urban flower thief (D-31-完)

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Episode 4: Chapter 31, Su Yun's Teaser

"What? Kidnapping? Kidnapping!" Li Ranhao jumped up in shock. Kidnapping and disappearing cannot be compared.He knew that the words abducted and kidnapped often meant anything that could happen.

Rape! Sold to the mountains to be a wife! Sell ​​it for chicken! Forced to make an AV... Li Ranhao shuddereda feeling of.

"Woooo!" Su Yun, who was dazzled by the joy of her younger brother's return, finally came to her senses at this moment.Sobbing and curling up into Li Ranhao's arms, he intermittently told about Xiaoni's disappearance.

During the period when Li Ranhao was injured and unconscious, a strange woman came to Su Yun Beauty Salon, saying that someoneIntroduced to the beautician here, Su Yun warmly received her and asked Xiao Ni, the best craftsman in the shop, to serve her.At night, Xiao Ni became a little restless, and she didn't think much about it at the time. But the next morning,That woman came again, and brought a woman who was a bit secretive, asking Xiao Ni to serve her by name.

On this day, the beauty salon closed very early. Su Yun, who was tired all day, washed up after a meal and went to bed. Feeling confusedWhen someone walked around in the room, I thought it was Xiaoni going to the bathroom, so I didn't take it seriously, but when I woke up the next morningCome, Xiao Ni disappeared. I didn't think it was strange at first, but there was no sign of Xiao Ni for a whole day.Su Yun became anxious and was going to report the crime. Gao Yuyan, who was looking for Li Ranhao desperately, broke in.

Knowing that she was her younger brother's comrade-in-arms, Su Yun immediately accepted this hot-tempered and beautiful girl, and took herLet's talk about Xiaoni's disappearance. After the two analyzed it, they found a letter in Xiaoni's room that only said that they wanted to go out.Su Yun didn't think there was anything wrong with leaving the letter, only that it was a bit strange that she left without saying goodbye.

But Gao Yuyan thought it was a bad thing done by the kidnapping girl group, it might even be kidnapping! can't stand thisSu Yun was a little overwhelmed by the fright. In addition, the heart of missing my younger brother was even more urgent, so Gao Yuyan followedThoughts, called Li Ranhao back.

But Gao Yuyan still arrogantly thought that those women would not let Su Yun go, so she dragged Su Yun to Aunt Wu's house.Home, but he himself made an excuse to wait for the rabbit. He lived in Li Ranhao's house grandly.

"I said, Ms. Gao, please use your brains, okay? Kidnapping, kidnapping! What is abduction? What is it?Kidnapping, do you know that! I think Xiaoni is just bored and wants to go out for a walk, not as strict as you saidHeavy! And even if it was abduction, those people weren't the seven aunts and eight aunts who came here, just running here if they have nothing to do?Do you have any other purpose? "

I heard Gao Yuyan proudly say that she has already scared the traffickers away. Later, he lived in self-righteouslyIn his house, when the rabbit hit the big tree by itself, Li Ranhao was so angry that he couldn't speak. Gao Yuyan was unhappy when she heard that,Now pouted, glared at Li Ranhao angrily, and twisted a pair of underwear vigorously, if it wasn't for Su YunMaintain a little "lady" image in front of you. I'm afraid she'd already gone berserk.

"I'm not happy anymore, so tell me, have any kidnappers called for ransom in the past few days? Have you thrown papers in the middle of the night?Articles come in and ask us to meet certain conditions with them! "Li Ran was furious, it turned out that all this was nothing butIt was the woman's figment, and she assumed it was without any clues. It also caused the always calm elder sister to be threatened by herShockingly said that he was dizzy with fright, and urged himself to come back again and again.

"Which isn't kidnapping and abduction. Where do you think she can go if she is a little mute?" Gao Yuyan held theThrowing the bottom of his trousers, he stood up and said angrily, "You just hate me. That's why you confront people like this.Li Ranhao, I never want to see you again! You bloody big fat pig! "

"Bang!" The door was slammed shut. The woman rushed into Li Ranhao's room like a tornado. inThere was a crackling sound, Li Ranhao's face twitched violently a few times, and finally he drooped his head weakly,He walked into Su Yun's room without a word.

Lying on the bed, Li Ranhao looked at the room that had been neatly tidied up by Su Yun, and there was a hint of sweetness in his heart.This is like a home. The fragrance of Su Yun's hair lingered on the pillow, and the bed was filled with a faint scent of perfume.than warm. No matter three seven twenty one. Pulling on the bed and trying to catch up on sleep, the room was pushed away, with a sad faceSu Yun walked in dissatisfied.

As soon as she got to Li Ranhao's bed, before the playboy got up, the puffed-up woman snorted.He just complained: "You have no conscience! I knew that when you were bitten by a dog before, my sister would not help youDog, let the dog kill you! "

After speaking, in Li Ranhao's terrified eyes, he twisted his ear and shook it vigorously.

"Sister! Forgive me, why do I have no conscience?" Li Ranhao didn't dare to hide, covered his ears,Just face, frowning again and again begging for mercy.

"Say, do you want to save Xiaoni? You know you were kidnapped, so why are you in no hurry! Heartless guy,A wolf-hearted villain, a big-hearted carrot! "Su Yun put more effort into her hand, because she was hindering Gao Yu just now.With Yan's face, she is not easy to get angry. At this moment, when the female power is released, she immediately reveals her savage side. Although I feel sorry for him,But I hate his ruthlessness even more.

"Sister, why do you listen to her nonsense? Xiao Ni Xiaofei has been wandering around since she was a child, and she is used to living freely.In other words, if you stay here for a long time, you will inevitably want to go out for a walk. Didn't she keep a letter saying that she wanted to go out to relax?It's already like this, what do you ask me to do? "

Li Ranhao was suffering and couldn't tell, but he didn't dare to refute the tiger's beard, I had a sudden idea, and suddenly there was an ouch,Her face was pale and she frowned in pain. Su Yun's heart tightened and she quickly let him go.Sensing that my younger brother's ground is not right, he used to walk vigorously, but this time, although his pace is still steady, he canBut she always felt that he seemed to be covering up something. His cry made her feel distressed for a long time.No matter what kind of mistake he made, I never twisted his ears so hard, and it was too late to feel distressed.

"What's wrong? Does it really hurt?" Su Yun pouted quickly, and blew into his ear, for fear that it would really hurt.Hurt this pimple.

"Hey!" Li Ranhao greedily sniffed the fragrance emanating from Su Yun's body, his eyes cleared.Looking brightly at her white and plump two balls of powder in her white nightgown, Su Yun's mature body is always there.Exudes a suffocating charm.

With a smirk in his arms, Li Ranhao hugged Su Yun, who was shy, in his arms, watching her flickering and dodgingLooking at those round and smooth red lips with clear eyes, a fire of desire ignited in his body.

"What do you want to do? The next crime is... woo!" Su Yun, who was still struggling, felt her lips clogged, and immediatelyIn the dimness, a snake slid open its jaws and wrapped itself around its cloves, the soft woman twitchedMoaned affectionately, wrapped his arms around his brother's neck like an octopus, catering to his kiss, two tonguesThe head is constantly picking, licking, shrinking, wrapping, and sucking.

"Woo... scoundrel, you'll know how to bully me as soon as you come back!" Su Yun kissed passionately while hurting her.Shamefully thinking about what this little villain did, this little guy is becoming more and more provocative, um, I want to dieI miss you, my sister misses you so much.

Su Yun felt that her whole body was hot and swollen. The more she wanted to struggle, the strange numbness and itchiness of her body wouldIt became more and more explosive, and a hand reached into her nightgown. This little guy really grew up, getting more and more discolored, and the palm of his hand alsoIt's getting thicker and thicker, touching the head of the flesh... Woo, little guy, how can you be so presumptuous, my sister can do this with youof it?

I felt the hot two fingers pinch my swollen nipples and rub them lightly.The electric sensation immediately spread all over her body, stimulating her to moan, moaning profligately, this damn little thing, the moreHe is getting more and more presumptuous, but why do I want him to be more presumptuous? Bad guy, the left side is also itchy, what do you do?I don't know, ah! So comfortable, be good, my sister hurts, take it easy!

Su Yun was startled when she suddenly had such a lewd thought. Such close contact with a younger brother is notThis is the first time, but I have never had the idea of ​​being so vulnerable. I used to avoid and refuseAbsolutely, but this time his departure made her feel the pain of lovesickness. The moment Su Yun saw him from the airport, Su YunI know that I can't do without him for the rest of my life, and I even secretly swear that as long as this little villain is not too much, I willCan meet all his requirements, including to him. Yes, I really fell in love with him, whether it is spoiling or love.Well, Su Yun only knows one thing, she wants to tie him up and get his favor. In fact, as early as this little guy firstThe first time Su Yun seduced herself, she already knew that there was such an intoxicating energy in her body.Happy, thinking that this little man who has been brought up since childhood has now become a man of indomitable spirit, and he has alwaysIndulging in her arms like this, she wants to fly happily.

Su Yun, who was struggling with her open mind, suddenly trembled violently. The other hand alsoRough and powerful hands slipped from her silky thighs into her nightdress, caressing those twoThe braid is matte. Gently dawdling, teasing her still burning desire back and forth.

Su Yun has always been accustomed to thin silk underwear, and she never likes to wear silk stockings. confident in yourselfShe always thinks that only in this way can she fully show her soft skin and the attractive curves of her slender legs. thereforeAnd when he was touched by the villain's hand, the loose trousers shrank into a ball, and the little guy who was never satisfied was still joking.Myself, I insisted on pinching my underwear with my fingers to shrink it into a narrow silk like a thong, almost completelyThe bare buttocks ignorantly show their fullness and elasticity to the invading rough palms that have fully occupied it.

"My dear Yuner!"

The man fascinatedly pulled the shy girl into the bed, savoring the fragrant, pink and tender red beans carefully,The wet tongue was steaming, greedily licking and teasing, looking at his snow-white and plump Jade Rabbit in front of his favorite brotherThe teasing room of my younger brother's tongue gradually turned red, and the diffuse pink areola spread out to form a beautiful shape. Su Yun was againShy and happy, the three words "Guy Yuner" echoed in my head, so satisfying and warm.

Li Ranhao was even more excited. Ever since this nephrite jade was warm and fragrant, he let him play with him like an obedient sheep.The moment his sister was pulled into his arms, he was carried away by the uncontrollable impulse. Yuner is pink and fragrantThe body is what I am most attached to. Even a woman with a veil can’t compare with the old lady.It was really wonderful, he hugged a woman who was also passionate and coquettish in his agitation.

Su Yun's mature and sexy body seems to have boundless magic power, plump and elastic buttocks, strongThe tall and straight breasts, the silky skin, all exude a suffocating temptation, ashamed, Li RanHowe withdrew his hand from between her thighs, and wiped the woman's plump breasts with his slimy fingers,Immediately attracted the beauty's coquettish and dissatisfied rolling eyes, the indescribable charm, Li Ranhao only felt that his lower body seemed to be stretchedIt swelled up like an explosion.

"Well, little villain, what exactly do you want?" The charming Su Yun blushed, bit her thin lips lightly,Looking provocatively at the lustful younger brother, scratching his belly button with his toes playfully, with a trace of springCharming glances came, and actions have replaced words, as if encouraging, more like teasing, warmHe hooked his toes lightly, and rubbed his brother's hot and hard place, bringing a burst of lustful spring breeze.

The red-eyed beast couldn't resist such a straightforward tease. Watching a woman who is as pure as a fairy makeIf you don't act with such a charming and unrestrained action, you won't be a man.

"Click—!" The nightgown slid out, revealing the woman's delicate body like fat white jade. Li RanhaoHe swallowed hard his saliva, and stretched out his trembling hands to the silk apron on the woman's high chest. embroideredUnder the emerald green translucent bellybands of a pair of mandarin ducks playing in the water, the two softly swaying pink balls shake the silk yarn, tempting,Unrestrained, with a hint of greasy fragrance, it attracts the eyes of men and stimulates the boiling blood of men.

"Woo, I don't allow you to look!" Unable to bear the hungry eyes of her younger brother, Su Yun moaned shyly. suddenlyThen turned over and turned Fen's back to him. On the round and fat two-braided buttocks, there is a touch of transparent silk on the buttocks.The little yellow panties made the man feel like he was wearing his clothes, and his breathing almost stopped due to the irritation.

"Woo...no, Ah Hao, good brother, don't play with your sister, it's so hot! It's itchy!!" Feeling softHer waist tightened, and Su Yun moaned, and her whole body immediately collapsed limply. but held tightly by a pair of strong handsTightly hugged and half kneeled on the bed, gasping for breath. A hand stretched out from behind, still so bad, holdingHold his own hemisphere and rub it gently. The snow-white and greasy Jade Rabbit was tortured and deformed continuously, accompanied by the slightest bit of pain.With the itching that spread all over the body in an instant like a wave, it hit.

"Ah...!" Su Yun only felt a strong finger stuck between her fat and round braided buttocks.Hot, thick, and... I could emotionally feel it pushing into my delicate tits. squeeze outA place of my own that has never been touched by others. Pushing forward little by little, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, pinching little by little,Seducing her, the already flooded lower body was so provocative and rubbed, suddenly there was a wave of diligently making noisesWith a grunt, the body hung its head weakly as if it had been emptied.

Li Ranhao gently pulled her delicate body. Looking at the tender and plump eyes, surrounded by a bunch of dark and honeyThe two braids of beautiful lips covered by weeds couldn't help stretching their heads. He got under her upright fragrant buttocks, and licked Fang with his tongue.deep in the grass.

"Oh——no, don't." Stimulated like being struck by lightning, this naughty tongue kept licking her mostIn the sensitive place, Su Yun was trembling all over, breathing heavily, biting her lower lip tightly, desperately trying to get rid of such a shameful posture,The strange feeling from her lower abdomen made her dizzy, and Su Yun, whose body had already become paralyzed, suddenly lifted up.With a scream of excitement, her tongue squeezed the chaste door of her hidden garden again and again, as if aA current flowed through her back, Su Yun desperately lifted her toes, shook her head vigorously, her floating long hair danced in the air,Form a beautiful picture.

After a long time, she woke up blissfully from the coma. Su Yun's brows were bright, with a hint of pink floating on her cheeks.The fine and fragrant sweat adhered to the hair, and the messy and fluffy hair spread out on the white sheet, looking extremely gorgeous.Feeling that his jade breasts were extremely itchy, he looked at it slightly, and his heart skipped a beat suddenly, a mass of blush quicklyGround red got on the neck. The younger brother is jokingly holding his own little bellyband, twisting it into a corner to tease his red beans,Shyly kicking the little rascal, Li Ranhao smiled and put the bellyband in his pocket.

"Woo...! What are you going to do?" Su Yun was looking forward to what was about to happen, but seeing her younger brother, she couldn't avoid it.Jiji put his underwear into his pocket, and an indescribable shyness came to his heart. but the sameBut very happy.

Kissed Su Yun's bright red and soft lips, then quickly closed her eyes and put her little hands on her chest nervously.Li Ranhao got down on the bed and put on his clothes in frustrationClothes.

"What's wrong?" Su Yun opened her eyes. The expected favor did not come, but this kid actually put on clothes!Could it be that this little pervert has changed his nature? Could it be that he... For a moment, his heart was in a mess. pouted a little coquettishlyBa, picked up a pillow and slammed it on Li Ranhao's body.

"Sister!" Li Ranhao pointed to the outside, meaning that there were other people outside. Su Yun's face burned red.A piece of it was thrown, another pillow hit Li Ranhao's body, he got into the quilt and roared in a muffled voice:"Go away! Do you want me to be ashamed to death?"

Li Ranhao smiled innocently in frustration, but in fact his heart was also bleeding. Why dare not go up, becauseBecause of the hideous wound on the lower abdomen, although the half-sized scar has healed, but who is the old lady?As long as she sees this wound of hers, she probably won't let her out in the future, let alone hunting for sex. andAnd... In his mind, he wanted to give Su Yun the happiest first time, and he didn't want to just take her casually like this.Walking on the edge of love and sex, men are the most painful.

With a little frustration and regret, Li Ranhao walked out of the room. He could feel the dissatisfaction of the old lady, but thisIt's really not suitable to do such a thing at this time, the old lady is too perfect, too delicate, I completely treat her asBecome a goddess, the goddess can playPlaying with her fat and white ass, you can rub her delicate and plump breasts, butHer pure virginal chastity cannot be profaned, it should be reserved for a most exciting time.

