Daughter Compensated Dating (Daughter Version) (11-20)

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Chapter 11

Chicken soup is too powerful, so of course it has to be used. And Xueyi needs to work hard to serve her father, so she shouldn't have much time to think about it.

"Lick lick... lick lick... lick lick..."

After eating several times, Xueyi still refused to kiss the glans, deliberately making him wait a little longer. Instead, she turned to attack, grabbed the stem with her small hands, gently lifted the skin of the scrotum with her teeth, and kissed the meat bag as if sucking. The dexterous tongue is flapping from below, like a hot wok frying eggs, throwing the testicles in the middle to jump around. The sac seam was licked vigorously, and the perineum between the scrotum and anus was rubbed vigorously with fingers.

Although she hasn't heard her father moaning comfortably, she knows that he should soon be unbearable. "Sip...sip..." Xueyi was not in a hurry at all, she held the glans firmly in her palm and twirled it tightly, the heat oozing out from the friction accelerated the blood flow, suddenly, Xueyi's small mouth was full It engulfed the entire glans like a frog pouncing on it.

"Ah!" She heard her father call out. Make her happy. So this time, she focused on the glans head with all her strength, completely engulfing the glans head, using her oral care, and constantly licking the horse's eyes with the tip of her tongue.

"Lick lick... lick lick lick..."

After sucking for a while, Xueyi spit out the glans, dripped a few mouthfuls of saliva on the horse's eyes, and licked them all, and then Swim to the coronal sulcus with the sweet tip, and then kiss the scrotum along the urethra. An organ that is only a few inches has been cared for thousands of times.

"Tash ... 啜 ... 啜 <啜 ..."

After traveling around, return to the wooden pillar vertex. The serving size is significantly larger, and preparations for more intense action require a larger amount of lubrication. When ready, draw three circles with the tip of the tongueon the horse's eyes, and then open his mouth again to enclose the entire glans.

"Pop!" Xueyi covered her teeth with her lips when she swallowed, so she would not bite the stem at all. After holding the glans in her mouthshe softly licked the frenulum behind the coronal groove with her tongue coating, her movements were very light, as peaceful as lake water. She continued brewing saliva, making her mouth as moist as drinking clear water. The calm suddenly became intense, and the tongue seemed to slap the glans hard from all directions at the same time.

"Papa papa papa papa papa..."

Xueyi thinks her father must be surprised that her oral sex skills are so good. He wanted to ask her out as a compensated dating girl, and she used the skills of a compensated dating girl to let him know that her daughter was a real compensated dating girl.


"Papapapapapapapapapapapa..." Papapa..."

The more Xueyi slaps, the more enthusiastic she becomes, so she doesn't feel tired at all, and keeps repeating the movements with the same rhythm.


Xueyi is not in a hurry to finish the work , when she noticed that her father's penis was shaking, she quickly stopped, slowed down, and slowly swallowed back and forth, giving the glans a chance to rest. After snacking for a while, he spit out the penis, focused on the scrotum again, opened his mouth to completely contain one of the testicles in the mouth and stirred.

"Sip...sip..." She spit out one and took another one in her mouth. The small mouth is hardworking, and a pair of white and tender hands have never been lazy. While eating the meat bag with the mouth, the left hand is placed on the thick pubic hair to gently soothe, and the hairs are stroked one by one. The middle finger of the right hand continues Massaging the perineum, occasionally slipping on the anus, squirming slightly, not deep enough, but enough to stir up the twisted thoughts in my heart. She thought Dad must be very comfortable.

"Uncle, come again, okay..." Xueyi made a provocative question to her father. She left the seat where she had been sitting on the side, and squatted on the ground, her jade hands never let go of her penis, Ding Xiang's tongue was pointed at a point, and she licked the corner of the glans with a little force.


From right to left, Xueyi licked the corners of the flesh in a clockwise direction three times, and suddenly opened her mouth, Like a lingering spider devouring the opponent in one bite. Xueyi first rubbed the umbrella crown lightly with her front teeth, and then stirred the entire glans headwith a tongue roll. After accumulating enough saliva, she immediately launched a tongue-slapping attack.


This time Xueyi's movements are more intense than before, she thinks that her father will like and surprise her daughter more There will be such a trick. Her tongue moved quickly, and her teeth nibbled on the stem in rhythm, right herebut she patted for a while, she impulsively asked herself what she was going to do again, and suddenly stopped the movement of her tongue , holding more than half of the penis firmly in his mouth, and staring at his father in a tearful looking up posture in a daze.

"Hey..." She will cry because the opponent is Dad, and the penis in her mouth is Dad's. She never thought that she would fall to this point, and it was because her father also treated her as a hopeless rescued dating girl.

When he stretched out his trembling hand and gently stroked her hair, she remembered that she had always done this since she was a child. This changed her heart again. She no longer felt that she had done something wrong and fell into the valley. Instead, she felt that she did a good job, because she was able to make her father feel comfortable, so she started to work hard again.This time, she didn't repeat the tongue slapping the glans just now, and licked it with the most common little girl eating a cone, every bite made her mouth tight.


After eating the cone, and then the popsicle, Xueyi is hungry, even bird eggs, too full If you are full, let's have some entertainment, change to flute music. Lift the stem with the right hand, put the right hand like a peach, put most of the jade flute into the small mouth, knead the scrotum with the fivefingers in turn, and scrape the outer skin lightly with the nails.

"Uh...uh...uh..." Hold the glans in your mouth and swallow carefully. At the beginning, it was like the opening song of a concertIt was very slow and soft, and the edges and corners of the glans could feel the lips The sides are soft.


The rhythm of Xueyi's blowing music has also been turned several times, and Xueyi's head is facing the length of the penis before and after Pitching, the dick disappears in thesmall mouth. After the slow melody was played, the second movement began to be mentioned gradually. The hot mouth was like a machine gradually injecting electric current, twitching back and forth like a piston.




The action of sucking makes there is no more air in the mouth, and the penis is tightly attached to the base of the tongue and palate, Xueyi sucks very vigorously.

Suddenly, Xueyi's tongue focused on licking the horse's eyes while sucking, and at the same time started the piston movement.The three movements of sucking, licking and fucking were done in one go, smooth and flexible.

"Sooo! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!"

The speed of the head pitching motion speeds up in a straight line, "Sooo! Sooo! Sooooo!!!"

"Soo... Soo... Soo..."

Xueyi knew that her father was almost there. So although she felt a little tired, she continued. She also knows that many men, especially older ones, lose the desire to ejaculate very quickly if they don't maintain their pleasure. This is not worth it to myself, because the guests must ejaculate. There were a few times when she had to start all over again, wasting a lot of time. She doesn't care about giving her father a longer service, but she also thinks thathe may think her skills are not good enough.


She speeded up the speed of swallowing and sucking the penis much more than before, Almost every hit hits his own throat. When she started guest blowjobs, she was easily choked like this. But now she feels that this is a trivial matter.

"Soo! Soo! Soo!!!!"

She continued to exert her flute skill with all her strength, trying to bring the opponent in front of her to the realm of ascension, the piston in her mouth Increase the exerciseto the fastest speed, and the high-speed hesitation makes the sweat beat like water drops.

"Sooooo! Sooooo! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo~" Heh...heh..." Xueyi was ready to accept his sperm. Letting him cum in her mouth without choking her. Dad ejaculated batch after batch and she thought, "That's a lot!" She felt that Dad must have not ejaculated for a long time to have so much sperm. She was thankful that she was the least sperm-averse of the four girls. She has always accepted being cum in the mouth. After she was sure that the last drop was ejaculated, she slowly spit out the dick, flipped the head of the penis with the back of her tongue, and parted reluctantly. Although she didn't feel pleasure in her body, she could feel that her desire was not as high as before.

Xueyi opened her small mouth, deliberately letting her father see his own daughter's semen-filled mouth. Then "嗗?..." There was a sound of swallowing liquid in her throat, and in the next second, all the white liquid disappeared in her mouth. She also deliberately said to her father: "Hey, I swallowed it all, uncle's essence is delicious." After swallowing all the semen, Xueyi licked her lips with endless aftertaste, Light up a sweet smile. She felt very excited and funny that she had eaten so many sperm that had half the same genes as herself.

Chapter 12

Although Xueyi doesn't care about swallowing her father's sperm, every time she does this, she must have terrible bad breath, so she put a piece of chewing gum Chew it in your mouth to remove the smell of semen in your mouth. She looked at her father who didn't know what to doand said to him: "It's very cold here, uncle be careful to catch a cold." Xueyi then she carefullywiped his penis and pulled up his trousers rise.

After finishing everything, Xueyi didn't sit back in her seat, she smiled coquettishly, and took the initiative to ride on her father. She almost laughed out loud at her father's surprised reaction. She wanted to see if she could see her father's faceto see what his expression was like. But she only saw a little bit.

Xueyi tactfully put her head next to her father's ear, leaning against her body in an affectionate embrace, and said in my ear"Don't be afraid, everyone says they won't see you Who..." Because she already knew who he was.

Xueyi continued to say: "Uncle, your glans is very strong. This kind of little brother is the most comfortable to have sex with. Sister Feixue wants to do it with you next time." In fact, she really She has this idea and desire, but she hasn't finished preparing to go to that step. It's one thing to swallow the same sperm that gave birth to yourself, but it's different to be ejaculated into a pussy by daddy consequences. Because she stopped being a compensated dating woman for two months, she has not taken contraceptive pills for the same period of time. The days are also approaching a dangerous period, and she doesn't like wearing a condom to have sex, especially the first time with her father, she thinks it's better not to let her desire and let her father regret what he did -Although being pregnant with father's child is the most serious punishment-but it's not good for her to do so. After all, although incest is exciting and exciting to her, making herdesire rise to the highest point, but for a woman who has had sex with most men, Dad is actually justone more man by. She laughed at herself before thinking that incest was something that even compensated dating women could not do, but after the incident, it was not just a man playing with a woman.

Xueyi hugged her father tightly in a bear hug, with her arms around his shoulders, like a pair of lovers dancing togetherclose. Wearing a short skirt, she showed a pair of slender beautiful legs with her movements, and her calves were slightly clamped around her father's waist. Lace panties.

"Uncle, Sister Feixue likes Uncle..." Xueyi whispered in her father's ear. She really likes her father,She just didn't expect that she would like her father so much before, she loves him and hates him at the same time. She clings to her own chest, wanting him to feel it.

Recalling the conversation between them, Xueyi whispered the most seductive tease in her father's ear: "Uncle, when I showed you that day, didn't you say that every man wants to play?" Sister Feixue's tits? I'm here now, do you want to play?" After speaking, he raised his father's right hand and pressed it on his own breast.

Xueyi knows that her breasts are only B cups, but they are already bigger than most girls. And she also knows that the perfection of breasts is not just about size. It's about how firm and elastic it looks. She knew herboobs were really firm and bouncy, so she knew Daddy would love it.

But when he retracted his right hand, she covered her mouth and smiled lightly: "Uncle, you are really innocent." Of course she knew that he was afraid of doing more serious things to her daughter That's how he reacted. She has never met a guest who would shrink back like this. She thought, "Daddy, isn't it too late to be a good father?!" But that's the situation she wanted him to be in, where life would be worse than death. She wanted him to desire her body and to try to continue being a father.

She felt that this was not enough, so she pressed his other hand on her chest, and held him tighter to prevent him from retracting.As she expected, he struggled lightly After a while, he obediently played with her breasts and couldn't let go. "Oh, Uncle rubbed Feixue sister so comfortably, I think of your little brother."

Xueyi seems to be swaying her lower body in line with her father's movements, sticking to her crotch The soft meat of the labia was squeezed along the penis position, gradually stirring up the limp penis to life. "Huh? Uncle's little brother is being naughty again. Why are you so aggressive? You just ejaculated hard again." Xueyi teased her father. She didn't expect her father, who only had sex once in a few months, to get an erection so quickly. "I really want to have fun again? But the movie is almost over, and you will be seen when you take off your pants." Xueyi laughed, and breathed in her father's ear: "You just cum inside, at night Ask your wife to wash your underwear for you, saying that today a little sister got rid of the water." She wanted to say that her daughter washed his underwear, but she was afraid that would really scare him away . Although she can liberate some desires, she needs to do more sexual things to satisfy herself.

Her body-to-body movements made her feel her father's penis through her panties. She was so excited to enjoydad's cock with her mouth before, now her pussy seems to be clamping his cock in his pants, allowing her to enjoy the incest even more than before . "Yeah... Uncle... your little brother is so hard, it's up to his cunt, Sister Feixue is so excited, she wants to penetrate it for Uncle." Xueyi felt that her father was so hard because of her Said, makes his movements of rubbing her breasts tighter and tighter.

Because of the dawdling, Xueyi unknowingly said: "Hmm...so cool...fuck me...fuck me here..." and then gradually turned into a forward sprinting movement . She thought she was the only one who could move, but she found that her fatherstarted to move too, and the movement became more and more intense, and let their father and daughter simulate the thrusting of sex. She just felt that it was a pity that it was too dangerous now, otherwise she would have opened her panties and let her father directly enter her.

