Passing through the family: Baixiang Kingdom (394-403)

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(394-402)Chapter 394, The Dangerous Battle Ax

The bleak autumn wind brought pieces of yellow leaves all over the ground, and the official roads at the beginning and the end were dusty, and a luxury carThe four-wheeled carriage was driven by a big man like an iron tower, galloping on the road, there were two riders beside the cart, and the knight on the horseTall and mighty like an iron tower.

Qin Feng looked up at this majestic and tall mountain, and finally understood why it was named Longshou Mountain. the whole mountainMost of them are composed of whole huge rocks, which are very steep. It looks like a black dragon being buriedOn the ground, only the dragon's head was exposed, looking up to the sky and screaming, with awe-inspiring momentum.

"Longshou Mountain, it really has a taste." Qin Feng, who had climbed halfway up the mountain, looked at the scenery below the mountain, and couldn't help butThere was a surge of pride in his chest, and he couldn't help raising his head and screaming loudly at the sky.

The five climbed for several hours, and finally reached the top of Longshou Mountain. Longshou Mountain is within a hundred miles, so it is consideredIt is the highest mountain, and when you look at it from the top of the mountain, you can't help but let everyone have a heroic momentum to see all the small mountains.

Qin Feng began to think about building a big house on it in the future, and living here for a while in his spare time.It can open up the mind a lot, which is beneficial to the body and mind! Think about watching the sunset and watching the sunset with all the women on such a huge and dangerous mountain.Isn't it a romantic thing to enjoy the sunrise and the bright moon?

While thinking wildly, everyone followed Xiangxiang to the lobby of the Promise Sect on Longshou Mountain.

Looking at the "Wuji Palace" in front of him, Qin Feng couldn't help being dumbfounded—this damn thing is too dilapidated, look at thatSpider silk, one layer after another, look at the dust, you can insert incense, and look at the door, I am afraid that if you touch it lightly,Will it break?

"Xiangxiang, didn't you say that the Wuji faction is a big one?" Qin Feng asked.

Xiangxiang was also surprised, and said: "Hundreds of years ago, they really dominated the rivers and lakes, how did they turn around?"In a blink of an eye... just so dilapidated? "

Qin Feng couldn't laugh or cry: "Hundreds of years... What is a blink of an eye? It's been several generations.The situation changes, and a few years is enough for a gang to go from rise to decline. "

The servant opened the way and kicked the broken door open. Qin Feng and Xiangxiang walked in, covering their mouths and noses and fanning the dust.go.

This Promise Hall is actually not a hall anymore. The passage of time and the changes of the years have made this hall a long time ago.A large area of ​​the house collapsed. If the mountain was not too steep to buy things down the mountain, I am afraid that it would have been destroyed by others.People occupy it.

Walking inside, Qin Feng was always worried about whether the sound would be too loud and shake those fragile beams.Come on next piece.

A group of people went straight to the altar at the back of the Wuji Hall, but when they got out of the back door of the hall, they saw a large bushLin, where is there any altar? !

"This... what about the Skybreaker?"

"It should be in this jungle. It's only been a few hundred years, and this place has been barren." Xiangxiang saidWith a slender hand, those weeds and bushes immediately fell to the sides, revealing a path.

Qin Feng raised his eyes and saw a stone platform covered with various plants in the grass.On the stage, a black ax that was not cold in winter was standing there proudly.

"That's it." Xiangxiang glanced at the battle axe with piercing eyes, then turned her head and said to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng nodded and walked forward, followed closely by Xiangxiang and Sanniu.

Stepping up the steps of the stone platform, Qin Feng felt as if he had stepped into a time tunnel.One step is like a hundred years, one step is like leaping through the vicissitudes of time, one step is like passing throughIt lasted more than 3,600 days and nights. Step by step, until he stepped on the top of the altar and stood on the lacquerIn front of the black tomahawk.

He seems to have seen that man in iron armor, majestic like a demon standing here, standing hereOn the top of Longshou Peak, facing the sky covered with dark clouds and gloomy as if it was about to press down, shouted: "I am not afraid!"

The thunderous roar still lingers in my ears, so real, so fearless, and so heroic.

His hand slowly stretched out to the battle ax, the battle ax that has been sleeping here for tens of thousands of years, the battle axIt seems that the battle ax is made of no one knows what kind of material it is, and the handle is so black that it seems to absorb all the light.The battle ax that went into it, that handle seemed to drill into the depths of his soul and call out to him affectionately.

Hand, finally grasped the black handle of the battle axe.

On the towering Longshou Peak, a long howl went straight into the sky, and even the sun in the sky seemed to be touched by the sound.Much darker.

Xiangxiang and Sanniu felt that Qin Feng's roar was so majestic and so different from the days before, and they both thought that he wouldHe pulled out the tomahawk, but unexpectedly after a while, his hand was still on the handle of the axe, and he leaned back, but the axNot the slightest movement.

"Master, what's the matter? Why didn't you pull it up?" Xiangxiang asked.

Qin Feng turned his head, let go of his hand and shook it, pursed his lips, and said, "Mom, I can't pull it out......"

"No way! What kind of ax is this, let me try it!" Xiao Qian rolled up his sleeves and ran up to the altar, grabbingHolding the handle of the axe, he raised it upwards with a roar. But luckily, he exhausted all his strength, sweated profusely, and used both hands and feet, but he didn'tIt can make the battle ax move a little bit.

Xiao Feng also jumped up and said: "Why don't we smash this jar and dig out this axe."

Xiangxiang shook her head and said, "This altar is built on a big rock on the top of the mountain, and the sky-breaking ax was inserted into that big rock.Among the stones, the boulder is harder than steelA hundred times, it is impossible to dig. "

Xiao Shi came up and worked hard together with Xiao Qian, but all the strength seemed to sink into the ocean, without a trace of it.In the end, the two had to give up panting.

Xiangxiang said to Qin Feng: "Master, it doesn't matter if we can't pull out the battle axe, we just need to get Chaos PromiseJust do it. "

Qin Feng nodded, and looked at the battle ax again, but the battle ax was so dark that it was impossible to see any flowers on it.I can't help wondering: "Where is this Chaos Promise Law recorded? Why didn't I see it?"

Xiangxiang took off her veil, pursed her lips and smiled, and said to him, "Master, please hold the tomahawk."

Qin Feng held it as he said, and only listened to Xiangxiang say: "The Chaos Promise Art on this Heaven Breaking Ax requires the blood of the Yin SpiritOnly then can we see it. "As he spoke, he bit his finger and smeared a little blood on the battle axe.

Qin Feng was very distressed when he saw it. He grabbed Xiangxiang's slender hand, put it in his mouth, licked it lightly with his tongue, and then took it out.At first glance, the wound not only stopped bleeding, but also gradually healed.

Xiangxiang exclaimed, "Master, quickly grab the tomahawk."

Qin Feng hurriedly grasped the battle ax again, only to see that the original pitch-black battle ax was now covered with blood by Xiangxiang.At first, it slowly turned into a blood-red color, which was shocking to watch.

After a while, the tomahawks turned blood red and shiny. Looking intently, there seemed to be countless blood spurting mouths on the axe.Howling and screaming, baring their teeth and claws.

Suddenly, as if struck by lightning, a loud noise exploded in Qin Feng's mind, and he felt that his surroundings were suddenly plunged into chaos.In the darkness, I seem to be isolated from everything around me, there is no Xiangxiang, no Sanniu, no jungle,No mountains, no tomahawks, no air, not even yourself.

He seemed to have turned into a speck of dust, wandering in the universe. A light flashed, and he was brought into a newThe world of the world is like shuttling through a maze, advancing rapidly in a blood-red passage, constantlyTurn at the fork. Another planar pattern appeared in my mind, which was actually like a diagram of meridian pathways.While shuttling through the blood-colored passage, he looked at the blood-vein pathway diagram clearly, and gradually understoodWhat was going on, those blood pathways seemed to be automatically engraved in his mind, and he remembered it tightly.

There was another flash of light, and I heard birdsong again, smelled the unique fragrance of Xiangxiang, and feltThe flow of air and the heat of the tomahawk in his hand.

With a move in his heart, Qin Feng pulled it out forcefully, the battle ax shook slightly, and with more force, the ground gave out a shriek.Continue to exert force, the earth seems to be moaning.

Looking from a distance, a cloud of dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky around Longshou Mountain. Red lightning flashes in the cloud,From time to time, there was a thunderous sound, as if a demon had descended into the world.

The residents near the foot of Longshou Mountain all pointed at the top of the mountain, and couldn't help but think of the thousand-year-old legend.

On the top of Longshou Peak, on the altar of the Promise Gate.

Qin Feng held the short handle of the sky-shattering ax with both hands, spread his legs, bent his knees slightly, raised his head and roared angrily: "Ahh!Ahhhhhhhhhh..."

The whole body of the tomahawk is redder and brighter, making people afraid to look directly at it. A gust of wind blows from the interface between the tomahawk and the boulder on the ground.It was blown out, forcing Xiangxiang and his servants to retreat under the altar, and Qin Feng's clothes were torn into cloth by the strong wind.strip. The steel-like muscles seemed to contain infinite strength, stretched tightly, and the blue veins slowly floated in front of the forehead,There also seemed to be a red light flashing in the eyes.

The dark clouds in the sky were getting lower and lower, and Xiangxiang couldn't help feeling anxious and anxious. Could it be that a catastrophe is about to happen now?Yet? The master has not yet practiced the Chaos Promise Jue, and has not obtained the Dao. In addition, he is a body of chaos, detached from theOutside the world of ghosts, gods and humans, how could they be robbed by the heavens? ! This... Although the master is the body of chaos, but now he is alsoIt's hard to resist the divine thunder, could it be... Could it be that letting the master come to Longshou Mountain this time has harmed the master instead? !

Thinking about it, Xiangxiang's eyes couldn't help getting moist. Yutu rushed forward to rescue Qin Feng, but Gang Feng was better than him.The sharp blades were densely packed, and they forced her to not move forward, she was really anxious like a fire.

Following the sound of thunder, a flash of red light flashed from the connection between the battle ax and the ground, Qin Feng was about to break the sky.The ax is out!

"Wahhahahahahahahaha..." Amidst the presumptuous long laughter, Qin Feng held up the recoveredTurning into a black battle axe, he slowly walked down from the altar.

The dark clouds at the top of Longshou Peak dissipated in an instant, and the bright sunshine filled the peak, as if everything just now had never happened.Happened to me.

Xiangxiang rushed up to meet him, checked Qin Feng's body up and down, and made sure that he was fine.After falling in love, she finally threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly, sobbing softly.

Xiao Feng quickly took off his clothes, and put them on the naked Qin Feng.

Qin Feng put his arm around Xiangxiang's slender waist, kissed her hair lightly, and said with a smile, "Why are you crying, baby?Your master, didn't I pull out that sky-breaking ax now? Hahahaha, this ax feels really goodIt's pretty good, just right in weight, and I don't know what it's made of. "

This sky-breaking ax is a double-edged battle axe. It seems that the short handle, the ax body and the ax blade are connected together.Like, the combination is perfect, and there is a fierce killing spirit at a glance, and the momentum is awe-inspiring.

Chapter 395, Strange Cultivation Technique

A group of people left the Wuji Hall, went down Longshou Mountain, and returned to the carriage. Xiao Qian continued to drive the car back,Xiao Feng and Xiao Shi protect the twobeside.

Just as Xiangxiang was about to change Qin Feng's clothes, he threw him on the soft bed in the car, and said with a wicked smile:"The Chaos Promise Jue that I just learned, I have to practice it quickly, otherwise it will be bad if I forget it in a while."

Xiangxiang laughed softly: "Master, this first exercise is very important, as long as the first exercise is completed, todayThe subsequent exercise methods will be carried out according to the first meridian operation method, which will not change, and there is no need to deliberatelyTo do the exercises, all you need to do is... you only need to do your best to practice the exercises automatically. "

Qin Feng now only felt a nameless fire of desire surging in his lower abdomen.The remaining strips of clothes were torn off, and she began to kiss Xiangxiang's delicate body.

While exchanging the body fluid in the mouth with the charming fox maid, while stroking her soft and plump body,Qin Feng's big hands kept moving, one piece of clothing slowly fell off, and after a while, he peeled off the lovely person in his arms.The little white sheep.

