god capital (28)

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Chapter 28

"I'm not mistaken, he is Tanlang!" The young man who recognized me said to the leader.

Their leader had blond hair pulled back into a braid. He didn't speak, just looked at my expression.

What [Ghost] represents will never be forgotten by me. One of their bombs blew up the world I used to be. In order to survive their pursuit, I fled like a dog into the [God City] and have lived until now.

But I can't hate them, because it's what I did that caused all this to happen. I betrayed Elegy, and [Spectre] was just collecting debts for her.

Chuxie is very clear about what happened behind my back. Although I didn't tell her specifically, if she wants to check, there is always a way to find out. So after she recognized the other party's identity, she immediately made a warning. She knew that the other party wanted my life.

I don't know what kind of state my face is twisted into, but I can tell from that person's expression that the other person is convinced of my identity.

"You were the one who attacked Dirge, right?" said the leading man.

"You're still talking nonsense with him!?" The guy behind him shouted.

"Yes." I looked at the other party quietly, "She used to be my friend, we watered the flowers together, smoked together, and kissed each other. But that night, when she was unprepared, I used it from behind. A short knife went into her body. I watched her be killed and I buried her."

"We are [Ghost], and she is the goddess [Ghost], so we want to avenge her, do you have any objection?"

"No objection." I said slowly, the calmness in my heart surprised me.

Chu Xie yanked my clothes fiercely with her hands from behind, but I didn't turn my head to look at her.

The five opponents all stretched out their arms, but Chu Xie spoke.

"So you are planning to go to war with us? The rebels will never stop fighting any enemy."

The girl has never exposed such a strong murderous intent. I can hardly recognize that it is Chuxie.

"Don't think we're afraid of you!!" The younger [Ghost] soldier shouted.

"Buying the enemy Chuxie... This is a private matter between us and him." The blond man and Chuxie looked at each other, "We pay respect to the rebels, and we don't intend to do anything to offend you. So, I hope you You can get out of the way and don't disturb the things between us."

"Hmph! He is the chief of our rebel army's important support force! This is no longer your private matter!" Chu Xie said forcefully.

"Okay!! I've wanted to experience your [Rain of Darkness] for a long time!!"

A ferocious light flashed in Chuxie's eyes, and the Buried Enemy Ball made a buzzing sound.

"Then don't regret it..."


"Balong! Stop!" The blond man reached out and held down the young man's sword, "Now is not the time to do such things."

"Shi Quinn!! The person who killed Elegy is standing in front of us!! How can you hold it back!?" Tyrannosaurus roared angrily.

"We already know his whereabouts. Are you still afraid that he will run away? It is impossible for us to declare war against the rebels in a place like this because of him alone. Let's go!"

Almost being forcibly dragged, Ba Long dragged Shi Quinn out of the hotel.

"I swear in the name of Dirge!! I will definitely put you, Greedy Wolf! to death!! You can't escape!!"

When Balong's voice disappeared outside the hotel, I still didn't know what facial expression to make.

Chu Xie gently took my hand and looked at me worriedly.

"They're gone. Are you okay?"

I shook my head, my heart was surprisingly calm.

Because, I often simulate in my mind the meeting with members of [Ghost]. Although I didn't expect to be in the city of Leoret, I have imagined countless times what they would say to me and the emotions they should feel in my heart.

"They're going to kill you, so you're not worried at all?" Chu Xie was very dissatisfied with my calmness.

"We can avoid many things, but this is the only thing I know I can't escape." I sighed.

"I won't let them attack you." Chu Xie gritted her teeth and said.

"You can't do anything..." I shook my head.

"Then you have to stand and let them kill you!?"

"Of course I don't want to die. But those people are Elegy's friends, brothers and partners... I can't do anything to them, and I can't even arouse my killing intent." I felt a little powerless.

"Then you have to wait for them to kill me before you can pick up your sword to protect yourself?"

Chu Xie's words made me unable to bear turning my head to look at her, "What are you talking about?"

The girl had a disdainful expression on her face, "Of course I can't just sit back and watch you get killed. But there are so many of them, and it's an organization like [Ghosts], if you only let me fight alone, I will definitely die in front of them." hand. Is this what you want to see?"

"Of course not." I felt my fingers tremble involuntarily. Instinctively imagined how Chuxie was killed, but when the scene was about to be painted, his heart ached.

"But if you don't even have the consciousness to fight back in self-defense, then something will definitely happen."

I won't let that kind of thing happen... But, does that have to be at the cost of killing Elegy's friend?A figure came to mind, that rude trainee pastor, Welch who saved me.

There are always other ways to solve things, and killing people is just the worst option. This is what he has repeatedly persuaded me, and only now do I feel how wise this sentence is.

"Let me hug you." I suddenly said to Chuxie.

Chuxie first glanced at me inexplicably, and then there was a trace of tenderness in her eyes, and she obediently asked me to embrace her in my arms.

Gently hugging Chuxie, I felt my strength start to revive again. Holding the woman he loves in his arms, a man can gain strength. The simple reason to take up arms for myself, and for her, takes everything for granted.

I have a feeling that even if my hands are stained with the blood of hatred again, even if the darkness in my heart stains my soul again, as long as she is there, I can be purified again.

Riolet around has been watching us coldly for a long time, no one moved or spoke, just like a group of puppets made of stone. I guess they've been expecting us to fight and then take advantage of it when we both lose. [Ghost] and we are very aware of their style, so neither did something stupid.

Riolet seems to be very good at seeing and estimating our strength. I don't know what method they use, but what is certain is that none of the Riolets in this place have the guts to trouble us.

Both Melfis and AZZA have talked with me about the "Demon Realm" journey they have experienced. AZZA's evaluation of Riolet is that the lowest-level guy's combat power is above level 5, and Melfis's description generally shows that Riolet has horns, wings or tails.

But I have been in the dark side for so long, and I don't have the same feelings as them. The average level of warcraft at the battle level should be about A level, and because they don't have high intelligence, fighters of the same level can easily kill them. Human-shaped riolets with lower middle ranks usually don't have the ability to shape their bodies well, so that they look hideous and terrifying. In my memory, there are only Azaka and Hei Wu that truly resemble the kind of Riolet described by Melfis.

So I'm almost certain that the place AZZA and Melfis went to was not the dark side where I was, but the abyss. As for how they got in, I didn't ask, and they never said it in detail, they just used "difficult" as an adjective.

Ordinary people dare not enter the city of Riolet, but like me who has killed countless monsters and high-level humanoids, Riolet can recognize them and avoid them honestly. It is the necessary ability for them to survive in this chaotic social system.

The interest in dating completely ruined [Ghost]. Although I still want to pretend to be indifferent and coax Chu Xie to continue to be happy, but I also know that I can't fool a woman like her.

"Bazai." Chuxie took out a portable communicator and started calling Heicheng Base.

"Third Miss?"

"Have someone carefully check the security barrier and defensive magic circle in the inner city. They may be used in the near future. Then the access control will be implemented from today."

"Okay, let's do it. What happened?"

"Go back and say, don't be too nervous. How about Ossovi?"

"He has already asked the frontier base to send people to negotiate with the Xin people, and there should be a reply soon."

"Okay, keep in touch."

Chuxie hung up the communication, then scratched her hair with an annoyed expression.

"What are you doing?" I asked her.

Chu Xie glanced at me, "You don't have any awareness of being a target at all."

"You mean [Ghost] will go to the base to assassinate me?"

"Do you think they have any other choice besides this move? It won't do them any good to fight head-on. If they kill you, they can only..."

I haven't forgotten what the true identities of the [ghosts] are. I have seen quite a few members of [Ghost] in its heyday. Of course there is no need to talk about Elegy and Luen Xi'an, the level of poisonous smoke alone is enough to give me a headache. In addition, there is also the hawk moth that I have been with for a while, and it ate me to death during sparring.

I believe that Tyrannosaurus and Shi Quinn are no worse than Hawkmoth. Tyrannosaurus recognized me, and I thought he might have met me earlier.

The person who bombed my shop to pieces should be him. [Ghost] They are not good people at all. In order to kill me, they can casually sacrifice many innocent civilians, as if they did not exist.

In fact, I was also this kind of guy when I was a mercenary. Although I won't deliberately hurt ordinary people, but if it's time to strike, I will never be soft because there are civilians next to me.

If they want to duel with me, with my long-term study and practice of the power of the Ring of Immortality, I think I definitely have the power to fight. But if it's an assassination, it's not something I can easily deal with. My vigilance is not outstanding at all, and I am a living target when I sleep. Any systematically trained killer can approach my bedside without me noticing.

As a woman sharing the same bed, Chu Xie is very aware of this, so her worry is not without reason.

"Why don't I cover you with an enchantment when I sleep in the future?" She said seriously, but I knew she was joking.

"Don't be so exaggerated, what if you wake up to urinate in the middle of sleep?It's not like you're going to bang your head and bleed. ’ I tried to tell jokes that weren’t funny.

"Then what should we do? Those guys are serious and have a powerful intelligence network. As long as they catch your whereabouts once, it is absolutely impossible for them to let you disappear from their sight."

"Aren't you lucky? Maybe in the future, as long as I hold you to sleep, my life won't be in danger."

My brazen nonsense finally made the girl laugh.

"Oh, I found that you are really stupid and have a lot of tricks sometimes, hahahaha!"

I shrugged, expressing helplessness.

*** *** *** ***

It took us half a day to walk through the urban area of ​​Gray Vann and reach the center of the city below the royal city, and the mirror sun was about to rise.

I don't know why Riolet calls the moon the mirror sun, but after I've been on the dark side for so long, I've gotten used to it.

The Shadow Clan's royal city is divided into two parts: the outer city and the inner city. The place where the lord Heiwu we are going to meet is stationed in the outer city, which saves us a lot of walking time.

There are no guards. This is different from any human castle in the past. Low-level Riots dare not enter the range of activities of high-level Riots, so there is no need for people who maintain "order".

Walking into the city swaggeringly through the towering city gate, I saw that there are also many humanoid species scattered here. The guys here are obviously not at the same level as those in the city, and the power contained in their bodies is quite considerable.

These guys should have a certain status in the Shadow Clan army. I think if you continue to walk inside, you should be able to meet guys of the general class.

"Do you know where Hei Wu is now?" I vigilantly glanced at Riolet around.

"I don't know, but someone should be able to take us to see him."

As Chuxie said, he summoned the Enemy Burying Ball, injected it with energy and threw it into the sky.

The Enemy Burying Ball rose vertically, and began to emit a dark aura in the air. Immediately I sensed a commotion in nearby Leoret, but they had no intention of attacking us.

A powerful energy appeared from a place deeper in the outer city, and then flew towards us. I was shocked and couldn't help but put my hand on the shrine. This was my instinctive reaction when I felt threatened.

Soon, the owner of that energy appeared in front of us. The female Riolet has a small flying wing on the back, but only the left one.

"Human beings, are you provocative by releasing energy in the territory of our lord Hei Wu?" She descended slowly from the air and asked in a soft voice without emotion.

"We are not provoking or causing trouble. I am Chu Xie, the enemy of the Po Yi Rebel Army. I hope to have a chat with the respected Lord Hei Wu." Chu Xie smiled politely at her.

The other party looked at us for a while, then waved to us, motioning for us to follow.

Riolet handles affairs neatly, without any nonsense and rules in official affairs, which even makes me a little unaccustomed. Chuxie and I followed the woman to fly up with energy, and started to shuttle between the buildings in the outer city.

The buildings in the castle are not densely packed, and there are not many people living here. I began to look carefully at the innermost inner city in the air, and there seemed to be a translucent barrier outside the inner city. It seems that the residence of the Shadow King is the same as that of human beings with noble status, and not everyone can approach it casually.

What we are going to is not Licheng, but a palace that is quite close to Licheng. Looking from a distance, one can notice a lifelike statue of a shadow beast standing on the top of the palace.

The woman asked us to wait at the gate of the palace, but she walked in, as if to announce Hei Wu.

While we were waiting idly, Chuxie's communicator rang.


"Hmm. Have you finished talking with Hei Wu?" Ossovi's voice came out.

"No, we are waiting for him to summon us. What's the matter?"

"We've already had contact with the Heart Clan. Unfortunately, things are quite troublesome."

"They want to fight us?"

"No, our people haven't even been able to meet their lord, let alone negotiate. To be precise, the lord of the Heart Clan has no interest in seeing us at all."

"Maybe it's because they don't think we'll have anything to interest them..." Chu Xie said while thinking.

"I think so too. So, if you see Hei Wu, try to ask about the Xinzu, please."

Ossovi's serious tone made Chuxie giggle, "Okay."

The girl hung up the phone, turned her head to look at me, and found that I was staring at her in a daze, so she couldn't help raising her eyebrows.

"What are you looking at?"

"You smile so beautifully." I blurted out.

The flower branches of Chu Xie's smile trembled wildly, and he stretched out his hand to pinch my face, "It's so nasty!"

When she said this, my face almost turned red. In the past, I was determined not to say such things. After all, Orientals are usually not very willing to express their feelings through words.

At this moment, the woman who led the way reappeared from the entrance of the palace. She waved to us, then pointed to the door.

I nodded to her, but she ignored me and left straight away.

