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Chapter Eleven: Monster Invasion

Hurriedly back to the village, Yi Yin stopped a villager casually and asked about the residence of the village guard captain Davis. After finding it, he knocked hard on the door, and the wooden door was knocked loudly.

"Here we come!" Davis wore a pair of underpants and a vest, opened the door with a tired face, saw him, and said in surprise: "Huh? It's you, What's the matter?"

"Captain Davis, I just encountered a monster outside the village, and I overheard the news that the monsters will invade Enlightenment Village tomorrow morning and say that all men will be taken away." Let's go!" Yi Yin expressed himself in the shortest possible language.

"Monster invasion?... Are you sick and burning your brain too?" Davis asked with a strange expression.

"It's true, the Goblin lady I met, she said that the monster invasion is what she said, and she also said that there will be more than 20 monsters coming tomorrow, take the lead It seems to be someone named Glandariel, and she doesn't look likefake, I think it's very reliable, so I have to guard against it."

Davis looked With a sincere face, he frowned and said, "I've been here for twenty years, and I've never encountered any monsters invading... It's okay, at worst, I'll call the team to strengthen vigilance tomorrow. Hurry up and go back to work."


"Okay, okay, just think about messy things, don't try to be lazy!" Davis looked impatient , before finishing speaking, he slammed the door.

"Damn it!"

Yi Yin cursed in a low voice, thought for a while, ran to the street to ask about the village chief's house, and immediately rushed over, Knock on the door and call out the village chief.

This is a benevolent-looking old man with white beard and hair who looks to be in his eighties. Yi Yin explained the situation to him, but the other party didn't change his face.

"Oh, have you had lunch? Do you want to come in and have some?"

"You are a new adventurer, I have never seen you before, it feels like our village How is it?"


Yi Yin was exhausted physically and mentally by all kinds of wrong answers, and felt that this was more tiring than dealing with ten goblins.

The other party obviously refused to believe the words of this stranger, only thinking that he made up the monster invasion he said.

There are more than 20 monsters... This village has a total population of only fifty or sixty, and even if men account for half of it, will only be enough to give people teeth...

Depressed Yi Yin has been worrying about this all afternoon, but luckily the patrol task is free and he doesn't have to do anything, otherwise his absent-minded appearance may cause some trouble.

After finally staying up until the shift at night, seeing Davis' impatient look, he was not in the mood to ask for trouble again, so he came to the association exchange Task.

"Lena, do you trust me?" Yi Yin grabbed her and asked with a very serious expression.

"Uh... believe me, what's wrong?" Lena looked blank.

"Monsters will invade tomorrow morning, and with the power of our village, we will definitely be unable to resist... Sure enough, You don't believe it..." Yi Yin saw the other party's expression of looking crazy, and his face Immediately dimmed.

Lina seemed a little embarrassed, and quickly completed the task submission procedures, handed him two silver coins, and said with a smile: "Uh, I think you are tired You must be hallucinating. This is your task reward, go back and rest quickly."

Yi Yin did not answer, the newly acquired coin did not make him happy, and he waved it weakly He waved his hand and left lonely.

After returning to Sophia's house, Yi Yin who didn't say a word sat down on the wooden chair, staring at the front with unfocused eyes, as if he was thinking about something.

Sophia who opened the door for him seemed to see that Yi Yin was in a low mood, poured him a cup of hot coffee with milk, and asked with concern: "What's wrong, today's task is not going well Is it?"

The preoccupied Yi Yin was taken aback when he heard the words, and looked at Sophia's gentle eyes, and his originally restless mood slowly calmed down, and her eyes reflected In his own figure, the concern in it is undisguised.

Feeling hot, Yi Yin put the milk coffee on the table casually, embraced the beauty's plump body with his backhand, buried his head in Yiren's hair, and sniffed her hair deeply Xiang Xiang, said: "No, today's task went well, and I earned 2silver coins."

Sophia sat on his lap obediently, and did not ask him any further. The reason for being in a bad mood, but chuckled and said: "I know you are the most capable, but you are my bravest warrior."

Sophia's gentle voice seemed With the magical power of cleansing the soul, it exhausted Yi Yin's few remaining melancholy. Stretching out his hand, he pushed back the silver coin he handed over, and said softly, "You are a man, there is always something to do outside Where you spend money, don't waste it on me. "


This understatement made Yi Yin's heart tremble fiercely. He had struggled at the bottom for many years in his previous life

The feeling of being cared good. Such a good woman, how could she have the heart to make her frightened again.

Yi Yin thought so.

"Well, tomorrow... Tomorrow I want to take a day off and stay with you at home."

"Okay." Sophia smiled like a flower.

This night, Yi Yin rarely did anything, but slept with Sophia in his arms, and the latter seemed to have noticed something, didn't say much, just hugged Sleep peacefully in his arms.

The next day, early morning.

A scream broke the tranquility of the village.

The sleeping wife and mother was suddenly awakened, only to find Yi Yin who was already dressed.

"What's wrong? What happened?"

"Don't be afraid, I'll go out and have a look." Yi Yin comforted the worried Sophia, "Remember not to go out ,Don’t open the door unless I come back.”

The bewildered Sophia had no choice but to nod, and Yi Yin left with confidence. Although it is logical that monster girls are only interested inmen, but he doesn't want Sophia to take the risk.

What should come will always come, in this case... let's fight!

Yi Yin walked to the door and took out the weapon prepared last night, a remodeled wooden stick with an iron head at the top.

Forged wooden stick (common)

Weapon Two-handed hammer

Attack: 10~12 Equipment: When attacking, there is a probability of causing a slam, resulting in additional physical Damages and stuns the target.

Note: A roughly modified wooden stick has almost no lethality.

Yi Yin doesn't know what works for the monster girl, so he can only make a weapon for self-defense in a hurry, and see if the attributes identified by the system are okay, but whether it can be used is a mystery.

Yi Yin leaned against the door and listened to the movement outside. After confirming that it was safe, he stepped out and closed the door, then hid in the dark place by the back wall of the house. I have to say the benefits of high attributes, twice the agility attribute of ordinary people makes him agile, a series of actions are completed in the blink of an eye, and there is almost no sound.

Poking his head out to look at the situation outside, Yi Yin's heart sank. Now the village is in chaos, the road is full of weird monster girls everywhere, not only the slime girl and goblin girl that Yi Yin has seen, but also the upper bodyhuman , the snake girl whose lower body is a snake; and the petite dog girl with a pair of dog ears and a tail...

And there are a lot of them, there are more than ten in the one he saw.

These monster girls smashed open the doors of the villagers with brute force, and dragged the men inside out to commit adultery in public.How can the villagers who live a comfortable life belong to these wolf-like monster girls? The opponent hardly formed any decent resistance, and the women in the family could only watch their men being forced to extract sperm.

Although Yi Yin had already made enough psychological preparations, he was still frightened by the chaos in front of him, watching those men being crushed by one or more monster girls, from He took out a dick from the cloth bag and fiddled with it wantonly, and let out a howl of can't tell whether it was pain or expectation, which was particularly obscene in the lewd voice of the monster girl.

I have to say that this kind of public prostitution can arouse people's desires, and Yi Yin's erect lower body is the best proof.

At this time, a shadow emerged under the sunlight, and it looked like a humanoid monster girl walked into this alley. This is a cross-shaped alley, and there is a narrow passage between the houses. Yi Yin and the monster girl are at the two ends of a right angle. Yi Yin didn't dare to look up, and held the mallet tightly in his hand, sticking it against the wall, and at the moment when the other party passed by unsuspectingly, he hit her hard on the back of the head with a huge shock force. Lethe didn't hold the weapon in his hand tightly, but dropped his hand and fell to the ground.

Seeing the other party lying down on the ground without even humming, Yi Yin heaved a sigh of relief. After looking carefully, he realized that she was also a Goblin girl, but it should be Not the one from yesterday, with a different hair color and skin tone. The hit piece happened to be the back of the head, and now it looks like a big red piece, bulging up high.

"The player casts a heavy blow LV2 on the goblin girl, causing 135 (critical strike) physical damage, plus 4 points of real damage from bee stings."

"The player The attack on the goblin girl triggers a slam attack, causing 43 physical damage and causing a coma."

"The player defeats the monster——Goblin girl LV4, and gains 100 experience points."

"The player has successfully conquered the monster by force - Goblin Girl LV4, you can choose to enslave, execute, plunder (adventurer), rape (talent), release."

Yi Yin noticed that the experience in conquering monsters seems to be much less this time, and I don't know if it is because they are conquered by force. What surprised him was that his skills could be used not only on the bed, but also by force, but
judging from the type of damage, the damage should be HP damage, which also explained why this monster girl is the same as yesterday That is much more fragile than that. He was rather surprised that the special effect of the weapon was triggered all of a sudden, but there were still many things left. As for the five options, enslavement and rape obviously don't have the time for him to do this now; execution is too cruel, after all, it is a life, and Yi Yin doesn't want to kill, let alone the monster mother is not here to kill, Just for the reproduction of their own race. Then only plunder and release are left. He tried to choose plunder. Suddenly, the body of the monster girl in his eyes became illusory, and the objects on the other party, including clothes, jewelry, etc., were all destroyed All kinds of light are shrouded, as if they are divided into qualities.

Among them, most of them are gray and white, only a bone-tooth necklace worn on her neck exudes a faint green light.

Goblin's Bonetooth Necklace (Excellent)


Strength 1

Note: Shed by Goblins A string of teeth, the symbol of adulthood for the Goblin family.

He was very pleasantly surprised to be able to get a piece of equipment by accident. Although adding a little power is not a lot, it is better than nothing.

"Oh, someone is hiding here~" At this moment, a crisp cheer sounded behind Yi Yin, and his voice was very tenderbut made him feel cold.

Looking back, she was actually a snow-white girl with a pair of rabbit ears.

Chapter Twelfth: Fighting Enlightenment Village

Standing ten meters away from Yi Yin, the rabbit-eared lady was looking at him with surprise, as if she saw her prey. Curiosity and greed shone in the bright eyes, and the mature and plump body showed a strange temptation.

"Damn it, when did it appear..." Yi Yin cursed in a low voice, the system notification sound distracted himattention, so that he didn't notice that there were other monster girls Appear.

"Oh, my little brother is so powerful, he has already overthrown another of his kind." It seems that the rabbit ear girl has noticed the goblin girl lying on the ground, and thought it was a goblin girl. He conquered it with a cock, but luckily he hadn't held the mallet that fell from his hand just now, otherwise the Goblin girl wouldn't know how he would react when she saw that he had been knocked unconscious by force.

The rabbit-eared lady seemed a little restless, and began to jump slowly towards him step by step, but the distanceevery jump was not too long, as if she was afraid of scaring the prey away. It was only at this time that Yi Yin noticed that the opponent's two hind limbs were human-like thighs above the knees, clean as jade, very attractive, but the part below the knees was as long and slender as a rabbit Covered with white fluff.

Without hesitation, Yi Yin turned around and ran away, but he obviously underestimated the jumping ability of the rabbit-eared girl. He just turned around and before he could take the second step, there was a huge force It came from behind him, even though his current agility was almost twice that of a normal person, he still couldn't maintain his balance under this force, and fell staggeringly to the ground.

"Oh, I finally found a man, but I can't let you run away~" the voice of the rabbit-eared girl was full of jokes, and the charming voice rang in his ears immediately It made half of his body crisp.

Yi Yin tried to get away from his body, but felt that he couldn't do anything. After looking at the system prompt, he found that the battle information showed this: "The bunny-ear girl casts gentle suppression on the player, Causes 4 points of physical damage to the player, the playerfails the special state judgment, and the player is in a suppressed state for 1 minute."