But just like this made her feel extremely happy because she felt him rubbing her clit. "Mmm! Mmm! No way! Uncle, you are so powerful! You can push against someone who is about to go outside, but on top of Xiaodoudou, push hard! Push hard, fuck Feixue to death Sister's." She knew the clitoris could give her an orgasm, but she just loved the feeling of a man inside her pussy.

Xueyi really didn't expect that she would feel so good that her father's ear almost screamed. All the sex she had before was done with real guns, and no client would want to save money for this kind of sex in isolation clothes. Although it was just a temporary addition for her father, she herself also got unexpected enjoyment. She knows the impact of movie theaters is loud, but she feels that even if movie theaters are completelySilence, she won't smother herself from moaning when she gets this kind of pleasure. But she still likes being fucked the most. So she cried out: "Hey! Hey! It's so comfortable! Uncle, you are so comfortable with other people's little sister! I want you to fuck me! Sister Feixue wants to fuck Uncle very much!" Hope Daddy would offer to fuck her so that if she did get pregnant, she could blame Daddy.

"Ah! Ah! Uncle! It's so hard! Push through your pants! Fuck them into the pussy!" Xueyi cried out fiercely, hoping that her father would really Will just enter her. But this time he didn't make any moves. She finally gave up, but her pleasure did not diminish so she shouted: "It's so hard! Uncle's dick is jumping! It's so strong! I don't agree! I want my uncle to cum on Feixue's sister!" "

"Yeah! Ah! Uncle! It's not over yet! Keep fucking! You're so good! Fuck my sister to death!" Xueyi forcefully used her small pussy while her father ejaculated Banging his cock, hoping she would continue to feel the pleasure.


Although she has liberated most of her desires, she is still a little dissatisfied. But she was finally tired, so she and her father hugged each other and gasped together, feeling the aftertaste of passion. "Hee hee, Uncle is awesome, so powerful." After she regained her composure, Xue Yi said with a coquettish smile. She took Dad's hand to the center of her panties, letting him knowit was a good thing for him. Let him know that his daughter can get wet like this because of him.

She felt his finger that he didn't want to let go and said: "This is not fake." But she knew that she shouldn't sit on her father anymore, and reluctantly stepped over him legs, and sat back in his seat.

Xueyi straightened her dress and suddenly thought of how to continue torturing her father. She asked in his ear, "Uncle, do you want a souvenir?" Xueyi knew that it was useless to ask, so she didn't ask again, bent down and lifted her feet, and quickly took off her panties without any hesitation. coy. "To Uncle, the first meeting gift." Xueyi stuffed the panties stained with love liquid into her father's hand, picked up the small handbag, and blew a fancy kiss: "Then I'll go first, uncle bye."

She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry after she left the movie theater. On the one hand she did something even more wrong than being a compensated woman, having incestuous sex with her own father. Although she didn't have sex with him, it was just a difference of one thought. On the other hand, she got the sexual liberation she'd been craving for two months, but she knew that was available with any man, but because it was dad, it all felt more intense and more intense. Excited, happier.

Just as she was thinking about what to do, suddenly a black four-door car drove up to her, the windows of the car had been rolled down, and the driver looked over and asked, "Snow Miss Yi, where are you going to go in broad daylight dressed like this?"

Xueyi turned her head to look, and exclaimed, "Wang Special Police?!"

Chapter 13

Xueyi sat nervously in the passenger seat waiting for Special Police Officer Wang to speak. After she got in the car, he didn't say anything and drove the car for five or six minutes to a remote place with no one. She knew what he was thinking without guessing. She knew that shewas caught by him, and he wanted to use this to ask her for sex.

Wang SWAT finally stopped the car and said: "What did I tell you and your friends that night?"

Xueyi shook and said: "You and us Said that she can no longer be a compensated dating girl..." Special policeman Wang is the special policeman who helped Xueyi and her friends solve the case.

"Then what did you do at the movie theater?"

"I...I..." She knew he was trying to scare her, but she thought he knew everything.

"I don't want to say it, do I? Then I'll take you back to the police station now!"

Xueyi knew she couldn't be taken to the police station. Although she wanted to embarrass her father, her arrest would not only make her father lose face, but even her mother would suffer. "Can you give me a chance?"

"Then let's see what you do next."

Xueyi also understood what he meant. Because he broke her case, she always thought he was a good man. She didn't expect that since he would take advantage of others' desires to bully a young girl. She unzipped his trousers and took out his erect cock. She wanted to take out a towel from her pouch to wipe his penis, but he said, "I don't need you to do extra things, I only had two women, don't be afraid! Just br/>Keep it in your mouth!"

Although Xueyi didn't like this, she also knew that he didn't give her the right to choose, soshe did as he wanted Caught his penis. She didn't think it stinks too much, so she began to perform similar blowjobs to the ones she gave her daddybefore. But Wang SWAT said: "I don't need you to play any games, just go up and down. Anyway, I'm not your father, so I can go directly to you!"

Hearing him Saying that shook a bit. She knew she really got into trouble this time. She even let a SWAT know that she had an incestuous relationship with her father.

Seeing that Xueyi didn't go on, the Wang special police pressed her head lightly and said, "I don't want to use force,so please hurry up. I want to enjoy your father Blowjob enjoyed before and then nicelyEnjoy your pussy! "

Xueyi has no choice but to do as he wants. After she got up and down a few times, he said: "I knewyour skills are much better than my wife, I really enjoy it! Your dad must also like it very much!"

Although Xueyi has worked with most men and heard them say exaggerated words, what SWAT Wang said is the truth, and it happened not long ago. She knew she had always been patient, and she could be patient now.

After she went up and down his penis a few times, Wang SWAT said again: "You should know that I didn't intend to do this to you, but you just don't listen to me, Do something you shouldn't do again...so I havesomething to discuss with you."

If Xueyi could talk, she would tell him: "There is such a discussion Is there a way to do things!?"

He continued: "One of my tasks is to monitor you. I should monitor for two years before stopping and then report. But three consecutive It’s been a month and you’ve been like this, what do you call me? Not only you, but your other two friends have also started returning to dating sites. Did they think that I would not know if I changed my name?”

Of course, Xueyi has no way to answer him. But she also knows that she and her friends are self righteous and live above the law. She didn't know what the SWAT wanted other than to fuck her.

He suddenly removed the hand that was pressing on her head, and then pushed the car seat back. "Look, the chair of my car still needs to be pushed by hand in this day and age. How difficult it is to be a policeman!"

He pulled her to show that she should step over and sit on it he. She did as he wanted, and since she wasn't wearing panties anymore, she submerged his entire cock into her pussy in one fell swoop. Although she was reluctant to have sex with him, his entry made her moan loudly. Although she enjoyed the friction with her father before, there was nothing for her that could compare to the pleasure of giving a man access. And now that she's had sex with him, she no longer has anyresistance, instead, she's completely devoted to the Qianwang Special Police.

At this time, Special Police Officer Wang changed the subject and said: "Your father really doesn't know what he missed. If it was me, I would have ripped off the underwear you gave him before, Fuck you right away!"

Xueyi didn't know how he saw all this. But she knew that since she started returning to the dating site, she had been followed by him on the Internet and on the road. But she didn't care too much, after all, it was impossible for him to tell others that he threatened her to have sexual intercourse, and she was more able to liberate her desire not to have sex.

After a while, he said again: "Ah... by the way... I want to discuss with you... discuss and let you call you... your friend can be a compensated date again Female...female...huh...condition..."

"What...what condition?" Xueyi was enjoying the cock of special police officer Wang before, so she didn't pay much attention to what he was saying say what.

"I...let me tell you that being a policeman...is not very easy...my car is still so old...my wifeson's life is not very good... …ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.but.but.but.i’ll take but 35%.) ...Then Earl asked me to play with you and your friends... What do you think?"

Xueyi didn't know what she should do, she knew that she already wanted to get back It means being a compensated dating girl, but she doesn't know if she should do it or not. She knew that Wen Wei already had this intention, and she felt that Xiao Lian should be another person who was interested in doing this. She said: "Let...I discuss with them...discuss..."

At this time, Special Police Officer Wang temporarily lifted Xueyi from below, allowing his cock to jump out of her pussy, Then move the cock up and shoot all the sperm on Xueyi's red skirt.

The two of them panted together, and he said to Xueyi, "I... huh... huh... I think you can't wait?"

Xue Although Yi has not agreed to him yet, she agrees with him.

Chapter 14

Standing at the door of the house, Xueyi didn't know what to think or feel. The desire that she had been holding on for two months was used up in one day, so she is clear now, and she knows very well what she has done. What she thought was okay before, now it's something she shouldn't even think about. She could only keep blaming herself:"Being a compensated girl is bad enough, and I have incest with my father!? What the hell did I do?!"

Her mother was at this moment When I got home, I saw my daughter with tears all over her face and immediately exclaimed: "Xueyi! What's wrong with you?! Why are you standing at the door and not going in?!"

Xue Yi cried even harder at the thought of seducing her mother's man and having incestuous oral sex with him.

"Okay, okay, it doesn't matter what happens, let's talk after we go in first!" She opened the door and wanted to pull Xueyi in, but she refused to go in. "What happened to make you look like this?Who bullied you? Tell mom!"

"I'll embarrass you! Me and me..." Xueyi wanted to say Say what I haven't had the courage to say to my parents in the past few months. But that should be when she andWhat Dad said before he had an affair. She felt that if she wanted to tell the truth, she would not hide anything, but tell everything. But it is too late now. All shethought was "it's too late."

Mum didn't understand what she was talking about, so she said, "What's so embarrassing? Tell Mom, Mom
I won’t mind.”

Xueyi didn’t want to break down in front of her mother. And she has decided that she can never tell the truth to her mother, so she will not make her mother sad even if she pretends for the rest of her life. She could only think of a way to explain why she was so sad and said that she had lost her face. She thought that when she went back to the dormitory and put the clothes back in Yong Shan's room, she learned that the homework they did together was graded zero. Although this made her very angry, it was actually not a big deal. Although she felt that the reason was a bit forced, she couldn't think of any other excuses. So she told her mother the story of how she and her friend got zero marks for their homework.

Xueyi went to take a shower afterwards, the feeling of being washed by the hot water made her mind go blank, making her not think about anything. But after washing, she thought about having an incestuous relationship with her father again and wanted to start crying. "All of thisis my fault!" She wanted to blame her father, but she clearly knew that her uncle was her father, so if she didn't go to the appointment,nothing would happen. There's no way she can give daddy a blowjob if she doesn't talk about it.

When she heard the door open, she didn't know what she should do, but she saw her mother in the kitchenand knew what she should do. When she saw her father walk in the door, she stood up from the sofa and rushed towards him excitedly:"Dad, I'm sorry!"

"Xueyi? Fa, what happened?"

"Daddy...Daddy..." Although Xueyi knew that she shouldn't hug her father, she felt that hugging himwas a good feeling, which made her feel that incest might not be as bad as she imagined . Tears flowed non-stop, she whimperedfor a while, and then barely uttered a few words: "Yes... zero points!"

"Zero points?"

At this time, my mother stepped out of the kitchen. Compared with Xueyi's excited crying, she smiled, as if making fun of her daughter's fuss: "It's a small matter, your precious girl was killed at school today." The teacher taught me a lesson."

Xueyi wiped her saliva and snot, and turned her head angrily, shouting: "What's the matter? Mom, you don't know how ugly the teacher's words are, say Our theme is not clear, the content is boring, and the narration is outdated, so give us zeropoints and get us out!"

My father said inexplicably, "Hey, why can't I understand?"

My mother smiled and said nothing, Xueyi deliberately seemed to be angry with her mother, and angrily told the whole story: "It's schoolwork! Our hard-working homework will be returned "

Dad said: "Is it because of this?"

Of course Xueyi knows that this kind of lie can only deceive her mother who has always loved her. She didn't know what her father was thinking, if it was before, he would definitely believe her. In order not to be seen through, she widened her eyesand said with grievances: "Even Dad thinks it's a trivial matter? Do you know how much time and effort we have spent? Now a sentence of zero points will sink Everyone! And it was only handed in yesterday, but it was returned today, and she didn’t look at it at all!”

“I know you all worked hard, but it’s just homework. This time it’s not good, so please do better next time It's all right, why are you crying?" Dad comforted.

Xueyi hugged her father even tighter. It's not because the comfort he gave her was useful, but because she remembered how she felt in the movie theater with him before: "But it's rare that Dad, you help us, but you fail you."

"Silly Son, you are my daughter, it is only natural for a father to help his daughter, what is so rare about it? And it is too exaggerated to describe it as a disappointment?"

Xueyi thought that her father did help her make money, and helped her She liberates her desires. She pouted and said, "That personreally feels sorry for Dad, will you forgive me?" She gave her mother a quick look, hoping she would forgive her.