The fragrant and coquettish groans can always make Qin Feng's heart burn with desire, while kissing the soft and softDelicate skin, while deeply sniffing the fragrance of this wonderful delicate body with her nose, until every muscle in her bodyAfter tasting her skin with her lips and tongue and kneading it with her big hands, she separated her legs and began the last and finalkey combination.

After entering the hinterland, Qin Feng began to close his eyes, and there was another thunder, and the scene in front of him began to change.It was not real, his gaze seemed to be turned into his body, and he began to guide the cool air coming from his lower body.Qi moves in the body.

After a while, after running for a period of time according to the meridian passage way I felt at the altar of Longshou Peak,The cool air that entered from Xiangxiang's body slowly transformed into a scorching hot stream, like magma,The body is flowing and galloping, and it is getting faster and faster.

At this time, the pleasure in the lower body gradually became clear, and the fragrant gasps in his ears made him uncontrollably openHe began to twitch his lower body.

Xiangxiang felt the master's movements, and exclaimed: "Master, don't be distracted, concentrate on raising your spirits, pay attentionQi line! "

Hearing Xiangxiang's words, Qin Feng had no choice but to stop his movements, and began to concentrate on guiding the scorching air.

But at this moment, he suddenly realized that because of the momentary distraction just now, his anger... actually went astray, and nowThe meridian route in Zai is different from the meridian route map he saw through the Sky-shattering Axe before.

It's like a child walking into a maze while looking at a map, suddenly accidentally goes the wrong way, and can't go back.average head.

In desperation, Qin Feng had no choice but to guide the hotter and hotter airflow to wander around, but the fastness of his lower bodyThe feeling was getting bigger and bigger, which made him really uncomfortable.

After a while, Qin Feng couldn't help it anymore, so he stopped directing the airflow and let him mess around in his body.Jumping up, he began to work hard on Xiangxiang's body to his heart's content.

Leaning over to kiss the beautiful fox face, the movements of her lower body became more and more violent and faster.

Xiangxiang subconsciously hugged Qin Feng back, raised her pretty face, and moaned heartily.

"Ah... no... no... master... ah... that... that... Chaos Promise... ah...The tactic...needs...well...needs your guidance...ah..." Xiang Xiang immersed in the peak of pleasureHe did not forget to remind the master that he is now practicing, and it is the first and most critical exercise.

But Qin Feng is extremely depressed now. When he regained his senses, he didn't know where the air flow went.It's gone, and a cycle of heaven and earth is over. This Chaos Promise Art is only half practiced, and the second half is completely self-sufficient.It's a way of doing meritorious deeds that I have jumped out indiscriminately.

Finally pouring the desire in his body into Xiangxiang's charming body, Qin Feng turned over and lay down, and put his delicate bodyHe hugged her and kissed her pink lips lightly.

Xiangxiang gently supported Qin Feng's chest with her small hands, her pretty face was still flushed after passion, her eyes were as charming as silk, and her voice was soft.Question: "Master, how is your practice of Chaos Promise?"

Qin Feng curled his lips and said, "The training is off..."

"What? Did you practice?!" Xiangxiang heard this, her pretty face turned pale, and she said, "Master, you... you nowDo you feel any discomfort? "

Qin Feng felt it for a while, shook his head and said, "No, I don't feel anything."

"Then... do you feel any real energy flowing in your body?" Xiangxiang continued to ask.

Qin Feng still shook his head: "No, I don't feel anything, it's the same as before."Pressing her tender body tightly against her chest, she kissed her forehead and said, "Whatever, Liancha is just Liancha.Anyway, I have already practiced like this... But... I have trained half of it correctly, and the power of this half should beBar? "I still have some fluke thoughts in my heart, comforting myself, hoping that half of the practice will be effective.

Xiangxiang couldn't help being a little bit dumbfounded, the master actually still has this kind of algorithm, half of the practice, half of itskill?

"Master, why don't you get out of the car and have a try, see... see if there is anything... how does it feel?"

Qin Feng was taken aback for a moment: "Can you do it just by practicing it once?"

Xiangxiang nodded and said, "Yes, with the master's chaotic body, it should already be quite powerful......It's just that the practice is broken now, what is going on, Xiangxiang doesn't know. "

Qin Feng opened the small window and asked Xiao Qian to stop. He and Xiangxiang put on their clothes and jumped out of the car.

Standing on the side of the road, Qin Feng found a tree as thick as a forearm, coughed lightly, and pulled theThe hem of the shirt is tucked into the belt.Start to inhale, the qi sinks into the dantian, and feel the true qi in the body, but after feeling for a long time, there is no qi at all, and theI feel like farting.

Xiangxiang next to her asked nervously, "How is it? Master, does the master feel that there is true energy flowing in his body?"

When it comes to martial arts, generally speaking, if you want to achieve great success, you need to practice Qi. And like Xiangxiang is a fox demon, there isIts own spiritual energy and spiritual power are different from human martial arts. After all, the Great God Pan Gu is also a good martial artist.Learn from everyone, in the final analysis, his Chaos Promise Art also needs to rely on the yin and yang in the body to operate. Qin FengThe chaotic qi in the body is the best combination of yin and yang qi, so it is most suitable for practicing this method. Logically speaking, to himAfter practicing once, I should have some qi in my body, but now I don't feel any real qi in my body.The signs of formation made Xiangxiang very uneasy.

Qin Feng inhaled again, exhaled, and sank to his dantian... still didn't feel any real qi flowing in his meridians. removeWhen I first started intercourse with Xiangxiang, when I ran the formula, there was such a cool air pouring into the meridians along the lower body,There is no other real anger.

Qin Feng couldn't help remembering that Xiangxiang once said that the energy of chaos on her body was beneficial to her cultivation, so she asked:"Xiangxiang, didn't you say that I have the energy of chaos on my body? But why can't I feel it myself?"

Xiang Xiang said: "Master, the Primal Chaos Qi is the energy contained in your Primal Chaos Body itself, it is stored in yourIn the skin, in the muscles, in the bones, and... and in the essence, it is different from ordinary zhenqi. Master, you...You really don't feel the real qi flowing in the meridians? "

Qin Feng shook his head, and said, "No, it's strange... I'm obviously halfway through the practice," he said.He kicked the small tree in front of him.

The little tree snapped instantly, and the upper half flew tens of meters away. Qin Feng couldn't help being stunned, and looked at hisfeet, and then looked at the small tree that was half lying on the ground with its roots sticking out of the ground, blinked, and looked at Xiangxiang again:"This foot seems to be beyond my normal level."

Xiangxiang also looked surprised, and said, "Master, you really... Really didn't feel any true energy flow just now?Didn't you feel that the true energy was poured into the legs? "

The servant on the side was surprised, the master's miraculous skills are world-class, what's the point of kicking a small tree away?

Qin Feng shook his head and said: "No, I really didn't feel any real anger, just like usual, but speaking of it...I seem to feel much stronger. "As he spoke, he looked around and found a big tree with two people hugging each other.past.

After patting on the tree trunk, Qin Feng squeezed his fist and punched hard at the tree trunk.

There was a loud click, the bark splashed, and the big tree was interrupted by the middle, flew out, and rolled to the ground.

Chapter 396, The Variety of Divine Weapons

Qin Feng looked at his fist in disbelief, then at the tree trunk that was only half stuck in the soil, and turned back.Head to Xiangxiang said in a shy voice: "The Chaos Promise Art is really powerful."

Xiangxiang still had the same question: "Master, do you really not feel the flow of true energy?"

Qin Feng said: "No, I really don't feel any genuine energy, but I feel that my strength is getting stronger and stronger, butThis strength does not feel true energy! Oh, anyway, this Chaos Promise is powerful enough, hehe! "He is easily satisfied, he has never possessed martial arts before, and now he can break such a thick tree with one punchFlying, to him, is already a miracle.

Xiangxiang frowned and said, "Master, Xiangxiang doesn't know why you are in the current situation. But it stands to reasonIt is said that if you practice the Chaos Promise Jue, you should be able to form the Promise True Qi. When practicing martial arts, the foundation is to practiceTrue Qi, with true Qi, you can practice other martial arts, such as lightness kung fu, palm kung fu, finger kung fu and some powerful qi power martial artsTo use a weapon to send out qi, you also need to have real qi. "

"Uh, what do you mean, now I can only be like Xiao Qian and the others, with infinite strength? Is it true?Do you know that I have not cultivated Chaos Infinity? Then what happened to my sudden increase in strength? "Qin Feng was stunnedHowever, in this case, the fun of martial arts is really much less, and if he doesn't know how to do it lightly, how will he take it with him in the future?The beautiful woman walked away? If he doesn't know how to use qigong, how can he make him play cool in front of others?

"This...Xiangxiang doesn't know either. The master has practiced the formula wrongly. What will happen now? Xiangxiang is also veryIt's hard to predict, I don't know what the result will be if I continue to practice. "

Qin Feng frowned slightly, and said to the servant over there: "Come here."

The servant responded, "Master, what are your orders?"

"Come on, the three of you go up together and hit me." Qin Feng took off his gown and his underwear and handed it to Xiangxiang.Bare upper body said to Xiao Feng and the others.

Qin Feng said in displeasure: "If I tell you to hit me, hit me, I will minimize my skills! Hurry up and do my best!"

The servants had no choice but to rush forward with a loud roar.

At this time, Qin Feng found that his reaction was no less than ten times faster than usual, and he reacted swiftly to his servant Ding Qiang.The action was clearly seen. Accurately grasp the time difference between the servants' movements, and slam on their lower abdomenOne person punched.

The servants only felt that Qin Feng had disappeared suddenly, and then his lower abdomen hurt, and he flew upside down, falling from the groundGetting up and looking, Qin Feng was still standing there, not even changing his posture, as if he had never moved at

For the three punches just now, Qin Feng couldn't figure out how much force he used, but it was definitely useless.full strength is farNot as much force as when breaking the big tree before.

At this time, Xiangxiang came over with a face full of joy, and while putting on clothes for Qin Feng, said: "Wu JianNot broken, only fast. When the strength is extremely great, it becomes extremely fast. Congratulations to the master, although this exercise is not Chaotic Wuji, it isThere is still much to do! "

Qin Feng looked at the servant who got up from the ground over there, and said, "But I'm still not really angry, didn't you say,Without true energy, can't you use a lot of martial arts? "

Xiangxiang said: "That's what I said, but in the eyes of the Yinu family, master's exercise is not as powerful as it used to be.The chaotic boundless, extremely powerful, other things that martial arts can do, the master can also do in his own way.What's more, the master of this exercise has just practiced it once, and what it will become in the future is still unknown, and it may not be the same.I have never been really angry. only……"

"Just what?"

"It's just that I don't know if the master will have any bad reactions from practicing the Chaos Jue to get this skill..."Xiangxiang is worried and authentic.

Qin Feng waved his hands and smiled, "How can there be any bad reaction, I feel very good now! Well,Let me try it, this is extremely powerful, can it be used as a light function! After saying that, he took two quick steps and slammed to the ground.Stepping on it, he flew up to a branch on a big tree.

With a muffled sound of "poof", a footprint was sunk on the ground Qin Feng stepped on, but his people had already jumped into the sky.It flew several feet high before stopping, but then fell straight down.

Xiangxiang was stunned for a moment, then was shocked, and rushed up. But Qin Feng's falling was too violent and too fast,There was a series of clicking sounds, and after several branches of a big tree were smashed, they hit the ground hard, bringing up a cloud of dust.

All the servants surrounded him in surprise, the master just soared into the sky! ...

Xiangxiang quickly helped Qin Feng up, and asked anxiously, "Master, how are you, are you alright?"

Qin Feng, however, patted the dust on his body casually, grinned, and said to Xiangxiang, "The feeling of flying is really amazing."it is good! "

The servants are all very envious. They are also people who have no real energy, but their strength is not enough to support them to fly.Kong jumped so high, at most he jumped onto the roof of a floor.

Xiangxiang smiled and said, "Master's current speed may not even be comparable to the top-level lightness kungfu. Many so-calledHis lightness skill is actually just jumping rapidly and continuously, and it cannot be compared with the master. "

Qin Feng was extremely happy in his heart, and smiled at Xiangxiang: "My practice is no longer the law of chaos and infinity, so I will give it to himHow about a new name, Chaos Jue? After a while, I will integrate all my exercises and create new ones."

