listening to Angie crying louder.

"Little bitch!... You finally have today! Do you know? Since the day I saw your photo,I just dream of crushing you under my feet like this... crushing your obscene big breasts, and crushing them tooShatter your hypocritical pride! "

"Please!...I really can't take it anymore...please forgive me!"Destroyed, An Qi couldn't help begging loudly.

After stomping on it a few more times, Xie Wenna moved her foot away with a lot of interest. Let An Qi hold her chest and shrinkinto a ball. Ye Xue, who was hiding aside just now, crawled over and hugged her daughter, trying to comfort her helplessly, "An Qi……do not Cry! You have to learn to be patient...Master...Master is teaching you a lesson! ..."

"Hmph!... You should be obedient in the future!" Xie Wenna asked An Qi with a sneer.

"Yes! Yes!...I obedient!" the female policeman choked up and agreed in a low voice.Has been dissipated.

"Very good! Little bitch! Get up and kneel now!" Xie Wenna raised her boots and kickedGot to kick her ass.

The little policewoman did so without saying a word while shedding tears. Following Xie Wenna's instructions, she obediently climbed up againKneel well, kneel and sit on a pair of jade legs that are close together with your plump buttocks.

And Xie Wenna continued to instruct her to "put your legs together! Bend down!...Put your butt up for me!Come! ...Turn it up...Damn it, Ye Xue, come and help her..." Until Ye Xue came to help An QiThe small waist makes the policewoman's perfect heart-shaped buttocks almost tilted to the limit, and the lady nodded in satisfaction.Approve this gesture.

Quickly walking around behind the policewoman's body, the female devil squatted down with interest, and deliberately brought her face closer to An Qi's.Near the snowy hill, I used one hand to grab and rub her round buttocks a few times, feeling the fullness of the silk screen.touch. soliloquyThe voice sighed, "I knew... this dress is really suitable for your lecherous body."body! "

She raised her hand and slapped Angie's fleshy butt a few times, listening to the little policewoman's desperately suppressingMoaning, Xie Wenna felt that her heart became hot quickly.

"Beautiful police lady, it seems that you have found the basic feeling of being a sex slave!" The female devilCome to a conclusion.

Although she has been humiliated countless times by criminals using her status as a policeman, An Qi can stillI felt a burning tingling sensation on my cheek. It's a pity that the fact has already been like this, and now she can only live up to her expectationsHe gritted his teeth secretly in resentment.

The female devil slowly circled around the kneeling beauty, provocatively provoking An Qi's chin again with a whip,He exclaimed hypocritically, "Oh! Tsk tsk... What a poor little face! His eyes are a little swollen from crying!...If you show it to those lecherous men, it will definitely hurt a little...but..." She suddenly lookedAs soon as he turned his eyes back, two cold lights shot out from his eyes, "...I know you haven't really surrendered yet...Do you really want to give in to me?"He must still hate us very much! Right? "

An Qi was startled, she avoided her opponent's gaze in panic, and tried to explain in a low voice, "No... INo……! "

"Really?" Xie Wenna lowered her face dangerously and asked in a sinister tone.

"Yes... yes!" The little policewoman answered eagerly, her voice trembling with anxiety.

"Alright then!..." Xie Wenna clapped her hands, stood up and walked over to sit on the bed. deftly to the twoWhile lifting up her huge skirt, she spread her feet in black boots carelessly, and her lower body was placed in a bigThe M type.

She pushed her thin lace panties aside with her hands, and rushed to the little policewoman who was still kneeling there helpless.Nuzui, "Proud Officer Ye... let me test your last slave now... crawl over...…Use your mouth to clean my anus, master! She said, giggling, "Take it with your tongue.Every wrinkle is licked clean to pass the test! "

"What?!" An Qi knelt there, she couldn't believe her ears, she was almost ashamed and angry.To pass out. The fiend wants to do it herself - clean her dirty asshole! And use your mouth! !Oh my god! Licking her boots is one thing! Use your tongue to lick her dirty organs for excretion? ! this trickHow could I have the courage to take the initiative to complete the new ultimate insult? Her brain went blank, her lipsHe squeezed tightly, unable to say a word.

Xie Wenna frowned impatiently, "What's the matter?...Don't you want to?" She waved her hands threateningly.The whip in his hand "Why are you still pretending to be innocent at this point!... Put down your so-called woman obediently!"The smelly shelf of the criminal police! Come here and give my mother a good ass lick! "

An Qi felt chills all over her body. Under the threat of the female devil's whip, she finally realized that she was desperate at the moment.situation. Even Ye Xue, who was standing by the side, pushed her anxiously, "Good Angel...don't be so angry......There's nothing to be embarrassed about, just do the same thing on TV... Hurry up... Master will be angry soon! "

Although An Qi had secretly made up her mind before that she would endure humiliation to the greatest extent in the future, but thisThe extremely humiliating perverted behavior made it impossible for her to force herself to cooperate with the other party no matter what. regardless of motherNo matter how anxiously she urged and persuaded her, she gritted her teeth and remained silent, kneeling there like a wooden person.not moving at all.

Seeing that she was still dawdling and refusing to give in, Xie Wenna stood up angrily, and rushed over to shake her pretty face vigorously.Pressed firmly on the floor, and kicked her ass from the side, "Bitch! What kind of saint are you pretending to be!...withIn the end, I don't know how many people will lick their assholes! Wouldn't it be nice to let you get acquainted with the business now? ……ObedientGet up and lick my old lady! ..."

"I will never!..." An Qi mustered up all her courage and refused loudly.

Xie Wenna was stunned for a moment by her contradictory words, her face suddenly turned ashen, and the room reverberated with her fierce look.Fierce roar, "Bastard! Have you forgotten the fate of disobeying my orders again?... As long as my mother moves my handsPointing to... can make you mother and daughter bitches ruined together! Life is better than death! Finally became the All A cityThere is a woman's laughing stock! "

"Defeat? Life is better than death?" An Qi was still struggling to raise her head until she heardThe threat that Xie Wenna roared out of her mouth suddenly woke up from the state of grief, anger and frenzy. When I think of the opponent's handIn those despicable hole cards. A bone-piercing chill shot up from the bottom of her heart. The whole person seems to be pokedIt instantly collapsed to the ground like a broken ball.

"Shameless slut?... Let's see how I deal with you!" Xie Wenna, who was furious, raised her legs and stepped over the kneelingThe body of the beautiful woman on the ground tightly clamped the waist of the little policewoman with her legs, bent her back to An Qi, and stretched her arms wide.Forcefully tore off the silk mesh material covering the opponent's buttocks. until all those black mesh cloths were torn to shreds,Let the beautiful police officer's whole snow-white round buttocks be completely exposed.

"What are you going to do?...I don't want it! Let go..." An Qi tried her best to cover her body and twisted her body,In vain, he wanted to avoid the attack of Xie Wenna's strange hand.

"What are you doing?" Xie Wenna greedily pinched the policewoman's large and smooth buttocks, and said viciously, "SinceOf course, I want you to learn the rules! Every sex slave should understand that once they dare to disobey the master's order,You will receive the most severe punishment! "

"Punishment?" An Qi felt chills all over her body when she heard that, knowing that this vicious woman was about to humiliate and abuse herself again.up.

Xie Wenna didn't care about An Qi's feelings, she used her legs to hold down the beauty who didn't dare to resist, and picked her up from the ground.The long strip of fabric that was torn off from her before quickly wrapped An Qi's arms together, and then firmly wrapped her hands together.tied behind his back. In this way, the whole body of the little policewoman was put into a humiliating kneeling posture by her, and she could only completelyIt's all up to the devil to get what she wants.

Xie Wenna, who had tied up An Qi, stood up and looked around, pointing at the whip on a whim and still cringing at theYe Xue, a female doctor who dared not speak, "Bitch!... You come here too!"

"!" Ye Xue pointed at herself in surprise... her eyes were full of unbelievable panic, and she stammeredBa De wanted to escape.

Xie Wenna rushed over impatiently and grabbed her, pushed her to the ground with all her strength, and ordered the girl toThe doctor also knelt side by side beside Angie in the same posture, and at the same time lifted the hem of her shirt, pulling herHands bound like her daughter's. He also sternly yelled "Stinky bitch... just lie on your stomach and stay still! YouIf your daughter is disobedient, you will also be punished together! "

After finishing all this, the female devil took a step back in satisfaction, admiring the mother and daughter with burning eyesAss shame look. The two tall and tall jade buttocks of the two people are close together, and the two big groups are also white and thin.The greasy buttocks shone with a dazzling jade luster under the light, and the round and tight buttocks were still trembling slightly at the same time,It seems to be tempting myself to inflict more cruelty and pain on them.