"The player is in a suppressed state and cannot move."


The rabbit-eared lady turned Yi Yin over and made him face up, and sat on his lap, the fat and smooth touch made him very spineless It became hard, and the thick and long cock was stuck upright in front of the rabbit-eared lady with the cloth bag on it, and it shook against her stomach from time to time.

"Oh, my little brother is very energetic. Didn't the same kind just use up your energy? Don't you have a special physique that will harden when you see a monster girl? What a Perverted~ giggling..."

With a strange blush on the face of the rabbit-eared lady, she unbuttoned the cloth bag, and the completely released purple-red dick and veins burst out, as if Compared with hiding in the cloth bag, it is obviously more visually impactful when it is released. The rabbit-eared girl gently rubbed the meat with her hands, and her soft and slender palms were able to handle the meat stick with ease.

In Yi Yin's eyes, this rabbit-eared girl is actually no different from a human being, except for a pair of rabbit ears, a pair of different hind legs and a fluffy ball-shaped tail. Naked, with a snow-white complexionA mature woman who exudes extreme temptation, coupled with her face of dissatisfaction with desire, Yi Yin only feels horny and wants to pressthis monster girl under her body Violently ravaged.

The rabbit-eared lady is obviously no longer satisfied with handjob, her flexible and slender legs turned over, her fat buttocks nuo stopped above Yi Yin's face, and she held itHis cock face moved forward, his plump lips grabbed the glans head and licked it, the sudden pleasure made him tremble all over, looking at the buttocks in front of him, the pussy of the bunny-eared girl was unabashedly displayed on his In front of him, the plump lips are extremely pink and tender, not much different from a human vulva, on the contrary, the pink and tender lips are even more attractive, making him unable to resist stretching out his hands to hug the plump lips Buttocks, stick out your tongue and lick your pussy lips.

"Hmm... little brother's tongue is so powerful~" Rabbit Er Niang's body trembled, and a stream of honey juice spewed out from her pussy, filling Yi Yin mouth. The juice was slightly salty, but it had no peculiar smell. Yi Yin tasted it a little and then swallowed it in one gulp.

The suppressed state has long since passed, and Yi Yin decided to make a quick decision. He suddenly got up and got away from the rabbit-eared lady before the latter could react, firmly Holding her silky and slender waist, she straightened her cock and fucked it from behind.

At the moment of insertion, Rabbit Ear Niang's body trembled, as if she hadn't expected it to be inserted so deep, and her delicate panting was high, accompanied by Yi Yin's intermittent thrusting.

"The player performs a normal attack on the rabbit-eared girl, causing 48 points of damage."

"The player casts a heavy blow LV2 on the rabbit-eared girl, causing 69 points of damage."

"The player casts a quick combo LV1 on the rabbit-eared girl, causing... a total of 231 points of damage."


Yi Yin has adapted to this kind of battle He can use his skills as he likes, and the combination of his system's data-based body and hisexperienced skills enables him to quickly master the battle rhythm. As long as he wants, he can spend the least amount Physical strength, let the other party get the greatest pleasure.

But the rabbit-eared girl seems not to be far behind, her wet pussy tightly clamps his dick and shrinks, as if a small mouth is sucking him.

"The bunny-eared girl casts gentle oppression LV2 on the player, causing 47 points of damage."

"The rabbit-eared girl casts gentle oppression LV1 on the player, causing 34 points of damage."

" can't be done, my little brother is too powerful, I'm going! Ah..." The rabbit-eared girl who had a charming facehas been turned pale by the fuck. His cheeks were flushed, his clear eyes were blurred, but the corners of his mouth were curled up in satisfaction.

Finally, amidst a cry of grief, the rabbit-eared lady reached the climax first and fell softly to the ground. Yi Yin felt a stream of hot juice dripping from the glans, and knew that she had already climaxed, so he couldn't bear it any longer, and thrust hardin her slippery acupoints a few times, pouring a stream of thick semen The shot will go out.

"The player conquers the monster - Rabbit Ear Girl LV4, and gains 350 experience points."

"The level is raised to level 6!"

There is only one Yi Yin The golden light he could see flashed, and his physical attributes improved again after the upgrade, but Yi Yin didn't mean to be happy at all, because his position had been exposed, and several monster girls heard the rabbit-ear girl />Following the sound of the mournful climax, I found it.

"Oops!" Yi Yin turned his head and caught a glimpse of several obviously inhuman figures appearing at the entrance of the alley. Knowing thatthis place is not suitable for staying for a long time, he put on his pants, turned around and ran away.

This time he has a heart, and from time to time he glances behind him out of the corner of his eye, for fear of meeting a monster girl like Rabbit Ear Girl with amazing jumping ability and suppression skills. But fortunately, the ones who came after him looked very ordinary, and the speed of the chase was not fast. He turned around in the alley, and it didn't take much effort to rely on the bushes that were as tall as people. He threw the pursuers away. Thanks to the patrol mission yesterday, he didn't do anything else, but he was familiar with the whole village, otherwise he would have to go around himself.

But escaping like this is not a problem at all. Now that he has just defeated the two monster girls, he is in such a mess. If he really wants to save this village... I'm afraid it will be very difficult, but if he can't, he has no choice but to Giving up on side missions, the most important thing is to ensure your own safety first.

As Yi Yin thought about it, when he walked past a residential building, he found a woman dressed as a lady standing at the door of the residential building. Wearing a brown dress and a lace hat, He looked at him blankly, as if he was about to go out.

"Ma'am, please go into the house quickly. There is an accident in the village now, it is safer to stay at home for the time being." Yi Yin smiled wryly and was quite anxious, the chaos outside With such a situation, there will be an accident when he goes out now, and he
does not want to make people panic, so he has to persuade them vaguely.

However, the other party didn't know whether he didn't hear clearly or didn't understand, and he still looked at him blankly. Her lower bodyThe wide dress skirt covers her waist and she can't see her figure, but judging from her bumpy upper bodyThis is also a woman with a great figure, with a delicate and fair face The big eyes paired with water spirits look extraordinarily pure, and the blond wavy long hair adds a bit of femininity, shining a strange beauty in the sun, which makes Yi Yin feel a little lost.

But fortunately, Yi Yin also has countless beauties and has not made a fool of himself, but speaking of men in this world, there is nothing to say.Star level. Throwing all miscellaneous thoughtsout of his head, Yi Yin stepped forward and said in as gentle a tone as possible: "Ma'am, it's dangerous outside now, for your safety it's best to Stay at home. I still have something to do and I can’t stay here for a long time, so you should go back quickly.”

However, the other party still looked expressionless, and instead tilted his head to look at him, as if He was thinking about something, and then did something that surprised Yi Yin.

I saw this woman dressed as a noble lady reached out to hold Yi Yin's hand with one hand, and stroked his cheek with the other hand, then tiptoed gently kiss on his lips. Her hands were as soft as boneless, and her lips were also very soft and waxy, giving people a feeling of reluctance, but Yi Yin was shocked because he received a message from the system.

"The player encounters a monster girl—Slug Girl LV6!"

"Slug Girl LV6 casts Paralyzing Kiss LV3 on the player, causing 2 points of damage to the player, and the player specially
The judgment of the special state has failed, and the player is in a paralyzed state for 3 minutes!"

"The player is in a paralyzed state and cannot move!"

"The player..."

> "Damn, careless!" I didn't expect this woman to be a monster girl in disguise! Yi Yin wanted to turn around and run away, but his body couldn't respond, and the system's mechanical notification sounded in his head.

The slug girl who was originally expressionless looked at the motionless Yi Yin, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, revealing a reserved smile, but this smile was dangerous to Yi Yin signal of.

The slug girl let go of his hand, and let his immobile body lie flat on the grass next to him. Two slender hands deftly peeled off his trouser pocket , took out the cock. She stretched out her soft little hands and wrapped Yiyin's dick, the soft and cold feeling stimulated it to congest and erect immediately. The slug girl is obviously very satisfied with the size of the dick and the breath it emits, the smile on her face is stronger and more charming. Her weak little handsmoved up and down on the firm cock, not long after, Yi Yin felt a trace of cool wetness, and after a closer look,it turned out to be the mucus secreted by the slug girl's hand .

It was only then that Yi Yin noticed that Slug Nian's hands had no nails and no knuckles. Her hands were actually mollusks simulating a palm with five fingers. And it was these hands that gave him great pleasure.

The slug girl uses her index finger and thumb to form a ring around the mushroom umbrella, so that when the mushroom moves up and down in her hand, she will be fully stimulated, and whenever the umbrella passes through With this ring, Yi Yin's body would shiver with joy.

The slug girl's masturbation stimulation made Yi Yin painful and happy. It didn't take long for his tolerance value to lose one-third, but he was helpless in the paralyzed state .

The slug girl saw a trace of crystal mucus oozing from the top of the cock, her big round eyes instantly flashed a gleam of light, the smile on her face became brighter, she lowered her head and stretched out her pink Tender tongue, licking on the meat, licking the slimeinto the mouth, as if savoring something carefully, then nodded in satisfaction, and licked harderto pick up the cock .

After Yi Yin's cock was sucked into her mouth, she only felt the squeeze of countless tender meat, and in her mouth, she couldn't feel the existence of teeth at all, only the layers Layers of tender meat are fluctuating to form a suction force, sucking his cock desperately, as if trying to suck the semen out of the seminal vesicle.

"Slug Girl LV6 casts powerful sucking LV3 on the player, causing 65 points of damage."

"Slug Girl LV6 casts powerful sucking LV3 on the player, causing 62 points of damage."

"Slug Girl LV6 casts a powerful sucking LV3 on the player, causing 66 points of damage."


Waves of system prompts are accompanied by strong pleasure It echoed in Yi Yin's mind, but he was paralyzed and powerless to resist, so he could only passively enjoy the slug girl's sperm extraction.

In the end, under the pressure of the slug girl's strong sucking, Yi Yin still failed to hold the sperm barrier, and the majestic semen spat out fiercely from her mouth.

With Yi Yin's strength, she couldn't last for 3 minutes under the slug girl's blowjob. I have to say that the monster girlis really special and dangerous.

Now Yi Yin has not left the paralyzed state, and the other party does not seem to be ready to give him a chance to breathe. The slug girljust licked the cock twice, and the cock that had just ejaculated continued to stabilize in a firm state.

The slug girl came over and whispered in Yi Yin's ear, "Come and do something happy~"

As she spoke, she lifted up her brown dress , showing what's inside. It's not humantwo legs inside, but layers of pink tender meat. In the middle of these wriggling tender meat, there is a deep hole that is exuding mucus. The tender meat dripped to the ground. This is the genitals of the slug girl. At first glance, it looks similar to a human being, with both labia and vagina, but it is quite different when you look closely. Both the outside and the inside are slug meat with sticky liquid attached, and pulled into a silky shape, it looks extraordinarily obscene.

"Come to mate. Come in obediently, you don't have to think about anything, it's very comfortable, it will make you shoot more..." Slug girl said in a charming voice, and then Move your body and sit firmly on Yi Yin's dick.

Yi Yin felt that the cock had entered a warm and wet place, and the slug girl's swollen disguised body directly wrapped half of his body, and the novice suit he was wearing was also He failed to stand firm and melted and peeled off under the corrosion of the mucus, but it did not cause any harm to his body.

"Come on, shoot into my body to conceive me..."

