One Thousand and One Nights Ninth Night: The Legend of the Policewoman: The Scapegoat (序~七)

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[One Thousand and One Nights, Ninth Night, The Legend of the Policewoman: The Scapegoat]

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One Thousand and One Nights Ninth Night Policewoman Legend: The Scapegoat

Author: RKING


In the Night The mansion in the suburbs is located on a hill, quiet and cold. On a night when the moon was shining brightly,

A black shadow emerged from the back of the mansion over the wall.

"Boom!" The black shadow jumped down from the wall and bumped into the policewoman who was outside the wall. The female policeman leaned in

and threw herself down. A skinny young man in sloppy clothes met her face to face, and immediately picked up the box

that fell on the ground, and flew It also seemed to flee down the slope.

"Who?" Wu Yongdong quickly pulled out his pistol and shouted at the shadow, "Police! Don't move!"

The shadow didn't care about her, and took advantage of the cover of the trees , flying all the way down. When Wu Yongdong regained his composure and stood up,

raised his gun to aim down the slope, the black shadow could no longer be seen clearly, only a trace of the soles of shoes rubbing against the sandsound

It came from afar.

"Bang bang bang!" Wu Yongdong fired continuously at the shadow that had run tens of meters away, and leaves in the distance

flew down with a rustling sound. The shadow was gone.

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" A male policeman ran past the corner of the wall and asked a little nervously.

"A man came out with a box of things in his arms, he must be a suspect! I'll go back and do puzzles."

Wu Yongdong looked bitterly at the disappearance of the man At the foot of the mountain, he said, "Go in and have a look inside the house!"

At the foot of the mountain, the black shadow holding the box was running along the path between the mountains, and he looked back from time to time in panic. Looking at the back

, the policeman's blue blockade of the entire mansion has been far behind him, but he still doesn't dare to stop at all


"Just now...that female policeman is really pretty..." The young man seemed to still smell the body odor of a full-bodied female policeman who just bumped into him with

in his nostrils. Even when he was running for his life, he was still a man.

The wretched black shadow ran faster and faster, even though he was already out of breath, he still quickly disappeared into the night......


In a dilapidated old house, two 30-watt electric lights were on. In the middle of the night, there was a strange female cry in this country room


"Ah... yay..."

The woman is hung naked, her plump breasts are wrapped with rough hemp ropes, protruding tragically forward,

Her left leg was tied to the roof with a rope at the knee, which spread her sleek legs wide apart, while her

other leg, She could only tiptoe on the ground with difficulty, unable to get her out of the predicament at all.

This is a beautiful young woman in her thirties, she has a pair of bright big eyes, long eyelashes

, delicate oval face curve, in pain The twitching cherry mouth is a perfect classic


The classical beauty moaned in pain, a little sweat dripped from her forehead, her brows were tightly frowned, her pale lips were slightly parted, she was a little The messy hair fell apart in a painful shake.

Her lower body is smooth and white, the soil that used to be covered with black forests has now become a desert, shaved off

The opening of the vagina was turned outwards, and a thick carrot cruelly

was inserted into the open meat hole without root.

The teenager played with the woman's breasts with one hand, and pulled the carrot with the other, letting the thing as thick as at least four sticks

quickly thrust into the woman's pussy.

"Ah... wow... yah... yah yah..." the woman screamed crazily, her hands tied to her head

shook the rope vigorously, The right foot standing on tiptoe kept kicking in the air, and the whole body left the ground,

swinging in mid-air.

"Your tits are very beautiful..." The young man smiled lewdly, rubbing his full breasts that

could not fully grasp. The two lovely balls of breast meat are as white as fat, and they keep jumping around in the shaking of the body.The smooth skin in motion makes the boy's palm itchy and uncomfortable .

"Woo..." the woman burst into tears, she was screaming hoarsely, but the terrible carrot

still used its rough skin to forcefully Ravaging her sensitive flesh wall.

"Did you vomit?" The boy pulled out the carrot, and the woman let out a long whimper and lowered her head. wide open

The boy's fingers were inserted into the pussy, and the overflowing lewd water dripped onto the boy's hands, forming

trickles between the fingers.

"Wow, you are so fucking lecherous! How can you make a carrot like this?" The young man showed a surprised look on his face

, and stretched out his palm full of woman's love juice Go to the woman and rub it all over her face.

"Open your mouth and taste it yourself!" Looking at the shy face of the woman, the boy laughed happily and shouted.

"Woo..." The woman opened her mouth slightly, and immediately put her ruthless fingers into her mouth. The helpless woman

had no choice but to lick her wet palm with her tongue with. A little salty, the woman panted, frowned slightly,

secretly looked at the boy with pitiful eyes.

"Are you happy?" the boy asked proudly.

"Sweet..." The woman replied shyly.

"You bitch!" The boy laughed.

"I'm a bitch..." the woman said softly. Facing this boy who is ten years younger than herself, the woman

now only dares to follow his wishes.

The boy was even more proud, he finally conquered this beautiful mature woman, he thought he succeeded. Women,

usually look unapproachable on the street, but in the end they are all sluts! All

women are sluts if you work hard! The boy's thoughts flew out of the old house, to the crowded world of flowers,

to the charming and charming beauties he had seen. He couldn't help swallowing his saliva.

"Master... I'm working so hard, please let me down first?" The woman who was hanging was twisting her body uncomfortably, pleading softly

. Now, she had to call this sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy "Master".

"No!" The boy vetoed, "I haven't fucked you yet! How can I do it if I let you down?"

Yes, the video tapes have always been tied up for adultery. Seeing the naked, tied and twisting beautiful woman

, the young man became obsessed irresistibly, what can he do if he untie the rope? Never thought about it.

"Then...please master to enjoy Mei Qing's body..." The woman blushed and whispered. As long as

satisfies him, she can temporarily get rid of this annoying rope, she recited the lines that are no longer unfamiliar to her, even if

she felt in her heart Still feel ashamed.

The young man smiled happily, this woman did what she had learned from the video tape, it was so cool! Those

videotapes are really precious! How lucky I am!

He took out his swollen cock and dangled it in front of the woman's eyes, proudly showing off his

adult baby.

"You should feel very honored, my baby has only fucked you as a woman so far!" The boy

squeezed the woman's breast again, and supported the woman Ass, the cock hit her pussy.

"It's about to start..." The young man put himself in a good posture and looked at this woman named Mei Qing.

"Please...please insert..." Mei Qing closed her eyes and gasped. Anyway, she will be raped by him sooner or later,

Anyway, it is not the first time she was raped by him, the poor woman only hopes that he will finish it sooner.

"Hey!" The boy pushed hard, and the cock entered the warm and lovely meat cavity of the woman.

"Oh!" The woman yelled, her hands tightly grasping the rope that bound her wrist.

The boy began to thrust quickly, all his lovemaking experience was learned from those video tapes, and all of them were practiced on this


The body of a beautiful young woman in her thirties is full of intoxicating temptations. Holding the woman's ass, the young man used

his dick to quickly pierce the woman's pussy and pump it quickly. His blood-congested cock is so energeticspirited

that he wants to tear apart a woman's disguised chastity, tear apart a woman's disguised arrogance, and occupy the deepest part of a woman's body and soul p>

At the place, burst out your surging passion!

"Ah ... Yeah ..." The sensitive meat hole of the woman ushered in a fierce stimulus again, full of red pink

face shaking up and down, no longer having to conceal pain The yelling continued throughout the house.

The boy erupted, and the hot liquid of youth was erupting in the woman's body like a bullet

in the still pumping dick.

"Oh... oh... huh..." The boy pulled out his dick contentedly, and the woman's heaving chest calmed down

. The white semen slowly flowed out from the opened flesh hole, forming a thin clear stream, flowing along the thigh

to the ground.

"What a waste, it should have been given to you." The boy said regretfully. He took a handful of the woman's lower body

and sent it to the woman's lips.

"Eat whatever you want, a lot is wasted. " said the boy.

The woman glanced at the boy with tired eyes, then silently stuck out her tongue, licking the semen on the boy's palm.

"Is it delicious?" The boy himself didn't know if it was delicious or not, but on the video tape, when the woman ate it,

could not see any expression of disgust on her face, while the one in front of her This woman seems to eat naturally.

"Delicious..." Of course the woman can only answer this way. When she was obedient, the child's attitude was

kind. But when he became fierce, such a bitter woman would not dare to taste it casually.

With a curious expression on the boy's face, he watched the woman lick the thing

flowing out of his penis little by little, and then swallowed it with her saliva.

"Maybe it tastes good..." he had a whim. But he didn't want to try it, this kind of food should only be eaten by cheap


"Delicious? Come and taste some!" The woman thought viciously in her heart, but her face remained calm,

immersed herself in what she had to do.

The boy still had a smile on his face, and when the woman finished licking, he immediately pulled her hair down, pressed her head

to his crotch, and said, "Should Lick here!"

The woman screamed, and all the weight of her suspended body was concentrated on the tied hands. Now

when the head is pressed down, the buttocks are forced to turn upwards, and the right foot that was able to tiptoe the ground soars into the air, and the hands suddenly

are caught The rope was tightened even more, and the whole person swayed like a fog in a cloud.

"Hurry up!" The boy pressed her head with one hand, and played with the woman's breasts with the other hand. Mature women

With plump breasts, no matter how much you play, you won't get tired of it.

This is all mine! As soon as the boy thought of this, the penis that had just ejaculated hardened immediately,

bouncing in the woman's mouth.

"Cough...cough..." The front end of the cock suddenly reached the woman's throat. The unprepared woman

shook her head violently, and suddenly spit out the boy's penis , coughing in pain.

"What are you doing!" The boy grabbed the woman's hair, slapped her across the face, and then inserted his cock into her small cherry mouth

. There were tears in the woman's eyes, and she lifted her eyes with difficulty, and saw the boy's flushed face with excitement,

Seeing his perverted twisted face, the woman trembled in her heart. Why is this expression so familiar? She

didn't dare to look any further, and licked his cock carefully.

"Now, where can I play with you?" The young man grabbed the woman's hair and pressed it hard against his crotch

, while meditating to himself .

"Woo..." The woman's whole face flushed red from being choked by the cock, she twisted her neck hard, looking for even a little gap where

she could breathe . But the boy's cock completely filled her mouth, pushed into the deepest

depths, down her throat and blocked her windpipe. The woman who was almost suffocated rolled her eyes white, and her body began to struggle


"Don't move around!" The boy didn't know the woman's situation at all, he pinched the woman's breast hard, grabbed the woman's hair, and pressed it under his crotch Loose, letting his cock thrust into her mouth.

Although it is still very hard, I can finally take a breath. The soles of the woman's curled feet were already cramped, and she

had no choice but to endure the soreness, while panting heavily, while sucking, her mouth had become hard

> Incredible cock.

When the cock is hard, you must vent. The woman Mei Qing is very clear about the experience of the past half month. And if he wants to vent

, he won't let her go!

The young man slammed Mei Qing's head away, the woman's snow-white body swayed in the air, and finally stepped down again

The head returned to normal, but her cramp right foot , can no longer stand on tiptoe to the ground, can only hang down with bent knees,

swinging in the air.

With a low growl, the young tiger quickly lifted up the woman's right leg, causing the woman's bent right leg to separate to the side like her suspended

left leg, The naked lower body was exposed, and then the excited cock reached the opening of the woman's vagina

, impatiently poking it in, and immediately stepped up the thrusting.

"Oh!" The woman moaned in a hoarse voice, there was no extra movement on her struggling limbs, hanging in the air like a dead

, only this attractive carcass Trembling reflexively under the adultery of the cock. Already

I have hanged this kid for several hours, and kept raped and abused, the poor woman Mei Qing is hungry and thirsty, making

Gritting his teeth as hard as he could, hoping to get through this kid's last madness quickly.

Teenage dickAfter thrusting hard for a while, it was suddenly pulled out and pushed against the woman's anus.

"Ah... wait... wait a minute... I'm not prepared..." Mei Qing suddenly sensed the other party's plan, and quickly

screamed. Today, her anus was only symbolically inserted two or three times by the teenager's fingers. Before

she didn't do half of the tedious preparations before being anal raped, and now her asshole is dry again Narrow and experienced

a woman who is abused knows how painful it will be if she is forced to penetrate like this.

But before the words fell, the bouncing cock had already stabbed hard into her

asshole with the teenager's low drink.

" hurts...Master...Mei hurts..." Mei Qing's body trembled violently, even if her

asshole no longer knew She had been raped dozens of times, but the sudden penetration still made her facewith blue veins

in pain.

"Hey!" The woman's painful expression and mournful moans obviously increased the boy's desire to abuse. He

had a maniacal grin on his face, and his dick slammed into the woman's rectum like a steel hammer.

The trembling scream of the woman in the crisp noise, the trembling arc of the woman's charming body, the warmth and tenderness of the woman's tight and tight asshole, which made his chest full of pride Big hair. The young man's vigorous energy, the strong cock that just ejaculated

, and the unstoppable intense pleasure made his sprint extremely sharp and extremely fast.

The boy growled wildly, and the woman shook her head with tears flying all over her face.

"Aren't you happy!" The boy vigorously moved his lower body and shouted loudly.

"Ah... so cool... ah... it hurts... ah..." The woman's screams followed one after another.

"I am your master, you are for me to play with!" The boy shouted.

"I'm playing for the master... ah... I... I... I'm playing for the master... ah... it hurts


Perhaps it was because of the rush that made him a little tired, the young man slowed down, his cock clinging to the wall of wriggling flesh

, he started to twitch gently.