Dad said: "Forgive what? I'm not angry at all?"

Xueyi leaned next to her father, wondering whether she would think of the past just like her when she did this In the movie theater scene. Then she said coquettishly: "I knew Dad loves Xueyi the most, just now I scolded Xueyi, and it was really uncomfortable to hold my breath, crying like this, and being coaxed by Dad, I feel much better. "She heard Yong Shan say that the professoractually didn't say anything. All on paper. But it is more believable to say that you are scolded. She knew that her father didn't believe it, but her mother must have believed it all.

"Are you just looking for an excuse to spoil your father? You are already a college student, and you still look like a child."Mother teased indifferently, Xueyi bickered with her mother Said: "Can't you act like a baby with your father? Don't everyone say that children are still children in the eyes of their parents at any age?" She also thought: "Can't you have oral sex with your father?"

Dad touched She looked at her daughter's hair and said with a smile, "Okay, okay, Xueyi will always be a precious child in Dad's heart."

Xueyi smiled and thought that he had done the same in the movie theater before. Just before she had his cock in her mouth. She peeked at daddy's cockWhen she found that the backs of his fingers were full of blood that had not yet dried up, she panicked and said, "Why is Dad's hand full of blood?" She knew that he was well when she left him.

Dad excused and said: "No, I accidentally fell on the ground just now and hurt a little bit."

Xueyi took his hand suspiciously and looked closely: "Did you fall? It hurt so badly, the skin was torn." She knew that things were not that simple. But she saw that their father and daughter were pretending to play together, so she didn't ask much.

"It's okay, haha, as you get older, your old bones start to harden."

Xueyi taught her father a lesson: "If you are so careless, you will be in trouble if you have bacteria. I will disinfect it for you Yes." After speakingshe stood up, went to the shelf where the miscellaneous things were placed, took out the household medicine box, soaked disinfectant wine into a cotton swab and wiped the woundfor Dad.

The drug was stained on the bloody skin, and Dad couldn't help crying out. Xueyi not only showed no sympathy, but instead hummed: "Is it that exaggerated?" But she thought: " Deserve it!"

"It's really painful to see the flesh."

"It deserves it, who told you not to pay attention, saying that I am a child, and my father is the child Where is the child?"

While teaching her a lesson, Xueyi carefully cleaned the wound for her father, washed the wound covered with dirt on the concrete floor, applied potion, and then wrapped it with gauze. The nagging that stopped, like a mother teaching her son, completely reversed the identities of the two. She knew that only then could her mother fully believe her story. And she can also make Dad continue to guess whether she knows the truth or not.

My mother saw it, saw that the silly father and daughter had taught one another, and it was the other's turn to teach that one, so she couldn't help but chuckled beside her.

"Don't take a bath if it's inconvenient, it's not good for the wound to be wet."

"How can you not take a bath in this weather?"

"That's called Mom can wash it for you, or I can do it for you." Xueyi said intentionally.

"Xueyi, what nonsense are you talking about?"

"Hey, is Dad shy? His face is blushing, so cute~" She knew he was not shy. He and she knew that he would blush because he must have remembered what he had done with her before.

Seeing her father silently looking at her, Xueyi knew that he must have remembered what happened in the morning. Unnaturallyyelled: "Dad, why do you look at others like this?"

He said directly: "Look at my daughter, she looks so beautiful."

Xueyi didn't expect her father to say such words to her in front of her mother, so her face turned even redder. Shyly snorted:"Are you trying to say that the Ma family has good genes? You don't feel thick-skinned by praising yourself in circles."

"Your father just doesn't have thick skin, It bleeds so much after a fall."

"Wow, is this a bad joke? It sucks~" She knew that his face was very thick. After doing such a shameless thing with his daughter, he continued to take advantage of her like this.

"Haha, this is the official skin and meat."

"Enough, enough, I don't blush when I say it, but I get goosebumps when I hear it!" Although she said so Said, but shefelt the desire that was missing before rising again.

"There's more to say, have you heard..."

"Mom! Dad is going to force me to run away from home!" She knew that if she didn't stop this Talking, she is very likely to show her feet. But after they continued for a while, she finally said: "Okay, I'll change the gauze before going to bed." After the wound was completely bandaged, Xueyi easily put the tools back into the medicine box, and gently patted his cheek Pointing at the back of his hand, let him yell out, and after laughing to himself, he asked his mother to go to the market to buy vegetables for dinner together. She knew she couldn't be alone with Dad all the time.

When they were about to leave, she asked her father: "What does Dad want to eat tonight?"


She thought: "Women are too Can you do whatever you want?" She said, "How about steamed shiban, geoduck and pepperchicken pot?"

"So rich?"

"Yeah , I cook by myself, and make a delicious dinner for Dad!" She didn't know where to buy the poison temporarily, or she would put some into his part.

"You cook? The instant noodles are ready, don't waste ingredients."

"What does dad mean!" She knew that if there was going to be sexual intercourse, he would definitely not so.

After she went out with her mother, her mother said, "Why does it seem that when Dad comes home, you feel better?"

She nodded to her mother with a smile Because she felt again the desire that could not be liberated.

Chapter 15

"Father, it tastes good, don't you think you'll look down on others?" Xueyi said. She wondered if he could hear her two different meanings.

"The taste is very good. It's my father's fault. My daughter's dishes are delicious."

"Hehe, my father said it tastes good." Xueyi was praised and smiled. You can't keep your mouth shut. Although she knew thathe was just talking about food, it would be nice if one of the meanings was appreciated. But she also knew in her heart that if it wasn't for her mother's guidance, she would definitely not be able to cook such a dinner. "Actually, the biggest credit tonight is stillMomLah, if she hadn't been watching from the side, the pepper chicken pot would have zoomed in on the chicken. I must learn from my mother well in the future, and I will be a good wife and mother in the kitchen in the future. But she knew that she could confuse Dad even more than Mom. She didn't need her mother's help in that.

After a full meal and a short rest, Xueyi saw her father about to go into the bathroom, so she specifically asked him, "Dad,Do you want your daughter to serve you?"

He Her reaction was within her calculations. He scolded her for speaking indiscreetly, but all she could think of was that he was a hypocrite. Saying such things, but went to his own daughter to blowjob. So Xueyi said: "Okay, dad is shyI won't embarrass you, then mom will take a bath with you, you old couples, have you tried the mandarin duck bath?"

" You child." The mother has an old-fashioned personality, and the lesson she said was absurd.

Xueyi smiled strangely while hiding: "Mom is also embarrassed, she is so old, she doesn't understand anything, I will go back to my room and not disturb you two, you two Good or bad, it’s not bad to recruit a younger brother for me." She also knew that it was impossible, after all, she knew that he had ejaculated twice today.

Xueyi breathed a sigh of relief when she returned to her bedroom. It is quite difficult to pretend to be a daughter who has never experienced any real setbacks in front of her parents. And it's even harder to pretend you don't have a libido. Although she felt that she was the most shameless person in the world after blowjobing her to her father, but when she saw a father who was more shameless than her, her libido returned and made her want again Desires that cannot be liberated. So she climbed onto the bed and put her hand inside her pajama pants and panties and started touching her clit. While stroking herself, she thought about what she did with her father today, the scene where she rubbed against him. She felt really comfortable at that point and really wished he'd fucked her right then and there. Shewas afraid of getting pregnant at the time, but she thought again why she didn't have a younger sibling and felt that he mightbe unable to get a woman pregnant long ago. Now she has lost the best chance to have sex with him, and she doesn't know when she will have another chance.

Although she wanted to masturbate to orgasm, after more than ten minutes, she couldn't concentrate on enjoying her touchbecause she could only think about when she could be alone with her father next time together, and make love to him. She wondered if her father should have finished taking a shower. So she got out of bed, got on the computer, made herself invisible, and after a whilesaw her dad surfing the Internet.

She wrote to him: "Uncle! (Kiss~)"

"Aren't you offline?" Dad asked.

"I'm invisible online, otherwise many people would talk to me." If Wang SWAT hadn't blocked all the customers' online accounts, she might have received a lot of requests to follow She asked for a conversation. She also imagined that she might have been fucked by a guest outside tonight. She felt disgusted that he didn't block her and her friend's accounts, and deliberately lured them back to become compensated dating girls.

"You are still online when you are so busy?"

"People are waiting for Bob Ye (angry)" This time she felt that she was telling the truth.

"Being so kind to me?"

"It's too much! Is sister Feixue treating you badly today? I usually give it to others once and leave, today I will give it to you
Happy twice! (rolled eyes)"

"I paid twice."

"Where, the money was already collected at that time, so I won't give you the second The second time will be the same (smiling)"

"Then I want to thank you"

"Of course! (Proud) how? Do you think Sister Feixue is excellent?"

"It's okay"

"Just okay? (disappointed)" She couldn't believe he would say that. She knew he was lying again.

"How else would I say it?"

"It's great! My goddess! I love you to death! (Exaggeration)"

"You will say this again Price increase"

"Oh, Uncle is really smart (surprised)" She didn't know why Dad would argue about money, but he didn't tell her directly that he already knew that she was compensated dating It's a woman's business.

"I'm not young, I know a little bit about the world"

"It's so indifferent, it's rare that Feixue sister works so hard, and even gave you panties (contempt)"

“I didn’t say it’s bad”

“I didn’t say it”

“I didn’t say it was okay?”

“It’s okay It's just very reluctant." Xueyi knew that her father did this just to stop having any sexual intercourse with her. But why is he online? Just like herself, if you don't want to do compensated dating, why go back to datingsites? She knew Dad was addicted, and he was addicted to his own daughter. Like she herself is addicted to having sex with men.

"Good is good, it doesn't have to be so complicated"

"Uncle is too hateful, you can't make fun of others (tears)"

"Cheat little girls Not good"

"It's worse to hurt a little girl" but she thought: "Letting a little girl give you blowjob is the worst!"

"Well, I think you are very Well, I'm very satisfied today"

"It's very fake (white eyes)" Although Xueyi knew what he really thought, seeing what he wrote really made her feel good in her heart. She looked at the screen and smiledVoice.

"It's true, tell the truth"

"Don't believe it, show some sincerity (mouth curled up)"

"What sincerity?"

"You know ($$)" She actually wanted to have sex with him again.

"I just paid today"

"That's obviously today's fee, it's because of the hard work (innocent)"

"Then now "

"Reward (Pride)"

"Surely greedy"

"Who is not greedy in beauty"

"Self-confessed She is beautiful."

"Isn't she beautiful (winking)" She had also thought about what her father thought of her beauty before. She has always felt that fathers usually don't look at their daughters with colored glasses. It turned out that she was wrong. The only thing she didn't know was when did he start seeing her like this? She only knew that he only laid hands on her when he found out that she was a compensated dating girl, but had he always had sexual desires for her?


「Then reward (reach out)」

「It seems that you are really short of money」

「 I also lack the love of my uncle." She has never needed the love of her guests. But when the guest is a father, she feelsit seems like telling the truth.

"I already love you very much"

"It's not enough, I need to love more and more" She can't wait to have the opportunity to be alone with her father again.

"How to love?"

"Cash ($$)" She knew she didn't need to say that. But she still hopes to continue actingShe has no idea that her uncle is her father. She felt that if she suddenly stopped talking about money at all, her father would be suspicious.

"Real girl"

"Nice Uncle"

"Where did you go?"

"Back to school, Got scolded (angry)" She wanted to tell him the same story as before. Let him think that she is still a good girl in a certain way.

"What happened?"

"Don't mention it, I want to cry to death" She smiled and thought that she would cry because she had an incestuous relationship with him. But she no longer cares.

"Want to die but didn't die"

"Uncle is so cruel, curse me to death (angry)"

"Just kidding, I know you can't"

"I'm joking too, I won't (laugh)"

"Are you in a better mood now?"

"Okay, Dad Let me hug you, it cleared up (the sun)" She really wanted to see her father's expression now.

"That's good"

"Sister Feixue likes her father the most (kiss)"

"Filial girl"

"I also like Uncle (be nice)"

"So honored"

"Is there any return (shy)"

"I gave you all the money"

"It's only a few thousand, Uncle Xiaoqi, let's not talk, I'm going to take a bath, and I have to change the gauze for Dad (nurse)"

"Is he injured?"

"I fell down" she thought that only Dad knew the truth.

"If you are so careless, you will be troublesome when you are old"

"Don't talk about my father, uncle, you are not young (rolling eyes), he is stronger than you"


"It's okay, uncle, take a good rest, we will make an appointment tomorrow"

"Appointment time?"

"Uncle is not looking for Sister Feixue anymore Say it twice (bad way)" Although she wanted to ask him out now, she knew that her current father would definitely postpone it. So she thought it might be better to induce him to have sex with her again every other day.


"Then let's talk tomorrow, Uncle is great today, Sister Feixue wants to eat Uncle's semen." She knows that next timeshe Will be ready to eat his sperm with my pussy.

