Human Snake (11~20)

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Chapter Eleven: Compulsive Incontinence

The herb leaves that were faintly exposed at the entrance of the hole were still green, Angus pushed open the red and swollen slit, and inserted into the two-finger clasp Lu Yuan, who had fainted while holding the herb ball, groaned with his bent fingers.

"It hurts..."

Compared with ordinary beasts, Angus, who has a high IQ, naturally knows the word to be pitiful,Looking at Lu Yuan bitterly Xi's small face, it cautiously slowed down its movements.

She is a delicate human girl, and being able to withstand its estrus last night is already the limit.

After slowly tearing out a small half of the herbal ball that had been blocked overnight, Angus' breathing became rapid. The soft thin green leaves are wrapped into strips, and a part of it that has been taken out of the body has been covered with diluted mixed liquid, transparent silver threads and impurities.

Angus took a closer look and smelled it. Apart from the fresh scent of herbs, it was the turbid breath of the two of them, which was extraordinarily sweet.

Before the stick-shaped herb was completely drawn out, a warm wet liquid gushed out, all dripping on Angus's snake waist, a large piece of burning liquid Following Hei Yao's armor, it flowed into the pool.

"It's really a lot."

After pulling out the herbs that opened up the mouth of the small hole, Lu Yuan gradually regained consciousness, and there was no blockage, She didn't seem to be in any better condition, and after Youyou woke up, she didn't care about the posture of the two of them at the moment.

"Stomach, my stomach hurts, I think that..."

Out of physiological instinct, she clamped her legs on the waist of the Angus snake, hurriedly The desire to urinate made her feel extremely ashamed and urgent, clutching her aching stomach and looking towards the shore.

"Let me go, hurry up!"

Her breath was unstable, and she was extremely weak, Angus could easily see her Eager,The corners of the cold lips burst into a smile in an instant. Lu Yuan squeezed Lu Yuan's small waist, and his gaze stayed on her slightly flat stomach strangely.

"Just piss here."

Lu Yuan was crying anxiously. The matter of girls letting go has been a secret for thousands of years. How could it be possible in front of a manA human face... A pair of bright eyes were shining, tears kept falling, and she looked at Angus with eyes that looked crazy.

"I have to pee here, I don't mind, or you can bear it all the time."

"I don't want to, don't! You put me down quickly, I really I’m so sorry, please!”

Lu Yuan, who was born in a good family and received a higher education, really couldn’t do such a thing, even ifto some extent, this The snake took possession of her last night, but she still couldn't take this step.

Angus is very patient, and Lu Yuan is its prey, playing in his palm, without any right to say no. Looking at the crying girl, its free hand struck between her legs.

"Ah! Don't!"

The snake's fingers were a little cold, and as soon as it touched the girl's wet pussy, it trembled endlessly. Lu Yuan struggled violently, it pinched her waist and pressed her into his arms, letting her sit on his snake waist.

"If you don't want to, let me help you. I ejaculated so much last night. I probably didn't finish it just now. I'll poke it for you."

The big troublesome hand moved from the front to the back, and Lu Yuan, who was suppressed, could only lie in its arms with his butt up and cry loudly. The slender fingers pinched the trembling buttocks, then passed the tightly closed asshole, felt the thin folds on it, and then poked forward.

"Ah, don't, don't touch there, woohoo! You monster!"

Lu Yuan was afraid and angry. They are all at the highest sensitivity, and Angus's deliberate provocation is undoubtedly encroaching on her last defense.

The fingers wandering around the mouth of the acupuncture point, from time to time, put them into the mouth of the torn flower hole, only teasing gently, but not going deep. Looking at the girl with gritted teeth and red eyes in his arms, Angus smiled even wider.

Suddenly, its fingers pressed on the slightly hard clitoris, and with just a light touch, Lu Yuan stiffened his back, stopped crying, and bit his own clitoris Fingers, dare not even make a sound.

"I just rubbed it, why is it so hard here? Are all you human girls like this? Don't look at me with such eyes, human girls, I only like you, by the way , What is this?"

Lu Yuan, who had taken a physiology class, blushed, and she swore that she would never tell it in her life. important place.

Angus played with the hardened little pearl and felt that Lu Yuan's legs holding it were getting tighter and tighter.Knowing that she couldn't help it A gleam of coldness flashed in his azure blue eyes, he put his two fingers together, and ruthlessly inserted into the opening of the small hole.

"Ah! Woohoo!"

Caught off guard, Lu Yuan let out a scream, and then sobbed heavily. With the residual moisture, fiercelyHe violently pulled and inserted, digging and turning again and again, the extremely sensitive inner wall twisted rapidly.


I can't help it...

The last few times, Angus inserted it very hard, listening to the slap... The sound of the water gradually became louder, and the force became stronger. Suddenly, the girl in her arms seemed to arch her body in pain, and let out a scream.

Angus quickly pulled out his fingers, and Lu Yuan, who was incontinent, rolled up his snake tail and pulled her away from his arms. He opened her legs with his hands, and looked up from the bottom Her pussy mouth dripped with urine and residue.

The pattering light-colored urine came quickly, and rushed out from the vaginal urinal that was inserted by fingers, drew an arc in the air, and splashed on its body, Extremely Beautiful.

The whole process lasted for more than a minute, until the last drop of urine flowed out, and Angus used the snake tail to bring Lu Yuanclose to his arms. The pale-faced girl had lost her mind and was unable to think. She collapsed in the arms of the snake and completely lost herself.

"You look so pretty when you pee, even female snakes can't do it. Show me like this every day from now on."

After washing Lu Yuan clean, Angus again Put her back on the soft grass bed. During the whole process, the girl was very well-behaved. When its snake letter was pulled out of her small cherry mouth, she unconsciously licked it. My moist pink lips.

"Go to sleep for a while, I'm going to pick some herbs, you're bleeding again."

In the concept of human snakes, spouses occupy an absolute position, although Lu Yuan It's just a human being, but Angus has already recognized her as his spouse, so he will definitely treat her well except for mating.

Looking at the snake that quickly wandered away and disappeared at the entrance of the cave, Lu Yuan's eyes were lost, and a few more tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

"Brother Chi..."

It took Angus a lot of time to go out this time, during which he met many soldiers with guns. He planned to take a detour to leave, but when he heard Lu Yuan's name, he appeared and killed those people instantly.

"She is mine, and no one is allowed to take it away."

At this moment, it, the dark voice of prey was ruthlessly indifferent, and the seductive figure quickly disappeared into the mountains and forests, leaving behind Scattered corpses on the spot, and the bloody smell that lingers for a long time...

Chapter Twelve: Escape

Lu Yuan fled, holding back Feeling sore and uncomfortable all over the body, after staggering out of the cave, I realized that it was raininglightly, and the thin nightgown was covered with the outer shirt that I put on last night to resist the cold air

In the dense jungle, she couldn't tell the direction, but even though Angus covered her mouth and blocked her eyes from time to time last night, she still vaguely remembered way back.

The bare feet with hickey marks stepped on the mud, leaving shallow footprints. As she gradually swayed away,light rain fell into the pits.

Lu Yuan walked in a hurry, the pain between the rubbing legs was unbearable, and he didn't even dare to stay for half a minute while holding his waist, lest that terrible human snake would chase after him, panting Smoothing down the messy long hair that was wet by the rain, he anxiously identified the way when he came.

The sudden light rain interrupted Angus's way of continuing to forage, and he happily swam towards his cave with a few herbs and fruits .

It never expected that a human woman would have such a great influence on it, but after leaving for a while, he couldn't wait to return to her.

Before entering the cave, it changed its eyes when it stayed at the entrance of the cave, and the old trees and vines covering the cave were touched by people...

The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and Lu Yuan was walking. It became more and more difficult, and she would slip and fall to the ground if she didn't pay attention. Every time she gritted her teeth and stood up, her swelling and aching head confused her consciousness.

"Brother Chi..."

I don't know if there is an illusion, but Lu Yuan seems to have really seen Xiao Chi's figure in the rain.

"Yuan Yuan! Yuan Yuan!"

In a coma, Lu Yuan once again fell into a cycle of nightmares, and seemed to have returned to the torrential rain. She couldn't She ran away with all her strength, and not far behind her, there were countless boa constrictors attacking her!

Don't! No!