"Woo..." The woman's chest heaved up and down, and she panted heavily during this breathless timing.

"You are so beautiful..." The boy looked at the woman's body with forgetfulness, and touched her smooth skin. Having this

a beautiful woman with a good figure, he feels very satisfied.

"Yes... it's for the master to enjoy..." the woman moaned tactfully.

"You are mine, no one can take you away! I like you so much!" The boy freed up a hand and held

a breast of the woman. Since owning this woman, seventeen years of life seemed to be fun for the first time, he

even felt a little moved and wanted to cry.

"I'm's the master's...ah...but it hurts..." Mei Qing seemed to be shamelessly responding to every word of the "master" . A smart woman knows that she must not neglectthis

"master" now.

"Good boy... I won't let you get hurt, I won't let you leave me... You are my baby, I love playing with you too much

!" The boy suddenly Faster thrusting, pouring a cavity of fresh cum into the woman's rectum.

"It's such a blessing to have such a beautiful slave to play with!" The young man panted and exhausted the last drop of

semen, sweetly reminiscing in his heart.

His cock is still in the anus that brings him pleasure, and his hands are stroking

this almost perfect mature body. He felt so happy, and he wanted to announce to the world that he was so


But, of course, this is not allowed, and even the most stupid people know that it is illegal to imprison and rape women.

What a pity! The young man felt a little unhappy, his happiness could only be enjoyed silently by himself.


"Hey! Maverick, where did you die recently? You haven't seen anyone for half a month? I thought you were caught by the police

We're here!" Another 16- or 17-year-old boy visited the old house and beat the "little

cow" with his fist with a smile on his face.

"Me? Hehe!" Maverick said with a weird smile on his face, "What about you? You have improved your skills, and

you didn't get caught without my help Are you doing it?"

"Of course I'm improving! I walked at the train station for less than an hour in the morning, and I picked up seven of them! Haha!


"Smelly donkey, are you so good?" Mavericks couldn't believe it. Fuck me?"

"Don't believe me?" A donkey quickly took out wallets one after another from his bosom, throwing them away one by one.Go to the table,

"It's all here! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, exactly seven! There's more than ten thousand dollars in it, and I'mtoday

Good luck, I want to invite you to play!"

"It seems to be true!" Xiao Niu opened the wallets suspiciously one by one, and took out all the money inside Come out

Come out, order a little, and said with a smile, "Good boy, it's really good!"

"Of course! Being a thief now depends on your brain! Today Saturday, the train There are a lot of people on the stand, so it’s easy to get started,

And many people want to go out on weekends, and they have some cash in their pockets." A Lu boasted triumphantly.

"It's not bad!" Maverick nodded the banknotes and burst into laughter.

He and A Lu can be said to be friends in need. Since they met two years ago, they have been working together in the pickpocketing business

. These two delinquent teenagers both had poor grades in school and had no parents to discipline them, so they simply dropped out of school and became


Mavericks is a bit better, although his parents are divorced, leaving him in the care of his grandma, and each of them can go happily,

But at least there are parents, at least they still pay every month There is a little bit of "living allowance". And Ah Lu is even more pitiful, his parents died two years ago

, and he was not very stubborn, no relatives and friends dared to accept him, so he wandered all the way from the neighboring city

When you come to this city, of course you can only live on the streets. If you don't want to be a beggar, you have to be a thief.

"Where are we going to celebrate tonight?" A donkey asked with a smile. Mavericks has a source of income, he is more qualified to steal than him,

he is more skilled than him, Mavericks has always helped him more, he hired Mavericks less, this time he succeeded
So much

money, just enough to fill a rich man.

"Well, go to the food stall on Fushou Road for a meal, and then go online all night! How about it?" Xiao Niu suggested


"Great!" Listening to this supreme enjoyment for them, Ah Lu's eyes lit up.

"Let's go...wait a minute..." Maverick happily grabbed the money and stood up, suddenly remembering the woman

locked in the room.


"Should I tell Donkey about that woman?" Maverick hesitated. Let's talk, I'm sorry not to

Please donkey to play, but Mei Qing is his woman, Mavericks can't bear to let other men play, let alone playing badlywhat's wrong

What should I do? But let's not talk about it, it's too embarrassing to hide something from my brother, and I can't rest assured if I leave this woman here

all night.

Seeing that Maverick was hesitating, Ah Lu touched his hand: "What's the matter? Are you stupid?"

"How about this..." Maverick said, "Go to the entrance of the village to buy some food. I'll show you something

when you come back! Hehe! I guarantee you won't want to leave!" He blinked mysteriously.

"What?" A donkey looked at him suspiciously.

"Of course it's a good thing! Otherwise, why would I not do it for half a month?" Maverick pushed the donkey and forced him out of the house, " Go and come back, I'll wait for you."

Suspiciously, A Lu bought some bread, instant noodles and drinks from the small shop, and hurried back to the old

house. What greeted him was a thrill that he would never forget.

Mavericks had already moved the TV and VCR, and inserted a video

that looked very old with a smile. A Lu clearly saw a date written on the video tape, a date more than ten years ago.

"What?" A Lu put the things on the table and asked.

Mavericks smiled and didn't answer, and pressed the remote control. Then, the donkey's eyes straightened.

He saw a beautiful young woman in her twenties who was tied up and hung naked. Her beautiful face

was shaking in pain, and tears were streaming down; her pair of plump white breasts were severely protruded by the rope, hanging down

She flickered; her legs were widely separated, exposing the most private part of the woman at a glanceIn front of the mirror

In front of the camera, a green cucumber was brutally inserted there In a charming secret passage.

A donkey's crotch immediately bulged. The woman... is sixteen or seventeen years older, and he only occasionally seeks opportunities to eat women's tofu in the crowded streets

to please verbal frivolity. He truly

has never seen a woman's naked body.

A donkey straightened up and stared at the TV screen with a salivating expression. On the screen, a woman's wailing

could be heard, which made his blood boil.

In front of the camera, a man appeared, wearing a mask and naked. He touched the woman's body,

pinched the woman's breasts, pushed the cucumber stuffed into the woman's vagina, finally, he pulled out the cucumber and replaced it with the self

own dick, startRape of women.

"Excited?" Maverick patted Donkey's shoulder triumphantly.

" don't show up for half a month, just watch this videotape here?" Donkey stared at the TV

intently, and said.

"It's not 'this' video tape, it's 'these' video tapes!" Xiao Niu said with a smile, and opened a box next to it

, which contained no less than twenty or thirty video tapes.

"Wow, there are so many?" Donkey took a look at the box, and saw that the video tapes seemed to be very old, with a date tag

on them. He glanced at it, and immediately turned back to staring at the TV, where the woman was

raped and screamed again and again.

"Awesome?" Maverick said, "these are all of them! I searched, and the farthest one is this

tape that is being released, more than ten years ago. The most recent one was two months ago, very new! However, the womanin it is already

in her forties..."

"It's all this A woman?" Donkey was a little surprised.

"Hey! It's amazing, from her twenties to her forties, she has a full record of sex! Haha!" Xiao

Niu showed a newer tape, "Look at her in her 40s!"

In the new film, there are still scenes of women being hung up and abused. The woman's legs were bound by two ropes

, separated exaggeratedly to the sides and then hung upside down. A black dildo was inserted into the vagina, and her arms were tied

On the back, the naked carcass is covered with welt marks, and a leather whip is slappingthe woman's

body repeatedly.

The woman screamed in pain, her shoulder-length short hair was dancing up and down because her head was facing down. The plumpness of a woman

The breasts are bound by elastic bands from the root, swelling into two balls of reddish purple flesh, and two small bells are tied to the two nipples

Clang, jingling with the shaking of the body.

"Wow..." Donkey, who had never seen such a scene before, swallowed his saliva and rubbed his hands restlessly on his thigh


"There are so many videotapes, all of these things." Maverick said.

"Yeah." Donkey moved his butt, keeping his eyes on the TV.

The woman in the picture is fuller than the last piece of tape, and there are a few more wrinkles around her eyes, but she still looks

charming, and her beautiful face has some traces of vicissitudes .

"Who is this woman?" A donkey asked suddenly.

"I don't know either!" Xiao Niu spread his hands, "But from the accent of the people inside, the men and women

should be locals."

"A local? I thought it was a Japanese porn movie!" A donkey was speechless.

"This woman seems to be a policeman!" Xiao Niu said, "There is a tape in which there are a few dialogues

. Let's go now."

"Wow, both of them are policemen?" A donkey had a look of disbelief on his face.

"It should be." A Niu flipped through the box of video tapes, "I forgot which area it is..."

However, A Lu is not most concerned about the identity of a woman. The plump body is the biggest temptation.

"This girl is pretty pretty...but she looks familiar..." A Lu said.

"Familiar?" Maverick was very interested.

"However... I don't seem to have seen it before! But it looks familiar!"

"Isn't it? But it looks very similar to Hong Kong star Zhao Yazhi..." Xiao Niu said . "Shanghai Beach" is

his favorite TV series, and he always thinks that Zhao Yazhi is the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Angie Chiu? That's right!" A Lu said loudly, "This woman is very similar to my primary school teacher! Back then we

said she was like Chiu Yazhi, especially her eyes and mouth , Really like it!"

"The one you hate the most?" Maverick smiled.

"That's her! That eighth woman surnamed Yu!" Ah Lu said bitterly, "When talking to students who are good at school, they speak softly

and smile like Like a bitch, when you see me, you look like a black-faced Bao Gong, and your voice is like a shrew

swearing at the street! Fuck, always shouting "copy the text of XX to me twenty times" People sit in class, but I

always stand up! Damn it!” As soon as A Lu mentioned that Teacher Yu, he became very angry.

"Haha!" Maverick laughed loudly.

"What's so funny!" A donkey snorted. He has been extremely stubborn since he was a child, and he has no intention of learning at all.

The time he needs to know ten new words is enough time for other classmates to know a hundred. That's all, relying on being taller,

bullies children all day long, fights, steals, pranks, and causes countless troubles every day. The teacher tried his best, half

It didn't help at all, so I had to admit that I was helpless.

"It's really like it! It's really like it! But it's not her... what a pity!" A Lu looked at the abused woman on TV and muttered

to himself.

"What's the matter? Haha! Just think of her as your class teacher! Seeing your class teacher being

done like this, isn't it cool?" A Niu patted A donkey's shoulder.

"Of course it's cool!" Ah Lv snorted, "In my dreams, I also want that eighth woman surnamed Yu to lie on her buttocks

in front of me and lick my toes !"

"Surname Yu?" Maverick seemed to think of something, hesitated for a moment, picked up the bread on the table and ate it.

"That's right, the word next to the word "mouth" is removed from the metaphor. What's the matter?" A Lu said.

"Oh..." Xiao Niu took a bite of the bread and said, "Actually, these films are not limited to this woman,

There are a few pieces of this woman's sister! "


"I'll look for it!" Maverick dug out a piece of tape from the box, the date was seven years ago.

"Her sister? How does she look like?" Donkey's heart itch.

"It's also very beautiful, looks like this woman, but much younger. The man inside said several times

you sisters, you sisters or something, so there must be no Wrong." Xiao Niu was still thinking about the word "Yu", and said

, "Maybe it's your teacher!"


"Her sister should have started raped by this man at this time, and she resisted fiercely inside, unlike

it's fake. Hehe, this man is very lucky. You can play with such a beautiful woman." Xiao Niu said,

the corner of his eyes secretly slanted to the back room.

"It's her! It's really her!" A Lu jumped up from the stool, "I can recognize it at a glance! It's


"Really?" Maverick laughed, "Seven years ago... Well, you should still be in her class at that time

, right?"

"I went to Fourth grade!" Ah Lv quickly replied, "Damn it, it turned out that someone had already fucked

at that time, and she usually pretended to be a lady!" Thinking about the way Teacher Yu treated him at that time "Abusive", looking at the

picture in front of him, his eyes were red.

On the screen, a beautiful girl in her twenties is struggling crazily, and a man wearing a mask twists

her hands to tie her up. Above her, the woman in front—her sister

still hanging in mid-air, naked.

"Yes! Hit her! Damn! Strip her clothes, grab her tits! Strip! Strip!" A donkey watched fiercely while

Talk to yourself.

In the TV, the clothes on Teacher Yu's chest were roughly torn, the bra was pulled out, and a pair of snow-white

plump and firm breasts were exposed from the clothes come out. The man clenched it with a lewd smile, grasping one breast

with both hands and rubbing it together.

"Let go of pervert..." Teacher Yu struggled and cried.

"Fuck her to death! Fuck her to death!" A Lu beat the stool with his hand, watching intently.

"Hey! You don't have to be so invested in it, do you?" Maverick's nose suddenly felt a little sour.

"What?" Donkey replied without answering, and clenched his fists restlessly.

On the TV, Teacher Yu's skirt was torn apart, the man stripped off her panties, and the woman who was pressed to the ground was forced to

tilt her buttocks and writhe crazily, Still crying incessantly.

"Look, I'll open buds for your sister!" The man reached out and touched the pussy of the woman hanging in the air, pulled down

his pants, and pointed his cock at Teacher Yu's The lower body is inserted hard.

"Ah..." Teacher Yu screamed loudly, twisting his body desperately, but he couldn't escape the man's control

at all. Her beautiful flushed face was covered with tears and sweat, and she let out a cry of despair.

After the man's cock was inserted hard, it was pulled out, with a little blood spot, it lit up in front of the camera, and

re-inserted into Teacher Yu's pussy.