"It's not that many times when I'm older"

"Then save it all for Sister Feixue (blush)" When she thought of this, her desire became even higher.

"Go take a shower, your dad is waiting"

"Well, Uncle went to bed early, I love you (red heart)"

"Are you Love money"

"Love rich uncle"


"8888888 (blow kiss)"

Xueyi again Go take a shower because she just tried masturbating before. She wanted to try again to see if she could orgasm, so that the desire to rise again could drop. But she only touched herself once and gave up. Because she knew shewouldn't be able to get the pleasure she needed, let alone an orgasm. So she washed it quickly and hoped that shecan have any embarrassing ways of getting along with her father again.

After taking a shower, Xueyi knocked on the door of her father's study and said, "Dad, open the door. I'll change the gauze for you."

She felt that he delayed opening the door for a while , so she raised a sly smile and said: "Dad isn't watching something, is he? Adults shouldn't watch that kind of thing." She knew that she was flirting with a compensated woman like herself before, but shewas in the shower What did you do?

Embarrassed, Dad said, "What nonsense are you talking about again!" and he pushed her out.

Xueyi knows that her father must have something for himThings you don't want her to see. But she didn't ask much. She looked at his wound and said, "Well, the wound seems to be better than this morning." She carefully removed the old gauze, washed the wound with fire wine, and applied it medicine, and then replaced with new gauze. She asked: "Is Dad still in pain?Do you want to ask for leave tomorrow?"

"I need to ask for leave for this kind of minor injury, my old horse is too useless!"

"Don't take it lightly, a small injury can easily turn into a big one, if you ignore it, it will become a big one in the future." She felt likethe relationship between them. If you don't deal with it early, it will definitely become a big problem in the future. But she also knew that the matter was already big enough. She thought: "Is there anything bigger than incest? All that's left is to have sex, and then be pregnant with his bastard..."

Although she was concentrating on bandaging her father, but From the corner of her eye, she noticed that he was looking at her, and he seemed to have an erection too. This time she remembered that she was not wearing a bra and knew he was peeking at her breasts. She wanted to laughbut she knew it would give Dad too many questions.

Xueyi knew that her father thought she didn't notice that he was peeking at her, so she endured it for a while before she said: "Dad, I just told Xiaolian and the others that we have to revisit Do that homework once and don't show it to the teacher, can yougive us another narration?"

He said: "Of course it's okay, I didn't say it, I'm you Father, my daughter needs help, I'm busyand I'm free."

"Thank you dad!" Xueyi intentionally gave her dad a warm hug again, to see how he can hide his boobsPill up.

"Xue, Xueyi, don't do this! You will press my hand!"

"Where will it be! Is it okay to hug a good girl? Dad, I love you!" She loves him and hates him, but what she needs most is a chance to have sex with him.

Chapter 16

Of course it is impossible for Xueyi to know that her father had a dream of having sex with her...

Xueyi arrived in Yongshan's dormitory room When I saw that the other two had arrived. Yong Shan and Xiao Lian sat on the bed, while Wen Wei sat on the chair. Xiaolian asked: "Xueyi, you said you want to discuss something with us personally?"

Xueyi nodded.

Wen Wei asked: "You are so mysterious, it must have something to do with compensated dating, right?"

Xueyi nodded again.

"Compensated dating?!" Yong Shan exclaimed. "You don't want to continue to do compensated dating, do you?! If you are caught, you will really go to jail!"

Xueyi said: "I saw Wang SWAT yesterday... Actually, he did I..."

"What?!" her three friends exclaimed together.

"He caught me giving blowjob to my uncle whom I met recently in a movie theater," she thought about whether to tell them about the incest, but in the end, she decided not to do it for the time being they said. "He said he won't arrest me this time..."

"Are you okay?" Xiaolian asked.

"It's okay," Xueyi replied. "It's just that Special Police Officer Wang has always been able to see what we are doing.It's like he knows that I have an appointment with my uncle to go to that movie theater, and also knows that Xiaolian and Wenwei have also been on a dating website recently... "

"Then you still want to do compensated dating?!" Yong Shan asked.

"SWAT Wang said he would cover us," Xueyi said.

"What does that mean?" Xiaolian asked.

“It means that the police will not interfere with our compensated dating, and he will also protect us from being abused by clients,” Xueyi explained.

Both Xiaolian and Wenwei clicked their heads, thinking that this is okay. Yong Shan doesn't seem to want to do it with them. So Xueyi continued: "He also said that he would let our previous customers come back to us, so that we don't need to find new customers, and we don't need to keep adding the number of men who fucked us "She knewYong Shan paid the most attention to this item. Xueyi knows that she is the one with the fewest customers among the four, but the number of men who have fucked her is almost twenty. The future husband she is looking for really cares whether she has twenty men or not. Is it thirty? She thought it was a miracle that a man could fall in love with a woman who had had ten men.

"Really?!" Yong Shan suddenly asked excitedly.

"He has the right," Xueyi said.

"Then what does he want?" Xiaolian asked.

Xueyi smiled and said: "He has fucked me before, and he also said that he wants to fuck each of you once in a while."

"That's it?" Yong Shan asked .

"Of course it's not the only way," Wen Wei said. "Xueyi, tell me, what percentage does he want?"

"Thirty-five. It's tax payment."

Xiao Lian and Wen Wei continued to nod. And Yong Shan also began to nod. Xueyi knew that although the four of them had different views on money, none of them was short of money. But after two months, they didn't have compensated dating, and they all lack sex.

Xiao Lian was the first to say: "Okay, I will participate!"

Yong Shan said before Wenwei: "I want to participate too!"

Finally Wen Wei also said: "I will also participate." But she said: "I forgot to ask the most important question!"

Xueyi didn't knowWhat matters most. She looked at her questioningly.

"Are you comfortable being fucked by Wang SWAT?" She asked with a serious face.

When asked by her, the four girls burst out laughing. When Xueyi stopped laughing, she said: "Well, youyou have to experience it yourself!"

The three girls said together: "Wow!"

"So stingy!"

"You don't have enough friends?!"

They made a fuss this time and Yong Shan asked: "Then what about the uncle you dated?" ?! You've been thinking about hiscock!"

Although Xueyi doesn't want to tell her friends that her uncle is her father, she is proud of his proud. "If I'm prepared, it will be the most comfortable to be fucked by my uncle's cock!"

Chapter 16

Xueyi felt very excited when she returned home. Although she knows that going back to do compensated dating is not a good thing, but she feels that doing so is very important to her now. After all, apart from having an incestuous relationship with her father, she just returned to the statea few months ago. Now she and her friends decide to do it themselves instead of being forced into compensated sex, and she doesn't have to fear being caught by the police. She can't wait to find her first client back in compensated dating again: her dad.

But she also knows that it will happen in a few hours. She could only wait obediently. When he got home, she waved to her father: "Dad, come here."

My father said, "What's the matter? Look at your ghostly expression."

"Of course I have something good for my dad." Xueyi smiled mischievously and handed her a beautifully packaged gift to her dad: "For Dad!"

"What is it? Today It's not Father's Day, nor is it my birthday, so it's good to have a gift?"

"You can take it apart and have a look."

Dad unpacked it and took out a beautiful tie.

Xueyi couldn't help snickering again and said, "I cheated those women to buy it. I told my father to run twice and don't givesome presents. Everyone will be sorry." She said But she knew that this was the last time she was wondering where to see her father's penis
, after Wen Wei found out the picture of her father's penis, the three of them all wanted to hit him, even though she had been to Wen Wei before Said that she can't have sex with her father, but she changed her mind, and she came up with this idea. Although everyone had just decided to re-enter the world of compensated dating, so they no longer need Xueyi’s father to help them liberate their desires, butthe gift has already been bought, so I still gave it to him.

"Run twice? Oh, you said to help you with the dubbing, don't you need to give gifts for such a small matter?"

"Anyway, if your daughter is fighting for benefits for you, you will accept it Come on, I also have a share of the money, which is very fair."Xueyi happily put the tie around his neck. It was the money her father gave her.

"Thank you, Xueyi."

"Does Dad feel very happy?" She deliberately asked this sarcastic question.

But she couldn't see any embarrassment in him and he replied: "Yes, very happy."

"Xueyi is also very happy!" Xueyi Acting coquettishly in Dad's arms, although she was disappointed that he didn't respond, she would be more sexually happy when she thought of him fucking her.

My mother stuck her head out from the kitchen and hummed: "You two father and daughter are the happiest, only I am unhappy as a mother, No one helps."

"Hey, mom is jealous, I'm here to help, mom, I love you!" She knew that she didn't share all this with dad directly, and the main reason she had sex was mom. Mom is innocent, she shouldn't make her sad. She knew what she wanted to do, and if her mother knew about it, she would be even more sad, but she just wanted to continue to make love and seduce her father.

"There's no need for love, just take out the bowls and chopsticks for me."

Xueyi reluctantly let go of her father, and then went to help take out the bowls and chopsticks.

After the meal, Xueyi changed the gauze for her father again. She felt that her father's injury should be fine. But it is not easy to hide the fact that he was injured. So she knew that she would ask him out in the next few days, seeing how he hid his injured hand.

After changing the gauze for her father, Xueyi returned to the bedroom excitedly and was ready to ask her father out. As she expected, he is already online. He wrote to her: "Good night, have you had dinner?"

Xueyi intentionally waited more than ten seconds before replying: "As expected of Uncle, the first sentence is to ask if you have eaten, ancient people

"Don't modern people eat?"


"Then what to eat?"

"Lollipop (blush)" She licked her lips thinking of the scene of giving her father a blowjob before. She wanted to eat him with her pussy next time, so she touched her pussy through her panties.

"Is it full enough?"

"Look at the weight (lick mouth)" At this time, she had already put her hand into her panties and stroked her clitoris.

"Aren't good uncles looking for girls? (Fight back)" She thought he was looking for girlsWhen she was holding her own daughter, she stroked herself faster.

"You have a good eloquence, plan to become a lawyer in the future?"

"No, it's boring"

"What is the goal?"

“Marry a rich man (red heart)” these few rounds have reduced her desire a lot. Let her touch herselfslowly to almost stop.

"My head is full of money"

"I'm lying to you, my wish is a doctor" That was her previous wish before becoming a compensated dating girl. She doesn't quite believe that her wish is still the same, but it's no different from his nonsense.

"Large ideals"

"But it costs a lot of money to study medicine, and my uncle wants to subsidize it." She thinks this reason is very useful. She kept talking to him about money, but she knew that the reason why she asked for money was because she kept her worth, and it was important to her to give herself the price of being a compensatory dating girl. How difficult.

"It's money in a circle"

"I'm more honest (proud)" She can only think: "Can't you see that your daughter doesn't need money? I just want to know what value I have to men. If it’s not money, what else? Even you treat me like this. Is anyone angry?"

"No, who would be willing to be angry with Sister Feixue (confidence)"


"I won (smiley face )"

"You have been winning"

"When will Uncle Feixue give Sister Feixue a scholarship ($$)" She wants to know how much money Dad will use to help her,

"I'm sorry, I've been a little busy lately"

"Is Uncle tired of Sister Feixue? Do you think I'm not good? (with teary eyes)" Xueyi had expected
Until he will.

"I don't mean that, but I'm really busy recently"

"Well, Uncle is a celebrity, Sister Feixue is considerate (head down)" She thought: "Yes , is my fatherDad!"


"It's okay, Uncle will find Sister Feixue when he is free, I will wait for you (waving with tears )" She was sure he would response soon.

"So? Are you going to find someone else?"

She laughed. "I want to find you, my uncle is ignoring me, and my sister Feixue wants to live." She actually needs the feeling that a man needs her. She also needs the feeling of a man inside her. She hoped that the next man to enter her would be her father, but she knew that if he didn't ask her out, she would have to find someone else to help her out.

"Are you really owed so much money? Your parents ignored you?"

"Uncle, don't ask this kind of question?" She thought: "Because you already know what you are You look like a father!"

"I just want to know"

"Don't talk about this, Uncle, you are busy and I won't stop you, I have time to find Fei Sister Xue's" She wants to see how he will respond.

"If I give you money, can you not pick up other guests?"

"Uncle means to take care of me?"

"It can be this Seems kind of meaning."

"Hee hee, it looks like Uncle fell in love with Sister Feixue. (Hide mouth)" She knew her father wanted her to stop being a compensatory dating girl, But she just agreed to Wang SWAT. And she felt that it was too late for her that he had such a proposal at this time. There is more than just a parental relationship between them.

"I am" she doesn't know how to think about his love for her. She finds it complicated. She knew that he loved her as a father, but he should also love her as a man, right?

"Uncle's resistance is very low, did you rarely play with girls before?"

"It's the first time"

"Hehe, no wonder, Uncle is a good man (like)" She shook her head thinking that he is actually the worstman, the worst father.