Lying on his big bed, Li Ranhao played with the emerald green silk apron, leaving Su Yun's bodyThe semi-transparent sexy apron with a delicate fragrance has always been his favorite plaything, greedily put the fragrant little silk handkerchiefPutting it on the nose, smelling the ecstasy fragrance deeply, the lower body began to itch again, Li Ranhao even felt a little embarrassed.Regret, if I had sex with my sister at that time, I don't know how wonderful it would be.

"Bang!" The door was kicked open, Li Ranhao impatiently put the silk bag under the pillow carefully, needless to say,Except for violent women, no one else in this world has such a temper.

Gao Yuyan with a livid face stood still for half a minute, watching Li Ranhao put away the woman's hand in his hand indifferently.Personal items, trembling all over, pointing at the inexplicable Li Ranhao, suddenly a volcano eruptedHe roared hysterically: "You... you are so shameless! You actually want to rape your sister! Li Ranhao, youThe beast! I... I killed you! "

After finishing speaking, she suddenly smashed the instant noodles in her hand, and the humanoid Tyrannosaurus rushed towards her, sweeping the air with extremely fierceCut off the empty leg, turn it 90 degrees, and the right leg is like a sickle, with a howling wind, directly sweeping Li Ranhao's forehead.

"You're sick!" Li Ranhao's eyes sank, he roared angrily, and aimed his fist at this thunderous blow.The foot just punches away.

With a "boom", Gao Yuyan in mid-air was shocked by this huge force and her entire sole of her foot was instantly paralyzed.The body in the air barely kept from being injured when it landed, and rolled embarrassingly by virtue of inertia.

Li Ranhao kept silent, jumped out of the bed, and shot two shots brutally like an enraged rhinoceros.Stepping forward, the knee of his left leg was lifted suddenly, and he slammed Gao Yuyan who was covering his face with both hands.

"Ah!" I felt like my hands were struck by lightning, and the strong and brave Gao Yuyan was shocked again by this berserk blow.Far away, his shoulder slammed against the wall fiercely, how could Li Ranhao, who was in a rage, let go of this one that ruined his sexuality?Fu's woman leaped forward like lightning, her ankles were slightly arched, her knees twitched suddenly, and she passed by with a scream.The gust of wind kicked Gao Yuyan with a snap.

Flashing to the right, Gao Yuyan, who was sweating a little on her forehead, rolled like a lazy donkey and dodged it.With this quick kick, he swung his waist vigorously with his hands on the ground, and his slender legs suddenly flew up, one by one.Kicking the whirlwind kick, he also counterattacked fiercely.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" After a few skin and flesh clashes that made goosebumps appear all over his body, he passed byGao Yuyan's hair on her temples was untidy, and there were bursts of heart-rending pain from her right calf. There was a bright spot on Li Ranhao's naked belly.The red and swollen footprint happened to hit Li Ranhao's wound. Although the stitches had been removed, the force of this foot was very strong.The healed wound was shaken open, and traces of bright red blood seeped out from the hideous scar.

"What are you doing?" Su Yun rushed over when she heard the sound, and immediately scolded her.

The two people who were glaring at each other like fighting cocks suddenly shrank like deflated balls. Su Yun came over,Seeing Li Ranhao's wound suddenly, his heart felt as if he had been severely cut by a knife, tears welled up immediately, and he walked away.When passing by Gao Yuyan's side, she snorted angrily, then leaned down lovingly, wanting to touch but couldn'tGritting her teeth bravely, she looked at the wound on her brother's body. She knew that the younger brother could resist the temptation just now.Probably because I was afraid that I would feel uncomfortable seeing his wounds!

"You... you guys." Seeing something was wrong, Gao Yuyan angrily pointed at the couple, choked upGlittering tears burst out of those beautiful eyes, biting her lower lip firmly, and looked at Li Ran with hatred.Howe glanced, turned and walked out.

"Xiaohao, what's wrong with her!" The inexplicable Su Yun was stunned, and looked at Gao Yuyan angrily.A dead woman who actually hurt her younger brother who she couldn't even bear to beat, who can't even be pampered at ordinary times, hmph, after todayGod, we must drive her out. But Li Ranhao took a sip of her delicate face indifferently, disapprovingAuthentic: "She is sick, and it is normal for her to fight with me."

"Ah!" Su Yun had the feeling of luring a wolf into the house, pouted dissatisfiedly: "Then let her go today!"

She stared at him for a moment, then suddenly straightened her face, pointing at his wound suspiciously: "Tell sister, what is this?"thing! How did this wound come about, and you didn't return my calls for a few days, what kind of bad things did you do! "

Scolding is scolding, but Su Yun's eyes are full of distress. Li Ranhao knows that his elder sister loves him the most, so he will do everythingThink for yourself, but the only thing is not to allow him to make trouble. This time, Su Yun must be very sad.

Thinking of this. Li Ranhao racked his brains to come up with a lame reason, but miraculously, Su YunHe just glared at him resentfully, Li Ranhao could feel her heart at this moment, and gently hugged her to the bed, with his face pressed against her.Rubbing his face carefully.

"Ahao, I know you are very measured in everything you do. But you still have to remember what your sister said, don't mess withNothing happened, my sister is your relative, and I don't want to see anything happen to you. If you still hide it from me like today, thenThen my sister will ignore you! "Su Yun hooked Li Ranhao's neck with her hands, feeling distressed.

Looking at the weeping appearance of the delicate old lady, Li Ranhao felt itchy in his heartitchy. While comforting: "Sister, you will have the final say in the future!"clothes,Caressing the round and fat Jade Rabbit. Emotionally licking away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Su Yunjiao, whose eyes were red from crying, sniffed and pinched him in dissatisfaction. Danfeng's eyes wiped a trace of distress, and her nose snorted.Humph was also afraid that the struggle would hurt him, so he could only let him hold him, caressing his wound, and said with great regret:"Still messing around, Xiaohao. Does it still hurt?"

Talking and talking. Tears are falling. Li Ranhao quickly pulled her hand away and explained: "It's okay, it's okay,Isn't there no blood left? Don't worry, this small injury is regarded as a mosquito bite! "

It was a burst of consolation, and then the crying Su Yun was teased and laughed, watching and laughing, that snowThe elder sister who was trembling with two balls of pink flesh on the white ground, Li Ranhao's lower body suddenly bounced up, and he couldn't help butHugged her who moaned softly. The hands began to fumble irregularly again.

"Little pervert!" Su Yun also let him grope, panting and trembling, and said, "You're hurt...todayOh no, when you get well, my sister is still yours! So now? "After speaking, he smiled slyly, and kickedLi Ranhao kicked away, flung a pillow viciously on Li Ranhao's head, and roared, "Get out, old lady."go. immediately! "

"But old lady, it's not fair this time. I was driven away in your room just now, but now this room is mineland! "Li Ranhao muttered aggrievedly, which immediately attracted Su Yun's embarrassment, and suddenly roared and wavedPillow: "Then you just fooled me? Hurry up and get out!"

Seeing her doting younger brother being kicked out of the room twice by herself, Su Yun felt amused in her heart. She likes to watchLooking at the cute look of my little brother running away with his head in his arms, but thinking that this bad guy is not obedient at all, his heart twitched, and he complainedLie down with her mouth pouted, smelling the smell of sweat and cigarettes left on the pillow, she felt sad for a while. Suddenly my heart moved,He raised his body, reached under the pillow and fumbled for a while, and pulled out a few red and green silk handkerchiefs, his face flushed, theseIt was all bought by that little pervert for him, but ripped off from him by a rascal.

Thinking of this bad guy falling asleep sniffing the silk gauze with her body fragrance every night, Su Yun blushed.Cao Cao, his heart is tied to this rogue brother.

"Woo... You bad guy, you made my sister so uncomfortable today...!" Curled up in the warm quilt,The woman thought back to the scene of the fragrant and radiant spring with rippling affection, and felt sweet and shy in her heart.There were some stains on the silk gauze on her hands, her face became even more red, and it took a long time to shyly stuff the silk gauze into her own powder.Between the savory breasts, let it absorb your own smell. With it, Xiaohao will dream of her every day.

Li Ranhao, who fled from the desert, was so depressed that he wanted to die, he went back to sister Xiaofei's room, and beat his chest alone.I lamented that good fortune played tricks on me, and saw the beautiful flesh in my mouth fly away like this.

"Li Ranhao, come out for me!"

A figure appeared outside the window. It was Gao Yuyan who had run away in anger.Gloomy, he jumped in from the window in a daze, looking at Li Ranhao's defensive expression, he couldn't help butHe smiled miserably: "Mouse, in your mind, I am a potted cactus!"

"Hmph! It's not a cactus, at least I won't touch it, and I won't stab my hand. You...!" I wanted to sneerbut seeing that Gao Yuyan had already shed tears, Li Ranhao felt a pain in his heart for no reason, and swallowed the words again.throat.

"Mouse, why are you so gentle to other women, but so cruel to me?"

"Miss Gao, it's not that I was cruel to you, it was you who forced me into a corner."

"How did I force you to have nowhere to go! Don't you think it's shameless and indecent to defile your sister?mean? "

"Fart, where did you see me defile her! Gao Yuyan, please use your brains when you do things, okay?Didn't you see everything just now? ” Li Ranhao was annoyed by her, he only had feelings for her from the bottom of his heart before.What I am afraid of is not fear, but a psychological shadow. But this time was different, she made her goddess angry.

Just as she was about to take out a cigarette, Gao Yuyan stretched out her hand and slapped it away. Her almond eyes were wide open. She didn't like other people in front of her eyes.Smoking, Li Ranhao ignored her, took out another one, lit it, and took a few deep puffs. There was a burst in the roomThe soft aroma made both of them sullenly ignore each other.



"I'm sorry, I was wrong!" The little woman pouted aggrievedly, apologizing coyly. She always did this.Xiao is like this, after bullying Li Ranhao enough, when he sees him ignoring him, he will look for an opportunity to apologize. Li RanHowe had nothing to do with her, he forgave her every time, but what he brought was pain and nonsense in the future.

"But why would you rather be with your sister than give me a chance!" After a long time, Gao Yuyan was at a lossasked.

"..." Silence, death-like silence, after a long while, Li Ranhao murmured: "I'm already happyhappy woman! Yu Yan, you know we are not suitable! "

"Are you chasing her? Chasing girls like in love TV dramas, chasing romantically, flowers, chocolates, andHave you accompanied each other intimately at night, and even used a pair of chopsticks to eat? ’ the woman murmuredLooking out of the window, the night is pleasant, and countless shining stars are shining.


"Then why don't you chase me too?" Looking at the man expectantly, the woman's eyes were also full of twinkling stars.

"Yuyan,Can we not talk about this? "The man's head suddenly became as big as a bucket.

"Do you think my breasts are small, but I really don't have breast enlargement here, it's natural fattening milk, orFeel it, it's no worse than your sister's! The woman anxiously wanted to untie the loose skirt.

The man has black lines...

"Then I'll chase you... can I?"

The man was stunned, and he couldn't say a word with his mouth open for a long time, although he knew that this woman was aMuscles, determined that one thing must be done, but I have never heard of such an obsession with the relationship between a man and a woman.

"Stop talking nonsense, Yuyan! We've grown up. You can't make jokes like this!"Fortunately, Li Ranhao secretly wiped the cold sweat off his face.

"No! I'm serious, Mouse, I like you, I like you so much! I've liked you since I was a child!"

"What exactly do you like about me, tell me, I'll change!" The man was about to collapse.

"You were not like this before! Mouse, you were so kind to me before, no matter how much I bullied you, you were still rightHello, when others bully me, you are always the first to stand up and defend me. Why are you doing this now! mouse,I'm really having a hard time. "The woman choked up silently, big and big teardrops fell down, falling to the ground and turning into countlessbraid.

Her crying also made Li Ranhao's heart ache, but he never answered her. what can he say, tellShe herself had dated several women in love and told him that she had only succumbed to her violence before.

"My father is dead! Before he died, he told me that he wanted me to find you, because you promised him that you would take care of me.All my life! You are a big liar, a big liar! "

Li Ranhao trembled when he heard the words, looked at Gao Yuyan who was crying in disbelief, and grabbedWith her tender shoulders, she asked with a burning heart: "What, what are you talking about? The instructor is dead, this is impossible!How did he die? "

"He died of illness!" Gao Yuyan cried even more sadly when she thought of her father.

Li Ranhao couldn't believe his ears. In his mind, Devil's High is a monument that never collapses.With a strong body and Wangwei's energy, in his impression, these years, instructors, not to mention illness, even catch a coldI have never had such a small problem, and I have always been so strong and fierce. I thought that the serious illness would not come down here.The firstborn of such a person, but everything still happened.

"Yuyan! Don't be sad, let me express my condolences! Tell me what's wrong with the instructor!" Comforting Gao YuYan was also embraced by this woman, and Li Ranhao was a little sad.

"Rat...what's the matter with your wound?" Suddenly, Gao Yuyan, who was hugging him and crying, was suddenly frightenedShrinking back, pointing at his wound that was no longer oozing blood, he shouted with a changing expression. She remembers it clearly,The wound on the child's body healed, and after being kicked by herself, the wound ruptured. She knew very well the serious consequences of this, and cameSometimes I intend to apologize for this. But just now the wound was still oozing blood, how could it recover so quickly?Once healed too!

"What a fuss!" Li Ranhao was about to put on his clothes, but Gao Yuyan stubbornly pulled his hand away, and his eyes widened.Qing, touching his wound with his mouth wide open, said intermittently: "Mouse, is your wound itchy?"Biting feeling? No matter how deep the wound is, as long as the bleeding stops, the wound will heal quickly, right?You tell me quickly! "

Seeing Li Ranhao nodding inexplicably, Gao Yuyan stretched out her tongue and licked her dry lips, biting lightly.Next, hesitantly asked: "Is it possible that after the injury is healed, you will feel that your energy is more vigorous than before. AndAnd strength, speed and physical fitness also have an upward trend! And during this time. feel too energetic,Cause false fire to rise, nosebleed from time to time? "

"I feel excess energy, but I didn't shed...!" Just as he was about to deny it, Li Ranhao suddenlyFor a while, he remembered that every time when he was training in the army, after he was hit in the nose during fighting training, he would look forThe capillaries in the nasal cavity ruptured, causing massive bleeding. At that time, I thought my nose was fragile and I couldn’t bear it.Punch someone else. Thinking about it now, isn't it just like Yuyan said, excess energy leads to false fire?

Thinking of the words that Mister Li once warned himself, Li Ranhao's whole body seemed to have sunk into an ice cellar. coldThere was a slight chill at the root of my hair. Could it all be true.

Gao Yuyan also felt cold all over her body, the last thing she wanted to see happened. Originally, she huggedLuckily, she thought that Li Ranhao would not repeat what happened to her father, but from all this, the rat had already died.He has embarked on this road of no return.

"Terslow Mills Syndrome, also known as "Tsc" disease!" Gao Yuyan, who was in a daze, said painfullyI closed my eyes, feeling an unspeakable pain in my heart.

"What did you say?" Even though I know this is not something to be happy about. But Li Ranhao could hear GaoYu Yan muttered to herself the pain.

"Rat, have you ever experienced the kind of pain and stimulation that makes life worse than death after being injured? I'm asking, where did it come from?When will it start. How many times has it happened and how long does it last? "

Gao Yuyan asked questions one after another, her expression was very nervous, but she seemed to have seen Li Ranhao's hair loss with her own eyes.The pained look when he was sick, and even the description of the things he least wanted to recall were meticulous. In an instant, in front of Li Ranhao's eyesIt seemed dark, and the light had gone away from him. Like a puppet, Gao Yuyan told her everything after she was injured.oneTighten and loosen, but finally looked at Li Ranhao in disbelief. His face was full of misery.

"Terslau Mills Syndrome is a disease term named by a Swedish military doctor, which means overdraftlife in order to stimulate human potential, so that patients can achieve a life that is impossible for them in a short period of time.Life potential, able to surpass the energy of 5 to 10 of ordinary people. Such patients can also be called intermittent superhumans,During the period of illness, their strength has been multiplied, and their body functions will automatically adjust to levels that are difficult for ordinary people.In the imagined state, whether it is strength, speed, reaction ability, or the activity index of the cerebral cortex, they allIt will be 1 to 3 times higher than that of ordinary people. After each attack, the function will automatically adjust to a higher form. At this timeAt this time, the strength and speed will reach the level of today's staggering, and thus become a genius and superman in the eyes of others.But all of this is in exchange for overdrawing life. If life is likened to a passbook, people suffering from TSCIt belongs to taking money that can only be spent tomorrow and paying for today’s consumption. Once the bottom line of savings is reached, even overdraftDeposits will be frozen by the bank, which means that life has come to an end. That's why dad was so earlyDie forever! ...Mouse, you have the same disease as my father...! "

In an instant, Li Ranhao only felt his whole body was icy cold, and a gust of cold came up, and his hands and feet began to feel a little uncontrollable.trembling. When he came out of the army, although Devil Gao looked a little older, he was still the sameSo strong and brave, but it's only been a few years!

