The changes that life brings to me (11-12)

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[The changes that life brings to me]

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Chapter 11 Sudden Changes

Husband has gone to see His parents have been there for a few days, and I am very worried. "Hey~ Wife!" "Hmm~ Hubby! How are you?" "

After receiving my husband's call, I felt a lot more at ease. I leaned on the sofa and sent him a wechat message thinking that he would come back to accompany me sooner. In wechat, he told me that he had I took my mother back first in two days, and I am also very happy that I can finally see him.

On Monday, I got up early to dress up. He carefully tied up her hair and wore a set of ultra-thin purple underwear. The underwear is completely transparent, so it is not very hot in summer. Put on the flesh-colored pantyhose and the improvedcheongsam. The arms and shoulders are all exposed, and the cheongsam skirt is very close-fitting, showing my figure completely. The hem of the skirtis not very long, a little above the knees, and the slits on both sides are very high. I guess my husband will like it very much .

I received my husband, and both my husband and his mother praised me for being beautifully dressed today. Our group went back to the urban area and arranged for his mother to be hospitalized for observation.

"Honey, I can't accompany you tonight, you go home and rest by yourself, can I go home with you tomorrow?"

"It's okay, you can stay with mom, I Back to myself, I will be relieved when you are back! How is our father? He hasn’t come back yet?”

“Don’t worry, it’s okay. You go home early and rest, help I'll send something over here!" After saying that, he hugged me and kissed me.

The next morning I came to the hospital early to deliver food and food. "Mom~ are you awake? I brought you something and food, where is Kefei?" I put down my things and asked. "Yiyi! Ke Fei just went out to do some errands and said he'll be back in a while~ Have you eaten? You eat first, I'm not hungry yet! You still have to go to work after eating!". "Mom~ It's okay, I'll stay with you if Kefei isn't here, I'll ask for leave later." "It's okay, girl, the nurse will come later, there is no inspection today, it's the infusion recovery stage. You go to work! Be good~". "Then I'll come and see you after get off work!"

After the nurse arrived, I hurried to the company to go to work, and when I entered the company, I was terrified by the sight in front of me Yes, several policemen were in the office, and when they saw me coming in, they called me in for a private conversation. I finally knowwhat happened recently.

It turned out that something happened to Kefei's father. Kefei's father's company was suspected of a loan where the whereabouts of the company was unknown, and there was a deficit of nearly 30 million, and he had worked in a bank before. Familiar with the operation process of the bank, so he was investigated. Since they went to Wuhan to attend an important meeting a while ago, the policedirectly controlled him in Wuhan, but Ke Fei’s father didn’t I knew what was going on with this loan, but the bank's loan contractwas clearly signed by his father, and the money was also deposited into his personal account separately. Later They were transferred to other accounts in batches, but Kefei's mother was not in good health and fell ill all of a sudden. My husband's company and house were also seized, so I had no choice but to go home and pack up all the important things and take them back to my home.

After I got home, I lay on the bed and started crying. I couldn't get through to my husband, and I knewhe might also be under investigation. So I ran to the hospital again, but his mother had already been transferred to the intensive care unit, and someone was watching at the door and wouldn't let me in. I had no choice but to go back to the company to discuss with the boss.

"Yiyi~ Don't worry, Kefei and I are brothers, and I will definitely help him. The best result of this mattermay be to repay the loan. Solved. Our company is not big, but one or two million can still be paid out. Yiyi, you can take a paid vacation these days, come to the company if you want to come, take a rest if you don’t want to come, anytime
Call, your sister-in-law and I will be on call!". "Thank you so much, Boss!"

When I got home in the afternoon, I cried again, almost dying of anxiety. "Hey~ Wife, I'm fine, don't worry!But I have some things to deal with, you can work at ease, I'll be back soon." After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone, how could I be relieved~ But it was useless to be anxious. I called my parents and told the situation. My mother said that she could give me two million. I thought about selling the house, but the house is in my mother's name, and Xiaoxiao and Sister Xin came when I was in a hurry.

"Nizi, what's wrong with Kefei?" Xiaoxiao asked me when she entered the room, so I told her, "Don't worry, Yiyi, if you borrow money now If you can solve the problem, then I will borrow it for you, but 30 million is not a decimal, sit down and I will analyze it for you. If you can only solve it with money, I will go home and ask my dad for it!" Sister Xin Comforts me.

Sister Xin's analysis made sense for me. If the 30 million yuan really went into the account of Kefei's family, there would definitely be a record, but their familyI really don’t know about this, but the current account does have a record of posting and
a lot of money was distributed and transferred to relatives... It must have been calculated by someone, and now I suffer from the lack of a strong oneEvidence, so the most important thing now is to find the evidence first.

A week later and still no leads. However, there was an unforeseen situation, and this day I suddenly received a call from the police asking me to go to the Central Hospital, so Xiaoxiao and Sister Xin accompanied me. When I went inside, I felt angry.A female policeman kept comforting me, and I had an ominous premonition, "What's wrong? Please tell me, okay!" I was about to cry as I said that.

It turned out that my husband had an accident a few days ago and came to the morgue. I couldn't take it anymore. Xiaoxiao was helping me by the side.When I saw my husband, I couldn't bear it anymore "Husband!!!!!!!!! Why did you leave me alone! Ahh!!!!" I burst into tears, and Xiaoxiao wanted to hug me up, I was stopped by sister Xin! "Ah ... why! Husband ~ You get up! Don't you tell me to accompany me! Ah !!!!!" I cried very well, and then they were both. I brace myself and lead me out the door. And I don't believe that it was an accident.

It's been a long time, and I still can't calm down. Xiao Xiao and Sister Xin changed shifts to accompany me, for fear that something might happen to me. On this day, my husband's former teammate and best friend invited me to meet, so I changed my clothes and went out to meet him.

Xiaoxiao and I came to the coffee shop to wait for my husband's former teammate. Xiaoxiao said that this man was very righteous, and he was a teammate of the same grade as Kefei. His name was Ding Changping, and he was very nice. He arrived in a short while, and we went into the cafe to talk about it.

"Yiyi, Kefei definitely didn't die in an accident. In fact, before his family had an accident, we were already investigating some things. Later, because of the investigation of these things, his family had an accident. Thinking of Kefei leaving in the end..." Ding Changping said to us.

"What exactly is it?" Xiaoxiao asked after her.

"Three months ago, Ke Fei and I discovered that several companies we cooperated with were doing some illegal things in private. But we have no evidence, so we can only investigate secretly. Later we were discovered and received threatening phone callsbut Kefei didn’t stop. When we were about to get close to the inside story, Kefei’s father had an accident.We had to fly to Wuhan ..." He took a sip of coffee and continued, "Later, I stayed in Wuhan for two days before returning to Tianjin. I advised Kefei not to investigate any more. He didn't agree. If he didn't investigate to the end, his family would be ruined. Only by finding out the matterclearly can he clean up his family's injustice. The day before Kefei's accident, we split up and I went to Shanghai.He went to investigate Haitian Company. I think he should be in What happened at Haitian."

"What happened next?" Xiaoxiao continued to ask, I sat on the side and was hugged by Xiaoxiao, tears kept flowing.

"These days, I haven't come back, I have re-investigated these companies, and finally got some clues, but because there is no strong evidence, there is no way to report the case! Alas ~I'm sorry my brother~" he saidand handed me a box. Inside the box were details of the companies they investigated, along with a diamond ring and a letter. I looked at the letter, held the ring in my hand, and couldn't stop crying.

"Brother Changping! I want to continue the investigation for Ke Fei!" I wiped away my tears and said to him.

"What? You want to investigate this matter? No! You are a woman, too dangerous..." He refused me.

"What's wrong with the woman? If you don't help me, I'll start from the beginning...!" My answer was firm.

"That's right! Senior Brother, I'll help Nizi do the research too, so just say whether you can help me or not!" Xiao Xiao also said.

"Shall I think about it? Well, wait for my call tomorrow..."

After Xiaoxiao and I got home, we talked about this matter, and I watched it again. Fei's computer, hoping to find some clues. But still nothing. In the afternoon, I received a call from Ding Changping, who promised to continue the investigation for me, and then arranged to meet at my home.

At six o'clock in the evening, Ding Changping brought another friend to my house. This man is a big fat man. Everyone calls him "Wanjinyou". Many, it will be of great help to us.

"Yiyi, Wanjinyou just returned to Tianjin. I told him about it on the way, and he decided to help. With him joining, I think the chance of success this time will be great. Now let's re-analyze these companies together," Ding Changpingsaid, taking out a thick stack of materials and putting them on the table.

