Liquid Perfume System (51-60)

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【Perfume System】

Author: Not Drowsy


Silently pursing his lips, he stretched out his hand and dragged her to the sofa. Su Zixiwrapped her white and tender hand and squeezed it in the palm: "I'm going out for a while, are you okay?"

Lian Xin took advantage of the situation and sat between the two, nodding: "Okay."

"Well~~" Su Zixi's expression gradually became serious, "I have something to say."

He opened the bronzing invitation on the table: "Tomorrow, at home A charity dinner is going to be held, the main reason is that the ancestorscome to accompany, meet everyone, and ask Feng Dong to show respect." He glanced at Feng Qining.

Feng Qining frowned: "No time, no, I'm going to South Africa tomorrow."

Lian Xin turned to look at him, and he stretched out his hand to gently pinch her tender face , explained: "There is an urgent matter at home."

Su Zixi smiled: "It doesn't matter, whether you like to come or not, this matter is mainly related to Lian Xin."

eyebrow question.

Lian Xin was at a loss.

Su Zixi coughed and looked at Lian Xin: "My grandfather, this new wife~~ is called Yu Qingqing."

Lian Xin's eyes suddenly widened.

~~ Same name?

"It is said that it is your mother."

After a moment of silence, Feng Qining's broad chest shook, and he rarely laughed.

Su Zixi didn't bother to talk to him, and just looked at Lian Xin: "She said she had been separated from you for many years and wanted to find you."

Just hanging down, his expression was light and no emotion could be seen.

Feng Qining sneered: "Lian Xin's biological mother is your grandma, so you should call her Aunt Lian Xin, my good nephew."

Su Zixi's peachy eyes twitched , Give me a supercilious look.

"Okay, I'll change the itinerary, and I'll take Lian Xin to the banquet tomorrow."

Su Zixi's eyes were frosty, staring at Feng Qining with a bad expression.

Feng Qining looked back coldly: "Otherwise, we have to meet each other. It's better for me to take her than you to take her. The situation in your house is already chaotic enough, don't let Lian Xin is going to go to the muddy water again, oh, I have already brought Lian Xin to meet your eldest brother, I have a good time with you, after tomorrow I will take Lian Xin to walk around in front of all the Su family, Su Zixi, you are basically You canretire from the stage of history."

Su Zixi looked at him quietly, but he didn't expect that he would only leave for such a period of time, Feng Qining secretly did many things: "Is it interesting?"

Feng Qining refused to let him look directly at him.

"I thought we wouldn't go so far as to lose face." Su Zixi shook his head lightly.

"Su Zixi," Feng Qining said in a deep and cold voice, "Give up, think about your family, environment, and the current chaotic relationship between you and Lian Xin. You Unlike me, the Su family has half a foot in the political circle. It is impossible for your uncle to allow you to have any story that can be written with the daughter of your legal grandmother, not even pornographicnews Possibly."

Su Zixi narrowed his eyes slightly: "I can't stop." At least physically, he couldn't stop at all. He raised his eyes to look at Feng Qining, "I don't know if you understand, I can't give up, difficulties are for solving, when have I ever been afraid. Besides, for a woman , I think you are very unreliable, let her to you, I don't worry, youwhat to do when you get tired of bullying her in the future, what to do if you abandon her, you know how hard your hands are. "

Feng Qining sneered, feeling that he heard something ridiculous in the world: "I'm not reliable? Am I notreliable than you?"

Su Zixi snorted and looked up. He wanted to touch Lian Xin's face to appease him, but found that she wasn't listening to the dispute between the two at all, but was engrossed in eating the walnuts in the fruit plate, until his saliva dripped out.

Su Zixi: ~~ Feng Qining: ~~ Feng Qining clicked his tongue, helped her squeeze a walnut with one hand, and threw it to her in disgust.

Lian Xin licked the saliva from the corner of her lips and muttered: "Isn't this a paper-skinned walnut? It's so thick and hard that you can't even bite it."

Su Zixi stood up speechlessly, unbuttoned his collar, untied his belt, pulled Lian Xin up with one hand, held her buttocks and hugged her into his arms, buried her in her neck and sniffed her charming body. Fragrant body, bowed his head and kissed her.

He shouldn't be talking nonsense and wasting time.

Feng Qining's face darkened, and he stared at him.

With Lian Xin hanging on the man's back, Su Zixi, who is superb in kissing skills, kissed her soulfully.

Su Zixi took off her clothes and originally wanted to carry her to the bed in the room, but after his lips touched Lian Xin, the tingling desire that suddenly shot up from the spine to the scalp made him unable to Move around.

Lian Xin's petite and enchanting white tender body was wrapped around the man's high-spirited body, her slender waist and round buttocks could not help twisting.

Su Zixi rubbed Lian Xin's soft body like spring waterBody, perhaps because I haven’t fucked her for a long time, the desire surged violentlyfor a while, I couldn’t bear it, I directly pressed her on the sofa, separated the two plump white legs, revealing the woman’s legs and trembling heart He took off his trousers, and his long and thick penis slightly moved up and down, resting on Lian Xin's waterylittle red and tender flesh. He turned his head to look at Feng with an extremely displeased expression Qi Ning: "If you can't bear it, you can quit." Holding the penis, he slid back and forth on the slit of the flesh, and opened the slit of the lips with the head of the big penis to fuck it in.


The chants of men and women sounded at the same time.

Lian Xin received a blow, and was inserted long and thick. Su Zixi's penis is very big, and the coronal groove is very high. Every insertion will iron out thousands of folds in the vagina It was very flat, and every twitch made the pussy feel cool and itchy. She kicked up her legs, wriggled the meat of the pussy hard, and clamped the thick root of Aisha.

Feng Qining watched Su Zixi fuck his woman up and down on his sofa from a close distance, and watched with his eyesa thick sling supporting Lian Xin's narrow pussy Opening his eyes, taking a deep breath, grinding his teeth, and monopolizing Lian Xin for the past few days has indeed reduced his tolerance limit step by step.

Su Zixi's cock was coming in and out of Lian Xin's vagina, her two labia were soft and pitiful, and she was constantly being turned in and out by that rude and rude guy. Weak.

Su Zixi is like a giant tree that has been dry for a long time and has met with rain. He can't wait to rub Lian Xin's plump tits, straighten his waist and send his buttocks,In front of Feng Qining, he shrugs his waist and limbs, loving her fiercely Lian Xin's firm buttocks rose up and down, splashing obscenity in front of Feng Qining's eyes.

Lian Xin was being fed hard and hot, sometimes she was scratched so that her inner wall trembled all over, and sometimes she was thrust into oh oh waves, she jumped over Su Zixi's broad back and raised herself Seeing Feng Qining's dark and ugly face, she felt sorry for him, and wanted to make him happy, so she stretched out a dangling little hand, and called him softly and charmingly: "Husband~~ />You~~come~~don't~~get angry~~"

Feng Qining pulled her face to catch her breath, stretched out her wide palm to catch her little hand, and rubbed it.

Su Zixi's beautiful peach blossom eyes looked down at Lian Xin, the eyes were originally full of spring water, but suddenly became a little unhappy: "You call him husband?"

He He leaned down and hugged her, poked her sensitive point trickily with his penis, and coaxed softly in her ear: "What about me, what am I? Huh?"

Lian Xin yelled, Su Zixi pulled the cock to the mouth of the hole, and only inserted it shallowly, not satisfying her, and asked her repeatedly: "What about me?"

Lian Xin said to the point Suddenly the inside was empty, empty and itchy, the inner wall twitched reflexively, gurgling lewd fluid, couldn't help but want to swallow his glans: "Su Zixi~~"

Feng Qi Ning stretched out his hand to help Lian Xin rub her breasts, hung his palm over his breasts, let Lian Xin's dangling nipples be rubbed against his palm, and looked at Su Zixi coldly: "If you don't do it, make room, I'm missing you A dick?"

Su Zixi sighed, leaned down and fucked deeply.

Lian Xin was once again full and swollen, she moaned, kissed the mole at the corner of Su Zixi's eyes, and whispered delicately: "You are also a husband~~"

Su Zixi smiled, straightened his waist, fucked into Lian Xin's palace mouth and rubbed deeply, buried his head in sucking her nipples that were shaking and making circles,he held Lian Xin's pink and warped nipples, Suck it in his mouth and stretch it, then loosen it, let the plump breasts sway in circles, while heaving his waist and hips, he tilted his head to look at Feng Qining and said, "Look, it's a bright face Youare dominating her alone, as long as you don't look at her, I might sneak over to suck her big tits and penetrate hertender pussy, maybe you fell asleep At that time, I would fuck her right next to your face, like now, forever, Can you stand it? If you can’t stand it, quit.”

Feng Qining sneered: “There’s a lot of nonsense, Su Hospital."

"Don't be too moved, Feng Dong."

"How can you be better, give birth to a child and it turns out to be mine, and two blowflies interact with each other. Bilu,Is it interesting?"

"It's okay, it's interesting."


Lian Xin thought they were noisy Annoyed, he raised his voice and yelled, touched a handsome face with one hand, moved down along the same strong and broad chest muscles of the two men, and slid across the tight abdomen with different textures.

Lian Xin's fingers lingered on Feng Qining's slanted mermaid line, slipped into his pants, took out the swollen hanging pendant, shook it, and started Help him up and down: "Let's see who shoots first."

Su Zixi chuckled: "Then I'm not at a disadvantage."

"Hmph, then you can switch with me."

Lian Xin dragged Feng Qining's bouncing big cock closer, stuck out the tip of her tongue and circled around his penis head, sucked her mouth, and began to suck for him like a baby sucking Great.

Feng Qining raised his head and panted lightly. Seeing that Lian Xin pouted her lips to lick and suck Feng Qining's penis coquettishly, Su Zixi couldn't help but get thicker and fucked harder. Lian Xin whimpered and screamed.

"Meat sticks are so delicious?"

Lian Xin nodded while purring.

Su Zixi hugged her thighs, pressed against her acupoints and throbbed at high speed, it was so exciting that Lian Xin finally couldn't concentrate on blowjob, let go of the stick with bulging veins, opened her mouth and screamed .

