"Marry a Sister as a Wife" Volume 7: Spiders (8)

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Spider Chapter 8 Dilemma

The explanation of the silver dragon ghost basically solved all the doubts. It is generally speculated that it was this ancient silver dragon named Mis Barakaz who helped the dwarves at the right time and became the king. Under the alias of Mis Barak, he built a mythical lock to protect the city from the dark elves. attack. The mystic is not perfect, it will gradually weaken over time, so every hundred years, he will sleep for seventy-five years (in fact, go to the astral world to roam), and then wake up, spend twenty-five years to repair and strengthen Mystery. But this time he had an accident, encountered trouble in the astral world, the silver thread was cut, and he died. Naturally, he could no longer wake up as scheduled as before. Mysuo lost its core, could not be repaired, continued to weaken, and became the current situation.

As for why he came to be the dwarf king, no one knows. Maybe it was because of his whim, maybe he was bound by some oath and had to help, maybe he was coveting the treasures of the dwarves, maybe he was too fond of roaming the astral world, so he needed to find a safe storage for his body Otherwise, if the body is destroyed while wandering in the astral world, wouldn't it be a lonely ghost-but these are not important.

Although the doubts are resolved, the real problems are more difficult.

Through these few days of on-the-spot understanding, Jon knows that the strength of Ikasha City is indeed far inferior to Guarides City. In terms of population alone, there are more than 100,000 dark elves in Guarides City and nearly 200,000 slaves, while Ikasha City has less than 8,000. Although these dwarf warriors are indeed brave and good at fighting, they are outnumbered after all. What can really deter the dark elves is the mysteries covering the whole city.

However, the king is dead, and the Mystic is gradually weakening. According to Sapphilias, it will last for at most two months before dissipating. Even if Jon has great abilities, he can't bring a dead silver dragon back to life.

The dwarf king cannot be saved. The agreement between the City of Shadows and the City of Ikasha will be difficult to reach, and the plan for the golem base will also fall through—that’s all, let’s ignore it for the time being. The immediate trouble is that the dark elves are attacking the city on a large scale.

Jon originally thought that capturing the opponent's coach would definitely demoralize the dark elves in Guarides City, and at least delay the attack, but the fact was far beyond his expectations. in the next few days. The siege of the dark elves became more and more fierce. At first, they mainly sent slaves such as ogres and goblins into battle. Later, more and more dark elves appeared on the battlefield. Even wizards gradually approached, taking risks. With dangerous spellcasting support suppressed by mythos. This put great pressure on the defense of Ikasha City. The dark elves had attacked the city a few times, and although they were soon driven down by the dwarves, the situation was clearly getting worse.

Although Jon is a guest, the situation is such that it is too much to stand by. Once the dark elves really break through the city of Ikasha, will they be lenient because they are humans and not dwarves? It's just that in this kind of large-scale melee, he really can't help much. The dark elves have learned a lesson from last time. He has also become more cautious, and it is basically impossible to repeat the old tricks for a close-up sneak attack.

Standing on the top of the city, looking at the Mysuo, which was obviously weakening day by day, Jon deeply realized a truth: In this world, heroes are the creators of history.

On the earth, the gap in strength between people will not widen very much, and it is difficult for a fighting champion to deal with ten grown men at the same time. The most brilliant supernatural beings can probably play small tricks such as teleportation and hypnosis, but in this world, warriors with superb martial arts skills can completely defeat a hundred with one enemy, and clever wizards can go up and down the world and move mountains and seas. Rise and fall. Most of the time, the truth is attached to one or two people, and the rest are mostly cannon fodder.

With the silver dragon in place and maintaining the Mystic, Ikasha City will be able to resist the dark elves for more than a thousand years; with the death of the Silver Dragon and the weakening of the Mystic, Ikasha City will be in jeopardy and is about to be breached.

Once again the siege was over, the dark elves temporarily retreated, and the dwarves took the opportunity to rest and rectify, repair the city walls, and treat the wounded. After a busy day, Jon and Mephis also went back to their residence to rest.

"Actually, there is one thing that I am very surprised about," Jon lay on the bed, whispering to Mephis in his arms, "Why are these dark elves attacking at this time?"

"It's easy, because they found the mythia weakened," said Memphis, "and probably even found that the king of the dwarves was dead."

Indeed, the dark elves are not dwarves, There are many wizards among them, and it is entirely possible that the mysia is weakened, and even the dwarf king dies through divination. These are all possible, Jon is not surprised, but the problem is...

Why rush at this moment?" Jon said, "The king is dead, and Mysha will inevitably weaken. This is something that no one can reverse. Once Mysha is completely broken, it will be easy to capture Ikasha City. Since it has been more than 1,300 years When they come over, do you still care about waiting for these two? , Thinking about the problem, he had a premonition that as long as he understood why the dark elves were so eager to capture the city of Guarides, the troubles he was facing could be resolved, but it was this crucial point that he couldn't figure out.

"By the way, Amy Wei," he suddenly remembered something and reminded him softly, "Be careful with that Anzan Diamond Blade,I always thought something was wrong with him.


"Just a guess. If anyone else can't see the mystic, I'd believe it, but he shouldn't," Jon explained. , "So I think he is a little suspicious, just be careful."

"It's nothing strange," Memphis said disapprovingly, "Even if he can see it, don't need to expose it. There is this silver dragon Being king is good for the dwarves. Even the dwarf god Moradin may not pay much attention to it."

"Yes," said Jon, who was a little tired and was about to prepare Falling asleep, suddenly heard Mephis let out a "huh", turning over and sitting up.

"What's the matter?"

Mephis frowned in thought, beckoning him not to disturb, after a while, she turned around, "I think I know why the dark elves are so Crazy siege." She said, "I mentioned the gods just now, but it reminded me."


"It's to please their queens."

Jon was stunned, unable to react for a while, "What do you mean?"

"Rose is silent, and no longer bestows divine spells on priests, the priests of Guarides City Naturally, they were the first to notice." Mephis explained, "But in the Underdark, the news is not well-informed, and they probably don't know the news of other cities, and they don't know that all the priests have lost their magic."

Jon understood. "You mean, they most likely thought that they offended the Spider Queen, and poured divine wrath on the city of Guarides...they didn't suspect that something happened to the Spider Queen?"

Memphis glanced at him, "As a believer, it's blasphemy to have such a thought."

Jon shrugged. "They thought they offended the Spider Queen. That's why the gods stopped granting magic spells, so they tried to find ways to regain the favor of the gods... So they wanted to capture the city of Ikasha to please the Spider Queen?"

"That should be the case." Mephis said, "And for the dark elves—to be precise, for the female priests who were originally in a dominant position, the silence of the gods, for them Words are a disaster."

Jon nodded, he had some knowledge about the Underdark before he came, and he knew that in the social structure of the dark elves, women are supreme. Priests are the tallest, and with the support of the Spider Queen, their rule over men is harsh and cruel. Now that the priest has lost his magic powers—or more specifically, he has lost the favor of the gods. If this situation cannot be reversed soon, it is entirely conceivable what the consequences will be. The so-called where there is oppression, there is resistance. This principle is universal in any part of the world.

Men who are usually oppressed and bullied will undoubtedly seize this opportunity to overthrow the rule of female priests.

"If I'm not mistaken, the first thing the priests have to do now is to do everything possible to regain the favor of the Spider Queen, and the second thing to do is to hide this matter as much as possible," Memphis analyzed, her eyes gradually brightened, and she clapped her hands, "Yes, why did you forget about this matter. If we announce this news..."

Jon shook his head, "It's not a long-term solution," he said, "At most, we can only get through this time. When the civil strife of the dark elves is over, they will definitely attack the city again. How can we resist then? After all, we still have to find a way Fix this mythal."

"Can you rebuild a mythical?"

Jon shook his head and smiled bitterly, "I don't have this ability." He wandered his eyes casually, Suddenly seeing Mephis taking off the silver armor placed beside the bed, a thought suddenly came to her mind, and she couldn't help saying to herself, "Ms. Sapphilias is now in a ghost state, without a body, Mies Barak The king has a body but no soul, can these two be fused..."

"Don't think about it," a cold voice came from the silver armor, followed by a ball of white light, The image of the silver dragon slowly emerged again, looking down at the two people on the bed casually, "I really don't know what is stuffed in your head," she commented in a contemptuous tone, "the body and soul of a creature It grows at the same time and fits closely with each other. Do you think this is buying shoes in a store, as long as they are about the same size, you can fit your feet in."

"Uh, I just said it casually... "

Sapphilias lowered her head so that her lower jaw almost touched the tip of Jon's nose. The negative energy carried by the ghost was cold, which made the wizard feel very uncomfortable. He was considering whether to Stepping back, Yinlong spoke again. "Actually, your idea is not completely outrageous," she said, "I can indeed borrow the body of Misbalakaz to temporarily restore the mystic—but only temporarily."

"Temporary What do you mean?" Jon wondered.

"Mysuo has lost the support of the core now, and it is only maintained by the residual energy," said the silver dragon ghost. It is triggered once, and temporarily returns to the state of the most powerful period of Mysia. But after that, his body will completely collapse, and Mysia will dissipate."

"For the time being, probably How long will it last?" Jon asked.

"About half an hour."

Jon frowned, saying so, the fundamental problem still hasn't been resolved. Because even if this attack can be defeated, it will not shake the melonThe foundation of Des City, Ikasha City will still face a huge threat in the future, and this is obviously not in line with Jon's goal.

He pondered, then jumped out of bed suddenly and put on his clothes. "What are you doing?" Memphis asked.

"Go see our captive," said Jon.