"Hehe, at least I can live to your father's age, I'm satisfied." Li Ranhao forced a smile,He took out a cigarette and smoked vigorously. Gao Yuyan bit her lower lip tightly, a few drops of crystals fell from her miserable eyes.Ying's tears...

"Mice, it's not like this!" After staying for a while, Gao Yuyan's tears couldn't stop shedding, covering her eyes.With a choked mouth, he said: "Dad has only exploded his potential twice in his life, once when he was 19 years old, and once when he wasHalf a year before his death. Cases of Turslaw Mills Syndrome prove that the affected person does not have more than two potential burstsFat, the last eruption is often a sign that the overdrawn life has reached its limit! "

"Twice will die?" Li Ranhao was dumbfounded, and raised three fingers to Gao Yuyan who couldn't believe it.Drawn: "This is the third time for me...!"

The air seemed to froze in an instant. It was very oppressive and heavy, as if a needle dropped at this moment, wouldLike causing a cosmic explosion, it is extremely cold and terrifying.

Gao Yuyan touched Li Ranhao's face, and pinched it unbelievably hard, causing Li Ranhao to bark his teeth and claws in pain.roar.

"The third time, how is this possible? Could it be that you look like a flashback now?" Curiosity is more important than fear.Plus elusive. Gao Yuyan firmly pinched Li Ranhao's balloon with one hand to prevent him from piercing it. This trick isHer ultimate skill, at this time, this big stupid pig dare not move.

"I said Princess Taiping, are you still a woman? How can there be a woman who likes to catch men for nothing! Let goopen me. ” Li Ranhao, who kept struggling, could only fight back with vicious curses, but he didn’t dare to move, damn it,Fascinated by her tears, he didn't realize that this lunatic woman would grab the deadly part of a man regardless of reserve.

"It doesn't look like a flashback. Before my father died, his face was as wrinkled as a monkey's. Could it beYou're younger because of the mouse? Impossible, I have read the case reports, every such patient will be inVisibly aged look in as little as a week. I have never heard of the saying that there is a flashback, and you stillIt's the third burst of potential... Come here, let me check it out.

"Don't... oh... you let go!"

Before Li Ranhao could react, Gao Yuyan suddenly grabbed his last one with "monkey picking peaches" accurately.deadly place.

Can't help Li Ranhao not leaving, Gao Yuyan seems to be grabbing the scrotum, not his scrotum, but the cowHis nose was like a rope, and Li Ranhao could only groan and straighten his back when his hands froze. Move on tiptoe with your feet in your hands. althoughHowever, he really wanted to slap this thick-skinned woman unconscious, but he couldn't do it, so he could only yell helplessly.He followed her to the balcony.

"Tell me honestly, how many times did you get sick!"

"Three times!"

"You must be three times!"

"I swear by the thing you grabbed...Gao Yuyan, if you don't let go, don't blame me for being rude!"Li Ranhao, with veins popping out of his forehead, was furious. If other women hold him here, it will make him helpless.I was more excited, but being held by this humanoid tyrannosaurus, I really didn't know what to say.

Gao Yuyan bit her thin lips lightly, staring at Li Ranhao. After a long time, he said slowly, "Mouse, are you afraid of death?"

"Afraid of death? You've heard of people from special forces, who is afraid of death! There's nothing terrible about death." Li RanhaoSmiling with relief, the hail of bullets has been experienced. Why are you afraid of death! only……

damn it!

Li Ranhao felt his lower body swell up, and an inexplicable fear surfaced in his heart, could it be?Are you really lewd? Even this man's mother-in-law will react when she holds it, it's over! worse than deathhappened.

Gao Yuyan hadn't noticed the abnormal change in the bad thing in her hand, and her thoughts were all on her father's illness and death.All the information about Tsc that I have searched before. There are not many such lesions found in the world, only tenSeveral cases were without exception in the two outbreaksAfter realizing his potential, he exhausted all his life and died. But this bastardMiraculously, there have been three outbreaks, and it is still alive and well...


"You've reacted!" Suddenly, the woman was overjoyed and felt the balloon in her hand inflated.Come on, I squeezed it curiously, and my eyes full of mist were happy to smile. don't knowAt this moment, the man was so aggrieved that he wanted to punch her head off.

"You still said that she is not a woman, why do you react when you hold your hand?" The woman laughedCome on, very charming and very provocative. Feeling the swollen feeling of being unable to hold the hand, the smile became brighter and brighter.

"Damn it, even if a man holds this place, I will feel it too!" Unable to help roaring, LiRan Hao's face looked somewhat ferocious, with a little embarrassment added: "Do you want to see my illness, or do you want to see me?Want to see my dick! Could it be that you didn't see much in the toilet before? "

"Looking at your appearance, I really think you didn't get Tsc, but just the beast factor in your body.Sucai inspires your potential! Like an orangutan...! By the way, Mouse, do you ever feel overtired? "

"Bullshit, I'm not a machine, of course I'll be tired!" Li Ranhao didn't give her a good face,Doesn't this damn woman know that it's embarrassing to hold on to this place?

"Can you feel tired?" Gao Yuyan's gloomy face seemed to be getting better. She remembered that her father never saidTired, even when he took the lead in cross-country running for 50 kilometers with a heavy load in that big military training, others were exhausted, but heThe whole body is sweating like rain, and even the sweat is seeping from the whole body like running water, but the father just keeps drinking water,Drinking water until he drank the boiling water in the plastic bucket that was half full, he stood up very easily, his whole bodyIt's strength. The spirit is multiplied. At that time, I only thought that my father was the strongest man. Now that I think about it, it may be TscThe response to the disease, when the patient is overdrawn physically, quietly stimulates the potential to relieve their fatigue, butIt is also consuming their lives at the same time, and the profuse sweating of the father is the result of an excessively fast metabolism.

But Li Ranhao felt very tired, so he had an idea, because the medical records indicated that those patients had never felttired……

Gao Yuyan's tense nerves eased somewhat. He even showed a smile: "Mouse, maybe you are really lucky,Tsc has a mutation in you! Maybe you can't die! Ah... why is your face so ugly? "

The furious Li Ranhao turned pale at the moment, and was furious when he heard the words: "Gao Yuyan, I'm under youPinching, can you feel better? You're the only one who's sick. Don't you feel ashamed of a woman holding a man here? "

"Ah, it's so hard!" Gao Yuyan covered her small mouth with one hand in surprise, with an excited feeling on her face.Ignoring Li Ranhao's abuse, she has long since become numb to these pediatric attacks, holding Li Ranhao's big dick againKnead slowly.

Stimulating sensations replaced swelling pain, Li Ranhao looked in amazement at this girl who suddenly became a little feminine.There is an indescribable feeling of ambiguity between the human enemy and the enemy.

"Mouse, do you really hate me? Could it be that in your heart, I really don't look like a woman at all?" MeiThe silky-eyed, alluring woman leaned against her body sadly, her bulging breasts pressed against the man's body.On her body, the tall Gao Yuyan was almost the same height as Li Ranhao, and her sexy ruddy mouth lightly kissed ChunThe orchid-like fragrance wafted over the tip of the man's nose. The two were already tightly pressed together, the woman's face was very hot,The thin mouth gently rubbed the man's cheeks, and the somewhat rapid breathing heralded the rise of the woman's desire.Her eyes are very charming and alluring, and the eyes with a little bit of mist seem to be rippling in the autumn waves, exuding infinite beauty.Beautiful colors.

Episode 4: Chapter 32, The Rape Game

"It's not like!" Li Ranhao resisted not to smell the faint fragrance of flowers on her body, and forcefully spit out twoCharacter.

"Then touch and see, am I a woman? Just touch someone!" The voice was very sweet, full ofFull of temptation. Pulling the hand of the man who was already fascinated, he slowly inserted it into his chest from the collar of his jacketPreserved, white and tender, the warm and smooth tender milk actually has an uncontrollable slippery feeling in the hands. such a feeling,Even Fangfang's pair of big breasts are incomparable. In the warm bosom, my hands actually feel like they are immersed in pink.Between the piles, it is so creamy, so soft...

Damn the best beautiful milk! Seduction, naked temptation, where did this crazy woman learn these white flowersresentment. Li Ranhao, who was a little lost in this fragrant touch, suddenly woke up and wanted to pull out his hand, but found thatThe woman's sad eyes and the pitiful appearance of biting her lower lip, I still feel pity for Li Ranhao, even forgetting that she isThat crazy Gao Yuyan who always has a manly haircut and speaks rudely.

Li Ranhao had various illusions, as if what he saw in front of him was as charming and charming as a new-haired hibiscus,The flirtatious beauty with all kinds of charms, was more presumptuous to play with flowers, but when she saw her face flushed, she seemed to be frightened.The woman with eyes closed like a bunny, waiting for the frying pan, Li Ranhao suddenly woke up.

"Oops!" Suddenly there was a loud cry, and she was so frightened that she held his hand and groped for her beautiful breasts, enjoying the strangeThe very stimulating woman shivered subconsciously.

With a "chuck", Li Ranhao jumped down the stairs with a flash of his waist. Meteorgenerally disappears in the darkmiddle.

"I don't believe it's cheap to deliver it to your door, and you don't even want it! Am I really not a woman? I have to let youTake my virginity away! "Knowing that she was fooled again, Gao Yuyan buttoned up her collar angrily, gritted her teethWiping away the tears she shed, she chased after the figure in the darkness.

How did Li Ranhao know that Gao Yuyan would have such a forward-thinking idea across the century. After running for a while, I found that there was noThe sound stopped. I never thought that there would be a woman chasing and dedicating himself.

Licking his lips, Li Ranhao felt a little horrified. He actually regarded him as a snake and scorpion since he was a child. as maleGao Yuyan, who was treated like a human being, had sexual fantasies, and even... Damn, it doesn't look like breasts that have been enlarged, thisThe hand feeling made me almost do something terrible, thinking that if I woke up, I found a person lying on the bedside at any time.It's possible to kick yourself in the ass and hunt your own tomboy all over the place. Will there be impotence in the future?It's hard to say.

Shivering, he looked behind him in a little fear. Crowds of people on the brightly lit streetIt seemed extremely lively. Even if she came after her. It is almost impossible to find yourself in such an environment.can. But I can't go back tonight, since they all ran out, the night will be long. Sleepless.Being provoked by Su Yun and Gao Yuyan again, naturally, the target person appeared. In addition to flirtatious,Other than Ouyang Ruiyuan, a coquettish little fox, what better candidate could there be. Think of this little foxIt sounded wonderful, and a fire ignited below.

Without hesitation at the moment, she called a taxi and headed straight for the little goblin's house.

To enter the goblin's bedroom, one cannot use ordinary methods. Accustomed to the slant of the sword, Li Ranhao is familiar with itClimb all the way to the balcony on the third floor. Sticking his head out and looking into the room through the screen window, there is a faint trace of a smile on the corner of his mouthSmile.

"Yeah yeah!!"

The room is very noisy, Ouyang Ruiyuan is shaking a black lace underwear and shouting for the broadcast of the Earth gameCheering, wearing only a white Real Madrid jersey, she showed a charming curve, with huge boobsThe body trembled and swayed endlessly, and the fat and plump buttocks also swayed with snow-white ripples as the slender waist twisted,Under the light reflected by the TV, a thread of black silk stretched across her snow-white round braided buttocks, making her look extremely sexyCharming, and the faint luster of the pair of flesh-colored stockings on the slender and round thighs is even more mysterious.Temptation, the blood-spitting voluptuous scene constantly teases the lust of the man outside the window.

"This little slut!"

Quietly pushing open the glass door, Li Ranhao was both happy and worried. This little goblin was fascinated by watching the football game, and wasPeople who sneak in don't know how to guard against those thieves who are going to steal incense and jade, and do things like this, butAfter thinking about it, isn't it me who came in? Could it be that he is a thief! Damn, Li Ranhao took a deep breath, and thenThe thief smiled and walked around behind the little goblin who hadn't noticed that he had come in, and came to sneak attack from behind, and suddenly performed a miraculous feat of catching milk.Leaning on the sofa, she suddenly hugged Ouyang Ruiyuan who was screaming, and grabbed two balls of milk with both hands and ruthlesslyTake a few touches.

"Ahao!" Ouyang Ruiyuan, who was scared out of her wits, turned around and prepared to fight this short-sighted little fool with all her might.At that time, he was stunned as if he couldn't believe it. For a long time, he rolled his eyes and suddenly trembled in fear, struggling toPushing Li Ranhao away, he jumped up like a frightened little rabbit and landed on the corner of the wall, whimpering softly.Call out: "Who are you, what do you want to do? Do you want to rape me?"

After finishing speaking, she covered her slightly trembling breasts with her hands in a pretentious manner, but deliberately twisted her plump, snow-white jade breasts.His butt crawled on the ground a few times, bit his thin lips lightly, and made a beggar who was ready to run away at any time but was unable to move a step.Lian Yang, it seems, is so coquettish and lewd, giving people a strong criminal impulse.

Li Ranhao was taken aback, and the blood suddenly gushed into his brain. He knew what this little fairy was doing.In such an environment, I want to play a role-playing, rape game.

"Don't come here, don't come here, if you come here again, I'll call someone!" The little goblin shrinks back in fearbody, squeezed to the corner again, the pitiful and helpless little appearance is so moving.

Let's cooperate, Li Ranhao looked at the taste in the little goblin's eyes, twitched the corner of his mouth slightly, and smiledUnusually ambiguous and lascivious, he licked his mouth, and smiled ferociously: "You scream, no one will break your throat if you screamhere to save you! Hey, follow me! "

Speaking of these words, Li Ranhao felt a sense of excitement for no reason. The shivering little sheep in front of him wasWith his mouth open, his pitiful look of wanting to cry but no tears made him excited, and he slowly reached out to Ouyang in the corner.

"Rape!" Ouyang Ruiyuan suddenly stood up with a soft cry, and gave him a charming white look.Mouth squirmed, bent over and moved, let the man grab the corner of his clothes, struggle hard and make a "shua",The clothes were torn, revealing a piece of white and tender arm, the woman inadvertently let out an oops, and dragged the torn arm with her little hand.The ripped corner of the clothes was torn vigorously, and there was another sound, and half of the big breasts popped out, it was really fragrant.

"Please, please don't rape me, I will do anything for you!" Seeing Li Ranhao gradually entered theAs the character, Ouyang Ruiyuan felt a warm current suddenly emerge from her heart, and the unconcealed love of spring permeated wildlyThen, small pink bumps popped out of the overly excited body.

"You bastard!" Li Ranhao licked his lips, his lust was overwhelmed by thisThe goblin provoked to the highest temperature,Originally, I was still in a playful state of mind, but with the performance of the woman, I gradually became immersed in this extremely exciting crime scene.Feeling this, she grabbed Ouyang Ruiyuan's hair with a grim smile and tore her jersey fiercely. Ouyang Ruiyuan exclaimedStruggling to get away, he ran to the corner of the corridor to hold on to the wall, giving Li Ranhao a charming look.

"Bad guy, come and catch him! If you can't catch him, you don't want to eat him!" The woman's coquettish smileIt sounded, provoking the limits of men.

interesting! Li Ranhao, who was immersed in role-playing, raised his hand with a sinister smile, and took a deep sniffThe gauze dress with a woman's body fragrance, the goblin giggled, touched the wall with her soft little hands, pressed the light switch, the roomSuddenly it was dark.

In the darkness, Li Ranhao disarmed all his armor, and relying on the memory of the room layout, he held his breath all the way.In the dark, he walked towards a corner with shortness of breath.

"Heck! You're bad!" Ouyang Ruiyuan, who was easily grabbed by Li Ranhao, laughed so hard that she stretched out her little cloveThe tongue and the lover kissed affectionately, and the body couldn't help trembling violently. Li Ranhao's rough and powerfulRubbing her two balls of pink flesh with big hands made her lustful, and she couldn't help but let out a moan that made her heartbeat double.But when Li Ranhao's hand reached into her panties, the little goblin who had entered the show bit down on her, unwilling to be humiliated.The man who had relaxed his vigilance bit hard on the arm, causing Li Ranhao to scream in pain, and the savage Ouyang struggledout of his arms, stomped on him hard, turned around, put a knee on him, and hit his injured little one hard.In the abdomen, Li Ranhao's heart was piercingly hurt, and Ouyang Ruiyuan took the opportunity to get rid of her pink shoulders.His clutches, giggling and running away.