Feng Qining kicked Su Zixi. Su Zixi smiled lowly.

After Lian Xin had an orgasm, the two changed positions and raped each other all night, making the whole room dripping with water. This Avalokitesvara sits on a lotus, that monkey climbs a tree,Two men lie side by side on the ground, holding two red hot hangings, let Lian Xin choose, Lian Xin can only work himself I switched sides, sitting on this body for a while, and clamping on that hanging hanger for a while. The two boring bastards even asked Lian Xin to practice running back and forth, standing at two ends separately, and making Lian Xin poo After putting your buttocks on this person thirty times, tilt your buttocks and shake your breasts, run to the other end and put on another person's hanger. You have to turn back and forth 30 times within six minutes, otherwise you will die. To flick her little clitoris~~ In the end, the two each held Lian Xin's ass and shot a few shots full of semen deep in her pussy.

After taking a nap, it was already dawn, Feng Qining woke up Su Zixi, and waved his hand: "It's dawn, goodbye, I won't see you off."

Su Zixi got up and rubbed Eyebrow: "Who said I'm leaving, I'll rest today, and I'll go directly with youtonight." He kissed Lian Xin between the eyebrows, "Can I still work with my husband all day, are you happy?"

Lian Xin pouted back a kiss while half asleep and half awake.

Feng Qining: "~~"

Whose girlfriend is she? ! -



Morinaga Shihao Hotel-

The clothes are fragrant and the temples are full of visitors. This super five-star international hotel only hosts one banquet today, which is the Yanshang Charity Reception co-hosted by Yannan Charity Federation and Su's.

The Yanshang Charity Cocktail Party is held every year. It is an honor platform for Yanshang to demonstrate their social responsibility capabilities. Annual Yannan Charity Award will be awarded, which is usually held at the end of the year. Brilliant, the Su family speciallyheld it earlier than this time, in order to provide a high-standard platform for Mr. Su’s new wife to show her face. The Yanshang Charity Reception invited government leaders, provincial charities The main person in charge of the organization, celebritiesin the northern and southern business circles, well-known goose merchants, entertainers, sports stars, and media reporters, several major TV media and online media will cooperate.

Before bringing Su Wenyan and Yu Qingqing back to China, the Su family had already arranged the reception.

Feng Qining took Lian Xin's slender waist and got out of the car and walked towards the hotel. Su Zixi was about to walk to another entrance, pretending that he was not on the same road with them. Before leaving, he hooked Lian Xin's little finger and blinked wink.

Lian Xin smiled at him.

Su Zixi's spring eyes drooped, he nodded his chin, and looked at the ground: "The shoelaces are untied."

Lian Xin lowered her head and saw her beautiful dress skirt And thin high-heeled shoes, she remembered, where did she get the shoelaces? When she raised her head in doubt, she was caught off guard by a handsome face and kissed her face.

Feng Qining: ~~ If someone notices this at this time, they will see the girl with Feng Qining's one hand around her waistwhose chin is lifted by Su Zixi's two fingers, When her lips met, her long hair fluttered in the night wind, sweeping across Feng Qining's face covered with green clouds.

Su Zixi let go of Lian Xin, smiled a few times, and was overjoyed.

Lian Xin looked around in panic: "What are you doing!"

"My mouth is dry, borrow some lipstick." Su Zixi licked his lips.

Even Xin Mei rolled her eyes and blushed.

Feng Qining stared at Su Zixi, he was stupid, and he returned the old sow with a set of bras.

Su Zixi smiled.

The tall and handsome figures of the two men faced each other at the door, they looked at each other lukewarmly for a while, and with a stride of their long legs, parted ways.

Lin Weiwei, Miao Li and Lu Ling stood side by side in the lounge, Miao Li kept answering her phone with her head down, Lin Weiwei kept looking at the door, while Lu Ling was bored eating a stick sugar.

When Feng Qining walked in with Lian Xin in his arms, Lin Weiwei immediately grabbed Lu Ling's hand tightly.

"Oh, oh, oh, miss, my hand hurts." Lu Ling called out.

"That~~ seems to be his girlfriend, I met them last time at Xishanju." Lin Weiwei stomped her feet and bit her lip.

Lu Ling took a few glances at Lian Xin: "Oh~~"

"Not as beautiful as me at all! Don't you think so!" Lin Weiwei was angry.

Lu Ling nodded quickly: "Yes, yes~~"

Lin Weiwei turned her head and wanted to pull Miaoli to look at her, but Miaoli had no time to talk to her, her eyes were reddish, and she squeezed The phone said: "I'm going to make a call." Turned around and left.

Lin Weiwei shouted behind her depressedly: "Hey, my cousin won't come~~"

Miao Li ran away slowly.

Lu Ling continued to tease the lollipop: "Lin Lithe wind. "

Lin Weiwei shrugged: "Who else can it be for?" With a sweep,captured many reporters and cameras carrying long guns and short cannons in an instant, she stepped back: "There is media?"

Feng Qining nodded calmly: "What's wrong? "

Lian Xin was deterred: "Then I don't want to go in." What a joke, Feng Qining will definitely be photographed, if she is on the social news with him tomorrow To be seen by others, isn't that a suicide attempt?

Feng Qining frowned slightly: "Why?" My mothermeeting, it’s not good to follow you in like this.”

“What’s wrong? I think it’s very good.”

Lian Xin shook his head vigorously.

Seeing that she was really resisting, Feng Qining had no choice but to find a separate sofa for herwith a bar and sofa in the lounge: "The process of the charity reception is very long, It’s impossible for you to just sit here and wait all the time, right?”

“I can do it, it’s very comfortable here, I’ll just play with my phone here, besides, I’m mainly here to see me~~
See my mother." Speaking of Yu Qingqing, who has been missing in her life role for more than ten years, she is a little strangeand uncomfortable, "If she wants to tell me something, she must be doing it A more private place is better, I can'tmeet her at a charity banquet with a wine glass in an official way."

Feng Qining raised his wrist and looked at his watch: "Then sit down first Now, call me if you have something to do, tell me if you feel bored, and I will let Xiaoqin pick you up."

Lian Xin nodded.

Lin Weiwei watched from a distance as Feng Qining dropped Lian Xin, walked into the venue alone, and immediately tuggedLu Ling excitedly, and chased after her.

Before Lu Ling could react, she could only see Lin Weiwei riding Juechen's back, stepping on a pair of small high heels and walking like flying, amazing, she licked the lollipop, in the original Turning around, preparing to enter the venue after eating the lollipopAt this moment, Naeori rushed out of the bathroom angrily holding the phone.

"Why is Brother Lifeng like this~~" She pouted.

"He loves to study, so why don't you come if you don't want to, don't force it."

Lu Ling's words "don't force it" inexplicably made her eyes blush again. Walking away, I immediately saw Lian Xin sitting on the corner sofa flipping through magazines.

Miao Li stopped: "Why is she here?"

Lu Ling was curious: "Who?"

Miao Li pointed at Lian Xin, Biting her lips, she said: "That person, she is~~that is~~ Brother Lifeng's so-called girlfriend, a shameless vixen! Especially shameless!!"

Lu Bell is dumbfounded, huh? Wait a minute, wait a minute, why is this Lin Lifeng's girlfriend again?

With a lollipop in her mouth, she stroked her chin: "Ah~~" Is she too tired recently? Still face blind?

Miao Li clenched her fists angrily: "Why does she come to such a place, she~~ Yes, she is here, why didn't brother Lifeng come~~" She thought Think, have they broken up? So why does she call Brother Lifenghe doesn't want to come? Because you want to avoid this smelly woman?

The small flames in Miao Li's eyes were burning, and he jumped up and said, "I'm going to ask!" Then he ran away again.

Lu Ling, who was left on the spot, looked around in a daze, and continued to suck the lollipop.

A waiter came over, bent over and approached Lian Xin, and asked her what she needed to serve.

Lian Xin ordered a cup of coffee.

Lu Ling chewed off the last bit of lollipop, crunched it into pieces, threw away the stick, took a few glances at Lian Xin, and went to the bathroom.

Lian Xin sat for a while and asked Su Zixi when her mother was going to see her.

Su Zixi: Where is it?

Lian Xin: Sitting in the lounge.

Su Zixi came out, walked to the corner where she was, and sat down with a tall and high-spirited body: "Why don't you go in? Where is Feng Qining? Leave you here alone."

"I don't want to go in, there are a lot of reporters."

Su Zixi raised his eyebrows: "Don't you like reporters?"

"Yes." Lian Xin pouted.

Su Zixi smiled, stretched out his hand to pinch her flat soft red lips: "Shy?"

Lian Xin shook her head: "It's so troublesome, I don't like it~~"

Su Zixi put his long arms behind her, raised the tails of his peach blossom eyes, casually glanced at the empty surroundings, lowered his head and kissed her forehead at the corner of her eyes: "Then don't go!" Let’s not show it to anyone.”

Lian Xin squinted and smiled.

"This charity reception is very troublesome. You have to watch programs, eat a buffet, have auctions, drink and socialize, and also award the top ten people and deeds of "Moving Yannan". My mother~~ will be the representative of Su's Anxin Fund to present awards, and I also have quite busy communication tasks, I will ask her later, "He shrugged, "She seems to care about you very much, and insisted that I find you."

Lian Xin was silent and didn't say anything.

"By the way, your brother is here too. I just found out that it was your mother who strongly urged the organizing committee to invite him. What's more, he is also the most popular sports star now. Don't you Are you going to meet him at the venue?"

Lian Xin opened her eyes wide in horror: "What?! My brother is here?!"

Su Zixi slightly closed his eyelids: "Huh? What? "

"No~~" Lian Xin murmured, "The main reason is that our relationship is very complicated. He and my mother~~ have a grudge."

Why did she specially put He invites. She thinks~~why? Lian Xin panicked for no reason.

Su Zixi was surprised, did the mother have a grudge against her son?

Lu Ling came out of the bathroom after drying her hands, and when she walked into the lounge, she subconsciously glanced at Lian Xin, and saw Su Zixi holding her shoulders, kissing her again at the corner of her eyes Dear.