"After several months of elimination by Kefei and I, the remaining companies have the biggest problems. The othersmall companies are at most small in their interest chain. Fish and shrimp." As he spoke, he took out three photosand introduced them again. "This person is called Yang Xinjie, the second in command of Shanghai Rixuxiang Clothing Company, this person is called Li Yachen, and is the financial director of Wuhan Tianchen Cosmetics Company, and this person is called Zhao Yonghai, from Xi'an Haitian Investment Company
Boss!..." FinishedHe also told us in detail the background of these companies and some things that have been found

The top of this chain of interests should be this Haitian Investment Company. They are a legitimate insurance agency business in name, but they are actually doing money laundering, smuggling, fraud, etc..., otherwise There will not be such a big profit every year. We reanalyzed it. Finally found an important clue - they are very lecherous, and they have several private clubs, they use this club to get in touch with top people from all walks of life, so as to start their so-called "business" "Green light"... I decided to find a way to gain access to the inside story of these three people through their weaknesses, but Ding Changping disagreed, "I promised Ke Fei to take good care of you. If you go to see these three Man, do you know what that means?". In order to find out the cause of Kefei's death and clear up his family's grievances, I decided to go all out. "Do you have a better candidate or solution?" I asked Ding Changping. He bowed his head and said nothing, just shook his head. In the end we decided to do what I wanted, and Ding Changping had no choice but to agree. Wanjinyou was responsible for helping me get in touch with those three people as soon as possible by using my interpersonal relationship.

Ding Changping gave us a brief introduction to their hobbies, as well as the performances and projects in the clubhouse. I have no fear in my heart, I just want to find out quickly and avenge my husband!

The next day, I called my family and said that I wanted to use the house as a mortgage to help Ke Fei. My mother said that if I thought it was worth it, I would do it, and soon flew back with me to go to the Housing Authority to complete the transfer procedures.

Xiaoxiao and I came to Sister Xin's house and asked her for help! "Sister Xin~ I want to borrow some money from you," and then told her about our plan. "Yiyi, I can lend you money, but..." Sister Xin looked at me and said. "Butwhat? Sister Xin" I asked her quickly. "Is it worth it? He's already gone..." Sister Xin replied. "I love himvery much, I've decided..." I replied resolutely. We chatted for a long time, and Sister Xin finally agreed to help me.

I came to the company to hand in the resignation letter, but the boss didn't answer it, he said to me, "Yiyi, I know you're going to help Kefei, how about this, I'll keep the job for you , no need to resign, come back after you finish your work. I and everyoneare waiting for you. Besides, your sister-in-law will transfer the money to you later. You may need the money recently. Speaking of it, Ke Fei />It's also my brother!" "Thank you boss, I will definitely go back to the company to help you when I'm done!" After I finished speaking, I left the company and went to the hospital to see Kefei's mother. Her condition was very bad, maybe she had already guessed that something happened to her son, so I comforted her and left quickly, lest I couldn't help crying for a while, which would make her even more worried.

The five of us came to Kefei's company together, and there was no one there, so we packed all the useful things. Sister Xin proposed to live in her house these days, so we each went home and prepared our things to move to her house temporarily. Sister Xin's house is very big, located in Meijiang Community, a two-story spacious villa with many rooms, enough for several of us to live in.

In the evening, after Sister Xin asked Auntie Cleaning to prepare the meal, she gave her some extra wages and asked her to go back first and wait for the phone call. I know that everything we do next will be done in secret, so there will be no outsiders in the house. After dinner, we made a preliminary plan. The first step is to get close to Yang Xinjie... "Yiyi, the first person isYang Xinjie. His weakness is his wife-fear, everything he owns is basically given by his wife’s family, so let’s try to get some evidenceto threaten him..." Wan Jinyou said.

"So what should I do?" I asked him.

"Well, Sister Xin, you help Yiyi do as much nursing as possible to make her look supple and supple, and then I will find my friends in Shanghai and try to get them from their company Business, when I was looking for my friend's company in Tianjin to discuss cooperation, I sent you there~ What do you think?" Wan Jinyou said.

"Brother Wan, I can ask my boss for help. He has done business with Shanghai before. He has done advertising ideas there!" I said to him.

"I think it's okay, give me a week, and you all get ready in the next few days!" After Wan Jinyou finished speaking, he ate all the remaining meals. No wonder he is so fat... "Yiyi, tomorrow I will bring back some things from the store, we will start with skin care at my home, and then I will give you some special training. Save time." Sister Xin Said to meI agreed and then thought about the next step. I called my boss and he agreed to help, which put my hanging heart at ease.

The next day, Xiaoxiao and Sister Xin went to the store to move things. I looked at the materials alone at home and tried my best to recall the previous things. After they came back, I helped move Things, the intense busyness just started. Xiaoxiao told me that she had resigned, and I hugged her to thank her. Then there are various beauty treatments, not only the skin, but also pouring vaginal repair fluid into the pussy twice a day... After a week, the balm came back. "Ah! Yiyi. Doesn't changeLittle! The advertising business has been settled, the next step is up to you! Also, in ShanghaiI helped you arrange the hotel. The hotel belongs to my friend, so I can guarantee that the safety will not be monitored. "After finishing talking, I looked for food everywhere, "Okay! Thank you, Brother Wan! I'm ready!"

After another two days, everything was arranged, and Sister Xin sent me off At the airport, "Yiyi, be careful when you get there! If you feel that there is danger, you must stop the investigation immediately and come back immediately! Do you hear?". "Don't worry, with Xiaoxiao by my side, I won't be afraid!" I said to Sister Xin. The boss asked Manager Kang to accompany our two girls to go to Shanghai. Ding Changping and Wanjinyou had already arrived in Shanghai a day earlier.

When I arrived at the company in Shanghai, after a brief introduction, I also met this man named Yang Xinjie. He is short, wears glasses, and looks like a very shrewd person. I sat down with Xiaoxiao and Manager Kangto talk about the idea of ​​this advertisement. After talking about business, Yang Xinjie walked in and invited us to dinner.

I am wearing a relatively simple white sweater today, a knee-length umbrella skirt, and a ponytail. Sitting quietly on the opposite side, Xiaoxiao is holding down the pre-established bluffing Talking to everyone, I sat on the side and bowed my head to eat, I could feel that Yang Xinjie’s eyes never left me, when I looked up and saw him, I just smiled at him hint.

In the next few days, the work went smoothly. When our advertising idea was almost finalized, I said to Yang Xinjie, "Mr. Yang, we are going back to Tianjin tomorrow, if you have any comments You can call me at any time, I will change it according to your wishes as soon as possible, what do you think?". "Well... that's it!" He answered very simply. My heart felt cold all of a sudden, but there was no change on my face. When I returned to the hotel in the afternoon, Xiaoxiao kept comforting me, and I said it was all right. When I was about to go to the airport the next morning, I received a call from Secretary Yang Xinjie. "Ms. Yiyi, hello! Our boss invites you to stay. We have just signed a long-term cooperation with your company. You will stayas a dispatcher to cooperate with us!". "Ah? I'm going to call the company to confirm.!" I tried my best to answer the nervousness in my heart.

For the next few days, I stayed alone in the company in Shanghai, and every day I simply accompanied Yang Xinjie to his subsidiary company to look at some design samples. On the afternoon of the weekend, Yang Xinjie took me to a coffee shop next to the Bund. He chatted with me a lot, and I think he was a little hooked. We were sitting and chatting, he tentatively touched my leg, I pretended to resist, but he told me that the cooperation between the two companies this time is entirely based on his words, /> If he is in a good mood, he will give us more business, so I have no choice but to keep my head down and stop resisting. A week later, Xiaoxiao came back to me... "Yiyi, tomorrow weekend, I will take you out for a walk! I have been in Shanghai for so long, I am busy with work, I will pick you up at noon tomorrow !" Yang Xinjie finished speaking and hung up the phone. I discussed it with Xiaoxiao and decided to go.

When I woke up the next morning, I put on light makeup and wore a high-necked white sweater. The sweater was long enough to coverbuttocks. There are two braids on either side of the head. I looked in the mirrorand was very satisfied. Xiaoxiao looked at me and said to me, "Yiyi, it's great! It looks like you were dressed in college! Go. Call me anytime if you have anything, and I'll protect you!". "Yeah!"

I went out of the hotel and saw Yang Xinjie, he looked at me speechless. "Mr. Yang!" I called out to him. "Ah...! Ms. Yiyi, let's go!" He answered in a panic, then helped me open the passenger door, and quickly ran to the driver's cab. He took me around the shopping malls in Shanghai and bought me A lot of clothes, I was a little embarrassed at the beginning, but I gradually relaxed, he walked with his arms around my shoulders, I was very nervous, I was like this Satisfied with his performance, he lowered his head and smiled at me. After walking around like this for an afternoon, I also started talking and laughing at him. He looks very happy.

I followed him to his design studio, and he told me that he started here when he was young.I looked at his designs over the years, and the more he talked, the more he worked hard , poured me a glass of wine, and we chatted and drank. I didn't know why he likes pure women so much, even a little perverted. It turned out that when he was young, he had a girlfriend who was his college classmate. She is very beautiful, but she suffers from a disease.I will not be able to have children for a lifetime, and even my husband and wife life will not be normal. When he has money, he has another opportunity for treatment.

I put my legs together and put the picture book on my lap, and looked at it page by page, and he was sitting opposite me, talkinghe cried, crying very sadly, " Mr. Yang, what's wrong with you? Don't be sad!" I put down the album he designed, and walked to him and handed him a tissue. He hugged my legs, put his head on my stomach and cried again, "Mr. Yang! Don't be like this...don't be sad..." I said, but I couldn't help it after struggling. Dodge, and just be hugged by him like this.