"I'm not a good man"

"But my uncle loves my sister Feixue, it's not good to be a woman, your wife will be very sad (tears),You I’ll just play with you when I’m free.” If it was before she agreed to SWAT Wang, it would be possible.

"You don't agree?"

"Well, it's a lot of pressure, it's better to be free (smiley face)" She can only think of the possibility of being taken care of Was found out that she already knew who he was?

"Do you hate me?"

"No, obviously uncle won't let me meet, okay? (angry)" She thought: "It's too much to say Isn’t it obvious? Do you really think I won’t come out?!”

“I have a job”

“Then find me after you work, and Sister Feixue will wait for you.” She didn't know before because she often went out to compensate for dating, but for a while now she was obediently at home, and she knew that he was quite leisurely for a while.

"But I don't want you to find someone else"

"Every man is like this, it's going to rain, and my mother is going to get married (laughing)" she wrote it deliberately Satire him.

"How many customers do you receive on average a week?"

"Why does Uncle ask such a question? (angry)" She knew he didn't want to know.

"Just curious"

"Maximum two a week, I'm lazy and I have to go to school" she said casually to make Dad happy. It all depends on her previous sexual desire, and also depends on whether the villain who forced her to do compensated sex is happy with her high numbers.

"How long have you been doing this?"

"Why does Uncle always ask embarrassing questions? I only did it once, and that was with Uncle" she knew that The real answer would make Dad happy, because it didn't take long, but she also knew that if she answered that way, he might try harder to stop her from continuing the compensated sex.


"Are you happy to answer like this? (Tongue sticking out)"

"Uncle, let's stop talking, I have to prepare homework " She just wanted to force him to ask her out.

"I still want to see you, are you free on Saturday?"

"Is it Saturday? Is it a popular day?" Xueyi knows that it is really not easy to find a place to have sex with her father :"But if it's Uncle, Sister Feixue can do it (red heart)" She

"It's such an honor"

"Sister Feixue also loves Uncle, but Saturday If you don’t, you can’t go to the cinema, there are a lot of audiences.” She needs her father to think of a good place too.

"Where can I go?"

"Open the hotel, I can make a full set for uncle (shy)" In the end, she could only think of the hotel. But she knew that it was not easy for him to dress up in a hotel.

"Doesn't it mean that not every guest has sex?"

"It's rare, but uncle is okay, sister Feixue also likes uncle." Although she said such a thing,< But she also thinks her father is too naive. She has refused to have sex with some men, but she can't say that she has only done it with a quarter of men. More like three quarters.


"Agreed, at three o'clock in the afternoon, don't release sister Feixue's pigeons (warning)"

"I won't, then you Will you find someone else this week?"

"No, I skipped class yesterday, if there are too many things, I will die." She still hopes that she will come back from The first man after the world of compensated dating is Dad.

"Afraid to tell my parents?"

"If I tell them, I will commit suicide." She shook her head and laughed.

"Do you still want to do compensated dating?"

"Is uncle a family education guidance meeting? He always asks about family affairs (angry)" She was angry that he would use sex with his daughter
Pass way to teach her.

"Just care about you"

"If you care about me, just give more tips ($$)" she thought: "If you care about me, just tell me the truth and say that you have
Know that I am your daughter, and say you know, but you still want to fuck me!"

"I will"

"How much do you really plan to give (with bright eyes )"

"How much is the public price?"

"Uncle told me the public price (and left)"

"Then how much do you want? "

"How much is Uncle willing to give? (Blushes)"

"This is endless, let's say a price"

"I promised to buy a mobile phone 3000, plus Ai’ai’s 3000, okay? (Test the water temperature)” She thoughtSince she kept talking about the mobile phone, she might actually buy it and let her father see her doing it. It would be very painful /> Fun.

"It's a separate thing"

"Uncle's little brother is so powerful, he did it twice (preoccupied)"

"That was accidental"

"Seeing Sister Feixue, you can definitely do it twice (confidence)" She is confident that he may do it moretimes.

"Okay then"

"Thank you Uncle, Sister Feixue loves you to death (kiss)"

"Don't be obedient"

"The uncle is looking for a hotel tomorrow, I will ask uncle on Friday, I will not be online tomorrow, I have to do my homework"

"So busy"

"It was returned and redone , pissed me off (angry)"

"Come on"

"Yeah, Uncle has to work hard and make more money for Sister Feixue"

"I'm not the only one giving you money, right?"

"Uncle is now the number one customer (adhering)"

"That's good"

" Kiss (red lips)"

"How to kiss across the computer"

"Okay, close your eyes, and think about kissing my sister Feixue" She hopes to really kiss her father. But she felt that he might cover his entire face again.


"I kissed too, I'm really offline, I need to prepare homework"

"Good student"

" I am (chest up)"


"88 (红心红心红心红心红心红心)"

Xueyi felt when she went offline Very excited. All she wanted was Saturday to come.

Chapter 17

Xueyi just finished talking with her father on the phone as a daughter, and talked about helping her and her friends redo their homework. Although before he found out that she was a compensated dating girl, she was looking forward to talking to him, but now she is more looking forward to talking to him when he is a guest.

Before she went online, she still remembered that her father brought his assistant home for dinner last night, just to introduce him to her. She knew that he must still want to stop her from continuing to do compensated dating, but he loved it, and couldn't handle it by himself, so he wanted to ask others for help. Because of this, she can only imagine that her father will miss the appointment on Saturday.

When she went online, she saw that her father was already online. She already knew that he didn't need to work overtime.

"Uncle (red heart), it's so early today" she asked knowingly.


"Have you booked a hotel yet? (shy)" She was looking forward to his answer, but she already knew why he would refuse.

"I'm sorry, I have something to do tomorrow"

"Are you really going to let the pigeons go? (angry) I guessed that uncle was teasing me (rolling eyes)" she was really moved< Feeling angry and disappointed. She could already pick up other guests like her three friends, but forDad, she didn't do it.

"I'm sorry, it's a last resort. To express my apology, I will pay you the money."

Xueyi originally wanted to say that money is not important at all, but she remembered that since she already supported It's better to continue with the money-seeking personality, otherwise Dad may change the way he deals with her, such as introducing more male colleagues to her. And she couldn't think of any way to make love to him. "Oh, is Uncle earning money for Sister Feixue for nothing? (Attitudebetter)"

"A little heart, I broke the appointment"

"When did Uncle do this? Okay? (with tears in her eyes)" What she needs most is a chance to have sex with her dad.

"I didn't treat you badly, did I?"

"Uncle always loves Sister Feixue very much, so how do I pay the money? (topic)"

" You give me the account, I'll call you"

"Account? I don't want to tell Uncle the real name?" She really wants to know when he will admit that he is the father . She thought it would be fun if she told him her real name. Let's see how he continues to talk like this with a girl who he clearly knows has the exact same name as his daughter. But she knew that in this case, it would be impossible for him to have sex with her. She knew that only in such a situation of pretending not to know, they could have incestuous sex between them.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything to you, there are many people with the same name and surname"

"Well, let me think about it (hesitation)" but she thought: "Of course you know the same name and surname! "She has already prepared the account Wang Special Police said can be used and said: "This is my friend's brother's company, uncle, you can send money in, pass me the money slip, and I will get the money from my friend."

"Are you so careful, afraid that Uncle is a bad person?"

"No, I'm sorry to tell Uncle's name." She could only think: "Do you really want me to admit it? I Admittingwe can’t continue playing..." She knew that her father would bring his subordinates down to see her and intentionally break the date and give her the money for breaking the date, which meant that he still wanted her to stop the compensated dating . But she also knew that he was already fascinated by her. He is still resisting, so she can't just give up like this, but wants to attack even more. She wants to keep playing.

"Is the name ugly?"

"It's not ugly, it's a bit like Feixue Piaopiao, but it's embarrassing."

"Okay, Respect your privacy"

"When did the uncle call? People are waiting to buy a mobile phone (phone symbol)" She knew that if she didn't do something, nothing would happen of. She didn't know what to do at this moment, but she knew she couldn't let this conversation stop like this.

"Are you in a hurry? Can you do it tomorrow?"

"Can you go now?"


"He will give my uncle a favor (eyebrows)"


Xueyi doesn't believe that her father has fallen in love with herself, and it is impossible. He would actually do what she wanted. "Uncle sent me a photo of the money slip after typing it"

"Hmm" After Dad sent the photo to Xueyi, she could only laugh. But she still didn't think of how to proceed. She first passed a pattern of blowing kisses to him. "Thank you uncle (big red lips)"

"Is this okay?"

She suddenly thought of how to continue this conversation. "Okay, where is Uncle now?"

"Not at the gate of the bank"

"Yes, is Uncle free? Find a place where there is no one, Sister Feixue Your benefits"

"What are the benefits?"

"Do you want me to talk naked with you (blush)" She knows that although it is very different from sex, but she is She likes to be seen by men, she thinks it is a very happy thing for a man to ejaculate for her, especially when that man is her father. She felt that by doing this she would make her resist having sex with other men for a little longer.

"Naked chat?"

"Well, Sister Feixue is not that greedy. If she doesn't take uncle's money for nothing, she will repay him."

" Are you not afraid that I will videotape you?"

"No, Sister Feixue knows that Uncle loves me very much, so she won't hurt me"

"Then what should I do?"

"You first find a place where there is no one, I will open the video"

"Okay, you wait for me"

Xueyi made some dressing up and waited for a while before receiving a letter from her father: "It's ok"

"Hee hee, Uncle is a little Are you impatient, do you have earphones?" She knew that her father didn't want to touch her again, but she didn't expect him to want to see her naked body so much. This made her feel a little anxious.

"Yes, but I can't make a sound here"

"It's okay, Uncle can just watch Sister Feixue perform, wait for me, open the video"

Xueyi was sitting at the desk, wearing a cold mask on her face, waving to her father with a bit of vivacity, and said in a delicate voice: "Hi, Uncle." She almost said "Dad" Wearing blue hot pants, Xueyi stood upturned around, and asked, "Uncle, am I good-looking?"


The unbuttoned hot pants were slowly pulled open, revealing the lace underwear with a rose pattern in the middle. "What do you want to see, Uncle?" She asked, then gently pulled down the edge of her panties, exposing a few strands of soft and shiny black hair in the middle. She knew that her father must have watched it with great interest. Although blowjob to daddy is worse than being nakedin front of daddy, but this is the first time she has been naked in front of the only man she ever loved and loved herself, which makes her feel like the first time The appearance of having a real lover made her feel extremely excited that she had never felt before. "Would you like to watch, Uncle? All about Sister Feixue..."

Chapter 18

Xue Yi almost laughed out loud when she saw her father responding "I want to see" . She knew that her father was hopeless. She also knows that she is too. She knew that if the two of them were alone, but there was still a lie between them to deceive each other, she couldn't just undress here, they would have already started making love. But she also knew that it was a lie that must be able to maintain the relationship between them. From her past few days with him at home, outside, any experience of being together as a father and daughter, she knows that as long as he recognizes her as a daughter and she recognizes him as a father, everything Can't happen.

She asked in the tone of seducing a man: "Then where does Uncle want to see Sister Feixue first?"

"I want to see your cunt"

"Tsk tsk, Uncle is lustful." Xueyi let out a half-mocking laugh at her father. Instead of immediately agreeing to his request, she lifted the edge of her panties instead. Xueyi knows how to please a man, and also knows that her father is impatient, so she deliberately lifted the veil bit by bit, gradually, so as not to let him see the whole thing all at once. "UncleDon't worry, I promise to give you benefits, I won't disappoint you, how about dancing for you first?"


"Hee hee... "Xue Yi laughed tenderly, and turned on the switch of the MP3 beside her. She got off the seat and adjusted the camera so thatcan reflect a wider area of ​​the room, of course she knew that her father could see that she was in her bedroom. She began to twist her young body in a brisk tune. She actually didn't jump over to a man like this. After all, every manjust wants to see more eye-catching shots, and only dad would agree to such a thing.

Although Xueyi hasn't danced for a long time, there are some things, just like she can charm men, she is born to never forget. She knew that her father must be completely captivated by her beauty. But she also knew that what her father wanted to see most was her own pussy.

Xue Yi raised a little excited voice: "Uncle, do I dance well?"

"It looks good"

"I'm so high, Uncle, can you dance with me?"

"I appreciate it"

"Uncle, you are so boring." She felt that if he pretended to be, she would not know. But she also knew that if he really danced, he wouldn't be like his father.

Xueyi let out a dissatisfied hum, and with the intense music, it was a round of classic and elegant dance music, it was ballet, and it was Xueyi's favorite dance in previous years. She knew that her father must still remember that she had learned it when she was a child. She was thinkinghow she would talk to "Uncle" about how similar she was to his daughter in the future.

Xueyi turned around, turned her back to the camera, and when she turned around again, the buttons in the middle of the bright red cutie had all been opened, and there was a tender white breast without any cover . "Hey, Uncle, do you see his bobo?"Xueyi danced again, swaying with the movements, and she knew that this would definitely drive her father crazy.