The sweet voice of the slug girl sounded, and Yi Yin's whole body was covered in her tender flesh and mucus Under the wrap, it is very warm and comfortable. And his cock seems to have sunk in, and under the guidance of the slug girl, it goes deep into the vagina and is buried under the pressure of her tender meat.

The soft meat of the slug girl is constantly entangled and pressed, and the meat inside is getting warmer, and Yi Yin feels as if the cock is about to melt.

"No, it can't go on like this!" Yi Yin's rationality sounded the alarm, he tried to move, and found that the paralysis state had ended, so it was time to fight back!

"The player casts a heavy blow LV2 on the slug girl, causing 79 points of damage."

"The player casts a heavy blow LV2 on the slug girl, causing 79 points of damage."

"The player casts a quick combo LV1 on the slug girl, causing... a total of 531 points of damage."


"Ah! This... What is this! Ah Ah! Hmm..." The slug girl didn't seem to have expected that Yi Yin could launch such a fierce counterattack, and she almost gave up under his series of skill combos, defenseless.

" can still move! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...don't underestimate me!" Clamped suddenly, and started to move, the inside of the meat hole began to wriggle faster.

"Uh... um..." The weird pussy kept wriggling, intersecting with Yi Yin's dick, and the intensestimulating sensation made Yi Yin moan. He glanced at the little tolerance left, and decided to give the opponent the last blow.

"Papa papa..."

The sound of dense physical collisions came from the connection between Yi Yin and the slug girl's lower body, and Yi Yin's waist seemed to never It kept moving like a stopped motor, hitting the core of the slug girl's meat hole again and again.

"Ahhh! No way, it's coming...Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Finally, in the slug girl's boredom Snorting, the slug girl reached the climax first, the pussy wriggled faster, and the griptighter, Yi Yin also gushed out.

"The player successfully conquered the monster girl—Slug Girl LV6, and gained 500 experience points."

"Huh..." Finally, Yi Yin looked at the limp The slug girl on the ground doesn't have the few options she had when she met the goblin girl. It seems that this option is only available when conquering by force, so I don't care about it.

Chapter Thirteen: Falling into a Bitter Battle

After the battle with Slug Niang, Yi Yin is now completely naked. There is no way, the novice suit given by the previous mission has been dissolved by the slug girl's mucus, and now he has to fight naked.

But anyway, they fight through sex, whether they have clothes or not. Yi Yin had no choice but to comfort himself in this way.

Now he still has 5 free attribute points from the previous upgrade, thinking about the upcoming battles,It seems that now he can only add energy.

Personal attribute panel:

Yiyin LV6

Occupation: Adventurer LV6 HP: 650/ 650 Tolerance: 1900/ 1900 Mana value: not unlocked Vitality value: 295/380 Energy value: 35/38 Attack power: 17/55 Crit rate: 11% Armor: 0 Magic resistance: 0% Toughness: 11% Basic attributes : Strength: 17Agility: 11 Physique: 11 Magic: 6 Energy: 38 Charm: 7 Now Yi Yin's energy has reached 38 points, that is to say, he can ejaculate 38 times in a row, but if he recovers It's more difficult. Yi Yin once calculated thatit took about 4 hours for him to recover at 24 points of energy, but now at 38 points, it may take more than 3 hours to recover. .

But obviously the monster girl will not give him a chance to recover slowly, and he doesn't know the specific number of opponents,I don't know if he can handle it, so every step must be cautious now, Otherwise it's not worth getting yourself into.

Turning around the alley, Yi Yin walked in the direction of the Adventurers Association. It may be difficult for him alone to deal with so many monsters, so he must call in reinforcements and find helpers. The Adventurers Association should have many adventurers who can help,No matter how bad it is, such a large association cannot have no security measures at all.

EasyYin leaned against the wall and touched the direction in his memory, and finally arrived at the gate of the association without any risk along the way.

As one of the tallest buildings in Enlightenment Village, it must be the object of the monster's key care. Judging by the sound coming from the association and the chicken feathers outside the door, it is estimated that the situation inside is not the same very optimistic.

After pondering for a moment, Yi Yin avoided the main entrance, walked around the association, and found a window. Carefullyopened a slit, intending to explore the situation before making a plan.

This room seems to be a warehouse, and there are weapons and armor in it. It is empty, and the doors facing the windows are closed. It looks safe. Then he looked around while no one was looking, kicked on the wall with one foot, turned over and dodged into the window.

Secretly praised the benefits brought by the attribute, Yi Yin tiptoed to the back of the door, and quietly opened the door to peekThe scene inside made Yi Yin's heart sink.

The tables, chairs and benches were scattered all over the place, and the ground was stained with blood. The big screen flashing the task information also shattered into crystal fragments. Several female staff members of the association, some were shivering behind the counter, while others were headless He was bleeding and fell to the ground unconscious.

As for the adventurers dressed up, some of them have been stripped clean and knocked down to the ground to show off their erotic palace, while others are on the stairs fighting and retreating, but look at the expressions on their faces , and there is no fighting spirit anymore, it is only a matter of time before the line of defense is breached.

There are about a dozen monsters in the hall, and most of them are at level seven or eight from Yi Yin's perspective. Man in gray cloak.

It is wrong to say that it is a human being. Judging from the awe-inspiring gestures of the other monsters in the hall and the frightened eyes of several people on the stairs from time to time, this person is probably also a monster. The cloak is wearing a hood, so it's hard to see what it looks like, but it's just a human figure.

The gray-robed man neither attacked the adventurers nor stretched out his magic hand to the fallen. The neglected powerful aura, from Yi Yin's perspective, can't show the person's level at all, only a string of black question marks, and a blood-red hint below—extremely fatal.

Yi Yin sighed secretly, it seems that this place is not going to work. If it's just monsters of level seven or eight, even though it's extremely difficult, there is still room for manipulation. Now the monsters in this hall are surrounded by stars and a moon. At first glance, they are super boss level. The characters, then play a chicken feather, slip away.

"My lord."

Just as he turned to leave, a charming voice in the hall stopped him from retreating.

Behind the gray-robed man, a shadow suddenly appeared, and a graceful figure stepped out from the shadow, kneeling on one knee behind the gray-robed man. This weird method made Yi Yin secretly gasp, what is this?


"Did you find anything?" The gray-robed man who had been silent for a long time finally made a sound.

All the monsters that Yi Yin saw along the way were females, that is, monster mothers. At first, he was still complaining about whether the species of monsters only had females, but now he finally got the answer. This voice is clearly a hoarse old male voice.

"My good fellow, this voice is really unpleasant, this man is going to be half buried." Yi Yin complained unscrupulously.

"Yes, my lord." The alluring figure seemed to be soaked in the shadows, making it hard to see clearly, but Yiyin still saw an item she stretched out her hand— ——A blue spherical orb, "The base part is connected to the ground. It may take a lot of work to remove it intact."

The gray-robed man stretched out his hand and took it Baozhu said: "Take me there."

"Yes." After she finished speaking, she led the gray-robed man up the stairs.

The monsters along the way seemed to be terrified of them, and stopped attacking the adventurers at the same time, and those who were beaten out of their fighting spirit naturally cherished this rare respite Suddenly, the entire battlefield fell into an eerie silence.

And the protagonist who caused all this seems to regard everyone around him as ants, and completely ignores them. Under the eyes of ants, he disappears at the corner of the stairs on his own.

Alas, there is nothing to see, and the next step is probably a "massacre". Yi Yin shook his head regretfully, and took two steps back, intending to return the same way. Suddenly, he glanced at the weapons and equipment on the shelf next to him, and then looked at the rags wrapped around himself, and raised his brows.

Quickly and quietly put on the leather armor on his body. He did not choose the higher defense mail armor. After all, he is still in danger now. Wearing metal armor is more cumbersome and more likely to appear The noise attracts the enemy's attention. Yi Yin picked a two-handed hammer with the best attributes from the weapon rack.

Soldier's Training Hammer (Excellent)

Weapon Two-Handed Hammer

Durability 40/40

Attack Power: 27-34

Strength 3

Physique 2

Equipment: Severe Attack—Attack hits have a chance to cause extra damage and stun.

Required strength: 10 Note: This is a reliable weapon.

This warhammer is as long as his arm. The wooden handle is wrapped with processed iron sheet at the handle, which is enough to prevent slipping. A soldier's helmet. Weighed the weight in his hand, it's probably about forty catties, if it wasn't for his current strength of nearly 20 points, he wouldn't be able to move.

Yi Yin found that each weapon has its own special weapon effects, such as hammers are heavy hits, swords are vulnerable, daggers are bleeding, axes are armor piercing, and equipped with will take effect. But he turned around and found that hammer weapons were more convenient.

And the leather armor training clothes, pants and boots gave him a total of 20 points of armor, and the breastplate was even green quality, which added 2 points of agility and 2 points of constitution to him.

After dressing properly, Yi Yin was about to leave, but the sound of footsteps in the hall caught his attention. Following his reputation, he saw that the person was only wearing one The thin smock and plump white body did not please his eyes, but almost made him scold.

This person is Sophia. It turned out that after Yi Yin told her, she was waiting quietly at home. Although she was anxiousand wanted to go out to find him, she was also worried that the man would not find him when he came back, so she didn't dare to run around. But the sound of the monster outside the door banging on the door was like a death talisman, hitting her heart one after another.

Although she is a weak woman, she is quick-witted and knows that the door of her room is no better than steel. slipped out. It's just that I had no ideain desperation, and I just wanted to find the only person I could rely on quickly, so I ran to the Adventurer's Association without any riskin a panic, but the current situation is simply Just out of the wolf's lair and into the tiger's mouth.

Yi Yin didn't know so much, he just thought that this silly woman was disobedient and ran around, and originally planned to go out and take her awayFly, whoever loves to do this ghost task, now plan All messed up.

What happens to an unsuspecting person who enters the pile of monsters? The bloody corpse in the hall has already been explained clearly.

Sure enough, just as Sophia entered the hall, she was targeted by a snake-shaped monster. With a little bit of humanity, the snake in his mouth falters, eerie and terrifying.

Yi Yin's position should be in the side room of the entire adventurer's hall. From the crack of the door, he can have a panoramic view of the entire hallfrom the door to the counter and the stairs. At this time, Yi Yin It was exactly opposite to Sophia who was standing at the door, and the distance between the two was less than ten meters, but Yi Yin only opened the door, and Sophia was already frightened Limp and weak, it is not easy to barely stand, and it is difficult to notice that there is someone hiding behind the door in a hurry. But this is exactly what he wants, and he is also afraid that Sophia's expression will change after seeing him, revealing her flaws.

The snake-shaped monster twisted its snake body and leisurely circled around Sophia, with a pair of vertical pupils staring at its prey, as if enjoying the exposed eyes of the prey. fear.

Poison Tail Crawler LV8 (Treat with caution)

Yi Yin knew that it was not just playing with Sophie, but was looking for the best attack angle. He could seea section of the snake's tail had turned from green to black, and he could smell the sweet smell in the air through the crack of the door.Obviously there was a strong poison, and this The tail of the snake is slowly rising, and the target is Sophie.

With patience, Yi Yin stared closely at its position from side to him to back to him, with a calm face, like a squirrel, staring at a mantis that is showing off its might .

At the moment when the venomous creeper raised its poisonous tail to attack, Yi Yin squeezed his hammer and pushed the door out, that's itnow!

In fact, when Yi Yin pushed open the door, the venomous crawler had already noticed that something was wrong. After all, reptilesare much more sensitive to ground vibrations, but they have already stabbed out with force. The snake's tail twisted with its short body, so that it couldn't turn back in time, and even the attack posture was out of shape because of fright.When it turned back, it turned around to meet it The only one is a warhammer as big as its head.


