"Marry a Sister as a Wife" Volume 12 Eastern Region (中)

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Chapter Thirty

Mislandar is Afeng's younger sister.

The human being who killed Afeng will appear in Middle Earth within fifty years, and Mithrandar went to look for him.

Ah Feng...Princess Feng?

The amount of information in the blue dragon's words was too much, Jon was shocked, and it took a long time to gradually clear up his thoughts, "Do you know Princess Feng?"

"Yes, I We are good friends with Afeng."

"Let me confirm, the Afeng you mentioned refers to Princess Feng, the daughter of the eleventh generation elf queen of the Molan Kingdom more than 8,000 years ago. Right?"

"Yeah, I don't know any other Afeng."

"...how old are you?"

"Why?" Blue The dragon looked at Jon warily, "It's impolite to ask a girl's age, don't think I don't know, you humans also follow this rule."

"I mean, you're talking nonsense, "Jon pointed out the flaw in the blue dragon's words, "You said it yourself, Princess Feng was born more than 8,000 years ago, how old are you, how do you know her? You are also good friends with her."

"I am indeed A Feng's good friend, and I was indeed born more than 8,000 years ago, why lie to you," Lan Long said unhappily, "I just...look young. "

"This is impossible," Verola said, "Research has proved that the upper limit of the lifespan of dragons is five thousand years. Taking a step back, even if you use any method to prolong your lifespan, it will not Possibly eternal youth. Judging by your size and scales, you are at most two hundred years old—don’t tell me you used illusion, I have opened the eyes of reality.”

Blue Dragon She is a master of illusion, but Verola is also a master. Simply competing in magic skills, Verola is definitely better. From the observation of her real eyes, Liu Guang's body is invisible, it is just a young blue dragon.

"Well, let me say," Blue Dragon curled his lips unhappily, "I was sealed in a mirror for more than 8,000 years, and I just ran out some time ago. When I was young.”

Finally matched the story.

In the story of "The Dragon and the Princess", the blue dragon was tricked by the elves to go to the east, and was sealed into the mirror by a princess. The blue dragon's statement confirmed that the story was not made up, at least some of the details were accurate-so, who was the elf who deceived her?

Everyone originally thought that this blue dragon had a conflict with the sentinel Azure Witch sent by the elves for some reason. Break the seven-pillar seal as revenge. However, the more I hear it, the more wrong it becomes. The blue dragon is not hostile to the elves at all. She came to save people, but she was deceived, and it was Mithrandar, not the Azure Witch, who deceived her. So the previous assumptions will be overturned, and new problems will arise: First, who tricked her to go to the East more than 8,000 years ago? Second, who sealed her in the mirror, and was able to seal a giant dragon for more than eight thousand years? Third, why did Mithrandar break the seal? No matter how resentful she is, she wouldn't be able to kill them all like this. Although people distorted by hatred cannot be measured by common sense, Jon still thinks it's too strange.

"Who tricked me to the east before?" Lan Long thought for a while, "No one lied to me, but one day, Xiaoqing came to me and said that Afeng was dead, killing her The human beings live in the east, so I went to find him to settle accounts. That guy lives so far away, my wings cramped from flying, and I finally got there. Before I saw him, he was sealed in the mirror by his sister I went."

"...what's his sister's name?"

"Name? I think... I heard someone call her Catherine."

"Can you describe your appearance?" Jon held on to the last sliver of luck. Catherine is a very common human name, and the same name is also possible.

"You humans all have the same face, how can I describe it?" Blue Dragon complained, "Anyway, it's a woman with a small head and big breasts."

 … Your description is clearly accurate.

"And you know her too," Blue Dragon said, "You smell like her, you must have met within half a year."


Both Elf Elder and Eve looked at Jon, which made him feel guilty involuntarily, "You smelled it wrong," Jon forced himself to be calm, "I haven't seen any Catherine. "

"Impossible, my nose is the sharpest," Blue Dragon said confidently, "If the time is within half a year, the women you have had close contact with, as long as I know them, I will I can definitely smell it."

"What about men?"

"Males? Men, why do I remember their smell? It doesn't smell good at all."

Jon felt that something was wrong. He was obviously planning to show the elves his superb interrogation skills, but he seemed to get himself involved as he asked. In order to reverse this unfavorable situation, he slapped the table heavily, "These are all your one-sided words!" He said solemnly, "Do you have any evidence to prove what you said?"

"Evidence?" The blue dragon was a little confused, "What I said is the truth."

"The facts with evidence are the facts!" Jon was aggressive.

The blue dragon girl shrank from his fright, "Let me think about it," she tried hard to think, "By the way, don't you guys have the bow of Sehanni? Take it outLet's find out if I'm lying or not. "

That elf's polygraph treasure?

Sehanni is the moon god, the god of magic, and the goddess of prophecy of the elves. The artifact she bestows on the elves can detect lies and is effective for all intelligent creatures except the elves themselves. The problem is, "The bow of Sehanni was just used the day before yesterday," Elder Moon said, "It will be used again after the next full moon."

This thing still needs to be recharged.

"Let me think about it, let me think about it again, ah, I have a way to prove it," Blue Dragon said happily to Jon, "You met A Feng some time ago, didn't you?" "

"...Did you get knocked out of your head by a stone?"

Princess Feng lived more than 8,000 years ago—of course, more than 8,000 years ago There are people who are still alive and kicking, and there are many, such as Catherine, such as Zariel, such as Mithrandar, such as Jon——but Princess Feng is definitely dead, how could Jon? met her? Or recently, isn't this clearly nonsense, this blue dragon is really blind, and it almost bluffed Jon just now.

"No," Blue Dragon tried his best to argue, "You have the smell of Afeng on your body. Although it is very faint, I will never smell it wrong. You must have seen it. The time should be Half a year ago, but not more than a year. If it is more than a year, I can't even smell Feng's smell."

"Impossible," Jon was sure he hadn't seen anything Princess Feng, it’s hard to say in my previous life, but definitely not in this life, "Half a year to a year ago? At that time, I hadn’t come to the Eastern Region yet. Besides, Princess Feng passed away long ago, didn’t you say it yourself.”

"When I was in the mirror, I met Afeng once, she said she would come back to life, just change her identity," Blue Dragon explained, "You should have met Afeng's reincarnation, but you didn't Just recognize it."


Jon felt that the blue dragon became more and more outrageous. Even if Princess Feng was reincarnated, she must be an elf. , I haven't seen a few elves at all. Moreover, Princess Feng is the princess, so she must be a sun elf. The only sun elf that Jon knows is the golden one, and she is a friend's sister. He can swear to God that he has never had any intimate contact. Even if it's not a sun elf, Jon doesn't know much about other elves. Could it be Athene? But Jon has nothing to do with her.

Besides, Princess Feng is an elf, so why is she reincarnated. Although many people can be reincarnated in this evil place in the Eastern Territory, they are either God Kings or Imasca's artificers. In short, it has nothing to do with elves. According to the culture of elves, reincarnation should not be allowed, right? They regard life and death as natural, how can they break it by force?

"Hey, wait, I know who you are," the blue dragon glared at Jon, "you are that guy."

What are you talking about inexplicably?

"You have the smell of both A Feng and Catherine, which means that you know both of them at the same time, and the relationship is very close," Lan Long thought, "You can know them at the same time As far as I know, there are only two human beings with a close relationship, a strange woman who never smells at all, and the other is a man, the one who killed her—”

"Wake up!" Jon interrupted, "You said this happened more than eight thousand years ago, and that man died long ago."

"How do you know he's dead? "The blue dragon looked at Jon suspiciously.

"...This is a normal reasoning, well, it's been more than eight thousand years, who can live so long, maybe you dragons can, but we humans are absolutely impossible."

"Catherine is a human being, and you are also a human being. Since Catherine can live to this day, of course you can also live to this day. What's so strange?"

...Your logic is not quite right what.

I realized that I can't let the blue dragon continue to talk nonsense like this, otherwise I will go to the prison to be with Viconia as a companion—no, maybe I won't even have the opportunity to be a companion nothing. If the elves knew that he was the guy who "killed Princess Maple", they would definitely turn their backs on him immediately and slash at him with their knives. "Your statement is completely made up on the spur of the moment," Jon pointed out solemnly, "If you really smell something like Princess Maple on me, Catherine, why didn't you mention it when we first met yesterday? Logically speaking, you should be very curious when you find out that I have met Princess Feng recently, so ask me for details?"

"Because you were too far away from me yesterday," Blue Dragon argued, "I can smell the smell of women who have been in close contact with you within half a year. The closer you are, the clearer the smell, and the farther you are, the weaker the smell. The smell of A Feng on you is already very strong. It's almost gone, if you don't smell it closely and carefully like now, you won't be able to smell it."

This dragon is quite capable of quibbling, but it doesn't matter, it's useless to let her talk about it , the law is about evidence.

"Look, you made up a lot of things, but there is no evidence to prove it," Jon patiently educated the blind blue dragon, "You said you were deceived by Mithrandar, So to break the seal, there is no evidence for this, right? You said that you knew Princess Feng, and there is no evidence for this, right? You said that because you were sealed in the mirror, you are still so young after living for more than 8,000 years. There is no evidence, right? You also said that I met Princess Feng, which is even more nonsense.There is also no evidence to prove it-after all, these are empty words, but one thing is certain: you called a lot of earth monsters, commanded them to destroy the seal of the seven pillars, and caused huge losses here . "

"I was cheated by Xiaoqing," Lan Long felt aggrieved, "Who knew she would lie to me, so I just said why did her smell become so strange?"

"Unless you find her out and confront everyone, we can't believe your words."

"Xiaoqing has gone to Middle Earth, where can I find her? It's so far away , I can’t fly over.”

“That’s your business,” Jon said that he was only acting according to the law, “Anyway, according to the existing evidence, it is enough to prove that you deliberately destroyed the seven-pillar seal, so you should accept it.” Punishment," he turned to Elder Moon and Eve, "according to the laws of your elves, how should this be punished?"

The two elves looked at each other, "...lock it up first." Elder Moon Say.

The blue dragon was locked in the prison, which was the room where Viconia was originally staying. As a meritorious minister, the drow girl was released and arranged to live in a separate wooden house, which was regarded as house arrest. Although her freedom was still restricted, her living environment was much better. Because there were too many other dark elves, they were still locked up for fear of causing uneasiness among the elves, and they would be taken away when Jon was about to leave.

After working hard, I didn't expect such a result, which was really unexpected. This blue dragon looks cute and cute. If it wasn't for its superb acting skills, it would have been like what she said, it had been fooled by Mithrandar and did bad things with good intentions. These elves seem to be quite reasonable. If the blue dragon really has no malicious intentions, the elves will definitely not kill her. It is estimated that she will be locked up for a few days to vent their anger, that's all.

Jon doesn't care how the elves deal with the blue dragon, anyway, his task has been completed. The agreement he reached with the elves was to catch the culprit who broke the seal, and he had nothing to do with the rest. Elder Yue also agreed, and made an appointment to enter Princess Feng's tomb tomorrow to get the silver maple. Although these elves are a little naive, they are worthy of praise for their high efficiency, no procrastination, and quick results.