Lu Ling: ~~ She shook her head and rubbed her eyes with her hands.

Is it a hallucination, is it a hallucination, must there be a hallucination? ! !


High-level charity receptions are the customary mode of international charity.

The annual Yanshang Charity Reception, the organizers and the media are familiar with it, and now it is just another time.

The attendees are all real celebrities, and celebrities are only invited if they are enthusiastic about charity and well-known.Popular artists rarely show up. Donate an amount to a designated charity.

Recently, Lian Ji has no intention of participating in this kind of event, but the organizer has repeatedly invited him, and his two agents at home and abroad have suggested that he go. Maintaining a good image also maintains commercial value Standard action, that's why he came.

Besides~~ here is Eucalyptus City.

He stared at the full wine in the glass, the clear and swaying wine seemed to be swaying lightly, and some pictures that shouldn't appear flashed before his eyes, as well as people who shouldn't appear.

He lowered his eyes, closed his eyes, and wrinkled his thick eyebrows tightly.

A pair of shining silver-blue gradient high-heeled shoes stopped in front of him.

Lian Ji raised his head.

An unexpected person appeared in front of him, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

Yu Qingqing held the wine glass, shook it slightly, and looked at him with a smile. Her plump and undulating figure was wrapped in a close-fitting mermaid dress, which only showed maturity Showing her age, she looked Lian Ji up and down, showing off her smile with a hint of unclear taste and arrogance: "How are you~~ my dear, son."


Lian Xin had a video chat with Qi Yue in the lounge for a while. He stayed in Lishi for a while, and was kindly stayed by the local police station to help with some matters.

Qi Yue: "I might get promoted when I go back."

Lian Xin was pleasantly surprised: "Ah, really? Our Team Qi is great! Call me Call!"

Qi Yue pursed his lips and smiled: "Also, the bureau will divide rooms this year."

Lian Xin groundhog screamed: "Ahhhhhhhhh Are you okay? What kind of fairy unit! Is there a new house for us this year?"

Qi Yue lowered his head with a smile, slapped his eyelashes, and looked up again She: "Xi Yunsheng had an unsolved serialmurder case in his early years, and recently there have been similar crimes in the Yannan area. I may be transferred to thisspecial case team."

Lian Xin's face showed worry: "Then you are going to be busy again~~ Will it be very dangerous?"

Qi Yue calmly shook his head: "It's nothing. But I'm going back to Eucalyptus Oh, did you see me before you left?"

Lian Xin paused: "Uh, uh~~ Well, that's right, Eucalyptus held a famous charity reception , invited my brother, and then my mother, um, actually we are here now, both in Eucalyptus."

Qi Yue frowned and nodded slightly: "I see, wait a minute I'll be back, I'll contact you."

Lian Xin smiled and compared her heart.

After hanging up the video, Lian Xin played the game for a while, then quietly approached the door of the venue, opened a corner of the heavy curtain, poked his head in and took a look, and found that the venue Celebrities in Chinese costumes shuttled inside were still drinking and socializing with each other. I don’t know where it is, and it is estimated that it is still early, so she walked out of the hotel lobby with her hands behind her back,Go to the landscape behind the hotel Hang out in the garden.

There are gurgling water systems one after another, clear geometric pools, and expensive modeling flowers and trees~~ The landscape garden behind this super five-star hotel occupies a very wide area, and shadows are hidden in the dark night Occasionally, there will be a cluster of spotlights under a certain water system, a certain pool or a certain tree, but the lights are not too bright after all, mainly based on color
and artistic conception.

Lian Xin stepped on the garden in the hazy night, admiring the quietness amidst the breeze and insects.

along the footThe winding path gradually became a bit remote, and Lian Xin suddenly heard a strange and inexplicably familiar sound.


"Um! Cough!"


This is~ ~ Moans? ! Lian Xin's sensitive nose smelled a strange smell.


Huh? Lian Xin asked the system: "What are you dripping?"

"Found a novel fragrance, searching for fragrance ingredients~~"

Lian Xin shrugged and sneaked Crouching down, passing through the shadow of the tree, looking intently at the place where the movement came from.

Under the dark and gloomy night, among the swaying tree shadows, there are two stirring figures. The strong body of the man is pressed hard on the soft body of the woman. The iron arm grabbed her throat, and her lower body was inserted desperatelyFucking hard, the woman made a painful guttural noise from being pinched, her hands clung to the man's arm, but there was no movement of struggle,two legs He took the initiative to separate the rings around the man's back, and fiercely greeted the fuck between his legs.

The man stretched out his big hand and beat the woman's plump and bouncing tender breasts hard, making the woman tremble all over, and there was a crackling sound in the silent night.

Lian Xin covered her mouth and gasped.

The two people who were tightly intertwined and obsessed with sex didn't notice the small sound of breathing. The man pulled out the belt and tied it around the woman's throat. Tight, until the woman made a rattling sound from between the bones and the animal's dying breath, the man's lower body heaved faster and more violently, and even let out a low growl in excitement.

Isn't this murder? ! Lian Xin couldn't help but sigh softly.

The man was finally awakened. He let go of the woman and stopped. Amid the woman's sharp coughingas if her lungs were about to be coughed out, he pulled out his lower body and stood up, walking towards Lian Xin. Come.

Lian Xin backed away in horror, her hair stood up, she turned and ran around, but she tripped over the high heels under her feet, she scrambled and stood up.

"Hey." A slightly bewitching deep male voice.

The man stopped under a tree, between light and shadow, a ray of moonlight could barely shine on his thin chin, his face was still hidden in the dark night.

"What are you running?"

Lian Xin was inexplicably frightened and jumped up, oh my god, my mother, I'm so scared! ! She kicked off the two high heelsholding them in her hands, and started running barefoot on the stone road.

"Heh." The man smiled.

When running close to the small fountain outside the inner door of the hotel, Lian Xin saw a tall, familiar, and strong figure that made people feel infinitely safe: "Brother!!!" She looked like The baby bird jumped into Lian Ji's arms like throwing itself into a forest.

Lian Ji was standing by the dark bushes, not knowing what he was thinking, when he suddenly heard Lian Xin's cry, he thought it was a hallucination, looked up in surprise, and saw the little girl stepping on bare feet It came like a small cannonball.

After a moment of surprise, Lian Ji lowered his eyes and glanced at the girl in his arms.

Lian Xin raised his head that was buried in his chest, looked back, and kept pointing backwards: "Back, there's a man behind, and he's killing people!"

She looked up at Lian Ji: "Really, you come, come and see!" Lian Ji was powerful and powerful in her subconscious, she pulled his clothes and walked over there .

Lian Ji grabbed her and said, "Put on your shoes."

"Put on your shoes?" Lian Xin looked down at her feet and said in a daze, "Shoes~~shoes are gone, high heels It hindered my escape, so I kicked it away and disappeared."

Lian Ji was speechless, reached out and took off the pair of high heels that the silly girl was holding tightly in her hand, and threw it on the ground: "Put it on."

"Oh, oh, so I'm holding it~~" She put on the shoes and continued to drag him, making him follow her.

Lian Ji glanced at her stiletto heels with frosty eyes, and hugged her expressionlessly, saying impatiently: "Where is it?"

Lian Xin showed the way, and while pointing, motioned him to whisper, shh.

Lian Ji glanced at her. After a few days away, he looks a lot stupid.

After approaching the destination with obvious unusual movements, the two squatted down.

Lian Xin pushed aside the branches.

In that dark corner, a man and a woman had sex in a group. The man opened the woman's jade-like thighs wide, and the waist undulated between her legs like a wave, with the sound of water.

The man's chuckle: "Do you like this?"

The woman's fine voice: "I like it~~More, like that."

"Like it Shall I pinch you?"

"Hmm! Hmm!"

"Heh~~" chuckled, "Sexy like suffocation pleasure?"

" Ah~!"

"Usually, you can't climax? I think you have too much water."

"Ah~~ Don't talk nonsense, fuck me, fuck me hard Me!"

"Slut sucks very hard. How does it feel? Is the dick big?"

"Big! I~~never~~have never used it like this big chickenbar! "

"Oh? Your dead husband doesn't seem to be okay?"

"No, ha! He, he can't! He is a meat bug, he is only worthy of licking your testicles!" "

"Oh~~ want to be stabbed to death by a big dick?"

"Think, big dick, stab me to death, ah!"

"It's not a slut, I don't want to intervene."

"I am, I am a big slut, a big wave, a big water hole! The master hit me, please! Give me the piss!
Piss me!"

Lian Ji was expressionless: "~You want me to see this?"

Lian Xin shrank her neck and whispered: "No, it's not~~"

What's going on, it turns out that I was playing field battles, it was so strange.

Lian Ji got up coldly and left, walked a few steps, turned back and picked up Lian Xin who was walking carefully in small steps on high heels.

Lian Xin leaned on her brother's strong iron chest, and quietly raised her eyes to look at him.

After carrying her into the back door and putting her down in a passage with no one in front and behind, Lian Ji's chest rose and fell slightlyfor a moment, paused, and said lightly: "What are you doing here?" Well."

"I~~ Mom, look for me." Lian Xin glanced at him cautiously.

Lian Ji's expression darkened a bit, he nodded, and prepared to leave.

Lian Xin called him: "Brother."

Lian Ji stopped.

"You, it's hard~~" Lian Xin reminded him out of concern that the crotch is so big.

Lian Ji was speechless, and took a deep breath: "It's normal to see the scene hard, and it has nothing to do with you."

Going out like this, is it alright?"Trying repeatedly on the verge of death.

Lian Ji turned and stared at her. Lian Xin's eyes flashed with innocence. Lian Ji closed his eyes, took a deep breath, turned his face away, and left decisively.

Lian Xin watched his tall and strong back disappear around the corner, the ignorant light in his eyes dissipated, and graduallybecame gloomy.

In fact, she just wanted to say a few more words to him~~ It's been a long time since she saw her brother wearing a high-end suit up close.

So pretty.

The sound of leather shoes clicking suddenly came again, Lian Xin raised his head, Lian Ji stalked with long legs, approaching like the wind, he pushed Lian Xin against the wall, and leaned closer: "You~~"

Lian Xin's dark eyes reflected the flickering moonlight: "~~huh?" She didn't know what she was expecting.