Ah Lu was out of breath, and his face was flushed red. Watching the scene of the resentful elementary school head teacher being raped

, his chest is full of pleasure, but also full of desire.

"Shit! Too bad I wasn't doing it!" he said regretfully.

"Hey!" Mavericks had a weird smile on his face.

"Do you still have her belt?" A donkey asked while looking at it, licking his tongue.

"Yes, but very few, only three belts have you as a teacher." Xiao Niu said, "Ah, yes.

I'm still wondering why there are so few of her Appeared, it turned out that she was still teaching in your city at that time, not living in the local area!

Haha, came here to see my sister, and ended up being played like my sister. "

"By the way, how did you get these tapes?" A donkey asked while staring at the screen.

"Well..." Xiao Niu said when he finally came to brag, "Didn't you say that being a pickpocket requires brains

? Hehe! The other day I saw the police I am sealing off a big house, saying that someone inside was hacked to death. I

thought, such a beautiful big house, there must be some good things in it. Go in and get a little more than I'll pick up money

It's a lot of money!"

"That's right! Why don't you ask me to come with you?"

"That day You don’t know where you died, how do you find it?” Xiao Niu said, “I think the opportunity is good, so I went in at night

. That house is really big, and I’m valuable There are not many things, there are many things in the house

Everything was sealed by the police. Hehe, I found this in a cabinet with my professional sense of smell

Box. I think this box hides such a secret, there must be a lot of gold, silver and jewelry..."

"You don't think it's too heavy?"

" I hate it." Xiao Niu said, "But at that time, I heard the sound of a police car arriving outside, so I didn't have time to search again, so I ran away with this big box! Who knows, haha, although there is no Valuable things, but these videos

are the real priceless treasures! Don’t you think so?”

“Yes!” Donkey completely agreed. On TV, Teacher Yu was also hung up after being raped, and the man stood

among the hanging beautiful sisters, continuing to play with the two beautiful bodies.

"You know how dangerous I am. When I jumped out of the wall, I just bumped into a policewoman and was shot a few times by her.

Fortunately, I missed it. Give me Sneaked back." Maverick said.

"No way? You were seen? Ah! That's right!" A donkey cried, "I saw a notice at the gate of the police station today

, there is a painted human head on it, so I said why it looks so much like you! It turns out that

is really you?"

"No way?" Niu was taken aback, "I... I was just glanced at by that female policeman..."

"You are finished, you are finished, you are arrested! The police are arresting you!"

"It's not that serious, is it? I'm just a thief..." Maverick said, his eyes couldn't help but glanced at the back room

, and his heart immediately raised. Now, he is not only a thief, he also kidnapped and imprisoned a woman

, and raped her many times...

"Inside What else?" A donkey felt a little problematic. A thief's eyes are particularly sensitive, and the corners of his companion's

eyes have revealed the secret.

"Yes..." Xiao Niu thought that this matter could not be hidden from him after all, so he made up his mind and said, "Wait a minute."

Walked into the inner room alone.

After a while, he led a naked woman out. The woman's hands and feet were chained, and a

cloth circle was wrapped around her neck. She was held in the hand of the calf with a rope, and she crawled out tremblingly.

"This... Teacher Yu?" Ah Lv's heart beat faster when he saw the naked woman, and when he saw the woman's

face clearly, he jumped off the stool stand up.

"Hey!" A Niu laughed dryly, "I went to the train station half a month ago to look for business, and I recognized her as the

younger sister in the video, so I took her by the hand and raped her When she is dizzy and unable to get in the car...hehe, pack it wellPeople said

Help her find the thief, this stupid woman actually believed it. place, I just...haha...I have

catch it!"

"You're really good!" A donkey walked towards Teacher Yu slowly, and brought his face to the In front of her, she said in a vicious voice,

"Do you still recognize me? Teacher Yu!"

"Lu Jun?" Of course Teacher Yu recognized him, and he heard everything in the back room just now. Losing one's body to a little devil

It's already miserable enough, but who knows that the enemy's road is narrow, and he even ran into a little guy who held grudges. Thinking of falling into the hands of

former bad students and crawling naked on the ground, she was so ashamed that she wished she had a hole in the ground.

"Her name is Yu Meiqing, you must be mistaken!" Maverick said.

"No!" Donkey looked up at Maverick, "You said you caught her for half a month? Then she must have

been played by you, right?"

"That's needless to say!" Maverick was triumphant, "I've played with everything, even the ass hole is inserted for me.

! Bitch, lick my toes Head!" He wanted to show his prestige in front of his friends, and ordered Mei Qing loudly.

"Yes..." Mei Qing held her tears, slowly lowered her head, and stuck out her tongue to lick the calf's dirty and smelly


"Wow!" A donkey screamed, his eyes were poorIt will protrude soon.

"Hey!" Maverick laughed triumphantly.

"Damn it! I want to take revenge and fuck this bitch!" A donkey strode up behind Mei Qing's ass

and quickly untied the belt.

"Hey! What are you doing?" the calf called.

"You don't need to ask!" A donkey has already taken off his pants, his cock has been swollen for a long time, it is very uncomfortable

, just looking at the one in front of him makes him angry The rotten goods are executed on the spot.

"Take off your stinky hands!" Maverick slapped Ah Lu's hand away from Mei Qing's buttocks and shouted,

"This is my woman , I don’t allow you to touch it.” He was already deeply fascinated by this woman, and when he saw Ah Lumoving

, he immediately became jealous.

"What! You can't be so stingy, right?" A donkey couldn't believe his ears.

"Have you ever heard that a friend's wife is not allowed to play? No!" Ah Niu's attitude is firm.

"She's not your wife..."

"She..." Xiao Niu was taken aback for a moment, and said, "It's because she's not my wife that I let you see it. Grandma

Yes, my woman let you see everything, I am already at a disadvantage, still want to touch her? Beautiful you!"

"Hey!" A donkey helpless He raised his pants again, "Aren't you so friendless? You know how much I

hate this eighth woman!"

"Anyway, I can't do it! This is my woman, only I can play with her! If you want to play with women, just like me

catch one and bring it back! At most, I will catch one for you!" Maverick said, patting his chest, he felt such a statement

I have enough friends.

"But I want this! I won't enjoy it if I don't fuck her to death!" As soon as A Lu saw Yu Meiqing, she

made up her mind to do it happily she. But at the critical moment, my best friend actually stood in the way, and I felt unhappy


Mei Qing's body trembled, listening to the dispute between the two teenagers, she felt extremely miserable. Now she seems to have become a toy, and a pair of good friends shouted loudly in order to grab this toy.

Regardless of whether the donkey's attitude is hard or soft, after shouting for a long time, Maverick just refused. It's hard to find a

such a fun toy, and I can't let others share it if I kill it.

"Anyway, you earned more than 10,000 yuan today, and you can call several girls when you go to nightclubs. Aren't you drooling all the time

to be majestic?" At this moment Maverick I just want to quickly get rid of the entanglement of my old friend, so I made a good


Even though Ah Lu was unwilling, but the Maverick refused to let him live or die, so he had nothing to do. So angrily went out

and went to the long-awaited nightclub. Tomorrow, let's watch the tape again, maybe at that time Mavericks will agree

to let him play with the bitch Mr. Yu.


It was the blood sprayed from the living head again, Wu Yongdong dared not close his eyes overnight. As soon as she closed her eyes,

that terrifying picture would pop into her mind, making her heart jump and making her restless.

Although she is a policeman, she is also a girl in her early twenties. Girls are naturally afraid of blood

, not to mention the blood spurted out so horribly, the blood spurted from the head of a person she is so familiar with.

Wu Yongdong couldn't help being listless, she had really had too little sleep recently. Even if it is not because of insomnia

, Iron Man will be exhausted after working overtime for days until late at night. But there is no way, who called her the police, who called the police

Recently, two major cases have been issued in succession.

Well, it should be said that two major cases have been issued in succession within the police station recently.

First of all, Yu Zhuqing, the 45-year-old deputy head of the serious crime team, was thrown into the wilderness a month ago. After forensic identification

, Yu Zhuqing was strangled to death with a rope, and there were very obvious strangle marks on her neck. There are signs of rope

in many places on her body, and she has been sexually assaulted for a long time. In short, Yu Zhuqing was raped and killed.

Just when the entire serious crime team was mourning Yu Zhuqing's death but couldn't find any clues to solve the case, the fifty-year-old serious crime team leader Shen Fei was at home The kitchen was discovered. His cause of death was simpler, he was chopped to death by

a kitchen knife. When he was discovered, blood and brains flowed to every corner of the five meters around the body. The murder weaponwas found

on the spot, and no suspicious fingerprints were found. Team Leader Shen's house showed obvious signs of being turned over, and all valuables werelaundered

. Obviously, this is a case of robbery and homicide.

These two unrelated cases happened consecutively at very close times, and the victim was

the first and second in command of the serious crime team. Is it a coincidence or someone systematically committed the crime? The two cases that shocked the whole city are about toBeing merged, established

special task force, Wu Yongdong is a member of the special task force.

Ben is an ordinary criminal policeman, and her level is not qualified enough to join this task force, but she was allowed to join by

an exception. The reason is that she has always acted vigorously and swiftly, done things neatly, and is relentless in dealing with criminals

. Of course, this is the official statement.

The more important reason is that she is Yu Zhuqing's daughter. The police station sympathized with her eagerness to avenge her mother, and at the same time

it was a little bit of compensation for the dead deputy team leader Yu, and agreed to break the rules and give her a greater chance to commit crimes. Everyone knows

that if a major case is solved, it will be very helpful to the future.

"I know what happened to your mother makes you very sad, but you definitely can't do it with such energy!"

The leader of the task force, an amiable old police officer Patted Wu Yongdong's shoulder with concern.

"I know, officer!" Wu Yongdong nodded, she also knew how haggard she looked. Young

All young girls love beauty, let alone a girl like her with a proud figure and a pretty face. She

also feels sorry for her description of being thin, but how can she care about this now?

"Is there any news about the suspect?" Wu Yongdong asked his colleagues about today's progress with concern.

"No." The colleague shook his head, "You said that the suspect is only sixteen or seventeen years old, he has the ability to hack to death

Team leader Shen? Team leader Shen is a kendo Seven paragraphs..."

"Maybe he knows Team Leader Shen..." Wu Yongdong said. In the haunted house sealed off by the police, the person who escaped with a box of

things is of course the number one suspect.

"Found it!" Suddenly a colleague yelled over the phone, "Niu Yiqiang, seventeen years old, nicknamed Maverick, is a student of

No. He hasn't gone to school for two semesters, and the school has expelled him."

"Are you sure?" Wu Yongdong stepped forward quickly.

"Someone will send his photos and information later, you can find out after a look."

"Mmm!" Wu Yongdong walked away full of thoughts.

As a result of the photo, Wu Yongdong confirmed that this Niu Yiqiang was the one who

escaped from the back wall of Shen Fei's house that night and hit her!

"Search for Niu Yiqiang immediately!" The police officer ordered, "Everyone come in for a meeting."

According to the police information, this Niu Yiqiang is a social gangster. Already divorced, handed over to

her brother to take care of. This kid has a lot of bad records in school, his academic performance is a mess, but the number of times he gets into trouble ranks first in the school

, and he was placed on school probation three years ago.

After Lao Lao passed away last year, he was less likely to go to school when he was left alone, and he had already been expelled from school.

His home in the city is rarely seen. It is said that there is also a house left by his grandfather in the outskirts of the city, but no one knows the exact location.

It is estimated that he It is also unlikely that they would like to live in the countryside.

"In short, he is a bad boy." Wu Yongdong concluded, "Even if he is shot, it can only be regarded as killing evil for

society." She thought to herself.

At the meeting, Wu Yongdong used her excellent eloquence to list the suspect's possible motives and methods of committing the crime.

Firmly believed that this Niu Yiqiang was definitely the one who killed Shen Fei's group long killer.

"Well, what you said is not unreasonable, but what we want is evidence." Although the police officer didn't think so,

But judging from the current situation, Niu Yiqiang did There is the biggest suspicion, and besides, he doesn't want to dampen the enthusiasm of young people.

"We will definitely bring Niu Yiqiang's series to justice!" Wu Yongdong actively showed his determination.

After the sheriff assigned specific tasks, the meeting was adjourned. But Wu Yongdong was thinking about how to personally kill Niu Yiqiang


"Dididi!" The mobile phone rang with moving chord music, showing a long-distance call from a neighboring city.

"Sister Dong? I'm brother Gang! Why is there no one answering your phone at home?" The caller was

five-year-old cousin.

"I've been very busy recently, so I don't go home often. Is there anything wrong? Auntie, how is it?"

"What's good? The principal said that I must report to my mother tomorrow. It's very important. Sister Dong, you call mom tonight.

You must come back tonight! I haven't seen mom for a long time..."

"Wait a minute..." Wu Yongdong Feeling the blood rushing up, my head was a little dizzy, "Auntie took care of my

mother's funeral, didn't she go back half a month ago? Haven't arrived yet?"

"No Ah... Sister Dong, did you say that my mother is missing? Wow... Mom..." The child on the other side of the phone

cried out in fright.

"Don't cry, don't cry, your mother will be fine... Sister Dong isThe police will definitely find your mother, don't cry

Oh, good boy..." Wu Yongdong panicked himself, and comforted his cousin repeatedly.