Everything was settled, and when he returned to the residence, Jon found that he was facing a new problem.

"Who is Princess Maple?" Freddy asked curiously.

"Don't listen to that blue dragon's nonsense," Jon tried to clarify, "I really haven't seen any Princess Maple."

"I said it was reincarnation, you It's normal not to know that she is Princess Maple," Verola said, "It's just asking which girl you think is more similar."

"I don't know," Jon waved his hand, "and this kind of thing There is no basis at all, I think she is purely talking in sleep, don't take it seriously."

"Where were you during that half a year to a year ago?" Verola asked, "With which women Has the child been in close contact?"

Now it is mid-July of 1374DR, six to twelve months backwards, that is the period from mid-July of 1373DR to mid-January of 1374DR, Considering that the blue dragon's sense of smell can't always be that precise, let's relax a bit, that is, the period from the beginning of July last year to the end of January this year. Where was Jon at this time?

"Last July, I was participating in a bloody battle in the Lower Realm, helping demons kill demons," Jon said.

First I helped the devil to kill the devil, and then I jumped to help the devil to kill the devil. I finally returned to the Underdark Region, stayed for two months, and received an order to go home at the end of last year. Tethyr, Amn, Baldur's Gate and other places on the surface all the way back to the City of Shadows. After the new year, they set off from the City of Shadows and arrived at Sembia. Gales got it out, causing the twin sisters to leave the team-this was at the end of January this year.

Half a year doesn't seem like a long time, but Jon has already traveled a lot of maps, and has dealt with a lot of girls, who knows which one is Princess Feng.

"There are many people who have dealt with each other, but there should not be many people who have had close contact." Shaluke appeared out of nowhere, asked the situation clearly in a few words, and then participated in the discussion with great interest, " And I still throw it away after eating, throw it away, and don’t keep it with me all the time, so the taste is so light that I can hardly smell it—this kind is one of the few.”

“…… What is it? Just throw it away, just throw it away?"

"Viconia is one, she met in Askatla, she was pushed down again last night, when she met the blue dragon during the day, The smell she left before should have dissipated." Saroq pointed his fingers, "Leafar is also one of them. You met when you went to Candlekeep, but you haven't seen him since; Zariel also fits the bill." ..."

"Zariel must be older than Princess Feng," Jon reminded, "how could it be her reincarnation, and the reverse is almost the same."

"That's right , remove Zariel, oh, yes, there is also the priest of the Moon Goddess—"

"And the priest of the Moon Goddess?" Verola asked.

"There is absolutely no such thing, it's purely a rumor." Jon denied it. It doesn't matter. What should I do once I tell Rin? If Rin knows, then Amy Wei will know, and it will be a big trouble.

Sarok has been following Jon since the reunion in the abyss, and is the most familiar with his situation. Of the four possible candidates she just listed, Zariel is the first to rule out, WeikangNia is also impossible, the blue dragon has seen her today, and how could Princess Feng be reincarnated as a dark elf? Unless it was Rose who was playing tricks... Not to mention, this possibility cannot be completely ruled out. After all, Princess Feng's misfortune was caused by Rose's curse at birth. It's impossible for Lyfar, she is a human or a vampire, which is too ironic. Most likely, it was really that Pastor Su Lun.

The moon goddess Su Lun is one of the oldest human gods, and she has an extraordinary relationship with the elf gods. It is even said that the elf moon goddess Sehanni and Su Lun are one. Different aspects of the same god. Princess Feng's Yinfeng is transformed by the divine power of the moon god Sehanni. If she is reincarnated as a human being, the possibility of becoming Priest Su Lun is not low. The problem is, that Priest Su Lun, Jon sacrificed to Shar after Jon was finished, his soul was taken away by Ms. Ye, his body was disintegrated into dust, and he couldn't die anymore.

Could it be that he was killed by Jon in his previous life, and he died at Jon's hands in this life? If this is the plot of a novel, then the author is too malicious.

Impossible, absolutely impossible.

"Actually, you were all deceived by that blue dragon," Jon tried to divert the attention of the girls, so that they would not be too busy gossiping, "what did it say that it could smell that it had been in close contact with me?" The smell of a woman—what is intimate contact?"

"Naturally, it means having sex." Sa Luoke said.

"Hugs, kisses, etc., should be counted," Verola added, "otherwise, there will be no smell."

"Yes, how does Catherine explain it? ?”

Jon has absolutely never had any super-friendly relationship with Catherine, not even holding hands. It can't be said that just meeting, chatting, and saying a few words can be considered close contact. If this standard is used, then there are many girls that Jon has intimate contact with, and anyone may be the reincarnation of Princess Feng.

It can be seen that this blue dragon is completely nonsense.

He felt that his reasoning was very careful, but the girls didn't seem to think so, "Who knows what happened to you and Catherine?" Verola muttered, "Anyway, we don't know "

"Not really," Jon said weakly.

"But she smelled that you have seen Catherine, this is a fact," Verola pointed out, "it means that her nose is really unusual."

"It may be just It's just a coincidence." Jon felt that the girls should be educated more in the future, "you must be legally aware, you can't just believe what she said, you have to have evidence."

" There is evidence." Shanka came out of the room.

"... Sister, how can she have any evidence."

"She has no evidence, I mean I have." Sanjia said, holding the "Fate The Long Night lay on the table, opened it, turned to a page, and pointed it out to Jon.

Jon looked over his head and saw that the title read: "Index of Things in the Wanhua Mirror".

Shanjia's fingers moved down line by line. The index was divided into "creatures" and "dead things". "Dragon" and "Others", and under "Dragon", there are three records, one black dragon, one green dragon, and the last one is a blue dragon, all of which have corresponding page numbers. Shanjia then turned to the page of the blue dragon. There were only two lines on it, which were written very briefly. In 2009, the evaluation of combat effectiveness: Weak."


"What are you looking at?" Verola asked strangely, "What I see is a blank page. The paper...is there shielding magic on it?"

"That's right."

"Fate is Long Night" is the magic book of Algales Algales, which is actually Yi The shadow device of the fourth secret weapon "Sun and Moon Book" of the Mascar Empire was passed on to Shanjia before she died. Many of the above contents are invisible to outsiders, and only Jon and Shanjia can read them, such as this index. The reason for this is self-evident, but it is inconvenient to explain it to Verola, so I can only vaguely and perfunctorily explain it.

Wizards have their own secrets, and Virola wisely didn't ask any more. After chatting for a while, the girls went back to rest. There were only two siblings left in the living room. Destiny and Long Night were placed on the table in front of them. The pages of the book that had been opened were automatically closed, and the gardenia flowers on the cover shimmered. "It turned out that it was captured by Catherine with the Wanhua mirror," Jon said, "I was thinking, what kind of mirror can seal a dragon for thousands of years?"

The Sixth Secret of Imasca The device "Mirror of Wanhua", it is said that everything reflected by it can be reproduced intact - in fact, this statement is not very accurate, there are some deviations, because the real operating principle of Wanhua Mirror is not Not "copying", but "projecting".

Ingest first, then project.

Regardless of the dead or alive, Wanhua Mirror can absorb them and project them out when needed. For the ingested objects, it is equivalent to being sealed. This kind of seal has a time limit and will be lifted automatically after it expires. This blue dragon named Liu Guang has been sealed for 8,400 years and will be released automatically when it expires. During the period of being sealed, the artificer holding the Wanhua mirror can summon the projection of this blue dragon for him to drive.

"Fate is Long Night" is Oberon's gift to Ogales, and Oberon has dual identities, both the great arcanist of Netheril and the royal artificer of Imasca, guessed that when Imasca destroyed the country, he fled the Eastern Region, came to Middle Earth, and mixed in with Nether. Married to Augales and had a daughter named Arasha. These are the results of a comprehensive analysis of various information, and have also been confirmed by Algales. The only strange thing is that when he appeared in Netheril, Imasca had been exterminated for two thousand years, and he did not know about this period of time. What did he do, so he wouldn't be sealed in the mirror like the blue dragon... No way?

Jon opened the Long Night of Destiny, turned to the "Index of Things in the Wanhua Mirror", and found "Human" under the "Creature" item, and then there are a bunch of names, but there is no Aube Lun. "O'Beren should not be his real name," Shanjia said, she knew what Jon was looking for, "or rather, not his real name."

"What was his real name?"

"I don't know," Shanjia shook her head, "The teacher didn't say, and there is no record on it."

Since you don't know the name, you can't verify it, and this list may not be accurate, because On the other page of Fate's Long Night, the records about the "Seven Secret Artifacts" clearly stated that the Sixth Secret Artifact had disappeared on the eve of Imasca's demise, before the final battle between the Artificer and the King of Gods up. Oberon has been looking for the Wanhua Mirror, but found nothing. Since the Wanhua Mirror is not in his hands, the list he recorded must be inaccurate, at least it has not been updated for a long time.

Having said that, what's the point of verifying it. Anyway, Oberen was already dead, and he was messing around with Karthus, and was killed by a god. He must have died so badly that he would never appear suddenly to cheat his corpse. I don't have time to deal with him now, let's solve the problem of the blue dragon first.

The records in Fate's Long Night prove that what the blue dragon said is true, at least partly true. It really did come from the ancients more than 8,000 years ago, or the ancient dragon. It was indeed sealed in the mirror, and it escaped not long ago. In this way, the credibility of other words she said suddenly increased.

This also means that Jon is in more trouble.

If what the blue dragon said is true, and the sense of smell is not wrong, then it can be deduced that Jon and Viconia conspired to kill and sacrifice to Shar's priest Su Lun in Askatra , it is really possible that Princess Feng is reincarnated. It is too tragic to die at the hands of the same man in two lifetimes. Could it be that this is the curse of Rose, who follows her like a shadow and cannot escape even the reincarnation?

The thought made him shudder.

Jon is not a kind person. For the first sixteen years of his life, most of them were in the City of Shadows, followed by the longest stay in the Underdark and the Lower Realm, and those demons, dark The elves have been dealing with each other for more than a year, and they intrigue and intrigue every day, or draw their swords at each other when they disagree with each other, or talk and laugh face to face, and turn around and stab the knife immediately. Over time, they have become accustomed to it, and the three views have long been distorted. As long as there are enough benefits, he doesn't mind doing bad things, even if it's depriving others of their lives, he doesn't take it seriously at all. That day in Askatla, in order to save Rin, he agreed to Viconia's condition and helped her murder the priest Su Lun. He never regretted or felt guilty afterwards. The only thing he was worried about was that Amy Wei would find out. .

What he fears is that the fate of mortals will be manipulated by the gods like this, like a puppet on a string. Then my own life, my journey along the way, everything I have experienced, is it also being manipulated? I stayed away from the Middle Earth and came to the Eastern Region. I thought that I would be able to get out of control in this way, but now I think about it, whether I still underestimated the power of the gods.

"It's different." Shanjia said softly.

The siblings have lived together for so many years, and they have already connected with each other. Sanjia knows exactly what Jon is thinking. "Didn't you say that the gods of Middle Earth cannot enter the Eastern Region," she comforted, "The Spider Queen is an elf god."