His hands came up along my legs at this moment. he touched me justI was wearing thicker stockings, his hands kept stroking between my socks and my legs. I wanted to push him away, but I was hugged tightly by him, "Yiyi, you fascinate me, you let me find the feeling in college, I can give you the life you want...
…" He picked me up and walked into another hut... I resisted desperately, but I was very happy in my heart, knowing that half of the success was achieved. Pretending to struggle, the more I struggle, the more excited he is. "Yiyi, just ask for whatever conditions you want... as long as you can stay with me...". "You let me go... I don't want to...". "No! Ilike you, you must agree to it!" He said and put me on a bed in the room, and pushed me down at once, and I grabbed my skirt desperately Hem, and said to him, "Mr. Yang! What do you want? Can you let me go?" "I like you, it's that simple, I can give you money and buy you a lot of things! What do you want?" "Then I want to stay in Shanghai, I don't want to go back to Tianjin, okay? Can you marry me?" Things, I will buy you a house in a few days, so you can stay here!"

After speaking, he took off my dress at once. I lay half-naked in front of him, becauseknowing his preferences in advance, I have been wearing very ordinary underwear recently, cotton underwear, and I went shopping today, so I wore a slightly thicker black long tube Socks, I covered my chest with one hand and lower body with the other, curled up one leg, and lowered my head not to look at him.

As if stimulated by my actions, he threw himself on me with red eyes, "Mm...Mr. Yang, lighten up......". "Well. Yiyi, you are so beautiful...". I simply closed my eyes and endured silently.

His tongue stuck into my mouth, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth gently, stretched out my hands to hug his back, His big hands held my breasts It started to pinch, and my nipples started to harden from his stimulation. After kissingfor a while, he lifted his body and helped me take off all my underwear. I lowered my head shyly. This time I was not pretending to be shy, but I felt sad for a while, and I shed tears. He was afraid that I would be sad, so he lay down and licked my tears with his tongue. When his tongue licked my eyes, my body trembled.

Slowly, he kissed my neck, then my chest. "Uh...uh..." My body began to react, "Yiyi, your body is petite but your breasts are so big and beautiful..." "Uh... President Yang, do you like it? Uh..." I couldn't stand being teased by his tongue, "I like it very much..." He sucked the nipple himself, and rubbed my breasts with both hands, "Uh...Mr. Yang, Take it easy..." I moaned. The body also twisted.

About ten minutes later, he kissed my sweet beans along his body. I didn't take the initiative to spread my legs, but waited for him to open them hard, "Ah~ Mr. Yang ... ". "Hey... Yiyi, the excitement has begun..." He laughed lewdly. I thought to myself, "I haven't tried anything, how many times have I tried Tiaodan, how can I still be afraid of you?" But I still pretended to be scared.

"Uh~ ah!...Uh~ ah!..." I became excited, I didn't expect his tongue to be very powerful, I have never tried a person's tongue can It was so comfortable to fiddle with, I desperately scratched his back with my nailsHe sucked the honey bean and at the same time poked the honey bean with his tongue quickly, this series of movements made me unbearable It's over, "Uh...uh...uh...Mr. Yang... Take it easy..." I moaned.

After about ten minutes, he separated my legs as hard as possible. "Ah! Mr. Yang..." I was a little scared, "Don't be afraid of Yiyi, I like this, it looks very charming!" He said and tied my hands and legs, and then got down The bed pressed the button, and an iron frame lowered from the ceiling. He tied my hands and legs and fixed them to the hanging iron ring. , I'm afraid..." I was about to cry.

He was standing beside me, happily taking pictures, my pussy was already soaked, it must be shiny under the flashlight, I don't know what else he is doing, this When he hugged my buttocks, he licked my pussy with his tongue, sucked the honey juice with his mouth a few times, I was stirred up by him and moaned loudly, his tongue sucked my pussy outLick it and then retract it, which makes me feel so itchy that I can't express it, "Ah~ ah~ ah~" I can only shout out , and then he starts to lick the chrysanthemum hole with his tongue again, I was stimulated by the sudden electric current and twisted my body desperatelyWhen he was almost playing, he pressed the button, which made my suspended body drop a little, and he pushed it over A machine with something like a "tongue" on the front end, it looked scary, so I had to relax and wait.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah~" the machine started, my sweet beans were stimulated by these tongues, my whole body trembled, and I could only speak loudly Moaning, I've never experienced this feeling before, it's different from a vibrating egg, the stimulation is different, I can't stand it every time. And Yang Xinjie turned to me at this time, my head was tilted back, and he took out his cock with his hand, a not-so-big cock appeared in front of me, I moaned, There was a burst of pleasure from the honey bean, and I was about to collapse.

At this time, he grabbed the two braids on my head, and I had to tilt my head down, "Ah~" Before I stopped screaming, he thrust his cock into me "Uh...uuh..." He moved back and forth, thrusting one after another, my whole body was extremely uncomfortable, I had never been subjected to such a perverted position, my head was a little congested and my lower body br/>The pleasure that came from me stimulated me all the time, my mouth was completely filled with the cock, "Um...uh...uh..." I moaned feebly, I longed for something in my heart at this moment Inserted into my pussy, I couldn't hold on any longer,After a while, his penis got bigger and bigger, I knew he was going to cum, so I licked it with my tongue, as if When he came right away, he pulled it out. "Uh..." He groaned, walked to the other side of my body, and turned off the machine, which relieved me a little. He put me down and put me on the bed, "Mr. Yang, please, my hands are numb. Can you untie them?". "It will be untied later, don't worry~"He walked out after speaking... I lay on the bed thinking about things in my heart, and for Kefei, I risked everything. At this moment, Yang Xinjie returned to the hut from the outside, and his dick, which had been softened, stood up again, "What medicine did he take? It became hard again so?" I thought to myself, he Come to me, lift my legs up and put them on his shoulders, push my small pussy lips apart with one hand, and rub my dick around the pussy, "Uh...~" I lightly He groaned lightly.

"Yiyi! How is it? Do you really want it?" He asked me with a smile, but his cock was still rubbing against the hole, "Mmm...Mr. Yang..." I responded slightly, and continued to feel the slight stimulation with my eyes closed. He giggled, feeling that he should be very pleased with my performance, when he put the condom on his cock. With all his strength, he inserted it directly into the small hole. Although his dick was not very big, it was of normal size, but the suddenmovement still made me cry out in pain, "Ah!...Mr. Yang , it hurts... ah... ah..." I swayedbody, two breasts were held by him and pinched vigorously, the dick was thrusting faster and faster in the small hole, and my small
The feeling in the hole is different from before, his cock is cool, and my small hole is very hot, being inserted by this "popsicle"-like cock, it is indescribably comfortable, tightening desperately to get more Great stimulation, "Yiyi~ Your pussy is so tight, it clamps me so comfortably, haha! I'm going to fuck you to death today...uh...". "Ah...uh~Ah...! Mr. Yang, why is your cock so cold? It's so exciting...uh...". I groaned louder, "Hey... this is the latest product, it has some mint ingredients on the surface, is it comfortable? Haha" After finishing speaking,his dick was quickly inserted into it for a while, and then lightly Gently insert a few times in the hole. "Uh...ah......uh...Mr. Yang...Yiyi...can't stand it..." I shouted loudly, a man of his age is not as physically strong as a young man, but very Knowing women, every stroke stimulates me just right.

I couldn't take it anymore when I was fucked by him for about five or six minutes. He is not like other people who only know how to fuck hard, but every stroke is very effective It stimulated me, "Ah~ President Yang...I...uh...Ah~...I can't take it anymore...Please hurry up..." I screamed, as if every time I was hooking me soul. "Hey... Yiyi, you are the most beautiful I have ever seen, and you are so tender and tight~ haha!" He said, speeding up and inserting the pussy about a dozen times, I was fucked I felt dizzy, as if the man in front of me had turned into Ke Fei,"Ah~ ah~ my husband... Hurry up... Hurry up..." I couldn't get enough of these thrusts, my pussy puzzling > There was a lot of noise... "Ah, ah, ah, ah!..." When he pulled out his dick, I also had an orgasm, and I felt better when I shouted out. "Mr. Yang...I..." I closed my eyes and enjoyed it, my pussy was still twitching, and the juice was squeezed out one by one.

"Yiyi! From Monday, you will come to work in my upstairs office and be my administrative secretary, responsible for things in Tianjin!". "Mr. Yang, I just joined the company...not good..." "Listen to my arrangement! Don't make me angry!" He said, helped me up, wiped my body and sent me back to the hotel.

When I got back to the hotel, I really wanted to tell Xiao Xiao the "good news" as soon as possible, but when I got back to the room and saw the note she left for me, it turned out that Ding Changping had discovered something about Wuhan Sister Xin accompanied him to check it out, Xiaoxiao is going back to Tianjin to take over and come back to accompany me in a few days, so I had to stay in Shanghai with the big fat man Wanjinyou.

On Monday, according to Yang Xinjie's arrangement, I went to his office upstairs. Everything seemed to be natural, and there were no employees gossiping. I entered his independent office, which was much larger than I imagined.Almost the entire first floor was his office area, and the layout was very different. There were not many employees upstairs personal. All young girls. I go into the office. "Mr. Yang! Am I late?" "Nowhat! Come on, let me introduce you here! "He said and got up and took me outside.