"I can't stand it, show me everything"

Xueyi didn't notice the display of the text immediately, she continued to dance for a while, and finally saw her father's request. She was happy in her heart, and yelled "Uncle Lust", and then faded away the little cutie smoothly. The upper body was completely naked, and only a pair of hot pants were hung on the whole body.

Xueyi didn't stop dancing until she had danced three dances in total. By the time she stopped, she was already dripping with sweat. Between the cleavage. Even her forehead was covered with sweat. She let out a long breath, as if relaxing after finishing a wonderful performance: "Huh, it's so hot." She felt that if she only danced To liberate her desires, she must dance often, but she also knows that she can feel a little liberation of desiresbecause she is dancing for her father.

She picked up a towel from the shelf nailed to the wooden door and wiped it all over her body. Just as she was about to take off the mask to wipe her face, she suddenly remembered somethingand turned her back to prevent the camera from capturing her face. By the time she sat down on the seat again, she had replaced another maskand saw her father writing: "Be so careful, are you afraid that I will secretly take pictures of you?"

Of course Xueyi is not afraid that her father will take pictures secretly . She also hoped that he would secretly take pictures as souvenirs. But she still said frankly: "It's not that I don't believe Uncle, but the Internet is too dangerous, I have to be careful."


"No lie Uncle, this is my first time dancing for a guest." She didn't feel that dancing on a guest was the same as this kind of dancing.

"It's an honor"

"Uncle is kind to Sister Feixue, she will repay you." All she knows is that she needs to continue to have this relationship with her father. She would try to find an incestuous sexual encounter with him.

"Thank you"

Speaking of this, Xueyi suddenly squeezed her arms towards her chest, causing a deep groove to squeeze out of her not-so-large breasts. "Is Uncle looking at my tits?"


"Is it good-looking?"


"Want to play with your own hands?"


"Haha, I promised to play with you tomorrow, but unfortunately you let the pigeons go." She thought she Maybe even more disappointed than Dad. The last time her daddy played with her breasts really made her feel very excited.

"I just said, it's a last resort"

"What is the important thing, to give up being so wasteful with Sister Feixue?" She wanted to sigh because she
Knowing that he is just pretending to have something, but she still has to continue to play dumb.

"I forgot to promise my daughter Saturday."

Xueyi almost rolled her eyes at her father. She thought: "You said you want to take me out to play?! Let's see how I will fuck you!" She felt sure that he didn't know that she had recognized him. But she said: "Oh, that's it, sister Feixue, please forgive Uncle, did you take your daughter to play?"

"Yes, I have been busy with work recently, so I don't have time to spend with my family."

"Good dad, where did you go?"


"Wow, that's great, is it Mickey Mouse Paradise?" She knew he had no idea where he was going. Suggest to him that he can use the suggested place to carry out ideas that he has not yet thought of.


"That's great, I'm so envious, sister Feixue is going too, why don't you take me with you!" She is still thinking about What can I do to be my father's daughter and my uncle's compensatory daughter for a day.

"Are you going too? Aren't you afraid of being known? You still wear a mask"

"Of course you have to be careful when chatting naked. What are you afraid of when you go to the playground? What evidence proves that I Compensated dating?"


"Then take me there, buy me a big puppet." She still hopes to get her father's big cock.

"I want to too, but unfortunately I can't"

"Xiao Qi, can you say that I am your friend's daughter? I won't tell your family about our relationship."
She thought: "Only Mom doesn't know."

"There is a problem"

"Hmph, are you afraid I will hurt you? Uncle has always been so mysterious, okay, no Please, I asked my father to take me!" She thought: "That's you!"

"Your father?"

"Um, I It’s been a long time since I went to play with my parents, so I must let him take me there.” She thought: “How about? Anyway, I want you to take me there!”

“He works very hard Busy"

"Is work more important than a baby girl?" She only thought: "What is more important than being a daughter?"


"Maybe I will run into Uncle, I want to tell your daughter, your father's little brother is so big." She felt thatDad would be so relieved that she didn't know who he was because she kept saying Say something that makes him think he doesn't know anything. She smiles under the mask that she has the talent to be a good actor.


"Don't say anything else, do you want to watch it?"

"What are you looking at?"

" My little pussy (blush)"


She likes this answer. She just wanted him to see clearly and let him know what regrets he would have if he didn't fuck her. "Uncle is horny!"

Chapter 19

Xueyi stood up from the seat again, and put her ten fingers on the unbuttoned hot pants, "Lelelele" Gently pulled down the pant chain, revealing the rose-patterned lace panties she was wearing again. She twisted her hips coquettishly, shaking her buttocks like a child taking off her pants, and took off the tight hot pants between her legs. She knows that because she has a perfect ass and slender legs, there is no more imaginative action than this.

Xueyi continued to pull down the hot pants, through her thighs, and when they reached her knees, the pants fell to the ground due to the loss of support. The daughter raised her leg to pull the anklet out of the trousers, and then repeated the movement to make the hot pants completely leave her body. This process is provocative. She asked, "Uncle, flyIs sister Xue pretty? "

"Why is Uncle silent?" Seeing that no words appeared on the screen for a long time, she curled her lips and asked her father in a spoiled voice. She knew Dad must be fascinated by her. But she is a girl who needs a reaction. The bigger the reaction, the more excited she is.

"You are so beautiful, I am dumbfounded"

"Hehe, Uncle is so cute." Xueyi smiled like a teased sparrow, with a charming posture,
She blew a flamboyant kiss to the camera and winked. She sat back in her chair and thought that it really made her feel very happy to be said by her father. "Uncle, don't worry, it's interesting to take your time." Xueyi put her two fair legs on the desk in a slightly rude posture, spread her legs like a gynecological examination, and adjusted the camera slightly. : "UncleWhat are you looking at?"

"Looking at your cunt"

"Can you see it through your underwear?"

“Can’t see”

“Do you want to watch it directly?”


Xueyi no longer believes that her father will have any objection to watching her All the sensations of the body. She knew that he couldn't resisther temptation, he was completely a guest who was obsessed with her. She knew that today she wanted to liberate desires, and she would definitely be able to. She stretched out her fingers and pulled the edge of the panties slightly, a completely tight seam appeared, but within a second, she let go of her hand quickly, and the elastic fabric returned to its original position. She knew it was only possible via video, because no man could stand being molested by her for so long. She hoped she had fascinatedDad to the point where he would say yes to the date. Even if she can liberate her desire tonight, being able to liberate her desire for two consecutive days is a very sexual delusion. She asked: "Did you see it, Uncle?"


"Have you seen enough?"

"Not enough"

"Then don't blink."

This time Xueyi opened the other side of her panties with her hands. What was more exciting than before was that she pressed her little finger on the perineum at the same time and pulled it The meat seam was opened, so that Dad could see half of the pink lips. It is the completely pink, fresh and tender labia that she is proud ofwithout any dark pigment.

After that, Xueyi stroked back and forth in the center of the lace panties with green fingers, so that the shape of the two labia was completely drawn out by the movement.

"Show me again, please?"

Xueyi intentionally reminded him to go to the appointment: "No, uncle let sister Feixue dove, and uncle must be punished Punishment."

"Isn't it already compensated?"

Xueyi turned the camera up slightly, letting her face wearing a mask look up from a low angle to capture the picture.

The daughter raised her eyebrows and said: "You gave me the money, but Sister Feixue also wants Uncle's people. I thought I could play with Uncle tomorrow and I was really looking forward to it. Now let my little sister down." She was really disappointed. Not long after she started doing compensated dating, she began to use the time of having sex with clients to take herself to another space, a place where there is only sex, no one pointing fingers, no one will put the scum , Shameless, lewd these words as bad things, everything is just enjoyment. It's a pity that after a period of time, the happy feeling that that world could give her faded away, and then the special police officer Wang also solved the case and took away the only way she could truly feel happy. She originally thought it was a good thing, but some things cannot be forgotten just by leaving. Being raped, forced to be a compensated woman, and having an incestuous relationship with my father
, once it happened, it would be impossible to erase it. It will always follow her. So she continued to see the only good in it all. She will continue to look for more physical and inner pleasure for herself. She felt that incestlove could take her to another forbidden world than compensatory dating.

"Will you want to play with me?"

"Is it weird? Sister Feixue is also a normal person. Seeing a little brother as big as uncle, the cunt is very itchy ,I miss it all the time." Apart from calling her father and uncle, she laughed in her heart and realized that what she said was actually the truth. "Uncle didn't lie to you, Sister Feixue really wanted to fuck you, even her cunt was wet, but it's a pity you lied to him." She hoped that her fatherwould really change his mind.

When Xueyi was waiting for her father to say that she would fuck her, she kept sliding her fingers in the center of her panties, and dyed a darker tone on the black lace, which was after the fabric was wet s color. She didn't stop, she kept stroking the center of the pussy with her fingers, making the color range bigger and bigger, and occasionally rubbing the tip with her fingertips. She suddenly said: "Well, it's starting to itch inside, do you want to insert it?" She reached out and searched on the desk for a while, then suddenly picked up a lip pencil and played with the corner of her mouth: "This The stick is a bit small, but it should be quite comfortable."

Xueyi leaned her upper body towards the camera, shook the lip pencil teasingly, and said deliberately: "Uncle was cool at first, but now it's cheap It's it." After she finished speaking, she leaned back on the back of the chair, the camera was facing the pussy with the middle door wide open, she pushed aside the panties with her fingers, and slowly put the lip pencil in from the side. The tip of the pen flicked a few times, even though it was covered by the underwear, it was obvious that he was fiddled with two small lips. "Oh, it's so cool."

"Uncle, it's time to plug it in, it's time to plug it in~"

Xueyi is the horn before the train enters the tunnel, I saw the lip pencil placed on the side was slowly lifted like a lever, and the gap
of the underwear was widened a bit. "Come in? Come in? Huh? So hard? Comfortable? Comfortable? Oh?" ​​She only pretended now. Althoughexcited and lusty, she certainly hoped for a thick cock, but she didn't know where to put thebigger pen. But she also knew that she couldn't just give bad performances to her father.

In fact, she only inserted a small part of the lip pencil into the meat hole. Judging from the length of the pen stick exposed outside the underwear, it was probably less than two inches. She bit by bit I stuffed it in little by little, and let go of my hand suddenly, the lip pencil was half hung on the edge of the panties, it can be imagined that the small half that has entered is being firmly clamped by the tight pussy. She wondered if Dad wouldknow that she was just pretending. In order not to make him pay too much attention, she turned to the camera and asked her father: "Sister Feixue got fucked, does uncle envy Bibi?"

"Will this... hurt? "

Xueyi almost laughed out loud. She could only think: "If you can't bear even this bit of penetration, how can you be a compensated dating girl?!" She replied easily: "Of course such a young one won't hurt, I will tell my uncle to laugh, br/>I met a customer before who was so short and young, and was so soft, he couldn’t get in after inserting it for a long time,Ha, my brother is so young, but he has the nerve to find a girl.”

She didn't expect that her father would treat her like a father at this time and wrote: "Take it out first, I'm afraid of hurting you."

"No Yes, Uncle, you can rest assured." Xueyi deliberately flicked the end of the lip pencil with her fingers to make the pen holder shake, and then turned around with the pen holder. She could only think that her father must be too confident that he had lied to her. With such a big flawit can be said that if she didn't know Uncle's real identity before, she would definitely suspect who he is after hearing him say that.

She continued to pretend. "Phew, it's so cool." After a few more tricks, she slowly pulled out the lip pencil, and a trace of crystalsilver light stained the cap of the pen. The amount was not much, but her love liquid was still stained. Xueyi waved the lip pencil in front of the camera:"Uncle, did you see that, this is my husband today, who just fucked me."

Then the daughter put the lip pencil aside casually, She asked her father provocatively: "Uncle, are you satisfied?" She hoped that he was not satisfied at all, because she was not satisfied at all either.


Xueyi doesn't believe it, and she doesn't want to believe it either. "Oh, is Uncle satisfied so easily? I wanted to give you more benefits." She buckled her hands on both sides of her panties and pulled them upwards like wearing a high-cut swimsuit, making the entirevulva shape Check it out, "Let's show the old man a little more." Xueyi pretended to be twisted and said, "But Uncle obviously said that he was satisfied?" She thought: "I just knew it!"

"I'm satisfied, but I provoked you again"

"Hee hee, did the uncle pull the flag (erection)?" She thinks that her father may have been a pervert all along,
It's just that I and my mother haven't found out. She also believed that he might have had desires for her very early on.

"I pulled it..."

"They say you are a lecherous uncle." Xueyi pulled the mask halfway up and stuck out her tongue, and then turned around Half-kneeling on the chair, she turned her round and firm buttocks to the camera: "Uncle, isn't his little butt beautiful?"