Yi Yin held the handle of the hammer with both hands, launched a skill heavy blow, and smashed it down with the force of Mount Tai, the stocky hammer was in the air There was a whining sound of wind, and it hit the monster's head hard. This blow even triggered the special effect of the weapon's heavy hit, and dealt a high damage of 231, making it fall into a coma without even making a sound. .

Take advantage of his illness to kill him. A cold light flashed in Yi Yin's eyes, he twisted his waist and turned around, and hit the enemy's face with the sound of bones breaking, the monster was sent flying seven or eight meters away , hitting the wall hard. From Yi Yin's perspective, the other party's HP has been reset to zero.

He didn't want to hurt the killer, but now it's a life-and-death situation, and he can't tolerate his mercy.

"Yi Yin, I finally foundis you. "Sophia, who tried to calm herself in front of the monster, finally couldn't hold it back, and cried with joy when Yi Yin appeared.

Looking at her pear blossoms with rain, Yi Yin's complaints turned into gentle words of comfort: "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

Yi Yin knew that this was not a place to talk, and the most urgent thing to do was to break through the encirclement of monsters and rush out. Dodgingdodges the bite attack of the level 7 rat-shaped monster that is pounced on, and then hits the opponent with a backhand hammer and a quick combo, directly finishingthe opponent. Now, based on his attributes, he is already far superior to ordinary people. 20 points of strength combined with a heavy hammer bring huge physical attack power, and 13 points of agility allow him to move around with ease.

But the current situation is still not optimistic. The surrounding monsters were stunned for a while when he first appeared, as if they were stunned by him killing two monsters in succession, but they have already reacted Get ready to fight and surround him, he alone can't deal with so many monsters.

Yi Yin's thoughts turned, and then he shouted to the three or four people who were still resisting on the stairs: "Soldiers, we have no way out! Instead of dying like a mouse in the dark In the dungeon, it is better to die with honor! To enlighten the village!"

After finishing speaking, he rushed to the stairs first, and attacked the nearest monster frantically, hoping to join the crowd.

Those adventurers who had already lost their fighting spirit seemed to be inspired by his bravery and words, and took up weapons to attack the enemy. All of a sudden, the monsters were stunned instead. It was unexpected that the human beings who had been beaten into autism could organize such a resistance, and they retreated steadily under the drive of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages. Let these four or five people play the momentum of forty or fifty people.

"Go! Come out with me!" Yi Yin shouted loudly, the adventurers saw that the monsters around them seemed to have no enemies, and the dawn of freedom was in sight, so they hurried They supported each other and followed Yi Yin to exit the gate.

However, a string of delicate laughter like silver bells came from outside the door, making everyone feel as if they were falling into an ice cellar.

Chapter Fourteen: Desperate Strength

The one waiting outside the door was the one that Yi Yin had seen walking out of the shadows through the crack of the door. Come here, the level is full of question marks, and the note is an extremely deadly woman.

"Oh, it's not bad. It's really inspiring to be able to survive so many small piles of scraps with so few people."

The woman in the middle did not see the man in the gray robe, so she didn't know if she had achieved her goal by taking the first step, or if she was hiding on the side, and there were other plans. But he knew that this woman, who was also indistinguishable from the level and extremely deadly with question marks, was by no means easy to deal with.

My thoughts changed, and I was thinking hard about the way to break the situation, but the strength gap between the enemy and the enemy is really huge, and it is bound to fail if you act rashly. You can only find a way to outsmart. Stop her first.

"Who are you, and what is the purpose of wreaking havoc in our peaceful small village? We have not sinned against you, right?"

The other party heard the words, The black mist flickered, finally revealing his figure from it.

Although this person is humanoid, he is not human. His skin is gray-purple, his head is full of white hair, and his ears are pointed. He looks like a dark elf on Earth. Moreover, her face is extremely beautiful, her figure is slender and thin, but she is bulging forward and backward, her waist is too full to be grasped, and most of her milkmelon turned upside down like a sea bowl is exposed, and her peculiar complexion is kind of seductive
Unique beauty. The only thing that makes people feel uncomfortable is the pair of scarlet eyes, which seem to hide a sea of ​​blood, but if you look at the charm alone, these eyes are even more charming.

She is wearing a black leather armor, which is not like leather armor, but more like sexy clothes, blackbust-covered waist and tight miniskirt, black net stockings and high-heeled leather Boots, if you have a whip in your hand, you are a SM queen.

Is the development of sexy underwear so advanced in this world? Yi Yin couldn't help but think wildly.

"My name is Ashnali, as you can see, I am a drow. The purpose, I don't tell you, you didn't offend me~"This drow who calls herself Ashnali The elf casually admired and played with his slender fingers.

"Since you are standing here so leisurely, your goal must have been achieved. We have no intention of destroying your plan, so please leave immediately. We have already sent out a call for help when the monsters invaded. The signal, the rescue teammay arrive at any time, and no matter how strong you are, you may not be able to get a bargain." Yi Yin thought about his words, and made upthe existence of reinforcements, hoping that the other party would be cautious.

Hearing what he said, Ashnali's eyes flickered and hesitation appeared on her face. "What? That's it..."

"Then I'll take a step first..." After saying that, he turned around and wanted to leave, but the protracted ending made Yi Yin's heart sink.

Sure enough, this seductive woman turned around suddenly, and laughed loudly: "No wonder! Hahahaha!" Looking at her, she seemed to enjoy the desperate expressions of everyone falling from heaven to hell.

"So, there's nothing to talk about?" Yi Yin's face sank like water, "You're really not afraid of our aid.When the soldiers arrive,You may not be able to retreat unscathed by then. "

"Hehehe, are you scaring me? The old man Huge has gone to Huiyao City. It takes seven or eight days to go back and forth. What else can you find in such a small village? Reinforcements?" Ashnali folded her arms patiently, not worried about the so-called rescue at all.

When Yi Yin was chatting with Lina before, he heard that Huge is the head of the Adventurer Association branch here.He is a B-level adventurer and a powerful warrior. During this period of time, the headquarters of Huiyao City convened a meeting, and Sugar was a participant.

Damn it, it turned out that it was all done. Yi Yin hated secretly in his heart, but didn't show it on his face.

"Okay, the time for chatting is over, let me see how capable you are, and my sister still has some time to play with you. If I am satisfied, my sister has Thank you~"

Ashnali licked her sexy purple lips, let go of her palm, and saw clusters of shadows converging on her fingertips, devouring them like black holes All the splendor around.

Seeing that there was no delay, Yi Yin clenched his warhammer in desperation, but looked behind the enemy, showing a look of surprise, and whispered: "Lord Sugar..."

Sure enough, Ashnali frowned slightly, and turned around abruptly, but saw that there was no one behind her, and when she turned her head again, she only saw a huge warhammer roaring towards her.

Youdao means that soldiers never tire of deceit. Yi Yin knows that now is the time of life and death, and he is not a gentleman at all. So when she saw that the scammer had succeeded, without saying anything,immediately rushed up in three or two steps and smashed her head with a hammer.

However, I didn't expect the other party to react very quickly. She turned her head and saw the hammer head and made a dodge movement for a moment. I sawher slender waist twisted strangely, and the whole upper body was attached to the head. She shifted her body more than ten centimeters to the left, allowing her to dodge the menacing hammer in a blink of an eye.

Seeing that she dodged the attack face-to-face, Yi Yin was not discouraged. With the force of the hammer, he twisted his waist suddenlyturned around, and the hammer hit his body in mid-air The axis turned in a tragic arc, and the sound of the air being torn apart was as violent as a tiger roaring. This time he even used the heavy blow skill to deal a more violent blow to the enemy.

This powerful blow, if it was an ordinary person, it might not be as simple as breaking a bone and breaking a bone. With his current strength attributes and attack power, he is the best in this world. People generally have stronger physical fitness, and even if they are beaten in the head, they will
be turned into meat.

It's a pity that Yi Yin is not facing ordinary people.

I didn't see Ashnali making any big moves, but she just took a step back, and the blow missed by a tiny margin.

With a slight difference, a thousand miles away, Yi Yin intends to attack again, but it is already his limit to display such an offensive, the war hammer smashed to the ground with great force, A whole piece of bluestone on the ground was smashed to pieces, The flakes and debris of the collapsing stone flew randomly, two of them hit him in the face, and knocked out more than 50 points of health. And he himself was also staggered by the huge force, but fortunately, his 13-point agility allowed him to jump to the right with one hand on the ground, barely maintaining his balance.

"Good attack, keep going~" Ashnali covered her small mouth with her hands and chuckled, her charming appearanceIn the eyes of the exhausted crowd, she was grinning like a devil .

Yi Yin looked at the two words "Miss" popping up above the opponent's head, and knew that he was definitely not her opponent, so he took two steps back and stood with the crowd. Turning his head to Sophia and confessing: "We are not her opponents, I will go up and entangle her later, you find a chance to escape and rescue the soldiers."

"Soldiers, follow I'll go up together!"

After finishing speaking, regardless of other people's reactions, he rushed forward immediately.

Yi Yin knew that the opponent's speed was extremely fast, presumably the agility attribute far surpassed her, so he simply didn't need to hit her hard, and attacked her with continuous combos, and used the skill Quick Combo hit.

Under the mental preparation of breaking the halberd and sinking into the sand, Yi Yin only focused on attacking and defending against the enemy. He used a warhammer like his arms and fingers, smashing and picking one by one With a single swing, the enemy retreated again and again. From the outsiders' eyes, it looked like Ashnali was being suppressed and beaten.

In fact, when breaking through the siege before, Yi Yin comprehended a "hammer weapon mastery" special skill

in the fierce battle, but he did not focus on the battle Just pay attention to the system prompt. If not, how could he, an ordinary person who has never used martial arts except fighting in the street, be able to use a warhammer to make a tiger like a tiger.

It's just that his skills stop here. After all, he is a new adventurer who has not received serious training. In the words of players, he is just a rookie who has not yet left Novice Village. The pink, tender and cute new one, met the big bosss in Novice Village, what can he do? He is also very desperate.

Yi Yin swung his warhammer as if he was tireless. In fact...he was indeed tireless. Attributedbody is good for this, there is no setting of fatigue, as long as there are still life pointsTo be able to attack all the time, even if you suffer a little injury, you will lose some life points, at most you will have some blood, and there is no such thing as broken bones and tendons. When the life value is full, he is a hero again.

But the problem is... I'm afraid there is no life value. The value of vigor has already bottomed out, and none of the skills can be used, so he can only rely on horizontal slashing attacks, and they are all misses. Although he has foreseen it, Yi Yin still can't help being a little discouraged.

The strength gap is too great.

Ashnali seemed to have had enough fun, and found an opening in Yi Yin's continuous attacks, and struck at his face with a paw. Before he could react, he was grabbed by the neck.

Opportunity! Yi Yin didn't give up the chance of melee attack, he couldn't dodge if his neck was stuck, right? With a hammer in his right hand, he hit her in the side face.

But Ashnali seemed to have been prepared for a long time, her right hand stuck her neck, and she slapped the head of the warhammer with a light wave from left to right,The slender black jade fingers seemed to be light The slap on the ground made Yi Yin feel a great force, and the hammer in his hand gave him the feeling that he couldn't hold it, and he flew out of his hand, and the word "disarm" appeared on his head .

"This hammer is really annoying, throw it away, do you still have any tricks now?" Ashnali chuckled leisurely.