Spider Chapter Nine Adventure

Jon silently observed the dark elf girl sitting in front of him. Looking at it now, I found that she was still a beautiful woman, with smooth and delicate obsidian-like skin, light blue eyes like calm lake water, and silver hair draped over her shoulders like waves, with a slight luster. It's just that there are some obvious scars on the exposed face and arms, which destroy the overall beauty. The dwarves are not a cruel race, but since they are hostile, they will not be polite, let alone expect to learn about the dark elves' military situation from her, so it is inevitable to extract confessions by torture these days. It's just that for the dark elves, the dwarf's method is too lacking in technical content, and it should be laughed out loud. I have been tossing until now, but I haven't been able to get any valuable news from Viconia.

There are only three people in the room, Jon, Mephis and Viconia, and the dwarf guards have been invited out in advance. While Jon was observing Viconia, the Dark Elf was also carefully observing his opponent. There are also human slaves in Guarides City, although the number is not large, Viconia has seen it before and is no stranger to it. She looked at Jon and guessed that he should be no more than twenty years old, which shocked her.

Both sides did not speak, and finally Jon spoke first, "Meet you again, Miss Ferlan," he said slowly, "Let me introduce myself, I am Jon Lannister, Humans from the surface world."

"You're a wizard."


"I really didn't expect dwarves to turn to humans. Ask for help."

"You're mistaken, miss," Jon said, "I'm just a traveler who passes by here occasionally, just in time."

" It sounds like my luck is not very good."

"Not necessarily," Jon said, "I once heard a philosopher say that luck and bad luck always accompany each other and transform into each other. Who can tell."

"He must be an optimistic guy," Viconia commented, leaning back comfortably in her chair. "So, what advice, Mr. Lannister?" she asked lightly. "I'm listening."

Jon smiled. "It's nothing serious," he said. Talk about a deal."

"A deal?" Viconia asked lazily, "A deal requires bargaining chips, and I have nothing now."

"No, you Yes." Jon said, "You are the commander of the army outside the city."

Viconia stared at him, "Do you want me to order my men to retreat?"

p> "It's just a negotiation..."

The dark elf girl laughed. "Mr. Lannister," she said in a mocking tone, "I originally thought that as a wizard, you would be somewhat smarter than those dwarves, but now I realize that the intellectual gap caused by racial differences is indeed irreparable. Do you think you can bring this war to an end by catching me?"

"I think so," said Jon sincerely, "after all, it's good for us. The war ends, peace comes , no one will die because of it, neither dwarves nor dark elves──The most important point. You can go home safely."

Viconia sneered. "If I dare to give the order to retreat, then I will return to Guarides City. The only thing waiting for me is to be executed."

"Not necessarily," Jon said, "as far as I know , In the past 1,300 years, the city of Guarides has attacked the city of Ikasha more than ten times, and each time ended in failure." He paused, "It's nothing, of course , I don't mean the slightest sarcasm."

"It's different this time," said Viconia, "you don't understand."

"Well," Jon nodded, "But I think I understand that it's to please the Spider Queen and regain the favor of God, isn't it?"

Viconia was stunned.

"I came from the north and passed through the city of Shammas," Jon said, smiling, looking at the girl in front of him, "the priests in that city have also lost their magic power── So this is no secret, Miss."

"You mean..." the dark elf asked back in disbelief, with a trembling voice, "The Queen of God..."

"The Spider Queen has fallen," Jon said firmly.

If it were another pastor, he might still have doubts and refuse to believe it, but for Viconia, it just confirmed the speculation in his heart. She slumped down in the chair, her face looked extremely ugly in an instant, and it took a long time before she finally realized it.

"You don't seem to have told the dwarf the news," she collected herself, regaining her usual composure, "what do you want?"

"Nothing," said Jon , "When you have a commodity in your hand, you want to try to sell it for a good price. Unfortunately, the dwarves don't seem to be good buyers."

"They will thank you .”

"But I'm a wizard," Jon spread his hands. "Which wizard would like to stay among a group of dwarves for a long time? Just as what drow would like to live among the goblins for a long time, even if they regard you as a hero. You Also a wizard, miss, I think you can understand how I feel."

Viconia stared at him. "Maybe," she said, "but I'm still confused."

"Let's get straight to the point then," said Jon, "I'm human, from the surface, cast out for some reason, So I need a place to stay in the Underdark. I passed by here by chance, was accidentally involved in the flames of war, and then made this situation by accident. However, if you think about it carefully, in Ikasha City and Compared with Gualides City, the latter is obviously more suitable for a wizard, especially under the current situation," he smiled, "I guess, you must need some outside help." Viconi Ya was silent for a while.

"Maybe you are right," she said softly, "I need some time to think about it."

"What do you want to do?" Walking out of the cell, Mephis couldn't help but Just ask Jon.

"To solve the problem completely," Jon explained, "There are only two ways to ensure the long-term safety of Ikasha City. Since the Mystery is impossible to repair, it can only weaken Guarides City Already."

"How to weaken it?"

"Let's adapt." Jon shook his head.

The Spider Queen has been silent for more than a month. It is impossible for priests who have lost their magical powers to keep concealing such a big matter. People will always notice the clues. Dark elves are not dead-headed dwarves , they are clever, cunning, and have a large number of wizards. If the guess is correct, even if the city of Guarides has not yet fallen into civil strife, at least it is already undercurrent.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity cannot be let go.

"Are you going to Guarides City?"


Memphis frowned, "It's too dangerous," she said , "Is it necessary?"

"There is no other choice."

"We can go," Memphis said, "In fact, as far as I am concerned, the ghost The city doesn't have much hope for you."

"Maybe, but I can't think so," Jon said, "It's true that we can leave Ikasha City, and those dark elves may not be able to catch them." Us, but then?" He turned his head to look at Memphis, "Could it be that we have worked so hard to come here, just to leave in despair, and end up with nothing?"

"What do you want "

"What do I want?" Jon repeated Memphis's words, "Actually, I don't know. Maybe, I'm tired of the old life, always follow the schedule The script is performed, and then the curtain call. This is not the life I want," he said deeply, "I hope there will be some changes, some surprises, some surprises, some... a feeling of being out of control, and I want to take risks. "

Mephis looked incomprehensible, "I thought wizards were the most cautious people."

Jon laughed, "On the contrary, I think wizards are the most cautious people." A person with an adventurous spirit—it’s just that prudence and conservatism are two concepts.”

“I don’t see any difference between the two,” Memphis still shook his head, “Well, since You decide, then I will go with you."

"No, you stay here," Jon said, "I don't trust those dwarves."

"It's too far away Far away, gem jumping will also be disturbed," Memphis reminded, "You can't teleport back from Gualides."

"I know."

"Could it be Are you going to go alone?"

Jon thought for a while, "Let Freya go with me."

Mephis was a little strange and didn't understand Jon's mean. Freya is a good priest, but the problem is that Jon can't receive divine healing, so what's the point of bringing her?

But Jon didn't explain, and walked back to the residence. He went to Freddy's room alone and knocked on the door.

"Please come in."

Jon pushed the door and walked in, and found that Freddy was flipping through the magic notes of the deep earth prophecy. He is good at prophecy spells, which are not very useful in this kind of confrontation between the two armies, so they basically rest in their residences, and they don't wear wizard robes. They still wear a white dress, which looks very pretty.

"Morning, Jon," she greeted, "what can I do?"

"Well," Jon nodded, he hesitated, but finally asked, "Freddy, do you and your sister have telepathy?"

Spider Chapter Ten Withdrawal

Telepathy is nothing special for twins Rare things, of course, can not be said to be common. Jon didn't think about this at first, but when Freddie was injured the day before yesterday when he encountered the illithid in the city of Orindor, Freya felt the same way. She was busy negotiating with the illithid and didn't care. Looking back afterwards, I vaguely guessed what was going on, but I couldn't be sure.

If there is such a telepathy... some things seem to be more embarrassing. This is why he has been avoiding this question, pretendingTsukuru doesn't know the reason, but now the situation is pressing, so he can only pick up the topic.

Freddy hesitated for a moment, her pretty face blushed immediately, "Yes." She whispered.

Although it was expected, it was still quite embarrassing to be confirmed. Jon was silent for a moment, then asked again: "To what extent?"


Jon's question was strange, and Freddie would not be offended for a while. Come on, I don't know what to mean. "To what extent?"

"Well, I mean, for example, if you are injured, she should feel pain, right."


"Then if you are sick, she will also feel uncomfortable?"

"Well, once when I was a child, I had a fever, and she also became dizzy and dizzy. freaked out."

"So, if you're happy, or sad, she feels it too?"

"That's okay," Freddy said , "But it takes a very strong emotion to feel it, and it will usually be ignored."

"What about thoughts, or thoughts," Jon asked, "for example, you want to pass a certain message to Can she do it?"

As far as Jon's impression of telepathy is, it can only convey the most intuitive information, and abstract thinking is not among them. But this is the magical world, maybe it will be different, and I don't know.

Freddy hesitated for a while, "It's more difficult, but it's not impossible," she said, "Actually, we have tried it before. If it's a relatively simple mind, if you try to concentrate and concentrate, It is still possible to let the other party know," she looked at Jon strangely. "What do you ask this for?"

"I'm going to Guarides City," Jon said, "with Freya."

Fleur Di was startled, and then realized that Jon was planning to use the telepathy between their sisters to send messages. I have to say that this idea is very clever. This is especially true in the dark areas where the communication technique cannot be used, but Freddy shook her head, "It's not possible." She said, "From the pictures I've seen, the city of Guarides is too far away from here."

Jon was slightly stunned, "Does telepathy still have a distance limit?"