Aunt is missing? Wu Yongdong's heart was in a mess. My aunt has the best relationship with my mother, because she is more than ten years younger than her mother, and she has always been her mother's favorite little sister. The unexpected death of her mother has also hit her hard, and she cried so much She is even more miserable than

. Seeing her niece clumsy and busy with work, she volunteered to take on the heavy responsibility of her sister's funeral

. Half a month ago, the exhausted aunt had already taken the train home after finishing the funeral affairs, but now

I realized that she had never been home!

What now? My aunt is a teacher, and she is not a country person who has never been to the city. Of course she knows how to get home

. I haven't arrived home for half a month, and there is only one explanation, that is, something happened.

Wu Yongdong, who was already exhausted, cheered up. After reporting the crime immediately, he thought hard about the possible


But, how can you think about this kind of thing? Wu Yongdong suddenly found himself covered in cold sweat, one after another major accidents hit her one after another within a month, the young girl suddenly felt that she was about to be overwhelmed


Wu Yongdong opened his purse, took out a pack of tissues and wiped his face. Huh? Where is my wallet? Wu Yongdong

suddenly found that her wallet was missing, and then she found a knife mark on the outside of the bag.

The wallet was stolen! Damn thief! Why am I so unlucky, one case after another! Is there anything more unfortunate than this

in the world?

Wu Yongdong cried out in pain. All her documents, including ID card, police license, driver's license, etc.

are all in the wallet, and now they are all gone.

She remembered that she had been too busy to open her purse for almost a day. Yesterday, she had been to the airport,

been to the train station, walked through the lively pedestrian street, and even been to a crowded shopping mall. Oh my god, why were there so many tasks yesterday

It would be nice if I stayed in the office all day, at least let me go out in a police uniform! Clothes

Pretend to be a thief, how would you know that you are a policeman! Thief son of a bitch, even the police would steal!

But she really didn't have much time and energy to lose her temper and blame others. The tired Wu Yongdong went to report the crime again, filling out a series of long-winded forms, and applying for a replacement A series of documents that have been stolen.

The sun at noon was really fierce, and Wu Yongdong, who was described as haggard, was walking on the street weakly. Everything

upsets her and nothing comforts her!

"As long as I find that kid surnamed Niu and shoot him, everything will be over!" She secretly thought

, but the crowd is vast, so find someone How could it be so easy for a little bastard.

Besides, what about my aunt? Wu Yongdong's head got dizzy just thinking about it.

Hey!'s Niu Yiqiang!

Suddenly, Wu Yongdong's spirit lifted, and a boy in front of him was coming out of a building, carrying a box of instant noodles

, walking hurriedly with his head bowed. Look at that face, that face that Wu Yongdong forced himself to hold deeply, is Niu Yiqiang!

Niu Yiqiang obviously saw her too, and the young man who was walking towards him turned around sharply and flashed into an alley.

Wu Yongdong immediately pulled out his pistol and followed quickly. At the end of the alley far away, the thin black shadow

was running wildly.

"Bang!" There was a gunshot, and the bullet grazed the top of the calf's head and hit a wooden board in the distance, with a crisp sound.

"Wow!" Maverick's face turned pale with fright, and the instant face on his shoulders was thrown back, and he ran away faster


"Bang bang bang!" Three shots in a row, but unfortunately, none of them hit. Wu Yongdong couldn't help but hate why he didn't practice shooting more in the

police academy, which led to his poor marksmanship now.

It's useless to regret, when Wu Yongdong chased through the alley, Mavericks had already disappeared. Wu Yongdong turned around

and checked the box he dropped, it was indeed a box of genuine instant noodles, there was nothing suspicious about it.

"You fired four shots? That's a downtown area!" The police officer frowned and asked, "What if

really killed him? How can I ask for a statement?"

"I saw that no one was shooting in the alley. He is a wanted criminal with major suspicions. I don't want him to run away

." Wu Yongdong replied.

"No one? What if someone just comes out of the door in the alley or somewhere else? Forget it

Forget it, put this aside for now, pay attention to it later Young people should learn to be more calm."Glanced at her

, the police officer said slowly. The big case at hand can't be solved, and I'm already in a bad mood, but my subordinates are so fewThings! But

I was full of temper, and I couldn't express it for a while at the pretty face of the young girl who pouted.

Seeing that his boss did not pursue the matter any further, Wu Yongdong breathed a sigh of relief and said, "The

building I saw Niu Yiqiang walk out of is his current address. Parents didn't live in the house before the divorce."

"Well, that means he still goes back from time to time? Strengthen surveillance!" After the police officer finished speaking, he shook his head


"He came home with a box of instant noodles, which means that he has stored food at home, which means that he

often goes home. He carried instant noodles After coming out, he probably settled in another place and started to move

." Wu Yongdong thought, "It is said that he still has an ancestral house in the countryside, might he hide there What? Now he is

a prisoner, so he shouldn't think it's dilapidated, right? "

Thinking about it, Wu Yongdong's mood suddenly brightened. It shouldn't be difficult to check his grandfather's old house!

A sinister smile appeared on Wu Yongdong's face, as long as that kid really lives there, hehe!

"The robbery and murder case of the leader of the serious crime team has been solved! The suspect refused to be arrested and was shot dead on the spot!" She seemed to have seen tomorrow's

newspaper headlines, marked with such eye-catching headlines.

"Maybe, then I will become a hero to solve the case..." Wu Yongdong showed a bright smile on his face.


"Oh my god! I really want my life!" The calf was out of breath and yelled at the donkey, "If you don't say anything,

Bang bang bang a few shots, as if trying to kill people, that police girl is so fucking ruthless!"

"Hehe, it is said that the box of instant noodles has been stored for more than two months I don’t know if it’s expired or not, but you’re still

reluctant! No, you’re almost dead, right?” Seeing his distress, A Lu couldn’t help laughing, “She’s sure Yes

Shouting "Police! Don't move!" You didn't hear it, so you shot! That's how police movies are played!"

"No! I promise I didn't shout! He didn’t shout anything! It’s as if he wanted to kill me!” Maverick stroked his chest

and swore to God.

"No way? Could it be that she was raped by you and wants to kill you?" A donkey laughed.

"Damn it, if I was raped... oh, that police girl looks so pretty...

Fuck it, if I raped it, I will definitely fuck her until her ass blooms!" When Xiao Niu mentioned rape, his heart itched


"You are so beautiful! He is a policeman!"

"So what about the policeman? Isn't your teacher's sister also a policeman? Isn't she also raped

Are you screaming?"

"He has the ability to fuck the police, do you have it? At most, he bullies elementary school teachers who are helpless

..." When A Lu thought of Yu Meiqing, his heart felt uneasy again, and he couldn't help but sneer.

"Hey!" Knowing his intention, Maverick sneered twice, but didn't answer. Sitting at the table, boredly

flipped through the wallets that A Lu had stolen yesterday, and said, "How is it? Did the lady in the nightclub have a good time last night?

/p> I’ve run out of money, if I don’t get instant noodles, why don’t I drink Northwest Wind?”

“It’s okay! But, I still want that bitch!” A Lu cast his gaze to the back room, There,

has the woman he most wants to fuck.

"That slut is my woman, don't think about it, if you have the ability, go catch a woman and bring her back." Maverick

His attitude is still firm.


"Hey..." Mavericks seems to have discovered the new world, "It's this police girl, that's right, it's her! Go on

She was also the one who bumped into me outside the big house for the first time! Just now you wanted to kill me, so you stole her wallet, no wonder

you are so angry!" He flipped A small wallet, looking at the photo on the ID inside.

"Wu Yongdong, um, he's twenty-two years old. She's quite pretty, look." Xiao Niu stared at Wu Yongdong's photo hatefully. , "If you have the ability to catch her, I'll trade your Teacher Yu,

How about it?"

"Really?" In order to get that Woman, the donkey got angry, gritted his teeth, "Are you


"Are you serious?" Maverick's reaction to him I was also a little surprised, but thinking that I almost died under the gun of that

policewoman just now, if I could get that policewoman to play with-even if I exchanged it with Yu Meiqing, it wouldn't be a big deal

What a loss-making business.

"Let's think about it..." Xiao Niu recalled Wu Yongdong's figure and face. After much deliberation, he should not be worse than Yu Meiqing, so he gritted his teeth and said, " Good! You got your enemy, I gotTo my enemy, exactly! But

But if you lose, you may even lose your life, so think about it. "

"Don't think about it anymore!" A Lu glanced at the back room, and in the open door, a seductive snow-white body was faintly visible

, adding to his infinite motivation, "It's a deal! Don't go back on it!"

"How can I go back on it? You picked up the broken shoes I played with, and I didn't pick up yours?" Maverick's mind started

Imagining Wu Yongdong's naked body, imagining the moving parts of her body. Although it is dangerous to play policewoman,but the strong

stimulation makes his brain blood rush, and now, he seems to be impatient to rape that hateful but beautiful p>

The female police officer.

"Damn it, I can't help it!" Xiao Niu rushed into the back room, dragged Yu Meiqing out naked, pressed him on the

ground, drew out his gun and punched it. In front of the donkey, he stabbed the cock into Mei Qing's pussy.

"Let's have fun with you while you are still mine!" he shouted.

"Damn it!" Donkey protested loudly, "You don't want to play with me, but show me rape, what do you mean!

I don't have money to go to nightclubs anymore! "Angrily turned around, flipping through the wallet bored.

"Who told you to be rich, you spent more than 10,000 in one night!" Maverick laughed.

"Hey! New discovery!" Suddenly he called out again, found a photo from Wu Yongdong's wallet,

turned around and showed it to Maverick.

"What? She is that woman's daughter?" Maverick exclaimed, "That's your niece?"

Send the photo to Mei Qing.

In the photo, Wu Yongdong is holding the hand of a middle-aged beautiful woman with a bright smile. What's terrible is that

in the lower corner of the photo actually printed a line of words: On XX, XX, XX, a photo of Yu Zhuqing, Wu Yongdong, mother and daughter!

Now that the matter is up to now, Mei Qing can't deny it, so she nodded silently.

"No wonder, no wonder, they look a bit similar, haha!" Maverick is more interested in Wu Yongdong now

, he is pumping his cock excitedly. Yu Meiqing, who was below her, could only grit her teeth silently, moaning softly

with tears in her eyes.

"Is it necessary to write on the photo? It's strange! Hehe! It's much more beautiful than the photo on the ID card. If

can play with her, it will be exchanged for this bitch You are not wronged anymore!" A donkey said.

"Am I stupid?" Xiao Niu said while raping Mei Qing, "You are young and beautiful, maybe

even a virgin!"

"I know why she shot you as soon as she saw you. She wants to avenge her old mother! Who told you to run into that room

, and she ran into her." Ah The donkey took out the newspaper. Ever since he knew that Mavericks had been published, he went to buy

a newspaper. The newspaper clearly told him that Yu Zhuqing was raped and killed a month ago.

"Rape and murder? What a pity, such a beautiful woman!" Maverick said regretfully.

"Hey, now that policewoman must think you are a murderer."

"No, it's written in the newspaper, look, that big house doesn't belong to her mother, It was another man surnamed Shen

The policeman, the one surnamed Shen was also killed. Hey, it’s a mess, I don’t know which one is right!”

“It’s you stupid , people don’t even ask!” Ah Lv snorted and turned his head away.

"That's right!" Xiao Niu woke up like a dream, grabbed Mei Qing's hair, and asked, "Who is

the man in the video tape? The one named Shen is the same as you What's the matter with your niece? Who killed your sister?" For the past few days, I've only cared about lust, although I'm curious about the man in the video tape, I haven't really thought about who it is, and I haven't thought about it. Mei Qing knows.

"Yeah..." Mei Qing, who was suffering from headaches, held tears in her eyes, glanced at Mavericks, and said in a low voice, "Then...that the last name Shen...he...he is my sister and Dongdong's boss..." For the man who took hervirgin

, this man who has been controlling and raping her and her sister, How could Yu Meiqing not forget it deeply.

"Dongdong? Haha, it sounds so good!" Xiao Niu laughed, "So my next toy is called Dongdong!"

"Master...I...let me give it to him Let's play, don't mess with Dongdong... She is a policeman, you can't afford to mess with her,

She will die..." Mei Qing tried to "put herself in the shoes" for Mavericks, hoping that he would give up going to the police The

thoughts of Wing Dong.

"I can't afford it?" A donkey turned around suddenly, staring at Yu Meiqing fiercely, "I'm telling you, I'm

to give my friend face, don't think I'm still Afraid of you! When you fall into my hands, I will tell you to taste my strength!"

Thinking of her face back then, Ah Lu was very angry.

"It's's not about me...I'm talking about the police, the police are not easy to mess with!" Mei Qing defendedroad. Above

Above, Maverick was looking at the newspaper, had paused the rape, and instead rode on her back.

"Who am I afraid of! In short, I must make your life worse than death in my hands!" Donkey roared with fire eyes.

Seeing that this person is really unreasonable, Mei Qing can't continue to entangle with him. With his head down and his hands propped on the ground,

his godless pupils stared blankly out of the unreachable gate.

"Let me ask you, about your sister, does that Ding Ding Dong Dong know?" Maverick asked.

"She...she never knew..." How can my daughter know about such things? Mei Qing couldn't help crying again when she thought of her sister's hardships

for many years.

"Then tell me, who killed your sister?"

"It's Shen Fei! It must be him!" Mei Qing cried with tears. Except for screams and groans, this was the loudest

she had spoken since she was captured.

"Oh?" Maverick noticed that her expression was a little strange, and got off her back, facing her face.

"He...he's perverted..." Mei Qing didn't dare to meet Maverick's gaze, and lowered her eyes.