Stretching the horsewhip in her hand vigorously, Xie Wenna first tried to use the whip tip to gently slide over the mother and daughter's sensitive buttocks,Almost at the same time, the two women sobbed softly because of the extreme fear, and the two sexy bodies also trembled violentlywith. An Qi turned her head with tears in her eyes, and looked at her dejected mother beside her with a sad face, feeling helpless.yelled "Mom!..."

Ye Xue looked back at her daughter with a mournful face, and sighed weakly, "Xiaoqi!...You let me say youWhat's so good... I have already said that I can no longer disobey the master's order! "

"Now... do you understand why you have to be punished?" Xie Wenna took turns provocatively using the whipGently touching the soft buttocks of the mother and daughter, and drawing circles on those smooth skin from time to time. she feels she hasCompletely conquered and controlled their bodies. Every cell in the body is fully enjoying the results of this conquest.of great pleasure.

"I didn't... ah!" An Qi just wanted to defend herself, but the soft and tough whip in the lady's hand couldn't help it.He slapped her buttocks passionately, making a crisp flesh-and-flesh crashing sound, and left a long pink trail behind.Red welt.

"Bitch! Do you still want to quibble?!" Xie Wenna stared at the young policewoman who was crying softly.

"No... no... you punished us... because An Qi disobeyed the master... the master's orderOrder! "The panicked Ye Xue hurriedly answered for her daughter.

"Crack!" The same fierce whipping fell on the female doctor's ass in an instant, hitting her snow-white buttocksA tremor! "Oh! It hurts!..." The poor female doctor curled up in pain, unable to help herself.shouted.

"Ahh...ah!" With the screams of the mother and daughter, Xie Wenna waved again and again on the waist and buttocks of the two girls.After several whips, I saw the welts on their big buttocks slowly turning red and swollen. She just continued to drinkAsk "Is it as simple as punishing you for being disobedient?! You two bitches think about itWhat crime? "

"But? We... really don't know!" An Qi was afraid of the whip in her hand, so she had no choice but to stiffen her headPi replied in a low voice.

"You don't know!...You don't know!?" Xie Wenna shouted angrily, "Damn little bitchson! You are the people's police representing justice! Crime-fighting law guard...willing to do the most despicable jobThe prostitute... Isn't this committing the crime of fornication? When she mentioned the excitement, she swung the whip againWhipped Angie's snow-white and fat buttocks, the whip pierced through the air barrier, and fell on the female police officer's naked body like raindrops.on the ass.

"Ah...It hurts so much!...Don't hit me! I know I was wrong...Please forgive me!...Ahh!"

Xie Wenna watched with extreme excitement the tall, sexy and stunning female police officer howling softly under her whip. sheThe more you hit, the more powerful you get, the more fun you get. "Shameless bitch! How dare you kidnap my daughter?! How dare you kidnap my daughter?"You dare to threaten me...I'll let you threaten me...I'll beat your ass to pieces! Ha... cry! cry all you want... Your desperate cries are the most beautiful music in the world! ! ..."

Seeing that An Qi had been whipped to death, Xie Wenna, who was not satisfied with raging on her, whipped her again.The target of the waving turned to Ye Xue's naked butt beside him, "And you! You bitch, relying on yourselfBeautiful long! ... secretly did some shameless deeds! ...Do you know that you are afraid now? !...Only by you? How dare you betray me! ... Today I will let you taste my strength! ! ..."

"Ah!...It hurts to death...Please forgive me, master...I don't dare anymore!..." The whip repeatedly kissedKissing the flesh of the buttocks. Ye Xue cried louder than her daughter.

In this damp and dark prison cell, the sound of whips breaking through the air, the sound of skin being whipped, echoed throughout the well asThe heart-piercing cries of the women.

Under the flickering fluorescent lights, An Qi, mother and daughter, kneeled face down side by side on the cold floor. They tilted eachChased by the snake-like whip from her fair and fat buttocks, she desperately twisted her soft waist from side to side, trying toTo escape the blows of the whip. It's a pity that the horsewhip held in the hand of the richly dressed lady seems to have eyes, and every time it is swungWudu accurately landed on the delicate buttocks of the two girls, causing a burst of crying and pain.

At this time, Ye Xue and An Qi could only lean their heads together with tears streaming down their faces, looking at each other with tearful eyes and whimpering.It seems that in this way, some of the physical pain of the other party can be shared. Facing Xie Wenna's cruelty,They no longer dared to show the slightest thought of resistance, and could only comfort each other, trying to grit their teeth and endure the past.

The cruel whipping seemed endless. The plump buttocks of the mother and daughter were already covered with criss-crossThere were terrible welts, and the flesh was already red and swollen, exuding unbearable pain and burning sensation.I don't know how long time has passed, until the two girls almost hoarse their voices from crying, feeling a little exhausted thank youWen Na finally stopped the whip in her hand.

The female devil leaned on her knees with tired hands, and asked out of breath, "How is it?... Huh... ShamelessBitches... Phew... Don't you enjoy being punished for your lewd asses? ’ she asked while usingThe whip stabbed An Qi's limp body on the ground, "Bitch... tell me!"

An Qi limply lay on the floor, her red and swollen butt twitching slightly. she has been whipped thoroughlyConquered, I didn't dare to disobey the request of the female devil, I could only hold back my shame, and followed the opponent's directionMeant to answer "Yes... yes! Angie... already knows that I am wrong... I have committed the most despicable... obscenityChaos! Absolutely cannot be forgiven! Master, please severely... punish me severely! ... woo woo..."

Ye Xue also buried her head in her chest, crying out of breath and agreed, "...we all know we were wrong.……Owner! You can do whatever you want...just please don't...don't hit us again..."

"Very good!" Xie Wenna, who received a satisfactory answer, lifted her spirits, "I'm glad that you all realized your ownoffense! So... Now it's Qinu's turn to use his mouth to make amends! "She lifted her skirt and squatted down, posingIn a convenient squatting posture, he pointed to his hairy crotch with his fingers and ordered, "Climb over here... IOur noble police ladies... Come and clean up the master! "

It was as if all her sanity had been smashed into thousands of fragments by the reality. An Qi, who was devastated, was having a hard time.He raised his head and glanced at the queen-like Xie Wenna, who was stunned by the animal-like eyes of the other party.She no longer dared to neglect the other party's orders, she could only slowly squirm her body with bound hands, stumbling and kneelingCrawl between Xiewenna's splayed legs.

Xie Wenna looked proudly at An Qi's pretty face flushed with shame, and said with a sneer, "Don't dawdle the big police officer! IIt may not have been cleaned up when it was convenient before, but now the smell is a bit strong, you have to lick it well..."

An Qi felt that her cheeks were burning hot, and she was so dizzy that she almost lost consciousness. She mechanically replied "Yes!",Then he tried his best to lower his head, and turned his body over little by little, facing the buttocks under the skirt of the female devil.and deep gluteal cleft.

"Ouch!..." The faint female body odor rushed to her nose, making her retch involuntarily. ThatIn fact, this smell was not as bad as imagined, but the unbearable sense of humiliation seemed to put the whole thing in her mindThe taste is magnified ten thousand times in an instant.

Xie Wenna has a lot of hair around her genitals and anus. The long brown pubic hair has not been trimmed, and it is messy and thick.Densely entangled on her lower body, maybe because she sweated a little when wielding the whip before, her lower body is obviouslySome wet, warm water vapor mixed with the unique feminine smell, all the way into An Qi's nostrils.

"Oh my God!" Although she was completely suppressed by this criminal both physically and mentally, the young policewoman was still helpless.Unable to adapt to such perverted behavior. She hesitated instinctively, and flinched at a loss.

Xie Wenna couldn't wait any longer. Facing the beauty lying on her back under her crotch, she spread her hands and five fingers, holdingHold the two big and tall big breasts in front of the opponent's chest, use this as a fulcrum to lean forward, and sit directly on your own buttocksOn An Qi's face, he urged her sharply, "Bitch! Lick it quickly... Is your ass itchy again!"

"Woo..." The terrified little policewoman finally gave in helplessly, crying and stretching amidst the vicious laughter of the other party.Tongue out.

An Qi frowned tightly, resisting the urge to vomit, and began to carefully clean Xie Wenna's brown skin with her tongue.anus. Her flexible tongue first carefully straightened the hair around the small meat holes, and then scraped the small holes one by one.Which deep folds around. The cold and creamy gentle touch made Xie Wenna feel so comfortable that she couldn't help snorting"Well... very comfortable... your tongue skills are very good... I think this can be used as a part of your prostitution in the futureBig selling point! Xie Wenna squinted her eyes to enjoy the service of Angie's tongue, deliberately giving an extremely harsh evaluation.

Although An Qi heard the other party's insulting words, she just paused for a moment, as her heart was ashamed.Next, there is no other special reaction. Still continue to bury her head in Xie Wenna's crotch and work hard,Long, unkempt hair was spread across the floor like satin.