"You...!" Covering his wound, Li Ranhao, who was suffering beyond words, wiped the cold sweat off his head, gritted his teethTooth: "Today I have to rape you, I will fuck you to death!"

The rape game is in full swing. In this small villa, the two of them scurried around like a hide-and-seek.Once again, Li Ranhao let this cunning little fox let her go in fright with a real help, even though he took off hisThe last shred of shame on her body, but she watched helplessly as the woman with bare buttocks ran away with a wicked smile.in the darkness.

Slowly leaning against the corner of the wall, Li Ranhao moved slowly, picked up the narrow pair of underpants in his hand, secretlyScold this time to catch this little slut again, I can't give her any chance, damn it, the bottom is going to die, if notKnowing that this little girl likes the feeling of being abused like this, and she is also willing to try such an exciting game, I am afraid she has alreadyTurn on the electricity, grab the little girl, press her on her body, and whip her hard.

"Huh? Hehe, let's see where are you going now?" There was a hint of fragrance in his nose. The fragrance was very light and elegant.Fascinating, a vague figure in the darkness was also squatting against the wall in a corner, sticking its head out to look around.

Li Ranhao couldn't help being amused, you're not dead yet, so make up your mind now, the little goblin doesn't like the feeling of being abusedIf you feel like it, then I'll show you what violent rape is. Damn, was that rape just now? there are rapists thereWhat bad luck, let the target run away twice. It doesn't count if I was bitten, and I was kicked twice, and I still don't laugh when I say itdead.

Hardened his mind, Li Ranhao suddenly rushed out. In his memory, the little goblin would scream excitedly.He made a sound, and then raised his fragrant buttocks to submit, but the sky was not as good as people's calculations. The little goblin rolled quickly on the spot, kicking his foot.Sweeping fiercely, he went straight to his face, paused in embarrassment, secretly thinking that this little bitch is really serious, if he hitsIf so, don't you lose your appearance? Well, if you want to play hard, don't blame me for being rude.

Grabbing the carpet with his hands and pulling it, Ouyang's body suddenly tilted to the side in the darkness, and Li Ranhao took advantage of the situation to move,He hugged her from behind, twisted and pulled her arm like lightning, and swept her right leg, the woman couldn't help butHe bent his legs and knelt down suddenly, and before he could let out an angry roar, a ball of pink-scented underpants was stuffed into his mouth.into his own mouth.

"Woo!" Gao Yuyan didn't expect such a result, followed by this bad guy who didn't admit that she was a woman.After Dan came all the way to this villa, she watched helplessly as the villain climbed in like a thief, because she didn't knowGiven the situation, she dared not rush to follow immediately. Until there was a faint sound of rape in the room.

"Damn prostitute!" Gao Yuyan's first reaction was that this dead mouse who likes to steal incense and jade is doing that again.Kind of bad. I didn't expect that after a few years, he would become such a shameless rapist.

Without extra consideration, she immediately climbed upstairs with a strong sense of justice. Just about to enter the door to stop this animal criminalSin, as soon as his eyes went dark, there was a delicate cry for help in the room, and he rushed in to save people immediately. usuallyHer head is so rigid, but she suddenly thought that just a few hours ago, she accidentally destroyed the rat and theThe good thing between his cousin, it can be seen that the two are what you love and what I want. Could it be the same this time? if... After listening carefully, there was indeed a woman calling for help softly in the room, and she couldn't help being furious.The raped woman called for help in such a low voice, and she was so delicate, full of provocative flavor. is it really onjoke. Really. When did rape become so popular.

Whether it's true or not, Gao Yuyan decided to go in, just in case. If the dead mouse really wanted to rape a woman,I must stop him. Can't let him go wrong. Thinking of this, he couldn't help scolding Li Ranhao severely,You don't even want this beautiful woman who comes to your door, you have to do these thingsTune in, it's so annoying.

Just as she was lurking near the wall, suddenly a black shadow tiger rushed over, and she kicked the person with a quick reaction.But I didn't expect this guy to be so powerful that he escaped the blow. In an instant, she thought of Li Ranhao,As soon as he slowed down, his body was subdued by this stinky guy. He was supposed to curse out loud, but a fragrant stick was stuffed into his mouth.A piece of ground cloth blocked his mouth.

"Cheating, you're cheating! Then don't blame me!" Li Ranhao was furious when he touched a piece of clothing.Damn little bitch, actually cheated and put on clothes again, isn't this preventing him from advancing directly? savagely notLooking at the desperately struggling woman, Li Ranhao clasped her hands with one hand, and hooked her legs with his feet.She tore her clothes, Ouyang in the dark entered the scene deeply, and struggled fiercely, but this became more and more serious.Stimulating the man's beastliness, he savagely pulled off her tight thin skirt, and the sturdy little skirt got stuck in the woman's waist.On the knees, Li Ranhao's legs replaced Li Ranhao's, restraining the possibility of the woman's legs being kicked twice.

"Sure enough, you are a rat, big villain, how dare you!" After confirming that the man behind him is Li Ranhao, butShe was stripped of her clothes and skirts in the dark, no matter how short-circuited her brain was, she would know what was about to happen! but thisThe villain's hands are so strong, no matter how hard he struggles, it's useless! what! Bad guy, even took off my panties,Woohoo, you bully me, what is it, it's so hot!

Gao Yuyan's face suddenly turned red, and her body instinctively produced a scorching reaction, subconsciously thinkingIt is necessary to tighten the buttocks to resist this external violent erosion.

In my heart, I secretly admired the speed of this little fairy's dressing. In such a short time, everything was dressed neatly.Even the panties are put on, but only in this way can there be a sense of accomplishment, and the feeling of guilt stimulates the man's blood to surge,Roughly pulled down her panties, playfully rubbed them in the slit of that plump snowy buttocks, smiled lewdly, and feltWatching the woman's restless struggle and rapid breathing from her mouth, Li Ranhao pushed the bloodshot steel rod on his buttocksWipe back and forth a few times.

What does he want to do? Gao Yuyan was frightened and trembled suddenly. The plump and creamy two-braided jade buttocks are desperatelyAfter shrinking, the rotten beauty stimulates the man's bestiality.

"Damn it, even playing the role of a raped person is so into the play." Li Ranhao thought with a grin, and lifted her loose clothes with his hands.The hair on her shoulders, greedily let go and sniffed, stretched out her hand to her chest, pinched the erect nipple, leaned overThe lower body said softly: "Little fairy, don't you want to? Look, it's hardened, haha, the bottom is also wetCome on! I'm not being polite to that brother! "

"Damn rat, dare to call me a goblin, okay, come on! Touch me, will you still be able to get rid of him in the future?"Gritting her silver teeth, Gao Yuyan shivered and tilted her raised buttocks backwards, instinctively and naturally catering to the malehuman insertion.

Not knowing whether it was joy or sorrow, the woman shook her head desperately, and her body also trembled. Li Ranhao is no longer energeticPlaying this game with her, jokingly rubbing against the hot steel bar that was about to explode in the beauty outdoor.

Gao Yuyan only felt that there was a hot thing that penetrated her innocent body that had been preserved for 24 years.The tingling feeling that penetrated into the soul was something I couldn't bear at all...

"Woo—!" The woman's head suddenly tilted upwards, her long hair flying in the air was so mesmerizing...

*** *** ***

Silence, endless silence, as if everything in the world was wiped out the moment the electric light was lit, Li RanhaoHe stared blankly at the woman who was panting under her body, dripping with sweat, and closed her eyes, immersed in pain and happiness.A woman, eyes dumbfounded. And Ouyang Ruiyuan also stared blankly at Qing, looking in disbelief at this person who replaced her.The woman who has become the protagonist of the game can't figure it out, she just hid in the bedroom for a while,After finally finding an extremely "romantic" flirting idea with my lover, I was caught by this naked girl in front of me.woman enjoying going.

"Why did you stop?" Gao Yuyan, who was in the middle of an orgasm, didn't feel the lights coming on at all.Mandi opened his eyes and looked, his face turned blue, and he wanted to find a crack in the ground to get in. The most embarrassing and shockingLi Ranhao, it never occurred to him that he was obviously playing a rape game with a little goblin, so why would he attack a girl?The corner turned into a violent woman, could it be that everything is an illusion.

Thinking of this, Li Ranhao tried to push between her fat, tender and smooth buttocks, and the ecstasy of pleasure suddenlyWhen the tide came, the woman under her let out an uncontrollable moan. Although she was ashamed, she couldn'tResisting the stimulation brought by the most instinctive source of happiness for human beings, after she moaned shyly, her plump pinkThe buttocks shook slightly, and the lewd scene made her fall into the ocean of sensuality again.

"Yuyan...how could it be you?" Li Ranhao wanted to cry, but he couldn't care less about the ecstasy, so he hurriedlyPulling out the murder weapon, she looked at the lower body of Gao Yuyan who was sitting down slowly in front of her. On her snow-white buttocks and thighs, there were a few traces of confusion.The turbid, viscous, bloodshot liquid is so shocking.

"Rat, you raped me, what do you say...!" Gao Yuyan sobbed, and the usual Fei YangHu's appearance is gone at the moment, no matter how you look at it, it looks like a humiliated lamb whispering the root of a man's sinsource.

"I..." retorted subconsciously, but it was so powerless. Gao Yuyan muttered in dissatisfaction,Turning around, he began to sob, which made the man panic even more."Ahao, who is she?" Ouyang Ruiyuan unexpectedly appeared to Li Ranhao with a tolerant attitude.In front of her, looking at this dainty beauty, she felt a strange excitement, rape, real rape, what a shame!However, it happened right in front of my eyes, and I still had sex with this lustful beast, not only did I not show a beingThe adulterer's expression of loss, hesitation, about to cry but no tears, on the contrary, he still has a feeling of complacency. On the other hand, looking at his own man,But it was a deflated look, as if he was the one who was raped, so sad, so painful, and withExtremely regretful and annoyed, tsk tsk, what is going on. Looks like they know each other lol. too intentionalthought about it.

"I..." Li Ranhao didn't know what it was like to be raped physically, but he tasted what it was like to be raped.The gratification and pride in the eyes of the sobbing Tyrannosaurus almost drove him crazy, why would heI fell in love with her by mistake, it's over, I can't get rid of her for the rest of my life, thinking of all the methods she used in the past, I feel coldLi, oh my god, what kind of fucking rape game did I play?

"Sister, don't cry! Ah Hao will be responsible!" Ouyang Ruiyuan gave Li Ranhao a coquettish look, and lifted her up.Gao Yuyan, who was crying, hugged her waist charmingly, and asked softly: "Sister, don't cry now, crying can't solve it.problematic. "

"Who are you?" Gao Yuyan wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes. In fact, these tears were not shed because of sadness.On the contrary, she is very happy now, being able to trap Li Ranhao is a big deal, she can't say anything else, but it takes a lot of time.She knows how her son is, and she is extremely responsible for women. She has finally completed the task of entrusting her chastity to him today.The oath is the end of the mind. The tears were actually brought about by the stinging pain just now.

"Hey, hello!" Ouyang Ruiyuan gave her a coquettish look, her pink and tender lips were slightly pouting, and her amorous feelingsLi Ranhao leaned on the dumbfounded Li Ranhao and kissed him hard: "I am Ah Hao's woman!Big wife, you are new here, you are little wife, you have to listen to me for everything from now on! "

"Fart!" Gao Yuyan quit, why should anyone share her man, even if you came first,The man who wants to kiss me, Gao Yuyan, is dreaming.

Unexpectedly, Gao Yuyan uttered a foul word, and Ouyang Ruiyuan didn't react for a while, a violent womanHe jumped up and grabbed her by the hair.

Ouyang Ruiyuan is not a weak woman who won't fight back even if she is bullied, but she didn't expect that she would strike firstMan, he didn't hold back his hands in a hurry, grabbed Gao Yuyan's tits and pinched fiercely, the two women cried out in pain at the same timeWith a sound, they fought violently. Although the skill is N times higher than that of Ouyang Ruiyuan, but after going through the situation just nowHe was provocative and exhausted, so he could only draw with Ouyang, but the fight was extremely violent, but Li Ran on the other sideHowever, Hao was still dumbfounded, turning a deaf ear to their affairs, stood alone for a while, and walked into the bedroom in a daze.room.

The two women who were fighting like fighting cocks stopped at the same time. For them, the man was the root of their actions.Yuan, he ignored him when he saw him fighting, and he complained a little at first, but now seeing him silent again, he knew it wasIf something goes wrong, hurry up and push me, and I will push yours into the bedroom.

"Yuanyuan, can you go out first, I want to talk to Yuyan!" Li Ranhao, who fell on the bed, was depressedWith a nod, Ouyang Ruiyuan snorted angrily, pulled a piece of clothing in dissatisfaction and twisted her head demonically.Buttocks walked out, leaving only Gao Yuyan terrified.

After a long silence, Li Ranhao sighed, and said with great regret: "Yuyan, I... I'm sorry!If you want to kill or cut, I admit it. "

"Mouse, I don't blame you, really. I don't blame you at all. I... I know it's yours, so I didn't shout,I... I do! Gao Yuyan, who has always been carefree, bit her lower lip shyly, her red face seemed to be able toDripping blood, so beautiful, so pure.

The more this happened, the more Li Ranhao was in pain. He even wanted to cut off this troublesome guy with a single knife. Of course onlyJust think about it, there will be absolutely no actual action. But the condemnation in his heart is no less than being stabbed by a knife. althoughAlthough he knew that Gao Yuyan hadn't really fallen in love yet, but for a person. I've been toyed with like that by myself,say it. Whoever dares to ask for it again will blame myself for being fucking obsessed with sex, and not paying attention to her abnormal behavior when doing it.

Sit up slowly. Lighting a cigarette, he knew that Gao Yuyan hated others smoking in front of him, but heIt still ignited, even if she just scolded herself a few words. I feel better too.

Gao Yuyan didn't scold him, but walked to him, sat down next to him, took his hand, and leaned quietly against thebeside him.

"Yuyan, you know I may not live long, why do you still do this? I don't know if this will make you......! "

Li Ranhao's words were blocked by the tearful woman with her thin and tender lips, and her tongue was drawn into the man's mouth.mouth, despite the stiff and jerky movements. But full of passion and love.

Li Ranhao felt a salty liquid rolling down the woman's face and into her mouth, is it bitter? Do not,Very sweet, very fragrant, just like the tongue in the mouth that can't suck and lick, it's smooth, tender and sweet. Gradually, the twoThey embraced together, at this moment Li Ranhao miraculously discovered that Tyrannosaurus also had her feminine side. Do notAnyway, he is already half a woman now, and, moreover, the body is still so evocative,Damn, why didn't I find it before.

Slowly, Li RanHowe accepted the reality, but he had to say something.

"Don't you regret it? You know that I may die at any time, follow me, and you will be a widow in the future!"

"Regret, regret why I didn't do this earlier. Let me tell you, Dad said, what a man saidIt must be fulfilled, you promised him to take care of me for the rest of my life, you must fulfill it. "

"As long as I live every day in this world!" Li Ranhao was sweating profusely, stroking Yuyan's slippery snow with his big handsThe white skin, a ball of fire burned to the lower abdomen again.

"Li Ranhao!"

The door was knocked open suddenly, and Ouyang Ruiyuan, who was full of tears, cried and whimpered, her eyes red and swollen, looking at the anxiousLooking at the separated man and woman, he burst into tears and slammed into Li Ranhao's arms.

"What's the matter with you, what's the matter with you? Why did you say you'd die, why?" The woman hugged him mournfully,The body is unusually cold.

"Nothing!" Li Ranhao said bravely.

"You lied to me, you lied to me, you lied to my body, and now you want to lie to me? You heartless familyMan, you beast! Do you just use me as a tool to vent your desires, come when you want, leave when you want, just want toIf you're dead, don't you need to tell me? "The woman poured out all the words in her heart, she hated this man's innocenceDo you hate him even more for being cruel and cruel, and regard yourself as a woman who can do everything you can? Is it right in his heart?He is so lowly, reduced to his plaything, I should hate him, he is not a good person, but why?Why is my heart so painful, didn't I swear to be with him only for sex, only for desire?

Ouyang Ruiyuan beat Li Ranhao's chest vigorously. This time, the man's heart hurt even more than Gao Yuyan's.Come on, I actually have the same playful attitude towards Ouyang, maybe it's her madness, her sexy, but nowOnly then did I know that I already had feelings for him, and it was still the kind of feeling that was engraved in my heart.