There is a living room outside his office. After leaving the living room and walking through the passage, it is the office area of ​​several of our secretaries. The environment is quite good, and there are separate bathrooms and dressing rooms . Out of the office area, go along the corridorto the other side of the floor, there are only two large areas, one is a very large conference room, about thirty or forty people can sit at the same time It's very relaxing, and the other one is a rest area, with a high-end wine cabinet and coffee machine, and a variety of fitness equipment in the rest area. After leaving the rest area, he returned to his office. There was a small suite in the office, where Yang Xinjie usually meditates alone when he has no inspiration.

"Yiyi, today you should familiarize yourself with the environment first. You usually work next door. If I need anything, I will call you. Later, Dong Na will teach you some rules here." Just after he finished speaking, a beautiful woman walked in from the door, with a slender body, braided braids, big eyes, wearing a white shirt, short suit skirt, and black stockings, which should look quite high-end .

"Yiyi! Hello. My name is Dong Na. Just tell me if you have anything to do in the future!" She stretched out her hand. "Hello, Sister Na, take care of me more in the future!" I shook hands with her. "Okay, then, I'll take you to our office area and give you the work clothes to try on."

I followed Dong Na to the office area next door, and took the clothes she handed over Walking into the locker room, Dong Na also walked in, we both took off our clothes together, Dong Na should be older than me, tall and slender, her breasts are not as big as mine , but half a head taller than me. "Yiyi, you have such a good figure, how did you exercise?" She asked me while changing my clothes. "I just go to the gym and do yoga every week..."After I finished speaking, I continued to change clothes. I didn't tell the matter about the potion. I knew that my body changes were inseparable from the potion relation.

The suit skirt fits very well, the waist is just right, the skirt is not tight but very close-fitting, so that my hips and crotch curves can be fully reflected, I put the shirt on first, and then prepare Put on the stockings and put on the skirt. At this time, I found out that Dong Na stuffed something into her pussy, she smiled at me, "Yiyi, put this in, all the girls who work upstairs have stuffed this, I guess~ you should talk to me Mr. Yang has slept! The three girls upstairs belong to Mr. Yang, don't be shy, this will be good for you!". "What is this? What's the use?"I looked at the thing in my hand, but couldn't figure it out. What's inside the white plastic cylinder, I don't know.

Seeing me standing there blankly, Dong Na squatted down to help me unpack, then rubbed a little bit of saliva in her mouth with her hands, "Uh... Sister Na ,you……". "Don't be afraid, this is designed by Mr. Yang himself, high-tech product! Hehe." He said and stuffed something that looked like toffee into the small hole. "Uh..." I moaned softly, and the "toffee" was gently pushed in by her with her fingers, and the things that were originally clumped together suddenly collided and separated tightly. It was tightly attached to the vaginal wall, like a protective film. After a while, I felt that the protective film swelled, expanding the entire hole a little. "Ah~ Sister Na, what's going on?It's so uncomfortable!". "Don't be afraid, you have to get used to this, try to tighten it hard, ha ha!" I tried to force my lower abdomen, "Ah... so comfortable, like... like..." I didn't say it , "It looks like holding a cock, right?Hahahahaha~ This can exercise the strength of our pussy, and it can also...hehe~" Dong Na didn't finish speaking, I watched her deftly let go He went in and put on his panties and stockings, arranged his clothes and stood by and looked at me. SoI quickly put on my clothes, "Sister Na, will this be blocked inside? What about the discharge?" "Don't worry, the cervix is ​​exposed. In addition, it must be plugged, and it willfall out naturally in about eight hours, which is only good for us and not bad... Hehe!"

She took me to familiarize myself with the environment and told me If the display screen on my desk lights up, I will go to Mr. Yang's office as soon as possible, and then bring me some clothes, a total of five sets of work clothes, and take the changed ones to the corridor
The cabinet will be washed by a special person.

I have started to work in this office, it is very scary here, the three of us sit far from each other, apart from normal work, there is no chatting at all, the room is very quiet . I have been so busy for a few days, and I have never had a chance to get close to Yang Xinjie's office. I know this is the first step of the long march, so I have to be patient and don't get caught.

During the weekend, Yang Xinjie helped me rent an apartment next to the company, and I moved there, so that I wasreally left alone. When I arrived at my new home, I packed my things and thought about what to do next.

It’s almost the eleventh holiday, and I still don’t have any chance to get close to his office, but Sister Na and other girls are called to the office for a long time every day, I dare not show it It's a little bit abnormal, it's working normally, and the cooperation with TianjinThere are more and more jobs, and I go to and from work on time every day, and the protective film is stuffed into my pussy every day...


Chapter Twelve Operations in Shanghai

Time flies, and during the November holiday, I don't see any chance to get closer to him, so I plan to go back to Tianjin during the holiday.

This day, I changed my clothes and stuffed the protective film as usual. I seem to have gotten used to this thing being stuffed into my pussy every day. "So, I poured the repair fluid at night, and I could feelthe small hole getting tighter and tighter, and the protective film was slightly opened, and I tried to clamp it tightly. This feeling made me almost addicted.

After I changed my clothes, poured a cup of coffee and sat on my chair, the display screen on the table lit up, "Come over in five minutes with creative materials!". So I waited for a few minutes and took the materials to Yang Xinjie's office. "Mr. Yang, here are all the materials from Tianjin, and I have sorted them out." As I spoke, I put the materials on his desk, "Hey! Yiyi has been working for so many days, how do you feel? Materials Put this first, I'll read it later!" He smiled and said to me, "Well! It's okay, thank you for renting the house for me, I'm very happy here—"I Stand in front of him and answer.

"National holiday, what are your plans?" He asked me while reading the materials.

"Oh——, if the company does not arrange, I will go back to Tianjin and get some thicker clothes. My parents are abroad, and I don't have enough time to fly over to see them!"

"Well, you sit down first - relax, if I ask you to work overtime during the holidays, you won't be unhappy, right? There are a few clients coming to the company, I will bring you after work today How about you bought all the clothes you need?"

"Okay then, I'll follow the company's arrangement!"

"Sister Dong Na and the others also work overtime?"

"Oh, they, let Mr. Li who came a few days ago borrow it away... Hehe..., come here, it seems that I want to teach you well..."

I had no choice but to go to his side, he sat still, took my hand and dragged it to his side, "Yiyi, today's skirt is suitable for your figure!" He said and touched it with his hand My skirt touched my panties, "Uh...Mr. Yang..." I felt a little embarrassed.

"Yiyi, I thought you already knew these days, it seems that those two girls are really hiding their minds, Let me tell you well--". I heard him introduce a bunch of things, probably meaning that I belong to him alone here, and he won't bother me after get off work. I was touched by his fingers, and there was already some reaction in my pussy. The panties were a little wet with honey... I looked down at Yang Xinjie in embarrassment!

"Okay, a client will come over later, you go back first, I will send you a message later, you go back to the office and wait for me, I will look at the information again, wait I’m going to talk to clients about these ideas in a moment—”

I had no choice but to go back to my office. Near noon, the client arrived at his office, and I alsoreceived his message. The content of the message was very simple, asking me to take off my clothes Then change into the underwear designed by the company this time, and then go to his office. Whether you can order it depends on this exhibition and Yang Xinjie's eloquence.

I stood in the dressing room and took off my clothes, took out several sets of underwear designed by the company, picked one to put on, and looked in the mirrorI felt very good, no It's thin, but it looks sexy and it's comfortable to wear.

So I walked to Yang Xinjie's office, "Yiyi, let's start—" Yang Xinjie said to me, and as I took off my professional attire, he also explained, I was half naked The body cooperates with him to do the movement.

About half an hour later, he asked me to get dressed and go back, while they continued to discuss the details of the order. I alsotold our advertising ideas to our clients, and they thought they were pretty good, and sales shouldbe good after they were put on the market.

Not long after I returned to my office area, I was called to the office, "Yiyi, you did a good job this time, there are a lot of orders! There will be another batch of customers later , you go to the bathroom to take a shower, and then change this clothes,Wait for me in the design room—” After he finished speaking, I took the clothes and walked back to my office, after taking a shower After changing clothes, I went to the "Design Room" to wait for him.

This is not so much a dress, it is better to say that it is a skin-colored one-piece stockings. There is only a circle of seams at the neckline. When I started to wear it, the sleeves were designed with lace, and there was a small holefor the middle finger to pass through, covering the back of the hand like wearing a pair of lace sunscreen gloves. The lower body is hollowed out, and the entirevulva is exposed. In order to go to the bathroom or be fucked by a man, I put on stockings and blackthongs, and went to the design room.