"Well, it's too far away," Freddy said, "The closer we are to each other , the stronger the induction. The farther the distance, the weaker the induction. In the same city, this is probably the limit, and there is no way to sense it any further."

Jon frowned, He didn't expect that there was such a restriction, so it came to this. The telepathic ability of the Monica sisters is useless, which is a bit troublesome.

"Are you going to Guarides City?" Freddy asked.


"Then take me too, okay?"

"No." Jon flatly refused.


Jon hesitated. "I'm taking a risk this time," he said bluntly, "I can't be more than 70% sure. If something happens, I may not be able to escape myself, and there is no way to protect you."

"What about my sister?" ?” Freddy retorted, “Why can’t you take her with you, why can’t you take me?”

Jon had a headache, the reason why he took Freya to Gualides instead of Freddy City, because in his heart, the weight of the former is much lower. If it really came to a last resort, if he wanted to give up, he wouldn't feel too much burden on his heart; another reason was that he was worried about Freya after all, and stayed in Ikasha City, fearing that something would happen to her. But these words naturally cannot be said to Freddy, even if she can actually guess, there are some things that she would rather tacitly know than openly say.

"You can't help me if you go," he said finally, "just stay here."

"But I can't help you here What's the matter," Freddy said, "I can't interfere with anything, I don't need me anywhere, I can only stay in the room, I'm bored to death. If I'm with my sister, at least I can help you pass the news.

Jon looked at her, wondering why she was so persistent, "Don't be self-willed, Freddy," he said, "Be good."

"I'm not being self-willed, Jon," said the girl, looking fixedly at the boy in front of her, "I have never done anything for you, I have never paid for you... You are getting better and better now, and the distance between you and me is getting bigger and bigger. Far away, I can't help you with anything," her voice gradually lowered, "All I want now is just to have a chance to be by your side when you are in danger, to experience with you, to be with you Is it okay to spend..."

Jon was silent for a moment, reaching out and gently stroking her face. "Okay, let's go together," he said, "let's say it first, if something happens, don't regret it."

Freddy smiled, "With you, I won't Regret."

In the shrine of the Ferren family in Guades City, Mistress Ferren sat on the throne with her right hand propping her side face, meditating in the dark, she was a little tired, and A little worried, with a hint of anxiety between her brows, which is very rare in her more than four hundred years of life, especially after becoming the mistress of the first family.

Three days ago, she received a battle report from the front: Viconia──sheThe youngest daughter──was captured by a human wizard in the city of Ikasha, and is currently commanded by the deputy Bonacchis Ferlan (the third daughter of Mistress Ferlan, sister of Viconia) army. The distance between Ikasha City and Guarides City is quite far, about three to four days away, and news can only be exchanged by messengers. In other words, this was news six or seven days ago.

Because of certain "rules" unique to the dark elves, the doting degree of the mistress of the family to her daughter is often inversely proportional to the order of the elders. Viconia is the youngest of the seven daughters of the mistress of Ferren. She is one of them, so she is usually her favorite. For her miss and was captured this time. Madam Ferren is naturally a little worried──but the real reason is not here.

The reason why Viconia was appointed as the commander-in-chief of the coalition forces is because she is the only one among all the female priests who can use magic, so she can better cover up the flaws and avoid It was discovered by men that the priests had lost the secret of divine magic. But the deeper reason was that many mistresses attacked the Ferren family during the ruling meeting. He believed that it was the presence of deviant priests like Viconia that caused the Spider Queen to be unhappy, so he lowered the punishment. In order to appease the public anger, Mistress Ferren decided that Viconia would lead an army to attack Ikasha City, hoping that she would make great achievements in battle. After pleasing the gods, avoid bad luck for the whole family.

But she was disappointed.

The capture of Viconia will not cause too much hindrance to the military plan to attack the city of Ikasha. Mistress Ferren appointed Bunaches as her deputy early on, and it is also the actual commander. But this incident will undoubtedly trigger more attacks on the Ferren family. This is the reason for the real headache for the mistress. As the founders of Guarides City, the Ferren family has a long history and a stable position. The strength is very strong, and in normal times, it is enough to firmly suppress the other families in the city from daring to move—but now is a special period.

The Queen of God has abandoned her followers.

Nearly two months have passed since the last prayer was answered by the gods. All the priests in the city are secretly uniting, trying their best to conceal this fatal news, so as not to be known by others. However, there has never been a secret that can be kept forever in the world. The city of Guarides is too big, and there are too many families. After a long time, someone with a heart will gradually see the flaws. Since last month, low-ranking male warriors and slaves from various families have been defecting and disappearing. And this was completely unimaginable before. Mistress Ferren was almost certain that they had heard some rumors. Otherwise, there is no such courage.

Now it's just escaping, so that's fine, but the mistresses of the major families have heard some rumors that these defected family men and slaves did not escape Guarides, but It is lurking in certain places in the city, forming a rebel alliance, trying to overthrow the rule of the female priests.

This news made the mistresses even more anxious. They secretly sent people to inquire about the news, but they found nothing and lost a lot of manpower. In the past, they would be used to using spell divination and God Queen's instructions to determine the enemy's target, but now these are no longer possible. Of course, the priests have lost their favor, but the wizards still have the ability to cast spells, and they can help find targets with magic-but no mistress is stupid enough to do so.

With so many thoughts coming, Mistress Ferren felt that she had aged hundreds of years in just over a month. In the early hours of this morning, she led all the female priests in the family to hold a grand and bloody sacrifice ceremony, hoping to please the Spider Queen and gain God's favor again, but she was once again disappointed. As a mistress who has ruled this place for nearly two hundred years, she can clearly sense the dangerous atmosphere in the air. Although the city of Guarides is calm on the surface at this time, it is actually like a volcano ready to explode. Sometime in the future it will explode violently. She didn't know the exact date, but it must be not far away.

Could it be... something really happened to the Queen of God?

This thought just flashed across her mind, but was immediately wiped out by her. Mistress Ferren slowly raised her head, ready to go to the courtyard, when suddenly the door of the shrine was pushed open, and her eldest daughter Jiafa walked in quickly, holding a piece of paper made of Loth animal skin in her hand.

Mistress Ferren was overjoyed, she remained calm on the surface, "Have you captured Ikasha City?" She asked lightly.

"No, mistress," Jaffa's answer was beyond her expectations, "we are withdrawing."

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The Eleventh Chapter of Spider Chapter 11 Never Dies

Can maintain a youthful appearance. However, when Jon walked slowly into the conference hall of the Ferlan family and saw the Mistress of Ferlan sitting in the middle, he still couldn't help but secretly sighed in admiration. If he hadn't known his identity a long time ago, he would never have thought that the person in front of him looked like Viconia.A young woman of sisters, linked to a mother who had already given birth to seven daughters.

"Dark elves are really freaks," Jon thought, "if they were human beings, they would have given birth to seven daughters, and they would have grown old by now."

On both sides of Mistress Ferren, sat her six daughters in order, including the last Viconia. They were fully armed and put on fine gold mail armor, priest robes, platinum brooches on their chests, and snake head whips on their waists, which symbolized the identity of the Spider Queen's priest. In Jon's arcane vision, each of them has at least five or six strong and dazzling auras shining on them, indicating that they are carrying a lot of powerful magic items.

Although the Spider Queen is silent and the priests have lost their magical powers, it does not mean that they have become useless. The lifespan of dark elves is much longer than that of humans, which gives them plenty of time to exercise in all aspects. Before coming, Jon learned from Viconia that all spider queen priests, except those who have to be in the Priest Academy To learn how to serve the gods, at the same time, it will take fifteen to twenty years to study in the Warrior Academy and hone their fighting skills──Of course they will not study arcane arts, except for the special case of Viconia . So even without the aid of divine magic, these dark elf priests are still formidable opponents. In addition, in the past years, they have also stockpiled a large number of magic items, including various scrolls, wands and equipment, which are all forces that cannot be ignored.

Jon stood quietly in the center of the conference hall, silent. He already faintly felt the invisible pressure in the air. Except for Mistress Ferren and Viconia, the other six women all looked vigilant, and several of them pressed their hands on the goblin gold handle of the Snake Whip intentionally or unintentionally. It seems that in the following conversation, as long as there is a disagreement, even if they turn their faces and fight.

Unlike her daughters, Mistress Ferren's complexion was flat and her expression was leisurely. Like most dark elves. She has never been to the surface world, and she has never had any dealings with human wizards, which makes her have some instinctive curiosity-and caution when facing Jon.

Because this human destroyed the plan of the city of Guarides, captured Viconia on the battlefield, and four days ago. Killed her daughter Bonaches.

In fact, Jon didn't want to do this either, making enemies for nothing, but he had no choice. Although Bonacchis is the deputy of the Dark Elf army, his rank is below Viconia. But the de facto commander. Viconia and Jon reached an agreement in private and decided to withdraw their troops, but Bonacchis stood in the way. against this order. Although Viconia is the main general, his prestige is not high. This time he was captured, his prestige dropped even more, and he couldn't suppress the scene. Seeing that the situation was not right, Jon simply imitated the story of Lord Xinling, launched a surprise attack, and killed Bunaches in one fell swoop.

Dark elves have always been strict in rank. Women are supreme and priests are respected. In this attack on Ikasha City, the only female priests in the army were Viconia and Bunaches. Once the latter died, Viconia held the scene firmly. Order to withdraw troops. Dark elves are sinister and cunning, but not bloodthirsty and warlike. Not to mention the heroic and fanatical spirit of the dwarves. Seeing that the city of Ikasha is tightly defended, and there have been many casualties these days, they have long secretly thought of retreating. Now that the coach has issued an order, they are naturally happy to obey.