"Wow, you look so attractive." Chu Xie looked atLooking at her back sarcastically.

I held her by the shoulders in case she would cause trouble, so we walked into the palace together.

This palace in Heiwu is a bit dark, and the stone materials used to build the palace are all black. I'm not sure whether this architectural style is because they are ShadowClan or something else, but it's true that the nerves can't help but get tense when walking in it.

We saw Hei Wu sitting on the lord's seat in the deepest part of the palace.

A one-meter-long horn pierced ferociously into the air from Hei Wu's forehead. He was wearing a black robe, and his long hair hung down from both sides of his cheeks, looking a little melancholy.

"Welcome." Hei Wu said to us when we stood still, his voice echoed in the empty hall, buzzing.

Chuxie and I bowed slightly to him to show respect. This is the first time I observed this existence with the representative strength of the Shadow Clan at such a close distance. I didn't feel the majestic power. He hid his strength very well, but he couldn't eliminate his sense of deterrence.

"I haven't formally thanked you for your frankness and friendliness to us, Chuxie." Hei Wu sat on his seat and said lightly, "When the palace family tried to fool us, you delivered the truth, and I will never forget it."

"That would be great." Chu Xie raised his head with a smile, "So I'm here this time to ask Mr. Heiwu to help explain some questions. I hope you can tell us generously, hehe."

The corners of Hei Wu's mouth were slightly raised, and he responded with a smile to Chu Xie.

"Knowledge and truth in this world have their own unique value. I can only promise to answer questions of value corresponding to the price you pay. If it exceeds that range, please forgive my stinginess. It is also the basic principle of truth and knowledge. respect."

It's so convenient for Riolet to act in such a non-sloppy way, I thought to myself.

"Ah, it's not a special question. What I want to know is how much influence your royal family has in the group. Can you answer this question?"

Hei Wu let out a deep laugh, "The royal family...do you understand what the royal family means?"

"Maybe, please tell me." Chu Xie said.

"Bai Ye!" Hei Wu called out a name loudly.

Soon, the woman who led us to meet him before came in.

"Bai Ye is a member of the royal family. Her father is now following the Shadow King in the abyss to fight. Her sister and brother are also doing the same thing. The Shadow King is directly under the relatives of Riolet, which is our royal family."

"Then do you also belong to the royal family?" Chu Xie asked curiously.

Hei Wu shook his head, "I'm not, and I don't need to be. My power allowed me to sit in the current seat, and Bai Ye's power made her a Shadow Clan general. All of this has nothing to do with whether we belong to the royal family or not."

Chu Xie and I exchanged glances. It seems that Riolet's absolute worship of strength is the key. Bloodline doesn't prove anything. When your strength reaches a certain level, even the royal family can be used by you.

"The power of the white night can already enter the abyss, but instead of being a cannon fodder in the abyss that may die at any time, she chooses to stay in the dark and continue to grow. This is a wise choice."

"What about you? Why not in the abyss but here?" I couldn't help asking.

"This is the responsibility given to me by the Shadow King. My strength has reached its limit. The Shadow King thinks that I am here to rule and govern the territory of the Shadow Clan, which is more valuable than my being in the abyss."

There seemed to be an imperceptible emotion in Hei Wu's tone. I don't know if it was my illusion, but I still said it.

"Do you think being the biggest lord of the Shadow Clan is inferior to you?"

Chuxie was shocked, and hurriedly pulled my clothes behind her. Only then did I realize that this sentence was full of offensive meaning, but it was too late.

"You think you have the right to question my strength?"

Hei Wu's voice was flat and tasteless, but I felt a strong sense of oppression.

"I'm not questioning your strength, but I feel your attachment to the abyss." I carefully considered the words and responded to Hei Wu's question.

"We have only three endings in Riolet, dying without any meaning, becoming a victim to enhance the power of other Riolets, or finding our own destination in the abyss. If you were me, you would choose the first two paths Is it?"

I shook my head, Hei Wu didn't continue this topic either.

"Listen to what you said..." Chu Xie took over the topic, "The royal family doesn't have any special privileges."

"Only power is the real privilege." Hei Wu replied.

"So is it the same for the princess?" I asked aloud.

Hei Wu fell silent. He looked at me carefully for a while.

"What's your name?"

"Greedy wolf."

Hei Wu's eyes narrowed slightly, "So it's you."

I was stunned when I heard the lord's words, "You know me?"

"King Mukuro seems to be very interested in you, so many Riolets have heard of your name."

King Mukuro...that is an existence of the same class as Shadow King, why would that kind of guy be interested in me? I can only think of one answer, which is related to the Ring of Immortality...

"King Mu...is he a little girl?" I couldn't help asking.

"I haven't seen King Mu with my own eyes, but I can confirm that she is the only woman among the seven kings. Platinum-like hair, peerless appearance, soft and watery figure, lazyLazy temperament, [Clear Eyes], [Dream Eating Kiss], [Night Dance], [Fallen Lover] Bo Dieke, all the Riolets in the abyss know her name. "

That's not the little girl I've seen before, but I think the Queen of Bones' interest in me definitely comes from that ring.

Hei Wu mentioned a long list of titles of Queen of Skeletons, and I remembered that Asajia also had a similar title. [Windless Abyss], [Duyin]... Although the number is much smaller than that of Bodieku, it seems to mean that Asajia is different.

"What was your question just now?" Hei Wu's voice pulled me back from my thoughts.

"If she is a princess, how much influence does she have on the group? Like other royal families?"

Hei Wucong stood up from his seat and began to pace slowly in the hall.

"The members of the royal family possess impressive power because of their blood, so they will naturally have a corresponding status. And the heir of a king means something completely different from other royal families."

"Kings don't give birth to offspring easily, because it is difficult for them to find another one worthy of their admiration and affection. Even if they can find one, they don't necessarily have to reproduce. Their reproduction often has only one purpose - to create an incomparable use value. offspring."

"The king's heirs have carried the fate and hope of the entire clan since their birth. If they cannot be recognized by the abyss royal family after their birth, they will be wiped out before they grow up. But once they are recognized, the royal family will be exhausted Everything to cultivate their value until they can be used.”

I never knew that Asaka was carrying such a heavy burden. However, although Riolet's description of the facts is extremely accurate, it also lacks emotion. Hei Wu attributed all the reproduction of the royal family to the use of the value of offspring, not to say that this statement is wrong. I think that what people contain when they act is not simple and unified.

From a certain point of view, when a parent raises his own child, it can be understood as wanting to experience family happiness. In fact, this is also a naked use of the offspring. But from other perspectives, it can also be understood as pure love, which is not contradictory.

As for Riolet, I think it's the same. The emotions of this race are so similar to human beings, it is hard to imagine that they will not pour a certain amount of emotion into their offspring during the reproduction process.

"If the Shadow King's son has a conflict with your opinion, which one of you will compromise?" Chu Xie asked.

"The Shadow King has no heirs." Hei Wu said neatly.

"I'm just assuming."

"As long as it's not a matter of principle, I should be the one who compromises." Hei Wu's answer was quite frank.

It seems that the plan to use Asaka's influence is already feasible, but I don't know what her current situation is. After all, theoretical things will not be easily unified with reality. If Asajia has now become a bargaining chip in the negotiation between the Devouring Clan and the Pupil Clan, then this plan is another matter.

"Hey, it looks like the girl you hooked up with will come in handy." Chu Xie said with a smirk while leaning on my shoulder.

"It's not certain yet, it's just something you can try." I said seriously.

"Hmph! What's wrong with asking her to help me, is it heartbreaking?"

"It has nothing to do with this question. I really admire you." I said helplessly.

Hei Wu didn't ask us why we asked him the question. As the lord of the Shadow Clan, this Riolet didn't have any special curiosity.

"Master Heiwu, we have one last question." Chu Xie spoke again after joking with me.

"I didn't stop you from asking questions."

"We're going to negotiate with the Xin clan now, but they don't even plan to see us. Is there anything you can do?"

After Hei Wu heard this question, he laughed.

"I can tell you a way. Do as I say, and the Heart Clan will not only meet you, but also allow you to build those strongholds and barriers in their territory."

Chuxie's eyes shone with excitement, "Really!? That's great! But you've said that, so it shouldn't be free, right?"

Hei Wujiang met Chuxie's eyes and nodded slowly.

"You are very smart. If you want an answer, you have to pay for it. The information I gave you before is common sense that any high-ranking Riolet knows. But this answer has its unique value."

Chu Xie looked relieved, "Tell me, what do you want? More light and blood?"

Heiwu waved his hand, "I have saved what you gave me before, and we don't need it now, so there is no point in giving me more. What I want is in this place, at this moment, what you can give me."

"What do you want?" Chu Xie frowned.

"Your kiss."

Hei Wu's voice made my whole body tremble, and I couldn't help asking, "What did you just say!?"

Hei Wu walked towards us, Chu Xie stared at him blankly, showing a look of bewilderment. I pulled her behind and stared at Hei Wu coldly.

"I said 'I want your kiss.'" Hei Wu looked at Chuxie and repeated, "A kiss with all my heart, a kiss full of love, just like you kissed him."

"That's impossible!! Our..." I shouted.

"Shut up!!" Hei Wu yelled and interrupted me, and the whole hall was buzzing, "This is a deal I proposed to her, and it has nothing to do with you!"

my lipsTrembling slightly, he turned his head to look at Chu Xie. The surprise on the girl's face has turned into deep doubt and shake.

"One kiss, you will give us the answer?" The girl looked up at Hei Wu and asked.

I wanted to stop her with my eyes, but she didn't turn her head to look at me at all.

"Are you afraid that I will lie? What do you think I am? Human?" Hei Wu had a disdainful smile on his face.

Chu Xie hesitated for more than ten seconds, but I knew she would agree. For her, exchanging a kiss for an opportunity for the rebels to advance was already a small price that couldn't be lowered. My heart was obscure and painful, I wanted to hold her, but I couldn't reach out.

Compared with her grand dreams, my petty selfish feelings are so insignificant. If I stood in her way because of something like that, I felt like I couldn't forgive myself, and I couldn't forgive her for trusting me.

The girl suddenly pressed my palm imperceptibly. I don't know if she wants to appease me or draw a little strength. She took a step forward, took a deep breath, and nodded to Heiwu.

Hei Wu leaned down, Chu Xie brushed his long hair away with his hands, held Hei Wu's face, then closed his eyes and brought his lips closer.

I don't know whether to try to calm down and look at all this or turn my head and turn a blind eye. It's like ants are gnawing on my whole body, which makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Chu Xie kissed Hei Wu for three seconds, then retracted, but Hei Wu sneered.

"No sincerity, the transaction is cancelled." He turned his head and planned to leave. "Don't!" Chu Xie bit his lip and pulled Hei Wu's arm, "Sorry."

"I said, I want you to kiss him in the way and with your heart."

Chuxie's cheeks twitched twice, and he raised his eyes to look at Heiwu again. Those amber eyes began to change emotions and became more and more familiar. They were the eyes she used to look at me.

Hei Wu approached her lips, Chu Xie's lips trembled slightly, and he grabbed his robe with his hands. The breaths of the two were mixed together, and Hei Wu hovered beside Chu Xie's face like a feline ready to pounce on its prey, teasing the prey's fragile nerves.

Chu Xie seemed to want to shrink back a little bit, but at this moment, Hei Wu kissed her fiercely. A sob escaped from the girl's throat, and her tightly knit brows raised in aggrieved way.

Hei Wu's tongue stuck into Chu Xie's mouth, and the two of them began to entangle their tongues. The girl's chest heaved violently, and her brows relaxed in resignation. Hei Wu's arms wrapped around her waist, and he forced her body close to him.

I turned my head to the side, and a raging flame ignited in my chest, which made me almost go crazy.

Chuxie's hands were at a loss as to what to do with Hei Wuxiong's clothes, but his tongue was seriously licking each other with him. The sound of the exchange of saliva reached my ears, almost irritating me to burst out of energy. Draw the sword and cut at Hei Wu, this is the only thing I want to do.


When Hei Wu's hand suddenly penetrated into Chuxie's clothes and pinched her plump breasts, the girl let out a scream, and pushed away Riolet who was kissing her passionately. She glared at him angrily, wiping the water stains from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

"This is not within the scope of the transaction!!"

Hei Wu didn't answer her. He squinted his eyes, raised his head slightly, and opened his hands slightly, looking completely intoxicated. After more than ten seconds, he looked at us again.

"Great...very good..." Hei Wu showed an expression that only humans who are addicted to drugs can have, and he looked at me with swaying eyes, "Your jealousy...it really is the ability of senior human fighters Something, strong emotion... the taste is pure, delicious..."

I gritted my teeth and looked at him. This guy didn't want to possess Chu Xie's kiss. I almost forgot, as a ShadowClan, the source of their strength is jealousy. He kissed Chuxie in front of me because he wanted to get the power of the dark side from me.

"Where is the answer we want!?" Chu Xie asked panting.

"Answer..." Hei Wu raised his finger and pointed at me, "It's in the capital of the Mu family. Go to see the Mu king, she will give you what you want."

"You're lying to us! What if she makes even more excessive demands!?" Chu Xie said angrily.