As soon as I walked into the design room, Yang Xinjie brought in three female customers and introduced this one-piece stockings to them, "This stockings is different from other stockings of the same style on the market. , this underwear is weaved with the latest technological materialsto replace the previous silk,Nylon thread is more elastic, and it will not be scratched unless it is cut hard with scissors... ". He continued to introduce, and scratched my body with some hard things. The stockings were indeed not scratched, so the three female clients were ready to sign the agency contract on the spot.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Xinjie pushed another "massage chair", "Yiyi! Sit on it!" After speaking, he raised the curtains of the design room, and the room became brighter. The chair has two soft leg-shaped grooves, and the seat surface is very small, so I sat down and put my legs into the grooves, and put my arms on the armrests. At this time, the legs and arms were stretched out. The belt is automatically fixed, and after the upper body is half-lying against the back of the chair, and the waist is also fixed, the seat under the buttocks moves backwards away from the body, and automatically folds up from the back Supported the back of the chair.

The grooves that fix the legs are automatically separated to the two sides, which drives my legs to be extremely separated. When the legs are about to be opened to form a straight line, the chair stops moving. Balls began to rotate in the grooves on the legs, and the massage was quite comfortable. The massager on the arms also moved over, and two soft massage balls protruded from the back of the chair, gently rubbing on the upper body Rolling, this feeling is very much like a man's palm touching my body. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the process a little. The shame of facing three female clients just now gradually disappeared... Yang Xinjie walked over, Using scissors to cut the panties open, my pussy was presented in front of the eyes of the three people opposite. "Uh—Mr. Yang...!" I opened my eyes and shouted, "Yiyi, don't be afraid, now you have to experience these works with your heart, and tell them how you feel later, Your personal experience is very important to our order!".

At this time, something moved from the back of the chair, and three tentacles were respectively touching my honey bean, honey hole, and assholedoor. The coolness made me twitch. The two things against the honey hole and the chrysanthemum slowly stretched into my body, "Uh..." I moaned, the two holes were inserted into the thing shallowly, and then inserted into the body,followed by a strong vibration, "Ah-ah-ah-" I began to moan, the non-stopstrong vibration made me extremely comfortable, already I don't care who is sitting in front of me, just moaning loudly, I have never been stimulated by this kind of vibration, unlike those previous vibrating eggs, the frequency of vibration is very strong, but it is just rightNo Not at all comfortable.

After about ten minutes, I couldn't take it anymore, "Mr. Yang, I can't take it anymore. It's so comfortable..." After speakinga spurt of urine came out, and I was paralyzed His body fell apart, panting heavily.

The chair seems to be very smart. When I can't bear it, the chair stops automatically. After I relieved a little, I opened my eyes and saw the three female clients looking at me with a smile, and one of them asked me "How do you feel? Little sister...".

"Uh...uh... so comfortable, I don't know how many times more comfortable than ordinary vibrating eggs or massage sticks—And the material is much stronger than ordinary plastic or glue, There is no pain at all, and when the vibrationcan only feel infinite pleasure, the vibration is accompanied by a whole body massage, it is very comfortable, and I really want... want to... ". "What do you want?" the other woman asked, "uh... want a cock, want to free yourself...". After I shared some feelings, they decided to agree to represent this work.

"Okay, Yiyi, go take a shower and change your clothes!" After I finished speaking, I went back to the office alone. About an hour later, Yang Xinjie came to the office in person. "Yiyi! You performed very well today! I'll reward you well later! Now go eat with me! What do you want to eat? Reward you!". "Thank you Mr. Yang, it's all I should do!" After speaking, I proposed to eat Shanghai cuisine.

This is the case almost every day during the 11th holiday, showing the clothes designed by Yang Xinjie and various female massage tools in front of different customers. On the last day, he called me to the office, "Yiyi, you have performed very well these days, and you will have a few clients later, you can take half a day off in the afternoon...".

Around ten o'clock, two customers came to the company, and I naturally changed my clothes and went to the design room to prepare for work. Yang Xinjie said that if the client is secured this time, the company's performance will double several times, so he values ​​this time very much. Idon't mention how nervous I am.

When I entered the room, I saw a man and a woman sitting there, both of whom seemed to be about 40 years old. After I introduced myself to them, I came to the window, where our company is located. The office building above the third floor has protruding windows, and the floor-to-ceiling windows should be a concrete floor, but the floor we are on is actually a tempered glass floor, so people who are afraid of heights must be Don't dare stand on it.

There is a shelf by the window, Yang Xinjie asked me to stand on the edge of the shelf, and then asked me to hold the crossbar on it with my hands, and step on the pedals on both sides with my feet apart After putting it in place, it was fixed by the iron rings on the crossbar and the pedals that protrude automatically. Yang Xinjie introduced, "This work looks simple, but it is completely automatic. The controlkey is by me. The command issued by the electrode on the head, followed byMy thinking is completely connected, and I will connect thiselectrode to the heads of the two of you in turn, and experience this high-tech smart product for yourself! ". "Let's start soon! Mr. Yang! I'm looking forward to your work!" said one of the male customers.

Yang Xinjie briefly introduced the specific functions, and then put the electrodes connected to the head on the head of the male customer, I was fixed on a shelf naked, with French windows and the floor It is completely transparent, and there is a bustling streetoutside. There are a lot of people shopping during the holidays. At this time, if anyone looks up at the sky, it is estimated thata naked woman is fixed on the shelf , I thought of this face as having a fever, behind me is the open-air platform of a very large shopping mall, fortunately no one will go to the terrace during the day, otherwise I will really be discovered.

At this time, I leaned back with the shelf, my body was suspended in the air, I looked at the ceiling, not knowing what the next stepwould be.

My body was suspended in the air, my legs were still stretched to form a straight line on both sides, I opened my eyes and sawa camera on the shelf kept shooting, I closed it shyly I closed my eyes, and at this time my pussy was slowly opened by a cold thing, "Ah... what is this? It's so comfortable..." I moaned, I opened my eyes,Design A projection screen appeared on the wall of the room, a piece of pink, I didn't see it very clearly, "Thismassage vibrator is fully transparent, and the built-in camera allows customers who buy this device to meet the needs of peeping at women's bodies Internal structure needs. Mr. Luo, please go ahead and try to use brain waves to control this equipment!" Yang Xinjie introduced.

"Ah... ah..." I cried out following the thrusting waves of the massage stick. This transparent massage stick is very different, thick and powerful. I looked at the scene in my pussy on the screen, and felt an indescribable feeling in my heart. More and more honey juice was secreted, and pink fleshy walls appeared on the screen, with patches of white sticky Object, the deepest part of the honey pussy, a round fleshy ball protruding, with a small round eye in the middle, this is my cervix, smooth and very beautiful, I continued to scream, the picture Suddenly, I started to spin, "Ah—"I screamed, the transparent massage stick was rotating and thrusting desperately in my pussy, I trembled and screamed loudly, the pussy was stretched exaggeratedly , My pussy has never been stretched like this before. The massage stick is as thick as four fingers together. The extreme pleasure and tearing sensation in the lower body makes me go crazy immediately.

The transparent massage stick is not straight, but slightly curved. When this arc is rotated and inserted, my pussy changes accordingly, which deeply stimulates me. "Uh-ah...uh-ah..." I moaned loudlyI didn't dare to beg for mercy, for fear that the client would not be satisfied and not sign the contract. My pussy was stimulated by the strong rotation.I couldn't stand it anymore. A stream of urine spurted out. I clenched my hands and moaned loudly. The machine seemed to follow the customer's thinking more and more Faster, desperately inserted into my pussy, I moaned loudly, I don't know how many times I spewed, The wall clock on the wall showed that nearly 20 minutes had passed, I couldn't hold on anymore, " Ah——!" I yelled, and my tense body softened, and the high-speed rotation and thrust brought my body to the brink of collapse. The honey hole twitched, and a big yellow liquid spewed out from the chrysanthemum behind her. At this time, the rod was pulled out and moved to the chrysanthemum openingbehind, and slowly opened the opening, "Ah!..." I yelled loudly, probably because I was stimulated by my voice,customer used His mind controlled the massage stick, and he inserted it all at once!

"Oh... oh..." I have already forgotten the other things, I am comfortably carried away, I open my eyes and look at everything in front of me, the strong pleasure has made me forget the shame, the opposite After the three people saw my pussy, they were admiring the structure of the rectum in my asshole again. There was no stool in the red intestine. With the massage stick in and out, my body was no longer affected No, a wave of defecation poured into my brain, the inside of the asshole was stretched open, it was really uncomfortable, and through a layer of fleshy wall, it gently stimulated my "next door" honey hole, "ahh ——Ah—oh...oh..."I moaned non-stop...the transparent massage stick was pumping and spinning crazily for more than ten minutes, and I couldn't hold it anymore," Ah!" I yelled and passed out.

I was woken up by Yang Xinjie, "Hey! Yiyi, how are you? Tell me about your feelings." The male client gently pushed me to wake up. "Ah - I really can't take it anymore, I've never tried such a stimulation, every moment I'm stimulatedI feel like I'm going to die...uh...". "Mr. Yang, I signed this work! Haha——" He agreed to sign the contract when I finished speaking, and then turned to the woman and asked, "Sister Chen, how are you? Are you sure? ". "Hehe, this equipment is only liked by your men, I'm not very interested, Mr. Yang, is there anything new?"Sister Chen walked to my side and knelt down to observe "Yes! Sister Chen! Look at this...".