The death of a daughter is actually not a big deal for Madam Ferren. The dark elves are best at killing each other, and very few people can die in their lives. In terms of lifespan, dark elves can live to seven hundred years old, but most of them die abnormally at four or five hundred years old. Mistress Ferren was the second daughter of the family back then, and with the help of her younger brother, the great wizard Adams, she murdered her mother and eldest sister one after another, and then killed her two younger sisters before she secured her current position. Although she has seven daughters, she never expected them to live a long and safe life—for the dark elves, especially the daughters of the first family mistress, this is a completely unrealistic luxury . Bonacches is the third daughter of Ferren, with a calm personality and a clear mind, but she is not as dull as the other sisters. She is not as alert and cunning as the other sisters. This is a fatal flaw for the dark elves. Mistress Ferren had long expected that she would die unexpectedly—but she never expected that the murderer would be a human from outside.

This is undoubtedly a serious offense to the dignity of the Ferren family.

However, Mistress Ferren remained calm.

Sisters Jon and Monica entered the city secretly yesterday, and no one except the high-ranking members of the Ferlan family knew about it. Before the situation is completely clear, Mistress Ferren does not intend to let the ruling council know about this matter, so as not to bring more attacks and troubles to the family. Of course, it is impossible to hide this matter forever, and what to do next depends on today's meeting.

The meeting hall was silent, no one spoke, Jon was waiting, and according to the rules of the dark elves, in this case, no one else is allowed to speak until the mistress has spoken of. Finally, Mistress Ferren bowed slightly on the throne, breaking the silence.

"Welcome to Gualides, Mr. Lannister," she said gently, smiling slightly, "I heard that you came from the north, what have you heard along the way."

"Guarides is the most prosperous, most exquisite, and of course the most powerful drow city I have ever seen," Jon replied with a bow, "Don't say that the city of Shamus is far inferior, I am afraid that even the prestigious Glitter Ched Nassar, the city of spider webs, is also far behind."

Mistress Ferren's eyes narrowed, "Have you been to Ched Nassar?"

/p> "I have been there, but unfortunately, it has become a ruin," Jon said casually, "destroyed by war."


"The human army on the surface invaded the Underdark," said Jon. "They fired a lot of blazing glue and Molotov cocktails with their catapults, and burned Ched Nassar's lime web city base. As a result," he said Spreading his hands, "The whole city fell into the Great Rift. The remaining part of the cliff was also completely destroyed."

Jon has never been to Ched Natha, but since In the Second Expeditionary Division, I have seen the pictures and materials in advance, participated in tactical deduction, and know the general situation. Ched Nassar is a city built in the sky, with overlapping calcified spider webs connecting the two cliffs of the Great Rift Valley, like a huge net bag. The city was built on this spider web, so it is also called "the city of flashing spider webs". City of Shadows made several plans in advance, the last of which was to use a catapult to throw a large amount of blazing glue and Molotov cocktails as a last resort. Simply destroy the city completely. Anyway, he knew that there was no news in Guarides City, and it was impossible to know the situation of Ched Nassar thousands of miles away.

Madam Ferren was silent for a while, "How is the situation in Shammas City?"

"As always." Jon replied, "Although the priests there and everyone here Same... encountered a little trouble, but for a city ruled by wizards, it doesn't have much impact."


Ka Fa snarled, stood up, and glared at Jon. In the eyes of most dark elves, the city of Shammas was originally a traitor and a scum, not to mention that Jon's words clearly implied something. Mistress Ferren waved her hand and signaled Jaffa to sit down, "Viconia said, you brought us news about the Spider Queen."

"She has passed away."


This time it's not just Jaffa. Almost all the priests stood up, and two impatient ones had already pulled out their snake whips. The poisonous snake was coiling around the fine gold handle, making a sharp hissing sound, which was creepy. Even Mistress Ferren, who had been calm all this time, reacted. She leaned forward, condescendingly staring at the human in front of her. "Nonsense talk will get you killed, human," she warned, but her tone didn't seem harsh.

"I'm just stating the facts."

Mistress Ferren frowned slightly, the same sentence, even the tone was very similar to Viconia. "How do you prove that to be true?"

"Simply logical reasoning, ma'am," Jon replied, "if a god suddenly abandons all her worshipers, then it means What are you talking about? The conclusion is obvious, and I believe that anyone with basic rational judgment can draw it."

"The gods are not something you and I can speculate on your own."

Jon laughed, "That's right, ma'am, the world of the gods is beyond the reach of ordinary people, so we can only rely on our shallow knowledge to judge. Or in other words, if I... Or if my companions who stayed in Ikasha City spread the news and ask all the residents of Guarides City to judge... Do you think they will agree with me? If everyone believes in a certain Judgment──Even if it doesn’t conform to the facts, then it is the truth.”

Mistress Ferren laughed lowly, “Is this a threat?”

Jon Shaking his head, "You're being serious," he said, "I never meant that."

There was a short silence, and then Madam Ferren spoke again.

"I heard from Viconia that you intend to settle in Gualides?"


"This is wise Choose."

"I think so too."

"So do you have any specific plans?" Madam Ferren asked, "I'm very interested to hear, if I don’t mind revealing it.”

Jon nodded, “I hope to join the Ferlan family,” he said bluntly, “As far as I know, Drow’s society is built on the family, Everyone's identity, status, and destiny are closely related to the family behind him. I hope to have a relatively high starting point."

"A reasonable request," Madam Ferren said, " But accepting a surface human as a family member is unprecedented in the history of Guarides City..."

"As the first family, it is the most suitable founder of the precedent, "Jon politely interrupted her dodging, "except you, who else in the city of Guarides has this qualification."

The mistress pondered, pretending to think, although Jon knew she had made up her mind. "What you said is not unreasonable," she said, "However, it is impossible for the Ferren family to accept new members at will, unless we can confirm his ability and loyalty."

"For the former , I believe you already know something through your daughter."

"That's not enough," Mistress Ferren shook her head, "You humans have a saying, what you see with your eyes is the truth "

Jon shrugged. "You are welcome," he said.

Mistress Ferren clapped her hands, and a female priest on the left stood up. She was tall, almost as tall as Jon, with a snake whip on her waist.There are six poems, which means that her rank in the church is not low. "Leo," Madam Ferren introduced, "my second daughter, the commander of the family lizard cavalry."

Jon bowed and saluted, "It's a pleasure to meet you, miss," he smiled, " Could it be that the mistress means that you want me to compete with Miss Ferlan?"

The mistress is also smiling, "That's too boring," she said, "The trick of fighting in the ring is just a trick. What gladiators do is not suitable for us."


"The lizard cavalry of the Fierlan family is a team of twelve," Lord Ferran said. Mother said unhurriedly, "What do you think of this arrangement with Leo commanding a team of cavalry as the opponent?"

Jon frowned slightly, he knew that the lizard cavalry was the most elite of the dark elves The arms, similar to human heavy cavalry, are unstoppable once they charge. Under the city of Ikasha that day, even those brave dwarf warriors were unable to resist. What's more, this time it is not a coalition force assembled by the major families, but the lizard cavalry within the Ferren family, which is undoubtedly more elite. However, the dark elves all have a strong natural anti-magic ability, which is even more unfavorable for wizards, not to mention the overwhelming numerical advantage of thirteen to one.

But things have come to this, and there is no room for retreat.

He raised his head and looked at Mistress Ferren, "There is one condition."

"Please speak."

"I will never die."

Mistress Ferren raised her eyebrows slightly, and a sneer appeared on the corner of her mouth, as if mocking Jon's arrogance, but her tone was still gentle, "Our drow's rules are the same," she said lightly

Spider Chapter Twelve Pretending

Jon has always believed that the role of wizards on the battlefield should be wise men, counselors and assistants As for the charge and face the enemy, that is the duty of the soldiers. The wizard should not and does not need to intervene, just sit in the back and drink coffee, waiting for the front. Battle report is fine. However, things in the world are unsatisfactory in all likelihood. Although in terms of it, Jon is now an officer of the Second Expeditionary Division, but there are not many soldiers under his command. If something really happens, he still has to personally go to battle.

The field of competition was in the backyard of the Ferren family, a huge oval-shaped cave, the venue was empty, without any stalactites or stalagmites, suitable for cavalry charges, which was obviously even more unfavorable to Jon. Dozens of stone chambers were dug out of the wall as auditoriums, and Mistress Ferren and her daughters were among them at this moment. In front of Jon, the lizard cavalry were fully armed and ready. They were all wearing well-made fine gold mail armor and holding long spears. Protected, like giant steel beasts.

Unlike Viconia, Leo Ferren clearly understood the meaning of "commander". She did not stand at the forefront of the team, but was in the middle, which made Jon It's hard to sneak attack her directly. Mistress Ferren and her daughters are mostly slender, but Leo is an exception. She is very tall and strong. Wearing mail, a helmet, and a mask, she looks like a man—of course Ignore the towering and alluring chest for now. Matching it, her lizard mount was also obviously of a different species, nearly twice the size of other cavalry mounts, and looked much more ferocious.

"I will take your last breath, human being," her voice came from behind the mask, which seemed a little low, accompanied by muffled echoes. "As your reward for killing Bonaches."

Jon didn't quite understand the meaning of this sentence, but he didn't bother to ask, guessing it wouldn't be any kind words. Silently, he took out the staff from the inside of the cloak, and made a gesture of "ready, we can start".