Xiangxiang pursed her lips and said with a smile: "The name chosen by the master is indeed imposing."

"Hahahaha!!! Xiao Qian, get my tomahawk, I'm going to cut down this forest!" Qin Feng pointed atA large forest along the road. It's as if you just got a new skill when you play the game, it will always turn back at the beginningUsing it foreground, as if playing with prestige, this is how he feels now.

Xiao Qian excitedly ran into the carriage, took out the sky-shattering axe, and handed it to Qin Feng.

Holding the battle ax in his hand, Qin Feng rushed into the forest and slashed violently, his movements were like a whirlwind and lightning.The servant looked over, and could only see a group of figures swaying repeatedly in the woods, then saw sawdust flying, and the big trees flew towards each other.Fall on both sides. He is like a razor, and trees fall wherever he passes, as if he is shaving and removing hair, cleanneat.

Seeing her master so excited, Xiangxiang couldn't help but feel happy, even though the master didn't become chaotic.It is an extreme method, but it can be regarded as a blessing in disguise to cultivate this miraculous skill by accident. And this magical power, it seemsIt's no worse than Chaos Infinity.

After hacking for a while, Qin Feng felt that the hatchet wasn't good enough for chopping. Although it had two sides, it was aggressive enough, but it wasn't so good.The image is too short, it would be great if it could have a long handle.

Thinking about it, I suddenly felt that the sky-breaking ax and myself seemed to be connected as one, as if my hand had suddenlyThen it grew a bit longer.

Qin Feng looked at the black ax in his hand, and suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart.Blood connection?

Then the short handle of the battle ax seemed to be getting longer gradually. Qin Feng was amazed. He wiped his eyes with his left hand and looked again.The short handle, which was only more than one foot long, suddenly grew to more than one foot long, and the hatchet turned into a long handle axe! ?

"His sister... Ganqing belongs to the same family as Ruyi Golden Cudgel?" Qin Feng was very pleased, and dancedWith this long axe, he continued to drive in the forest.

This long weapon is more domineering than short weapons. When you use it, you immediately gain a bit of momentum.It's almost finished. The pedestrians passing by all thought it was a monster, and turned around and ran away in fright.

Qin Feng came out dragging a long axe. Xiangxiang and the servants were all very surprised.It's a short battle axe, why does it turn into a long axe when it comes out? But look at the black lacquered ax body and handle, it is indeed theSkybreaker is right!

Qin Feng looked at the long ax in his hand and couldn't help worrying. It's good that he can change length and length, but my dignified second son of Governor's Mansion,You can't always carry an ax, like a bandit or a pig butcher. If this can be turned into a dagger or a short sword or somethingWell, that's fine too.

It really worked as he said it. The long ax in his hand slowly began to change shape as if he had heard the order.First, it retracted to its original length, and then the body of the ax underwent a drastic change, reducing it to an ax that was no more than two palms long and usuallyA pitch-black dagger.The servants saw that their eyes were almost protruding, and Xiangxiang praised, "It really is a sky-breaking axe.With such an ability to change, congratulations to the master for obtaining this magic weapon. "

Qin Feng laughed loudly: "No, no, he is no longer a sky-shattering axe, he is now my son'.Invincible'!

Playing with the "Various Invincible" that turned into a dagger, Qin Feng suddenly felt a move in his heart, thinking, if it can become a ringWouldn't it be more convenient to wear it on your finger?

The ever-changing is indeed ever-changing, the dagger immediately changed into a ring, and it was automatically put on Qin Feng's right index finger. it's darkThe fuzzy ring looks quite expensive and unique!

Chapter 397, The Phoenix on the Car

Compared to the cheers in Hangzhou City, the outside of Xiao's house was indeed peaceful. It turned out that Huang Rong commanded everyone to stay outside Xiao's house.Arranged a willow tree array, Qimen Dunjia, just like the peach blossom array on Peach Blossom Island back then, if there is noThe ability is simply included in this treasure.

Huang Rong's arrangement of the willow eight trigrams array was actually designed as a natural barrier for the Xiao family.It is like a paradise of peace and tranquility.

Qin Feng and Xiangxiang fought on the carriage for 300 rounds, in the name of replenishing her vitality, but in the end, Qin XianEr and Xiao Qingxuan also got in for a big fight. If An Biru hadn't stopped him, Qin Feng would probably have to fight with him in the end.Coincidentally, they are all drawn into the battle group!

Such a happy life made Qin Feng feel a little lazy and drunk.

The back garden of Xiao's house was full of all kinds of flowers. Xiangxiang lay on Qin Feng's chest, and whispered: "GardenThere are many kinds of flowers planted in the garden, especially the peach blossoms that are blooming now, which are so beautiful. It's rare to come back early today,Why don't you accompany me to see the peach blossoms? "

Qin Feng frowned and said, "Admiring the peach blossoms? Don't you think I'm not lucky enough? Don't go, you just need to be with your husbandYou and I are fine. "

As she spoke, she hugged the beautiful woman in her arms.

Xiangxiang's jade cheeks fainted slightly, and her pointed jade fingers lightly rubbed Qin Feng's chest, and said softly: "If you don't go, Tingting and I willLet them go, you have good luck, but it doesn't mean we have good luck! "


Qin Feng put an arm around Xiangxiang's pink back, pressed her tender face in front of her, and said with a giggling smile, mouth to ear:"Look at your nonsense, you still want to be lucky? Could it be that you still want to cuckold me? See if I don't want youWe can't serve you at home! "

Xiangxiang Yurong became more and more dizzy, and she didn't answer for a long time, but Qin Feng's eyes were bright, so he could only shyly spit: "I'm going all the way.Being tossed about by you, your body is almost falling apart, how else do you want to bully Yun'er? "

After hearing this, Qin Feng said unwillingly, "How about I make Yun'er so wonderful this time?"

Xiangxiang was afraid that he would say something embarrassing, so she pinched his face with her hands, bit her lips and said, "No...It already feels good and wonderful! "

Qin Feng smiled and said, "Then Husband just made you a fool today..."


Xiangxiang was ashamed, twisted Qin Feng's mouth hard, and said anxiously: "Say it again, people will ignore you!"

Qin Feng smiled, and whispered in her ear again: "Then tell me, what kind of feeling do you feel?"taste……"

Xiangxiang's ears were filled with Qin Feng's hot air, and her heart felt crisp, and she said in a tired voice, "I tell you, I have to let him go...."

Qin Feng nodded, Xiangxiang rolled his eyes at him, then leaned into his ear, extremely shy, and whispered softlySaid: "You... It makes people's hearts flutter from beginning to end. Every time I touch someone, it makes me feel likeIt's like taking an aphrodisiac! Excited to death, like wanting to die..."

Qin Feng said: "Want to die? Is it the kind that goes straight to the sky?"

Xiangxiang said with a smile on her pretty face, "I was tossed about by you just now, but my body is still warm and comfortable......"

Qin Feng was moved by hearing this, touched Xiangxiang's body with his hand, and said with a smile: "Since this is the case, my husband, I will let youHave a good time, lady. "

Xiangxiang's excuse of ignoring him, rubbed her soft and moist place with his fingertips, and she jumped out of the bed.Get up, break free from Qin Feng's arms resolutely, get up and put on clothes, and look at Qin Feng who is still lying on the bed and staring at her.Sweetly smiled and said: "Good husband, I will feed you with the other sisters at night."

Qin Feng watched the fairy-like fragrance wafting out of the carriage, and unexpectedly let him find that Qin Xian'er and Xiao Qingxuan were still there.Sleeping soundly in dreamland...

Qin Feng scratched Qin Xian'er's nostrils with a strand of hair in a mischievous manner!


Qin Xian'er couldn't help but sneezed, and the faint fragrance of orchid burrowed into Qin Feng's nose. she opens alluringQin Feng stared at her with fascination, his expression was like that of a starving beggar who suddenly saw her eyesThere is a huge and delicious cake in front of it...


Qin Xian'er called out shyly and panting infinitely.

Qin Feng put his arms around her slender waist. Her slender waist was tight, and her protruding breasts undulated slightly.It was alluring.

"Hmm... Husband, I hugged me so hard... I couldn't breathe!"

Qin Xian'er said emotionally and laboriously.

Qin Feng held up Qin Xian'er's pink cheeks, trying to look into her eyes, but she shook her head and broke away, sticking her face to Qin Xianer's.In Feng's arms, she said softly: "Husband...don't look at me like this! I can't help it..."

As he spoke, he pinched Qin Feng's thigh with his hand.

Qin Feng said with a smile: "I just want toYou can't bear it..."

When Qin Feng was speaking, Qin Xian'er's face was pressed against his chest and slowly moved upwards, finally facing him face to face. QinXian'er sucked her cherry lips and blew into Qin Feng's mouth, her winking eyes were like silk, full of spring scenery.

Qin Feng's heart fluttered, and he gently kissed her white and greasy ears. Qin Feng knew that her skin was very sensitive.Turns crimson in love.

Qin Xian'er giggled, twisted her body like she was afraid of tickle, panted slightly, and said, "Bad man, come back tonight, okay?"..."

"Are you trying to say that you are still warm and comfortable?"

Qin Feng smiled strangely and said!


Qin Xian'er said in surprise, "Husband, how do you know how I feel?"

Qin Feng wrapped his hands around her slender waist, rubbed her tender skin through the clothes, and said, "Because it'sNot long ago, someone said the same thing to me! "

With his right hand pointing up, he held her left breast and rubbed it lightly.

Qin Xian'er trembled, looked around, and found that Xiao Qingxuan was still sleeping soundly, and Xiangxiang was already asleep.The classics disappeared, so he leaned softly on Qin Feng's body, put his face on his shoulder, and said in a tired voice: "It turns out that someone ateAfter closing the door and not being able to eat swan meat, I took all my anger out on my slave! "


Qin Feng laughed, turned her over, and said with a smile: "I have a lot of anger to take on you,Today I must have a good time, so you should open up and accept my love. "

Qin Feng put Qin Xian'er down on the bed, took off his clothes three times, knelt on the bed, facing the naked lightFresh Qin Xian'er said proudly, "Honey, are you ready?"

Qin Xian'er lay there on her back, blushing, and softly asked softly, "Husband, come on!"

Qin Feng tore off the clothes wrapped around her body, and Qin Xian'er covered her mouth and smiled, letting Qin Feng unbutton her lapel.There is a small piece of jade pei tied around her neck, and the jade pei is lying between her cleavage, rising and falling with her breathing,A ray of sunlight in the morning sun was shining on the piece of jade pei, exuding a dazzling luster, reflecting Qin Xian'er's twin jade peaks as well.As if carved from white jade, tender red pearls are inlaid on the twin peaks like two rubies.Below, the curve is smooth, the slender waist, the plump buttocks, the two snow-white round thighs are intertwined and rubbed gently,It looked quite hungry that way.

When Qin Feng saw Qin Xian'er's beautiful naked body, he immediately became furious, and put his hands on Qin Xian'er's delicate body.Rubbing and rubbing, mouth sucking for a while.

Qin Xian'er's body softened again, and her skin began to feel hot. When she raised her eyes to see the white and tender spot behind her ears, she unexpectedlyHas been crimson.

Qin Xian'er hooked Qin Feng's neck with her arms, and said in a tired voice: "Good husband, have you prepared it yet? I miss you-"

The voice was whiny and flattering. Hearing such a sweet voice, Qin Feng felt ashamed to warm up before the battle again.A lot of suffering.


Qin Xian'er suddenly felt itchy, and soon entered a huge world of desire.

"Msister, my concubine gave up her life to accompany the gentleman today, so I do as you please."

Qin Xian'er said softly with winking eyes, but her little hand had already started to move on the big baby, fondling itwith. While giggling, the pair of plump jade breasts were trembling and swaying, it made people's blood spurt, and they couldn't see QinXian'er is so coquettish to the bone, she is extremely lewd, with winking eyes, a smile on the corner of her mouth, there is something indescribableFeminine and sexy. Qin Xian'er held the big baby tightly with both hands, and after a series of movements.

"Msister, I will give you comfort as a concubine..."