It's over. Yi Yin looked at the flying hammer helplessly, knowing that the battle was over and ended in his disastrous defeat.

This Nima is definitely more than a dozen levels behind, at least dozens of levels, strength and agility are all crushed, play a balloh.

"I'm afraid I have to explain it here today...I don't know if this broken game will be revived... I just lay downafter crossing, what a shame." Yi Yinku I thought happily. He has never longed for power as much as at this moment. As an ordinary person in a peaceful world, the concept of force is so far away, but now he tastes the powerlessness of not having power, which leads to the power of life and death in his hands Sensation made him full of desire for power.

He looked at the people behind him, and these people were even more unbearable, one of them was like sifting chaff, and two of them were even sitting on the ground with a look of despair. Yi Yin smiled wryly, knowing that these people were unreliable, but Sophia couldn't move, and Ewha's weeping with rain made him annoyed for a while.

He summoned up all his strength, pressed Ashnali's hand that was pinching his neck with both hands, rolled his waist and abdomen, and put his legs off the ground to encircle the opponent's hands She couldn't move, and shouted at Sophie: "Stupid woman, run!"

He actually wanted to use his body as a prison to trap the enemy, not to hurt the enemy, but to delay Time, let her escape alone.

Sophia has lived up to his dedication, knowing that now is not the time to stage a bitter drama, and only by runningout to rescue soldiers can she get a chance for her lover, so she got up in a hurry, including Tears ran towards the corner of the alley.

Unfortunately, things backfired.

I only heard Ashnali muttering "That's not okay", stretched out a finger with her vacant left hand and pressed it lightly on Yi Yin's shoulder, and the latter did not hesitate Being pushed down to the ground, "-557" floated out of his head, and just being pressed lightly, Yi Yin's blood volume, which was almost full, was instantly reduced to a trace of blood.

This is not over yet, Ashnali, who broke free easily, made a move with her right hand, and a shadow as thick as the night appeared in an instantunder Sophia, and the shadow stretched out for several Tentacle-like black tentacles bound Sophie's legs and hands respectively, so that she couldn't help but directly lifted into the air, her limbs stretched into a big shape.

And Yi Yin, who had just recovered from the dizzy state, was also tied up in the air by his limbs.

"You are affected by Ashnali's Hand of Shadow LV19—Restraint, and you are accepting a power judgment...The judgment fails, and you are bound for 5 seconds"

"Hand of Shadow—Restraint: Manipulate the shadow to bind the target, and the target will undergo a strength judgmentevery five seconds. If the judgment fails, it will be bound for five seconds. If the judgment passes, it will break free."

Looking at the skill level of others higher than his own, Yi Yin only had one thought in his mind: "I shouldn't have accepted that task at the beginning."

Chapter Fifteen: Insult

In fact, when seeing this battle scene, Yi Yin already had a vague premonition. After all, the task rewards are too rich, so rich that it makes people feel scared, not to mention the naked warning at the end of the task description.

But he is still greedy. He thought that no matter how difficult it was, it was just a novice task in Novice Village, how could a bossmonster be strong enough to kill me in seconds?

Crack! The face is swollen.

If you make a mistake, you must admit it, and if you are beaten, you must stand at attention.

It's just that the cost of making a mistake is a bit high.

Yi Yin watched helplessly as he was bound by his limbs and hung in the air, without any ability to resist, but there was no fluctuation in his heart, and he even wanted to laugh.

What else can I do? They are all people who have traveled once, so can they still be afraid of death?

... I'm still a little scared. Who wants to die if they can't die...

"Since it's a game, there must be resurrection, right? There's no way to revive, who will play the game of deleting numbers after death..." Yi Yin muttered looking around.

Seeing that he was not trying to struggle like the bound human woman, Ashnali looked aroundas if he was looking for something, and asked strangely: "What are you looking for?"

Yi Yin rolled his eyes, and said angrily, "I'm looking for a resurrection point. It's my bad luck if I fall into your hands. Remember to have a good time later. When I'm revived, I'll be obscenely developed One wave, I'll trouble you when it's over, hehe."

"..." Ashnali seemed to be taken aback by what he said, and then she snorted and couldn't help laughing out loud.

"Hahahaha, you...haha, you are really interesting." She walked up to Yi Yin with her hands on her hips, bent down and stared at him with a smile. The devil's body was fully exposed, and the smooth and tender skin shone purple in the sun.

"The magical art of bringing the dead back to life is the ability of the gods. You, a little human, want to explore the power of the gods?"

Yi Yin's face collapsed, but he still stared at it as if he refused to admit defeat. The other party looks at it fiercely, as if the scene of losing is to "look" back at the other party.

With nothing to do, he has completely let himself go, staring at the opponent's scarlet eyes without blinking, if eyes can kill, the opponent is already dead.

But Ashnali didn't seem to mind his rudeness, instead, she walked around him with great interest, looking up and down, as if she found something interesting stuff.

"Interesting, you are the favored one of Hilteros?" Ashnali walked back to him, folded her arms, and looked at him with a smile that was not a smile.

Hilltross? Yi Yin immediately realized that this was the name of the god of love. Only then did he remember thathe still has an S-level talent of "God of Love? The Blessing of Hilltross", which he said can initiate sex battles,but he can't move now , this talent seems useless.

"That's right, I am the one who loves the gods, and you not only attack the gods, but also dare to call the gods directly, disrespecting the gods? Are you not afraid of being punished by the gods?! "Yi Yin's ability to pull the tiger's skin and pull the banner is not bad.

But the other party didn't seem to accept the move. Ashnali shrugged indifferently: "I'm a drow, and the drowdoesn't believe in gods. We only respect the spider mother? Rose."

"But..." Ashnali looked at Yi Yin's handsome and heroic face, the corners of her mouth curled up, and her red eyesturned into pink strangely.

"My sister doesn't hate you, why don't we... let's play some new tricks~"

After she finished speaking, Yi Yin's posture changed from a large font lying on her stomach with a gesture of her hand It turned into an upright large font, although it was still hanging in the air, unable to move.

And Ashnali obviously didn't just do this to make him feel better, I saw the fingers of her right hand brushing the leather armor on Yi Yin's chest, and she didn't see anything else As soon as he moved, the original thick leather armor actually slipped off in pieces, revealing his strong chest muscles and tight abdominal muscles.

Although Ashnali showed excitement, she was still dissatisfied with it. Her fingers brushed Yi Yin's belt, leggings andleather boots, and the leather armor shattered wherever she passed. It was scattered all over the ground under him. In his eyes, all the equipment's durability was zeroed and damaged in an instant, but they didn't hurt a single hair of him.

"Hey, I don't look particularly strong, but my capital is not small~" Ashnali picked Yi Yin's fleshy roots with her index finger. It should not be underestimated, it is not small in the first place, with the strengthening of the energy attribute, it is as thick as a child's arm after being erected, and it is nearly 30 centimeters long, comparable to a donkey's dick.

With a flick of the slender and slender fingers, the fleshy root jumped uncontrollably as if in protest.

Ashnali giggled, and moved her left hand towards Sophia. The shadow under the latter wriggled towards this direction like a pool of ink.

"Seeing that you are so nervous about each other, are you a couple?"

I'm not, I'm not, don't talk nonsense! Yi Yin complained in his heart, but he knew it was useless to say anything now.

Seeing that he was silent, Ashnali only regarded him as acquiescing, and gave a smirk: "You said, if a personwatches his lover being humiliated, he What kind of reaction will it be?"

Hearing this sentence that seemed to be a joke, Yi Yin's eyes widened immediately.

Although Sophia is not his lover, they are friends with friends at best, but what they are doing now is too much!

"Hey, hey, don't go too far!"

"Giggle, are you nervous~" Ashnali covered her mouth and chuckled, her eyes representing lust The pinkdoesn't melt, "Then you can only watch your man being ravaged in my hands, little beauty~" The last sentenceis actually aimed at Sophia Said. ? ? ?

Wait, beauty, do you have any misunderstanding about "face-to-face NTR"? That's not how the script was written!

However, before Yi Yin had time to complain, her lips were covered by a pair of tenderCovered by the slender touch, he watched the seductive drow forcefully kiss him, the snake-like tongue inserted into the gap between his lips, pushed his teeth open, and licked his lips Tongue dances in the mouth.

I was kissed by force? Our hero wants to laugh inexplicably, which is obviously a trick he uses all the time.

But I have to say that the other party's kissing skills are superb, a dexterous tongue is soft and boneless, but it can meander and undulate, easily driving him to hook up and down, and Yi Yin can clearly I can feel the other party's tongue scratching every inch of tender flesh in my mouth, sucking his saliva, and pulling myself over.

The lips parted for a long time, and until the last moment, the tongues of the two were still intertwined, like a lustful snake having crazily copulating, bringing out a thread of lust.

Suddenly, he felt a tightness in his body. It turned out that Ashnali took advantage of his inattention and pinched the Jade Dragon, which had been stiff for some time, and teased unceremoniously: "Hehehe, you're hard~"

Old Yi Yin blushed, and couldn't help being a little annoyed. Can I be blamed for this natural body reaction?

The playful drow leaned on the man's body, his plump chest stuck to his chest muscles through a thin layer of corset, the cold, tender and creamy touch made him feel People linger.

Ashnali took off the half-fingered gloves engraved with dark blue strange magic patterns, and the fingers painted with purple manicure slowly slid down from Yiyin's cheeks, and then to the neck, His chest, waist and abdomen, where he passed were numb and itchy, making him shiver uncontrollably, and goose bumps appeared on his body layer by layer. This finger seemed to have magical powers, it was obviously cold to the touch, but it stirred his heartstrings, making his lust even hotter, making him unable to stop.

Finally, the magic hand stretched across the lower abdomen, passed through the black forest, and held the restlessly beating dragon. Ashnali fiddled with the meat stalk up and down. Her hands were soft and delicate, and she hugged the edge of the faucet from time to time, making it throb more uneasily, and the glans grew bigger and bigger. She stuck out her tongue and licked Yi Yin's earlobe, and the intense itching made his whole body tremble involuntarily, obviously this was also one of his sensitive points.

In Yi Yin's sexual career, he knows that women, like men, need feedback when serving their partners. He was greatly encouraged, so Yi Yin never suppressed his feelings.

"Hmm... hiss... oh..."

Sure enough, Ashnali's complexion became more excited, and even patches of blush appeared on her purple skin.


Yi Yin suddenly felt that his lower body was wrapped in a warm and moist cavity. It turned out that Ashnali bent down Opened his mouth and swallowed it. The nimble tongue dances wildly like it has completely escaped from the seal, because it is a little longer than ordinary people, and it is also much thinner. It can easily wrap around the head of the glans and wrap it around the foreskinPut it on, wriggling back and forth under the pressure of the inner wall of the mouth, the feeling is so happy, Yi Yin's whole body is so refreshing that he forgot to breathe for a moment.

"The player was attacked by Ashnali's spider mother secret skill? Ling Tongue LV11, and received 897 points of damage."

Ashnali felt that what she was holding was not a meat stick , but a hard iron, but it is not uncomfortable to eat, a strong and not unpleasant masculine breath rushes to her face, filling her nasal cavity, making her sexually aroused
Hair, licking more and more passionately.

Sophia, who was on the sidelines, had already stopped sobbing, and stared at the two people in front of them as if there was no one else presenting a live erotic palace, noticing that the purple skin elf floated from time to time Sophia couldn't helpshe wanted to look away shyly, but her body was far more honest, so she had to look shyly, and the sound came from her lower body The sticky wet feeling is like mocking her sensuality, making her feel extremely exciting while being ashamed.