Xueyi took off her panties At the position of the horizontal gluteal muscle crease, she shook coquettishly twice, turned around and stood in front of the camera, relatively revealing the entire moonlit back, and the front panties were still buckled on the left and right pubic bones.

"Uncle, do you really want to see it?" Xueyi leaned her upper body forward slightly, a pair of snowy and crispy tender breasts shook slightly, and the nipples looked like hanging on a tree cherry.

"I want to see, baby, please show me."

She was surprised that her father would call her baby, but she also felt happy to be called like this. But she still wanted to whet his appetite. "Hey, okay..." Xueyi hooked her thumbs to the sides of her panties, and slowly slid her hands down between her legs, slowly pulling away the only obstacle, revealing her silky-smooth body pubic hair.


The two long legs are graceful and graceful, throwing off the panties, and there is a hidden slit under the elegant pubic hair between the crotch, so beautiful Invincible.

She let her father appreciate it for a while, then delicately climbed back on the chair, twisted her waist, and the whole small round chair with ups and downs turned turned 180 degrees, turning into a The back of the chair was facing the camera, and then his head popped out from the back of the chair, his eyesasked: "Uncle, do you know where I am?"

"I don't know"

When the round chair turned around again, Xueyi had already put on a pair of blue and white cotton underwear.

"Why are you wearing pants again?"

Xueyi saw the words written by her father, and she made a face at her father: "They said they would punish Uncle, how can you
Show you the light!"

"Isn't this too cruel to the elderly?"

"Isn't it cruel for Uncle to release pigeons?" She also thought that if she hadn't already Look, isn't it too cruel for Dad to become a guest in order to help her?

"They say they have already made up for it"

"That's a little care that you know you are too much, Uncle. />Yes, even if I don’t show it to you, you will show it to me! "

"You know that I love you, so you don't have to be afraid of me?"

"That's right! Who told Uncle to love Sister Feixue to death, Uncle voluntarily"

"There is no way for you, well, I won't force it, in fact, I am very satisfied today"

Seeing her father writing like this, Xueyi thought of not making trouble anymore. After all, it has been going on like this, and my father went offline earlyI can't satisfy my desire: "Uncle, I want it, but you are not with him, what should I do?"

"Like just now Feel the same by yourself"

"I don't obey, uncle is so ashamed to see others touch, or come together, you open the video, we have a good time together."

"I can't open the video in the company, you do it over there, I'll come too."

Xueyi pretended to be angry and said: "I won't believe it, uncle always lies, Only you look at people, but others can't see you, it's not fair! I have to watch you fight before I believe it!"

"But is it really inconvenient?"

"Isn't it okay to go to the men's toilet? Uncle's company is so inhumane that employees are not allowed to masturbate in the toilet?"

"Don't embarrass me, please?"

"Hmph , Forget it, I made an appointment to release the pigeons, but I refused to make a video, uncle is not sincere." Xueyi came hard and then softened, with tears in her eyes, she said pitifully: "Really? Sister Feixue took Uncle’s money, and she also wanted Uncle to be comfortable, come on, come on, let’s make love.”


She knew Dad should have taken the hook.

"Well, let's do it together, and I'll send you the ejaculation photos after we're done"

Xueyi was a little disappointed. She originally hoped to masturbate with her father, but she also knew that her father was afraid of being known by her, so she could only rely on her own fantasy. "Is that so? Well, just trust Uncle once, Don't lie to me!"

"Is Uncle touching?"


"You are dozens of years old, and you are still masturbating to little girls, you don't feel ashamed!" Press the center of the panties with your fingers. The material of cotton underwear is thicker than lace, and even if you touch it with your hands, you can't see the shape of the two fleshy lips. She put her finger against the depression and turned it counterclockwise. The pure white cloth was also gradually pushed in, forming a straight line between the swollen vulva, which looked like a fragrant steamed bun. Then she asked: "Uncle, do you see it? It's Sister Feixue's little pussy... Do you want to see the inside?" She gently lifted up the corner of her panties, revealing half of the grass, and she teased again br/>I let go of my finger: "I don't want to show it to you~" She felt that it was only interesting to do this kind of thing with guests like her father.

"Hee hee, Uncle is so pitiful, let's stop teasing you, shall we have fun together?"


"Oh... It's so comfortable...the more I touch it, the better it feels...ummm..." Xueyi was really intoxicated with sexual desire when she started touching herself. She has been waiting for this moment for a while. She can finally get the physical and mental pleasure she wants. "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . She gently rubbed and walked on the slit with delicate movements, making the contours of the two lips looming above the wet panties.

Although she hoped that Dad was actually masturbating, she didn't care too much when she started touching herself. What she needs most is for him to see clearly that her daughter is masturbating. "Oh...it's too itchy...I need to insert...I want to insert it..." After stroking the small lips for a while, the voice that overflowed from the corner of the mouth became impetuous, and suddenly pushed up the panties The apex sank suddenly, and half of the middle finger was lost in the pussy. At the moment when she was satisfied, she couldn't helpmoaning softly, and her whole lower body trembled as if twitching: "Ah!"

Xueyi didn't stop after inserting it Next, fingers twirling and churning in the pussy, through the panties, you can also hear the strong water sound of the slurry being stirred in the meat wall.

"Ah...ah... so cool...Uncle...Sister Feixue is so comfortable..." She knows to be careful not to call the wrong father when she feels pleasure, because she knows what she needs most It's Daddy's big cock. Her movements were not heavy, and her fingers twirled slightly in the flesh hole. "Ah...so beautiful...comfortable...Uncle, are you watching...Sister Feixue's pussyflows a lot..." She leaned back slightly, resting her head on the back of the chair to completely relax state to enjoyself-touching pleasure. With the jade finger's in-depth exploration, a large amount of spring water was squeezed out, making the pure white underwear stained deeply like urine, and slid straight down to the groin. She hadn't felt this good in a while. BeforeI felt good when I rubbed through my underwear with my father in the movie theater and was fucked by the special policeman Wang, but the moodat that time was different from now. This time she fully accepted the fact of incest, and this time she didn't feel like hating her dad. She just wanted him in her, her eaten cock in her pussy.

"Woo...can't take it...itches more and more..." Gradually, light tasting can't satisfy the increasingly greedy sense of emptiness,She let out a gasp of dissatisfaction with desire, and the squirm in her panties began to change, her middle finger twitched inward, and moved back and forth rhythmically. The gurgling sound brought out by the movements is really transmitted to the ears through the earpiece: "Tsk tsk... tsk tsk... tsk..."

"Oh...so comfortable...it's so cool to insert The breasts also need to be comfortable..." At the same time, the left hand, which has been idle all the time, was placed on the chest, and because it was in a supine position, two attractive little buds stood upright in a proud posture At the highest point of the breast, the nipple is obviously more upright and moist than before, which is congested and hard during sexual excitement. Xueyi first kneaded the milk beans withfingers, and then covered her right breast with her whole hand, and rubbed a piece of soft meat vigorously, which was as tenderlike a ball of a pincher.

"Ah ... so cool ... fast ..." From one, two, and three slow tones, gradually adding the speed; from the melody of slow songs to Excited to rock, Xueyi swayed her raised butt, her finger movements became faster and faster, and her moaning turned into ecstasy. The obscene atmosphere filled the whole screen in an instant: "Puff...Puff...Puff...PuffPuff..."

"Ah...it's so cool...Sister Feixue can't take it anymore ... yo... yo..." It can be described as violentfinger thrusting, Xueyi seems to be concentrating all her strength on the fingers that penetrate the cunt at high speed. Dedicate yourself to the pleasure of self-caressing.

"Hey... It's wet and uncomfortable..." Xueyi pushed her panties to the center of her white, tender and smooth thighs. She lifted her legs up a little, hoping that the whole lower body, which was out of the panties, would be honestly received by the camera for her father to see. She continued to use two fingers to cover her pussy, and she was constantly withdrawing and inserting back and forth in the vagina.

But Xueyi stopped suddenly, covered her pussy with her fingers, mocked her father's naughty smile and said, "I don't even want to show it to Uncle."

"In this way Isn’t Uncle working harder, just give me a good time, please?”

Xueyi pretended to be thinking and pressed her finger on the mask and said, “Let Miss Ben think about it, although Uncle is very fond of Fei Sister Xue is not bad, but she seems to be at a disadvantage."

"A good sister, be kind and don't let the old man be disappointed, okay?"

"Hehe, do you think you are old? The old man wants Look at the little girl's cunt, you are old and disrespectful."

"I am a lecherous old man"

"Hahaha, I laughed so hard, Uncle is so cute, so good Lah, let Sister Feixue be kind."She knew her father was a pervert.

"Thank you"

"I will still thank you, uncle who is a lecherous old man~" At this time, this pervert's father is more interesting than the usual father. At least she could tease him that way. He only taught her when he was a dad.

Looking at the camera behind her back, Xueyi took off the cotton panties hanging in the middle of her thighs, and climbed half of her legs on the chair again. Thensmiled softly, and slowly moved away the palm covering the secret passage, allowing two seductive petals to appear in front offather without reservation.

After Xueyi knew that her father should see clearly, she then used the other hand to make an inverted V gesture, and used her fingers to open the pussy, unlike the previous glimpse, this time She moves very slowly. It is gentle and unobstructed. Let Dad appreciate it enough.

Xueyi knows that her little cunt is really beautiful, and she is often praised by customers for how beautiful her little cunt is. She also hoped that her father would praise her at this time. But he didn't write her anything, so she asked: "Uncle, have you seen enough?" That's what she wanted to hear. "Hee hee, Uncle is so good at teasing people, you can just look at it, people want to have more fun." Xueyi pressed her finger on the pearly clitoris, and suddenly her fingertips slipped down, puffing With a sound, he deftly fell into the soft narrow passage.

Xueyi let out a comfortable cry, and said with ecstasy: "Uncle, let's get comfortable together."After saying this, the middle finger continued the movement just now. "Ah? So comfortable? Sister Feixue is so cool? The little holeis itchy? Like being bitten by a bug?" She quickly entered the state again, because although she was trying to make her father happy Fen has done so many things, but from the beginning she just hoped to liberate her desires.

"Ah...too itchy? Not enough? I want...a man...want a man...I want to fuck a man...or it's more comfortable to have a dickin it..." She hoped very much Tomorrow, she could feel the feeling of her father entering her body. Today she can barely comfort herself.

"Sister Feixue misses Uncle's little brother...Uncle's little brother is very big...Sister Feixue wants to fuck Uncle...Uncle is good or bad...Don't give Sister Feixue a good time...Feixue My sister hates my uncle..." Xueyi controlled herself not to hand over"Dad" She knew that if she could find an excuse to call out her father, she would definitely be better off, but she never dared to do so , because she knew that the result would be a deceitful relationship between them, and the possibility of her having sex with her father might be destroyed by calling "Daddy".

"Ah...I want...Uncle wants...Come here...Come here to satisfy Sister Feixue..." Xueyi kept thinkingthat her father was watching her masturbate and trembled all over.

"Ah...it's so cool...I'll throw it away...I'll throw it out...Uncle? Sister Feixue is about to cum? "She didn't know what the hell Daddy was doing, or that he had ejaculated, but all she could do was focus on making herself come. "Huh? Huh? Can't take it? Want? Come out? Come out? Oh! Oh!" Let out a sigh of relief.

It feels great that Xueyi has obtained the liberation of desire she needs. , the two delicate fleshy balls rose and fell with the breath and gasp after the passion, and a pair of calves riding on the desk were slowly put back on the ground.

After catching her breath, Xueyi raised her shiny finger and said to her father braggingly: "Look, Uncle, you have bled so much." She knew that if her father had He ejaculated, he must be pissed off by her saying that. She knows that most men become the most honest and the most vulnerable moment after ejaculation. She knew what her father was like, and she thought that he would definitely have the idea of ​​wanting to commit suicide. She thought of her father's hand and realized that after he left the movie theater he must have been very disappointed in himselfhit something and hurt himself. She hoped Dad wouldn't do something stupid this time. He hurt himself, how will he fuck her tomorrow? "Did you feel good, Uncle?"

"I ejaculated early"

"So fast? Uncle, aren't you very powerful, have you suddenly ejaculated prematurely?" Xue Yi teased her father and said, I hope this will prevent my father from thinking about the bad.

"You are too beautiful, Uncle can't control it"

She relieved and said: "Haha, honest Uncle, but it's ok, it feels comfortable when you ejaculate, then you answer
What about my promise?"

"What about you?"

Xueyi spread her palms and said, "Photo! Uncle didn't promise me just now, he wanted to send it when he ejaculated Are the pictures for me to prove it?" She knew Dad was supposed to ejaculate, but she thought seeing him ejaculate would make her turn on again.

"I didn't lie to you, I really ejaculated"

"But that's an agreement, men can't break their promises!"