After finishing speaking, he lowered his head, held the big baby in his left hand, and opened his beautiful cherry mouth to swallow the glans.In the mouth, suck a few mouthfuls in a row, hold the two egg balls with the right hand below, and use both hands and mouth for a while. It's not easy,It's the first time you can do that. But seeing Qin Xian'er spit out the glans from her small mouth, sticking out the tip of her tongue to tease the glans, left and rightSqueezing the big baby fiercely with her hand, a few drops of white liquid flowed out from the mouth of the horse's eye on the head of the penis, and she touched the eye with the tip of her tongueLicking, nibbling his penis meat with his teeth, stroking the egg balls with both hands, pinching softly, like this,One kneading, one set and another sucking, the baby became even harder and thicker.

"Oh... good... lady... you suck well... your little mouth is so flexible... oh..."

Qin Feng snorted comfortably, and his buttocks began to push up, as if he wanted to push the big baby into Qin Xian'er's mouthOnly in the middle is reconciled.

"'s so's so's so coquettish...oh..."

Qin Xian'er's tongue skills made Qin Feng keep moaning. While holding the big baby in her mouth, she looked atHe looked comfortable, sucking the glans desperately for a while.

"Sanggong...your big long...I love it to death...I want to hold it......Suck it up...Big baby is so good...Sister-in-law...Are you comfortable..."

Qin Xian'er spat out the glans, and kept pinching the baby and the egg balls with both hands.with.

"My lady... Hurry up... Big baby... I'm comfortable... Hurry up..."

When Qin Feng was extremely comfortable, she stopped sucking the baby. He hastily pressed her head with both hands and pulled her down,The butt was straightened up, and the big baby was rubbing against her fragrant lips, Qin Xian'er knew that Qin Feng was about to climax.So she first licked the horse's eye with the tip of her tongue, tasted the unique delicacy of men, and licked the round gutter meat at the lower end of the glans,Then he opened his small mouth and took it full. Her head started to go up and down, shaking non-stop,the bigThe baby fiddled with it, only to hear the sucking sounds of "zi" and "zi". big babe in her tiny mouthPumped, stuffed Qin Xian'er's cheeks were swollen and numb, and occasionally, she would spit out the glans, and her small jade hands were tightHolding it, rubbing the big glans on the pink cheeks, rubbing.

"Oh... So cool... So comfortable... So Tingting... You really know how to play... Big baby, good... Crispy...Hurry... stop rubbing... ah... I'm going to cum..."

Qin Feng's comfortable legs were twitching non-stop, straightening up the baby, his eyes were red and frightening, and he pressed Qin Xian'er's neck with both hands.head, the big baby quickly thrust into the small mouth, Qin Xian'er cooperated with the baby's push, and put her hands on the baby more vigorously.Bei, the small mouth sucks the glans hard, horse eyes.

"Oh... oh... I'm going to cum... oh... it's so cool... oh..."

I saw Qin Feng's waist straightened a few times, his whole body shook comfortably, and he ejaculated happily.

"Sir, are you comfortable?"

She caressed Qin Feng's legs with her extremely lecherous hands, and said coquettishly.

"Comfortable...comfortable...lady...your blowjob skills...really did you know this move..."

"I heard what others said...because it's my husband...that's why I'm like are so strongOh...the baby is not soft yet..."

Seeing Qin Xian'er holding the big baby with both hands and fondling it non-stop, Fang Xin seemed very happy.

"Lady, ride up quickly, and let the baby give you a refreshment..."

Qin Feng said with a lot of meaning. Both hands groped her deep, thin skin and tender flesh, and wantonly touched herOn the two big snow-white nipples, he pulled and pressed, and his fingers pinched and softened the two bright red nipples.

"'re necrotic..."

When she was sucking the baby for him just now, her pussy had already been scratched until the water flowed out, and her desire was burning endlessly. thisAt that time, her breasts were teased again by Qin Feng's pressing and kneading, which made Qin Xian'er even more sour, and she could no longer bear the temptation.confused.

"...Oh... my little hole... um... I'm going to put the big baby in the big hole... hmph......"

With that said, Qin Xian'er had already got up, spread her legs and sat on his lower abdomen, stretched her right hand down,Grab the thick babe, point the head of the glans at the bubbling pussy, close her winking eyes, and push her pink butt down hardsit.

"Oh... so beautiful... hum... um... your big baby is amazing... hum... the pussy is so full...It’s so fulfilling... um... huh..."

The baby was inserted into the fat and tender pussy, making Qin Xian'er feel comfortable from the bottom of her heart.A long-awaited resentful woman, intoxicated by the passion of inserting acupuncture points.

The two quickly overlapped each other. Qin Xian'er had no strength in her body and let Qin Feng manipulate her. Qin Feng ignored her.The body was exhausted after the war just now, and he drove straight in, attacking wantonly.

Qin Xian'er greedily swung her slender waist, her pink face was flushed, she couldn't stop panting, her round and beautiful buttocks were just right.Up and down, left and right, frantically playing with the big baby. The fat and tender Taoyuan hole is stuffed with thick babes,As Qin Xian'er's ass twisted, rose and fell, the lewd water flowing out of the hole flowed along the big baby, leaving it wet,Wet around Qin Feng's pubic hair. After a violent storm, I heard Qin Feng say: "Lady, let's have a different order."Such a posture. "

"Well... Xianggong... as long as you like... I can do anything..."

"Then, let's insert the hole while standing, shall we?"

Regarding Qin Feng's suggestion, Qin Xian'er has naturally never experienced it. She has not yet known that there is still a standing posture.potential, so her heart is both skeptical and eager to try.

Qin Feng pulled out the big baby and picked up Qin Xian'er!

Qin Xian'er was gently pushed by Qin Feng, and her pink back was pressed against the car wall. Then, Qin Feng stretched out her big baby, and approached her two times.With his hands on her slender waist, his lips were pressed against Qin Xian'er's cherry lips, exploring her sweet tongue. an incomparableWarmth rose in her heart. She couldn't help but wrapped her pink arms around his neck, actively catered to him, and kissed him.After a while, the two stuck out their tongues, and Qin Feng whispered in Qin Xian'er's ear: "Lady, put your arms around me,Then lift your left foot..."

It was the first time to use this posture, Qin Xian'er's cheeks flushed gradually with embarrassment, and she hummed softly. her two handsLightly hugging Qin Feng's neck, slowly raised his left foot, Qin Feng smiled, stretched out his right hand to lift his raised left foot,Holding on to the baby, the big glans has been pushed to the mouth of the hole along the wet water.

" have to be gentle...this posture...the pussy seems to be very tight..."

Seeing that Qin Feng's action of inserting acupuncture points was ready, Qin Xian'er's nervous heart throbbed wildly, flushing with pink.face, a pair of big watery eyes looked at Qin Feng, and whispered in his mouth.

"Lady, don't worry, I will definitely make you lose your sperm comfortably."

"Well... you are good or bad..."

Qin Feng supported her left leg with his right hand and the big baby with his left hand, aiming at the acupuncture point, bent his legs forward, and pushed his butt forwardYiting, a thick and long baby, has entered into the pussy.

"Oh... so up... um... huh..."

Qin Feng pushed his butt forward fiercely. The force was so strong that the huge, bulging glans bumped heavily against it all at once.On Huaxin, Qin Xian'er hummed. The baby was inserted into the hole, and his left hand hugged Qin Xian'er tightly.The willow waist, the buttocks began to shake from side to side, thrusting forward and backward, and thrusting wildly and violently.

"Hey... this taste... so beautiful... so comfortable..."

Qin Xian'erStanding on the ground with two legs, although Qin Feng lifted his left foot high, this posture made YinThe muscles of the wall of the road are tightened, and the small hole cannot be opened too much, so Qin Xian'er's bright red and tender coquettish point is more obvious.The tight and narrow pussy was stuffed by the strong big baby, and I felt that the vaginal wall was stuffed full, supportingThe tightness made her feel extremely comfortable, and her buttocks could not help but twisted slightly. To start, takeThe two of them were not proficient at this kind of posture, so they had to cooperate gently and slowly. After a while of pumping and thrusting, the two people's lust came againOnce again, due to the thirsty love of men and women, the speed of the baby's thrusting and sloppy buttocks is suddenly urgent,Qin Xian'er's babble gradually became louder.

"Hey... hey... what a good husband... huh... um... the little hole is so beautiful... um... your baby is so goodThick... um... the pussy is so dry... numb... crispy... comfortable... huh..."

Qin Xian'er's cheeks were flushed from being fucked, her expression was wild, and the waves sounded again and again, bursts of pleasure in her pussy, her buttocksThe lewd liquid flowed out violently, along the big baby, soaking Qin Feng's pubic hair, and felt that the pussy was very lubricated. QinFeng's buttocks moved even more violently, and her labia opened and closed, making "Zi", "Zi" sounds.

"Msanggong...huh...I'm baby is so deep, feet are so goodIt's sour... oh... I've reached the point... I... have... no strength... huh... um..."

Qin Xian'er put her arms around Qin Feng's neck, stood on the ground with her right foot, her left foot was held by his right hand, she was covered in snowThe white meat was pressed against the wall by Qin Feng's strong body, and the flower heart was lit by the big glans like rain,It made her so beautiful that she flew into the sky, so beautiful that it made people ecstasy.

"Hey... Xianggong... the concubine has no strength... oops... I'm being fooled again... Well... youGood or bad... oh... huh..."

Standing on one foot is too much for Qin Xian'er. Whenever her right foot becomes soft and her knees bend forward and her body sinks, Huaxin willHis whole body was numb from the top, and he couldn't help trembling, his eyebrows were raised, his mouth was opened wide, and he screamed endlessly. Qin Feng saw herWith an unbearable thirst, he seemed to have the sense of superiority of a conqueror, so he stretched out his hand and lifted Qin Xian'er's jade that was standing on the ground.Hold it up hard. At this moment, Qin Xian'er was like a female monkey climbing a tree, with her arms around his neck and her pink legsHooking Qin Feng's waist tightly, a tender and slippery body wrapped tightly around Qin Feng's body, the thick and long baby,Lifting it up high, stuffing it straight into the small hole, Qin Feng's arms hugged her smooth and delicate buttocks, and his legs squeezed hard.stand on the ground.

"Oh... Xianggong... this kind of posture... pierced my concubine to death... hum... top... oh... greatBaby... oh... oh..."

Qin Xian'er, who was originally lustful, was aroused by his special posture and strong baby.The buttocks kept swaying up and down. Because of Qin Xianer's fragility, her buttocks sank violently again, making herThe baby pushed heavily into the hole, making her flushed face even redder, but she felt the pleasure of the whole body wave into the bones.Refreshing.

"Hey... good... awesome... cool... oh... I'm comfortable... beautiful... quick... quick...I can't bear it any longer... Huh... Woo..."

Qin Feng saw that Qin Xian'er was about to let out, so he hurriedly hugged her body, turned around and walked towards the edge of the bed.The upper body fell down, pressing on Qin Xian'er's body, reaching out to lift her plump buttocks, hanging high in the air, the buttocksPushing hard, and the head of the big tortoise pressed against the center of the hole, pressing, grinding, and turning fiercely.

"Well... what a big baby... Xianggong... I... I'm dying... Hehe... Hey... HuaxindingDead... oh... oh... I'm so happy... ah... ah..."

The sprinting of the big glans on the flower heart, and the ruthless thrusting into the spring hole are very beneficial to Qin Xian'er,I saw her hair was messy, her pink face was twisting and panting, her hands were clutching the bed sheet tightly, that kind of unbearableNow, with a charming appearance, it makes people lustful, and the soul flies for nine days, suddenly...

"Hey... Xianggong... hum... um... I can't do it... um... hurry up... push harder... hey...I'm going to lose it... ah... I'm losing it..."

Her uterus contracted strongly, and the scorching pussy spurted out wave after wave, accompanied by sharpScream, Qin Feng was stimulated by the thick and hot Yin essence, he felt numbness in his waist, and finally struggled a few times, the tortoiseThe head went numb, the waist contracted for a while, a stream of hot semen shot out from the glans head, and shot directly at Qin Xian'er's acupoint.deep down.

"Oh... Xianggong... you also ejaculated... oh... um... so hot... so strong... um... huh..."

Qin Feng's unprecedented vigor multiplied, and he was as energetic as a dragon playing in water, making Qin Xian'er look like a dragon.Infatuated, the hair on the high temples is now scattered, and the words "babbling and babbling" are incoherent. until set asideXiao Qingxuan also woke up, the battle between a dragon and a phoenix was fierce on this bright afternoon, just above the carriage.staged...