"I know! Go on!"

"He...he almost strangled me a few years ago..." Mei Qing said softly.

"Oh? >

Continued, "He was tied so tightly that my neck was a little breathless and I fainted. Later he saidfound

early, otherwise I would Just hanged..."

"So you think that's how he accidentally hanged your sister?"

"It must be him! It must be him!" Mei Qing Weeping and crying, "I've seen my sister's body, the scars from the rope

are all his usual tricks! And... and... and..." He hesitated to speak.

"What else?"

"My sister was raped and killed... Besides him, who else would treat my sister like that... My sister, she

Already more than forty years old... woo woo woo... died so badly..."

"Now the case is very clear!" A donkey stood up and said, "It must be What did your niece discover

, so she killed the person surnamed Shen! But you have to pay for the murder, and your niece wants to find a scapegoat, so your master just happened to go

She bumped into Shen's house for stealing something, so she just happened to be a big, white scapegoat!"He is a fan of detective films

, and now he is reasoning and reasoning, so he can't help but feel very moved I have a very good detective brain.

"No wonder she shot me as soon as she saw me, and didn't ask me!" Maverick thought thoughtfully.

"Hey!" A donkey sneered.

"No... Dongdong won't kill people... She must not be... You made a mistake..." Mei Qing saw that

the atmosphere was not right, and cried stand up.

"You said I was wrong?" A donkey stared at her fiercely.

"No... I didn't mean that..." The woman who didn't know how to speak for a while had to cover her face and cry

again. This kid, who is so bad at reading, why does he reason like a detective, reasoningthings

in the direction she least expects to hear!

"Hey!" Maverick sneered, "So that's it! Damn, you want to use me as a scapegoat? I have to fuck

that little bastard! Damn!" The more I think about it, the more itchy my teeth become.

"Donkey! If you really catch her, this slut will not only give you for nothing, that Dongdong or something, I'll fuck her with you

! Fuck her to death! Then sell it to be a chicken! Damn it!” Furious, Maverick yelled

ruthlessly. Now, it is no longer a matter of sex hunting, but a matter of revenge.

"OK! Then... can I collect a deposit first?" A donkey smiled lewdly.

"Deposit?" Maverick was stunned, suddenly realized, "Go! Fuck you until you're happy!" Stretched out and kicked Mei Qing

on the ass, poor woman One rolled to the donkey's feet.

"Hey! Thank you!" Ah Lv jumped on Mei Qing happily, grabbing her breasts vigorously, "Catch your

grandma! I'll catch you!" Years of resentment can finally be vented happily!

"It hurts..." Mei Qing screamed, and purple claw marks appeared on her beautiful breasts. She helplessly

looked at Maverick, but Maverick turned his eyes to the distant sky, as if there was Wu Yongdong who made him gnash his teethWu Yongdong



"It's Ms. Wu, right? My name is Lu Jun, and I'm a former student of Teacher Yu!" A donkey with an innocent expression,

Found Wu Yongdong.

"Hmm! Is that Lu Jun?" Wu Yongdong looked at this brat and said, "Do you really have news about my aunt


"I saw it a few days ago..." A Lu said, "I saw the missing person notice in the newspaper today, and I realized that Teacher Yu

turned out to be missing. So I will come to Miss Wu immediately. "The contact person "Wu

Miss" left on the missing person notice, and a mobile phone number.

"Which day?" Wu Yongdong asked.

"Well, probably..." A donkey looked up and thought about it, and said a time.

"That was the day my aunt disappeared!" Wu Yongdong lifted his spirits.

"That afternoon, I saw Teacher Yu at the train station, and I went over to call her. But she ignored me

and left in a hurry with a man ’” Ah Lu told the lie according to the fabricated lie.

"Where is she going? In or out of the train station?"

"Yes." A donkey said, "That man looks very strange, The hair is very long and the beard is messy.

I thought it was weird, so I followed him out to the suburbs."

"Going out of the city?" Wu Yongdong frowned, "You also think something is wrong?"

"Yeah, anyway, I had nothing to do that day, so I just kept following me!" A Lu said, "I saw Teacher Yu seemed to be a little bit weird It seemed too willing, so I was curious, so..."

"Where did they end up?" Wu Yongdong was eager to know the result.

"They kept walking, kept walking until they reached a village, and then they disappeared." Ah Lu watched Wu Yongdong's reaction from the corner of his eyes

from time to time.

"What village?" Wu Yongdong was obviously impatient.

"I don't know the name of the village..."

"Then do you know the way?"


"Okay! Take me there now!" Wu Yongdong couldn't wait.

Riding on his beloved motorcycle with a donkey on the back, Wu Yong galloped towards the suburbs like a winter wind.

A donkey with his hands behind his back is unavoidably distracted. In front is a beautiful female police officer.

The fragrance of the woman wafts faintly, exuding a charming aura, and the thing under Ah Lu's crotch is about to move.

"This appearance is really no worse than that Teacher Yu! Damn, she is so young, trade her for Yu

Mei Qing, Xiao Niu is really profitable Alright!" Donkey thought to himself. After fucking Mei Qing hard for a while the day before yesterday, Xiao Niu

didn't allow him to touch her again, saying that he had to whet his appetite before doing his best.

Donkey tidied up his crotch a little bit, so as not to look too impolite when the thing pushed it up.

The motorcycle has driven out of the urban area and onto the rough road. Suddenly there was a hole in the ground, and the car

shook. Although Wu Yongdong quickly controlled the balance, Ah Lu's body still shook.

"Ah!" A donkey screamed softly, shook it, smiled slyly, hugged Wu Yongdong

with both hands.

"What are you doing?" Wu Yongdong shouted.

"No... I can't sit still..." A Lu let go of his hand helplessly, squinting his eyes to reflect on the slender waist of the policewoman


"It's a pity that it was too hasty, otherwise she wouldn't be able to turn her face if she grabbed her tits..." A donkey thought.

"Sit still! Don't blame me if you fall to your death!" Wu Yongdong said angrily, increasing the accelerator. I gave this kid

a small bite of tofu for no reason, feeling very upset. I've been very angry recently and in a bad mood,

Now, of course, I'm even more angry with this kid.

"Damn! So fierce!" A donkey was furious, "I catch you later, I want you to look good, you stinky bitch

! Damn, It will make you cry and call your mother!" Seeing that the destination is approaching, A Luqi resisted the impulse.

Following the guidance of Ah Lu, the car slowly entered a small village. A donkey checked the surroundings, smiled

darkly, took out a small bottle of ether from his pocket, and poured it on a handkerchief.

"Slow down, we'll be there soon." A Lu said to Wu Yongdong in order to prevent injury when the car overturned. But as soon as he finished speaking,

He immediately frowned.

"Oops, I forgot she was wearing a helmet!" Because she was riding a motorcycle, Wu Yongdong wore a

helmet all the way here, and the windshield in front of the helmet covered her the whole face. Donkey was stunned, holding the handkerchief, but doesn't know

what to do.

"Are you there?" Wu Yongdong asked, the car was already driving very slowly.

"Well...almost..." A donkey was slightly flustered, and responded casually.

"Let me see, this should be Woniu Village..." Wu Yongdong stopped the car and looked around, probably because

the glass in front of the helmet interfered with his observation, I couldn't see clearly, so I took off the helmet.

Time waits! A donkey immediately covered her face with a handkerchief.

WuYong Dong's head was turned back, and when he saw something different, he instinctively shrank his head, and with a "pa", the handkerchief

was slapped on her right face.

"What are you doing?" Wu Yongdong shouted loudly. The donkey in the back didn't even talk, as soon as the handkerchief was stretched out, the other

hand immediately wrapped around Wu Yongdong's neck, strangled her neck, and the handkerchief that was covering the target flew towards her mouth again

"Bastard!" Wu Yongdong said angrily, turning his head to the side, and the donkey's handkerchief didn't reach the target again. Wu Yongdong

grabbed A donkey and strangled her arm with one hand, and blocked the handkerchief that was thrown towards it with the other, and the two of them on the motorcycle

were entangled immediately.

In terms of strength, Wu Yongdong is not very cheap, but her skill is far from what Ah Lu can match.

In the chaos, she pushed her elbow and opened a huge blow When he was free, he hit the donkey's face with his arm. Donkey let out a cry of "Ah"

, loosened his hands, wiped Wu Yongdong's face with his palms, and fell from the car to the ground.

A faint fragrance penetrated straight into his nostrils, and Wu Yongdong knew that he had already smelled a bit of the boy's handkerchief, it was ether

! Even if he smelled a little bit of ether, forgive me this kid is no match for her! Who is this kid? Why

plot against her? Wu Yongdong let out a "hum", pulled out his pistol, and jumped out of the car angrily.

"Idiot!" Donkey cried secretly, "Why didn't you steal her gun just now? She stole

gun while driving, I'm afraid she can't stop it!" But it was too late to regret it now, the pistol was pointed at him, and the angry

policewoman had already arrived in front of her.

"Who are you...who are you?" Wu Yongdong asked. Suddenly my head seemed to be slightly dizzy, but fortunately

I calmed down immediately.

"I... I..." The real situation cannot be said, of course, the donkey retreated on the ground, looking for

a chance to escape.

Not far behind, there is a fallen tree branch, which is half the thickness of the wrist and the length of the upper arm. While hesitating to deal with it, the donkey

stepped back, reaching slightly with his hand to the branches.

Wu Yongdong also knew that he had been tricked, so he shouldn't talk nonsense. Pointing a gun at Donkey with one hand, he took out the handcuffs

with the other hand.

Taking advantage of her distraction, Ah Lu grabbed the branch and slashed at Wu Yongdong's hand holding the gun. Before Wu Yongdong decided to shoot,

At that time, he had already slashed her wrist severely.

"Ah!" Wu Yongdong was in pain and dropped his pistol. But she reacted quickly, and immediately kicked

between the donkey's legs.

"Wow!" A donkey rolled his eyes white, left the branch, and rolled on the ground clutching his lower body.

"Bastard!" Wu Yongdong's right hand was so painful that he could hardly lift it, and the other hand was handcuffed.

He walked towards Donkey with a livid face.

Ah Lu knew that once she was handcuffed, he would be finished. Enduring the severe pain in his lower body, he struggled to get up, holding on to the big tree next to

, avoiding Wu Yongdong's close-up capture.

The ether in Wu Yongdong's body also began to attack, and his mind felt a little heavy, but fortunately, his steps were still flexible

, at least faster than the donkey who couldn't take a big step at all many. It didn't take long to catch up with him, and kickedA Donkey

in the back, kicking the kid straight out.

Before the donkey got up, Wu Yongdong had already pounced on him again, punching and kicking the donkey a series of times. This kid

is so hateful, let's vent his anger first, and then destroy his fighting power. Playing happily, but didn't notice that just injured

the branch in her hand fell beside the boy.

The consequences of negligence are predictable. Just when Wu Yongdong had had enough beating and was twisting one of Ah Lu's hands to handcuff him

, the branch swept across her hard and hit the crook of her leg. Wu Yongdong's left leg gave way, and he fell to his knees. Donkeyhas jumped up

and got up, holding a branch and slashing at her desperately.

The situation was immediately reversed, Ah Lu was beaten all over his body by her, and he was full of resentment in his heart, and he was merciless

. Although Wu Yongdong tried his best to evade, he was hit several times, and his head was bleeding immediately.

Now, both of them are hanged. Although Wu Yongdong was more flexible, the effect of ether completely lost these advantages. Although Ah Lu had a "weapon" in his hand, Wu Yongdong got rid of it not long after. A heroicfemale police

wrestled with a seventeen-year-old unscrupulous boy on this deserted village road.

Both of them want to capture their opponent alive, but they are unable to do so now. Although the donkey is a big

in hand-to-hand combat, he took advantage of it and ate a lot of tofu, but his fighting skills were not as good as his opponent, and he suffered more serious injuries

many. Both of them were a little dizzy, and they didn't remember that a pistol fell on the ground not far away.

The first thing that reminds me of a pistol is AhDonkey, but when he took aim at the opening and pounced on the pistol, Wu Yongdong detected his intention in time

and jumped on it. In the chaotic scramble, the pistol was swept under the motorcycle

that fell to the ground.

A donkey immediately pounced on the motorcycle, while Wu Yongdong dragged him by the hind legs. The final result was that Wu Yongdong took off

the shoes on the donkey's feet, but the donkey picked up the pistol first.

"Crack!" A donkey aimed at Wu Yongdong's leg and pulled the trigger. This bitch wants to catch someone alive. Raping a dead

is no fun. But unexpectedly, the pistol did not fire.

Wu Yongdong jumped up to avoid it, and found that the kid hadn't loaded the pistol, so he immediately rushed forward, flying a

kick right in his lower abdomen. The donkey held the pistol tightly in his hand and didn't dare to relax. He fell to the ground with a scream, got up

on his horse, turned around and ran. The most urgent task now is to learn how to load the gun first. Holding a deadly weapon and

not knowing how to use it is really shameful.

Wu Yongdong kicked him, and was about to catch up and take back the pistol, when suddenly his mind became dizzy again, knowing that

the ether had already volatilized in his body, how long would his mind last? It's really hard to say, let alone the pistol is still in the opponent's hand. Gritting his teeth

Gritting his teeth, he didn't care about the pistol anymore, rushed up to pick up the motorcycle, jumped on it, and the car rushed forward, shaking

wobbly go straight.

"Damn it!" A donkey shook his hand remorsefully, he just loaded the pistol in a hurry, but the target

had already run far away, only rolling all the way Flying dust.