The Seven Gods signed an agreement with the God King, representing the Middle Earth Gods, to be precise, are the human gods of Middle-earth. As for other gods, they cannot be restrained, such as dwarf gods, orc gods, dwarf gods, etc. Naturally, the seven gods will not be represented by them. Of course, the Eastern Territory is relatively simple, there are not so many intelligent races, most of them are humans, and there are very few orcs and elves, so the power of the orc gods and elf gods can still affect the Eastern Territory. The elves stay in the forest and don't come out, and basically have no contact with humans, so the relationship between the elf gods and the god kings is decent. I heard that they joined forces to kill all the orc gods the year before last.

Rose, the Spider Queen, is the drow god, and the dark elves are also a branch of elves. It is normal for her to curse Princess Maple. And those who may want to control Jon, such as Shar, or others, should be affected by the agreement of the gods. As long as the king of gods is still alive, there is no way to intervene.

What if the God King is dead?

Jon had a premonition, or maybe it wasn't called a premonition, but Barr's behavior, which had clearly told him that the Eastern God King Group was about to be destroyed, and the Holy Grail War was about to begin. At that time, the final winner will obtain the theocracy of the Eastern Territory. In this way, should Jon consider whether he should hug his thigh in advance.

The seven gods of Middle-earth (including their successors) are relatively close to him, and they are not enemies. Count them, needless to say Shar, because of Amy Wei's relationship, Tyr also It can be counted, Barr... let's count, just these three. Among the three, Barr was the first to rule out, a dying evil god, who knows that one day he will die completely? The remaining two, Tyr is the god of justice, The reputation is very good, and you won't be cheated if you follow this kind of boss—but you may be assigned various dangerous tasks, such as saving the world or something, it's stressful to think about it. As for Sister Shar, she is good at everything, and she is familiar with everything. Holding her thigh is a matter of course. The problem is that Jon can’t figure it out. He has no idea why Shar treats him so well. , Even when Jon didn't speak, she packed it up and delivered it to the door (such as Viconia), as if she was really Jon's sister.

It would be great if it was true.

It's a pity that Shar doesn't have a younger brother, but she does have a sister, the moon goddess Su Lun. Legend has it that long, long ago, before all creatures were born, in nothingness, two first goddesses were born, namely Su Lun, the moon goddess, and Shar, the night goddess. The battle between the two goddesses created the magic net, the goddess of magic. It is the incarnation of the magic net, and after that, other gods were born one after another—I don’t know about other races, anyway, that’s what the creation myth of human beings said. Some of the later gods were originally mortals, and they ascended to the gods by chance. They may have younger brothers, but Shar is the original god, the god of creation, and there is no such possibility at all.

What a pity.

If there is a high-level god and goddess of creation to be his sister, then what else does Jon work hard for? It is enough to please his sister every day. The problem is that Shar is obviously not his sister, but she treats him so well, which makes him flattered and worried...I always feel that there is a huge hole in it, just waiting to jump into it.

No way, dealing with evil gods is such a hassle.

The Holy Grail War hasn't started yet, so the issue of hugging the thigh can be put aside for now, let's solve the curse issue first.

The appointment with the elf is tomorrow afternoon, and there is nothing important before that, except for going to Eve's date at night. Thinking of this, Jon started to have a headache again, not knowing how to explain it to Verola. The so-called repeated two but three, I have dove her for two consecutive nights, if I dove again tonight, it is estimated that the development progress bar of "Guardian of Tal Rasha" will rush to 99% in an instant. The last one percent is left, probably to see his final performance, to see whether it is a reprieve or immediate execution.

Or ask my sister to help intercede? Forget it, this is too shameless, I can't speak, and I will definitely be beaten by Shanjia.

Just as she was about to pluck up the courage to confess to Verola, to see if she could get a leniency, Eve came to her.

"Hey, why are you here so early?" Jon wondered, it's only past noon now, isn't it an appointment for the evening, she is too impatient to wait.

"I have something to do with you."

"I know, didn't you agree that I will go to your house?"

"What are you talking about?" Eve blushed, and then she realized, "I have business to do."

Yes, isn't it business to verify whether what I said is true or not?

"I asked you to follow me to Princess Maple's tomb."

"Isn't there an appointment for tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow is to pick up Yinfeng , "Eve explained, "I'm taking you to see Hai'an now."

"Who is Hai'an?"

"Hai'an is the gravekeeper of Princess Feng's tomb," Yi Fu explained, "He used to be Princess Maple's bodyguard."

Jon was taken aback, "You elves can live so long?"

"Of course not, he The situation is a bit special, you will know it when you see it."

After a quarter of an hour, Jon saw Hai'an, and then he finally understood what Eve meant by "the situation is a bit special".

Hai'an is a ghost.

On the way here, Eve told Jon what happened.

When the elves retreated, the tombs of the royal family were all moved away, leaving only the tomb of Princess Feng. The mausoleum is divided into two parts. The underground palace is absolutely closed, and no one can enter to disturb it. The part on the ground is the temple that Jon saw last night. It is used for sacrifices and memorials. The elves in the spiritual soil, according to tradition, I go in every fifty years for cleaning and cleaning. It's not time for the sacrifice, so if you want to go in temporarily, you have to communicate with the tomb guard and ask him to open the door. So Elder Yue sent Eve to communicate first, and explained the ins and outs of the matter. As a result, Hai'an, the gravekeeper, said that he wanted to meet Jon first.

Hai'an was originally a moon elf, and also belonged to the Moon Song family. It is still Eve's ancestor, but not the direct one. He is Princess Feng's bodyguard and is loyal. After Princess Feng passed away, he blamed himself very much, thinking that he had not fulfilled his responsibility, and volunteered to guard her tomb for the rest of his life. Hundreds of years later, his time is approaching. In order to protect Princess Feng forever, he turns himself into a ghost in some way. This is very unusual, the elves are very repulsive to the undead, and think that this breaks the law of birth, aging, sickness and death, and is a blasphemy against nature. If a necromancer uses the corpse of an elf to transform the undead, the efficiency will be much lower than using a human corpse. The elves themselves want to transform the undead, and the success rate is extremely low. Hai'an's situation can be regarded as a special case.

"What does he want to see me for?" Jon asked.

"I don't know," Eve said, "I'm just sending the message."

"Are you familiar with him?"

"No, Hai'an will not leave the mausoleum, and we don't usually come here, we only see it when offering sacrifices."

"The sacrifice is once every fifty years, right?"


"How many times have you seen him?"

"I Think about it... If you don't count this time, it will be four times. The last time was fourteen years ago, and I participated in the sacrifice for the fourth time."

"Then when was the first time you participated in the sacrifice? "

"Just grown up, when I was thirty years old."

Jon nodded, "Got it."

Eve was inexplicable, " What do you know?"

"Your age," said Jon, "you took part in the sacrifice for the first time when you were thirty, and then three times, fifty years each time, and then three times. Add fourteen years, so your current age is one hundred and ninety-four."

Eve's face turned red all of a sudden, and even her pointed and long ears were burning with fever, " ...Why are you trying so hard to find out people's ages!"

"Because I want to know more about you."

"Then you know now, do you think I'm old? "

"No, you are an elf. If you convert it to us humans, you are still a little girl, the kind that has just grown up."

"Really?" Yi Fu is skeptical.

"Yes, look, you moon elves have a lifespan of 700 years, right? We humans are about 70 years old, and you are ten times as long as us. You are now one hundred and ninety-four years old, very One of them is nineteen years old—in some countries of our human race, nineteen years old is still not an adult.”

In fact, it must not be converted like this, but anyway, Eve doesn’t understand, and still It's not what Jon says. In fact, Jon had no intention of prying into her privacy, it was just a joke to tease her because he was free on the road.

The mausoleum is not far away, and it will arrive soon. Jon and Eve have not been able to enter the interior. On the steps where he and Shaluoke fought last night, Hai'an suddenly appeared.

"You want to take Yinfeng?" Hai'an asked.

Maybe it's because he's been a ghost for too long. Apart from his appearance, Hai'an can't see the shadow of a moon elf at all. He is taciturn and gloomy like ice. Even Eve kept a distance from him subconsciously, but Jon didn't care, and even felt a little friendly. Many of the guys in the City of Shadows have this style, and they have long been used to it.

"I just want to borrow the silver maple for a while, and return it after the curse is lifted." Jon explained.

"Silver maple can't lift the curse, its function is to offset the curse, you have to wear it all the time to be effective."


If you think about it carefully, the story makes it very clear that it was because the elves and gods could not undo Rose's curse, that's why Sehanni bestowed this silver maple to Princess Maple to carry with her. And because Princess Feng accidentally lost it, she was captured by the curse again. Probably because he has been worrying about the special curse, and suddenly heard Shenji say that Yinfeng can break the curse, he was overjoyed, and subconsciously ignored this detail.

As Hai'an said, the silver maple can't break the curse, it can only help the wearer counteract the curse, so if Jon wants to completely relieve his troubles, he must wear the silver maple all the time. He doesn't care, just wear it, it's not cumbersome anyway, but the elves will definitely not agree, this is an artifact bestowed by the goddess, how can it be given to a human being as a funeral object of the princess? In addition, what about Tamia, Jon also promised that if he got the silver maple, he would help her lift the curse of bad luck.

It's a pity that Jon doesn't have a Wanhua mirror in his hand, otherwise he can just copy one... It won't work, the Wanhua mirror needs to be ingested before it can project. I don't know if Yinfeng is sealed in the Wanhua Mirror, can it have the effect of counteracting the curse, and the elves still won't agree.

Regardless of Tamia, what should Jon do now?

Jon was still thinking, but Eve was anxious first, "Then what should I do."

Hai'an didn't even look at her, "Tomorrow afternoon, you come to get the silver maple "Well," he said to Jon, "the door will open then."


Jon was inexplicably surprised. He, "Sorry," he said, "I can ask you why—"

"I don't want to give you the silver maple, but this is what Princess Maple meant."

"What does Princess Feng mean?"

"Princess Feng promised her friend that she would give Silver Maple to the first human being who came here," Hai'an said, "I must follow orders."

Chapter Thirty-One

Princess Feng promised her friend to give Silver Maple to the first human being who came here——Said Hai'an.

Jon's heart was ringing alarm bells. This is an intuition that is often tempered by pits. How can there be such a coincidence in the world? I want Yinfeng, I am the first human to come here, and Princess Feng just left this last word—as if she predicted all this and was just waiting for Jon to come. This is absolutely impossible, no matter how powerful Princess Feng is, it is impossible to predict what will happen after eight thousand years, even a god can't do it, let alone a mortal who was cursed by a god to die. If she has this kind of ability, knowing that Jon, the murderer who killed her, will come, why not leave a last word, asking the elves to kill Jon directly to avenge her? Why do you want to give Yinfeng to him? Hai'an said it was because Princess Feng agreed to her friend, why did her friend have such a big face, can sheLet her give up her hatred and repay her hatred with kindness?

Wait, there is a loophole here.

"The "here" you said refers to the spiritual soil, or the garden of maple breath, or this mausoleum?"

"The mausoleum."

"I heard that Silver Maple was lost for a time and was only found after the death of Princess Maple, right?" Jon asked.

Hai'an nodded.