"Hmm... here I have to lick harder... idiot... it's here!... that's right...nice...reallyIt's getting more and more proficient, little bitch, you learn quickly! "Xie Wenna shook her head, constantly guiding AnnQi's tongue moves, and I rub my wide waist and hips back and forth on the policewoman's face from time to time, trying to find thethe most comfortable position.

Now Ye Anqi, the whole person has become dazed, and almost doesn't know what she is doing.What a. She just obeyed Xie Wenna's orders mechanically, wiggling her soft tongue with a numb expression,Licking back and forth between the hairy crotch of the other party, the strong taste of a woman's physiology radiates between her lipsspread out.

As An Qi's licking became more and more proficient, Xie Wenna's body heat began to rise gradually. abused beforeIn the process of mother and daughter, she had already accumulated a huge sense of excitement. Now the kind that has tamed the beautiful bodyThe combination of the desire to conquer and the sexual stimulation from the lower body brought almost borderline pleasure to the female devil. herBreathing became more and more rapid, the vagina twitched and contracted in bursts, overflowing from the labia with fishy-sweet and creamy foamCame out and smeared Angie all over her face in disgust.

"Hiss... so cool... lick hard... bitch! Keep licking!...don't stop!" Xie Wenna beganExcitedly speaking incoherently, the swing of the waist is getting bigger and bigger, and the frequency is getting faster and faster. At this time she has doubleHis eyes were red, and the expression on his face was extraordinarily crazy. Both hands mercilessly grasped and pinched the pair on the chest of the beautiful policeman.Proud breasts, fingers deeply sunk into the breasts, as if they are not human flesh at all, but some kind of ragslike a cloth ball or a balloon.

With a beautiful and sexy body in his hands, he can use violence wantonly, and he can still hear the mouth of the policewoman under his crotch in his ears.groaned in pain. The perverted female devil finally got a numb scalp and crossed the highest point of physical desire.She let out a long, beast-like inhalation sound, her knees softened, and she fell forward, lying softly on An An's bed.On Qi's fair body.

The empty room fell into a momentary silence, only Xie Wenna's heavy and rapid breathing andAngie's suppressed cry was suppressed by her body.

Ye Xue, who was frightened by Xie Wenna's madness just now, finally came to her senses after a long time, and tremblingly approachedStanding in front of him, he stammered and called out, "Master...Master!"

The female devil who was lying on An Qi's body as if she was dead just now let out a long breath, and slowly rose from the orgasm.After recovering from the aftermath, she supported the ground with both hands, and put her wet lower body on the face of the policewoman Hua again.After rubbing back and forth a few times, he knelt up contentedly and sat up little by little.

An Qi's face suddenly left Xie Wenna's warm and humid crotch, and she couldn't help breathing heavily.clean air. The originally beautiful and delicate face is now a mess, my tears, Xie Wenna'sThe lewd water, and even a lot of shed hair, were all on her smooth face, which was extremely sticky and uncomfortable.It seemed to remind her of the humiliation she had just suffered.

Resisting the urge to howl, the little policewoman bit her lips, trying to get up and sit up with difficulty.Come, unfortunately, because her hands were tightly tied behind her back, she was weak and tried several times without success.

Xie Wenna, who was sitting on the side, reached out and pressed An Qi's shoulder, stopping the little policewoman from getting up. severeShe ordered her, "Who allowed you to get up... just lie down for me..." After finishing speaking, she waved to the female doctor again"Ye Xuestinky bitch... you come here too... Hurry up!"

"Yes...Master!" Ye Xuenuo agreed, twisting her body and crawling over on her knees.

Xie Wenna grabbed the female doctor by the hair, ignored her screams, and forcibly pulled her head and face to An Qi's.On the top of the face "Look at your daughter's little's so dirty that you can't see the face clearly! This wayHow can you go out and sell your hue! you just lick the stuff clean...not at allXu left! "

"Okay...Okay!" Ye Xue is undoubtedly more tame than An Qi, she has already learned to be unconditionalExecuting Xie Wenna's order, although the mixture on her daughter's face looks disgusting, she can only overcome herselfA little disgusted.

Kneeling and taking two steps forward, Ye Xue adjusted her posture, bent down slowly, and brought her face close to her daughter's.face....

An Qi blinked vigorously, trying to shake off the dirt on her eyelashes. Waiting to see mother with a caring pretty facePressed down, she couldn't help shouting "Mom!..." amidst the crying sound, the miserable voice was full of tears.of grievance and loss.

"Good boy...don't be sad, everything will be fine..." Ye Xue comforted her daughter illusoryly"Come on...the master has an order!... Let mom lick all the dirty things for you!..." She stretched out her handWith his flexible and soft tongue, he licked away the sticky dirt on An Qi's face.

"Mmm!...Mom..." The smooth and cold feeling on the tip of the nose and eyelids made the little policewoman shrink backTogether, although I didn't have much resistance to my mother's cleaning up psychologically, this weird feeling still made me feel uncomfortable.People are very embarrassed. Two blushes rose again on her pale cheeks.

Ye Xue scraped her tongue vigorously across her daughter's delicate nose, rolled up a ball mixed with the salty taste of tears and sour liquid.The smelly mucus, the weird taste made her feel a little nauseous, but the experience of practicing medicine for many years made her feel better in this area.Mian's endurance is much higher than that of her daughter. Rolling this group of mucus into her mouth to hold it, the female doctor looked at it for help.Looking at Xie Wenna, the other party didn't speak, and she didn't dareHandle these things yourself.

In fact, Ye Xue has long understood that Xie's series of perverted behaviors today are for the purpose of maximizing humiliation.Her own mother and daughter, expressing her long-standing jealousy and resentment. Especially Angie hasn't really given up yetSubmit to criminals, willingly fall into prostitution. It also makes the Devil Head feel a little insecure.

Seeing that Ye Xue had already licked off the dirt on An Qi's face, Xie Wenna smiled with satisfaction, and patted Ye Xue with her hands."Cleaning well! You bitch is quite capable..." She pointed to Angie's tightly closed cuntMouth "Go... have a fiery long French kiss with the little bitch, let her taste the taste of the master's body again!"

"Alas..." Ye Xue sighed secretly, knowing that it would not be that easy to pass. she leaned down againThe son leaned closer to his daughter, motioned her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue with her eyes.

An Qi looked at her mother's eyes and frowned in embarrassment, "Mom! That... so disgusting..."

"Officer An Qi!...This is my order..." Xie Wenna, who was watching the play, joked, "Could it beSay! ...Do you want to try the whip in Master's hand again? ..."

"Don't!..." An Qi was taken aback, the severe pain in her buttocks suddenly came alive again, Xie WenThe sense of oppression that Na brought to herself was also maximized. Don't dare to have the slightest hesitation anymore, the glamorous policewoman Hua QiangForced himself to open his mouth.

"Woo...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk...tsk..." Ye Xue immediately tilted her head and pressed her forward, the sexy red lips of the biological mother and daughter instantlysucked together. The two slippery tongues are tentatively entangled with each other, completely confused with the weird-smelling liquid.and together.

At first, An Qi had to obey Xie Wenna's order to kiss her mother only because of Xie Wenna's lust, but thenKnowing that Ye Xue's unusually active tongue kiss turned very passionate and hungry from the very beginning. mother so unexpectedThe heat caught her off guard.

The fluorescent lights flickered, the lips of the mother and daughter were chasing and biting each other, and at the same time they swallowed the saliva mixed with saliva.liquid, the base of the tongue is numb and painful from being sucked by the other party. Even their naked upper bodies are gradually leaning together, four plumpThe bouncing breast balls squeezed and rubbed back and forth with the wriggling of the body, and the hot and sensitive nipples also refused to listenCommander stands upright.

"Mmm..." Ye Xue let out the first ambiguous moan from her nasal cavity, marking the beginning of sexual desireAccording to Shangfeng, the mother's tongue repeatedly swept every corner of her daughter's mouth, licking the body fluid, and from time to timeHe sucked the tip of his daughter's tongue and tasted it carefully.

"Mom..." An Qi couldn't bear this kind of caress, and let out a soft cry from the burning ears. she to herselfThe very trusting mother is almost undefended, although the hateful Xie Wenna is watching from the side, the beautiful police officerHua's lower body is still infamously bursting out with charming sex appeal.

The only pity is that both women's hands were tied behind their backs, so that they could not take any further actions.Satisfy each other's cravings.

Xie Wenna stared with great interest at this stunning mother and daughter asking for each other's body. How could theyShe suddenly fell into the trap of lust, even the instigator, Xie Wenna, felt completely inconceivable.After all, she has just thoroughly insulted and abused them, and if she were an ordinary woman, she would definitely feel ashamed and angry for a long time.Can't get into the role. The female devil also prepared a further backup method before, preparing to fight against them when they resisted.Force them to continue to abuse each other. But now it seems that these preparations are all superfluous.