"If I knew it earlier, I should have asked Maverick to hide here to help..." The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I became, if there were more

one person, I would have captured this woman alive just now Police! Thinking of going back to Mavericks' old house, and all he could do

watching him play with Yu Meiqing, Ah Lv slapped his head in frustration.

When Wu Yongdong woke up, he was already lying in the hospital. She clearly remembered that after her motorcycle staggered

into the city, it hit a roadside billboard, and then she passed out. Fortunately, she didn't faint

in front of that bastard, nor fainted under the wheels of the urban city.

What on earth does that kid want to do? Judging by his appearance, it seems that he is planning to kidnap me? Who is he? Is it

Shen Fei's relative? Do you want to avenge Shen Fei?

Confused, there was another terrifying scene of brains being split open by a kitchen knife, and Wu Yongdong couldn't help shivering


No! Will not! No one knows that I killed Shen Fei, no one knows!

"Your mother's death was purely accidental!" Shen Fei said that day, she still remembers it vividly, "We were just playing

SM's game. Just strangled her!" The bastard said it in such a nonchalant manner

that it was as if he were talking about the death of a dog.

"You're talking nonsense!" Wu Yongdong couldn't believe his ears that day. SM? Just kidding, I am pure and noble

Noble mother, play SM games with you? She roared angrily, she couldn't accept the fact that her mother was raped and killed, let alone

his slander on her mother's image.

"In fact, SM is a very normal game. We have been playing together for many years, and your mother also

enjoys it very much! This accident, I am also very heartbroken You know, how difficult it isto find a good SM partner

!" Shen Fei said while peeling an apple, ignoring Wu Yongdong's madness.

"Actually," he said, "Looking at your figure, you should be very suitable for playing SM. Zhu Qing was also very

resistant at first, but then she didn't know how much she played Happy, we play together almost every week. Think aboutOver the past ten years

How many times has your mother been at home on weekends? How about it? Believe it or not? "

"My mother has passed away, you are not allowed to slander her any more!" Wu Yongdong roared furiously, his face

flushed and twisted horribly, but Shen Fei didn't seem to see it. Wu Yongdong always felt thatAt that time

Shen Fei must have decided that she didn't dare to make it public, and this chick was definitely not his opponent when it came to fighting,So

Feel confident.

But looking back at what he said now, it seems that there are more than those reasons, he seems to want to have sex with her! Wu Yongdong

I remember that he said it very clearly, it was that sentence that killed him, he said: "SM is really fun?Do you want

Want to try it? You'll like it. Inherit the mother's business!"

He walked into the kitchen to wash apples while talking, and Wu Yongdong roared and followed him indifferently.

The last sentence "inherit the mother's business" deeply hurt the sad girl,Wu Yongdong who had lost his composure picked up a kitchen knife in the kitchen

and slashed on his head recklessly.

Just like that, the leader of the serious crime team of the 7th dan of Kendo was hacked to death in

his own kitchen without the slightest resistance. After calming down, Wu Yongdong carefully cleaned up the scene with the professionalism of a policeman, repeatedlyclearing

evidence that might be left behind, creating the illusion of burglary and murder, until it was confirmed that there was indeed no evidence. What cluestraces

stayed before they fled the scene in panic.

Sure enough, the colleagues still haven't found any suspicious clues despite their high attention. And that night

when she was routinely inspecting the crime scene, she accidentally found a thief who had jumped over the wall, which made her seem to have found a

way of relief , she quickly decided to find a scapegoat.

But she never expected that these plots that no one really found the flaws were actually guessed by a pickpocket who had no idea of ​​the outline of the incident.

Not far from ten. Wu Yongdong didn't expect that the kid who assaulted

just now had already identified her as the murderer of Shen Fei, and also guessed her purpose of blaming Mavericks.

But a phone call reminded her of many things quickly. Regardless of her injuries, she jumped up,

hurriedly left the hospital. The call came from the intelligence department, and the information they found was: Niu Yiqiang's father's

ancestral house is in Woniu Village!

Woniu Village! It's the village where I fought with that kid just now! Could that kid be Niu Yiqiang's accomplice


How did Niu Yiqiang know how to deal with her? He couldn't possibly know that he was intentionally blaming him! The inexhaustible relationship

I can't even think about it, the best way is to go there quietly and shoot the two boys together,

Everything is settled.

It's a pity that the gun fell into the opponent's hand. This matter can't be reported to the superiors, wait until the matter is settled, and we can get back the

gun. Anyway, when the time comes, it will be necessary to fabricate a lie to wipe everything away.

With wishful thinking, Wu Yongdong rode a motorcycle in the night and came to Woniu Village again. At the

entrance of the village, in order not to scare the snake away, she turned off the car, walked into the village, and walked quietly

according to the address provided by the intelligence department.


It really is an old house in a remote location, two miles away from the village where the villagers gather, surrounded by

It's farmland and hills. Wu Yongdong approached on tiptoe, and sure enough, he saw bright lights inside, obviously someone was there.

"Niu Yiqiang is indeed here!" Wu Yongdong thought to himself. He is the legal heir of this house, he should be the only

who will come to live here! While thinking about it, some voices came from inside, some from men and some from women.

"It seems that there are other accomplices..." Wu Yongdong thought about it, and decided to check the situation first, so that he could hit the target.

Don't miss it this time, otherwise things will be even more difficult to deal with. Immediately turned around the house, found

a hidden place, climbed onto the roof, and crawled lightly.

This is a standard old-style house with a small patio, followed by a hall. Wu Yongdong

Hiding on the top of the wall next to the patio, he was looking at the situation inside the hall.

There were two teenagers there, Wu Yongdong recognized them at a glance, they were Niu Yiqiang and the boy who attacked him today!

They really are a group! What made Wu Yongdong speechless was that there was another woman present!

A naked woman, with a collar tied around her neck, is kneeling on the ground. Niu Yiqiang was sitting on

her back, playing with her lower body with one hand. The woman sobbed softly, not daring to move.

Good boy, it turns out he was kidnapped and raped! For killing these two people, Wu Yongdong's only sense of guilt

has disappeared at this moment. However, there is a new problem that gives her a headache, that is, what should this woman

do? To kill her? it's not good! It would be best to convince her to lie for herself.

But she quickly dispelled her doubts in this regard, and replaced them with outrage.

Just when she was still surprised by the familiarity of the woman's cry, Niu Yiqiang said to A Lu:

"Don't stare! You caught the surname Wu That little police girl, your Teacher Yu is yours! At that timeyou like

play with her no one will stop you!"

Teacher Yu? aunt? That naked woman is my aunt? They captured my aunt, raped her, and finally

wanted to... want to catch me?

Wu Yongdong's chest was about to explode with anger, but in order not to alarm them, he had no choice but to hold back his anger and search for the best

attack opportunities and locations.

In this way, I don't worry about my aunt not lying for me. These two bastards are really hateful, but it's a pity that

the guns are with them, otherwise, hehe, two dog lives could be ended now.

"Hey! Donkey, I borrowed your gun." Niu Yiqiang below mentioned the gun, and Wu Yongdong pricked up his ears


"What are you doing?" Donkey took out a gun from his bosom, but did not hand it to Maverick. This is the spoils he won after he had a bruised nose and mouth and almost

lost his life, so he would not give it away easily.

"Nothing, just look. Don't you think it's interesting to use this thing to play with this bitch?" Maverick

laughed, and backhanded hard on Yu Meiqing's ass She slapped her hard, inserted a finger into her anus, and made a digging gesture


Ah Lv snorted and said, "I didn't say it's boring. But it's more interesting for me to play by myself!" For Xiao

Niu always bullies Yu Meiqing and hangs his Addiction is still largely dissatisfied.

"I've said it all, if you catch the policewoman who wants to blame me, this woman is yours! Damn, I want to make

a scapegoat!" Niu Mian was angry and said bitterly. If he didn't hate the person who framed him so much, he wouldreally

not willing to give up this mature beauty who has been trained so well.

Wu Yongdong was secretly startled: "How did he know that I wanted to blame him? It's impossible! How could they

know?" More determined. No matter what, we must get rid of these two brats

tonight! In a real fight, these two boys are not her opponents together, but this is their territory,

it's better to be careful.

"Well, let me lend you the gun, but we have to play together! Damn, let this bitch put on this lewd

look in front of me all day long Back and forth, you can only watch but not touch, you want to suffocate me?" A Lu put forward the conditions of retreating one step


"Well..." Maverick thought for a while and said, "Okay, but I can only touch it! I don't agree with you.

That thing is inserted Go!" His "woman" was raped face to face, Maverick was unwilling from the bottom of his heart.

"Then what about my thing?" A donkey said angrily. This can't work, that can't work, but this woman is the woman he wants to insult the most, and he can't help but get angry.

"At most, I'll let her use my mouth to help you solve it! One person takes a step back, so it's settled!" Maverick said


"Huh!" Although Ah Lu is still not very happy, but in any case, you can touch this woman, first save

get close to the fire. Watching the Mavericks play all day, I have long been suffocated. Immediately, he glared at Mavericks, waved his hand

and threw the gun over.

Opportunity! Seeing Ah Lu's gesture, Wu Yongdong immediately pulled out his baton and jumped off the wall.

"Who?!" Maverick and Donkey were startled, and turned their heads together. No one picked up the pistol thrown in the air.

It hit Maverick's heart, fell down, and hit the back of Yu Meiqing's head.

Yu Meiqing didn't even hum, she rolled her eyes and fainted immediately. Maverick missed the point, screamed

, jumped up from Yu Meiqing's snow-white back, and clutched his chest.

As soon as Wu Yongdong fell to the ground, he immediately flew up with a baton in his hand. Seeing the menacing approach, Maverick and Donkey jumped

respectively to avoid it. Wu Yongdong didn't allow them to get away easily, he had already planned how to make a move before jumping off the wall.

A donkey was injured in many places and his movements were inconvenient, so he became the first target to deal with. In a panic, he ran for two steps, and

stumbled to Yu Meiqing, who was unconscious on the ground. Before he could regain his footing, there was a "bang", and the baton was already

Hit him hard on the back. The donkey let out a loud cry, spat out blood, and fell to the ground, twitching


As soon as Wu Yongdong suddenly appeared, Maverick knew something was wrong. Seeing her throw such a heavy hand as soon as she made a move,

was so frightened that she lost her mind and ran away.

Unfortunately, this old house is actually not big, except for a few small rooms at the back, it is clear at a glance. Maverick naturally didn't

dared to hide in the room and was caught without a fight, and the way out of the door was facing Wu Yongdong, so he could only run around the tables and chairs in the hall

to escape.

Wu Yongdong snorted, bent down, and picked up the pistol from Yu Meiqing's side. Although my aunt is still in a coma

, but it is estimated that there is nothing serious, I have to restrain the kid surnamed Niu first.

Seeing him picking up the pistol, Maverick turned pale with fright. The last time I met her on the street, she already shot without any thought.

This time she knew that she wanted to catch her, so how could she be merciful? At a loss, he shouted indiscriminately

: "YouIt’s useless to have a gun, the bullets inside have been taken out long ago...” While holding on to the Eight Immortals table

in the hall like a monkey, bouncing around, flashing back and forth.

"Really?" Wu Yongdong was dubious, raised his pistol and aimed at the calf, with a "bang", the bullet grazed

the calf's scalp and hit the wall behind him.

"Oh my god!" Although he lowered his head in time to dodge, he almost died. The top of his head was hot, and blood

gushed down.

"Hey!" Wu Yongdong sneered coldly, "Want to fuck me? You wait for the next life! Go to the underworld to find Lord Hades

and cry for grievances!" The pistol aimed at Maverick's heart .

"You can't escape if you kill me!" The Maverick was trembling with fright, and threatened indiscriminately. At this moment, he saw

behind Wu Yongdong, the donkey was struggling to get up, and he only hoped that the police girl would not shoot too quickly, and he had to hold it first anyway

Say more.

A donkey was hit hard by the heavy baton just now, and his internal organs have been injured, and his whole body is almost

completely out of strength. But now the situation is critical, if the policewoman kills Mavericks, she will of course kill him

to silence her. Struggling with the strength of breastfeeding and sweating profusely, I happened to see a

rusty hoe under the table next to me, grabbed it in my hand, and wobbled Standing up, shouting loudly, exerting all strength,

flew towards Wu Yongdong.

"Looking for death?" Wu Yongdong sneered, and swept his legs back. The donkey with holes in his holes could not dodge in time.

He swept his lower abdomen with one leg, bent his body, Wu Yongdong The second leg came again, and kicked right in the middle of his two legs. AhDonkey monster

let out a cry, and the whole person collapsed limply, bent into a ball, and twitched while foaming at the mouth.

"Go to hell!" Wu Yongdong saw that he dared to sneak attack, thinking about the plot during the day, with a sneer smile on his face,

aimed at the donkey's crotch and flew again out.

The donkey couldn't even bark anymore, his eyes rolled. This kick just hit the bottom of his penis, and the two

balls were kicked flat at the same time, the body slid forward on the ground under the violent impact, and hit the threshold with its head, suddenly Shi Jin

The stars burst out in chaos, and he couldn't move anymore.

" don't mess around..." Maverick was so frightened that he couldn't even finish his words, tremblingly said, "

Do you want to know a secret ?” Talking nonsense, hoping to prolong his death.

"Hey! If you kill you, there will be no secrets!" Wu Yongdong sneered, aiming the pistol at

the calf again.