"When did Princess Feng say that she would give the silver maple to the first human being who came here?"

The cultural customs of the elves more than 8,000 years ago, Jon didn't know at all, but guessing it, it was impossible for Princess Feng to explain her funeral to Hai'an when she was still alive and kicking, saying that she would give Silver Maple to the first person who came to her tomb, which was too strange. There is a high probability that she left her last words before she died - but Yinfeng had been lost at that time, unless Princess Feng knew that after her death, Yinfeng would definitely be found and be used as her funeral, otherwise it would be That's totally illogical. But still the same sentence, if Princess Feng has this kind of prophecy ability and can foresee the future, how could she lose Yinfeng and end up like this?

All in all, totally unreasonable.

Is it a trap? These elves seem to be silly and sweet, but they are actually hiding their secrets. They have recognized his identity a long time ago. Now everything is a disguise. In fact, they want to trick Jon into the mausoleum, and then close the door and beat the dog? That's not right. If the elves really recognized Jon, they would just rush forward. Are they afraid that he will run away? Well, Jon is a "Flying Dragon" and can manipulate space. The elves may also know this, so they dare not do it outside. They want to trick him into the mausoleum. This mausoleum may be fake at all. Magic circles and the like, once inside, there is no way to escape - the more Jon thought about it, the more reasonable he felt, his whole body tensed up, and he quietly stepped back half a step, distanced himself from Eve next to him, to prevent her from sneak attacking.

No, not right.

Jon suddenly remembered that if it was really a trap, Eve shouldn't have brought him here to meet Hai'an. They had already made an appointment, and he would come here tomorrow afternoon without any precautions. Eve brought him to see Hai'an, and after a few words, there were loopholes and leaks. This doesn't make sense... Could it be that Eve didn't know about it?

Still not right, Eve may not know about it, but Elder Yue must know about it, then Elder Yue shouldn't have sent her to Hai'an, which would cause extra problems, just wait until tomorrow. No matter how you look at it, Eve's doing this will not benefit the elves at all, and the only effect is to remind Jon.

... Is she just trying to remind herself?

On the first day Jon arrived in Lingland, the elves recognized his identity—no, maybe earlier, maybe it was Jade who discovered his identity, so he deceived him Come to the spiritual land... But the reason why Jon came to the spiritual land was not because of Jade, but because of the information given by Shen Ji. On the contrary, Jade is not very active, so this trap also has Shen Ji's part?

Well, let's assume that Shen Ji and the elves conspired to trick Jon into the spirit land. I don't know where he is higher than Jon. The blue dragon and the earth giant are also extras they recruited to cooperate with the acting, making Jon unsuspecting and walking all the way into the trap. At this moment, a moon elf lady who has read too many human novels—that is, Eve—fell in love with Jon at first sight, and fell in love with him secretly. Eve wanted to remind him, but she was limited by her elf identity and could not betray her own race. , so I deliberately brought him to Hai'an to let him discover the flaw... Well, this basically makes sense.

Wait, still not quite right.

The blue dragon must be with the elves, there is no doubt about it, and the motive is very simple, she wants to avenge Princess Feng, but with so many earth monsters, even if it is an extra, it is not easy I found it, and there are really countless tunnels dug underground, some new and some old. And what happened to Hai'an? Eve may not know about the conspiracy of the elves, but Hai'an must be involved, so he shouldn't have said these things to Jon. Even if Eve brings Jon here, as long as Hai'an doesn't talk nonsense, or simply doesn't show up, Jon will definitely not think too much about Yinfeng's curse. Eve can fall in love with Jon, so she helps secretly, but it is impossible for Haian to also... Stop, stop, this idea is too perverted, Jon feels like he is about to shudder.

Hai'an is the bodyguard of Princess Feng, and he can volunteer to guard her tomb for thousands of years. Obviously, he is a loyal admirer similar to Raven's for Nova, and it is absolutely impossible for him to have a good impression of Jon. But then Jon's whole reasoning doesn't make sense, so what's going on? Where did it go wrong?

The world operates according to logic, and logic itself is definitely not wrong. If the result of reasoning is self-contradictory, then there should be a problem in the process, or the premise was wrong at the beginning. Jon held his breath, settled down to think about it, and was about to sort it out again. Seeing that he hadn't spoken, Hai'an nodded politely, "Then I'll take my leave first," the ghost said, "See you tomorrow."

"Wait a minute," Jon called to stop him quickly, but he didn't know what to say for a while, so he had to desperately find a topic to see if he could get more information and clues, "That... Mr. Hai'an, are you Princess Maple's bodyguard, isn't it?"


"MapleIs the Lord beautiful? "

Hai'an looked at him coldly, but didn't answer this boring question.

"Sorry, I'm offended, I mean... yes, I mean, Princess Feng must have a lot of friends," Jon finally cleared his mind, "You just said that she Because I promised my friend, I gave Yinfeng such a precious thing to a human being. Today we also caught a blue dragon, and she also claims to be Princess Feng’s good friend."

"Liu Guang ?” Haian said.

"Yes, Liu Guang, is she really Princess Feng's friend?" Eve asked in surprise, "We thought she was lying."

Hai'an was silent for a few seconds Zhong, "This is a secret. Princess Feng has a very good relationship with Miss Liuguang, but because Liuguang is a five-color evil dragon and is an old enemy with our elves, every time they meet, they keep it secret and hide it from Her Majesty the Queen. Every time the princess secretly I slipped out of the capital and met Liu Guang. I was responsible for the cover, so I knew about it. After the princess passed away, I visited Miss Liu Guang to tell her the news, but her dragon lair was empty Yes, maybe she went out and never met again.”

“She went to the east to avenge Princess Feng,” Eve told Hai’an, “and ended up being used by a human princess. Sealed by the mirror, I just got out of trouble some time ago."

Hai'an shook his head, but didn't speak, he didn't know what it meant.

"So, the friend who asked Princess Feng to leave Yinfeng to the first human being here was not Miss Liuguang?"


"Then who is this friend? Why did Princess Feng leave Silver Maple to a human?" Jon asked, "Princess Maple's friend must not be a human?"

"She is human."

"... who is she? What does she look like?"

"I don't know what she really looks like, because the princess put the "hypocrisy" "Mask" was given to her to disguise her as an elf," Hai'an said, "I don't know her real name, but the princess calls her "Xiaoya"."


Jon felt that the amount of information had exploded.

Originally, I wanted to ask Hai'an a few more questions, so as to find out some new clues and find out whether the elves had set up a trap. "They were all involved, what is going on here. Wasn't Princess Feng killed by Jon? Isn't Xiaoya Jon's fiancée? How did the two of them get mixed up again? According to Hai'an, in order for Xiaoya to pretend to be an elf, Princess Feng actually gave her all the artifacts.

The mask of hypocrisy, an ancient artifact of the elves, can perfectly disguise the wearer into another appearance without any flaws. In the Valley of Shadows, Mithrandar wore it, pretending to be the Mist Master, fooling everyone, and finally it was Zariel who saw her through. And Zariel was able to see her through, not because the disguise showed flaws, but because Misrandar existed in the world with the help of Gracia's demonic power. Zariel and Gracia are best friends, and the two Magic Girl has been together in hell for tens of thousands of years, and they are very familiar with each other. Zariel sensed Gracia's breath and recognized Mithrandar's identity. Later, Zariel wore it to pretend to be the master of the mist, and even the goddess of magic was deceived by her, and its value is evident. Princess Feng is willing to give this kind of treasure to Xiaoya. The relationship between the two is obviously extraordinary, and they are by no means ordinary friends.

Hey, since the false mask was given to Xiaoya, why did it fall into the hands of Mithrandall? It's not like the two of them are related.

Of course, Xiaoya may also have the same name, and may actually be another human girl, not necessarily the one Jon knows... not necessarily a ghost! "Xiaoya" who is qualified to participate in the plot of "Jon and Princess Maple", no matter how you think about it, it is impossible to have a second one, so don't deceive yourself.

Then why did Xiaoya want Princess Feng to leave Yinfeng to "the first human being who came here"? Could it be that she foresaw that Jon would come here thousands of years later? So, the one who can predict the future is not Princess Feng, but Xiaoya?

Jon suddenly realized that his previous reasoning was wrong. It should not be the intention of Princess Feng to keep Yinfeng, but Xiaoya's request. Princess Feng obviously doesn't have the ability to predict, she may be a completely passive role in the whole process, and it is Xiaoya who is really pushing everything behind the scenes.

That makes more sense.

In everyone's mouth, in all the information, Xiaoya is an extremely smart, extremely dangerous, and exhaustive girl, even Zariel is willing to bow down to her. strangeness. It is said that Princess Feng can predict the future, Jon firmly does not believe it, but if it is Xiaoya... Although he is still dubious, at least the possibility is much higher. In layman's terms, it has changed from "don't believe it even if you kill it" to "believe it without killing it".

Imaskar's artificers, especially the phoenix line in the royal family, are good at manipulating "time". Whether Xiaoya is a royal family or a scholar, or which faction of the two royal families, Zariel has not said these things, but it can be speculated. It is known that there is a high probability that Xiaoya is Shanjia's previous life. Since Shanjia is a phoenix, Xiaoya should also be a phoenix. Judging from the records in the "History of the Decline and Fall of the Empire" in Oberon's library, Xiaoya may have always been a phoenix. Lived for thousands of years until Imasca fell, which is completely in line with the characteristics of the royal family. The royal magician can be reincarnated, and the Imasca EmpireIn the later period, the royal family was all Phoenix, and Xianglong was defeated in the civil war, and he had already gone to the Eastern Continent with the three secret weapons.

From the above, we can see that Xiaoya is most likely a "Phoenix", and she is also a leader among Phoenixes. Although Zariel only praised her resourcefulness, she did not mention her combat effectiveness, but I also know that she is very strong, otherwise Zariel is really a gentle lady who won't do anything when she is tricked? The worm demon in Shengyuan City ran away in a hurry when it saw Shanjia. Could it be that it was afraid of her reasoning? Such a strong person, even if she is actually a god, Jon does not feel any surprise.

Then, all previous reasoning is invalidated, and we start all over again.

If this was a trap of elves, Haian shouldn't have told Jon so much information. He is a ghost and not a robot, so it is impossible for him to be programmed to "answer Jon's questions". And he did not answer some questions. Conversely, since Hai'an has said so much, it proves that this is not a trap of the elves. Jon's previous guesses were completely suspicious and shadowy.

This made him breathe a long sigh of relief. The world is still beautiful, the sky is still blue, the air is still fresh, the sun is still bright, the elves are still silly and sweet, and the blue dragon is also cute Yes, everyone is sincere and simple, that's good. Otherwise, surrounded by movie kings and queens, everyone seems to be wearing a false mask, everyone's words are untrustworthy, everyone may be deceiving themselves, this feeling... too bad.

Since it has nothing to do with Princess Maple or elves, all of this should be Xiaoya's arrangement. What is her purpose?