Maybe it's true what Starscream said, the mother and daughter who look like fairies have long been lurkingUnknown lewd genes, what I have to do now is to fully stimulate them. think of thisHere, Xie Wenna put on an obscene smile, it seems that she will soon cultivate a pair of super despicableThe mother and daughter are prostitutes. The pleasure of revenge flashed through his brain like an electric current.

Seeing that the confused mother and daughter felt a little frustrated due to their limited mobility, Xie Wenna decided to intervene in theirgame. She got up, walked over, carried Angie's body and turned over, and put the little policewoman back to her buttocks.In the kneeling posture on the bed, amidst An Qi's exclamation, patted her still red and swollen buttocks, to Ye Xue who didn't know whySaid, "Now... it's your turn to serve this little bitch, just like she served me before! What?So... thank the host for giving you two more exciting moments of joy! "

Ye Xue was stunned when she heard the words, then she lowered her head with a flushed face, feeling that the naked skin all over her body was burning.stand up. Asking her to lick there for her own daughter... How embarrassing! Although I also...

Xie Wenna laughed loudly. Seeing the shy female doctor knelt there and coddled, she laughed and reprimanded:"Hypocritical bitch... why are you pretending to be shy! You've been wanting to lick your daughter's ass for a long time!"

"Yes! Thank you...Master!...for giving us joy..." Ye Xue looked at her daughter's tall face with a guilty conscience.With her butt raised high, she gritted her teeth secretly, leaving behind all the remaining self-esteem and face, and answered in a low voice.In response to the perverted request of the female devil head.

"Mom...don't agree! could you do's so embarrassing!..." An Qi panickedShe twisted her body and tried to stop her mother with a crying sound, but unfortunately even she knew that she wanted YeIt is completely impossible for Xue to take the initiative to refuse Xie Wenna's order.

"Alas!..." Seeing her daughter in pain, Ye Xue, the biological mother who was a bystander, could onlyNeng let out a long sigh with complicated emotions.Xie Wenna stretched out her hand and pushed Ye Xue's shoulder, "Come on quickly... Do it well... Show the master a show."Your tongue kung fu! "

Ye Xue looked at her distressed daughter with pity, knelt and crawled behind her, comforting her softly next to her body"Hey... Xiaoqi, don't be too sad, you are just too stubborn, always accidentally contradicting the master. We bothHowever, you have already done it...became a have to be patient like your mother, and think about everything, we let the LordWhen people are will make them feel better too, don't hold on to it all the time, it will only make you suffer! "

"Mom... I... I know!" An Qi buried her head in hesitation for a moment, and finally agreed with a sobPersuaded by his mother. The situation at this time did not allow her to bow her head obediently.

Ye Xue sighed, and murmured, "You just need to know how to be obedient... The master is making fun of our bodies.... just pass it! Mom... Mom will try to make you comfortable..." she said, smoothHe lowered his head and brought his face closer to An Qi's still red and swollen buttocks...

"Mom...!" An Qi called out to Ye Xue in a mournful voice, and she didn't know what she was expressing.mood.

" patient!" Ye Xue murmured, bringing her face closer...The two snow mounds like suet white jade gradually enlarged in front of her eyes, and the delicate skin was glistening with sweat.Glossy, the buttocks are even squeezed tightly because of the owner's shyness and nervousness. The red welts criss-crossing above,It added a bit of fragility and poignancy to this abused body.

The honey treasure in the valley of my daughter is right in front of my eyes, the shape and color full of temptation are so clearArguable. An inexplicable impulse suddenly overwhelmed Ye Xue's last rationality, and she almost couldn't help but move her face closerGo, press your mouth hard on your daughter's plump lips, the girl's warm and fragrant breath instantly diffused in the female doctor's mouth.between the nose and mouth.

An Qi sighed sadly, and tried to squeeze her buttocks more forcefully, but Ye Xue's face was already deeply buried in herIn the crotch of her buttocks, she stopped her last instinctive resistance.

While Ye Xue was still greedily sniffing the charming smell of her daughter's private parts, Xie Wenna couldn't wait to see it.Their pervert acted, she raised her foot and kicked Ye Xue's ass, "Smelly bitch! Don't dawdle... lick it quickly!"

The female doctor took a deep breath, moved her head back a little, and finally opened her lips to spit out the words of her soul.The living tongue, from the daughter's small pale pink asshole down... until it caresses her plump and plump sensitive cunt lips.

"It's so embarrassing... Woohoo!" An Qi sniffled her nose in a low voice, and lowered her head helplessly.How else could she struggle? All the previous struggles... all become meaningless now!

Ye Xue seemed to be controlled by some kind of magical magic, she no longer cared about Xie Wenna's burning eyes, nor did sheThen pay attention to the reaction of her daughter's body. She just immersed herself in using her tongue and lips, and slobbered An Qi's body.A small piece of flesh between the legs was wet, and the temptation of my daughter's honey pot slowly penetrated into my sensitive body.On the tip of her tongue... the faint fragrance of the bath liquid, and a slight peculiar smell of female hormones. The strong rush of the tasteHitting the perverted senses in her heart that had been suppressed for a long time, it also prompted her to eagerly want more.

From where the bodies of the mother and daughter are connected, there is gradually a strange sound that makes people's blood boil. The appearance is dignifiedThe beautiful female doctor, Ye Xue, buried her head between her biological daughter's legs at this time, her head with loose long hair rhythmicallyIt moved up and down along her daughter's gluteal groove, and her snake-like soft tongue surrounded Angie's beautiful labia and anus,Dancing back and forth between the charming pink forbidden areas, from time to time, there is a passionate licking sound of "chirp!"

When the perverted behavior between mother and daughter first started, the little policewoman who felt extremely humiliated in her mind stillShe was consciously resisting her mother's sensual tongue, but Ye Xue's caressing movements were indeed too gentle.Same as Xie Wenna's toughness and irresistibility. She has been skillfully taking care of any minor needs of Angel's body,Also carefully control Angel's emotional changes at any time, considerately and carefully enlighten Angel's hidden otherSexual pleasure, trying to guide her to relax completely and really enjoy this strange same-sex interaction.

"Well...don't...Mom...don't!...don't lick anywhere..." An Qi knelt down on the floor and gentlySwing the waist to avoid the mother's violation. There was a slight bitterness in her mouth, but in her mind she was desperately restraining her mother from being around her.The unbearable flames ignited on her body, the little policewoman who was feeling ashamed and angry just now, can't help butA strange thought came up, "Actually, this...isn't too unbearable...just...just let herWell done! "

An Qi still doesn't know that her seemingly perfect youthful body has already been trained enough by criminals.Mature enough, the previous desire blows mixed with pain and shame have been deeply rooted in the core of her subconsciousIn my heart, the female police officer's body will naturally become extremely sensitive and vulnerable to external sexual stimulation, not to mention thisThis greedy giver is still her biological mother who is completely trusted by her!

As time went by bit by bit, a seductive halo gradually appeared on the confused and pretty face of the little policewoman.The skin of the body also began to show a sickly faint flush. Her body trembled slightly, still biting herselfTeeth didn't let himself cry out. Relying on the last bit of willpower to control the waist, I can't help but cater to the swing... self-esteem! sex! Depravity and despair! All kinds of messy flashing thoughts flashed in her eyesShaking constantly,The whole person seems to be immersed in the pink whirlpool and cannot extricate himself...

Xie Wenna, who was standing next to the two of them, smacked her lips and stared at Ye Anqi's pitiful expression with satisfaction.Seeing this once smart and capable female police officer, under the taboo caress of her biological mother, her sexual desire gradually increased.From the bare lips between the legs, a creamy love liquid has leaked out little by little, and the liquid mixed with Ye Xue's saliva.Together, they render her beautiful body even brighter.

After Ye Xue worked harder, An Qi's slender waist finally began to twitch unbearably.She wanted to refuse and welcome, and cooperated with the repeated violation of her lower body that made her hate and annoy her. The humming sound in the nose is also more obviousSexy and sultry.

The female devil walked up to An Qi, knelt down and pinched the policewoman's flushed face in confusion with her fingers,Asked with a sarcastic smile "How's it feel...loose little you realize that you seem to beHow obscene and shameless is she under her innocent appearance? "

"No...I'm!" An Qi was forced to raise her head, her big eyes staring blankly at the woman in front of her.The evil woman is still habitually denying all her accusations, but her small waist is singing with her wordsInstead, it twisted even more dramatically.

Xie Wenna looked at her bewildered look, and pretended to sigh, "Tsk tsk... such a hungry body....Maybe it will scare those prostitutes! "She stood up as she said, and violently pulled Ann, who was still struggling with desire,Qi also straightened her upper body, and temporarily got away from Ye Xue's busy mouth, "'s almost time! YouWe mother-daughter bitches should have had enough! ...Now it's my turn to be happy again..."