Lian Ji seemed to feel that the environment was not safe enough. He picked up Lian Xin and found a small meeting room where there was no one. She said: "I will ask you for the last time, the last time in this lifeyou ~~ Do you want me." /p> The man's breath rang beside his ears, and he deliberately suppressed it, as if a tiger that wanted to sniff roses was waiting carefully.

"Brother~~" Lian Xin whispered.

Lian Ji grabbed Lian Xin's waist with a pair of big hands.

Lian Xin was pinched by his hot palm, his waist and legs were limp, and his soft little hand landed on Lian Ji's big raised crotch, and pressed it lightly: " ~~You are so hard."

Lian Ji took her hand away: "Don't touch it."

"Brother, of course I want you, I am very I miss you every day~~"

Lian Ji interrupted her resolutely: "Okay, I know. I miss you too, like in hell, like torture I miss you, I want to tear off your hands and feet, but~~ Once we are together, we only belong to each other, In this life, no other choices are allowed, even if you are sent to the incinerator For a moment, even if there is only ashes left, it's still mine, understand?"

In the darkness, Lian Xin seemed to be caught by her brother's hand, and she was speechless for a long time.

"The system," she asked secretly, "what should I do?"

"The system doesn't know how to deal with human concerns, please talk about love yourself."

"Oh Shit system, I’m just asking you for technical proof, can Shengxiang really not make himsad? Before I speak, I must confirm this.”

"This question is too ridiculous. In the high-dimensional world, Shengxiang, who can even manipulate a small planet, is actually questioned by a human being, whether he can help her fall in love. Ah, ridiculous, ah, too ridiculous, If it weren't for the system's lack of emotion, I would have laughed for ten minutes."

Lian Xin: ~~ "If everything goes well, then that little dose of holy incense will Maybe it can't let you master the skyand master everything, but there is no problem in constructing a subconscious barrier of simple hints. In short, don't worry, no one will be sad, and no one will Victim, I wave my sleeves, I won’t take a single cloud away.”

Seeing Lian Xin’s silence for so long, Lian Ji let go of her waist, turned away, and nodded with a sneer: “Okay, leave You are really difficult~~"

But since he was a child, what he is best at is overcoming difficulties and enduring suffering.

He turned and prepared to leave, this time he would not look back.

Lian Xin muttered a few words to the nervous system, hugged Lian Ji from behind, and buried her face in his broad back: "Brother, good."

"~~I agree."

Lian Ji froze.

"Lian Xin, it's either 100% or 0. I don't accept other answers, and I can't even hesitate."

Lian Xin sighed secretly, her brother's persistence has reached paranoid "I know, I'm sure,I'm sure, I will only have a brother in the future, so I won't hesitate."

Lian Ji turned around and pressed her on the conference table, Finally released the beast from the cage, grabbed her slender chin, and kissed her with scorching breath.

Surrounded by a surging masculine breath, the flexible lips and tongue are extremely possessive, and the tip of the elder brother's domineering and tossing tongueattracts Lian Xin who can't help but want to chase and entangle.

Her long skirt was pushed up by Lian Ji's palm along her legs, and it was piled up gorgeously on her waist, revealing a pair ofslender white thighs. Lian Ji separated her legs and was He wanted to push his panties away, but was blocked by Lian Xin.

"Brother, I have to go out later, I'm afraid I'll spray it out and dirty my clothes, you know me~~"

Lian Ji was breathing heavily, I don't know if it's been too long Fuck her, one kiss and he can't help himself.

His throat rolled, and he backed away slightly: "I~~" He really couldn't help it.

Lian Xin stretched out her hand to touch the huge cockroach below him, twisted her waist and pinched the heels of her legs. In fact, she really wanted her brother too, she really wanted his cock, The super thick and talented big hang, who can forget it after using it, but she can't spray this dress into a mess, and she doesn't dare to blow water at will in the hotel conference room, Feng Qining Su Zixi and her own mother are nearby, what if the mess doesn't end.

Lian Xin trembled slightly, she licked her lower lip, went to close the door of the meeting room, turned on a row of lights, knelt down, untied Lian Ji's belt, and pulled his Zipper the trousers and untie the trousers.

Lian Ji is wearing bullet sports underwear, and the sexy mermaid line is tightly tucked into the edge of the underwear. Between the two thick and strong thighs is a man's huge protruding bag Bullet head, Lian Xin raised her wet and charming eyes, looked at his brother's lustful face, and gently rubbed the bound meat column in his crotch.

Lian Xin unzipped the zipper on her side, pulled down the long skirt a little, released her proud and plump breasts, and gently touched Lian Ji's hairy thighs with the tip of the tits Rub in circles.

"Hmm~~" Lian Xin hummed to herself.

After flipping down Lian Ji's underwear, a big thick cock popped out and hit Lian Xin's face. I tasted it with the tip of my tongue.

"Ah~~" Lian Ji rubbed the top of Lian Xin's hair, raised her head and moaned.

In the hotel garden, the man who lived in Yun Xiaoyu flicked the corner of his clothes, parted ways with the satisfied woman, and walked in through the back door. When passing by an empty passage, he suddenly stopped step.

His keen sense of smell allowed him to catch a strange scent that seemed to be absent.

There seems to be still, subtle sounds of sex. There were strange sparks in his eyes.

The toe of the shoe turned the direction silently, he walked into the passage, came to the door of a small meeting room, and looked in through the crack of the door.

Ordinary hotel conference rooms do not pay much attention to shading or airtightness. There is a not narrow door gap between the doors designed to open to the outside, which makes peepers have a good view.

He saw that the little sweet girl who fled in panic before his eyes and acted as if she was a pure and innocent girl was kneeling on the ground at this time, sticking out her tongue in a sultry way, licking Sucking a man's big cock.

That is really an extremely superior thick guy, with coiled veins and bulging roots, no wonder the womantasting it fascinatedly, the tip of her tongue circled around the big glans continuously , sucking loudly, drooling, the woman's head heaving and falling between the man's legs.

The man couldn't suppress his hoarse guttural voice.

A pair of tall and straight breasts of a woman show up, allowing men to grab and play with them wantonly. The breasts are kneaded and kneaded into various shapes.Two pink and tender little red tips The lewd protruding body was stroking by the man's fingertips~~ The people outside the door couldn't help but grab their crotch. At this time, the man's cell phone rang suddenly, and the ear-piercing bell The soundbe quiet.

The man gently pushed the woman with blurred eyes who was still hanging on the stick with his flesh in her mouth, glanced at the phone, took a few deep breaths, and frowned to answer the call.

The people outside the door woke up, paused, and left as quietly as when they came.

In the lounge outside the charity reception, Feng Qining slipped out halfway to take a look at Lian Xin, but he didn't see her, and he didn't answer his phone or reply to his messages, he asked After asking the waiter, he stepped forward to go to the back garden to find someone, when he looked up, he saw a familiar person walking towards him.

The person approaching from the opposite side was arranging his clothes, and raised his sleeves to sniff gently at the tip of his nose. After seeing Feng Qining,he smiled: "Mr. Feng."

Feng Qining nodded: "Hello, Mr. Ron."

But it was just an acquaintance nodding, Feng Qining passed the famous perfume tycoon, and asked Go through the back door.

Ron stopped suddenly, turned around and asked, "Mr. Feng, is he going to the back?"

Feng Qining raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded. Ron smiled inexplicably, said nothing, and left with a slight nod.

Lian Ji gently pushed Lian Xin away, pulled her up, and helped her tidy up her clothes inside and out.

"Huh?" Lian Xin was hot and steaming, her legs were muddy, and she asked her brother, why not let her continue?

Lian Ji shook the phone in his hand: "Remind me to pass."

Feng Qining walked around the lobby, approached the back door, and saw a man pulling Lian Xin away come over.

It's Lian Ji, Lian Xin's older brother.

Lian Xin wiped the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, when he saw Feng Qining, he opened his round eyes instantly, waved his hand nervously at him, and then turned his face away pretending not to recognize him.

Feng Qining's face became gloomy. What, could he embarrass her?

Lian Xin pointed slightly at his brother's back from behind, and mouthed while waving his hands: My brother is very fierce, very strict! Lian Ji, who was tall and long-legged, dragged his younger sister's hand, and passed by Feng Qining with a blank expression, taking a gust of wind with him. Mixed with Lian Xin's usual strange fragrance.

Feng Qining leaned coldly, rubbing shoulders with Lian Xin quietly.

"Hey." He said suddenly.

Lian Xin hiccupped in shock. Lian Ji stopped and looked back at him.

Feng Qining's eyes wandered on him: "Are you Lian Ji?"

Lian Ji looked at him without knowing why, and nodded.

Feng Qining deliberately remained silent for a while, and when Lian Xin was so nervous and frightened that he silently begged for mercy with a micro-expression in the back,he began to act like a fan expressionlessly: "Wow. Then It’s really awesome. I’m your fan.”

Lian Ji glanced at him with complicated eyes, hesitating: “~~um.”

Feng Qining His face was as cold as ice: "Can I take a group photo?"

Lian Ji frowned slightly, and his tone sounded more like "Can I fight?"

It was indeed the first time he saw a fan of this model. Lian Ji let go of Lian Xin and nodded: "Of course."

Feng Qining handed the phone to Lian Xin, a pair of Dark clouds looked at her with downcast eyes: "Please, help ustake a group photo."

Lian Xin lowered her forehead and nodded very guilty.

Two tall steel straight men with the same cold and tough aura stood side by side, looking directly at the camera without emotion.

"Pfft," Lian Xin couldn't help feeling a little funny, and suddenly said, "Isn't the head closer?"

"Compared to a V?"

"It's better to be hugged?"

Feng Qining's expression seemed to be about to explode, Lian Xin hurriedly snapped and took N continuous shots, then returned the phone to him, lowered his head and ran to The elder brother grabbed his clothes from behind and hid.

Feng Qining: ~~

After Lian Ji nodded slightly at him, he dragged Lian Xin to the reception venue.