"No. Because of his existence, she will help you. There is no lie."

"Why!?" I asked.

"You will know when you go. The transaction has been completed." Hei Wu said, turned around and walked to his seat.

Chu Xie stared at his back for a while, and then planned to turn around and leave. At this moment, Hei Wu spoke again.

"Chu Xie, don't you guys want to go to the Sea of ​​Mirrors? If you sleep with me, I can help you to forcibly open up an area leading to the Sea of ​​Mirrors in the palace clan. Of course, the premise is that he wants to watch me fuck you."

Chu Xie walked quickly outside the palace without looking back. I suppressed the strong killing intent, took one last look at Hei Wu, and then followed out. Hei Wu's ethereal and satisfied laughter came from behind.

It was only today that I truly realized how disgusting the evil represented by Riolet was when it was manifested.

*** *** *** ***

After the girl left the palace, she raised her magic power to drive the Enemy Burying Ball to take her out of the city, and I followed her closely. She flies so fast, I almost have to accelerate with all my energy to keep up with her.

It was getting dark, and she and I rushed back to the base where the hovercar was parked near Gray Vann in the dark.

The girl descended from the sky, and got into it without looking back.Inside a pre-booked hotel room.

"Chuxie!!" I ran two steps, squeezed into the room before she closed the door, and grabbed her arm.

But the girl broke away from my hand, crouched down hugging her body, and burst into tears.

I walked in front of her, put my hands on her shoulders, and held her body in my arms.

"Why do you agree to that kind of thing... You will never do things you don't like. This is the Chuxie I know." I whispered in her ear.

But the girl cried even louder. She pressed her head against my chest and made a choked and breathless sound.

"I know...I knew what he wanted from the very beginning...but I just wanted to see you jealous...that's why I agreed to kiss him...I don't know why I think so...I feel conflicted Damn...but seeing you jealous gives me a perverted sense of security...it seems like this is the only way I can be sure that you love me...I feel so dirty!! Maybe I'm...not qualified...to kiss you again..."

Intense anger invaded my thinking instantly, I reached out and grabbed her neck, and pressed the girl against the wall.

"You are already mine!! If you still want to question my feelings in the future, I will definitely kill you!!"

Chuxie's eyes flashed with an abnormal and sickly light, "Kill me, Tanlang."

"What did you say?!" I yelled at her face.

"I can't believe you!!!" The girl also yelled, "Even if you tell me you love me all the time, the next second I will be afraid that you will be bored!! Kill me now, at least I can be sure You loved me until I died!!"

I looked at her speechless, tears streaming wantonly on Chuxie's face.

"I don't know... I can't be sure of anything... What will I do when you and Asaka reunite... Can I accept her sharing you with me... Is there a time when I have to leave you... you You don’t need to comfort me, because I can’t believe what you say, I’m just scared!!”

I have never seen such a fragile and real performance of Chuxie. The cunning girl who just got a love affair, has no experience, and the huge sense of insecurity born of wild thoughts, all are deeply buried in her heart. Heiwu's trading conditions caused all this to erupt without warning.

I hugged her and gently rubbed her head. Impulsive for a moment, I wanted to promise her that I would not go to Asaka anymore.

This impulse disappeared in an instant, because that choice was not from my heart, but from the same sad pity for the girl who went crazy.

"But you can believe my jealousy?" I asked.

"That feeling... can't be faked..."

"So you hurt me in that way?" I continued to question.

Chuxie raised her head to look at me with teary eyes, a little at a loss.

"If you continue to use that method to gain the so-called sense of security, we won't be able to go very far. Because of that kind of thing, I can't bear it a second time. Do you understand?"

"I... don't understand... I don't understand anything..." Chuxie shook her head indiscriminately, "I just want you to watch me forever."

"But are you sure that you will always like me? Maybe you will be the first to get tired of me in the future." I said.

"No way! I've been testing myself for half a year!" Chu Xie shouted.

"That's half a year, not ten years."

"Anyway... Anyway, I just know!" The girl began to play tricks.

No woman before me has ever been so naive as her. I fell in love with them and never talked about the future. Because mature people know that if the other party's relationship has deteriorated, there is no way and absolutely impossible to restore it. Don't think about those things, and you won't hurt yourself. It is enough to fully appreciate the love and warmth that the other party gives to each other now. When the relationship is weak, it is the way of adults to get together and leave.

But Chuxie is not. She is unreasonable and domineering. She wants to grab what she wants, and then she is afraid of her powerlessness in the anxiety. This kind of feeling is not positive at all, but the fascination she showed for me caught me deeply.

Some people think that people's feelings are all the same. They were wrong. Warriors like us who are on the verge of life and death, no matter what we like or hate, are infinitely stronger than those ordinary people who go out during the day and go home at night. That's why Heiwu is so happy with my jealousy, and I have to admit that I was indeed used by him.

All kinds of emotions swirled between us like a flood. I think, if I were a devourer, I would definitely want to eat her whole, just like Asaga wanted to eat me.

I don't know what other senior fighters are like. Gambler Paul’s grand demeanor, AZZA’s kindness and high spirits are one kind, and Melpheus’s madness and arrogance are another... I feel that I am more and more like Melpheus, and there is a certain abnormal pervert in my heart. With the growth of strength, it is also amplified.

The moth said that I can prevent the monster in Melfis' heart from breaking free, but who can stop the growth and awakening of the monster in my heart? Especially when she was with Chuxie, she seemed to add a lot of catalyst to this feeling.

"It seems that no matter how much we agree, it will be bullshit in the end." I shook my head and said to Chu Xie.

"..." Chu Xie didn't speak, so it should be acquiescence.

"Then I'll just say one thing. If you question my feelings for you again, let's say goodbye."

"But I'm afraid...what to do..."the girl asked pitifully.

"If you're afraid, just hold me tight."

As soon as the words fell, Chu Xie violently lifted my clothes, and the whole person got into my clothes directly from underneath. The pullover was almost torn by her, I couldn't laugh or cry when I looked in from the stretched neckline, I could only see Chuxie's black hair. She wrapped her arms around my chest, her face pressed against mine, her cheeks were slightly cool.

"You kissed someone else today, how should I punish you, you decide." I pinched her head through the clothes.

The hand holding my chest loosened. Chuxie wiped off the tears on my face rascally, then got out and looked at me timidly.

"I'm not..."

Before Chu Xie finished speaking, I felt a wave of energy fluctuations. Then, a second later, the floor under his feet was blown away by the explosion.

"Chuxie!?" I used the shield to block the splashing energy and flying fragments of the floor, and shouted the girl's name.

The girl let out a muffled grunt, and fell to the floor beside her that was not shattered by the blast. She was back on her feet in no time, and I was relieved that she didn't appear to be seriously injured.

The expected follow-up attack did not appear. I looked through the big hole in the floor to the first floor, and then saw a guy I saw this morning, the Tyrannosaur of [Ghost].

"Sorry, I really can't bear the murderer who killed Elegy to continue walking freely in this world." He looked up at me with an evil and murderous smile on his face.

The impulsiveness and anger he felt when he was in Gray Vann is no longer visible, probably because he has already made up his mind to fight me.

There was a loud noise outside the hotel. It was the rebel guards stationed at the stronghold approaching.

I jumped from the hole to the first floor and looked at the opponent in front of me.

"Where's your companion?" I asked coldly.

"Shi Quinn is afraid of the rebels, so we don't allow us to take action now, but I think if it's just me, you won't be so afraid that you will hide behind the forces of the rebels and dare not fight? Or, I'm wrong, you Just a coward... a bug who betrayed his friend's life! Hahahaha!!"

"You are Elegy's friend, I don't want to kill you." I replied.

"Kill me? Hahahaha!! Very good, it seems that your self-confidence is not small."

At this moment, Chu Xie jumped to my side. I looked back at her and found that the girl's clothes were stained with blood.

"Where is the injury?" I asked quickly.

Chu Xie shook his head, signaling that he was fine. She looked at Tyrannosaurus, with a fierce light in her eyes, and pointed to the wound on her body.

"[You Ghost], this is something you did. Do you think I will let you go like this? Want to fight him one-on-one? I'm very sorry, this is no longer a private matter between you two."

Tyrannosaurus' cheeks twitched, "You want to go together? I welcome."

"It seems that you don't care about my black rain, so let's play together." Chu Xie waved his hand to stop the rebel guards who were about to rush over, "If you can defeat me, I will fight for you Kill him. So you don't have to worry about him running away, okay?"

Tyrannosaurus gritted his teeth and sneered twice, "Buying the enemy Chuxie, you are too arrogant. Do you know who killed Tahabes?"

"Tahabes was besieged to death by three people. Are you trying to say that you were inside?" Chu Xie frowned.

Tahabes was the most famous mage in the early days of [Shendu], a terrifying existence that once wiped out a medium-sized guild with one move. At that time, the news of his being killed became the talk of the soldiers in [Shendu] for a whole year.

Ba Long nodded slightly, affirming Chu Xie's answer.

"So what? You are alone now. And even Taha Bass was only level 4 at that time."

"Yes. But at that time, my companion and I were only at level 8, instead of the current level 1." Tyrannosaurus smiled softly.

"That's really worth looking forward to..." Chu Xie also smiled, with a strange murderous look on his face.

And my doubts escalated into intense anxiety. There is no doubt that Balong is a mage killer with rich experience. He and his companions were able to kill Taha Bass at level 8, not only by luck and tricks. It seems that there is nothing that can be underestimated among the guys in [Ghost].

"Chuxie, this is my business. There is no reason for you to fight for me." I said while holding the girl's hand.

"I'm not going to fight for you, I just want to fight!" Chuxie turned her head and stared at me.

When I saw her eyes, I knew I couldn't beat her, "Then win it alive."

Chuxie raised her toes and tapped my lips, and said in a low voice, "After the beating is over, I will let you bully me..."

I smiled, and gently stroked her cheek with my fingers.

"The garrison is on standby in the city, no one is allowed to follow!" Chu Xie took a step back, turned around and shouted to the people around him.

Tyrannosaurus didn't smile anymore, his expression cooled down quickly, and he had already started to prepare for the upcoming battle.

"The three of us, let's go outside the city. It would be bad if we broke the home that the rebels built with great difficulty."

As soon as Chuxie said that, he flew out of the stronghold. Balong and I glanced at each other, and then chased after them. I am not very worried that Tyrannosaurus will take this opportunity to sneak attack me, I believe that the people of [Ghost] are not fighters without dignity and sense of honorIt took a while to recover the ability to dodge, and the distance between him and Chuxie was once again opened by as much as a hundred meters.

But the blue energy blade he released hit the curse stick cast by Chuxie. When the evil magic circle erupted with unstable magic power, I realized that those were not energy blades at all but magic power blades.

The magic power of the magic circle surged wildly, and finally broke out. Chuxie let out a scream, and the blood vessels in his arms, legs, and forehead exploded in a large amount of blood, and the girl fell from the air to the ground with a dull sound.

The Enemy Burying Ball quickly returned to Chuxie's side, and the figure of Tyrannosaurus rushed into within ten meters of Chuxie's side without hindrance.

"I've already told you my identity, yet I still dare to make such an advanced magic circle. Isn't the backlash from the failure of a high-level magic circle uncomfortable? Hahahaha!!!" Tyrannosaurus laughed, and the blue dagger didn't know When has it been protected by magic power and turned into a very long weapon.

I really want to rush over to take over the battle, but if I do, Chuxie will definitely hate me. Dignity is the only thing that our soldiers cannot desecrate. So it's strange that we are people who, if someone kills our companions or even lovers by other means, we will take revenge at all costs. But when Xie decided to duel with the opponent, even if she died, I would never intervene, and would only challenge the opponent again after she died.

You can say that our logic is ridiculous, but unfortunately, if we don't do that, we won't be able to raise our weapons without distraction. There are many mean and unruly fighters, but none of my companions are that kind of guy, and we can't recognize each other without that kind of guy.

In order to prevent the long-range attack of Tyrannosaurus, the Buried Enemy Ball can only swim defensively against Chuxie. The plan to prevent Tyrannosaurus from approaching has failed. The girl's eyes were covered with blood, she tremblingly rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, regained her vision, and then slowly stood up.

"The magic blade that can destroy the magic pulse... Your knife is... the Lake Breaker..." The expression on Chu Xie's face was half a smile.

"Very knowledgeable." Ba Long said coldly, the arrogance in his tone could not be concealed.

"It's a pity that I lack a little brain..." Chuxie panted and put her hand on the magic ball, "It caused me to bleed so much, let's see how you fight..."

After the girl's voice fell, the blood on her hand was quickly absorbed by the magic ball. After absorbing the owner's blood, the burial ball nearly doubled in size and became a pure black energy mass.

The moves triggered by blood sacrifices often have considerable power. The Tyrannosaurus who originally wanted to be strong had already lost his smile when he saw the energy group.

Chu Xie didn't do it directly, but used his other hand to draw a spell on the curse stick on the ground with blood in the air, and the pattern that had been destroyed was actually re-lighted in an incomplete condition.

After seeing this situation, Balong immediately ran back a certain distance and roared loudly.

"Desire for litigation, contract armor!!"