Chapter 398 Entering Beijing and receiving the title

The good days are always fleeting. Ten days later, Qin Feng also led the army on the road to Beijing to be entrusted.

This journey is very simple. During the day, Qin Feng rides on a horse with everyone on the road, and at night, he enters the carriage to enjoy the journey.The tenderness of Xiangxiang and Yuji. When he is hungry, there are pastries prepared by Ziyan, when he is tired, Xiangxiang and Yuji give him a massageIt's easy and agreeable.

After traveling for more than a month, they finally arrived at the political and economic center of Dahua—the capital city.

look from a distance, the majestic towering city wall alone is much taller and wider than that of Jinling. Suburban carThere is a lot of water, one main city gate and three auxiliary city gates on each side are full of people coming and going, coming in and out, compared to the first gate in the south of the Yangtze River.Jinling, a large city, is even more lively.

Qin Feng first led five hundred personal guards to the Imperial Guard camp outside the capital to report and allocate the camp, and then broughtXiangxiang, Yuji, Yang Paifeng and ten selected guard soldiers headed for the capital.

Although there is a large traffic volume in the capital, the inspections for entering the city are quite strict. All swords, guns, swords and halberds are not allowed to be broughtGo, everyone who enters the city must have a document issued by the government to prove his identity. The burden-bearer checks the burden,Those who push carts should check the carts, those who drive carriages should inspect the carriages, and even the burdens they are carrying must be checked clearly.Prohibited items are prohibited from entering Beijing.

"You guys, leave your weapons behind." The soldiers of the Capital Habayashi Army outside the city gate actually stopped Qin Feng and the others.Pointing to the notice posted on the city wall, he said: "The important part of the capital, you are not allowed to bring swords and guns into the city. And your carriage,Gotta check that too. "As he spoke, he walked towards the carriage.

Yang Paifeng hurriedly stepped forward to stop the soldier, revealed his identity, and said, "Brother, weIt belongs to the Northern Expeditionary Army, and came back to participate in the emperor's celebration ceremony. "

The soldier glanced at Yang Paifeng's waist card, and seeing that it said Vice Commander, he couldn't help but sneered: "The aboveThere is an explanation, except for generals with the rank of general and above and their ten to twenty personal guards who can be equipped with weapons, other generalsSoldiers are not allowed to enter the city with weapons, and those who violate the order will be captured on the spot. "These imperial guards and defenders of the capitalThe soldiers who came back triumphantly from the prairie had somewhat of a sense of resistance, thinking that they were nothing special.Even if you go by yourself, you can also come back with meritorious service, so I especially don't like the soldiers who returned from the Northern Expedition. I always feel that they seem to beIt's taking credit for pride.

"Stop being rude!" Yang Paifeng felt anxious when he saw the soldier stretching out his hand to lift the car curtain.Carved across his neck.

"Yeah? Do you still want to do it?" The soldier was also angry, and he shouted behind him, and immediately a dozen soldiers of the Habayashi Army pumped their hands.The knife rushed over. The ten personal guards behind Qin Feng also raised their spears to guard around him and the carriage.The stalwart warriors who came down from the field followed Qin Feng through life and death several times, whether it was rushing into Hua Pingye or attacking grassThe original ministries followed him closely, experienced life and death in the rain of swords, guns and arrows, and never blinked their brows, how could they be afraid of these things?A guy who may not even have killed anyone?

Seeing that a conflict was about to break out, Qin Feng walked towards the soldier of the Habayashi Army as if nothing had happened.Beside him, he took out a bronze medal from his pocket and waved it in front of his eyes.

The soldier's eyes lit up when he saw the blue band on the bronze medal. This is the identity badge of only the general.Only then. Sure enough, the five characters "Grand General Pinglu" were engraved on the card, and the four characters "Hu Jun Qin Feng" were on the lower left corner.small print.

General Pinglu? Tiger Army Qin Feng? The soldier was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly remembered the shocking "Tiger Mighty General"Army", isn't it the title of "Grand General of Pinglu" accepted by the court? Isn't he the leader of the Tiger Army?

"Small... The small one has eyes but no eyes. I don't know if it's the tiger's power... No, General Qin is so powerful, there are so many offenses,Please forgive me, General! "The soldier quickly knelt down on one knee and said.

When the other soldiers of the Habayashi Army heard that it was "General Huwei", they folded their fists and knelt down, and performed the highest salute in the army.Said: "Please forgive me, General!"

They were in awe of Qin Feng not because of his rank as a general, nor because of his illustrious military exploits, variousThis kind of legend and prominent family background are mainly because he received thousands of military sticks for the soldiers in his camp when he was in Mamenburg.Since that incident was reported, Qin Feng's status in the hearts of the middle and lower ranks of the Dahua Army has risen to one.A height unattainable by all predecessors.

Such a general who can fight, is extremely brave, and treats his subordinates like brothers and is willing to stand up for them is the mostrespected by soldiers.

As soon as the people next to them heard the word "Huwei", their eyes were immediately attracted, and they all whispered to each other.Can't help but wonder if Qin Feng is the mighty General Huwei who shocked China. After all, General Huwei rode a PiXiu, he is holding a black battle axe, and he is only riding a horse, his hands are empty, and he is even wearing an ordinary gray robe.Although it looks mighty and extraordinary, it is not like the legendary General Huwei.

Qin Feng did not embarrass the soldiers of the Habayashi Army. He put away his identity cards and continued to ride forward. Yang Paifeng andThe carriage immediately followed.

After Qin Feng passed by, the kneeling Habayashi soldier stood up, grabbed the clothes of another soldier beside him,Excitedly said: "Damn, I saw General Tiger, I saw the real General Tiger!"

"I know, I know, I've seen it too." Another soldier said, "Although it's not as rumoredRiding a Pixiu, but the kind of aura on his body, if he has not been killed for a long time, he will definitely not be able to train it. "

"Yes." The soldier sniffed his nose and said, "I just smelled the bloody smell on the battlefield.generally. "

"That... is really General Huwei from Jinling?" said an old man who came over for inspection.

"That's right! It can't be faked, and the identity card of 'Grand General Pinglu' can't be faked. Besides, in Dahua,Who dares to pretend to be General Huwei? The Qin family has eyes and ears all over the world, and they are not afraid of being crushed to death. ” said the soldier who was inspected thereStretched in the burden, suddenly startled, opened it and took out a cold sharp weapon, threw it to the old man and said: "This thingno! Do not bring into the city! "

"This... this is scissors..."The old man said with a bitter face: "The villain is a tailor, so there is nothing here without scissors."can't live. "

"Damn it, do you have such long scissors? It's long enough for you to cut your neck. This is a murder weapon, noYou have to bring it in, stop talking nonsense! The soldier of the Habayashi Army pushed him away arrogantly, and said to the back: "Next one, hurry up!"point! "

Chapter 399, Lu Lingqi

It is very easy to find the residences of ministers and generals on Zhuque Street. You only need to find a few Habayashi soldiers on the road.Ask any of the soldiers, and they will take you to the house of the man you are looking for.

"Papa!" Xiangxiang, who was veiled, went up and knocked on the door.

There was a faint sound of dog barking inside the door, and after a while, the door opened with a babble, and a tall,A pretty girl appeared in front of Qin Feng and others.

"Who are you looking for?" The girl glanced at Xiangxiang, then turned her gaze to Qin Feng.

Qin Feng stepped forward and said with a smile, "I'm here, Qin Feng, at the invitation of brother Lu Bu Lu."

When the girl heard the word "Qin Feng", her eyes lit up, she looked at him and said, "You are Qin Feng?"

Qin Feng still smiled and said, "Exactly, is there any problem with the girl?" He had already vaguely guessed in his heart that thisThe girl is probably Lu Bu's younger sister, and she looks pretty good.

Seeing the girl staring at him all the time, but not inviting him in, Qin Feng couldn't help asking: "Girl, Lu BuIs brother Lu there? "

The girl shook her head and said, "It's not like, how could you be General Huwei?"

Qin Feng was stunned for a moment, and said with a smile, "Why am I not General Huwei?"

"General Huwei is wearing black light armor, riding a giant Pixiu, always serious and full of murderous lookshuman. The girl curled her lips and said, "You don't look like that."

Xiang Xiang and Yu Ji who were next to him laughed out loud when they heard the words, and Qin Feng also laughed and said, "It's not in theOn the battlefield, what do I wear armor for? As for being unsmiling and murderous... Is this what your brother told you? "

The girl said: "No, I guessed it myself...Huh? Do you know who my brother is?"

"Who else is your brother besides Lu Bu?" Qin Feng laughed.

"Sister, who is it?" Lu Bu's voice came from the courtyard.

The girl replied, "Someone said he was Qin Feng."

"Brother Qin?!" Lu Bu's surprised voice sounded, and he came to the door after a while.

"Brother Qin, you are finally here!"

"Brother Lu, long time no see!"

"He really is General Tiger Might...?" The girl muttered softly.

"Come in! Come in!" Lu Bu took Qin Feng by the shoulders and led him into the courtyard, Xiangxiang and Yuji alsoFollow closely.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, the deep barking sound came into Qin Feng's ears clearly. He turned to the voice in surpriseLooking around, he was stunned for a moment—a mastiff covered in black hair, as huge as a tiger and a lion, was looking towards him vigorously.growled in a low voice.

Big fly? ! No, it is one size smaller than Da Fei, and its hair is also different. By the way, Lu Bu said that heMy sister also has a western mastiff.

"This is my sister's pet dog. It's named 'Feiyan'. It's so fierce." Lu Bu introduced.

Feiyan? ! Qin Feng almost burst out laughing, a mastiff from the Western Regions was named Feiyan, and Lu Bu's sisterIt's really interesting.

"Feiyan is the king of dogs." Sister Lu Bu who followed her said proudly.

Qin Feng looked at her and said, "You should be a female, right? You should only call it a dog. I also have a mastiff from the Western Regions."The dog, named Da Fei, is the king of dogs. Oh, I would have brought Dafei to Beijing if I knew it earlier, and I could bring him here for a photo sessionDear. It doesn't even like ordinary bitches, but your Feiyan should be able to please it. "

"Haha, yes, I said that when I was in Huapingye, your mastiff and my sister's are exactly the sameIt's a good match, just right~" Lu Bu said with a smile, his eyes were ambiguously between Qin Feng and his younger sister.Swipe around.

Qin Feng coughed dryly and pretended not to see it, while Lu Bu's younger sister said unconvinced: "What are you looking at, Da Fei?"It's worthy of my Feiyan, but my Feiyan doesn't like it! "

Qin Feng smiled and said, "How could you not like it? You, Feiyan, have always been by yourself, so you must be lonely.My Dafei is brave and tall, and his dog face is handsome and unrestrained. At that time, your Feiyan will definitely fall in love at first sight,After giving birth to a puppy, I will just give you one. "

"You..." Lu Bu's sister blushed pretty at Qin Feng's words, and said, "My Feiyan will not marry youWoolen cloth! I won't have a baby with you! "

"Uh..." Qin Feng blushed: "It's not me, it's my mastiff Dafei... This... is going to have a baby with meBaby, you can only marry me. "

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Qin Feng knew it was not good. Sure enough, Lu Bu looked at him and his sister with increasingly ambiguous eyes.And Sister Lu Bu gave a coquettish voice, and said to her brother: "Brother! ~ You never told me, how can General HuweiHow could it be so! ~"

Lu Bu chuckled: "How about General Huwei? Brother Qin, come on, let's go into the room and talk about it."talk. "

Qin Feng laughed a few times, and quickly followed Lu Bu into the house.

This courtyard house looks quite big, it is the standard configuration of a general, and the furniture in the house is also complete.Seems mostly brand new. But Qin Feng always felt a little deserted, and couldn't help asking: "Brother Lu, why haven't you seen this?"Are there servants? "

Lu Bu invites Qin FengAfter sitting down in the living room, he said: "My sister and I have depended on each other since we were young, and we do everything by ourselves.Not used to using servants. There is no one else in my family except me and my sister. "As he spoke, he looked towards theThe younger sister at the hall door said to him, "This is the younger sister I told you about, Lu Lingqi.Marriage, gentle and virtuous, beautiful and generous..."