A mass of light blue and purple-red mixed demon fire fell from the sky, and when it was about to approach the ground, it turned into a huge spider shape with eight heads. Sixteen blood-red eyes stared at everyone present. Immediately, it turned into a cloud of faint mist, blocking Jon and Leo's lizard cavalry. He didn't hear any footsteps, but Jon felt the ground shaking under his feet. He knew that the lizard cavalry on the opposite side had already started charging. The soles of the feet of this eight-clawed monster had thick pads. Just like cats, let them run with barely any noise. Of course, their bodies are still too large and heavy after all, and it is impossible to be completely silent.

The fog dissipated, and thirteen lizard cavalrymen were already in shape. They were divided into three teams. Leo led six cavalry to charge from the front, while the other six surrounded them from both sides. This is obviously the right thing to do. Even if Jon could cast any powerful spells, it would be difficult to deal with attacks from three sides at the same time.

The speed of the lizard cavalry was as fast as lightning, and they rushed to Jon almost at the same time, but just when their spears were about to hit the target, the wizard suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, Jon appeared in the corner of the cave.

Although long-distance teleportation is not possible in the dark area, there is still no problem in the space spanning within the field of vision. A arbitrary door spell prepared by Jon has played a role. Avoiding the first wave of attacks from the lizard cavalry, at the same time temporarily opened the distance again. He took the opportunity to activate the spell, and the six crimson tear gemstones on the crystal staff in his hand lit up at the same time, emitting a brilliant aura and forming a line. ready.

Dark Elf Priests andDwarves are different, on the one hand they despise the arcane. On the one hand, they often have to deal with the wizards in the family, and they are careful to guard against them, secretly hostile and monitor them, and are no strangers to the tricks of wizards. However, this time, no one could see what kind of spell Jon was about to cast—except for Viconia, she was also a wizard. She suffered a loss last time, so she somehow understood it.

However, even if it is an amplified spell, it may be difficult to penetrate the magic resistance of the dark elves.

So Jon still had the lizard's idea.

Missing a hit, Leo led the lizard cavalry to charge again. She still cleverly kept the middle position, not forward. Jon has retreated into a tight corner, with walls behind him and on both sides, with nowhere to escape (and he can't always be fully prepared to teleport spells to keep running away), but this also affects the Lizard Riders, making them lose With no room for maneuver, there is no way to play the tactics of three sides, so they can only form a team and charge directly. And they had to slow down to avoid hitting the wall.

That's what Jon wanted.

He raised his staff and pointed towards the center of the lizard cavalry. A dazzling blue light shot from the tip of the staff and hit Leo's huge lizard mount. The natural anti-magic ability of the dark elves is really a headache for wizards, and it is a logical choice to attack the lizard mount. This is not Jon's original idea, as long as anyone with a little knowledge will do it.

But this time it seems a little strange.

The blue light hit the target accurately, but did not cause any changes. Leo's lizard mount hadn't died, petrified, transformed, rebelled, just as usual, as if Jon had just played a flashy illusion.

Leo was also taken aback, but she continued to charge without hesitation, "Maybe the spell has failed." She guessed, this is not impossible, wizard casting is a delicate skill, a little If there is carelessness, problems will arise. Although the human in front of him is obviously well-trained, facing the fierce charge of a group of lizard cavalry, he will inevitably be nervous, and it is understandable to make mistakes in casting spells.

Thinking this way, I suddenly felt a strong suction coming from under me, and with a "clang", I involuntarily bent down and lay on the back of the lizard mount. She still didn't understand what was going on, but she could only hear the harsh wind in her ears, she raised her eyes in a hurry, and saw a few huge black shadows hitting her directly.

In order to avoid repeating Viconia's mistakes, Leo was much more cautious this time. She always kept four cavalry guards by her side, advancing and retreating together. The distance is very close, so as not to be attacked by Jon suddenly. It must be said that there is nothing wrong with this arrangement, but plans can never keep up with changes.

Jon didn't intend to repeat the same trick at all this time. He just cast a Ghorus Toth's Magnetism on Leo's lizard mount.

This spell was copied from Rin's magic book when he was in Aglaron that day. It is a relatively rare spell that is only spread in the remote countries of the Eastern Region, and these underground dark elves naturally don't know it. Its effect is to make a metal object—or an object wrapped in metal, such as a warrior in full body armor—become a "magnet", producing an extremely powerful magical magnetic effect. Focus on goals. A certain range around becomes a magnetic field area, and all metal objects entering this area will be strongly attracted, just like iron filings meeting a magnet.

The strength of the magnetic field is naturally proportional to the volume and quality of the "magnet". Leodi's lizard mount is huge, and it is the most suitable target for casting spells. Leo and her guards. As well as the mounts under him, they were all armed with pure gold armor from head to toe, and they were sucked up the first time. If it is usual charge. The speed was extremely fast, and it might be possible to break free of this suction, but this time Jon hid in a corner, and the cavalry had to slow down greatly in order to avoid hitting the wall, and they suffered a sudden disaster.

There were several bang bang bang bangs, and Leo's four guards bumped into them almost simultaneously from four directions, front, back, left, and right. Almost crushed their commander in chief. Five people and five lizards were glued together and huddled together, which led to even worse results—the armor on their bodies was quickly magnetized, and the power of the magnetic field further expanded, attracting all the surrounding companions in the blink of an eye. Especially the cavalry behind, because it was charging in this direction. It's like hitting him on his own initiative, and there's no way to escape.

In a blink of an eye, seven of Leo's twelve lizard cavalry were "closely united" around the commander, and the remaining five were relatively far away because they were at the outermost periphery. Affected, but not directly sucked in, but slowed down. They tried to steer their mounts, hoping to break free of the suction, but at this moment, Jon raised his staff again.


A very simple spell, an entry-level trick of the School of Change, but at this time it played a good role. Leo's lizard mount was already astonishingly huge, but at this moment it swelled up like a balloon, and its weight suddenly became eight times its original weight. Correspondingly, its "magnetism" increased sharply again, and the five survivors who were still struggling to get rid of it couldn't hold on, and were attracted here without any suspense.

The thirteen lizard cavalry huddled together and formed a huge irregular sphere. They were attracted to each other and could not escape. But this situation will not last forever, and the magnetization technique also has a time limit.The previous attainment, but can last about ten minutes.


Jon is unarmed, and his martial arts skills are not good. Even if he is given a knife, he is not sure that he can go forward and kill these people. He is afraid that he will be stabbed a few times instead. It is also quite difficult to attack with magic because of the dark elves' anti-magic ability. Fortunately, this is the Underdark, and there are stones everywhere.

"Fossil into mud!"

Under the action of magic, the hard rock on the ground quickly turned into soft mud, which could no longer bear the weight of the lizard cavalry. The dark elves found themselves sinking rapidly, and they uttered desperate cries of surrender, but it was in vain, and Jon had no intention of breaking the magic--in fact, he couldn't even do it himself.

Finally, there was a reaction from the audience, "Revoke the spell!" Jaffa yelled angrily, jumped down from the cave, and ran towards Jon, she had already clenched the snake's head whip in her hand , "Humble human being, how dare you hurt drow..." Jon casually raised his staff, and emitted an emerald green ray, hitting Jaffa's footsteps, and a deep pit was instantly formed on the ground.

"You should be more polite to a great wizard, miss." He bluffed.

The so-called great wizard does not have a clear standard, but a vague concept. Generally speaking, one who can touch the magic net and cast spells can be called a wizard; one who can touch the fifth layer of the magic net and condense his real name can be regarded as a high-level wizard; and one who can touch the eighth to ninth layers of the magic net (This is the limit of mortals), then he can be honored as a great wizard. One of the hallmarks of great wizards is that their research and mastery of magic has reached the point of mastery and proficiency, enough to cast spells as they please, without any spells, gestures, or spell-casting materials.

Jon is still far from the realm of the great wizard, but with the skills taught by Owo, he can indeed barely pretend to be. This is why he chose to use the magnetization technique, opportunistically, to avoid being seen through the real power gap. The bet now is that these pastors don't have enough vision to see the flaws in it.

The rules of the dark elf world are that women are supreme, priests are respected, drow is a higher race, and other lives are despised, but this is only a superficial appearance. The real core rule is "the strong supremacy". Because of the support of Rose, the Queen of the Spiders, priests are generally more powerful than wizards and warriors, which is why the current situation has come about. The simplest counter-example is the city of Shamus, where female priests are belittled because of the huge power of wizards. For second class citizens.

Facing a great wizard, even a proud drow priest has to remain in awe, especially now that they have lost their magic.

Jaffa stopped in her tracks, she was furious, but she didn't dare to go forward. "You have won," she threatened, "don't try to challenge the bottom line of the Ferren family's tolerance."

Jon spread his hands, "It's the drow's rule to never die. We humans have In a word, do as the Romans do, and wherever you go, you have to follow the rules of the place.”

He spoke very slowly, deliberately delaying time, and soon, the thirteen dark elves and their lizard mounts had already arrived. Disappeared from the ground and sank into the mud.

There was silence in the duel arena, and finally, the crisp applause of Mistress Ferren broke the silence.

"Good job," the mistress praised, walking out of the cave gently, falling gracefully to the ground, and walking towards Jon. Her expression was relaxed, as if Jon had killed her second daughter and twelve elite Lizard Riders just now. "Ability and loyalty, you have perfectly proved the former."

Jon bowed slightly, "I would be happy to prove the latter to you."

Spider Chapter Thirteen Birthday present

Like most cities in the Underdark, Gualides is built in a huge cave. The Ferren family monopolizes the northernmost high cliff in the city. The house is in a semicircular shape. There are three floors from the inside to the outside. The core is the shrine for worshiping the Spider Queen and the residence of the family priests. The middle floor is for wizards and warriors. and other family members’ residences, the outermost part is occupied by slaves such as tauren and ogres—fine slaves that the Ferren family does not have, because the recent mistresses feel that they are too inferior and worthless, Occasionally, some captives were captured and sold to other families.