"Take! That woman on the ground is your aunt! It's your aunt!'s fainted, why don't you

see her?" the little cow pointed Seeing Yu Meiqing who had fainted on the ground, she cried out in a trembling voice.

"It's never too late to kill you!" Wu Yongdong's face twitched, and he pushed the pistol back into the barrel coldly.

"I... I have other... other secrets... you will never know if you kill me..." Maverick

was at a loss, his brain flashed, Suddenly, "Do you want to see how your mother died? I... I know

how she died..."

"Really? "Wu Yongdong's heart skipped a beat. The death of her mother was a heart problem for her, and Shen Fei's "insult",

Although Wu Yongdong firmly disbelieved emotionally, there was always a big question mark in his heart.

" turn on the TV, the video tape on the VCR..." Maverick said in a hurry.

As long as she hasn't fired a gun, the young man who has seen the god of death is trying his best to procrastinate, only hoping that the chance of survival will miraculously come


Wu Yongdong stared at Mavericks, thought for a while, the pistol was still pointed at his chest, he put the baton on his waist,

moved step by step to the front of the TV, turned on the TV and put the tape in the VCR.

Maverick watched her movements nervously. On the video, there will be a shot of this bitch's mother being fucked immediately

, and he carefully stares at the other party's reaction. Unexpectedly, as soon as Wu Yongdong inserted the video tape into the machine, the corners of his mouth

turned up coldly at the same time, and he pulled the trigger!

The calf was so frightened that he couldn't escape, so he squatted down. However, there was no sound of gunfire!

"Oops!" Wu Yongdong frowned. She suddenly remembered that when she came out with the gun today, there was only one

bullet left in the gun! And that bullet was wasted just now.

Drenched in sweat, Maverick roared fiercely, got under the Eight Immortals Table, put his hand on the edge of the table and pushed vigorously,

overturned the Eight Immortals Table and slammed into Wu Yongdong.

Wu Yongdong let out a hey hey, holding the upside-down table with one hand, and pulled out the baton from his waist with the other hand. Even without a

pistol, you boy can't escape. The opponent has no weapons, and he is obviously sure of winning.

However, a scream from the TV distracted her attention. Wu Yongdong

couldn't help but look at that familiar voice.

What a familiar face that is, her beloved mother! The mother is naked, with two huge

breasts dangling from her body, kneeling at a man's feet. The man was holding a whip and whipping her

on the back unhurriedly, while the mother screamed while closing her eyes, holding the man's penis in her mouth,The head

moved and sucked.

That look seems so intoxicating. Wu Yongdong's face became hot, and a strong sense of shame rushed over her face

, her hands trembled slightly.

As soon as Xiao Niu overturned the Eight Immortals table, he immediately raised a wooden stool and threw it at Wu Yongdong.

The old-fashioned mahogany furniture is very heavy, Wu Yongdong, who has not fully recovered from his senses, made a move, and the wooden stool

hit her arm heavily, causing a sharp pain , the baton she was holding fell to the ground, and was knocked down by the Eight Immortals Desk that she held uphalf-turned

. The machine suddenly fell, lightning

sprayed randomly, and then there was a burst of explosion sound of "Pili bang".

Wu Yongdong had no time to look at the enemy, so he took a few steps back quickly to avoid the Eight Immortals table that fell heavily. But there was a

staggering under his feet, he stepped on the baton he had thrown on the ground, his footing was unstable, and he was hit by the second wooden stool thrown by the calf

Middle, fell to the ground.

This fall was falling on the donkey. The donkey who was beaten into a daze was already almost unconscious.

After being pressed so hard, after a muffled cry, his head suddenly became sober. >Wu Yong

Dong hugged him by the waist.

Wu Yongdong bumped his elbow, hitting Ah Lu's heart. The donkey let out a loud cry, blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth, and with all his strength

sucking, he tightened his grip on Wu Yongdong's waist, refusing to let go no matter what.

Wu Yong Dongkong has martial arts skills, even if he is so entangled with this kid, it is difficult to break free for a while. Seeing that the calf has

swooped up, he stretched his legs and kicked.

Helpless at the moment, he couldn't go far enough, after kicking empty, the calf was castrated and the calf hadn't retracted, so the Maverick's hands

tightly grasped it.

"Stinky bitch!" Maverick roared ferociously, exerting all his strength, gathered on his right leg

, aiming at Wu Yongdong's crotch, with all his strength One kick, right on target!

The expression on Wu Yongdong's face instantly froze, and a strange scream came from his throat. Palely twitched.

"Damn it!" Maverick's life was almost lost in this woman's hands, and the man seemed to be furious in the anger.

Thunder-like fists and feet rained all over the body. Greeting Wu Yongdong. Poor female policewoman who was complacent just now,

can only barely protect her vitals with both hands at this moment, allowing his violent fists to fall on her flesh.

Once Xiao Niu gained power, he didn't dare to neglect his hands and feet. If he doesn't restrain this woman at this moment, when she recovers,

he still can't beat her. After the punches and kicks, she picked up the wooden stool from the ground and swung her body vigorously,

The wooden stool broke into several pieces with a few "chacha", Wu Yongdong screamed Bending into a ball, the whole body twitched non-stop.

Xiao Niu immediately grabbed the rope that had tied Yu Meiqing just now from the ground, and strangled it around Wu Yongdong's neck.

The policewoman who had lost her resistance moaned in Hehe, her face was flushed from being strangled, her feet kept kicking, and she collapsed on the ground

, writhing in pain moving.

Ah Lu breathed a long sigh of relief, loosened his hands, and let go of Wu Yongdong's waist. Just now Maverick beat her up fiercely, and he also suffered a lot from those ruthless forces. This time I let go, my whole body feels limp.

I can't lift a bit of strength, but the pain from head to toe, especially in the genitals is so painful that there are beads of sweat on the forehead Streaming,

But apart from panting, he couldn't move at all.

Xiao Niu had no time to care about him, so he took out the handcuffs from Wu Yongdong's waist, twisted her hands behind her back, and handcuffed the policewoman with a "ding" sound


"How are you?" The relieved Maverick wiped the sweat off his face and asked Donkey.

"I... I... I'm fine... But it hurts... This eighth woman... Wow... It's so hard!" A donkey

moaned, "This Girl, you caught her, isn't that woman mine now?"

"Hey! It's yours!" Xiao Niu said. Looking back at Wu Yongdong who was still twitching on the ground, the nameless

fire burst out again, holding her body, palms facing her face, "Pili Pa La" swept ten times in a row. A few slaps


"Good boy! You are ruthless! When my colleague comes, let's see where you run away!" Wu Yongdong hoarsely shouted


"Colleague? You have a fart colleague, and if you have a colleague, you won't be caught by me! Damn, do you want my life?"

The more Maverick thought about it, the more angry he became. The punch hit Wu Yongdong's lower abdomen again.

Wu Yongdong's internal organs seemed to be writhing all of a sudden, he let out a "vomit", spewed out

a mouthful of white foam, and then coughed uncomfortably.

"Damn it, let's see what I can do to you!" Maverick lifted the rope again. He was still not at ease with only one handcuff

He was not at ease, so he used a rope to add another rope to Wu Yongdong's hands, and tied the rope tightly to the big pillar

Go on. Wu Yongdong's whole body was in pain, even a little movement would be unbearably painful, and he couldn't resist at all, so he had to open his eyes

and listened to him while thinking of ways to get out.

No one should come to rescue her. She came here to kill people, so of course she didn't tell her colleagues.

When the task force learned about Niu Yiqiang's ancestral house from the intelligence department and brought the team here, it might be tomorrow at the earliest. Noon.

There is still a solution to the rope that binds the hands, but the handcuffs brought by oneself are a big trouble, and of course

cannot be undone without the key, this is really a cocoon. Wu Yongdong had no choice but to hope that Xiao Niu would not search for

the key on him, and wait for him to untie it when he fell asleep.

But the wishful thinking was broken immediately. The donkey next to him struggled to sit up on the ground, panting:

"I'm dying of pain, maybe... maybe I have to go to the hospital."

"Hospital?" Maverick Said, "In the middle of the night, you want to run into the city? If you are caught by the police..."

"Don't worry, you are a criminal...I'm not...I...I also Don't go to a big hospital, just...

Just find a furniture clinic..." A Lu groaned, "Give me a few hundred."

"I don't have a few hundred block!" Maverick stared.

"You don't have it, this girl must have it!" Although Ah Lu was seriously injured, his mind is not confused.

"That's true!" Xiao Niu said, and immediately searched her body. There are not many pockets on her leather jacket,

Maverick immediately took out the key of the handcuffs from the first pocket. Maverick smiled coldly and put the key away.

Wu Yongdong secretly complained, but there was nothing he could do. All the things in the leather jacket were turned out, including a

small wallet, two bunches of keys, and a mobile phone. I flipped through my wallet, but there were more than a thousand dollars.

Maverick threw the wallet to Donkey and said, "Can you walk?"

"You have to go if you can't walk! Are you going to accompany me?" Donkey Humph. I tried my best to stand up, found a wooden stick as a

crutch, and limped out.

"I can't accompany you, I have to watch the captives!" Maverick said from behind the donkey, "But it's okay to avenge you

!" Jie laughed , and kicked Wu Yongdong's crotch again. When she kicked the donkey

just now, the calf broke out in a cold sweat, and now he just followed the example of the gourd.

Wu Yongdong screamed again, he had been kicked heavily there just now, and the pain was already unbearable, now

he rolled his eyes and bent his knees , curled up into a ball, bent on the ground and kept trembling.

As soon as the calf was in shock, his hands and feet felt sore, and he sat down panting. Seeing the mobile phone that was

found on Wu Yongdong's body on the table, he was playing with it in his hand, and suddenly saw the police chief's hand in the address book

Phone number, I had an idea.

"Suddenly found an urgent clue to solve the case. I will leave the local area for a few days. If there is news, I will report back as soon as possible. I will ask the police chief for leave! Yong Dong." A short message was sent to the police. long phone. And Wu Yongdong's mobile phone turned off immediately after

sending the text message.


Wu Yongdong's beautiful face was distorted, and his sweat-drenched face turned pale. She was still curled up into a ball,

struggling to endure the severe pain all over her body. That bastard Niu Yiqiang, after resting for a while, beat her


"You want to kill me? You want me to be a scapegoat? Your grandma's!" Roaring, Maverick waved his fist

and landed on the chest of the captured policewoman. Belly, thigh.

"Do you know what I'm going to do to you, bitch?" Maverick punched Wu Yongdong's soft chest.

Wu Yongdong's whole body was in excruciating pain, he was kicked twice in the crotch, and he was already trembling and unable to move. Hateful eyes

stared at the Mavericks, but there was nothing left to say.

"Damn, don't talk, right? Let's see how I deal with you?" The fist touched Wu Yongdong's breasts, and his chest felt more

It was a big blow, and shouted, "Your aunt is fucking me to death, you just wait and suffer!" Mention

to Yu Meiqing , looking at the ground, the poor woman was in a coma for a while, her hands had already started to move slightly,

she was about to wake up soon.

"Tie it up first, so as not to get in the way for a while." Maverick thought to himself. Lifting Yu Meiqing's body,

let her sit on a grand teacher's chair in front of Wu Yongdong, separated her legs and hung them on the armrests on both sides, and then tied her tightly with rope

Tightly tied, grabbed Wu Yongdong's mobile phone on the table, and stuffed it into Yu Meiqing's cunt with a grinning grin.

" scum..." Seeing his aunt being insulted like that, Wu Yongdong gasped, gritted his teeth and cursed


"Hey, to deal with a bastard like you, you have to use a scum like me!" Maverick turned around, raised his leg

and followed Wu Yongdong's Another kick between the crotch.

"Oh!" Wu Yongdong's whole body shook, his teeth clenched his lower lip, he tilted his head up, and let out a muffled

hum. The extremely fragile skin of the woman's lower genitals suffered heavy injuries one after another, even though Wu Yongdong's body has always been hard

, the pain went straight to the bone marrow.

Maverick smiled darkly, squatted down, separated her leather jacket to the sides, grabbed the collar of the T-shirt inside

and pulled it hard.

Can't pull it apart. Mavericks are not a strong man in the first place, let alone after a fight now? He tugged hard

again, and simply picked up the rusty hoe that Alu dropped when he was trying to attack Wu Yongdong from the side, and scratchedthe front of the T-shirt

Open a hole, and then pull it hard, the T-shirt was torn with a crisp sound, from the neck down to the belly

, revealing the black bra on the chest.

"If you dare to touch me, I will make you die ugly!" Wu Yongdong shouted with his eyes open.

"I want to touch it! Do you still want to walk out of this door alive? Hehe!" Maverick sneered, and a pair of kinky claws stretched out. The lump of flesh was grasped together with the bra covering it.

"I'll touch you, how about it! I'll grab your tits!" Maverick smiled at Wu Yongdong's face like a demonstrator.

"Get out of the way! You fucking scum, get out of here!" Wu Yongdong's hands were tied tightly, and his two

feet that were still moving were kicking around. The calf was laughing, and rode on her lower abdomen, causing her kicking legs to miss the target

, and then pushed up the bra, a pair of snow-white breasts Bounce out.

"Bastard!" Wu Yongdong cursed angrily, writhing on the ground like a loach. I wanted to use this kid as a scapegoat, but I didn't expect that it would fall into his hands if I was not careful.

"Curse, scold! Let me see how I deal with you!" Maverick said, grabbing two breasts that kept shaking

with both hands. The skin on the outside of the policewoman's clothes was a little tanned, but the inside of the clothes was still fairpleasantly.