With both hands, she forcibly hugged the sweaty body of the little policewoman in her arms, and ordered her forcefully to "give me a piece of paper."Open your cheap mouth! ". Seeing that An Qi obeyed obediently. Xie Wenna stuck out her tongue and pried it openWith her teeth still tightly closed, An Qi forcibly sucked out the soft and slippery little tongue from her mouth. start immediatelyHe sucked it with relish, and there was a loud "tsk tsk!" sound between his lips and tongue.

An Qi originally thought that she, who was violated by her enemy, must feel extremely disgusted now...…But! Her unsatisfactory body deviated from the guidance of her brain again, and she was beaten by the female devil like this.Hugging hard, forced to suck the tip of the sensitive tongue wantonly, the tongue and heel were slightly sore and the lips were itchy, and the chaotic thoughts completelyThere was no thought of rebellion at all.

The wet and flexible tongues of the two women entangled repeatedly, exchanging sweet body fluid like lovers. somehowYes, an indescribable fiery passion spread more violently than before, and quickly controlled the female police officer.various senses of the body. Although Angie kept reminding herself of the sad identity of the victim, subconsciously sheLike a real sex slave, every insult and slander, every abuse and contempt by the master Xie WennaSurprisingly, her actions can make the flames in her body burn more vigorously.

Xie Wenna commanded all rhythms condescendingly. As the same-sex tongue kiss between the two became more fiery, the femaleThe devil began to vigorously rub the pair of firm and proud huge breasts on the chest of the policewoman, while drawing their amazingThe size and elasticity of the clothes, while pinching her sensitive nipples with fingers back and forth through the mesh of the clothes.

Gradually, An Qi's consciousness has blurred her miserable situation. The feet are soft, the whole person is likeThe Buddha was floating in the air, her naked lower body began to become hotter, the flower path in the greenhouse became more and more itchy, honeyThe opening of the lips opened and closed slightly, squeezing out more oily liquid.

Feeling that the fire is almost ready, Xie Wenna reached out and took a handful under An Qi's crotch, and was satisfied with the shy policewoman.Showing the slimy line between her fingers "Look...our beautiful police bitch is starting to pissWell... there's so much flow below! Ready to get fucked? ..."

After saying this, she suddenly hugged An Qi roughly and took a few steps back, pushing her down onto the iron bed of the prison cell.Go up, and loudly ordered her to spread her thighs to the sides, so as to fully expose the delicate lower body of the beautiful police officer"Smelly bitch... spread your legs... give me your wet pussy to get up!..."

An Qi lay helplessly on her back on the bed, her bound hands were pressed behind her back, and according to Xie Wenna's order, sheObediently separated her two straight and slender thighs, and the two pure white high-heeled leather boots were sexy and tallTilt upwards. She also consciously straightened her buttocks slightly, so that the moist lips with dewdrops between her legs could completelyexposed to air.

Knowing that being raped is inevitable, the female policewoman on the bed tried her best to overcome the psychological resistance and keptTaking a shameful position that is most convenient for others to commit violence. Her own blushing face was on firepiping hot. In the end, he frowned and turned his head away, anxiously waiting for Xie Wenna's next move.

The female devil stopped talking nonsense, and started to arrange the iron bed she used to deal with the mother and daughter on her own.

Xie Wenna turned An Qi's body on her side first, and released her hands that had been numb from the pressure. pull up to her headtop, and then tied tightly to the bedside bracket of the iron bed with the previous straps. And An Qi, who was weak and weak, except for ShunThere is no other way but to let the female devil do as she pleases.

The other party carefully adjusted the position of her body. Pick up her lower body and move it to the edge of the bed so thatHer two jade legs can be easily separated to the two sides, so that the policewoman's private parts can be at the mostsuitable for forcible assaultexcellent location.

Xie Wenna pulled up Ye Xue, who was still kneeling by the bed, and ordered her to lie down on the bed, and let her face down with An Qi.Lying side by side, also tied her hands to the bed frame, placed her buttocks on the edge of the bed, and dragged her thighs to theon the ground.

After completing the preparations, Xie Wenna stood in front of the bed and thought for a moment. Two perfect and undefended fresh fleshAt the same time, let her deal with it, it really makes her a bit difficult to make a decision...

An Qi, who had already resigned to her fate, saw what she was thinking now, and suddenly remembered that she had vowed toThe original intention of protecting relatives, and recalling the humiliating performance just now under the criminal's despotic power. suddenly in her heartFeeling a huge sense of inferiority and loss. As if she wanted to completely correct her previous weakness, the little policewoman summoned upWith the greatest courage, he bit his lower lip and said to the female devil, "Please...don't...please don't hurt Mommy.up! ...You all come at me! "

Ye Xue turned her head in surprise, and looked at her daughter with a weak expression in disbelief, "Xiao Qi!..."

Xie Wenna narrowed her eyes with interest, and began to carefully search every subtle expression on the policewoman's face.Seems to confirm whether her language is insincere.

An Qi forced herself to remain calm, trying not to let her courage collapse under the other party's aggressive gaze.

"Hehe!...I didn't expect you to be a little bit responsible!" Xie Wenna sighed. She thought she had alreadyCompletely turn the other party into an obedient meat toy? Now it seems that more effort is needed!

"Okay!...Let's start with you little bastard!...I just hope you won't regret it for a while!" Thank youWen Na came over and stood between An Qi's legs.

Although she was brave enough to face the other party just now, now An Qi feels that the courage she has barely accumulated is about to disappear.going to disappear. What will be her own fate next? All kinds of falsehoods keep popping up in her head, which makes her shudder.Set up.

"呵啦!" A few times, Xie Wenna began to disarm An Qi's last remaining weapon, which was alreadyThe torn mesh gown was completely torn to pieces, only a few rags were still hanging on the dazzling female body. but meOur beautiful little policewoman is completely naked except for the luxurious cowhide boots on her beautiful legs.

An Qi closed her eyes again in horror, while Xie Wenna, who rushed over to press her, was a little surprisedHe stroked the side curve of her body upwards with his hands, his cold fingers brushed her soft hipbones and YingyingThe small waist that I grasped came all the way to the unusually full and plump chest of the policewoman Hua.

This dazzling beauty, even this vicious woman who has been dazzled by hatred and jealousy, can't help it.Turning her head, she admired Ye Xue who was lying on the side, "This girl, I really don't know what you fed her to grow up, lookThis skin! This tit! It's just like being born for sex... Train well before coming out to pick up customers,It will definitely cause a sensation in the pornographic world of City A! "

Ye Xue blushed and didn't dare to answer, she just begged Xie Wenna with a mosquito-like voice, "Please...Master......Master, nicer to An Qi! "

Xie Wenna ignored her, and turned her head to concentrate on dealing with the beautiful policewoman's body. She first grabbed An Qi's breasts with her hands.The first two large breasts lift up. She leaned over and sucked the areola vigorously with her mouth, and gently bit the nipple with her teeth...

An Qi had already foreseen the next insult that would happen to her, and she was no longer the firstI was violated by same-sex rape once, so although my sensitive zone was attacked repeatedly, my chest felt more and more pleasure. she can stillGritting his teeth, he insisted not to let his body react in embarrassment. Lying there stiffly, motionless, only breathing slightlyA little hasty.

After playing with Jinghua's breasts for a while, Xie Wenna also felt a little excitement in her lower body.He moved his lips to Angie's fiery pretty face, and began to force her to kiss him again. Angie can't hide, only WuNai stuck out her tongue and was forced to entangle with her passionate lips again.

While the female devil continued to kiss the policewoman skillfully, she reached out her hand to the crotch of the two. she didn't directlyStuffing her fingers into Angel's still dry vagina, she parted her peach-like soft and plump lips,Try to let the lips clamp your hands from both sides, and at the same time use the rough finger pads to rub Angela's foreskin hiddenHidden petite clitoris.

She only moved her fingers a few times, and Ye Anqi, who was trying to keep calm before, couldn't help but sayThere was a low moan. The hard knuckles moved back and forth between the soft and elastic lips, squeezing her extremely sensitive lips forcefully.Sensitive little Doudou, every touch like an electric shock makes the beautiful police flower shudder from the soul, poorThe tiny clitoris is not at all controlled by the brain's rapid blood pumping. However, that nasty strange hand still refuses to let go,On the contrary, he repeatedly ravaged and rubbed more and more.

"Ahhh...!" An Qi's panting became more and more rapid, and the skin on her neck had turned into a brilliantpink. The emptiness inside the flower stem became stronger and stronger for a while, Xie Wenna's hand was wet with honeydew, and it flowed slipperyto the sheet beneath him.

Xie Wenna saw the opportunity, pressed the policewoman Hua's slender waist with her other hand, and dug hard a few times.These powerful movements made An Qi's body feel like being shocked by a strong electric shock, and her whole body twisted violently.Trembling a few times, she let out a sweet cry, opened her mouth and bit the clothes on Xie Wenna's shoulders tightly, her lower bodyMore creamy love juice flowed out.