"Uncle Lu, the third batch of people will arrive in eight days. At that time, I will take Yuanyuan back with the fleet. After returning to the mainland, I will let my parents prepare for the wedding as soon as possible..."

"Ah Chi, I will trouble you with this matter."

Lu Sinan looked at the unconscious Lu Yuan on the bed like a knife, and lived for forty years Professor Lu shed tears, and stroked Lu Yuan's hot forehead again and again, regretting a lot.

And Xiao Chi didn't get any better. When he found the scarred Lu Yuan in the rain, as an adult man, hejust glanced at it and knew exactly what his beloved girl had suffered. On the spot, his eyes were red from crying, hugging Lu Yuan, who was unconscious but still calling his name, his suicidal heartThere is.

"Don't worry, Uncle Lu, I will use my life to protect Yuan Yuan, and I won't let her get hurt again."

"Dad...Brother me !」

Lu Yuan, who was in a coma, was not at peace even though he was given antipyretic injections and sedatives. , I dare not leave half a step.

"Wake up, Yuan Yuan, it's all my father's fault. If I didn't bring you here... it's all my father's fault."

Until the third day, the fever had already subsided Lu Yuan woke up faintly, looked at his old and decadent father sitting by the bed, was so frightened that he thought his eyes were dazzled, and subconsciously rubbed his eyes.


The girl's soft voice was very thin, but it could be heard in Lu Sinan's ears, but it filled his ears like thunder, and he threw the gun in his hand Book, he hurriedly approached Lu Yuan, and said incoherently: "Are you awake? Is Yuan Yuan still uncomfortable? DadI have been waiting for a long time, Yuan Yuan, great, I am awake."

Lu Yuan pressed his sore temple, frowned slightly, looked at his father who always paid attention to his appearance, it seemed that had not shaved for some time, he couldn't help asking hesitantly: "Father, why are you so tired?" I, have I caught a cold again?"

Lu Sinan, who was still happy, was taken aback for a moment, years of keenness made him realize that something was wrong, and looked at his daughter That pair of bright full moon eyes, which were exactly the same as her own, seemed to be filled with the light of doubtwithout a single trace of impurity.

"Yuan Yuan, don't you remember what happened?"

"What happened?" Lu Yuan tilted his head, pursed his pink lips in a daze, then shook his head and said : "I remember just saw a few people caught a cobra, it was scary, and then the cold wind blew, it was very uncomfortable."

Cobra? Lu Sinan finally knew what was wrong, and Lu Yuan's memory seemed to flash back to the day when he landed on the island!

"Ah, Dad, why are there so many injuries on my arms? And my legs, it hurts so much." After moving, Lu Yuan felt a bitter face and looked up. Looking at his sore and slender wrists, there were one after another blue and purple scars on the snow-white skin.

Lu Sinan quickly reacted, put Lu Yuan's exposed arm back under the quilt, and smiled gently: "Yuan Yuan was scared by the snake, so he had a fever, these The trace is that you are allergic to the wrong medicine, don’t worry, it will be fine in a few days.”

“Really?” Lu Yuan, who stared wide-eyed, looked at it seriously Looking at his father, full of dependence.

"Of course it's true."

Such a situation undoubtedly made Lu Sinan heave a sigh of relief. In the past few days, every time he thought of Lu Yuan's situation after waking up, They would all be in unbearable pain, but what they never expected was that Lu Yuan would lose his memory.

Forgetting everything, this should be the best result for Lu Yuan, right?

It didn't take long for Lu Sinan to decide on this idea. Looking at Lu Yuan who had regained his spirit in a beautiful dress, he couldn't help praying to heaven, hoping that Lu Yuan would never recover That terrible memory.

However, Lu Yuan always felt that there was something wrong. Since she woke up, both her father and Xiao Chi looked at her with inexplicable love and affection, and Zou Xuan was even more strange, asking about her physicalthings from time to time.

Of course, Xiao Jin, who has just landed on the island, is even more strange. Every time she comes to diagnose her, she is extremely gloomy. Fortunately, Xiao Chi will accompany her when she returns. By her side, Xiao Jin didn't say anything.

"Brother Chi, has something happened to me these past few days? Why, I always feel that everyone's attitude is a little strange?"

In the past Xiao Chi, who had fresh wild flowers in the bottle, paused, took out a small white flower from it, turned around and put it in Lu Yuan's hand, and said with a smile, "What's so strange? Be good, Don't think too much, I will take you back to the mainland in a few days, you were clamoring to go to Hawaii before, this time I will take you."

Smell Sniffing the fragrant wildflowers in his hand, Lu Yuan smiled happily.

"Hawaii? I don't think it's worse than there. There are also sunny beaches, but unfortunately there are snakes. I'm quite afraid."

"Don't be afraid, no matter what Wherever I go, I will accompany you, whether it is a snake or other things, will not hurt you."

At that moment, Lu Yuan saw affection in his eyes, that is The truth from the heart is different from the jokes in the past, but subconsciously, Lu Yuan dared not meet his eyes, and felt a tight pain in his chest.


Xiao Chi came over a few steps, hugged Lu Yuan into his arms, hugged the girl's thin shoulders, and put his forehead on
On top of her head, she said softly: "Yuanyuan, let's get engaged."

Chapter Thirteen: Blood Spot

When they got engaged, they couldn't help crying, obviously she liked Xiao Chi, but for some reason, she refused.

"Yuanyuan, I heard from Xiao Chi that you are not young anymore, you can consider getting engaged, this is what your fathermeaned."

Zou Xuan Seeing Lu Yuan with a changeable expression, he couldn't help sighing. Lu Sinan originally intended to get the two of them married. Although Xiao Chi was sorry for this matter, but Lu Yuan did something stupid, it was considered I made a bad decision.

Lu Yuan shook her head sullenly: "I'm only eighteen years old, let's talk about it in two years."

After waking up this time, she always felt that something was wrong, and she couldn't explain it In short, she doesn't want to get in close contact with men, including Xiao Chi and her father.

"I'm afraid it won't be that long. Your father has already talked to Xiao's family. In a few days, you and Xiao Chi will go back to the mainland and settle the matter. You Be prepared."

"Why didn't Dad tell me?" Lu Yuan's eyes widened, she didn't understand her father's urgency.

In the afternoon, Lu Yuan ran around the station but did not find Lu Sinan. During the period, he ran into Xiao Jin. The guy's face was dull and scary, and she subconsciously prepared to go around him leave.

Just as she was about to pass him, Xiao Jin, who was wearing a brand new white coat and crossed her arms, moved slightly, grabbed herright hand, and pulled Lu Yuan, who was a head shorter than him, into her arms With a tug, covering her mouth, she slipped into the weed pile behind the tent on the side.


Lu Yuan was pressed heavily on the ground, her back hurt from the hard messy stones, and her bright eyes instantly dimmed With tears in her eyes, she stared at Xiao Jin who was on her body with hatred.

"Why, are you going to marry my brother? So you don't even want to talk to me?"


Terrified Lu Yuan slapped the person on his body with two Xuenen arms whose sleeves were mostly slipped off, and even exerted strength on his struggling legs struggling on the grass, but it was a pity that he was not Xiao Jin's opponent.

"In the future, I will have to call you sister-in-law. Why don't I test you for my brother first? Don't look at me like this, I won't despise you."

With a gloomy face, Xiao Jin covered Lu Yuan's chest with his palm without any mercy. His fingers, which have been holdingmedical tools all year round, were beautifully born with well-defined joints Slender and slender, rubbing Lu Yuan's undulating chest, he sneered and pulled off half of her clothes.

"For the rest of my life, I will only obey my brother, knowing that I have kissed you hundreds of times, but he didn't say a word, and clearly wants to wear this hat Cuckold, if I don’t do something, I’m sorry for his efforts.”

Lu Yuan was already crying with anger, half of her breasts were exposed to Xiao Jin’s fiery Under his gaze, the little white rabbit-like nipples were pinched into various shapes by him, and traces were quickly left when his fingers passed.

"It has licked here too, right? Tsk, that monster is really good enough, sooner or later, I will kill it."Xiao Jin's eyes instantly became sharper, With killing intent, he leaned over and bit Lu Yuan's red nipple that was pinched by him.

Lu Yuan, who was hurt by him, didn't pay attention to what he said, but struggled wholeheartedly. His mouth was covered and he couldn't scream.The scream was choked in his throat, miserable extreme.