Sisters Jon and Monica are arranged in the innermost layer of the house, a building on the left side of the shrine, not far from Viconia's room, which can be considered a respectful expression , on the other hand, there is also the meaning of surveillance. Jon has studied magic for many years, and his senses in this area have become more and more acute. Even without using arcane vision, he can clearly see countless light blue, lavender and crimson magic lines intertwining and overlapping in the air, forming a circle A flickering node. This is a defense system composed of multiple magic circles. Judging from the color of the aura, it has at least the magic effects of the three schools of protection, prophecy, and evocation. The person who arranged it must be a very clever wizard.

"Is it the masterpiece of the chief wizard?" Jon asked Viconia casually.

The timekeeping method of Guarides City is different from that of the surface world, but it is similar to ancient China, with twelve hours in a day. It was the tenth hour of the day at this time, and it was around ten o'clock in the evening when converted to surface time. Jon was sitting in his room, slowly tasting the purple orchid wine unique to the Underdark, while chatting with Viconia, inquiring about some information.

Since she was staying at the residence, Viconia didn't wear mail armor, a cloak, or even a wizard's robe, but a dark purple long dress similar to pajamas. The hollow and delicate lace on the chest perfectly set off her plump breasts. And she definitely didn't wear a bra, and her two slender and straight legs overlapped, intentionally or unintentionally covering important parts, but still attracting men's attention. Jon doubted whether she was wearing underwear, but finally gave up the idea of ​​testing it himself. Being in a dangerous place, it is better to be safe. Although Zall's erotic art has been famous for a long time, it is not as important as his own life after all.

"All the information says that elves are thinner and thinner than humans, and women are also similar to flat chested. Aren't dark elves also a branch of elves, how come they are all so big. Could it be The Ferlan family is quite special..."

While thinking wildly, Jon chatted casually with Viconia, intentionally or unintentionally bringing the topic to Adams, the chief wizard of the Ferlan family.

There are six gods worshiped by the dark elves, and the spider goddess Rose is not the only one, but she is the most powerful and famous. There are also the most believers. The whole city of Gualides is full of followers of Lolth, and this place has always been the stronghold of the Spider Queen's faith—although in recent years, this position has been somewhat shaken by the city of Menzoberranzan in the north. Lolth the Spider Queen is a goddess. And a feminist who belittles men and accepts only female priests. The aristocratic women in Gualides City are all natural candidates for priests. Once they reach the age, they will all be sent to the priest academy for training. If they can successfully graduate alive, they can directly become the top of society. The fate of men is more miserable, if they want to stand out. There are only two routes to climb to the upper strata of society, one can practice martial arts and become a powerful warrior, or one can embark on the path of arcane magic. Become a wizard. Their ultimate goal is the family's martial art master and chief wizard. For a male dark elf, if he can get this kind of position, it means he has climbed to the top, and he doesn't have to worry about how to kick the people above him down, just prevent the people below from doing the same.

According to Viconia, the current chief wizard of the Ferren family is Adams. He is the younger brother of Mistress Ferren, and he helped his sister cleanse all opponents including his mother. He is a genuine great wizard, different from a counterfeit like Jon. As for what he is good at, Viconia is unwilling to disclose, and it is not convenient for Jon to ask... But if this magic circle was arranged by Adams, then it is roughly speculated that he should be in protection, prophecy and evocation More specialized in magic.

Jon hadn't met Adams yet, but he had long considered the drow wizard one of the biggest obstacles to his trip. The mistress and priests have lost their magic, and they are not wizards after all, and they don't have enough knowledge in arcane. Jon can calmly conceal it and confuse right and wrong. But these tricks of his can't fool a truly brilliant wizard. Take today as an example, because Madam Ferren doesn't want more people to know about their meeting—especially the men in the family—so Adams He was not accompanied at the scene, otherwise, Jon's practice of pretending to be a great wizard would be exposed on the spot. Fortunately, Drow's social system created natural contradictions, confrontations, and obstacles for them.

Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never end in a hundred battles. Since Jon expects to stay in the city of Guarides for a while, he will inevitably have to deal with this Mr. Adams Ferlan in the future, so he can learn more about it in advance Information is always good.

However, Viconia's answer was beyond his expectation.

"Not Uncle Adams," said the dark elf, "and, you have seen it."

"I have seen it?" City, came directly to Ferlon's house, during which I only met the mistress and the priests, and never visited the wizards in the family, how could I meet?

"Gatekeeper," Viconia reminded.

Jon immediately realized that he came in through the main entrance, so he naturally saw the ghost of the "Gatekeeper". At that time, he was quite curious and asked Viconia what was going on. "This joint magic circle was arranged by him. To be precise, it was jointly arranged by the chief wizards in the history of the family," Viconia explained. "The role of the gatekeeper actually lies in this."

Jon gasped slightly. Although he was gradually familiar with the social structure of the dark elves, he was still a little appalled by this exploitative practice that would not spare even the dead. "These drow wizards are so pitiful," he thought to himself, "they were ordered by the priests when they were alive, and even after they died, they still have to become ghosts and continue to work."

Conia didn't have Jon's inexplicable ideas. In her opinion, all of this was taken for granted, and the law of the dark elves was like this. Nothing to be surprised about. She came to visit late at night, not to talk about these boring topics with Jon, but to have other things.

"You are making trouble for yourself," she warned, "why did you kill Leo?"

Is there such a saying as being merciful?"

"But you are not a drow." Viconia said coldly, "You are just a human being."

"Well, yes , I am a human, you are a drow... so what?"

Viconia frowned.

"Recognize the situation you're in. Lannister," she said bluntly, "thisHere is Gualides, not your surface homeland, nor Ikasha. Although your abilities are astonishing... I used to be skeptical about your short lifespan. How it is possible to have so many famous wizards, now it seems that it may not be a fiction. But if my mother and sisters were going to kill you, you'd die a hundred times without a doubt. "

"I can't die a hundred times." Jon said, "I don't have the ability to die and resurrect."

The drow girl was a little angry, her chest seemed to be Following the ups and downs, she glared at Jon, "I'm not joking with you."

"I know," Jon raised his hand to signal surrender, but Viconia was startled and didn't Understand the meaning of this action. "But what I want to know is why you care about me so much."

"Nonsense, does this need an explanation," Viconia snorted, "since I brought you to Gua Reedus. It means that my fate and your fate are connected to a certain extent. If you are finished, will I still be good for you."

Jon nodded.

"Understood. Then," he paused, "Who should I be wary of? Miss Jaffa?"

"You can rest assured," said Viconi Ya said, "You killed Leo today, and Jaffa is very happy. According to her habit, she won't trouble you for at least ten days and a half months."

"Well "Jon raised his eyebrows, he was a little puzzled, "Happy? No way, I didn't see her very angry..."

Anyway, if my sister was killed by outsiders, I would No reason to be happy.

A sneer appeared on Viconia's face, which added a bit of enchanting beauty to her originally delicate face, "Do you know the progressive rules of drow?"


"For example, there are more than 200 families in Guarides City, and the top 21 families are eligible to sit in the ruling council. If one day, the No. The 23rd Cannoli family destroyed the 21st ranked Misel family—according to the rules of our drow, the Misel family has never existed since then, not at all—then what do you think will happen? What result did it lead to?"

"It should be that the Cannoli family became the twenty-first family, replacing the Misel family in the ruling parliament."

"Wrong," Wei Wei Conia shook her head, "The Marek family, which was originally ranked 22nd, has stepped up to become a new member of the ruling council. As for the Canoli family, it can only rise to 22nd. That is to say, The order of drow does not allow jumps, only progressive, if there is a vacancy in the front, then it can only be replaced by the latter one in turn."


"Progressive rules It is applicable in many places, including within the family," Viconia continued to explain, "For example, Jaffa is the eldest daughter, and she is the natural heir of the mistress; while Leo is the second daughter..."

"I see."

"Drow has a saying: The youngest daughter is the best. Lannister, you understand what it means now," Viconia sighed slightly , "You should also be able to see that the mistress treats me fairly tolerantly, not because of doting, but because I pose the least threat to her. In the history of drow, most mistresses were murdered by their successors , so every mistress is wary of her daughters, the higher the ranking the more dangerous the daughter, and fortunately I am the youngest one."

Jon was silent for a while, shaking slightly In the crystal wine glass in his hand, the dark purple liquid was rippling in it, shining slightly.

"The eldest daughter has a high status in the family."

"Naturally, the eldest daughter is the legal heir of the mistress, second only to the mistress, and in all other families Above members. Including Martial Arts Chief and Chief Wizard."

"Heir," said Jon, "but according to the experience of our human society, this position is not easy to sit in, especially when there is a strong And in the case of a wise monarch."


Jon nodded silently, he found that he had a little contempt for Jaffa. Based on his previous impressions, he basically judged her in his heart as a cruel, reckless, impulsive, and fearless existence. However, it was only after hearing what Viconia said. The dark elves allow and even encourage infighting and massacres. The inferiors murder the superiors in order to advance. This is a crime in the human world, but it is justified in the drow world. As the eldest daughter, Jiafa must be closely monitored and suppressed by Mistress Ferren on the one hand. On the one hand, there are threats from the younger sisters behind her. She can always sit firmly in this position and stand upright, which is already a kind of ability in itself. Someone with such abilities shouldn't be as reckless and impulsive as she showed...Of course. It is also possible that she is indeed an incompetent person, and Mistress Ferren supported her to protect her as a prop to suppress the ambitions of other daughters; but it is more likely. It was she who was faking it, or rather a gesture.