Seeing that the heat was enough, Xie Wenna stood up in satisfaction.Back to the bed. She stood between Angie's legs.With both hands, the policewoman's slender and beautiful legs in boots were pressed to the sides as far as possible, and she was fiddled with with fingers.Maintaining the excitement of her fleshy lips and vaginal opening, she asked loudly and jokingly, "Little slut!... Tell the Lordman what is this? "

"It'!" An Qi gasped in confusion, and stammered to answer her question.

"Is it your vagina?'s already so you really want me to insert my fingers into it?go? "Xie Wenna patted Angie's swollen labia maliciously with her hand.

Regarding her insulting question, An Qi first instinctively wanted to deny it, but her reason immediately reminded her that Xie Wenna wasWhat answer do you want. Instead of being teased and humiliated again, it is better to cooperate with the other party wisely. Thinking of these,She simply put aside her shyness, panted slightly and responded, "Yes... I... I want the master's fingers... pleaseInsert it inside me... please insert it..."

Xie Wenna suddenly burst out laughing when she heard the words, "Put you in?! Haha! Stupid little you thinkCan you just deal with me alone today? I have already prepared a refreshing combination for you mother and daughterIt's time for dinner! "Speaking of this, the female devil proudly rushed to the door of the cell and clapped her hands, "Okay... old horse and horseFace! ...Don't hide away...the time is almost up, now you can come in and enjoyGet rid of these two shameless bitches! "

Hearing Xie Wenna's words, even though her hands were still firmly tied to the bed frame and could not move, she panicked.An Qi's mother and daughter still struggled to look up at the door of the cell.

As expected, the beauties saw the father and son surnamed Ma, who were both familiar and frightening to them, with lewd smiles on their faces.They walked into the door one after another. It turned out that they had been hiding in the corridor outside until they heard Xie WenNa called, and then rushed into the room impatiently.

Maybe it's because I've overheard too many irritating things just now, the crotch of both father and son is now highAs soon as the two men entered the gate, two pairs of greedy and obscene gazes were on the delicate bodies of Ye Xue and her daughter.Sweeping back and forth, he looked anxious as if he couldn't wait to raise his gun and mount his horse.

Sensing the eyes of beasts that were about to eat him, he turned his body halfway and looked at the two men's women.The doctor Ye Xue couldn't help shrinking her neck, and asked in a trembling voice, "You...what do you want?"

Xie Wenna smiled and said, "What?! You should have thought of it... I will make their father and son ruthless right away."Fuck you mother and daughter whore pussies hard...Father and son to mother and daughter! What an exciting promiscuity game! just asDo the preview before you go to prostitution! Hahaha……"

From the moment the Ma family and his son entered the door, An Qi has been trying to cover her face with her lapped thighs.Naked, she was shocked by the sudden appearance of the two men, and secretly worried about the subsequent fate of herself and her mother.Now that she heard the female devil speak with her own ears and confirmed her worst guess before, her expression was as instantaneous as her mother's.It changed into a pale white.

After getting Xie Wenna's nod of approval, the arrogant old horse immediately took off his belt shamelessly in public.He took off his pants. He walked quickly to the iron bed, stretched out his hand to catch Angie who was shocked and frightened, and the words in his mouthThe stench was sprayed directly on the policewoman's face.

"Son... I'll give you that well-known beauty first! As for this flamboyant little beauty...Your father, I will continue our relationship with her first...Damn it! Chao Simu thought about it for so long, I am really a littlecan not wait anymore……"

"Don' get out!...Get out!" The policewoman who was hugged by him immediately resisted fiercely.The two beautiful legs kicked hard, trying to push each other away from her side. This one who once cruelly took away her virginityThe clean old ugly man undoubtedly brought the biggest nightmare in his life. Now the nightmare is about to recur, letHow could she not stand up and resist.

The sexy beauty suddenly struggled endlessly with all her strength, which made the old rascal caught off guard for a while.Being willing to really hurt her body, Lao Ma really couldn't completely control An Qi's resistance for a while.

Xie Wenna, who was watching the play on the sidelines, finally lost sight of her eyes. She knocked on the frame of the iron bed vigorously with her hand, and said"Bang bang!" knocking sound. She scolded An Qi loudly, "Little bastard...have you forgotten your identity again?"share! ... Who am I to let you serve! Just obediently open your thighs and fuck me... Can a whore still pick on customers?Or do you think you can stop listening to me! ..."

Xie Wenna's voice seemed to have an evil magic power, as if it was drained the moment it soundedAngie has all the strength in her body. Recalling the appearance of the female devil waving a horsewhip at herself, the little policewoman slammed all over her body.trembling. Stiffly, he fell back on the bed sheet, and let the old horse's head rush forward to suppress him in a numb manner.

The old man took advantage of the situation and tightly hugged the naked upper body of the beautiful policeman. A pair of strange withered hands began toRandomly scratching and rubbing her breasts. The panting mouth was arched under An Qi's neck, and there was no sound in the mouth.I muttered, "!...You are not a policeman anymore! Why are you so arrogant!......Since she took the initiative to become a prostitute... so what if I fucked me! A prostitute who will be uglier than me in the futureMost of all... you can fuck your pussy for money..."

He put his mouth close to An Qi's face again, ignored the policewoman's extremely resentful eyes, and kissed her face hard.Kissing and rubbing "Besides... I canHe was the first man to penetrate your pussy! Your mother has already eaten mineThe dick is gone... There are still many opportunities for the three of us to have fun in bed together in the future! "

The more the old man talked, the more excited he became, and the hard fleshy prongs of his lower body bumped wildly between An Qi's legs. he doesn't careShe inserted it in a hurry, but lowered her hairy and bald head, and took a big mouth to enclose the tip of Angie's big breast, that's allSucking on the nipple, she shook her head violently, causing the plump, pink and tender flesh to shake in circles.

An Qi was taken aback by the unusually strong stimulation on her breasts, and couldn't help letting out a thin gasp.But it was this subtle change in her expression that was immediately caught by the old horse's head keenly. Queen's experience is extremely richRich, he immediately stepped up all kinds of sexual teasing of the policewoman's body while the iron was hot.

The old hooligan pressed An Qi's smooth body firmly under him, and used his skillful hands and mouth to tease her senses.After a while, the teased policewoman Hua trembled all over her body, and the increasingly rapid breathing was even more clearly audible.

In fact, at this moment, An Qi also despises herself extremely in her heart, secretly hating her body for being so indisputable.How angry, to have such a sweet reaction to such an ugly and evil criminal.

But the desperate reality is—under the skillful guidance and teasing of the old hooligan, the female police officerThe muscles of the lower body and lower abdomen were all beating hotly together. The beautiful legs also cooperated with the other party's intruding fingers, non-stopof repeated overlapping friction. Her head was thrown back high, and there was a faint whine like a small animal coming from her mouth.

The old horse put his old face close to the side of the policewoman's face, sucked her hot earlobe with his mouth, and at the same timeHe also humiliated her with words in a low voice, "'re bleeding more!...NoDid you still say no to it just now? What a bit of a slut! "

"No...I'm's not like that..." An Qi's dazed face wrinkled tightly,He was gasping for breath in a hurry. The extreme annoyance and disgust of this bad old man in his eyes before, is now gone.I don't know where to fly. From time to time, the body also broke out into an unbearable twist.

The old man's greedy big hands rubbed the big breasts of the policewoman Hua's chest cruelly. The strength of grasping is great,Let a large piece of white milk overflow from the fingers. But the owner of the breast not only does not feel pain, but evenSlightly puff up the crisp chest, so that the other party can play with them further. The two bodies are so fiercely entangled with each other.pestered.

"Don't...I don't want" the stunning girl with a confused expression continued to refuse with duplicity,It seems that maintaining this level of resistance can make me feel more at ease. her beautiful big eyes nowIt was so charming that it almost dripped water. The flushed skin also became extremely hot and sensitive.

Seeing that the beauty had almost succumbed, the old man finally couldn't restrain his vigorous desire anymore.Lowering her forehead to that of the policewoman, her watery pupils were filled with her own image, and she gasped and shouted,"Look at me!...cop bitch...just watch me! I'm the man who fucks your pussy hard......"

An Qi looked at the ugly face in front of her in a trance, as if the other party's yells were very far away from her.Far the same. Her delicate and naive appearance is like the best aphrodisiac, the old man who saw her roared, and directly putThe big mouth pressed against her soft cherry lips. The female policeman froze for a moment, then opened her small mouth obediently, allowing him to suckSuck your own tongue and the fluid in your mouth.

"Okay...that's great...little slut! Spread your legs quickly." The old horse's head was crazy, and he orderedLet the policewoman spread her thighs, while he holds the ankle of the beauty's sexy boots and pulls her out with all her strength, making her plump and slenderThe two jade legs are raised high in the shape of a big V. And the big black and curved penis under his crotch is also impatiently smilingIt was beating slightly, as if it couldn't wait to insert it into the warm and attractive meat pot of the other party.