While biting, Xiao Jin squeezed her thighs between Lu Yuan's legs and separated her kicking lower body, He put his knee against her private parts and rubbed vigorously.

When he stood up from Lu Yuan's chest, he realized that he had been too violent just now. The girl's Bai Yingying's skin was already covered with tooth marks and his saliva, bruised and purple Lu Yuan looked at him with terrified eyes, and couldn't stop the tears from falling.

"Why? Why do you only like him!"

He stopped all his movements, and lay down on her body in frustration, gnashing his teeth and pressing his face against her pale face

br/>'s cheek, pecking her neck again and again.

Xiao Jin is contradictory. He likes Lu Yuan, but he can't control his tyrannical heart.Every time he sees Lu Yuan, he wishes to kill her Well, especially after Lu Yuan was raped this time, he wanted to strangle her to death, but he still couldn't bear it. Facing Lu Yuan's ignorance of him, his heart was extremely tormented.

Later, Xiao Jin did nothing, dressed Lu Yuan, sent her back to the tent, fetched water for herwiped her upper body, and covered her with the quilt , ready to leave.

"Just now, I'm sorry."

Lu Yuan, who was lying on the bed, turned over and turned to the inside, leaving his back facing him. Jin lowered her head, the left side of her handsome face still had red marks from being slapped by Lu Yuan.

"I, I just can't stand you ignoring me, I can't stand your eyes only on Xiao Chi, Yuan Yuan, I don't care, why can't..." Can't marry What about him?

Xiao Jin didn't have time to say the following, because someone broke in suddenly.

"Doctor Xiao, hurry up, someone over there is injured and needs urgent treatment!" The soldier with a lot of blood on his body did not even have time to shout a report, pulled Xiao Jin and ran outside.

Lu Yuan hurriedly sat up from the bed, knowing that something had happened, so she changed her clothes and went to have a look.

But as soon as he walked outside the tent, he was stopped by Zou Xuan who rushed over. Zou Xuan couldn't hide the joy on his face, and said with a smile: "Where is Yuan Yuan going? It's very chaotic outside, so don't wander around now."

"Is something wrong? Where's my dad?"

Lu Yuan stepped on his feet and looked at the vague Zou Xuan deliberately blocked the sight of the gunshot.

"Professor, he's fine, just caught a new species, Yuan Yuan, hurry up and go in, those monsters are ugly, don't be scared."

"Ugly?" Lu Yuan suddenly had a headache, and some weird pictures began to flash in his mind, longblack, ink-colored armor, and finally a pair of beautiful blue eyes...

"Yuan Yuan? What's the matter with you?"

With Zou Xuan's support, Lu Yuan barely stood up, and shook his head in a trance: "I'm fine, I just had a headache just now, Aunt Zou, don’t worry.”

It was about six o’clock in the evening, and the people who went out came back from the west, and the iron cage carried by a dozen people was covered with a black cloth, and it was extremely heavy. Difficult, Lu Yuan stood in the tent and did not go out. The familiar scene made her a little dizzy.

It seems that she has seen such a scene not long ago, the only difference is that there is a long snake tail dragging on the ground...

But this time, in a cage where nothing can be seen , I don’t know what kind of new species it was locked in. After the crowd passed by, Lu Yuan went out. A lot of bright red blood spots dripped on the ground, spreading all the way, which was a bit shocking.

In the air, there was a strange scent left, and she frowned tightly.

"This smell..."

Chapter Fourteen: Temptation

"Crack!" Lu Sinan closed the folder heavily and held Fu Jinsi The glasses on the side, the elegant face,complexion is not good.

"Professor, this is an order from above. This human-snake must survive and be sent back to the mainland, so... it can't be killed now. As for the brain research project, it still uses the previous one." Come on."

Throwing the folder covered with the central order back into the arms of the people around him, Lu Sinan walked towards the center of the temporary observation room where three huge glass cylinder.

And in the glass column in the middle, there is a new species captured today, and the powerful anesthetic does not seem to have much reaction to it.

"Professor, it seems to have shed a lot of blood, why don't you call me..."

The assistant Gao Liang who followed him pointed to the human snake entrenched in the glass column, black The giant tail Ye Ye was shining brightly, and the place where it was hit by the bullet was slightly embarrassed, and the blood that was no different from human beings flowed all over the ground.

The human snake with its tail entangled in a circle is facing them with its back facing them. Its waist-length black long hair is messily draped on the naked strong back, very quiet.

"Ordinary anesthetics are probably useless to them. Don't let people get close to it for the time being. Let's talk about it when Professor Liang comes."

Lu Sinan worked hard Restraining himself, he knew very well that in Xiao Chi's description, it was this human snake that ruined Lu Yuan. If the order from above hadn't come in time, he would have already used various methods to kill it.

Now, how could someone be allowed to treat it.

"Professor, what's the matter?" Looking at the back of Lu Sinan leaving in a hurry, Assistant Gao stood there in a daze.

Suddenly, there was a strange sound from the glass column, and the assistant looked there subconsciously. At some point, the human snake who had been quietly turning its back on him had already turned around. Come over, a pair of azure blue animal eyes are looking at him coldly...

Lu Yuan and Lu Sinan went to the resident cafeteria for dinner, because it was late and there were not many people there After Lu Yuan chewed slowly and took a few bites, Lu Sinan put down his chopsticks.

"Yuan Yuan, the third batch of people will come the day after tomorrow, and then you and Xiao Chi will go back with the fleet."

"Go back?" Lu Yuan raised his head, beautiful Puzzled on his little face, he looked at his peaceful father and asked "Why? Is it really what Aunt Zou said?"

"On this island It’s not safe, Xiao Chi will send you back, it’s rare for him to have a vacation, so let’s settle the matter between the two of you, there is still some time before school starts, you can also go abroad to have fun.”

Lu Yuan couldn't help frowning: "Father..."

Lu Sinan saw her hesitation, and immediately turned his voice cold, and said quite sternly: "This matter is settled , I’ve already greeted your Uncle Xiao, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go to your engagement banquet, so let your mothergo to witness.”

Obviously, this was not a pleasant meal After dinner, Lu Sinan left without saying anything, leaving Lu Yuan alone on the stool depressed.

She really likes Xiao Chi, and she has liked him for a long time. She wanted to marry him since she was a child, but...she couldn't help but think of Xiao JinLet's talk today.

[For the rest of my life, I will only obey my brother, knowing that I have kissed you hundreds of times, but he didn't say a word, and clearly wants to wear this hat green hat. ]

"Ah, stop thinking about it, let's get engaged!"

When Lu Yuan walked out of the cafeteria, it was already nightfall, and after walking a few steps, he saw Assistant Gaobeside his father walked towards him. Under the hazy moonlight, Lu Yuan couldn't see his expression clearly, but felt that today's Assistant Gaowas a bit different from the usual smiling man. Different.

"Miss Lu, the professor asked you to come with me."

His speech speed was a little slow, and he bit every word very hard. She didn't have any doubts, so she let him lead the waywith a flashlight. The moment she turned her body, she inadvertently saw the corner of his eye, which was empty and terrifying.

"Assistant Gao, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, thank you."

It seems that Lu Yuan's gaze is too heavy, he turned his head Tilting his head, a smile finally appeared on his calm face,It's just that those eyes seemed to be immersed in dead water.

This is the first time for Lu Yuan to come to the temporary observation room at the station, but based on her years of experience with the group, she is very clear about the purpose of this place. Most of the time, she does not want to come. Afraid of accidental dissection or more bloody scenes.

"Professor Lu asked you to go in and wait for him, he will come soon."

"Oh, okay."

Push open the door, Lu Yuan went in unprepared, and before she could stand firmly, the door that was just released was closed from the outsideshe hurriedly turned around and patted it, but did not get any response.

"Senior assistant, what's the matter today?"

The door couldn't be opened, so she could only turn around and walk inside. The observation room is different from the personal laboratory. It is much wider, and each observation object will be placed here for the group to observe.

The kind of glass column placed indoors was common to Lu Yuan before, because he would often catch some aggressivespecies, so the glass covers are made of special materials, which will not affect the clarity In the case of high temperature, it is not easy to be damaged.