Yi Yin felt a tingling sensation slowly gathering in his perineum, knowing that it was the gathering of his yang essence, as ifan army was about to collapse under the enemy's attack. But now he is tightly restrained, and the other party does not give him a chance to resist at all, even though he has all the bed skills, he can't use them.

Ashnali seemed to feel something, a smile flashed in her eyes, her tongue and mouth moved faster and faster, and the spare right hand was taking advantage of this man to enjoy her own service And when he didn't notice, he touched behind him.

"Uh! Hiss..."

Yi Yin felt a thin and flexible stick suddenly invaded himself without any precautions
My back door, the sphincter at the anus instinctively wriggles, trying to drive this unexpected guest out, who knows that this little stick is extraordinarily slippery like a loach, and when his back door is loosened and tightened, not only does it have no back Withdrew, but went deeper .

It turned out that Ashnali, the pervert, took advantage of his unpreparedness and touched the saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth with her hand. With the lubrication of the saliva, she inserted her middle finger into it hastily. Yi Yin's backyard. Ashnali watched the other party's reaction with satisfaction, her mouth kept moving, her fingers got deeper and deeper, and finally when she went deep into the two knuckles, she touched a round and smoothSpherical protrusions.

Yi Yin seemed to have thought of something, his eyes were wide open, his mouth was opened wide and he made a "ho ho" sound, but he couldn't speak - this was his prostate.

The prostate is the most sensitive part of a man, even more so than the penis. Ashnali obviously understands the weakness of men, rubbing and rubbing her fingers on this sphere, moving faster and faster, Feeling the man's instinctive twisting, thumb rubbing the scrotum to the ejaculatory duct of the perineum, finally when he was overwhelmed, he poked his head forward and let the thick dickinsert straight into the throat, The middle finger in the anus kneads the prostate frantically.

Yi Yin felt that he had entered another tighter place under layers of wrapping. The kind of pleasure was worse than being inserted into a woman's uterus during intercourse. Patience, I couldn't even see the two critical strike damages prompted by the system, so I sprayed them out fiercely.

He actually achieved a prostate orgasm that he had never had before.

Although Ashnali gave a deep throat at the last moment, the ejaculated semen was not swallowed directly, butlet him shoot more and more in his mouth until he could not hold it He swallowed two hastily.

This time the ejaculation was fast and urgent, and the direct ejaculation caused Yi Yin's lower abdomen to tingle, making him lose his mind for a moment.

With a mouth full of thick white turbidity, Ashnali smiled at Yi Yinmei, turned around and embraced Sophia and kissed her hard Saliva, semen, and even prostatic fluid passed mouth to mouth together. PoorSophia didn't even have time to react, she was stuffed with a thick mouth, she subconsciously swallowed the foreign object in her mouth, and wanted to shrink her head back after reacting But it was too late. And under Ashnali's superb kissing skills, her eyes gradually blurred.

Unexpectedly, the other party was still not satisfied, so he leaned towards Sophia's crotch, groped for something in her screams, and then he was as proud as a defeated general He took out his hand and showed the crystals on his fingers: "Oh, our beauty wants it too~"

After all, Sophia is an ordinary young woman. Under the merciless banter, he couldn't help but tilt his head in shame.

But Ashnali was obviously not going to let her go, she snapped her fingers, and the shadowunder Sophie squirmed, and a few or Thick or thin tentacles wrapped around her body with a sticky feeling visible to the naked eye. Sophie screamed repeatedly, but it was in vain. The loose smock could not cover the wriggling tentacles under the clothes. Those tentacles were thick and long, and they could be clearly seen twisting and twisting on their prey from the outside. Mark of.

It seems that the clothes are in the way, Ashnali waved her finger, and heard a "stab", and the clothes on Sophie's body fell off in pieces, revealing her mature and plump body. Under the sunlight, it makes your eyes white. Drow caressed this perfect fleshy body lightly, caressing the neck, shuttling between the chest and abdomen, and finally, regardless of the opponent's resistance, stretched into her crotch. The spring water there has already flooded, and the sticky crystal liquid has covered a thick layer on the pussy.Ashnali's index finger and middle finger peeled off the lips without hindrance, and rubbed on the two petals of thin flesh , the palm directly covered it, and rubbed the protruding clitoris with the palm, causing Sophie's body to tremble more and more restlessly.

The screaming at the beginning has gradually subsided, replaced by Sophie's heavier and heavier snorting and moaning, she resisted the bursts of pleasure coming from her lower body. The wriggling black tentacles reminded her that he was an enemy rather than a sexual partner. But the reactions of reason and body are completely different. The tentacle seems to have discovered the entanglement in her heart, gently massages and squeezes her whole body, and the tip of the tentacle even finds every sensitive
At this point, the two nipples and the areola were swallowed whole, and the two tiny tentacles got into her earlobe, making her feel a trembling itching.

Ashnali took out her wet finger and licked it, as if she felt that the heat was almost ready. Untied her belt, took off her tight black skirt, She doesn't shy away from the eyes of the people around her, and directly exposes her vacuum
lower body to everyone's eyes. And Sophia, who was facing her, stared at her beautifully as if she had seen a ghost, took a breath, and stared fixedly there, making Yi Yin even more curious.

Finally, after Ashnali turned around, he realized why Sophia had such a reaction—thisextremely charming drow actually had a long hair big dick.

This dick is thick and long, not inferior to Yi Yin's. It is dark purple all over, and the glans at the top is purple-black, shiny black. Ashnali, who is slender, has such a penis, which is really unbelievable, but no matter how she looks, she is a female...

Yi Yin was a little dull Looking at the purple-black jade penis, it was only when she slowly inserted it into Sophie's pussy that the latter moaned intermittently that he came back to his senses.

Sophia felt that the seductive woman beside her seemed to be her nemesis. She knew all her sensitive points and commanded these scary tentacles to ruin her, but she couldn't hate her . sheFingersIt seems to have magical powers, as soon as you knead it, you will flood yourself with cloudy water, and the turbulent spring tide will drip straight to your thighs, and you can't stop it. But just when she was getting better, she suddenly stopped, making herself unable to get up and down, and wanted her to continue but couldn't speak, which was really annoying.

But when she showed that ferocious penis, Sophia still couldn't help screaming, but there was a bit of fear and anticipation in that cry, so she couldn't help it. And know.

"Uh uh... uh... ha..."

Sophie has long been a woman, and she is in her early thirties, just like a wolf and a tiger. The hard work of developmentAfter a long drought and rain, it is the time to taste the marrow. Now that Ashnali provokes him a little, he has become addicted to carnal desireI can't extricate myself, and now I am caught by a thick and thick The long penis was slowly inserted into the body, and the emptiness in her body was filled at once.She couldn't help letting out a series of moaning emotions, and when the other party's faucet touched her cervix, she let out "Ah" a lewd cry.

Knowing her depth, Ashnali also knew what the other party wanted, so she used the nine shallow and one deep bed skillsto work on Sophia.

The slender waist sets off the fullness of the buttocks, and it also sets off the thick and long penis looming between the legs, which is even more shocking. "The crashing sound of flesh and love juice also made this scene even more obscene.

"Ah... the top... the top... lighten up, lighten up..."

Slowly, Sophia seemed to begin to lose her mind, completely forgetting where she was now. On the ground, the people around looked at her blankly, with different expressions on their faces.

The meat root inserted into the center of her leg seems to have a strange suction, every time it hits deeply in the heart of the flower, a stream of spring water will be sucked out from this spring, sucking the heart of her leg The numb, bursting pleasure made her moan involuntarily.

The gaze from the outsider made her feel ashamed and indignant, but the comfort from below made her want to stop, so she just closed her eyes and acted like an ostrich—out of sight, out of mind , like a broken jar, the obscene cries became louder and louder, and the wailingwas extremely enchanting.


, I felt the opponent's pussy twitching, and Sophia herself froze at this moment, trembling every now and then, knowing that the opponent had reached a height
Tide. However, Zall, who had the intention to play tricks, didn't want to let her go like this. When the opponent was still at the peak of pleasure and was about to fall,gathered his waist and gave another fierce sprint. This slam was full of strength and stamina It was long, and Sophia's tremblingbody suddenly trembled crazily as if it had been electrocuted, and she made an inexplicable cry like "嘿嘿嘿咻咱", as if she had been badly played same.

After hundreds of thrusts, Ashnali worked tirelessly on Sophia's body. A puddle of water had already accumulated on the stone slab on the ground, which was sprayed by her. The ejaculation and squirt flowed down Ashnali's long legs. Ashnali was also not stingy at all, and gave her wave after wave of orgasms. At this time, her eyes turned white in a daze, and her flushed body was already weak and limp in the convulsions. If it weren't for the shadow tentacles She must be in a state of collapse on the ground.

Finally, Ashnali also came to feel it, and she didn't feel depressed. Once, she penetrated deeply into the other party's vagina, and the semen hit Sofia's vagina like a high-pressure water gun Huaxin, let her climax again after being scalded by this yang essence.

After Ashnali ejaculated the semen with a face of intoxication, she slowly pulled it out from Sophia's body, and the latter's lower body made a "pop" sound Finally, the strange liquid formed by the mixture of semen and yin water flowed out.

"Oh, you're getting hard watching your lover being raped, do you want it too?" AshnaliLooking at Yi Yin, she doesn't know when she will get an erection again The fleshy dragon teased, "Then I'll make you feel better~"

Ashnali bent down and raised her buttocks in the direction of Yi Yin, feasting his eyes and showing a Pink seams—this drow actually has a mons! She's a hermaphrodite?

This pink pussy reveals a touch of light purple in a piece of dark purple skin, with a pink strip in the middle, giving people a delicate and lewd feeling.

Before Yi Yin had time to be surprised, the shadow under him restrained him to come behind Ashnali, and she adjusted her position so that Yi Yin's firm cock was on top of it properly her hole. The moment the two of them came into contact, she groaned, and then she giggled and leaned back, allowing Yi Yin's cock to push into her vagina.

The vagina of the drow elves is as slender as their bodies, but deep, Yi Yin penetrates with the creamy honey, until it reaches the root, it will touch the center of the flower, But the touch of this acupoint is like a spiral, which makes him feel that his penis is being twisted and rotated while protruding deep, and even the foreskin is turning along with it, making him feel comfortable all over startled.

"How is it, is it the first time to enter the body of an elf? Is it comfortable?" Ashnali teased, while moving her body, letting Yi Yin's angry dragon shuttle through her body.

At first she was willing to move by herself, but later she simply controlled the tentacles to move, and she enjoyed it with peace of mind. She raised her hips and straightened her upper body, her waist showed a thrilling arc, and the dick protruding from her front crotchhad already been erected and upturned.

Ashnali held her dick stick up and down, while closing her eyes to enjoy the pleasure of the pussy, the double pleasure made her too excited to be herself.

"Um... oh... ah, so deep! Come again... um oh"

Ashnali screamed like crazy, her hands moved faster and faster, Yi Yin's impact also accelerated. Butshe wasn't satisfied yet, so she asked Sophia, who had just recovered from a trance, to join in, aimingat the opening of her hole and stabbing her cock straight in again.

In this way, the three of them became Yi Yin and Sophia sandwiching Ashnali in the middle, Yiyin inserted AshnaliAshnali inserted Sophia, both the tactile refreshment and the visual impact made Yi Yin feel extremely exciting, and finally they reached an orgasm while panting and screaming, and the semen and yin water flew together.

Just like that, Yi Yin climaxed again and again during Ashnali's forced sperm extraction, without any chance to resist,Can only watch his energy value drop from 30 to 20 , 10, finally reset to zero, and then consumelife.