I have been acting too smoothly recently, and I have taken it lightly.

"So, as the second daughter, Leo has always been Jaffa's opponent... Mistress should be very happy to see this situation."

" That's natural," Viconia said, "and now you have broken this balance."

"I can't do anything about it."

Viconia shook her head , I don't want to continue to entangle on this topic. Anyway, as far as I can tell, "This is what you wants things. she said, taking a small sack from her bosom and handing it to Jon, which was bulging inside. Appears to contain some sort of powdery object.

Jon reached out to take it, "Thank you."

"There is something I have to remind in advance." Viconia looked at Jon, "I didn't know what you were going to do Nothing, but be careful not to make too much noise, lest you trigger the Curse of the Stone."

"I know," said Jon, "I wouldn't do such a stupid thing."

"Then what do you want this for?"

"It's useful," Jon said, evading an answer.

Viconia didn't ask any more questions, she stood up gracefully, "Goodbye, I wish you good luck." The drow girl said, and walked out the door.

"So far, how many people have fled from the Ferran family?" Jon asked behind his back, sitting still.

"Thirty-seven," Viconia stood still, "but thirty-five of them are already dead."

She pondered for a moment, then turned around, " I have chased and killed three groups of fugitives, and they all seem to have received some orders or received some news, and they all headed south of the city at the same time... I guess they intend to go to the Lanmores district."

"Lanmores District..." Jon repeated in a low voice, he knew that it was the poor district of Guarides City, where the bottom of the society lived.

"It's just a guess, or intuition."

"I heard that women's intuition is always accurate."

Viconia laughed, He opened the door and walked out.

Jon leaned back, sinking comfortably into the leather seat. Facing a group of lizard cavalry in the morning, although they looked free and easy on the surface, they were actually very nervous in their hearts. You must know that this is a gamble. . Finally, it was properly prepared in advance, and the on-the-spot response became fast, and it succeeded in the end. After returning to the residence, the whole person relaxed, only feeling exhausted, and was about to take a break, but Viconia knocked on the door again. Although the other party should have no malicious intentions, Jon still dare not take it lightly, after all, the other party is a dark elf who has lived for hundreds of years.

He was about to take a rest, when there was a soft knock on the door again, "Come in." Jon said, a little strange, who else would come to visit so late, could it be Viconia Go and come back?

The door was pushed open, and it was Freddie who walked in.

Jon relaxed, "What's the matter, Freddie, why don't you rest so late."

"Because, today is a special day."

"Huh?" Jon was taken aback, but he was not an idiot after all. The girl suddenly mentioned some special date. There are only two possibilities. One is anniversaries, such as wedding anniversaries, first meeting anniversaries, and the other It's birthday. Anniversary... It seems that it hasn't arrived yet, so it should be your birthday, and it's almost time...

"I almost forgot, today is your birthday."

"Hmm "Freddy walked up to him obediently, knelt down, and looked up at him, "Then I want a birthday present, is that okay?"

Spider Chapter Fourteen Old Dream

Jon looked at Freddy, her hair was fluffy and loose, she had obviously just showered and dried, and she was only wearing a pink pajamas with countless bear patterns printed on it, it was her Bring it with you. In fact, she didn't like too many pattern decorations on her clothes. Her pajamas used to be plain white, and she changed her habit after getting to know Jon.

"Sneaked out?" Jon asked, reaching out to stroke her hair gently. He was sitting on the chair, and Freddy was half kneeling beside him, softly laying her face on his lap, like a well-behaved Persian cat contentedly enjoying the caress of its owner, "Well," she said, "Flia is asleep."

"What birthday present do you want?"

"I want...you promise first."

"You tell me first and let me see."

"No, I want you to agree first."

Jon hesitated slightly. Make a promise in advance, but think about it again and again. Freddy has never asked for anything since she met her. Today is her birthday, so just try to follow her wishes. Anyway, based on his understanding of Freddy, the little girl was always well-behaved and would not make excessive demands.

"Okay," he said, "I say yes, what do you want?"

"I want you to stay with me tonight."

"That's it?" Jon was a little surprised.

"Well," she said, "that's all."

Jon hesitated for a moment and said nothing. It's nothing to stay with her for one night, but emotional matters are always complicated, and these subtleties often mean subtle changes in the relationship. If it was said that when he first returned to the City of Shadows a few months ago, he couldn't help but feel a little unhappy that Freddie had lied to him, but now that he has walked along this road, he has long since ignored the past at all. It's just from acquaintance to lover, then from lover to stranger, and now we treat each other as friends. For the time being, I haven't thought about getting back together, I just plan to maintain the status quo first, muddle through, and talk about things in the future.

Seeing his silence, Freddy thought he was refusing, and couldn't help feeling anxious. Her mother died early, her father was a mansevere. She is also protected by her older sister, Freya, so that she has developed a weak and obedient character, and rarely has her own opinions in dealing with things. This time, he had summoned up his courage in advance to speak to Jon on the basis of his birthday, seeing that he refused. Immediately my heart felt dark, thinking "He doesn't like me after all." Standing up slowly, he forced a smile and said, "It's late, I'm leaving. You can rest." But I couldn't help but see two lines in my eyes Tears dripped down, and when she said the last word, her voice was already choking.

Jon subconsciously stretched out his hand. He took her into his arms. He was very tired just now, and when he saw Freddy coming in, he didn't care too much. Now that he looked closely, he found that the little girl was pale, her lips were bloodless, her eyelids were drooping, and she was desperately trying to hold back her tears. But it was futile after all, there were already two lines of tears on his face. When I hugged her just now, I felt a lot lighter, but now I wrap my arms around her and let her sit on my lap. This feeling is more obvious.

"Why is it so light... It's much thinner than before."

He was surprised, and he knew the reason after thinking about it. Freddy was of noble birth. Pampered and pampered, like a flower growing in a greenhouse, her physique is not good. If she stays in this cold, dark and gloomy area for too long, she will naturally become unable to bear it.

Thinking of this, pity suddenly came to my heart, and I remembered that when the two of them were together, they often sat on her lap like this to make her happy. All kinds of sweet scenes from the past flashed before his eyes, as if reappearing yesterday, his heart suddenly softened, "Okay," he whispered, "I'll be with you tonight."

Freddy originally Already desperate, hearing what he said, I almost couldn't believe it, but I didn't dare to ask for confirmation, thinking that even if I heard it wrong, I was willing. Suddenly he felt a warm touch on his cheek, and he was taken aback before realizing that it was a gentle kiss from Jon. At this time, she was not so clear-headed, and her mind was dazed for a while, and she finally came to her senses, "He kissed me, that means he agreed." For a while, she smiled, and felt that she had never been like this in her life. Happy too.

Seeing that her face was full of tears, but her smile was bright like a flower, and her brows and eyes were full of joy, Jon couldn't help but feel his heart tremble. Speaking of it, Freddy was his first lover in this world, and it was like his first love. Although he was not as close as his elder sister Shanjia, and not as strong and bright as Memphis, he couldn't really erase it from his heart after all. If it wasn't for that incident, we wouldn't be in this situation now. He sighed softly, reached out to wipe away her tears, and said, "Okay, don't cry, you are already fifteen years old now, why do you still look like a child."

Fleur Di got him to agree, and he was satisfied for a long time. Being hugged in his arms, he felt warm all over his body, as if he was in the clouds, and he was in a good mood, so he didn't think about anything else. Hearing that Jon said that she looked like a child, he couldn't help but retort casually: "I was still a child." I put my face in his arms, and after a while, but didn't hear any movement, I couldn't help being surprised, looked up, Seeing that Jon was contemplating, he was a little strange and asked, "What are you thinking?"

Jon was silent for a while, and said, "Freddy, do you know why I brought you here?"

"I know," Freddy said, "You are worried about Freya, she just has more worries when I am here."

Jon was slightly startled, and looked intently She, seeing the innocence and simplicity on her face, didn't seem to care at all. "You don't blame me?" he asked in a low voice.

Freddy shook her head, "No, I like you, I am willing to be by your side, I am willing to follow you, and watch you every day. Even if you don't tell me, I still ask my sister to take me with you. I am willing."

"Why do you like me so much?"

"I just like it," Freddie curled her whole body into Jon's arms, "There is no reason for this. There are so many people in the world, you will always like someone, and I just happen to like you."

Jon stroked her face, gently Squeeze it, feel the soft and soft skin, "Have you ever thought about it, maybe it's because you know too few men," he said, "The City of Shadows is too small, and there are too few people, go to Take a walk in the wider world outside. Meet more people, maybe you will meet other people you like."

"So what, I already have my favorite. "

"How do you know if you haven't tried it, maybe you will find someone you like better," Jon teased her, "It's not in line with the rigorous spirit of a wizard to make a judgment so early. "

Freddy smiled sweetly. She slipped back the collar of Jon's robes and kissed his collarbone. "That may be true, but it doesn't make sense," she said. "According to what you say, do I have to get to know all the men in the world before I can choose a lover? I like you, that's it, and I will never look down on others again."

Jon leaned down and kissed her hair. He picked her up and put her on the bed, "I'm going to take a shower." He said, "Wait for me to come back."


Between lovers, there are some A tacit understanding that is not enough for outsiders. As usual, when Jon came out of the bathroom and returned to the bed, Freddy was completely naked, her skin white. It also looks very eye-catching in a dark room, just like a flawless white jade sculpture. Seeing Jon return to the bed, he took the initiative to put his body close to him, hugged him tightly, but did not speak. After a while, he let out a long breath. As if relieved.