Lu Yuan couldn't describe the scene in front of her. Looking at the human snake slowly standing upright with its tail, her calf felt a little weak , without even seeing what it looked like, he ran desperately towards the door.

"Open the door! Quickly open the door! Assistant Gao!"

Until her hands were numb from clapping, the door didn't move at all. Instead, it was a snake inside the glass pillar, After seeing her coming again, she became extremely manic. After sweeping away the silence at first, she leaned her upper body against the transparent glass wall, and began to slap the ground with her tail.


Lu Yuan was lured by the weird voice and turned his head, looking pale at the The human snake, its eyes have never moved away from her from the beginning to now, it is frantic and frightening.

"Come here, Yuan Yuan."

The distance is not too far, Lu Yuan clearly saw its eyes, which showed a special blue color without
A trace of beastliness, but full of gentle magic power, following the voice, calling her again and again.

When Lu Yuan came back to his senses again, he was already standing in front of the glass pillar, and the distance between her and it wasonly a piece of glass. At this moment, she finally saw its appearance clearly, coquettish and beautifulbeautiful and deadly.

"Yuan Yuan."

It is laughing, smiling very happily, through the transparent glass, the bright red snake can't believe it, and walks in On the cold glass surface, the place where it slid was facing Lu Yuan's face. The slow movements undoubtedly gave Lu Yuan the illusion that he was being licked by it.

Extremely erotic.

It was injured, its slightly disheveled long hair scattered randomly on its shoulders, and its bare upper body was covered with large and small scars, but it did not affect the beauty at all, and it fell on the ground because of excitement The slapped tail of the snake was still gurgling with blood...

Lu Yuan's face turned pale, his lips trembled slightly, and the chaotic images that kept flashing in her mind made her more and more frightened.

"Yuan Yuan, you are mine."

Chapter Fifteen: Outlying Islands

When the third group of people arrived, Lu Yuan's luggage had already been packed After packing up, due to time constraints, the arriving fleet would only stay for an hour before leaving. Lu Sinan asked her to put her things on the temporary pier early.

"Why isn't Xiao Chi here yet?"

Zou Xuan greeted each other with several colleagues who had just disembarked, then walked towards Lu Yuan, a little hesitant

Lu Yuan was still looking down at the mobile phone that had no signal. She hadn't seen Xiao Chi in the past two days, so she could only say casually: "Probably still tidying things up, every time he It’s all like this.”

Just finished speaking, I saw Xiao Chi running over from a long distance, in full military uniform, withHolding his military cap in his hand, he came to Lu Yuan panting.

"Yuan Yuan, I'm sorry... I, I just received an order from my superiors, and I can't go back for the time being."

Zou Xuan has already walked away, leaving behind Xiao Chitong Lu Yuan explained carefully.

"You go back with them first, I will be back in a few days, and I won't delay the rest of the matter, okay?"

Although Lu Yuan was disappointed in his heart, but After all, he also understands where Xiao Chi's official rank is, and it's his nature to obey orders as a soldier, and it's not his fault that he can't leave. He could only sigh and show a bright smile.

"Okay then, I'll go back first, you don't have to worry, I'll wait for you."

Xiao Chi was relieved and scratched his head apologetically until he heard Lu Yuan's last few words immediately beamed with joy, and he could no longer hold her in his arms.

"Yuan Yuan, when I come back, we will get engaged."


A good word is enough to make the iron man Xiao Chi Unable to calm down for a long time, he hugged Lu Yuan tightly, and put his lips on her forehead regardless of the people passing by.

Coincidentally, a group of people carried the caged human snake and prepared to board the ship. The black silk cloth covering it was not covered too carefully, leaving a thin slit, which can be easily seen The situation outside.

Angus, who had been injected with a large amount of sleeping pills, sat quietly inside. When the breeze blew a corner of the black silk cloth, his azure blue pupils instantly became dark and terrifying , Beast Eyes stared at the man and woman tightly hugging on the hill full of flowers.

"Yuan Yuan..."

"Boom! Boom!" The wildly swung giant tail hit the iron cage heavily, with immeasurable brute force, allowing the cage to be lifted

br/>The dozen or so soldiers in the house lost their feet in an instant, swayed a few times, and the iron cage fell to the side instead.

"What's going on!"

Seeing this, Xiao Chi quickly let go of Lu Yuan, helped her carry the suitcase and walked over, looking at the group of Man, reprimanded a few words with a bad expression.

"Major, it's because this monster somehow went crazy, we were unprepared, so..."

"Enough, this beast is very dangerous, since this time you Responsible for the transportation, I hope that there will be no mistakes on the way, if necessary, take direct measures, don't let it go!"

Xiao Chi ordered, let his subordinates The people quickly lifted the cage and left, and when they turned their heads again, they found that Lu Yuan Fenci's small face was extremely pale, and he secretly thought something wrong.

"What's wrong with Yuanyuan?"

Lu Yuan's eyes were following the cage, and she couldn't help but think of how this new species was crazy about her the night before yesterday. The way he licked the glass made him feel extremely perverted and terrifying.

"I'm fine."

When the military ship left the shore, Lu Yuan stood on the deck, looking at Xiao Chi, who was far away, standing in a heroic manner

Looking into the distance is a sweet and sad act. Seeing the one he loves getting farther and farther away from him, Xiao Chi's waving arms gradually stopped, and he put his palms down Make trumpets on both sides and yell.

"Yuan Yuan, I love you! Be sure to wait for me!"

The girl standing on the deck, with long black hair and white skirt fluttering with the sea breeze, gradually Go far away...

The one who brought the new species back to the mainland this time is the professor Liang Yi who came with the third batch of personnel, a shrewd womanless than forty And Lao Dao, born with a scientific madman, made her look extremely difficult to get along with.

Lu Yuan's itinerary for the next few days became extremely dull.

The route back to the mainland needs to travel for about a week. As soon as it left the island, Liang Yi couldn't help but started researching it. It was the first time for her to witness a new species with her own eyes. It is not ecstasy to describe.

"Look, its appearance is so perfect, it would be great if it didn't have this snake tail."As a woman, Liang Yi published it immediately Appreciation, the beauty of Angus, she couldn't take her eyes away at all, and was obsessed with it.

The assistant who followed could only kindly remind: "Professor, it's better not to get too close. Professor Lu's transcript said that it is in estrus and has a very strong attack power."

"Eestrus? Tsk tsk, if you can record the mating process..."

Liang Yi didn't finish speaking, but the assistant standing beside her changed his expression and followed the professor For many years, he has been well aware of her bad roots. Every time she conducts research experiments, what she likes to do most is to observe species mating, so as to record things that others are embarrassed to record, and then obtain alternative research and development.

And the mating between species and species was her initial observation project, until now, it has advanced to the intersecting between speciesand people...

At noon, Lu Yuan went on the deck after eating, and the warm afternoon sun was shining on the blue sea, reflecting the sparkling waves, she leaned on the railing and watched the seagulls fly by.

Suddenly, the sound of heavy objects falling into the sea came from the next floor. She followed the sound curiously, but only saw two researchers in white coats After cleaning the ground, there seemed to be red liquid remaining on the smooth ground.

Lu Yuan had a hunch that something was wrong, and was about to go downstairs to have a look, but when she turned around, she saw Liang Yi standing quietly behind her, and she couldn't help being frightened by this person who appeared silently arrive.

"Professor Liang."

Looking at Lu Yuan who was a little startled, his porcelain-white face was pink, and his facial features were exquisite and exquisite, Liang Yi suddenly smiled and said:
"As expected of Professor Lu's daughter, she looks more and more beautiful. Xiaoyuan is eighteen this year, right?"

Although she was smiling, the smile never reached her eyes, Seeing that it was a bit pervasive, Lu Yuan subconsciously took a half step back, pursed his pink lips and nodded.

"Well, I just passed my eighteenth birthday."

"It's really good."

Leaving something inexplicable, Liang Yi left, waiting to go Far away, she suddenly turned her head again, looking at the slender girl who was still standing stiffly in place, her gaze was somewhat meaningful...

Afterwards, Lu Yuan lost interest and hurried back to the room , I didn’t go out until dinner time, and went to eat in the small cafeteria.

The sea breeze at night was mixed with chills. After straightening her coat, Lu Yuan walked towards the upper floor. When passing by the room where the new species was held, her steps suddenly slowed down. I don't know if it was an illusion, but she seemed to hear an inaudible scream.