The two lumps of breast meat are soft and slippery, with a pair of small nipples standing on the pink areola in the middle, with a light touch, the woman on the

on the ground will be Writhing and screaming like crazy.

The calf waved his hands together, one left and one right, rising and falling, patting a pair of tender breasts that kept shaking, the two balls were still white a few seconds ago

The smooth breasts were instantly covered with red marks. Wu Yongdong's eyes seemed to spew fire, and he glared at the calf viciously

, but following the slapping of the other party, his whole body ached and humiliated, but he couldn't help crying
Make a


Maverick pinched Wu Yongdong's two nipples with both hands, lifted them up, and then twisted them hard, coldly

glanced at Wu Yongdong, and murmured: " Why is this nipple so small?"

Wu Yongdong yelled like crazy: "None of your business! You scum, let me go! Let go!"

The nipple hurts, I didn't even dare to twist my body anymore, it hurt even worse.

"I guess I should let it go or not?" Maverick was so powerful that he couldn't help feeling a lot more relaxed, and was about to

tease this wicked woman.

Twist the index fingers and thumbs of the left and right hands tightly at the same time, pinch the two small nipples fiercely, and pull them upwards, Wu Yongdong's two round breasts are immediately pulled into a cone shape, The skin on the tip was pulled up tightly, and the whole upper body struggled up

to relieve the pressure on the nipple.

"Ah! Bastard! Ah..." Wu Yongdong screamed loudly, his bound hands kept pulling the rope tied to the post

, bright eyes Tears flashed in the middle, a pair of tall legs kicked the ground, and the severe pain

on the nipple seemed to make her forget the wounds in other places on her body, and a little sweat oozed from her forehead beads.

"Haha! The dead mother-in-law knows how powerful I am, right? You have to suffer!" Maverick loosened his hands, two

The nipple bounced back like a spring, the two breasts were bouncing and trembling, and Wu Yongdong's mouth let out a strange


"Sounds so nice, isn't it great?" Xiao Niu said, after releasing his hands from his nipples, he slapped his palm again

on one breast At the bottom, the still bouncing breasts accelerated the beating speed again, and even Wu Yongdong felt that the bouncing flesh of the breasts was a little sore.

" stop! If you stop now, I will consider letting you go..." Wu Yongdong gritted his teeth

. Although the mouth is still stiff, but the tone has been relieved a lot.

"Forgive me?" Xiao Niu slapped Wu Yongdong's face heavily, and said in an evil voice, "Damn, you think you are

imposing, don't you? Still want to Are you trying to pinch me to death as a scapegoat? Damn you! Damn you!" After slapping her left cheek with the forehand

, she slapped her right cheek with the backhand .

"You bastard, if you are majestic, kill me if you have the guts!" Wu Yongdong's head was swaying from side to side

as he slapped him, struggling to resist his voice.

"You think I don't dare?" Xiao Niu grasped both sides of her face with both hands, grabbed her hair with one hand, facing

her face looked at each other, her eyes It seemed to radiate a wild light.

Wu Yongdong suddenly felt guilty. I looked at him for two seconds, broke free from his hand with my head, turned my head away

, and closed my eyes slightly.

Xiao Niu grinned, patted her face with his hand, and said, "It's not now that I want to kill you. It's hard to catch such a beautiful chick.

It’s too wasteful to insert the small hole!”

“How dare you!” Wu Yongdong turned around fiercely, and shouted with round eyes.

"Why don't I dare! What do you think you are? Your old lady has been playing with that surname Shen for more than ten years, even drinking his urine

, your aunt even more Needless to say, I have planted flowers for me a long time ago..." Maverick said triumphantly,

Turning his head to look at Yu Meiqing who had her legs spread apart and tied to the chair. Yu Meiqing woke up at some point, trembling

, looking at everything in front of her eyes with blurred tears, but she didn't dare to make a sound.

"It's a pity that the TV is broken, otherwise you can appreciate how your dead ghost old lady is playing with people.

Wow! But look at your aunt, it's almost the same , look, there is your mobile phone in her hole, look at how cool she is

, her hole is moving, two tits are shaking, how cheap !" Mavericks danced pointing

and paddled, looking at Wu Yongdong's pale face and slightly trembling body after hearing every word he said, happy

Gotta laugh out loud.

"You're a bitch, you know? Bitch!" Maverick concluded.

"You're talking nonsense!" Wu Yongdong shouted in shame and indignation, "You dirty bastard, let us go!

You dead bastard!"

"You still dare to scold me? You really don't know what to do!" Xiao Niu sneered, untied the belt around Wu Yongdong's waist, and pulled

her trousers down.

"Bastard! Stop it!" Wu Yongdong shouted angrily, kicking his legs and twisting his body. Reluctantly, he is now under the control of

others, after some hard work, he still took off the trousers and fell heavily on her face.

"Still wearing such sexy underwear?" Maverick laughed. Wu Yongdong lowered his body, wearing black underwear that matched his

bra. After the trousers were taken off, he was alone in the middle of the snow-white thighs and belly, making him even more

Very sexy.

Mavericks didn't say a word, he pulled the edge of his underwear with both hands, and took it off without any effort.

"Bastard! Bastard! Stop..." Wu Yongdong's face flushed with shame, his legs were tightly clamped, revealing only

a small pile of light black pubic hair on the pubic mound , trembling in embarrassment.

"Hey!" Maverick ignored her, stood up, and untied his belt.

"What are you doing! Bastard! Let me go..." Wu Yongdong knew what he wanted to do, but the woman who was stripped naked

had no confidence no matter how tough she was , tremblingly shouted, "You...don't mess around...Iwon't

let you go..."

"Knowing that I want I raped you, I still ask!" Xiao Niu took off his pants, revealing a pair of black

dangling in front of Wu Yongdong's eyes.

"I tell you... you stop now, there is still time... I... I... I promise not to pursue you again

just..." Seeing the bad luck of being raped Right in front of his eyes, Wu Yongdong raised his heart to his throat, and couldn't help

feeling frightened.

"I'm telling you, bitch!" Maverick pulled Wu Yongdong's leg and forcibly separated it, "Old

I’m going to play with you today, whether you accept it or not, if you are smart, spread your legs obediently and ask me to fuck you,

Don’t suffer from me a few times fist! "Forcibly separated her legs with his knees, and carried one of her legs to his shoulders with one hand,

forcing her pussy to be exposed, ready to be raped.

The poor policewoman was already covered in bruises, and after a beating, her strength was no match for Mavericks at all.

After being forced to separate the legs, the red and swollen pussy was exposed. There were a few violent kicks by the calf, and there were many bruises on the vulva

and inner thighs.

The lower body of the beautiful woman is close in front of her eyes, and the calf is full of lust. No matter what, he spit some saliva into the palm of his hand

, rubbed his cock, and put on a good posture, no matter how painful Wu Yongdong was, the cock was aimed at her carefully The

meat seam is inserted immediately.

"Don't..." Wu Yongdong burst into tears, he was so majestic, but in the end he was deprived of his virginity by this vile kid

, and all his arrogance suddenly disappeared So clean, as big as a delicate little girl

crying, "No... help... you go away... ah..."

"No one will save you! Look at your aunt, you are about to be raped, and she only cares about her own pleasure, and she doesn't even say a word... I advise you to keep it Make the bed easier!" Maverick wasted no time in teasing her, but

lower body didn't stop, as soon as the dick squeezed into the narrow meat gap, he poked it hard.

"Ah... you bastard... stop... ah..." Wu Yongdong's pussy, which was already in pain, was forced into it by

, and the pain suddenly broke out in cold sweat What's more, she's still a virgin.

"It's very are still a virgin, right?" Mavericks showed a cruel smile on his face, "It's intentional

I left it until today for Lao Tzu to break Right?" The dick inserted into the virgin's pussy was crispy and numb, very itchy and uncomfortable

He breathed out lightly, pushed his buttocks, and the front end of the dick pressed against the hymen.

" don't want to..." Wu Yongdong was shy and anxious, gritted his teeth in pain, his chest kept heaving,

two petite nipples trembled Yes, wailed, "Please, stop, please? I promise I will never trouble you again

... I swear!"

"Fa Swear by your mother!" Maverick smiled coldly, slowly pulled out a little bit of his cock, and shouted, "When I fuck you

to death, stop naturally!" The lower body moved forward fiercely Ting, the cock suddenly made the last obstacle, reaching Wu Yongdong

deepest part of the vagina.

"Ah... wow... you bastard... I'm going to tear you into pieces... ah..." Wu Yongdong's lower body

felt a sharp pain again, knowing that he The most private part of the woman has been completely occupied, and the minddizzy for a while,

was so angry that she cursed.

"What a bitch! I'd like to see if it's you or me!" Xiao Niu pressed Wu Yongdong's legs hanging on his shoulders

onto her own In front of her chest, her lower body pressed against her pussy which was opened by the city gate, and the dick was thrust hard

hard, and the gun hit the flesh.

Wu Yongdong's whole face was twitching uncontrollably from the pain, wailing continuously, he couldn't even curse,

just shaking his body, clutching the rope tightly, With every thrust of the calf, there was a shrill scream.

"Damn, you scream like a pig, trying to kill people?" Xiao Niu said. He picked up the black underwear that he had just thrown on the ground

, and stuffed it into the little mouth that was opening and screaming non-stop.

Wu Yongdong's screams suddenly stopped and turned into a low sob. It's not like crying, and it's not like laughing, only the gazeon the calf's face is as hot as fire


Just as the howling on this side stopped, the low crying that had been covered behind gradually sounded. Maverick turned around, only to see

Yu Meiqing's naked body was still tied to the chair and trembling, but her face was already full of tears, and she was in pain

sobbing. She saw everything that happened to her niece, but she couldn't help it. She has been afraid to make a sound,For many days

the abuse and adultery, she knows that making a sound is impossible to help, not only will she get in, but also

It can only increase his tyranny to Dongdong.

"Why are you crying?" Maverick shouted, "Is it jealous? I raped her. If I have the strength, I will naturally play with you


Yu Meiqing stopped crying, her eyes met Maverick's fierce face, she immediately lowered her head and continued to tremble.

"Woooo..." Wu Yongdong couldn't speak, and shook his head vigorously, showing a fierce expression as if he wanted to bite

the calf.

Xiao Niu sneered, he has already gained power over this bitch, the best way to deal with her is to

fuck her hard! He slapped Wu Yongdong with a wave of his hand, pressed her legs onto her shoulders, made her buttocks

upturned, grabbed her ankles with both hands, and supported the ground, The body bent down, the lower body moved quickly, the cock whirred

repeatedly, and violently thrust into Wu Yongdong's meat hole.

Wu Yongdong's beautiful face turned blood red, his feet arched upwards, and the soles of his feet twitched violently. Her head

was tilted backwards, and her neck, which was originally small and cute, was already bulging with blue veins, and the wholered neck

seemed thicker Halfway through, a painful groan came out of his throat.

"Thug you to death! I'll fuck you to death!" Maverick growled ferociously with a fierce look in his eyes. His panting

became more and more rapid, and his thrusts also became more and more rapid, Wu Yongdong's body almost convulsed under the bursts of convulsions,

But the painful rape didn't end there.

"Woo... let her be spared..." Yu Meiqing finally spoke out. Seeing her sister's only flesh and blood

in extreme pain, her heart was sore and painful, and she couldn't help but boldly speak softly.

"Are you courting death? Shut up!" the Maverick roared.

Yu Meiqing shut up, but Maverick vented her anger, and the semen spurted out like a cannonball. Wu Yongdong

The twitching of her hands and feet stopped, but her body that was pressed below was still, and after a few shakes,

was like He collapsed on the ground like a dead fish, unable to move any more.

"Bitch!" Maverick has vented physically, but the resentment in his heart is far from there. Standing up, she glared at Yu

Mei Qing glanced back, then glared at Wu Yongdong again, raised a stinky foot, and stepped on Wu Yongdong's chestDong with the dirty sole

On the raised breasts, I rubbed it. Thinking about it still didn't relieve her hatred, she raised her leg to point at her

pussy where her semen started to flow out, and kicked her hard again!

"Oh!" Wu Yongdong's beautiful big eyes almost protruded, his body trembled again after being ravaged, his legs

trembled a few times, and his buttocks pushed up Top, gasping for air and limp on the ground again.

"Damn! Are you looking for death?" Xiao Niu walked up to Yu Meiqing with a fierce expression, and Yu Meiqing, who was already trembling with fright, lowered her head in fear.

"Are you begging? Take care of yourself!" Maverick grabbed her hair and flicked it vigorously. Yu Meiqing

screamed loudly, but her body was tightly tied up, and she fell to the ground together with the chair, her head hit the ground with a boom

, All of a sudden Venus burst out.

Maverick walked up coldly, grabbed his hair again, supported his softened penis with one hand, aimed at

slapped her face, and cursed : "Bitch! You don't even think about who you are!" The penis was covered with semen andWu Yong

Dong's blood, sprayed onto Yu Meiqing's face little by little. The poor woman didn't dare to make a sound at this moment, she just wailed again and again.

"Being cheap!" Maverick was still angry, stood up, took a look, raised his legs, and aimed at Yu Meiqing's wide open mouth The pussy is also kicked hard.

"Ah... forgive me..." Yu Meiqing screamed, her body still tied to the chair writhing. Her vagina

was also stuffed into Wu Yongdong's mobile phone, so kicked so hard, the mobile phone rubbed against the soft fleshy wall in the meat cavity,

was pushed into the deepest part of the vagina.
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