The air around him vibrated crazily, and then a set of dark gray energy armor flickered with an indistinct light color, quickly covering his body like ice.

Chu Xie didn't look at him, but used the fastest speed to complete the magic circle. When the magic circle was activated, the energy group formed by the enemy-burying magic ball immediately expanded like an explosion, swallowing Chuxie's body.

The tyrannosaurus that summoned the contract armor rushed towards Chuxie's direction like a cannonball, and the energy group that wrapped Chuxie enveloped her inside, forming a black ball that was as tall as a person, except for Chuxie's amber His eyes glowed brightly in the darkness.

Tyrant Dragon's sword slashed fiercely at the energy cluster around Chu Xie's body, and then stopped there dumbfounded.

"The Lake Breaker... It would be a pity if it really broke." Chu Xie's wicked laughter came from the energy group.

The extended part of the Lake Breaker is gone, to be precise, those places that touch the energy cluster.

The huge sphere transformed by Chu Xie moved, and she threw herself at Tyrannosaurus. Balong gritted his teeth, put his sword back into its sheath, and stretched out his hands. I saw that the contract armor formed two jagged mouthparts in his palm, he roared and used his hands to resist the energy cluster hitting him, and then he was rushed back and forth.

The energy group immediately began to corrode the armor on Tyrannosaurus' arm, and the giant mouth of Tyrannosaurus' palm was also crazily devouring Chuxie's energy group. The sound of energy colliding and compressing each other screamed into the sky, and the manic energy lightning also blew up the ground.

With a loud noise, both of them stepped back. The energy mass became thinner, and the contract armor on Tyrannosaurus' arms was rotten. When the two separated, the ground had been broken into a gravel field.

"Haha...it seems like that..." Tyrannosaurus said out of breath.

I can already see Chuxie's face through the blackness. The wound on her forehead is still bleeding, making her cheeks look hideous and terrifying. But she was smiling, very complacently.

"The Devourer's contract armor is always nothing new, but it's cheap for you."

"How much magic power do you still have? I don't mind doing it again." Tyrannosaurus' self-confidence has not been eliminated. His armor has been repaired quickly, and he looks full of energy.

Chu Xie faced each other with both hands, and the energy cluster on her body shrank into a thick cluster, which vibrated violently in her palm.

"The same trick is too boring. Don't you really want to try it? I'll make it happen for you..."

Chuxie began to murmur curses, and Tyrannosaurus immediately rushed over when she recovered the energy ball. After all, there is no defense protectionA mage is too tempting for a fighter like him.

Although the shields generated by mana can have many effects, they are not things that can be completed quickly like energy shields. A mage without protection is a fragile target that can be killed with just a powerful energy blade, and everyone knows it well.

Just when he rushed to Chuxie and was about to swing the dagger, Chuxie finished chanting the spell, and she faintly read the last words of the spell, which was also a French name.

"The rain of pitch blackness."

The compressed black energy group was pushed towards Tyrannosaurus by her, and the Enemy Burying Ball that disappeared just now also reappeared. Chu Xie, who had exhausted her magic power, half-kneeled on the ground, while the Buried Enemy Ball was buzzing and spinning in front of her, which was an obvious defensive posture.

The black energy group exploded in the air, and the pure black droplets really poured down on the battlefield like rain. I looked from a distance, and the ground in the distance seemed to be sinking...slowly sinking below the ground...

But when I saw Tyrannosaurus shrouded in heavy rain, I realized that it wasn't that the ground was sinking. Black liquid droplets splashed over, I quickly used the energy shield to block it, and the thick energy shield was directly corroded by the liquid droplets to form a hole.

Before the liquid droplets touched my body, I fled back in embarrassment. Holes appeared on the ground after the liquid droplets fell, and they became deeper and deeper, as if the soil inside had been directly dug out.

The Tyrannosaurus let out a miserable cry in the air, even with the contract armor, it was useless. His body, full of holes, was completely corroded before landing, not even a drop of blood remained.

The ground covered by the pitch-black rain is more than 100 meters long. Except for the position where Chuxie was protected by the burying enemy magic ball, the ground with a radius of more than 100 meters has been corroded silently to a depth of more than ten meters. giant pit.

Chu Xie jumped out from the pillar-shaped place where he was, and then fell weakly on the ground.

It was only when I saw the girl fell to the ground that I recovered from the shocking scene just now, and flew over quickly. Because I was a little afraid that there would be residual black droplets in the air, I shamelessly made myself a new protective shield.

"Hey! I won!" I covered the girl's bleeding forehead with my hand and shook her.

"...I know... definitely won..." the girl whispered in my arms, her hands and legs were covered in blood. It seems that the damage caused by backlash is far from being as simple as it seems.

Seeing that she was still sane, I breathed a sigh of relief, carried her and flew towards the stronghold.

*** *** *** ***

Arms, legs, and forehead were all bandaged, and a large number of capillaries burst open. Chu Xie almost went into shock due to excessive blood loss. Fortunately, the battlefield was very close to the stronghold, and she received proper treatment soon.

"It's over... there will definitely be scars..." Chu Xie complained weakly while lying on the bed.

"It turns out that the magic circle is so powerful..." I said.

"It's still light. I expected that he would have a trick to destroy the magic circle, but I didn't expect it to be such a convenient thing as the Lake Breaker's magic blade... So from the beginning, I just made an intermediate pattern masking It’s just a magic circle. I hid the real black rain magic circle below and didn’t activate it. If the black rain magic circle is broken, I’ll be dead after the backlash.”

"So everything is under your control..."

"Tyrannosaurus is very powerful. I've done all the calculations, but he almost succeeded. Fortunately, his contracted Leoret is an ordinary guy, and the devouring ability of that contracted armor is not too strong, and the devouring speed is not as corroded as mine. Be quick, or you may lose..."

Thinking back to the fight I had with this guy, it seems that I was able to win because she underestimated the enemy too much. Not only did I not have the ability to destroy the magic circle, but I was a little bit reluctant to deal with the magic ball that buried the enemy.

"[Ghost] people are so strong...The Shadow Eaters will only be stronger..." I whispered.

"Don't worry, you beat me in heads-ups, and I can beat them in heads-ups. Be confident." Chu Xie told a helpless joke.

"But I'm weak in heads-up, so don't be complacent." She added.

"It's just luck to win you, I can't be proud." I said.

Chu Xie gave me a white look, "What? Do you think your luck will be better than mine? If I win, I win. I didn't hold back from you at that time. You completely saw through the tactical design and then cracked it. Do you think I won't win? Am I joking when I say you won?"

The girl spoke seriously, and even I was almost proud of what she said.

"Unfortunately, I destroyed such a powerful weapon as the Lake Breaker. Tyrannosaurus hasn't brought out its power yet, if... ah!!"

The girl was muttering and showing off her achievements just now, but I had already put my hand under her quilt.

"What are you doing!?"

"I said I can bully you after the fight." I'm in a good mood now.

"I'm a wounded man! I don't show mercy at all!"

"Otherwise, how could it be said to be bullying you?" I laughed.

The girl wanted to say something, but I already blocked her lips. I purposely used my tongue to gulp down the saliva into the girl's mouth, as if to clean up the place Heiwu had violated.

His fingers also touched the two pieces of tender flesh on Chu Xie's lower body, but after rubbing her small clitoris back and forth twice, this guy became wet. He is really a natural and easy-to-emotional stunner.

As if admitting her mistake, the girl raised her neck and swallowedHe swallowed my saliva, and then stuck out his little tongue for me to bite.

"Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo L under..." Ever since the relationship was established, Chuxie seems to be a little less wild on the bed, and has a lot more softness of a little woman. I like her like this.

The kiss made her gasp, and the palm of her hand was soaked by the liquid in her pussy. I lifted her quilt and exposed the girl's Taoyuan to the air.

"Can't help it?" The girl smiled at me with narrowed eyes, her chest still heaving.

"I want to see you do it yourself." I pinched her chin and said.

The girl was stunned, "Why... did you do it yourself?"

I was also taken aback, "Show me masturbation, how could you not?"

"I... just don't know..." The girl shook her head, "Before you were not there, Xiaoyu served me. I never did it myself."

I can't laugh or cry, this guy is like a little devil when he is evil, but now he is pure like an angel...

I took her hand, and used my index finger and her middle finger to insert into her slit. Seeing her biting her lip and looking at me, and moving her fingers in her vagina little by little, I felt the pleasure of defiled a pure angel.

The pussy was already filled with water, and as Chuxie picked it up, the girl's thigh immediately became a mess.

"Oh... um... woo woo... so... um... it can still be like this..."

The girl covered her mouth with one hand, but couldn't stop with the other. She muttered softly, her voice full of spring.

Seeing her delicious expression, my bottom also hardened. Chuxie squinted, unzipped my zipper with her toes, and rubbed my cock with the smooth soles of her feet.

She didn't even need to learn about footjob. Her plump and tiny toes slid back and forth on the glans, and they were soon drenched by the secreted mucus.

My hand invaded her chest, and she added three fingers to her small pussy because she wasn't satisfied enough. The girl was also afraid that she would damage her lower body, so she was reluctant to go deep. The look of wanting and being afraid was extremely sweet.

"Um... ah... I want... oh oh... do you want... you come..." Chu Xie begged intermittently.

"I'm coming? What am I here for?" I asked with a smile, fond of her little feet. Holding them, pressing them up and down on the meat list.

"Come... come... fuck me..." the girl reluctantly said.

"beg me."

"Please... ah... please... come to me... okay..." The girl submissively said the lustful request, her lower abdomen convulsed, and a large stream of spring water came out of the hole.

"Didn't I already fuck your feet?"

I wanted to dirty her white and tender feet, but I couldn't bear it, so I ejaculated quickly. The cloudy semen drew an arc in the air and hit the girl's cheek, chest, lower abdomen and instep directly.

The girl whimpered, and raised her hand to wipe the semen off her face. I grabbed her feet and polluted her beautiful feet with the bodily fluids on them, making them sticky.

"You are so careful, you probably won't be able to get up in your life." I stretched out my fingers to scrape off the semen on her body, and then stabbed her below.

The semen that splashed on her body was stuffed into Chuxie's pussy without a drop, and then I attacked crazily with that slippery and sticky force.


Following the vibration of my fingers, the girl raised her neck and wailed loudly as her body rose and fell. The liquid sprayed from the vagina like a fountain, and the sheets were so wet that they couldn't get any more wet.

It's not the first time that Chuxie has been fainted by the game, but this time the fainting time was particularly long. When my lower body lifted up again, and when I pressed her on the bed and entered her body with my back, she only woke up and wailed twice before passing out again.

"Ah... ah... don't... cum inside... I'm still scared..."

Naturally, I didn't listen to her. After all, watching her waking up with her distended belly and half-frowning expression was also a kind of enjoyment.

There are layers of granulation in Chuxie's pussy. When they shyly clung to the invading cock, I could clearly feel their slight trembling from being scalded. Hugging the girl's towering buttocks and rubbing violently, hitting her labia so red and swollen that it was almost bleeding, pinching and rubbing the two lumps of breasts squeezed on the bed unscrupulously, and finally fucked her into a bitch-like satisfaction appearance.

Perfect sex is probably one of the most important elements in a love life, I thought this when I was sweating profusely and fell asleep with my miserable Chu Xie in my arms.

Chapter 29

Chuxie and I set foot on the road back to the Heicheng stronghold in the early morning of the next day. This woman kept pestering her on the bed, talking about her injuries, and clamoring to stay here for a few more days. Since her spirit of tossing is stronger than mine, I didn't take her nonsense to heart, and forcibly hugged her on the hoverboard.

"It's hard to come out alone once, why are you in a hurry to go back!" Chu Xie said angrily in the co-pilot's seat. She was really upset this time, and she turned her head away in anger.

There is something in the girl's words, I can hear it. As the deputy head of the army, she usually has a lot of things to do. And for the sake of safety, Ossovi ordered the guards headed by Xiaoyu to stay close at every step. This time, because of the special circumstances, no one was brought out. After we go back, the only chance for the two of us to be alone is in the bedroom. She is not happy.I can understand love.

And I was in a hurry, which obviously made her understand that I was trying to push the front line to the Devourers to find Asaka as soon as possible, so that I couldn't wait to stay with her for a while. There is indeed a reason for this, I admit, but...

"It's rare to see you really angry." I smiled and touched her face with my hand.

"Go away! I have a good temper and you bully me, right?" She slapped my hand open.

"Everyone in the entire stronghold knows about the fact that we started a fight with Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus disappeared, and the ghosts can easily guess that we did it. The two of us stayed there. If the ghosts were desperate to assassinate us, then It's just not worth it," I explained.

"I'm really not afraid of them!" Chu Xie snorted.

"But I'm afraid."

"There's nothing to be afraid of. That's our territory. If they want to kill us without leaving a trace, they have to kill all the people in the entire stronghold."

"I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you."

When Chuxie heard me say this, she fell silent. I glanced at her, and the guy's expression had softened. It seems that men really need to learn how to speak nicely—but that sentence is not a lie.

"Tanlang, I haven't established this kind of connection with others before... so I don't know how to get along with lovers..." She said after a moment of silence.

"What? You want to apologize for such a trivial matter?" I was a little surprised by her trembling sensitivity.