Jon and Xiaoya have never dealt with each other (if Sanjia is not considered), so it is difficult for him to analyze what the other party wants to do, and the information is seriously insufficient. But purely from the standpoint, Xiaoya should not cheat him. Although Zariel has a lot of resentment towards Xiaoya, he never said that Xiaoya is Jon's enemy. The known information is: Xiaoya is Jon's fiancée, Catherine's best friend, and most likely Shanjia's previous life-sounds very safe.

Therefore, it can be considered that things are actually very simple, and it is not as complicated as Jon imagined. The simplicity is that Xiaoya foresees the future, knows that Jon will be cursed, and will come to the Elven King to find Yinfeng, so Specifically asked Princess Feng to leave Yinfeng to Jon.

Well, here is a small detail that needs to be corrected. Before Princess Feng was alive, Yinfeng had been lost, so it should be Xiaoya who predicted that Yinfeng would definitely find it, so she asked Princess Feng to tell Hai'an, and wait for Yinfeng to find her. When he came back, he would bury her with her, and give it to Jon when he came - that should be right.

Wait, Xiaoya predicted that Yinfeng would find it? Then why didn't she help Princess Feng find Yin Feng earlier?

Thinking about it further, did Yinfeng really lose it accidentally, or...was it stolen? For Princess Feng, this thing is a genuine amulet, more precious than Jia Baoyu's jade, it must be carried at all times and never left, how could it be lost? Princess Feng is an elf princess, and there must be no shortage of maids and guards around her. How could she lose such an important thing? How does this sound wrong?

There are only a few hundred silly, white and sweet elves in the current spiritual land, but eight thousand years ago, this was the capital of the elf kingdom Molan. At that time, humans were still very weak, and even Netheril Not born, but the heyday of elves. Who has the ability to go to the Elf King and steal the princess' life-saving talisman? The elves will definitely not do this, that is alien races, such as drow, such as humans, but if they are alien races, they will definitely be the focus of attention among a group of elves, and how can they steal things, unless she has some disguised artifacts, such as "False mask" and the like...

Isn't it?

According to Jon's reasoning, Xiaoya has serious suspicions. Could it be that she stole Yinfeng and caused Princess Feng's death? Isn't she good friends with Princess Feng? What is the purpose of doing this? Xiaoya stole Yinfeng, causing Princess Feng to fall into the dark curse of the spider queen, met Jon, and became pregnant, and finally committed suicide. Before dying, Xiaoya came to her again, asking her to agree to leave Yinfeng to the future Jon—however this plot sounds a bit weird.

No, you can't continue to guess like this. There is too little information and lack of data. Many details need to be supplemented by brain. It is easy to make mistakes, and it is meaningless to draw conclusions.

Jon put aside his troubled thoughts for the time being, bid farewell to Hai'an, and then walked back with Eve.

Hai'an asked Eve to invite Jon over, it seemed that he was just to confirm his human identity, and had no other intentions. If Jon hadn't been chasing after him to ask questions, he would have been ready to leave as soon as they met. Eve was a little embarrassed, and felt that there was nothing important, but it was really rude to let Jon go for nothing.

"I'm sorry," she apologized, "He asked me to invite you over, I thought there was something important, who knew it was just a meeting."

"It's okay, just come out Let's go for a walk," said Jon, "and I also heard very interesting stories."

"Well, I didn't know what Haian said today," Eve said, "We have all heard the story of Princess Maple since we were young, but we have never heard that she has blue dragon friends and human friends. By the way, how do you know Princess Maple? Could it be that her story has been passed down among humans?" "

Not really, who among human beings still remembers an elf princess thousands of years ago, and it's not some earth-shattering big shot. If the Imascar Empire hadn't fallen, maybe the records could still be handed down, and it's definitely impossible now. It was inconvenient for Jon to say that he got the information from a magician, so he could only vaguely respond.

"You humans are good at this. You are diligent in compiling history books, and the past is clear," Eve said enviously. It's too laborious."

"There are pros and cons," Jon said, "The history books may not be true, not as reliable as the original data. The main reason is that it is simple and fast. Our human life is short, not so There is no way to pass it on, you don’t need it.”

The life span of human beings is at most a hundred years, and after deducting the time of childishness and aging, it is only thirty or forty years that can be used to do things, and the absorption of knowledge is natural Be quick and quick, there is no time to spend slowly. Elves are different. For example, Eve, she is a moon elf, and her life span can reach up to 700 years. In terms of intelligence and physique, her development speed is not much different from that of humans. At the age of 20, her brain is fully developed. At the age of thirty, the body is fully developed, but it is considered "adult" at the age of one hundred, and is allowed to leave parents, live alone, or go out to travel and explore. The time before that was spent on learning, learning all kinds of knowledge, skills, and experience. Moreover, they also have schools and systematic education, so naturally they don't need to race against time and seize the day and night like human beings.

"But I think you humans are better," Eve said, "Be aggressive, have clear goals, and be full of energy every day."

"Because we live a short life. "

"I don't think this is the case," Eve said seriously, "Although our lifespan is long, it will eventually end. Compared with the long river of time, it is still only a moment. You see, Princess Feng is more than 8,000 years ago, and the ten-month elves can't live for such a long time. I think, no matter how long or short the life span is, as long as it is not infinite, you should try your best to spend every day, so that every day It is full of meaning, because every passing day is one step closer to eternal sleep."

"Aren't you not afraid of death?"

"I am not afraid of death, I just don't want to waste time. "

"...Your thinking doesn't look like an elf."

"Yes, they all said the same, saying that I was too fascinated by reading human novels Yes, influenced by humans."

"Then you should be a sentinel, at least you can go out to get some air."

"I think so too, haven't you caught up with it? .” Eve was helpless.

Each sentinel is selected from elves who are between one hundred and two hundred years old. On the one hand, they are adults, and on the other hand, they are young and vigorous. Pick a 400-500-year-old elf to be a sentinel, what to do when you die outside, the upper limit of the elf's lifespan is 700 years old (except the sun elves), it does not mean that they can really live to 700 years old, and they are also will age. The previous Sentinel was the Azure Witch, originally named Trislin, who was Eve's older sister. Eve was just born at that time. This time there was a chance, but it was given to Jade.

"You have a good relationship with Jade."

"Yes, she is my good friend."

Jade is the current sentinel, according to the rules , Eve can't reveal too much information about her to Jon, only that the relationship between the two is very good, and Eve is also a schoolmaster type among the elves. Fei Cui and her are playmates who grew up together, a little younger than her, and Eve has always regarded her as a younger sister. The choice of Sentinel this time was basically confirmed to be Eve, but Fei Cui also wanted to go and begged her in private, Eve relented and gave her the spot.

"You're such a nice guy," Jon praised.

Eve was upset, "Why are you scolding me all of a sudden."

"...I didn't scold you?"

"Just now A sentence, isn’t that what you humans use to curse people? I’ve read many novels where the protagonist uses this sentence to humiliate each other.”

“No, you made a mistake, it doesn’t have curse words Meaning, at most, it is used when rejecting the pursuit of the opposite sex—no, no, I don’t mean that either.”

Human language is really inaccurate, full of ambiguity, and prone to misunderstanding. "Anyway, what I meant was to praise you for your kindness," Jon said, "for a good girl." "Eve said shyly, "I often think, if I rejected her at that time, now I am the one who is outside to see the magic and colorfulness in those stories."

I think you might want to It's so beautiful, a novel is a novel after all, it's a million miles away from reality, okay? Look at Jon's life experience, how boring... No, it seems to be quite colorful.

"Right, look at how old you are, even by human standards, you should only be a teenager, but you have been to so many interesting places and seen so many interesting things, even the Underdark You have been there, and you have dealt with the fallen, it is really amazing," Eve's tone was already envious, "You still have so many lovely girlfriends, red dragon girl, paladin, paladin Mother--"

"Wait," Jon interrupted, "how do you know?"

"Jade said, I went to see She asked you all the details carefully."

She also reported these things? ThisIt's my personal privacy, right? What's the use of you elves knowing this?

"As a sentinel, she is obliged to report everything she sees and hears outside. As for whether it is useful or not, that is for me to judge," Eve said confidently, "You suspicious person, of course You have to focus on understanding the details, and don’t let go of any details.”

…I think you are simply doing public affairs for personal gain.

"Actually, I have always wanted to say that your seal is very unreasonable," Jon said, "humans are not allowed to come in, I can understand this, although I think generally no one will go to the Great Wall If you don’t go out and rely on a sentinel, how can you fully understand the situation outside?”

“There is a reason for this, but It's not convenient for me to tell you."

"Okay then."

"I'm sorry," Eve said, looking up, "My house is the house in front," she said. Invitation, "The weather is too hot, come in and have a glass of water, let's have a rest."


Jon doesn't care, he originally made an appointment for the evening, and now he is a few days earlier. An hour is fine, maybe the "verification" is quicker, and there is still time to go back to accompany Verola... No, I was too hasty to go out just now, and I forgot to ask Verola to help break the curse, so I still have to go back and beg her.

Forget it, let's take a rest first, the weather is indeed quite hot.

In mid-July, around two o'clock in the afternoon, it was the hottest time. Although there were shade trees everywhere in the spiritual soil, I still sweated a little along the way. Entering Eve's house, the elf brought him a glass of ice water, drank it, and suddenly felt icy all over.

"It's a bit messy. I don't usually have guests, so I'm sorry."

"No, it's pretty neat."

These elves live in the spiritual soil They are all relatively simple. Although Eve is a school instructor and elder secretary, her status should be considered high, but her home is no different from other elves. The ordinary log cabin and ordinary furniture are well organized. It is clean, and it can be seen that no one else lives with it. Different subspecies of elves have different standards of adulthood. Moon elves are one hundred years old. Of course, this does not refer to physical development, but refers to adulthood in the social sense. After adulthood, elves will separate from their parents and live alone until they get married. Married, obviously Eve is still single.

An older single female elf.

Jon said before that Eve is one hundred and ninety-four years old, which is equivalent to nineteen years of human beings, and this is to make her happy. It is difficult to compare different races, but based on a rough estimate, Eve is roughly equivalent to a human in his twenties and sixteen years old. In most human regions, children already know how to make soy sauce. The elves also don't have any national policy or tradition of late marriage and childbearing. They become adults at the age of 100 and usually get married before the age of 150. It is indeed relatively rare for Eve to be unmarried at the age of 200.

"Oh, I'm usually busy with work and focus on teaching, so my personal problems are unknowingly delayed."

...Why does this sound so awkward.

Needless to say about Eve's appearance, there is no elf that is not beautiful, just like the coffee in Starbucks, there are no small cups, only medium and large cups, and Jon does not understand the aesthetics of elves. Anyway, according to his opinion, although Eve is not a super big cup, she must be a big cup - of course, this does not refer to breasts. Except for freaks like Drow, the other five elf subspecies and big breasts are extremely rare special cases. Unfortunately, Eve is not a special case, but it is still passable, at least better than Amy Wei, a circle larger by visual inspection.

For an elf girl like her who is beautiful, high-status, and good at work, there should be many suitors, right? How could it be left.

"Because there is no suitable one." Eve said.

So what is appropriate?

"It's just like what is said in the novel, a sudden encounter, a chance encounter, love at first sight, heart-beating, love submerged, as the contact between the two parties increases, more advantages are discovered, shining , where they fit together, and finally become a soulmate—this is true love, I just want to find someone who makes me feel this way."