There is a next link where he is going to be on stage, and he has already come, and the things that should be done are still done, although this time, he was forced to come by that annoying woman , Yu Qingqing just wanted to show off her status in front of him, self-righteous "slap in the face". It feels bad to be calculated, but charity is not a bad thing, and getting Lian Xin back is even more good.

Lian Ji took Lian Xin into the venue where the clothes were fragrant and the temples were full of light and shadows, and sat at the round table where he had been sitting before.

He gently squeezed Lian Xin's soft hand, turned his head to look at her: "Eat?"

Lian Xin shook his head.

Lian Ji glanced at the buffet area a few rows behind. Go around the aisle to get some fruit and pastries for Lian Xin.

When he came back with his things, he saw a man sitting on Lian Xin's side, and Lian Xin seemed to have a frightened expression after being accosted by a strange man.

Lian Ji put down the dinner plate and looked at the other party with a rather stern expression. Lian Xin carefully squinted at Su Zixi.

Su Zixi clenched his fist and coughed lightly, showing a perfect gentle smile to Lian Xin's brother: "Hello, I don't see anyone here~~ May I sit here?"

Didn't you sit down already? Lian Ji thought to himself, but he still nodded politely.

Next, the atmosphere was a bit weird, Lian Ji concentrated on feeding his sister, but the expression on the face of the man opposite was becoming more and more unbearable, as if faintly displeased, he inexplicably Glancing at each other, Lian Xin just ate some fruit, why is he unhappy, did he eat their food?

The top ten charitable deeds that moved Yannan were played on the stage, and the host was full of emotion and burst into tears.As an award presenter, Yu Qingqing stepped off the stage after presenting the award, her footsteps paused, and her waist swayed towards Lian Ji's round table. When she sat down, she unexpectedly saw Su Zixi.

"Huh? You guys are sitting together? What a coincidence." Yu Qingqing covered her lips and smiled, her flowers and branches trembling, trembling so that her chest was surging.

There is something even more coincidental, Su Zixi and Lian Ji thought at the same time.


The lights in the venue have been dimmed, and Yu Qingqing is only resistant to young women, not interested at all, and does not pay attention to the person opposite, tonight It was an important occasion for her to show her face in China. She had long forgotten about her daughter as an excuse to strike up a conversation, and she didn't even give her a sideways glance.

Yu Qingqing propped her chin with one hand, glanced at the suave and handsome Su Zixi, and then at the handsome and sharp stepson.His calves were slightly shaken, and he was very happy with himself very.

"By the way, let me introduce this one~~" Yu Qingqing glanced at Lian Ji provocatively, and introduced Su Zixi: "It's me, the 'unfilial son'. Glaring at Lian Ji, then at Su Zixi with rippling eyes.

Su Zixi smiled, and stretched out his right hand to Lianji: "It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Grandma Yu's step-grandson, to avoid embarrassment, why don't we still be friends of the same generation?"

Lian Ji smiled.

Yu Qingqing's face collapsed in an instant, it was too dark, Lian Ji shook hands with Su Zixi.

Yu Qingqing gritted her teeth, her buttocks touched a corner of the stool and she was ups and downs, almost wanting to walk away, but looking at Su Zixi's handsome face shining under the night light, she couldn't help herself. Really reluctant, Su Zixi seemed oblivious to her anger, twirling a small porcelain cup in his left hand, looking at the stage with a smile, Yu Qingqing took a deep breath, suppressed her anger, and said white with anger and flattery Glancing at Su Zixi, after a while, she stretched out her calf and moved slowly, trying to hook him, but she collided with a moving leg on the way.

She froze for a moment, the one protruding from this angle~ Could it be Su Zixi? He also wants to tease her? Yu Qingqing's heart skipped a beat, and she couldn't help leaning over, her winking eyes as if cramped.

Su Zixi originally wanted to rub Lian Xin's leg, but bumped into a slippery leg under the table.It seemed that he glanced at Lian Xin calmly, chuckle.

It seems that she misses him.

Lian Xin looked at the table with complicated emotions, and her physical mother was sitting opposite her, but she seemed to turn a blind eye to her.

While Lian Xin was in a daze, her left leg was touched suddenly, and then a big hand slipped into her skirt and slipped in along her knee. Lian Xin straightened her back and opened her eyes wide.

On the left, Su Zixi propped his chin with one hand, and looked at the moving deeds on the stage very calmly with his smiling eyes. The heels of her legs even gradually approached her steamy bun.

Lian Ji has been paying attention to Lian Xin all the time, seeing that her expression is suddenly uncomfortable, and her big bony hands are under the cover of the tabletop, wrapping her soft little hands, squeezed them, and asked in a low voice: "What's wrong?"

Lian Xin's round eyes turned to look at him, and shook her head: "Nothing."

Yu Qingqing noticed Lian Ji's thoughtfulness towards girls Gentle, took the time to look at her, but she was sitting in the backlight, so I couldn't see her face clearly, I could only see that she was a young and fresh girl, and she was so liked by her stepson who was at odds with her,
Subconsciously bored, so I don't want to read more.

Lian Xin seemed to be sitting obediently, under her skirt, a man's big hand was gently stroking her left leg, sometimes kneading her plump and elastic leg flesh , slender fingers inserted between her legs, close to the hot pussy, rubbing and rubbing very lightly.

Lian Xin was tense and stiff, looking towards the opposite side unconsciously.

Lian Ji thought it was because of Yu Qingqing, so she reacted complicatedly, sighed, put her hand on her right leg, and patted her lightly like soothing a frightened child.

Su Zixi's fingers opened Lian Xin's panties, and Lian Ji's hand was only half a palm apart, so it was soaked in moist liquid, rubbing her delicate labia in circles, Lian Xin opened her mouth slightly, and then bit her lower lip hard, for fear that she would cry out.

Lian Jikuan's wide and warm hands gently patted her, Su Zixi's slender fingers separated two soft and entangled labia lips, and inserted them in, shallowly in the tight and dense tunnel Lian Xin took a deep breath.

Although the speed was not very intense, Su Zixi's two fingers moved in and out nimbly, and his thumb pressed and rubbed herclitoris. Moved.

Lian Ji turned her head to look at her. Under the dim lights of the meeting place, Lian Xin's expression seemed forbearing and sad. She lowered her eyelashes and bit her lips tightly. Obviously, "Mother ", will have an impact on any child, even an incompetent mother.

He is not good at comforting people. If the environment is right, he can hold her tightly and prevent her from thinking about unworthy things, but in public, he can only pat him younger sister.

The wafting fragrance slowly spread, Su Zixi looked outwards, smiled slightly, and continued to rape her in front ofLian Xin's mother and brother, the doctor was sensitive His fingers were busy between Lian Xin's legs, his middle finger and ring finger went in and out of the acupuncture point quickly, pressing the G-spot of the vagina from time to time, his index finger and little finger stroked the labia on both sides, and his thumb kneaded the vermilion fruit on the clitoris , Lian Xin suppressed the scream in his throat with all his strength due to his skillful technique, wave after wave of lust washed over his genitals, pushed towards his spine, and rushed up to the top of his head.

Yu Qingqing has never been baptized by Lian Xin's body fragrance, and she is already at an age like a wolf and a tiger. Soon, the tide of passion was surging and hot, and she only thought that her sexual desire was coming again, but Su Zixi, who was right in front of her, was cold and indifferent, ignoring her at all, her desire was so fierce that she couldn't bear it After going down, he didn't care much, got up and left from the sidelines, and rushed to the backstage to find the bodyguards.

When Lian Ji saw that Yu Qingqing had left ruthlessly, Lian Xin lowered her head and trembled slightly, and looked at Yu Qingqing's back gloomily, worried that her sister would cry, so she held her tightly She rubbed and patted her hands on her thighs.

Lian Xin felt like a piano with dementia, being played by men with four hands, climaxes, startled and jumping, the fingers on the center of the legs were impacting like electric shock rods Her last rationality allowed her to restrain herself on the edge of the waveshe suddenly pushed Su Zixi's hand away and stood up.

She said to Lian Ji with a trembling voice, "I'm going to find a place to rest." Then she ran out with some trembling.

Lian Ji was surprised: "Lian Xin?"

Su Zixi reached out to rub his eyebrows, took out his phone, and sent a message.

"Baby, I'm sorry"

"Kowtow. gif"

"There is a suite for me on the 35th floor, 3518, you go and have a rest."

"Don't be angry, I will kneel naked and apologize."

Lian Xin ran out of the venue in one breath, trembling slightly, leaning against the wall to pant.

A passing waiter noticed that she looked unwell, and approached her and asked, "Ma'am, can I help you?"

Lian Xin legs The room was wet with water, she panted hotly, and asked, "Excuse me, is there any room where I can lie down for a while~~ I'm not feeling well right now."

The waiter nodded immediately : "Okay, I'll take you to the guest room on the third floor to take a rest."

Because there are so many short-stay guests today, the ordinary rooms are already full, and Lian Xin just wants to take a rest,
The waiter asked about it, and specially used a VIP room for Lian Xin.

Morinaga Shihao Hotel is a super five-star hotel with magnificent rooms, but Lian Xin didn't care to appreciate it. She quickly took off all her clothes and checked the lining. Sure enough, the bra was inside There is already a little bit of spilled lotion, The bottom of the skirt is also a little wet, but it's okay, not much.

Lian Xin hung up her clothes in the bathroom to dry, lay naked on the bed, and breathed a sigh of relief.

When there was a movement on the phone, she saw Su Zixi's WeChat.

Su Zixi: "Are you angry?"

Su Zixi: "Then I kowtow all the way to Tibet?"

Lian Xin smiled: "I hate it."

Su Zixi: "My fingers are still fragrant, fragrant and slippery."

Lian Ji's call came suddenly.

"Brother~~" Lian Xin connected, "I'm fine, I'll take a rest, the waiter found me a room, on the third floor, 320, do you want to come? ”

Lian Ji said that he would still present an award and let her rest.

Lian Xin hung up the phone and lay naked on the soft and comfortable big round bed. She found that the lamp on the roof was a plate made of alloy, which could clearly reflect her body.

