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Chapter 15: Gentleness on the Breast

Chen Yixiao's arms were numb. He didn't know how he broke in. The staggering Chen Yixiao kicked open the door on the fifth floor, and there was no beast inside!

And the living human women have been shivering and hugged into a ball, just in line with Chen Yixiao's heart: "Don't struggle!" Chen Yixiao used the last trace of energy to launch space teleportation, sending these girls again Sent back to Qingshan Town, he slumped weakly on the ground, Chen Yixiao panted violently for a moment, took out the water from his backpack, put it in his mouth, and swallowed only when he knew that the water vapor completely soaked his hot throat, and then he slapped it randomly. After swallowing some jerky, I felt a little more comfortable in my trembling stomach. After some killing, the scarlet in Chen Yixiao's eyes receded.

It was too late to take a breather, and Chen Yixiao rushed to the third floor non-stop with the energy replenishment. The battle here is also brutal. There are only 16 people left with more than 30 abilities!

Chen Yixiao no longer hesitated to swallow a fourteenth-level law crystal core in one bite. This was originally Chen Yixiao's plan to upgrade, but now it can only be used to replenish energy! Just replenishing energy like this is extravagant and dangerous, because the black energy in the body will increase, and Chen Yixiao will not do it unless it is a last resort.

Of course, it is not without solution. As long as the energy in the body is consumed cleanly, the newly generated pure energy of the human body will be restored after continuous washing. For example, how to clean a bottle containing ink? First pour out the original ink and then add water, and it will be clean after so many times.

Therefore, although Chen Yixiao is cautious, he is not worried.

With the addition of energy, Chen Yixiao led the remaining power users to kill all the way until the orcs on the first floor were also cleaned up. At this time, there were fourteen orcs who died in the hands of everyone. Five hundred is there!

"We have won!" The crowd cheered excitedly.

But Chen Yixiao knew that the main reason was that there were few 14th-level abilities here, and the main force of the orcs was not affected: "Speed ​​will gather the remaining humans!"

Without the care of the orcs, the people who were raised in the pigsty were rescued one after another, and more than 1,600 people remained, with a twist of all people disappearing in place.

Shiba is holding the brain of a human psychic with an intoxicated face, carefully sucking the brain dry first, and then gnawing the cortex and brain stem one by one, and Shiba reluctantly licks after eating Just licking my fingers, this is the brain of a human level 14 power user, the taste is really good!

With his dexterous tongue licking around his lips, Shiba grabbed a bright red heart and began to gnaw at it. The couple next to him were horrified.

Eighteen jokingly said to the couple, "Don't worry, you are not even qualified to be my food. Only the advanced human beings can bring me energy."

Suddenly An orc staggered in and roared.

"What? Someone attacked our farms and breeding grounds! It's still one person! A bunch of trash!" Shiba came straight with the high-level orcs, only to see the corpses of the orcs everywhere. The first to fifth floors were all dyed red, Shiba looked at the dead clansman, and his heart was very angry: "Ah!!!"

An angry Shiba slammed the big "bang" on the farm with one punch and one punch. The building finally collapsed under the torment.

After venting his anger, Eighteen became somewhat sober: "The nearest base here is only Qingshan Town, so many humans and ordinary people will definitely not be able to run far, go down and integrate all the troops and attack Qingshan Town!"

Don't even tell me that Shiba was hit straight!

At this time, Chen Yixiao was lying on the bed exhausted. The continuous battle made him sleep a little tired. As for the people who brought him, he was handed over to Shan Wang. Shan Wang, who was in a wheelchair, was very busy. , There are so many ordinary people in the base all of a sudden, it is impossible to say that there is no opinion, but fortunately there are 16 more ability users, all of them are masters of the 14th level, which makes the mountain king brow slightly.

Zhuge Wenwan was also very busy at this time, Shan Wang looked at his busy wife and held his wife's hand with distress: "Some things can be left to the following people or to the following people. People."

Why doesn't Wen Wan know this truth, but now the king of the mountain is not as good as before. In the past, the king of the mountain could resist level 15 abilities without breaking his legs at level 14. The unshakable great god, but now in order to deal with the crisis, a large number of crystal cores have been distributed, and the fourteenth-level ability users in the base have suddenly increased to thirty-six. They already have a tendency to form a group. Such a gentle heart is very Therefore, at this time, the sixteen power users from outside must be attracted by Wen Wan!

It's just that these gentle hesitations still haven't told Shan Wang, because Shan Wang's heart is at a sensitive time, he can only slowly suppress the restlessness of his subordinates, and wait for Shan Wang to slowly get rid of his emotions after stabilization. Be steady and talk to him! Wen Wan thought about it and said: "Husband, don't worry, we are one, I should share more for you."

Shan Wang smiled happily, looking at the gentle and virtuous appearance in his heart Satisfied: "Alright, you go and settle them, I'll go outside to check the defense, but we can't let the tragedy of Shimiao Town repeat itself on us!"

This base has people he cherishes, and Shan Wang will do everything he can to protect him! Even at the cost of his own life!

Wen Wan twisted her sexy buttocks to comfort the sixteen A power user, Wen Wan is very careful here. The residence of these power users happens to be the original restless people in the original base, so Wen Wan can better monitor them.

p> After a while, Wen Wan left everyone with a feeling of spring breeze.