... No wonder you're single.

The elves in the spiritual soil don't go out at all. We have lived together since we were born, played together since we were young, and have known each other for more than a hundred years. It was love at first sight. You should also be selective in your reading of novels, and you should read more of the novels in which your childhood sweetheart defeats the Tianxiang series, otherwise it will not be conducive to shaping a correct outlook on life.

"What does it mean when a childhood sweetheart defeats the Heavenly Element?" The elf asked humbly.

"This is a technical term. Childhood sweethearts refer to childhood playmates who have been upgraded to lovers. For example, my sister Shanjia, Tianxiang is the one who suddenly appeared in your life after you grew up, such as Ai Miwei... No, I gave this example wrongly. Change to another one, such as Tal Rasha. According to the correct logic, my childhood sweetheart should defeat the Skyfall system, so Shanjia's position in my heart will be Taller than Tarasha, do you understand?"

"Understood," Eve nodded, "Amy Wei, the one you mentioned just now, is the paladin, the one whose mother just resurrected?"

...Can you stop mentioning her mother all the time, it makes me very embarrassed.

"Why, aren't you human beings proud of being a mother and daughter lover at the same time? This should be something worth showing off."

...you usually what a messTerrible book!

"Anyway, don't mention this to me!"

"Okay," Eve obediently did not continue to ask, "Then why did you say it was wrong to use her as an example?"

"Because it is a super heavenly system, it cannot be theorized in the usual way. Sanjia has not defeated her yet."

"Super heavenly system? It refers to their mother and daughter At the same time, there is an additional bonus to combat power?"


Jon decided to shut up for the time being and not to continue talking with this elf. He turned his head and looked at Eve's boudoir. It was quite girly, with pink everywhere. It was a huge bookshelf with an entire wall full of books, which looked a little out of place. Jon walked to the bookshelf and found that there were no professional books on it, they were all novels, and they were all written by humans, because they were all in the common language of Middle-earth. Jon randomly pulled out a book titled "The Princess Who Returned the Pearl", another book titled "Is an Elf a Thing in a Pool", and another book titled "Pull Your Sister Down".

... What are you looking at.

"Where do these books come from?" Jon was curious.

"Didn't you say that they were all brought back by the former sentries."

"I know, I was asking, where did they get them, these novels should be They were all published in Middle-earth, right? Is it so popular that it is even circulated in the Eastern Territory?"

"Oh, I heard it was bought from an organization called Dark Night Mask."


Jon asked carefully for a long time, and finally figured out what was going on. It turns out that since the first sentinel "Silver Witch", there has been a mission to collect as much as possible newly published books in the human world and send them back to the spiritual land regularly for analysis and reference by the elves. The problem is that the culture and education in the Eastern Region is very underdeveloped. Ninety-nine percent of the people are illiterate. In many cities, there is not even a library, and there is no such thing as a publishing house. The sentinels can't find books.

Later, by chance, the Silver Witch met a person who claimed to be a member of "Night Mask", and expressed her willingness to support the cultural undertakings of the Eastern Region. Considered a low price) sold a bunch of books to the Silver Witch. After the Silver Witch brought these books back to the Spirit Land, everyone praised them unanimously. They all said that these books are so beautiful, and they have played a very good role in helping the elves understand the human society in Middle-earth. The only objection was Elder Yue. He said that the descriptions in these books did not match what he had seen and heard in human cities before, but this opinion was quickly ignored because Elder Yue had only been to Anses, not even Enser. How do you know what the vast middle-earth continent looks like?

"Wait a minute, the purpose of your collection of books is to understand the situation of humans in the Eastern Region," Jon asked, "These books are all published by Middle-earth, and they all use Middle-earth as the story The background is not in line with your expected purpose."

"But it is very beautiful."


Starting from the Silver Witch and ending Before the Azure Witch's predecessor, the Mask of the Night had sold more than two thousand books to the elves in a long-term, stable, and low price, and the content was basically similar to what Jon had seen before. The elves in the spiritual soil are very happy to watch, the only thing that is not happy is that some of them are serialized, not finished, the author disappears after writing, and suddenly reappears after ten or eight years, such as the book "Tear Down My Sister "That's the case. Fortunately, the elves have a long life span and are patient. As long as the author is not dead, they can afford to wait. Among them, Eve is also a super reader. She uses power for personal gain, picks out her favorite books, puts them in her home, and reads a chapter every night, otherwise she won't be able to fall asleep.

You can't fall asleep because you read these books every day, and you elves don't need to sleep, you can just meditate.

"Eve, do you know what organization the Night Mask is?"

Eve shook her head.

"The Night Mask is an evil organization in Middle-earth," Jon told the elf, "the senior members in it are all vampires, and they also have a publishing house, what is it called Nightborne Publishing House, look, it is This," he picked up a book, turned to the last page, and pointed it out to the elves, "these books are all published by them."

"Your culture and education in Middle-earth are so developed, Even vampires open a publishing house?"

"...The point of the problem is not here, okay."

The vampires in the night mask, in the name of Night Son Publishing House, Publishing all kinds of messy novels is obviously impossible to promote the cause of culture and education and increase the knowledge level of the common people-it may objectively play this role, but the original intention is definitely not this. Jon still remembered that when he was in the Underdark, the sister-controlled vampire Dracula often carried a book with him. The title was very long. Eight ways, for example, being sucked by vampires on a regular basis is beneficial to promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, promote blood circulation and remove stasis, beautify the skin, and prevent stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases - this book is Night Son Publishing House out.

"Read these books when you have nothing to do. It can be used as a pastime, but it must not be taken seriously, let alone used as research materials." What is the name of the guy with the night mask that the witch knows?"

"I think about it, it seems to be Cappuccino-Hoven."

"...So it's this guy."

"Do you know him?"

"I know," Jon said, "I have dealt with him twice, and he is a friend of a friend of mine."

When Eve heard about the night mask, Jon wondered if it might be Huo Wen, he knew such a guy with a dark night mask, and he happened to be from the Eastern Region, at least he had been active in the Eastern Region. Catherine said that she met Hoving in Chessenta, and she has had a follower ever since. These vampire booksellers are really bad. The elves want research materials on human society, and they actually sold a bunch of novels. Isn't this out of deceit? The IQ of these elves has dropped.

"In short, don't read these books in the future." Jon warned.

Eve reluctantly agreed. Judging by her expression, she obviously didn't take it to heart. Thinking about it, it's true. An elderly home girl can't go out, doesn't watch American dramas, and can't scan WeChat. Bo, what do you read if you don't read novels? Jon's request is a bit difficult.

Well, the rest is over, and Jon is about to leave first and come back later in the evening, but Eve stops him.

"Stay for dinner," she said, "I cook, and I'm pretty good at it."

"Well, I'm honored to be invited, just ..."

"I know, you need Miss Tarasha to help you break the curse," Eve said, "so I invited her too."

"... "

"There's also Emerald," Eve added, "she should be here in a while."

... What are you doing?

Jon was completely dumbfounded. At this time, shouldn't it be two people dating? Why did you call them over? Well, it makes sense to call Verola, because she needs her help to break the spell, and it is necessary to do the test. What does it mean that Emerald Comes Over? Are the four of you dating? It should be two men and two women, right? When did Verola hook up with Jade?

Because of the influence of the curse of devotion, Verola used to rob Rin with Jon, but now Rin has run away with Amy Wei. If she shifted her target to Jade, Jon doesn't think so. Strangely, the relationship between the two has always been good. Virola really wanted to learn the magic of the Eastern Territory, and Jade happened to know a little bit, so she got closer. But when did the two of them develop to this point? Although Jon has no right to intervene, he should report it. Not saying a word is simply despising his authority.

"Isn't that the case?" Eve asked strangely, "A woman's first time should be accompanied by her sisters or friends to comfort her, so as not to be too nervous-isn't it?"

"You elves have this custom?"

"No, isn't this your human custom?"

How can we humans have such a strange Custom... "Which book did you read this from?"

"It didn't say in the book, this is what Jade told me in the morning, she said that this is what she learned about human beings I think since you guys have this kind of rule, I should abide by it, but I don’t have a sister, so I can only ask her for help.”

What nonsense is Jade talking about...

Chapter Thirty-Second

Jon can be sure that humans have absolutely no such strange rules, at least they have never heard of them in Middle-earth. I have never heard of it, could it be Muhan? That country has always been known for its mystery and weirdness. The ruler, the God King, is a group of biochemical monsters with beast heads and human bodies. Priests and nobles are all bald. If Jon still can't guess the origin of these Muhan gods, then there is a ghost, but as far as he knows, there is no such strange custom as Jade mentioned in ancient Egypt?

But not necessarily, he knows too little about ancient Egypt, so he can't say for sure. And even if ancient Egypt didn't have it, it might be a rule formed after running here.

But still weird.

Even if Muhan has this custom, and Jade has never been there, how does she know? Even if I heard it, Jon is not from Muhan, and this is not Muhan. According to the territory of humans, this is the territory of Unser. Of course, the elves will definitely not recognize it, but in any case, it has nothing to do with Muhan. .

So what exactly does emerald mean?

After much deliberation, Jon still couldn't figure out why. Although he and Fei Cui had known each other for a few months, they were actually not very close, and they hadn't spoken much to each other. He is very busy, every day there are a bunch of girls to appease, and Fei Cui is elusive, and occasionally returns to the residence in silence, basically no communication. After arriving in Lingland, Jade basically disappeared. She didn't even show up when the blue dragon was being interrogated, and she didn't know what she was doing, so Jon didn't understand what she was thinking at all, and couldn't guess.

Is it simply because of curiosity, so I found a reason to come to observe the whole process? This... is too far-fetched.

Jon couldn't figure it out, but the time passed quickly. Jade came first, and she nodded slightly with Jon as a greeting, and then went into the kitchen to help Eve. More than half an hour later, Verola also came.

"I'm doing research," the witch said with a smile. whatGuardian of Tal Rasha? "

"No, I don't have so much free time," Verola said, "I'm studying a kind of oath spell."

"That's good," Jon Heaved a sigh of relief, "What oath spell?"

"Still studying, tentatively named "Tal Rasha's Judgment"."

...Very good, Tal Rasha The Guardian of Tal Rasha and the Judgment of Tal Rasha have collected two green clothes, followed by Eye of Tal Rasha, Fine Clothes of Tal Rasha, Death Mask of Tal Rasha, and finally Tal Rasha's Outer Robe.

"What is the effect of the judgment of Tal Rasha?"

"Oh, if a person makes a promise to his girlfriend but cannot keep it, then At the third missed appointment, the soul will fall into hell."

"...I'm sorry."

"Wait, hell can't work, for someone, go Hell happens to have a tryst with an old lover," Verola thought for a while, "change it to the abyss."

"...Aren't you afraid that I also have an old lover in the abyss?"

"That's right, let's just change it to Heaven Mountain, it's foolproof."

"I definitely don't have an old lover in Heaven Mountain," Jon thought for a while, "but Amy Wei will Come to me."

"... If you talk nonsense again, I will set it as the kingdom of dwarves," Verola said viciously, "I don't believe you are interested in those dwarves."