She was lying on her back, her plump breasts were naturally slightly separated, and there were small nipples and round areolas on the two balls of white waves and big peaches. Rubbing her breasts, she couldn't help but boldly open her legs facing the reflection of the overhead light, exposing the heart of her acupoints, stretching her slender fingers down, humming and rubbing.


Su Ziyue looked at the woman in front of her expressionlessly, and she wiped his chest with her hand in a panic: "I'm sorryI'm sorry, I didn't mean to ~~Me, I'll clean it up for you~~"

Su Ziyue's special assistant looked at this famous actress with a half-smile. He should be used to the world, why~~ Su Ziyue grabbed her hand that was fumbling and rubbing.

The special assistant was stunned for a moment. Although the moves are old, they can be used?

Su Ziyue pulled the person away and looked at the clothes. From the suit to the shirt, everything was stained.

The actress's eyes were moist, and she apologized softly: "I'm really sorry, I will definitely pay you back."

Su Ziyue said lightly: "No, it's okay." Looking at her with solemn and rigid eyebrows, he said, "Please walk carefully." Then he walked around her with a long leg.

Behind Su Ziyue, a large group of impressive people also bypassed this famous little flower without looking sideways.

The special assistant asked the hotel manager to get a suit.

"Okay, send it to your suite, or the nearest VIP room on the third floor?" The special assistant looked at Su Ziyue.

Su Ziyue glanced at his watch: "Let's go to the third floor."

A man who looked like a bodyguard strode closer and whispered something in his ear. Su Ziyue frowned, looked at the venue from afar, and said in a low voice, "Being outrageous~"

Lying on the bed, Lian Xin, who was moaning happily, suddenly remembered that Qi Yue had said to be careful in the hotel. For the pinhole camera, shepulls and jumps down with her legs together, turns off the lights, closes all the curtains, and starts to check suspiciouslyaccording to what Qi Yue taught her last time.

There seems to be no suspicious red spots in the room, and the mirror seems to be fine~~Lian Xin is like a vigorouspolice dog, bending over and slowly entering the bathroom, carefully checking.

Su Ziyue took the spare suit, and the special assistant and others did not follow. After all, they couldn't watch President Su change his clothes.Su Ziyue nodded at the opponent at the door, opened the door and went in.

The room looked particularly dark. Su Ziyue didn't fumble for the switch to turn on the light. He didn't want to waste time, so he putthe suit by the bed and began to take off his clothes, from tie to shirt, everything Take it off and fold it neatly, squarelike a set of packing templates.

Lian Xin was taken aback when she walked out of the bathroom, a large figure suddenly appeared beside the bed, but luckily the dim light in the dark room allowed her to see Su Zixi's side face clearly Contour, I don’t know how this guy found her, Yes, this is his family’s hotel, but it’s too bad for him to take off his clothes as soon as he comes in!

"—Bastard!!" She rushed forward in two steps, jumped up and jumped onto Su Zixi's back, a pair of rounds directly pressed on the man's generous bare back, overwhelming the unsuspecting man On the bed, the delicate and plump naked girl quickly rode upto domineering, bit his left ear, and sucked between her lips: "You killed me, Su Zixi!"

Su Ziyue, who was about to be lifted by conditioned reflex, was stunned, and the hot and humid touch came from his earlobe, which made his lower body stand up instantly, and soon, it was like being scratched by ten thousand tentacles. The feeling spreads rapidly from the left ear to the whole body.

Seeing that Su Zixi was pretending to be dead, Lian Xin lay on his back and pushed him: "Don't pretend to be dead, get up, hurry up, take out Lian Xin's big cock and let me Have a good time, or you will be raped within three minutes!"

Panting deeply, Su Ziyue turned his head to look at her with a stern face, and was about to reprimand her, but Lian Xin took the opportunity to catch her
Lips kissed, Lian Xin's long hair stuck to his face, she bit and pecked lightly, she spread her legs apart, and pressed her wetsoft pussy against his thighs, sliding up and down, tenderly He blamed him demonically again: "Just now, you almost pissed me at the venue, oh, I'm going to die, you fucked me like that in a big crowd~~"

Su Ziyue was rubbed so that his whole body was flushed, Frowning, he thought that the new step-grandmother was the only one doing mischief. Unexpectedly, his well-dressed brother was even worse.

The man has already stripped himself down to a pair of boxer briefs, which is different from Su Zixi's extremely sexy style, this cotton underwear looks old-fashioned and boring, but it is not at all Preventing him from showing his strong buttocks, Lian Xin scratched his ass playfully, then reached forward and grabbed his thick and powerful penis, likecaught some good toy" "嘤" for a while, playing with it lightly.

Su Zixi never responded to her, Lian Xin got a little angry, and pushed on his generous and strong back a few times:"Get up~~I want it, husband~~"

Su Ziyue turned over, and his hard and hot penis had pushed open his underwear, protruding out of the sky, his veins were surging and hot, and the man's desire to attack was loud and loud. Said:"I'm not~~"

Lian Xin held his thick pendant, opened his labia, and slowly swallowed the small half of the glans into it.

"Oh," Lian Xin licked her lips, "It's so big~~hmm~~husband's big stick is so hard to swallow~~" She twistedtwisted her waist, her pussy mouth dripping with water After eating more, the coquettish core in the depths of the pussy twitched slightly, eagerly, just wanting to feed the thick meat stick in quickly so that she could wrap it up well.

"~~ Su Zixi."

"Huh? What? Ah!" Lian Xin tried to relax and sit down on the stick.

Su Ziyue frowned, stretched out his hand to grab Lian Xin's soft and slender waist, turned over and pressed her under him, in this way, the big fleshy root was almost completely inserted into the smooth and dense In the pussy, Lian Xin exclaimed sweetly and greasyly, the vagina was stuffed to the brim, thick and hot, it was a long-lost satisfaction, the man caught off guard and began to shrug his waist, the comfortable and soft big circle The bed gently bounced the two of them up and down.

"I said, I'm not Su Zixi." The hoarse male voice was next to Lian Xin's ear.

Lian Xin stared blankly at the man on her body, his cock was going in and out between his legs.

Unable to restrain his desire to withdraw, Su Ziyue simply pressed down harder and harder, his buttRapidly rising to the ground and smashing, he spread Lian Xin's legs to the sides to form a straight horse, and pumped his thick, long and mighty body in the tight crevice of the girl's tight hole The penis, the unprecedented pleasure controlled his waist, and the weak and pitiful little pussy was inserted by him, creaking and even foaming.

"Ah! Ah! The coquettish core is about to bloom, don't, ah, it will be inserted like this~~ too fast~~ too soonsprayed~~"

The big round bed threw two bodies of intense sexual intercourse, the two of them were ups and downs at high speed, while being thrown in the airlightly in a circle, Su Ziyue panted heavily, and twisted his serious long eyebrows , pushing Lian Xin all the way up to the head of the round bed.

"Brother Zixi, so thick, so good at inserting~~"

Lian Xingao spread his legs, his heart was so refreshing that he couldn't fully Shoudi tried his best to clamp the big stick in the acupuncture point,Su Ziyue touched the head of the bed, suddenly turned on the light with a "click", thrust his waist hard, and seriously corrected:"I'm not Su Zixi "

Lian Xin was startled suddenly, he opened his eyes wide and looked at the strange yet familiar handsome face in front of him, his tight acupointclamped even tighter in an instant. The two couldn't help but scream at the same time.

"Ah! You!" Lian Xin stretched out his hand to push his strong and broad chest, "No!" As he said no, couldn't help subconsciously tightening his pussy to suck this strange stick cock, as if afraid he'd go away.

Su Ziyue was pinched by the ecstasy acupoint, his back twitched, his buttocks tightened suddenly, his eyes became serious, and he sped up like a phantom.

"Ah!!!" Lian Xin shook her head and tossed her messy hair, her legs were fucked wide open, her lewd water splashed high, dripping with juice, "You are~~ his brother, no , can't~~"

Su Ziyue looked at the woman with big tits swaying, mouth moaning, and splashing water under him, suddenly his eyebrows sharpened, and he grabbed her waist with both hands, wolf waist Yi Ting leaned against her fiercely and said, "It's you? I remember you, aren't you Feng Qining'swoman?!"


Lian Xin's acupuncture point Being slammed in, gasping, scared, biting her lower lip and gently pushing his thick chest: "I~~"

She lowered her eyes, unable to speak, but shyly pushed him: "Don't~~"

Su Ziyue's expression gradually became severe: "What are you doing~~ You can play both ways? Playing with other people's feelings? Or do you wantget something from it?" Thinking about it is impossible, Feng Qining And his younger brother, neither of them is a brainlesssexual obsessive person.

He lowered his head and took a deep breath, and took out his hand to send a message to let the subordinates outside leave. He knew that he should stopimmediately, get away, and deal with this girl, so that the disorderly accident should not cause more impact, but she had no choice but to have her pussycracking tight and hot It sucked him in, like a vortex, so that he could only penetrate deeper and harder one by one, his lower body was throbbing~~ an unbelievable sense of loss of control.

"Girl~ self-respect and self-love is to protect yourself," Su Ziyue didn't know whether it was out of habit or out of face, he frowned and admonished her, "Don't trade for vanity. , it’s not the two of them who suffer”

Lian Xin looked at the man leaning on her body with a serious ups and downs, and was speechless, why did this man stand aside
Give her a moral education lesson while having sex, if his butt doesn't vibrate so hard, it might be more believable.

"Ah!" Lian Xin couldn't hold back after being roughly punched, and let out a groan.

Su Ziyue looked down at Lian Xin's expression of desire that was made extremely comfortable~~Red lips parted slightly, the tip of his tongue was lightly probing, his eyesmisty, charming~~He couldn't help but tighten his jaw , as if she also realized that she was ridiculous, so she stopped talking, put her hands into fists on her sides, and only silently danced and manipulated her waist.