"Brother!~" Lu Lingqi hurriedly called to stop Lu Bu.

"Hurry up and make a pot of tea." Lu Bu ordered, and said to Qin Feng, "My sister is also very good at making tea.In one hand, the same tea leaves she brewed are much more mellow. "

"I don't want to make it, I want to make it myself." Lu Lingqi refused.

"Sister, haven't you been telling me that you want to see General Huwei? Now that General Huwei is in front of you, youWhy don't you want to make a pot of tea? "Lu Bu said with a straight face.

Lu Lingqi looked at Qin Feng who was smiling, and said to Lu Bu: "You can make tea if you want me, but he has to talk to you first."I will test my marksmanship to see if this General Tiger's reputation is in vain. "

"This..." Lu Bu rolled his eyes, glanced at Qin Feng, and said with a smile, "Brother Qin, don't worry, I willThis sister is actually quite gentle and virtuous at ordinary times, but she is more martial. How about you give her some advice? "He didn't think that Lu Lingqi could beat Qin Feng, but it was a good opportunity to subdue this stubborn sistermeeting.

Qin Feng smiled wryly in his heart, it really would be impossible if he didn't fight. marksmanship? He's pretty good at shooting in bed, ifCompared with this marksmanship, he would be very happy.

Lu Lingqi and Qin Feng stood facing each other in the courtyard, while Lu Bu, Xiangxiang, and Yu Ji stood aside to watch the battle.

Holding a black lacquered spear, Lu Lingqi pointed at a weapon rack in the courtyard and said: "There are weapons, you canWith a gun, you can use other weapons as well. "

Qin Feng smiled slightly, and said with his hands behind his back: "You don't need a weapon, you can start."

Lu Lingqi stared at her beautifully: "You look down on me?"

Qin Feng still had that faint smile on his face: "I'm just not used to those weapons."

"Huh, then you should be careful, watch the gun!" As soon as the words fell, Lu Lingqi's long spear hit her like black lightning.Come.

Qin Feng's reaction was quick. His super strength made his body extremely flexible, and he could dodge Lu Lingqi at high speed.long gun.

Lu Lingqi was originally afraid of hurting Qin Feng, so she only used seven percent of her strength, but now that Qin Feng was able to dodge freely with his hands behind his back,With the same smile still on his face, he couldn't help but feel anxious, he let out a coquettish drink, and dazzled his eyes with the spear,It's like black and gorgeous flowers blooming in the sky.

She had already exerted all her strength, but Qin Feng still dodged so easily. Now anyone can see that,Qin Feng is letting her go.

To be honest, Lu Lingqi's marksmanship is very good, even if compared with Lu Bu, it's not too far behind. just inSlightly lacking in strength and some experience. However, her current opponent is Qin Feng, and the gap between the two is like ChanCompared with the Pentium River, the Chan Xiaoxi is not at the same level at all.

Qin Feng dodged for a while, and seeing Lu Lingqi dancing with a spear profusely sweating, he simply bullied her and used her ownThe body circled around her. Smelling the faint fragrance of a woman on her body, rubbing her body against her from time to time, in front of the young ladyQin Feng couldn't help but feel a little excited when the female brother teased her face to face.

Qin Feng stuck tightly to Lu Lingqi's body like a piece of dog skin plaster and circled around, making her spear almost completelyIt all lost its effect, although she also realized that she was far from this guy's match, but the stubborn girl stillIs not willing to admit defeat.

Lu Lingqi raised her gun sharply and turned her head, judged Qin Feng's approximate direction, and shot at Qin Feng with the tip of the gun. But this turn,Unsteady footsteps, lightly tripped by Qin Feng, the whole person immediately lost his center of gravity and was about to fall.

Just when Lu Lingqi groaned inwardly, thinking she was about to fall to the ground and lose all face, she suddenly feltAs soon as she tightened, she was supported by someone, and her hand subconsciously dropped the gun to support the man's chest. After the body stabilizes,Only then did she realize that she was actually lying in Qin Feng's arms. Seeing that guy looking at her and smiling, Lu LingqiHis face turned red, he hurriedly broke free from his embrace, and ran into the house, passing by his elder brother in a faint"I'm going to cook..."

"Wahhahahaha..." After his sister entered the room, Lu Bu laughed and walked over to pat Qin Feng on the shoulder and said:"Qin Erhu, Qin Erhu, I really saw you right, you are the only one who can conquer my sister! Oh Mi TuoBuddha, I finally feel at ease! ~"

Qin Feng smiled wryly and said, "Lv Laohei, Lu Laohei, how is your sister gentle and virtuous?" During the Northern Expedition,These two people used to call each other nicknames, Lu Bu called him "Qin Erhu", and he responded with "Lu Laohei".

Lu Bu laughed softly: "You only need to subdue her heart, and I guarantee that she will be gentler than anyone else in the future."

With these words, Qin Feng believed that a woman like Lu Lingqi was strong on the outside and soft on the inside. don't look at her nowLike a tigress, if you can make her fall in love with you wholeheartedly, you are guaranteed to be more obedient than a kitten.

When it was time for dinner, Lu Lingqi had already prepared a table of delicious dishes. Although these meals are compared to purpleYan's cooking is still far from perfect, but every dish looks fresh and simple. I really didn't expect,These will be done by Lu Lingqi alone.

Lu Bu smiled and said to Qin Feng: "Try this braised pork, how about it? I told you, my sister made itThe food is absolutely top-notch, both virtuous and capable, who can marry her in the future, you can take it orally~”

Lu Lingqi glared at her brother, blushing pretty, but she didn't know if she was shy, or because she was being burned by the heat in the kitchen.Smoked.

Lu Lingqi poured wine for her brother, then sat obediently by the side, lowered her head and ate quietly.It looks a bit ladylike.

Qin Feng picked up the wine glass that Xiangxiang had filled for him and drank it down, licked his lips, and said to Lu Bu: "This isHejia wine? "

"Exactly. How is it? Brother Qin, is this wine good enough?"

"Well, it's comparable to the spirits from the prairie." Qin Feng nodded.

"Hey, the brewing process of grassland wine is relatively simple, how can it be as mellow and delicious as our Hejia wine?Brother Qin, drink a few more glasses slowly. "Lu Bu said.

The two of them chatted while drinking wine.

"Do you still remember Xiao Mowei, the leader of the Third Route Army when you were in Xiyuan Province?" After a few rounds of drinking, Lu Busaid suddenly.

Qin Feng was taken aback, nodded and said, "I remember, what's wrong? Wasn't he escorted back to Beijing?"

"Not long ago, I was released and went back to my hometown in Changzhou to retire." Lu Bu drank another glass of wine and said,"He can be regarded as a senior figure in the army, but this time he also committed an old fool, so he didn't cause anything at all.As a result, the Northern Expedition also successfully repelled the Hu people and swept up the grasslands. His fault doesn't seem so seriousup. In addition, some bigwigs in the army read their friendship with him in the past, and helped him say something nice, the emperor showed mercy,Let him go home to retire. However, this time he also dissipated all his family wealth. When he left the capital, only his son and grandson were left.female. "

Qin Feng was silent for a while, and said, "It's reasonable to handle this matter in this way."

Lu Lingqi, who had been silent at the dinner table, suddenly stood up, picked up a glass of wine and said to Qin Feng: "General Qin,A toast to you, little sister. "

Everyone was stunned. Lu Bu was the first to react, and said with a smile, "What is your name, General Qin? Just call him Brother Qin."

Lu Lingqi's face turned slightly red again.

Qin Feng smiled and said, "You call Brother Qin, and I'll drink three cups, how about it?"

Lu Lingqi glanced at him when she heard the words, and murmured: "Brother Qin..." After calling out, she first drank the wine in her handdo.

Qin Feng laughed loudly, and asked Yu Ji to pour wine for him, and drank three cups in three gulps.

But Lu Lingqi immediately poured another glass: "I often hear from my brother that Brother Qin's alcohol capacity is the first in the army. Today, little sisterHope to get to know you. "This "Brother Qin" is much smoother.

Qin Feng secretly laughed in his heart. He dared not beat him in martial arts. It would be a good idea to win him at the wine table.Strong girl. But compared to wine, she chose the wrong item.

Chapter 400,

To Qin Feng, Lu Bu's entrusted wine was just a drink with a different taste. Fight wine with him, justIt's like taking a bottomless bucket and a bottomed bucket to compare who can fill more water. No matter how big your bucket is, it can hold as muchLess, after all, there is a limit. But Qin Feng, like a bottomless bucket, filled as much as he drank, and even the toilet was empty.Don't use it, just turn the excess wine into sweat and evaporate it.

The result of Lu Lingqi's wine competition with Qin Feng is naturally conceivable.

"Qin...Brother Qin, next time you...if you go must...remember to bring it with youI... I'll do... a striker for you! "When Lu Lingqi said these words, her tongue was already tied and her eyesblurred.

Hejia wine is indeed one of the best spirits in the Dahua country. The stamina of the wine is very strong. Qin Feng only feels satisfied after drinking it.The brothers and sisters of the Lu family drank to the point of collapse.

"Okay, if I have the opportunity to lead troops next time, I will definitely let you be my lieutenant general." Qin Feng said with a smile.

Lu Lingqi's eyes seemed to be dripping water, she stretched out her slender fingers like white onions and pointed at Qin Feng: "Say...Words... count? "


"Then let's pull the hook." Lu Lingqi stretched out her little finger.

"Okay, hook."

The little fingers of the two were hooked together, and Lu Lingqi read indistinctly: "Hanging on the hook... one hundredYear...not allowed to change...whoever a puppy..."

As soon as she finished reading, Lu Lingqi slammed down on the table, her pretty face buried in a plate of dishes. Fortunately thatThe dishes are already cold, otherwise she wouldn't be scalded.

Lu Bu hurriedly helped his younger sister up, but saw Lu Lingqi, who had vegetable juice on her face, was already asleep with a smile on her face.

"My younger sister has a lot of alcohol, about the same as me. Few ordinary men can drink more than her."Lu Bu smiled and said, when he was in the grassland, he had seen Qin Feng drinking dozens of cans of grassland spirits alone.His drinking capacity is not comparable to that of his sister, so it is not very surprising that his sister can't drink him.

Qin Feng nodded to Xiangxiang, the little fox demon immediately understood what the master meant, got up and helped Lu Lingqi to the inner courtyardgo.

"Brother Lu, you really should find some maids. Otherwise, such a big house would be too cold."Qin Feng suggested again.

Lu Bu took a sip of his wine and sighed, "I've looked for it too, but my sister's temper... oh, it's okay,Anyway, it's just us, brother and sister, and we don't need any servants, just find someone to clean the house every few days. "

Qin Feng nodded.

"Brother Qin." Lu Bu said, "I know you will definitely have many confidante. But I still thinkI'm relieved that Lu Lingqi will leave it to you. Only you can let that girlBe a real woman. other peopleNeither, nor worthy..." He drank another glass of wine.

Qin Feng said: "Brother Lu, you are drunk."

"I... I'm not drunk." Lu Bu shook his head, waved his hands, and said, "Promise me, don't be drunk."Let her be wronged and take good care of her, okay? "

Qin Feng nodded: "Brother Lu, don't worry, I won't let anyone bully Lu Lingqi."I really like Lu Lingqi, she's so cute, even if Lu Bu didn't tell her, he probably wouldn't miss it.

Lu Bu breathed a sigh of relief, drank another glass of wine, and said, "With your words, I feel at ease. QinBrother, I can trust you..." He sighed again, and said in a calm voice: "Although I am also a general nowHe has a military rank, and his martial arts are not bad, but he is in the court, in the army, and he can't tell when an accident will happen. then onlyLu Lingqi is left alone in this world, with no one to rely on..."

Qin Feng picked up the glass and touched Lu Bu's wine glass, saying: "Brother Lu, don't think too much, I, QinFeng's day is your day, whoever dares to touch a hair of yours, I will fight with my life. We take care of LuLingqi, she will be happy all her life. "

Lu Bu looked into his sincere eyes and said gratefully: "Okay, brother Qin, good brother..." After finishing speaking, he looked up.Drank the wine dry.

Lu Bu stood up suddenly, and staggered towards the door. Qin Feng was puzzled and followed.

Lu Bu walked to the courtyard, picked up a hook and sickle gun from the weapon rack, and danced in the moonlight.