"Yuanyuan, listen to me, I don't want to lie to you, but... I like you, I shouldn't have come here, butWhen I go out, the first place I want to go is you! "

"Bah!" Ouyang Ruiyuan, who was laughing through tears, spat on Li Ranhao: "You are thinking about his body!Don't think that I don't know about your little thoughts. Fangfang is not in Shangdu, and your couple are all in Australia.Ya, you don't dare to touch some people, where else can you go except me? Bad guy, say, isn't it? "

Li Ranhao patted his head, smirked, and let Ouyang Ruiyuan pinch his body fiercely. Gao Yuyan originallyDistressed, but stretched out his hand a few times but withdrew it again. She knows the pain of a woman falling in love with a manShitty, especially if he likes a bad man like Dead Mouse who has no conscience but makes people unable to let go.

"Ahao, are you really going to die?" After regaining consciousness, Ouyang Ruiyuan said worriedly, there was always a feeling in her heart.The lump was clogged, and only then did he see the hideous wound on Li Ranhao's lower abdomen. Huarong was so frightened that she passed by LiRan Hao explained for a long time, and Gao Yuyan explained the symptoms of Tsc carefully. The little witch's face turned blueThere was a burst of whiteness, and it took a long time to be stunned. With a forced smile, her delicate body was rolled into Li Ranhao's arms, her little handsGently rubbing his scars repeatedly. The nose is sour again.

"Okay! Stop moaning, am I not dead? Alive and healthy! Since youIf you don't have an opinion, it's better to have fun in time! Li Ranhao was most afraid of hearing a woman cry. especially two nakedThe woman sat in his arms and cried, and when he cried, he became angry, of course it was Yang Qi, and the hyperactive little brother, mighty and domineeringHe hugged the willow waists of the two women firmly, raised his eyebrows, and said with a narrow smile: "Hey, babies, are we……what! "

"You're still thinking about these when you're dying!" Gao Yuyan scowled. About to scold him. Sitting on Li Ranhao's lapOuyang Ruiyuan on the bed didn't do it anymore, she sat on the man's waist and hips with her snow-white and greasy thighs apart, and stirred the man with her handsNeck, rubbed her breasts against the man's chest flirtatiously, and winked at her like a demonstration, and thenOne mouthful after another, Li Ranhao's head was instantly stunned, and he couldn't help reaching out to the fairy's place.Playing on the tender breasts, following the body, slowly teasing the woman's lust, there is no reserve at all, OuYang Ruiyuan raised her buttocks, and slowly rubbed the man's seat down.

"You guys are so obscene!" Gao Yuyan suddenly turned around and ran out. She was not as careless as a little fairy, butBut she was worried that the man who finally caught her hand would fly away, so she could only grit her teeth angrily and squatted outside the door, listening to theThe obscenity of the two shameless men and women in the movie was like an invisible string, plucking every strand of her body.tumultuous emotions.

Unable to resist such lewd calls to the bed, Gao Yuyan quietly poked her head out, taking a deep breath,The two mate like beasts. The naked Ouyang Ruiyuan has long been fascinated, salivating from the corners of her mouth.Her eyes turned white, but she was still very cooperative. Looking at her stretched toes, Gao Yuyan could imagine the situation at this moment.How excited is she.

"Gudong!" Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Gao Yuyan was shocked by this corrupt and fragrant scene, her mouth became dry and her tongue felt dry.Feeling numb and itchy all over, she quickly tightened her legs, a trace of creamy and viscous liquid stuck to her inner thighs, making her shyIt's hard to believe, the fever is just the beginning, and soon it permeates the whole body like a tide, watching the two sweatingAkira throws herself into violent sex, and she can't help but take a step forward.

"Yuyan!" Seeing the woman sticking out her head to peek, Li Ranhao became excited again, and let go of her gripsnow white milkThe son's hand waved to her.

"Ah...!" Gao Yuyan scowled, covered her face and wanted to leave, but her feet moved towards the battlefield.

"Woo...good man...good man, I can't stand you anymore." Fascinated, Ouyang opened his eyes with difficulty, obsessivelyWith her mouth open, she vaguely saw Gao Yuyan staying beside her, as if grabbing a life-saving straw, begging for help.Moaned: "My good sister...help me, this villain is too...too powerful...help...oh!"

"No... I'm afraid!" With a hint of expectation, Gao Yuyan shrank her body in fear. She had been looking forward to it for a long time.Seeing how the perverted man, who will be able to fly together one day, would let her go, he thrust his waist forward fiercely, with a strong spiritHua suddenly sprayed out, Ouyang Ruiyan shouted loudly, her whole body trembled suddenly, her eyes rolled white, and she was panting likeThe cow land rolled to the side, giving way to the bed.

"Good girl!" The man who stood up and hugged her called out, making her tremble. Li Ranhao gentlyCaressing her smooth body, sliding her fingers on the white and flat belly, where Gao Yuyan has endured such aSuch a tease, babbling and closing his eyes.

"After the pain, brother will let you enjoy the happiest feeling in the world, hehe...!"

"Damn mouse, do you still want to kill two birds with one stone? Dreaming!"

"Ah——!" Li Ranhao's face turned blue with a lewd smile, holding the balloon that he had grabbed hardShouting, Ouyang Ruiyuan stared dumbfounded at Gao Yuyan who jumped out of the room with her head in her arms, and then looked at theThe man rolling on the ground let out an incomparably playful laugh from her bright red mouth...

Episode 4: Chapter 33, Fake Fun in Nightclubs

The black night gave some people a gray life. In colorful and brightly lit cities, oftenThere will always be dark corners that are not well known. Here, light is swallowed by darkness, justice is destroyed by evil, and goodThe heart is trampled by greed, and all kinds of black transactions are carried out here. The kind-hearted people don't know it, just in theirBehind them, a pair of invisible hands and a huge invisible black net are nibbling away at their rights little by little, orPerhaps one day, these invisible hands will pinch their throats behind their backs, tear their bodies apart, and devour themEverything about them, including their lives.

With a cigarette in his mouth, Li Ranhao quietly leaned against a banyan tree in front of the bar, looking at the flickering lights.At the gate of the nightclub, in the darkness, the fireworks flickered on and off, reflecting his hard and resolute face like a knife and an axe.

"Handsome guy! Is it lonely at night, I will accompany you!" A smell of inferior smoked hair perfume spread to his nostrilsJian, twitched his nose in disgust, Li Ranhao licked his lips, put out the cigarette butt, and looked at the person who was closest to him.A woman close by, if you wipe off the heavy makeup on your face, the woman looks passable and dresses vulgarlyThe sexy little dress, the slightly bloated fat breasts squeezed open the neckline, revealing a large piece of glamorous white, only tied to theUnder a pair of black leather pants at the waist, the light red lace underwear can be clearly seen, and the thighs are very sexyFeeling, the thighs under the mesh stockings are slender and strong. But for Li Ranhao, such a woman, he stillDisdainful.

Walked in, looked at Li Ranhao by the moonlight. Li Yan was obviously taken aback, not because of his resolute and handsome face,For a street chicken like her, what kind of man has never seen, even a 14-year-old kidAfter giving the money, she still served this young chicken so well. Handsome or not is not the point for women.Instead, it was Li Ranhao's brand-name attire that attracted her today.

This place is indeed the famous gold selling cave in the upper city, because the "Black Devouring" nightclub in front is theIt is a high-end nightclub in the city, but this is only a superficial phenomenon. as a long-term lingeringShe, who seduces some single clients around here, can she not understand the background of this shop? Where there is the Dragon Gang,There are the roots of evil, and the origin of these roots is money, and there is a dark room in it, which provides the familyA variety of "entertainment" items for cheating men and women, of course. They also secretly provide abducted women for pornography.But I am a little envious, but I can't find a way to get in, at least the drink service inside is not bad.It's very high-end, and it's emotional in doing it. Compared with now, as long as someone pays money, I have to open my legs and be punished by him.Fuck strong. Thinking of those old guys in their seventies and eighties, the hard workers from the countryside can feel their hair on their delicate bodies.Let it out, she wants to cry.

Seeing that the man ignored her, she was very self-aware and wanted to leave. This handsome boyHe asked, "How much is the night?"

Li Yan is happy, money doesn't matter, after all, this young man is handsome, and it's better to earn less than to meet him later.A man like a dead old man was strong, and immediately stretched out his hand, but habitually said the price: "Three hundred and one night!"

Li Ranhao was stunned. Did Sanbai sell his body to others? It's far worse than Xiaolan... noYuanyuan's heart twitched, after all, she had been with her before and she was her best friend. think of her under other menEuphemistically speaking, it is not a good feeling in my heart.

"Come in with me." The man's indifferent voice came, and Li Yan's heart skipped a beat. Should I go inside? richPeople won't look at a woman like herself who has lost her flowers and willows. But he was just slightly taken aback, and immediately revealed a puzzled look.People's smiles, no matter what, Kaizi invites me to play, and I can have sex with this handsome guy at night, IWhat are you thinking about? It is probably the son of that family who came out to find some excitement when he had nothing to do. She had alreadymade a decisionSure, as long as this handsome guy is willing to fuck himself, she can play in any position.

Li Ranhao led the woman to the black devouring. If he could, he would not choose this woman to be with him.Go, but the special environment has special requirements. Judging from the clues given to him by Zhang Zhongbao, if Xiao Ni is indeedIf someone abducts them, then if you want to get news, you just need to find a pimp named Dugu Yun. but to findIf you want to see him, you only need to go to the beef market of several underground nightclubs in the city.

Li Ranhao couldn't be more familiar with Dugu Yun. Xiaolan is doing the despicable business in his hands, this scumbagSooner or later he will be dealt with.

There are a total of 14 underground nightclubs in Shangdu. Li Ranhao has already searched for four of them, but he has not been able to see this skinny club.Tiao Ke, this time, I hope luck is better! Zhang Zhongbao is also looking for him, but this kid is very slippery,In addition, after Li Ranhao notified Niuhao to fuck his lair last time, the rumors became even more turbulent, and his whereabouts were erratic every day.Even an old ruffian like Zhang Zhongbao couldn't get news of him. But Li Ranhao has no way to find each family,Instead, they chose several companies that belong to the Tianlong Gang. For a loyal running dog, a group like the Tianlong GangIt is his umbrella.

Going to a nightclub with a charming woman is obviously less attention-grabbing than going in alone. according toAccording to Li Ranhao's instructions, Li Yan found a sister and changed her clothes, while Li Ranhao lowered his head, as if afraidCovering up like being seen by others is in line with Li Yan's thinking. Regarding her appearance and figure, she stillHave a certain amount of confidence.

Like all nightclubs, the hall is noisy and noisy, with random flashing lights and ear-shattering music.It makes people feel uncomfortable all over. Signal Li Yan to ask the waiter to lead the two of them in. The dark room is not as expectedDifficult to get in, as long as you can show a credit card worth 100,000 yuan, you can go in directly, Li Ranhao wonderedI quickly discovered that this secret door cannot be called a secret door, and the card reader on the door is the same as the 24-hour cash machine of the bank outside.So convenient, you can go in directly if you have money and a card.

Sitting in a booth next to the aisle, Li Ranhao elegantly drank a cup of strong coffee. As long as there is a task,He never drinks. Sitting silently, his eyes swept over the women on the stage who looked like walking corpses,His eyes are flickering and piercing. If you pay attention, you will find that his pupils are very small, like hunting animals.A lone wolf may attack at any time.

"Hmm—!" Li Yan, who was imagining how this man would make love, suddenly tensed up all over, and her noseAt the end came a strong manly breath, his powerful arms hugged him tightly, experiencedShe immediately moaned softly, fell into the man's arms, touched the man's lower abdomen with her hand, and took a sharp breath of cold water.Angry, my god, it's so big before it hardens, can I bear it later.

Just as he was thinking about it, a big hand reached into his arms, pinched one of his jade rabbits, and played with it wantonly.There was a convulsion from the origin, oh my god, this man's hand seemed to touch it with an electric current, and he was already numb to sexShe just felt dizzy for a while, and the excitement that she had only felt a long time ago suddenly hit her.

Li Ranhao pulled the woman beside him over and stood in front of him. If you break through the iron shoes, you can't find a place, and you can't get anything.Dugu Yun, who spent a lot of effort and searched hard, was standing in front of his booth at this moment, holding a slightly fat man in his arms.woman is chatting with the manager in the field. In order to observe the situation outside, he deliberately opened the door,It seemed to appreciate the women walking outside, but this time, Dugu Yun happened to be standing at the door of his room,As cunning as a fox, his eyes are always spinning, and he looks at himself from time to time.

Li Ranhao knew that a pimp like this was born with a pair of vicious eyes, and he had met him face to face,He will definitely be recognized by him, no matter Xiaoni is in his hands or not, she can't show her identity in front of othersSubconsciously, he lowered his head, made a warm gesture of cheating, pulled Li Yan, and stretched his hand in.In her arms, this one is not easy to touch, this woman's skin is well maintained, and a pair of bulging fat breasts are smoothSilky and full of elasticity, it is worth playing with. Anyway, you have paid for it, and it is still possible to touch the milk.But he didn't know that his touching like this had hooked the little woman out of the cunt, and she was hot all over, thinking about it all over...Got fucked by him.

"Damn it!" It seemed that he rubbed a little harder, which made the woman's groaning sound a little hasty.Li Yan's bed-calling sounds very wavy, very merry, and her intermittent moans are like songs and weeping, which attracts people's attention.Noticing the attention of Dugu Yun outside, he was particularly sensitive to the sound of bed calls, so he suddenly turned his head and peeked through the crack of the door.You lightly let out a sigh, as if he was a little more interested in these two men and women who stole food, because they seemed to be a little familiar, so I don't know.You stopped and looked up curiously.

"Huh——!" A subtle sound suddenly came from Li Ranhao's crotch. Li Ranhao secretly groaned,I didn't notice for a while, playing with this woman's tits turned out to be crazy, and the lustful woman mistakenly thought that he wanted to do it,Very actively pulled his trousers chain, soft and delicate little hands held his huge dick, rubbed it gentlystand up. Skillful and experienced techniques, warm and smooth tender hands quickly made the guy below enthusiastic. quiltLi Ranhao, who was so excited that he gasped for air, could only feel his whole body twitching, a ball of desire was easily aroused by this little woman,The lower body suddenly vibrated, and the guy slammed hard on the woman's chin.

"Oh!" Li Yan stared in shock.A spontaneous joy came to my heart, the one who had seen thisSuch a big guy, with a hard and swollen fleshy head, the scorching temperature feels like a fireLike, without any pretense, the little fragrant tongue stretched out, and the wet tongue hit the ferocious man.

"Crap—!" Li Ranhao only felt that his lower body was covered by a piece of soft and warm flesh, and his soft mouthHot and slippery, the white teeth bite lightly, bringing bursts of intense stimulation, compared to Xiaofei Xiaoni, or even YuanyuanSpeaking of which, this woman's ventriloquist is not commendable, on the contrary, it feels more jerky, but that's what makes herHe felt the beauty of it, sucked and clumsily, carefully and worked hard, knowing how light and heavy. Take a bite, thoughAlthough jerky, but definitely fragrant and exciting.

This is the first time for Li Yan to sincerely and actively brag about a client. To be precise, it is also the first time for her toThe man blows Xiao, for some reason, this man's hands seem to have magical powers, playing with her breasts, making herShe found a different feeling than before, it was very warm, and she was very involved. Gradually, she actually forgot that this was aHe is a man who buys sex, and treats him as his first boyfriend. Do your best to please him...

The man surrounded by the warm mouth had an embarrassing dream. He didn't want to have anything to do with this kind of woman.It doesn't matter, but the stick is in someone's mouth, and there is a fucking voyeur watching outside, so heartbroken, don't careMore, just watch, wait and see how I deal with you. Unambiguously at the moment, he reached into the woman's arms and pinched herHer soft and smooth snow-white jade rabbit began to play with it wantonly.

The passion in the dark brings multiple stimulations, and the man outside the door is also attracted by such a rotten scene,Breathing also became rapid, a pair of eyes gleamed with lustful luster, as if he couldn't bear such stimulation, DuguYun suddenly withdrew his gaze and said something to the manager. The door closed quietly, and there was the sound of footsteps leaving.

"Huh!" Heaved a sigh of relief, Li Ranhao only felt that the anger that had been suppressed for a long time suddenly twitched.A wave of hot thick paddle was shot out, and it was poured into the woman's mouth.

"Woo...!" The woman smiled charmingly. Gudong sound. Swallowed all the essence into the stomach, JiaoGlancing at Li Ranhao angrily, he stuck out his tongue to his lips and licked it lasciviously, and was about to take off his clothes.

How could Li Ranhao dare to act recklessly again, this has actually exceeded the bottom line of his requirements for women! quicklySaid: "Okay! Come here first. Take a break!" After speaking, he quickly stood up. without even lookingDisappointed woman, took a few banknotes out of her pocket and put them in her arms. Let her wait here for herself.