"If you keep being wronged by me, I'm afraid you won't want me." The girl tilted her head to see my expression.

"Where I grew up, men always tolerate women, so your little temper is not a big problem for me." I smiled.

"I really don't know where you were born... I just found a boyfriend in a daze, hahaha..." Chuxie also relaxed on the seat and laughed.

"United Kingdom of China, purebred dragons."

"Really? I also have dragon blood. There are people from my mother's side who are of the same clan as you."

I guessed it a long time ago. After all, her black hair cannot be owned by people other than the Dragon Clan and the Light Clan.

"There is one thing I haven't asked until now... Chuxie, how old are you?" I asked while controlling the speeding car.

"Me? I'm over 200 years old! Old monster, I ate you!" Chu Xie started talking nonsense again.

"Why are you acting like a child?" I said dumbfounded.

"I was originally a child, so you have to spoil me!"

I reached out and ruffled her hair, the girl giggled and dodged.

After knowing the approximate distance, the way back felt a little closer, and soon we drove into the range of the Black City stronghold. Before getting out of the car, Chuxie dragged me and insisted that I kiss her well before finishing.

Although I feel a little helpless, I enjoy this feeling of being depended on.

After getting out of the car, Chu Xie naturally took my arm, leaned on my shoulder and walked together, but this scene was unfortunately seen by the guys who came to greet me.

Xiaoyu, Bazai, and Sharon all looked like they had seen a ghost, especially Xiaoyu, who looked hurt.

"Are you back?" Ossovi was very calm, "Did you get any information?"

"If you want to secure the Xinzu, you have to let the greedy wolf go to see the king of bones. This is the answer Hei Wu gave us." Chu Xie said.

"You?" Bazai asked curiously, "You actually know King Mu!?"

I shook my head, "I don't know him at all, but I heard that King Mu is looking for me."

"Looking for you? Are you not afraid that they will kill you?"

"Hei Wu said that I could solve our problem by going to see King Mukui. Riolet won't lie, and this information was obtained at a very high price." I glanced at Chu Xie while talking.

Chu Xie secretly kicked my leg hard, and took up the conversation in a serious manner.

"The Skeletal Race is too far away from us, it's a headache... If you want to go, it will be a problem to only supply supplies along the way."

Ossovi finally spoke, "You don't need to do that, there is actually a more convenient way."

"Another way?"

"It's been a long time since you guys have paid attention to the information from [Shendu], right? Dreams has opened a passageway, and anyone can use their portal to come to the dark side as long as they pay."

I frowned. It seems that a lot of things have happened there during the time when I was not in [Shendu]...

"A channel that everyone can use? This is impossible... The price is too small!" Chu Xie said with a twisted face.

"Dreams has fully grasped the power of the Dragon's Eye, so it is not impossible to open a large-scale traversal channel. Taking advantage of the previous flood of monsters, Dreams has already won nearly 90% of the mercenary guilds in the Brass Continent , almost unified the entire continent.”

It's so obvious, I should have thought of it earlier. The unexplainable endless wave of Warcraft was actually planned by Dreams alone. They have deals and cooperation with the pupil clan, I know this, but I didn't expect them to be the instigators who secretly launched the tide of monsters. In the face of a huge crisis, the mercenaries of the Brass Continent had to unite, and the most powerful Dreams naturally became the leader.

"They have a stronghold near the royal city of the pupil clan, and the royal city of the pupil clan is very close to the royal city of the skeletal clan." Osoway continued to explain.

"You mean, I should go back to 【Shendu】Go through the portal over Dreams..." I already understood what Ossovi meant.

"No!" Chuxie immediately waved his hand and said, "Tanlang is a wanted criminal of Dreams. Since he slaughtered more than 60 mercenaries in Sandboat City, the bounty has already reached 50 million! He ran to Dreams like this. It's too dangerous inside the territory!"

"The most dangerous place is the safest place. As long as he puts on makeup, he can easily pass under the noses of others. This is much safer than crossing a third of the dark side." Ossovi Say.

"He's right." I nodded.

In the half a year on the dark side, because I was the captain of the support force, taking care of my image gradually became a must. No one likes to listen to a gloomy-looking guy ordering himself to die everywhere. I cut my hair, and a more regular life has improved my mental outlook a lot. If I dye the color of my hair and change the shape of my eyes and lips with makeup, it will be difficult for others to recognize me.

"No, no, no!" Chu Xie kept shaking her head.

"Why?" Ossovi frowned and asked.

"No reason, I said no!"

"I said yes." It was me who spoke this time. "We can't bring enough supplies for such a long journey, and we can't sleep peacefully in the city of Leoret. You can't deny it, Oso Vivi's proposal is the only viable solution."

Chuxie stared at me, too angry to speak. Everyone knows that no one can screw her, but after all, this is my choice, not hers.

"Then I'll go with you!"


It was Xiaoyu who called out. She suddenly made everyone look at her. Xiaoyu hesitated for a moment after realizing that he had lost his composure, but the expression on his face became more determined.

"I am your bodyguard. If you want to go, I will go too."

"No~ OK~ Since you are my guard, of course you have to listen to me... you stay!" Chuxie said bluntly, while Xiaoyu looked a little angrily.

"No matter how willful you are, you can't follow him to such a dangerous place regardless of your safety! Your good luck will run out one day!"

After the girl yelled these words uncharacteristically, she turned around and left. Ever since she saw Chuxie and me together, her mood fluctuated very much. I can't understand this, but there is nothing I can do about it.

"My opinion is the same as that of Tanlang. The fewer people involved in this operation, the higher the security. There are not many people who know Tanlang, but the cities that Dreams is currently developing in the dark are actually stationed by government coalition forces They are well aware of Chuxie's information. Once you expose the Enemy Burying Ball, it will be a sheep in the mouth of a tiger." Ossovi calmly analyzed what might happen.

"How do you know there will be a fight this time? Besides, I don't need it." Chu Xie still insisted on it.

"The current situation in the Brass Continent is very chaotic. In order to maintain the fragile ruling relationship, Dreams still instigates a group of monsters to constantly create pressure on the people on the continent. To be honest, it would be unrealistic if there were no fights this time. If you don’t have the Enemy Orb, all your tactics and tricks need to be changed, and you probably won’t even be able to display half of your strength.”

Chuxie finally stopped talking, and she swept us around. Ossovi looked back at her casually, Bazai just kept nodding to her, while I stood there silently. I thought she would compromise, but this guy suddenly left us and flew over to the city.

Just as I was about to call her to stop, Ossovi stopped me.

"She should have agreed with her appearance, don't worry, let's get down to business first, and plan the next thing well. The encrypted contact information over there, the information notification of the task progress, and in case of failure Countermeasures, these must be considered and improved.”

Ossovi's style of controlling everything within his own control cannot but be said to be a unique ability. He is very clear about the priorities, which is why he can make things so organized. It is thanks to his ability that the Rebel Army has come to this day smoothly, and I cannot but admire him.

In the absence of Chuxie, I, Ossovi, Bazai, and the think tank of the staff spent a whole day making a plan to go to the King City of the Skeletal Clan.

It was already dark when I walked out of the meeting room, and I was so busy that I forgot to eat lunch, so that when I came back to my senses, I was already so hungry.

I want to have dinner with Chuxie, but I don't know where she is. I didn't find her when I went to her house, so I could only go back to my room angrily and prepare to change my dirty clothes.

When I opened the room and walked in, I found that Chuxie was lying on my bed and fast asleep. Obviously, this guy has been squatting here waiting for me, and fell asleep without knowing it because he was too bored.

I sat next to her, dumbfounded, and touched her face with my fingers. The girl shook her body, opened her eyes and jumped up from the bed.

"What are you doing up? Just sleep a little longer." I said softly to her.

Chuxie rubbed her neck with her hands, it seemed to be a little sore. I stretched out my hand and gently pressed on her neck, but she didn't refuse.

"You are not allowed to go together, are you unhappy?" I asked.

The girl nodded, then shook her head again.

"You won't die, will you?" She said suddenly.

I was taken aback, "Why do you think I'm going to die? "

"It's nothing, I was just thinking wildly." Chu Xie sighed.

The two of us sat side by side by the bed and fell into silence. I listened to the girl's even breathing and squinted to appreciate her slightly bewildered expression. Chuxie seldom shows this state, but since he got together with me, it seems that his will has become less and less firm.

"I'm hungry." I said.

"Go to eat?" Chuxie raised his eyes to look at me. This kind of soft eyes from his girlfriend always fascinates me.

"I'm going back to Shendu tomorrow, so of course I have to have a good meal for the last meal."

"Let me make it for you~" Chuxie said with a slight smile.

"You can cook!?" I was shocked.

Chu evilly puffed up his face, "Don't underestimate people, can you!? Is it because I can't do anything a woman can do in your eyes!?"

I scratched my head, "That's not true. But can you really cook?"

Chu Xie chuckled, "I'm not very good at..."

I was so helpless by her, but I can't hate her cute character no matter what.

"Then learn, cook for me when I come back."

"Alright, at least you won't be able to go on the road tomorrow after eating what I made."

I couldn't help laughing. At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

I opened the door and found out that it was a few guys from my support unit.

"Boss! I heard that you are going to give up command and return to the capital?"

The guy in the lead is Kunlier. He was seriously injured by shadow energy in the D-08 stronghold defense battle not long ago, but he seems to be healed now. Behind him are six squadron leaders of our unit, all of whom have fought side by side with me. Sharon was there too, and if I'm not mistaken, he brought these guys over.

"You guys are very well informed." I frowned and said, looking at Sharon, "Did you tell them?"

"Don't worry, I will definitely not say what I shouldn't say."

Sharon understood what I meant. For this kind of sneaking into the hostile territory, as long as a little bit of information is exposed, my danger will increase exponentially.

"Captain, when will you come back to lead the team? Without you leading the team, a lot of trash wouldn't be able to raise their confidence." Another guy said.

I didn't expect these guys to value me so much. In my opinion, many battles with zero casualties will end up with uncontrolled deaths of several precious soldiers, which makes me always feel that I am not a qualified commander. But these guys don't seem to see it that way, and they stand here to prove it. For a moment, I suddenly felt a little moved.

"I'll come back when I'm done with things in Shendu."

Before I could finish speaking, a certain wayward guy ran from the house to the door.

"He's not a commander anymore! He'll follow me after he comes back."

These ordinary non-commissioned officers of the rebel army did not expect that the deputy head of the army, Chu Xie, would be in my room. They were all stunned, and quickly stood at attention to salute. Chuxie returned the salute with an arrogant expression, and then laughed.

"Oh, I'm so proud every time someone salutes so formally, what should I do?"

I'm not very clear who set up the Rebel's eye contact ceremony, but the movements are indeed not ugly. Two fingers touch the right eye, and then point to the object of salute, concise and clear. In fact, the non-commissioned officers at the grassroots level don't quite understand the meaning of this action, because what it means is "searching for the truth".

"We're going to drink, what do you say?" I asked her.

"It's surprising that someone still practices it for you, a fool! Well, I'll go too..."

Sharon has followed Chuxie a long time ago, so he is not cautious. And Kunlier and the other non-commissioned officers were stupid, not to mention eating together, they didn't even have a direct conversation with Chuxie. After we sat down in the tavern in the Black City stronghold, they all looked like wooden figures.

Chuxie deliberately put on a serious look to scare them, but I know this girl must be laughing hard. When she revealed the truth and started to enliven the atmosphere with laughter, Kunlier and the others were stunned for the second time. Probably no one could have imagined that the Deputy Commander of the Rebel Army was such a wicked girl.

Surrounded by them, I drank my practice wine and couldn't help recalling things from a long time ago.

At that time, Rayout was not an enemy, and his companions just sat and drank together like this. As time went on, more and more things were carried, and there was no meeting like this again.

It has been nearly eight months since I left God's Capital, and the once extremely familiar place suddenly became a little strange. I don't know if it will be possible to regain my previous lifestyle. After all, the life of the rebels is completely different from that of wanted criminals. Fight when it's time to fight, and sleep when it's time to sleep. You don't need to worry about others sneaking up on you while you sleep, and you don't need to cover your face in the street... Maybe Chuxie is right, if I can't find it quickly State, this time going back is likely to die.

That night, Chu Xie got drunk, as if trying to escape from something. She fell asleep in my arms, breathing heavily, and didn't even wake up when I got up to leave.

*** *** *** ***

After climbing ashore again from the lake in the Castle of the Destroyer, my first action was to try to summon the system menu. When the familiar and unfamiliar virtual screen jumpsWhen I came out, I knew I was really back.

I raised my head and saw many soldiers on the shore. They ignored my presence and seemed to be guards of the new arrangement. I don't know what happened in the past six months or so, because these people didn't exist.

Obviously, they are not defending against existences like me, but more like defending against Riolet. After all, when I showed up, they didn't even have the will to ask questions.

I haven't seen Burning Ruins, and I don't know where he is. Because I didn't want to find him at first, so I started the journey directly.

I am used to seeing the gray sky on the dark side and the barren wasteland where not a single blade of grass grows. I am not used to the sudden green grass slope under my feet. But I have to admit, I like this place better.