"Did you hear me wrong?"

However, she couldn't move the steps she wanted to leave. When she put her hand on the doorknob, she felt like Before she had time to think, she pushed open the door, and the scene she saw next became her lifelong nightmare...

Chapter Sixteen: Aphrodisiac Xiaoliang

Yi's voice came coldly from inside the house, and before he could finish speaking, a horrifying scene happened. The woman who was almost suffocated was suddenly pulled closer by the tail of the snake, and the perfect hands of the snake were pinched on her onto her skull,twist it hard.

Blood spewed out of the woman's mouth slowly. Lu Yuan stood outside the door, watching motionlessly. The naked woman was injected with drugs and pushed into the glass In Zhuli, within a short while, Bai Huahua's bodywas thinly red, and at first she curled up at the place farthest from the people and snakes with some fear, and then slowly crawled towards it.

"Professor, this is already the third one, and it can still hold on... It shouldn't be, it shouldn't be like this when it is injected with a lot of aphrodisiacs during estrus. "

As soon as the voice fell, the third woman, who was called the third, had already hugged the snake's tail and started to move, but only moved twice. The giant black tail that hadn't responded just now With a sudden sweep, the person was thrown away.


When the woman's scream sounded, Lu Yuan covered his mouth, his eyelids trembled, and looked at the snake tail wrapped around his neck, The tighter and tighter woman, from violent struggle to slow weakness.

"Looks like it failed again...", the head with dislocated bones fell on the neck, and was thrown heavily to the ground by the snake.

Lu Yuan couldn't help but think of the sound he heard on the deck at noon. It seemed that it might be the second woman, holding back her trembling body, subconsciously wanting to leave, but she was retreating When I was walking, I accidentally touched the wooden sign hanging on the door.

"Click!" There was a soft sound.

"Let go of me! Let go! What are you going to do!"

Lu Yuan was pushed to the ground by Liang Yi's assistant. To no avail, hugging his broken knee, he hid against the wall, but he couldn't escape Liang Yi's sneering eyes.

"What did Ms. Lu see? Look at this pretty little face, she seems to have turned pale with fright."

When Liang Yi approached Lu Yuan, the glass Angus in the column suddenly went berserk, his giant tail violently hit the glass wall, and his blue eyes with murderous intent glared fiercely at Liang Yi, who was full of tricks.

"Professor, what's wrong with it!"

There was a low growl of people and snakes, which was very frightening. His eyes for help shifted to the thoughtful Ripple.

Liang Yi is a scientific research fanatic, and her intelligence is her specialty. During the back and forth trials, when she met Lu Yuan several times, the killing intent expressed by the human snake was not so strong, which made her She vaguely had an answer.

"You go out first, don't let anyone in."

After driving away the assistant, listening to the door being locked, Liang Yi smiled and grabbed Lu Yuan, and put She dragged her towards the glass pillar.At this moment, Angus' eyes were all on the struggling Lu Yuan, and his undisguised hotness made Liang Yi more convinced of his thoughts.

"Do you like her? You have evolved similarly to humans, I think you should also like human girls, she is beautiful, do you like her?"

Didn't Lu Yuan practiceLiang Yi's opponent in judo was caught in her arms and couldn't break free. Through the glass wall, in front of Angus, Liang Yi grabbed Lu Yuan through a thin shirt. Kneading her chestslightly hard.

"This is the breast of a human girl, do you want to touch it?"

"Liang, Professor Liang, let me go! Are you crazy? I will tell my father Yes, let me go!Woooo..." Lu Yuan was already crying in fright, being pinched by a woman is not a beautiful thing.

Looking at Angus, who couldn't help but feel restless, Liang Yi was finally satisfied. After experimenting with three subjects but all failed, she finally succeeded in finding a person who could make people feel like snakes. woman of desire.

"Be good Xiao Yuan, you are also dedicating yourself to science, your father should be proud of you."

Like a pervert, Liang Yi kissed Lu Yuan Her earlobes, the pitiful appearance of the sobbing girl, made her a little uncontrollable, not to mention Angus who was locked inside and injected a lot of aphrodisiacs.

Unbuttoning Lu Yuan's white shirt, Liang Yi skillfully unbuttoned her lace bra, and her breasts, which could barely be held with one hand, were white and tender, exuding a girlish fragrance. As a woman, Liang Yi couldn't help being a little surprised. Under Angus' glaring, she actually pressed down on Lu Yuan and kissed her on the chest.

"Tsk tsk, these tits are really big, fragrant and tender, I don't want you to go in, Xiao Yuanyuan."

Disgusted and frightened at the same time, Lu Yuan screamed and shoved, but was pushed down by Liang Yi to the ground. Caught off guard, the back of his head hit the hard plank of the ship. A little dizzy.

Losing her resistance for a while, Liang Yi quickly stripped Lu Yuan naked. After taking off her underwear, Liang Yi opened Lu Yuan's well-proportioned legs with a smile, Looking at the private little flower hole, the beautiful pink is very cute.

"It's so beautiful."

I couldn't help reaching out and touching the girl's genitals with sparse pubic hair. When she wanted to do more, the snake got angry No one warned Liang Yi with his wildly flicking giant tail and ferocious expression.

"I can give her to you, but you can't kill her, but... as long as I can get what I want, it doesn't matter if you kill her or not."

Even if it's Professor Lu's daughter, sailing on the sea is inherently dangerous, so if you make any excuses at that time, Lu Sinan can't do anything about her.

When Lu Yuan was thrown into the glass pillar, at the same time, the snake tail also rolled up the previous woman's corpse and threw it out. Hit and fell to the ground.

"Ah!...No, don't!"

The moment Lu Yuan screamed, Liang Yi hurriedly pushed away the body and looked inside . If she was hesitant before this, then at this moment, she really felt that she had done the right thing.

Looking at the strong and handsome snake holding the slender girl and kissing it, the scene is really a powerful visual impact.

In Angus's arms, Lu Yuan completely lost her resistance, her limbs became weak from fright, and her small mouth kept stirring and sucking the snake letter, which made her almost Degree of suffocation.

It wasn't until a few spotlights flashed that Angus stopped, raised Lu Yuan's chin, and fed her hissaliva, but this time it was not adulterated With the effect of aphrodisiac, his cold eyes suddenly turned to Liang Yi, who was taking pictures outside, with a slight murderous look.

After pressing the shutter, Liang Yi felt chills in his back, and paused for a while, looking at Angus, she smiled reluctantly: "Why, you still want to kill me?" Let’s mate first, I know you can’t help it.”

I don’t know why, Liang Yi always feels that people and snakes can understand her language, after all, who told him to evolve and people

The naked Lu Yuan was quickly pressed on the belly of the snake, where the sexual organs of the human snake are located...

Chapter Seventeen: Barbed Dick

Lu Yuan screamed miserably, his legs were separated and he sat on the genitals of the snake, his little butt was pinched by Angus and he couldn't move, watching the genitals gradually erected, getting more and more swell.

The black and purple cock was pressing on her pussy ferociously, the scorching heat made her teary and confused, and the strugglinghands kept patting the perfect naked upper body of the snake, leaving a lot of pain Less fingernail scratch marks.

This made Angus, who was in estrus, couldn't bear it any longer. As soon as the giant tail was retracted, it formed a big circle, trapping Lu Yuan kneeling in the middle, while he used his hands Separated one of the cocks, pushed aside Lu Yuan's pussy, and aimed at it.


Liang Yi, who was standing outside, also held his breath. This was the first time for her to observe the sex organs of snakes at close range, and Compared with ordinary snakes, the evolved human snake genitalia can be described as spectacular.

"Put it in quickly, hurry up!" Ignoring Lu Yuan's crying, she stared straight at the genitalconnected to the girl's pussy , body and mind suddenly dryIt was very hot.

There was no foreplay, no saliva aphrodisiac, and the initial mating was not smooth. Angus put the huge glans in several times, but failed to fully penetrate it. Lu Yuan's dry acupuncture point annoyed him.

"Let me go out... let me go, let me go!"

Lu Yuan cried and was placed on the smooth ground, lying on her back naked, entangled in her middle Angus in frontextremely endured and separated her legs that were clamped because of the pain.