Walking out of the room, Li Ranhao felt uncomfortable all over. He actually had the closest relationship with such a woman.The last level of sexual desire, fortunately, reined in the precipice, and did not reach the last step. Don't think about it now, lockDugu Yun, who was entering a room, walked over.

Because the booths are half covered. There are people around, Li Ranhao's purpose is not to kill, but to talkDon't rush over recklessly. hesitated for a moment. I can only go back to my seat and sit down, waiting for him to leaveopen.

Although Li Yan thought it was very strange, the guests didn't say any more, and if she asked for it, it became more and more degrading.Leng Zhu refused to speak, just drank beer after bottle, his eyes drifted away, obviously preoccupied.

"Okay, let's go!" Looking at Dugu Yun who came out of the deck with a happy face. Li Ranhao waited for him to leaveAfter heading towards the gate, immediately stand up and follow out.

As soon as he went out, Li Ranhao waved to Li Yan, who was half drunk and half fainted, and said, "You can go home!"After speaking, he hurriedly followed Dugu Yun.

The night has brought crime, blood and violence. Often times, things happen in the direction ofDeveloped in unexpected ways.

Li Ranhao dragged Dugu Yun's body to a dark corner. Dealing with him was simply too simple.Yes, without any effort, I gave this kid a dull thump, which was quite heavy, Dugu Yun only felt that the bridge of his noseWith a sudden explosion, his eyes were blackened and he passed out from the pain. When he woke up, he touched his nose that was still bleeding, but his eyes were clear.Seeing Li Ranhao sneering in front of his face, he was so frightened that he wanted to run away, but was kicked by Li Ranhao.With a "bang" sound, the barbarian punched a hole in the brick wall around him.His legs softened, and he no longer dared to run away.

"You are...you are Young Master Long's friend! Oh hello! The flood flooded the Dragon King Temple, and the whole family didn't know each other.up! I'm……! "

Before he finished speaking, Li Ranhao smiled contemptuously, clasped his fingers and flicked his nose, and Dugu Yun immediately felt sad.With a miserable snort, his mouth was covered with a piece of mud. I don't know what it was, but he felt that his mouth was full of foul-smelling things.Xiduo closed his eyes, his eyes went dark, and his nose was flicked hard by a finger again, the pain caused his tears and snot to flow together.

"I heard that you are responsible for the old scumbags who accept tickets in Shanghai! Isn't that right!" Li Ranhao held a cigarette in his mouth, slowlyasked logically. Receiving tickets is a slang word, which means accepting meat tickets, kidnapping, and kidnapping women are all calledticket. The old slag refers to the person who is responsible for shipping and receiving goods.

Hearing Li Ranhao use black words, Dugu Yun was taken aback. Although this kid is mean and vicious, he neverHe's a stupid bird, and the slang words are used by people in the Tao. I haven't offended any gods recently. See if this buddyWrong, it is a friend of the young master of the Tianlong Gang, and he gave him all the goods. If this person is his friend, why notWhy are you threatening yourself? Could it be that the two have turned their backs on each other? Thinking of this, cunningWith a muffled grunt, he nodded in response.Yes. Since he came to look for him, it meant that he had already found out the truth, and the sophistry could only bring about torture.

"During this period of time, have you ever had a local disk!" Another slang word, these are all told by Zhang ZhongbaoYes, the local disk means the local woman who was kidnapped and bought! This is a blunt slang, how much more peacefulThe heart of the old scum, as long as he is not a policeman, he will not go to jail! He never thought that Li Ranhao could be more ruthless than the policeToo much.

Hearing this, Dugu Yun's heart skipped a beat. Well, it turned out that he came here to find someone to ask for, and he wanted to cry in his heart.Brother, if you want to find someone, just ask directly. Based on your relationship with Young Master Long, do I dare not tell you? beat me upso! My day, who are they! In fact, he didn't know that Li Ranhao hated the traffickers who kidnapped and bought women the most.I wanted to deal with him a long time ago, but now he watched a live erotic palace again. There's nowhere to spill the fire, don't spill it on himWhere to sprinkle it.

After thinking about it, anyway, I haven't taken any local women recently, so I quickly spit out the rotten things in my mouth,Looking carefully, I almost didn't cry. It turned out that this thing was actually his own socks. Fuck me half moonUnchanged socks! Resisting the feeling of vomiting, I still answer this terrible god first.

"Master! I've been very honest these past few days, and I haven't done anything to hurt my son (guilty).The sky strikes Leizi (swears). I really haven't seen any local sites coming in and out. I don't know if others have,You have to understand that among the millions of people in this city, I am not the only old scum! "

Li Ranhao was dizzy for a while because he was full of slang words. He just learned some slang words for fun, but he didn't go as smoothly as Dugu Yun.slip. But the meaning is that I understand, this kid said he didn't know, he never did it!

Without any sign or emotion, Li Ranhao punched and punched coldly. I can't see the effort, but these twoThe fist that was punched on the lower abdomen, but it almost didn't make Dugu Yun faint from the pain, his stomach was churning,I couldn't help but vomited out all the contents in my stomach, retching and almost dying directly.

Take out a photo, this is the color photo used when applying for Xiao Ni's health certificate, she is rolling her eyes and salivating at the slimy landTiao Ke scanned before: "Have you seen this woman?"

It was originally dark, and there were no lights around here. I tried not to cry, my eyes narrowed from the painDugu Yun couldn't see what was above it, he just vaguely looked at a black shadow, and immediatelyJust shook his head.

"Bang!" This time, Li Ranhao ruthlessly punched him on the ear, knocking him to the ground,The flowers roared and mixed like a bee nest, and a bloody warm current came out of its nose and ears, and before he couldBegging for mercy, one foot stomped fiercely on his calf, one kick, one kick, this devil-likeMen don't have any compassion, as if they are not stepping on their own feet, they are trying their best to ravage and enjoy themselves. Dugu Yun found that hisHis calf seemed to be broken, and the pain that pierced his bone marrow made him unable to even hum, butIt was this man who paused, and while he was still rejoicing, the same severe pain came from the other calf.

Dugu Yun was awakened by a bubble of hot urine. Suddenly, he felt that he had become those who had been trafficked by him before,The raped woman, no matter how much she suffers and struggles, she still can't get rid of herself in the end.It is such a despair for people today to resist being abused.

Li Ranhao has no sympathy for such scum. If it is not for Xiaoni's whereabouts, it is estimated thatJi Zi couldn't help stepping on his kinky roots, thinking of those poor women being raped by this inhumane guyBeing trafficked as a prostitute and being bullied by others, he was full of evil spirits.

"Do you know?" Like a sharp serrated knife, this indifferent voice reached his ears again.With a groan of pain, Dugu Yun cried and replied: "Brother, you are rewarded for being kind, please let me go! I reallyDon't know this woman! "

"I don't know, oh! So, it's useless to keep you... Who is it?" Suddenly, Li Ranhao rushedSuddenly, he ran to a big tree like lightning, and pulled out Li Yan who was hiding in the darkness with one hand.

"It's you! You followed me!" Li Ranhao said coldly, looking at him with cold eyes without any emotionLi Yan was trembling with fright.

"No... no, I was passing by... Woo!"

Looking at Li Yan who was crying in fright, Li Ranhao snorted coldly, ignored her, turned around and wanted to continue torturing Dugucloud.

"Ah... big brother, big brother...!" The old scum, who was so frightened out of his wits, would not know the meaning of those wordsThinking, how can I manage other things for a while. Exaggeratedly terrified: "I think... I think my friends and they mightKnow! I heard that they released a batch of local disks recently. "

"That's good! Take me there! You, follow me." It was as cold as an iceberg, exuding a chilling and tingling smell.Breathing, Li Ranhao held Dugu Yun by the collar and walked towards his car, his teeth trembling behind him,His little face was pale, and he was so frightened by his evil spirit that he followed Li Yan who got into the car in a strange way.

"If you lied to me!" Li Ranhao sneered and started the car. Needless to say, Dugu Yun also understood the implication.Bai, so frightened that his heart and liver were torn apart, he quickly swore to the sky: "I will smash the thunder to the sky...!"

The land that Dugu Yun mentioned is actually not very far from the black swallowing. It is an independent small building. When you knock on the door, aA gloomy one-eyed man glanced at the three of them, and without saying a word, he released the inner lock and led the three of them into the room.Back room."Yo! Young Master Yun, are you here?" A surprised voice sounded, and a man dressed in clothes walked out from the side door of the lobby.A coquettish middle-aged woman, about 30 years old, under the transparent pajamas, two red beans on the chest and a touch of red beans on the lower bodyThe blackness is clearly visible, the length of a person is normal, and the hazy figure is quite attractive. Li Ranhao was taken aback, as if thisI've seen the woman somewhere, but I don't have much memory.

The woman didn't think there was anything special when she saw Li Ranhao, she just walked to Dugu Yun's side charmingly, coquettishlySaid: "Young Master Yun, you haven't come to take care of our business for a long time, why are you free today, who is this master?"

Dugu Yun looked bitter, and smiled apologetically, "Achan! This is Young Master Long's friend, and he asked me to do something today.of! "

Speaking of Long Shao, the eyes of this woman named A Chan suddenly lit up, and the eyes she looked at Li Ranhao were even more charming.Duo, quickly put aside Dugu Yun, who was screaming bitterly, and sat down next to Li Ranhao, the plump and round pairThe big tits were almost stuck to his hands.

"Hey, what's so important that you need to come over in person and ask Brother Yun to give me a call,I, Achan, come in the wind, and I will help you complete it in the fire! "A Chan, who has winking eyes like silk, smiled wildly, exudingThe scent of the scent pierced Li Ranhao's nose, Li Ranhao was really not used to being so close to a vulgar fan in his ownRubbing on oneself. With a move of disgust, A Chan, who had fainted from Le, fell headfirst to the ground, and got up in a panic, butLi Yan, who was a little dazed, laughed. Li Ranhao feels that this woman who blows her mouth is better than A ChanCome on, it's much more beautiful.

She smiled awkwardly, hiding the anger in her eyes, but Achan didn't dare to pester Li Ranhao anymore, butAfter twisting around, she sat next to Dugu Yun again: "Is there anything I, A-Chan, can do for you!"

After speaking, his eyes turned to Li Yan who was laughing. She has been engaged in human trafficking and pornographic business for many years.It turns out that this woman is the kind of prostitute who engages in the flesh and blood business. I also misunderstood Li Ranhao's identity in my heart.The man who wanted to bring such a woman would naturally not be a black skin (policeman).

"I want to find someone. A woman!" Li Ranhao said looking at Achan.

"Heck!" She smiled charmingly, her eyes were like smoke, and she gave an unusually sexy look: "Master, come to meI don't think I can find any other aspects of Cicada's affairs except those related to women! Do you want to use it yourself,Or help others find it. Is there any request, I, Achan, have nothing else here, there are so many women, what a small familyBiyu, a lady of every family, a pure girl in the mountains. Mature and sexy beauties, I have everything here! "

Achan smiled triumphantly, but Dugu Yun looked at Li Ranhao with a gloomy face in fear, and always wanted to give herWink. But because of Li Ranhao's sharp eyes that swept over him from time to time, he didn't dare to speak out to remind him right now. secretlyLi quietly turned his hand away and made a gesture to Cyclops.

"Have you ever seen this woman?" Li Ranhao took out Xiaoni's photo and put it on the table, Achan smiled charmingly,When he took the photo, that hand did not forget to gently, deliberately pretending to carelessly swipe and pull on the back of his hand, lewdThe meaning of swinging suddenly flowed on the surface of the eyes.

"Oh, what a beautiful little girl!" Although she has seen a lot, Achan is still very surprised by Xiaoni'sappearance. My heart became hot, if I had this woman in hand, I would definitely get a sky-high price, I shook my head regretfullyHead: "I haven't seen it!"

"Are you sure?" Li Ranhao asked anxiously. At this time, there was a sound of opening the door, but no one came in.The sharp words spread to the back room.

"A-Chan, A-Chan! Hurry up and die for my old lady! Bad! That stinky bitch, didn't she just help her find a man?"do people sleep? If she doesn't want to, why would she go out to drink with others? It's my fault. damn it tomorrowTake away her ticket, sell it to the mountains and fuck her to death for those ten-thousand-year-old bastards! "

Just when everyone was focusing on this woman, the one-eyed man moved quietly,A sharp dagger flashed coldly in his hand, stabbing Li Ranhao viciously.

"Looking for death!" Li Ranhao sneered, suddenly tilted up the chair under him and pushed it upwards, hitting the solitary man hard.On the arm of the eye, the sudden change made the others startled, only Dugu Yun saw the opportunity and let out a strange cryPounce on Li Ranhao.

"Haha!" Li Ranhao lifted the chair with his backhand, clamped the arm of the one-eyed man and turned it around, only to hear a click.There was a crisp sound of the head breaking, and before Cyclops screamed in pain, he pulled him instantly, pulling him towards Dugu Yun who was rushing towards him.The person soared out like a ghost, raised his leg, bowed his waist, and suddenly swirled and swept his leg. With a bang, the two collidedThe group of people flew like kites with broken strings and hit the wall and fell suddenly.

"Aunt Hu! We haven't seen each other for a long time!" Turning around, Li Ranhao smiled grimly at the stunnedold woman.

"It's you!" Aunt Hu's head exploded, and she immediately trembled with fright. How did she find this evil star?Here it comes! I never looked for his sister again! To take revenge on me? But why is Young Master Yun here?Together with Cyclops trying to deal with him, what happened?

"Crack!" Before she could figure it out, she received a big slap on the face. Li, who had long wanted to cut her dead,Ran Hao walked over and slapped her hard, flattening her as hard as if the five-flavor sauce bottle was knocked over, bitter, hot, sour and salty.Astringent everything. With a bang, the expressionless Li Ranhao punched her on the lower abdomen again, causing a sudden pain.Aunt Hu, who knelt down on the ground, felt her stomach was overwhelmed, retching before she could vomit, a huge force hit her,entirePeople fly up like clouds and fog, but the process is extremely painful. When they land, they groan and roll their eyes.Bai, fainted immediately.

"Mom, I'm so hurt! You dog...!" The cursing stopped hoarsely, and the mouth was hooked by a foot.As soon as she stepped on it, her head hit the ground fiercely, her mouth spurted blood, and she felt the sky was dark and dark while trembling with pain all over her body.Just thinking about hitting your head against the wall to death is better than being tortured like this.

"Okay, let me ask one last question, who knows this woman?" Li Ranhao had lost his patience.Come on, don't let him die during all S-level missions, let alone scouting the enemy's situation and interrogating him who is keen on violence.He is a force, but he is not so patient when facing these scumbags who can't stand the dizziness with a light pinch.

A few people wanted to work hard to recognize this woman, and even wished they could catch her and tell the clues to her.He is fine, so as not to be tortured by this man again, because after everyone wakes up, they feel as if their bones have been scattered.It's so uncomfortable, every muscle, every cell is swollen, no one knows why, they only knowThis is very uncomfortable, and I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible.

"Don't know? That's good!" Li Ranhao shrugged. He curled his lips helplessly, and shook a few notebooks in his hand:"Then you don't have to wait for the police to come! Here is your evidence of trafficking in women, like your Aunt HuThere's no point in going to jail at such a young age. hey-hey! "

This smile made everyone's hair stand on end. Li Ranhao's bloodthirsty and cruel sneer is likeYue poured a basin of cold water on everyone, every pore was filled with icy cold air. no one dared to move,Aunt Hu rolled her eyes, and suddenly thought of something, she wanted to struggle to say something, but she was afraidShrinking her body, Li Ranhao noticed her move, snorted coldly, and took it off without saying much.One-eyed's chin mercilessly cut off a piece of flesh on poor one-eyed's hairy thigh, and sawThe one-eyed eyes suddenly puffed out like dead fish, full of pain and despair, but the jaw was removed, and there was noHe couldn't make a sound, and his body was tied tightly. He could only tremble crazily, break out in cold sweat, and die in less than half a second.Passed out from the pain.

"Shua!" Another piece of bloody flesh splashed in a wave of red rain, and shot onto everyone's faces.A Chan, whose heart was torn apart, trembled suddenly, and fainted from fright.

"Don't say any more! The end will be worse than him!" Li Ranhao sneered, and the knife hit the one-eyed butt again.Down. One-eyed moved, his expression was extremely painful and ferocious, but there was an intention to say something in his eyes,Li Ranhao's heart skipped a beat, and he immediately asked, "You want to say you know!"

A string of tears dripped from the one-eyed eyeball.

There is a show! Li Ranhao was overjoyed, he quickly grabbed his chin, and asked eagerly, "Say it!"