I didn't feel very comfortable when I left her with Chuxie without even saying goodbye. But what she seems to want to escape is this kind of separation and longing, and that's not something I can help her with. All I can do is to finish what I have to do as soon as possible and get back to her.

I started on my way as fast as I could, trying to avoid attracting other people's attention. I didn't even stay in the lobby of the tavern for meals, but in my own room instead.

Originally, I wanted to go to the mercenary office to check the messages, but I was afraid of being recognized by the mercenary, so I had to give up. After all, with a head of 50 million, everyone is still happy to keep that face in their minds.

It took a week like this, I returned to the Brass Continent through the portal, and slowly approached the Dugard Castle where Dreams was.

This continent is the place I am most familiar with. To be precise, more than 90% of my time in the capital of God was spent on the Brass Continent. I have basically been to all the cities here, some of which are just passing by as a rest, and some of which carry a lot of unforgettable memories.

When I was still half a day away from Dugard City, I stopped in a nearby town. Because I don't know if I will encounter anything in Dugard, I must take this opportunity to recharge my batteries.

It seemed that someone had come to the town, and many townspeople gathered together. If it was before, I would probably join in the fun, but this time I held back. After all, if I meet acquaintances, I can't guarantee that my makeup will not reveal my secrets.

"He's a liar, he's just pretending to look like him!"

A distant voice floated over, and along with the severe questioning came another person's slightly embarrassed laughter.

I've heard this laughter before, so I finally stopped and looked over there.

Welch Haakon, the trainee pastor who once saved me. Fate is really interesting, I didn't expect to meet him as soon as I returned to the Brass Continent.

I walked over and let myself blend in with the onlookers, trying to see what happened.

Before I could figure out what was going on, the guy who called Welch a liar suddenly let out a scream and fell to the ground.

A young girl was withdrawing her fist, while the target of her attack was rolling on the ground holding her nose.

Welch went to pull the girl with a very headache-to be precise, a little nun who was only eighteen or nineteen years old.

"Fideona...Beating someone won't solve the problem..." Welch scratched the beard on his chin, trying to persuade the little nun.

The little nun named Fideona was wearing a large pure black nun's robe and covered her hair with a scarf, revealing only a delicate and clear face. Her height just reached Welch's shoulders, and she looked petite and cute, but her eyes looked like wild dogs, swimming with ferocity and viciousness that did not belong to priests.

"I've already given you a lot of face, why are you talking nonsense with them!"

The surrounding townspeople erupted into strong protests beside me. The young and middle-aged men in front couldn't hold back anymore, showing the appearance of wanting to rush over to do something.

"What are you doing!? Come on!?" Fideona rolled up her sleeves with her teeth bared, staring at those guys as if she wanted to do something.

But Welch kept apologizing beside him.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! This is really a misunderstanding! Everyone calm down! The Lord said... ah!! Who threw the stone!?"

I can't help but want to laugh, but laughing out loud at this time will definitely attract the attention of others... I bit my lip forcibly to suppress the smile.

"You trash!! This bastard was the one who touched my ass first! You still speak for him!!" Fideona yelled at the townspeople who surrounded her, not to be outdone.

"You can't do it!! And the others are innocent, what right do you have to hurt them!?" I heard someone shouting, and then I saw the other three unlucky guys lying in the middle of the crowd through the crowd And a few teeth scattered on the ground.

"I've never seen priests like them!! That man and woman were still drinking in the tavern at noon!!"

"I saw it too! They are definitely liars!!"

It seems that Welch's bad habits finally brought him trouble... I thought viciously.

When outraged people are screwed together, reasoning becomes futile. The reason why these people didn't rush forward to fight was because of the power of Fideona's merciless fist.

Shouting loudly, in my opinion, is just showing one's own stupidity, and these dudes who don't know what's right and wrong are obviously not smart characters. And there are still booing in the crowd, this kind of familyGuys are worse than mere stupidity.

Of course, a silent onlooker like me is not much better.

The intensified and increasingly serious public sentiment finally became uncontrollable, and the encirclement became smaller and smaller. Some people took advantage of Welch's inattention and started punching him on the back from behind, and then re-mingled into the crowd. On the other side someone was tugging at Fideona's sleeves, and she knocked over two of them yelling and cursing, causing a bigger commotion.

No one saw her being torn apart, and these guys only saw the new wounded on the ground.

Seeing that Welch was so easy to bully, the guy on the other side beat him up even more. A guy came out of the crowd and punched him in the right eye, and I watched as Welch's eye socket turned livid black in a matter of seconds.

That guy quickly slipped back into the crowd, and then, amidst the yelling of the others, he showed a look of secret joy at his success, and started to shout again in a serious manner.

He is not the only one.

I couldn't help but put my hand on the shrine, but in the end I didn't do anything.

Fear of attracting attention is not the decisive factor. I just thought, wanted to see what Welch was going to do.

What he once said to me is still ringing in my ears. He put on the priest's clothes, exhorting people to be kind and to give up killing. He wanted to be a savior. But are these human beings really worth saving?

Killing people is never the only option. So what would you choose, Welch? Are you really going to continue to bear it, and then be beaten to death by these small and hateful creatures? Or will you make choices you would never make?

Yes, they may feel regret after seeing your bleeding corpse. But after a few seconds they'll be thinking "I just slapped him" and a few minutes later they'll be telling themselves "he did it all by himself" and in the next few days your death will be All but forgotten.

Then, let me see what you are going to do, Welch.

I don't want to be a bystander, but a seeker. I hope to find the answer to the shaking and doubts he once caused me. If he finally explodes with energy and fights back, then I don't wonder anymore. Because the theory that proves him is just an antidote to comfort those believers, not some kind of answer.

But if he doesn't do anything and just endures like this, what can I find? I have no idea.

A familiar sound of bones breaking rang out, and was immediately covered by the noise of people. I saw Welch's fingers were deformed from being stepped on, his face was covered with blood, but he was still screaming hoarsely.

A woman rushed forward and slapped Fideona fiercely, and the girl's face immediately swelled up. Fideona's eyes flashed a light, and I immediately smelled murderous intent.

But she looked back at Welch. Welch was kicked so hard that he coughed, and one eye was so swollen that he couldn't open it. But his other eye stared firmly at Fideona, looking at her unswervingly.

I don't know what that means, but Fideona didn't do anything in the end, she was beaten several times, and then fell to the ground.

The crowd's anger and emotions gradually subsided, and the beating gradually stopped after the victim was unable to move.

"Throw them out of town and never come back!" A man shouted, and everyone around him cheered.

A few men followed him, lifted the two men who were covered in bruises and walked out of the town. I dodged to the side of the road to make room for them, and followed.

I originally planned to meet Welch after they left, but those men did not leave as I wished.

They carried the two of them all the way to the depths of the woods outside the town. Welch was thrown to the ground by them, making a dull sound. But the guy who was carrying Fideona put her on the ground and slapped the girl twice.

"Stinky bitch! Are you honest now?!"

Fideona's nose was broken and was bleeding profusely. Her turban fell off, and her soft golden hair spilled on the floor like a river. The girl gasped and began to struggle as the men gathered around to tear her clothes off.

However, the previous beating had exhausted all her strength. Her two hands were pinched, the nun's clothes were torn from the middle, and a pair of tender breasts were immediately exposed to the air.

On her chest lay a silver cross.

The man on top of her reached out and broke the chain of the cross, threw it aside, and pinched the girl's breasts.

Fidiona's eyes were ignited with raging anger, and she turned her palm, and something shining with silver light appeared in her palm.


Welch, who was lying not far away, suddenly cried out. He fell on the ground and stared into the girl's eyes.

The girl's movements froze. The man next to her immediately saw what was in her hand, grabbed it, turned around and kicked Welch a few times.

"What should I do, pastor!?"

Fideona was turned over by the man and pressed to the ground. Her clothes were torn bit by bit. She gritted her teeth and looked at Welch as if begging.

"Pray... Fideona... pray..."

Fideona gritted her teeth, reached out and grabbed the cross that was thrown not far away, and held it tightly in her hand. She closed her eyes in despair, and still relied on the man who had taken off his pants to press her on her back.

The thick and hard thing didn't have timeinto her body. When she turned her head in surprise, the man behind her and the accomplices around her had all turned into corpses.

"I'm different from you. I don't mind killing a few scumbags."

I took back the shrine, removed the corpse that was pressing on Fideona, and then walked towards Welch.

When Welch saw me, there was a serene and serene look in his eyes.

"I knew...the Lord can hear... Welch, the Lord really heard my prayer!"

The girl who had always been strong like a man wore ragged clothes and ran to Welch's side and said to him, a little sparkle in her eyes.

I frowned and covered the girl with my cloak, "It's not your Lord who saves you, it's me."

"The Lord sent you, but you didn't know it..." Welch lay in the girl's arms and said to me with a tired smile, "Have we met? Messenger of the Lord, you look familiar. "

"Yes, but I put on a little makeup. If your memory is not bad, we once had a fight in a tavern because of your bullshit theory, and not long after that you rescued me and a girl in Red Pine City."

"I remembered... You seemed to be a wanted criminal at that time... What was your name..."

"Tanlang, he is still a wanted criminal."

*** *** *** ***

It's impossible for me to leave these two wounded in such a place, besides, there are several corpses lying here. So I could only take the two of them to a town in the other direction and arrange them in the medical center. It seems that the originally scheduled itinerary must be delayed for a while.

Welch's and Fideona's injuries were serious, but neither was fatal. On the contrary, their physical exhaustion was more serious. Fideona had skin injuries, and Welch was a little worse than her, with a few broken bones, but after a while of recuperation, there should be no problems.

"It's a coincidence that I can see you again." Welch chatted with me lying on the bed after recovering.

Taking them on the road overnight made me feel very tired, so I simply lay down on the bed next to me and prepared to rest for a day. To be honest, I originally wanted to find the answer I wanted, but seeing Welch and Fideona's choice made me even more confused.

When Fideona was about to be raped, what she took out was a bottle of magic liquid. That kind of thing was unavoidably rare and generally quite powerful. As long as the bottle was broken, the predetermined magic effect could be triggered. Welch stopped her, and she did as well... Would rather be raped than kill, does this persistence really make sense?

"What's going on today, you guys?" I looked up at the ceiling and asked the two people next to me.

"Those men are hooligans in the town. They tried to mess with me, so I taught them a lesson." Fideona rushed to talk at the other end of the room.

I can guess that it is such an old-fashioned plot, but what I want to ask is not this.

"Welch, why can you watch her being raped and not do anything? Is this what your God taught you?"

Facing my harsh question, Welch just smiled.

"That's not my choice, that's Fideona's choice."

"But isn't that the fallacy that you, the trainee pastor, taught her!?" I sat up, quite dissatisfied with his excuse.

Welch turned his head to look at me, "Hey, I'm not a trainee anymore, I'm now the official missionary pastor of the Dugard City Church."

No wonder I saw him here. It seems that he has been around for so long, and it is inevitable that there will be such encounters.

"Miss nun, don't you think what he taught you is too..." I turned to Fideona.

"It's not a nun, it's a trainee nun!" Fideona interrupted me.

Ever since she learned the fact that I had been standing by and watching until the end, this woman didn't give me any good looks anymore.

"Okay, okay, Miss Nun...why do you have to follow his crooked reasoning? That's simply deceiving yourself, don't you understand?"

Fideona glanced at Welch, the man was looking at her with a smirk. The girl sighed, and the hostility on her face disappeared.

"I know that seems silly to you, but Mr. Pastor said that if I were to find my own answer, it was the only way he could think of."

It seems that everyone has the answer they want to seek. I have seen the eyes of Fideona when she was besieged by others countless times, such as Xingjian, such as Xia Xi, such as Weiliang, such as Fey after a desperate reunion... many, many women I have seen When soldiers are violently murderous, they will more or less have that kind of look.

I don't know if she is a fighter, but that kind of look is definitely something that you will have after killing many people.

Maybe Welch really did it. With his efforts, a blood-stained flower is slowly trying to shed its poisonous thorns. With one more person who no longer kills, he is one step closer to his goal, even if this step is too small to measure.

I am somewhat envious of Welch. He walked on the path he chose without distraction, his whole body was full of strength and hope, without even a trace of hesitation or confusion, which I couldn't do at all.

"Miss trainee nun, have you found your answer yet?"

Fideona looked at me for a while, "Maybe I will find it soon, maybe I will never find it.Now, that's not something I should be thinking about right now. If the Lord can hear my prayers, then He will give me answers after all. "

Regarding the standard response that religious believers can give, I cannot make any judgments and can only remain silent.

"Fidiona, please go get some food." Welch said suddenly.

The girl has recovered a lot, and she is not the kind of spoiled young lady. After hearing this sentence, she walked out of the ward very simply. I knew in my heart that Welch was just looking for an excuse to pay her, which was pretty old fashioned, but it worked.

"Welch, I have always felt that you are not a faithful believer." I said, "This is the first time in my life that I have heard of the pastor who brought the nuns to drink in the tavern at noon."

"Ha... Actually, what you said is right. No one can prove whether there is such a thing as God, it just depends on whether you believe it, as if you risk your life trying to believe that you can do something. I just let myself Believe it, and then you will find your own answer.”

"Is this what you told Fideona too?"