"I surrender, surrender!"

Jon originally wanted to go back and discuss with her, begging for understanding, even if he hugged his thigh and didn't let go, who knew that Eve would kill her first? Afterplaying, I directly invited Verola over. Jon believes that Eve is not malicious, but in Verola's view, this is simply a naked demonstration. This guy, Jon, dove her three times in a row. The first night was because of her old lover (Twin Sisters), she endured it, the second night was because of her old lover (Viconia), she continued to endure it, and now the third night Well, he actually dove her for a new girl, and even called her to show off to her face, this is tolerable, what is unbearable.

"Listen to me." Jon said quickly.

"Don't listen, don't listen."

"...Why don't you play cards according to common sense?"

"...This is a normal reaction of mine. "

The two stared at each other for a while, and suddenly couldn't help laughing. "Okay, just kidding," Verola said, "I don't bother with you, this is something Shanjia and Amy Wei have to consider."

"No, no, don't do that Said, I am very willing to accept your supervision, no, it is your supervision, but these few times are indeed special, and there are reasons for the incident, and I can't help it."

"... You are quite confident."

"No, no, I was wrong."

Jon found himself getting darker and darker. I found out that in order to convince her, I had to agree to do a "comparison test" with her. "After all, it's your own problem," Verola said, "you didn't mess around outside, how could you make this happen?"

Jon nodded, expressing that he accepted criticism humbly.

Thinking about it now, there was really no need to take any risks last night, just go back to the residence with Sha Luke and do it. It would be unwise to almost screw up the mission of this trip in pursuit of that little excitement. All in all, it's been too smooth recently, and I got carried away with complacency, so I have to reflect on it and take it as a warning.

"Forget it, I'll be reading outside later, you go and do a test with her, call me when you need to undo the curse," Verola said, "I'll go back after I undo the curse, there is still one more time I haven't finished the work."

"You won't really study the judgment of Tal Rasha, will you?"

"I'm going to study how to completely remove the special relationship Curse," the witch said angrily, "what if the silver maple doesn't work, you can't put all your hopes on it."

"Tarasha, you are really a good person."

"Get out!"

The dinner is not rich, but Eve's cooking skills are still very good, the only problem is that the ingredients are not rich enough, they are all vegetarian. After eating, Eve served a pot of tea, and the four of them sat in wicker chairs and chatted.

"How is your seal repair going?" Verola asked Eve and Jade.

Emerald shook her head.

The blue dragon has been captured, all the earth giants are dead, and no one digs holes to destroy the seal. The elves took a short rest and hurriedly repaired the seal, but the situation is not optimistic. Probably because the blue dragon worked too hard before, the power of the first pillar of the seven pillars "wilderness" has been basically destroyed, and the other six pillars have also been damaged to varying degrees. According to the estimates of the elders, with the current strength of the spirit soil, it may take three to three years. It will take ten to fifty years for the seal to be completely repaired-this is still an optimistic estimate, because it may not be completely repaired.

This news made the elves very depressed, and the culprit of all this, the blue dragon, was still sleeping soundly in the prison. The tomb keeper Hai'an's statement confirmed the identity of the blue dragon. Although her suspicion cannot be completely ruled out, nor her responsibility can be exempted, but the elves obviously don't want to do anything to her. Exhale.

Both Jon and Virola are high-level wizards, but they can't help you in this matter.What's the matter, the magic of the elves is its own system, and it is not connected with humans. "No way, I can only do my best," Eve sighed, "Just in case... let's talk about it."

This topic is a bit heavy, so Jon quickly changed it and introduced the outside world to Eve instead. Middle-earth is too far away, so let’s not mention it, let’s take Chessen Tower and Twilight City as examples. Eve listened with gusto, fascinated, "I really want to see it with my own eyes," she said, "The human world is so interesting."

"We can change it." Emerald said.


"Anyway, I'm back. According to the rules, the sentry can only return once, so my term of office should be considered over, so I can replace it." Fei Cui said, "You are just a few years away from two hundred years old, and there is still time."

"But don't you really want to go to the human world?"

"Yes , I’ve already seen it, and it’s not as good as I imagined,” Fei Cui said, “I’m different from you, I’m not that interested in human beings, since I’ve seen it, it’s okay.”

Eve was a little moved, but still shook her head, "You've only been here for two or three months, let's talk about it after a while."

"This time is a special situation, and there may not be similar cases in the future." Here's a chance."

Eve hesitated for a while, unable to make a decision for a while, "Let's talk about it."

"Okay, it's getting late," Verola reminded, "Yes Isn't it time to do a "test"?"

Eve blushed, looking at Jade eagerly, looking at a loss. Jon thought about it, and felt that it would be too impolite for a girl to take the initiative at this time. Anyway, it has reached this point, and it is meaningless to be coy, so he stood up, walked forward, and hugged Eve by the waist. Get up and go into the bedroom.

Both Emerald and Virola were outside and did not follow in.

Jon put Eve on the bed and closed the door. The elf breathed a sigh of relief, "Well... what should we do?" she asked.

(Ultra-huge space-time rift)

"The logic is correct," Verola said with a smile, got up and picked up her underwear to put on, "I'm leaving first, you continue."

"Why are you leaving?"

"This is Eve's first night, of course you should be left alone, I have already shared the middle of the night, why do you still have the nerve to continue to disturb," the female witch Get dressed, "Let's go, have fun."

"Wait a minute."


"The time to break the spell is Isn’t it almost there?”

“It should be more than an hour.”

“Well, I don’t think it may be enough,” Jon said shyly, “can Can't help me renew the fee."


This curse is such a trouble, I can't solve it for myself, I have to rely on others, otherwise Jon would have thought about it. After learning the method, there is no need to bother Verola every time. "Let me refill it for you." Verola said, picking out a large tearstone, and helping Jon refill it for twelve hours before leaving.

Fei Cui left at some point, and she didn't know what she was here for, except for a few whispers with Eve at the beginning, and then she waited quietly in the corner the whole time. He said nothing and did not move, as if he was really here to observe, which made everyone a little embarrassed at the beginning. Of course, the three behind were having fun, so no one cared about this bystander, not even noticing when she left.

(Micro-hour gap)

When Eve woke up, it was already ten o'clock in the morning, and she found herself naked and wrapped in a quilt, feeling a little dazed for a while , After ten seconds, I gradually recalled everything that happened last night.

Then she covered her face with the quilt.

It's too shameful, how could I do such a thing, I have been single for almost two hundred years since I was born, and it is not without people who pursued, but none of them fell in love, how could I be met by someone I just met A few days ago, the man, and he was still a human being, was so fascinated that he threw himself into his arms and let him put himself in all kinds of shameful poses, playing with him wantonly, and he obediently cooperated, and even offered to do a complete set... ...This is too unbelievable, have I been bewitched?

But, really happy.

"Are you awake?" Jon came in with breakfast, seeing her look a little funny, "What's wrong?"

"Don't look," Evemont With a straight face, "You confess honestly, did you cast charm magic on me?"

"No, obviously you cast magic on me."

"When did I Cast a spell on you?"

"When we first met, you fascinated me," Jon said, "I was thinking at the time that there are still such beautiful people in the world." , such a cute, perfect elf, I must pursue her."

It is definitely not okay to deceive other girls with such words, and it is impossible to lie to elf girls... under normal circumstances Yes, but it is more than enough to fool an elf who has read too many strange novels and is full of fantasies.

Eve was really happy when she heard that, "Then you go out first, I want to get dressed."

Jon would not listen to her, put down breakfast, and put the quilt directly Open it and hug the elf girl. eve symbolicStruggling for a while, she obediently fell into his arms, pressing her face to her chest, "Am I ashamed?" She asked softly.

"No, I like it very much," said Jon, "you were so cute last night, the cutest elf I've ever seen."

"Really? "

"Of course it is true."

Jon said this sincerely, because he has never dealt with a few elves, and the only one who communicated in depth is Eve, of course, is the cutest.

"Come on, I made breakfast," Jon said, "let's eat together."

Jon's craftsmanship is so-so, but Eve is not picky at all, but eats very well Happy, while eating, there was a sweet smile on his face, his mood was so good that it was a mess, like a girl who just fell in love.

Well, it was.

"By the way, I found this on your desk this morning," Jon took out a stack of manuscript paper, "You are really writing a novel, I thought you were joking "

"Don't look!"

"I've finished reading," said Jon, "a month-old elf girl, accidentally fell into the ground, and broke into it by mistake." The story of creating a drow city and using charm to make them all fall under their skirts--the idea is ingenious, the writing is delicate, and the characterization is also very good. From my professional point of view, I can give it nine points. "


"Really, the quality is much better than those novels on your bookshelf."

"Are there any shortcomings?"

"What are the shortcomings?" Jon thought for a while, "there are definitely no big ones, but there are some minor flaws. For example, drow is a matrilineal society, and they don't have such things as princes. You In this story, there are already seven drow princes who are fascinated by you, I mean your protagonist, I think this can be changed."

"Princess Drow?"

"Uh, they should be called "Eldest Daughter", not Princess."

Eve quickly took out a paper and wrote it down, "Is there any more?"

"Also, they don't have a queen. Most drow cities are jointly ruled by several big families. The mistress of the first family has the most power. It is similar to the queen, but not exactly the same."

"Yeah," Eve nodded again and again, "Is there any more?"

"Others are some trivial details, which don't affect at all"

In fact, Eve wrote The drow city here is completely a hybrid of the elf city and the human city she saw in the novel and then mutated, which is very different from the actual situation. If you really want to pick a fault, Jon can count a hundred, but he Just don't do it. In novels, the plot is the key point, and the background is not important. Besides, in the novel written by Eve, the heroine, the elf of a month, ran to the city of Drow, and she was so gorgeous that she charmed a bunch of princes when she was wearing women's clothes, and even the queen gave her a gift when she was wearing men's clothes. Love letters, and even Rose, the Queen of the Spider, fell in love with her... With such an exaggerated plot in front, the problem with the background setting is not a problem at all.

"By the way, there is a place, maybe it's better to pay attention to it a little bit," Jon didn't hold back completely in the end, as a person who has been to drow cities and has a deep understanding of dark elves, some He can bear the plot, but some plots are really unbearable, "You write that the queen of drow and the prince are jealous of you. In order to marry you, the prince confessed affectionately in front of the queen, forced him to die, and finally made the queen give in... This may not be realistic. , Those dark-skinned guys don’t know what family and love are.”

“But family and love are emotions common to all life.”

“…so It's called the Fallen."

"But I see that drow, the one named Viconia, she seems to love you very much."

Jon scared I jumped, "How did you tell?"

"You can tell by looking at her eyes, I am a girl, of course I can understand women."

I think You must be wrong.

Viconia is a dark elf, dark elves can't have love, at best it is awe and worship of the strong, Jon is stronger than Viconia, and has a higher status (at least a disguised voter ), so she likes Jon, that's all. Jon is an expert on drow, so he still has basic common sense. What does Eve know? She can't even tell the queen of drow from the mistress, so what she says has no reference value.

Jon subconsciously shifted the topic to another place and chatted for a while. "Are you leaving tomorrow?" Eve asked.