"What's wrong? asked Jon, wrapping his arms around the girl's waist and holding her in his arms.

"I haven't been in your arms for a long time," she whispered, "I like to smell you."

Jon didn't know what to say for a while, He just hugged her, stroked his hands down from the hair, slid across the smooth back, and paused slightly in the hollow of the waist, "The waist is thinner than before," he said softly, "You have become thinner. "

"Don't you like girls to be slim?"

"It's not good to be too thin," Jon said, "It's better to be a little fat, otherwise..." He Biting the girl's earlobe, "Otherwise it will be hard and pressed under my body, and I will feel uncomfortable."

Freddy's face was flushed, her breathing had become hot, but her skin was gradually trembling Qi Hanli, "Kiss me." She said vaguely, with her jade arms hugging Jon's neck, her face was upturned, her eyes were closed, waiting for the man's kiss. Her lips were bloodless at first, but now they have become rosy, as delicate as flowers. Jon was not in a hurry to pick, "little girl," he said softly, "your sister is next door."

Ever since he knew that the twin sisters could communicate telepathically, Jon understood why Freya didn't even look good on herself. He always thought that he was innocent, and he didn't provoke the other party. At most, he just hooked up with her sister. It's not a bad thing to have a happy relationship. But the truth is... In a sense, Jon has been raping Freya all along.

Jon doesn't know how clear the telepathy between their sisters is, it seems to have something to do with the distance, the closer the distance, the stronger the induction, and the farther the distance, the weaker the induction. But the City of Shadows is such a big place, and when she slept with Freddy in the wizarding school, Freya must have sensed it—that is, every time Jon entered Freddy's body, Freddy Ya must also feel invaded. Being wantonly violated by a man who has never met and never met, there seems to be no other adjective for this except "rape".

Jon is not a kind person, rape is rape, but there is not much guilt, not to mention that this matter is really unimaginable, it seems that he is not to blame. It's just that since she knew the cause and effect, it was only natural for Freya to resent herself, and it was not considered that she had been wronged innocently. Now my younger sister is on my bed, but my older sister is next door. With such a close distance, if I do something to Freddy, Freya must feel the same way... Although it seems very charming, there is still something wrong with this kind of thing.

"It's okay," Freddy said, "she's asleep."

"Are you sure?"

Freddy smiled slyly, "I put a sleep spell on her."

Jon laughed dumbly, and patted her face lightly, "That's smart," he praised, "Aren't you afraid your sister will be angry?"

The little girl pouted, "Then what can I do, I can't be with the person I like for the rest of my life because of her... How can there be such a reason..."

The following words Before she finished speaking, her lips were blocked, and the familiar masculine breath overflowed, and she felt that she was almost completely wrapped. The bit of sobriety that she couldn't hold back collapsed in an instant, she subconsciously hugged her tightly, pressed her body tightly, and unknowingly stuck out the tip of her tongue. Responded with passionate kisses.

In a daze, I don't know how long it took. When she woke up again, she found that Jon had finished kissing and was carefully looking at her body, his hot eyes slowly sweeping over every inch. The skin is like appreciating a work of art.

"Don't look." She was a little shy. He covered his chest and lower body with his hands, but was pushed away by Jon. "I like to see it," he teased intentionally, and stretched out his hand to gently knead her chest, "it seems to be getting smaller."

"Hmm." Freddy was a little frustrated, "People have changed They lost weight, and so did they."

"It's okay," Jon reassured, "still big. Enough."



Jon doesn't have much love for cows, what he values ​​is shape, and Freddie used to have a C cup. Although it has shrunk a bit now, it still maintains the level of B, and most importantly, it is still strong and proud, which is enough. He lowered his head to suck the tip of the pink bud, licked it lightly, put one arm around Freddy's waist, preventing her from moving around, and quietly moved the other hand down the abdomen. Swimming between her legs, her fingertips felt wet and greasy.

"It's soaking wet." He teased, his fingers had found their place expertly, and began to work quickly. For him, Freddy's body was too familiar. There is no secret at all, he clearly knows where every sensitive point on the little girl is. I also know how to satisfy her as quickly as possible.

Although the same scene had happened countless times before, Freddy was still flushed with shame, and when she was about to struggle, she was suppressed again, unable to move, but her breathing became more and more rapid. Bei Chi bit her lip, trying to keep her voice down, but she couldn't restrain it after all. A deep moan came out of her throat intermittently, but it sounded extraordinarily beautiful and ecstasy. After a while, her body suddenly tightened, her waist and abdomen straightened up, her whole body arched back on the bed, and then she fell softly, as if she had just experienced a big battle, exhausted, unable to move at all, unable to even speak No, just gasping for breath, slightly sweating from his body.

Jon slowly withdrew his right hand and pinched her face gently, but put his index finger and middle finger near her lips. Those two fingers had just entered her body, and they were still covered with transparent liquid. Freddy glanced at him shyly, opened her mouth to suck her fingers in, and sucked slowly.

"It leaked a lot just now, it's like a flood," Jon teased her, "what's the smell."

The little girl gave him an angry look and refused Answered, but the expression on his face was extremely charming, and Jon's lust was full of desire. "Like it?"

"Like it," she whispered.

"Did I feed myself when I wasn't around?"


"Really?" Jon didn't believe it , "Don't lie, or I'll be angry."

"There... a few times at the beginning," Freddie stammered, "and then it's gone."

/p> "Why don't you continue."

"That's... that, anyway... different from you, I don't feel any good at all."

"Then now Enough, it's time to sleep." Jon said deliberately.

"No," Freddy believed it was true, and became anxious, "I...I want you..."

"What do you want me for?" Jon pretended to be puzzled , "Be clearer."

The little girl bit her lower lip, her face was hot, "Please..." she begged, "I will die of shame."

Jon laughed, "I just like to see you shy." He said, sitting on the head of the bed, patted her on the head lightly, Freddie heaved a sigh of relief, gathered the newly recovered With a little effort, he got up, knelt between the man's legs, lowered his head, opened his cherry lips, and licked his soft tongue to serve him carefully.

"It seems that the skills have not regressed." Jon commented while enjoying it.

"Because I always review in my heart." The little girl replied proudly.

After a while, Jon felt that his guy had swelled to the limit, so he hugged Freddy, let her lie flat, pressed himself on his body, separated his jade legs, and prepared to stand up and enter. . Freddy closed her eyes and was looking forward to it with some trepidation. She was excited and sweet at the same time. Suddenly, she felt her arms raised, as if she was completely out of control. push.

Caught off guard, Jon was pushed and rolled over, and just happened to be next to the bed again, and fell to the ground with a thud. Freddy hurriedly got out of bed and helped him up, "I'm sorry..." She distinguished anxiously, "I didn't mean to just now..."

Jon calmed down a little, and he understood what happened. Freddy would never push him on purpose, not to mention that the force just now was so strong that she was definitely not able to do it. "It's your sister," he said, "is she awake?"

Freddy was taken aback for a moment, then nodded, "Yes, she woke up suddenly..." She hesitated, " She told me to go back right away..."

Jon snorted, he was suddenly pushed off the bed just now, his back hurt and his heart was angry. If it is normal, maybe it is not for oneself, and it is fine, but now he has changed his mind. He picked her up and put her on the bed, "don't care about her," he said, "it's not the first time anyway."


" Didn’t you say it, you can’t have sex with the man you like for the rest of your life because of her. Besides, if she gets married in the future, you will be the same...”

Speaking of this, Jon suddenly Startled, he had always forgotten about it. Since the twin sisters are telepathic, when she and Freddy are happy, Freya will feel the same way, as if she was raped by herself. Then in the future when Freya gets married and sleeps with her husband, wouldn't Freddy be enjoyed by others at the same time?


After Jon figured this out, he broke into a cold sweat. Fortunately, Freya didn't like that guy Kuken and ran away from marriage, otherwise... no, this matter must be stopped.

Simply getting Freya into his hands, Jon thought about it a few times, thinking that it would be a great joy in life to play double flight with these beautiful twin sisters.

Fortunately, everyone is now in Gualides City, which is thousands of miles away from the City of Shadows, so there is no rush for this matter. I will eat my sister first, and I will also develop the sister next door by the way.

"But," Freddie whispered, "She used to be far away, and she didn't have a strong sense. Now she is next door, so close...what are you doing?"

But Jon ignored her, reached out to take the pajamas she had taken off, twisted them into ropes, and tied her arms, "Did I tell you before that there is a sex game called binding?" He kissed Her cheek, "I'll let you taste it tonight──by the way, let your sister experience it too, okay?"

"No, Jon..."

" This is a birthday gift you asked for yourself," Jon said, sneering, "By the way, you are twins, so today is also her birthday... just right, let her clearly experience what it is like to be a man."

Seeing his expression, Freddy knew that he was angry, and his heart was in a mess for a while. In the past few months, she has been thinking about it day and night, looking forward to reliving her old dreams with Jon. Now that she finally has the opportunity, she naturally refuses to give up easily. She put a sleep spell on Freya in advance, she thought soArrangements were made as soon as I arrived, but my sister suddenly woke up. Now that things have gotten to this point, she is not good at being quick-witted, and she doesn't know what to do. If she obediently obeys Jon, she will definitely wrong her sister; but if she wants to reject Jon, she is reluctant. At a loss, Jon lowered his head and whispered something in her ear.

"Be good, Freddy," he said softly, "I like my women to be good."

Freddy was a little hesitant at first, but after listening to him With these words, all the strength disappeared immediately, and there was no thought in her mind for a while, she closed her eyes and did not resist, allowing Jon to separate her legs and invade her body bit by bit.
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