"No. She is a very devout believer, although she was only influenced not long ago."

From what I've seen of Fideona's character, she probably had many, many things with Welch before she was influenced. According to Welch's stalking missionary style, he was lucky not to be killed by Fideona first.

Fideona now trusts and relies so much on the priest beside her, she abandons her stubbornness and cruelty, and embarks on a completely opposite path. I don't know if she's going to be as anti-violent as Welch, but I know at least she won't be dazed any more soon, like Welch is.

A voice in my heart said to me, maybe that is really the only way to find the answer. Everyone knows that tooth for tooth, blood for blood, and then endless hatred, so if they follow their path, can those sad and hopeless things never happen again?

I shook my head, trying to dispel those thoughts. This kind of negative philosophy is not suitable for me. According to Welch's words, it's not that I can't choose to jump out of this cycle, but I don't want to. One cannot lie to oneself forever.

"Actually, I'm really cunning..." Welch said suddenly.

I froze for a moment, "What?"

"My earliest idea was to change everything in this world, even if it is a small seed, I want it to take root in people's hearts. Even if it is a slight hesitation when doing evil, what I want That's it. But in the end, I retreated cunningly..."

"Because human beings are such dirty creatures, as long as human nature remains the same, you can't do it."

"Yeah...so when I saw Fideona, I felt that as long as I could change her, nothing else mattered. So when she finally listened to my teachings, she became the only one in my own religion. When I was a disciple, I thought it was almost enough.”

"Is she that important to you?"

"In the beginning, she was just an ordinary preacher, but when she put down the sword in front of me, Fideona became a unique existence to me. As you can see, she still Struggling... and until she finds out, I have to be her shepherd, it's my responsibility the Lord has given me..."

I looked at Welch, whose eyes were shining brightly, and couldn't tell what it was like. That kind of light is not something that a muddleheaded person like me would have.

"Why did you tell me this? If I remember correctly, you only knew my name ten hours ago." I said half-jokingly.

"Because you are my friend." Welch said.

My face twisted, "I'm just curious about you, why do you have such a nasty understanding?"

"The ideas you and I adhere to are incompatible. But among this kind of people, you are the only one who respects my views. If this can't be called a friend, I can't find another adjective."

I feel very uncomfortable. If such a troublesome guy is regarded as a friend, there is always a very bad feeling.

"Where are you going?" Welch asked again.

I hesitated for a while, but finally decided to tell him. A guy like Welch who lives for ideas, I don't believe he would betray me. What you have to admit is that the feeling of trusting others is what everyone wants.

After hearing my answer, Welch smiled.

"I can help you. As long as you dress up as someone from our church, it's very convenient to use the portal. We often send people to human settlements in the Demon Realm to preach to believers."

"Looks like it's worth my meddling this time." I said.

"If you are discovered through the portal, many people will probably die. If it can reduce the probability of this happening, I am willing to do something." Welch said.

"I thought you were doing it for our 'friendship'." I responded sharply.

"The fraternity of the Lord is much more noble than the 'friendship' of human beings, don't you think?"

Both he and I laughed.

*** *** *** ***

Two days later, Welch's injury no longer hindered his movement. He seemed to see that I was in a hurry, so he sensibly called Fideona to get ready to go.

DugardThe dense black shadows of the city buildings appeared on the horizon. Natsuki and I sneaked into Dreams' castle in the city and helped Asaka. Thinking about it now, it seems like it happened not long ago. I still remember Xia Xi's coquettish look at that time, but I don't know what happened to that guy.

We started to walk down the hillside. When we are so close to the target city, we can no longer use energy to make our way. If someone notices, my identity may still be revealed.

"Are you a wanted criminal? Why were you arrested?" Fideona asked.

"Your tone of voice really doesn't have any nun's self-consciousness." I looked at her with a smile.

"The Lord will never be happy because I am putting on airs, so if I am too deliberate in the details of my life, I will put the cart before the horse!"

I squinted at Welch, that guy was smiling very smugly. There is no doubt that this set of high theory was taught by him.

"You can drink, smoke, and recruit prostitutes... I don't think you need to be a priest at all." I teased.

Fideona suddenly turned her head and stared at Welch. I was also taken aback for a moment, and then realized that I might have missed something.

Welch looked very calm, "That was all a long time ago."

When he was talking, I could see the cold sweat on his forehead, and I couldn't help laughing to myself.

At this moment, I heard a familiar voice, and my heart skipped a beat.

On the other side of the horizon, something like a dark cloud began to gather in the sky. They circled and made a distant hissing sound.

Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen energy beams rushed straight to the sky. From my distance, the energy beams looked like dense silver threads, each of which was at least tens of meters thick.

"Someone is fighting again... Shall we go? Maybe we can save a few people." Fideona asked Welch.

Welch shook his head, "We can't intervene in a battle of that level, and we might get involved. There is also a prerequisite for saving people, that is, don't do stupid things..."

Before he finished speaking, I raised my energy and flew up.

"Hey you……"

I looked down at them, "I will go to the church to find you, you absolutely must not follow!"

Welch looked at me for a while without knowing why, then nodded. The second after I got his reply, I accelerated in that direction with full energy.

The dark clouds in the distance and the voice became clearer and clearer, and my heartbeat also became faster and faster. It's almost certain who is fighting, and I can't think of anything other than the crow's feather blade.

The frantic energy explosion and the whirlwind-like black feather storm were tearing at each other on the horizon, making a deafening sound, which could be clearly felt even at such a distance.

"Don't have an accident, you bastard." I gritted my teeth in the gust of wind and continued to accelerate, trying to get there before the battle ended.

Before I arrived, the black cloud was gone, and there was no energy beam rising again. My heart was in my throat, because that meant the battle was over.

It took another few minutes, and I finally arrived at the scene.

There was a lot of blood on the ground, and the center of the forest was razed to an open space of thousands of square meters. The broken trees were swept into rubbish, and the dust and debris were still falling from the sky, and my whole body was shaken. All covered in grey. All kinds of huge pits bombarded by energy and ravines torn out by energy blades covered the ground. The most eye-catching thing is the dense feather-shaped cutting marks. I have seen this kind of marks many times, and there is no doubt that it can only be left by the crow feather blade.

There are many corpses on the ground, but they are rotten and ugly, and I found the emblem of Dreams on the corpses.

That guy is really a lunatic. He actually started a war with the Dreams people so close to Dugard City. He was desperate.

I did a general search, and there was absolutely no sign of that guy dying here. I can't stay here any longer, because people from Dreams will definitely come to support or investigate. But where should I go after that guy? This problem started to give me a headache again.

As if to give me an answer, a slight energy fluctuation came from the depths of the woods. I rushed in that direction immediately.

Tens of seconds later, I saw Melfis. He lay unconscious on the ground, surrounded by three people.

Two of them were members of Dreams. They held their weapons and stood a few meters away from Melfis, talking anxiously.

And the third person was holding a dagger in his hand, standing in front of Melfis.

I swooped down from the air, and the energy vibration on my body caught their attention. But it was too late, I rushed too fast, and before the two members of Dreams could do anything, they were blasted into speechless corpses by my energy blade. Their equipment is so good that my energy blade can't cut their bodies. But the defensive energy is very insufficient, which shows that their energy has been almost consumed in the previous battle.

There was no time to slow down when it landed, so it could only use energy as a buffer. There was a big hole in his body on the ground, and his heels were sore and numb for a long time.

When I looked up, I realized that the person standing in front of Melfis turned out to be a little girl.

She only looks about fourteen or fifteen years old, with shoulder-length hair and immature breasts.Even before he had time to develop properly, he put on an ill-fitting short vest. She stared at me tightly, holding the dagger in her hand in a very professional way with the blade facing me.

"Let's go! Otherwise, people from Dreams will come over!" I walked towards her, intending to set up Melfis.

But the little girl demonstratively released a powerful energy blade at me. The energy blade hit my head with a whistling sound, I took a step back, raised my hand to catch it with energy, and squeezed it into a stream of particles after a stalemate for two seconds.

"I am his friend!"

The little girl didn't speak, but still kept a vigilant posture facing me.

I anxiously looked in the direction of Dugard City. I haven't sensed anyone coming here yet, but that doesn't mean we can waste a lot of time here.

"He is Death Crow Melfis! Killer! My name is Tanlang, he must have told you about me!" I explained.

The little girl shook her head and said, "I've never heard of this name."

The clear, bird-like voice was a little immature, but the content made me angry and anxious.

"Damn it!" I cursed angrily, "Don't waste time! If I wanted to kill him, you would be a dead man now! Do you think you can stop me!?"

I accumulated a large amount of energy on the shrine and released an energy blade that was ten times larger than what she released before, smashing a large forest.

The little girl's expression softened, and the dagger hung down.

I walked over and carried the dead Melfis on my shoulders. During this process, I saw something shocking.

The Raven Feather Blade was held by Melfis, but the pure black blade had already been broken off. I can't imagine who he was fighting with before, and he was able to cut off a magic weapon like the Raven Feather Blade...

"How much energy do you have left? Can you keep up with the A-level speed?" I asked the little girl repeatedly.

"I'm full of energy and can keep up with the speed of level 8." The little girl said concisely.

I am very satisfied with her answer, "Then don't lose track! Level 8 full speed!"

The little girl nodded.

"What's your name?"


I almost fell out of the air when I heard this name. It was the name of Melfis' sister. But Xingjian once told me that his sister was already dead, and it was Ya Mei'an who did it.

There is no time for me to waste any more. With countless headaches, I picked up speed and flew to the nearest town.

*** *** *** ***

A small city to the southwest of Dugard was chosen by me as a place to stay. The population here is not too small. Although it is not safe as a hiding place, at least you can try it. This area still belongs to the core area of ​​influence of Dreams, so before entering the small town, I deliberately chose the outermost hotel to escape, and made some preparations not far outside the city just in case.

Melfis had many stab wounds but not deep. Just judging from the bruises on his body, he was severely impacted in the previous battle, so that he was unconscious for a long time.

[Shendu] is really convenient. As long as you are in a hotel or medical center, you can quickly recover from non-fatal injuries. If this is the case on the dark side, the number of victims of the rebel army will probably be 80% less.

"Are you his sister?" After I settled Melfis in the hotel, I sat aside and asked Longque.

Long Que stood beside Melfis across the bed and looked at me, without any reaction, as if she didn't hear me.

I asked a few more questions, but all I got was silence. It seems that this little girl's vigilance is really too high, which is no wonder, after all, she mixed with people like Melfis.

"Should I bring you something to eat?" I stood up and walked towards the door, "If you don't speak, it will be considered a denial."

"Uh..." Dragonfinch finally made a sound.

"Want to eat?" I frowned at her.

Longque nodded. I sighed, opened the door and walked out, exhausted by this type of communication.

I didn't expect to meet Melfis in this kind of place. I originally thought that the two of us would meet again in some unexpected way in the dark. But that's good, at least I know that my appearance has saved him a lot of trouble. I don't know Longque's combat ability, but judging from the situation at that time, the two of them are indeed a bit dangerous.

I ran to the tavern and decided to satisfy my appetite first. For the previous week, I have been eating some food that is easy to carry and not delicious as a standard, but today I don't want to do that. I mainly plan to sort out the problems I am encountering alone.

This kind of noisy dining environment is what I am most used to. When I was a mercenary, I would always eat in this kind of place. The conversations of the people around are like TV shows, and sometimes there are very interesting content sandwiched in the boring tongue, and I usually treat that kind of thing as a condiment for my meal.

I don't know what kind of food Longque likes to eat at all, so I plan to buy some for her to take home after filling my stomach.

I sat for about ten minutes, when a woman suddenly appeared in front of me. While chewing what was in my mouth, I raised my head to look at this uninvited guest.

"Can I sit down?"

This woman is wrapped under a cloak, her gorgeous long hair is spread on her back, her armsshoulders and chest, asked in a soft voice.

I didn't say anything, as my default attitude. At the same time, I started scanning my surroundings from the corner of my eye. There's no guy from Dreams in this place...so who is this woman? I don't believe her presence has nothing to do with Melpheus' previous fight.

She sat down and looked at me with her chin in her hand. That arm was covered with an ornate gauntlet, and armor was faintly visible beneath the cloak.

"Most people in this world are stupid, what do you think?" She said.

"That depends on how you define stupidity in your mind." I stared at the armor under her cloak, and my memory began to flood quickly.

"For example, for some dispensable friendships, I gave up my own life." The woman's faint voice drifted over, and the voice was slightly cold.

"I don't want to die."

While speaking, I stood up, put a gold pound under the plate, and then walked out of the tavern.

The woman didn't stop me, but stood up and followed.

"That means you're not stupid."

I walked out of the hotel and saw eight soldiers standing outside. And the one in the lead was Dreams' former deputy head of the third killer group, Hexis. He once abused Fey's body in front of me, and was seriously injured by my sneak attack. From that moment on, I swore that I would make him pay the price.

Sure enough, they were found, but what made me feel relieved was that they only found me and didn't find the place where Melfis was settled.

"So it's you!?" Hesis said after frowning at me for a long time.

"You know him?" The woman behind me asked.

Hesis nodded again and again, "Our guild has wanted him for a long time! Unexpectedly...you are still alive..."