Said and took out oneThe wearable fake dick looks the same as a man's, "Mr. Yang,This design is not bad! But it looks very ordinary!". "Hey, Sister Chen, do you want to try it on yourself?", "Hehe! Mr. Yang, do you mean to let me wear this to be your secretary?" Sister Chen He said and took off his jacket, "Sister Chen, if you don't feel any difference after trying it, then I will give you other works for free! Try it—" Yang Xinjie took Handed over with the cock.

Just as Sister Chen wanted to put on a dick, she was stopped by Yang Xinjie, "Sister Chen, if you don't wear this piece close to your body, you won't feel the fun of it—" "Mr. Yang, here is your goblin-like secretary. Is it necessary to show my figure? Don't you think I'm ashamed?" />If you don’t wear it naked, you will definitely not understand...haha! Don’t be shy, sister Chen! ".

Sister Chen took off her clothes generously, leaving only underwear and high socks. Holding on to the window, pouted buttocks and waited for Sister Chen's next move.

Sister Chen walked up behind me and said with a smile, "Hehe, with such a delicate body, I rarely have a chance to play with it——Hey——Yiyi, don't be afraid, my sister loves you ... ". "Uh...Mr. Chen..." I was a little nervous, but the orgasm just now hadn't completely faded away. Sister Chen looked behind me for a long time, touched my pussy, and then turned aroundI saw a middle-aged woman who still had a good figure standing in front of me. But the breasts are obviously sagging, and the thin underwear supports the small breasts, "Mr. Chen..." I was embarrassedto speak, but my lips were suddenly occupied by her tongue, I I can't speak, but I can't stand being teased by her experiencedtongue immediately. I close my eyes and enjoy Sister Chen's tongue and hands kneading on my breasts. pleasure.

"Hey! The little girl's breasts are so charming... Mr. Yang, have you tried it? I'll try it too--" Sister Chen began to use her tongue Fiddled with my nipples, the experienced sister Chen made my nipples hard again, "Uh...uh...uh... Sister Chen...uh..." I started to moan because Sister Chen's fingers kneaded the honey beans rhythmically, and every stroke made me feel extremely comfortable.

"Uh-uh-... so comfortable..." I moaned and twisted my body, and Sister Chen simply squatted down and used her tongue to tease my sweet beans, and my back Leaning against the window, rubbing her nipples with both hands, moaning loudly, she no longer cared about whether anyone would see the "scenery" from the window. I yelled loudly, the experiencedSister Chen deeply understands women, and every blow stimulated my nerves. "Ah... ah... so comfortable...—" I screamed, twisting my body... Sister Chen also took off her underwear excitedly, so I opened it with my hands
Beginning to rub Sister Chen's breasts, my eyes saw that the cock on Sister Chen's body was softly drooping in front of her lower abdomen, "Yiyi, follow me to the sofa, I don't want to be caught outside People see me! Be good—come here and lie down—" Sister Chen said to me, and I had to obediently lie down on the sofa.

"Sister Chen! This little fairy is so charming, you can enjoy yourself! Haha" the male customer next to him said with a smile, "Well! Lao Li—this little girl is really It’s not bad, I’m trying a new product now, by the way, Mr. Yang, Why is this product so soft?”. "Haha, Sister Chen, your body isn't excited yet. Of course this is soft. When you wear this on your body, the pole pieces connected by these two wires are already connected to your body.This product is like a real cock growing out of your body, will know later.” Mr. Yang continued with a smile, “I research this product mainly for two types of Customers, 1. Lala group! 2. Malepeople with physical disabilities! Hey! Yiyi, don’t lie down stupidly, get up and tell Mr. Chen to lie down, you come and serve her— -".

After Sister Chen lay down, I lay down on her body and began to kiss her. I rubbed Sister Chen's breasts with both hands, and sucked her black nipples with my mouth. Sister Chen obviously reacted to the movement of her tongue, and her handsgrabbed on my back.

I slowly kissed her breasts, looking for her sensitive areas, when my tongue licked the part between Sister Chen's pussy and anus, she suddenly Tightening her body, " do you...know...ah...". There was a faint fishy smell coming from my nose, Sister Chen's vagina kept secreting honey juice, I continued to lick it desperately, my hands were not idle, and one hand was rubbing the soft vagina One hand gently squeezed the breasts at the door of Sister Chen's chrysanthemum, "Ah... ah... so comfortable... good girl... ah... I'll wait... need to be rewarded well... ah..."

I continued to stimulate her sensitive areas quickly, from time to time I inserted my tongue into Sister Chen's vagina twice, and my fingerslightly inserted into her asshole, she was stimulated by me After ten minutes, I suddenly sat up,Let me lie on the sofa, hold the back of the sofa with both hands, and come behind me, my pussy is already wet, "Uh... Sister Chen - hurry up... …I beg you……".

Sister Chen held the "cock" with her hand, and asked me with a smile, "What do you want me to do? Haha". With my eyes closed, I leaned on the backrest with one hand and touched my breasts with the other hand, saying, "Sister Chen... good sister, please... please fuck my pussy... it's so itchy...". As soon as I finished speaking, Sister Chen laughed and inserted the cock into my pussy, "Ah--it looks like a real cock--it's so good... Hurry up and fuck me, Sister Chen...don't stop...". I moaned, and Sister Chen supported my waist and thrust it up and down.

" comfortable...Sister Chen...fuck me hard...Yiyi can't stand it...". I shouted loudly, and sister Chen was so excited that she moved faster and faster, "Uh... Yiyi... sister is also very comfortable... It feels like you should try it too... Uh... It's different from us women's feeling... ah... ".

The one worn by Sister Chen feels like a real man's cock. The small hole feels like being inserted by a man. With every thrust of Sister Chen, I am about to climax, mouth Moaning incessantly, grasping her breastsstrongly with her hands, "Ah, ah, ah... Sister... Sister... Ah——Yiyi was fucked to death by you..." I I can't bear it anymore, the dick is constantly pumping and thrusting in the vagina, and the secreted honey juice is a little sticky, so that every stroke will bring stronger pleasure! I continued to scream, and sister Chen also moaned and inserted my pussy forcefully!

After a long time, I was unable to shout any more, my upper body was lying on the back of the sofa, gasping for breath, my pussy twitching with the movement of the dick... "Sister... I can't do it... ...Ah, ah..." My cry was already very low, and the only thing that could be heard clearly in the room was the sound of the cock coming in and out of my pussy and sister Chen's panting.I was caught When Sister Chen was about to lose control, she suddenly increased the speed of thrusting and thrusting. My uterus convulsed after these few pushes, "Uh...uh..." Sister Chen gasped heavily , pulled out the dick all at once, lying on my back and panting heavily, when the dick was pulled out, my body completely collapsed, my pussy spasmed, and spurted out puffs of puffs Honey..."Mr. Yang, it's so cool—sign...sign the contract..."Sister Chen left my body and lay on the sofa and said. "Haha! Sister Chen -- does it feel good? Do you feel the feeling of a man? Haha" Mr. Yang helped me wipe my body with a wet towel and asked Mr. Chen, "Mr. Yang, how did you design it? Awesome, I finally know why men like to fuck women so much... The last few times are very comfortable, especially the ejaculation feels like an electric shock, and I can't squirt in those few seconds Less honey, right? Haha, I think it’s like ejaculation, and when I fuck a girl, I also feel pleasure in my own body. If I act as an agent for this baby, it will definitely sell very well!”

They Back to the office to sign the contract, I went back to my office alone, took a shower and changed back to my professional suit, sat by the window sill drinking coffee to ease the orgasm just now... After an hour, Mr. Yang called me Office, "Yiyi! You did a good job today! This is 10,000 yuan. Sister Chen gave it to you to buy some skin care products. After get off work, I will take you to the best shopping mall to buy some Clothes reward you!" he said to me with a smile. "I should do itMr. Yang, have you signed the contract? Great!" I replied with a smile. "Well! Without your show, todaywouldn't have signed the contract so quickly, that old Li still wanted to ask me to go over with you, I told him you were my favoritewouldn't Letting go! Haha——.By the way, you will go to Dali with me tomorrow, and how about giving you a week off after you come back?"

So the next day, Yang Xinjie and I went to Yunnan and came back Afterwards, I gave up my vacation and continued to work. During this week, Yang Xinjie went to other cities. I listened to the arrangement of Wanjinyou and didn't take advantage of this opportunity to sneak into Yang Xinjie's office, but I knew I saw that all their accounts and evidence of bribery are stored in the computer.

When Yang Xinjie came back a week later, he was very satisfied. I finally gained his trust and transferred to his ownoffice. It is said that this position has been vacant for a long time. It can be regarded as a reward. And the company has two new girls, and of course he has slept with them, so I will teach them how to guide them to familiarize themselves with the environment and put on the protective film.

Both girls belong to the lady type, one of them is slightly taller named Chen Qiran, a 26-year-old from Guizhou, short ear-length hair is nearly 8 centimeters taller than me, and her chest is relatively flat. I think there is probably only a little more than a B cup,But she is the most beautiful of the three of us, and Chen Qiran must be ranked first in terms of looks. The other girl is Josanna, who is a little taller than me, but her breasts definitely have an F-cup size, her whole body is also round, and she looks very cute.