At this time, his consciousness has begun to blur, and everything around him has begun to be unclear.

"Am I going to die..."

Yi Yin didn't know his end, he just felt like he was sinking, but also felt that he was going up

As he was dying, he felt as if he was in a quiet, serene and extremely bright place, and a hazy figure appeared before his eyes. He could only tell that this figure was a graceful woman, but he couldn't see her face clearly. She stretched out her hands to him, wanting to hold him in her arms, just like a mother hugging her own child.


"Ah... the devil... accept the... trial!"

So noisy. Thinking of this, Yi Yin heard unreal voices in his ears, it was the voice of a strange man.

"Damn... unexpectedly... the knight... hmph... let's go first... there's no end..."

Yi Yin didn't know what happened outside, and the next The warm feeling enveloped him, making him extremely comfortable and at ease, and then he fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Sixteen: Harvest

After some time, Yi Yin opened his heavy eyes and found himself lying on a bed in a bedroom.

Thinking back to everything I felt when I was dying, it should be over, right?

At this time, the door of the room was gently pushed open, and Sophia walked in with a washbasin, and seeing Yi Yin opened his eyes, she couldn't help showing a surprised smile: "Are you awake?"

Yi Yin struggled to sit up, but Sophia quickly put down the washbasin, and quickly walked to the bed to help him, with a worried tone: "You are hurt It's such a serious injury, I should rest for a while."

Injured? Almost squeezed out.

Yi Yin said with a wry smile: "It's okay, I'm not that delicate. How long have I been in a coma? Has the enemy retreated?"

"It's almost lunch time, you sleep It’s been three days. That black-skinned elf treated you that day...

Well, after you passed out, thanks to the timely arrival of the Chris knight from the temple, the enemy was driven away,
Everyone is fine now." Sophia took out a hot towel from the washbasin, wrung it dry and wiped his face with gentle movements, as if she was afraid of hurting him.

"It's good that it's all right, how are the casualties in the village this time?" Hearing the confirmed good news, Yi Yinheaved a sigh of relief.

"Most of them are fine, those monsters just stun people at most. It's just... Tona and Kress lost a lot of blood, and they couldn't be saved..." Sophia's face was gloomy .

The deceased was dead, Yi Yin comforted her for a while, and felt that she had regained a little strength, so she tried to get out of bed.

Attributed bodies are really strong, if you want to change to an ordinary person, you will have to lie on the bed for four or five days, and your legs will be weak when you get out of bed However, Yi Yin just stomped his feet uncomfortably, and felt that there was nothing serious, so he drank some porridge casually, and asked Sophia to take him to see the village chief.

The breeze blows, but the village is still peaceful.

All this made Yi Yin feel unreal. If it hadn't actually happened to him, he would even think that everything before was an illusion.

However, when the villagers they meet along the way see him, they will put down what they are doing and nod to him. It seems that in the eyes of the villagers, he, the warrior who fought to the death for the villagers, is a real hero.

It was the first time for Yi Yin to be looked at with admiration by others. It was unavoidably strange. After all, on Earth,He was just a small person, without fame and fortune, and without a waistWith a lot of entanglement, he can only struggle at the bottom of society.

However, it doesn't feel bad. Yi Yin thought so.

When I arrived at the village chief's house, I found that besides the village chief's old man, there were two other people, one of whom was blond and blue-eyed,wearing a full-body silver plate armor with a long sword on his waist and a The shield, with a unique emblem engraved on the shield, should be the Knight Chris that Sophia mentioned. The other is a hulking-backed man with a door-like giant sword on his back, brown hair standing on end, and an uncle with a firm face. After thinking about it, he must be the branch of the Adventurers Association

They seemed to be talking about something, but when they saw Yi Yin walking in, the village chief hurried up to greet him.

"Ah, look who's here! Our hero. Come, let me introduce you." The old man changed from the old man when he met Yi Yin, and pulled him vigorously Come to the other two.

"This is Mr. Sugar from the Adventurer's Association, the head of the Apocalypse Village branch. This is His Excellency Chris, the Templar Knight of the Gods of Light Temple, from Huiyao And this is the hero of our village, Mr. Yi Yin."

Sugar and Chris nodded to Yi Yin respectively to show their friendship.

"I heard that Mr. Sugar is a powerful fighter during the assessment. I didn't know until today when I met him. It's a well-deserved reputation." Yi Yinxin picked it up, and it really made the corners of Huge's mouth slightly curled up, and his eyes became much more pleasing to the eye.

"Your Excellency Chris, if you hadn't arrived in time, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stand here. I will not repay you for saving my life." The other one did not fall behind, and He has other thoughts about this knightly lord.

Chris is modest: "If you don't fight to the end, even if the opponent is a hundred times stronger than you, you will not flinch, and we will not be able to save this village. Your courage is admirable , is a well-deserved hero."

"For heroes, we should give corresponding rewards." The village head took out a bagfrom the table behind him, a letter, and said to Yi Yin , "This is fifty silver coins. It is our commendation of your courage. Although it is not much, it is also the wishes of the villagers. Please accept it."

"And this, is A letter of recommendation, I have recorded your glorious deeds, the story of a hero shouldbe sung. With this letter, you can find your place in any guild organization in Glory City."

At this time, a system notification sounded in Yi Yin's mind: "The player completes the main task - the prologue,obtains 500 experience points and free attribute points* 2."

"The player completes the scenario campaign - defending the Enlightenment Village, and obtains basic rewards: 4300 experience points, freeattribute points * 5, skill points * 2, random skill books * 1."

"The player's contribution is being settled... The settlement is complete, and the contribution rating is five stars."

"Acquired 1500 experience points, skill points * 3, recommendation letter from the village chief, reputation * 1, mystery award Reward* 1."

"You have activated the reputation system."

"Your reputation in Enlightenment Village has reached respect."

"Your reputation in Glory City has reached friendly."

Not knowing that Yi Yin has been dazzled by a series of system prompts, the village chief continued: "The pain has been caused, tragedy It has happened, but the living still have to forge ahead and continue to live. The dead villagers have been buriedI decided to hold an open-air banquet tonight to celebrate everyone's surviving lives and let the dead rest in peace. "

"May the goddess guide their souls."

Seeing the three of them reciting a prayer in a low voice, Yi Yin learned to say one too.

"Warrior, you are recovering from a serious illness. You must still need to rest. We will not bother you. Don't forget the banquet tonight." This is an order to evict guests, and he also understands retreat.

"Okay, let's get to the point. This monster invasion has caused serious harm to the villagers of Enlightenment Village. As the village head, I have the responsibility to request material assistance from the temple and medical assistance..."

As Yi Yin walked away, the voice of the meeting became smaller and smaller.

He also had no intention of inquiring about this standard diplomatic rhetoric, and was busy going back to take stock of his gains this time.

Although he had gone through a hard battle this time, and he almost died, he had gained a lot. The experience value alone increased by more than 5,000 at once, which was enough to raise his level by a large margin. Secondly, there are 5 freeattribute points that can be allocated, and the skill points need to be counted in addition to the 5 points that are given by the adventurer after changing jobs, making a total of 10skill points.

Although the village chief's recommendation letter could not directly improve his combat effectiveness, it gave him a proof of identity, which was also an opportunity for promotion.

Recommendation letter from the village chief (common)


A recommendation letter from the village chief, with which you can join the Jagged Brotherhood in Glory City , Neverwinter Mage Academy, Assassin's Heart, Gods of Light Temple accept job transfer tasks, andIgnores the reputation requirement.

Note: If it were me, I would cherish this opportunity very much.

In Yi Yin's view, this is the biggest gain this time. Now his occupation is only one adventurer. This ordinary general-purpose occupation has little improvement in his combat effectiveness, giving him a tasteless feeling. Nowthirsty for strength, he desperately hopes to obtain a strong combat power and have the power to protect himself in this helpless world.

In addition, as the four-star reward of the scene battle, the reputation * 1 is even rarer than the recommendation letter from the village chief, which can be obtained by three-star contribution, but I don’t know what it is Use, the explanation given by the system is: Your story is widely known, your name is chanted, and the speed of gaining reputation will be increased by an additional 15%. If you don’t know what it is for, just put it aside.

Yi Yin did not forget that there is also a five-star mysterious reward, lying in his inventory in the form of a treasure chest.

Mysterious Reward (???)

Treasure Chest

Use: Open the treasure chest to get a random quality item, which is not limited to equipment and consumables , Props, skill books, experience points, attribute points, skill points, etc.

Note: It’s time for an exciting unboxing again!

So far, Yi Yin has two items that can be extracted, one is the random skill book, and the other is thismysterious treasure box.

After pondering for a while, he found that there was nothing to prepare. Opening a random item is to see luck and character. .

As soon as he thought of this, he opened them all.

"You opened the random skill book * 1, and got the general skill book: Enlargement."

"You opened the mysterious treasure chest * 1, and got the item - Ornn's Forging notes* 1."

Huge LV1 (rare)


Make your body bigger in proportion, and your basic attributes will follow As the ratio of giganticity increases, all your weapons and equipment will be unusable at this time, lasting up to 1 hour, and can be canceled in advance.

The current maximum scaling ratio is: 2 Casting distance: No skill consumption: No skill cooldown: 24 hoursSmoke of the hidden mountain? Ornn's Blacksmithing Notes (Legend)


Use: Read books for the first time to learn skills - Blacksmith Master, Practice Makes Perfect, Excellence, RecastStrengthen, Ultimate Repair , Inspiration emerges.

Use: Read books to learn elementary-master level forging formulas.

Requirements for use: Blacksmith Note: Wait... This thing is not a legend? !

The skill Yiyin can be learned directly, but the book propsopened from this treasure chest with high expectations have restrictions on their use, and he can't use them yet. But judging by the quality, it is also a legendary item, so it should be considered a red hand, right?

Yi Yin didn't worry too much, and chose to learn the skills without saying a word, and saw that the book-shaped consumable props turned into a little bit of fluorescence and were absorbed by Yi Yin. He also made a special test, and found that the people around him seemed to be completely invisible to the props transformed by the system, so he was relieved.

Some secrets are better kept in mind.

As for so many experience points, attribute points, and skill points, he has other plans, so let's keep them first.

As for the remaining legendary book, Yi Yin intends to find a chance to see if he can find a chance to learn forging, for example... go to Huiyao City.

Chapter Seventeen: Banquet

Before the time for the banquet, the villagers who were busy making arrangements in advance had already set up the atmosphere.

The tents are set up, the tables are set up, the adults are busy but enjoy it, the old people sit in groups, smoking a pipe and chatting The sky is also very happy, and the children don't know why today is so festive, but it doesn't stop them from laughing and joking, chasing after each other and mischievously.

Sure enough, humans are forgetful animals.

Yi Yin was a little emotional.

But now is not the time to be emotional, because he ushered in an unexpected guest.

"Hello warrior, I'm Sugar, we met at noon." Sugar's voice was as rough as his knock on the door, "I'm sorry to disturb your rest, but As the president of the Enlightenment Village Branch of the Adventurers Association, I have the responsibilityto ask you to understand the situation, and I hope you understand."

"Of course, please come in." Yi Yin welcomed the other party into the door After that, they each sat down at the table.

Fortunately, the other party did not carry the huge sword, otherwise he was really worried that the wooden table and chairs would not be enough for him.