Gunshots roared and the wind was fierce. When Lu Bu was walking just now, his footsteps were flimsy.The momentum is huge, as if the wine has turned into infinite power.

The tip of the gun was shining with cold light, like thunder and lightning flashing in the night sky. Lu Bu's violent drinking was like the thunder of the dragon's chant.

"Brother Feng, what's wrong with Brother Lu?" Yu Ji walked to Qin Feng's side and asked softly.

Qin Feng took her into his arms, rubbed his cheek against her soft hair, and said, "He's releasing the pressure."

"Pressure?" Yu Ji was puzzled.

"In fact, he is even more stubborn than his sister. A stubborn person always bears a huge burden alone.pressure. "

"Yu Ji still doesn't understand."

Qin Feng smiled, hugged her hand tightly, and said: "With me here, you don't need to understand, even if the sky fallsCome, I have my shoulders to support you. "

"En." Yu Ji pressed her face comfortably against Qin Feng's chest, and closed her eyes.

It wasn't until the sun slowly peeked out from the sky, and the golden light in the early morning flooded the earth, that Lu Bu put his gun away and stood up.

Qin Feng was sitting in the hall, and Yu Ji was curled up in his arms like a kitten, sleeping peacefully. XiangxiangSitting aside, brewing a pot of tea, chatting with the owner.

"It's dawn." Qin Feng glanced outside the courtyard, and suddenly found that Lu Bu, who had danced with guns all night, was leaning on hisLance stood asleep in the yard.

"Concubine Yu, wake up." Qin Feng pressed his nose against the nose of the little maid in his arms, and called out softlyroad.

Yu Ji let out a "hmm", but changed her position in his arms and continued to fall asleep.

Qin Feng gave a wry smile. Seeing Yu Ji's pink lips, he simply leaned over and kissed her. This deep kiss,It finally made her wake up faintly from her dream.

Qin Feng carried Lu Bu to the back room of the inner courtyard, put him on the bed, and left a note before leaving.

In the following two or three days, Qin Feng visited some familiar generals in the army, such as Xiao Han, Weng Yuan, Lin TianwenWait. Accompanied by his elder brother Qin Ming, he went to meet with many court ministers who were pro-Qin's faction in the court, and prepared for future generations.Develop the foundation of good interpersonal relationships.

In fact, Qin Feng doesn't like to engage in these intrigues, and being involved in court battles is even more troublesome.He still thought about returning to Jinling to continue his carefree life after receiving the reward.

Qin Feng basically wandered the streets with two maids and Yang Jin during the day, or went to Lu's mansion to find LuThe cloth brothers and sisters drank and chatted.

Ever since Lu Lingqi lost him in both martial arts and wine tables, every time she met, she would compete with him in new tricks.

But unfortunately, the events she was going to compare happened to be Qin Feng's forte.

For example, riding, this is almost a skill that Qin Feng has practiced seriously since he came to this world. plusAfterwards, he galloped on the battlefields and grasslands in northern Xinjiang for so long, and his riding skills were already very superb. Where is Lu Ling?A little girl like Qi can compare.

Another example is Qinggong. Qin Feng has long combined his cultivation base with Chaos Art. At this time, he has alreadyNo one can surpass it, and lightness kung fu is one of them, and Lu Lingqi's method of competition is who is taller and who is taller?Far. The results can be imagined, although Lu Lingqi's marksmanship is extremely high, but the lightness kung fu passed down from Lu Bu is not satisfactory,The height of the vertical rise can't be compared with Qin Feng's.

So, this strong little girl finally lowered her haughty head slowly, gradually acknowledging Qin Feng's seriousness.Harmful, it is no longer so far-fetched when called "Brother Qin".

Lu Lingqi asked Qin Feng to teach her marksmanship, and Qin Feng had a headache. How could he know anything about marksmanship? how to teach?She had no choice but to act mysteriously, so she put her hands behind her back and asked Lu Lingqi to stab him with a gun, but he only dodged but did not fight back. don't say it,After practicing like this for a few days, Lu Lingqi felt that her marksmanship had improved, and she looked at Qin Feng with more and more admiration.up.

Chapter 401: The Battle of Two Concubines

Help Yu Ji cover itBehind the quilt, Qin Feng felt a strong fluctuation of internal force in the southwest direction, so he went forward alonePast. When he arrived at the location, he found that there were two stunning beauties competing, one was Qingxuan's master Ning Yuxi,And the other one should be Bai Lingshuang, the famous queen of the Demon Sect.

Bai Lingshuang's eyes were as deep as a cold pool, and she said coldly, "Since Fairy Ning refuses to give up, let me take the lead."Teach the fairy to be smart. "

Ning Yuxi secretly practiced the Taoist mind, her beautiful eyes were shining with colorful light, and said lightly: "Master Baimen, why bother......"

"It's useless to talk too much, let's see the truth."

After finishing speaking, Bai Lingshuang's eyes shot out icy coldness, her body was like a milk swallow piercing the clouds, her slender hands relaxed, and she transformed into aHundreds and thousands of illusory lights and shadows, each of which is gorgeous and dazzling, piercing towards Ning Yuxi like a non-stop flickering ball of light.Go, such a martial skill is enough to be proud of the Jianghu.

Ning Yuxi's clothes are plain and elegant, and she stands facing the wind. Her perfect facial features are as if they were carved out of ice.The whole body exudes the aloofness that seems to be near but far away, and independent of the world, like a lotus root with arms behind, and it is connected in an instant.Bai Lingshuang's seven palms, two claws, five punches, four fingers...

Xuanmei Sect is one of the two sects of the Demon Sect. They are losers in the discussion of Taoism.Bai Lingshuang is a rare flower in the world, and she aims to unify the two factions and the six ways, and to restore the Holy Gate.

The battle between Yude Xianfang and Xuanmeimen is a battle between good and evil, and the battle between Ning Yuxi and Bai Lingshuang is a battle between fairies and witches.war.

After the shock, Bai Lingshuang took half a step back, her face was as pale as snow, and even her small cherry lips were pale.Bloody, Ning Yuxi was still standing in front of Qin Feng, as if she had never moved, and her skills were obviously half as good as Bai Lingshuang.

Bai Lingshuang lost half a move, feeling ashamed and angry in her heart, her bright wrists were turned over, but the slender hands showed an extra glowing autumnWater sword.

Bai Lingshuang scolded again, her movements were as fast as a ghost's phantom, and the sword in her hand revealed a cold air, as fast as the skyThe meteor instantly covered the three-foot space of Ning Yuxi's body.

Ning Yuxi remained calm and moved at the right time. The Flying Wing Sword inserted on the ground silently reached her hand.Ruxue, pointing obliquely to the front.

The two swords collided, and sparks flew everywhere.

Bai Lingshuang's sword fell to nothing, but Ning Yuxi locked her mind. The flying wing sword was as fast as lightning, piercing through the void and shooting at her.Going head-on, Qin Feng, who was standing not far away, also shuddered due to the cold chill.

The two women are both amazingly talented and gorgeous. In the blink of an eye, the two swords have been in close contact for as many as a hundred times, and the sound of clanging is continuousUnceasingly, the strange thing is that there are more than a hundred moves in the fight, but none of them is finished. Often, a move has just been used, and it is halfway through.Being eliminated by the opponent, he had to change his tactics and fight again.

Yudexianfang and Xuanmeimen have been fighting for hundreds of years, and there are countless small battles in the big battles. Today, they fight for the big ones, but who is it?Can't help anyone.

Ning Yuxi and Bai Lingshuang were fighting in full swing, panting and sweating profusely, while Qin Feng was watchingWith relish.

Even though he is not familiar with the two women, the lack of familiarity cannot hinder the man's nature and the instinct of a pervert. Qin Feng saw thatThat is a pleasure, he has always insisted that he is pure, at least the heart is, his eyes are full of appreciation,Criticism and praise are all in one, and he can swear to the Communist Party that there is definitely an "art" component in his eyesmostly.

The palms and backs of the hands are full of flesh. It doesn't matter if it hurts anyone. Qin Feng feels distressed if he hurts anyone. He opened his mouth and wanted to say "ka"But one of the few self-awareness told him that his masculinity was not strong enough to shake the minds of the two womenthe point.

Wife, come out and see God! Qin Feng seemed to be watching a blockbuster martial arts movie, and couldn't help but think of Master Xing'sdialogue.

Qin Feng frowned, sighed, and sometimes shook his head, looking anxious,The movements of the two women in the courtyard became faster and faster, the shadows of the swords were heavy, and the vigor radiated everywhere, making people's eyes dazzled, can he not be in a hurry?

It took half a cup of tea and nearly five hundred moves in the fight, all of which were fast and fast moves, and the kills were indistinguishable.

Ning Yuxi's skill is still higher than that of Bai Lingshuang, but just now she found out that Qin Fengchu had arrived, and in order to protect Qin Feng's safety, she threw herself intoUnder the taboo, it is inevitable to appear a little passive.

In fact, how could Qin Feng need her protection? Even if he couldn't beat her, Bai Lingshuang would notSo easy to hold him.

Qin Feng's possessions are still here, not because of any ulterior purpose, Ning Yuxi and Bai LingShuang is one of his goals in the future. Knowing yourself and the enemy, you will never be defeated in a hundred battles. Now that you have this good opportunity, you can get close to him.From a distance, how could he give up so easily?

Isn't this an ulterior purpose? At least Qin Feng didn't think so.

Putting aside the entangled grievances between Yude Xianfang and Xuanmeimen in the past, but tonight, Bai Lingshuang and Ning YuxiRiveted, is it tolerable or unbearable?

After a long attack to no avail, Bai Lingshuang was so angry that she gradually exerted all her strength.The bare hands suddenly shone with a mercury-like halo, and the Autumn Water sword turned into thousands of cold lights, filling the void, as if embellishing the universe.A little bit of star in the universe.

Bai Lingshuang's lotus steps were imaginary, and she used her ghostly, erratic and unpredictable peerless movement skills. The long sword rolled up the sword shadows all over the sky, franticallyThe waves are as high as the waves, rolling towards Ning Yuxi.

"The body has no colorful phoenix and wings, but the heart has a tacit understanding."

Ning Yuxi's beautiful eyes are like the bright morning light, like the long sword in Bai Lingshuang's hand is nothing, she can't hide, her delicate body is in front of the lightningMove to attack.

Bai Lingshuang was startled by a blur in front of her eyes, the unstoppable torrential wave of swords suddenly subsided without a trace, and the long sword intercepted it in the slightestcan't work.Offensive and defensive reversed, a superb cold light flashed across Bai Lingshuang's beautiful eyes, startled but not chaotic, before the flying wing sword touched his body,When he was in the body, the left hand suddenly swept out the shadow of the empty sleeve, and issued several strange, magical and indescribable force,It's hard to tell the truth from the truth, and it's extremely weird.

Qin Feng cast a strange light, and clearly felt a strange force in the air, sucking, sipping, dragging,Pulling, tugging, and all kinds of scattered strange forces, at the same time, his body felt a terrible feeling about to fall forward.

Qin Feng was horrified. The place where Bai Lingshuang was standing seemed to have turned into a deep cave. If he was pulled into it, no matter whatHumans and animals, don't even think about surviving, and the Flying Wing Sword was disturbed by this weird force and slid to the side, stabbing falsely in the air.

Bai Lingshuang's beautiful eyes shot out an unprecedented mysterious light, and her feet swirled lightly, flying flat against the ground like a breeze and floating clouds.With a graceful posture, without trace or trace, he bypassed Ning Yuxi in an instant and appeared in front of Qin Feng.Buckle to restrain his right vein gate.

This incident happened too fast, and before Qin Feng could react, the curtain was over.

Qin Feng was enjoying the two daughters fighting for husband in his free time, when suddenly he felt an elegant and pleasant fragrance drifting into his nostrils.Fragrance, before I could distinguish which sister's fragrance it was, I felt my limbs suddenly go limp, half of my body was numb and weak,Falling into Bai Lingshuang's "Devil's Claw" Bai Lingshuang's eyes flashed with a strange light, stretching his back lazily, charmingShe gave Qin Feng a flattering look, and said with a slight smile, "Where are you going this time?"