"Well... Maybe I can stay for another day or two-if the elders allow it."

After all, Jon is an outsider, and it is impossible to stay here for a long time with the elves , get Yinfeng to undo the curse, the purpose of this trip has been achieved, and it is time to return to Twilight City. It may be possible to delay for a day or two, but it will be inconvenient and impossible to explain to other girls. "Either you come with me," he invited again, "Didn't you always want to see the human world, this time is just right."

"I can't leave the spiritual land, this is the rule. "

You elves respect tradition too much.

"That's like what Jade said, you can change with her, and you will be the sentinel, anyway, she doesn't like outside."

"She said it to me on purpose 's,' YiFu said, "Jade is very similar to me. She has always been curious about human beings. How could she give up after only going out for a few months? She just wants to give me the opportunity."

"This opportunity was originally Yours, you gave it to her before."

Eve still shook her head.

"Then why do you seal yourself up? And you can only send one sentry out," Jon asked again, "Even if it is a rule, there must be a reason. If there is no reasonable rule, Why do you have to abide by it?"

He asked this question this afternoon, when Eve said it was inconvenient to explain, and asked again at this time, the elf girl hesitated, "You also know Mithrandar, yes Right."

"I know, the blue dragon said Xiao Qing, Princess Maple's younger sister, made a pact with a certain big devil in hell," Jon said half-truthfully, "On our human side, the title of the fallen princess of the elves is widely known, much more famous than her sister."

"Yes, she should be the only one in the history of elves to make a pact with demons Your princess, in the words of your human beings, there is no one before, and no one to come after," Eve sighed, "Before the big retreat, the great wizard of the royal family made a prophecy, saying that on a certain day in the future, this fallen princess will I will return to my hometown, destroy everything here, and make the Garden of Maple Breath disappear completely."

"So the main purpose of your seven-pillar seal is actually to prevent her from coming back?"


As Jon said, the elf kings are located in the big forest, and humans can hardly find them, let alone invade them. Even if they invade, they are not afraid. The forest is the home of the elves. The seven-pillar seal protects the capital, and of course it is also to keep humans out, but the more important goal is Mithrandar.

Before Mithrandar fell, she was already the top wizard among the elves. She had few opponents, and she made a pact with demons to make her even more powerful. If she really came back to take revenge, it would not be difficult to destroy the Maple Breath Court. The royal family has retreated to Yongju Island, but the Garden of Maple Breath is Mo Lan's royal capital, so naturally he can't give up casually like this, so the Elven Queen asked the gods to give seven pillars to guard this place forever. As long as the seven pillars are intact and the seal is still there, the demons will not be able to step into the spiritual realm. Mithrandar exists in the world with the power of the magic girl, and will also be blocked from the outside.

After all, the seal is a dead thing, and it will gradually weaken with the erosion of the years. In order to delay this trend as much as possible, it is necessary to keep the seal as stable as possible. Frequent entry and exit will cause damage to it. So the elves made a rule that everyone was not allowed to go out, isolated from the world, and only sent one sentry, and even the sentry could only return at the end of the term, all in order to minimize the damage to the seal.

"Then it doesn't matter if you send one more sentry," Jon said, "just one more sentry, how much impact can it have on the seal?"

"Then if one more sentry What?" Eve asked back.

Jon stopped talking. He understood what Eve meant. Since the rule was set as a sentinel at the beginning, it is best to strictly abide by it. Otherwise, if you add a sentry today for Eve, can you add another sentry for someone else tomorrow? Eve can make an exception, why can't others make an exception? If this continues, the seal will be destroyed sooner or later.

But now the seal has been broken.

"The seal is broken, we should find a way to repair it, instead of taking the opportunity to leave." Eve said.

These elves are really dead-brained.

"What if Mythrandar comes?" Jon asked.

It was the blue dragon who directly broke the seal, and the blue dragon was deceived by Mithrandall. In this way, the prophecy of the elves was true. This fallen princess just wanted to come back for revenge. Because of the seal of the seven pillars, she couldn't enter, so she ordered the blue dragon to destroy it, and she went to Middle Earth to find Jon. Fortunately, although she found Jon, she bumped into Zariel at the same time and was knocked down by Moji.

After the Shadow Valley battle, Zariel did not say the whereabouts of Mithrandar, but Jon believed that she must have dealt with it and would not make trouble for herself. Fortunately, this is the case, so the elves don't actually have to worry.

But Jon didn't intend to tell Eve about it.

The elves are repairing the seal, but it is unknown whether they will succeed. Even if it can be repaired, it will take a long time. During this period, if Mithrandar strikes, the spirit soil should be irresistible, and it is possible that, as the prophecy said, the ancient capital of the elves will be destroyed in one fell swoop—from the elves From a perspective, this is the case.

"So, why not," Jon suggested, "You move to live in my Twilight City first, and if the seal is successfully repaired, then you move back; if it hasn't been repaired, Mithrandall will kill you, then at least you will be safe."

Of course, Misrandall will not come here. As for repairing the seal, even if it succeeds, it will be decades later. Besides, it may not be successful yet. If Jon wants to, he can do something secretly. Anyway, let's trick Eve first, and then we'll see what happens next.

"That's okay," Eve refused without thinking, "I can't leave my kindred behind."

Jon hesitated, "If your friends want to , or we can move here together,” he said, “Even if all the elves here move here...I want to discuss it with my sister, after all, this city is her parents’ legacy.”

"Hey, aren't her parents your parents?"

"...It's complicated, I can't explain it in a few words," Jon said, "Simply speaking, she is more than A pair of parents."

"Oh, I understand."

"You understand?" Jon was inexplicably surprised, such a complicated thing, you can understand it right away?

"Understood, she has adoptive parents," Eve said, "You and her were separated since childhood, and she was adopted by others, so besides your biological parents, you also have adoptive parents. Reunited by chance, do not know each other's identities, but fell in love at first sight, attracted each other, and became lovers. Later, the secret of life experience was revealed, and I found out that you are actually sisters and brothers. It was extremely painful, hesitant, desperate, and finally decided to follow the will of the heart and ignore the prejudices of the world. , broke through the resistance of the family, and successfully bonded together..."

"Stop it."

Jon really admires Eve, which is tempered by reading many novels Brain supplement ability is at least LV9 level. With a simple sentence, it can play out the plot of a novel, and it sounds quite reasonable... Reasonable as hell.

"Didn't I tell you, my sister and I are childhood sweethearts."

"Yes, you were childhood sweethearts, then separated, and reunited after growing up, this is called childhood sweethearts It is the strongest combination with the combination of heaven and heaven.”


Chatting with a girl like Eve is very interesting, but sometimes it makes people She is very speechless, her thinking is too active, making people unable to keep up with the rhythm. Jon thought about it, and felt that she should get to know Rin, and it would be easier to chat.

It's a pity that the little Charmander ran away from home, and I don't know when it will come back.

After breakfast, the two chatted casually. They didn't know what happened. They rolled onto the bed while chatting. They unknowingly took off their clothes and started exercising. It wasn't until Verola came to knock on the door that Jon realized that he had been lingering with Eve all morning and didn't even bother to eat lunch. "Let's go," said the witch, "we are waiting for you."

When Jon, Virola and Eve arrived at the mausoleum, Shanjia, the twin sisters and Jade had already arrived. , Elder Yue did not come, saying that this matter will be handed over to Eve and Fei Cui. In addition, there was another person at the scene, which surprised Jon, "Why is she here?"

"I haven't seen Afeng for a long time," the blue dragon girl stuffed into her mouth. Putao said, "Since we are all here, we naturally want to meet her."

"She has passed away."

"I know, but we are good friends and we share the same mind. , even after thousands of years, even if yin and yang are in different lands, life and death, they can still sense each other."


Jon was too lazy to talk to this blue dragon , she can follow if she wants to, but these elves are really easy to talk to. Whether it was intentional or not, Liu Guang broke the seal after all, and was released after being locked up for less than a day.

"Either you go back to rest first," Jade said to Eve, "I'll just take them in. Look at you, it's not convenient to walk now."

"It's okay," Eve said, "Since we're all here, let's go in together."

Jade hesitated to speak, "Let's go."

The ghost Hai'an appeared , opened the door, and everyone filed in.

The underground palace is definitely not allowed to go down, and Jon has no intention of disturbing the dead. Fortunately, the elders said that the funeral objects of Princess Feng were not placed in her coffin, but in the sacrificial hall on the ground , Everyone has seen the silver maple every time before offering sacrifices - Eve also confirmed this.

The area of ​​the sacrificial hall is not large, there are no windows, and the light is very dark, all illuminated by some ever-burning torches on the surrounding walls. Eve has been here a few times, and walked to an altar with ease, "Silver Maple is here... Hey, why is it missing?"

"Here." Emerald's voice suddenly sounded.

She was the last one to enter the sacrificial hall, and she was standing at the door at the moment. Behind her, the door had closed at some point, but the light in the sacrificial hall did not weaken, but became stronger. Because in her raised right hand, she was holding a transparent silver maple leaf, which radiated dazzling light.

"Jade, what are you doing?" Eve asked in surprise.

Jon reacted much faster than her. Before Jade's voice fell, he had already fired a dissociation technique. Means: "Shock!"

No response.

The two high-level spells were all like a mud cow falling into the sea, hitting the air, and the emerald suddenly didn't feel it. Jon's heart is hairy, so he's fine. Verola is a first-rate great wizard, who can hold the magic of both of them at the same time, and I don't know how to do it. Is it a countermeasure? Is it defense? Is offset? They can't tell the difference at all, as if there is a breeze blowing on the face, without any influence, this ability is absolutely extraordinary, and the combat power is enough to crush the entire audience.

"There is a space blockade here," Verola whispered, and she had secretly released a test spell, "It cannot be teleported."

Emerald smiled coldly, looking at Joan Well, "don't struggle," she said, "once you step into this place, there is no way to leave, even if you are an artificer. Human beings, be angry, sophistry, repent, and finally despair ,All this is in vain, this place is your eternal destination. "

"What's wrong with you, Emerald?" Eve hasn't figured out the situation yet, "What are you talking about?"

"I didn't intend to involve you, Eve , and you, Streamer," Jade said, "but you're killing yourself, and there's nothing I can do."

"Who the hell are you?" Jon asked.

The other party obviously can't be the real jade, or in other words, it can't be that Eve's friend, the sentinel who grew up in the spiritual soil, she is pretending, but Jon, Viro No matter what, she didn't see any traces of transfiguration magic on her body, which is too strange.

Is it real emerald? But what feud could she have with Jon. Jon didn't offend the elves—well, he killed Princess Maple, but that happened more than 8,000 years ago. Could it be that Jade is a descendant of Princess Maple? It is said that Princess Feng was pregnant and committed suicide. Could it be that the legend is wrong, but she actually left behind an heir? If Jade is really the heir of Princess Feng, then... it should also be considered the heir of Jon, right? No way, luckily I didn't touch her last night.

While thinking wildly, the blue dragon girl who had been eating grapes suddenly spoke.

"Xiaoqing?" She sniffed the air, "Is it you, Xiaoqing, why did you change again?"
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