After helping the two girls get familiar with everything, I also changed my clothes and went back to the desk. Yang Xinjiedid not come to the company for three consecutive days, and some of his important documents were handed over to me Here, I also secretly put all the important filesIt was photographed.

At noon on Friday, I was chatting with two other girls in the rest area, when Yang Xinjie suddenly came to the phone"Yiyi, wait for me in the office at one o'clock in the afternoon, I'll finish eating Let's go back after dinner!" "OK! Mr. Yang!"I hung up the phone and left the rest area to get ready.

"Yiyi, I've worked hard for you these days - I brought you skin care products, do you like it?" Yang Xinjie asked me.

"Thank you! Mr. Yang—Actually, these are what I should do—" I took the skin care products,all of them are high-end cosmetics and facial masks.

"Come here, let me see, do you miss me after not fucking your pussy for so many days?" He said as he lifted up my skirt and touched my pussy with his hands.

"I hate it—Mr. Yang...don't...uh..." I moaned involuntarily the moment I was touched by his fingers.

"Hey...I miss your pussy...haha——" He took off my pantyhose and panties, and used his two fingers to deeply He picked my honey hole, and my honey juice immediately covered his fingers,"Uh...uh..." I leaned on the desk, my buttocks pointed at Yang Xinjie, I was teased by his fingers is no longer available. He was hot all over, and his breath became heavier, but at this moment he stopped moving, "Yiyi, turn around" and he opened his pants chain and took out his dick.

I turned around and squatted down, holding his cock with one hand and stuffing it into my small mouth, "Um...uh...uh-" I moaned softly and slowly with my mouth Fucking his cock, sucked it a few times and then swallowed it whole.I made him sit on the chair and began to moan softly. I rubbed it hard with the other hand My bean, I tried my best to make Yang Xinjie happy, so I moaned loudly.

His flushed penis kept pulling out and swallowing in my mouth, as if he was not satisfied, "Okay, Yiyi, it's time for me to fuck you..." .

My upper body was lying on the desk with my hips pouted waiting for his cock. . At this time, Yang Xinjie pointed his cock at the pussy behind me, and the cock with a lot of lubricant was pushed in. The sphincter at the chrysanthemum opening was immediately opened,"Ah!" I yelled, although I have experienced anal sex several times, it still hurts every time, Yang Xinjie ignored me , but thrusting very quickly, the inner wall of my rectum was scraped up one after another,Bursts of comfort and pain made me extremely comfortable, "Ah... ah... Mr. Yang... ah... ...lightly...Ah——" I moaned, I sprayed a lot of honey juice in my pussy, and even sprayed out the protective film, and the inside of the assholetwitched with the cock I twitched intermittently, "Ah-ah! Mr. Yang--I can't stand it...Ah..." Because the back is tighter and it doesn't secrete lubricating honey, it took about a few minutes, />I felt a hot stream coming in from my intestines, I panted heavily, lying on the table motionless, Yang Xinjie pulled out his dick and pulled me up, "Lick it clean, be obedient!" .

I turned around and knelt down to lick the cock clean with my mouth. My eyes were moist, and I closed my eyesto control the tears from flowing down. Yang Xinjie put on his trousers satisfactorily and sat on the chair, looking at me, I wanted to put on my panties in embarrassment, but they were completely wet, "Yiyi, stand still!" He said and picked up the scissors Cut off the edge of my underwear, pulled it out and threw it into the trash can next to me, "Ah—Mr. Yang..."I was startled. He just inserted the glassy "cucumber" that had been prepared a long time ago into my pussy in front of meBecause I didn't satisfy my pussy just now, when the "cucumber" was inserted, I I almost sat down, I held the table behind me with my hands and stood still, Yang Xinjie inserted the whole "cucumber" in, it was so excitingI felt really comfortable, moaned softly, and then looked at Yang Xinjie . "Put on the pantyhose and put down the skirt"he said to me after inserting the cucumber.

So I put on my pantyhose, the cucumber in my pussy is very enjoyable, one end is against the cervix, and the mouth of the pussy is also closed, and the inside of the vagina desperately wraps the glass cucumber, The moment I put on the pantyhose, the pantyhose was soakedwith honey, I straightened my skirt and asked, "Mr. Yang, what do you want me to do next?". "You continue to work, I will look at the materials of the past few days, please don't disturb me."

I went back to my seat and sat down, my pussy was so stimulated by the protrusion on the surface of this thing, I sat on the chair, rubbing my legs desperately, my pussy of desire Enjoying a touch of pleasure, this kind of stimulation is very slight, but it deeply arouses my desire, and I am more and more uncomfortable being stimulated... I persisted for about an hour alone Later, when I was about to get off work, Yang Xinjie came to me, "Yiyi, stand up!" After he finished speaking, he picked me up, pulled my skirt up to my waist, and put an iron The underwear was fixed on the lower body through the stockings, and then the switch was buttoned, "Hey... Yiyi, this special underwear is my newly designed chastity pants, the password of the lock is onlyI know that from now on you will have to wear it until you go to work tomorrow, and the cucumber will release a weak electric current to stimulate you after an hour. There is also a uterus in the pussy! Haha...", "Huh? There are more than ten hours left, Mr. Yang, um...uh...I won't be able to bear it...". "Don't worry, Yiyi, it's okay! By the way, clamp the inner wall of the small hole! If it falls outthe current will increase to the strongest, and you may be stunned. The built-in battery will run out of power after twelve hours !」

Mr. Yang took out another pair of high heels for me to put on. The heels are very thin and very high, about 13-14cm. When worn on the feet, the insteps are basically They are stretched straight, only the toes are on the ground, and there is a belt at the ankle, which can go around the ankle and buckle with the shoes. Yang Xinjie helped me fasten the shoelaces, "Yiyi, theseshoes It's a size 34, a little smaller than your usual shoes, and likewise you can't take them off until tomorrow". "Mr. Yang! I'm afraid..." I became nervous. "It's okay..." After he finished, he helped me pack my things, andhelped me to the elevator entrance.

"See you tomorrow! Yiyi".

I walked out of the gate of the building, and every time I took a step, there would be a different pleasure and pain in my honey pussy...... "Glass Cucumber" is different from a massage stick made of soft silicone , very hard, and there are many small raised bumps, which deeply stimulate the inner wall of the vagina, and the originally curved vagina seems to be made straight.

I live not far from the company. Opposite a spacious road is the apartment complex where I live. It is very easy to walk back every day, but walking back today feels very far away. I am wearing a close-fitting suit, ultra-short professional skirt that is tightly attached to my body, and skin-colored pantyhose and black super high-heeled shoes. This season, I will inevitably attract the attention of passers-by when I walk on the road in this way. The eyes of men and women will stay on me for a few seconds. I try to keep calm, no matter how strong the pleasure in my pussy is, I try to keep a ladylike pace.

After leaving the office building, I walked nearly 50 meters before reaching the overpass. Fortunately, there was an escalator when I went up.When I walked down the overpass across the street, I was almost crazy. I held on to the handrail of the stairs and walked down slowly one step at a time. With a slight bending of my lower body, the stuff in my pussy pressed against my cervix deeply. It was exciting. My legs were trembling, and the shoes with super high heels and no platform made every step of the stairsI was tortured. Gritting my teeth and insisting on walking halfway down, I squatted down and moaned, "Uh...Uh..." My moaning sound was not very loud, but there were so many pedestrians passing through this overpass during off-duty hours, I Standing up with trembling legs, the inside of the honey hole was stimulated by intense pain and bursts of pleasure, streams ofhoney juice flowed out, and I touched the back of the skirt with my hand, Fortunately, I was not soaked, so I walked hard... Sweating on my forehead, I slowly got off the overpass, and the 500-meter distance into the community was the most painful in my life The 500 meters... The toes hurt very much in the shoes that are one size smaller, and the "glass cucumber" hurts in the honey hole. Finally dragging my exhausted body into the house, I quickly took off my top and skirt, and fell on the sofaI began to knead my breasts and nipples with my hands, "Uh...oh...uh..." I tried my best Maybe I wanted to get some pleasure, I tried to touch the pussy with my hand through the chastity pants, but the cold feel made me understand in my heart that there was no hope.

I was extremely disappointed in my heart, so I could only continue rubbing my breasts, rubbing my legs together alternately, relying on this pleasure, I moaned loudly, at this time the distance was inserted into the cucumber An hour later, "it" started to work, and a weakelectric current began to spread throughout the body, and there was a burst of itching in the pussy followed by twitching, "Ah... ah... so comfortable... what……".

Every time the electric current is released, my body trembles, "Ah... cool..." I moaned loudly, being restricted on the way home from get off work At this time, it was as if the floodgate was opened, and I couldn't control my body anymore. I put my breasts in my hands, lowered my head and stuck out my tongue to lick myself I licked my nipples with my tongue around the nipples, and a sense of comfort spread to my brain, I stretched my legs and toes, I had forgotten the pain in my toes, and I could only feel a burst of pain refreshing.