"Oh~~don't~~" Lian Xin looked up absentmindedly, seeing the reflection of two people having sexon the alloy ceiling lamp, she was fucked until her legs were wide open, It's easy to open, like a slut who is completely controlled by a man, the center of the leg is the man's strong buttocks, bumping into her one after another, he is so funny, his expression is so bitter and hateful,But the body is so eager and powerful, I can't wait to stuff all the eggs in it, ah, it's so thick~~Lian Xin looked at the man's sexy back and slender and powerful legs in the reflection, and wanted to touch it, but I dare not reach out.

It's funny to say, although their two genitals are intercourse, and they are having intense intercourse, but their bodies are not in contact except for the lower part of the body, as if two alienated sexual intercourse stranger.

Lian Xin groaned aggrievedly, and gently pushed his undulating belly: "Don't mess with me like this~~It's too~~ah~~It's so comfortable~~I Yes, I can't take it anymore~~I will want to touch you~~oh!Haha!"

Su Ziyue glanced at her and said nothing. The man breathed heavily on Lian Xin's face.

Lian Xin really couldn't suppress it anymore, opened her mouth, driven by desire, and yelled loudly:"Ah! Ah! I really can't take it anymore! It's so full ! So fast! Don't! Don't mess with me like this!"

"Brother, why did you penetrate your sister-in-law like this~~ah, good or bad!"

Su Ziyue's face was as black as coal, and his cock became thicker again.

"Oh! Brother, don't fuck your brother's wife like this, woooo~~ sister-in-law's little coquettish pussy is so small~~Can't stand big brother's super big dick~~"

"Oh, I really like it~~ha~~ woo, little coquette really likes to be inserted by the big brother~~"

Su Ziyue is getting faster and faster like a piling machine, Lian Xin kicked her legs and screamed, finally Lian Xin couldn't helptouching Su Ziyue's big chest muscles, she lightly scratched his generous back, and said coquettishly: "Brother, May I touch you~~"

Su Ziyue panted roughly, and frowned while saying, "What are you messing around with?" He picked up Lian Xinjiao's pitifulsoft waist and hugged her completely Into the arms.

Lian Xin stepped on the ladder immediately, her legs were tightly wrapped around Su Ziyue's waist, and she hurriedly touched his strong and strong male body, as if the two of them were separated The valve was restricted, lips and tongue were quickly intertwined, burning hot, the four bodies were tightly hugged, and they rolled violently on the big round bed.

Su Ziyue lifted Lian Xin over, and then entered her crackling peach round buttocks, Lian Xin was fucked so high that her buttocks were raised high, and she lay powerlessly on her stomach, the world was spinning There is a refreshing place in the heart of the acupoint that can relieve itching.

Su Ziyue lowered his head to see her plump white tiger's pussy, it was indeed a small, pitiful little pussy.Seeing her from a close distance, she was greatly stretched, occupied, filled, The scene of entering and exiting made him frown, secretlyfeeling bad.

Lian Xin's leg was folded up again, Su Ziyue hugged her white and greasy leg, pointed at the center of her two pitiful labia, and inserted it hard again.

Lian Xin looked back, and for some reason, her dean on the bed began to look bitter and bitter again, but her buttocks shook like an electric motor more and more Quickly, it hit her sensitive flower core like raindrops, which made her whole body tremble. Soon, she couldn't bear the hot rod's penetration, and she shook her body and gave a wave of intense squirting, Su Zi< Yue let out a low growl, and when it reached the critical edge, it accelerated even more. Lian Xin was hard to get over, and was fucked hard again. The scream grew higher and higher as the waves rose and fell, Su Ziyue felt My testicles tightened, and I was about to ejaculate, and I wanted to pull away immediately, but Lian Xin grabbed his buttocks with both hands, not allowing him to leave, Lian Xin wrapped his legs around him, and the two shrugged fiercely The buttocks were about to be on the verge of jetting, Su Ziyue scolded severely with a face of disapproval: "Don't mess around!!"

Lian Xin screamed in shock and hugged him tightly, her pussy convulsed and twisted tightly, swearing Wanting to eat his hot semen, Su Ziyue finally found it hard to hold on, his hips twitched, and he shot full into Lian Xin's vagina.

Su Ziyue: "~~"

"A source of fresh and high-quality spices that has not been collected before. Congratulations to the host. This time I have harvested 7 holy incense points."

Lian Xin froze for a moment, then laughed out loud, it's okay, the work was not in vain.

However, the system was not content to be quiet, and tried to maintain a sense of existence: "Gentle reminder, host, you have 11 days left for your rest period. After 11 days, you will officially enter the last mission time. At that time , more severe randompunishment will make you~~"

"Okay, I just finished having fun, sage time, can you say something nice." Lian Xin interrupted it .

The system was speechless: "Okay, I wish you a happy orgasm."

Su Ziyue next to him gradually calmed down after the out-of-control passion, managed his expression, and recovered
With a look of "everything is under control", I got out of bed and stood quietly for a while.

"Don't do this again in the future, I mean the last one~~ protect your body." He looked at her, "This accident, I believe neither of us intended, I I will take care of everything, and I also bear a great responsibility in the meantime. If you have any requirements, you can ask me. Our accident will stop here and there will be no follow-up , and no third person will know." He picked up the spare suit that had fallen on the ground, dusted off the non-existent dust, and put it on.

Lian Xin looked at him with dark eyes, but didn't say anything.

"But, Su Zixi~~" He looked at her, "Please leave him."

Su Ziyue looked at Lian Xin firmly: "You are not suitable."

Lian Xin scratched her face, although he just shot her 100 million, but he didn't even write a check, let her leave, it would be too undrama, she was about to As soon as she opened her mouth to say something, she heard the doorbell, and her brother's deep, penetrating male voice rang outside the door: "Lian Xin, it's me, open the door."

Lian Xin Shocked, he gasped and opened his eyes wide to look at Su Ziyue.

58 "Brother, you are here~~"

Lian Xin was so nervous that the wheels turned in circles, opened the windows and fresh air, picked up the bedside fragrance and sprayed it crazily.

Su Ziyue's clothes that had been torn and stained by red wine were scattered on the floor, and the bed was a mess of pressure marks and mottled liquid stains~~Lian Xin rushed to the bed and tore off the messy top sheet Come down, roll up a roll and put it in the closet, and put Su Ziyue picked up the wine-stained clothes scattered on the ground, rolled them up, stuffed them into the closet, turned around and saw Su Ziyue standing upright, she ran over and grabbed his sleeve, her eyes fluttered silently Begging coquettishly, tugging and tugginghe also tried to pull him to the closet, rolled it up, and stuffed it in~~ "What are you doing?" Su Ziyue looked at the girl, puzzled.

Outside the door, Lian Ji's voice was intermittent, but the cell phone by the bed began to ring. Lian Xin pointed to the door and said, "That's mybrother, I can't not answer him, he If I find you here, I will kill you~~"

Su Ziyue frowned sternly, and also had some headaches. He sighed, lowered his voice and instructed her: "You first Get dressed."

"Oh!" Lian Xin looked down at his naked body, luckily he is not a tit rubbing lover, he didn't touch her much during the sex just now, Lian Xin He picked up a pajamas on the hanger and tied it.

Su Ziyue quickly looked around the room, whether it was the balcony or the bathroom, there was a high risk of exposure, he looked down at the bottom of the bed, it was a solid bed, there was nothing to hide, only a wardrobe It is a relatively low-risk hiding place.

Lian Xin patted the bed vigorously, trying to restore it to a good bed, Su Ziyue buttoned up his suit tightly, bent down and got into the innermost part of the closet, Lian Xin hurried over He piled things on him like a puppy shaving sand, and slapped the bed sheet smeared with sexual fluid between the two of them on Su Ziyue's face, hiding him tightly.

Su Ziyue: ~~ The wardrobe door slammed shut in front of his eyes.

Lian Xin sniffed the air. Fortunately, her body fragrance is relatively strong, which can basically cover up othersmells.

Lian Ji was holding his mobile phone to make a call in the corridor, his brows were furrowed tighter and tighter, just as he was trying to go downstairs to ask the service personnel, the door of 320 finally opened.

Wearing loose pajamas, Lian Xin rubbed her sleepy eyes, and said with a dazed expression: "Brother, you are here~~"

Lian Ji breathed a sigh of relief, reached out and rubbed She shook her head and strode in.

"I took a shower, rested and fell asleep~~" she explained before Lian Ji opened her mouth, "I was a little bit unwell before, so I came back and dealt with it."

Lian Ji smelled the rather strong Lian Xin body fragrance in the room, so he didn't take it seriously. Rubbing his face, his voice was low: "Uncomfortable? Is it better?"

Lian Xin looked up at her brother and nodded: "Well, it's okay."

Lian Ji bowed his head Kissed her cheek. Lian Xin shrugged and smiled.

Seeing that she was delicate and hiding cutely, Lian Ji also smiled, hugged her sister closer, and kept pecking and kissing her soft and pink face.

Su Ziyue, who was tall and condescending and hid in the closet, sat quietly for a moment, reflectinghow he, the president of a multinational company, got to this point.

Originally, because he had nothing to do, Su Ziyue silently picked up his shirt that was rolled up by Lian Xin, and folded it back to a meticulous standard square carefully, but accidentally glanced at it Behind the gap in the closet, his movements suddenly stopped.

59 Brother and sister raped by the wardrobe spy

Lian Xin remembered that there was another person in the closet, so he pushed hard against Lian Ji's chest, but Lian Ji and his sister kissed< After lingering with her lips and tongue, her whole body boiled with desire and flames, pressing down heavily on her like a bottle of Taishan stone, which was not something Lian Xin's cat could push at all.

His hormones were strong and unscrupulous, pressing on every step of the way, the two gradually fell to the big round bed, Lian Xin pushed his brother's face away, and the tender lips that had been loved were glowing : "Brother, don't be here~~"

Lian Ji looked down at her irresistibly: "Why, don't you want brother?"

Lian Xin bit her lip: "I want, I want Brother~~"

Lian Ji lifted off her loose pajamas, touched her white and slippery thighs, lowered her head and kissed her eyelashes and lips: "Yes."

Lian Xin sighed helplessly. She subconsciously refused, just because she was afraid that her relationship with her brother would be seen by others. It doesn't matter if there are more, not to mention that Lian Ji is pressing her down like this, and the strong masculine breath is involuntarily enveloped. Lian Xin's body is still extremely sensitive and has not yet shaken off the tide Soft into a ball, unable to resist.