One-eyed struggled a bit, as if he hadn't gotten used to the numbness after jaw dislocation, it took a long time before Li Ranhao's cold eyesUnder the staring eyes, he blurted out a few words: "For...why...!"

"Why?" Li Ranhao looked at him strangely, and said impatiently, "Why?"

"For...!" One-eyed twisted his face in pain, with hideous veins popping out of his forehead, and said painfully:"Why did you take me to the knife!"

Li Ranhao's face turned pale in an instant, and with a movement of his hand, the blade swept away a large piece of flesh and blood like lightning.With a blow, just as the mouth was about to let out that extremely painful scream, the jaw was removed.

"Because you are the ugliest!" He spit out a mouthful of saliva onto the fainted one-eyed body, turned around, and looked atA few scumbags who had already lost control of themselves.

"Who is it! You?" Li Ranhao coldly grabbed Aunt Hu's leg, and stretched out the bloody dagger,Aunt Hu, who was so frightened that she lost control of herself, dared not hide a word, she almost shouted, "I said, I said!I have seen this woman! "

Episode Four: Chapter 34, News That Shouldn't Be Heard

"I've seen it? Then tell me, where is she?" Li Ranhao finally laughed. It's been a few days.Not abolished. The dagger was wiped on Aunt Hu's leg a few times, and the woman who thought she was aggressive immediately trembled and criedSaid: "I... I don't know where she is? Woo...!"

Li Ranhao's eyes turned red. Day, you old witch is so fucking bold, you still dare to tease me at this time, the more you think about it, the more you think about it.Furious, with a movement of his hand, the sharp knife slid and dug a hole in Aunt Hu's thigh, and she fainted from the pain.old man.

"Playing dead?" Angrier, twisting the knife, Aunt Hu woke up screaming like a pig, her eyes were about to burstHe came out, but when he saw Li Ranhao swiping the knife, he miraculously closed his mouth and came out with a headache.Cold sweat, trembling all over, sobbing softly: "I don't know... ah... ah, don't hurt me, I don't knowI know, but...but I know who she might have been abducted by! Last month in Colorless, I met Xiuxiu,She took me to see the eldest sister, who was looking for a pair of twins, and showed me a photo, asking me to help find them.At that time, I didn't pay much attention to it. I just thought that the two girls looked exactly the same, probably where Long Shao was.I've seen it, and I want to find it to play with... Yes, it's them. The woman next to the eldest sister's head also said that she found someone.Don't do it yourself, you must inform her first. "

Li Ranhao's eyes sank, and a sense of hostility emerged spontaneously. Well, Wang Tianlong, you are really impatient to live.Actually hit my woman's idea. The eldest sister is naturally that coquettish woman, but the woman next to herwho isWhy do you have to catch Xiao Ni by yourself? What does it matter to them! Is Xiaoni's disappearance related to her?Suddenly, Li Ranhao seemed to grasp a clue.

"What's that woman's name? What does she look like? Tell me, and I'll let you go!" Li Ranhao took a knifegesture. Another knife stabbed fiercely into One-eyed's thigh, and A-Chan, who woke up slowly, was sprayed all over the face.With a scream of blood, she passed out again. This time, Aunt Hu was so frightened that she knelt on the ground and began to cry.

"Brother Li, please let me go! I don't dare to go to Ayun again. Then... that girlI really don't know what kind of person it is! She covers her face, but she should be over 35 years old and has never given birth to a childyoung woman with child. The pelvis is very large, and she is a master who can give birth to children! "

Li Ranhao twisted his face and kicked her away who was hugging him. Angrily and ferociously snorted coldly: "I don't care if she willWill not have children! Since you can't even tell where people are, what's the use of keeping them! "

After speaking, the knife was turned on, and he found that there was a direct threat of violence against these scumbags who were greedy for life and afraid of death. there is a canA cripple with a mess. The effect of killing chickens and respecting monkeys is very good. The only point of displeasure is that theseThe villainous scum is extremely cunning, always wanting to exchange something for something, but his body is weak, like paperIt's like a paste. With a little effort, they can only breathe out but not breathe in, so that they can't get enough of their hand addiction,Instead, it's cheaper for them.

"Okay, now that you've performed well, I don't want to kill you. In this way, you can prove that they have trafficked people.Take it out! I will let you go! Li Ranhao sat down with a relaxed smile, picked up a cigarette, and looked atLi Yan, who had been stupefied since the beginning of his rectification, twitched the corner of her mouth and coughed softly, Li Yan shivered suddenly.Suo, looking at him with very strange eyes, frightened but with a trace of reverence.

"They said! Write it down!" Li Ranhao leaned on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, watching theLi Yan, who found the pen and paper, had a hint of treachery in her deep eyes.

Aunt Hu, who was scared to death, confessed all her crimes, which is shocking. This old bustardThe son, under the guise of helping people on a blind date, secretly set up tricks, prescribe drugs, and use his perfect tongue to seduce those innocent people.Knowing that girls are prostitutes, and playing tricks with Dugu Yun, let him pretend to be a rich boy to seduce those married women Hong XingLeaving the wall, and then cooperating with Achan to secretly take pictures, extorting money, and even coercing these women whose nude photos were taken,For those rich people who have wives to indulge in lust, the crimes are too numerous to write. Not only did Li Ranhao get angry when he heard thatWith a severe fever, even Li Yan couldn't help saying bad words to these scumbags, and even kicked Aunt Hu excitedly.It was only later that Li Ranhao found out that Li Yan was originally a girl who came out of the mountains to work in the city, and was trafficked by these people.The swindler who deceived women coaxed her into a nightclub. After losing her virginity, she had no choice but to get into this industry.There are many women with the same background as myself who have been persecuted by these people, so naturally they hate it to the bone.

"That's all?" Li Ranhao suppressed his anger, licked his lips cruelly, and smiled ferociously: "ThisI know something, since what I said is what I know, it means I didn't say it! "

The long and lingering words, with a hint of evil spirit, watching him stand up and walk over, everyone knows this devilHe didn't intend to let himself go at all, sobbing, begging for mercy, kneeling on the ground, or even kowtowing hard at him,Just begging him to spare his life.

"I... I know who you are, I know you!! You and your girlfriend came to my store to buy contraceptives.

I don't know if it was because she was so frightened that she could speak incoherently, her face was bloodstained, and A Chan, who looked extremely ferocious, suddenly screamed,Pointing at Li Ranhao and roaring.

Li Ranhao's face turned red. As soon as A Chan said it, he remembered that it was the owner of the black shop.No wonder it looks familiar to me, but I just can't remember it. In this way, I feel more at ease about what I did just now.Who told you to cheat Lao Tzu, you should pay off the debt today!

Just about to start, the woman screamed again in horror: "Don't kill me, don't kill me, I'll tell you somethingSecret, as long as you let me go, I will tell you! Kill me, you will never know for the rest of your life! please,please! "

"Speak!" Li Ranhao looked coldly at this woman begging for mercy like a dog, and stopped in his tracks.

"...Can you talk inside!" Seeing that he agreed, the sober woman felt a desire to survive.Rise.

"Want to seduce me? You don't have the conditions yet!" Li Ranhao thought it was her wanting to seduce him, so he said it on purposeThe reason, but Achan who was trembling with fright had a little bit of that meaning at first. Seeing the man's ferocious smile, she immediatelyKe shrank back in fright, hesitated, and said softly: "I know your woman is... those... womenpeople! "After speaking, seeing Li Ranhao was obviously stunned, as if he saw hope, Achan licked his bitter lips, tidied upAfter a moment of chaotic emotions: "If I tell you, can you promise to let me go?" What she wanted was a promise.

Nodding indifferently, A-Chan moved her numb thigh in relief, a little afraid to look back at herself.My companion thought he was dead anyway, and if he said it, there might still be hope of survival, so he immediately said: "YouWondering who is trying to kidnap your girlfriend? "

"Kidnapping?" Li Ranhao was stunned for a full minute. This woman should be Yuanyuan, but what?When was she kidnapped? Who has the leisure to kidnap this little witch!

"You don't know?" Looking atLi Ranhao's expression made Achan even more excited, so that his little life would be morea protective film. Quickly said: "She was almost kidnapped, and there was a woman with her! YunLess... No, Dugu Yun said that the woman was his enemy, so he called a few people from the Tianlong Gang to help him catch it! "

"You bitch talking nonsense! I didn't catch them! I didn't do it!" Hearing what Achan said, she aloneGu Yun almost suffocated to death, he didn't expect that she would betray herself, so he was so angry that he struggled and shouted:"Damn bitch, you told me that woman bought your aphrodisiac and wanted to fuck the women around her!"

"Fart! I didn't sue that, it was Mrs. Hu who told you!" Achan panicked and burst out.

Hu's head exploded as soon as he heard it, cursing Achan frantically in his heart, seeing Li Ranhao's cold and cruel eyesGod, tearing up in fright, wailing and roaring: "You two shameless fellows, this is not about the old man at all.Damn, I didn't do those outrageous things, it was you, the little fox, who told me that woman bought yoursAphrodisiacs are used to seduce fat pig yellow women, there must be no men around, let me inform Yun Shao to come and get them, it's all Yun Shao,He did it, he told you to lure away that kung fu woman, and then catch another one! "

"You, you...you are slandering me, I am having a good time at home, it was not you who called,I wouldn't have almost been scorched by that bitch with an electric baton, and now I'm fucking with womenIt hurts, if you didn't fucking say that woman is Fat Zhuhuang's wife, her family is rich, and she just divorced Fat LiehuangMarriage, I will fucking not mess with that woman! You bitch, how dare you falsely accuse me! "

The three of them were hysterical and violently exposed each other, and even forgot Li Ranhao's face that turned green and pale.The more they talked, the more excited they became, and they rushed into a pile and scuffled. The scene was so violent and the attack was so ferocious that it completely turned the opponentTreat it like killing your father and enemy, for a moment, blood burst out, wailing soared to the sky, and the three people who used their hands and feet together were hairTore together like crazy.

"Ah!" The three of them who were wrestling were suddenly separated as if struck by lightning, only to see Li, who was livid.Ran Hao twisted his ferocious and terrifying face, and asked coldly: "Who is Fat Zhuhuang? Say——!"

"It's...it's the boss of Zishan Industry...Huang Louyi!"

"Clang!" Throwing a bloody dagger on the ground, looking at the three shivering scum, forcedResisting the urge to chop these wicked guys into minced meat, Li Ranhao threw the knife in his hand in front of themforward.

"Only one can come out alive!" As if the voice came from hell, the three scumbags trembled, their eyesThere was a flash of cruelty, and they suddenly pounced on the dagger on the ground. They knew that they had already torn their faces, even if Li RanhaoIf you let them go, you will become an endless enemy in the future. Rather than being manipulated by others, it is better to take a chance.

The scene was bloody... that's enough.

The evening wind was blowing on Li Ranhao's resolute face like a knife and an axe, and his usually bright eyes were at this moment.Gloomy, distraught. A bitter taste surrounds the corner of his mouth, making him look sluggishSluggish.

"Are you... sad?" Looking at this melancholy man, Li Yan didn't know what it was like.This man is like a devil, like an inhuman wolf, cruel, bloodthirsty, and careless about human life.But why is he so sad? Is it because those people's words aroused his pain? those twoWhat is the relationship between the woman who was almost caught by them and him? Now that they have passed, they have not been torturedDifficult, but why is he in such pain.

Suddenly, Li Yan felt sour. But she knew that she was not qualified to do this. but faceThis melancholy man, she couldn't remember his hatred, his cruelty, but only knew his current appearance, which made her very uncomfortable.I feel uncomfortable.

Li Ranhao gently raised his head, exhaled a puff of smoke, and smiled wryly. Are you sad?No, I just figured out one thing. Why did Yuanyuan say that she was sorry for Sister Shan?On that beautiful night, she would tell herself that it was a debt repayment. She never owed herself anything, but contactingWith everything he learned just now, he understood what Yuanyuan meant. hate her? Li Ranmeng covered his face anxiously,He took a deep breath, how could he hate her, how could he hate her?

"They are all bad people, and what they say may not be true!" timidly, Li Yan cautiouslyget close to him. As thin as a mosquito, comforting. Perhaps these words will help him.

yes! What they said is not necessarily true, and what happened behind, I still don't know.Everything is my own guess. Thinking of this, Li Ranhao suddenly stood up, he decided to go to Yuanyuan tonightAsk a question. He wanted her to tell him everything that happened.

"Thank you!" Said very politely, Li Ranhao swept away the decadence just now, and his cold heart warmed up againCome.

"Thank me for what?" Li Yan was taken aback. This man's smile was like a spring breeze blowing on his face, and he was as vicious as before.Compared with Sha's expression, there is a world of difference. How should I put it, such a smile makes me very happy.It seemed that what she said in her heart was like the feeling of telling this man, but she knew that all of this could only beFantasy, such a ruined flower like myself, is doomed to only talk in the dark forever.

"Hehe! Thank you for helping me record their statements today! Thank you for accompanying me todaythis trip!Anyway...! After a pause, Li Ranhao took out a stack of banknotes and stuffed them into her hand: "Anyway, I hope you spend today'sSaw everything and forgot. And don't tell anyone about it, it's not good for you! Don't worry, no one will come looking for youYou are in trouble. It's very close to the city. Let's break up right here! "

Before Li Yan could speak, Li Ranhao turned around and walked into the car. Li Yan was stunned until he watched the car start."Will we meet again?" he yelled.

The car roared. Go away. Li Yan only saw a hand stretched out the car window and shook it, as ifSaying goodbye also seemed to remind me of the distance between him and him, after all everything was just a dream.

Smiling bitterly, she looked at the thick banknote in her hand. Li Yan bit her lip and carefully took the money into her mouthbag, looked at the car that had disappeared for a long time, turned around, and walked towards the brightly lit place. For her,A world of feasting and feasting, a city full of desires, is her destination.

*** *** ***

Standing at the gate of Ouyang Ruiyuan's house. Li Ranhao couldn't raise his hand to ring the doorbell for a long time. I'm conflicted, after allAfter actually going in, how should I ask her? With a dark face, he picked up her sexy nightgown, and put it on her white and delicate buttocks.She slapped her hard on the face a few times, and then scolded her sternly! Or give her a slap as soon as she goes up. Do not,I can't do this myself, I couldn't do it before, and I can't do it now.

Finally, she rang the doorbell. It took a long time for the door to open. Ouyang Ruiyuan opened her mouth and pointed at the surprised face.It took him a long time to react, and he laughed out loud while holding his stomach, laughing so hard that Li Ranhao, who was about to have a dark face, was confusedwater. Is this goblin crazy today?

"Yeah!" Before he could figure it out, the little woman with a happy face threw herself into his arms and hugged him affectionately.He took a sip of his neck, and then he solved the mystery for him: "Husband, this is the first time you have rang someone's doorbell to enter the house!It made me think it was someone else who was busy changing clothes! no! You have to carry someone into the house! "

Ouyang Ruiyuan, with a sweet face, started to laugh and squeak in Li Ranhao's arms, curled up in his arms like a kitten,Kissing him intimately made Li Ranhao very embarrassed. He didn't know whether to laugh or worry, but after thinking about it, he really did.I am used to entering the door from the balcony, this is the first time I have officially entered through the door since I had a relationship with her.

"You bad guy, are you missing someone?" Ouyang is a very greasy woman with a charming faceLooking at Li Ranhao intently, that excited little face was pink, so alluring.

Before Li Ranhao could speak, Ouyang Ruiyuan jumped up from his arms, coquettishly teased him, and pouted.He pursed his mouth and said: "Good man, you don't look good today, who offended you! Teach him a lesson! Hehe,Don't be so dark, you are lucky, they just cooked glutinous rice balls with sweet wine! It's delicious! must feed you wellfull! "

Li Ranhao's heart skipped a beat, my mother, this is not the first time I have eaten something cooked by you, how can it be called food?thing? It is simply harder to swallow than pig food.

But looking at the little girl's excited expression, he couldn't bear to refuse her. I thought to myself, let's wait until we finish eatingGet angry, teach her a lesson.

A bowl of steaming hot glutinous rice balls was brought up, the little woman sucked in the air-conditioning, it seemed that she was eager to help the man bring it out,His hands were burned, and after putting them down, he quickly pinched Li Ranhao's ears with both hands, and smiled happily, revealing a pair of beautifulDimples, today's women are particularly charming, a cute little kitchen towel is wrapped around the body, and the swollen jade breasts are almost cravingA thin pajamas were ripped apart.