I licked my nipples desperately for about ten minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore, I rubbed my legsI felt the itching of the stockings and the pleasure of different positions Let me have an orgasm immediately, but without the thrusting of the cock, without the stimulation of the honey beans, the orgasm can never be reached. Every woman will know this feeling. I feel so uncomfortable that I want to go crazy Falling, I really want to break some objects to release my body.

So I stood up and walked back and forth in the living room, my nipples were kneaded by my fingers, desperately eager to reach an orgasm, but I couldn't do it, so I was in the room Walking around, looking like a "hungry wolf", I guess if there is a man who can help me open the combination lock at this time, I will definitely sit on the cock without hesitationof.

About an hour later, the pain in my toes was unbearable anymore, and my ankle seemed to be broken.I bent down, and kept rubbing my nipples with both hands , walked back to the edge of the sofa, and fell downall of a sudden. "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..." I started to cry, and the grievances for so long came to my heart. I wanted to fly, I wanted his cock, I cried more and more, and finally cried until I fell asleep In the past... about 3:30 at night, I woke up, "Uh...uh... so uncomfortable..." I wanted to sit up in a daze, and the bottom of my buttocks felt cold Cool feeling! When I fainted, I became incontinent and wet the sofa. At this time, there was a rumbling sound in my stomach, and I felt a sense of defecation. I quickly got up and prepared to go to the toilet, but my feet felt sore and weak. He fell to the ground in one fell swoop. "Ah... I can't bear it, Yang Xinjie, you bastard, you actually designed this kind of product! Sooner or later, you will die without a place to bury you..." I cursed, but got up and came bathroom.

I suddenly remembered what happened before, so I reached behind my back and touched it, "Fortunately, the back of the iron underwear is not covered. Otherwise, I really won't be able to go out tomorrow. But the pantyhose ……How to do……". I stretched out anotherhand and tugged hard on the back of the buttocks a few times, and the pantyhose was torn apart by me. At this time, the desire to defecate became stronger and stronger, and I saton the toilet to feel more comfortable. When the anus was removed, there was a burst of relaxation, and the urine flowed out through the stockings and chastity pantsThe urine "passed" the mouth of the honey hole, and the inside of the honey hole twitched a few times, and these twitches caused another I startedsecreting some honey juice... After the convenience, I sat in the bathtub and used the shower to carefully wash my lower body and asshole.When I couldn't smell any more, I got up and used a towel Dry my body and slowly move back to the bedroom. My bodywas exhausted and my toes hurt so badly. When I came to the bedroom, I opened the drawer and took out a thinner massage stick , put on some lubricant. Pressing against the door of the chrysanthemum, I want to insert it a little bit.

"Uh...uh...comfortable..." I moaned and slowly inserted the massage stick into my chrysanthemum hole, bothsmall holes were occupied by the massage stick, separated by a layer With a thin wall of flesh, the vagina can also feel a little bit of pleasure. I lay on the bed, held the root of the massage stick with my hands, and inserted the anus hole for the first time, "Oh... oh..."I moaned, and there was a burst of pain in my rectum and vagina Feeling like a burst of pleasure, I exerted force on my hands and accelerated the speed. My body, which has been suffering for a long time, finally got a little bit of comfort.

"Ah... ah...comfortable..." I inserted it hard a few times, and finally felt a little better, but due to the lubricant, my hand slipped, and the whole body The massage stick was squeezed into the chrysanthemum point, and the sphincter closed quickly, "Ah..." I yelled, the feeling of fullness in the rectum seemed to hit the appetite, but in fact it just hit the turn of the intestine I moved my body a little, and the twitching in the two acupoints made my heart feel a little relieved... I lay on the bed and writhed, feeling a slight pleasure in a daze, without knowing it. I fell asleep.

This night was very painful. In the dream, it seemed that someone was going to rape me, but he never succeeded, and then I dreamed that Ke Fei was hugging me behind my back and licking my honey with his tongue Acupoint... I was woken up by the alarm clock in the morning, and my body was very tired. The slender massage stick in the chrysanthemum point was still in my body, and I couldn't get it out... I got up and went to the bathroom to wash, The pain in the toes is slightly better, but the traces of dried honey can be clearly seen at the heel of the pantyhose. I looked up and saw my reddish face in the mirror, and felt itchy and uncomfortable...After washing up, I changed into a suit and a slightly longer skirt. br/>Bite the bullet again and walk through the difficult 500 meters to the downstairs of the company. The cucumber in the honey hole began to release electric current again due to the induction of honey juice. There are a lot of people coming to work in the elevator in the morning, I stood at the door with my head down and gasped softly. "Yiyi! Are you feeling well?" Chen Qiran beside me supported me and asked.

"Uh... Good morning, Qi Ran! I'm fine, my stomach feels a little uncomfortable..." I replied.

The elevator soon reached the third floor, Chen Qiran helped me into the office room, she sent me to Yang Xinjie's office, and then went back to the office next door to change clothes, while I Sitting alone at my desk, looking forward to Yang Xinjie's coming to the company soon... I resisted the discomfort in my body, and finally at ten o'clock, Yang Xinjie accompanied the female client who came before When Sister Chen came to the company, she asked me "Yiyi, how do you feel? Report to Sister Chen!" as soon as she entered the office. "Morning Sister Chen, I feel so uncomfortable, like being tortured, my body is exhausted, and nowmy whole body hurts, but I desperately want to have a cock to fuck me..." After I finished speaking, I turned my head I said to Yang Xinjie again"Mr. Yang, please help me take off my underwear and shoes, I'm really uncomfortable..." After I finished speaking, mytears flowed out.

"Lao Yang, what's the password? The little girl seems to be dying..." Sister Chen asked.

"Underwear is 050672, high heels are 002831..." YangZong replied with a smile and sat down on the boss chair.

Sister Chen helped me take off my chastity pants and high heels, and I was finally released, "Uh...uh...thank youSister Chen...". But I couldn't control myself at this time, I really wanted to be fucked by a dick... Sister Chenhelped me take off all my clothes, touched my breasts and said, "Yiyi, your tits are so real Looks good, haha!". My body was itchy when Sister Chen touched me, so I hugged Sister Chen's waist and started kissing Sister Chen's neck. After a few minutes, Sister Chen pulled me down on the sofa and put my Putting one leg on hers, I touched my thigh while kissing my lips, and I stuck out my tongue to greet Sister Chen. "Uh...uh..." I moaned softly,And her hand came up from the thigh, and her fingers touched my honey bean. After a few kneading, it was comfortable. I don't want it I want it, "Ah... Sister Chen... so comfortable..." I screamed, and the honey juice in the honey hole had already flowed out.

Sister Chen got up and took off her pants. I saw that she was still wearing the "meat stick" underwear designed by Yang Xinjie. And the cock had already stood there with its head up, so I grasped it and held it in my mouth. I have been longing for a cock since last night. At this time, I finally got my wish. I forgot that it was just The artificial dick, I still sucked desperately,"Uh... uh..." Sister Chen seemed very comfortable being sucked by me, and the simulated dick was getting harder and harder,I More and more honey juice flowed out from under his body.

Sister Chen seemed to be sucked by me a little bit, and suddenly she held the cock in my hand and gently inserted it into my pussy. "Ah... Ah... Sister Chen, it's so comfortable... Hurry up..." I moaned, but Sister Chen was not in a hurry to penetrate deeply into my pussy, I really couldn't bear it , I hugged Sister Chen and asked her to sit on the sofa, then I knelt on her body, pointed my pussy at the cock and sat down. When the cock came in, I yelled loudly "Ah...Oh...", I was finally satisfied, "Little girl learns pretty fast-haha...comfortable...comfortable Submit..." Sister Chen also groaned.

I sit up and down on the cock, this cock becomes very thick, and the inside of the swollen vagina is very comfortable, and every time I pull the cock, it can give me It brought great satisfaction, but the massage stick in the chrysanthemum holehad never been taken out. The stimulation of these two together made me go crazy... The clock on the wall has passed For twenty minutes, I worked hard to sit on my cock, and Sister Chen snorted more and more loudly. She closed her eyes and touched my breasts, "Ah... ah... uh..." I moaned loudly, speeded up, and after a few timesI finally reached the climax, and fell limply on Ms. Chen's body. Excited, I squeezed out all the massage sticks in the rectum, and Ms. Chen At this time, a little honey juice was also sprayed on the sofa, and then sister Chen hugged me and kissed, we reached an orgasm together, cuddled together, I closed my eyes and gasped.

"Haha——Yiyi... You have satisfied my sister, I will take you to the spa for a massage later, Lao Yang, Can you agree?" Sister Chen said and looked up With Yang Xinjie.

"Hey! That's fine. I listen to your arrangement, can I be your driver?" Yang Xinjie replied with a smile.

"Okay! By the way, Lao Yang, I wear this almost every day now, as if it grows on me, is there any other good product? Let's talk, There is also the matter of going to Xi'an next month." Sister Chen finished speaking, and Yang Xinjie said to me, "Yiyi, you go to the office area next door to take a shower and change your clothes. Let's go to eat later,
OK?". "Okay, Mr. Chen and Mr. Yang, I will go out first."

I came to the office area next door, and when I was taking a shower, I thought, "What are they going to do in Xi'an next month? Could it be..."

[To be continued]
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