The old pervert eagerly adjusted the posture of his waist, and pointed the big dick as hard as iron at the policewoman NianAt the entrance of the light pink flower hole, I used my hand to push her soft labia, and let the scalding petals enclose the front of her big glans,He began to move slightly and tentatively.

"Don't! Don't... Take it away quickly!... Go away!" Although An Qi realized that the insertion was almostIt was inevitable, but the reservedness unique to women still made her want to struggle.

Xie Wenna, who was on the side of the bed, leaned over her head at this time, fixed her eyes on An Qi's eyes, and shouted loudly, "It's still fake!"What are you pretending to be! Didn't your butt twist so much just now? Shameless slut... now feel the manman's big dick, right? ...You remember it well! From today you're a real whoreup! The only mission from now on is to please men with your horny pussy! "

Before Xie Wenna's vicious words fell, the old horse headed forward with all his strength, and under the long panting of the policewomanAmidst the miserable cry, the lower abdomen hit the opponent's lower body hard. His thick and hot cock pierces in one fell swoopAn Qi's whole delicate honey passage. With her wet and greasy love juice, it went straight to the deepest part of the flower stem.

"Ahhh..." I don't know if it was Xie Wenna's language, or the old pervert's cock, the female policewoman was stimulatedHe arched his waist violently, crying out his endless despair.

Before the female police officer recovered her breath. The old pervert has already yelled and launched a continuous sprint, "Huh!"……awesome! seems like a lot of small mouths are sucking me...I fuck...too...tooComfortable...I'll fuck...fuck you bitchDamn...I'll fuck you...I'll fuck..."

" hurts...pull it pull it out quickly!..." Although the body has been preparedIn order to prepare for the rape, An Qi still had a strong sense of helplessness psychologically. she is in vainCrying and shouting, the plump buttocks were violently rippling when hit by the old man.

The figure of the man and woman having frantic copulation has a strong contrast between tragic and evocative. they splashed with kinky waterVigorous thrusting proclaimed the final victory of the criminal against the policewoman, the ugly against the beautiful, and the evil against justice.

Being served by the smooth vagina of the beautiful policewoman is extremely refreshing. The old hooligan has a premonition that he may ejaculate soon.Refined. So he simply lifted her two big white legs and carried them on his shoulders. Free up both hands to firmly hold down Angel's whipSexy big ass with scars. With all my courage, the big dick hit the deepest part of her vagina straight up and downAt the same time, the frequency and amplitude of the thrusting became more and more wild.

An Qi was so violently fucked by him that she forgot her self-respect and love for the man in front of her.Tooth hate, only know desperately twisting his slender waist to meet the opponent's impact. The iron bed under the body issued a "slightlySqueak! " shaking sound.

The little policewoman gritted her teeth tightly, enduring her urge to cry and howl. tears at the corners of the eyesThe scars were completely replaced by the pink spring tide. And the two huge and plump breasts on her chest spread along with her lower body.The coming continuous impact, like two balls filled with water, oscillates and bounces back and forth regularly.

Just when An Qi felt that her rationality was about to be completely overwhelmed by her sexual desire, her mother's blushing pretty faceThe face suddenly appeared on the side of his head. The female doctor is also biting her lips with her teeth, and the corners of her eyes are full of tearsShe was extremely ashamed to meet the shocked gaze cast by her daughter. The long black hair hangs down on the bed sheet, and the body is alsoRock back and forth rhythmically like my daughter.

It turned out that the tall gangster, Ma Lian, was kneeling backwards like a bitch, hugging him from behind.Ye Xue's fat buttocks hit hard. Horrific big cock goes crazy in beautiful wife's wet pussyIn and out repeatedly.

He had just had Angie's young and fresh body preempted by his father, so he could only turn around and fuck him depressed.A very familiar female doctor came. But Ye Xue is also a rare big beauty after all, although she has already had sex with each otherAfter many times, but once the penis was inserted, Ma Lian quickly entered a state of excitement.

While he was familiar with the mature beauty's body, he watched her moaning softly under him.He was also admiring his father fucking the young policewoman who he hadn't tasted yet. As soon as he sees the old horse's headIt was already on the verge of breaking out, so I couldn't help but want to come over to join in the fun.

Vigorously lifted Ye Xue's pouting buttocks body, and he moved her together like this, so that the female doctor wasWith her bound hands as a fulcrum, she rotated half of the bed, placing her naked upper body directly on the nude body of her daughter lying on her back.side.

" about we compete! Let's see which of us can get these two bitches out first..." Ma Lian frozeHolding Ye Xue's hair with one hand, reaching forward to pinch one of her fat breasts with the other, moving her waist back and forth quickly. sameShi turned around and challenged Lao Matou with his own beauty.

"Okay...okay...huh" the old horse's head is not as relaxed as his son's, his cock is already eruptingedge. But as a man, he is naturally unwilling to admit defeat in terms of sexual ability,I had no choice but to grit my teeth and resist the urge to ejaculate. Roaring, he continued to attack the beautiful police officer's white and perfect big ass.

But this kind of self-imposed patience is not very effective. His swollen cock is shaken by Angie's slippery pussyThe same circle and circle of tight hoops, every thrust will bring him endless pleasure of wanting to be immortal. just smoke againAfter inserting it for about a hundred times, the old man stared at the blisters with a distorted face, and pinched An Qi's buttocks with his big hands,Gritting her teeth, she howled dryly, "...stinky bitch...ha!...clamp your pussy...clamp your assXiaolang cave! ..." The big dick under the crotch hit it with all its strength, as if it wanted to completely penetrate the female policewoman's lower bodyBottom mashed.

"Ahh...I'm going to die...I'm going to be broken...Please forgive me!" An Qi, who had almost lost her mind, finallyCouldn't help crying loudly. The beautiful legs in boots tightly twisted each other's shoulders, shaking uncontrollablyThe waist and hips met his fierce pumping. The sexual organs of the two rubbed against each other rapidly, and their bodies were so hot that they seemed to be melting.

" can't be done! I'm going to cum... I'm going to cum!" The old man stuck out his old big cock,With the power of dying, he thrust the beautiful lips of the young policewoman at high speed, and suddenly broke out from his mouth, shouting "smelly!"bitch! Please daddy! ...begging daddy to cum in your meat pot! Please! "

"Don't...please...don't come in!" An Qi begged in confusion, and her vagina began to violentlyspasms.

"Shameless are a chamber pot...a meat chamber pot filled with men's semen!!!" The old manThe head tightly hugged the fat buttocks of the policewoman, and the big glans clamped at the end of An Qi's vagina began to shrink.

"No!..." Policewoman Hua subconsciously clamped her fleshy wall.

"Bitch! Catch Daddy's semen! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"Trembling like that, the skinny butt contracted repeatedly, and the dick under the crotch swelled to the limit, pulsating and jumpingLeaping forward, large strands of yellow-white turbid semen spewed out, pouring mercilessly into the deepest part of the beautiful policewoman's body."Ah!..." The two bodies, one beautiful and the other ugly, fell back to the messy bed sheet at the same time.superior. The old horse's withered upper body was completely pressed against An Qi's plump body, sweating profusely and motionless. lower bodyThe dick was still inserted into the beauty's body, twitching slightly with the aftertaste of orgasm.

After another moment of silence, the young policewoman who regained consciousness began to cry. The old man on herSquinting his small eyes, he recollected the supreme enjoyment just now for a while, and then barely supported himself and sat up. heGreedy fiddled with the policewoman's breasts a few times, and reprimanded impatiently, "Bitch, why are you crying? Being a prostituteIsn't it natural for a woman to serve a man! Look at your mom... whoever gets fucked by my son will go to heaven! "

It turned out that when Matou was ejaculating in An Qi's vagina, the sexual intercourse between Ma Mian and Ye Xue reached its peak.After the critical moment. The sexual desire of the beautiful wife has been completely ignited by the other party's fierce thrusting. two-person actionThe cooperation is also getting better. However, Ma Lian is young and strong, far from being comparable to his father who is strong on the outside but on the inside.Not long after Lao Matou and An Qi finished their work. He successfully sent the female doctor to an extreme orgasm, making herThe other party threw a large amount of yin essence while screaming wildly, and the whole person fell into a state of almost semi-consciousness.

Ye Xue's limp body was hugged by the horse's face, and she lifted it up and pressed it directly on An Qi's body as if playing a prank.The bodies of the two girls are stacked on top of each other, and the two pairs of big breasts squeeze each other obscenely. In this face-to-faceIn the small space, Ye Xue, who was still not quite sober, squinted her eyes, and looked at her daughter carefully with a full face.He looked up and down at the beautiful flowery face that was full of tears and bloomed with lust.