The thigh that was opened in one word revealed the red and swollen little flower hole that was ravaged just now, and it was inserted forcibly, and the labia had been torn in several places, with traces of blood oozing, so pitiful. When Angus leaned his head up, Lu Yuan was watching it warily, until its tongue licked on the half-closed petals, Lu Yuan trembled in fright.

"You, you...don't!"

It was like flirting for her, and the long snake letter swept across the pussy and slipped slowly The clitoris circled at the edge of the vagina, and the warm breath sprayed on the center of her legs.

The girl's private place, the smell is not heavy, the pink is tender and has a sweet and salty taste. After suppressing Lu Yuan's struggle with the snake tail, Angus probed the snake letter into it into her tight pussy.

The thick snake letter is very sensitive, the tip of the split tongue is squeezed into the dry vagina, and then slowly stirred and inserted, unlike the tongue of a human man, The snake letter of the man-snake is very long, but it is much smaller than the genitals. When Lu Yuan did not fully secrete love fluid, he drove straight in and easily touched her deepest part.

The cool and thin sexy lips pressed against the trembling pussy of the girl, licking and kissing, the snake letter was pulled out from time to time, and occasionally inserted suddenly, which made Lu Yuan, who was awake, gradually I can't stand it anymore.

"No, don't go in! Oh, it's so uncomfortable!"

Slowly crawling out of fear, Lu Yuan began to be overwhelmed by excitement. , from time to time, she can resist, the deep part of the sensitive pussy has been stirred up by the long and thick tongue.

From time to time, the tip of the nose pressed against the clitoris exuded hot breath, Lu Yuan wanted to clamp her legs, but was separated by Angus, so she could only subconsciously She arched her waist and gently rubbed her buttocks on the ground.

"'s too's itchy!"

When the huge red snake letter is pulled out from the honey hole, it can already bring out a lot of love juice, let go Before Lu Yuan, Angus kissed Lu Yuan's clitoris again, leaving a wet mark there.

After propping up his strong upper body, he dragged Lu Yuan, who was biting his hand and weeping, to his body, and the long-swollen genitals were aimed at the slightly wet hole again.

"It's too big, I can't put it in, I, I will die! Woohoo!"

Angus deliberately held up Lu Yuan's upper body with his snake tail, In this way, she just watched hersoft private parts slowly swallowing that big and terrible genital port.

Lu Yuan, who stared at her wet pupils in horror, was so frightened that she forgot to cry. The flesh holes that were stretched little by little, accompanied by burning pain, made her even dare not breathe.

The two labia tightly wrapped around the cock were stretched to the maximum extent, like a baby's small mouth, forced to hold a thick cylinder, gradually filled without a bit gap.


The azure blue animal pupils could no longer hide the madness, and after suppressing Lu Yuan securely, they pushed hard
go in.

Lu Yuan raised her head, her white neck looked up high, and the screams in her throat continued. She didn't lose strength and fell back until the cock of the snake was completely inserted. He fell to the ground, his pale little face covered with cold sweat.

This intercourse seems to be more difficult than the first time. At that time, Lu Yuan was in a state of fascination, but at this time Lu Yuan is fully awake. Pushing and thrusting up and down, the girl's weak panting began to become quicker.

"Wow! It hurts... too deep, too deep..."

The lower body that keeps hitting is already a little numb, except for the throbbing vagina that leads to the deepest part The tender meattightly wraps the thick hot meat stick, and the most primitive mating begins.

In the most common posture, Angus pressed Lu Yuan on the ground and fucked wildly. He held the girl's trembling breasts with his big hands and kneaded them. He bent down and put his tongue out again. It entered Lu Yuan's slightly parted cherry lips.

Sexual intercourse and intense kissing undoubtedly fascinated Liang Yi who was standing outside. Looking at the powerful arms of the human snake, pressingthe girl who was almost knocked into the air several times, thrusting and thrusting at high frequency The intersection made her dazzled.

When I put my hand under my body, I realized that it was already extremely wet...

During the lingering kiss, Lu Yuan, whose mouth was gagged, still bleed out a few drops from time to time. She groaned softly, her little face was flushed, and her eyes were blurred. It was not until Angus tore open her long tongue that she escaped from the suffocating kiss. The mouth couldn't close for a while, and the mixed saliva had no time to swallow, and it ran across the cheek from the corner of the mouth and dripped behind the ear.

"what! what! "

Gently pulled out, inserted fiercely, the genitals of the human snake swelled even more, and the protruding ferocious flesh granules rubbed against the sensitive and tender flesh, making it numb and itchy The fuck made Lu Yuan cry.

Accompanied by the slight sound of water and Lu Yuan's lewd cry, Angus suddenly hugged Lu Yuan's waist, lifted her from the ground, and then stood up, quickly Pull out the slightly slender dick in the flower hole, and replace it with another thicker penis that has been waiting for a long time.

With a puff, the mouth of the flower hole was stretched again, and Lu Yuan's whole body was placed on the cock, and cryingduring the lewdness, she had to reach out and hug Angus The neck, this cock is obviously much thicker than the one just now.

"Oh... what is that, no, don't insert it, it's so uncomfortable..."

Unlike the raised green tendons on the previous one, this one has a little The barbs are originally used by humans and snakes to prevent their spouses from breaking free during the mating process. When necessary, they open the barbs to hook the meat of the hole to ensure successful mating.

Now it is inserted into Lu Yuan's honey hole, the soft thorns are not too hard, and from time to time they sweep on the slippery and firm flesh, and Lu Yuan's back straightens in excitement , the legs wrapped around Angus' waist were clamped tightly, and he raised his head and screamed louder.

Tick tock, tick tock... With every pull out of the cock, the ejaculation that came out fell to the ground like beads.

Chapter 18: Getting knocked out

"Yah! Woohoo... It's too big, it hurts and itches!" Lu Yuan was in Angus' arms In the middle, she raised her head, bursting with pleasure, her clear and soft voice became a little hoarse.

The flooded thighs, clinging to the wet armor of Pianlin, the heat is cold, and the swollencock is pulled out again and again, and then suddenly inserted, fuck The girl's upright little buttocks were shaking.

Liang Yi outside the glass column has been seduced by the hot scenes. This is really the most exciting mating scene she has ever seen in her life. Hands, through the wet panties, began to rub.

The aphrodisiac was given too much, Angus killed all the girls sent by Liang Yi, and he was willing to mate only after meeting Lu Yuan, which made the estrous period Angus held back until he was holding Lu Yuan, and he hadn't ejaculated for a long time.

However, Lu Yuan has already ejaculated several times, a large stream of lewd water sprayed out, one time after another, the inner wall was wetbut tighter, wrapped Angus was fascinated and addicted .

"I, I can't do it... woo... don't insert it anymore!"

The tits shaking violently on his chest were bitten by a snake and sucked in his mouth, Lu Yuan could only be weak Crying, she was really exhausted, her watery eyes were pitifully red and swollen, and her pink mouth was also swollen by Angus's bite.

With the sound of splashing water, the huge glans crashed into the mouth of the uterus several times. Every time it entered, Lu Yuanscreamed as if his whole body was electrified.

" can't go in there, uterus! It hurts so much, woohoo!"

But for Angus, uterus is a novel pleasure, which is better than Huaxuekou Even smaller slits, after wandering in the vagina for a long time, suddenly inserted there, Lu Yuan subconsciously tightened, giving it the stimulation of suffocation.

In the last few blows, Lu Yuan sat on the cock and was turned around, screaming and pressed on the cold glass column, the backward position made the original After enduring the shock of her pussy and penis spinning around, she became incontinent to orgasm, and the bright yellow urine and clear lewd water splashed all over the floor.


The bloodshot labia and throbbing inner wall all make Angus crazy, and he has no time to pay attention to Lu Yuan's pain, bowing down The body bit her stamina to prevent her from moving around, pinched her waist, and then violently fucked, The lower bodies of the two were connected tightly and seamlessly.

One second before ejaculation, it pushed the huge glans head into the fucked uterus, the moment the hot semen sprayedon the thick dick, there was not a very soft barb , suddenly opened, stabbing half-hardly on the shrunken and trembling flesh.


The pleasure of being overwhelmed was accompanied by thick semen spurts, Lu Yuan's eyes widened, and his mouth opened like a fish out of water
Called a few times in pain, and then passed out completely...