"Fool, eat quickly! Ah——open your mouth!" Urging obediently, Ouyang Ruiyuan raised a spoon to scoop up a piece of food.He fed a glutinous rice ball affectionately to his mouth, Li Ranhao frowned as he looked at the spoon she raised, and made up his mind.He closed his eyes as if he was taking medicine, and swallowed the glutinous rice balls in one gulp. He was still thinking, the sweet wine he drank last time was called salty.Nizi mistook the salt for sugar, and thought she likes it sweeter, so she put two tablespoons of it hard, but this time she didn't knowWhat would it be like.


Eat it in one bite, it is soft and smooth, and the moment you bite through the glutinous rice, a strong fragrance, sweet and greasy immediately permeates your teeth and lipsSuddenly, Li Ranhao's eyes lit up, and he quickly scooped up a spoonful of soup. The boiling sweet wine soup had a slightly sticky feeling to his teeth.Smooth and sweet, full of delicious taste. Subconsciously, he scooped up another spoonful of soup by himself, and the same smooth feelingStretching into the throat, a wave of heat rolled down the throat and into the stomach, refreshing one's spirits.

"It's delicious!" The little woman with her chin resting on her hands happily watched the man eat with big mouthfuls.The glutinous rice balls, the eyes are slit, and the smile is from the heart.

Li Ranhao licked his lips eagerly, and asked Ouyang who was looking at him and smiling, "Your handWhen did Art become so good? "

"Hmph! It's not because of you, a slanderous cat!" The woman happily pinched his nose with her hand, wrinkling it coquettishly.Xiao Zui: "Who made you always laugh at what people cook like pig food, and also say that women can't cook, so men don't love them!There is no other way, who wants to be loved by others! Come on, you're not full yet! I'll fill you up! "

Looking at Yuanyuan who walked into the kitchen bouncing around holding a bowl and humming a little song, Li Ranhao's heart seemed to beGet stabbed hard by something.

After finally eating the glutinous rice balls, Ouyang Ruiyuan let out a coquettish cry of satisfaction, and pulled a piece of tissue to help Li Ranhao wipe it off.Dropping the juice from his mouth, he delicately took the man's hand and sat down on him, expressing his lovehugGrabbing his neck, coquettishly squeezed into his arms.

"Bad guy, what did you do wrong?" The woman curled up in her arms like a kitten suddenly raised her head and looked atHe asked with a worried face.

"I don't have any! Why do you ask me like that!" Startled by this sudden shout, Li Ranhao retortedFeeling a little guilty.

"Hmph! The heart beats so fast, either because I did something wrong, or...!" There was a pause in the voice during the speech.A dissolute little goblin blushed, leaned down provocatively, and pointed at the man's nose tenderly,Exhaling like blue, she let out a coquettish smile, bit the man's earlobe, and licked it warmly: "Do you want Yuanyuan! Wait a minute!"Let's take a good bath, okay? "

The soft and swollen breasts were tightly attached to his arms, looking at the woman's blushing face and the quiltShe pulled it away on purpose, revealing a large piece of white and fragrant chest, sniffing a faint fragrance, Li Ranhao only felt a mass of desireThe fire was ignited instantly, and before she knew it, she put her hand into the little smock on her chest, and with a touch of her finger, she felt a wave of ecstasy.The slick and creamy feeling hit my heart, and a little swollen meat head was gently scraped in the palm of my hand, like a thread fishingEvery time I touch the thing below me, it will make the troublemaker turn up a little bit.

"Woo...!" The woman moaned like silk with winking eyes, her arms wrapped around the man's neck, her bodyIt also became hot, wriggling the snow-white flesh that was eroded by spring passion, panting and moaning, spitting out the pink and tender littleTongue, want to lick the man who teases her.

Suddenly, Li Ranhao's whole body trembled, and he woke up. He pulled out his hand that was pinching the greasy and soft powder.Dot pushed her away roughly. I came to Xingshi to inquire about the crime, not to enjoy the warmth and fragrance.

"Ah! What's the matter?" A bit unaccustomed to such sudden changes in men, the woman who is full of love opened her eyesWith intoxicated eyes, she looked at her man blankly.

"Yuanyuan! Are you hiding something from me? If you say it now, I will let the past go!" LiRan Hao forced himself to darken his face. He didn't dare to look directly at the woman's resentful and puzzled eyes, although he felt distressed, but he didn'tCan let oneself be deceived.

"Ah?" Ouyang Ruiyuan stood up from his arms inexplicably. What happened to Ah Hao today?You didn't give yourself a good look when you came here, are you worried? I didn't do anything, what to hide from him. Could it be that he...Suddenly he was happy, his face was dramatically sad, and he fell on the ground pitifully, looking at the man. Sadly:"You...you know it all!"

Li Ranhao's heart turned cold, his head seemed to be a little dizzy, and he snorted heavily: "Say it! Tell usEveryone is easy to face! "

"Woo... Ah Hao! I'm sorry for you! I shouldn't have another man! Wuwuwu...all...allHim, I don't want to...! "

Ouyang Ruiyuan suddenly burst into tears. The pear blossoms were raining, and she was crying miserably, as if she had endless grievances.But her words made Li Ranhao stunned, his whole body tensed up suddenly, as if there were tens of thousands of ants on his bodyClimb in general. Immediately discarded the question, and asked nervously: "Man? When have you ever had other men?"people? what! "

"Woo... not long after you left, the water pipe in his house broke down, and he was asked to fix it. I didn't expect... I didn'tto... wow! I'm sorry for you! "Ouyang Ruiyuan's words almost made Li Ranhao spit out a mouthful of blood, unexpectedlyI also asked a big green hat.

"Look...!" The pitiful Ouyang Ruiyuan stood up on the sofa trembling, with her back toLi Ranhao. Tilting up her round and plump buttocks, she turned her face and looked at him sadly, with pale white fingersThe translucent silk nightdress, as thin as a cicada's wing, reveals two braids of plump, snow-white buttocks, with the middle one barely covering herThe sexy strands of the two braids of Meihu were gently aroused by her, and her plump and snow-white buttocks twisted gently, fragrant and thornyExcited, it made his blood pulse rush, and a ball of hot air rushed to his forehead. Can't help touching her snow-white and plump fragranceOn the buttocks, the touch can be broken by blowing bombs, and the slippery touch is like a thread that involves a man's desire.

"Woo...that bad guy is so ruthless, he beat his butt so hard that Yuanyuan was in so much pain. ButIt's this villain who still refuses to let him go, he insists on taking off his panties and beating his bare buttocks! You see. till nowThere are still bruises on other people's ass, it hurts! "Ouyang Ruiyuan's eyes are like silk, and she has a sexy mouth.Fascinatedly humming and whispering voice, as if still immersed in the time when he was violently assaulted by Li Ranhao, a sadisticThe stimulation brought her couldn't help but began to twist her body vigorously. The body twitched and trembled.

Li Ranhao was taken aback. He didn't expect that Yuanyuan was talking about himself. His thoughts flew, and he seemed to have returned to that night again.I beat her ass like crazy. Seeing that snow-white and delicate buttocks crackling under his palm,The snow-white and delicate buttocks are made into a peach-colored, obscene and rotten, fragrant and charming. I still remember when it splashed on meThe flower fluid on the face...everything is so clear and vivid.

"Good man!" Seeing her lover in a daze, Ouyang Ruiyuan opened her small mouth and moaned profusely, teasingholding a man's heart. He seemed to think that the man felt that such a method was not new, so he could not help but tilt his buttocks mischievously, noseZi hummed: "I really want it...!"

"No!" Li Ranhao yelled suddenly, let go of his hand suddenly, looked at Ouyang Ruiyuan who was a little scared,Heartbroken, he waved his hand bitterly, trying to dispel the idea of ​​giving up blaming her.

Ouyang Ruiyuan still doesn't knowWhat he was thinking about was how to reveal the secrets in his heart, but he simply thought that menPeople don't like this way, and they are still laughing inwardly, this big villain may not be able to play a rape game because of suffering that dayI want to take this opportunity to relive the excitement, hum, then let me satisfy you, the big bad guy!

"Good man, he made a mistake! Just punish him! Do whatever you want!" Ouyang Ruiyuan looked pitifulLifting her plump and round buttocks, her fingers picked up the embroidered silk corners of her nightgown, revealing her snow-white buttocks, tearfullyLooking at Li Ranhao, with a small appearance of letting you pick and choose, it makes people feel aroused, and they want to tear off her thin gauze,He pressed it to the ground and ravaged her delicate body.

"Yuanyuan!" Li Ranhao yelled at her heartbroken. At this moment, he was completely controlled by an emotion that he shouldn't have.Now, thinking of Zishan's current situation, his voice became heavier, very stern, and his appearance was also very hideous.

Ouyang Ruiyuan was frightened, he didn't seem to be joking with himself. But I have nothing during this timeI did! For a while, she actually kept this action in a daze.

Li Ranhao was indeed in a daze, and burst out: "What's going on! Why did Sister Shan leave?open! Is it because of you! What did you do to her because of your aphrodisiac? "

"Boom!" Ouyang Ruiyuan only felt that the five thunders were on the top, and all thoughts were lost. Her body couldn't help shaking, limpLimp to the ground. My eyes suddenly went dark, and I couldn't help crying anymore

Li Ranhao's nose is very sore, and his whole body is icy cold, as if he has fallen into the ice cellar for thousands of years. What is Ouyang Ruiyuan?He is very clear about such a woman. This time, he didn't even mix in the drama, so he knew that everything was real!

It was very late at night, and the howling wind blew by, curling up Li Ranhao's temples. At this moment, his expression was gloomy, and he lost his soul.Walking bravely on the empty street. He didn't know how he got out, and he forgot to cry and pull himselfOuyang, who was holding his own arm, looked at the desperate expression of his back. What exactly is oneself. whyWhile I don't want to hurt women, I hurt them one by one...

When he woke up, Li Ranhao found himself lying on the bed. There is a refreshing fragrance in the room,It made his head that was about to explode slightly better, he opened his mouth and yawned, his nose was full of alcohol, and then he returnedRecalling that last night, I drank alone until dawn, and I didn't know how I fell asleep on the bed.Looking at her naked upper body and a set of clean clothes beside the bed, a sweetness spread to the tip of her tongue.No matter what, the elder sister is the warmest and most secure haven for me.

"Wake up!" Su Yun walked in coquettishly with her slender waist twisted, holding a bowl of steaming hot water in her hand.A concerned smile appeared on her charming and tender face.

"Sister!" Li Ranhao's cold heart warmed up again. Looking at her dignified and gorgeous, she carefully used a spoon toStirred in a bowl, the cute look of blowing away the heat. Reluctantly, he reached out and hugged her.

"Go! You little bastard!" Su Yunjiao gave him a sharp look, then stuffed the bowl into his hand, and grabbed his crotch.Ears, said ferociously: "You're getting more and more staring! Hmph! Eat quickly! Do you want me to feed you?"

After speaking, he twisted Li Ranhao's ear vigorously. Pouted, twisted his buttocks, turned around and left. KeepLi Ranhao, who was moaning in pain, twisted his face in embarrassment, then touched his ears resentfully, thinking strangely,Why is my sister getting more and more fierce during this period of time! But seeing the clothes beside the bed and the porridge in his hand, his heart was still sweet.

"Have you finished eating?" Su Yun came back with a cold face. Looking at Li Ranhao with his hands on his hips, his eyes are full ofFull of grief and anger, Li Ranhao didn't know where he offended her. It's not easy to ask, so I can only smile and say:"Old sister, the porridge you cook is really delicious! What else!"

Hearing these flattering words, a slight smile appeared on Su Yun's face, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye.Xiaozui murmured in dissatisfaction: "You still need to say it's delicious. I wake up early in the morning thinking about you, a little heartless drinker."Drunk and wake up hungry. Another place to chop meat and another place to buy preserved eggs! Don't you just know how you like it? still want to eat,Scoop yourself! It's not that there are no legs or feet! My sister doesn't serve you bad guy! "

Li Ranhao seemed to be hit by an electric current, and he stood up numbly. Su Yun spat suddenly.This bad boy is not serious, and the lower part is tall and premature, and he looks very fierce. Ignoring Su Yun's blushing and coquettish,Li Ranhao felt as if his heart had been stabbed by a knife, and said hesitantly: "Sister! If it was someone else, would you help me?"He cooks breakfast! "

"Cut!" Su Yun rolled her eyes, her mouth was so pouted that an oil bottle could be hung on it, and she snorted and said, "When you are oldMy sister is not tired when I wake up early in the morning! It's not because of you heartless brat, I don't have that time! oops,No idea. Who told you, you little bastard, you are the only family member, other people want me to cook, there is no way! Also,Your phone is dead, I charged it for you last night! Remember to unplug it later! "

Li Ranhao put on his clothes numbly, picked up his mobile phone, unplugged it, and turned it on.There was a backlog of letters. It was all sent by Ouyang Ruiyuan, it was nothing more than the condemnation in his heart that he could not forgive, I hope he canGoing back to her home, she is willing to suffer any punishment.

"What should I do?" Li Ranhao squatted down in pain, yes! What should I do. Yuanyuan doWrong, she was the one who forced Zishan away. A weak woman drifting abroad, emotionally traumatized,She's good enough nowHow, I don't know anything. Yuanyuan shouldn't hide what she has done, she not only hurtIt hurt Zishan, and also desecrated the relationship between herself and her. Is it really like what she said, the relationship between the twoRelationships are built on sex, and once the relationship breaks down, it can't stand any test like a hill of sand and stones. sinceShould I be strict with her, should I abandon this relationship immediately?

Li Ranhao asked himself, his heart was very bitter, he looked at the phone in his hand, and dialed her number several timesHow could he face this woman, scold her, beat her? I can't do it myself, but...…Actually, emotionally, he is a man who can’t make up his mind. Most of the time, it’s the woman who brings up hisI just accepted it and compared it. Why should I blame Yuanyuan? These are all things that happened before.It all happened before I had an intimate relationship with her. If she was sorry for Zishan, how could I be sorry for her?After all, I owe her more! And... Li Ranhao found out that he had a crush on this little witch, little goblin,I already have a deep emotion, as if she is already a part of my body, and I can't let go of it at allopen. I am used to finding her when I am empty and lonely, because from her, I can get aI am very happy, and I have never felt uncomfortable with her, although she is very dissolute and vain,But when facing himself, he is always so tolerant, even...you can even look at yourself and other women face to face.Good people. Such a woman can't be found even if you break the lantern!

Picked up the phone again, and finally pressed the connect button, but there was a busy tone on the other end of the phone.After turning off the phone, Li Ranhao locked himself in the room, and slept day after day, not waking up until late at night. and sueAfter Yun said hello, Li Ranhao walked out of the door and went straight to Ouyang Ruiyuan's house.

A sense of loss arises spontaneously. Facing the dark room, which is empty, Li Ranhao sits on theSitting on the big bed that had brought me too much joy, breathing the fragrance left on the sheets, I felt very depressed.

"Huh?" Li Ranhao's heart floated up like flying catkins while touching a piece of wet pillow towel.The wind blows away.

*** *** ***

Doubts are still lingering on Li Ranhao's head. If it is said that Yaqing and Wang Tianlong took revenge on themselves,After seeing Xiao Ni, she would not fail to give herself a signal. No matter what these scumbags do, they must have their own goals.Yes, he didn't believe that just to abduct and sell Xiao Ni, they went to great lengths to make people look around. It is clear,They were very targeted. In other words, their target was not themselves, but Zhang Xinni.But who is Xiaoni, and why is it worth their trouble to find it?

The image of the mysterious masked woman mentioned by Aunt Hu's mouth gradually became clear.Good material, although only a few words make people puzzled, but Li Ranhao contacted the woman next to Wang Tianlong,For the woman who used to be a snitch, everything seems to be in order again. If you guessed right, Yaqing is a snitch, and thatThe mysterious masked woman should be the angel who was forced to jump into the river and escape. Thinking about it slowly,Everything became clear. After escaping, the criminal was already like a rat crossing the street.Now, unaccompanied, her first reaction was to find a safe place, so the Tianlong Group where Yaqing belongs,It is the best shelter, although I still feel strange why the angel didn't hide in her house before, but LiRan Hao believes that as long as they are caught, everything will be solved. The only doubt now is why heThey will embarrass Xiaoni, a little girl who makes her face in a beauty salon, is it worth their effort?

Now we can't tell Niu Dabangzi and Fangfang that Ya Qing is a Snitch. Once they know that the Snitch is hereUnder my nose, I will definitely not be able to hold back my excitement and come to arrest people directly.The grass scares the snake, and even hurts Xiaoni.

After thinking about it, Li Ranhao still decided to go alone, but as soon as the thought flashed across his mind, he rejected it.It's decided, I have let the snitch escape twice because no one can support me, this time... Hehe, LiRan Hao suddenly thought of someone, with her to help him, the Snitch would be hard to fly.
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