"In the past few days, I have learned about the general situation from the villagers at the scene. There are a total oftwenty to twenty-five monster girls in this attack, a drow elf and An unknown gray-robed man, two of the villagers died, five were seriously injured, and thirty-eight were slightly injured. What puzzles me is that these monster girls did not forcibly abduct any of them.Villagers, the villagers did not lose any property, only the Adventurer's Association lost some items. "Speaking of this, Huge paused for a moment, and continued, "I want to listen to your statement and see if there is anything missing."

Yi Yin pondered for a while , Said: "There is basically no difference, but there is one thing you may be interested in."

Yi Yin talked about the interaction between the gray-robed man and the drow elf Ashnali.

After hearing this, Sugar nodded unhurriedly, and said, "Yes, there is indeed a communication magic crystal lost in the association. This thing is due to a manufacturing process problem. The output has not been high, and at the same time, it is strictly controlled by the country as a strategic material, but it is not without other channels of acquisition... Such an obviously premeditated attack is for this... Really It's unbelievable."

Yi Yin didn't know much about it, so he kept silent.

"In addition, I asked the villagers for a while. It seems that you came to the Enlightenment Village yesterday, didn't you?"Huge looked at Yi Yin with a trace of inquiry.

"Actually, the night before yesterday, I got lost in the World of Warcraft Forest and met Sophia, and she took me in." Yi Yin replied calmly.

"Then let me ask, where did you come from, and why did you wander in the Warcraft Forest at night?

You must know that the forest at night is a paradise for predators , Extremely dangerous, this is common sense.” Sugar narrowed his eyes,continued, “Of course, everyone has their own secrets, and I have no intention of exploring your origin, but only when you come The day after arriving in this village—let’s say it’s the second day—it’s too coincidental that such a thing happened, what do you think?”

Yi Yin was silent for a moment, brows furrowed Slightly wrinkled, he was thinking about how to deal with the suspicion of the other party, becausejudging from the current situation, he came to visit as a stranger, and as a result, such an organized and premeditated incident happened the next day There was indeed a certain degree of suspicion in the attack, but after a while he gave up making up a lie to cover it up.

"This attack has nothing to do with me, there is no doubt about it. From the time I came to this village to the present, I have not concealed or evaded all my whereabouts, very good I asked, the only time I got out of the sight of the villagerswas when I went out to perform a patrol mission and brought back a warning. If I wanted to plan this attack, then doing so would undoubtedly be superfluous. As for my background, it is true It is inconvenient to tell, but please believe that I have no malice against this."

"..." Huge pondered for a moment, then raised his brows, and said in a harmonious voice: "You're right It makes sense. And I personally don't want to believe that a warrior who sacrificed his life for others would be a villain." He stood up and prepared to leave.

"Then, please forgive my rudeness, warrior. If I say something that offends you, please don't take it to heart. Finally, I wish you enjoy this banquet and leave "

After sending Huge away, Yi Yin sat at the table in silence for a long time, not knowing what he was thinking. It wasn't until Sophia came over and gently squeezed his shoulders that he came back to his senses.

Seeing the worried face of the married woman, Yi Yin smiled at her: "I'm fine, don't worry about me. Let's go, the banquetis about to begin."

As night falls, the full moon hangs high.

Usually, Enlightenment Village, which has been quiet for a long time, has only just started to revel in it.

Sure enough, festivals can make people forget all sorrows. The faces of the villagers walking on the road couldn't tell at all that here had just experienced a dangerous attack, and there was a lot of voices and lights everywhere, so it was very lively.

This time, the monster girl's target is mainly people, so there is no loss of supplies. The Adventurer's Association was already the worst hit, so the villagers basically had plenty of food and drinks in their homes. Now, everyonewhoever has wine carries wine, and those who have meat carry meat. After a while, the long tables in the central square of the village are filled with food. All kinds of pastries are more than enough, and the wine barrels are as high as two floors, which is enough to show the wealth of this secluded village.

A temporary high platform was set up in the center of the square, where most of the villagers were busy. They set up the long tablecovered with tablecloth around the high platform, and the long table has already put food for everyone to eat, but maybe the banquet has not officially started yet, but no one can't wait to steal it Eat, except for a few naughty children who are like greedy little cats, laughing and chasing after each other, causing a burst of laughter and scolding.

After the village chief walked up tremblingly, everyone found seats around the high platform and sat down.

"Good evening, villagers of Enlightenment Village."

Yi Yin, who just found a seat and sat down, was a little surprised. With a frail body, he speaks with confidence.

"First of all, I have to thank everyone for their help in order to hold this grand dinner. For example, the wooden tables and benches made by Oak's family, the tableware provided by Green's family, and the meat from Iron Hoof's family …Kane, your meat hasn’t been emptied, has it?”

“Enough, old man!” A fatThe fat middle-aged man raised the wine glass in his hand, causing a burst of laughter. He is the butcher in the village.

"Is there still power? The ale from the Bills family... power, remember to ask me for reimbursement later, this should be counted in the battle loss, anyway, someone pays for it." The old village chief said Sugar blinked slyly in the direction of Sugar, while the latter sat below and shrugged helplessly.

There was another burst of laughter.

"As well as everyone else's help, thank you." There was thunderous applause below.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have just experienced a terrible disaster." Everyone's voice gradually died down, listening quietly.

"Some of me got hurt, some of us even died, it's not our fault, we're just ordinary peopleliving peacefully. But we should be thankful that we survived , can continue to enjoy good food, and at the same time, we have also welcomed a hero! Let us shout his name!"

"Ian! Ian!..."

It took Yi Yin a long time to realize that everyone was talking about himself—his name was transliterated into "Ian".

He took a glass of fruit wine handed over by others, smiled and nodded to everyone.

"Let our great hero come up and say a few words to everyone!"

Yi Yin was a little reluctant, but everyone's kindness was hard to resist, so he had no choice but to bite the bullet and walk up to the high platform.

"Well...Actually, I just completed the adventurer assessment three days ago, and I don't know how to use the sword. I'm really a rookie. The attack that day was actually a part of my life This is the first battle in the movie, so you call me a hero, I really feel ashamed."

"Someone may ask me, I am a novice who can't even use a sword. When facing so many enemieswouldn’t you be afraid? Afraid! To be honest, my hands holding the weapon were trembling and my legs were weak.But why would I How about rushing up? Because I, like everyone present, have something I valueand have been hurt." Yi Yin cast his gaze in Sophia's direction, and got a soft response.

"A real warrior is not fearless, but has the courage and determination to face fear, no matter what he is for. And you are the same, a man will stand up for his wife, even if He is unarmed; a woman willraise a kitchen knife for a child, even if she is powerless. Compared with me, you are the real heroes."

"When I was born There is a saying in the local area: Everything that doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Now, we have survived, and next time, we will be fearless.” Having said that, Yi Yin raised his wine glass , looked aroundbelow the stage.

"So, this cup, to everyone, to the hero!"

"To the hero!" Everyone toasted.

Yi Yin bowed to the village chief and walked off the stage. He had just discovered that the he had sex with, and the three Heya sisters were all safe and sound, so he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. After all, he had a dewy relationship before, and he didn't want anything to happen to them either.

"Thanks to our hero for giving the stage to me, an old man, now I announce that the banquet has begun! Let's have fun!"

The square was quiet for a while Immediately it became lively again. Most of the villagers are craftsmen, and many of them have studied
musical instruments, and they even play cheerful tunes to add to the fun. The old village head gave up the high platform, and the young people sang and danced on it, with great joy.

I don’t know who was careless to take out the expired fireworks. The squib could not be lit, but it smoked his face, which made everyone laugh. They cheered.

But these have nothing to do with Yi Yin, he did not return to Sophia, because he found his goal.

"Good evening, Mr. Chris!"

It was Chris that Yi Yin was looking for, and he wanted to know some questions. But the other party is not alone, There is also a relatively young brown-haired youth standing beside him and chatting with him.

"Good evening, warrior, good speech." Chris said with a smile, "Let me introduce, this is Griffin Knight, my colleague, he also defeated the enemy that day. I have contributed a lot."

"I see, thank you for saving your life, Mr. Griffin, it seems that I owe you a favor." Yi Yin bowed respectfully bow.

"It doesn't have to be like this. As a Templar, it's our duty. And if the captain didn't detect the evil energy here in time, we might be too late." Griffin looked He looks very gentle, but when he speaks, he is a little husky.

"By the way, the woman who beat me claimed to be drow. Do you know anything about this race?"

Chris restrained his smile , pondered for a moment and said: "We don't know much about the drow elves, we just saw them in the library of the church by chance. They are strong and agile, and they are especially good at shadow magic.
Born assassins. They live in the southwest of the mainland, theIn the corner where the light of God cannot shine, there are groups of heretics
. "

At this time, Griffin interjected: "And I heard that they have a corrupt style, and they often go out to find men to bring back for lewd pleasures, no matter what race they are... they are just like monster girls A virtue."

But why does she have a big dick? This sentence choked in Yi Yin's throat, but he still couldn't spit it out.

"You are... Templars from the Temple of Light of the Gods? How did you come here? Glory City is quite far from here, right?"

Chris regained his smile and said: "That's right, but we prefer to call the Temple of the Light of the Gods a cathedral. The cathedral is dedicated to the gods, and each main god has its own temple. During this time It happens to be the time for the church to lead the way,We are the guides."

Looking at the doubts on Yi Yin's face, Chris explained: "Every year in the first month of late spring, the cathedral Templar knights will be sent to various villages and towns to find suitable children—we call them God’s Chosen Ones, and they will be brought to the church for a leading ceremony. These children will receive a good education and feel the grace of the gods , with a view to becoming God’sright-hand man in the future, such as our Templars. Every child who becomes God’s Chosen will become the pride of that family, and their parents will also receive a certain amount of money as a commendation.”

"What is the Chosen One?"

"Unlike warriors using the power of anger and mages using mana to cast magic, we Templars, or all Church members all use a kind of energy called holy power, which comes from faith and can be used to heal wounds, or fight against enemies, especially evil." Chris stretched out a hand, With the palm facing up, concentrated, two seconds later, a golden energy light appeared, and finally sprinkled on Yi Yin's body. This energy is very strange, it makes him feel very warm, and it seems that his spirit has improved a lot.

"This is the basic application of Holy Power, called Holy Light, which can heal minor injuries, and can also be used on evil undead creatures, allowing them to be purified by Holy Light. As The duty of the guide is to test which childrencan receive the response of the Holy Light, even if it is weak, they can be trained and cultivated."

This is the first time I have seen such a magical magic up close, It made Yi Yin's eyes very hot - it was not counted by SMAshnali.

"Then can I try it?"

"Well, of course." Chris hesitated for a while, and took out a piece of white jade the size of an egg from his closet, "However, you'd better not have too much hope. We generally test between the ages of 6 and 10, because children at this age have pure minds, but they have begun to remember things. Adults have mixed minds and get Holy Light The probability of response is extremely low."

"It's okay, the important thing is to participate. How to play?" Yi Yin played back and forth.

"This is a blessing stone, made of special white gemstones and holy light spells. You just hold it in the palm of your hand, let go of your mind, and feel the stone in your hand." Chris Jian Yiyin Doing so, he continued, "Actually, you have a letter of recommendation from the village chief. Warriors like you are welcome everywhere. A knight who specializes in martial arts. After all, there are too few examples of adults who can get the response of the Holy Light, and the progress of the later practice is much slower, unless you are..."

At the end In a word, Chris's voice became lower and lower, and the dazzling platinum light in front of him made him a little sluggish.

He looked at Yi Yin's innocent expression, and the expression on his face became very exciting, and finally squeezed out three words from between his teeth: "God's favored one?!"

【To be continued】
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