At the same time, Liang Yi also thrust his fingers into her body. She couldn't imagine that the genitals of a human snake
If it is inserted into her own pussy, what kind of stimulation will it be, God knows how much she longs to be like Lu Yuan, and fainted by being fucked.

This is a stimulation that human men can't give...

After ejaculating, Angus's blue animal pupils finally regained some sobriety, and the still hot and hard vagina< The stem was pulled out from Lu Yuan's body with some difficulty, and with a bang, it was like a red wine bottle with the cork uncorked, and the mixed warm liquid rushed out.

Looking at the girl who has become unconscious and softened into a puddle of mud, it frowned, and resisted to retract the dick that still had her temperature under its armor, and hugged her into its arms In the middle, with a wide palm, she covered her bruised thighAt the root, the pussy close to the palm of the hand has been ravaged too much, and the two pink labia are still immersed in the pleasure of orgasmtwitching slightly.

Just moved a little, and a large stream of burning liquid flowed out from between his fingers.

"It's a lot to eat." That's all it cums on her.

Putting Lu Yuan on the ground, Angus finally looked at the ugly Liang Yi outside. The shrewd woman who was wearing high heels and wearing a delicate bun an hour ago was lying masturbating on the floor.

Seeing her deliberately facing it, her legs are wide open, her private parts are darkened, and her three fingers are moving in and out rhythmicallyIt revealed a mocking sneer.

This stupid woman, if she didn't want to find Lu Yuan this time, she wouldn't be willing to be captured by these people.From the beginning to the end, all she wanted was Lu Yuan. But now, this woman has sent Lu Yuan back to it,So, she has no meaning to exist.

Just when Liang Yi's whole right hand was sore, she finally ushered in her own orgasm, and the numb pleasure exploded in the deepest part of her body, and she cried out .

"Ah! Fuck me! Fuck me slut! It's so cool..."

Suddenly, something cold wrapped around her neck, and she hurriedly opened her eyes. When she opened her eyes, her legswere weak in fright. The human snake that was locked in the glass column a moment ago was already beside her, and her neckwas wrapped around its neck. Snake tail!

"You, what are you going to do! Come on! Come on!"

As she screamed, the tail of the snake wrapped around her neck gradually began to tighten, Gradually, her voice becamelower, her well-maintained face turned purple and ferocious, and her ten fingers with lewd fluids were struggling to grab the snake tail on her neck.

"No... No! Uh..."

"Crack!" A second before he died, Liang Yi seemed to hear the sound of his neck being broken, extremely

She never dreamed that she would die under the tail of this god-like handsome new species.

After killing Liang Yi, Angus disgusted her and threw her away like garbage. Just as he was about to turn around and walk towards theglass pillar, where lay the girl who made his heart flutter, the giant tail swam a few times, and the door behind him was knocked open.

"Professor! Professor Liang!"

The moment the six soldiers who broke in were pulling the trigger, Angus used a giant tail about ten meters long He stopped, and the smoking submachine guns fell to the ground in unison.

With just a little effort, six living people were strangled by the giant tail and their chest bones were cracked, and they died before they even had time to call for help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in Angus's killing methods. He was born into a cold-blooded snake family with powerful attack power and hypnotism. People die.

Just like last time, when it hijacked Lu Yuan into the sea, those soldiers who dived down, it only took a few seconds to use its perfect hands , tearing them into pieces, and it even showed a icy smile during the whole process.

Now, it is going to bring Lu Yuan back to where it belongs, and she will only belong to it forever...

Chapter Nineteen: Captivity

" Professor Lu, something went wrong, the signal detection just sent back from the sea, the military ship that left port to escort the new speciesin the morning lost contact, most likely... it fell into the sea."

Lu Sinan, who was still sorting out the research records, heard Zou Xuan's words, and the stack of papers in his hand fell to the ground.

"Where's Yuanyuan? Where's my daughter?"

Zou Xuan was also in a hurry. When she just received the news, she knew that Lu Sinan would do this, but she had to If you don't tell him, as far as the current situation is concerned, Lu Yuan may be in danger.

"Xiao Chi has already led a team to investigate, please calm down first, Yuan Yuan will be fine."

However, in the next few hours, there were constant reports of The new news undoubtedly made Lu Sinan's heart drop to the bottom. It is indeed a shipwreck, and there are still many corpses floating in the nearby sea area...

Lu Yuan woke up from the cold, and opened his eyes weakly, only to find that he was being hugged by a snake In his arms, the nakedbody was completely naked, already trembling from the cold.

Just moved a bit, Angus, who fell asleep against the stone wall, opened his blue animal pupils, coldly looked at the restless girl in his arms, before she was about to leave When in his arms, spoke.

"Do you want to run away again?"

Lu Yuan's escape last time made it very angry, and even swore that after finding her again, it would never give her any more
She got a second chance.

Lu Yuan met its eyes in panic, and the snake tail that had been wrapped around her ankle made her hurt, so she hurriedly shook her head and said pitifully, "You, hello It’s cold, it’s freezing to me.”

When she spoke, she was paleHer little face turned red with disappointment, and then turned pale. During the coma, she seemed to remember what happened not long ago, such as being held hostage by it in the deep sea, such as being forcibly taken away by it
br/>Going to the virgin body, such as how she escaped from it...

She remembered it all, but what kept coming to mind was always its crazy manipulation of her, This made her afraid and ashamed of it.

As a cold-blooded animal, even if it evolves, it still can't change the coldness in the blood. Looking at Lu Yuan who was frozen, Angus let go of it belatedly her.

"There are clothes over there, go find them and put them on."

Following what it pointed, Lu Yuan realized that he was no longer on the boat. The cave that was taken captive is similar, there are also luminous stones here, and a Wangqing Pool, but it is bigger.

When he got up, Lu Yuan's legs were still trembling a little. She nearly fell when Angus's tail was caught.

"Why are you so weak?"

It caught her from behind, gently put her frail body into its broad chest, and swam away with her in its arms

During the process of changing clothes, Lu Yuan was still shy, his face was flushed, his back was stiff, and he put the white gauze dresson his body covered with hickey marks. process, she knew it had been watching.

It probably found these clothes from the boat, and occasionally a man's coat. Lu Yuan rummaged for a long time, and found her own suitcase. God knows she just took someone else's suitcase. How sad it is when you are entangled in whether to wear underwear or not.

Fortunately, my box is here.

Find a pair of pink panties with a lace bow and put them on. As soon as they touched her private parts, she gasped in pain from the pain.

"Where is this? Where are the other people?" Judging from the dry clothes, it must have used some method to drive the boat over, and this cave It's on an island, but I don't know if it's the same island as before.

Angus looked at Lu Yuan who was sitting on the ground, like a child who couldn't find a home, and was asking for the way.

"Other people? I killed them all, so you have to be good. If you dare to escape again, I will eat you without hesitation."

Its cold expression proves that it is not joking, no matter how much it likes Lu Yuan, the possessiveness of humans and snakes will not allow her to run away again and again, if it is annoyed, it will only end up It was eaten alive.

Lu Yuan was frightened by its eyes, hugged his legs and hid back, tears were hidden in Qiushui's bright eyes.

"You will be my spouse from now on, stay here obediently, give birth to offspring for me, and I will treat you very well." It bent its waist and bent over Getting close to her, he raised her chin with his slender index finger, and sprinkled the cold breath with a strange fragrance on her cheek.

This is an extremely dangerous signal.

Lu Yuan is already eighteen years old. She has followed her father to the north and south for so many years, and her thoughts are much more mature than girls of the same age. At such a moment, she knows that she cannot expose herself True thoughts, so under the compulsion of the human snake's gaze,slowly nodded.

Its offspring? Lu Yuan didn't dare to imagine at all, if he conceived a child of a human snake, what would it be like after birth? Therefore, as long as she is still alive, she will not give up and run away.

Having successfully intimidated her, Angus was satisfied, straightened his burly waist and said, "I'll findsome food and come back, don't go near the entrance of the cave." "

After it swam away with its giant tail, Lu Yuan obviously ignored his words, and after a while of groping ran to the entrance of the cave, he realized that its warning came from what.

"Ah... well!"

Unevolved ordinary poisonous snakes curled up into balls at the entrance of the cave, like a watchman, approaching Lu Yuan At the same time, the poisonous triangle snakes spit out snake letters one after another, making a hissing sound. Lu Yuan widened his eyes, covered his screaming, and stepped back carefully step by step.