Lian Xin gently stroked his brother's tough and handsome side face, and rubbed his nose with attachment: "Brother~~"

Lian Ji took off his clothes neatly, and sometimes comforted him Kissing her younger sister's delicate face lightly: "Yeah."

When Lian Ji stood by the bed, facing her with the majestic thick sling under his crotch, Lian Xin was already flooded Jinshan, Lian Ji pulled Lian Xin's legs to both sides, and pressed her bony thumb on her trembling red heart, and gently rubbed her.

Lian Xin was being rubbed, and Suochu reflexively sucked his thumb, twisted his hips and said, "Brother, well, brother, don't rub, just fuck my sister, okay?" , my sister misses your big stick~~"

Lian Ji reached out and kneaded her plump breasts, seeing the breasts protruding from between his fingers, he knew how unbecoming Lian Xin's pretending to be docile was actually, holding his thick roots against her Beating on the dripping acupuncture point, lovingand complaining: "Do you want to be fucked by brother?"

Lian Xin bit her finger: "Well, brother hurry up and hurt sister ~~"

"Are you going to be good in the future?"

Lian Xin was hit on the hole by the red meat column, twisted her hips and nodded and said: "Be good, be good, my sister will be my brother's from now onExclusive meat washing toilet, only for my brother to fuck~~"

Lian Ji's body is bulging with blue veins, his inverted triangle figure is sharply cut, and his strong and majestic muscles are embossed. Watching his passionate panting, his legs were slightly apart, he squatted down slightly, holding Lian Xin's two slender and white calves, and slowly inserted his dick into her wet slit.

Lian Xin moaned contentedly.

Finally entering his sister's body again, Lian Ji shook vigorously.

"Brother~~ah~~brother, my brother fucked my sister again, ah, I like it so much, my sister's pussy is insertedin the shape of my brother~~"

Su Ziyue: "~~"

Through the crack of the door, I saw the man dragged Lian Xin to the bedside and spread his legs, with his back facing him. The tight and exaggerated buttocks fluttered between the girl's legs, and a donkey sling was inserted and pulled out in the place where he had just fought, stretching the girl's fat and white steamed bun hole miserable, young and tender The red labia and pussy meat were rolled out, and the lewd water was scattered in all directions, splashing out like some kind of juice.

His lower body was propped up again, his breathing was physiologically rapid, and he sighed helplessly, but he didn't intend to look at it, it was just separated by a door panel, and the crack in the door was right in front of his eyes , the sound of clamoring and slapping flesh and buttocks outside kept ringing, No matter how good his concentration is, he would not pay attention to glance at it.

Lian Ji put Lian Xin's legs together, held them high, and plowed deeply in her bulging tight hole for a while, which made Lian Xin shout loudly Crying, the two big eggs swayed and slapped at the mouth of Lian Xin's acupuncture point.

"Ah, brother, oh, brother kiss me~"

Lian Ji carefully picked up his coquettish younger sister in a penetrating posture, and let her wrap around his waist Up, the topkissed her tenderly, and the bottom walked slowly around the bed while inserting her.

"Like brother kissing you?" Lian Ji asked in a low voice next to Lian Xin's ear.

"I like it." Lian Xin was hit hard.

"Do you like my brother to touch you?"

"I like it, I like it so much, my brother's hand is so big and warm, it makes my sister soft all over~"

"Yeah." Lian Ji nodded with a sinking face, approving such an answer.

Lian Xin was carried back to the bed by Lian Ji, and she put her shoulders on the ground and her buttocks facing the sky. On Xin's ass, the pendant hung vertically, straight up and down, and the man's thick and darker pendant flew in and out between the girl's fat, white and tender ass.

"Huh? How about inserting it like this? Do you like my brother's hanging?"

"Aha~~ah~~ I like it, I like it, I love it~~"

"Is my brother good at inserting you? Is it the best?"

"Ah! Yes! Ah!!"

The initial shock and shock are already very strong Fading away soon, Su Ziyue didn't care about his stiff and erect lower body, just stretched out his hand to rub the center of his eyebrows.

Brother~~ What's going on with this girl.

60 The elder brother entered the younger sister later, and the pussy essence splashed on the "peeper"

The crackling sound of the buttocks outside was loud and non-stop, and the two were deeply in love The man and woman frequently exchanged poses. In the closet, the CEO of the Su Chengheng Group silently looked at the office software on the phone.

It looks like he is dealing with official business, but he is not so focused. He needs to divert his attention.

After Su Ziyue signed and issued a document from the President's Office, the closet door slammed.

"Oh~!" Lian Xin was pressed hard by Lian Ji on the closet door and entered. On the door of the cupboard, the little drunken face is slightly upturned, the cherry lips are open, uh, up and down, a pair of plump round breasts are shaking, and the nipples occasionally brush against the cool door.

Su Ziyue: ~~ Lian Xin opened her confused eyes, and saw Su Ziyue who was only showing half of her side face through the crack of the door, looking at her with calm and silent eyes likeice water, Lian Xin Covering her mouth in panic: "Ah!"

But her elder brother kept coming in and out behind her and didn't give her a chance to calm down. Lian Ji split her legs and half rode on Lian Xin's ass, with a strong body Pressing down, hugging her body tightly and raising her buttocks, her thick penis filled Lian Xin's vagina, he knew how wonderful her sister's endurance was, and also knew how much her Xiaolang hole loved to hold a meat stick, and the athlete's thick and strong waist The hips and buttocks are the source of power, pushing the big dick hole under the crotch like a machine running at full speed, and the huge glans bumps against Lian Xin's uterus like a storm, making her hit again Itchy and numb, buttocks are getting higher and higher, whimpering and being sucked by his elder brother, the inner wall of the pussy is twisted layer by layer to clamp and suck his brother's big fat cock, which makes Lian Ji growl in a low voice, andscalp jumps , more and more fiercely pumped.

Su Ziyue sat down solemnly and sighed. This closet is like a 360-degree surround stereo Dolby sound effect.

Tilting your head, you can still see the girl's plump and shaking breasts through the crack of the door, just across a layer of wood, a pair of brothers and sisters next to him are having sex on his face, and he At work, and the girl had just had sex with him~~ Su Ziyue couldn't help thinking again, how did things come to this.

Lian Ji reached in front of Lian Xin with both hands, grabbed two big tits, kneaded and played with them, touched and fucked, and then separated Lian Xin's legs Get up, face the closet in the posture of pissing, squat down and push hard from bottom to top,The heart of Lian Xin's acupoint is wide open, and the little peas are red and protruding, and they are pushed out from time to time. water.

"Ah, ah~~ brother, I'm going to piss, don't, don't face here!"

Lian Ji didn't stop, tilting his head to kiss his sister's flushed cheeks Cheek, sucking her pink and tender earlobe, with a wet and twitching pussy inserted under it.

"Ha! Ah! Oh!" Lian Xin shook her head and shook her hair, trying to use her ability to control bodily fluids to restrain herselfDon't spray it out. There is someone, if, if she, ifsprays on him in a mess~~ then I am too sorry for him~~ She is not familiar with him at all~~ Unfortunatelyprobably It's due to her unskilled ability, and the orgasm came too fast and too violently, Lian Xin pushed her acupoint forward violently and twitched, spitting out a large piece of it.

A few drops of lewd liquid were sprayed on Su Ziyue's face unexpectedly, he silently felt the yin essence and milk stains splashing in from the crack of the door, raised his sleeves, and stared intently. for a while.

Lian Xin covered her face in shame and embarrassment, and cried loudly, but Lian Ji turned around and hugged her into her arms, kissing her and holding her up high.

The two of them messed around for a long time, and then it finally cleared up. Lian Ji went to the bathroom to take a bath, and Lian Xin lay limply on the bed. Holding his carefully folded clothes in his right hand, Su Ziyue came out of the closet and looked down at Lian Xin.

Lian Xin woke up slightly, put on her pajamas, jumped in front of him, wiped his face and sleeves for him: "I'm sorryOh~~"

Su Ziyue glanced at it In the direction of the bathroom, I picked up another set of thick pajamas and wrapped her up again, waved it casually and said: "Come with me."

Lian Xin listened to the dean With a lecture tone in the office, Weiwei followed him out weakly and turned into the aisle.

Su Ziyue's tall figure was standing sideways to her, his long eyebrows were slightly locked, and his cold hair with pomade was probably messed up in the before exercise on the bed, and there were two locks His hair was thrown up, and there was a hint of humor in his calmness.

He sighed, and said, "If you were my sister, I would have broken your leg by now."

Lian Xin shrank her shoulders and muttered softly : "But I'm not."

Su Ziyue turned to look at her. Lian Xin was not very afraid of him, so she smiled softly. Everyone just kissed and touchedShortly after finishing it, don't hold back the moral education class ruthlessly.

Su Ziyue shook his head: "I originally wanted to advise you, you are still young, you should be cautious in your life, such a seriousmistake, you will regret it in the end, but look You're like this~~" He glanced at her disapprovingly, "You probably won't listen to it."

Lian Xin lowered her head with a gloomy expression: "~~It's not you That's what you think."

Su Ziyue was silent for a moment, didn't ask, but changed his tone and said forcefully: "You just have to remember, stay away from Su Zixi, and me, how far away from our Su family How far is it, we can resume the completely stranger relationship, As long as you want, I can give you satisfactory financial compensation."

Lian Xin's plump lips pouted, The corners of his mouth drooped, and just now he felt that he had been despised, Su Ziyue added: "Don't feel unhappy, it's not to offend you, it's just for your own good."

Even Xin sighed With a sigh of relief, he shook his head and said, "I'm afraid I can't do it."

Su Ziyue frowned.

"I don't have to take the initiative to find anyone, but it may be difficult for you to be a stranger in peace~~Ah~~ Your new step-grandmother Yu Qingqing , "She remembered the original purpose of this trip, "It's my mother."

"~~~~?!" Su Ziyue's "everything is under control" rarely showed a blank expression on his face.

【To be continued】
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