Facing the night wind, Ning Yuxi's beautiful hair and cloud clothes fluttered close to her body, highlighting her slender and proud curves and exquisite curves.The demeanor of the world is really ecstatic, and the nine heavens are exiled to the mortal world.

With a sound of "Qiang", the cold light flashed and disappeared, and the Flying Wing Sword was sheathed.

Stretching out her hand, she gathered her cloud-like hair, revealing her entire face that fascinated people, and the thin eyebrows curved like willow leaves.Next, looking at Shengyan with her deep and distant beautiful eyes, Ning Yuxi said softly with her sweet voice without any impurities: "Is Master Bai really going to kill him? "

Bai Lingshuang is not a person who doesn't know how to advance or retreat, and is competitive. Under normal circumstances, how can he be fair and peaceful?Yu Xi made a move, but now she didn't care about anything in order to "kill" Qin Feng. Killing Qin Feng really meant a lot to important?

In fact, Bai Lingshuang didn't want to kill Qin Feng. Bai Lingshuang's real goal was Qin Feng's pure and supreme skills.Back then, she had gone to the grasslands to watch Qin Feng's behavior, but after observing, she found that he had a strong inner power.strength, and for some reason she could not even explain, the rogue in front of her was sometimes ruthless.This strange feeling cannot be explained simply by the attraction of opposite sexes.

Could it be... love at first sight? Well, it's not too bad to blow blood with one sword.

Chapter 402: Fairy Queen

Bai Lingshuang obviously didn't expect Ning Yuxi to be so careful as dust, and her expression froze when she was interrupted in a hurry, her toneZhuan Han said: "I really can't hide it from Fairy Ning."

Ning Yuxi didn't say anything, her beautiful eyes, as clear as before, were covered with a faint splendor, maintaining a mysterious and unfathomable look.calm.

"Sister, what are you doing? Be careful, be reserved, be reserved! You're so blatantly holding aHe is a grown man, what a decent man he is, although he is a good man who stands upright and calm in his arms, but this does not mean thatI won't sue you for sexual harassment..."

When Qin Feng reminded Bai Lingshuang that women should be reserved, he forgot that men should also be graceful. He was startled and angry,Angrily said: "I am from an innocent family, my sister is so gossip, I can't tell my wife when I go home.Tell me, my child..." No matter who it is, facing a superb swordsman like Ning Yuxi, if he still has time to look aroundHe, then he must be bored with life.

Bai Lingshuang put all her heart and energy on Ning Yuxi, and turned a deaf ear to Qin Feng's words, or did not answer them.

So, a certain person who likes to care about everything in front of women got angry, Qin Feng was very angry, and the consequencesVery serious.

Qin Feng suddenly let out a slight snort, and there was a thunderstorm on the ground, and the speed of the qi in his body was twice as fast, and he felt very angry.

The power is gathered on the left arm, and the finger is like the wind.

Nianhua finger is as fast as lightning and as fast as thunder. Before Bai Lingshuang was unprepared, Qin Feng succeeded in a surprise attack, butRui Neng's piercing fingers, piercing gold and piercing iron, only brushed the white gauze covering her face intentionally or unintentionally, without causing any damage.substantial harm.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh""The true face of this queen.

Qin Feng's eyes lit up, in fact, his eyes lit up, emitting green lights that alternated between "obscene" and "indecent".His own explanation is "appreciation" and "praise" Qin Feng had to marvel at the miracle of the Creator again, just forThe beauty in front of my eyes.

Why again? Well, because he has already marveled at Ning Yuxi once.

Qin Feng stared at her blankly, forgot to say anything for a while, only felt dazzled for a while, with his habitual beautyA stunner, I couldn't help feeling amazed in my heart.

Under the veil was a breath-taking pretty face. A thought arose in Qin Feng's heart, if todayIf he misses her in life, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

A forehead like white jade, two curved thin willow eyebrows, and a pair of eyes that are as deep as autumn water and as beautiful as stars reveal a cold smile.Indifference, haughty and resentful expression; slightly tall nose, sexy bright red lips, smooth jaw are all extremely beautifulA little tempting.

Under the cold moonlight, her complexion was crystal clear.Ying like jade, gentle and delicate, making her even more lightYing, with a beautiful face and a fairy appearance.

The expression is cold but reveals a trace of gentleness, the charming charm is hidden between the brows, and every gesture shows itWith flawless beauty, she inadvertently exudes a myriad of amorous feelings, full of mature women's unique features.charm.

Her demeanor is strange and charming, soft and beautiful, like the bright moon looming behind the light clouds.

After seeing it, Qin Feng firmly believed in the beauty of the world.

Bai Lingshuang looked at Qin Feng with suspicion in his eyes. Qin Feng's attack just now was faster than the speed at which he dodged his own attack at first.She was more than three times happier, her eyes gradually calmed down, she was slightly coquettish, and her face was charming, but she was calm in peace.There is something elusive hidden in it.

Looking at Qin Feng for a moment, Bai Lingshuang gently parted her cherry lips, as if affectionate, and asked softly, "SisterDoes elder sister look good? "

Her crisp and melodious voice seemed to shake gold and jade, making people unconsciously immersed in thousands of emotions, and at the same timeWhen, the aftertaste contains the meaning of seduction and provocation.

This question seems simple, but it is actually not easy to answer.

"Sister, your beauty reminds me of Cao Zhi's "Luo Shen Fu""

No, such an answer is suspected of showing off literary talent and pretending to be a talented person.

"Sister, sinking fish and falling geese, closed moon and shameful flowers, I use these eight words to describe your beauty, no one will be differentProposal? Who will I smoke? "

No, it's easy to be disgusted by being so direct.

"Sister, before answering your question, let me tell you a joke. There is a road that keeps runningOne run, and guess what, it becomes Tell Highway. "

Alas, I don't know if it's okay to tell bad jokes, but Qin Feng doesn't intend to try.

Now there is an urgent and serious problem, that is, what should we do?

The above thoughts may seem cumbersome and procrastinated, but they are actually just flashes of light in Qin Feng's mind.

Qin Feng put on an affectionate gesture that I would turn my heart to Mingyue, but he brazenly asked back: "Am I handsome?handsome? "

Even if the beauty loses her composure, she is still full of charm. Seeing Bai Lingshuang revealing a charming and naive expression like a little girl, Qin QinFeng's pure eyes looked down slightly, and a pair of jade rabbits that came into view almost came out of their clothes because their master was panting.The bulging breasts stood upright like a clamor, trembling slightly, releasing layers of breast waves.

Bai Lingshuang made people fascinated. Her jade face was slightly cold, and her beautiful eyes shot out a sharp light that seemed to be able to pierce through gold and stone.After scanning Feng's face back and forth several times, a helpless smile flashed across his face, and he spoke in a calm and calm voice.Tiao said lightly: "You are a very attractive man, but I have to ruin you, don't blame my sister."

After finishing speaking, Bai Lingshuang's white dress seemed to have encountered a gust of wind, clinging to her peerless figure, the scene was strange.Strange, terrified, and a strong force rushed into Qin Feng's body from the slender fingers holding Qin Feng's veins, sealing his body.It touched several major points on his whole body.

Qin Feng knew that Bai Lingshuang had murderous intentions towards him, but his expression was as calm as before, because he believed that Ning YuxiIt won't let Bai Lingshuang turn his idea of ​​killing him into reality, not to mention reversing the meridian can be done instantly for him.

Ning Yuxi took advantage of the fleeting opportunity when Bai Lingshuang was distracted by talking, and quickly moved in, her body flowing like aImmortal, in the blink of an eye, she came to Qin Feng's body. A pair of beautiful and beautiful jade hands protruded from the wide cuffs of Sai Xue bullying Shuang,The slender and graceful jade finger made mysterious and complex movements in the night space, and finally rested lightly on his shoulder.

A burst of vigorous Taoist profound energy invaded the meridians, breaking through Bai Lingshuang's restraint, and unlocking Qin Feng's entrapment.Sealed holes.

Bai Lingshuang and Ning Yuxi faced each other with Qin Feng as the boundary.

The two women stared at each other without letting go, not letting go of every subtle movement of their opponents, and they were in the middle of the game.In the novel, Qin Feng, whose life is hanging by a thread, has no distractions, and his mind climbs to the realm of Jing Zhongyue.

Beautiful women are natural competitors. Bai Lingshuang doesn't have a good face when facing Ning Yuxi.With a soft snort, the bright wrist holding Qin Feng's veins was shaken, and a bone-chilling force was slowly poured into Qin Feng's body.Instantly destroyed Ning Yuxi's righteousness.

Qin Feng couldn't help but tremble slightly all over his body. The pores all over his body were tightly closed and he felt that his body seemed to be shining brightly from the sun.It's like falling into a ghostly hell in the charming world, without lights and without feeling the slightest warmth, cold and bone-chilling, bitterunspeakable.

Ning Yuxi's beautiful eyes were bright, seeming to emit brilliant brilliance, the palm on Qin Feng's shoulder sank slightly, and suddenly there wasA torrent-like warm current flowed into Qin Feng's body along his left shoulder, and the scorching air flowed in through his body, which was unspeakably hot.

One is cold and the other is hot, one is positive and one is evil, one is yin and one is yang, one is soft and the other is rigid, the two are completely opposite and cannot coexistThe power in Qin Feng's body continued to carry out armed expansion and compete for territory.

"Yu Xi, Ling Shuang..."

Qin Feng's call was so affectionate, and his expression was so focused, he said helplessly: "Don't argue, I neverJust you, whatever you want, rope, whip, candle, collar, handcuffs, fetters... Ah... stop playing,If I play again, I’m going to lose my braids. You guys have decided on guessing punches, or you can throw a sieve..."

Qin Feng's current feeling, this wonderful feeling, is really, really, really uncomfortable! MingmingOnly half of the body was frozen into ice, but the whole body was thrown into the magma to thaw out.

This is the legendary Heaven of Ice and Fire?

One is the head of the fairy gate of Yude Xianfang, and the other is Xuan Xuan.The door master of the witch, if it is lying in the sea of ​​the Caribbean SeaHow wonderful it would be to enjoy the taste of icebergs and flames on the beach!

Bai Lingshuang and Ning Yuxi's vigor, one cold and the other hot, constantly competed for the control of various vital points on Qin Feng's body.In the beginning, they fought around Dantian and several large points in Qihai, and then no matter what big point, single point and double point,Extraordinary acupoints, partial acupoints, critical acupoints and fatal acupoints... Let's talk about taking them together.

Ning Yuxi captured the Sanyin meridian of the hand from the chest along the inner side of the arm to the hand, and from the foot along the inner side of the leg to the abdomen.Yin meridian, Bai Lingshuang took the Sanyang meridian from the hand along the outside of the arm to the head, and from the abdomen along the outside of the leg to the footThe three yang meridians of the foot.

Each of the eight extraordinary meridians accounted for half, and Qin Feng's 1,080 acupuncture points all over his body felt itchy at the same time.After enduring this excruciating torture, in order to protect Qin Feng's body from collapsing, the hundred flowers hidden in his bodyZhizhi slowly woke up from his deep sleep.

Bai Lingshuang's pair of Jianshui pupils, which are so soul-stirring, are full of affection, matched with the slightly shy Yingying shallow lips.Smiled, and said in a charming voice: "Fairy Ning is so tight on him, could it be that she has moved the fairy heart? The master of the sect robs men, this is really jade."Dexianfang has been an anecdote for hundreds of years. "

Ning Yuxi's pretty face without any makeup was as calm as usual, without any reaction.

But what the two women didn't notice was that at some point, Qin Feng's eyes became as red as blood, and his eyes fainted.It exudes a kind of evil charm that seems to be absent.

What people didn't expect was that after tonight, because of Qin Feng's relationship, the fate of Ning Yuxi and Bai Lingshuang would change.A sea change has taken place.

Qin Feng's body is the main battlefield, while the two equally warm and slender jade hands of the second daughter Ning Bai are under the nose.The killing is indistinguishable, and the fragrance is blowing, making people want to get drunk.

Bai Lingshuang lost half a chip in skill, but won because of her fierce moves. For a while, the two women who were far better than menHeroes are evenly matched.

One minute later, the pain escalated, and the next second, the suffering continued.

I don't know how long it took, but with the awakening of the powerful power of hundreds of flowers hidden in Qin Feng's body, everything became a thing of the past.To go, as if passing by, scattered in the invisible.

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