He said the last sentence while looking at me. When he said that sentence, Hesis's murderous aura was already welling up.

I tried my best to suppress my frenzied heartbeat, and while guarding against the sneak attack of the woman behind me, I pointed to the sky.

"If you start a war here, you Dreams will be in trouble, right? Let's go out and solve it."

When I rose into the air, Hesis and that woman didn't make any moves. I didn't speed up either, and several people flew out of the city with a distance of about ten meters. The atmosphere is extremely tense, and I know that as long as one person bursts out with energy now, it will immediately be a fierce battle.

I landed in an open space outside the city, and the woman and Heath also led people to surround me again.

"This is the cemetery you chose?" Heath's fighting spirit had reached an uncontrollable level. He pulled out his magic protection sword inlaid with blue crystals, and raised a cruel smile at the corner of his mouth. Smile.

"Heath, Rayout's president, Balgus, framed me at that time. Was it his idea or your instigation?" I didn't increase my energy, but threw out a question.

"Hahaha!! What do you think?" Heath laughed.

I admit that if Bargues' decision was influenced by them, maybe I would feel better, but it can't change what has happened. Everything I have endured, the exuberant hatred in my heart can no longer be wiped away with a single sentence.

"Heyss..." I pulled out the shrine and gently stroked the familiar blade, "Why can you do it? Do whatever you want, and then avoid the price you should pay, and let the pain of others pay for yourself...you You should know that this kind of person will one day turn into a pile of shit in regret and despair."

Heath's face changed, "Don't fucking talk nonsense!! Greedy wolf, you live in this place like a bedbug, and your final fate is just to be crushed by us Dreams! You think you are very strong Are you already at level 4? You’ve already caught up with me!? Hahaha!!! Let me tell you, don’t think you’re the only one moving forward. I’m already the head of the guild’s number one killer group. Today I’m going to let you Experience what power is!"

I don't know how he knew my level, but many people fought against me during the Battle of the Dome. Even Rayout has gathered under Dreams' command, so it's not surprising that Heath knows my level.

Just as he was about to rush over, I pointed at the woman next to him with the shrine.

"I still have one last question to ask you!"

The woman was taken aback for a moment, then raised her hand to stop Hesis from moving.

"Miss Pandora!? He's just stalling for time!!" Heath yelled.

Pandora shook her head lightly, "We have plenty of time, listening to a question won't delay things."

After she finished speaking, she turned to me calmly, "What do you want to ask?"

I took a deep breath.

"You are... from the Shadow Eater, right?"

Pandora was silent for two seconds, then showed a faint smile, "How do you know?"

My hands began to tremble uncontrollably, and the energy attached to the shrine was also humming along with my emotions.

"That armor of yours... is [The Curse of the Fire Spirit King]..."

Pandora nodded, "I'm very knowledgeable. There are probably no more than twenty people in this world who can recognize this armor."

[The Curse of the Fire Elf King], the armor that Elegy used to wear, the zero-level magic weapon... After poisonous smoke killed Elegy, they took away this armor, and it is now worn on this woman's body.On her body... There is no doubt that she must be a member of the Shadow Eater, and she is also one of the senior members.

Heath frowned and looked at Pandora, then at me, and it was obvious that he didn't understand what the situation was like.

But I know it very well. Regardless of whether the woman named Pandora in front of me participated in or planned the plan to kill Elegy, I couldn't bear to see that armor on her body.

Although that is not her intention, but in my eyes it is a kind of naked showing off, showing off what she once took, showing off her spoils, showing off the fact that she stepped on the corpse of the dirge, I can't bear this matter!

"Miss Pandora, it's impossible for us Dreams to let him go..." Heath pointed at me and said to Pandora. He seemed to mistakenly think that I had something to do with this woman.

"I didn't say that you are not allowed to fight with him, just do what you should do." Pandora didn't look at him, but kept looking at me.

"Let's go together, you guys..." I said to them with the shrine leaning over my side.

"Let's go together? Hahaha!! You really burned out your brain!! Three minutes... I can finish you in three minutes by myself." Heath smiled and waved to the people behind him. start.

The eight warriors, including Pandora, immediately backed away. Hesis began to make handprints and chanted spells.

The sky quickly gathered clouds, and a group of black clouds appeared a few seconds later, and a thick bolt of lightning screamed and struck down on him. Lightning slashed on his body, making a huge energy explosion, and the scurrying lightning stream split the ground around Hesis.

Hesis's set of lightning attribute energy armor is completely different from the original one. The crazy style and range of influence almost turn the energy armor for defense into a weapon capable of producing a deadly attack effect.

With a strong crackling sound, Heiss rushed towards me wrapped in a powerful electric current, and the sword in his hand was also protected by magic power, shining with a light blue light.

Magic-protected weapons are several grades lower than energy-protected weapons in terms of attack and defense power, but they often have special attack effects.

Sure enough, when he swung his sword, the lightning that was overflowing from this guy's body jumped towards the direction of the weapon as if he had been guided by magic power.

I raised the shrine to block his sword, but I couldn't block the powerful thunder and lightning. The intertwined thunder and lightning made a crackling sound, and slammed on me fiercely.

However, the expression on Hesis' face froze.

The soul-redeeming armor was emitting green smoke, but it didn't leave even a trace.

"If you were better at physics, you probably wouldn't say such stupid things as solving me in three minutes." I used the sword pressed by the shrine to push towards him, and gritted my teeth and said to him.

The bone formed by the Soul Redemption Armor is completely non-conductive. Although the defense against lightning energy still needs to withstand a certain impact, it is nothing compared to ordinary energy impact.

I don't have any luminous flow blade stored now, so I can't rely on that kind of thing if I want to win. The shrine was danced into a white light by me, forcing Heiss to retreat again and again.

The opponent's face was distorted, and he frantically swung his weapon in an attempt to guide Leiden to find an opening to attack me. However, to his disappointment, although the Soul Redemption armor was not thick, it was a solid full-cover armor. Except for the position of the head, there is no way for these lightning bolts to cause me any harm.

The futile attack made it impossible for his sword moves to keep up with my movements. The shrine screamed, biting Hesis's body between the crisp metal collision sounds, bringing out smear after smear of blood.

"What's the matter? Three minutes have already passed. And it seems that I am not the one who is going to be dealt with." As I pressed forward step by step, I began to provoke the other party's self-esteem with words. I know that Heiss is the kind of guy with extremely distorted self-esteem, and the things he has done have fully proved this point.


Enraged by my words, Heiss roared and began to explode energy outwards. A dazzling electric current gushed out of his body, sweeping me away from him all at once.

He removed the lightning energy armor, and then started to attack me again in the state of a pure warrior. As expected of a warrior who has experienced many battles, he can calmly and decisively choose to change his combat method when his own abilities are suppressed. For this alone, I have to praise him.

I didn't summon any bone tools to attack him. Instead, I took a deep breath and changed the way of holding the knife with the half-handed left hand.

"Don't say I took advantage of you." I removed the soul-redeeming armor.

"Then you just suffer death honestly!!!"

The energy boosted by Heyss has completely exceeded my current limit. Under such circumstances, it would be very stupid to give up the advantages of the Soul Redemption armor and bone tools. However, I did it paranoidly because I just wanted to humiliate him so that he would break down faster.

I immersed my whole body in the gap between excitement and calmness, and then followed Hesis's murderous aura when he attacked, and let the sword intent of the shrine lead me to swing over.

Jingu slashed on Hesis' sword at an accurate angle, and his sword edge brushed against my cheek less than a centimeter and pierced through. The energy hit my face hard, and my cheekbone immediately It became bruised. But Jingu shook his sword away and cut straight at his wrist holding the sword.

This kind of attack that requires extremely high precision is simply a suicide act in the eyes of others, but in order to control the sword intent of the shrine, I haveI don't know how long I practiced, but today I finally showed the results.

Heyss' weapon fell to the ground, and he clutched the thin wound on his wrist and made two very embarrassing accelerations backwards.

"You're so smart, you didn't use that hand to change your weapon." I smiled evilly, picked up his sword from the ground and threw it far away at his feet, "Say, how do you want to die? I will fulfill you If you are afraid, let them all go up together!"

Hesis's strong murderous aura had already controlled his body. He picked up the sword, roared and started to attack me indiscriminately. The powerful energy roared and blasted the ground into pits of different shapes, raising large swaths of dust, but they couldn't attack me.

Cold sweat is already breaking out on my head. His explosive power is too powerful, and his attack speed is also amazing. I was just dodging his attack with my reaction nerves and instincts, and I have lost the ability to fight back during this time.

The thrilling battle lasted for five minutes. When his movements slowed down, I knew it was my turn to do it. That explosive attack wasted too much of his stamina and energy, but unfortunately it didn't gain him any advantage.

The soul redemption armor restrained his lightning energy, forcing him to fight as a pure warrior, and then aroused his anger, making him enter a selfless attack state. My plan has been completely successful, and his energy has dropped significantly. In the end, he is just a living target for me to attack.

The shrine was stained with more and more blood. Although it was only a few minor injuries, Hesis's physical strength dropped even more because of these minor injuries.

It was easy to parry Hesis's furious but slow attack. I aimed the cutting blade at his exposed flanks, and cut off a large piece of flesh together with his armor.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssesss!" Heyss staggered and fell to the ground. This time, the voice in his mouth has become a scream instead of a roar.

"Lying on the ground and howling like a pig, it's so ugly, Heath... the wounded place is familiar, right? Remember when you go to hell, people always have to pay the price for what they do." I panted heavily. Angrily, he carried the shrine and walked towards him step by step.

There was no sharpness in Hesis's eyes, and fear, hatred and uneasiness occupied his body.

"Don't!! Wait! I can testify! I can prove your innocence to Rayout! I'm sorry!!" Heath yelled.

Seeing him begging for mercy, I felt extremely satisfied.

"You think I'm doing it for this? Hehe... It's not me who needs your apology, but a girl, but it's a pity that she's not here now..."

Just when I was about to stab the shrine into his chest with an accelerated speed, a powerful energy blade rushed towards me. I stepped back quickly, and the energy blade cut a deep gully between me and Heys. In the direction it went, several huge trees fell in succession.

"Sorry, he can't die yet."

A woman's soft voice came, and Pandora walked slowly towards me, her waist-length hair swaying gracefully in the air with her graceful steps.

"He's already my trophy. You shadow eaters shouldn't be so low-level as to want to spoil a fair duel, right?" I stared at her coldly and said.

"There is still an unfinished deal between me and him, so I can't just watch you kill him. How about we make a deal too?" Pandora tilted her head with a smile.

"Oh? I want to see what price the Shadow Eater can offer."

"Exchange your life with his. If you are smart enough now, you should accept this deal, then turn around and walk away. We will look for clues about the whereabouts of Death Crow Melfis. You have already taken a big part of this deal." Cheap."

I couldn't help laughing wildly, "Hahahahaha!! My life!? You don't even know what you're talking about!"

"It seems that you are far more stupid than I thought."

Pandora shook her head, and a blood-red flame slowly ignited on her body. The cloak covering her body was immediately ignited, and then quickly turned into ashes and scattered in the air. [The Curse of the Fire Elf King] With the ashes flying, it appeared in front of me again.

"I really miss it...but I think its previous owner is more suitable for it." I murmured.

Pandora seems to have heard my words, "It's just that she didn't cherish the power it bestowed... For the sake of your knowledge of Elegy, I'll give you another chance to repent. It's still too late to leave, I can't let them Chase you."

When Pandora said these words, she looked at the members of the Dreams killer group who surrounded Heys to protect him. Those guys had murderous looks on their faces. If it wasn't for Pandora standing in front of them, they would have charged over and started besieging me.

My face couldn't help twisting into a cruel smile, "You made a mistake... No one can leave today, and neither can you!!"

Everyone was stunned when they heard my murderous words.

"Uneasy souls, desperate obsessions, tormenting desires, the last wish of the king, I call from here to the abyss where you are!! My soul is your reward, and my body is your lair!! If you can listen If you come to my call, give me your strength!! The dead will not live, the dead will not die!! The Kingdom of Dead Bones!!!”

Following my roar, countless bone branches creaked and began to spew out from my body. The soul redemption armor in full condition quickly condensed on my body, the shoulder armorThe part was bitten fiercely by two huge skeletons, and a large amount of howling ghost-like energy rushed out from the big mouth of the skeletons.

A magic circle lit up on the ground. Compared with the magic circle that Melfis used to deal with [Dragon of Light] in the melee city of the Battle of the Dome, my magic circle is much smaller. But it still covers a range of hundreds of meters, trapping everyone inside.

This is the magic circle I drew early in order to deal with this situation when I brought Melfis and Dragon Sparrow to take refuge here. If you want to use your own ability to launch the Kingdom of Bone Bone, you must not make preparations in advance.

The bone branches gushing out from my body took the edge of the magic circle as nodes, and formed a barrier as high as the zenith within a few seconds like weaving a net.

"I'm sorry, this trick is completely out of my control with my current strength, so it's impossible to be merciful."

After finishing the last sentence, the bones of the soul-redeeming armor completely swallowed my exposed head, leaving only a hideous and thick bone helmet.
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