Xueyi read her father's message In the photo given to her, she smiled prettily: "Haha, Uncle ejaculates a lot, and at this age, you still ejaculate so much, tsk tsk, what a waste of children and grandchildren~" She remembered that she only swallowed her father's sperm last time,< This was the first time she saw her father's sperm, and although it was similar to other men's sperm, she knew that this was where her own life began, coming out of her father's cock. She imagined that many younger brothers and sisters would be lost in this way. Thinking of this, she began to feel desire again, and she said, "Huh, it's so hot." She shook her hands as if breathing.

Xueyi climbed forward, her pretty face was reflected in the camera, her elf's eyes were full, and she asked coquettishly, "Uncle, do youlove Sister Feixue? Will you harm me?" She knew it was useless to ask this question, but she never thought that her father would be her guest.

"Of course not"

Xueyi shyly said: "It's uncomfortable to wear a mask like this, can I take it off? But you have to promise others You must not secretly take pictures, okay?" She wanted her father to feel that she had no doubts about who he was at all.

"I swear, if I candidly take photos of you being struck by lightning, I will die."

Xueyi smiled and said, "Then it doesn't have to be so serious, just don't lift it up in the future."

After saying this, Xueyi stretched out her hands to her ears and pulled off the straps around her ears, revealing her face. She knew the face her father had seen thousands of times. "Dangdang~This is the real face of Sister Feixue~"

"Uncle, isn't she pretty?" She couldn't remember the last time she asked her father this question. She only remembered that she was still young at that time, and her development had not yet begun. She wants her father to tell her that she is beautiful in front of her, but at this moment, she is very happy to see him write the same words. But Dad didn't respond, so she pouted and said, "Where did Uncle go?"

"I'm here" I hurriedly typed, Xueyi put her head on her hand and said dissatisfied : "He even has a photogenic face, but Uncle is still so mysterious. It's really unfair." She really wants to see her father write that she is beautiful.

"I have a reason"

"Anyway, I don't care, this is the last time, if uncle doesn't give me some honesty, I will ignore you in the future !"

"I know"

Xueyi knows that her father has changed back to her father because she saw her appearance. So she knew that he would not write the words she wanted to read. She felt that if she pushed him too hard, the incestuous sex she wanted wouldn't happen. She made a face at Dad to show that she wasn't expecting a reply from him.

The daughter left the seat, picked up the clothes on the floor, put on her nightgown, looked at the alarm clock on the desk when she returned to the camera and asked, "It's six o'clock, is uncle off work? "She knew that Dad lied and had to work overtime. I don't know what lies he will say now.


"That's right, it sucks to masturbate during working hours." Xueyi stuck out her tongue and smiled, and then asked curiously:" What's your job, Uncle?"

"I'm in politics"

Xueyi smiled inwardly. "Hehe, it really is a public figure, no wonder you are afraid to let me know who it is, but don't worry, FeiSister Xue is very good at keeping secrets. Even if Uncle is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, I would not tell it. "

"Thank you"

"Uncle can't wear a hood forever, why don't you show me your face next time you go to the room? Anyway, you trust me, man It's normal to find a girl to be cool, are you afraid that I will threaten you?" Xueyi asked intentionally. Let's see how it goes tomorrow.

"Is there any more? Hey, there is a message, Uncle, wait for me." Just when Xueyi was talking happily, her mobile phone rang a notification tone, and Xueyi took a Look, I saw that it was actually Xiaolian, but she thought of a good wayto force her father to follow her to the appointment. She immediately showed a joyful expression: "Wow, that's great, I have a guest asking me out tomorrow. I'm lucky, as soon as Uncle let me go, someone else came looking for me!"

"You Are you going to agree?"

Xueyi thought "I've been fooled!" But she said: "Of course I agreed! It's rare for a customer to come back to me. This uncle is very generous and gives more every time. I have pocket money."

"You have an appointment with me tomorrow, how can you be with someone else?"

"It's Uncle who let the pigeons go, so I can't change the appointment to someone else Is it?" Xueyi took it for granted.

"But you took my money, time is mine"

Seeing my blunt words, Xueyi also said angrily: "Time is yours? Didn't you just now Did you say it was money to express your apology? Uncle, you bought my time with money?" She thought she could win the acting award.

"I didn't mean that, but since you know that I love you, you shouldn't be like this"

"What's wrong with me? I didn't take your money for nothing, I gave it to you Reciprocated. Who had such a good ejaculation just now?"All she could think about was how wasteful he was ejaculating on his hands.

Xueyi deliberately waited for a while before she seemed to regret her impulsive words, and took the initiative to soften her attitude to tease her father: "Is Uncle angry? Don't be like this, I know Uncle loves me very much , I don’t want me to sleep with other people, but I’m doing thisnow, and it’s not the first time with this person, it’s okay to do it one more time.”

“How can you do it Not going?"

Xueyi thought for a while and said, "Unless Uncle doesn't release the pigeons, come out to see me tomorrow!"

"What did you say?"

"You and I will go to Mickey Mouse Paradise tomorrow, and I will not pick up anyone, just stay with Uncle all day." She also thoughtCall her father later, and go to the same place as he asked, so that For one thing, the two protagonists of incestuous lovewill definitely go!


Chapter 20

Xueyi saw her father's refusal answer: "Didn't I say to be with my family, how can I be with my family?" You go?"

"Oh, I knew uncle would say that, so it's better." Xueyi pretended to be indifferent, and thanks to her father, she said: "That uncle's little brother is very big , Sister Feixue will be so excited tomorrow, she will have sex with him three times!" She actually has the advantage of using a real person to lie to her father. It's a pity that this uncle may not know that she has started being a compensated dating girl again, and she has no way to notify him directly, otherwise she really hopes to turn what she said to her father into reality.

"I'll give you more money, don't go?" Seeing her father writing this, Xueyi pretended to be angry again, pointing at the camera and humming: "Huh, I want to use money again Buy my time? I am very greedy and love money, but I still have a little bit of dignity. Uncle, what you said just now is too hurtful. I am compensating for dating, and I don’t want to give anything out br/>Sell it, what I want now is someone, I want someone to accompany me!" Now she doesn't have to be afraid of going to jail for compensatory dating, it is very easy for her to find someone to double her, but she just wants her father times her.

"How about next time? I promise you will find time next time"

Xueyi knew that her father would say this, she raised her eyebrows: "Then we will meet again next time Well, I will accompanysomeone else tomorrow."

"Okay, you can do whatever you want"

Seeing that her father gave up, Xueyi didn't know what to do. Wrapping her hands together, she made a meddling expression: "Of course it's up to me, I'm not yours!"

After waiting for a while, Xueyi felt that her father seemed to be really When she gave up, she hurriedly asked him: "Is Uncle still there?"


Xueyi wanted to show a dissatisfied expression, but she was worried that her father would die Really ignore her like this. She felt that she thought she was teasing her father before, but now she felt as if she was being teased by her father:"Why don't you talk anymore?"

"No It's time to talk"

"Are you crying?" Xueyi looked at the camera, really worried that her incestuous relationship with her father would just disappear.

"My heart is bleeding"

Hearing what her father said, Xueyi felt that this was her father's way of communication. She laughed: "Is there such an exaggeration?"

"You don't believe it, but it's true"

She knew that the father who ejaculated must have become 100% Dad who wanted to save her from the world of compensated dating. She knew that it was not easy to talk to this father, but she couldn't think of how to make him change his mind, so she knew that she could only keep asking him to come out with a cheeky face and said: "Then Just come out and see me!"

"You know I can't"

"It's not sincere at all. "

"I have sincerity, but I have difficulties"

Xueyi knows that as long as her father agrees to the appointment, there is a way to achieve her goal. She reluctantly said: "Okay, Look how pitiful Uncle is, I will give you one last chance, one hour, I just want you to stay with me for an hour, and not disturb yourfamily."

"One hour?"

"Yes, I will ask my father to take me to Mickey Mouse Paradise tomorrow, and I will slip away to meet Uncle on the way, so will be all right?" She wanted to do this before, but she didn't want to just give herself an hourtime.

"Slip away for an hour? How can you find an excuse to leave for so long?"

Xueyi said impatiently: "Uncle, you are so stupid, haven't you been to Mickey Mouse Paradise? Those popular mobile gamescasually have to wait in line for an hour, we make an appointment where to wait, and then each find an excuseto slip away for a while."


“Do you still think about it? I’m already the biggest concession, if you can’t even do this, don’t say anything!” Xueyi warned her father. But she thought in her heart: "Don't hesitate anymore! Accept it!?"

"Well, if your father agrees to go with you, we can meet"

Xueyi saw her father's words, and laughed: "Haha, Uncle, are you trying me? Dad loves me the most, I can go anywhere!"

"I will immediately Call Dad, Uncle, take a good look." Xueyi immediately called Dad, knowing that he was watching her doing this.

"Hello, Xueyi?"

When she heard her father answering the phone, she deliberately asked: "Dad, it's past six o'clock, are you still off work?" She wanted to say something More sarcastic words, but she didn't say anything to control herself.

"Yeah, I'm a bit busy today, I need to do more."

Xueyi knew that he was busy watching her daughter masturbating, so she didn't ask him any questions or greetings Hesaid at once: "That's right, tomorrow is the weekend and Friday is a bit busy, Dad, you haven't taken me to the amusement park for a long time, Why don't you go to Mickey Mouse Park tomorrow."

"Mickey Mouse Paradise? Why do you want to go all of a sudden?"

Xueyi thinks that her father's acting skills are actually pretty good. "If you want to play, just accompany me."

"Dad has something to do tomorrow, next time, and there are many people on Saturday, so it's boring."

She thinks she is so The ability to lie should have been passed down from my father. She felt more and more that her father might have been a liar all along. "There are many people in the amusement park, so there is an atmosphere. You said something, did you make an appointment? You don't have to go to work on Saturdays, right?"

"Yes? I made an appointment very early, and I can't turn it down."

Xueyi heard her father's voice was a bit flawed, and continued to fight with twisted tone: "Don't do this, it's rare that Xueyi wants to go, there will be a special float parade on Saturday, and there will be a large-scale fireworks show, Other days are not as exciting. A while ago, I said that I will spend less time with you and mother recently, and I will go to play with my family tomorrow."

"I want to go too, but I have already made an appointment I'm here."

"Who is it? Did Xueyi know you?"

"Yo, yes? It's Lao Lin?"

Dad said so, let Xueyi has a more useful way to deal with him: "Uncle Lin? He lives nearby, you can see him anytime, you take me to play tomorrow, I will visit him with you on Sunday, and buy him some Souvenir,I haven't visited Uncle Lin for a long time, he must be very happy to see me."

"Don't be so self-willed, Dad is also busy with Dad."

Xueyi knew that her father was getting angry, so she decided to use a unique trick, which was to be coquettish: "Dad, go, I beg you to accompany me~ I begged, I begged sincerely~"


"No but, go, go, go, go~"

"Xueyi, listen to me first? "

Xueyi ignored her father, and continued to attack: "Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! "

"Don't be like this...Okay, okay, let's go together!"

"Wow! Good! Dad agreed! Don't talk back!" Xueyi knew Her plan is going well. "Then I'll tell mom later, come back early, Xueyi will cook for dad herself!"

"Huh? I'll be back as soon as I'm done?"

"Sure, that won't stop you from working, I'll see you later, I love you, Dad! Kiss me, sip~" But she knew that her father was still looking at her. After she hung up the line, she immediately made a victory gesture to the camera to demonstrate to her father: "UncleSee, my father has agreed!" Mouth!" She reminded her father that he had already promised her, but she saw that Dad didn't write any more, and she urged, "Where did Uncle go?"

"I'm in... "

"What's wrong? I persuaded my father, is it my uncle's turn to repent?" Xueyi knew that her father must think so.

"No, Uncle agreed"

"It's good that you know." Xueyi held up her finger and waved left and right and said, "If Uncle breaks the appointment, I will be in the future
I don’t even care about you!”

「I understand」

「Okay then, stay online tomorrow, I’ll send a message to uncle at two o’clock, you’re going to find an excuse to sell yourfamily.」

"What excuse are you looking for?"

"Think about it for yourself! You can get lost in the toilet. There are so many people in the amusement park, it's normal to get lost, right? Don't say it Uncle doesn't even understand this!" She herself didn't know how to "leave" Dad for an hour. She knew that anyway, he already knew that his daughter was Xuefei Piao Piao, and if his sexual desire was high enough, he would find an excuse to leave himself as a daughter.

"Anyway?" At this moment, there was a knock on the door from Xueyi's side, she looked outside in panic, then turned her head to the camera and said, "My mother is back, let's not talk for now, See you tomorrow, I love you, Uncle! Give me a kiss, sip~" After saying that, close the software immediately.

Xueyi breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this was the first time she had asked someone to go on a date. When she started to do compensated dating, although she met the "honest gentleman" a few times, she never asked anyone. She opened the bedroom door to say hello to her mother, but heard her talking on the phone. From her conversation, she found out that it was her father who called her. She knew that her father asked her mother to change her decision, but she was reprimanded by her mother. She smiled and thought: "See how you escape from my palm!"
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