While her lips trembled to endure the discomfort in her lower body, she gasped and spoke in a voice that only the mother and daughter could hear.The voice said softly, " good daughter...we...our mother and daughter finally...have done it today....became a whore! "

After hearing her mother's whisper, An Qi's face was full of sorrow, and she didn't dare to look into her mother's eyes at first, "Mom! Please don't……say no more! "

"But...but...I..." Ye Xue's face turned redder, her current thinking was already in theA state of irrational frenzy. Normally, she would not be able to say such a thing, "...ISo... so happy! ……Happy! "

"Mom!" An Qi's eyes widened suddenly, and she could hardly believe her ears.

Ye Xue was trembling with excitement, and pressed her face against her daughter's, mumbling logically"Mom... Mom is so happy! Seeing... seeing my baby... my baby girl is a whore!...the most despicable whore! "

The female doctor shook her head frantically. At this time, she had completely entered her own world, her mind was addicted toI can't extricate myself from it "Looking at you... just like this... tied up... your whole body is stripped naked... Forced to serve a man's... man's cock! I'm so excited! So excited! ..."

"Mom!...What nonsense are you talking about!" An Qi couldn't help but yelled as she listened to her mother's story in disbelief."Are you crazy?"

Ye Xue ignored her, and just said to herself, "Since you have grown have become more and more beautiful.Bright and sexy! I just... I just... always secretly fantasize... that there is a man who can cruelly abuse you... useThe cock conquers you. Think of these thoughts! And that tingling sense of guilt... makes me... makes me so excitedRise up! "

"What are you talking about?! Don't say it!" An Qi's whole body was cold, and all her previous beliefs were suppressed by her mother.The words were smashed to pieces.

However, Ye Xue laughed lightly in a daze, and said with a dazed look, "Malian and the others... when they kidnapped me,...Using you to threaten me...They thought I was afraid that you would have an accident...Haha...In fact, more than half of themIt's all faked by me...I thought...they're going to rape excited in my head...soJust like them... Hehe! "

"Don't...don't say it...what you said is not are really crazy! Wake wake up! "An Qi shook her head and cried desperately. But Ye Xue slowly lowered her eyelids as if she had never heard of it,Just fell asleep like that.

Xie Wenna had been sitting on the edge of the bed before, and she had been enjoying the sexual drama of two couples with satisfaction just now.But now she was also attracted by Ye Xue's strange state, and when she heard the female doctor say these words in a daze,She moved her head closer to the mother and daughter with more interest, and carefully observed the reaction on An Qi's face.

Seeing that the little policewoman was still instinctively resisting and refusing to believe, she couldn't help interjecting, "Little slut! Your motherNot crazy! She's just a little confused...I promise! Every word she says is her psychological words!She has always been such a perverted woman! ...pure appearance! Inner debauchery! "She said here, with bad intentionsShe pinched An Qi's chin contentedly, "And... you! You are just like your mother! You have inherited her most sensual genes, on the surfaceShe looks like a police officer lady, but in private she is the most shameless bitch! "

"'s not like this...I don't believe it!" An Qi murmured in a dazed state of mind.Soliloquy.

Xie Wenna smiled, "It doesn't matter if you don't believe me...I'll prove it to you!" She stood up and walked to the bedsideUntied the rope that bound An Qi's hands, and led the confused policewoman Hua to sit up straight from the bed. horse face on one sidewinked.

The old horse head just cummed in Angie's vaginaAll my inventory, at this time had to lie downLooking at the beauty on the side and sighing. But Ma Lian didn't ejaculate on Ye Xue's body, it was the time when the dragon and the tiger were fierce. SeeXie Wenna sent the fat she coveted to her door, and there was a reason to let it go.

Just looking at him, he hugged the policewoman Bai Nen's body into his arms, and supported her with both hands amidst her screams.White and tender ass.

An Qi panicked and wanted to stabilize her body so as not to fall, so she had no choice but to wrap her arms around the opponent's thick neck.Unexpectedly, the man in front of him opened his mouth wide and bit the nipples that came to him. even too muchThe two small nipples were held together at the same time, sucking and biting vigorously.

"Ah!..." The policewoman gasped in shock, her whole body trembling from the strange stimulation in her chest. haven't waited for herLooking back, Ma Lian had already held her plump big buttocks and pressed down hard on the high cock under his crotchgo.

"Impossible!...Impossible!..." Only halfway out of her mouth, An Qi had already felt a hard rollThe big hot thing broke through the body smoothly, stretching the narrow flower stem almost to the limit. was previouslyThere was a soft sound from the semen-filled meat passage of the old horse head, and a large cloud of white liquid flowed out from her lower body.

"Ah...don't...please pull it out!...please!" An Qi hugged the other party's neck helplesslyWeep and gasp.

Feeling that the beautiful policewoman's vagina was already moist enough, Ma Lian raised her head and took a deep breath, and put AnQi's fat buttocks were thrown up, and then pressed down fiercely! "Ahhh!..." Amidst the cries of the beauty, MaThe thick penis on the face completely penetrated the entire fleshy passage of the policewoman Hua.

"Bitch...clamp your big ass for me!" Ma Lian ordered the other party viciously, forcing her toWrap the two beautiful legs in sexy boots tightly around her waist. He himself arched his body slightly, just like thatStanding on the edge of the bed, he began to slam into Angie's wet pot of honey.

While pumping vigorously, he also spoke in praise, " are so tight inside!... Really his grandmaTight! As expected of a female detective's vagina! I was fucked by my dad just now... and now I'm still so are the best bitch! "

Just now, he was ejaculated crazily by the other party's father, and then he was fucked more violently by his son in the blink of an eye.This kind of hopeless and chaotic sexual relationship actually happened to herself who was clean before, the female police officer's heartThere was a huge sense of powerlessness that would rather destroy the world. Anyway, it doesn't matter if she cries or begs, yesThe criminals are all completely useless! Why don't you just let me die like this!

"Could it this how prostitutes live!" An Qi thought in a daze.

An Qi, who had completely given up resisting, began to resign herself to swinging her sexy buttocks, and reluctantly catered to her.With a big dildo like a man's iron rod. The thing pierced through the female police officer's slippery vagina back and forth without any skill.It hit her sensitive cervix repeatedly. This estrous beast-like copulation method may be suitable as a prostitute andThe men and women of the client.

"He... is stronger than his father!" An Qi couldn't help thinking, and then she was horrified——This is the first time that I have taken the initiative to evaluate the other party's ability to have sex! Is this what they call depravity?The policewoman blushed and thought.

As Angel's resistance weakened, her mature female body naturally began to experience more sexual intercoursepleasure. The previous copulation with the old horse head did not bring her to a real orgasm. The tension that builds up in the bodyEvery now and then he is inspired again by a new man. Intense erotic currents flow from her cock-ravaged womb toSpreading all over the body, the naked female police officer couldn't help opening her mouth to let out a coquettish moan.

"What's the matter, bitch! Did you get fucked?" Hearing her absent-minded screams, Ma Lian triumphantly whispered in her ear.asked. On the other hand, An Qi buried her head in shyness and hugged the other party's neck tightly, and her lower body worked even harder to shake her two plump breasts.Buttocks, so that the friction between his tight honeypot and the thick penis of the horse's face will be more intense.

Xie Wenna, who had been watching this erotic scene, finally couldn't sit still. The female police officer's snow-white buttocks went up and down.The ups and downs, the lewd look of repeatedly devouring the cock, made her lower body soaked together.

Not wanting to wait any longer, she stood up and took off the lady's dress that was getting in her way, and put on the dress that she had prepared a long time ago.Ready leather panties. The whole body is naked except for black boots and leather pants with a dildo, plumpThe firm body curves are convex and concave, and the slightly bronzed skin sets off a powerful physical beauty.

Walking on a catwalk, she came to the back of the policewoman who was being hugged and fucked. She stretched out her hand to support An Qi's slender waist, which was constantly shaking.On both sides, draw the shape of the beautiful buttocks along the exaggerated crotch curve.

" are you going to do?" An Qi sensed her action, and a bad premonition was in her heartarise!

"'ll know right away!" Xie Wenna slapped the horse face who was pumping his penis with all his strength.Wink.

Ma Lian immediately understood, hugged the policewoman's body and fell backwards, lying on her back on the iron bed behind her.An Qi cried out in a hurry, her body has turned into kneeling on the man.

Although Ma Lian was lying down, he would not let go of any carnal enjoyment easily. He squeezed Ann with both big hands.Qi's two fat buttocks are thrown up and down quickly, and she just uses the vagina condom of a beautiful policewoman to make herself upThe cock comes.

Such a sex position between the two naturally makes Angel's big butt sexypouted off the edge of the bed, ass hardcoreXin's small anus is exposed in front of Xie Wenna's eyes. The alluring colors and shapes,They all seem to hint at her, longing for her tyrannical violation and ravage...

The female devil fiddled with the dildo under her crotch a few times with her glove, stuck out her tongue and licked her chapped lips, and whispered to herselfHe said to himself, "Such a sexy sandwich... I haven't played it for a long time!"
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