"Hey, great beauty, aren't you tired from busying yourself lately? A hip-hop voice came, but it was a man, leaning on the stone wall and staring at Wen Wan with a ruffian face, with aggressive eyes constantly scanning back and forth on Wen Wan's chest and buttocks.

p> This kind of gaze made Wen Wan very uncomfortable. You must know that when Shan Wang was healthy in the past, these people didn't even dare to look at themselves, at most they secretly glanced at their cleavage: "It's not up to you to do anything. Take care! Remember that the mountain king is still my deputy at the base! ”

The gentle face showed a serious warning of frost, and at the same time there was a trace of panic in the heart. The person who spoke was called Magneto, who could control ten iron pieces to rotate and kill the enemy. Currently, he is second only to the mountain king in the base. The existence of , no! Even after Shan Wang lost his legs, Shan Wang was not necessarily his opponent. There were two other people next to him, namely the agile ability user nicknamed Shadow King and the fire-type ability user of Fire King.

The three people usually have similar smells and are very lustful, but they are suppressed by the Mountain King and do not show too much. In addition, a few people have outstanding abilities, and the Mountain King does not reject too much. At most, they are marginalized. It is one level slower than others and it is not reused. Now a few people are the leaders of the uneasy factor.

So when the smart and gentle talk, I deliberately moved out of the mountain king, hoping to calm down a few people, but a few people are still the same. The hippie smiling face seems to be undisturbed, Wen Wan sees that her posture is not right, she immediately wants to leave, and walks past several people with sexy steps. I have something to ask you. "Speaking of which, Magneto grabbed Wen Wan and pressed Wen Wan against the wall.

Wen Wan was short of breath because of nervousness, her chest shrugged, Magneto stared naked at Wen Wan and opened her mouth low. Her neckline was full of snow-white crisp breasts, and she couldn't help swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Because Magneto's pulling itself was gentle in a low-neck dress, a large piece of snow-white crisp chest was exposed to Magneto's. In front of her eyes, her pink and tender nipples were even exposed. 15-1

Wen Wan regretted her death, because her underwear had been worn out for so long. Diplomacy, specially wearing a decent dress, and not wearing worn-out underwear for the sake of beauty, I thought that as long as I don't bend over, I'll be fine, but I didn't expect it to be cheaper now Magneto: "You let go! "

Magneto swallowed a mouthful of saliva: "Our brothers just want to know if you are wearing such revealing clothes to seduce those outsiders?"

Saying that, Magneto opened his gentle collar further, revealing his pink nipples and large tits: "You see your tits are leaking, and you still don't admit it." ! How can you do this? After all, you are also the second-in-command of our base. If you want to seduce those with supernatural abilities, you can find three of our brothers. As the saying goes, fat water does not flow to outsiders. "15-2

Twisted gently and violently, but ordinary people are powerful, but they can't break free: "You bullshit! I'm not what you said, do you think everyone is as full of porn as you are? Wen Wan was already angry, and the exposed breasts made her face flush with shame: "Also, let me go, Shan Wang will be back in a while, he has a bad temper.

Wen Wan moved out of Shan Wang again to try to quell these people, but for these three people, it was completely ineffective.

Magneto said with a hippie smile: "We are watching over you for the sake of the leader." This woman, to prevent you from seducing others to cuckold our leader, now I'll check if your boobs have been touched by those people.

Saying that, Magneto grabbed the gentle breasts and started rubbing them, and the hand felt soft: "I'll check the other one." Saying that, Magneto pulled away the gentle clothes and touched the other breast, ignoring the gentle and angry eyes and said brazenly: "I haven't found the scratches so far, and they shouldn't have been touched." "

The gentle and sensitive place was attacked and the breath was a little short: "Okay!" Enough of the trouble, let me go, I won't tell Shan Wang what happened today. "

Magneto jokingly glanced at his gentle and white neck, as well as his delicate facial features, especially his gentle chin, which was very sexy. As he spoke, his chin was slightly raised to follow a star before the apocalypse. Fan Bingbing was somewhat similar, and Magneto couldn't help but stare blankly: "Wait! Just because you haven't been touched doesn't mean you haven't been licked. I still need to continue to check, let me make sure there is no smell of other people's saliva. "

Saying that, Magneto put his nose to his gentle breasts and sniffed hard, his whole face was pressed against the gentle breasts, it was really fragrant! Magneto was so excited in his heart that he was indeed the second master, The body is clean, and the tits are not only soft and fragrant.

"Wait! You've verified it, let me go! "The sensitive nipples were skipped by Magneto's nose several times, which made Wen Wan both ashamed and unavoidable to tremble.

At this time, Magneto's lower body was swollen and uncomfortable, and the hot cock couldn't wait.Blowing up his pants, he continued to play the rogue and said, "I don't have a good nose, so I still need to try it!" After speaking, Magneto opened his mouth and grabbed the gentle nipple and sucked vigorously.

"Ah! Stop!" The originally gentle heart still had a bit of luck, but at this time, he knew that most of the time he could not escape, and what was even worse was that his sensitive nipples were occasionally brushed by the smooth tongue. And sucking, bursts of pleasure hit, Wen Wan is Magneto's opponent, he has played countless women, how can he not know how to make women emotional quickly.

【To be continued】
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