Seeing her running into the cave, the poisonous snakes returned to the leisurely moment before, and retreated to bask in the sun.

When Angus came back with wild fruits and food, he found that Lu Yuan was sleeping obediently on the grass bed, facing his weak and pitiful back. After putting down the food, he swam walked up to her.

"Eat some wild fruit, I asked Aze to wrap roasted chicken legs for you."

It already lowered its voice very gently, but Lu Yuan still ignored it, Frowning, he pinched Lu Yuan by the shoulder and turned her around, only to find that the girl was already crying like pear blossoms with rain.

Angus understood instantly, and said with a cold smile, "As long as you don't go out, they won't bite you."

Lu Yuan, who was seen through, was laughed at by it , getting a little scared, dodging its big palm and shrinking inside the stone wall of the grass bed to be on guard. Angus turned around helplessly and took the foodThe object came over and placed it in her arms.

"Hurry up and eat, you seem very hungry."

Lu Yuan was indeed hungry, and her empty stomach felt a little cramped. The first thing she picked up was a piece of The barbecue wrapped in green leaves looked at Angus in surprise and asked, "Do you know how to use fire?"

She doesn't think she likes wet snakes, so she can use fire to roast Eat cooked meat.

Seeing that she didn't cry, but was willing to talk, Angus also happily replied: "We won't, Azer will."

"Ah Who is Ze?" Lu Yuan couldn't wait to eat the roasted chicken drumsticks, the chicken drumsticks were roasted until they were browned and crispy, and the sauce was still smeared on the chicken drumsticks. Could it be that Ze is a human being like her?

Chapter Twenty: Stuffed

"Ah Ze? He is human just like you. If you are obedient, I will show you to him in the future. Eat quickly "

Under Angus' urging, Lu Yuan hastily filled his hungry stomach, and after eating the last bunch of wild grapes,she realized that something was wrong, because Angus Si started looking at her with a dangerous look.

"Are you full? Let's start."

It picked up Lu Yuan, and the thick and long snake letter began to swim around her neck, scaring her Lu Yuan quickly held down its head, dodged and screamed: "Ah! You, what are you doing?"

"I'm still in estrus, you are already my spouse It's time to mate with me."

"No! I, my place still hurts, no! I'm going to die..." Slightly short of breath, gushing When the small forked snake letter licked her ear, Lu Yuan was so stimulated that she trembled all over, but the soreness in her lower body made her full of fear for the copulation in his mouth.

"Fuck more, you'll be fine."

There is already a big gap between her and it in terms of body shape, Lu Yuan who is 1.65 meters tall In its arms, like a sixseven-year-old child, holding it with one hand, it started to pull her panties with ease.

It won't tell her, it wants to do it when it sees her legs spread apart and her little butt raised.

The pink and white lace panties had already been pulled to the center of the legs. Lu Yuan subconsciously wanted to bring her legs together, but Angus pinched her delicate buttocks, and she didn't dare to immediately It moved agitatedly, and could only watch it hold her panties up to her eyes.

"It smells like you, it's very fragrant."

Lu Yuan was still in tears, but was startled by Angus's behavior, it was actually smelling her underwear! When facing the bright light, you can still see some wet marks on it. When it sticks out its tongue to lick it, Lu Yuan snatches the underpants first and throws them on the ground.


Her voice was a little hoarse, shy and angry, but she was too scared to speak out, and she hooked Ange delicately His soul.

It couldn't wait to hug Lu Yuan, sat down on its back, lazily leaned its back on the smooth stone wall, and spread its longsnake tail far away, spreading Lu Yuan's legs apart It was placed on the giant tail below the waist, and the ground directly facing it was bulging, where its genitals were located.

"It hurts!"

As soon as the red and swollen labia touched the cold armor, Lu Yuan, who was riding on the giant tail, cried in pain, taking advantage of Ange

"Don't want to fuck me?" Angus' eyes turned cold instantly, and with a flick of the ten-meter-long giant tail, the tail wrapped around Lu Yuan's waist, and he also circled She held her hands, and it was a pity that she was pulled back by the constantly tightening snake tail before she could run two meters.

Lu Yuan was lifted by its tail at a height of two meters above the ground, staring at his legs indiscriminately, but he couldn't break free from the restraint around his waist.

"Let me go! I'm not running, I'm not running! I'm just scared, woohoo!"

Angus snorted and lowered her a little, But still didn't give her a chance to touch the ground, its tail was too long, even if it circled Lu Yuan twice, there was still half a meter of tail left, so it slid the half meter of tail into it Between Lu Yuan's legs.

"Today I will teach you how to be obedient."

Lu Yuan never had the courage to look at the tail of the snake wrapped around him, but the cold object that suddenly slipped into his legs Frightened, she hurriedly opened her eyes and looked at her lower body.

The tip of the snake's tail, which was as thick as her wrist, raised her skirt and was thrusting into her leg.

"Ah! No, it can't, you hurry up and take it away!"

The tail is very flexible, like a tentacle, no matter how hard she closes her legs, it will still be caught by it After passing through,the two labia separated and slowly rubbed against each other. At that moment, Lu Yuan had the illusion of being strangled by a smooth string.

What's even more sad is that after only a few times, she actually felt that her lower body was getting a little wet...

"Don't, don't do it..."

Her hands were strangled tightly, it was impossible to tear off the snake tail that made her more and more wet, andAngus intentionally punished her, when he noticed the sticky tail stained when sheIt got a little closer.

Leaning Lu Yuan back in the air, she separated her well-proportioned legs with both hands, and withdrew her own snake tail. Liquid intimates.

"It's getting wet so soon, separate your legs and don't move."

Lu Yuan was shaking violently, one leg was held by Angus, but the other leg was about to I kept my balance and opened it, and only moved a little before being slapped on my buttocks by its big palm, and let out a soft cry of pain.

Angus picked up his tail and looked at it for a while. It was covered with a lot of Lu Yuan's body fluids, and it was black and shiny. Under the sound of Lu Yuan's sobbing, it smirked. Then he inserted the tip of his tail into her mouth, stirring with her lewd waterin the mouth.

"Ugh! Uh... woohoo!"

Lu Yuan, whose mouth was stretched open, subconsciously wanted to bite with his teeth, but before he had time, he was deepthroat. The subconscious nausea and nausea were also blocked by the soft object blocked in the throat, and she shed tears in pain.

At the same time, Angus inserted his slender index finger into her pussy and dug it lightly. tighten up.

"Your inside is tight and wet, and there are wrinkles here, hey, the meat here is so tender, it still moves, I really can't help it... I can't help thinking I'm going to fuck you to death."

It took some effort to pull out his fingers, and seeing more bodily fluids drawn out of his body, Anguswas wrapped in a fever She put her fingers in her mouth, sucked them clean, and twisted up a piece of her skirt.

"They all say that human girls are very coquettish and will shed a lot of water. It turns out that it is true. Look at you, the sweet water is about to drip on the ground. Let me help you Wipe it off."

Lu Yuan still doesn't care about her lower body at this moment, the tail in her mouth has already made her dizzy, and a large piece of skirt was stuffed into her small hole At that time, she could only shake symbolically.


Lu Yuan's skirt was already very long, and the soft gauze was kneaded into a ball by Angus, and it was pushed into the small hole
The plug, probably due to being too wet, was unimpeded all the way.

"Tsk tsk, the little mouth under you is so powerful, I have stuffed so much in it, and I can still eat it, no wonder you can swallow my cock."

The stuffing of the cloth and the filling of the cock are different stimulations. Lu Yuan, who feels that the pussy is being filled up bit by bit, can only shake his head weakly and cry with the tail of the snake in his mouth. She doesn't know Why does Angus, who looks as handsome as a god, have such indecent and evil methods.

However, she didn't know until a long time later that he had a teacher in this area...

"The top is inserted, and the bottom is also stuffed. Where can I use it to eat my cock? How about use it here?"

Angus suddenly straightened Lu Yuan a little bit, showing a devilish smile, and stared at Lu Yuan When she opened her eyes, her cold fingers rubbed her back hole, which seemed to be smaller than her vagina, and it wanted to fuck long ago.


Lu Yuan was frightened by its intentions, shaking his head frantically, tears streaming down his face, feeling extremely pitiful.
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